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The Last Coffee: The crash of the sky giant.




The Last Coffee

Crash of the sky giant.

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pratyush kumar stories.






Crash of the sky giant.






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Pratyush Ayush Anoushka

Kumar Kumar Kumar





*pratyush kumar stories. *








Pratyush Kumar, a writer who was inspired. A writer who started writing story books at the age of 6. A writer who is a school going boy. He had written many stories including which one of them was viewed by the most famous writer Mr. Ruskin Bond. Inspired by Mr. Bond, when he just met him on the way to the Landour’s Cantt in Mussoorie. The meeting with Mr. Bond was a coincidence when he was travelling with his family members and his two cousins. The author currently lives in Mumbai and his passion for writing books is still alive.











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Emily and Drake, a happily married couple goes on a long haul trip to their dream location Singapore. But as soon as they boarded their flight back home, some unusual thing happened. After some minutes they felt a sudden shock after which, everything went wrong. Peter and his team did whatever they wanted to do for the last time. Emily waved her parents for the last time and saw them burnt and turned into ash. A heart touching story which will make you cry. Just because of one person all the people in the A380 died. Lives of many officers and people were hung in a plane.






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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


No part of this publication may be reproduced or copied in any material (in form of electronic or mechanical means) without written permission of the publisher. Any breach of this will entail action and prosecution without further notice.

[* This is an imaginary story. Please don’t take it seriously.*]

















Cut them to death, hang stuff on their limbs, put them in your front rooms as undead totems and call them Tannenbaum

[_ ][ _] -ANONYMOUS-













The Last Coffee: Crash of the sky giant.


Drake, a boy who loved to live a normal life. He didn’t want any obstacle to come in his life. He just wanted to work harder and harder and his dream was to visit Singapore once in his life.

He was born and brought up in Paris but after the death of his mother when he was 8years old, he and his father shifted to Dallas. There he started working with Hewlett Packard (HP). He was a software engineer.

When he started working with HP and got a promotion, he had to shift to Detroit leaving his father behind. He loved drinking coffee.


Ela, a girl who didn’t really like to live a normal life. She wanted to change the whole world. Her dream also was to visit Singapore. She loved to have obstacles in her life. She also was French. Actually, somewhat same happened with her also what happened with Drake. She worked with Dell. She was a hardware engineer there.

When she started working with Dell, she got a promotion and then she shifted to Detroit. She also loved drinking coffee.




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The Last Coffee: Crash of the sky giant.


Everyday Drake went to Starbucks to have his coffee at sharp 9. Everyday, Ela also went to Starbucks to have coffee at not really sharp 9 but ya, 9/ 9:15/ even more than 10.

One day, they both were standing in the same line to order coffee. Drake was before her. But when she looked back….

Drake, he just kept on looking at her. But she took her tray and went away without even looking at him.

From that day, he used to come on the same time when she came.

One day, the whole café was full and there was no place to sit. Fortunately Drake got a seat and there was one more seat besides him was empty. Ela was too searching for a seat. She found the seat beside Drake and requested him if she could sit there.


Drake was so excited that he drank his coffee so slow, even slower than a tortoise. But Ela, she was so fast, she drank her coffee as if it was water. She was so fast in eating too. She was eating her burger so fast that drops of mayonnaise were dripping in Drake’s tray. Actually, yuk! Drake kept on looking at her. When she asked him, “What?” He pointed down to show the mayonnaise that was dripping in his tray. She felt sorry for that and she didn’t even bother to go to work instead, she just sat there and….


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[+ ][+The Last Coffee: Crash of the sky giant.]


Began talking to him. She was too talkative and liked talking. She actually loved planes. Even Drake loved them. Their choices were same, like they both love Espresso Coffee with some cream on it. They both disliked slow travelling, sleeping late and traffic jams. Things were the same when they were small kids. Conditions were the same, city was the same and they worked in companies which were each others friend. They loved watching The Flash and some comedy movies. So everyday Drake used to go to her house or Ela used to come to his house.

Soon, they were good friends. They both used to help each other.


One day, they had a great fight just over a coffee. That day, Drake took simple coffee with cream. Everyday they used to take same coffee. But just over a coffee they stayed separately for two days. Funny huh? They could not live without each other. It was like they were made for each other….







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[+ ][+The Last Coffee: Crash of the sky giant.]


Soon, they decided to marry each other.

They had their engagement and after a month they married. Everything was going right. All the decorations, everything was done properly. But, there was Drake’s stupid uncle. He used to point out every little thing. He was a hygienic person and didn’t like even a germ to enter this body. He kept a travelling microscope and he used to wear a transparent plastic sheet under his clothes. He was counted as one of the most hygienic person in this whole world. He pointed out a small drop of pee and asked Drake, the bride, to clean it. Then a toilet cleaner was called and….


After marriage, they used to live a normal life.

Soon, they had a baby girl. They were so excited. They also got presents. After all, when they had enough money, they decided to save it for future. Days passed by and small Emily grew up and turned 5.


But everyday, they both used to think, they had collected much money to go for an international trip. They chose to go Singapore.

They started booking hotels, Big Bus tours and…. But ya, they were very strict about flights. They wanted A+ service from airlines. So they chose stopover airline. From New York to London- American Airlines (A330) and from London to Singapore- Singapore Airlines (A380).

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[+ ][+The Last Coffee: Crash of the sky giant.]


Tuesday, 23rd[* April 1991*]


Finally the time had come to go on a long haul trip! Ela and Drake were so happy. They were going on their first trip since marriage. Even Emily was so happy.

When Drake returned home, he said, “Let’s go, we don’t have time to waste.” They first had to go from Detroit to New York with train. Then they had to take the flight which would take them to London.

[* Detroit- New York *]

They were so excited that they went all the way laughing. They had to stand in a long line to take their train passes. After waiting for about half an hour, they finally went towards the platforms. But as they reached the platform, they saw that the train was not standing there. They checked all the information on the pass thrice. After that, they shouted so loud that the people around them shook and gazed at the couple. Then a person came and told them that they came to the station too early as their train was scheduled to arrive after 3hrs. This didn’t amaze the couples. The waited there for about 3hrs. After when the train arrived, they sat and moved towards New York. In the way, they kept on singing, “S, sa, sa, singa, sing, sa, sa, sa, singa, sing, p, p, p, porea, pore, sa, sa sa,” Singapore.” They song was so stupid that the train hostess asked them to move out of the train or go and sing inside the toilet….

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[+ ][+The Last Coffee: Crash of the sky giant.]


Wednesday, 24th[* April, 1991*]


Finally, after ruining everyone’s sleep, they went to the hotel and slept.



After a nice sleep, they left for the airport. But, Drake, he forgot to bring tickets after reaching airport. After thinking a lot, he came to knew that he had his tickets in his e-mail. He hurried and checked his mail and, Ola! He got them. Thy went inside the airport, took their passes, completed customs, security check and baggage checking, they were finally on their way to S, sa, sa, singa, sing, sa, sa, sa, singa, sing, p, p, p, porea, pore, sa, sa sa. They had about 2hrs. So, they didn’t bothered about money, and spent their money on just food. They knew they would get food inside the plane, but no, they ate a lot. Most of that McDonalds restaurant earning would have been came from them only. There at the airport he also met his very old Muslim friend, Faarooq. He had come there to go to Mexico for her sister’s marriage. He was also carrying the same colored bag which Drake was carrying. Ela, found something wrong but after she thought that nothing is wrong.

This was something to be taken care of. Something that would put everyone in trouble….

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The Last Coffee: Crash of the sky giant.



They both loved coffee. After the take off when the air hostess asked them that what would they like to eat? They asked for coffee. She actually was asking that what they would like to EAT. They both were so stupid. She was not asking for drinks or something, she was just asking for what to eat. They had already made their fun. Everyone in the plane was laughing. As you had no In Flight Entertainment systems, so you could either sleep or read something. The actually love American Airlines. They were like their frequent flyers. But, on the other siede, there was some secret planning going on. A man was preparing to attach a plastic gun with two bullets inside his t-shirt. He stuck it with a tape which would fool detectors.


After landing at London Heathrow, they had to pass thorough some checks and customs and then they were allowed to enter the arrival hall. Security at that time was not very strict. Security was strict only for them who came from Mexico. As, Mexico is a drug smuggling country. Most of the drug cases were from Mexico. No one wants drugs to enter someone else’s country/ city.


Finally, the time had come to board their dream airline to their dream destination….

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The Last Coffee: Crash of the sky giant.


They had seats which confused them. Actually they had one seat in the middle row and 2 seats in the third row.


On the other hand, their was a big criminal who had murdered the daughter of the richest person of Singapore- Mr. Jungping Yu. He was finally caught at London. He was now to be taken back to Singapore. Security was tight in the flight but on in the last seats where no one was sitting. It was a huge A380 with almost all things. Its upper deck was also nice. But, there was the criminal’s brother also who had done the crime. He was being seated in the upper deck in the last seat.


The flight took off on time. The in flight food was being served. The man beside Emily asked for some wine when the air hostess came to ask him. Emily, she was so cute and friendly that she told that man not to drink wine, it’s injurious to health. Drake and Ema, as usual took coffee.

But as soon as the air hostess came to ask for something, there was the same man sitting beside Emily with a gun made up of plastic and it was loaded with bullets. The criminal was sitting in between of the two officers. One pointed the gun towards the first officer and the criminal punched him and snatched the keys of the so that he could free his hands. He even took out the officer’s gun and went out pointing the gun to everyone and threatening everyone that he would shoot them all….

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The Last Coffee: Crash of the sky giant.


Then another person came out. He was actually the criminal- Peter’s Friend. He said the people, that if anyone argued, then he will activate the bomb kept in with other baggages in the baggage storage area.

Emily, was so scared that she hugged her stuff toy so tightly. Drake said to her, “Don’t worry, every thing would be fine.” He held her hand and kept holding it till the hijacker’s friend came and told him not to be smart or he will kill him and his family. There were many old people. Among which was Dr. Elbert. He was travelling with his friend Mr. Amansee. Amansee had to go to Singapore for his wife’s surgery. Elbert had another connecting flight to Sydney. He had to go all the way to Sydney to meet his son.


There were three criminals in the lower deck and three in the upper. Alton and Milton were Peter’s friend. They guarded the lower deck. The upper deck of the plane was guarded by Peter’s brother- Pater. He also got rid of the police officers like Peter did. He was also with his two friends- Palmer and Alam.


There were many kids and old people in that flight. Peter and Pater, took an air hostess towards the cockpit. She asked the pilots to open the cockpit door. As soon as they opened the door, the two came inside and asked the pilots to make Peter talk to Changi airport, Singapore….

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The Last Coffee: Crash of the sky giant.


The two pilots- Joe as the First Officer and Alma as the Captain. They both were frightened.

One of the police officer luckily got contact with the Singaporian police. He told that the plane was hijacked. As soon Singaporian police got that news, they firstly contacted the Changi airport and told them that SA223 from London was hijacked. Shocked officers contacted the pilots of the plane and asked them, “We heard that you plane is hijacked, is that true?” Alma was frightened, she looked at Peter to tell her whether to say yes or no. Peter moved his head and said yes.

The airport officials then handed over this case to the airport police. Head of airport police, Ms. Luing Chu with her assistant Mr. Mangi Pang, took over this case and started working on it. They firstly contacted the pilots so that they could talk to Peter.

“Hi Peter, you wanted to talk to me? Tell me why did you hijacked the plane and what do you want?” Peter said, “Chu, you all did a great mistake putting me behind the bars. If I wanted, I could have escaped in London only, but you all could have found me again. So, I decided why only I should die? 442 people 20 crew members and the pilots should also die. If you want to save them, then be there at the airport on the taxiway with just 20 million dollars only….



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The Last Coffee: Crash of the sky giant.


After talking to Ms. Chu, he then threatened the pilots to not to trick him as if they do, he will kill them. On the other hand, Drake had the recorder; he kept on recording whatever was happening inside the plane. He then took out the tape and kept it in his pocket.


As the situation was getting worse minute by minute, Amansee’s wife, Amity got a heart attack. Drake and Amansee’s friend Elbert requested the hijackers so that they could help that old lady. Drake was clever; he took out the tape from his pocket and kept in Amity’s pocket. He knew, hijackers would take people who need medical help first.


12hrs passed since the take off. No help was provided, neither the hijackers slept, nor the passengers. Peter went in the cockpit to take see whether everything was going right or not. When he entered the cockpit, he saw the pilots struggling to control the plane. He asked them that when would they land? Alma replied, “Probably in 15mins.” The whole night Peter kept on contacting Ms. Chu. Ms. Chu wanted to talk Peter at the point. She wanted him to leave some of the passengers like children, old people and injured ones. But Peter didn’t wanted passengers to leave….

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The Last Coffee: Crash of the sky giant.


After 15mins, 04:30a.m.

Joe and Elma started descending the plane. There was Peter also. Elma was very clever. She had switched off some functions so that warnings could appear and they could fool the hijackers. Luing and his assistant prepared all emergency vehicles on the runway so that if the plane crashes, they could save the people. When Peter heard that they were placing emergency vehicles on the runway, he immediately shouted, “No, no emergency vehicles should be seen in from of my eyes. I f there are emergency vehicles, he would activate the bomb.

Chu decided that they will remove emergency vehicle from the runway but, all the emergency vehicles will be near, not very near to the plane.

Some warnings started appearing, “Pulls up sincrate , pulls up sincrate.” (Means- Pull up the plane, its too low). 40, 30, 20, 10, 5, 0. The plane touched the ground. It was a harsh landing but they successfully landed. Peter said, “Okay, I want my cash to be handed over my Ms. Chung and an oil tanker, nothing else.” Elma told him that they could not move the plane further because the flaps, gears and a throttle were damaged due to harsh landing. Peter then asked Ms. Chung to provide them with a new plane. Ms. Chung again requested him to leave some hostiles, “It could be a fair deal if you release all the kids, old people and injured ones. The two pilots were not very frightened but… “I think Joe, it was the worst flight of my whole life.” “True Elma, mine too,”

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The Last Coffee: Crash of the sky giant.


Alton, who was sitting near Elma, started taking some kids and old and injured people out. Milton was controlling the door; Peter’s brother and his friend were taking care of the upper deck. Alton was a kind person. He had emotions in his heart. When he was letting Drake and his family go, Peter came and said, wait, just send the girl. Drake and Ema told rheir child, be safe, we are your parents, no matter who so ever says that you are my child. You are only our child. We will come back soon.

Fortunately Amansee’s wife was taken out first by Drake and another passenger Jipi. After leaving her on the floor, Jipi ran away but Drake caught him and said, “If you save you life, just think of 422 passengers, will they not save their lives?” Jipi and Drake came inside. Peter was too angry. He asked that why he started running? Ms. Chung was watching everything through her binoculars. Peter killed Jipi. Jipi fell down on the stairs. Drake returned to his seats and said, “He was killed just because of me.” Ema said, “He is killed, no problem, if he ran away, we all would have been killed.” An officer got the tape which Drake had kept in Amansee’s wife’s pocket with a photograph of some girls. There was also Emily and Alton in that video. Mangi asked, “Does anyone here have a recorder?” One officer had a recorder and gave that recorder to Mangi. He listened to everything that happened and what Drake described.Peter said, “Ms. Chung, is my money ready?” Chung replies, “Yes, I am coming to give it to you.” Ms. Chung arrived with a bag full of money. She was led in. She asked Milton that where was Peter….

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The Last Coffee: Crash of the sky giant.


Chung recognized Alton and Milton. When Peter met her, he said, “There you go. Just for saving these lives you are giving me 20million. How kind of you.” Peter heard Milton shouting, “Boss, a new plane is arrived.” Peter continued, “Ms. Chung, I left some people. I am going to a nice place and there I will take 30million dollars more to leave all these people. And ya, I hope there are no troops in that new plane hun?” To confirm that there were no troops in the other plane, Peter sent Ema to go in the other plane to check. Ema went. She was nervous. When she entered the plane, she saw people inside them. They were troops with guns with them. Mangi was also there holding a gun. He said, “If you want to save your lives, just say no there are no troops in here.” When Ema returned back, she looked at Ms. Chung. Ms. Chung was saying to no to tell Peter anything. As Peter had threatened Ema that if she gave false information, then he would surely kill her child.

Peter asked, “What did you saw there, huh?” Ema said, “They are.” She didn’t even finish saying, Peter turned around and punched Chung. He gave orders to Milton to shut down the door and he was so angry that he shot Elbert. Amansee just burst out crying. Everyone knew that the plane is landed and they would be saved. Peter went inside the cockpit and ordered the pilots to fly the plane else he would kill Joe. They were going to take off and Mingo and his troops were just gazing….



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The Last Coffee: Crash of the sky giant.


Not only Drake and Ema but everyone in the flight was shedding tears. Elma cried as she saw the plane taking off. She shouted loud, “Mooomyyy, Daaadddyyy.” The plane took off. Drake and Ema waved their hand so that their child could see them for the last time. Everyone was crying….

Even Alton started crying. Peter asked Milton to be ready to click the button.

Peter said, “Bye everyone, I hope you liked our services.” And then suddenly, BBBBOOOOOOMMMM!

The bomb blasted. All the people left in the plane including cre pilot and hijackers, everyone died…. There was a bomb inside Drake’s bag. Farooq had the same colored bag as Drake had. He exchanged the bags….


Whole world was in tears. People from each country started doing candle marches. Hong Kong, Singapore, London and New York airports were closed to mark grief and sadness on death of so many people.


The plane was found fully burnt and found in the outskirts of Singapore. Emily was taken to that sight. Amandee’s wife was also taken. She could not even say goodbye to her husband….









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  • THE END*











Written by: Editors:

Pratyush Kumar Ayush Kumar & Anoushka Kumar



Special thanks to:

Airbus Aviation

Singapore Airlines


American Airlines


Thank you all for your co-operation. This story could not have been completed without you all.























Published on: 7th May, 2016

Edition: 1.2 Updated version published on: 22nd October, 2016


We have tried our best to avoid any grammar or spelling mistakes. Still, if you find any spelling or grammar mistakes, feel free to contact us and tell us at [email protected] or you may also contact us at [http://www.pratyushkumarstori.wix.com/pratyush-stories *].[ *]




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Who knows that what would happen next?

You travel with planes. You think you will feel safe every time you fly. Sometimes, the word ‘safe’ could go ‘un safe’

No one knew whether if it would be

a usual flight or a flight to death.





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  • pratyush kumar stories. *

The Last Coffee: The crash of the sky giant.

Emily and Drake, a happily married couple goes on a long haul trip to their dream location Singapore. But as soon as they boarded their flight back home, some unusual thing happened. After some minutes they felt a sudden shock after which, everything went wrong. Peter and his team did whatever they wanted to do for the last time. Emily waved her parents for the last time and saw them burnt and turned into ash. A heart touching story which will make you cry. Just because of one person all the people in the A380 died. Lives of many officers and people were hung in a plane.

  • Author: Pratyush Kumar VIII
  • Published: 2017-01-15 14:50:09
  • Words: 4358
The Last Coffee: The crash of the sky giant. The Last Coffee: The crash of the sky giant.