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Special thanks to Shila and Pragna for their encouragement and inspiration

Writers Block

Writers get “stuck” every so often. The term most frequently used is “writers block”. When you invest the majority of your day contemplating the wonders of our Lord to share with others as a passion driven desire, an slightly uncomfortable sense of moderate alarm can ensue when this nasty condition persists for more than a day or two.

You’re keenly aware that there’s no end to the wonderfulness of Jesus, so why is your mind not co-operating, you ask yourself. “Come on brain, get with the program”, becomes your prayerful plea.

This could be seen by some as a frivolous concern, when one considers writing Ebooks isn’t my livelihood. While that observation is most assuredly true, there is a less obvious, but for me, far more serious motive, that drives my daily ventures into the written word.

Admittedly, my reasoning and motivation is spiritually selfish in nature. I find that an interesting dichotomy, so I can only imagine what you might think!

It would seem I have an unquenchable “need”, to externally express my internal reality in Jesus. There’s absolutely no escaping it nor do I want there to be an escape. I am totally convinced, if I don’t satisfy this need, I will combust!

It’s been this way since day one when He graciously stole my heart. Day one is a very long time ago folks. As an out-working of His much appreciated reality and longevity of faithfulness in my life, Jesus has most certainly become the only true “object of my affection” and sole “possessor of my heart”. Everything else flows from that truth!

Those that surround my life are the “after the fact” blessed benefactors. I see them as He does. I love them as He does. I treasure them as He does. Interesting isn’t it? Everyone wins, when a single life is consumed by Christ. And consumed I am! No thought nor step nor word is separate from His inclusion. I’m aware of how rare my existence is folks. “Immersed” is a perfectly clear descriptive.

His wonderful fragrance perpetually permeates the air I breath. Rare air indeed! At this point you should be envying me. I’m the most fortunate person I know! Thus I talk a lot. Be it though a keyboard or face to face, I never shut up. I can’t. I don’t know how to restrain, this love that can’t be contained! Thus my concerns regarding combustibility.

I have but one “gifted by God” life to live and this is it. I “need” that it matters! I’m here for a specific reason. I’m not here to take up space. I “need” to know and live out that reason. It is neither optional nor negotiable in my heart. My hope is that, while in the process of meeting my need, my selfish desires bless others by extension.

Now, is that not the strangest confession you have ever heard? Well, not quite so strange if you factor in my belief that my “need” is God birthed. Interestingly, that which I need, is my joy. It’s the air I breath! It’s the wind in my sails! It’s my sustenance! I wear my need with great comfort until such time as “writers block” rears its ugly head! Then I “need” help, to unlock the block!

Shila Knows Best

Apart from the Lord, Shila knows me like no other. Sixteen years and counting of friendship has a way of removing the facades of pretence. The memories of battles fought and won, have only reinforced the “value” of our spiritual union.

It’s been said: “So, you and Shila are “just” friends”. My response: “Remove the word “just” and you would be perfectly correct”!

Birthed in tragedy friendships are not easily dismissed nor relegated by the participants! Shila and I will be friends forever, and I mean forever. Eternity is a long time! Thank you Lord!

Shila, has had the dubious privileged of experiencing my good, bad, and ugly, thus she is fully aware of my now fully exposed heart. As un-impressive as I have been at times over the years, I’m very thankful to be known by her. Shila may be the only human who can truly appreciate how far God has brought me! It’s a long, long, way folks!

It’s an incredibly important inclusion in a life to have someone who can share and confirm the miracle you are on a daily basis, and not have its significance diminished to a “whatever” over time. The recipient of the God granted miracle never forgets and can be saddened when others do. It’s a human thing, therefore understandable. It is why God connects miracles. They can be a powerful foundation to an unshakeable friendship!

When the miraculous is equally shared by both parties, thus reciprocally enjoyed , there seems to be this always present sense of: “Wow, how did WE get here”, marinating in the air, for their mutual consumption.

While knowing full-well the answer to their question, they find themselves overwhelmed by the justifiably once considered impossibleness, of their now shared new reality!

I’ve always considered the intervening healing power of God in a physical life to be fairly simple for the Almighty. But to turn lives “right side up” from “upside down”, seems to me as being far more massively complicated, thus far more miraculous! I’m ever so thankful, this is the miracle Shila and I share!

Because of that truth, I have been graciously provided by God a source for accruing my at times needed antidote, regarding “writers block”. Shila!

I have learned to trust her impressive sensitively to “The God” who lives within her. “The God” who desires to alleviate my “writing” frustrations when they occur, in and through her.

I was mistakenly of the opinion that I should be able to sit down, fortified by prayer, and write to my heart’s content. Sometimes God makes things a little uncomfortably awkward to get your undivided attention. To reveal a truth that to His immediate heart, has greater significance than the completion an Ebook. As it turned out my “blockage” had a divine purpose.

In our deepest of waters, darkest of days, and most hopeless of moments, Shila and I would remind each other to avoid calling things “bad” to quickly. Oh how often those reminders had to be forced past our teeth into the prevailing atmosphere of our lives. Our “little” faith would suggest that perhaps God was working on something “wonderful” in the midst of all the “bad”.

How amazingly true that was! Faith the size of a “mustard seed” can move mountains according to Jesus. A “mustard seed” is the “tiniest seed” in the world folks! Something of extreme value for us all to keep in mind, as we walk out our sojourn on planet earth. To be sure, we “need” to be reminded, so let’s do that for each other!

Bucket List?

I had spent my entire Friday, encompassing twelve hours of dogged non-stop writing, only to trash the entire book at days end. Trying to write your way through “block” doesn’t work very well, I learned. My attempt was truly awful! Shockingly awful to be honest!

Shila had been occupied with loved ones throughout her weekend but we managed to squeeze in a few hours of chat time late on Sunday.

Shila brought to me a subject they had been mulling over. Bucket lists. You know those things you would like to experience before exiting the planet. For instance: Shila would like to jump out of a plane, I’m assuming with a parachute attached. So the question was posed to me. My bucket list: What’s on it? What would I really like to experience that I haven’t to this point?

I’ve never been asked that question before so I gave it a few minutes of serious consideration before arriving at a conclusion. You’d think something would immediately come to mind. Just anything would have been better than nothing but nothing is what my answer was. Absolutely nothing! I have no list. I don’t even think I have a bucket! Strange I thought, so I tried harder to imagine that: “Genie in the lamp offering seven wishes” thing. Nope! Nothing!

Have you ever felt like you are from another planet? It kind of felt like that as in “what’s the matter with you”! So I changed the question around in order to be able to provide something better than a “No” as an answer, which I asked permission to do. You simply don’t mess with peoples questions without asking first.

What truly thrills me I already have, so to put that on any list would make the list illegitimate. The Creator of the universe privileges me with many opportunities to observe Him, personally and intimately loving others. What could possibly top that? What’s even more amazing is that He trusts me to participate! Giving full and due respect to all other things that could be added, what would I want more, than what I’ve already got?

And then it hit me! The tangible dynamic that I’ve talked about, written about, believed about, and prayed about, has in a very serious way begun to happen and it’s incredible. I’ve believed for a long time that there is a place in Christ that can be lived in large part detached from the world while being lived out in the world.

As I would read about the Apostle Paul “in prison” and yet spiritually free enough to spend his time writing encouraging letters to churches, I would be so impressed that he wasn’t investing himself in complaining about his unfair treatment or lot in life, as if it didn’t matter.

I would often wonder: Where were you living Paul, to be able to do that? Did you not fathom where you actually were? I’ve always had a passionate appetite for “real”. There’s something transcendently magnificent about “real”, that finds one wanting to duplicate it!

Stephen, while being stoned to death had the spiritual wherewithal to pray for the forgiveness of his abusers. Identical response: Stephen, you were in a place that I am not, but it must exist seeing as you were there.

Similar stories would go on and on, providing the same haunting query for my consideration. Where were these forefathers of mine spiritually residing, that made their “natural” irrelevant to them, and how did they get there?

Well, the bible says: Ask and you shall receive, thus my request. “Lord whatever it takes to be more detached from me, so that I can be more attached to You, let it be so”. It would seem, God answers prayers like that.

Admittedly, I do have a certain natural irreverence for conformity when it confines, thus getting as far away from the boat as possible, had a tantalizing texture to it. But it was much more than that. I knew in my soul, that I had only scratched the surface of what a life in Christ could be!

Sometimes we ask for things with a sincere and trusting heart, and then forget that we asked. God doesn’t forget! I find it amazing how God, in the shadows of our lives, is working non-stop to conform us to the image of His precious Son and our Savior Jesus. That will definitely include being reformed from our own. Often it’s barely noticeable on a daily basis but then we have our moment!.

God wanting us to know where we are in respect to what we’ve prayed, reveals His update on our progress in the most unexpected and interesting of ways. A “writers block”, combined with a question and answer regarding a “bucket list”, and I here I sit, overwhelmed at how God has honored my request for detachment. No I haven’t “arrived”, but I’m further along than I’ve ever been and I know it. That thrills me!

By the way regarding that bucket list, I do have something to include. “More of the same”. To experience His altogether loving heart toward others and myself more! You see knowing Jesus has no limits nor restrictions. There is no “arrived”. There is always deeper waters to immerse ourselves in. We’ve been invited to a banquet that simply can’t be ingested in a single sitting or a single decision. So we repeatedly return to feast on His magnificence over and over again! We drink deeply from the well that never runs dry! A well that “life giving waters“ spring from!

From glory to glory strongly infers movement. We are not to be spiritually “dormant” nor live out our lives in “neutral”. There is always the provision of a higher and wider “place” to reach for!

As our book title correctly states and I’m so thankful that by God’s grace it does: “My Lord Is My Life”. Apart from Him I have none. The great news? I’m never apart from Him. He’s with me all the time! I therefore enjoy an incredible lifestyle that the bible describes as “abundant”. How much more abundant can it get when realized, you are partnering with your Creator to bless His creation?

It’s a life gloriously “centered” around dispensing rather than possessing. A life that can be so anointed that it can be lived above circumstantial evidence, as was the case with our historied forefathers.

We can be Paul. We can be Stephen. There are no limitations on who we can be in Christ, if we want to be. And that’s the real point isn’t it. Do we have the “want to”, to allow God to make it so? These mentioned folks of the past weren’t super heroes in the natural, but rather indwelled and led by the Super-Natural. The very same Spirit of God that radically changed them is equally available to us this day. Think about it: Peter went from coward to courageous, after Pentecost!

It’s true: “It’s not by might nor by power but by My Sprit says the Lord”. But there’s something else that’s equally true. He needs our fearless “want to”. Otherwise they all would have gotten out of the boat rather than only one! That math should concern us as it suggests: While being available to all, the smallest of minorities will become water walkers. We don’t want to be left sitting in a boat painfully dry! We don’t want fear, to rob us of “amazing”! One life to live. Let’s by God’s enablement, make it matter! Let’s be consumed rather than consumers! All the colors of the rainbow is our rightful inheritance. Let’s not get caught settling for the comfort of beige!

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The Lord Is My Life!

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The Lord Is My Life! The Lord Is My Life!