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The Influence of Artemis

This third volume of the series 'Life, Death and Artemis' addresses the Influence of Artemis (the active role of Artemis): This volume starts with a short outline of the theory behind life-cycle rites based upon the theories of social anthropologist Van Gennep. This is followed by evidence of rites of Artemis during the course of life, and her perceived role in relation to both transitions at each stage of life and continuous practices throughout life. This is separated into three areas: the female life-cycle; the male life-cycle; and the way of life of the polis / society. Following this is an assessment of Artemis’ influence on the course of life through her perceived role in relation to transgressions, culminating in an Artemisian code of ethics. This is followed by the conclusion: The concluding section summarizes the findings (above), both similarities and differences, to demonstrate the level of support that exists for the thesis that Artemis was essentially a life power.

  • Author: Mary G. Galvin PhD
  • Published: 2018-10-14 04:35:07
  • Words: 60484
The Influence of Artemis The Influence of Artemis