The Human Rights

The Human Rights

Human rights, in harmony with the human development

First Edition

By Valentin Leonard Matcas, M.Ed.

Published by Valentin Leonard Matcas at Shakespir

Copyright 2017 Valentin Leonard Matcas

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Cover: Valentin Matcas


I dedicate this book to my family.

People believe that governments and justice systems give them their rights throughout life, through specific rules, laws, and regulations, which is never true. Your human rights are yours by default, since you are a human being. Authorities may give you privileges, yet rights and privileges are different concepts. In fact, authorities take away your human rights, always, and they do so with your full agreement, in a perfect legal manner! Why? Should authorities not take away your rights, mostly when you break the law? No, since authorities write these laws, while they also create the necessary circumstances for you to break these laws, in a major conflict of interests. Why? …So you eventually wave your human rights, and fall into slavery. In this book we may see how it all happens, and it starts with the laws.

1 Individuals and Authorities Breaking the Law

Throughout life, you work hard to earn a living as everybody else, then you still have time to enjoy life and amuse yourself as you please, and everybody else does the same! Pleasure is addictive, and your hunger for more pleasure makes you push your luck even further, as far as laws, rules, codes, and regulations allow. …And if you ever go too far, which happens a lot, you either get punished by laws and you end up in jail, if you ever get caught, or you get better at pushing your luck, draining even more pleasure from everything around you, enjoying life even better! Right?

Well, not really, since more pleasure burns your receptors even more. …Besides, the laws defining your limits today, these laws setting the boundaries of your lifestyle today are actually invalid, implausible, not pertinent, and therefore illegitimate. …Because many times, laws are implemented throughout Society in order to infringe your human rights, while they are always being used with the intent of lowering or ignoring altogether your human status. …And this certainly takes away from your pleasure and lifetime enjoyment, does it not?

Today’s laws do not even apply to you, most of the time! Those controlling Society today work hard to impose on you the specific beliefs that the current laws, rules, and regulations are excellent, absolute, and unconditional. You get these specific beliefs unconsciously, through Education and through Media and Entertainment, all promulgating the absolute, unquestionable validity of the current system of law! Why?

…And this is what you now think, that the laws defining and guarding Society closely today are absolute and they are doing the best job in keeping you safe! …Do they? Even more, since the wealthiest and the most influential of the world work hard in order to bypass, hijack, and contort these same laws, you will now think that the entire system of law in the world must be very solid, legitimate, absolute, and unconditional. Is it?

Could it be true, that the system of law in the word is that strong? …Then who exactly is powerful enough to keep it instated in Society this way, and why? Could it be social control right from the law system? Could the world be controlled right from its roots, from its very laws? …Then by whom? …And since these laws persist to apply to absolutely everybody, rich and poor alike, then whoever controls the laws must be above us all, rich and poor alike! …Then who exactly is there above us so powerful and so capable to account, assess, judge, and punish everything happening down here at all time, because now we may identify its presence indeed, through laws and statutes, and it feels intriguing! …Are Religion and Spirituality right all along, and there are divine, highly spiritual beings up there, including the Deity Himself, all monitoring closely all of us down here? Is the model of this entire book series correct and there are indeed intelligences past the human level, monitoring, protecting, and judging us all? Is this how they interact with us now, with Society, and with the Human Civilization, through their own higher laws? …Or even more, are there extraterrestrial civilizations all around, monitoring Humanity continuously, in order to protect, preserve, develop, imprison, save, or exploit us all throughout time, systematically?

Who knows, all the above could be true, simultaneously! Whatever the case is, the specific higher or divine laws coming from all these more capable beings will certainly find their way down here, through all means, to influence our lower laws, and through them, to influence the whole world.

…Because if it was not for these invisible higher laws, the very wealthy and the very influential of the world would have already made the whole world their own, by removing the rest of the population, since they already have the will and the capabilities to do it, even today, even this morning! Now with these higher laws watching them continuously, the very wealthy have to determine the people around them to drive themselves to extinction through all means, bloodline after bloodline and social layer after social layer, from the bottom up, and this is what happens today! …Because any law, higher or not, may be bypassed, fouled, contorted, challenged, and even overruled, if you happen to be capable enough to do it. …And it is your capability alone to determine your status, your jurisdiction, and therefore the system of law applying to you. …Yet life is not this simple, because everyone around you will always try to challenge your capabilities and therefore your status, tricking you or forcing you this way to fall into their lower jurisdictions, and consequently being able to judge you by their own lower laws!

…And this is exactly what happens today, everywhere: you are tricked into accepting lower-level charges, verdicts, and punishments, all forced on you through lower systems of law within lower jurisdictions, these laws never apply to you yet you always go to jail through them, it ruins your life, and it ruins Society! …And this is exactly why most of the laws around you do not even apply to you, and you should not even be in those trials, around those people!

…And it happens exactly through these laws, higher and lower, invisible and not, and it happens not exactly by contorting these laws the way you may see it happening in the movies throughout courtrooms and trials, all done by lawyers, but it happens by bypassing these higher laws altogether throughout trials, through all means, carefully done by all judges, carefully overruling this way your normal human rights! …And we will see exactly how it happens throughout this book, how it affects you, and how people usually react. …If you even care! …Because everybody seems very comfortable with the world as it is, everyone being interested only in that pleasure mentioned in the first paragraph, and how much closer they can get to those legal boundaries without upsetting the laws, drawing even more pleasure from life regardless of how much it burns, down to the last drop! …Until one day!

Can there really be invisible higher laws in the world, worthy enough to be mentioned here? Just consider how much religion and spirituality influence the world, even today! Study all laws and you will still find divine or higher interference in them, even today! In fact, many law systems work hard to bypass these divine or higher interferences, while still claiming that they consider them, and it is always done in your detriment! You seem to be protected, always, from above or from beyond, through invisible higher laws, higher laws finding their way within our own systems of law! …And this is the case not only with humans, but this is the case with all animals, all plants, and with the whole world, and it gets more and more enforced!

…And since laws always apply to beings of specific statuses, within specific jurisdictions, granting or denying them specific rights and privileges, developing in them this way specific responsibilities, directly or implicitly, while defining the structure and boundaries of their lifestyle, and implicitly while defining the level and consistence of their cognitive, social, and cultural development, then you will always have the connectivity of all these stated above manifesting everywhere in the world, wherever these higher and lower laws are applied and considered. …And it spans Society!

How does it all happen? …Very simple! Throughout entire systems of law, your authorities bypass higher laws and higher requirements, by bypassing your normal human rights, by bypassing your normal human status, and therefore by lowering systematically your jurisdiction, from whatever it is officially claimed to be wherever you live, to invalid, irrelevant, and even to fake replicas of official jurisdictions! …Or at least this is the case throughout Common Law. …And it is always done through your own demands, approvals, and agreements, either direct or tacit.

…And this is always the case, you never know it, and you never even suspect it! The world is this low, indeed! This is why, if you want to protect yourself, if you want to understand what happens in the legal world, you must understand all its relevant legal elements: laws, systems of law, status, rights, privileges, statutes, jurisdictions, codes, symbols, procedures, previous cases, language, etc., and we will cover them all throughout this book, and more!

Now you understand why many legal and moral laws that you may consider unconditionally today do not even apply to you, yet you are always judged and punished by them, while these laws should never concern you. …And this is how you always have to volunteer in order to go to court and then to jail, or you never get there, and it happens to everybody!

…Yet the purpose of this book is not exactly to study and work hard in order to expose major glitches in the systems of laws governing Society today, and make the world a more criminal place!

Throughout this entire book series, we have stumbled upon, identified, and had considered countless of social schemes and illegal procedures taking place in the world, how they work, how they are implemented and maintained in Society, how they affect you throughout life, who the actors behind them are, how this favors them, and what they want now from you and from the entire Society. …But now, by claiming that many laws engaging Society today are invalid and inapplicable, this might be too much! …Yet not only that many laws defining your boundaries in Society are invalid, but since these laws have to be stated clearly through acts, codes, and statutes everywhere in the world and at any time throughout history, now you may have your tangible proof, your tangible view of the real face of the wider world, in legal forms! …Yet this book and this entire book series are not meant to prove to you that the whole system is rigged, it is not meant to brag about how unjust the world is to you, since there are countless of conspiracy theories out there to do so. This book series is meant to model you, the world, and your place in the world accurately, and this includes your laws and agreements, your statuses, and your responsibilities in Society and in the wider world, since these define you and your life more than everything else!

So yes, you will still have your legal proof of how the system is rigged, and you will still get to see how most of the laws of Society do not apply to you and how you are made to volunteer in every way in order to abide to these laws. …Because this is how you lose your possessions throughout life, along with your spouse, your children, your friends, your freedom, and even your life, with you demanding it all, in legal manners, the whole time, and probably not even realizing it. …Yet what we are interested the most throughout this book is to look further and learn how and why the world and Society are made to function in this particular manner, on whose behalf, and with what consequences. …Because as stated above, at a first glance, it seems that there is a higher authority to control Humanity directly, through higher laws, meant for rich and poor alike! …And now, by you ignoring any of this higher knowledge, you lower your capabilities and therefore you lower your status, and this is how you fall lower and lose your rights and opportunities. Live your life for pleasure alone, down to the last drop, and you fall even lower in life, since you compromise your entire development, and you might never be able to get back up again. Life is this competitive, because as we will see, the same people tricking or forcing you to accept and follow irrelevant laws within lower jurisdictions, these same people are also the ones forcing you to compromise your development and fall down even lower, much lower, all the way down! …And many times this is the purpose of why you are here, because they bring you here, since this is exactly how intelligences die. …Yet your life is your choice.

This book covers the first four levels of laws, statuses, and responsibilities, up to and including the human level. …And then we continue this model in the following book of this series, ‘Higher Laws,’ for the all-present, unseen, absolute Higher Laws that apply to you throughout this life and ever, coming from above. …And these Higher Laws must be unconditional and absolute indeed! Are they really?

So what you learn throughout this book helps you maintain control throughout life while protecting yourself legally, helping you understand your status, rights, privileges, and place in the world, further helping you become more aware and more responsible throughout life. …While always accounting for the Higher Laws too, since all laws, higher and lower, they all set the boundaries of your lifestyle and development in the world, since they, are always watching you!

2 Human Laws and Human Rights

Laws, rules, and regulations are nothing else but simple agreements among people, verbal or written, meant to help people live together, in a most harmonious and efficient manner. All normal laws around you are good and legal, as religious, common, or civil laws, and there is nothing wrong with them! You never want people to aggress you, your wife, or your children for example, and there are specific laws in the world protecting you all exactly from this kind of dreadful events! In fact, it is a great achievement for any civilization to reach a point where this kind of laws remain well instated, assuring you continuously the kind of freedom, security, and confidence necessary for your lifestyle to match your own cognitive development. …Then what is the problem in the world with the law systems? Let us see!

There are many kinds of laws in the world, including moral and legal. While legal laws assure the security of your family and possessions for example, moral laws assure you to reach a more civilized lifestyle among the rest of the world, keeping you and your family protected from bad language for example, or from filth, nudity, etc.

…Now, what is wrong with nudity? Absolutely nothing, since everyone should be proud and not ashamed with the human body! Nudity and every act leading to reproduction in general are kept away from your social behavior and from your daily and lifelong activities, in order for you and for your bloodline not to expand past your own allowance, which is very, very low today. In fact, when you do the math, the growth of your own bloodline is negative, already threatening you with extinction, while but a very few intermarried bloodlines found at the top of the world are allowed to expand naturally, exponentially, already counting in tens or hundreds of millions. …And it is all done through moral, consented laws, and nothing else. These are the same laws that you are ready to fight even your loved ones in order to keep implemented in the world, since your moral beliefs for ‘righteousness’ are very strong today! In fact, most of the fights that you have with your teenage children relate to this kind of acts of procreation. …And this is exactly how your own bloodline may end now while your teenage children can do nothing about it, and so you all go extinct! …For your own beliefs of moral ‘righteousness!’

Why? Because there are two kinds of laws. There are the normally understood laws, for example the legal laws addressing all obvious crimes as theft and murder, and there are consented laws, as the law of not walking on grass downtown for example. All these laws make a criminal out of you regardless if they are obvious or only consented laws: they both drag you into justice if you ever break them. …And there are plenty of people in the world to make sure that you pay well for your crimes, even if you only happen to have walked on grass downtown one day, or if your dog happened to use the bathroom on the sidewalk! …Because it is never about the type or kind of crime that you ever commit, but it is always about you breaking the law, about you being a criminal, and about you having now to pay for it, with your money or jail time. …And it is always about money when it comes to the entire judicial system. Why?

What is worse, nobody can draw a line between obvious and consented laws, since this whole system is empiric, relative, and based on beliefs alone! Nobody knows exactly what it is good or bad in the world and how to motivate their own decisions of good and bad in the world, but people only motivate their decisions based on whatever everybody else thinks and does.

These are called beliefs, these are relative and not valid facts, these are very hard to identify, motivate, and change, and what it is worse, the whole world is controlled today through beliefs alone, and you will always fight in order to maintain instated these particular social and legal beliefs, beliefs that you may not even be able to identify and motivate!

For example, three sister were walking downtown Toronto one beautiful summer day, and they suddenly decided that it was too hot for them, and therefore they all went topless! Such an infringement of a very important law: you must never show your private parts in public! One policeman saw these sisters naked, and told them immediately to cover themselves, or else! …And this is how all problems started, because these three sisters decided immediately to sue all authorities and the whole government for the way that policeman reacted to their nudity in public! …And then, when all lawyers searched everywhere to find any valid law to give a meaning to this entire case, there was absolutely nothing valid in the code of law related to nudity!

Forbidden nudity is actually a strongly implemented belief, a social stereotype, and nothing else!

Who exactly was so capable to implement this well known belief and for what reasons? You might doubt it now, but it has to do with the culling, which is the extermination of all bloodlines of the world, except for one! …And that is the bloodline to implement this specific belief, along with countless of similar ones for the same purpose: ‘always wear your clothes!’ or ‘nudity is immoral!’ or ‘procreate only with your spouse!’ or ‘have sex only in private!’ or ‘one at a time, only one at a time!’ or ‘Age! …Not one single day too soon!’ and so on. …And consequently, your own bloodline may go extinct now for lack of opportunities since they are all blocked, with you doing it all, while believing strongly that it is perfectly right to behave this way! …And this is your moral ‘righteousness’ and now you know it!

The judge ruled later on that anyone should walk around as they please from then on, naked or not, with the only specification that no one should ever harass anyone through the way they are dressed and through the way they are not dressed. Yet there are already laws stating that no one should ever harass anyone, in any manner, and this includes the appearance of their naked body. Why exactly do laws have to overlap? Does it get easier to persecute people when they overlap?

It is similar with the way people may see you at home through your windows, naked or not, yet in this case, these people are guilty for watching you through your own windows, and they may go to jail if they ever persist watching you, when you are naked or not.

What exactly is wrong and imperfect with the human body to cause so many problems? After all, people just love human bodies, in private, on TV, over the Internet, and everywhere else. Who exactly profits from this hypocrisy created in all people of all ages throughout the world?

…And it is important what that judge had ruled then regarding nudity, because Canada is under Common Law, which means that all judges may rule in that same manner from then on, for all similar naked cases.

What is wrong with nudity? Nothing at all! How can nudity ever affect or even harass you? Well, if you happen to eat your sandwich while walking one day downtown and you happen to see wherever you see there, then… Or probably that your whole family was there with you downtown including your son, and it is dreadful indeed for him to have to see these three sisters from our example, mostly at his very young age! …Therefore you make a very important case out of it right there and ever after, your son learns that breasts are very bad in the world, very illegal, immoral, improper, and inacceptable, so he spends more time from then on with other boys, because it seems better, legal, and very safe! …And without knowing it, this is exactly what they all love to do from then on, together! …And consequently, now you will never get to be around grandchildren for example, because you will never get any grandchildren to begin with, for all reasons!

What exactly is the place of nudity in the world? Well, this is exactly the place! How exactly does nudity affect you throughout life? It simply helps your own bloodline subsist, it is this simple, and no one should ever have to spell it out! Who would ever want to keep this simple knowledge away from you and anyone else? …All the other bloodlines in the world! …Since it is a war for subsistence taking place out there, mostly among living beings of the second level. …And now the first bloodlines to understand the game either work hard to eliminate the other bloodlines, or they find a way to make the other bloodlines fight and eliminate themselves. …And you may always achieve just this, the supremacy of your own bloodline, through prolonged, controlled wars, through strong moral beliefs, and through laws of all kind: religious, civic, consented, moral, legal, and obvious.

The most dreadful crime that you may ever be accused of relates to a specific kind of sexual behavior, and that will get you locked away indefinitely. …While all that you were actually trying to do was helping others learn how to keep their own bloodline healthy and prosperous, and you were doing it all naturally, through your own sexual needs.

…And this is how you are always ready and highly determined to implement laws that are simple consensuses, consensuses meant to promulgate the agenda of whoever controls Society, for them and for their own bloodline to prosper, in order for these to replace your own bloodline and the whole world, since these people have different kind of moral laws at home and within their extraordinarily large family, moral laws meant for very healthy and very prosperous bloodlines! …And you know the rumors.

Canada is a Common Law province, along with the entire Commonwealth. Europe is mostly Civil Law, while the rest of the world is a mixture of Common, Civil, Statutory, and Religious Laws. What is the difference between them? There is no difference, since wherever you are, if you ever break the law, you pay for it dreadfully! …And this includes murder, theft, evasions, nudity, partial nudity, very partial nudity, along with a variety of sexual tendencies, depending where you live.

The difference between Civil, Religious, and Common Laws is that while Civil and Religious Laws are based on a clearly defined list of laws and punishments, so you know what to expect before you even decide to commit your crime, Common Law is based on all previous rulings made by all judges to have ever encountered similar cases.

Well, there are by far more differences between these laws, but the question now is, who exactly is to decide what is good and what is bad in the world and for the world, entitled now to rule all people of the world through his or her own laws, and make them all now behave in his or her specifically intended manner? It is easy to answer this question for the Religious Law, since the Deity may decide everything, including what it is good and what it is bad in the world. …But who exactly decides for the Civil and Common systems of law? Let us see!

The Civil Law is in fact the Roman Civil Law, as it had been instated two thousand years ago. The Civil Law also happens to spread as far as the Romans and their culture, religion, and their entire civilization managed to spread back then and ever since. Christianity was the imposed Roman religion back then, and therefore the Civil Law is still in perfect agreement with the Christian Religion even today, down to the point where you may consider the Civil Law as a Religious Law, a Canonic or Ecclesiastic Law system. …And this is the case through many details, including administrative and statutory details. Let us see this shortly, since it is highly relevant to our study.

The Christian Religious Law is relatively simple, since it is based on one law only, to define all subsequent laws: “do not upon others what you do not want them to do upon you!” …And this is enough to cover murders, thefts, aggression of all kind, damage of all kind etc. While about the multitude of laws as mining regulations or traffic violations, the religious laws use this same primary law to define them too.

…Yet there is another important law related to humans, primary law stated in most religious records. It is not exactly a law but a right. The Deity made Man and the whole world, and also allowed Man to roam and spread out freely in the world, and rule there upon all animals as he may please. …And therefore, your behavior should now be influenced by this divine human right entirely, since you are allowed to rule and do exactly as you please everywhere in the world, in all circumstances, always!

How can you ever write and instate an entire Civil Law system, to define, control, and limit the behavior of an entire continent of people, while still making them all submit to your authority, and while still abiding to religious laws, when the Deity Himself stated clearly that humans shall roam freely and shall do as they please in the world, always? Well, there is certainly a way: change the definition or statute for humans, and you successfully change their status in the world. This way you change jurisdictions, from the divine jurisdiction to your own. …And in this new jurisdiction, you may apply your own laws as you please. It is this simple, and since it had happened before in Sumer and in many other places on Earth, it had to be legal through all higher laws, and therefore guaranteed to work!

This is exactly what takes place today throughout the Common Law, it still works very well today, and to make matters even more intriguing, it is all done by the very same bloodline everywhere in the world and every time throughout history, with this very same bloodline to profit! …What a significant interference with the human development, and how well the higher laws are twisted to permit this cheap scheme to take place today and throughout history!

How exactly does this work? Since all living beings are formed by a physical body that holds a spirit within, according to all religions, now you may define humans as living beings when the spirit is present, and as dead beings, or bodies, or corpses, or corporations, when the spirit is not present. Who exactly decides when the spirit is there and when it is not? The Roman authorities, certainly, since they hold the power, and since you can never see spirits anywhere anyway, mostly within bodies. …And this is why your silence is interpreted as an absence of spirit, making a corpse out of you throughout courts, even when you are breathing there and feeling perfectly alive! You have to shut up because the judge told you to do so or he sends you to jail in handcuffs, and so you shut up and you are considered dead, a corporation. …And this is why you have to have a lawyer today, since you always need someone to speak for the dead! …And this is why they tell you to appear in court at such and such date and you know exactly when to be there but you never question the language. Why don’t they ever tell you to appear at work, or to appear at school, or to appear at a specific supermarket at a specific time? What is wrong with these other places?

This is what religions considered in those times and they still consider today, that you always need a spirit or a soul for your body to be considered alive. Similarly, throughout this book series, I model and define life through an objective body of any form capable to form, hold, and maintain in its own matrix an intelligence of any kind. Only the two, body and intelligence together, may define life. Yet throughout my models, you can never separate bodies from intelligences throughout life.

Romans used their current religious definition of life and of a human being in order to create a new statute for the human being: the corporeal statute or the body, corpse, or corporation, using it in their own jurisdiction as they pleased, a jurisdiction meant for dead, unanimated bodies only, where they wrote their own system of law from scratch as they pleased, system of law called the Roman Civil Law. Today’s Civil Law instated throughout most of Europe and throughout other parts of the world has the Roman Civil Law at the origin, and it is slightly different from nation to nation.

Throughout history, whenever nations declared their independence, some of them managed to create their own system of law, many times based on and meant for genuine living beings. This is the case with the United States of America, since they managed to create their Constitution in 1789, and that Constitution was meant for the living beings indeed, stating all natural rights there, equally for all Americans. It took the Roths one hundred years to change everything, since only one hundred years later the Roths managed to run the United States of America into bankruptcy through various proxies, taking over it this way entirely. The Roths own that country ever since, along with the rest of the world with small exceptions, just the way you own your shoes and pets. And since the corporations of all Americans of that time were stated as collateral to whatever loans they took back then, these corporations of all Americans belong to the Roths now ever since, including the corporations of all their descendants. The country itself, the United States of America died then since it went bankrupt, and a corporation took its place, called the UNITED STATES, or the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

There is a lot more to this cheap scheme involved here and you probably already know it, but this is exactly why it is enough to be stated as an American citizen today throughout courts in order to be considered a corpse or corporation there, simply because the UNITED STATES is a corporation in itself, meant for business only, and therefore all its citizens, all American citizens they are all considered corporations themselves, or workers, or franchisees. …And this is how, as an American citizen, your jurisdiction will always change from the normal, official Common Law meant for the living human beings, living human beings that have natural human rights granted to them by the Divine Himself and clearly stated in the Constitution.

Now, as an American citizen, your jurisdiction will always change from Common Law to whatever the judge wants: Civil Law, Maritime Law, Commercial Law, since these all are meant for the dead, for corporations. …Or your jurisdiction may change to any mockery of a court that they may ever invent, and so you are judged.

…And this is the case in America, and throughout the Commonwealth with specific variations, because the rest of the world is different. Europe has Civil Law. Study very well the Civil Law, to find that it applies by default not to humans but to human bodies, only, it applies to dead bodies, to corpses or corporations. …And the Romans had stated this very clearly when they had created and implemented the Roman Civil Law, only not to interfere in any manner with the Devine and with His Law!

Note how much effort the rulers of Society have to undergo in order to control you, now, throughout history, and throughout the world, while they never, ever harm you or interfere with you as a living being in any manner! Why? How exactly does the wider world really look like out there, since its higher laws still manage to look fair and very, very pertinent and strong from down here…?

Common Law is different from Civil Law, since at its origin, Common Law was first created and instated by Germanic tribes free of Roman rules, later on to spread to Britain, and from there to the entire British Empire of that time, today known as the Commonwealth. Study the Common Law system very well, to find it based on living human beings and not on dead bodies or corporations as the Roman Civil Law.

However, similar laws, rules, and regulations are covered in all systems of law, since nowhere in the world you may ever get away with theft, murder, and the rest of the crimes. Yet now, with Religion instating its own laws, rules, and beliefs, people will always be able to claim their natural rights coming directly from the Devine Himself, that as human living beings they have the right to roam and do as they please in the world, and nothing should ever interfere with their behavior.

…And with Common Law based directly on living beings and not on corporations, this Divine right of unconditional behavior everywhere on the surface of Earth, for all humans, is never ignored, not even in courts. …Or this should always be the case, since as we have seen so far throughout this book, there is always a way to bypass all laws, rules, and statutes, including the Divine ones, and this is exactly what happens throughout the entire Commonwealth today.

Note how all Divine Rules are always, always accepted and considered throughout the world, in all systems of law. …And it takes a very hard work to find ways to bypass them in a legal manner, because this legal manner has to agree firs with Higher or Divine Laws.

Why? Because the Devine made and considers all humans equal, with none more superior or inferior than the rest, all having the same Divine right to inhabit the world and rule upon all animals as they please. …Yet there are always people in the world to consider themselves superior and more privileged than the rest, and these are the ones to find the perfect ways to contort Higher and Divine Laws. How do they do it?

There are many ways, many tricks, yet they will always resemble what the Romans did two thousand years ago, when they substituted the subjects themselves, the human beings, with lifeless corpses or corporations to follow the new rules, corporations that escaped this way the Devine jurisdiction, or the entire Religious system of laws. …And this is how Religion and the State went separate ways.

I am never stating that one system of law is better than another throughout the world, since it is always better if everybody lives life in a harmonious, productive, fruitful manner, in a world free of crimes. …And this implies an equalitarian society and lifestyle, as I always state throughout my models, all in perfect agreement with the Devine. If any of the current systems of law of the world is ever successful to create this kind of crimeless, equalitarian society, then yes, that system is the best of all indeed! …Yet as we see so far, in order to make the world a better place for a restraint group of privileged people only, they have to contort now all laws including religious laws, on their behalf, for their own selfish agenda. …And this includes the development and expansion of their own bloodline only, with the extermination of the rest. It worked back in the Roman time with the Civil Law, and it still works today with the Common law throughout the Commonwealth, including the United States.

But why exactly would anyone want to exterminate all bloodlines of Earth except for theirs? This is a second level need for social and world supremacy and dictatorship, yet there is by far more going on here, and the topic of this book allows us to know it right away. As you know, the Roths are the rulers of the Ask Jeus. The Ask Jeus are the Ask Kazarians or the White Kazarians the way they were called back then, which was the ruling social class of Kazaria. …Or this is what they claim, which may be true or not. Kazaria was a kingdom back then, in south-west Asia, and it is still a kingdom today, to span the world.

These people are called commonly the Globalists today. If you study these Kazarians, who they are and where they are positioned in Society, you find them everywhere, on top of everything in the world, from Banking to Internet and Entertainment, with the Rocks alone placed on top of the entire United States. The Roths already control and rule the world through this current Kazarian Kingdom, since they are the kings of the current Kazaria, the invisible Kazarian kingdom that spans the world. The Roths already own the world entirely through all corporations including the corporations of all people, with small exceptions in Asia, probably.

Yet the Roths cannot rule and own the world entirely, directly, rigidly, dictatorially, in the open, in a totalitarian manner, all because of the Higher and Divine Laws. …Because, as long as there is a genetic diversity on Earth, there will always be Higher and Divine Laws applied on Earth to overrule the absolute authority of the Roths, and this is why the Roths along with their servants have to go now through this entire effort of twisting Higher and Divine Laws in order to keep their absolute ruling status on Earth.

…And this is the case everywhere in the wider world. However, private planets are different, since many Higher and Divine Laws have no jurisdiction throughout private worlds. Therefore, with only the Kazarian Kingdom left on Earth and with the rest of the nations and bloodlines gone, the Roths may emerge from the hiding and lead the whole planet as they please, since it is a private planet now, a private kingdom.

…So expect the Culling, yet it may never happen suddenly, drastically, but gradually, through systematic extermination of the other bloodlines, just the way it takes place today. …Because this is exactly what happens throughout wars, courtrooms, and hospitals: people of the other bloodlines are exterminated in mass, gradually. There are other methods of genetic extermination instated in the world, as imposed sterility, birth control, abortions, erroneous beliefs regarding sexual activity and procreation in general, poisons in food and water, cognitive poison on TV, drugs of all kind, cruelty of all kind, austerity, racial, national, and genetic discrimination, strongly implemented cognitive decay, etc.

…And this is exactly what you see today, and this is exactly why it happens. This is exactly why you see today an excessive number of people placed men with men and women with women throughout jails, hospitals, wars, shelters, schools, camps, armies, prisons, and all kind of dormitories, because women with women and men with men can never procreate! This is why you see excessive poverty everywhere, excessive sickness, and excessive famine, all affecting children by the millions throughout the world, chopping off bloodlines by their roots. This is why you see unnecessary wars being instated throughout the world, and then when you study it carefully years later, you find out that most of the dead were children and women, with many more of these still suffering and dying from the persistent radiation of the dirty bombs used in the wars, and so on.

There are many, many similar examples to give here, since you may find these everywhere, from fabricated sicknesses as Cancer, Aids, Diabetes, and Ebola to everything else, all killing systematically specific people today only, bloodline after bloodline, with the Brotherhood implementing and conducting it all faithfully, regardless of their own bloodline. …And yes, this is exactly why you had Jeus tattooed with numbers during the Second World War, only to identify them who they were precisely, genetically. …And this is how the Ask Jeus got taken to ‘good’ concentration camps where they had remained in a relative safety throughout the war, while the genuine, original, genetic Jeus got taken to ‘bad’ concentration camps, where they died, in a dreadful, extraordinary, terrible genocide! …And it was all possible just because IBM had just produced the first computers of the world then, computers worthy enough to find, identify, and keep account of people counting in the tens and hundreds of millions. …And this is how it was possible for the first time ever to distinguish people genetically, through computers, and the Roths took the opportunity immediately and started identifying and killing the other bloodlines. Later on, their own dictators did the same throughout Russia, China, East Europe, Cambodia, etc., exterminating entire bloodlines throughout their nations, by the millions and tens of millions. …And it was all done in perfect agreement with the Divine and Higher Laws then, and it is still done in perfect agreement with the Divine and Higher Laws today. …What a world we live in!

“All the other bloodlines died away and went extinct, and it is only us left on Earth now,” this is what the Roths will claim after the Culling. …Or they will say: “They all fought among themselves and killed each other systematically, and it is only us left on Earth now, because we are peaceful!” …Or they will say: “Just like all species, only the strongest, the best, and the smartest bloodline will always survive, and it is us!”

Therefore, if you are not part of the Roth bloodline, your own bloodline will be dead soon, despite of what they may promise you today, and despite of how high you are positioned within your brotherhood. Your descendants may still be around as servants and serfs throughout the Dark Ages to follow, if you happen to be part of the Kazarian Kingdom, or this is what they promise. …Because you can never have your private planet as long as you are not an only bloodline, so all the rest have to go. …And all the rest will go indeed, killing each other as ordered, down to the last one!

Can we ever achieve a crimeless society? Yes, certainly, if the entire population is already at the third, human level, which is not the case. Humanity lives today mostly at the second and first developmental levels, with some living life at the zero and third developmental level. As a reference, animals are of the second level. Servants, slaves, soldiers, and brothers within hierarchies are of the first level. Addicts, and very sick people are of the zero level. …While normal, genuinely developed human beings are of the third level. Each developmental level has its own kind of laws, as the law of the jungle for example, the law that allows all animals of the world to fulfill needs and subsist, survive, or prosper. How can you ever charge a wolf with the murder of a sheep, when the wolf kills in order to subsist? It is the exact same thing with humans living their lives at the second developmental level, the specific developmental level placing them in win-lose situations in any interaction with those around them throughout life, situations that always lead to crimes, crimes that humans of the second level commit this way in order to subsist and survive, just the way wolfs and lions behave in the jungle. These humans should never be charged with any crime, but those above them and in control of Society should, since these wealthy people live life in opulence, in the detriment of those below.

…Yet there is no developmental difference between the very rich and the very poor today, since while the very poor had to neglect their development in order to invest their effort in fulfilling their needs, the very rich are neglecting continuously their development while investing their life into material, selfish financial interests. To make matters more complicated, the rich are not exactly free and independent throughout their life despite of their income and material achievements, since they are all placed within social hierarchies or invisible kingdoms of Earth, limiting now their cognitive development and therefore setting their status on the first level.

…And now, being threatened with death, these very poor people have to do anything in order to subsist, and so they may even commit crimes!

Should Society forgive and allow these specific crimes committed for subsistence only, as the theft of food for example? Eating is a need indeed, a physiological need of the second level, and it certainly leads to death if it is not fulfilled. …Yet absolutely everything that you do in life you do it only in order to fulfill your needs, and nothing else! …And since all your needs lead to death if they are not fulfilled, to your immediate death if you cannot breathe or drink water for example, or to the immediate death of your own bloodline if you and your family do not reproduce, as another example. Other needs, higher and lower, will always lead to death if only implicitly, and therefore they are all imminent to your survival. …And to make matters worse, now Society demands for you to have money, licenses, and insurance in order to fulfill your needs, money that happen to be tightly controlled through central banks by this very prosperous bloodline to rule the world today and to exterminate your own bloodline in every manner, along with the rest of the world. You notice the extraordinary conflict of interest here, so what chance can your bloodline ever have in this kind of world?

Not only through money and through the wealth and poverty that money instate and maintain in the world in a discriminatory manner, but the Roth bloodline controls all laws and courts in the world, and they do so also through their own ruling Families that they maintain instated on top of all nations, out in the open or back in the hiding, with small exceptions in Asia where they are still in control indirectly. Therefore, who exactly decides what is good and what is bad in the world, worthy and significant enough to become laws, rules, and regulations today and for the past few centuries? The Roths do, along with their entire kingdom! This is another extraordinary conflict of interests, because this is how you and your family end up in prisons and jails, men with men and women with women, so how can you ever reproduce?

…And so the Roths do this entire legal scheme just the way they did it hundreds and thousands of years ago in Kazaria and in the surrounding parts of Asia, and they do today exactly what they did then, and exactly what all tribes and kingdoms from that area did back then: they raided, terrorized, and took over the weaker tribes and nations, killing the weak and exploiting the rest in every manner, through direct slavery or only through tribute and taxes, with this dreadful kind of business to spread throughout the south-west Asia, through the Caucuses, Ukraine, East Europe, and most of the Balkans.

It was not a matter of crime, shame, or survival to behave in that particular brutal manner, but it was all based on beliefs, tradition, culture, and religion. Killing and exploiting people of other nations for pleasure and profit meant back then prestige, fame, recognition, and an outstanding achievement! You may find this to be aggressive or offensive today, yet if you lived in that particular environment and society, your own beliefs back then certainly matched your culture, tradition, and society, and therefore you behaved in that exact manner too, and you were very, very proud of yourself for doing it!

…So do not be too harsh while judging anyone in the world regardless of their conditions and developmental level, because Life never makes mistakes in the world, and everything that anyone ever does in the world happens that way in Her own behalf only! How can you blame the wolf for killing the sheep? …This is exactly how all Divine and Higher laws allowed this kind of things to happen back then, and this is how they still allow it to happen today in the same manner. …Only that today people in the world are of a relatively higher developmental level and they have a relatively higher status, since they have all developed throughout time, and therefore this world is monitored, assessed and judged on a different jurisdiction now, with less cruelty and harassment allowed. Even animals seem to have developed, and they also have newer rights today as they had in the past, and you are forced to obey them, or you are charged with animal cruelty and may even go to jail!

Besides the Kazarians, the Huns and the Mongols did just the same, along with the Vandals, Barbarians and many other tribes and nations from that area. China had to build its famous Great Wall in order to keep these people out, wall still standing today, unnecessarily, since the Roths control China too. So far, only Russia and Iceland claim to have gained independence from the Roths, yet how could you ever tell? It is also estimated that the Roths draw around ninety-five percent of the wealth of a nation, and they certainly still consider it a tribute today. You may think now that nations must be highly prosperous without the Roths, yet this is not really the case. …Because without the Roths, it is estimated that criminal and self-claimed non-criminal brotherhoods draw sixty-five percent of the wealth of one nation, while the Roths own these too along with the rest of the business in that nation. As you see, it is not exactly about the Roths being at the top of Society controlling everything either directly or implicitly, but it is all about how absolutely everybody else down below just rush to help them rob and trash their nation, and if they cannot do so, they all just wait in line dreaming to help them, whenever there is a free spot open for them to do it for real. Even more, with the Roths gone, everybody would rush immediately to try to take their place and do just the same in the world. Therefore, the problem with the Roths is not only enslaving, harassing, exploiting, robbing, and killing the world, which is already too much, but the problem with the Roths is keeping the world underdeveloped and forcing it to decay in every manner, and now this is why everybody is strongly determined to harm the world alongside the Roths, and cannot wait to replace the Roths and do just the same if they ever lose their spot on top of Society, which is highly doubtful.

…And these are the same people to instate your law system today wherever you live, since wherever you live, the Family to rule your nation is of the Roth bloodline, the White Kazarian ruling bloodline. …And they do it today just the way they have always done it, they control the world through killings, terror, taxes, and tributes of all kind, tributes that you have to pay either directly or through austerity measures, tributes that they collect from you and from the whole world in an invasive, illegal manner.

…And for these people it is still a matter of culture, religion, and tradition to behave this way, even today. The money that your pension plan has just lost on the stock market is already back in the pockets of the Roths and it is actually considered a matter of tribute and taxation. The job that you have just lost happened because of various global financial circumstances, with your implicit financial loss now also considered a matter of tribute and taxation, tribute and taxation that they also expect you to pay to them. The loved family member that you have just lost to Cancer also happened on behalf of the Roths, since Cancer is a fabricated terminal illness meant to exterminate entire bloodlines. This is why Cancer tends to manifest genetically, because your own bloodline happens to be marked for extermination within medical databases, and now your nurses happen to find cancer everywhere in your body whenever they perform the tests, since the tests themselves trigger your normal cells to switch to cancer cells, and so they tell you now that you have cancer. This is why Cancer remains incurable, because Cancer in itself is not even a sickness but a mode of cellular life. The cure itself through strong radiation is what kills people always, and not the cancer itself, just because strong radiation will always kill you, regardless of the manner in which you get it. …And this is also considered a tribute or a form of taxation by the Roths, and you pay it and pay it, since you have to pay for the medicine, tests, chemotherapy, insurances, funeral procedures, etc.

Could you ever cure cancer yourself by avoiding chemotherapy? You have to avoid those tests to begin with, but how could you ever know what the nurses and doctors do to you whenever you go there for any treatment or medical exam? Because they have to do whatever it is stated in your medical database in the computer system! Furthermore, how exactly can you tell what is in the vaccines that your children receive at school to trigger their cancer years or decades later? …Or what is in your drinks and food at home to do the same, in your cigarettes and coffee, and so on.

You are attacked continuously throughout life, and there is not much that you can do! The game is kind of over! This is the case today with you if you happen to be from within the Masses, this will be the case not too far in the future if you happen to be from within the Lower Brotherhood, and so on, social layer after social layer from the bottom up, this will always be the case with you, unless you are part of that particular, always-successful, winning bloodline!

…And as long as these all happen as forms of tributes and taxation, as long as there is money involved in any of these losses you are a simple corporation, you fall into any jurisdiction that they may invent for you, and so they decide what and who you should lose next, all happening in full agreement with all Divine and Higher Laws!

As stated previously, you cannot judge anyone, since all living beings act according to their developmental level, and they always do so in order to fulfill their needs. For example, you always have to fulfill your specific social need for supremacy, your need for your own supremacy in society, for the supremacy of your family, of your bloodline, of your nation and race, and these all are normal needs! …Yet these needs become primary only for second level beings as animals and underdeveloped humans, and not for third level beings as genuine human beings, since genuine humans live life in harmony and equality with everyone around.

…And this is how the second level Roth bloodline gets to rule and exterminate the world today, including the very capable genuine humans, or those very capable humans who were supposed to live life at the third level but they live life today only at the first level, throughout the very tight hierarchies of the Brotherhood. …Because the Roth bloodline rules the world today not directly, but through all brotherhoods of the world, from masons to business and religious brotherhoods, all of them, since the Roths own them all.

…Yet there are many powerful and very wealthy bloodlines to have always attempted to achieve ultimate supremacy in the world, and you may identify them all throughout history. Probably that you too would have acted in a similar manner and reached for the ultimate supremacy, if you only had the means. What gave the Roths strength to achieve supremacy was the entire Kasarian kingdom to support them faithfully in every manner, along with the immense cruelty that their culture allowed and demanded, along with specific higher abilities that the Roth bloodline happens to have, along with the continuous loss that it encountered throughout history while a multitude of other bloodlines did the same to them, while these also attempted supremacy, and so on! As an example, the Protocols of the Elders themselves were not even created by the Roths or by the Ask Jeus, since the Protocols refer back to very old brotherhoods founded long before Kazaria, and probably longer before Sumerians. …So this cheap scheme has been going on in the world for some time now…

3 Imposed Jurisdictions and Hidden Corporations

To return to laws, we still have to find out what is good and what is bad in the world. What particular laws should and should not be instated in the world? It all matches your developmental level. For example, all animals should be allowed to roam around and manage to provide for their subsistence and existence, according to their needs and capabilities. Life and Nature get to decide their law this way, in a natural manner, and this is always the case. Similarly, the Devine had granted humans their rights in the world, the third level rights including all levels of rights below. Yet the Devine is of the tenth developmental level alone, which is the ultimate level. There are higher beings in between, from the third to the tenth level, with most of them mentioned throughout historic and religious records throughout history and throughout the world. Angels for example are of the fourth developmental level, just above genuine humans, and we may perceive their own superior system of law as they hand it down to humans throughout history and religious records. …And this kind of divine events start entire religions, schools of thought, and systems of law. Yet not only angels influence Humanity, but all higher beings do, in every manner, and you may always perceive all their systems of higher law from any higher level, as they get involved and interact with Humanity.

Therefore, what exactly is good and bad in the world worth enough to be stated throughout systems of laws? It is all relative indeed, and it is always a ruling, a right, or an order when it comes from above, it is a convention or a consent when it is agreed among humans, and it is an imposed belief or a set of laws when it comes from below, from the second or first developmental levels.

According to Science, the human history started with Sumer. What it is interesting, the very first code of law to match what it is in use today throughout the world was passed down directly from the Sumerian deities of that time. To make matters even more interesting, these same Sumerian deities passed down the entire system of civilization as we know it today, from religion to commerce, agriculture, finance, manufacture, civics, and even to police and taxes, these all came in their intact manner, just the way they are found today throughout the world! …Yet what this very first and very ‘primitive’ Sumerian civilization had at its very core was not culture and probably not even religion, but money, currencies, profit, taxation, tribute, slavery exploitation for profit, along with material profits of all kind! It was as if the Ferengiens of Star Trek suddenly landed among a new, primitive, pristine, innocent civilization, and they just had a blast there making their profit, and they still do so today! These were the Anunnakies from Sumer and not the Ferengiens, yet their landing was not too accidental there, since it seems that they had all rights and licenses to conduct their business here on Earth, or this is what they claim throughout historical, religious, and mythological records. They did everything by the book, by the law, by their law, commercial law, and they still do so today, with you still being obliged today to follow their commercial law, regardless of you knowing it or not. …And this is exactly why and how money, profit, and taxation are at the very core of all systems of law throughout the world today and always, because these beings are licensed to conduct business in this particular manner only, and this is what you have to do today!

…Yet humans were never part of their enterprise in any way, since it seems to have been some kind of mining or resource gathering enterprise. …Yet in order for humans to participate and become part of this business, they had to give up their natural, unconditional rights and status, and join the lower level rights and status of corporations, only to do business. That was controversial back then and it is still controversial today, since those Sumerian deities claimed to have created human beings all over again in their own image, and therefore they could use their license, status, privileges on Earth, and their system of law alongside humans, through humans, and on humans too. It happened then, it happened throughout the Roman Empire with the Civil Law thousands of years later, and it still happens today throughout the Civil and Common Laws.

Study Society, religions, and mythology to find these same deities venerated throughout Sumer, Egypt, and Roman Empire East and West, all conducting the same kind of business everywhere, since they had reproduced fast in Sumer and then they had to divide the world among themselves and take over it entirely, because the Middle East had become too narrow for them. …Or this is their version of history, that there was nothing on Earth before them and they had started everything here and this is exactly what you have to learn in school now, while the whole Earth had always been very civilized, and probably involved in the same kind of cheap business, ages before the Sumerians. …Or probably that Earth was even more developed in the past than today, probably Earth was part of an entire, extraordinary Solar Civilization emerged in a continuous peace, or emerged in a continuous war among planets and moons, etc.

…And this is how you get only one system of law associated with these people today: money and taxation at the core of their commercial law, to rule the whole world.

This particular type of commercial law with money, income, taxes, and profit at its core is valid only among corporations and never among natural living beings, yet this is exactly the system of law judging you today whoever you are and wherever you live. How? By you waving your own natural status and natural rights, and by you becoming a corporation this way, all done without you even knowing it. …And so you get punished today as a corporation only, with you the natural living being having to represent that particular corporation and go to jail for it, always. You lose your spouse and children this way throughout courts, along with your possessions, and it is always a material value involved in your legal process. Otherwise, as a normal living being, you escape jurisdiction and you have no place in that court, you have no business to be there.

What corporation exactly? You are not a businessman! It is the corporation that you form and register when you become an adult and apply for your social security number or social insurance number, depending how it is called where you live. That is your corporation, and it has your same name, only written in all-capital letters. It is only a registration number and your name in all-capitals, and nothing else. It is your brand or your patent only, and not your physical body, dead or alive. …Because you are never allowed to do any kind of business here on Earth as a living human being, since your Divine right states clearly that you may only live, subsist, and rule over animals here, and nothing else. Even more, you are restrained to the surface of Earth only, and therefore you may never live on water, underground, under water, and probably not even in the orbit or anywhere else within the Solar System. But you still have right of passage in all these places.

Yet you as a living being can never conduct business in any matter through most of your own documents, since they all have your name on them in capital letters, and therefore they all belong to your own corporation and not to you! In fact, none of your documents states your name in lower letters, just because absolutely none of them addresses you as a normal, natural living being.

This is never relevant throughout your normal life, yet in what it concerns court cases and drastic losses and punishments that you have to undergo or receive in the name of your fictitious corporation, it does become relevant indeed! What can you do? …Absolutely nothing, mostly if you live in Europe, since Europe functions on Civil Law and this law applies to dead bodies or corporations by default, ever since the Romans! Yet if you live in most of the Commonwealth, your Common Law applies to living, natural beings, always. …Yet this is the case only throughout genuine Common Law courts, and only throughout genuine Common Law jurisdictions, which is almost never the case! Why?

Common Law throughout the Commonwealth is nothing but a myth. It is never the case, just because you are never allowed to be judged within the genuine Common Law jurisdiction. Even throughout the Commonwealth, you are judged in other jurisdictions, as the Civil Law, Maritime Law, and even Martial Law and Canon Law, depending what you did, and you are always judged as a corporation there, always!

You will certainly want to know now exactly what to do in court in order to maintain your Common Law jurisdiction, where you may claim your divine natural rights, but for now let us go over the jurisdictions mentioned above, since they are all relevant to our model.

Why does Society need Martial Law for example? In order to kill, obviously! You cannot kill during peaceful times by the regular peaceful systems of law stated above, or you get charged with murder for every enemy soldier that you kill during battle, and you have to go to jail for them all, life sentence after life sentence. As long as Martial Law remains instated, you are allowed to use any form of aggression in order to defend your nation, flag, city, family, land, possessions, culture, national symbols, etc.

Maritime Law was initially used by captains in international waters at sea only, in order to settle all disputes, and these captains were always allowed to rule as they found necessary in order to overcome any situation. Since this system of law offers unconditional legal powers to captains of all vessels, this is the preferred legal jurisdiction in use today to judge you, even if you have never been at sea your whole life, and even if the entire court setting is on land, downtown any city for example, and this is the case throughout the entire Commonwealth. …And this is why courts are made to resemble vessels today, and this is why some or most of the legal terminology in use today refers to vessels on waters.

…And this is how you are continuously tricked or forcefully determined to change your status, rights, privileges, and jurisdiction for everything legal throughout life, you may or may not know it, and it is always done in complete agreement with all Higher Laws, including all Divine Laws. Why? Because it works, because it reinforces control over you, and because it makes a large profit, through you. If you ever wonder why you have to go to work throughout life, your whole life, only to make a living, while you can never get rich, ever, this is why.

…And it always starts with you changing your jurisdiction from Common Law to Civil, Maritime, or Commercial Law, mostly! …Because there are many other consented systems of law and many other jurisdictions, whatever they may invent there, all coming with their own codes, acts, statutes, and consensuses that you are never, ever capable to know, you are not allowed to know, while it is always understood that you know them all while you are judged, and this is how everything works!

To give a simple example here, the word ‘understand’ normally means to know, to become aware of something, yet within many jurisdictions this word means to ‘under-stand,’ or to stand under something or someone, to stand under the authority of something or someone, to submit yourself to something or someone, etc. Therefore, when asked if you ‘understand’ your charges, your affirmative answer confirms the fact that you will always submit to and agree with all charges, verdicts, fines, and punishments, whatever is given to you there, and it works! It is the same with a multitude of other words, as ‘appearing,’ ‘living,’ ‘plea,’ ‘address,’ ‘person,’ ‘driver,’ ‘vehicle,’ ‘traffic,’ etc. Ignore even one single word out of all, since there is a multitude of them recorded throughout a multitude of statutes, and you end up submitting to the entire dreadful verdict, and it destroys your life! These all make for your code of laws, since all laws are encoded there through these consented new definitions for each old word that you casually use. …And since it is illegal to use this kind of procedures in normal courts, judges have to use now mockery of courts to conduct their fake, encoded trials. …And since it is illegal to behave in this erroneous manner throughout courts, judges do not even refer to it as legal activity, but they refer to their fake trials as games, a plays, or as acts. The act of law for example. …And it destroys your life, while your judge simply plays his role in his act.

Even more, once you give the slightest impression that you are aware of this cheap scheme, you are punished severely and you are made an example for everybody to witness and learn, so nobody dares to challenge Justice again!

Well, under normal circumstances, you do not even have the chance to speak during your own trial, with your lawyer doing the whole job for you, lawyer that is part of this same cheap scheme to begin with, in a major conflict of interests. …And it takes knowledge and skills to avoid being represented by lawyers, since through this same kind of schemes and encoded language you are determined to accept one in every manner.

Why do you need a lawyer, mostly when you know that you are innocent and therefore you can never lose your case? …Yet innocence never suffices to win cases, regardless if you are represented by lawyers or not, and this is always the case throughout unequal, unjust, controlled, and discriminatory nations and societies. You are never allowed to speak throughout Maritime, Commercial, or Civil jurisdictions for example, since as a corporation or as a non-living entity, you cannot speak! You need someone to speak for you, and so they push their lawyers on you! …And once you have a lawyer to represent you, nobody ever listens to you, and you even get punished for making noise in the courtroom! It is an advantage if you happen to be wealthy and have your own, capable lawyer. …And if you are very wealthy, you may always find ways to avoid getting caught or having to go to court.

Being a Brother always helps, since your Brotherhood will always help you under all circumstances. You will always find a faithful Brother to help you in any court and Justice system, since these are everywhere there. Judges are members of the Brotherhood too, along with persecutors, juries, etc., and you may only send your signs and you are understood and considered everywhere.

It is the same when policemen stop you for any traffic violation: as long as you send your signals you never get in trouble, regardless of your driving behavior. …Or you may display your Brotherhood symbols directly on your car, and you never get stopped, saving this way some time.

All Brothers are happy, entitled, encouraged, and very proud when they help other Brothers, with none carrying about the discrimination that they create in the world between Brothers and the rest of the population, since the Police and the entire Justice and Legal systems have to prey on the rest of the population now in order to fulfill their duties, and this might become a problem indeed. …Yet it is a problem for the Masses.

If you happen to be not from among the Brotherhood but from the Masses, the first thing that cops or policemen ask you when they stop you is to present your driver’s license, your registration, and your proof of insurance. Your driver’s license is not exactly your proof of driving competency, since your actual proof of driving competency is that piece of paper that they gave you when you had passed your driving test, the paper that you have to carry around until you received your actual driver’s license through mail.

Besides, your name is written in all-capital letters both on your driver’s competency and on your driver’s license, so these are not even yours but they belong to your corporation. Yet by presenting your driver’s license to your policeman, now you identify yourself with your own corporation and not with the natural living being that you are, and so your policeman may proceed with his duties and do anything he pleases to you. Fail to present it, and you are charged with driving without a license, and you get punished accordingly. In a way, you are forced to identify yourself with your corporation, and there are significant reasons for you to be forced to do so.

To begin with, your driver’s license also identifies you as a driver, which might seem correct to you now, yet study the definition of the word ‘driver’ throughout the legal statute of your country, to find it defining drivers only as operators of commercial vehicles. …And this is the case even when you drive your family van in order to pick up your kids from school: as long as you or anyone else calls you a driver, it means that you are operating your vehicle commercially, and therefore you must submit now to all commercial transportation laws, as a corporation only! What are you then while driving normally your family car? Study the same statute to find the word ‘traveller’ to define people operating their vehicles for private reasons. You are a traveller, or this is the case at least in the United States. It is similar with the words ‘motor vehicle,’ ‘traffic,’ ‘transportation,’ etc., since these all relate only to commercial vehicles and commercial drivers. Again, it might be different where you live.

As a driver, and as a corporation, you are always involved in commercial activities regardless of what you do throughout life. Therefore, as a corporation and as a driver you always need a license to drive, to go around, and to be on any public road, since all public roads are owned by normal living beings. This is why you need insurances, registrations, licenses, etc. Therefore, as a corporation, you are always subject to the rules and regulations of the department of transportation, you will always go to Commercial, Civil, and Maritime courts, and you will be there as a corporation only.

How about as a normal living being? What kind of courts do you go to if you happen to get caught speeding for example, while driving home from the clinic? What is your jurisdiction as a normal living being? At least in the United States, there are absolutely no courts for normal living human beings! Besides, in the United States except Louisiana, which is a Civil Law state, all speed limit signs apply only to corporations and drivers, not to living beings and travellers. Therefore, you should never be stopped as a normal living being, since all the rules of the road do not even apply to you.

What if you are hungry and you have to make a run to the supermarket, can you drive then? Can you be on the road then? Yes, certainly, since you own all roads. Even more, your own divine law allows you to roam freely everywhere in the world, and therefore you may drive and buy or forage for food everywhere!

…Or at least this is the case in the United States, and the Fathers of the Constitution have fought hard to keep these rights instated this way. …Yet no, not even in the United States, your own right to travel freely on all roads is not respected, and you certainly have to have license, registration, and proof of insurance, even in the United States, and everybody has them.

Study all laws from your own department of transportation, to see if you manage to find requirements for you to have registration, driving license, or insurance as a private living being, since these all may refer to commercial driving only throughout other nations too. Study even the speed limit signs and regulations, to see if they applying directly only to commercial driving and never to private drivers. Pay attention to the statutes associated to words as ‘driver,’ ‘vehicle,’ ‘person,’ ‘road,’ etc.

…Yet whatever you find, how capable are you now to persuade that policeman or that judge that you are not the corporation but the living being, that you are not the driver but the traveller or the vehicle operator, and this is the case only if the word ‘operator’ happens to have a non-commercial meaning throughout statutes, since it might have, so you have to pay attention to everything! …Because the word ‘vehicle’ or ‘motor vehicle’ already have commercial meanings in many nations, and so you instantly become your own corporation and switch jurisdictions the moment you use this kind of words in court, every time anyone else uses these words in court, or every time you or anyone else use these worlds whenever policemen stop you while driving.

…And this is the case with absolutely all documents, tickets, certificates, proofs, and licenses that you are forced to have throughout life. You always need a fishing license in order to fish, right? Wrong! You have your right coming from the Devine to hunt, fish, farm, and to gather any kind of resources as you please. Even more, anyone stopping or interfering with you while you are fulfilling your need for food in any manner should be charged with attempted murder, since you certainly die if you do not eat! …Yet you are now determined in every way to get your fishing license, a piece of paper stating through your name in all capital letters that you represent your own corporation every time you are fishing, and that you have to abide to all fishing rules. …And this is exactly what you have to present to any fishing authority checking on you: your fishing license and your form of identification, both defining you as a corporation. …And since all corporations are commercial, you are now involved in commercial fishing activity too, all depending on the type of license that you have.

There are also commercial fishing licenses, and these have an explicit commercial designation, yet try to find a license to define fishing for eating purpose, which is your normal purpose for fishing anyway, and you will not find any! You will find Recreational Fishing Licenses, or Sporting Fishing Licenses, but never Eating Fishing Licenses for example. Why? Because corporations are not living beings, and therefore corporations never eat! …While you as a living being, you are never represented by your fishing license, since it has your name in all capital letters on it, and that is your corporation. Do you have to starve now, as a normal living being? No, since normal living beings never need licenses of any kind in order to fish including fishing licenses, and normal living beings may roam and eat freely everywhere in the world as they please!

…Yet try to fish without any kind of license today and you get in trouble, regardless of how good you are at explaining that you are a normal living being and not a corporation. Probably not too many members of these authorities will ever understand your claims anyway, since they are only doing their job, they are only doing what they are told, as any first developmental level living being does throughout the world and throughout all hierarchies of the world.

Yet some of them know exactly what is going on, and they use this knowledge in their favor in order to trick you into admitting that you are a corporation and therefore you fall into their jurisdiction, and then they may do to you whatever they please. For example, the moment you present your driver’s license to your policeman, he asks you if that is you, pointing at your license. You always answer affirmatively since everyone does so, only not to be charged with impersonation or possession of fake documents for example, which will land you in jail. What the policeman actually asks is if you are willing to identify yourself with that card and with your corporation stated on that card. Brothers who already know this entire procedure answer: ‘No, this is me,’ and they point at themselves and not at their driver’s license. Yet policemen are also brothers, so no one gets in trouble there. …But if you are not a brother, and you start using brotherhood signs, symbols, knowledge, and terminology, you will definitely get in trouble then, mostly if you happen to have no brotherhood friends to take your part and save you.

But yes, Brothers may identify themselves freely with the living being, they may state that they are travellers and not drivers, they are not engaged in any commercial activity anyway, this does not fall into the jurisdiction of any policeman regardless of how fast they were driving, and so they have to let them go now, and leave! …Yet do so when you are from the Masses, without extensive, proper knowledge of what is really going on, and everybody you interact with will get revenge on you for daring to challenge them, only to make an example out of you, so expect the worst! Just ride your bicycle everywhere, and you should be just fine!

To give another example here, one man refused to present the proper identification, always claiming that he does not need any as a normal, natural living being. He stated that he was travelling, etc., while the policeman tried absolutely everything to make him admit that he was a corporation, in order to bring him into his jurisdiction, without results. After some time the policeman got tired and was ready to go, when that poor man happened to flash his identification fast, only to show that he was not a wanted criminal of any kind. …And then all policemen that happened to have gathered around his car, they all charged now and grabbed the poor man through the window of his car and scoop him out in full force, and they took it from there, with speeding, narcotics, resisting arrest, and everything else.

What is best to do? Some people just identify themselves with their corporations, always, regardless if they are aware or not of what they do, and they do so only to avoid problems. …Yet this defines cowards entirely, and now their children have to do the same throughout life, and their children’s children too, all in a nation where their Fathers fought hard to maintain their freedom, rights, and constitution. Brothers will use their Brotherhood privileges always, with some exceptions, and this certainly discriminates and divides the world into the privileged and the rest of the crowd. …And since almost all brotherhoods are built on virtue, spiritual development, prestige, and self-realization, what exactly has it become of the Brotherhood today? Even more, since almost all American Fathers of the Constitution were Brothers too, then what values exactly are left in the Brotherhood? Probably today Brotherhoods are different, since today, within Brotherhoods, you serve hierarchically that particular privileged bloodline mentioned throughout the book, and now through your continuous servitude you end up killing the rest of the bloodlines, and eventually you end up killing yours, since there will be no one left to fight for you whenever your time comes! …And with more and more people joining the Brotherhood today, this discrimination gets even more obvious and more harmful.

…So what can you do? It is all your choice! Ride your bicycle, before they impose commercial laws on that too, because then you will have to pedal with your corporation!

It is the same in Europe, only that throughout Civil Law jurisdictions, you are considered to be an inert body or a corporation by default since the Romans and long before them, lacking your human rights since birth as anyone else, and there may not be anything that you may do now to prove otherwise, thousands of years after your ancestors had decided that you shall always be and remain a corporation throughout life.

To take an example now from an upper social perspective, there are many orders, decisions, and agreements made during Summits. One of these important Summits took place in Toronto several years ago and it certainly made the evening news throughout the world, since people protested casually against the ‘Globalists,’ as they always do. The Police intervened in a very aggressive manner, they pepper sprayed the crowd and arresting them without a warrant, since this is about how violent Canada gets.

Know that absolutely nothing happens in the world without a clearly defined purpose. Those politicians had actually declared Martial Law during their Summit, in that particular area, block, or building where they were, and they had motivated it all on the people rioting outside. They had declared war on those people through their declaration of Martial Law, since they fought, they threw rocks, they broke windows, they sat cars on fire, etc. …Or probably that they had considered this violent riot as a war or a declaration of war on them, on the city, or on the entire nation, and so they had declared Martial Law.

…Yet in truth, those Presidents and politicians needed a Martial Law instated there where they were gathered, only to have a reason and be able to change jurisdiction from peaceful systems of law to aggressive ones, in order to be able and allowed by Higher Laws to create or instate very aggressive laws and agreements concerning the people of their nations, the people of other nations, or the people of the whole world. In general, future wars are planned, organized, and instated in this particular manner: you always have to have Martial Laws declared whenever you do so, and this is also standard procedure.

If you want to learn even more here, just find out what important wars started since that particular Summit in Toronto, in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, etc., and you will know what those Presidents and politicians had to decide then. …Or what order coming from above they had to discuss, arrange, and implement there, because this is always standard procedure during Summits, since it was one of those G7, G8, G10, or G12 Summits.

…And they also took all the necessary precautions in case that people failed to protest outside their building, or in case that people protested peacefully. …So they either had to determine those people rioting outside to become violent, or they had to order some young brothers to create that particular violence in the street necessary for any valid declaration of Martial Law. This is also standard procedure, and it always has to be taken care of throughout the world during Summits, since people tend to be and remain peaceful continuously.

So what they did then, they used these professionals dressed in black, and these were highly skilled at vandalizing everything in the most efficient manner. They did their job fast, and when ordered they all ran away, they took off fast their black masks and uniforms and left them in some public area, and they all ran away and disappeared in the city, with no one ever interfering with their violent activity.

One British reporter actually tried to enter the well-guarded Martial Law area and was advised not to do so, since all guards and soldiers were instructed to fire first. They took that reporter to a temporary jail that they had erected in that area, along with dozens of other protesters, without warrants since you never need warrants to arrest people during wars. They all had to remain there as long as the Martial Law had remained instated, and then they were all set free once the Martial Law ended. …And they had all been captured and imprisoned there without a warrant as human beings and not as corporations, because throughout Martial Laws you may do so. You may torture and kill normal living beings during wars in order to protect yourself, your people, and your nation.

…And this is the case everywhere, according to all higher laws. …Because wars and all battles in general may be fought at all developmental levels, higher and lower. You may behave then in any manner you find appropriate, in order to protect yourself and your loved ones, with the only condition that you have to let everyone know that you have switched from peaceful to aggressive or warlike mode of life, transition referred to around here as declaration of war or instatement of Martial Law.

Now, after all these, what you might still be interested in, is knowing exactly how to behave and what to say in court, in order to do your best throughout your case. It is hard to tell beforehand what it is best to do and say in court, since it always depends on the determination of your judge, persecutors, and jury members to help or harm you, and it also depends on the particular orders that they have from above, orders meant for these particular circumstances. …Because judges get in trouble for everything unusual happening in their court.

You may find and study over the Internet court cases where people had tried to identify themselves as living beings during trials in order to escape those particular jurisdictions. From what I found, most of these people failed badly, with only one to win, but only temporarily. This information is very well hidden by search engines throughout the Internet, so be prepared to encounter difficulties while finding it. To make matters more difficult, there is a lot of fake information in this field, and if it happens to be old information, expect it to be no longer valid, since courts, judges and the entire legal system change strategies, codes, rules, and statutes continuously, and they even create entire new types of fake courts and jurisdictions in the meantime, only to keep you outside of your Common Law jurisdiction.

So far, it seems that you could attempt to prove that you are a normal living being, which you certainly are, only throughout the Commonwealth, because elsewhere you have Civil and Religious systems of law or a mixture of these, and these seem to be very rigid and very conservative.

…Yet it is always the same tedious procedure every time you try to claim that you are a normal living being and not a corporation, since the judge will always work hard to trick you in every way to admit that you are a corporation, either explicitly, implicitly, and even through your silent consent, since corporations do not talk. There was a case with one man who knew only one thing, that the word ‘person’ refers to something else than himself, or it refers to something else than a living being, but he did not know, how, why, and under what circumstances. That man tried to state that he only represents the person that happens to have his own name while he was not really that person. …Which is somehow true, since you always have to represent your corporation everywhere, yet you may always refuse to do so. The judge showed some amazement for the particular knowledge of that man, which was by far more than what he usually encounters throughout courts, and then he defeated the man immediately when he asked if he lives at such and such address. The man responded affirmatively then, and that was his mistake. The word ‘to live’ defines in legal terms any living being residing in a particular place right then. Since that man had agreed that he lived then at that particular address far away from the courtroom, then he could not be in court to represent that corporation, and therefore that man could not be a living being as he had claimed when he stated that he was not a person. Besides, cities are incorporated today, which makes everyone living there to be franchisees, or simple workers for the corporation that is the city. And since all workers are corporations today because you are never allowed to employ and be employed as a living human being, because Higher Laws consider employment similar to slavery and exploitation, then that man had to be a corporation too, only because he lived in that particular city at that particular address…

The judge had him again, yet even this was not enough, because that man continued to claim that he was not a person but he only represented a person during that trial, himself! …So the judge started by referring to this man as not being a person at first, then he used the words ‘probably a person’ then he used the words ‘or a person,’ and then he used the words directly ‘and a person,’ with our man to agree now to this all, through his silence. …And so the man ended up in jail.

Do you see how these court trials mean nothing for judges, only a play of words, an act, while for the people undergoing these trials it means everything. …While these people were not even supposed to be there, because all these laws are not even meant for them. That man was there for tickets and a DUI.

Let us walk now through an entire trial in a Common Law jurisdiction, only to study how you are made to change jurisdictions from Common Law to everything else, including Civil Law, Maritime Law, Commercial Law, and any other fake jurisdiction. Again, check and make sure that this is also the case where you live, because you may have different jurisdictions, laws, and statutes there.

First, if you happen to notice throughout the courtroom legal symbols related to your nation, state, province, or region where you live, symbols that are not entirely accurate, including specific legal details added or missing everywhere, or wrong colors as you find on flags for example, know that you are already in a different, fake jurisdiction, far away from the Common Law jurisdiction promised to you by your nation, authorities, or constitution. For example, if the flag displayed has any kind of box around it including any ornamental fringes of any color, then know that it is not actually your flag, and it is not even there, since everything placed in a box should be ignored in any legal context, on documents, symbols, flags, etc. These boxes are placed there to state that anything inside them must be ignored. In this case, the entire flag has to be ignored because it is placed in a golden box made of fringes. That is not actually an official court holding an official trial, but it is only a mockery, a Jolly Roger, or a make belief, and nothing happening there has any value, significance, or legal means, according to Higher Laws. However, if you give your agreement directly or indirectly to abide to all charges there, if you ever do so, then you have to go to prison indeed, in order to honor this particular agreement that you have made with these ordinary people in this ordinary room! …And all Higher Laws respect your decision now. Why? …Because all laws and all legal procedures are in fact only agreements between people, and nothing else, regardless of how official and pertinent you may consider them to be, through any belief that you may have.

Further on, if your particular trial involves the payment of any sum of money, then it involves by default corporations, and therefore it involves you as a corporation, since corporations have money and profit designations, and not living beings. Once you accept to pay, then you are that corporation and you go on from there, having to do now whatever the judge, prosecutor, or jury decide for you to do.

…Or you may keep reminding them that you are not a corporation but a living being until the end, because nothing that you ever do or claim wrongly or mistakenly is set in stone, since you may take it all back just by stating anything else. …And this is the case probably because as the Romans had imagined, those spirits may appear and disappear at any time in your body or throughout the courtroom to change your status, since this is exactly how the Romans had started this entire scheme or charade two thousand years ago and further in the past, and watch it still going on today, ruining everyone’s life!

When asked for documents to prove anything that you claim, or when you are shown documents with your own signature proving otherwise than what you claim, then you may state that you as a living being are the primary witness and you have priority over any paper or document, which all judges already know, but they try to trick you anyway. …And if you happen to remain consistent and very aware of what it is being said and claimed around you about you and on your behalf, and if you know exactly what to say, how to object, and how and when to do it, you might actually win, if only temporarily, because judges will always seek to take revenge on you for daring to challenge them in their own court.

Throughout the trial, you will be asked a multitude of times if you are that person with that name. You will be asked directly in the beginning of the trial, and then you will be asked implicitly throughout the trial in any possible context. Once you persist to state that you are the living being, the judge will ask if you live at such and such address, as seen before. Answer yes then, and he will assume that you are there then, or that you are a corporation just for living at that particular address, whatever he pleases, and he will continue the trial.

Throughout the trial, the judge will make a multitude of statements, as when you must appear in court for example. Since the word ‘appear’ applies to disembodied spirits and not to genuine living beings, once you accept this statement even through your silence, you may also accept anything related to that statement, the fact that that spirit failed to appear in your body but it had actually appeared somewhere else in the courtroom or at some other time, etc.

…And you have now to go through this entire stressful trial and be around these low-level impostors now just because one day you went five miles past the speed limit and got caught, or because one day you have finally managed to catch a small fish and got caught without a license, etc. …Or even more, you have to go now through this whole trial just because these impossible people happen to have offended your intelligence through their outrageous claims that transportation regulations that are meant for commercial drivers only, have to apply now to you while driving your family van to the restaurant, and this is why now you have to get a driver’s license, and you have to pay for an outrageous insurance policy, every year.

Note how this particular care for all details goes far above trials in order to prove that you are never used, abused, or exploited in any manner as a genuine living being, but only as a corporation, for very, very important reasons. Therefore, everything happening throughout courts with people trying to prove that they are genuine living beings and not corporations, everything is done with the perfect knowledge that the entire trial is closely monitored and audited probably even then and even there as it takes place. …By whom? …And therefore, judges have to be very, very careful and correct with the entire procedure. …Because once they harm you in any way with you persisting to claim that you are a genuine living being, then they lose their job. Judges may always claim that they offer you remedy for honor only, or to keep their insurance policy for example, in case that they are ever reported for being too violent for example, and this is why they have to offer these ‘remedy’ or ‘maintenance’ every time those in case demand it. Yet all corporations are obligated to offer you help, maintenance, and remedy at all time and not only throughout legal circumstances, since you as a living being may die if you do not have these, mostly when it happens that any of these corporations ever interfere with the fulfillment of your needs.

You may notice through the tone and language of judges and of all legal personnel, how the entire trial is assumed to be absolute and unconditional, threatening you with large fines and long term imprisonment if you ever disobey the court, if you refuse to stand up when you should for example, etc. Because once you agree and do everything that you are told, it means that you agree and submit yourself to the entire trial, you accept your jurisdiction, you accept your status of a non-living corporation, and the trial goes on from there, considering you accordingly, as a corporation.

What can you do? …Because if you continue to interrupt by claiming that you are a living being and none of that applies to you, they will make you shut up and remain silent in every manner. And then when the judge sends the policemen to you to take you out in handcuffs, if you submit to them it means that you submit to the whole trial, and to jail you go, for and even longer time now that you have managed to upset your authorities through your continuous claims. One man for example did just fine throughout the trial, kept his living status the whole time, and when the policemen came to take him away in handcuffs he refused them, he refused to stand up, and when they continued threatening him he just said casually: ‘you have to pick me up, because I will never agree to anything.’ That in itself was an agreement, the judge profited immediately, they picked him up as he requested carelessly, and off to jail they took him. …And then when they called him for the next trial he had learned his lesson, and when the policemen came to take him in handcuffs out of the courtroom he screamed repeatedly: “Do not come near me! Do not come near me! I am a living man and you have no right! I warn you, do not come near me!”

…And they did not go near him indeed! …And then after his judge tried everything and could not trick or threaten him into accepting his corporation status, the judge excused himself and left the courtroom, and our man took the chance then to claim his higher authority to take over the court, he dismissed everybody and closed forever his own case, and he just left normally and freely out of there, with everyone just watching him in wonder, including the policemen.

Because the judge will leave the courtroom repeatedly, and it is said that each time he returns the entire jurisdiction changes and you have to start it all over again. The judge may return as anything and anyone this way, judging you continuously as the captain of a vessel for example through the Maritime Law, with unconditional authority over you since you may be considered nothing else than another vessel then, or a slave, or simple cargo, because these people are capable to invent and do anything with you, while getting paid with public money. The judge may return as a mason, as the priest of some old, forgotten religion still followed by high members of the Brotherhood, as mockeries of any system of law, and so on.

Your very presence there in that court confirms that you are there in order to go on with the trial, which means that you accept the authority that the judge claims over you. …And this is possible only if you are a corporation. You may be told words as: ‘you are here today for such and such crimes and for such and such charges.’ Your silence alone to these words confirms implicitly that you agree with everything. Genuine living beings usually state here that they do not understand the charges, which in legal terms means that they do not consent or agree to those charges. Lots of threats follow here, and if you happen to still persist to stand as a living being, the judge may ask if you are ready to go to trial for your charges, or he may ask you how you plea to your charges, both cases confirming implicitly that you are a corporation implicated into commercial activities while committing your crimes. Genuine living people usually answer that they are there for a visit for example, or they are there in regard to the condition of their name. Pleas imply that you submit to everything, implicitly.

By this point in the trial, some judges may lose patience and may try to settle with you on the courtroom steps. People may accept this or not, depending on the case. Yet there are some judges who at this point get so desperate, that they take you out in the street and simply push you away or just pay for a taxi to take you home. …Yet there are judges who are prepared to go all the way and risk everything, it all depends. Some genuine living people got away with being able to choose their own jury among their family and friends, while others even managed to determine the judge in any manner to take them to a real court in a genuine Common Law jurisdiction. …And once they got there the judge agreed on the spot, closed the case and freed everybody immediately, without anyone else having to say a word.

Why you never hear of these particular cases and you always have to watch the same courtroom procedures that you see in all movies? It is all very well hidden, yet I am surprised to see more and more people aware of this kind of knowledge. Once more and more people find out the truth, the human status will genuinely be respected everywhere.

…Yet these are all cases for consented crimes only, as speeding, tax evasion, driving and fishing without license, or even driving under influence or possession, because theft or murder might not go too well for you in this particular manner, unless you are very high in the brotherhood for example, in which case you may never be charged and have to go to court to begin with, regardless of your crime.

4 Human Rights and Their Cognitive Perspectives

What rights exactly does your status give you, how exactly does your status relate to your laws and social boundaries, who exactly decides this status of yours, do you have to pass an exam for example to get your status, and what authorities exactly you must convince regarding the level of your status? More importantly, what is your status in the world now?

You are a human being, an intelligent human being, and this is your status by default. However, you my always assume any other status if you are capable to keep it! This is how slaves fall into slavery, many times through very specific oats and agreements concerning their new status. Yet you might not be able to assume a status higher than the human status, for the simple fact that you do not have the means and capabilities to prove it. Yet many times, others will assume to you any status they choose, as long as you agree with them in any manner, implicitly or explicitly. …And this is how you will always be tricked into assuming a lower status than your human status, losing this way your human rights. …And this is what goes on throughout courts.

In order to know and determine your own status, you must know first who or what you are. Afterwards, you need to integrate yourself as you are within the entire social context, and the following chapter creates your social model in the world.

There are dozens of books throughout this series determining exactly who you are. You are more than the physical body, despite of what Science may want you to believe. Claim that you are your physical body only, and you end up with the status of a corporation. Yet the problem is that it may not be you making this claim, but others, regardless of how benevolent they may seem to be! …Because nobody should ever grant your status, ever, or you end up with a first level status, the status of a corporation. Why? Once you accept authorities over you, any authority more or less legal, you submit to these authorities, you live your life on behalf of these authorities alone, throughout tight hierarchies or in a centralized manner, it is not your life anymore but you live your life on their behalf, and this is why Life does not consider you alive anymore, but She considers their contribution to the world, regardless if it was implicitly yours. Therefore, whenever anyone assigns your rights or status, everyone may consider you a simple, lifeless body, or a corporation. This is how it is down here in this world, and this is how it is everywhere in the wider world, throughout all realities. Therefore, any believer, follower, servant, fan, fanatic of any kind, even followers of tight ideologies, they all live their life on behalf of these beings or ideas they follow, and therefore they are not alive themselves, they are corporations. Why do they do it? For a better lifestyle for example, or out of ignorance, or through invading barbarian beliefs, or for pleasure, for fear, for social recognition, for fear of social failure, for privileges, for an easier or more certain lifestyle, etc.

To make matters more intriguing, those to have always controlled Science and all its scientific theories, these same people control all systems of law now, and all these systems of law consider you a corporation, by default. Furthermore, these same people control drugs, medicine, and poisonous additives to cause your development to decay to the zero level, they control all ideological beliefs to cause you to decay to the first level, they control all corrupted knowledge and beliefs to cause you a similar decay, they control finance causing the necessary austerity and poverty measures to place you in the situation that you have to drop into servitude and join the tight hierarchies of the Brotherhood only to have the abundance you deserve, and so on. These people control it all, and this is exactly how they force you now to drop into servitude. It is more to study here, since there is an entire social model associated to each individual within Society, and you should know it all for each developmental level, since not all humans all alike, all having different systems of intelligences, and these are all unique.

…Yet do not be too harsh judging them, because if it was not them ruling the world now, then it was another bloodline doing the same, even your bloodline, since this kind of behavior is the result of a social need for ultimate supremacy, which is a second level need present in all living beings and in all intelligences. …This is part of Life, since Life is always eager to push you to your very limits in order to drain the last drop of involvement out of you, individually or through those controlling you, and then She pushes you some more! This is why it is highly important to develop yourself throughout life, life after life, in order to be able to identify, temper, and control your own violent instincts whenever they get too competitive, which is, in order to become responsible enough to match your own needs, desires, intentions, and capabilities. …Because responsibilities come in levels too, and they must always match in level your capabilities. …Otherwise, you end up trashing the world and killing everybody in the process, and this is what the Roths and their entire invisible Kazarian Empire do today. …And there are some highly powerful intelligences out there that might not be too happy about it!

This does not mean that you have to agree either, yet you should always spend more time considering this issue, in all details. Just consider all violent social wars and revolutions to have taken place throughout history, since all revolutions are variations on the same theme: the Masses get oppressed and exploited for decades, then they cannot take it anymore and they revolt, they overthrow an entire government and Brotherhood to have profited in opulence this whole time, they instate a new, free, better government, a new, better, free, hierarchy in society, and probably a new ideology too, as harmless as it may seem, these work just fine at first, then they turn greedy and start profiting too, the Masses suffer again, decade after decade, then they revolt again, and again, and so on the world revolves in larger historical cycles. …And this is why they are called revolutions.

Start fighting the Roths now, replace them with another ruling bloodline, and the world revolves again, over and over. …Or this is the case if you still have the time before your bloodline goes extinct, because it seems that this time the world is going to revolve differently. Yet no one seems to care, so let us not bother!

…Anyway, the world will keep revolving throughout these dreadful cycles until you and the world develop and you all ascend to the third level, which is the genuine human level. Once you arrive at your third level, you will never oppress or exploit others since your needs change towards helping them and the world, and not harming anyone. This is not exactly an idealistic or utopic tendency, to claim that the world always develops and changes only for the better because it just feels right that way, with highly developed humans helping anyone around to cross the street all day long for example, or helping whoever wants to cross the street, but this is part of your natural sequential development, and therefore this is what comes next, by default. This is why humans act more like humans, more humane, while animals act more like animals. …Because humans have to form the kind of societies that can never function if humans do not act in a benevolent, responsible manner. …Otherwise, they end up in herds and packs, and this defines animals. It is one way or another, with nothing else in between, and only the Roths may tell how much effort and talent it takes to sabotage an entire human civilization and force it to function at the animal and servitude level.

To make the distinction here, wild animals are of the second developmental level, while domestic animals or cattle are of the first developmental level. …And now you understand who is the wild animal and who is the cattle in the world, and who is the genuine human being. …Because throughout Society, the servants, slaves, and cattle will work hard to gather and convert the wild animals in order to exploit them among themselves, while always attacking and targeting the genuine human beings in every manner until these too give up, decay, and join their tight hierarchies, becoming whatever everybody else is. …Or this is the case with adults only, because developed children are identified immediately through their tendency to stand apart from the crowd and reason, they are sent to be tested and they are labeled with Autism, and then the narcotics and the medicine that they have to take do all the necessary work to amputate their developed minds, down to the first or zero level, in a flash. …And the Roths also own Medicine along with all its harmful and fatal cures and treatments.

To continue the future human social model now, nobody will ever exploit and harm you anymore whenever the world develops to the genuine human level, not necessarily because most of them are already at their genuine human level and they already behave differently, but because the underdeveloped people who are still left in the world will not be able to reach and exploit you at your third developmental level. …Because you will know how to turn your back to them and remain unavailable and unharmed whenever they try. It is this simple. …And with most of the world at the genuine human level, now they will all help these last people to develop, so exploitation, extinction, and extermination will not be a problem anymore.

…And this is exactly why you find drugs and alcohol in all stores and movies today, because drugs of all kind will always keep you addicted and underdeveloped on your zero developmental level. This is why you are forced in every way to give up your independent life and join brotherhoods, because these will always keep you underdeveloped at the first level through all kind of beliefs, despite of what they may promise you. This is why authorities push austerity measures on you, so your poverty will keep you preoccupied for life with how to provide to yourself and to your family, how to fulfill your lower needs only. …And this is exactly the animal level, the jungle law, and the sheep lifestyle, all keeping you now underdeveloped at the animal level, far from the genuine human level. Once you escape all your drugs and additives, once you escape your invading barbarian beliefs, and once you escape your austerity measures, then and only then you may start learning and training hard in order to ascend to your genuine human level.

How exactly do you learn and train yourself in order to develop cognitively? You do not actually do it directly, but you only pay attention that you do not ignore or neglect your genuine human needs throughout life, which are your need for abstract learning and abstract understanding, your need to do good in the world, your need for freedom and righteousness, your need to engage only in win-win interactions with those around you, your needs for honor, virtue, etc., your need to base your reasoning only on valid, pertinent facts and not on stereotypes and beliefs, your need to be able to distinguish between good and bad, your need for a highly responsible life, and so on. Just follow your higher needs, eliminate all your lower needs as your need for drugs, or your need for offensive social competition, or your need for social supremacy, etc. This is also part of your social model.

…Because the more developed you are, the more you know, then the more abilities you may form, train, or gather, the higher status and rights you are capable to claim, and the more powerful and capable you become in fulfilling your needs! It is this simple, since everything that you do in life is fulfilling needs, higher and lower, on all developmental levels, higher and lower.

Development, status, needs, fulfillments, conditions, and even laws and responsibilities, these are all correspondent, since you may place them all on the same lifeline of causality. Therefore, you are capable to hierarchize these all separately, yet still have their numbers correspondent to define them all on the same lifeline. For example, humans are or should be at the third level, animals at the second, corporations, slaves, servants, soldiers, etc., these all are at the first level. Angels are of the fourth level, and so on. This means that all the elements of their entire line of causality are at the same level: humans are or should have third level status, they should have third level responsibilities in the world, they should be able to identify, manage, and fulfill all needs up to the third level, they should have third level capabilities, and so on. It is the same with all beings and intelligences, higher and lower.

Now you might want to know what is the difference between a human being and an intelligence. Could you be or become a spirit or an intelligence if you are not your corpse or physical body? Well, you may identify yourself with your physical body only if you choose to do so, since you are the one choosing your status in court and everywhere else and no one else. It is only a matter of you being able to stand up to the level that you claim. It seems that two thousand years ago, the Romans had created the Civil Law starting with this particular idea, that physical bodies represent this life, while spirits or souls represent the eternal life. This is how they prove their Civil Law, claiming that it should be instated as long as you live this life here in this world. …Or this is what it seems that they thought back then. Remember, everything that they did and thought had to be in perfect agreement with their religious beliefs. Yet you may never know exactly the religious beliefs of those times, since your religious records are only five hundred years old today, all having been revised continuously throughout history by a multitude of political authorities, to become the well-known version that you have today. …And it is clearly stated on the cover that it is a version, and therefore now you give your tacit acceptance, while trying hard to ignore what this makes out of you.

Are you the spirit, the intelligence, the soul, or you are the physical body? You may never separate intelligences from the objective bodies forming, holding, and maintaining them in their matrices, just because at a nanoscopic level the objective body and the intelligence that it holds are inseparable, they are one and the same, all being direct part of the Field. …Because there is nothing material at the level of molecules, atoms, and nuclei. None of these is actually rigid at the nanoscopic level, but a combination of force fields, a direct part of the Field.

Therefore, you always have intelligences and bodies both in one, they form a one, since they are one, both defining only separate perspectives of this same one. Therefore, from above or from the perspective of the upper reality it is a cognitive perspective, and you get to see the intelligence, while from within the same reality it is an objective perspective, and you see the body.

Your intelligences within your own cognitive system seem subjective or abstract when you consider them now, just because your own senses are positioned in this outside world we call Reality, outside world to hold the inner reality of your cognitive system: your mind. Similarly, from the outer reality holding our Reality in a same manner, you, those around you, and your behavior and achievements, along with the entire Society, you are all seen subjectively or abstractly from above, as simple intelligences, all forming a cognitive system, which is Society, as it is seen from our outer reality. Your social behavior is simply reasoning as it is seen from the upper reality, all social events that you trigger around you directly or indirectly are thoughts, while all your achievements are successful ideas. This is how your soul sees you from his upper perspective, as an intelligence. …And so he reasons, daydreams, or projects, and so you behave.

To be very specific here, these two perspectives that bodies and intelligences define, relate to Existence and Intelligence. Therefore, bodies and intelligences together define life, simultaneously. …And so life becomes the third perspective of a one. You need these three perspectives in order to define everything in the world: life, existence, and intelligence. Therefore, absolutely everything in the world exists, is alive, and it is intelligent, in every possible form of life, and not only in the organic form. There is life absolutely everywhere in the world, in plasmatic form for example, in crystalline form, in organic form, and so on. There is always a physical body as a hardware, to form and maintain an inner reality in a matrix, and hold there a multitude of intelligences. Together, body or hardware and the inner reality along with the intelligences held inside, together they are considered to be alive. Your brain is the body for example, creating through all its cells and cellular components a specific, continuously fluctuating electric and electrostatic charge distribution to form this way an informational or cognitive matrix, matrix capable to hold an inner reality which is your mind, mind or inner reality capable to hold a multitude of intelligences and systems of intelligences, for example your subconscious intelligence and all its composing primal intelligences, as your eating intelligence, sleeping intelligence, social intelligence, reproductive intelligence, and so on.

Who are you? You are the physical body and your cognitive system, in one. Your mind is your cognitive system. …And since your cognitive system has three sides: subconscious, conscious, and highconscious, you are all these perspectives combined: body, subconscious, conscious, and higher self, all forming a one. Yet only within cognitive contexts I refer to you as the conscious intelligence only, to distinguish you from the rest, yet you always remain the whole thing. To be more precise here, you are not exactly your highconscious, or higher self, or soul, because it might be the other way around, your soul is you, but only in the context of this world we call Reality. …And to be very precise now, from the higher perspective of your soul, you are all together as a one: mind, body, and soul. Therefore, your soul has you more than you have a soul or you have your soul. Yet you may always claim that you have the soul or you have a soul, just the way you may claim that you have a country, while it might be more precise to state that your country has you, just because the set of your country includes you in its own matrix.

As a conscious intelligence, you are also a primal subconscious intelligence standing on an equal level with the rest of your primal intelligences, and you are in charge with the outside world, while your other primal intelligences are in charge with eating and digesting for example, with sleeping and recovering, with breathing and coughing, etc. …Yet since you are always conscious of everything that you do, you call yourself conscious, or conscious intelligence, in an obvious manner. …And since you cannot be conscious of whatever the other intelligences feel, do, observe, expect, etc., you call them unconscious or subconscious, in a rather trivial or ignorant manner, since all intelligences, lower and higher, larger or smaller, they are all conscious of what they do and think, they are conscious of their environment, always, otherwise they could never interact with their own environment and could never do their job, whatever it is that they do within your cognitive system.

…And it never stops here, because, in order to think and reason themselves, all intelligences form and hold their own inner realities and inner intelligences, that have to think and therefore form their own inner intelligences and so on, as far down as the complexity of your own reasoning requires. Look outside absently and it takes less inner nested realities throughout this simple thinking. Go through your math exam and it takes more, and it is more like computers holding virtual computers within virtual computers and so on. Yet all these inner realities within inner realities are held by the same body up here, your brain.

As a reference, all these intelligences of yours, larger or smaller, they are all unique, distinct individuals from their own objective perspectives within their own realities, they have objective bodies down there and probably names, faces, children, and pets too, and they all conduct their lives casually there, while all that you want from up here is a simple thought or feeling. Because you as a conscious intelligence, you will always reason through mental models or simulations of the outside world, and you always do so within your own inner replica of the outside world. …And this is exactly what your memories and understandings of the outside world do, they recreate the outside world within your own mind, cognitive brick by cognitive brick. Your other primal intelligences reason in a similar manner, only that their own environments, outside worlds, and inner replicas of their outside worlds are more or less different, more or less specialized, abstract, schematic, etc. You may find yourself within these worlds sometimes, when you dream or even when you daydream, without even knowing. All your feelings, needs, impressions, desires, ideas, etc., these all come from the multitude of thse inner realities of your cognitive system. …Or you may project throughout outer and parallel similar worlds, more or less related to you, to Society, and to this world we call Reality. …Because you always have similar thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc., coming from your upper realities, and certainly from your own soul.

…And this is the case with absolutely all living beings, of all forms, from all realities, higher and lower, and this is exactly the kind of cognitive connectivity to link us all, worlds, societies, and living beings alike. …Because you as a member of Society, you are just one of these individual inner intelligences within an extraordinary cognitive system of any kind, while you are casually living your life.

How far up does it all go? All the way, because cognition is compartmentalized through this multitude of individual realities, and therefore everything makes sense distinctly everywhere within and without, world by world, reality by reality, level by level, dimension by dimension, all the way up, all the way to the Divine Himself!

…Because the whole material word as a whole holds all intelligences in the world as a whole, all existing, being alive, and being intelligent this way, as a whole, and that is also a one, since it exists, it is alive, and it is intelligent. I refer to this overall, omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient one as The One. The three primordial perspectives of The One are Life, Existence, and Intelligence. …Lift a rock and you shall find me, split a lump of wood and I will be there!

Notice how the information above covers The One entirely, yet in a very succinct manner. It happens that this entire book series is called ‘The One,’ and it includes thirty-three books. Yet even this entire book series is too succinct compared to all knowledge that you may form and gather about The One. However, as succinct as it is, it takes a specific cognitive development, and it takes specific cognitive abilities in order to form it, gather it, link it together, understand it wholly, and then be able to explain it and be easily understood, by anyone regardless of their developmental level.

Does it mean that you are developed enough now at the genuine human level once you know all these? The degree of your knowledge and awareness certainly defines your developmental level, yet no, life is never this simple, since you never have it this easy, to form a simple paragraph or a simple book series, and behold, here is my status and here are my rights!

…Then how do you develop? How do you gain your human rights? Throughout life, your environment and all your conditions force you in every single manner to stand up to your status and capabilities. Just take Society as example. Because Society gets very, very harsh sometimes just by being in school one Tuesday for example, when everyone around you gets on your case, colleagues and teachers alike, and it takes your entire knowledge and effort to find a way out and withstand their attacks. It is the same at the office, at the boat or in the mine, wherever you work, because there is always someone ready to steal your friends, authority, achievements, promotion, and even your entire job!

Why? Because your status, development, laws, rules, and rights always match the conditions of your environment. Humans are very good at changing their environment by moving mountains and by building entire cities or changing the weather, therefore dropping the level of their environment and making their life easier. …While this is only their natural environment, the environment that all animals have to put up with throughout their whole life, since they are not capable to change it as humans do. Yet humans have an even tougher environment to cope with now, and this is their social environment, which is Society itself! Try that for a change to see how it is! Try to put up with Society for one month or one year without your brotherhood to see if you can! Are you up to claim human rights and human status at the genuine third level? Then prove it now, by being able to put up with Society your whole life at all its levels, because Society and all its hierarchies of brothers will always throw your way this kind of cheap schemes, laws, and jurisdictions, more or less valid, more or less treacherous, and you certainly have to withstand them all, or else! …Or else you have to go to jail, you lose your house and kids, you lose your spouse, you lose your freedom, which is a normal human right, or you lose your income and you are not capable to fulfill your needs anymore, lower and higher, and you start decaying, mostly down to the zero level, because the whole world takes to drugs whenever this kind of dreadful things happen to them. …And so on, this is how you live a normal life on the beautiful Earth!

It is the same in the jungle, where animals have to function at their most efficient level continuously, or they all go extinct one at a time, one family at a time, one bloodline at a time, one race at a time, one species at a time, and so on! Therefore, only the current, surviving animals may claim that they are at the genuine second level, if they even have the means to claim it, otherwise others may claim for them any status they choose, and therefore they may take advantage of them in every manner. Because all those extinct species to have ever walked the surface of Earth were not exactly of the second level, and now their extinction proves it!

Well, again, this is a little too harsh to say, because the natural environment of Earth is not always of the second level, but many times it augments in levels by becoming a lot harsher, as through polar shifts, through incoming asteroids, and so on. …Because throughout all natural calamities, the natural environment of Earth shifts to higher levels, and you have indeed to match these high conditional levels now in order to survive. Can you? And this is where higher development comes in handy, to save you from this kind of calamities. …Yet Society is different, since it takes but a few highly developed members to save Society and the Human Civilization from anything, but where exactly are these? …Because at it seems, Society will not really make it the next cataclysm.

You might make it if your entire environment augments only to level three for example, as a draught or a recession, or a sudden famine throughout your undeveloped country, yet even so, you will not make it if you are not developed enough to find a way out, if you are not at your third level.

Therefore, no one really gives you your status and your rights, but you achieve them yourself through your development, you may claim them then whenever necessary, and then you have to keep them, maintain them, and prove that you still have them, throughout your entire life.

As a reference, at the zero developmental level, you certainly have your human rights by default, yet you lack the capacity to use and apply them, and therefore to prove them, since you lack the capacity to fulfill your genuine human needs, and through them to stand up to your genuine human responsibilities, and so you end up trashing the lives of all those around you, and they leave! …Because at the zero developmental level, the only need that you ever fulfill is your need for pure pleasure, and nothing else. …Not because you may not be able now to gather or buy food, or to raise a family for example, since you could still do these just to prove a point as high as you may be, but because you do not care too much for these anymore, you are that advanced in your addiction. …And food is a second level need, because at your zero developmental level you neglect entirely your human needs, along with your human responsibilities.

It is the same when you are at the first developmental level, while attempting to claim genuine human rights and status. …Because from your first developmental level for example, which is the corporation or servitude level, you do not fulfill your needs entirely, sufficiently, or in a relevant manner, because you always get to fulfill your needs whenever you are ordered or allowed to do so. You also lack responsibility entirely since you lack choice throughout life, because it is their choice from now on. This is why it is not your life anymore. You are still better off at the first level than at the zero level, since it is enough to be ordered to end your addictions and you do just that! Yet you cannot fulfill your genuine human needs from the first developmental level, as your need for human rights, freedom, and righteousness for you and for the whole world, because in servitude, you do not even have rights but you have privileges, whatever your authority grants you. You are not free throughout servitude, but you are granted liberty by your authority, from time to time. …While your continuous work for others takes time away from the continuous developmental activities that you must undergo at the third developmental level, and therefore you soon decay to your actual first level if you happened to already be a genuine human being when you started your servitude.

You may find the legal term ‘capacity’ throughout courts. You may claim that you are a living human being in court for example, but if the judge decides that you are not in your full capacity to stand up to it, then your claim may be overruled.

…And this is the difference between rights and privileges. You always have your rights, and then you still have to claim them throughout courts or whenever necessary, because the judges will always try to take them away by changing your status, by shifting it to the first level, and therefore by shifting the entire jurisdiction to the first level, which is this commercial, corporation, whatever they have invented. …And through all these, they are able now to impose on you their well-known first level laws and charges. Privileges are different than rights, since privileges are rights of the first level. Others always give you privileges when you already accept them as your authority, or they try to give you privileges when they try to gain authority over you. You have privileges at work and at school for example, because work and school authorities have indeed authority over you there, for as long as you remain at work and at school. It is the same in the military and on your boat: you have privileges there, and these always overrule your rights. …And this is exactly the difference between freedom and liberty: freedom is a right that you always have and that you have to claim that you have whenever necessary, otherwise others may claim you into servitude and they become your authorities. …Yet even after they finish proving to you that they are your authority, through whatever trickery or theory they might have invented, you still do not have to obey, you may simply state your human rights and turn your back to them. …And even after an entire extraordinary ceremony where you have sworn in every manner to obey them indefinitely and in every manner, you may still claim your human rights, state them in any manner, then turn your back and walk away, because it is never a matter of you abiding to whatever sacrileges, routines, or lists of rights that anyone may want to dispute, but it is always a matter of accepting to do whatever anyone may want from you. …Because it is never a matter of them proving to you that they have tricked you, but it is always a matter of you doing whatever they want from you.

…Or at least this is the case throughout the Commonwealth and probably throughout the rest of the Western Civilization, where your human rights are respected eventually. …Because there are many nations where if they feel like it they shoot you right then regardless of what kind of rights you may claim, or if not they shoot you later on, since no one has any rights there anyway. …Because it seems that you still have to fight for your human rights, in case that your ancestors did not fight for them back then, whenever this was their problem, long before you were born. …And it is the same with you today, because all these legal problems will become your children’s problem, and then will become their children’s problem, and so on, until people decide eventually to stand up for their human rights, and so you get another revolution, then another one, and another one, and so on. This cheap scheme with these fictitious corporations goes on since before the recorded history, and no one ever managed to put an end to it. …Not that anyone can ever identify it. …And when people are smart enough to identify it, they do not actually start fighting immediately heroically to put a stop to it, but people use that particular knowledge in order to join brotherhoods and exploit the ignorant crowd alongside it. …And this certainly defines Society more than anything else!

To state the difference between freedom and liberty here, liberty is a privilege, and once you accept it, or once you admit that you have it, or once you treasure it, then you accept implicitly that particular authorities have rights over you, totally or partially.

As a reference here, slaves accept total authority for various reasons, while servants accept partial authority, keeping some rights alongside, as the right to walk freely out of the servitude for example, which is a right that all domestics, workers, soldiers, and brothers have, among others.

As another reference, the American Constitution only states the American human rights, but does not grant them to Americans, or at least this was the case back then. This is a very, very important detail to know, because, since the American Constitution only states the right of freedom that all Americans have or had back then, this means that it is not a privilege but a right indeed, it is not liberty but genuine freedom, which further implies that all Americans are or were genuinely free. Freedom is a basic Human Right, everybody already has it, and no one can ever deny it or grant it to anyone! Is this still the case today? Let us see! Is America still a nation, or a corporation? What exactly does the Statue of Liberty symbolize? Why is it placed on water? In what jurisdiction and in what particular system of law does it stand? Who exactly made it and brought it there and for what reasons? How much do Americans accept it as a most significant symbol of America? What exactly does it make of you when you treasure it and identify yourself with it? …And the Brothers know these answers perfectly, and they accept them entirely! …But now since they are capable to drive the latest model of any car and truck, it certainly must be worth it! …And since they never get speeding tickets, life is even better! Long live Liberty!

Yet this is the case everywhere in the world, since all cities, all regions, and all nations are incorporated today, they are corporations. This allows them to be owned, and this is what it is all about! Today the Roths own all corporations including your nation and your personal corporation, through all kind of proxies, since the Roths also own these proxies too!

…And everybody knows it and accepts it! Today you have liberty, liberals, liberty statues, libertarians, and so on. The name liberty itself comes from Latin, which is an ancient Roman language. This explains how the Romans did not even create their Roman Civil Law, but they have inherited it from their ancestors. …Ancestors who have probably received it directly from those Sumerian deities, who must have brought it with them from wherever they came from, because they must have been corporations too back then and back there, and now they took the opportunity to profit by enslaving the world through these same social and legal cheap schemes. …And old religions still state it throughout their records, how such and such religious character ruled over the living, while such and such religious character ruled over the dead. …And this is how Religion and Government went separate ways, since they both had their own separate systems of law, applied within their own separate jurisdictions. And it was all possible just by splitting each individual human being in two, and by assigning to them two different statuses: a normal one meant for the living, and a fictitious one meant only for the body, body that they were considering dead. …And this is exactly how you may fit two riders on the same horse. …While the horse never knows if he is from the Masses, he never minds if he is from the Brotherhood, and he remains invisible if he is from the Elite, away from all this nonsense! …Yet no one ever can ride you if you are developed, since you may always spot their scheme and tell them that you are not interested, turn your back, and walk away.

As a genuine human being, you have third level knowledge of yourself, of the world, and of your own place in the world, and you are capable to spot any of these at a simple glance. Therefore, if you claim your human status now, but you are still determined to claim that the Earth is flat for example, because there can never be people on the other side of the world if it was round, or they all fall down into space, then know that this particular type of thinking resembles more to the second level. Or if you persist to claim now that organic life is the only life form in the universe, or that there is life only on Earth, or that this is the only reality out there in the wider world, since this is exactly what you learn in school, and if those assessing your knowledge now happen to be part of other civilizations out there, or part of other realities, or part of different forms of life altogether, again, this might affect your status, and therefore your rights too, but only in the context that includes these particular assessors. Humans might or might not be required to have knowledge of their outer world, yet humans are always required to be able to use their logic and creativity at a genuine third level in order to be capable to make sense of anything they learn, up to their third level. For example, it is still fine for you to lack knowledge of the outer world, of angels, aliens, and the abominable snowman for example, yet you are certainly required to be capable to reason and behave adequately once you figure out or receive this kind of higher and outer knowledge. For example, if this higher beings start talking about everything in the wider world and you keep on denying it all because you have learned otherwise in school, or because your ideology states otherwise, then these might be signs of a second or first level status.

…Because all ideologies relate to first level reasoning, status, rights, behavior, and responsibilities. …Because ideologies of every kind are first level conditions only, since they are based on beliefs alone, beliefs that require only first level reasoning, beliefs and reasoning demanding this first level servitude, only. You even get a first level status and first level privileges in your servitude within ideologies, since they all have, form, and maintain strong hierarchies.

…Yet I am not here to challenge your beliefs, since your beliefs are very, very personal, and they make who you are and who you become. Throughout your development, you become capable to identify your beliefs one by one, and replace them with valid knowledge. This is why riots, fights, civil wars, and revolutions are never the answer to any tyranny and invalid ideology, because it never matters what kind of government and ideology you instate afterwards, by having the people of society at the same developmental level, you are guaranteed to form and develop a new tyranny, a new dictatorship, a new dynasty, etc. …And it is enough to look throughout history to see it happening over and over, and always in the very same spots of the world, because as long as people remain underdeveloped, these dreadful things are guaranteed to happen to them, repeatedly. Why exactly?

…Because as long as you are a human being, you are obligated to develop yourself to the genuine human level, and then to maintain yourself there at the genuine human level and never lower, because with your powerful human capabilities, but with your animal or servant cognition, your responsibility will always remain lower than your strong capabilities, and you end up trashing your life and the whole world alongside others like you. Therefore, it is never a matter of how much you feel like studying throughout school, or how many drugs you can take today, because the minute you decide to live life below your full capacity, the moment you decide to follow this low level lifestyle, you will certainly decay in cognitive development, and then the implicit lack of responsibility will ruin your life and the world. As an example here, hundreds of years ago when the British understood that they could never trick the Chinese to fall into their servitude because they were considerably more developed and would never submit, the British gave them opium and made a profit too, the Chinese chose addiction then over development, they decayed drastically, and then they submitted. Rumors say that they still pay tribute to the Roths today, ninety-five percent.

What you are certainly interested in now, is how it is possible for anyone to claim human rights on their own, rights that only the Divine is to give to them, always! Besides, when someone gives you your rights, aren’t these called privileges? Couldn’t human rights be in fact privileges coming from the Divine Himself?

To answer from an empiric perspective, yes, religions also state this, and all your rights are in fact privileges coming from the Divine. Even more, this is accepted sometimes in courts. Many people state and claim their human rights this way throughout courts, that their human rights are given to them by the Divine, and therefore should be respected always. …Yet how can you prove it if it happens that your judge is not a religious person? …Because religions are based on beliefs and not on valid facts, while throughout life you escape many times religious circumstances, the way it might have happened when you got caught breaking that assumed law. …And now the judge wants you to motivate your actions within that very same context where you had committed the assumed crime, which was probably not a religious context. …And therefore, the court may feel entitled now to overrule your entire claim of human privileges given to you by the Divine. This is the case throughout Common and Civil systems of law, because Religious systems of law should accept all religious claims.

To continue this answer now from another perspective, yes, certainly, your human rights are privileges coming from the Divine, yet everybody already knows this, and everybody already has these privileges. Courts already know it too, and this is why they have to involve now this entire effort, in order to change jurisdiction from ecclesiastic law to whatever they chose now for you, only to diverge the Divine authority over you and assume it for themselves! Because without this kind of courts, and without this kind of judges working in these courts, it is impossible for people like the Roths to take over the world and assume authority, because people will never give it to them. Well, throughout history, people handed their authority to absolutely everyone and everything, on the spot! …And what a history they had indeed!

To continue the same answer now from yet another perspective, absolutely everything in this world and in all the other worlds comes from the Divine Himself, including rights! This is the case just because the Divine is absolutely everything, and this includes the connectivity and the causality between absolutely everything. You must be careful when you base your reasoning on absolute premises, because causality itself changes signs under absolute circumstances! …Because only under comprehensive premises spanning the whole wider world rights become privileges and they superimpose, just because everything and everybody in the world remain continuously connected and influenced by everything and everybody in the world, continuously remaining this way under the authority of this extraordinary everything. Therefore, they all bow under the authority of the Devine, just because the Divine is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent, and therefore the Divine is everything. Since the Divine is everything, you may refer to the Divine in absolutely every statement that you can make: the Divine gave you the sandwich that you ate this morning, which is perfectly true, since the Divine is and does absolutely everything in the world, directly and implicitly. The Divine also gives you this particular knowledge that you learn throughout this book series, in a similar manner. …Because the Divine Himself changed and modified the lines of causality in the world in order for you to be born, to have the chance to eat the sandwich this morning, and also in order for you to have the chance to read this book now. …And this is what it makes this type of reasoning always valid, and therefore trivial, because anyone may produce it, continuously. To go more in depth, you must follow these lines of causality at your own level first, within your own circumstances, otherwise your reasoning might not be possible. …Because from an absolute perspective, there is only one line of causality for absolutely everything in the world: the Divine caused, created, and granted everything!

It is highly relevant to understand the above paragraphs, because exactly here is the distinction between religion and spirituality, between beliefs and valid facts, between privileges and rights, and therefore between liberty and freedom. Fail to understand the above paragraphs, and you end up living your life without being able to understand neither spirituality nor religion, for the simple fact that there are always people and entities capable enough to push false religious beliefs into your reasoning, and therefore enslave you this way for life within their own carefully implemented ideologies, even life after life. Succeed in understanding these above paragraphs, and you will always be able to view, understand, join, and embrace the Divine through all His primordial perspectives: religious, spiritual, living, intelligent, existential, causal, connective, etc. …Because the Devine is all these facets and perspectives, and more, much more!

We move along now to responsibilities associated to your status. Who needs your own responsibilities? You do, certainly, along with your loved ones, the environment, and the whole world. …Which is a trivial answer in itself, but you always need your responsibilities in the world to match the level of your development, only to be able to maintain the status that you may claim among everyone and everything out there more developed than you are. …Because it is enough to display your advanced reasoning for example in order to prove your advanced status among people that are equal in status with you, and you do so throughout schools, brotherhoods, offices, courtrooms, and everywhere else in Society. Fail to maintain your status in Society, and you downgrade from there. Similarly, it is enough for you to use your advanced capabilities among less developed beings as you do in nature among animals for example, or as you do within hierarchies, and you will always be understood and respected by all those below you. …Or this is the case as long as you are capable to possess these high capabilities. …Because all those below you will always try to use their own capabilities to defeat and overrule you, regardless of how nice they may appear now. …Because this is a normal behavior for all second level people and lower. This happens in the jungle too, where your cognitive capabilities and high knowledge may have no value there in their raw essence, yet bring a gun with you there and you will certainly rule among all animals. …Because as human, your capabilities come in all forms: raw, cognitive, material, technological, etc. Cruelty works well too, when you happen to find yourself among lesser-developed beings and you need to prove yourself, which is, when you need to prove, claim, and display your superior status. However, as a third level being, it is less likely that you will use violence in the jungle, regardless of how this might affect you. In fact, people of the third level do not even use violence throughout wars and calamities, and they are the ones to die first.

Yet many times people who get lost within jungles are accepted within groups of animals and are allowed to live there with them, under their protection. …Since there are other laws in the jungle besides the well-known ‘law of the jungle.’ It is the same throughout wars, where despite what you always see on TV, real soldiers help each other regardless of the side they are in, they save themselves and they have fun together, or this is the case if they happen to be at the third level. Because at the first and second level, you get the slaughter that you see on TV.

We have seen how you may prove your own status among people equal in development and status with you, or lower in development and status than you. What can you do with those higher in development and status than you are? How do you prove your status and development to them while you are a genuine human being of the third developmental level? There are many, many beings and intelligences out there of a developmental level higher than the third, and they are already aware of your own status and development. The problem is not how to prove your status to them the way you have to do it continuously throughout courts, but the problem is how to maintain the status that you claim. …Because if you claim a higher status than your actual one matching your development, then you might lack the necessary responsibility to behave in the world at the level of the very high status that now you claim, and so you have to downgrade the level of your own status to the level of your own development, reasoning, and capability.

For example, one of your recently acquired magical power or capability might allow you now to ascend your lifestyle beyond human level, as it always happens through the use of various spells or magic artifacts, if you can ever make these work for example, and now you have what people commonly call magic powers or psychic powers. You will do anything you wish now indeed, since no one can match your capabilities. Therefore, the fourth level status that now you may claim remains unchallenged, granting you absolute fourth level rights. You will claim everything then, since your new fourth level capability allows you to fulfill all your needs very easily, however you do it. When this happens throughout books and movies, those characters either end up trashing the world by lacking responsibilities altogether, or they end up helping and saving the world entirely, matching entire fourth level responsibilities with their fourth level capabilities and with their fourth level behavior. …Because at your fourth level, your responsibilities will span the whole world with anyone in it, and this is the case with all fourth level beings, as angels, superheroes, etc.

Note how, if it happens that you are still at a lower cognitive level while you have your fourth level capability, you will always use your fourth level capability in order to fulfill your current lower level needs, only, because you do not know anything else to do in life, because you will never need to do anything else besides fulfilling lower level needs, since everything else that you do feels boring and in vain! You will gather lots of money for example, you will eat at the finest restaurants of the world, you will get the most attractive partners possible, you will live in palaces, you will gather entire armies around you in order to protect you and to take over the world, and this already starts resembling the Roths. What else is there to do in the world with your fourth level capability? Absolutely nothing, or at least absolutely nothing as long as you remain at your second cognitive level.

In contrast, at your fourth cognitive level, one of your fourth level needs is the need to do only good in the world. How boring! Who would ever give a hundred supercars and a hundred fine partners for this? Well, think again, because all those mentioned above and much more, they all get old fast, and very, very boring! You will have to take drugs in high doses only to keep yourself amused, throughout your extraordinary opulent life at the second level, and you certainly go down from there, mostly because you have unlimited access to unlimited drugs. …But this takes you to the zero level, and there you always die fast. To remain within second level needs now, your life gets boring fast through your higher power, just because all your animal needs are too easy to fulfill, and there you have nothing else left to do. …So you either trash the world and end up dead alongside it, or you end up learning and therefore developing, because there is not much else to do in life, while your boredom drives you insane. …And this is exactly the same boredom that you feel throughout the day many times. Beware, because this boredom is in fact your need for learning, training, and development, need that Society never teaches you to identify. You must never start entertaining yourself whenever you feel bored, because that keeps you diverted throughout life, but you must find a way to develop and improve yourself in any way you can, because here too, Society blocks your possibilities to develop. Now you have the Internet, and people start posting interesting knowledge, but not too long ago you had only the TV to teach you and develop you, while there was only garbage and corrupted knowledge throughout all channels, from news to the so-called science.

…Yet by having a fourth level high power at your disposal, now you may use this power at your advantage to help you develop. You may access astral records at will and this will certainly develop you past the human level. You may learn to acquire new high powers, you may find ways to meet higher beings of all kind and learn from them, or learn and develop alongside with them, you may manifest all the necessary opportunities to develop, and so on, you find your way! …And your own highconscious and your entire cognitive system will certainly reward you well with pleasure, love, and happiness for each one of your higher achievements. …And higher pleasure and higher love feel a lot better than the kind of pleasure that you get through your lower level fulfillments. …Now, why don’t you ever see throughout movies characters learning, training, and developing towards higher levels? Why do they always take drugs and behave deplorably? In order to set all these as standards, as beliefs, as lifestyles, as stereotypes, and therefore in order to keep you underdeveloped and under control.

…Because once you are developed enough to match you high capability you have all elements of your lifeline in tune, and you become a genuine fourth level being, ready to live alongside angels and superheroes. It is this simple, and all higher intelligences out there had to go through it.

Now your development matches your capabilities and lifestyle, matching implicitly your responsibilities, you never harm anyone including the whole world, and you are just fine with your newly acquired power or capability. …And the higher beings out there may even allow you to keep it. …Since if you trash the world, some may intervene because many times their higher laws demand it, and they will take your power away, in every manner.

However, Earth seems to be a third level world, which means that no powers are allowed here beyond the third level. This is exactly what beliefs, drugs, underdevelopment, vaccines, medicine, and all poisonous additives in everything do, they clip away your higher powers and they limit your cognitive development to the third level, if you ever get there.

…And it is the same with all animals, they all must show responsibility throughout life, mostly when they interact in any way with humans. …Because they may all end up becoming pests whenever they lack responsibility and end up interfering negatively with the human environment. …And it is impressive indeed to see various species developing a very high-level responsibility around humans to match the human responsibility, only not to become pests, and therefore to be able to survive! Dolphins, elephants, and whales for example go through high efforts and care in order not to harm humans when they are around them, and even lions and tigers behave highly responsibly around humans, if they are not too mad or upset in any way that day. However, it is impressive to see how relatively less capable species as sharks, which is a very primitive species of fish, they are developed too, allowing them to act as responsibly as possible around people, even when they are very hungry or when they taste blood. …Because whenever any of these species steps across the line and starts harming people they become pests, they lose their privileges, the game is over for them, and they start getting exterminated.

Sharks for example are a protected species today, and they will lose their privileges if they ever start feeding on people for example. This does happen, but only occasionally. …While people also fish and eat sharks, also occasionally. Octopus are highly capable and highly intelligent animals, they attack and eat sharks, therefore they can attack and eat people too, yet they remain responsible.

Humans are unlike animals and intelligences, since humans lack their higher abilities, for various reasons and purposes. This is why people lack telepathic abilities now, while many wild animals have them. It is the same with conscious astral projection and many other higher abilities. Your lack or loss of higher abilities forces you now to stand on a separate developmental level among all the other animals and intelligences, the third level. This third level is in fact an annex to the hierarchy of everything, it is an exception, and should not be there.

Why? …Because at the third level you were supposed to be able to make use of all your capabilities in a conscious manner, including these so-called psychic abilities. This is like being able to write but not being able to read. …Or being able to run and dance, but not being able to walk. Why are higher beings and higher intelligences capable to use their higher powers? Well, it may be the other way around, that they are higher beings and intelligences through their higher powers and higher development. Yet not only them, but common wild animals make use of what we refer to as higher powers, including cats and horses if they eat natural food, because food additives will amputate their higher powers too. It all has to do with the Roths again, and with them being able to keep their control and authority instated. …Because how can you ever control the world while the whole world is full of telepaths for example, or of flying people, or full of people who can manifest anything at any time? You cannot, and therefore you keep the world sedated, disabled, crooked, and eventually extinct. …And so you may rule indefinitely.

…But now, how exactly can a minority of people take over the world in a matter of centuries, from the second developmental level that they are in, while there are many people in the world at the genuine third level? …Besides, there should still be fourth level people in the world, most of them still possessing higher powers too! It all has to do with underdevelopment, divertissement, drugs, additives, medicine, vaccines, and corrupt knowledge, all disabling you, sedating you, and amputating your higher powers. …And now with most of the population at the zero, first, and second level, there might not be too many high intelligences up there demanding that humans should get their high powers back, because this would be like distributing loaded guns to little monkeys to play with them around. Even as they are, humans still get to make use of their higher powers sometimes, unconsciously, and this makes Earth for a highly dangerous place to be, indeed!

Yet an even more important question is why. Why doing it, why corrupting, disabling, and enslaving a whole world? Why the effort and the hassle? This also has to do with higher powers and capabilities. …Because what you do not have or what you cannot do, you try to take from others or you make others do it for you. …And this is the case if you are at the second developmental level. You have seven billion highly developed souls here, among zillions of very capable primal and lower intelligences, all still using their higher powers of every kind even at an unconscious level, all being able to manifest anything, any event, and any circumstance. It is incredible when they all do it individually, yet it gets outstanding when they all do it together, however you manage to control them, billions simultaneously! Control these all, and you certainly hijack the veins of causality and possibility in your entire corner of the world. Who exactly can match your powers now, because with your cognitive development still at the second level, you will certainly stop at nothing to get your way. …Because when you mix outstanding, unlimited power and capabilities with your own outstanding cruelty and determination, nobody, absolutely nobody will get in your way. …Except for the Free Spirits and other powerful intelligences up there, if these ever bother to intervene.

…And these did intervene, not too long ago, and helped humans to rebel against the rulers of those times, not too many ages ago, when a small group of highly powerful intelligences yet relatively still young and green, called the Renegades, these all intervened and freed the Humanity of those times, and you still celebrate that event today at the end of each year, calling it ‘Revelion,’ depending where you live.

What is the difference between living beings and intelligences? You can never separate intelligences from living beings as stated previously, since they are inseparable, so why addressing them separately now? What happens is that more developed intelligences are capable to transcend to stronger, newer, younger, more adapted, or more capable bodies, in any manner. Whenever you dream and project, you also transcend to other bodies of any form: plasmatic, crystalline, liquid, etc., or you may escape to higher realities altogether. Whenever intelligences change bodies we may study them separately, and therefore I refer to them individually in all contexts. Your soul does the same for example. …And in a slightly similar manner, your cellular intelligences and your primal intelligences may do the same, they transcend to newer bodies, by escaping your own physical body through reproduction, getting to live their lives ever after, through your descendants, as far as your descendants last.

…And now you understand them well, because it is your social primal intelligence to send you your need for social supremacy, therefore there is this kind of primal intelligences to fight throughout Society for their supremacy or for whatever reason they may find.

Therefore, now, when we refer to cognitive development, we refer to the cognitive development of these particular primal intelligences along with your own cognitive development as a conscious intelligence, because you all form your entire cognitive system. On your turn, you too are formed of smaller and smaller intelligences, with one intelligence for each one of your abilities. …And this is how some of your abilities or intelligences are missing, as your telepathic, empathic, or clairvoyant intelligences, and this is what places you on a special level on the entire hierarchy: not animal, yet not angelic.

Why are these high abilities or high intelligences missing? They were taken out in every manner, through all means, or they were killed in any manner, or they decayed and died by not being used for generations or by not being able to develop. …And this happened through all means: genetic intervention, through direct surgery, through systematic indoctrination, etc.

…And this is the problem that you will always have in this kind of societies, because as long as you have humans disabled, incapable, and unwilling to develop to their genuine human level, you end up not with a genuine human society necessary to assure harmony and continuous development, but you end up with a mixture of addicts-slavery-animal-human societies where all individuals are eager to choose their own values, laws, rights, privileges, statuses, and jurisdictions simultaneously, with their cognition, capabilities, and responsibilities out of tune, ending up forcing themselves through sheer laws to behave in unacceptable manners. This is why laws should never be meant to define behavior in society because this always interferes with the human rights, but laws should be meant to define and allow human development in society. …Because only sustained individual development makes a genuine human out of everybody, and only through everybody fully developed you achieve a genuine human society. Yet today the whole world is meant to disrupt human development in every manner, through corrupt knowledge in science and education, through sabotage and divertissement, through invading, indoctrinating ideological beliefs to replace valid knowledge, through continuous usage of drugs to corrupt virtues, through imposed poverty to limit choice and opportunities, through poisonous additives to disable and kill intelligences, through invading authorities to enslave the world, the list never ends because someone or something enforces it continuously, with your full cooperation. …And this is your problem indeed, since now your human rights can never match your meaning in life and in the world ever since the Romans, Sumerians, and further back, and so you always remain out of tune with the world, indefinitely!

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Valentin Leonard Matcas, M.Ed. is a Researcher, an Author, a Physicist, a Mathematician, and an Educator, currently writing fiction and nonfiction.

A graduate of major universities from the United States and Canada, Valentin Leonard Matcas taught Physics to university students, while working on research projects creating mathematical models in Physics and Mathematics. Later he taught Mathematics and English to university students in Europe, and then he taught Science and Mathematics to students from various provinces of Canada, always eager to spread his knowledge, and always interested in learning from the diverse cultures he encountered.

Valentin Leonard Matcas creates mathematical models in Psychology, Biology, Physics, and Sociology, with his most important achievements being the study and depiction of all modes of life, understanding of The One, detailed cognitive and social models for the human needs, cognitive model for the human intelligences, models for this reality and for your other realities, model for life in all its forms, study of all modes of civilization, depiction of the hierarchy of intelligences, models for all lifestyles, model for the human development, study of all developmental patterns, model for the human condition, cognitive models for the conscious, subconscious, highconscious, and classconscious intelligences, true model of Society and of its social classes, model and depiction of the Human Conspiracy, model and depiction of the human status, study and depiction of Higher Laws and of Natural Laws of the Universe, study and depiction of human abilities, higher and lower, model of the Field, models of all forms of existence, etc.

As a Nonfiction writer, Valentin Leonard Matcas continues his research throughout his multitude of books, creating a comprehensive model for Life and for the human existence, cognition, and condition in this wider world from all perspectives: behavioral, empirical, cognitive, biological, social, spiritual, religious, developmental, existential, and cosmological. Valentin Leonard Matcas invites his readers to learn from his books, encouraging them to reason continuously towards understanding themselves and the world they inhabit, influence, determine, create, co-create, and experience, on all levels of existence. Valentin Leonard Matcas takes his writings further to capture the essence of Life Herself in all Her forms and spheres of existence, unveiling a wider, extraordinary presence within our wider world.

Valentin Leonard Matcas wrote ‘The One’ book series including: ‘The Human Needs’, ‘Addicted to Pleasure,’ ‘The Hierarchy of Needs,’ ‘Lose Weight, Stay in Shape, Lead a Healthy Life,’ ‘The Human Origins,’ The Human Society,’ ‘The Human Conspiracy,’ ‘The Human Reality,’ ‘Astral Planes and Your Other Realities,’ ‘The Human Mind,’ ‘Life,’ ‘The Hierarchy of Intelligences,’ ‘The Human Thoughts,’ ‘Mental Models and Successful Ideas,’ ‘The Human Stereotypes,’ ‘The Human Attitudes,’ ‘The Human Ideology,’ ‘The Human Intelligences,’ ‘Modes of Life,’ ‘The Human Development,’ ‘Patterns of Development,’ ‘The Human Lifestyle,’ ‘Heal Yourself,’ ‘The Human Civilizations,’ ‘The Human Religion and Spirituality,’ ‘The Human Rights,’ ‘Higher Laws,’ ‘Natural Laws of the Universe,’ ‘Existence,’ ‘The Human Condition’, ‘Life Lines of Causality,’ ‘The Field,’ and ‘The One.’

As an enthusiast of Science Fiction, Valentin Leonard Matcas writes about terrestrial and alien civilizations, about life in the Universe and about the way it develops and intertwines across galaxies, about powerful beings and the way they control and reshape the Universe as they please, and about normal human beings from Earth caught in this beautiful, extraordinary experience. Valentin Leonard Matcas creates a living, warmer, credible Universe in his books, teaming with life and vibrancy on all levels of existence. Valentin Leonard Matcas wrote ‘The Culling,’ and ‘The Storyteller’ book series including ‘The Storyteller,’ ‘Starship Colonial,’ ‘My First Book,’ and ‘Unlimited.’

When he is not writing, Valentin Leonard Matcas enjoys travelling, studying, playing the keyboard, hiking the beautiful trails of Canada, swimming, kayaking, sailing, vlogging, skiing, snowboarding, riding his bikes, reading good books, cooking, listening good classical music, meditating, and playing good strategy video games. Follow his travel, vlogs, and research, and discover all his books!

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Nonfiction: ‘The One’ book series includes: ‘The Human Needs’, ‘Addicted to Pleasure,’ ‘The Hierarchy of Needs,’ ‘Lose Weight, Stay in Shape, Lead a Healthy Life,’ ‘The Human Origins,’ The Human Society,’ ‘The Human Conspiracy,’ ‘The Human Reality,’ ‘Astral Planes and Your Other Realities,’ ‘The Human Mind,’ ‘Life,’ ‘The Hierarchy of Intelligences,’ ‘The Human Thoughts,’ ‘Mental Models and Successful Ideas,’ ‘The Human Stereotypes,’ ‘The Human Attitudes,’ ‘The Human Ideology,’ ‘The Human Intelligences,’ ‘Modes of Life,’ ‘The Human Development,’ ‘Patterns of Development,’ ‘The Human Lifestyle,’ ‘Heal Yourself,’ ‘The Human Civilizations,’ ‘The Human Religion and Spirituality,’ ‘The Human Rights,’ ‘Higher Laws,’ ‘Natural Laws of the Universe,’ ‘Existence,’ ‘The Human Condition’, ‘Life Lines of Causality,’ ‘The Field,’ and ‘The One.’

Fiction: ‘The Culling,’ and ‘The Storyteller’ book series including ‘The Storyteller,’ ‘Starship Colonial,’ ‘My First Book,’ and ‘Unlimited.’

The Human Rights

People believe that governments and justice systems give them their rights throughout life, through specific rules, laws, and regulations, which is never true. Your human rights are yours by default, since you are a human being. Authorities may give you privileges, yet rights and privileges are different concepts. In fact, authorities take away your human rights, always, and they do so with your full agreement, in a perfect legal manner! Why? Should authorities not take away your rights, mostly when you break the law? No, since authorities write these laws, while they also create the necessary circumstances for you to break these laws, in a major conflict of interests. Why? …So you eventually wave your human rights, and fall into slavery. In this book we may see how it all happens, and it starts with the laws.

  • ISBN: 9781370194674
  • Author: Valentin Matcas
  • Published: 2017-03-21 10:20:09
  • Words: 30901
The Human Rights The Human Rights