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The Lady In Red

The Lady In Red

By Anne Bland



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The Lady In Red

Published by Anne Bland at Smash words

Copyright 2016 Anne Bland



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Table of content



Table of content


Down the bunny hole

A new land

The first test

Through the town

The second test

On her own

The ruler of the land

About me




You never know when your life is going to change, or how it could change. You never know who is destined for greatness and who will fail. All you do know is that everyone is trying to find their way. We are all like scattered flower petals just drifting in the wind with no idea were life will take us.

No no that’s not right” Kathrine crumbles the piece of paper and throws it into the wastebasket. “I need to think up of a great speech for graduation tomorrow but how? It’s not like graduating high school is really a big deal or anything, after all everyone does it”.

Katharine’s phone rings, “Hey girl it’s Tanya. What are you up to”?

Oh nothing just trying to think up a decent speech for tomorrow’s lame graduation, after all everyone knows graduating high school isn’t a big deal, they just make it one for the parents”.

Yea I know what you mean but why don’t you come over John just dropped off some sweet gumdrop and vodka, maybe it will help you think “.

Sure be right over” Kathrine hangs up the phone and changes into a black dress; then heads over to Tanya’s house.



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The Lady In Red

At her friend Tanya's house, Katherine takes some pills Tanya gives her and enters a dream like state. She meets a set of twins’ rabbits named Mr. Yellow and Mrs. Yellow. The set of twins inform her that she is in a different world and offer her guidance in how to return home. The twins quiz Katherine along the way helping her figure out the information she needs. Katherine enters a city covered in green fog and faces The Green Man. The Green Man tries to turn her into a grey minion by keeping her in the city. Katherine escapes and reunites with the twins who then give her guidance on her next challenge by testing her. Katherine goes into a space ship and attends a rave. At the rave Katherine faces The Purple Man. The Purple Man attempts to seduce Katherine into staying at the rave and giving up her quest to return home.Katherine resists The Purple Man and leaves the space ship rave. Katherine then enters a castle and speaks with The Blue Lady who is in charge of the world. The Blue Lady gives Katherine a final challenge for her to overcome if she wishes to return back home.

  • Author: Happy Bunny
  • Published: 2016-09-29 02:35:08
  • Words: 2179
The Lady In Red The Lady In Red