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The Junctions Of Life


The Junctions of Life

Rajesh Ranga Rao

It was a fine Saturday morning with the sun just started to raise its head. The birds were chirping around doing their morning activity actively. The sun, they say is full of energy supplying its power not just to earth but all of the other objects in the universe. But I, was dull, frozen, unmoving in thoughts, blank, with no energy in the mind and body, was getting started to walk the long road that had trees on both sides, leading to nowhere. My heart was pounding slowly, without the feel of life, looking for something extraordinary to happen immediately. I was looking for something lively and exciting to experience since I almost forgot the true essence of life. The world was as is, with all its ingredients reflecting various moods, in various forms, looked true to itself but was often misleading while it was experienced. My motive was just to move around to the endless horizon without stopping anywhere. I didn’t even notice the cattles that were on business on the grass grounds, the road filled with mud, the thin air that was blowing. I felt an emptiness within and only the void accompanied me while I was walking alone.

As the sun started to fill everything below it, slowly I started to think. What’s life? It was a big question which puzzled me. I had heard so many people believing in the “Always happy” theme and feeling lively with all of their actions impending towards feeling full and happy in whatever they do. There was a time when I was happy, victorious and satisfied but it was an eternity back. Over the last few years, I felt nothing but sadness and failure. My actions were not focused and oriented towards being happy and full. Although being unsuccessful was haunting me but the very experience of the way I lived, hurt me. Some say life must be lived in a way that we inspire others. Some say we must live in a way, that they follow our style and change their perception about life. Few say life must be lived in such a manner that we feel happy and satisfied. There were several theories on life by different people, but I was immersed into failures that I wasn’t even living the basic way to live. “What’s life?”, I kept on thinking. People often have so many goals in life and are directed towards achieving them. If they achieve those milestones, we can say, that one is a successful result and the life gives its fruit. We, as other objects in the world, keep moving towards a destination. While reaching the destination we experience so many things and each of those experiences constitute life. Every moment, every second. Life. We must be in a position to welcome everything the way it is and feel it to the fullest, be present, active and lively to live our life.

Life often breaks boundaries exploring new territories. The magic of life lies in feeling new incredible surprises. How quickly and openly we welcome the change helps combating the barriers and living with atmost potential. Life I believe must be something that keeps us active and keeps transforming our minds by doing our actions thereby making us happy. Life is a small plant that grows with us and helps others to grow. Life is like a plant. It must be nurtured, taken care of. It must be fed when it is young. What we feed to life is called Knowledge. Life eats knowledge, digests it, saves it and invests it. Experience gives us knowledge. Anything that transpires, moves us to the desired direction, lights up the world and makes us full is all life is all about. That life can be lived happily with maximum satisfaction.

How life must be lived? followed next. Any life that is lived with a strong motive and driven towards that direction is worthy. Any life that inspires others to live in the same way is superb. Any life that helps others in their journey is divine. Everybody in this world wants their name to stand times. They want themselves to be remembered for some reasons. In order to get there achievement is necessary. To achieve, people take different fields/paths and try to get there before their time is out. Life must be lived in a way that every moment we live, we do little things that build towards the big picture of attaining our goal successfully along with transforming the current world we live in. Any improvement/change we bring in, will be looked upon as a great achievement. Our inner mind should conspire to transform the lives of others and cross the worldly limits thereby experiencing the fullest potential of life. We must break boundaries and get that extraordinary feeling which will keep us focused and full. Some Gurus say we hardly use 0.1% of our mind towards action whereas few animals put their mind to their maximum. Every living things wants to grow higher, to feel the unknown.

It leads us to a conclusion that we haven’t still understood what life is or how it must be felt and lived. If we ought to move any higher then we must understand the way to live life. We should practice to refine our thoughts, converge it towards our goal. Most of us have wavering thoughts which diverge and lead us to danger. We must segregate, strategize, organize and structure our thoughts. Thoughts are things that eventually leads to action. We must form a way to discover ideas through the refined thought process. Our perception of life must change drastically. There could be ups and downs but it shouldn’t lead to unexpected and foolish behavior. The way we build our actions must be oriented towards the single goal of living life to the fullest. A significant factor in accomplishing this is by exhibiting positive energy throughout our journey. We should adapt to the outside world but shouldn’t be shaken by its aura. The positive energy we reflect will give visibility and direction to us. As few Gurus say, we must sharpen our minds and believe that our actions have no limits. Our understanding about life is narrow. We must have a broad view of it to understand better.

Due to the hustles I had and issues I faced, I never was able to view life in a proper angle. Life was always misleading so was the outside world. I was keep on walking thinking about what brought me to this or how I could have avoided failures. I was always within a circle and never came outwards. That circle drew me into it and I fell deeply into the centre. I was lost. I prayed for a way, but I never got one. None of the Gods helped me but I never ceased to have faith in them. Our thoughts and actions form our life. Perceptions and angles gives us experience. We must play with this outside world even though we may not like it. We must continue playing. We must transform our lives and leave behind a legacy that our future generation will start to use them in building their future. Our contribution is imminent. So understanding the way to live is of high significance. Our strength is endless and our potential is limitless. Even though our paths may be full of bricks we must find a way to handle it. The way we live should be in such a manner that every single experience we receive should be a learning and that must be applied to our future events.

What led to my failures? followed next. Although I started my life with series of successes, over a period of time I stopped and ended up with failures one by one. It broke me apart. I couldn’t digest. When a person ends up with continuous failures it demotivates him and throws him away from the play. As I started to think on what led to my failures, the very first thing that came to my mind was lack of knowledge. I wasn’t aware of certain things or I had no clue of certain things. I committed lots of mistakes due to that. Learning leads to knowledge. The day I stopped learning, I stopped the knowledge network. I stopped its function. How can you expect positive output when there’s no input. I blocked learning and it resulted in failure. Second reason is lethargy/slowness. I wasn’t active. I was not at present. I was only thinking of the past and hence I couldn’t change the future. A sense of dullness acquired me and stopped me from further progress. When there’s no plan there won’t be proper execution.

What happens when we stamp upon a failure? We tend to think too much about it and get immersed into its circle. It is like falling into a well. We don’t articulately think about avoiding it but tend to get carried away by the magnitude of the failure and lose our game. We forget that the failures are an experience and are necessary to tune us about the understanding of life and makes us live better. Failures are the stepping stones to success, said someone. The step we must take is to analyze the failure, recollect what action we took and decide the future plan of course. We must have a constructive thought process and approach during these turbulent times.

How to avoid failures? We may not able to accomplish everything we try, successfully in one shot. Even a golf ball finds the hole after a series of shots. A foot ball lands up in the net by passing the ball between team members. We can’t achieve anything in an instant. It is a gradual step by step process. We might fail at one moment but we must continuously try our shots. Failures cannot be avoided when we tend to bring any new innovation. All inventions have gone through a series of failures. We must use them positively and plan the future.

How to live life better? The way we live right now would take us nowhere. The path we are into is crowded and would only lead us to disappointment. We must choose the right path. We must align towards the nature, shape our actions in such a way, that we collectively as humans help one another and move towards the divine destination of life. We must treat everyone we stumble upon with dignity and respect. They should be ignited by our approach towards life. We must bring up a good quality future generation. This has to be achieved by doing service towards humanity and treating every living thing the way we would treat ourselves. Love all, Serve all. In order to achieve full satisfaction in life, we must leave something for our society. We must learn and teach. We must find and reach that divine end of our life. That’d give plenty of happiness to our inner as well as outer space.

These thoughts were flowing by while I was keep on walking the long road. I started out my life as a kid. I was very happy. My inner and outer part was very happy. I felt the inner peace. I was full within and out. As I grew up, I started learning and doing research. I was successful during the initial part of my life. The day when I stopped learning, I started making slow/no progress. As a kid we were all happy. We grew up and are now in a position to decide what we want, but yet we aren’t happy anymore. We don’t know what we want? We run behind petty things and forget the true essence of life. We have turned selfish and feel money is the only thing that matters in this world. We want to live a healthy, luxurious life. We need all the worldly things at our desk. Our ancestors use to work hard to get whatever they wanted and were happy even for the smallest things that happened in their life but even though we get a lot these days at our desk, we still want more. We are greedy.

As I reflected on these things, I felt I was more successful and happy while I was a kid. As an adult, I was a failure. It means that somewhere something went wrong. Perhaps my perception and view of life changed. Personally I was a big hit at work. I was the best in the Information technology (IT) sector. I was full of life doing innovations throughout my tenure at work. I interacted well with my clients and was the best at work. But even then sustainability is important. The growth and progress must be continuous. Although this was the only satisfaction I could have, I feel this could have improved, had I perceived life in a different angle. They say the whole of universe conspires us to win but we tend to ignore both the outer and inner space and end up with something what we don’t deserve. IT is a challenging and evolving sector. We should be on top of everything and one day won’t be same as the other day. There were test of times such as recession in the global markets leading to an unfriendly and unstable environment. There were occasions where business was shaky. I was able to withstand the turbulent times and was successful in my goals. But had I felt the true essence of life, I could have improved a lot.

Most often we are submerged in the thought of being successful and running behind money. We tend to ignore our health and family. We lose love. We notice them only after losing them. These days health is the primary aspect we lose because of the way we live these days. Many people are affected by it and haunts them every day. Especially this modern day way of life has brought in a lot of changes to the nature and we have started deviating from the nature. Every day we move away from the nature, has made us sick both physically and mentally. Today we have lots of resources and knowledge at our disposal but we tend to miss them. Our body and mind has been designed in a specific way but we use it in a way against our nature. We have polluted our body and mind. Our ancestors had a long life, but we have made our life fast and short. They strained for each and every thing but we get all very easily. We have turned emotionless and started to behave like machines. Our body parts got damaged and we never felt fullness. Our inner and outer space got severely damaged and we were ignorant of it. We forgot what is important to our life. We started moving in random directions and forgot our path. We are devoid of love. We are a complete failure. This is not what we wanted but this is the undisputable and unarguable truth. We aren’t progressing in the right direction.

What brought us to this way of life? The way we were taught in schools and the way our parents raised are the primary reasons behind this. Our education system in India have been inclined towards results. They encourage competitiveness but they are eventually marks oriented. Success has always been driven by the percentage the students score. Though these days we have started moving towards the western type of schooling, students still are deserted of the true value of education. We have only taught them history and geography but failed to teach them life. They say that teachers are Gurus but they haven’t really lived up to the expectations. They have been able to produce students with limited knowledge but the children are not profound and clear in their thoughts. They haven’t been able to generate ideas on their own. Innovations require stream of thoughts. Our quality of education is poor. Technically they are weak with little aptitude knowledge. Parents too should take the blame of producing this pattern of students. They try too much but achieve almost nothing. The percentage of innovators, Sportstars, Method actors and Business entrepreneurs we produced are bare. Although I say as a kid I was successful, I was successful by scoring high marks. I wasn’t taught to think profoundly and make articulate decisions in life. I wasn’t attuned towards my goal. I was helpless standing nowhere.

How to improve the current education system? Emphasis has to be more on inner engineering. Stress has to be more on health aspects. A person must have a sound body to progress forward. Then he should be strong and sound in mind. Teachers must be like Gurus explaining them about the essence and true value of life. The inner sense should be awakened. Everyone must feel enlightened by practicing meditation. Life’s value and nature should be understood. A person should be fulfilled within first so that he can appreciate the outside world. When we provide this kind of education to our students, we will end up generating many strong leaders of the future. All schools must build physical and yogic education so that we produce a good and healthy next Gen. Some people don’t know even how to breathe. Life is a system, with a pattern. Yoga, pranayama coupled with physical and sporting activities will sharpen the body and mind. We can then dictate the body on what to do and instruct our minds to generate fruitful ideas. Innovation will then be so simple. This way we can generate more entrepreneurs. Teachers must get proper training in shaping the students. Everyone must feel that the inner energy is most necessary to perform actions outward, Our life is inside out. So the education pattern must change drastically.

Should we change in our medical approach? Yes. Our life is made out of our soil. It has got direct relation to that. A tiny sperm is sufficient to create life. That power is a result of the food that we intake from our soil. So we are directly related to mother earth, sun and other planets. Their movement causes changes in us. So we must consider the western pattern of treatment as a temporary plan and go for Siddha, Ayurveda and Acupuncture treatments since they directly treat the body and mind. Govt. should encourage these alternate treatment medicines and people should take them as permanent solution for their health problems. These were treatments that stood the test of times and had proven its success in the past. We should continue embracing it for our benefit.

My experience and work was in IT sector and I was susceptible to lots of health issues. Mostly driven by stress and anxiety, I was affected a lot. Although I was in trouble I kept focusing on my career and shaped it well. Especially the people at work weren’t as friendly as I thought they’d be. Most of them were selfish and evil minded. They wanted the best for them at the cost of others’ benefits. Some were spreading anger and desperation. Some reflected their ill tactics. Hardly anyone behaved professionally. I had a great experience with several IT giants but the scenarios was same everywhere. People there are ready to kill others at any cost. If schools can’t produce good quality students how can we expect a competitive and selfish industry to produce good quality humans? It was like animals moving around or machines which had no life in them. The clients with whom I worked were amazing and lively but the offshore team members were unhelpful.

Being a professional workplace, people should have exhibited their professional nature but they haven’t learned of it nor were they aware of such behaviors. I was prone to lots of mental tortures and threats from my team leaders but I still stood the times and won because of the stubborn nature I had and the willpower I experienced. But it may not be the case for all. The team leaders must lead the team in a way that each and everyone feels their significance in delivering a product and being responsible for their creations. We are in a need to generate future leaders so that we can move forward as a unit. But the disappointing fact is that there’s hardly any one who would welcome any innovation from his subordinates with open mind. Very few encourage their team towards their goal. They often find faults and escalate for all silly reasons they can come up with. We can’t blame them because they haven’t been educated in that fashion. Working with them is kind of a nightmare and most of them just want the time to pass by.

Young minds of today need proper guide to direct them towards their motto. Their ideas must be baselined and sharpened. Innovations must be encouraged. Discipline and work ethics has to be taught. Leaders and managers of today should build their future Gen. but they often tend to ignore and never motivate the young minds. IT must be a place where everyone collaborates equally. Not just this field, every field must follow the same pattern. Adequate training has to be provided not just on technical front but also on management and business perspectives. They should understand business and ethics. Through proper and timely motivation, continuous guidance and streamlining the tasks assigned, good quality work can be extracted from the employees. Attrition will go down if employee friendly policies are incorporated. In order to make work-life balance, adequate amount of time can be invested in bringing the employees’ talents on stage by coming up with music shows, blogs, short movies creations etc. innovations can be encouraged and rewarded by conducting/organizing innovation shows. Adequate amount of knowledge can be imparted via elearning systems. People interested can learn new technologies/language by enrolling in those programmes. This is just an example for IT. All the other sectors can also come up with stalls for innovations, papers published with useful ideas etc. Overall we must provide a healthy environment for people to explore and come up with good strategies at work.

Slowly I kind of started to understand certain facts of life. Being Cognizant is a trivial factor. Being present and knowing the current trends in the science, technology, finance and business sectors is very essential for growth. We must follow social and political events that directly and instantly drives us. We should raise our voice so that the world can invite changes. One must embrace the new things that science and technology offers to us. Cognizance on all these fields with day-day actions are mandatory for our growth financially and socially. We must construct a green pollution free environment so that all living things can live together with ease. Usage of renewable and sustainable resources, recycling the plastics, reducing food wastage, saving oil and electricity are factors that will help the economy and future Gen to use when they need the most. We must also incline towards helping poor and needy children and old age people for them to live their life happily. Being a citizen of this country, if we tend to offer ourselves to these kind of social activities, we can feel the fullness within us.

Can tradition/culture bring change in life? Yes ! Being in a cultural land of India, where religion is most respected and followed, adopting a tradition is a must. When you’re in Rome, be a Roman, they say. Being in this highly old cultured country, practicing a tradition/culture is vital in development of an individual. Following the practices that our noble books and divine authors mentioned on how to live life, can be put to action. Those principles are of at most values and following them will bring a change internally and externally. Any religion we follow in this country have their principles finally converging towards betterment of life and impart vast pearls of wisdom. We can believe in any religion, we can believe in any Guru but what we believe must be completely learned and put to practice. Some of the examples are Lord Buddha and Swamy Vivekananda. They understood the true essence of life, learned it, felt it, practiced it and then spread it. These principles refines us and takes us towards enlightenment. We can then spread the light outward.

How to avoid conflicts and arguments? Initially it may seem difficult to avoid conflicts and arguments but if we look at every event that happens closely we can avoid unnecessary tensions. By being open to the outside world we can bring in more ideas which helps to avoid issues. If we get a clear picture of the situation, have resounding thoughts that run deeply within we can find a way to reach a consensus. Our thoughts will be refined and our judgement will be accurate. We will then have the ability to function in an articulate manner. Our approach to the situations will be stable and we can reach a win-win situation.

What do we search for in life? Most of us run behind money. We work day and night to earn money and spend them all somewhere. We feel that we couldn’t save enough money for the future. We run behind monetary things and feel that those worldly things will give satisfaction to the soul. We must understand that we should seek for a thing which is eternal and indestructible in life. We should seek for a thing which will grow with us every day. We must seek for inner peace.

How to purify our soul? This is a question which only Yogic Gurus can answer. Our soul today has been corrupted with lots of junk materials. It has turned like a non-renewable waste. We have polluted it drastically. Purification of our soul can be done via meditation. Meditation will help purify our thoughts and deliver stability. Om chanting meditation, guided music meditation, Picture meditation, transcendental meditation will help purify our thoughts. We should feel that we are the sole living thing in the universe communicating with the highest powerful source of energy. When we are aligned with that power, we feel fullness within and our thoughts get filtered. Sometimes we end up not thinking anything but just communicating via breath to that powerful source. Being in this state can help us to live in this material world, combat anger, frustration and failure. We can feel at most happiness being in this state. Our soul will find its true cause of existence and we can perform better in our worldly activities.

Importance of Yoga. Yoga is a form of physical exercise that will shape our body the way it has to be. The way we live these days is not aligned to the nature. We use lots of machines which performs our day-day activities. Our ancestors lived a healthy lifestyle and were happy in their lives. Since our current lifestyle has brought in lots of change, it is customary to bring back the body to its normal self, aligned to nature. Yoga and Pranayama takes us to the divine destination. It first clears the body and then the mind. It vibrates and enables the power of our chakras in the body. Everyone wants to live a healthy and long life but due to our current pattern of living we deviate from it. Yoga betters us and provides us an opportunity to get back to our old self. In order to have a healthy inner and outer space we must put this to practice. Most of the diseases that we are prone to these days can be cured by yoga. Also it raises the immunity within. We must take at least 30 mins of our time to perform yoga.

I walked as I reflected on these things. Slowly I started to get a clear picture about life and the way it must be lived. The mistakes I committed come before me and the way that could have been avoided is also in front of me. The importance of Yoga, Pranayama and meditation told me that life has to be lived in a different way. By practicing these I could make my life better and happy. I can lead a peaceful life and keep my family secure and blessed. I realized the importance of Guru. We might worship any God but as ancient traditions say, a Guru is necessary to take us forward in life. The Pandavas had Dhronacharya. Similarly we must have a Guru in mind and align towards his ideologies and travel this world to reach that divine destination. We must follow the principles of our Guru thoroughly. They will help in teaching us how the perception towards life should be and align our goals. We can’t learn everything on our own. Even as kids we needed teachers to help us learn. Likewise a Guru is necessary to provide light in the surrounded darkness. We must be a disciplined disciple and follow the route provided. We can learn many things from him. So each and every one must identify a Guru first. That is the initial step towards enlightenment. Even when we tour places we seek for a guide since that place is new to us and we require help. Likewise to travel unknown lands in life, we need a Guru who has better knowledge on the paths and can guide us effectively to find our destination.

There’s a Shakthi/power behind every person. You can see certain people being so happy in their life. They tend to have smiles throughout the day. They have short term goals and achieve them. They are successful both in their work and life. I personally have seen so many people being so full of life. Since I was a blogger in several organizations I worked for, I had interaction with many fellow bloggers. Some of them magically plan their days very well in advance. They divide the day and plan their time. They watch movies, listen to music, read books/blogs, write articles in leading magazines, work in IT, resolve issues at work, be a good Father and take complete care of their family. Such kind of people live life to their fullest. Whereas there are huge number of people who don’t have a proper plan and ambiguously live their life. Such kind of people cannot emit positive energy. They wouldn’t have the power to make decisions and can’t enjoy the life to the fullest. There won’t be enormous achievements. Such life is not worthy to be lived. But there’s a way to realize and increase the power within us. We must live in the present, have clear thoughts, form a systematic approach, learn from the achievers, follow their principles so that we can lead a better life. We can awaken the hidden Shakthi within us and once it starts ticking, it must be fed and nurtured. The time has come for us to realize that Shakthi within us and wake it to enable our performance to the fullest.

How successful people lead their life? We can consider few business entrepreneurs who were successful in their life. For example, founders of Facebook, Flipkart were visionaries. They were completely aware of the current and planned their future. They addressed the needs of the outside world. They completely understood the interests of the people. They did not want themselves to be improved. They wanted to provide something to the outside world. They thought about the world. They wanted to make the lives of others better. They executed a plan and were successful in it. They had lots of ideas in mind which led to innovation. They were successful in their businesses. In order to be successful in life, we must think of the people with whom we share our living. If we make their life better, we can live better. For example., take the service sector, say medical field. If we bring in some change in the medical field improving the lives of the people better, we can be rewarded. There are Doctors who understand the pain of the patients accurately and serve them. It makes them famous. Understanding the human body of others leads them to be successful in their career. Doctors who treat patients well and cure diseases are most sought and their life gets better. Another sector is the insurance sector, where the motto is to serve people. If the Agents understand the needs of the people, he can deliver proper insurance products to the customers and will be most sought after because of his understanding about people and their needs. So in order to be successful, we cannot be selfish. We must think about the world and work accordingly. Service to the people can make our life full and better. It can improve our career as well. Successful people tend to think differently and have a better perception about life. Their ideas and approach are unique. If we are open to learn new things, we can always learn from their experiences and incorporate them in our life and see the change. There are lots of videos available in the internet explaining about the hustles and how they faced them effectively, breaking barriers and delivering solutions to the world. We can always have certain people as role models and follow them and achieve greater success in life.

Balanced work-life pattern. Many of us strive to achieve this but often end up with too much work so that the balance have been disturbed. High work pressure and demanding job types with higher time spending has led us to this imbalance. We became a slave tour jobs and many don’t even have time for rejuvenation. The key to achieve this is quality. It isn’t important to spend too much time at work, but prioritizing the tasks at regular time intervals and proper plan in achieving them is significant. We must be focused on our work completely and with full attention it must be done. This can dramatically lead to completion of our tasks before the stipulated time and the leisure time can be used for life enriching activities. We can dedicate some time for relax and rejuvenation. In order to have a proper balance, we must have a good idea about our work, plan/divide/prioritize it and have intermediate milestones. Time division and assignment plays a crucial role here. If we are attentive and focused we can achieve considerable amount of time being saved and we can take those for our personal enhancements.

What went wrong in my life is that I wasn’t really aware of all these things. I was completely blind. I neither looked outside nor inside. Transformation starts within, they say. I wasn’t focused on my inner self and neglected its aura. I couldn’t feel myself within. I always blamed the outside world for my failures. I ignored the lens with which the outside world must be viewed. Perhaps I had a wrong lens. I couldn’t answer my inner mind nor I could satisfy the outer world. I never felt the need for a Guru, never did Yoga, meditation or any form which results in personal nourishing. All the events that happened were utter disappointments. I could never feel being positive. I ended up in the vicious circle of loss. I had great aspirations. Had huge number of interests but I couldn’t achieve any. All the goals that I wanted to accomplish stood out of reach. Every step I took forward were received negatively and impacted me and pushed me backwards. I saw so many people in life moving forward but I stood still without making any progress. A man would definitely get depressed if he cannot find the destination. Forget about the destination, even movement towards the destination wasn’t there for me. I was completely lost in the darkness.

Family and Friends. These two are the only hope for every person. Especially when a person is lost, these two are the only primary sources that can boost you up. Support from them is crucial. We live for our family and friends isn’t it? Motivation from them plays an important role in our development. Feedback from them helps us to grow better and strong. After all, they are our world, aren’t they? It is necessary to frequently communicate with them. They are the ones who are going to praise us when we win and mourn when we lose. So having a constructive opinion from them really matters. We must share our experiences with them. In terrible times they are the ones we look out for. We travel with them and they are our well-wishers. Having a good friend is like having a book. That can map us to the right spot. We must their significance in our life and try to have a strong bond. We can learn from their experiences and apply them in our life. A good friend can light up a sad day. He can take us forward when we are stuck. Hence they play a major role in finding our way forward. They can be a ray of hope. Their vitality cannot be ignored.

What’s the most important thing in life? This questions was surveyed and almost 90% of the people replied, Health. Then Money. Health is the primary need necessary for all our actions. Health cannot be bought. It must be obtained by continuous practice. Money can be earned in several ways but there’s only one way to gain health. They say we get what we give. We must positive energy outward to receive the same inward. Constant discipline and daily practice is necessary for good health.

What we give back to the society? We have received a lot from this world, the nature, the people. We hardly give back anything to the society. There have been lots of poor children striving for food and education, old age people without support. We received lot from this outside world but we tend to ignore everything as if nothing happened. We must cultivate the habit of volunteering in us. We are highly educated and are the future of this country. We must give something back. It could be a teaching. It could be a monetary offer. It could be an advice. It could be support. We must proactively think about our surrounding and people with whom we share our lives and offer them something they are desperately in need of. These are the ways human life keeps moving better. We live one life, so we got to make it nice and worthy.

How should we raise our kids? They are the next Gen, the future pillars of the nation. Humanity will be defined by each one of them. We simply can’t raise them the way we have been living so far. We aren’t living a complete life. Most of us didn’t even understand the true value of life. It has become the need of the hour to find a pattern to raise them in such a way that they will feel fullness and absolute satisfaction in their life. We must change ourselves first before teaching them. They mudt be aligned towards nature, our soil. We must take them towards enlightenment. This has to be done by explaining them about our culture, tradition, religion, language and spirituality. A thorough understanding of the human body, inner sense and its power, outside world’s demands and the connection between our soul and this universe has to be established and rooted in their minds. This can be achieved by lightening up of their inner mind by Yoga, Pranayama and other meditation techniques. Self awareness is very important aspect to preach the next Gen. If a person feels full inside he can go on and drive the world. This has to be kept in mind and the kids have to be raised in the above fashion.

Does religion really help towards enlightenment? Yes, it does !! Our land is full of spirituality. Enormous number of Yogis and Gurus have found the essence of life, via religion. The religion explains how the eternal one blessed this world with all the resources. It also has lots of stories, morals and Vedas which explains how a man must live. We simply cannot ignore our tradition which stood millions of years. Even the Sun is worshipped as a God here. For Atheists, the nature is the supreme power. Humanity has received several positive aspects by following our religion. We have seen so many Kings rule based on the way the religion taught them. The significance of religion towards the inner self development cannot be ignored. If we miss this, we would leave something void in our life.

Ignorance is the vital factor for any cause of failure. We tend to cut down trees, pollute our atmosphere, disrespect the elders, stopped our kids from playing. Shortly we have started to make others’ life miserable. We have negatively affected the lives of others. We don’t impart love. We have done enough damage already to the society. But we feel as if nothing happened. We don’t think of the demerits associated with it but continue to harm the society. The day we start to think that our actions play a major role in shaping the outside world, only then the humanity will serve better. We should be responsible for our actions and save oil, electricity for future generations.

What sports can teach to people? Is there any sport which is played alone without any opponent/object? This means that even playing needs harmony. Life’s lived with people by being together. Football is my favorite sport and Germany, FC Barcelona are my favorite teams. FC Barcelona play football like a well directed movie. Their players dance with the ball and their way of play is like a musical note. Their motto is ‘football is more than life’. They have a unique style of play which they preserve and having used to it over the years. It is like their tradition and they stick to it. They don’t like winning games by being out of that style. Playing in a certain way well accepted by their fans is important to them more than winning a game. Similarly life and way of living has a style/pattern. We must stick to it no matter what happens. Winning in a way out of our style is not worthy of winning. Sports can teach us a lot. Confidence, Dedication, Never give up pattern, Sound mind, Articulate thoughts, Unity, Strength, Competitiveness – the output of a sport is almost similar to the output of life. Playing a sport is being closer to life. The rivalry between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer is well known but the manner in which they play shows us that they like and love their work completely. Likewise we must love our work and perform. This will lead to success one day or the other. We can see the consistency of Cricket Australia by being the world champions for 3 consecutive times. How much effort it requires to be in that top spot? Few say, sport is more than life and death. It is passion that drives them crazy. We can certainly say that following/understanding a sport is essential towards understanding the philosophy of life. We must follow a sport and even play to have a fit body and sound mind.

Significance of music in life – A music can bring a sense of emotion within us. It can transform us rapidly from one mood to another. Both classical music and western music have their significance. Our roots are deeply with classical music and our feelings would be strongly inclined towards them. Music can give life to a dying human. It can bring lots of positive energy around and make us lively. Music coupled with lyrics can teach and transform human lives. There are people who have learned life via songs of our movies. Old songs have taught love, friendship, culture, method of life. Some songs are divine. Upon hearing them we get rejuvenated. Songs can bring energy to a dull individual. It can be nostalgic when a group sings them. We are made of sound and light. The memories that these notes bring cannot be explained via words. Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Three Color Blue is one such film in which life’s various moods are captured via stunning musical notes. In a way, life can be described by music and movies.

There’s a strong relation between the sun and the planets. There’s a bond between the earth and us. They say our encounter with every single person would have had relations in the previous births. Everything happens for a reason. Every moment is written well ahead. There’s nothing surprising. All are planned. As I reflected on these things I started to feel the true essence of life. I wanted a healthy, happy life for me and my friends/family. I wished for success and glory. I thought I’d start to treat everyone with love and care. I’d stay in the present and look life through the best angle/lens.

Does life give you choices? Infact the problem is, it gives you too many and you’re often confused in choosing one. Life offers complex multiple paths and the wisdom lies in choosing the best one. We should program ourselves to decide the best for us. We are prone to succumb to illusions and often miss our way. We struggle through our way and often feel the past could’ve been better. Most of us are unclear and have a diverging viewpoint. Troubled by the confusing state, we react hastily and end up in an improper place. We don’t realize our true power and leave everthing to destiny. We take the path of hatred and disagree to live in harmony and battle it out with our neighbours. What we forget is that our output is the input to the trees and their output is our input. Life as well is lived in dependence. So we musy learn to love all.

My walk will continue and there’s no end for it. It will go on and on for life never ends. Soul keeps coming again and again into this world to experience new things. Human’s wish and wants would never have an end and this cycle will go on for eternity. It is man’s duty to learn things through his experience and try to live a better life by making progress. If we understand the true essence of life, life will become easy and simple. Life is like a river. It can take you places. But you must decide which is the right place. You can either swim against the free flow or go with it. In any ways it may luckily lead to a junction from where other paths diverge. At that time when life gives you a chance, you must use it and pick that up. You must decide on the future course of action at that time. If we do, we can experience pure magic. We can be like a bird with big wings, like the sound of a ball when it hits the bat, like a never ending melody, like a free flowing kite, like the thin air devoid of gravity, like an uncontrollable emotion, like a star shining above the sky, like a thunderous rainfall, like a beautiful poem, like a ….

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Rajesh Ranga Rao is working in the IT industry since 2006 and have been associated with several IT giants. His area of expertise is in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. He has been primarily linked with the Banking and Financial services sector. He is from the Engineering background with proactive interests in blogging, poetry, music, sports, business, stock markets and movies. He likes to write screenplays, poems, short stories and blogs. He has been a writer since 2007. His primary area of interest is poetry.

He is a fan of Cricket India and South Africa, German national football and Football Club Barcelona. He’s a great admirer of Sachin Tendulkar, Salman Khan and Novak Djokovic. He likes carnatic music and old tamil songs composed by Shri. M.S.Viswanathan with lyrics penned by Shri. Kannadasan. He’s a big fan of Bruno Mars, Pharrel Williams, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Johnny Depp, Ingmar Bergman, Akira Kurosawa, Vittorio De Sica, Danny Elfman and the band Imagine Dragons.

He is highly religious and a firm believer in the Almighty. His thoughts and write-ups often reflect life’s true emotions of love and failure. Although most of his writings are fictional, they tend to have close relations with everyday life. He has written lots of business blogs as well. He likes to write books linked to current events talking about science, technology, spirituality and business.


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