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The Last Graft - A Light Shaft


The Last Graft – A Light Shaft

© 2016 Barbara M. Schwarz


Purple Eyes Publishing (PEP)

the value of knowing


ISBN: 978-1-910774-93-9


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On the front: “The fore and aft” 2016.


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I broke through to know, there was nowhere left to go, nothing left to show, except uninterrupted flow: the diamond in the light all colours can excite, but in my steady hand transparency command (my final ever stand).



The Last Graft – A Light Shaft


I wanted to go quickly to

a place where just the fresh wind blew


I had mined enough of you

Energy that renew

An inspirational view

And now I took the hardy crew

That always seem to push right through

That ceiling right on top of you

To let the fresh air through

In light cascades of blue


The sky over you

Had always shone so true

And yet that blue blue

yonder, had lost its

magic wonder


Why did it always seem

that what may start to gleam

is hidden deep away

and into crusted earth decay

such sweet memory of yesterday


And so I start to see

A last graft in front of me

To clear my own debris

of what I always expect to see


Such clear devotion

to sideline any ocean

of fickle life emotion

and in that shaft of light

to hold an image bright

if but for a moment true,

to see the sun renew

the light around you


The memory of life

the hidden anchor

strife – to just contend

with what will never mend


a moment fickle to

the sunlight we once knew


I tried to conjure in my mind

what had been a worthy find

the kind I’d waited for

when sunlight glistened at my door

but now I seek ignore

that whistling at my door

to ever always explore

what lets my spirit soar


for why always be

campaigning endlessly


when all the world’s history

envelops so much mystery,


how could I ever see

a defining age of beauty


the light I once sought to incite

to do each image right,


but that was far too trite

when the sun with all her might

shone so ever bright


and yet with eve of time

a chalice to define

I got stuck right in

one hundred full

to bring


that final published verse

with which to all reverse


that last little graft

to break into a shaft

of simple holy light

when the image bright

gets blown away

with fresh air



does it matter

all the clatter

all the chatter

endless patter

hammering around


the diamond I had found

innocuous on the ground


so if it didn’t matter to me

a sense that secretly

the dark held treasure free

beyond a grasping economically

to define what was truly mine


the last graft

a light shaft

the simple

fore and aft

to steer my own craft

and find a life raft

on an upward draft

of always breaking through

to imagery brand new.


Diamond heart

how worlds depart

and I just start to see


the singular transparency


A diamond in my hand

see all the world I command


A diamond in my head

and lucidity feed


what I once feared to


a heart-felt life



The last graft

A light shaft

Where new worlds ignite

with simple sound and sight

what in my heart feels right.


Heart and soul redemption

a simple diamond mention

the absolute transparency

to reflect endlessly


A light shaft

a simple soul can craft

to see

‘what matters now to me’



Purple Eyes Publishing

We think most favourably, it matters what the others see, when all around ‘refractedly’, the diamond leads to me as that primary source of (my) energy.


When we trust our heart, we’re brighter than the dark and become a spark of inspiration through our own source of creation – the simple sense to follow through what we know to be true.


Save yourself – the simple wealth hidden in your soul – brings to matter whole how your bell toll.


A simple sense to chime within your own design; a simple sense to do what’s deep inside you.


A final shaft, you feel the draft, the light is coming through: the fresh air renew all you seek to do.


The Last Graft - A Light Shaft

A final graft - hidden in the shaft, the light that slowly craft, a passage full of air, a passage like a stair - the hard work that paid off - beyond the scoff and scuff of the day - there, the light play a pooled array and twinkling, I see - the magnet deep in me: a soul's diamond ecstasy - transparency, my friend, is how the good earth show a crystallised state of flow, where all the power glow in the light, that the sun can ignite.

  • ISBN: 9781910774939
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2016-11-02 14:05:09
  • Words: 762
The Last Graft - A Light Shaft The Last Graft - A Light Shaft