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The Lonely Spy


Black Range Rover isspeeding past cars on a busy wet highway. Yolanda’s car is swerving and switching lanes in the rain rushing to the airport. Yelling and swearing at the motorists. The car phone rang. On the phone screen the name “Charles” is displayed. Reluctant and nervous, she picks up the phone.

“I can’t talk nowCharles I’m on the run. I will call you later when I’m safe” she said.

Tears streamed down her cheeks, she looked at the phone then hanged up.Surprised at what he is seeing on the television news about her ex-colleague and ex-girlfriend. He held his head with both hands and watching with disbelief, that Yolanda is wanted by the C.I.A and the US Defense Force for compromising the country’s security.

“This is not the Yolanda I know, this can’t be true” Charles said.

Tapping his fingers on the lounge table, he turned off the television. The weather storm is started to slow down but it’s still drizzling. Yolanda arrives at the JFK airport. Pulls out the car keys from the ignition, takes her bag from the passenger seat then gets out of the car. Opens her boot and takes out her luggage. A feeling of paranoia came to her; she thinks someone is following her. She closes the car boot then starts rushing to the departure to check in. Her body trembled but reassured herself that everything will be alright, as long she acts normal. Breathing heavily with a little sweat on her forehead, she joins the queue at the Departures.

While waiting at the queue, she sees a poster of a wanted woman in her mid-30s with brunette hair. She looked around to see if anyone recognizes her but she remembered that her hair was dyed the night before.

“Next please” female voice said.

Yolanda is miles away in thoughts,she isn’t aware the queue has moved so fast

“You are next ma’am” The attendant said.

Yolanda woke up from her thoughts and rushed to the desk. “One ticket to Moscow please” she opens her bag, takes out her fake passport together with her credit card and hands it to the attendant.” Enjoy your trip Mrs. Jodie Williams “The attendant said. She reluctantly grinned upon receiving her ticket and rushed to board her flight.

She breathed a sigh of relief as soon as the flight took off. An hour later tears flowed from her eyes, reflecting on what she has done. What will the people of America, her family, friends think of her? “I am a traitor; I’m not different from Snowden, Oh my God, what have I done? Luckily the passenger next to her was asleep, there is no way he heard her. The flight attendant saw a hand up, she rushed to attend to the passenger.” Can I have those 3 small whiskey bottles you have please” Yolanda said. “No problem ma’am” Flight attendant replied. After Yolanda received her alcohol, she drank 2 bottles. Her body is at ease and relaxed and a few moments later she dosed off.

7 hours later the flight arrives at the Domodedovo Airport in Moscow. Passengers went off the plane. The flight attendant realized Yolanda is still fast asleep, she put her hand on Yolanda’s shoulder gently to wake her up. Yolanda’s eyes open, eyes are red and she yawned “I’m up!!” After her passport is stamped at the international arrivals, she looked for the people who came to fetch her.

She saw a guy carrying a poster written “Jodie Williams” she rushed and went to him. She came closer to him, and then realized they are 2 of them wearing black shades, black suits with a white shirt and a black tie. They also noticed her they came to meet her halfway.

“Ms. Yolanda Anderson?” The tall man asked in a Russian accent “Yes it’s me” she said. She looked at them with interest. “My name is Dmitry and he is Boris, we work for the Russian Military intelligence and we are here to fetch you” he said. With a small grin on her face she reluctantly gave Boris her luggage. On their way to the car, she looks up at both tall men on her left and on her right with a curious look. “So… Where are you guys taking me?” They both look at each other “Somewhere safe” They said at the same time. For a second, she felt safe and thought with these tough looking Russian Military men protecting her, no one can touch her.

Boris opened the car boot of the black Mercedes Benz and put Yolanda’s luggage inside. Dmitry opened the car and opened the door for Yolanda. The second she got into the car she heard something similar like stones hitting the car;at first she thought it was a hailstorm. “Get in the car, Get in the car” Dmitry shouted.

It was not a hailstorm, they were bullets. Boris sped off, Yolanda’s body trembled with fear as they were being chased by the black van and shooting at them. “Who are they?” she shouted. Boris turned into a sharp curve trying to lose the van. “It’s the Bloody Americans” Boris said. Fortunately the car was fitted with bulletproof. Yolanda covered her head and prayed silently.

They heard a huge bang from the back of the car, the tires screeched and the car swerved sideways. “The tires are busted, they shot at the tires” Dmitry shouted. Boris lost control of the car, it rolled in the middle of the highway at a high speed. The black van came close and the hit men came out of their car and started shooting. Yolanda’s body is shaking and covered her head.

Dmitry and Boris pulled out their AK47s got out of the car and killed 2 of the hit men. Boris got shot in the chest and heart. Dmitry was also shot dead. The hit men came closer with the intention of assassinating Yolanda. She looked at Boris and Dmitry’s bodies lying on the road.

She felt hopeless as her last line of defense has been breached. As the hit men were about to shoot Yolanda Police cars and a helicopter arrived, shooting at the hit men. The hit men realized they are outnumbered and fled. Yolanda came out of the carand breathed a sigh of relief. She looked at Dmitry and Boris’s bodies lying on the road with their eyes open.”They died because of me, they died protecting me “she murmured. Yolanda heard a voice behind her. “We will take it from here”Yolanda looked behind and walked towards the man.

‘’Yolanda, my name is Yuri Abramovich, head of the Russian Intelligence. We will take you to a safe place’’ he said. On her way to the safe house, Yolanda is overwhelmed by feelings of paranoia. What if these soldiers kidnap, kill or deport her back to the United States of America. Convoys of military vehicles enter the forest and they arrive at the lodge. She steps out of the vehicle and looks around. “This is your safe house, you will also be provided with 4 bodyguards Yuri said.

Yolanda looked at her suite and nodded. “Your room service will be checked and cleared by your bodyguards’’ Yuri said. Yolanda looked at Yuri. ‘’I’m happy with the suite and the bodyguards” she said. ‘’Good… Now where are the documents?’’ Yuri asked. Yolanda walked to her luggage, opened it and pulled out a big brown envelope and gave it to Yuri. ‘’Here you go” she said. Yuri grinned “Good girl, now this is your home away from home, make the most of it, goodbye Yolanda.” Yuri said. Yolanda and Yuri shook hands. Few moments later, Yuri and the military soldiers walked out of Yolanda’s suite.

The bodyguards told her all the security procedures just in case there is another assassination attempt on her. Moments later, bodyguards leave her suite.Yolanda closed the door and leaned on it. She looked at her luxurious suite and sees everything is provided for including a phone which cannot be traced when she is using it. She took off her clothes and walked to the bathroom. A while later, she is feeling refreshed after taking a shower. She took out the white hotel gown and wore it. She went to the lounge, opened the mini bar fridge and pulled out a bottle of champagne.

She opened the bottle and poured it on the champagne glass. Impressed with herself, she took a sip and ate light snacks. She looked around her suite and didn’t realize how big it is and also saw a swimming pool. She stood up, picked up the phone and dialed numbers.

“Hello Mom’’ she said. “Oh my God!! It’s her are you alright my child, are you safe?’’ We saw what happened on TV?’’ she said. Tears streamed down Yolanda’s cheeks. ‘’Yes mom I am alright and safe” Yolanda replied. ‘’Just know my child we love you and whatever you did and did not do, we will not judge you’’ Yolanda’s dad said.

Yolanda broke down uncontrollable. ‘’Thanks dad, I needed to hear that’’ Yolanda said. As they were speaking, Yolanda kept hearing an annoying sound on the phone line. “Guys I have to go, I’ll talk to you later’’ Yolanda said. She hanged up and wondered what was that sound. Her mind was at ease after she remembered that the military guys have assured her that the phone was untraceable and the network is scrambled.

She took another sip from her glass, put it down on the side of her bed and lied down. Her eyes stared at the ceiling, with hands behind her head with legs crossed. She reflected on her actions whether she did the right thing or not. Few hours later, her heart was filled with guilt and regrets. What if she did not collude with the Russia and Wikileaks?

What if she did not steal NASA’s secret documents and leaked them? The only thing she ever wanted was respect from her colleagues at NASA. She felt belittled constantly by her male colleagues because she is a woman. Her scientific research findings were ignored and were never acknowledged. If she was a man, her work would have received awards and recognized all around the world.

Yolanda shook her head as she is deep in thoughts. She thought of the dark matter and dark energy research. She considers it as a breakthrough research in the history of the universe. It was frowned upon. Part of her felt she was justified by stealing the documents and leaked it to Russia and Wikileaks. She got up from bed and poured champagne. She picked up the phone and dialed with a smile on her face. The phone rang 3 times and it was picked up. ‘’Hello Charles’’ Yolanda said. ‘’Thank God, are you alright? Where are you? Charles said ‘’I’m fine Charles, I just called to tell you that I am safe and sound.’’ Yolanda said ‘’I’m glad you are safe but are you aware the mess you are in? You are the most wanted criminal in the United States of America and your face is everywhere’’ Charles said ‘’I know…I know Charles but I will fix this, I don’t know how but I will.’’ Yolanda replied ‘’Alright be safe and take care’’ Charles said. ‘’I will call you soon, cheers’’ Yolanda said.

She hanged up the phoned, picked up her champagne glass and took a sip. Thoughts of Charles flashed in Yolanda’s mind. As an 18 year old first year student at the Astronomy University, she had a crush on her 28 year old lecturer. They dated for a year and broke up after that. They kept in touch after she graduated and never dated anyone else after that. ‘’Oh Charles’’ she murmured. Her head felt heavy, she lied down on her bed and fell asleep.

Moments later, FBI storm into Charles’s house and arrest him. Neighbors come to see what is going on. Charles is nervous and also curious why he is being taken for questioning. Few hourslater FBI officers question Charles about Yolanda’s whereabouts in Russia and his involvement with her. ‘’I want to see my lawyer immediately, I know my rights’’ Charles said. ‘’we will let you go if you answer our entire questions sir’’ Officer said. Charles sighed “Alright alright… my phone records all conversations. Yolanda called me once and I don’t know where she is, she just told me she is safe.’’ Few minutes later the FBI officers played the voice recordings and corroborated Charles’s story. Charles was released and sent home.

The U.S Defense Minister, Brad Williams has received intelligence from C.I.A that Yolanda has been granted political asylum in Russia. He dropped the phone, fuming with anger. His assistant gives him another bad news. “Sir Yolanda’s phone is untraceable and we cannot locate her location based on the phone conversation she had with her old flame Charles’’ The assistant said. ‘’As the US Defense Force Minister I’m responsible for protecting this country, I’ll do whatever it takes to protect our country’s security and space programmers’’ he said. He picks up his cup of coffee, sips and spits it out. ‘’It’s cold.” I’m going to the White House and brief the president about the new developments’’ Brad said.

A year later, Yolanda realized she cannot live in Russia for the rest of her life. She took out her laptop and typed. An hour later she printed out the 2 page documents. It was an application for amnesty, she proofread and folded it. She gave the letter to her bodyguard. ‘’Please send it to the USA to the White House via the post office. 3 days later, the US Defense minister Brad received and read the amnesty letter. ‘’This broad is selling us out to the Russians and now she wants to be pardoned. She must be out of her damn mind’’ Brad said. He forwarded the letter to the White House.

A week later, Yolanda is swimming in the pool and feeling relaxed. She notices her bodyguard walking towards the swimming pool. He was carrying a white envelope and put it on the small table. Yolanda was very curious and got out of the swimming pool. She wiped her body with a white towel. She picked the letter and notices the White House logo on the envelope.

Before she could open the letter, her bodyguard interrupts and snatches the envelope away from her hand. ‘’Don’t open it could be dangerous’’ He said. He opened the letter and realized it is safe. He gave it back to Yolanda. The bodyguard left, Yolanda went to the lounge and sat on the couch. Her facial expression changed and broke down crying uncontrollable. She went to the mini bar fridge. As she was opening the whiskey bottle, her hands were shaking. She drank from the bottle. ‘’I will live in Russia forever’’ she shouted.

She threw the whiskey bottle on the wall. ‘’My life is over’’ she said. She opened her drawer and took out the sleeping pills. She swallowed all the pills and drank the whiskey. She looked at her watch, the time is 7pm. She felt her head spinning and her head felt heavier. She jumped to her bed and laughing at herself. ‘’Oops’’ she said. She took the letter and read it one more time. She felt dizzy and went to a deep sleep.


A meteor, 1 km big and wide in size comes down from space at a fast rate towards planet earth. Birds in the sky change directions flying away from the danger looming. The meteor comes down faster and faster and has entered planet earth. It made a huge splash when it fell on the ocean, 60,000 miles east of Australia. Fortunately no one saw, heard or felt the effects of the meteor.

Strange natural Occurrences start happening on earth. People feel the ground moving, they panic and run for cover. Car alarms in the parking lot go off and ring nonstop. Earth is trembling and people don’t know what to do. This carried on for an hour and it stopped. People were left confused with what just happened. TV shows and news ran with the story that it is an earthquake. TV News stations all over the world also ran with the story.

People realized that this occurrence happened worldwide at the same time. The citizens of planet earth were left puzzled with more questions in mind than answers.

Yolanda was also woken by the earthquake and thought she was being attacked. Her bodyguards assured her that everything is alright. The US Defense Minister, Brad Williams receives a report from the chief of C.I.A John Webber that this could be a terrorist attack. A nuclear bomb could have been buried underground and can destroy cities, town and continent at the same time. ‘’John, round up the usual suspects including North Korea and Pakistan’’ Brad said.

‘’There is nothing to compile Brad. Its either China or Russia, they have everything to gain from this disaster’’ John said. Brad received a report from NASA. ‘’Holy Shit’’ he said. After he finished reading the report, he looked at his assistant. ‘’Let’s make a press conference, the public has the right to know what is happening.’’ He said. His assistant wrote everything down in her notepad. ‘’ Alright sir, I will do that’’ She said.

The continents of planet earth have moved closer to each other. Citizens of South Africa, in Cape Town and Durbannotice huge land closer to them. ‘’Oh my god, we are closer to South America’’ a voice from the crowd said. North America moved closer to Europe. Australia moved very closer to Asia. TV news station ran with the story had mixed reactions about the continental drift. Brad Williams records a press conference and sends it to the news stations.

Yolanda was reading a book from her suite the breaking news alert on TV. She threw her book away, took the remote control and turned up the volume. It is the US Defense Minister, Brad Williams reading his press statement. ‘’ We have come across a very disturbing discovery. What happened yesterday was not a tremor or earthquake. People of America and the whole world, planet earth is no longer rotating and the solar system has been compromised severely.

This is not a man-made disaster as reported by several news websites. We will give you more information as soon we receive new findings from NASA, Thank you’’ Brad said. People panicked, world stock exchange points dropped sharply upon the breaking news from the US Defense minister. Yolanda switched off her television and she was deep in thoughts. She picked up her book from the floor and read it.

The year 2020 has been great for Sharon Washington. She had been selected as the republican nominee running for president and White House. She won the elections and she is the first woman president in the history of the United States of America. She is very concerned with the natural disaster that recently occurred and hopes she sorts this out with the assistance from NASA and worldwide experts. At the moment she is compiling and reading the reports given to her by advisers and defense minister. Few days later, people get on with their life and everything is back to normal.

Another Strange occurrence happened at 10:41am on a sunny morning. Earth is turning darker and orange. People watched with amazement this breathtaking experience and spectacular views of the red sun. Everyone started taking pictures and selfies of this “Natural wonder”. People from other continents have mixed feelings about the red sun. They suspect the end of the world is near. Authorities ignore this occurrence and consider it harmless and a beauty. Yolanda is standing at her balcony looking at the red sun with suspicion.

She had eureka moment that very second. She recalls having done a radical scientific research called ‘’Dark Matter-End of Planet Earth’’. The research concluded that planet earth would be swallowed by another galaxy, if ever Dark Matter disappeared into thin air. This research had made her lose credibility among her colleagues. The red sun on planet earth continued for few days and people lived their life without being affected by it.

Yolanda thought of a good idea. She rewrote her amnesty application letter and proposed that she knows the cause of these strange occurrences and may have the solutions to solve it. She enclosed copies of her scientific research findings to prove her case. She gave the letter to her bodyguard and instructed him to send it to the US Embassy in town and the ambassador should forward it to the White House.

President Sharon Washington calls on an urgent meeting with heads of NASA, C.I.A and the US Defense to review Yolanda’s second amnesty application letter and her proposal. Brad Williams and John Webber are against the proposal. ‘’Simply reject her proposal same as last time’’ Brad said. ‘’Let’s call her in, pretend we are considering her presidential pardon then we arrest her’’ John said. NASA officials intervened. ‘’We think Yolanda is on to something, we recommend you let her help us Madam President’’ David Wilson said. President Sharon Washington took off her lenses and put them on the table. ‘’ Let me think about this, we will delay the response to Yolanda and I will tell you soon what I think. Meeting is adjourned ‘’ she said

The following week, another strange natural disaster occurs. People start coughing; they are unable to breath and gasping for air. They collapsed to the ground within 15 seconds. Citizens of planet earth have all collapsed, Humans, animals, sea creatures, plants and trees. Car accidents on the highways have piled up globally. Pilots also collapsed, commercial planes crashed on air and some crashed on the ground. As result of this natural disaster, thousands of people tragically die. 6 hours later, people woke up from unconsciousness and coughing continuously.

Everyone is confused waking up and seeing this natural disaster. TV news stations broadcasts a compiled CCTV footages of what happened to people that fell unconscious in different cities and countries 6 hours earlier. People are terrified and are mourning the billions of citizens that tragically died few hours ago. World organizations and religious figures call on the people of planet earth to join hands and pray together because the end is near.


The White House released a press conference declaring a world state of emergency. ‘’Our enemy is not on earth but it is bigger than all of us and as leader of a powerful nation in the world we will cooperate with experts across the globe to solve this problem’’ President Washington said. The reaction from people across the globe was mixed. They felt America is hiding something and arespeculating about nuclear bomb conspiracies and these natural disasters are linked to the nuclear explosions.

President Sharon Washington summoned NASA to compile and bring the top 20 astronomers from all over the world. These experts will assist in solving and reversing this universal disaster. NASA compiled the list and contacted the astronomers. The astronomers included were from USA, South Korea, Britain, Japan, Australia, Canada, India, China, Brazil, South Africa, France, and Germany. 3 days later the astronomers’ elite teams arrives to the USA and were rushed to the White House to meet the president.

An hour later the elite team meets the president and discussed a lot of issues. George from Britain raised his hand and speaks. ‘’I think global warming is the cause of all these natural disasters occurring on earth and it’s a ticking time bomb’’ Most of the team grumbled and disagreed with the statement. Jeff from Australia felt strongly against the statement made by George ‘’ Global warming cannot disrupt the solar system and the earth rotation it’s impossible’’ Jorgen from Germany distributed documents across the table to everyone.

‘’Don’t you think the time has come that we humans and planet earth have overstayed our welcome on the universe and this is part of the universal motion to wipe us out naturally and new species can be created.’’ The room was quiet for a moment. Charles from USA intervened. ‘’Well, Jorgen you could be right but we are not here for evolution theories. We are here to find solutions and reverse these disasters’’ The team discussed numerous topics but couldn’t come up with anything except hypothetical and unrealistic answers. The president adjourned the meeting.

At her Suite, Yolanda is working on her pitch. She hasn’t received a response about her amnesty application. She has a good feeling it will be approved and go back to the United States. She revises her pitch on how earth can be attacked from the universe and space.

She outlined realistic and hypothetical solutions to reverse this. Few hours later, she is feeling upbeat and has never felt this confident in a long time. She opens the mini bar fridge and pulls out a bottle of champagne, pops it and pours it on her glass. Her facial expression changed in an instant and realized she will spend Christmas without her friends and family.

On the 24th December at 9am. The festive season has peaked and families are enjoying themselves. It was a cold snowy morning and families went to see Santa Claus parade on the streets of New York City. The crowd on the pavement is excited, cheering and waiting for Santa to arrive. Cartoon characters pass first along the streets waving at the crowds. “Here comes Santa Claus’’ a kid shouted from the crowd. Reindeers appeared pulling Santa’s cart. The crowd roared, clapped hands and took photos of Santa. Santa and the green dwarfs threw presents and gifts to the crowds. ‘’Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas’’ Santa said. Everyone was enjoying themselves in the streets of New York City and was in a jolly mood including people viewing from their office building. Charles was also there with his niece enjoying themselves and cheering with the crowd.

As the reindeers were about to pass Charles and his niece, something strange and amazing happened. The reindeers and Santa’s cart rose from the ground and started flouting on air,3 feet,4 feet, and 5 feet high. The crowd roared at the sight of seeing Santa’s cart flying away to the sky. Kids were the most impressed ‘’Take me to North Pole with you Santa please’’ they shouted. The old folks and parents thought Santa’s cart was being lifted by invisible strings to put on a show for the crowd. Santa Claus was confused seeing his cart flying off the ground. The crowd noticed they are also rising from the ground. They rose high and higher. Charles’s was excited with what just happened. ‘’Uncle Charles we are flying’’ she shouted. Charles is trying to catch her bag on air with excitement and enthusiasm. ‘’I know Liz, I won’t lie I am enjoying this no gravity thing too’’ he shouted. The office workers at the office building rose high and almost touching their office ceiling. Everyone on earth is on air 5 feet away from the ground. Kangaroos are fighting and kicking on air but can’t reach each other. Kenya tribesmen in the village are competing with each other jumping and determine who has the highest jump. Instead they fly higher and higher and the whole village is astonished at the sight. Kung Fu students at a Shaolin temple start flying higher and they call their master with excitement. Their master comes also flying and is also amazed at this. Yolanda is flouting in her suite, reading a book and enjoying the moment. The No-gravity only lasted for few hours and everything was back to normal.

There was an urgent meeting at the White House. ‘’What the hell happened gentlemen, I see no progress we are not moving forward’’ President Washington shouted. ‘’Madam President we think force of gravity is disappearing on earth and planet earth’s movements are very strange and unpredictable. We recommend you bring in Yolanda, at least her solutions look promising’’ John said. Yolanda’s phone rings and she picks it up. ’’Yolanda, this is the president of the United States Sharon Washington. I would like you to come back so that we can review your amnesty application and your proposal within 48 hours’’ she said. ‘’ No problem I’ll be more than happy to serve my country’’ Yolanda replied. She hanged up andpunched the air with excitement.

An hour later the Russian intelligence stormed into Yolanda’s suite. ‘’ We have intercepted your phone conversation with the White House, Are you out of your mind? What about our deal? You know when I was in the KGB, we use to make people like you disappear’’ Yuri shouted. Yolanda stood up and walked towards Yuri. ‘’I have committed crimes against my country not because of political and financial reasons. They were personal reasons of which I’m will willing to be punished for it. I’m going back to my country and help them reverse and fight this invisible energy that threatens to destroy planet earth’’ she replied ‘’Yuri’s face turned red and was fuming with anger. ‘’ You are a snake Yolanda, the Americans will throw you in prison’’ he said. Yolanda takes a deep breath. ‘’I will take that chance, Yuri.’’ Yolanda replied.

Yuri and his soldiers stormed out of the room. Yolanda’s bodyguards were instructed to leave with the soldiers leaving her all alone. One of her bodyguards gave Yolanda a letter. ‘’Goodbye Yolanda’’ he said. Military vehicles leave the lodge. She looks at the letter; it has a Russian military logo on it. She opens the letter and reads it. The letter is warning her not to go back to the USA. If she goes back she will never be welcomed back in Russia. The letter also stated the Russian intelligence can no longer cover her expensive suite costs and bodyguards. Yolanda squashed the letter and threw it away. ‘’Russians can be very petty sometimes’’ She shouted.

Few hours later in the evening, Yolanda is lying on her bed deep in thoughts. What if the Russians or the same hit men kick this door and kill her. She heard a loud knock from the door. Her heart pounded fast and walked towards the door. She touched the door knob, took a deep breath and opened the door. There were 2 men wearing black shades and suits. ‘’Are you Yolanda Anderson’’ 1st bodyguard asked ‘’Yes I am’’ Yolanda replied. ‘’We are the U.S Secret service and we came here to fetch and take you back to the United States of America’’ 2nd Bodyguard said Yolanda smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. ‘’I’m ready to go’’ Yolanda said. She was escorted to the 3 black SUVs waiting outside. She entered on the SUV which was in the middle, she sat on the backseat and they took off.

‘’Where are we going’’ Yolanda asked. One of the guys in the passenger seat looked at her. ‘’ We are going to the airport’’ he said. Yolanda nodded but her heart pounded faster for no reason. She felt something was wrong but ignored. She took her earphones out of her bag and put them on her ears. Yolanda was moving her head sidewaysand enjoying her favorite music. Moments later, she noticed something similar to a fireball flying closer to their direction. ‘’It’s a missile, It’s a missile’’ Yolanda shouted. It was approaching their direction at a fast rate. The driver pulled out a phone and called other drivers of the SUVs. ‘’Danger is looming, drive faster “the driver said. Before the other driver could hear him, a missile struck the first SUV and it exploded into flames. Yolanda screamed ‘’ No, not again’’ ‘’Get down Yolanda and stay down’’ he shouted. A military helicopter sprayed bullets on to the SUVs; fortunately they were installed with bullet proof.

The Secret service men driving behind Yolanda’s SUV opened their windows, pulled out AK47s and shot back at the chopper. ‘’ Please drive faster so that we can reach the airport’’ Yolanda said. The chopper shot heavy rounds at the SUV and ultimately they were killed instantly. The SUV behind Yolanda swerved rolled and exploded. ‘’ Oh my god we are toast” Yolanda said. The chopper had a military flag in it and was instructing they stop their car or they will shoot. ‘’Don’t stop, we are nearly at the airport’’ Yolanda said ‘’the driver pointed his finger to the sky. ‘’Look guys another missile is coming towards us’’ he said. The missile sped past their car and struck the chopper. The helicopter exploded into pieces and everyone in the SUV cheered and breathed a sigh of relief.

Let’s rush to the airport before another Russian helicopter comes along and kills us.’’ He said. Yolanda looked behind and sideways to check if they are really safe. ‘’ Do you think that was a missile or drone was meant for us?’’ Yolanda asked. ‘’Who Knows’’ the driver said. 15 minutes later they arrived at the airport. The air force one plane was waiting for them. The secret service men escorted Yolanda into the plane. The plane was about to take off and the Russian military vehicles blocked its path.Yuri entered the Air Force one with documents in his hand and handed them to the Air force one personnel ‘’Air Force One have landed on the Russian soil illegally. We could have shot you down. As a result we will detain everyone on this plane and impound this plane until further notice” Yuri said.

The secret service urgently contacted the president at the white House to intervene before they are escorted out of the plane. Few minutes later, Yuri received a phone call from the president of Russia instructing him to let the Air Force one fly back to the USA. Yuri sighed, ordered his soldiers and military vehicles to return to the military base. A moment later, the Air Force One took off and everyone in the plane was relieved.



On her way to the USA on the plane, Yolanda noticed the guys are looking at her with disgust and realized they are gossiping about. She ignored them and looked on the window. 8 hours later, they lands at the pentagon. Yolanda is escorted to the SUV. Media got a hold of the information that Yolanda has returned from Russia and report it live on air. There were crowds of people on the pavement howling insults and booing Yolanda. People were carrying posters written ‘’Traitor’’ ‘’ Double Spy’’ ‘’Go Back to Russia’’ Yolanda read these posters from the car and shook her head. Rotten fruit and vegetables were thrown at the cars buy the angry crowd. The convoys of SUVs arrived at the White House and the secret service escorted Yolanda inside.

They took her to the conference room where every member of the White House and the astronomers’ elite team will be there. She entered and everybody stopped chatting. There was silence in the room and everyone was staring at her. ‘’Good morning everyone’’ Yolanda said. No one greeted her instead they continued their chit chats. ‘’I cannot believe I will be spending Christmas day in here instead with my family’’ Brad Williams said. Few of his colleagues nodded. The president together with his chief of staff entered the room. ‘’ Good day we are here to hear Yolanda’s side of the story. Yolanda would you please stand up and tell us why should I approve amnesty application and be pardoned from being sent to prison’’ President Sharon Washington said. Eyes in the room shifted back to Yolanda. She pulled documents from her bag and distributed them across the table. ‘’I stole NASA’s secret mission research document called ‘’Dark Matter’’. I used it for my personal research project and also leaked it to the Russians and Wikileaks. Yolanda said. Everyone in the room shook their heads with the revelations. ‘’But… why did you breach our national security and space programmes by giving Russians these classified documents?’’ President Washington asked. ‘’I have been crucified and undermined all my life because I am a woman in the NASA workplace.

All I ever wanted was to prove myself to my male colleagues I am on the same level as them’’ Yolanda replied. C.I.A Head, John Webber interrupted Yolanda. ‘’ You have proved yourself alright. Madam President I recommend her to be sent to prison with immediate effect. What If she is also spying for the Russians?’’ he asked. An argument broke out in the room and it was chaos.

NASA Head, David Wilson was not impressed with John’s comments. ‘’ Let us not forget why we are here. Let’s stop talking about spy games or try to impress the president. We are here to save planet earth’’ he said. President Washington maintained order. ‘’Yolanda you can continue’’ she said. ‘’ This document was a 1969 secret space mission. It was never used or distributed to benefit scientists and astronomers who studied the universe’’ She said. ‘’ Let’s take a 10 minute break and I will be back with my verdict’’ President Washington said.

Everyone stood up and left the room for refreshments. Everyone in the lounge was chatting and Yolanda made herself a cup of cappuccino. She noticed her ex-boss David Wilson walking towards her. ‘’Yolanda, do you think we can reverse this and save our planet’?’’ he asked. ‘’It’s possible, very possible’’ she replied. ‘’ What are the chances that you can pull this off?’’ ‘’50%-65%’’ Yolanda replied. David breathed a sigh of relief ‘’ God, I hope you are right anyway good luck with the hearing’’ he said. He gave Yolanda a pat on her left shoulder and left to chat with another one of his colleagues.The short break was over; everyone was back at the conference room and is waiting for the president.

Yolanda tapped her feet and trembling with fear wondering if she is going to prison or not. She looked down and murmured a short silent prayer. Few seconds later the president entered the conference room. ‘’ Yolanda I have assessed your side of the story, Thank you, now please stand up’’ President Washington said. Everyone looked at the president while she read her verdict. ‘’ You have breached our national security protocol and committed serious crimes that could send you to prison for more than 20 years’’ President Washington said. Yolanda’s body trembled with fear, her heart pumped faster. ‘’As the President of the United States of America I hereby pardon you of your crimes and your amnesty application has been accepted’’ President Washington said.

The room went wild, the military and C.I.A staff were not impressed with the verdict. ‘’Order, Order, You will receive presidential pardon on condition you successfully assist the United States of America in preventing the extinction of human race, plants, animals and planet earth from disappearing into oblivion. If you are not successful you will be sentenced to 50 years in prison for breaching the Espionage act with immediate effect’’ President Washington said.

Yolanda punched the air with excitement and grinned. ‘’ Now all those in favor of this verdict and agreement, please raise your hands up’’ President Washington asked. Hands were raised and there were 15 people happy with this verdict. ‘’ Now all those against this verdict raise your hands’’ President Washington said. 8 people raised their hands and they were C.I.A and US Defense staff. ‘’ Very well, from now on I give Yolanda full authority to be the head of this operation. She will have authority over everyone, compile her budget and assemble a team of choice to make this operation successful.

Merry Christmas everyone, meeting is over’’ President Washington said. Everyone was excited and cheering they were going home to their families. Yolanda interrupted and stood in front of the door with excitement. ‘’ Before anyone leaves, I would like us to meet on the 2nd of January and discuss our way forward. Thank you’’ Yolanda said. Everyone stared at her and went outside the door. She walked towards Charles and hugged him. ‘’Well done, Yolanda’’ Charles said ‘’ It was a close call’’ Yolanda said.

They went outside and Yolanda was escorted to her parent’s house. When the SUV arrived at the house, her parents and friends were waiting for her in the front porch. They went inside the house and celebrated her homecoming. Tears of joy flowed as Yolanda was thanking his friends and family for being there for her through thick and thin. They partied until midnight. Yolanda’s friends went home including Charles. Yolanda went straight to bed with a smile on her face.

The following morning, she woke up feeling good. She started working on her plans and potential people to partner with across the globe. Few days later at New Year eve, Yolanda and her parents were preparing for the New Year celebrations. Everyone is in a jolly mood. A knock is heard at the front door. Yolanda opened the door; it was Charles carrying gifts and a bottle of champagne. ‘’Wow your hair color is back to normal, you are beautiful as always.’’ Charles said. ‘’ Thanks, come in’’ Yolanda said He came in, greeted Yolanda’s parents and gave them gifts. ‘’It’s cold outside, I’m starting to shiver’’ Charles said. Everyone laughed. They ate at the dinner table, Yolanda’s parents teased her and told stories about her when she was a little girl.

‘’Mrs. Anderson, your food is delicious’’ Charles said. ‘’Thank you, Charles’’ Mrs. Anderson said. ‘’Do you want some more’’ Yolanda asked ‘’ No, I am full thanks’’ Charles replied. After they finished their dinner, Charles and Yolanda went outside. They sat at the front porch with the bottle of champagne and 2 wine glasses. Charles smiled and stared at Yolanda’s eyes. ‘’Are you ready for the massive task ahead’’ Charles asked. Yolanda grinned and sighed. ‘’ I think I am ready, I have been a second chance in life and I can’t mess that up Charles’’ Yolanda said. Yolanda took one glass, gave it to Charles and tried to open the champagne bottle. Yolanda struggled to open the bottle, Charles intervened. ‘’Let me do the honors and open it’’ Charles said. He opened the Champagne bottle. ‘’ Oops, bring me your glass’’ Charles said. He poured the sparkling wine on both glasses and they both took a sip. ‘’So…. How was Russia?’’ Charles asked. ‘’You have no idea, it was a nightmare’’ Yolanda replied. They laughed, discussed other issues and were in a relaxed mood. Charles stared at Yolanda and moved closer and tried to kiss her. Yolanda’s face looked the other way and took another sip. ‘’No, Charles don’t spoil this moment.’’ Yolanda said. Charles was about to respond to Yolanda, he was interrupted.

Her parents and friends came behind them. ‘’it’s the countdown’’ They shouted. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Happy New Year’’ Charles and Yolanda looked at each other awkwardly. They danced and partied for a few hours with friends. After the party ended every one left and waved them goodbye. Yolanda walked Charles to his car and smiling at each other.

‘’Big day for you tomorrow’’ Charles said. ‘’Yes and I’m nervous and excited at the same time ’’Yolanda replied. He pulled out his car keys from his pocket, opened the car and got inside. ‘’Charles, before you leave I have something to tell you.I would like you to be part of my executive team that will decide who will travel to space and find solutions to this mysterious universal puzzle…. ‘’ Yolanda said. ‘’Wow’’ count me in anything just to be close to you’’ Charles said. Yolanda smiled and shook her head. ‘’You are drunk Charles, drive slow and safe’’ Yolanda said. Charles kissed his index finger and placed it on to Yolanda’s lips. Yolanda blushed and smiled.’’ Goodbye Charles’’ she said. Charles left and Yolanda went inside the house.

The following morning a TV news station ran a story about Yolanda Anderson. Everyone wants to know why she isn’t charged, neither arrested nor being at a court trial. There were also TV and online petition to bring back Edward Snowden. People were in the dark and curious about the White House meetings were all about. Radio and TV shows invited Americans to weigh in their views on the issue of the relevance of the Espionage Act. Spies, cold war with Russia, whistleblowers, Yolanda, Snowden and convicted spies in the USA prison system. Millions of American gave in their opinions and felt strongly about this issue.

The astronomers’ elite team, White House staff and President Sharon Washington were in the Conference room. Yolanda came in earlier than anyone and was prepared her solutions and plans to execute them. ‘’Good morning! Yolanda, we are ready to start’’ President Washington said. Yolanda switched on the projector with enthusiasm and very focused. “In front of you ladies and gentlemen are scientific research findings I compiled, titled ‘’Dark Matter: End of Planet’’.

It’s basically about how earth and the universe can be attacked from space’’ Yolanda said. Everyone opened the document in front of them with curiosity.”Dark Matter is disappearing from space at fast rate. As a result the solar system has been disrupted and the invisible strings responsible for holding the planets together are breaking down. Earth and other planets are moving at a fast, abnormal pace and chances are it is moving now away from the solar system’’ Yolanda said. The meeting carried on for hours without a break. “Let us take a one hour lunch break. When we come back, I will present on how we are going to implement these plans and then open a dialogue with the NASA and astronomers elite team in the room. ‘’ Wow! Alright we will be back after an hour and listen to Yolanda’s plan of action’’ President Washington said.

The astronomers’ elite team, NASA staff and everyone in the room were blown away and impressed with Yolanda’s presentation. Yolanda was popular all of sudden, almost everyone in the room wanted to chat and sit next to her in the dining room. They were fighting for her attention and Yolanda was enjoying it. At that second, she had a moment of clarity. Yolanda noticed that she has achieved her goal. Her ex-male colleagues were very impressed with her work, proud to have worked with her and she felt like an insider. Yolanda realized she was very ambitious, impatient and that landed her in big trouble with her country. At 26, Yolanda feels she has achieved a lot in her career more than her friends and colleagues older than her. She grinned and went back to the conference room.

An hour later, everyone came back to the conference and President Sharon Washington instructed Yolanda to continue her presentation. Yolanda distributed documents to everyone on the table. Madam President, I propose we bring in the Defense Ministers of Iran, China, Russia, Great Britain and North Korea to come to the White House. We need to have their nuclear bombs, load them to the spacecraft and travel to space with them’’ Yolanda said. Everyone was shocked at what Yolanda just said and couldn’t believe she proposed that ridiculous idea. The US Defense minister stormed out of the room. ‘’This is Madness!’’ Brad Williams shouted. ‘’Wait, wait ladies and gentlemen, please calm down I haven’t finished talking. We are going to make the biggest super advanced, sophisticated and indestructible spacecraft. The spacecraft will travel to the Black hole and detonate these nuclear bombs and prevent planet earth together with other planets from leaving the solar system.’’ Yolanda said. ‘’ John Webber and the head of the NSA looked at each other and laughed. ‘’ Young lady, are you serious?’’ John asked.

Yolanda looks agitated after the head of C.I.A and NSA laughed at her proposals. ‘’ Yes sir, I am very serious’’ Yolanda replied. ‘’Are you aware that we are not in good terms with most of these countries; we differ on nuclear programmes and policies. How will this plan be possible?’’ Peter from NSA asked. ‘’Well, that is your job to make it possible together with C.IA,US Defense Minister, Congress and the president.’’ Yolanda said. Almost everyone in the room burst out laughing.

‘’Yes we do have the technology to build this spacecraft I have in mind but to be specific I need the nuclear technology from these countries to build an indestructible spacecraft that will travel 10 billion km away from planet earth. The spacecraft will not explode in space against Meteors, fires, gumma rays and radiation. Everyone in the room clapped their hands. ‘’ I think we should call it a day and adjourn this meeting. I will try and contact all the defense ministers. We will meet tomorrow at 7am and I thank you for your presence.’’ President Washington said.

The following morning they met at the White House and the president came in earlier than usual. ‘’Yolanda, I am curious about this spacecraft. Do you have a diagram, concept drawings or pictures of it?’’ President Washington asked. Yolanda nodded, pulled out a chart from her bag and forwarded it to the president. ‘’Well, I am impressed I will forward this to the architects. On another matter, the defense ministers of China, Russia, North Korea, Britain and Iran have all agreed to come to the United States. They will all arrive this evening and we all agreed these past natural disaster have literally affected everyone on earth.’’ President Washington said. Everyone in the room stood up and clapped hands.

‘’I will adjourn this meeting as I have more urgent matters to attend to and we will meet tomorrow when I bring the Defense ministers to the White House’’ President Washington said. Everyone stood up and left the room except Yolanda. She is packing her staff, ready to go and the defense minister appeared. Brad blocked the door, pushed Yolanda inside the conference room and closed the door behind him. ‘’What you are doing is not going work. Listen here young lady, you can fool anyone in this room but you don’t fool me with your fancy Talk, it’s all bullshit’’ Brad said. Yolanda became emotional and a tear came from her left eye. ‘’This is the chance to redeem myself and help my country defeat this’’ Yolanda said.

‘’ Bullshit, you are going to give the spacecraft to your masters in Russia and blow us all up and they will win this war. Come to think of it, ever since you left to Russia. These ‘’natural disasters’’ started to occur and then you proposed to come back and will reverse these disasters from occurring. How do you know so much about these nuclear technologies from other countries? Just know you are still a spy and a traitor. I am watching you’’ Brad said. He left the room; Yolanda sat down and broke down crying uncontrollable.

Yolanda went shopping at the nearest mall and after she finished shopping. She saw Charles sitting at a coffee shop; she smiled, and went inside. Charles also saw Yolanda walking towards him. ‘’Hey Beautiful’’ Charles said. ‘’ Hi, can I join you?’’ Yolanda asked. Charles smiled and stood up. ‘’ Of course you can’’ Charles replied. Yolanda and Charles talked the whole afternoon and enjoying each other’s company.

The following morning at the White house, as everyone was entering the conference room. They saw unfamiliar faces from different nationals and some of the guys were frisking everyone to check if they have any weapons on them. A moment later, President Sharon Washington enters the room with 5 men wearing military attire. ‘’Good morning, allow me to introduce to you thedefense ministers. Michael Chang from China, Vladimir Kournikova from Russia. Eddie Yusuf from Iran,Jon Pan Wan from North Koreaand Frank Roberts from Britain. Everyone in the room clapped their hands and welcomed them with warmth.

Everyone sat down and the president pointed her finger at Yolanda. ‘’We can start Yolanda’’ President Washington said. Yolanda switched on the projector and began her presentation. A concept spacecraft was displayed on the screen. ‘’ Ladies and gentlemen, this is the mother of all spacecraft’’ Yolanda said. People looked and murmured at each other and others nodded. ‘’ The spacecraft will be equipped with advanced nuclear technology to protect it against space elements. The spacecraft will be indestructible against gases, and other powerful rays in space. This technology will freeze the whole spacecraft and protect it from exploding in harsh heat condition as higher as 5,000,000 degrees. When the rays strike the spacecraft, the space craft will have a cooling button that will repel the heat. Astronauts will have no space gear when they are in space. The Oxygenex Technology will be installed; astronauts will be able breath normal.

They will not wear anything to cover their heads. There will be gravity on the spacecraft because it will be installed with advanced Magnetified technology that will make them walk normal inside the ship when they are in space. The minister of Iran, Eddie Yusuf intervened. ‘’ We have just developed the Nuclear Fuel technology. The nuclear fuel will replace oil and gas in the near future. We can supply the spacecraft with the nuclear technology. The spacecraft will have nuclear fuel that will sustain it and will only run out after it has travelled more than 15billion km’’ he said.

Defense minister of Britain, Frank Roberts raised his hand. ‘’ We can assist with supplying powerful engines components that assist the spacecraft travel a thousand times faster than theusual spacecraft. The spacecraft will travel at 85 million km/h and can reach around the Black hole within 5 days.’’ He said. President Sharon Washington interrupted. ‘’ How long will the spacecraft take to build, Yolanda?’’ Yolanda went back to her bag and flipped few pages of her files. ‘’the spacecraft will be finished within 2-3 months’’ Yolanda replied. Defense minister of China, Michael Chang also weighed in. ‘’we can assist in hosting and assembling the spacecraft in China. Also we can build over 50 layers of platinum and indestructible metal over the exterior. Just in case the spacecraft encounters harsher conditions than weanticipate, the spacecraft will automatically lose the destroyed exterior parts and will regenerate into another layer. ‘’ Well I am impressed ministers and I thank you for your cooperation. I have compiled a list of the best Astronauts in the world that will travel to space. There will be 3-6 Astronauts that will be travelling…. ‘’ Yolanda said. The chief of staff came rushing and whispered something on Yolanda’s ear. Yolanda sighed and shook her head. ‘’ Ladies and gentlemen, I am afraid I have bad news. All astronauts have declined the opportunity to travel to space. They say it is a suicide mission and they feel chances of travelling outside the solar system and surviving is non-existent ’’ Yolanda said.

‘’This is a huge blow and for the first time I really don’t know what to. Is it possible to convince them otherwise?’’ President Washington asked. The Chief of staff shook his head. There was silence in the room, everyone looked at each other and it looked like no one knew what to do. ‘’ I, Yolanda Anderson would like to put my name forward as the person who will travel to space. I also wish to travel with Charles and other volunteers’’ Yolanda said.

An argument broke out at the conference room with everyone disagreed with what Yolanda just proposed. ‘’All our astronauts have declined to travel to space maybe it’s a sign we should just cancel this expedition and accept our fate’’ one scientist said. ‘’I agree with you young man, we should cancel this madness before our country is destroyed by our enemies and spies. Yolanda volunteers to drive the spacecraft. What if she detonates all 6 nuclear bombs and the whole North America will be wiped out. Wake up people this woman is still a spy and is playing all of us. ‘’ Mr. Brad Williams I have been listening to your negative and unproductive inputs for quite a while now. I would like you to please leave this room with immediate effect’’ President Washington said. Brad stood up, rushed outside and slammed the door on his way out. ‘’Yolanda are you sure want to travel to space?’’ President Washington asked. ‘’ Yes, madam President’’ Yolanda replied. ‘’Charles, are you interested in travelling to space with Yolanda’’ President Washington asked. Charles nodded, sighed and wiped his face with his right hand.

‘’I think we are ready to go in building this spacecraft. As soon as the congress approves the $17.5 Billion budget, the spacecraft will be finished within few weeks. This project is a secret mission; I do not want anyone leaking anything outside this room. The spacecraft will be built in a secret location and the 6 nuclear bombs will be supplied and loaded to the spacecraft. Only the presidents and prime ministers of these countries will know exactly when and how the nuclear bombs will arrive in the USA.NASA head raised his hand. ‘’ Yolanda, you and Charles need to attend a one month intensive space training and drills’’ he said. Yolanda nodded and looked at Charles who seemed like he just saw a ghost. ‘’Very well, I think we have covered everything and we will meet in 2 months times on the 5th March 2021,meeting adjourned.

Yolanda and Charles went out to a restaurant and had a late lunch. ‘’What a day’’ Yolanda said. ‘’ Charles poured warm milk to his cup of coffee. ‘’ Tell me about it’’ he said. Yolanda picked the menu and read it. ‘’Why did you put me on the spot like that, telling the president I will go to space without consulting with me first.’’ Charles asked. ‘’ I thought you wouldn’t mind, I’m sorry Charles’’ Yolanda said. Charles sighed ‘’Ah well, what’s done it’s done. I’m looking forward going on an adventure with you’’ Charles said. ‘’ Does that mean I am forgiven? ‘’ Yolanda asked. ‘’ Of course,you know I enjoy being with you’’ Charles said. Charles held Yolanda’s hand but she pulled it back and called the waiter. Moments later, Charles looked at Yolanda and smiled. ‘’Do you think we will ever get back together?’’ Charles asked. Yolanda shook her head and stirred her coffee. ‘’I am happy where I am and enjoy my freedom’’ Yolanda replied. ‘’Fair enough, so when are we going to NASA attend the training sessions’’ Charles asked. ‘’David Wilson will call us in few days to confirm’’ she replied. The waiter brought Yolanda’s and Charles’s order and placed the food on their table.











































Yolanda wakes up from her bed and feels invigorated. She hasn’t slept this peaceful in months. She stretched her arms wide and yawned with her smile on her face. Her mindwondered far away and started reflecting. She thought of the mistakes she has made in life about her career and relationship. This journey to space is a big deal to her. This is bigger than life itself; this is more than saving planet earth. She is seeking redemption for all her sins. She looked at her watch and the time is 08:40am.


‘’ No way but it’s still very dark outside maybe my clock and watch are not working’’ Yolanda said. Yolanda jumps out of her bed and opens her curtains. ‘’Wow! She shouted. She rushed out of her room and went downstairs. She saw her parents eating a hearty breakfast. Yolanda’s dad looked at her and smiled ‘’Hello angel’’ he said. ‘’Good morning guys, why is it still dark outside?’’ Yolanda said. ‘’ We don’t know honey, it is strange though’’ Yolanda’s mom said.


‘’Come join us, have something to eat’’ Yolanda’s dad said. Yolanda sat down and enjoyed her breakfast. ‘’ Bacon, just how I like it, yummy’’ Yolanda said. The phone on the kitchen rang and Yolanda’s dad stood up. ‘’ I’ll get that’’. Yolanda was about to finish her breakfast and her dad called her. ‘’Angel, it’s for you, its Charles’’ he said. Yolanda stood up and took the phone. ‘’Hey Charles, did you see the weather outside’’ Yolanda said.


‘’ Yeah… it is very strange. Listen I have received an email from the White House they want to brief us about the progress of the spacecraft. I think it’s finished now but I’m not sure, we will hear from them what they say’’ Charles said. ‘’ Oh man, I didn’t check my email this morning I was preoccupied with this strange weather.

I will check it and I will see you in few hours time. ‘’ Yolanda said. Yolanda rushed upstairs to check her emails and prepare to go to the meeting. ‘’ Wait young lady where do you think you are going to? You haven’t finished your breakfast’’ Yolanda’s mom said. Yolanda smiled at her. ‘’Mom, I’m full and I am in a hurry, Thanks.

All around the world, there was no sunrise at all. The time was 11:30am, TV media shows run interviews with experts and religious leaders to weigh in on this occurrence. Most religious leaders concluded these are the end of days.

The earth is coming to a disastrous end this time. These opinions are taken to heart by the global audiences and the news go viral spreading fear everywhere. Amateur Scientists and astronomers are also interviewed. They also think the end of planet earth is very possible. From a scientific perspective, they believe Yolanda return to the USA is linked to these universal disastrous occurrences but they can’t prove it. People around the world want answers and no one is providing them even their governments do not know what to do.

At the White House conference room, President Sharon Washington enters and everyone is ready to start. The president seems to be in a good mood today. ‘’ Yolanda, Its dark outside tell us what’s going on? What is it? Are we going to die today? Everyone burst out laughing including Yolanda.

‘’ I’m not sure madam president, but I think it is the Nighttime Sky. I think my fellow colleagues know about that too but I thought this would only happen in the next 2 billion years but its here. The president shook her head. ‘’ This is very scary hey. Anyway I have good news; the spacecraft is ready and has been tested. You will only get to see it on the day you leaving. People clapped hands and the room was buzzing with excitement. The nuclear bombs from China, North Korea, Britain, USA, Iran and Russia have all arrived. They have been loaded to the spacecraft and the spacecraft is in a secret location. The chief of staff came rushing and whispered to the president.

A minute later, President Washington spoke. ‘’ We have intercepted a very suspicious phone calls and emails that terrorists from the Middle East have entered the US Airspace and have disappeared from radar. ‘’ I hope they take down those bastards’’ Brad Williams said. John and Brad rushed outside whispering upon hearing this breaking news. ‘’Yolanda and Charles you are leaving for space in 4 days time, please get ready.’’ President Washington said.

‘’ We have finished our training and drills, I just need to pack my staff and snacks’’ Yolanda said. ‘’ One last thing, the spacecraft has separate bedrooms, bathroom facilities, kitchen, food supplies. Half of the 26 powerful engines installed, are solar powered engines. Just in case the nuclear engine crash, the solar engines will kick in. The solar engines will draw rays and radiation energy from space. That’s it, thank you guys’’ President Washington said. People stood up, clapped hands and left the room. The sky cleared and the sun showed up. People all over the world cheered and appreciated the sun even more than before.

Yolanda is getting ready to sleep and had a long day. She hears a loud bang in her bedroom. She wakes up and sees 2 men wearing black clothes and masks. Yolanda’s heart beat faster and her body trembled with shock. ‘’ What do you want here, get out’’ she shouted. They came closer, grabbed her and took her downstairs. She sees her parents tied, lying on the lounge floor with tears on their eyes. There were also 2 men waiting downstairs. ‘’Leave my folks alone they didn’t do nothing, leave them out of this’’ Yolanda shouted. The men took her outside while she was screaming and they drove off. They tied her hands and covered her face with a black mask. Yolanda’s body was shaking as she can’t see anything and is worried she might get killed and thrown in the dump.

The van stopped and there was a complete silence for a few seconds. Yolanda heard a voice she thought was very familiar. The man cried, fought and tried to escape but was caught and pushed inside the car. The man saw the woman tied and covered in the backseat. He recognized the clothes. ‘’Yolanda is that you? What have you done to her’’ Charles shouted. They hit him in the face and in the guy until fell unconscious.

They tied, covered his face and put him in the backseat next to Yolanda. The SUV sped off. Few minutes later, she heard sounds planes and thought they must be at the airport. Few minutes later her suspicious were confirmed. She and Charles were taken inside the plane and felt it taking off. One thing she could pick up was, the men who kidnapped them are from the Middle East and speak Arabic. She had a flashback about what President Sharon Washington said earlier today about a potential threat from a terrorist plane disappearing from the radar of the Pentagon.

2 hours later, the plane landed on an isolated small airport. The men took off the masks covering both Yolanda and Charles’s faces. ‘’ Where are the nuclear bombs?’’ the man shouted. There was no answer and Charles was punched in the face. Yolanda screamed and trying to free herself. ‘’leave him alone’’ Yolanda shouted. ‘’Where are the nuclear bombs that entered America few days ago?’’ ‘’We don’t know! President Sharon Washington never told us the location of the spacecraft and the nukes’’ Charles shouted. They punched him again until he bled, blood streamed down on his face. The man slapped Yolanda twice and demanded answers. Yolanda cried and looked on Charles side to check if he is ok. ‘’ Listen you 2, right now we are outside of your country, we are in Mexico. If you don’t tell us right now the location of these nuclear bombs. We will take you to Syria and we will sell you to the village chief. You will be one of his servant, concubine and a sex slave for his friends and guests in his house’’ he said.

‘’No, No, No! I wouldn’t like that but I really don’t know where the bombs are’’ Yolanda pleaded his case. The leader called the pilot, they spoke Arabic and Yolanda heard the plane engines getting switched. ‘’ Please let us go, we could be your spies inside the White House and give you the location of these bombs. Just let us go and we can help you’’ Charles said.

The leader walked towards Charles ‘’Wow, you have just given me a very good idea. I will let you go alright, but your girlfriend will stay. She is leaving with us and there is nothing you can do about it’’ he said. They men untied Charles’s hands and feet. He punched the leader and one of the men who untied him. He was overpowered, the plane door opened and they threw him to the ground at the airport. The plane took off, Charles tried to chase but it flew away. Inside the plane, Yolanda was devastated, screamed louder and cried until tears dried in her eyes. The men in the plane looked at the windows laughing and mocking Charles chasing the plane. ‘’You can’t catch us’’ he shouted.

Charles didn’t know what to do as he was in a foreign country and doesn’t know a single person in that place. The place was so isolated, it looked like a desert. He started running to look for help. He saw a convoy of trucks trailers, 200 meters away coming into his direction. ‘’Oh thank God’’ he said. He stood in front of the road and waved at trucks to stop.

A moment later the trucks stopped and 2 men came out. The men were carrying AK47 guns and walked towards Charles. They touched his arms, hands and frisked him. Charles tried to speak but they couldn’t speak nor understand English. The grabbed and threw him at the back of the truck with the other people. The people at the back with him were Mexican women, men and young children. ‘’ Does anyone speak English in here?’’ Charles said. People just looked at him. There was silence and no one responded. Charles’s face lit up ‘’Hey, why didn’t I think of that before. This truck is going to the USA and Mexico border. When we arrive there I will jump out. Call for help, enter my country and find Yolanda.’’ he murmured.

30 minutes later the truck enters the forest that is surrounded by military vehicles and soldiers carrying AK47. The truck entered the forest. Charles’s mood changed for the worst when he saw bodies being thrown into a mass grave. His body trembled and wondered what is going and where this truck is going. The truck stopped next to a large factory and the soldiers opened the truck door. They grabbed everyone and pushed them to enter the factory. When Charles entered the factory, he realized this factory is a manufacturer of cocaine and his job was to package the drugs together with the other guys who came with him in the truck.

Well known TV stations in the United States of America were sent a videotape from the terrorists who kidnapped Yolanda and Charles. The video footage premiered on the 8pm news. The terrorist declare they have kidnapped Yolanda and Charles. Yolanda isshown in the video. They demand the United States of America to withdraw airstrikes in Iraq. They also demand all 6 Nuclear Bombs in a secret location in the US. They want their demands met within 48 hours or Yolanda and Charles will be executed within 48 hours.

Within few minutes America is in a state of pandemonium. People were livid and felt they are no longer safe in their own country. People got out of their houses and there were demonstrations all around the country. People were demanding answers on how is it possible that terrorists entered the country, kidnap its citizens and fly back to The Middle East without detection. Yolanda’s parents were interviewed by a well known TV news Station. They were devastated and pleaded with the US government to bring her back safe and sound.

As a result, President Sharon Washington wielded the axe on most of the staff in his cabinet. He fired key employees of the NSA, FBI,C.I.A, Pentagon air base and all other heads of agencies that are responsible for intercepting threats against the United States of America. The following morning, online and TV national polls results were out. 95% of voters feelthe president is out of her depth and should just step down as the president of the United States of America. A major newspaper publication published a story that the president has given Yolanda a presidential pardon for her crimes and Yolanda is working with the Russians to steal the nuclear bombs and destroy the North America continent. The people felt the president should be impeached with immediate effect. President Sharon Washington was under pressure from the congress to step down from the office.

President Sharon Washington held a press conference at the White House. ‘’ People of America the only reason Yolanda Anderson was granted an amnesty was on the basis to assist the UN and the United States of America reverse these Strange natural disasters that have occurred recently. She was going to travel to space and save human kind and our beautiful planet from extinction by unknown universal dark forces. The news articles that claim Yolanda and I are working together and we are linked a terrorist organization are false. Our job now is to find Yolanda and bring her back as she is the only person who volunteered and brave enough to travel to space. I promise you, we will bring her back and we are going to space and fight this Invisible enemy out there. America and the global population our fate depends on her to save planet earth from being swallowed by another galaxy. If that happened, there will be no trace of Planet earth and other planets in the solar system ever existed. I thank you, God bless America’’ President Washington said.

She rushed outside the press room and didn’t take questions. TV viewership records were broken. 101 Million Viewers watched in the USA and 3.5 Billion viewers globally, watched the president’s speech. People all over the world were petrified upon hearing the breaking news from the president of the United States of America. Stock exchanges points from every country dropped sharply, Oil and commodity prices also decreased.

Morale among Americans was very low as result more than 75 million citizens were not motivated to go to work. They felt, it is useless going to work if they are going to die within few weeks. Few others withdrew all their life savings and spent it on luxuries. At the White House president Washington met with other politician. They are arguing with republicans, congress leaders about the next step and who leaked that kind of sensitive information. ‘’ I think I may have a slight idea who leaked the story, I think it is you Brad Williams and this should have been prevented’’ She said.

She pointed at Brad. He denied the allegations and President Washington fired him in front of every politician. There was silence in the room as Brad was escorted out of the White house. ‘’ I am not going to Back down and compromise my integrity and my country’s security. I will not resign and I will not handover the nukes to the terrorists. We do not negotiate with terrorists.’’ President Washington said. Everyone in the hall stood up and clapped hands. ‘’We only have 48 hours till we launch to space and 12 hours to find Yolanda’’ President Washington said.

The chief of staff received a note from his personal assistant. He read it and gave it to the president. ‘’ Wow, we have a lead on Yolanda’s whereabouts. An American aid worker and 2 reporters, who worked in Iraq, recognize the location shown on the video footage sent by the terrorists. The location is in the border between Iraq and Syria. I will send the best military personnel to bring her back’’ she said. The president assembled the best navy seal and soldiers to save Yolanda. The military planes jet off to Iraq.

11 hours later, Yolanda’s body is trembling and feeling the pain of bruises all over her body. Yolanda has lost hope and prays these guys do not sell her as a slave. She would rather die than to be someone’s sex slave. She looks around this dark room and house made of mud bricks. As she was looking around the room she was locked in. She heard keys sound and the door opened. The captors walked towards Yolanda, picked her up and took her outside. ‘’Kneel down’’ he said. Yolanda knelt down very quick. ‘’ Your people haven’t met our demands. Today you will meet your creator.’’ He said. One of the captors took a video camera and started recording.

Black flags with Arabic words were placed behind Yolanda. ‘’In the name of the most high Allah, we are going to kill you after I finish reading this passage from the Quran. Do you understand?’’ he said. Yolanda nodded with reluctance; her eyes were bloody red in tears. One of the captors gave the leader a book and it was the Quran. He opened, flipped the pages and found the scripture he was looking for.He read the quotes from it. ‘’ When you encounter unbelievers on the battlefield, strike off their heads until you have crushed them completely; and then bind the prisoners tightly…….’’ He said. Before the leader could say anything else, 2 military choppers appeared from nowhere. Rounds of bullets came from helicopters; before they could shoot back they were all shot dead. Yolanda’s life flashed before her eyes, and her mind was disorientated. The navy seal team got out from the chopper, some of them went inside the house searching for possible threats. They walked towards her, untied her hands. They try to wake Yolanda up but she was half unconscious and traumatized. ‘’Yolanda, Yolanda where is the other dude, Charles’’ he said. Yolanda struggled to open her eyes and finally did. ‘’Charles…. is not here….. He never came here…….. We left him in Mexico’’ Yolanda replied. ‘’Get in guys, we are leaving. The helicopter flew away.

Charles is exhausted; he has been wrapping and packaging cocaine for the past 12 hours without a break or food. What he experienced in this warehouse was beyond comprehension. He saw young kids being beaten for being exhausted and pleading for food. Some of the older people were died of starvation. They were buried for being sick for a long time without treatment.

Everyone ate once a day, only after they finish work during the night. Charles was getting ready to sleep on the floor. He couldn’t care less if this was a cramped 1-room with about 15 people. He just wanted to sleep. He took out his bread and gave it to the kid sleeping next to him. He wasn’t hungry at all; he was fasting as he usually does back home. He dozed off and went to a deep sleep. Few hours later, everyone was woken up by a huge explosion and gunfire in the forest. Charles stood up with everyone else. They looked in the window and saw the guards and guys who were supervising them in the factory being killed by missiles from the choppers. After few minutes of gun fire exchange, there was silence. They heard footsteps walking towards their room. Charles heard a familiar voice calling out his name. ‘’ That’s sounds like Yolanda’s name ‘’ he said. He unlocked the door and screamed Yolanda’s name. Yolanda turned and saw Charles 50 meters away.

They ran towards each other, Yolanda jumped to Charles’s arms, he grabbed her and they kissed passionately. ‘’You are alive, Oh thank God, how did you find me?’’ Charles asked. ‘’We met people at the isolated airport, they told us they have escaped and you were held captive in a drug factory deep inside the forest’’ Yolanda replied. Yolanda kissed Charles again.

‘’ I was nearly killed in Iraq and my life flashed before my eyes and I thought of you……’’ Yolanda said. Charles interrupted Yolanda as she was about to finish her sentence. ‘’You are safe now, thanks to these brave men who brought you back safely’’ he said. ‘’Let’s go home, we have unfinished business we need to do.’’ She said. The soldiers freed everyone in the forest and they burnt the warehouse and factory. They flew back to the United States of America.

The United States of America media got hold of the information and reported that the navy seal are on their way back to the US. Yolanda and Charles are alive and well. Everyone was glued to their TVs and radios and people were excited on the good news. It was like New Years day celebrations, there were fireworks all over the country and people celebrated all around the world upon hearing Yolanda is back. Radio stations were flooded with phone calls from callers expressing their excitement of Yolanda and Charles’s return. The helicopter went straight and landed at the White House. Yolandaand Charles were welcomed by their family and friends. The moment was very emotional, as everyone thought they will never see each other again. President Sharon Washington appeared ‘’ Well, I don’t want no more surprises. Yolanda and Charles will sleep here in the White House. Your family and friends can also sleepover if they want. Tomorrow is a big day for both of you’’ President Washington said.

Moments later they realized the president has organized dinner for them. ‘’Wow! We are eating dinner with the president tonight’’ Charles’s niece said. They enjoyed the meal and President Washington asked to be excused as she has other duties to do. ‘’Goodnight everyone, it was a pleasure knowing your family. Yolanda we will meet tomorrow morning’’ White house staff showed them their bedrooms and everyone enjoyed themselves as this experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The following morning, Yolanda and Charles had a secret meeting with the president together with the Defense ministers of North Korea, Iran, Britain, China and Russia. ‘’ These are all the nuclear codes of the nuclear weapons. They have been entrusted to me by the presidents and Prime ministers concerned. When you detonate them just use these codes and passwords’’ President Washington said. Yolanda looked at Charles and took a deep breath. We will not disappoint you madam president and we thank you for your cooperation and contribution, ministers’’ Yolanda said. They all shook hands and they left the conference room.

Yolanda and Charles hugged and waved their families goodbye. A few minutes later, 30 black SUVs arrived at the White House. All SUVs will escort them for security reasons. They entered on one of the cars and it drove off. There were also military vehicles, fighter jets and helicopters escorting Yolanda and Charles. People on the streets of Washington DC were cheering with mixed emotions. Some were excited and had hopeful that they will pull it off. Some were crying and emotional.

5 Billion People were glued to their TV screens watching this monumental event. Presidents, Prime ministers, kings, and Princes were watching this as if their lives depend on it. Yolanda was overwhelmed with emotion, Charles held her hand gently. ‘’It’s going to be alright’’ he said. They arrived at their destination. They got out of the car and were both amazed at the sight and beauty of the spacecraft. The spacecraft was huge; the architectural design was out of this world. People were amazed at the sight of the spacecraft. The US military sang a national anthem and the people broke down in tears during the national anthem. After the national anthem ended, president gave a brief farewell speech to the nation.

Cameraman and journalists came closer ‘’ the world depends on you to reverse this enigmatic natural disaster that will destroy planet earth. Just know one thing and only one thing. You are already heroes in the United States of America and the world. Go out there and fight for your people and planet.’’ President Sharon Washington said.




They all got inside the spacecraft together with the White House Staff, Defense ministers, the elite astronauts team and the members of congress. They looked around the spacecraft with amazement in their eyes. They were impressed with the state of the art technology. It was installed with 26 engines running with the aid of nuclear fuel energy. 13 of the 26 engines were powered by solar energy. The windscreen is Meteor, rays and radiation proof. They will be absorbed and stored as solar energy in space. Induction session was almost finished; President Washington turned and looked at both Yolanda and Charles. ‘’ There is no turning back now guys’’ she said. Everyone in the spacecraft shook Yolanda and Charles’s hands and wished them a safe and successful trip. They all went outside except Yolanda and Charles. As every citizen of planet earth was glued in their TV screen, another potential natural disaster occurred. The sun and the blue sky disappeared. The Black Hole appeared and covered the entire sky. It moved closer and closer at a slower pace and it stopped. People panicked and ran to their houses. Some people were amazed with the sight.

The countdown began till the spacecraft launches 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. This was a not a usual spacecraft, when it was about to launch the ground shook. People who were 10 km away from the spacecraft felt it. Some thought it was a tremor or an earthquake. People waved as the spacecraft launched, some were emotional watching their TVscreens and were praying for their success.

The spacecraft rose higher and higher until it disappeared up in the sky. Inside the spacecraft, Yolanda and Charles are strapped in their seatbelts. They are facing upward as the spacecraft is travelling at 85 million km/h. There is turbulence, the spacecraft is shaking and Charles looks at Yolanda. ‘’It’s going to be all right within 2 hours ok?’’ Yolanda looks uncomfortable but nods with reluctance. An automated voice message from the spacecraft alerted them. ‘’ Oxygen from this level is 0%, press the Oxygenex button for oxygen ’’ Yolanda pressed the Oxygenex button and she took a deep breath. 2 hours laterthe spacecraft stabilized. Charles sighed, took off his seatbelt. ‘’ Do you need anything from the kitchen?’’ ‘’ Sparkling water will be fine, thanks’’ she said. Charles stood u and walked to the kitchen. He opened the fridge, pulled out a bottle of sparkling water and a bottle of champagne. He opened the cupboard and pulled out 2 champagne glasses and went back to the work station.

Yolanda felt nauseous and her head was spinning. ‘’ You know that feeling when you are in a boat or cruise ship. You get sea sick, well that’s how I feel right now’’ she said. Charles grinned and gave Yolanda the bottle of sparkling water. She opened the bottle and drank it. Meanwhile Charles also gave her the wine glass and opened the bottle of champagne. ‘’ This will help’’ he said.He popped the champagne and poured it on Yolanda’s glass and also to his. ‘’ What should we toast to?’’ he asked.

Yolanda stared, smiled and shook her head. ‘’ I don’t know’’ she replied. They burst out laughing. ‘’Alright, let us toast to what lies ahead and save planet earth’’ he said. ‘’I agree’’ she replied. They both nodded with agreement. Yolanda’s body language suggest she is very calm and enjoying the moment. Few minutes later, they experienced the beautiful sight of the solar system from a different angle. As the spacecraft was moving upwards, the sight of the planets was so unreal. They were beyondcomprehension, it felt like they were in a 3D Cinema but 1000 times better, the sequence, the formation and everything moved in motion.

They took pictures and switched on the video cameras installed around the spacecraft to record every moment in space from different angles.

They travelled with ease for the next 5 hours. They took notes of the solar system activities, processed and entered them on their data files. They saw figures, few thousand kilometers away. ‘’ Slow down Charles’’ she said. Charles pressed and slowed down the speed of the spacecraft. These figures were shining, glowing and glittering in gold. ‘’ I think we are in the Orion’’ she said. She opened her mouth wide with amazement at the sight. ‘’ It’s the constellation figures’’ Charles said.

The creatures were fast asleep and looked peaceful.The Sagittarius,Virgo, Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Aries, Cancer, Gemini, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces and Libra. Their young ones were also asleep. Their snoring can be heard from inside the inside spacecraft. ‘’ Let us not wake them up, we don’t know what they will do to this spacecraft’’ Charles said. ‘’No problem, the video is recording so we will watch the footage later’’ Yolanda said. The spacecraft made a U-turn and went around these beautiful mythical monsters. ‘’ Wow, they are so beautiful Charles’’ Yolanda said.

They passed the constellation figures without waking them up and sped off. They kept working on their data they gathered, pulled out a telescope and learnt a lot of insights.

An hour later, Yolanda coughs hard. The automated voice from the spacecraft‘’ Please put on the oxygenex mask’’ They nearly fell unconscious but they quickly put on their masks. ‘’ I think it must be toxic gases’’ Charles said. ‘’ It’s going to be a long tough journey’’ Yolanda said. The spacecraft started shaking and rolled in different directions. ‘’ The winds are very strong, put on your seatbelt’’ he said. They put on their seatbelts. ‘’ It’s a tornado and we are inside of it’’ Yolanda said. The spacecraft lost control and rolled deeper inside. Charles struggled to take control but manages to fly out of the spiral of the tornado winds. The spacecraft managed to fly out but they nearly got lost. Charles managed to steer the spacecraft back to the right route. ‘’Phew, I didn’t know there are tornados in space’’ Yolanda said. ‘’I’m anticipating more, anything is possible’’ Charles said. Yolanda looks excited about the journey ahead. Charles held Yolanda’s hand and she blushed. ‘’I haven’t seen you this happy since we were dating’’ he said. Yolanda took off his seatbelt and stood up.

‘’ Are you hungry’’ She asked. ‘’ ‘’Oh yes I’m’’ he replied. ‘’Let’s go to the kitchen and grab something to eat.’’ Yolanda said. Charles took off the seatbelt, put on the spacecraft on cruise control. He decreased the speed and went to the kitchen. 15 minutes later, they were enjoying themselves in the kitchen, eating and drinking wine. They teased each other on who was scared during the turbulence. ‘’ Admit it Charles, you wanted to piss on your pants and you were shaking’’ she said. Charles laughed but later denied that ever happened. They discussed work and old colleagues at NASA. An hour later, they went back to their workstation and got back to work.

Before they could do anything, the spacecraft was struck by large waves of water. Yolanda screamed. ‘’ Charles what is happening?’’ The spacecraft rolled in different directions. ‘’ We are in the middle of the ocean’’ Charles replied. The waves kept striking the spacecraft but couldn’t break it. ‘’ Do something, Charles’’ Yolanda said. Charles tried to steer the spacecraft away from the waters by going to the east side, which proved unsuccessful. He increased the speed of the spacecraft; he drove upwards and finally drove out of the violent waves. The spacecraft was stable and the speed was decreased to its normal speed. The spacecraft switched off and nearly all lights were out. ‘’ Did you do that on purpose?’’ Yolanda asked. ‘’No, I didn’t, it went off by itself’’ Charles replied. Charles took off his seatbelts and went to the engine room. A moment later, Yolanda was all alone in the workstation. It was dark inside the spacecraft but the stars were shining bright outside. ‘’Yolanda, come to the engine room’’ he shouted.

Yolanda took off her seatbelt and rushed to the engine room. ‘’You see, the water did mess up our nuclear rocket engines, they are wet’’ Charles said. ‘’Is it really that bad?’’ Yolanda asked. ’’No, it’s not a train smash. We have the solar powered engines’’ Charles said. He switched on the solar engines and the spacecraft switched on and the lights were back on. Yolanda and Charles went back to their workstation and put on their seatbelts. ‘’ I think the nuclear rocket engines will be dry and start working within 12 hours’’ Charles said.

As they were starting to relax, they notice large rocks approaching towards their spacecraft at a fast rate. They tried to avoid it but it was too late. The struck the windscreen, sending the spacecraft swerving sideways without direction. ‘’It’s the Meteors’’ he said. There was nothing Charles could do except to wait for the meteors to go away.

For the next 15 minutes, large meteors kept coming, striking the spacecraft from different directions. Yolanda wakes up from unconsciousness; she looks around and noticed that everything is upside down including files, books and small equipment. She tries to wake Charles up. ‘’ Charles wake up’’ she said. Charles opened his eyes and looked around. ‘’Thank God, we are alive‘’ he said. ‘’ Yes we are, I think we should call it a day or night. We have been awake for the past 60 hours’’ Yolanda said. ‘’ I agree, we will clean the workstation tomorrow’’ he said. The automated voice machine sent an alert. ‘’ The spacecraft body exterior is partly damaged. Press the ‘’Regenerate’’ button now’’ Charles pressed the Regenerate button. The Spacecraft’s damaged exterior went off and new exterior parts came out automatically. Charles switched off the engines and the spacecraft stopped. ‘’ What are the chances that another ‘’Space storm’’ will strike our spacecraft?’’ Yolanda asked. ‘’I don’t know Yolanda but let’s hope nothing happens’’ he replied.


As they walked to their bedrooms Yolanda looked at Charles and he noticed but she quickly looked away. ‘’ Can you believe it, we have survived this far?’’she said. ‘’Oh yes! The spacecraft is indestructible’’ Charles said.Charles understands Yolanda more than anyone else; he noticed she is avoiding eye contact with him. As they were about to enter their bedrooms, Yolanda looked back at Charles. ‘’You know when we kissed in Mexico, I wasn’t thinking straight. Just so you know and don’t get any funny ideas, Mr.’’ she said. Charles grinned and shook his head. ‘’ Alright no, problem’’ he said. They entered their bedrooms and doors were closed. Yolanda punched the air with irritation. ‘’ How can I be so stupid acting like a high school girl? She said. She went to the bathroom and wondered. ‘’Bubble bath would be ideal right now’’ she said. She opened hot water tap and went back to her bedroom. She took off her clothes. While she was undressingshe stared at the door with intensity. She smiled, shook her head and walked to the bathroom.

On the other bedroom, Charles is running on his treadmill at a fast pace. His face is dripping with sweat and keeps running until he stopped after 45 minutes. He pulls out his towel and wipes his face. Thoughts of Yolanda came in to his mind. Was she flirting with him or just teasing him. Charles shook his with confusion, went to the bathroom and took a shower. He starts singing his favorite songs on the shower. Yolanda body is relaxed and calm as she is wearing her gown. She stares at the door again then walks towards it. She opened it and looked at Charles’s door opposite her bedroom. She takes a deep breath and gets out of her room. She stands in front of Charles’s door and knocks. There was silence, she knocks again louder this time and there was no response. ‘’He must be asleep’’ she murmured.

She rushed back to her bedroom, banged her door and jumped to her bed. She covered her head with a pillow and screamed. A moment later she threw the pillow away. She got up from bed walked towards the mirror and stared at it. ‘’ I look desperate don’t I?’’ she said. Yolanda chuckled and fixed her hair. She jumped back to bed with excitement.

She leaned on her back and raised her knees. She was deep in thoughts and a lot of issues troubled her. Will this trip to space be successful? Will she go to prison? Will she ever find love? ‘’ All I know is, I will try my best to succeed’’ she said. Thoughts of Charles crossed her mind, she smiled and wondered. ‘’Wait a minute, Charles only sleeps very late and is a light sleep. He could have heard me knock on the door, unless he is avoiding me. Maybe it’s because I didn’t kiss him back on New Year’s Eve?’’ she murmured. She pulls out her headphones, placed them on her ears and read her favorite novel.

Charles comes out of the shower feeling relaxed. ‘’ Wow, that was epic, I feel refreshed’’ he murmured. He wiped his body with a towel, brushed his teeth and wrapped his towel around his waist. He went out to the kitchen to get some snacks. He opened the fridge and took out his favorite snacks and a bottle of red wine. When he came out of the kitchen, he stood in front of Yolanda’s door. He sighed and went to his bedroom. He put the tray with snacks and a bottle of red wine on the bed. He went out of his bedroom and stood in front of Yolanda’s door again. His heart beat faster, took a deep breath and knocked on the door. He knocked again louder and longer the second time. ‘’What am I doing? Poor girl, it’s been a long gruesome journey for her and here I am trying to take my chances on her’’ he murmured. He taps his forehead with his fingers and goes back to his bedroom.

Yolanda takes off her headphones. ‘’ I swear, I thought I heard a knock on the door or is my mind playing tricks on me?’’ she murmured. She stood, walked towards the door and opened it. There was no one on the door. ‘’ I knew it, there was no one’’ she said. As she was about to close the door, she heard footsteps. She gets out and sees a half naked man with a well toned arms and abs coming from the kitchen. Yolanda’s heart skipped a beat. ‘’Hey I…. thought I….heard a….knock on my door’’ she said. ‘’Oh yes that was me; I was going to ask if you need anything or something like snacks. I thought you were asleep but I’m sorry if I have woken you up’’ He said. ‘’No, you didn’t I was wearing my headphones. That’s why I didn’t hear you knock’’ Yolanda said. “That good to hear, cheers’’ he said.

’’ Wait, whattype of snacks do you have there in your room?’’ she asked. ‘’ Just light food and snacks’’ Charles replied. ‘’ I can see you already have a wine glass on your hand’’ she said. ‘’ Yeah I forgot to bring it, so I had to go back to the kitchen’’ he said. There was moment of silence and awkwardness between them. ‘’I was wondering if you would like to join me for dinner?’’ Charles asked.

‘’Sure, I would love that. She replied. ‘’Wonderful, sowhere should we do it, my room or yours?’’he asked. Yolanda didn’t respond. She opened her eyes wide reacting to what Charles just said. ‘’No, I mean where should we eat’’ he said. They both laughed but Charles was a bit embarrassed. ‘’Oh now I hear you, we can do it in your room, mine is a mess’’ she replied.

‘’ Well, food is ready to be served madam, you can come in’’ Charles said. Yolanda’s heart beat faster and was a little bit nervous. ‘’Are you alright? Charles asked. ‘’ Yes I’m fine, let me….. ‘’ she said. Yolanda closed her bedroom door. ‘’ That was strange’’ he murmured. ‘’ I’ll join you in a moment Charles, I’m just refreshing up’’ she said. She leaned on the door with both her hands on her chest and her heart beat faster. ‘’ Alright, I’ll be waiting’’ he said. He rushed to his bedroom, opened his wardrobe and pulled out his shorts and gown. He wore them, rushed to the kitchen to fetch another wine glass and more snacks. At Yolanda’s room, she is very nervous as she applies make-up to her face. She combs her hair and applies her perfume on her neck.

A knock came from Charles’s door. ‘’ It’s open’’ Charles shouted. Yolanda came in and Charles was amazed at the beauty of Yolanda. ‘’ You look beautiful as always’’ he said. ‘’Thanks Charles’’ she said. ‘’ It’s a pity tables were not provided in our rooms’’ he said. ‘’It’s ok, we can eat on the bed or on the floor’’ Yolanda said. Charles takes the bottle of wine and opens it with a corkscrew. He pours it on Yolanda and his glass.

They stared at each other as they sipped from their glasses. ‘’ I am an astronomer but I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever travel to space’’ he said. ‘’ That makes the two of us’’ she said. ‘’Do you think we can pull this off and get back to earth?’’ he asked. ‘’I think there is a 50/50 chance we can do it. I mean if it wasn’t for the indestructible spacecraft. We would be long dead by now’’ Yolanda replied. ‘’ I agree with you there, but can believe it that we have 6 Nuclear weapons in our spacecraft’’ he said. ‘’It’s unbelievable hey, this spacecraft can survive, if we detonate the bombs outside the spacecraft’’ She said. They enjoyed their light snacks and Yolanda has never felt this comfortable since she was with Charles, long time ago. Charles took the wine bottle from the floor and poured it on his glass. ‘’ Refill?’’ he said.

Yolanda smiled and shook her head. ‘’Are you trying to get me drunk, Charles?’’ she asked. Charles raised his eyebrows. ‘’No, no, that is not my intention’’ ‘’I’m just pulling your leg. Yes I need a refill and I love the taste South African wines’’ she said. Charles poured it on her glass and read the label of the wine bottle. Everything was perfect, the food, wine, mood and the connection between Yolanda and Charles was electrifying.

Yolanda’s facial expression changed from being happy to sad in an instant. ‘’What’s wrong Yolanda? Did I do something wrong? He asked. ‘’No, it’s not you, everything is perfect here’’ She replied. ‘’Ok, do want to talk about it?” he said. Yolanda took a deep breath and took a sip from her glass. ‘’ I messed up, Charles. I have I have let my country, family, friends and you down. I’m sure you must be very disappointed in me? She said. Charles touched Yolanda’s hand and looked at her. ‘’ I am not angry at you, I never was. How can you love and hate a person at the same time? As President Sharon Washington said, you are already a hero back home even if this journey is not successful’’ he said. ‘’ Really?’’ she asked. ‘’Yes, people will forget about it and focus on the latest gossip in the press’’ he replied. Tears streamed down Yolanda’s cheeks. ‘’ I’m going to prison Charles, I can’t go there’’ she said. Charles took the wine glass away from Yolanda’s hand, put it down next to the side lamp and hugged her. ‘’It’s ok, let it go’’ he said. Charles stroked her back very slowly and gently. She wiped her tears on her eyes with his hand. Yolanda pulls away from Charles and looks at him. ‘’Can I ask you something?’’ she said. ‘’Ok, shoot’’ he said. ‘’Can you give me one reason you broke up with me?’’ Yolanda asked. Charles finished the wine in his glass and looked remorseful.

‘’That was 10 years ago, I was 28 year old lecturer and you were this beautiful, bright and naive 18 year old student. ‘’ I felt you were too young and immature to be in a relationship. You were constantly interrupting me in the middle of lecture session and ask me about some girls I laughed with. I take some of the blame too, because I took advantage of a young lady’’ he said.

‘’ I guess I’m mature now and you want me back and get in my pants right? Charles shook his head and stared at Yolanda. ‘’ You got it all wrong, I’m co-grieving with you’’ he said. ‘’Nope, I think you enjoy dating naïve young girls. So that they look up to you like you are some kind of a god then kick them to the curb. When was the last time you dated a woman same age as you?’’ she shouted. ‘’Yolanda since we broke up, I never dated anyone else. It was just work and work, and when I come home I feel lonely every night. You have always been on my mind every night. I’m sorry I have hurt you. One thing and one thing I only know for sure is, I love you Yolanda Anderson’’ he said. Yolanda pushed the tray of snacks to the floor and jumped on top of Charles. They kissed passionately as if their lives depend on it. A moment later, Yolanda pulled back, breathing heavily and stared at Charles. ‘’I’m sorry Charles, it’s just I’ve missed you so much’’ she said. Charles pulled her closer and kissed her neck on the sides slowly. Charles took off Yolanda’s red silk gown very slowly. He threw it to the floor and Yolanda took off his gown. Yolanda started to get really turned on by the sight of his sexy body. Yolanda breathed heavily as she touched his abs and arms and she kissed him.

Charles kissed Yolanda on the neck then went down. Yolanda moaned reluctantly under her breath. Her breasts were round and normal size. Charles looked at them and smiled. ‘’ I have always loved your bosoms’’ Charles said. He kissed them with his lips then pulls out his tongue. He licks her nipples with the tip of his tongue anti and clockwise very gently. Yolanda is enjoying herself but, she is holding back. ‘’ I’m a bit nervous and embarrassed but I feel like screaming out loud…… but ’’ she said.

Charles interrupted her. ‘’We are the only people here in this spacecraft, just be yourself’’ he said. Yolanda smiled, she touched him with passion. Charles kissed her on her belly then kissed her thighs. He kissed her inner thighs and bit her lightly and teased her. Yolanda was highly aroused by the foreplay, she was moving side to side, calling out Charles’s name. He took off her red panties very slowly, it had small white flower picture on it. He pulled down her panties very gently with both his hands. He threw the panties on the floor and also took off his shorts. He went down and licked her clitoris very slow. Yolanda screamed ‘’fuck me now Charles’’ Charles obeyed and climbed on top of her very slowly.

11 hours later woke up with a big smile on her face. Charles walks inside with a tray. ‘’ Breakfast is served, Madam Anderson’’ he said. She laughed at him. ‘’How do you know its breakfast, when it’s always dark outside’’ ‘she said. ‘’Well, I have made you an omelet, fruit salad, strawberries, whipped cream and fruit juice’’ he said.

‘’I am impressed’’ she said. They sat on the bed while they enjoyed their breakfast. They smiled at each other. ‘’The omelet tastes very nice and a looks greenish’’ she said. ‘’Thanks I added a little basil spice on them’’ he said. After they finished their meals, Charles took the tray and put it on the floor. He went back to bed, Yolanda leaned on his right shoulder and Charles cuddled her. ‘’I want you to freeze this moment and remember it, as it will never happen again’’ he said. Yolanda looked at Charles ‘’ what do you mean? She asked. ‘’We made love in space, do you realize that? He replied. Yolanda notices something from the window and points her finger. ‘’ Look, the star is being ejected’’ she said. ‘’Wow’’ he said. ‘’ You were right Charles, this moment will never happen again’’ she said.

Charles nods and holds Yolanda close and kisses her. ‘’So what’s next for us in the future, when we come back to earth’’ she asked. ‘’ I want you in my life and waking up next to you every morning’’ he replied. ‘’Do you see me in your future?’’ she asked. Charles looked confused but wanted to make sure he heard her question correctly. ‘’What do you mean?’’ he said. ‘’ I am talking about marriage and having kids’’ she said. That question threw Charles off guard; his heart beat faster and didn’t know how to answer it. ‘’ Forget it, I knew you were playing me and only wanted to sleep with me’’ she said. Yolanda stormed out of his bedroom. Charles tried to explain and followed Yolanda

‘’ Let me explain’’ he said. ‘’No Charles, you used me knowingly you can’t commit and settle down’’ she said. Yolanda tries to enter her bedroom but Charles blocks him. ‘’Can you at least give me a chance to explain?’’ he said. Yolanda’s face was fuming with anger. ‘’ No, let’s get back to our workstation and work’’ she said. Charles grabs Yolanda both on her shoulders ‘’ I need you in my life, have you forgotten everything I said last night?’’ he said. Yolanda slapped Charles on his left cheek. ‘’Lets meet at the workstation in 30 minutes. From now on, it’s strictly work, I can’t believe I fell for your tricks again’’ she said. Charles looked down and went back to his bedroom. Yolanda opened her door and slammed it.



Charles arrived first at the workstation. He cleaned it and put back all the files and books in the right sequence. Few moments later, Yolanda arrives and sat in her seat. They both put on their seatbelts. Charles switched on the spacecraft engines. ‘’Hey, all the engines are working just fine’’ he said. Yolanda looked at him and kept quiet. The spacecraft sped off. Few minutes later Charles looked at Yolanda. ‘’Could you retrieve the video footage of the meteors, waves of water, and tornado that hit us, please’’ Charles asked. They studied them and collected some of the samples of the water and meteor. ‘’Could you test these samples at the lab, please’’ he said. Yolanda tested the water samples at the lab and discovered it was similar to rain water. She showed it to Charles and he was very impressed. ‘’ Enter the data and store it. Well done’’ he said. After she finished storing the data, she went to the telescope section. She looked at it and saw something strange and familiar. ‘’What do we have here ’’she murmured. She looked again at the telescope and her eyes looked terrified. ‘’Charles’’ she screamed. Charles turned and looked back. ‘’ The Black hole’’ she said. Charles switched the spacecraft on cruise control. He took off his seatbelt and went to the telescope section.

‘’ Wow, we are very close’’ he said. Moments later they went back to the workstation. ‘’Could you please check the mileage we have travelled so far? He asked. Yolanda checked the mileage. ‘’ We have travelled 14.5 Billion kilometres so far’’ Yolanda said. ‘’Wow!! And what is the mileage of this spacecraft? ‘’ It’s a 15 billion kilometres, we miscalculated on the distance to the black hole. We thought it would take around 5 billion kilometres.’’ Yolanda replied. ‘’ Alright it’s not a train smash but I think we will use the solar powered engines when we come back to earth.’’ Charles said.

‘’ That’s good to hear’’ she said. ‘’ Can you also give me more information on the Black hole report you have gathered so far’’ he said. ‘’Black hole is in the process of merging with many galaxies in the Milky Way or its intention is to merge with all the planets in the solar system. Few minutes later the spacecraft trembled. They looked around and realised the spacecraft has been struck by explosions of fire. ‘’Hold tight, I think it’s the rays or something’’ she said. They can’t see anything else on the windscreen except fire explosions. ‘’ We are in the sea of fire’’ he said. Yolanda and Charles noticed sweat coming out from head to toe. Their clothes were wet with sweat. ‘’Charles what’s happening, why am I sweating so much’’ she said. ‘’ ‘’ It will be ok in few minutes let’s keep moving, I promise’’ he said. The spacecraft is under pressure and its temperature has reached 550,000 degrees. The automated voice message alert came. ‘’ Press the ‘’North Pole’’ button so that the air conditioner can switch on to decrease the temperature of the spacecraft’’ Yolanda couldn’t locate the button but eventually found it. Few seconds later, the spacecraft cooled off inside and they finally passed the rays and radiation. From the video footage they notice their spacecraft has been badly burnt. The colour of the spacecraft has turned from grey to black but the rays never did any damage to the spacecraft.

Few hours later, they notice something from a distance. ‘’It’s the Black Hole and we can see it with our naked eye’’ Yolanda said. They both clapped hands. Charles tried to HI 5 Yolanda but she was not interested. Charles realised he was no longer in control of the spacecraft. ‘’ What is going on? I decreased the speed but it keeps moving forward at a fast speed?’’ ‘’The Black hole is trying to suck us inside and crush us. This is the perfect opportunity to execute our plan’’ Yolanda said.

‘’ Alright, so what’s the plan?’’ he asked. ‘’ Just switch off all the engines then we will wait’’ she said. Charles switched off the engines of the spacecraft. ‘’Very good, our initial plan is to enter the Black Hole and detonate the nuclear bomb inside’’ she said. ‘’Then what do we do after it detonates?’’ he asked. ‘’ We wait and see what will happen next’’ She replied. Charles panicked, lifted his hands and put them on top of his head. ‘’ I wish I didn’t come here. Why couldn’t I just be like the astronauts and declined to come here’’ he said. ‘’ We have no plan B; we are going to die in here. The only reason I came here was to be with the love of my life and what do I get? ‘’ he said. Yolanda smiled, reached out to Charles and held his hand. ‘’Everything is going to be all right Charles. Once we are inside the Black Hole we will improvise and change our strategy as we go along. Our strategy right now is to detonate the nuclear bomb and reverse the extinction of our planet. The dark matter might return and get back to its universal functions’’ she said. Charles calmed down and wiped tears from his eyes.

There is a little excitement in the workstation, as they witness the spectacular and wonders of Black Hole. It is very colourful. They see the Black Hole merging with Andromeda galaxy and the dark energy from their telescope. ‘’ Wow! This is beautiful’’ she said. Their excitement was cut shot as they saw planets that looked familiar ‘’Look’’ he said. He showed Yolanda the back footage. ‘’Is that planet Earth and other planets behind us? Yolanda asked. ‘’ Yes it is’’ he replied. ‘’ This is bad, very bad’’ she said. They looked the sky and noticed the Milky Way is shrinking smaller and smaller.

They also notice flashes of light, rays and other unknown objects passing them and going to the centre of the Black Hole. Charles looks at Yolanda and she looked back at him. ‘’ I love you, Yolanda’’ he said. ‘’I love you too, Charles’’ she said. He said. They kissed passionately and with tears flowing from their eyes. They stopped kissing and switched on the spacecraft. They sped off to the direction of the Black hole. The Black hole looked colourful from a far but when they reached closer to it. It has different colour levels to it. They entered the green level. The spacecraft turned green and also it was green inside. ‘’It’s like we are in a night club’’ Yolanda said. They passed the green level. They entered the yellow level and the spacecraft trembled a little bit and passed it.

They entered the Orange level. Something crossed on Yolanda’s mind. During the White House meetings, she remembered the elite astronomers’ team warning her about the Orange level. They told her nothing escapes the orange level. ‘’Charles could you press the ‘’Freeze’’ button please’’ Yolanda asked. Charles pressed the ‘’Freeze’’ button and the spacecraft froze outside to at least – 350,000 degrees. The meteors, stars, rays, flashes of light in front of the spacecraft started disappearing from their eyes as soon as they entered the orange zone level. They enter the orange level and they hear a loud bang on the spacecraft.

‘’Something is trying to break in our spacecraft’’ Charles said. The spacecraft trembled as a heavy invisible forces try to crush the spacecraft into pieces but could not succeed. The screeching and tearing of the spacecraft continued until it stopped an hour late. They passed the orange level and breathed a sigh of relief. ‘’ Charles, I think we should start preparing to set the nuclear bombs’’ Yolanda said. Charles stood up and went to the artillery room to pre-initialise the nuclear codes. He takes out the notepad full of codes Yolanda gave him. He set the bomb and went back to the workstation. ‘’ We are about to enter the Event Horizon and as soon as the spacecraft enters. We drop the bomb and hide’’ she said. ‘’ Copy that, do you realise if we do not get through the Event horizon, we are finished’’ he said. ‘’ Have a little faith, I think we are going to be alright. Our spacecraft has carried us this far’’ she said. Looking at the spacecraft from the video footage they notice the ice on the exterior of the spacecraft has melted. Huge creatures similar to jelly fish appeared and stuck to the spacecraft. These creatures are trying to melt the spacecraft into nothing but couldn’t because the spacecraft sped off and entered the event horizon.

The windshield nearly cracked. ‘’ Our windshield has cracked and I’m worried. If any small air comes in, we will die in few seconds’’ she said. They entered a huge black cave with huge black stones similar to bitumen and coal. The cave structure is sophisticated and well sculpted. ‘’This is beautiful, but I don’t think people live here’’ Yolanda said. ‘’Maybe alien slaves built this. Charles said. They both laughed. ‘’ I don’t think aliens exist maybe you are on to something though’’ Yolanda said.Charles set the bomb to detonate within 10 minutes. After he finished, he went back to the workstation.

‘’The nuke will go off in 10 minutes, lets drop now and hide our spacecraft. The nuclear bomb was dropped on the floor of the cave. They sped off and hid their spacecraft in a huge cave space and waited. ‘’Why did we set the nuclear bomb knowing it will wipe us all here. No matter where we are. Do you remember Hiroshima?’’ he said. ‘’ No, Charles this spacecraft has survived bigger challenges on our journey here.

10 minutes later. The nuclear bomb exploded causing a lot of havoc inside the black hole and it seemed almost all the natural laws, systems and flow of the Black Hole was disrupted. The cave trembled and was crushed almost everything inside. They heard Screams of monsters and creatures. Flying and ground creatures were on fire making huge terrifying noises to Yolanda and Charles. Yolanda took off her seat belt and sat on Charles’s lap and held him tight. Tons and tons of large stones fell on to the spacecraft and they nearly crushed it.

They also heard screams and different sounds they have never heard before. The Spacecraft trembled for few minutes then it stopped. There was silence and they breathed a sigh of relief. ‘’ That was very close’’ Yolanda said. ‘’ I think we are going to survive this’’ he said. ‘’ I hope so too’’ she said.

On Planet Earth, the sun has never risen for the past 6 days because it has disappeared. Everyone screams when they witness explosions in the sky. The explosion seemed like its coming down to earth but it never did. Everyone in the White House went outside to see this explosion from the sky. President Sharon Washington points to the sky. ‘’ That’s our nuke right? She said. He chief of staff comes closer to the president. ‘’Yes Madam President, that’s our nuke’’ he said. President Washington sighed. ‘’ May their souls rest in peace’’ she said.









Everything inside the spacecraft is upside down, papers, cupboards broken on the floor. They woke up from unconsciousness holding their heads. ‘’ Do you think the explosion worked? Charles asked. ‘’I think so’’ she replied. Charles switched on the nuclear engines, tries to fly the spacecraft but it was unable to move. They were stuck, the tons of large stones buried them deep under. ‘’There’s nothing we can do except wait and see what happens next’’ he said.

‘’ I agree’’ she said. ‘’I’m heading to the kitchen, do you want to join me? Charles asked. ‘’Yes, it’s been 12 hours since we last ate’’ she replied. They headed to the kitchen, stretching their arms. Yolanda opened the fridge and took out, lettuce, tomatoes, ham and cheese. ‘’ We have achieved our objective, right?’’ he asked. ‘’Yes, we have fulfilled our objective’’ she replied. Charles took the bread and handed it to Yolanda. As she was preparing the sandwiches, took mineral water bottles from the fridge. ‘’What were those sounds? He asked.

‘’I don’t know but they were very frightening sounds’’ she replied. ‘’ Maybe they were aliens…… or dinosaurs’’ he said. Yolanda stopped what she was doing and looked at Charles, shaken to what he just said. Charles laughed out loud at Yolanda. ‘’I got you’’ he said. Yolanda calmed down and continued putting ham on to the slice of bread. ‘’Stop that Charles, you know I never liked scary staff’’ she said. She finished making the sandwiches and gave Charles his. ‘’ This sandwich is good’’ he said. Yolanda also took a bite of the sandwich. ‘’ I think there is life here in the Black Hole. Those horrifying sounds were living creatures’’ she said. After they finished eating, they cleaned the kitchen, rooms and workstation. ‘’ I have never cleaned my room before in my lifetime’’ Yolanda said. ‘’Well, there is a first time for everything’’ he said.

As they were teasing each other and enjoying themselves, they felt the spacecraft trembling. ‘’ Did you hear that?’’ he said. ‘’I think so’’ she replied. They stood still, looking around terrified. The large stone above and in front of them kept moving. They looked at each other with confusion all over their faces. They hear strange sounds from the other side of the stones. They sound like a tractor truck when it’s going on reverse or a clock alarm sound but louder. They saw lights from the little holes in the stones.

‘’ I think they are removing the stones’’ he said. ‘’ Who is removing the stones, Charles’’ she screamed. ‘’ I don’t know’’ he replied. ‘’I’m scared’’ she said. They were at the workstation; Yolanda sat on Charles’s lap and leaned on him. Yolanda could hear Charles’s heart beating faster and faster. The stones were removed. The lights were brighter pointing at them and, covered their eyes and they couldn’t see clearly.

‘’State your business’’ a huge automated sound said. Charles pressed on the microphone and loudspeaker button. ‘’ We are from Planet Earth, we here because the Dark Matter has disappeared from our planet. We wouldlike it to be available on our planet’’ he said. There was silence for few seconds, Yolanda and Charles heard what Charles just said being replayed by the machines. They flew towards the spacecraft, Yolanda looked closer. They were round, same size as a gym ball, black and some were gold, they were drones. They flew closer and attached themselves to the spacecraft and stuck to it. They pulled out the spacecraft and the other drones attached themselves at the back of the spacecraft lifting it up. The gold drones had ‘’Quake Drone’’ printed on it and the black drones had ‘’Clump Drone’’ printed on it. They lifted the spacecraft and flew away with them. ‘’Where are they taking us’’ Yolanda said. ‘’ We are taking you to our new god of the Super Dark Force, Xakes’’ The drones said.

There was confusion in both Yolanda and Charles’s eyes. ‘’Don’t worry, the only thing that is keeping us alive right now is the spacecraft. We are not in danger’’ Yolanda said. ‘’ I hope you are right’’ he said. The drones took them inside a huge cave. Inside the cave were hundreds of 70cm flat screen TV on the wall, showing every development in every planet, galaxy and universes. In front of every flat screen TV was a drone watching it. ‘’This looks like a CCTV control room of the milky’’ she said. ‘’Astonishing’’ he said. The drones took the spacecraft to a large dark and quiet, dropped it to the ground and they left. The cave trembled for a few seconds. A huge large screen appeared. It was bigger than a cinema screen. In the middle of the screen, there was a red horizontal moving from left to right like a heart monitor.

‘’You are the radicals, that tried to overthrow my kingdom of the Super Dark Force before it began’’ the voice from the screen said. Yolanda pressed the loudspeaker button. ‘’We came here to save our species in planet earth’’ she said. ‘’ I don’t care what you have to say about your little planet. I will give you credit though, for entering the Black hole without being destroyed’’ the voice shouted. ‘’Who are you?’’ Yolanda asked. ‘’I am Xakes, the true god of the Super Dark Force. We have joined forces with the gods of the Andromeda galaxy, Black Hole and the Dark energy’’ Xakes said. Yolanda and Charles looked at each other and looked back at the screen. ‘’ Alright’’ she said. ‘’Merging with these galaxies is nearly 80% complete and the Super Dark Force kingdom will be formed. The Milky Way will be all mine and an advanced version of every species will be created. Everyone will worship Xakes and bow down to me’’ he said.

‘’Where is the Dark Matter and what have you done to it?’’ Yolanda asked. Xakes laughed out loud. ‘’You mean Xotron? He and his goddess, Mother Nature are in prison in the Island of Oblivion. They will spend the rest of their eternity in there’’ Xakes said. ‘’ What are you going to do with us?’’ she asked. ‘’ Join us, you can be of use to me in exploring the alternate universes and unknown worlds’’Xakes said. Charles looks at Yolanda and shook his head with disapproval. Yolanda ignored Charles’s advice.

‘’ Spare our people and planet earth. Only then we can work with you’’ she said. ‘’Fair enough, what was that weapon, you used inside the Black Hole? Although It was very effective, it destroyed a lot of our systems but we recovered within seconds’’ Xakes said. ‘’ It was a nuclear bomb, it is effective as gumma rays but it spreads to thousands of kilometres’’ she said. ‘’ I am impressed’’ Xakes said. Charles grabbed Yolanda’s hand. ‘’You can’t do this’’ he said. ‘’ What choice do we have. Let’s work with him and our planet will be spared’’ she said. Charles shook his head and went back to his seat. ‘’ I have a bad feeling about this’’ he said. ‘’Can I see the weapon’’ Xakes said. ‘’ Of course you can’’ she replied. Yolanda rushed to the back at the artillery room. She took the North Korea Nuclear bomb and placed it next to the exit door. She wrote the codes, instructions on the piece of paper and pasted them on the bomb. She released the nuclear bomb outside the spacecraft to the ground and closed the door. She rushed back to the workstation and pressed the loudspeaker button. ‘’ What do you think’’ Yolanda asked. Charles looked down with defeat in his eyes, and shook his head.

‘’Now take them to prison’’ Xakes said. ‘’No! You promised’’ she shouted. ‘’Take them now, I will use this bomb to destroy your dearest planet earth’’ Xakes said. ‘’No’’ She screamed. The drones picked up the spacecraft and left the cave. Xakes laughed out loud. The drones threw the spacecraft into a huge dam. The water was spinning and also the spacecraft was spinning in the centre of the dam going down and deeper. Yolanda cried uncontrollable and thinking about what she has done. The spacecraft kept spinning deeper and deeper into this huge shallow, never ending downward spiral.














The spacecraft was ejected into the island of Oblivion. The spacecraft crashed into the beach sand and rolled 15 times until it stopped. The seatbelts have snapped. Yolanda and Charles are lying on the floor unconscious. The spacecraft is 85% damaged and nuclear engines have been wrecked. Only the solar engines are working. Emergency alarm rings, smoke comes of the engine and moves inside the spacecraft. A sprinkle of water comes down from the ceiling of the spacecraft. Charles coughs, wakes up feeling a lot of pain all over his body.

He sees Yolanda lying unconsciously on the floor. She had blood on her forehead. ‘’Yolanda, wake up’’ he shouted. Yolanda coughed and opened his eyes. ‘’Charles… where are we?’’ she asked. Charles took the ‘’Oxygenex’’ mask and placed it on her face. ‘’It’s ok, just breathe’’ Charles said. He went to his bedroom, took the pillow and rushed back to the workstation. He gently lifted Yolanda’s head then placed a pillow under her head. Yolanda looked at Charles, she grins a little bit but felt pain afterwards. Charles took the fire extinguisher; he put out the fire in the engine room and the workstation. He went to the 1st aid room, picked up the 1st aid kit and rushed back to the workstation.

He cleaned Yolanda’s face and head wound. He stitched her wound. Yolanda looked at Charles as he was busy stitching her head wound. ‘’Charles’’ she said. Charles stopped what he was doing and looked at Yolanda. ‘’Are you alright? Is it painful?’’ he asked. Yolanda smiled, touched Charles’s face and stroked the left side of his face. ‘’I feel safe around you’’ she said. ‘’I appreciate that’’ he replied. He continued with the stitches and finished.

‘’I wonder where are?’’ Yolanda said. Charles looked at the windshield. ‘’It looks like we have crashed into the tropical trees’’ he said. ‘’Do you think we should go out?’’ she asked. ‘’ Hell no, we will die in an instant’’ he replied. Charles helps Yolanda from the floor and lifts her up and puts her on the chair. ‘’ What did you think of the Xakes character?’’ Charles asked. ‘’ Did that really happen? It felt like a dream’’ she said. Yolanda panicked and stood up. ‘’Charles we need to get out of here. The nuclear bomb will destroy planet earth’’ She shouted. ‘’Get a grip, right now it’s beyond our control’’ he said. They hugged, Yolanda held Charles firmly. ‘’I messed up again, I gave this stupid god Xakes a weapon to blow up our planet’’ she said. She broke down in tears. Charles consoled, stroked her back and she wiped her tears. ‘’ I think we need to get out of this spacecraft and I think there is life here’’ Yolanda said.

‘’I agree but we need to put on the ‘’Oxygen’’ mask, just as a precaution. ‘’ Charles said. They both put on their masks and Charles opened the spacecraft door and Yolanda held his hand firmly. They walked in the middle of the tropical trees and they heard a very familiar sound. ‘’ I think that’s the sound of the ocean’’ Yolanda said. ‘’ I agree’’ he said. They start running to the direction of the ocean sounds. ‘’ The weather is mild and cloudy. They finally reach the beach; they see huge sized birds flying in the sky. ‘’I think it’s safe to take off our masks now’’ Yolanda said. Charles looked reluctant to take them off. ‘’Alright, you go first’’ Charles said. Yolanda took off her mask and she screamed. Her eyes turn red and hold neck with both her hands. ‘’I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe’’ she shouted. She falls down and rolls on the sand. Suddenly she stopped and starred at Charles without moving. Charles screamed. ‘’Yolanda wake up’’ he shouted. As Charles was crying Yolanda woke up and laughing at Charles. ‘’ I got you’’ she said. ‘’Never do that again’’ Charles said. Yolanda stood up, took off his mask and kissed Charles passionately. They looked round the beach with excitement. ‘’ Look, the color of the sea is black’’ she said. ‘’Wow’’ he said. Charles takes off his clothes, runs to the sea and dives in. ‘’Water is great, come and join me’’ he said. Yolanda took off her clothes reluctantly and walked to the sea. She dunked her feet to the sea and pulled back. ‘’The water is cold’’ she said. Charles laughed and dived back to the water and Yolanda joined in. 30 minutes later they got out of the beach, feeling invigorated. ‘’This place is wonderful but the humidity is very high’’ Yolanda said.

A lightning struck in front of them and they heard sound of thunder. Yolanda jumps and holds Charles’s arm. 2 large screens appear next to each other. The screens were the same size and same horizontal lines as Xakes’s screen. The screen with gold lines in the middle started moving from left to right like a heart monitor. ‘’You must be one of Xakes’s special enemies to be locked up in the island of oblivion’’ The voice from the screen said. Yolanda and Charles looked at each other with disbelief. ‘’Who are you?’’ she asked. ‘’My name is Xotron, the god of the Dark Matter and next to me is Mother Nature, the goddess of the solar system’’ Xotron said. ‘’Wow’’ Yolanda and Charles said at the same time. ‘’My name is Yolanda and this is Charles, we are from planet earth’’ she said. ‘’I see’’ Xotron said. ‘’No human being has ever reached these worlds before, how did you come here?’’ Mother Nature asked. ‘’Let’s just say luck played its part’’ Charles replied. ‘’We had natural disasters on planet earth and we realized earth will leave the solar system. We also noticed Dark Matter and the Dark Energy have disappeared. We stormed into the Black Hole to reverse these disasters. We came across Xakes and he tricked us and the rest is history’’ Yolanda said.

‘’Mother Nature told me everything that happened on the solar system. Xakes tricked us too, contained us and his soldiers threw us her’’ Xotron said. ‘’We would love to help you save you planet and the solar system. As you can see our energies, powers have been drained and taken away from us’’ Mother Nature said. ‘’ If the Super Dark Force is fully formed, my powers will be gone forever’’ Xotron said. ‘’Do you have any ideas?’’ Yolanda asked. ‘’ Since you have arrived here, I have few ideas but I would like you to enjoy this island for a day or two’’ Xotron said. ‘’It’s great place, you will enjoy it and after a day or two, we will discuss a plan of action’’ Mother Nature said.

‘’No problem, can you tell us more about this island?’’ Yolanda asked. ‘’ The island is not real, it is an illusion and there is no time here. You can live for thousands of years without getting old and have many grand kids and see them grow’’ Xotron said. You also have a choice to stay here forever and live happily ever after or we fightXakes and defend the universe. I also want to avenge my two sons, Xeef, the god of Dark energy and Gabriel, the god of the Andromeda galaxy. Xakes killed them for their powers’’ Xotron said. Yolanda and Charles looked at each and walked away. ‘’ We will think about it’’ Yolanda said. The lightning struck again and the screens disappeared. A moment later they were playing on the beach and enjoying.

They swam, held each other’s hands and couldn’t get enough of each other. ‘’ Do you realize time has stopped’’ he said. ‘’ Yes, we can start our own civilization and have our kingdom’’ Yolanda said. It was getting dark and cold outside. ‘’ I think we need to get back to spacecraft, it’s getting cold in here’’ she said. On their way to the spacecraft, it started to rain and they ran faster to their shelter.

They entered the spacecraft and kissed. Charles lifted Yolanda and carried her to his bedroom and made love all night long. The next morning Yolanda woke up with a smile on her face, she turned and looked to the other side of the bed. She noticed Charles was not in bed. ‘’Charles, are you there?’’ she shouted. She climbed out bed, got dressed and went outside the spacecraft. She couldn’t find him outside and kept walking. ‘’He must be at the beach’’ she murmured.

A moment later she saw Charles at the beach preparing something. He walked towards him and realized he is making breakfast. ‘’ Wow’’ she said. Charles looked back and sees Yolanda. ‘’Good Morning’’ he said. ‘’ I thought I should make you a hearty breakfast’’ Charles said. Yolanda sat next to Charles with a smile on her face and leaned on him. ‘’I can see that, what are we having?’’ she asked.

‘’ We have a lobster and fruit salad’’ he said. ‘’ I don’t think we had a lobster in our refrigerator’’ she said. ‘’You right, I caught them not far from here and I also picked up these exotic fruits’’ he replied. As they were enjoying their breakfast, Charles noticed a shiny stone few inches away on the sand. It was a diamond; he picked it up and hid it in his pocket. Yolanda didn’t notice anything. ‘’ This is exquisite Charles, you have outdone yourself’’ she said. ‘’ Thank’’ he said.

‘’This beach sand is white, very strange but romantic’’ she said. She finished her breakfast and stood up watched the spectacular views of the island. Charles quickly crawled behind Yolanda. He took out the shy diamond stone; Yolanda turned around and saw Charles on his knees in front of her. Yolanda was ecstatic and confused at the same time. ‘’Yolanda, I love you so much and you are the only woman I ever loved in my life. I am not getting any younger and I would like to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?’’ Charles said.

Tears of joys streamed down on Yolanda’s cheeks and her body was shaking. She screamed with excitement. ‘’ Stand up, please stand up Charles. Yes I will marry you’’ she said. They kissed passionately and as they were kissing, an explosion came out from the volcano in the middle of the sea and they stopped to see the explosion. The explosion shot up in the sky and exploded like fireworks andthey looked at each other and continued smooching.

Moments later they walked along the beach, enjoying the moment. ‘’I think we should stay here and not get back to earth, Charles’’ Yolanda said. Charles sighed. ‘’I would love that too Yolanda but that is very selfish of you to say that. The people of Planet earth need us, we owe it to ourselves to deliver’’ Charles said. Yolanda looked down and kicked the sand. ‘’I hear you Charles, loud and clear. All my life I have been looking for love, respect and redemption. For a while I thought that was pipedream. This journey to space has fulfilled that need. I had to go to space for my needs to be fulfilled, do you get that? I had to go to space to achieve my happiness. I want to stay here Charles.’’ Yolanda said. Charles looks away with sadness in his eyes.

2 screens appeared.It was Xotron and Mother Nature. ‘’ I’m afraid we have a bad feeling earth is in real danger and the merging is almost complete’’ Xotron said. Yolanda interrupted Xotron. ‘’ We have decided that we are staying at this island of oblivion’’ Yolanda said. ‘’No, we are not staying’’ Charles said. They argued in front of Xotron and Mother Nature. ‘’Stop that! The fate of our galaxy depends on us literally. Please make up your minds’’ Xotron said. ‘’ No, I’m not going’’ Yolanda said. ‘’We are going, Yolanda’’ Charles said. Xotron interrupted them.

‘’I really do not have time for petty nonsense but I can help you make up your mind quickly and remind yourself why you are here in the first place. Enter this screen and understand what it means to be alive on earth or turn back and return to live in this illusion of the island forever’’ Xotron said.Yolanda and Charles turned and looked at Xotron’s screen.

Charles looked at Yolanda with a feeling of disappointment at her choice of staying in this island. ‘’Anything you say Xotron. I’m with you’’ Charles said. Yolanda sighed and kicked the sand. ‘’Alright lets go’’ she said. Charles walked towards the screen and as he was near the screen. A bright light came out of the screen; it struck him and dragged him inside. ‘’ Where is he’’ Yolanda shouted. Yolanda wished he could run away and stay in that spacecraft forever. ‘’ Yolanda you are next’’ Xotron said. Yolanda walked backwards then ran faster away from the screens. ‘’No, I’m staying in this island’’ she shouted. ‘’Yolanda please come back, we mean no harm’’ Mother Nature said. A huge harmless fireball came out of Xotron’s screen and dragged her back to the screen. ‘’Where are you guys taking me?’’ she shouted. Before she could say anything else, she realized she was sliding down on a spiral shaped slide. She slides down, screaming loud until she fell on a wooden boat.

Charles was at the boat waiting for her. ‘’I didn’t want to be here and why are we doing on a love boat?’’ she asked. ‘’ Charles smiled and winked at her. The boat started moving in space. Moments later, Yolanda’s mood changed and smiled back at Charles. ‘’Did you hear that?’’ Charles asked. Yolanda looked around. ‘’ No’’ she replied. ‘’ That’s right, pure silence and tranquil’’ he said. They noticed a lone planet and the boat was heading towards it. ‘’ What do you think is out there?’’ she asked. ‘’ I have no idea’’ he said. The boat moved closer, they noticed the planet is gold in color and is shaped like a pyramid. They arrived, it was written ‘’Gold Planet’’ and the huge door opened.

The boat entered the Gold planet. And Yolanda and Charles’s jaws dropped. It was glowing in gold inside everywhere. The boat moved forward in the middle and on the side were huge doorswith different planet names they couldn’t recognize. ‘’I wonder where are all these planets located?’’ Yolanda asked. 50 meters away, they saw huge gold door. On the door was a sign written ‘’Earth Archives’’. They looked at each other with shock. Charles lifted both his hands and placed them on his head with excitement. The boat moved closer to the door and it opened. Green, red, orange lights came from inside. Yolanda and Charles covered their eyes with their hands from the glowing lights. There were a lot of 70cm HD Flat screens on the walls.

The boat stopped and a screen appeared in front of them and it switched on. On the TV screen there were fireworks in the black skies exploding repeatedly and creating matter until a planet is formed. ‘’Wow, little big bangs’’ Charles said. ‘’ This must be planet earth’’ Yolanda said. The planet had water then volcanoes under water exploded thus creating land and earth.

Plants, trees and fruits start growing from the ground. Worms start appearing from the damp grounds. Worms transformed into insect. Evolution of Man graphics left both Yolanda and Charles in amazement as they witnessed how humans have evolved in the past 6 billion years. Different species of Dinosaurs and extinct giant animals were shown roaming the earth.

The dinosaurs were shown dying from toxic gases that are unexplainable. The screen showed Yolanda and Charles the whole evolution of man and earth from the Continental drifts, the Cannibalism age of men, civil wars of Homo sapiens, Stone Age, pre-historic arts on the mountains, Roman Empire, Middle and dark ages. Wars were shown which included Triumphs and tragedies of human evolution. Yolanda and Charles watched for few hours then the screen stopped playing. The moment it stopped playing they broke down uncontrollable and were overwhelmed with emotions. Charles moved closer to Yolanda. ‘’Come here’’ he said. Yolanda reached out to Charles and they hugged.



Charles and Yolanda stopped hugging and realized they are back in the island of oblivion. ‘’ Are you ready guys’’ Xotron said. Yolanda walked towards Xotron’s screen and wiping tears from her eyes. ‘’Yes, we are ready’’ she said. ‘’ Very well, do you have the same weapon you gave to Xakes?’’ Xotron asked. Yolanda and Charles nodded. ‘’ Good you will set the bomb and detonate it. I have a little left, I can assist bursting this bubble of this island and help us get out of here and reverse the formation of the Super Dark Force. ‘’All right we will start our spacecraft, set the bomb and fly away’’ Charles said.

Xakes orders all his drones to the Black Hole to address them. They arrive in large numbers at the battlefield. ‘’Go Fetch the sun and planet earth so that we can complete this mission, I need more energy to finish this’’ Xakes said. Charles and Yolanda switched on the spacecraft; it flew higher and sped off. ‘’I’m going to the back’’ he said. Charles went inside the artillery room and set the timer on 3 nuclear bombs at exactly 1 hour And 30 minutes. They sped faster away, few minutes later they stopped and dropped 3 nuclear bombs. They flew back to the where they were situated and waited by the beach sand. Yolanda held Charles’s hand and kissed him on the cheek. ‘’ I couldn’t have asked for a better man and husband than you. I’m proud of you Charles’’ Yolanda said. Charles nodded with a smile and also held her hand. ‘’This is it, we are going back to earth’’ she said. They both laughed and murmured words to each other.

The nuclear bombs exploded and sent the spacecraft into the sea. ’’Hold tight, it’s going to be rough’’ he said. As the spacecraft was rolling, Charles maintained control but it was still trembling from the effects of the bomb. ‘’Charles, look the sky is opening’’ she said. The sky was opening and they saw rays and flashes of light flying towards the opening sky. ‘’Its Xotron and Mother Nature, they are free’’ Charles said. Xotron shouted loud from the sky. ‘’Stay here for a while, you will go home when it’s safe to do so’’ Rays flew out through the sky. ‘’Alright, we will do that’’ Charles replied.

Lightning struck at the Black Hole’s battle field twice. ‘’Xakes come out, wherever you are’’ Xotron said. A moment later flashes of light fly down towards where Xotron’s light is. 2 screens of Xakes and Xotron d faced each other in an opposite direction. Quake and Clump drones appeared, surrounded both Xotron and Xakes‘s screens. Lighting came out of nowhere and struck the screens. The screens exploded, creating 2 fireballs that transformed into figures. Xakes and Xotron’s fireballs transformed into human figures, they transformed and turned into warrior kings. As they emerged from their fireballs, they both were blazing, glamorous and really looked like gods. Xakes had gold long hair and beard. He wore gold armor andshoes. His s sword is gold in color and blazing with fire.Xotron had a long white hair and beard. He wore a silver armor was silver and shoes. His sword is silver in color and glowing.

‘’I guess those two minions from planet earth have freed you from the island of oblivion’’ Xakes said. ‘’ I have nothing to say to you, Xakes’’ Xotron said. Xakes flew towards Xotron holding his sword high. Xotron blocked it with his sword and they fought a hard battle with intensity. The Black Hole is few thousands away from earth. The drones arrived at the solar system and pulled the invisible strings and chords holding the solar system together.

Everyone on earth was shocked as they felt the earth trembling and experiencing this oncoming disaster. They saw millions of quake and clump drones in the sky and some were on the ground pulling them away. Every citizen on planet has given up hope; they say their last prayers and accept their fate. President Sharon Washington looked up in the sky and sighed. ‘’We have failed, we have failed our people’’ she said.

Xakes draws gumma rays and struck Xotron down the ground. Xotron rolled on the ground with blood on his face. ‘’Foolish old man, you thought you could defeat the god of the Super Dark Force’’ Xakes said. Xakes pointed his hands to the drones then pointed them to Xotron’s direction. ‘’Kill him’’ he shouted. Xotron lied on his back helplessly and taking heavy breaths but couldn’t give now. ‘Xotron drew every inch of his energy he had left and screamed. Every living thing in the Milky Way heard his scream. Pulsar missiles came out of nowhere. The missiles struck the drones and Xakes, killing him instantly. Earth trembles and shakes one last time. Huge sounds of the trumpet are heard by everyone on earth and assume the final hour has come. It’s a siren from the Black Hole that is in danger and alerted every drone to come back. The drones left everything they were doing and flew back to the Black Hole to defend their kingdom. Xotron’s wounds heal instantly and suddenly transformed into another level of invincibility.

He transformed into a muscular middle age man, his hair and beard changed color from white to gold. He noticed the drones attacking him. He ducked the rocket missiles with precision and awareness. Xotron draws the red stars from the depths of space. He struck all the drones and destroying them instantly. People noticed there were silence and realized the drones have disappeared. Snow fell from the sky to every country, town and city. People started celebrating when they saw a huge rainbow in the sky. There were fireworks during the evening and everyone cheered.

Xotron flew back to the island of oblivion and landed on the beach sand. Yolanda and Charles rushed to him with excitement. ‘’Xotron, we are ready to go home’’ Yolanda said. Xotron shook his head and looked at both of them. ‘’I’m sorry to say this but I can’t let you go back to earth. Your objective is already fulfilled on earth, what else could you ask for? I will give you kingdoms beyond your wildest dreams. Charles, you will be a god of the Andromeda galaxy and Yolanda, you will be the goddess of the Dark Energy’’ Xotron said. Yolanda felt her knees going weak and broke down crying uncontrollable. ‘’We just want to go back to earth, that’s all’’ she said. ‘’I am afraid that is impossible’’ Xotron said. Yolanda turns her back on Xotron and ran to the spacecraft devastated. ‘’Charles, Please talk to her because we have a lot of work to do together to uplift our Milky Way galaxy. ‘’Alright, we will think about it but this is not fair’’ he replied. ‘’I will be waiting right here, don’t get any ideas and fly that ship away’’ Xotron said. ‘’We won’t’’ Charles replied. Charles walked to the spacecraft, feeling very emotional. He enters the spacecraft and walks to the workstation. ‘’Honey, where are you?’’ Charles shouted. ‘’I’m here Charles, I’m at the artillery room’’ Yolanda replied. Charles rushed to the artillery room and found Yolanda sitting on top of the last nuclear bomb left. Yolanda smiled at Charles in a very strange way. ‘’We are going home’’ she said. Charles knew something was wrong in an instant. He pushed Yolanda away from the bomb and looked at it. He trembled with shock after seeing what Yolanda had done. He realized it was too late to stop the nuclear bomb from detonating, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1

Yolanda hears a knock from the door and wakes up. Her head feels heavy; she sees the piece of paper next to her. She picks it up, looks at it and realized it is the Amnesty rejection letter from the White House. She instantly stood up, looked around the room and realizes she is still in her hotel room in Moscow. ’’No! No! No! No! No! Nooooooooooo’’ She screamed.

The Lonely Spy

Yolanda is a fugitive from US Justice for breaching national security. She wonders if she will ever get a chance to redeem herself in a foreign country. She is contemplating of turning herself in and at what cost? Follow Yolanda's epic journey set in the modern world in this gripping prequel novella to an upcoming novel 'War Of The Alternate Worlds'

  • Author: Mkululi Nqabeni
  • Published: 2015-09-26 11:20:36
  • Words: 25710
The Lonely Spy The Lonely Spy