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The Lion is Caged




The Lion IS Caged


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and

incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are

used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any

resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or

persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental



The Lion is Caged

Copyright © 2017 Lookman Olaniyan

Shakespir Edition

All rights reserved.

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The Lion is Caged

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Chapter 1

Molefi and Akida stood there perplexed, staring at each other, wondering what next to do. Having never seen or heard of a case where a man would find it difficult to separate from a woman after sex, he turned to his colleague again and asked,

“Have you witnessed something like this before?”

“Err… I may have heard from one or two people. They said that it is a traditional weapon done to punish two people during sex, but I am not sure of the details.”

“Can you get water?” Akida dashed to the bathroom downstairs. He intended getting a bucket of water.

Sounds of the sobbing Sheline filled the room. What had she gotten herself into? Why was Bandele finding it difficult to withdraw from her? Feelings of guilt took over her mind.

“Can you please try again to stand up?” Sheline asked him. Now that people could see their shame, she wondered if it was possible to unlock the merger.

“I just can’t lift my waist off you. My rod is stuck there; can’t you feel how hard I am trying?” He whispered. She continued to sob, wailing and lamenting her situation.

Downstairs, Akida placed the bucket under the tap and got thinking as he waited. What sort of problem is this? A while ago, Bandele had been full of life. Now, he was trapped in a lady’s cookie, unable to withdraw. He felt there was something he could do for his boss. Even if he was not sure of what to do to solve the puzzle, he hoped pouring water on them would help.

He hurried up the stairs and, under Molefi’s instruction, poured a splash of water on the couple, targeting the waist region. He stepped back to watch if his ‘remedy’ would have any effect.


Bandele made effort to withdraw from the lady, but no effect. The more he tried to pull, the more the lady wept in pain.

Molefi didn’t want to move close to them. Since he didn’t know what the problem was, he wouldn’t want to get close to what might be a contagious disease. He’d been issuing instructions to Akida from a distance.

Feelings of sympathy for his boss overwhelmed him. Seeing him lying ass-up, struggling to stand up from an act he so much liked. He began to have some funny thoughts about Sheline. He placed a gaze at her then eyed her suspiciously. Maybe she was not a regular human being. Perhaps she was an enchantress or a sorceress. She must have bewitched the poor Bandele for some obscure motives not clear to them yet. She only involved herself in the trap to escape suspicion. He could see beyond her plans. She would not succeed with her sinister intentions, he imagined.

Many ladies had visited the house daily, weekly and no such accident had ever happened. Now that it was her turn, she brought with her some bad luck. He thought about the stress he went through to get her to like Bandele. He’d had to map out all kinds of strategies and procedures: Endless trips to the University of Johannesburg and the Presbyterian Church and regular brain storming sessions on her daily activities. He had no inkling that he was courting danger. Now she had unleashed her plans on his boss. The ‘poor boy’ was now looking helpless.

Bandele had maintained a studied silence since Molefi and Akida broke into the room. Aside occasionally whispering to Sheline, he’d not said much. He didn’t know what to make of the situation that he found himself. He began to recount the events of the last one hour.

He had carefully placed Sheline on his bed and pulled of his shirt. He kissed her countless times, after which he began to caress her body. He found her to be tender, succulent and even tantalising. His mind was made up to tear her apart on the bed. The stress he went through to get her to visit his home was much. It was time to revenge and reap his ‘reward’. He would show her that he was not called a Lion for fun. He was going to bed her for 3 hours, he’d thought. His minimum target was five rounds of hip-shifting mega thrusts. He was sure she would miss church the following day on that account. She would mark the day as one to remember.

He had slowly undressed her, taking out her clothing cautiously and rhythmically. He was impressed by her sky-pointing and feisty-looking boobs. He grabbed them and filled his lips. He watched carefully as she groaned. In no time, Bandele left her midway and took a short walk to his wardrobe. He didn’t want to start the journey without enough ‘fuel in the engine’. It was not a day to take chances at all. He took out Viagra and swallowed some tablets. Soon he felt energised and ready to go.

Bandele didn’t consider using a condom. He didn’t think that a lady like Sheline slept around. Moreover, he wanted to have a baby from her, if possible. She came across as someone who would take good care of his kids. He didn’t want to have the sort of experience that he had, having been handed over to his father since age three. It explained why he was a man that had little respect for women. His father’s methods robbed off on him in that regard.

“Are you protected?” She’d asked, without bothering to confirm.

“What do you expect? Bandele is always protected.”

The ferociousness of Bandele’s thrust had got Sheline thinking if her husband was a man. She was used to the slow, boat-rocking movement her husband introduced her to. Ever since her wedding night when she was introduced to bedmatics, her experience of it had remained with her husband only. Now that Bandele was acting like a lion that just found a prey after three months of hunger, she was enjoying the act, even if it rocked every single bone in her body.

“Take is slow, please,” she reminded him.

“Not today, girl. They call me the Lion for a reason.”

“Is this where the nickname comes from?”

“What do you think? Are you feeling normal?”

“Not exactly….”

Bandele rode on and soon started sweating all over, despite the air-conditioner in the room. When it was time to fire shots from his loins, he’d shouted in the most bizarre manner.

“Biendezzehotot apokolimentis…bassehbukad” he screamed.

He got the girl startled, wondering what language he was speaking. Her husband used to just call her name repeatedly when he was about to shoot. Why was Bandele speaking Spanish? But he soon calmed down and lied flat on top of her. He was exhausted and wanted to drink water. His intention was to restart all over again once he satisfied his thirst. Fate however had a different plan for him. When he made attempt to stand up, he found out that he was glued to her. Initially, he thought she was clasping on to his manhood with the muscles of her honey pot on account of the nice time she just had. Laughing mischievously, he joked,

“Let me go girl. I know you are having fun. The way you were screaming was sweet. I am having a nice time too. Let me just take a cup of water. We can go four more times, if you don’t run away.”

“Four rounds of what? Are you a machine? I am okay already. You were so hard. The best I can do is just one more time. After that, I will be too tired. I am feeling sleepy already.”

“It’s okay. We shall see what happens after the next round. But let me go first.”

“What are you waiting for?”

“But you are holding tight to my manhood.”

“I am not.”

“Yes, you are, darling. You cookie would not let me go. It is enjoying the act.”

She spread her legs to confirm that she was not doing anything to hold him back. He attempted to stand up again, but could just not lift himself off her. Baffled, he wanted to jerk himself up, but she screamed in pain when he tried it.

“Ouuuuch! That hurts. Take it easy.”

“I can’t stand up”

“What is holding you back?”

“You are!”

“I am not. I can’t hold you back, Bandele”

“Let go Sheline. What are you doing?”

“I am not doing anything, Bandele. Get off me, please.”

She tried to push him off, but realised that they were joined at the hips. It was then that Bandele realised that they could not get off each other. She made several attempts at getting off him, but could not. The more she tried, they more she got hurt around the loins.

“What is this?” Bandele shouted, getting upset. He then realised that he needed her cooperation to get off. Getting angry would not resolve the stalemate.

“Are you sure it is not that tablet that you took earlier. What was it about?” She reminded him.

“No. It can’t be the tablets. That was just Viagra. I’ve used it many times before. It’s just to get me better prepared. It is safe to use and does not have any side effect that we know of. This must be something else. This has never happened to me before, but I don’t know about you. Have you experienced this before?”

“No. I have only been with my husband all my life. It is the first time I am experiencing something like this too. Can’t you just soften your rod and let go?”

“No. It is just there standing erect.”

“Did you take an overdose of the tablets?”

“No, just the normal two tablets. I have always taken two tablets every time and it works just well. What did you eat this morning?”

“Now, is it about me, uh?”

“Answer the question. We need to solve this problem. I am just trying to see what could have let to this condition. Since it is about the two of us, if it is not from me, then it must be from you. What did you eat this morning before leaving your house?”

“Muesli with milk”

“Muesli? What’s that? I never took that before.”

“It’s oats and nuts. It’s a common food for breakfast out there.”

“Where did you buy it from?”

“From the stores of course, where else?”

“I just want to know. Are you sure you didn’t bring it from Zimbabwe. This accident must be from food. Or did you apply anything in your panties before coming here?”

“No. I didn’t apply anything. I just took my bath and applied lotion on my body.”

“And you are not expecting your menses?”

“No. I did so two weeks back.”

“And you are not expecting it soon again.”

“Not until next month, but why all these strange questions? What about you? What did you eat this morning?”

“I took custard and milk.”

“From Shoprite or Mr Price?”

“I don’t know. My boys got it from …. stop being silly.”

“You are the one being silly now! You slept with me, but didn’t want to stand up. Please, get off me.”

“You think I’m enjoying staying like this. Does it look like a swimming pool to you?”

“Just remove sex from you mind and allow your rod to go down.”

“I have told you before. I can’t control anything down there. It is standing erect and cannot soften up. We are in a big mess right now.”

Bandele didn’t see anything wrong with any of the steps he took that afternoon. There was nothing unusual that he did that warranted being glued to the lady. He didn’t even coerce her in a harsh manner to be with him. She on her own had willingly responded to his advances. He thought of waiting for a few minutes.

His mind went further down memory lane to think about any signs of danger while chasing after Sheline. He never for once suspected that he was courting trouble when wooing her.

In fact, she’d appeared like a decent mummy’s girl whose only adventure outside Zimbabwe was her coming to study in South Africa. It was not likely that she’d planned this evil on him. For many weeks, she refused his advances. She only gave in when the pressure was too much for her to bear. Now he’d fallen into a deep trap. He was now a victim of his own desires.

When it appeared there was no clue on what next to do, Sheline began to shout for help. Bandele had cautioned her that the matter would be resolved after a few minutes. She waited for five minutes, thinking that he was certain on it. When, after ten minutes, there was no change in the situation, she was left with no option that to call for help from other people in the building.

“Help! Help!!” Her voice rang though the entire top floor of the building.

It was after the sixth time that Molefi attention was drawn to them. He called on to Akida and they rushed upstairs. They had been reluctant to open the door wondering if it was Bandele who was treating the lady in a harsh manner. When Bandele’s voice was heard from the same room, it became clear to them that the danger, whatever it was, affect both parties in the room.

Akida was asked to break the door. With shock, they moped at their boss.

The water pouring episode did nothing to help them either. It was time that Bandele shoves his boys to set him free. He was powerless in the circumstance.

“Molefi, do something and stop looking at us.” Bandele shouted with a tinge of helplessness in his voice. For the first time in a long while, his trusted aid was clueless about an issue. He still however relied on him to set him free from the deadlock.

“Take it easy, boss. This is a strange condition. I don’t want to do anything that I would regret later. I must be careful about what I plan to do here. I am coming up with three options on what to do with the situation. We need your full cooperation and that of your partner. She would have to tell us the kind of person she was. I have not seen where two adult would stick together and refuse to separate.”

“Please, just resolve this matter as quietly as possible. Don’t make it a matter for the public.”

“Okay boss.”

Before then, Molefi was hoping that they would separate sooner or later. Now that Bandele had called on him, it was clear that he was lacking confidence about the matter. He would probe the lady first before taking any other step. Turning to Sheline, he asked,

“Sheline, is there something you want to say concerning this?” To him, she was the first person to suspect, since she was the one there with him.

“What do you mean?”

“We have never encountered something like this before. We think there is something you are hiding from us.”

“Please be straight forward with me. Speak to me in plain language.”

“Do you have some powers that are super-human? Do you have control over other men or something like that? Are you sure you are not a witch?”

“Aaawwaaa!!! What do you mean by that? You think that I am happy to be showing you my nakedness? I am the one in pain here. You think I will put this misfortune on myself for you to come and disgrace me?” She began to cry again. Bandele then waved his hands backwards at Molefi. It was signal for him to stop the questioning.

Molefi withdrew, stepped out of the room and climbed down the stairs. He had a number of consultations to make on the matter. He decided that he would have to make calls to people who could be of help. They must also be people living far away from their area since Bandele didn’t want public attention.

Once at his desk, he sat to think again about the aberration upstairs. Could it be a physical condition or a spiritual one? If it was physical, then he needed the services of a medical doctor to give him recommendations on what to do. Since it involved two people in contact with each other, it must be a physical condition, he judged. The doctor would certainly fix it. He picked up his phone, dialled three medical doctors on Bandele’s medical team list.

After the line went through to the first doctor, Molefi explained the situation to her. She cut off the line, saying that she didn’t have time for jokes. Molefi dialled again, but she would not pick up the call.

He then went for the next doctor and dialled. This time, the doctor narrated that there was a condition called Coitus captivus. A man could be locked inside his partner, but only for some few minutes. He went on explaining the medical situation and, though, Molefi didn’t understand the medical jargons the man was using, he felt satisfied that the condition was known in the medical world.

He switched on his computer and did a brief Google search about Coitus Captivus. After reading and enlightening himself, his mind went to rest.

He ran upstairs to give Bandele an update on the matter.

“I have called the doctor and he said that it was possible for something like this to happen. He explained that after about 30 minutes or so, the issue would be resolved. He said something about muscles tightening and stuff. He called it Coitus Captivus. Must I invite him here to access for himself?”

“No, no, no. Don’t bring him here. Since he said it would be resolved without any medication, let us stick to that.”

“Okay boss.” Molefi returned to his desk.

It was a relief for both Bandele and Sheline to hear the update. They both looked into each other’s face that relief was on the way.

As soon as Molefi left the room, Bandele began to joke with her again.

“What did you eat this morning, Sheline?”

They both laughed at their earlier arguments.

He placed his head on her chest and tickled her titties.

“Not again,” she warned.

“Really? Once this Cotus Captus is over, we shall start again. Just one more time.” He said, wrongly pronouncing the medical term.

“Ahhh!” she exclaimed.

“Your honey pot has never seen something this sweet before. That’s why it does not want to free my rod.

“Year right!”

Bandele closed his eyes and so did Sheline. They slept off.




Chapter 2

For two hours Molefi would go up repeatedly to see if Bandele and his partner were separated. Since the door was permanently open, he had access. Each time, he found them sleeping. In his mind, he began making fun of them, wondering when the love birds would detach.

“They would wake up to take their bath separately,” he said aloud. When Akida asked about Bandele, Molefi assured him that he was fine and would soon be off the deadlock.

It was Sheline who was up first. She woke up her partner by touching him on the head. As soon as Bandele’s eyes were opened, he asked Sheline to tell him the time. Since he was lying face down on top of her, she alone could see the clock that was placed on the wall opposite her.

When he was told that it was quarter to five, two hours after they slept, he startled and wanted to climb off her. As he did so, she was pained and followed him as he moved. It turned out that they were still stuck together.

“Be careful,” she said. “It’s not off yet. It getting late now, when will I be home?”

“Molefi! Molefi!! Molefi!!!”

Molefi heard his name and rushed upstairs. He thought he was being called for some domestic issues. Since they were now awake, they should be in their separate space. But when he got to the room, it became clear to him that the situation was still same.

“I thought you said this would have been over by now.”

“That is what the doctor said. I only passed on his message to you.”

“Well, we are still here. What have you been doing? Do you want me to stay like this? What am I paying you for Molefi?”

“Take it easy, boss. Don’t stress.”

Molefi said and walked out of the room. He placed a call to the doctor again.

“Dr Mahmud, they are still there stuck together.”

“For how long now?”

“Its three hours already. Is it like that?”

“That’s strange. There is something unusual about this case. Probably there is an overdose of sexual enhancement drugs.”

“Can you please come and check for us? Am sure it won’t take time.”

“It’s okay. Give me about an hour. I’m at East Rand now attending to a patient. Where is your place again?”

“Please come to the Polemann Castle on Polemann Street in Orlando, Soweto. This is an emergency, please treat it as such.”

“I will be there shortly.”

Molefi would wait for the doctor’s arrival for the next line of action. He decided that it was time to call a pastor. He didn’t believe that Sheline was not possessed. Why the churches have not exorcised or delivered her from the demons bothering her was still a cause for concern.

He called on to Akida, who had been sitting at the sitting room, looking dejected.

“Please fetch the pastor from the ZCC church around the corner. He must come and tell us if this lady was normal.”

Akida did exactly as told.

When the pastor arrived, Molefi invited him to Bandele’s floor. He was not told that two people were conjoined. He was asked to just pray and expel any irregular spirit in the room.

“Sit, please. I will be with you in a moment.”

He entered into Bandele’s room and informed him of the presence of a pastor. He asked Bandele’s permission to cover him up with a bed sheet since the pastor was from the area. The man of God was known to be a prayer warrior with abilities to detect the presence of evil beings around a house.

“Let him in,” Bandele permitted. Molefi then took a bed sheet and covered the pair. He would not let others see his bosses’ condition.

The man of God went to work immediately he stepped into the room. He said prayers and glorified the Lord’s Holy name. He then went around the room praying and making speeches. He quoted verses of the bible and asked that the power of the Almighty should be manifested in the affairs of people living in the house. In conclusion, he said that he didn’t think there was a demon-possessed individual around the room.

“Brother, I didn’t see any evil spirit around, but I see two people in bondage. The Lord said I must tell you that the solution to the problem is not around here. The Holy Spirit informs me that you have to be quick about the matter, otherwise the issue with get out of hand. The Lord says you must be act fast.

“Thank you pastor, we are working on the solution already.” Molefi thought the pastor was spot on. The medical doctor is on the way to fix the issue.

Molefi escorted him out of the room. Akida was at hand to help drop him off at the church.

When the doctor arrived, He was taken to Bandele’s room. He could not believe it when he saw the two lying on each other. It was easier for him to have spoken about it on phone. Now that he was witnessing it, a number of things ran through his mind.

“Has this happened before?”

“Not here.” Molefi answered, feeling certain that the doctor had all facts on the matter.

“Do you mean that they can’t stand up from that position for three hours?”

“But that is what I explained over the phone.”

“We only read these things from the medical journals. I have never seen something like this before.”

“What is the way out of this now?”

“I think there has to be an operation – a surgery.”

“A surgery to remove the dick?”

“I guess that is the option you are left with. We don’t perform such operations at our hospital. You would find it easier going to the government hospitals.” The doctor advised and soon, he left. He asked Molefi to get back to him, if his services were needed.

The situation was getting hotter than Molefi had imagined. The confidence the doctor had given him was a short-lived. If Bandele was going to be operated on, he had to be transported to a distant hospital. There is the problem of how to carry him out of the house, without attracting people’s attention. Even when they reach the hospital, it would not be a direct process. This hospital procedure might be an extreme option. Even then, he had to convince Bandele first. The stubborn guy may insist on being treated inside the house.

Molefi recalled that the pastor hinted that the solution to the problem was not around. What did he mean by that? There is no problem or ailment that afflicts people that could not be solved within the city. It was a matter of looking into the right places. Men of God could sometimes be difficult to deal with. They see things that no one understands. If the solution could be found somewhere far away, why did he not mention the place?

It was now getting dark and the prospect of returning home was remote for Sheline. She’d been worrying that her aunt would be asking after her, if not troubled already. She took comfort in the fact that Margaret was aware of her visit to Bandele, even if she didn’t tell her that she would be sleeping over.

Molefi hinted Bandele about the details of the pastor’s suggestions and the doctor’s advice. He would have nothing to do with their judgements.

“How could someone suggest that the solution to this matter is far away? How far is it? Why did he not tell you what to do to fix it? I’m not sure he knows what he is doing. As for that your doctor, leave him alone. He is only speaking the language of the white men. Everything to them is about operation and surgery. This is a simple issue of a man withdrawing out of a woman. What is operation needed for here? I think some wicked people have decided to punish me. They have complaints against me and I will identify them at the right time when this is over. I believe that you are smart enough to know how to go about a simple issue like this, Molefi. You are disappointing me already and I am getting tired. You must be able to fix this little issue. It is getting dark now and people must have returned to their homes. Because of your slowness, I am forced to remain in this condition till tomorrow. First thing tomorrow morning, you must look for a very good Sangoma or herbalist to sort this mess.”

“Okay boss. I am sorry boss, but I am doing my best. This is a new matter that we have not experienced before. Nobody around understands this kind of issue.”

“But for five hours now, you have not been able to do anything. I cannot continue to argue with you; I am the one feeling the pain. Now, it’s too late to get anything done. I relied on you and your fake doctor, but we are still here at the same spot.”

“It will be fixed tomorrow, boss.”

“You had better fix it. By the way, ask Pono to prepare me something to eat, I am getting hungry.”

Referring to Sheline, he asked,

“What do you want to eat dear?” He asked looking forward.

“Any liquid food will be alright.”

“Liquid food?”

“Tea or oats is fine. I cannot eat something heavy in this condition. Your weight is getting too much on me. My stomach is getting weak and empty. Can you please turn over so that I will be the one on top?”

“Do you know that you are not going home this evening? You are staying here till this matter is sorted. You can tell your aunt that she should not expect you this evening. In short, don’t worry about that. Molefi will handle it.”

Sheline sighed heavily. Having cried her eyes out earlier, there were no more tears left. She’d resigned to fate and was forced to watch as events unfolded. ‘What can’t be cured must be endured’.

“Molefi! You have a lot to do for me this evening. You must tell Akida to remain in this room for the whole night. If he wants to sleep, he must sleep there at the sitting room. Then you must get me an alarm bell that I will use to call you or Akida at night. I cannot start shouting your names all the time. Then you must use Sheline’s phone to send an SMS that she is not returning to her house this evening. Type it as if she is the one writing. Make Margaret feel that Sheline is happy to sleep over. She must not have any reasons to come and look for Sheline here. First arrange for the food. We are hungry. And remember, you must be here to come and feed us.”

“Alright, boss”

Molefi quickly took steps to ensure that he got all that was requested of him. He asked Pono to get some fish and chips from the nearby eatery. After which he must prepare 2-litres of tea for the couple. They would do a lot of drinking later at night.

Akida too was informed of his role for the night and asked to get an alarm bell that could be triggered anytime.

When he returned, he had some news for Molefi.

“I have arranged for an herbalist to come here tomorrow before 6:00 AM,” Akida announced. “I would have told you before now, but I was waiting for a confirmation from him. He called me now that he would be here that early.”

Feeling relieved that he didn’t have to search for a traditional healer, he was happy that Akida took the step. He didn’t believe so much in them, so he never kept contact of any herbalist.

“That’s wonderful. Am sure he is from outside town.”

“He is coming from Hillbrow.”

“Okay, good enough. Do you need to pick him up, or he would come here himself?”

“He is coming by a taxi. We have to pay for his expenses.”

“That’s okay. Let me know when he is around. Now, you must stay by the boss the whole night. He expects much from you.”

“Molefi, let me ask you something”

“Yes, go on.”

“If the Boss wants to urinate, how will he manage to?”

Molefi burst out laughing at the question. He’d been too busy thinking about solution to the issue. He never had time to think about the domestic issues in Bandele’s room.

Akida had meant it as a joke anyway. He joined in the laughter with Molefi.

“I guess he would urinate inside her. And she would do the same. You are laughing now; I hope you will be laughing later tonight. You will have to carry them both to the toilet when they feel pressed. Maybe they will ask you to bathe them too.”

“You must assist me, Molefi.”

“No ways. I will be sleeping by then. I am doing my own bit already. You know what? You have to change their position from time to time. If Bandele is at the top for one hour, you will feed him and then turn them over and place Sheline on top and feed her too. We will sort this problem tomorrow. There is a big task for us tonight, so make sure they are comfortable.”

“Okay, Molefi.”

Molefi was not sure of the kind of herbalist Akida invited. He would have to provide a backup, just in case they don’t show up. Bandele’s condition must be sorted the following day, so, he went ahead to put a call through to his sister. He remembered that she once said that she knew a powerful native doctor who could solve all kinds of problems, including very complex ones. He hoped that the man would be able to be of help. He was however disappointed to hear that the native doctor has relocated to Newcastle in Kwazulu Natal. Anyone who needed his services must be present at his house as he was already too old to travel.

He nonetheless asked his sister to make enquiries if the man could handle his strange problem. She promised to get back, after initially hesitating. Molefi pleaded with his sister to appear at the Polemann Castle the following day. Since she had a good understanding of traditional and cultural matters, she could be of help. His sister was also someone gifted with the sixth sense- extrasensory perception.

As soon as Pono returned with food and other items, he wanted to know why Bandele opted for fish and chips as against his usual evening time pap and beef meals. Akida briefed him of events and further explained that it was not necessary that he remained on the streets thenceforth. He should be inside to assist with some domestic tasks. Baffled at the news he just heard, Pono place his hands on the head, lamenting about the situation of his boss that was just narrated to him. He initially doubted if it was true. Since Akida wasn’t joking while narrating the story and it was not often that he joked about their boss in that manner, he believed it. But he still wished to see with his own eyes.

“I will like to see for myself,” He insisted.

“Ask Molefi, if you doubt me.”

Akida took over with the task of feeding the couple in place of Molefi. Before he began, he turned them over, placing Sheline on top of him. It was hardly a comfortable position for Bandele as her cleavages blocked his face and he could not see anything. Sometimes, he was tempted to place his mouth on her tits, but she would shake off his attempts. It was not as if Bandele wanted to tickle her or get naughty, it just so happened that way when he had no other place to put his mouth as her boobs dangled in front of him.

Sheline began to weep again as Akida started to feed her. Her thoughts went to her mother who had no idea what condition she was in. She recalled her mum’s warning that coming to South Africa was not a license to misbehave. She was old enough to look after herself and so she should remain the well-mannered girl that she’d always been. Her mother even emphasised it the last time she was home.

Now, barely two weeks after, she’d been rendered immovable on a bed, unable to feed herself, and with a man – who was not her husband – stuck between her legs. The thought was too much for her to endure and tears flowed freely from her eyes.

It took some words of persuasions from Akida before she accepted the food. Bandele asked her not to drink a lot of tea so that she would not need to urinate much at night. There was no chance for it in that state, he reminded her. Sheline could not eat much, though. She claimed to be lacking appetite. Akida turned them over and began to feed Bandele. As he did so, he shook his head, wondering what went wrong with his widely-feared boss. He looked so powerless and helpless in the present state. There were situations that a man would find himself that would render him useless. This was one of them, Akida thought.

As he fed him, some funny thoughts fill him mind. This young boy that likes to order us around the place is now limp and useless, unable to assist himself. He thought of all the times Bandele had placed him in danger and felt like paying him back in his own coin. As he put dollops of food into his mouth, he sometimes purposefully poked his nose with the spoon. Bandele would place a stern look at him, reminding him to be careful. Akida would apologise and imagine what harm he could do in such state he found himself. If he just as much makes noise and annoy him, he would jingle his dangling balls and make him scream! When he remembered where his salaries came from, he banished all negative thoughts and concentrated on the task at hand.

The mighty Lion of Soweto, whose fame rang far in the whole community, was lying naked on top of a woman, with his balls hanging outside. He could not even feed himself with his own hands. Akida wished the problem would be sorted out quickly by the herbalist he invited. It was totally not befitting for Bandele to be seen in such conditions. He decided that he must take their pictures before sleeping that night. “Who knows? In future, it might be a useful reminder to him.”

Before they retired for the night, Akida ensured that he placed them in a side-by-side position. It would have been tough for either of them to sleep otherwise. He made sure that he took pictures of them with his phone. He then covered them with a piece of cloth and switched on the air-conditioner. He switched off the light and left for the sitting room outside. He was to sleep on the couch that night.

He was jolted up a couple of times when he heard the alarm buzzers. He would rush to the room to attend to them. Usually, either of the couples would ask to be turned over when their arms begin to ache after having rested on it for long. Sometimes, Akida would find Sheline crying uncontrollably. She obviously could not reconcile with her present condition. Bandele, on the other hand, never for once lost his grip. He would console her and remind her that the issue would be over the following day.

At one time, she asked to be taken to the toilet to urinate. The task of making them stand off the bed was not an easy one for Akida. But once they got off the bed, they walked to the toilet on their own.

Akida stood at the toilet entrance to witness how they managed to urinate. That of Sheline was easy as she didn’t complain while urinating. When it was Bandele’s turn, Sheline screamed aloud, grumbling that he’d filled her honey pot with too much hot urine. She had to open her legs wide for the urine to pour out of her body. Even the task of positioning them close to the closet was not a funny one for Akida. They ended up messing the floor with urine. They also farted melodiously as they struggled to ease up. Akida had to witness all and sometimes shook his head.

“Please don’t drink too much next time. This is not convenient at all,” Sheline stated.

“It’s okay. It won’t happen every time.”

They needed Akida’s assistance to get back on the bed. Once he placed them back there, he returned to the couch. He brought out his phone and peeped at the picture of his boss with his partner. He whispered to himself,

“The rich also cry.”

Soon he slept off and didn’t hear any alarm bells till day break.




Chapter 3

With leaves and vegetables in his left hand, a man leads two others to the gates of the Polemann Castle. They all wore attires hued in red. The frontman, a short demure, dreadlock – wearing fellow had several beads dangling from his necks. He had animal skin tied round both wrists and also around his head. A red cap with multiple badges and crests was placed on his head. He had red and black coloured wrappers straddled over his shoulder and a stick held in his right hand. Dangling over his shoulder was a bag filled with bones and cowries. He walked slowly and paced regularly as two other colleagues of his trailed behind.

Of the two men that followed, one was carrying a drum behind him. He was similarly dresses as the man in front, but was much taller and slimmer in stature. He swayed from left to right and back as he moved. The drum he wielded was being beaten at regular intervals by the third man who also spoke some incantations as they moved along on the street. A large sheet of white clothing was tied round his neck, extending to his back.

As they walked along on the street, their drumming attracted onlookers and passers-by. Some stood out of their windows to catch a glimpse of the strange looking men. Their posturing showed that they had an important assignment to do that early morning. It was not normal to see such men early in the morning except where there was something very vital. The people that gathered were eager to see where they were headed.

When they eventually disappeared into Bandele’s residence, tongues started to wag as to what could be the issue at the Polemann Castle. It was not often that they hosted such men. Even when they did, the herbalists usually rode in one of Bandele’s many cars. The fact that these ones chose to walk was of a particular interest to them.

As Pono swung open the gate to welcome their august visitors, the men raised their voices as if to announce their arrival. The drum got pounded louder and the man in the middle was heard chanting some words of praise on their Chief Herbalist. They were led upstairs to Bandele’s sitting room.

Everyone in the house was left alert as the men walked up the stairs. The time was 6:05AM and those whose eyes were not clear yet and still felt sleepy were forced to freshen up. Molefi was one of those that woke up late. He was still on the bed when the herbalists arrived. As soon as he heard sounds of drumming, he got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up. He knew he had to attend to the men, because Akida would be tired after having been at Bandele’s beck and call for the whole night. He would need to sleep.

Akida would have been the one to attend to the herbalists. Aside being the one who invited them, he it was who had better knowledge of traditional issues of the lot; even if his ‘knowledge’ was limited. The person they usually consulted for traditional matters was somewhere on the same street. But because Bandele would rather keep the issue private, there was no need to call him.

“Sanibonani” Molefi greeted.

“Yebo” the tall herbalist answered.

“Welcome gentlemen, can you please sit down?”

“No. we cannot sit here. Get us a mat.”

Molefi did as instructed. He returned with a Persian rug from one of the unused rooms. The rug was rejected by the men. They wanted a traditional mat. When told that there was no such, they brought out their own floor cover from one of their bags. It was a polythene material. They spread it on the floor and sat.

The Chief Herbalist of the group and the tall man spoke the same language, but the drum beater was of a different ethnic origin. He didn’t partake in the divination processes, whenever they were invited out. He was with them to beat drum, sing praises and make occasional shrieking sounds to add effects to whatever the Chief Herbalist was doing. At other times, he provides technical assistance where necessary.

The herbalists stood there waiting for further instructions. They continue to look around the house, marvelling at the beauty of the environment. They contrasted it to the poor neighbourhood in Hillbrow where they came from. They spoke amongst themselves that they were at a place where all their financial troubles would be sorted. They looked into each other’s faces and the feelings of admiration for the place were mutual. The Chief Herbalist nodded his head and hatched a plan.

Molefi dashed into Bandele’s room to see what the couple were up to. They were still asleep that morning. He was surprised to find them tied with a rope. He ran out to confront Akida as to why the couple were tied. Akida explained that it was on Bandele’s instructions.

The night was not a pleasant one for them as they kept on rolling over each other on the bed. Whenever Sheline was fast asleep and attempted to roll too far, Bandele would wake her up to be careful so as not to cut off his manhood. He would wrap his hand around her and try to sleep off. When she kept on repeating the same thing, he asked Akida to use a rope to tie them both. He would not risk the lady rolling off like that. Akida did as he was told.

“When they wake up, I will untie them.”

“It’s okay. I didn’t want to wake you up, but seeing the rope around Bandele surprised me. I was thinking of something else already. I know you should be sleeping, but the herbalists are here. Do you want to talk with them?”

“It’s not necessary. They just have to do their work and get us out of this mess. I can’t stay awake again tonight. Last night was terrible.”


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The Lion is Caged

Have you ever imagined not being able to withdraw from a lady after sex? Did you ever wonder what a man can do to free himself while being sexually locked between the legs of a lady he loved? His excessive love of women got Bandele to that situation and he was not going to be set free any time soon. The story of Bandele and Sheline continues in this Soweto Lion series as the two love birds were now conjoined together and their lives restricted to a bed. Penis Captivus is a scientific name given to the situation when, for a few minutes, a man cannot retreat from a lady’s honey pot. How comfortable would a woman be when a man is permanently stationed between her legs for several days? Bandele’s case was different. It was not Penis Captivus. He was locked there for several days and he faces death if unlocked. How would he set himself free from this bondage hatched thousands of kilometres away? Moyo, the man behind the wicked act, had laced his wife with the sexual locking formula that Bandele was trapped in. He did it as a way to prevent his wife from being stolen away from him. When he heard that Bandele had been trapped, he was shattered at his wife’s unfaithfulness. Being the only one with the remedy, greed took over. He was not going to let Bandele go easily for bedding his wife. He started making tough demands that would enable him fulfil his life time ambition of being an entrepreneur. Bandele was faced with the option of accepting his demands or the pangs of death that hung around his neck would snatch him away. Many around him that could help began to turn against him: It was payback time for the many years of bullying and show off. Will Bandele ever be freed from this lock? This novel is one that exposes the mystery of sexual locking common in some parts of Africa and Asia. Many have doubted the possibility of it happening, but Bandele had a different story to tell. He experienced it first hand, and it was one story that left a sad taste in his mouth. Please read and enjoy.

  • ISBN: 9781370190195
  • Author: Lookman Laneon
  • Published: 2017-03-07 07:05:17
  • Words: 42066
The Lion is Caged The Lion is Caged