The Human Lifestyle

The Human Lifestyle

The One

Apprehend your purpose, determine your lifestyle!

First Edition

By Valentin Leonard Matcas, M.Ed.

Published by Valentin Leonard Matcas at Shakespir

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Cover: Valentin Matcas


I dedicate this book to my family.

What should you be in life, a Prince or a Pauper? …A Prince, certainly! …And this is what life might be all about, the tedious process of becoming a Prince in life, or the tedious process of slowly modifying, adjusting, and improving your own lifestyle in order to get to live life just like a Prince or a Princess! …All done in accordance with everyone’s living conditions. This is what everybody seems to do and desire in life today, Disney teaches you to do so ever since you are a child, and this is the case for everyone around! …And this is what you do in life: you slowly change your life and lifestyle towards better, easier, richer, more abundant living conditions!

…Is this good or bad? Is it good to be rich and have everything you desire? Is it better to be poor and get to live a freer, denser, more unpredictable, more adventurous, and more exciting life? Yes or no, but who is there to decide your lifestyle and living conditions, along with your standards and your purpose in life? …And then, what exactly defines excitement, adventure, freedom, and fulfillment in life, along with all advantages and disadvantages of all lifestyles? Who exactly can tell which lives are better to live and which are worse, to determine you to adjust your own lifestyle to match whatever they may think is best for you? It is your life, it is your lifestyle, and no one and nothing should control these but you!

What can you do? Just learn everything that you can about lifestyles and about all their characteristics and components, and so you may design yours as you please in order to match your own purposes, needs, and desires in life! …Because as long as Princes are in power and in control of the world today and not the Paupers, then yes, Princes will certainly control your life, lifestyle, and desires in life as they please! …And this is why being a Prince will always be more desirable for you than being a Pauper, this is what you seek and get ready for in life, in vain, since you can never get there anyway! …And so you miss on everything else there is for you to discover and contribute in life, for life!

Can you tell what it is best in life, to be rich or poor, to follow a rich lifestyle or a poor one? You can, only if you know the true meaning or purpose of life itself, the meaning to motivate your pathway and choice in life! …If not, your entire lifestyle ends up to be constrained by beliefs alone, by stereotypes, by doctrines and ideologies, and so it might become a fake, controlled, miserable, and unviable lifestyle!

Do you know your own purpose in life? …Because if you knew, you could discard the common believes, philosophy, debates, and empirical interpretations that people commonly use in order to define lifestyles, and so you can use rigorous, cognitive facts about lives and lifestyles, everything necessary to help you create a genuine, viable, comprehensive model of a lifestyle!

I will not spend this entire book motivating you to become the Prince or the Pauper in life the way many authors and researchers do, or to become the minimalistic, the poor, the faithful lover, or to become the unconditional believer in ideologies of all kind, but I will identify, detail, study, and explain your own life and lifestyle including their components, from all perspectives, through accurate, comprehensive models created in this book and in this entire book series, defining in this manner lives and lifetime activities, lifestyles, cognitive processes, needs and meanings in life, all done at cognitive, social, behavioral, and objective levels.

And yes, it is better to be the Prince today, only because in the current Society and under the currently imposed ideology, the lifestyle of a Prince, along with the specific conditions and opportunities of a Prince, facilitate you to fulfill your needs at all levels, higher and lower, allowing you to reach your own purpose in life, your realization! …Yet as we will see shortly, this is the case only if you manage to live your life at higher developmental levels, since if you live your royal life at lower levels, you are doomed to decay to addictions, to dependencies, to follow unjustified, treacherous, irrelevant beliefs and ideologies, and this is what tyranny, cruelty, and totalitarianism are built on today! …Yet this is the case on all social levels and not only at the top of Society: you are always doomed to harm yourself and those around you if you happen to be powerful, wealthy and influential, while living your life in ignorance and insecurity, because this specific combination of power, ignorance, and insecurity always leads to tyranny and dictatorship, and these can harm the world! In this case then yes, you are better off to be poor in life, to be the Pauper, only to save yourself and those around you, from yourself!

There is more to consider while studying lifestyles, than the simple empirical dilemma of what is better to be in life, rich or poor, to take drugs or stay sober, to live in the city or in the country, to stay home and read or to go out and party, etc.! …Because only when you know everything about life, lifestyles, and cognition you are capable to adjust your own lifestyle, by avoiding and removing negative, inadequate elements from it, and by enhancing and adding new, favorable lifestyle elements, in order to get positive results, positive improvements in life, achieving a prosperous, successful lifestyle and development!

Throughout this book, I create an entire model of a lifestyle through empiric, cognitive, social, and higher perspectives, and I run this model throughout various examples in order to identify and depict lifestyles that you may have or that may influence you, helping you identify and understand your own life, lifestyle, and meaning in life, and through these, helping you adjust your own lifestyle in a positive manner, according to your needs, interests, and desires!

1 The Perfect Lifestyle

Research lifestyle in textbooks and over the Internet for example, and you get no valid results, no relevant knowledge, since all studies in lifestyle that you may find are of a simplistic, trivial, empirical nature: people from rural areas have a different lifestyle than people from urban areas… Who did not know this? …And this is the case throughout most of Psychology, for the simple fact that Psychology cannot understand and model what is most basic and more important to know in psychology: how people and living beings in general think! In a similar manner, Biology cannot understand and explain life itself, along with how living beings in general are alive and live their lives, while Sociology keeps hidden from you the most significant social motors to engage you and the world today: the comprehensive material interests and corruption embracing the world today and always, along with the strong, brute social control present everywhere! …And even then, to make matters worse, while researching on your own about lifestyle, you are easily diverted into learning meaningless facts of how the rich and the famous have the most desirable lifestyles, and how they all outshine through their outstanding material achievements! …And so, instead of learning what lives and lifestyles truly are and how to adjust yours minutely at your own convenience in order to improve them, you learn of the megayachts that all the usual celebrities own and how they party there several times a year! …Or you learn of their supercars and super-mansions, about their super-relationships and super-rewards, about their super-problems and super-losses, this puts you down while it determines you to engage even stronger in the continuous social competition taking place all around you, to engage in this never-ending ratrace, it motivates and indoctrinates you this way to behave in a specific, forced, unnatural manner without you knowing it, and then you realize that you are better off watching TV instead, or you go out to get a drink, or you prepare to go to work since it is about time, or you fix yourself a sandwich and a glass of brandy, or you call someone on the phone to chat for a while, since you have not much else to do in life; your own lifestyle is that simple, that rudimentary!

…Yet is it not better in life to embrace a simpler lifestyle, and be free and take it easy that way, than having to undergo a heavier, more tedious, more complex lifestyle the kind you see on TV? Is this not the purpose of watching TV in the first place, so you do not have to go through all that hassle on your own, but witness it all from the safety of your living room the whole time? …Yet how much life do you get to experience in your living room alone? How much can you do and how much can you learn on your own there? What can you ever achieve in life surrounded by poverty and by rudimentary conditions alone?

What is the perfect lifestyle? Are you better off living in poverty throughout life, since poverty will always assure the righteousness of your acts, the wellness of your family, and the purity of your soul? …Because wealth alone spoils and corrupts you, your family, and your soul right from the roots, as it happened throughout History and throughout all soap operas! Well, this may or may not be true, regardless of what countless of ideologies may claim here, since History is always written by the winners, and this is why many past heroes along with their lifestyles are portrayed negatively today, and this includes all past heroes to have ever diverged from your current social, national, political, and religious ideologies! These heroes are all doomed today by default, by concept, regardless of how much they fought and contributed during their time, regardless of how much they suffered, lost, and endured then! Beware, since beliefs are not facts but they are only believed to be facts! Beliefs may or may not be actually valid, regardless of what people believe, and this is how these beliefs interfere now with the structure and consistency of your entire cognitive system, causing it to malfunction! You always have to use your own conscious reasoning in order to discern the truth found in all beliefs, beliefs fed to you in every manner, directly and implicitly.

You must discern the valid facts from the irrelevant ones, just because beliefs are not always true but they are only assumed or consented to be true! At the same time, soap operas are meant to entertain you and keep you diverted in life, away from any of your research that you may intend to perform, if you ever intend to start any research meant to find true knowledge apart from what you see on TV!

Why should you ever want to learn more than what you find on TV? What is wrong with the way you live your life now? What is wrong with the current human lifestyle? …Nothing at all! …Or at least this is the case if you happen to enjoy wars, suffering, inequality, misery, sickness, and starvation in the world, along with never-ending ratraces and pompous superficial values that you have to display continuously on yourself only to be accepted by the crowd today, along with adopting the cruelty and ignorance present all around you only to get ahead, along with the pain of the continuous cognitive starvation all around, etc., since this is exactly what you get in your current lifestyle! …Which is not that bad, if you happen to live your life at the second developmental level, which is the animal level. …And to make matters worse, you cannot change your current lifestyle a bit if you happen to be more developed regardless of how much you try, and you have to put up with it as low as it comes!

Regardless of how many alternative lifestyles you adopt, they never last long and your own current lifestyle returns to persist stubbornly just the way you got it at birth, just the way it is now! Your lifestyle remains imposed on you in this state along with all its bad elements, you cannot figure out why, you blame it on yourself the whole time, and so you start changing yourself instead in order to match your lifestyle while it was supposed to be the other way around, you start working hard to fit better in society as much as you can, and so you start your wrongdoings and addictions alongside everyone else, you become like everyone else, you believe and behave like everyone else, for good and for worse, and life goes on! …And later on, you turn around to attempt to rectify bad habits, bad occurrences and severe addictions in your life but you cannot, it does not work because these bad elements of your lifestyle persist, along with and within this same current lifestyle that you already know well, and life goes on! Why…

Well, people call this life, souls call this life on Earth, while this is not exactly everything that you can ever be in, life but it is one single lifestyle only, an artificial, forced one, it is only one particular lifestyle from among countless of other lifestyles that you never get to encounter this life, and since this current lifestyle is all that people know, this is exactly what they focus on always, this is what they adopt and enforce on you, this is what you have to embrace in all its elements good and bad, and life goes on!

Nobody seems to acknowledge and understand the concept of lifestyle today, and this is an issue! Consequently, people approach and attempt to adjust their lifestyles in an artisanal manner the way it happens, one element at a time, and it never works! …And this happens just because all elements of a lifestyle are rigidly connected and cannot be adjusted independently! Therefore, with anything they try the old lifestyle returns, along with all its undesirable elements! Addictions are only one example here, while there are many other negative lifestyle elements to state.

Lifestyles are quantified or discrete, and they come in very distinct patterns, with nothing in between! This is why whenever you try to quit a bad habit, vice, or addiction for example, you cannot, just because bad habits, vices, and addictions are integral elements of your lifestyle now, found within countless of other rigidly interconnected elements good and bad, all composing the lifestyle that happens to have been imposed on you in this particular, rigid manner from above, lifestyle that happens to be carefully maintained this way through high efforts by very good colleagues and friends of yours at your own social level, and by very, very capable social engineers from higher social levels!

…And since lifestyles are discrete, you can never adjust them on your own as you please, just because lifestyles come in specific patterns, with nothing in between. This way, if you ever want to change anything in your lifestyle including bad habits and addictions, you must change your lifestyle entirely! Would you like to stop drinking? Then you have to start painting first for example, in order to have another pleasant activity to take its place! …Yet you also have to enjoy paining as much as you enjoy drinking for it to work! …Can you? More precisely, are you capable to find any highly enjoyable activity from among what Society can offer today, in order to replace your addictions while still maintaining the integrity of your lifestyle? No, and this is the problem! Society itself is of lower levels and cannot provide to its members knowledge, lifestyles, and lifetime activities at the genuine human level, but only fights and politics, bad news, entertainment, work, money, and lots, lots of drugs!

Is it your fault for drinking? Is it Society’s fault for narrowing your lifestyle to the minimum, pushing you this way to addictions? …Because as it currently is, your lifestyle is minutely designed and redesigned in order to cause and determine you to think, behave, live, and develop in this very particular manner, while you follow through just perfectly so far, along with everybody else!

You also have to quit your entire entourage for example, along with your job and your entire neighborhood, in order to get rid of your negative lifestyle elements, it is this complicated! Move to another city or to another country if this is what it takes to get you off drugs for example, because you can never quit drugs alone just by staying at home for example, and just hope for your lifestyle to change miraculously, because it will not, regardless of what AAA may claim! …And this is the case just because all elements are rigidly part of your own lifestyle, desirable or not! …And you might know it or not, but this current human lifestyle comes loaded with drugs by default, since you have not much else to enjoy in life. …And your entire family is at risk now to follow on your steps, since lifestyles tend to be contagious and hereditary!

When you attempt to adjust your lifestyle on your own you must always be sure that the new lifestyle that you adopt or design follows specific patterns, patterns that contain mandatory lifestyle elements, in specific amounts. If not, your new lifestyle is not viable and your subconscious forces you to debark it and get back to your old one!

…And so you are doomed to return continuously to your old habits and addictions, to your old lifestyle designed and imposed on you from the beginning, from birth, from before you were born! Get help from a professional here and they cause you to remain dependent to them for life, while paying the fees!

Can’t you simply change your clothes, furniture, or music in order to change your lifestyle? No, it is not this simple, and this will certainly never change your habits, good and bad! …But yes, there are other lifestyles out there besides yours, other ways of living, yet you have to change a lot more than your clothes, cars, or friends in order to embrace them! Changing drastically your finances will certainly change your lifestyle and your entire life! Yet this does not happen in a specific, personalized manner, since while changing drastically your finances you simply shift from the lifestyle of one entire social class to the lifestyle of another. I study Society and social classes in other books of this series: ‘The Human Society,’ ‘The Human Reality,’ ‘The Human Conspiracy,’ ‘The Human Origins,’ and ‘The Human Civilizations.’

This is why, currently, there is but a thin package of lifestyles that you may embrace on Earth: the poor lifestyle, which is the lifestyle of the Masses, the rich lifestyle or the lifestyle of the Brotherhood, and the elite lifestyle or the lifestyle of the Elite. Therefore, the specific lifestyle that you embrace and undergo on Earth today depends on your social status alone, and it comes preloaded with good and bad elements, elements that you cannot change, exchange, add, or discard at will, since they are all part of a specific pattern, all forming rigidly your current lifestyle! …And this is why you have to visit your AAA club for life in order to get rid of your addictions, many times with no results! …Or this is the case as long as you remain ignorant of lifestyles, lifestyle elements, cognition, and everything related to these.

Does this mean that you may adjust your lifestyle at will if you really know what you are doing? Yes, certainly, yet you have to know everything about yourself, about your cognitive system, about life, about the world, and about your place in this world, which are topics of this book series!

…But yes, it is possible to change your lifestyle, as much as Life, Society, and Civilization allow you. Relocate to the other side of the world for example, and your lifestyle changes entirely! …Or at least some elements of your lifestyle change, with the rest remaining unaltered. …And this is a direct consequence of Globalization, since the same small group of people control the world, including the lifestyles. Would you like to change more? Well, then you might have to change the century, the planet, the civilization, or you might have to change this reality entirely, since if you really pay attention all around you, there are slight hints and traces of other lifestyles out there and up there, higher lifestyles that remain valid and consistent with the model from this book through their patterns and elements, despite of their sources of reference!

Yes, there is a lot more to life and to this world than what Capitalism may offer today, globally! Globally, since all nations and societies have embraced Capitalism as their main, national ideology the moment they decided to use currencies in order to distribute goods and resources to their people. …And since goods and resources determine directly how you fulfill your needs, they became your conditions and they influence now your life and lifestyle directly. …And if money and Capitalism are all that you know, then you are doomed to live your life in this exact, intact manner, in this exact lifestyle, and you do so since birth, alongside everybody else! …Or this is the case only if you happen to live your life within the two lower social classes, the Masses and the Brotherhood, because if you are from among the Elite you get to live your life without currencies, with your slaves and servants fulfilling all your needs for you. As a reference, the Busches, Gaates, Clintos, and the rest of the famous politicians and businessmen out there are positioned somewhere in the Middle Brotherhood, with the Rocks ant the Roths being in the Upper Brotherhood. The Roths might be already in the Lower Elite, with the rest of the Elite remaining hidden to the Masses and to the Brotherhood.

Is it better to live your life in poverty, only to be able to experience more in life, more intensely, and therefore learn more this way? …And this is exactly why the Prince chose to be a Pauper in that story, in order to be able to experience more in life! …And afterwards he spent a long time struggling to get back to his abundant lifestyle of a Prince! …But no, complete poverty is never an answer, since both being wealthy and poor are part of the same ideology, Capitalism, and therefore there is not much to learn, not much to distinguish them, nothing new that you already know from your own life, from the lives of those around you, and from the continuous soap opera that you see on TV today we call world, since everybody is emerged in Capitalism today and always, from birth.

Capitalism is capable to fulfill the same arrays of needs to both the rich and poor, only that it is easier to fulfill your needs when you are rich in Society under Capitalism than when you are poor, and this is exactly what distinguishes the two! I am not claiming here that Capitalism is good or bad in Society, since all ideologies resemble themselves today simply because people will always use ideologies not to make the world a better place, but only to help them gain power and authority over others!

Is Communism better? I study ideologies in detail in another book of this series, ‘The Human Ideology.’ …But no, the Communism ideology that you are very familiar with from the Media and from History is in fact Capitalism in disguise, for the simple fact that it uses the same currencies or capital in order to distribute goods and resources among people, currencies engage everybody in the same social competition everywhere regardless of the ideology in power, and this is what defines Capitalism alone! ‘Communism’ means in fact ‘everything in common,’ or everything shared commonly and equally among people, the way people share goods and resources within families and communes for example! …And once all goods are shared equally or at least fairly, then there is no need for currencies to parallel that distribution of goods and resources. Is this the Communism that you are most familiar with? Now, since what you see and know about Communism resembles to Capitalism. Families and communes are the true Communism, yet all their members have to be highly developed in order for these communes to be viable on a nation or global level. …And since the Communist regimes that you are familiar with also controlled people’s lifestyles and implicitly people’s development keeping them low, they never achieved true Communism there even after decades of implementation, nations broke down, and they had to change ideologies.

…And that is indeed a different lifestyle, living within genuine communes! …And that type of lifestyle will help you learn more, develop and ascend indeed, but only if the people of those communes allow you to learn, develop, and ascend past the first or second level, because many do not! I study development in other books of this series: ‘The Human Development,’ and ‘Patterns of Development.’

…And so the same thing happens in Society just the way it happens within your own private life: you can never change undesirable social elements one at a time, simply because social lifestyles and societies as a whole also come in distinct, discrete patterns, and therefore you can never change and adjust them slightly, but only drastically! These drastic social changes are referred to as shifts in the paradigm, as the sudden shifts in the paradigm occurring through major disasters, wars, civil wars, and revolutions for example. …And this is the case only because societies are alive in themselves. Societies are valid class intelligences or classconscious intelligences, and therefore societies follow their own social lifestyles throughout their own life! You may always feel these extraordinary classconscious intelligences wherever you live, mostly if you live in a larger city, since all larger cities and larger nations live, feel, and behave in their own unique manner. These extraordinary classconscious intelligences interfere with your own intelligences throughout life enhancing them substantially, and this is the main reason why people leave small, isolated areas in order to move to larger and larger cities. …And since your cognition influences directly your lifestyle, these extraordinary classconscious intelligences make for the substantial difference between rural and urban lifestyles. These specific class intelligences or classconscious intelligences are referred sometimes as spirits of cities or spirits of nations, yet the word spirits also defines intelligences.

In life, in general, with every shift of the paradigm, people never focus on having a better lifestyle for everybody within new, better, improved regimes and ideologies, but people focus only on wealth alone! …And this is exactly the social and cognitive developmental pattern transforming heroic revolutionaries into wealthy, influential rulers, and later on transforming them into tyrants and rootless dictators! Why? Because people always seek to swap a poor lifestyle for a rich one at all costs, even if it means for them to become the oppressors within the new regime or society, with the majority of their nation to embrace again the same poor lifestyle that they had fought so hard to discard!

…And this is what all uprisings and revolutions in the world are all about: they all try to bring a better life or lifestyle for the many, while they all fail to do so on the long term, just because the newly implemented ideologies maintain the use of currency and hierarchic power, ideology enhancing to people the very same set of lifestyles that they all had before, with the very same elements, good and bad!

…And this is why your current lifestyle is so rigid and so stable today, and no matter what you do you cannot change it! …Or this is only a small part of the reason, since there is a lot more to know about a lifestyle, and it takes this whole book to create the model!

…Then what is better to do in life? How else should you live your life in order to make things better, if it happens that you desire to make things better? Well, ask the authorities of any nation including yours, including the authorities controlling knowledge as Science and Academia do, and their answer will be the same: what you get today in life is already the best that you can ever get, so your life cannot get better than this! …Or it could get better, if you only had more money throughout life, if you worked harder and put in more hours a day for example, if you spent less throughout life, if you drank and smoked less, etc. …And so you are back where you started, back to your old lifestyle! Why? Because all authorities out there desire only one thing from you and from your lifestyle: to keep everything just the way it is, with them in power and control over you and over the entire Society! Note that throughout revolutions, revolutionaries seek social power and social control more than social change and social equality, always assuming that these all define a similar purpose. …And this is how heroes become tyrants, and this happens everywhere!

Why? It happens through selfishness and through selfish interests manifesting in everybody, probably manifesting in you too, if you ever gain the power of your nation! You become a dictator too if you are only allowed, just because this specific behavior is embedded within your own cognitive system through very powerful and through very well developed social needs of the second level, social needs that manifest and develop in everybody in very similar manners!

We will see throughout this book how lifestyles remain always closely related to needs, to the fulfillment of your needs, to the feelings that the fulfillment of your needs manifest in you, to the way in which you fulfill your needs, to your entire cognitive process related to the manner in which you choose to fulfill your needs, which is your style, and when you summate it all up you get your lifestyle. This correlation between lifestyles, needs, and thoughts becomes a significant cognitive detail of this model. I study needs in other books of this series: ‘The Human Needs,’ ‘The Hierarchy of Needs,’ and ‘Addicted to Pleasure.’ I study cognition in most of the books of this series including: ‘The Human Mind,’ ‘The Human Thoughts,’ ‘The Human Attitudes,’ ‘Mental Models and Successful Ideas,’ etc.

…And what if your life and lifestyle become unbearable for you, for your family, or for your nation? How can you change your lifestyle then, if uprisings, wars, and revolutions seem worthless on the long term, causing you to have to live life through the same old lifestyle? Well, you do not really have to go to war in order to change your lifestyle! …Not at all! All social fights and revolutions are worthless indeed, and I found this to be the case throughout this entire book series, within all contexts! …Or at least you do not have to go to war in order to change your lifestyle if you really understand lifestyles, if you know what they truly are, what their purpose is, and what influences and determines them! …And this is exactly why knowledge about lifestyles remains hidden to the world today and throughout time, because once you understand lifestyles for what they truly are you learn the rules of this game called Life on Earth, and then you know what life is all about! …And once you know it you might even win this game!

What rules? What game? What life? What lifestyle exactly should you adopt in life? To give a definite answer right away, the answer to everything is love! Follow and seek love in everything in life, at every moment of your life and under every circumstance, seek love in everyone around you regardless of how much they avoid you, how much they punish you, how much they banish you, how much they hate you, or how much they despise you, and you achieve your perfect lifestyle indeed!

…Really? This is what everyone says, yet love is but the general or the trivial answer to everything, since it is always valid! The answer to everything is love! That’s it, you know it, and you always knew it! You have already tried this, you showed and gave love even when you got only the opposite in return, and it did hurt! Why? Let us see!

What is love exactly? From a cognitive perspective, love is in fact a reward given to you by your own subconscious mind, for the successful fulfillment of any longer-lasting need, as the need of finding a highly competitive partner to start a family for example, or the love for your house or car when these are highly useful to you and to your family, or the love for good friends and this love motivates you now to keep them around for a lifetime for example, and this is what love is! You may even identify the exact hormones and neurotransmitters that give you the feeling of love, since this is exactly the way your own subconscious mind motivates you to engage in your long-lasting activities and fulfill your needs. …And when you do not do it right, when you hook up with the wrong people for example, when you mess up while fulfilling your needs, you get hate instead then, through different hormones and neurotransmitters! You suffer then terribly, yet these bad feelings are given to you by the same subconscious mind! Your own subconscious mind punishes and rewards you accordingly through love, pleasure, pain, hate, misery, depression, etc., and so you do your chores, for life! …And since everything that you do in life you do it in order to fulfill your needs, then your own feelings might be all that you know and all that you seek in life, pleasure and love only, and this is certainly the case when you live your life at the second developmental level, throughout a second level lifestyle!

You get all your good and bad feelings this way, your own subconscious mind controls you entirely, and through these needs and feelings you perform all your activities in life, everything that you do in life, good or bad, legal or not, moral or not, etc.! Everything that you do in life you do it in order to fulfill your needs, while you get continuously motivated positively and negatively through good and bad feelings by your own subconscious mind.

…And everything that you do in life you refer to it all simply as… life! How do you do it all? How do you live your life? Well, you have your own style of doing it, you use the same style always, your own lifestyle, which is the manner in which you live your life, the manner in which you fulfill your needs! Rich people for example have better possibilities and opportunities in life to fulfill their needs, and therefore they embrace richer lifestyles than the poor. Their food is richer in nutrients on their megayachts for example, and this is how they actually feed themselves: more abundantly, more efficiently, and much healthier! The rich manage to attract more mates on their megayachts for example, probably every day and every night too, and the party never stops. …And therefore, this is the very way in which the rich reproduce, very abundantly, on megayachts, while they are always the ones complaining that Earths becomes overpopulated!

I define love and hate to be too trivial or too general within the topic of this book alone, since there are other causes determining your feelings including love, causes determining your own subconscious to induce these feelings in you, and these higher causes are the ones to influence your life, lifestyle, and behavior. Love is the answer indeed, but only from an objective, empiric perspective.

If love is not really the main purpose, definition, determination, or answer to your own lifestyle, then what else can it be? Well, love is the answer, yet there are other higher purposes to define your lifestyle! …What else? …The Deity! The Deity is the answer indeed, yet the Deity is the answer to everything since the Deity is everything! Again, ‘everything’ is too general for the topic of this book, since we need a multitude of fine, specific details to define our model of life and lifestyle entirely! Besides, not all lifestyles are religious or spiritual, and we need a model capable to define all lifestyles. You should adjust your lifestyle in order to serve the Deity of your cult, school of thought, or religion if you happen to be part of these, otherwise you are not wanted in your society anymore, with severe consequences!

There is indeed a specific lifestyle related to cults and religions, and many people embrace this specific lifestyle! When you live a lifetime in servitude, as a believer or venerator for example, or as a soldier, as a slave, as a Brother, etc., you do not really live your life for yourself, on your own behalf, but you live your life for others, for specific people, for entire nations, for objects as flags, for concepts and sets of beliefs as ideologies of all kind, etc. As a reference, it takes first level development and lifestyle to serve and venerate directly masters, nations, ideologies, and false deities, while you have to be at very high levels to be able to serve the Supreme Deity directly. You may still serve the Supreme Deity implicitly, and you already do so continuously throughout life with every single positive element of your lifestyle. I study religions and spirituality in another book of this series, ‘The Human Religion and Spirituality.’

What is the answer then? What exactly defines and determines lifestyles in their entire rigidity? The answer is in all the above, and much more! The three distinct answers that we have managed to find so far might seem distinct at the first glance, yet they are part of a genuine hierarchy of lifestyles! The servitude lifestyle is of the first level for example. The lifestyle motivated by love along with other feelings is of the second or animal level since both humans and animals get these feelings as punishments and rewards, while the specific lifestyle motivated by addictions alone is of the zero level. As a reference, humans should live their lives at the third developmental level, angels at fourth and fifth levels, and so on.

Since this hierarchy of lifestyles is of a cognitive nature, we will continue studying it in the next chapter. What it is highly relevant to understand here is that your lifestyle may ascend or decay from one level to another with or without your awareness or consent. What you want throughout life is to learn to identify, monitor, change, and determine your own lifestyle as you please, partially or entirely, and this includes all their bad or undesirable elements. You also want to be able to maintain your lifestyle at the level that you want or need, which is usually the highest level that you may achieve.

Even though there may be countless of lifestyles out there among all species and intelligences of the wider world, powerful or not, conscious or not, civilized or not, organic or not, there are only ten distinct levels to define, depict, and hierarchize them all this way. For example, there is more going on megayachts, including a lot of consumption! Wealthy people have enough money and possibilities to provide to themselves and to those around them with unlimited addictions of all kind! Addiction of all kind will always decay your lifestyle to the zero level, and this is how you may lose everything in life! If you are born rich, you might have already learned how to maintain your lifestyle above the zero level, by controlling your drugs. However, if your abundant wealth and influence are newly introduced in your lifestyle for example, and if you have no clue of anything related to your cognitive system for example, then you might not be able to keep your lifestyle and development above the zero level, and so your addictions will end up controlling your life! Look around you, look in History, look in the Media and Entertainment, and you will find this to be the case most of the time!

What can you do? How can you control the level of your lifestyle? Just keep your level high, as high as you can, so you never fall to the zero or addiction level! How? Just keep on learning everything about life, about yourself, about the world, and about yourself in the world, the way you do now while reading this book, and you will certainly manage it! Choose learning and not entertainment, and you will be all right! Abstract learning is in fact a significant element of the third level lifestyle, which is the genuine human lifestyle. Follow this higher lifestyle entirely, and you are assured to avoid drugs, servitude, bad habits, and decadence in life, since you are part of the genuine human lifestyle now. …And since all lifestyles are rigid and discrete, you can never be in any other level simultaneously! …Yet start taking drugs for any reason, and you may cause yourself to decay entirely, and then you will not be able to ascend back to your third or human level, just because all lifestyles are distinct, discrete, rigid, independent, and mutually exclusive!

Your life is your choice indeed, yet at lower developmental levels, you actually lose your capability to ascend back to higher levels, despite of still having that choice to decay! …And this is what the world is all about, falling in that trap! …Again, your life is your choice.

Both learning and entertainment are activities in life, human activities! There is a close relation between activities, life, and lifestyles, and we should highlight it here! The word ‘life’ is used in many places and in many contexts to define distinct concepts. There is the word ‘life’ defining living beings as being alive for example. There is the world life defining all life in the Universe for example and I capitalize it as ‘Life,’ since I consider all Life in the Universe to be alive in Herself. …And there is also the word ‘life’ to define not life in general, but only your life in particular, to define what you do in life more precisely, and that is your life! Just look back in your life now to recall everything that you have ever done, lived, experienced, and achieved, and that is your life, and those are your life activities!

As seen, your life comprises of the multitude of your own activities throughout life, countless of them. …Yet in this apparent randomness of activities, there is order indeed, since we may categorize everything that you did and still do in life into distinct activities, activities of distinct levels. You get entertained every time you watch TV for example and it feels good, and these are entertainment activities. …While you get engaged into learning activities at school, university, or at work for example, and these are learning activities. If you mix or confuse the two, you will never be able to understand your own behavior, development, or lifestyle, since your entertainment activities are of the zero level, based on pure pleasure alone, while your learning activities might be even of the third level, if your learning happens to be abstract the way it is now while you read this book, or the way it is done in schools for example.

There are also ten distinct levels of activities that you undergo in life, and you perform them all in order to fulfill your needs. There are also ten levels of needs requiring these activities, all generating the ten distinct levels of lifestyles that we study and model in this book. You perform and undergo these all, according to the developmental level that you and all your intelligences happen to be in! Even more, your specific developmental level determines directly your own status in this world here, and in the wider world up there. I study development in other books of this series: ‘The Human Development,’ and ‘Patterns of Development.’ I study intelligences in other books of this series: ‘The Human Intelligences,’ and ‘The Hierarchy of Intelligences.’ I study status in another book of this series: ‘The Human Status.’ In all, there are ten levels to characterize these hierarchies, and they are all correspondent from one hierarchy to another.

Why exactly do you live your life in this specific lifestyle that you currently adopt? Because you perform throughout life activities of a specific level, because the needs that you focus on are of this same specific level, because you and your entire cognitive system are at this same specific developmental level, because your status in this reality and in all your other realities is at this same specific level, etc. I study realities in other books of this series: ‘The Human Reality,’ ‘The Field,’ and ‘Astral Planes and Your Other Realities.’

All levels and their numbers are correspondent from one hierarchy to another, and therefore there is one single number to define you or any living being there is, all on the same scale. For example, animals are of the second level while humans should be of the third level, yet humans are not all at the third level, or they are not all considered to be at the third level! It might surprise you, but not all humans have a human status in this world and in the wider world! Therefore, if you intend to maintain your own lifestyle at the third or human level, make sure that you do not live your life as an animal for example, by following only animal needs, animal pleasure, and animal interests!

You do not get a human lifestyle by default, and more importantly, you do not get a human status by default just for living a lifetime on Earth as a human! Make sure that you gain the necessary knowledge to maintain your human status in the world, if not, others will assign you an animal status, a domestic animal status or cattle status, a slavery status, or even a chaotic, addicted, dysfunctional, salvageable status! Be careful, because down here and up there your status, your lifetime activities, your life, and your lifestyle are minutely analyzed and considered, and so you are treated accordingly, while being made to fail continuously, to harm and to be harmed continuously, all for one single purpose! …And so you do, mostly when you see around you people doing the same wrong things, going through the same problems as you do, you embrace them all and you carry your burden, and you call it life! You might believe it or not, but true Spirituality and true Religion are true and real indeed, in many of their statements, if not entirely!

To get you started on a positive, viable development pattern within a positive lifestyle right away, right from the beginning of this book, make sure that your lifestyle is of the third, human level in all its elements or higher, and make sure that it includes all its mandatory elements, in the right amounts. The elements of your lifestyle are the activities that you perform in life, but more precisely, the elements of your lifestyle are the manner in which you perform these activities. You must certainly have eating activities in your life for example, yet it always counts the way you eat in life, the ‘style’ in which you do it, and also the level at which you are, while you gather, prepare, and eat your food. At the second level for example, you always follow your taste along with the pleasure that you feel while eating. You always eat what you like and in what amount you like, discarding the rest. At this second developmental level, you stay alive in order to eat, since you eat strictly in order to fulfill your hunger, to feel good while eating, and also to feel full and complete at the end. All animals eat in this manner and for this specific reason alone! At the third or human level, you eat in order to stay healthy, efficient, and alive! At this third level, you must already be aware of all nutrients contained in your food, what you need to eat and in what quantity, regardless if you like it or not, if it tastes good or not, etc. At this third developmental level, you must always be aware of the fact that everyone around you also must eat and not only you, and therefore you must share all food with them, and not eat their food on purpose or by mistake! You must be aware of the manner in which you cook your food and not waste nutrients. You must be aware of the pathogens and artificial additives in your food and how these may harm you and those around. You must also show a great responsibility with your food, just because lack of food always results in sickness, starvation, and death.

Responsibility at all costs is in fact what characterizes this third developmental level the most, the human level, being human! Therefore, you must be aware that food is limited or constant in the world and therefore the amount of food that you eat gets subtracted from what others should or could eat, other people that may starve or die now as a consequence of you eating their food on purpose or by mistake. They die this way just for you, because you ate their food, because you discarded their food, because you ruined their food, because you wasted their food, etc. Yes, at this third developmental level or human level, you never waste food, and you even harvest your own food yourself from everywhere around you if possible, as much as possible!

To stress this idea even more here, the entirety of food in the world is constant, limited, and conditioned by the total amount of global water used in agriculture, by the total amount of oil and workforce in the world. …But the total amount of food in the world is mostly conditioned by the total amount of available agricultural land in the world! Look around you, and if you see all good, agricultural land all around you being used now to plant beautiful flower gardens and beautiful bushes, along with beautiful, accurate lawns where you plant beautiful, exquisite grass and then you mow it diligently twice a week, while on the other side of the world people fight to their death for the last patch of fertile land left uncovered by dry sands somewhere at the threshold of arid deserts, then judge it for yourself what you do in this world and what you cause to others, just because the food that you currently eat may not even come from the land of your own proud developed nation, but it might come straight from that little last patch of fertile land on the other side of the world, exported to you by those exact starving people to have worked that land just for you, with their rudimentary tools just for you, down under the deadly heat of the sun! …And now you eat some of this food in ignorance while watching the news of how people die of sickness and starvation throughout undeveloped nations, then you discard the rest because you are already full, or because you do not feel like eating anymore! As a reference, these last sentences have absolutely no effect on you if you happen to live your life at the zero, first, or second developmental levels.

It is the same with all activities composing your lifestyle. It is difficult or impossible to change your lifestyle one activity or one element at a time, since it is very rigid. …Yet it is always easier to ascend entirely to the genuine human level for example, since you may apply a similar, consistent cognitive change to all elements of your lifestyle, by using similar cognitive procedures to all of them! …And this is the case just because there are distinct parts of your brain used in every cognitive level, and just by employing one of these parts of your brain you ascend all your lifestyle elements simultaneously. For example, humans use their conscious mind through their highly capable cortex in order to perform all third level activities, activities that remain out of reach to all animals, just because their brains and cognitive systems are less developed and do not have a cortex, and this renders them now less conscious, less aware, less intuitive, less capable to fulfill their needs, and it causes them to remain on lower developmental levels. …Or this is the case at least for now, because all living beings and all intelligences have the chance to evolve, one specie at a time. …And this is exactly why if throughout life you feel like an animal, if you think like an animal, if you behave like an animal, then you are an animal indeed living your life at the second developmental level, which is the animal level. If you want to change yourself and improve to the human level, you cannot change yourself one activity at a time, but you have to shift entirely to the human level, to your human nature!

This is the exact same shift of the paradigm that has to take place in your cognitive system comprehensively, just the way it takes place in societies and civilizations comprehensively, throughout their extraordinary stresses and challenges. …And this is true just because human beings are just as alive as animals and plants, just as alive as all cells composing them, just as alive as all intelligences composing their cognitive systems, just as alive as all class intelligences composing their societies, herds, wider habitats, civilizations, ecosystems, realities, etc.

Well now, but we have shifted perspectives without even knowing it! If you want to learn more about lifestyles, lifestyle elements, and about everything that these influence you in life, you need to do it from all possible perspectives simultaneously and not only from the apparent, empirical, behavioral perspective used mostly in this introductory chapter.

…Why? Why having to pay so much attention even to perspectives throughout this study? Well, not only throughout this study, but throughout all studies you must form an entire model of the topic you research, only because there is a lot more to learn and know about everything in the world besides the manner in which they appear and they behave! You must know why and how they do so, how much and through which procedures it happens, from what causes and with which consequences, etc.! Most importantly, you must always seek to find the entire line of causality involving your subject or research, if not you end up studying only one particular effect involving your subject, that is an apparent or empiric study. …And if the subject of your study happens to be a squeak in your kitchen cabinet for example, then the manner of your research should not bother you much since it is too trivial. …Or even that little squeak might bother you indeed, since squeaks are stressful and you have to tackle it until you study its entire line of causality, to find its main cause. Attempt to fix only an effect on this line of causality, a symptom only, and your result is only temporary, since you have never identified and repaired the main cause. …And so you have to create a comprehensive model for each situation that you encounter in life.

Squeaks are still trivial, but when the subject of your research is a major illness already killing patients, if you limit your research to appearances or to apparent causes only and not to the entire line of causality, you end up working the whole time to eliminate only an effect of the illness or a simple symptom and not the main cause, not the main illness, with the dreadful consequence that your patients die, and soon you follow!

How dreadful indeed, but look everywhere in the world to find the entire Medicine doing this exact thing, it cures symptoms and apparent causes but not the main causes to have gotten you sick, not the main illness, and so people die! …Or look around you everywhere into Science and Medicine, to find them doing the very same thing, performing their researches empirically only, based on random assumptions, on appearances, and on statistics only, while always ignoring the main ideas, the main cause, the very line of causality to have engaged the subjects of their research the whole time.

Why having to make an entire model and not only a simple observation based on appearances? Because everything you see, know, and learn about the world, your entire knowledge and set of memories from within your own cognitive system, everything that you know and remember about absolutely everything in the world, these are all mental or cognitive models that you have assimilated, elaborated, and stored within your memory banks, you did it all on your own throughout your lifetime experiences, while watching TV, or while studying for your exams, and all these memories of yours or stored models, at a closer look, they are not simple apparent, empiric models of the real objects, people, or subjects from the real world, but they are indeed rigorous, well-elaborated models of the real things, stuffed with absolutely all knowledge that you could understand yourself, knowledge and details taken from all perspectives, including cognitive, social, higher, analytical, etc. …And this is exactly why I insist to create complete models of everything I study throughout this entire book series, because only complete, rigorous modes may help you understand my topics of study, mostly when these topics are hidden, avoided, ignored, misleading, misunderstood, erroneous, or incomplete in the world of Science and Academia.

2 Lifestyles and Life Lines of Causality

We have to place lifestyle in its exact place within its own line of causality, which I refer to as life line of causality. I study this main topic in another book of this series, ‘Life Lines of Causality.’ We also have to learn everything relevant to lifestyles from other topics or models, as needs, actions or activities, purpose in life, conditions, cognition, thoughts, and a lot more, everything relevant to lifestyle. I already have all the necessary adjacent models within this entire book series, ‘The One.’ Without this previous knowledge, we are left with appearances only, like the simple observation that country people have a different lifestyle than town people, while not being able to state why. Yes, these people have different thoughts and actions, but why? How do people think and act? Why do they think and act differently? …Under what circumstances? …For what reason? …Through what cognitive and social processes? …And using these answers, how can you modify your lifestyle as you need or desire? This is the kind of knowledge that we seek, and once we find the model of lifestyle along with all its supporting models we may use it to answer them all, along with anything else! Let us see!

What is the difference between lives and lifestyles? Can you see this difference? The concept of life in this context refers to all lifetime activities comprising it, as your whole life, your lifetime of experiences and activities, while lifestyle defines the personalized manner in which you perform these activities throughout life. The difference between life and lifestyle seems major, but study it closely! What exactly is the difference between what you do in life and the manner or ‘style’ in which you do it?

As you know, the first time psychologists and sociologists used the word lifestyle they used it in order to help them depict the difference between urban and rural lives. They did so over a century ago, when these two lifestyles were very different. Nowadays, rural and city lifestyles resemble throughout the developed and even throughout the developing nations. Country people had different lives than city people, different lifestyles; they simply lived life in different ‘styles.’

Why? Well, study it closely, and you will find everybody living their lives in different manners, in different lifestyles, very differently, yet very similarly! People wear different clothes, they buy different cars, they take different jobs, and they have different hobbies and interests in life, yet they all seek the same feelings in life, they take the same drugs, they follow the same social rules, with some people doing it slightly more or slightly less than others. …Yet in general, all lifestyles resemble themselves within the same social layer; there are identical lives and lifestyles for each social layer, and this is life! …Or this is life under Capitalism!

Later on, psychologists and sociologists found out that your lifestyle depends on your thoughts, since you have to use your mind, your reasoning, your thoughts in order to behave the way you do in life, to live your life in a personalized manner, and therefore to adopt your own specific lifestyle. This remark gets slightly closer to a valid cognitive study of lifestyle, yet it remains empiric and trivial, with everyone already knowing it! If we want a rigorous, comprehensive model of lifestyle, we have to build it ourselves from scratch, since Psychology and Sociology are helpless. Let us proceed!

Lives and lifetime activities are what you do in life, and you may observe it and record it directly, through a pure empirical study. On the other hand, lifestyle, which depicts the manner in which you perform your activities throughout life, or the manner in which you live your life, comes by default with a cognitive structure, since you may interpret and define the manner in which you behave or perform any activity only through cognitive means! …And this is why most of the studies of lifestyle stop right here, just because Psychology and Sociology are not capable to model the human mind, the human reasoning, the human thoughts, along with the meaning and purpose of the human life and of the human existence.

Whatever the case, life and lifestyle both refer to the same thing: what you do in life, your behavior, your actions, your activities, only that the concept of life describes your activities directly as they appear, while the concept of lifestyle, by referring to the manner in which these activities are performed, it defines them and refers to them in a cognitive manner. …And this is the only difference between life and lifestyle, a simple change of perspective while they address the same concept, the same life!

Yes, life and lifestyle are one and the same concept, just because what you do in life is exactly the manner in which you do it, and therefore these two terms and concepts superimpose! Why? …Just because you always define and depict actions and activities by the way they are performed, and nothing else! At the same time, you describe the manner in which you perform an activity by using the exact description of that activity! It is a vocabulary characteristics, and nothing else!

There are more concepts to define your lifetime activities or your entire life, from even more perspectives. Your behavior for example refers to the manner in which your life affects those around you and the entire Society, while your delivery or your actions are the results of your individual activities or your entire lifetime activities, the impact of your life in society. Your life, activities, actions, behavior, results, delivery, and lifestyle, all these concepts refer to the same thing: your print in the world. They are all horizontally related, and they are all placed at the end of your life line of causality, just because they are the last effects within this life line of causality.

The concept of your life line of causality might seem tedious to understand now, in the beginning of the model. We have to use it here, and it becomes our main structural concept just because lives are never random, since everything in life and in the world happens causally, with actions and events causing new actions and events that cause new actions and events, in a perfect, relative order of cause-effect, cause-effect, cause-effect, countless of these in line, countless of these lines taking place in parallel, simultaneously, they all engage you throughout life and your life line of causality becomes part of them, parallel to them, you engage others at your turn, you engage all those around you directly and then you engage the whole world implicitly, you act on the environment this way while the environment acts on you, and this is life, and this is your print or your difference in life. Make it a good one!

There are two major trends defining Philosophy, Science, Religion, and Spirituality. The first trend states that the future is open, unwritten, life is entirely random, previously undetermined, with everything entirely possible, and you are able to live your life just the way you please, purposelessly. The second trend states that there is a greater purpose in life, and your entire life and existence are part of a greater, wider meaning, with your entire life already being defined or not, depending on subsequent trends. If there is any order in your own life and existence, it has to follow a line of causality. It happens that lifestyle is an important element in your own life line of causality, and it is being placed at its end, as a result. There is an even closer relation between life lines of causality and lifestyles, since lives are life lines of causality, while lifestyles are cognitive perspectives of lives, and therefore they are cognitive perspectives of life lines of causality. Therefore, you can never model lifestyle without integrating it in the wider model to consist it, which is the model of life or life line of causality.

Why you do the things that you do in life? Why you have the feelings that you get in life? Why do you have the thoughts that you have in life? Well, now you know that you have it all within this life line of causality of yours, in an exact order. Even more, the topic of this book will help you apprehend why you do, feel, and think everything in life, since you do it and experience it all in your own personalized manner, so it is easier to understand.

Know that life lines of causality manifest within larger lifelines of causality. Therefore, you may draw life lines of causality for simple events of your life, life lines that link with other smaller life lines of causality to comprise sections and then genuine chapters of your life. …And so on, further linking to form your entire life line of causality, your life! It does not stop here, because your own life line of causality determines directly, and therefore links directly with your spouse’s life line of causality, and with everybody’s line from your proximity and entourage, and so on, and this is how you may draw life lines of causality for cities, nations, societies, worlds, realities, nested realities, etc., all the way up to The One Himself! …And this is the case just because everything in the world is linked directly or implicitly; everything is connected, everything is one, The One! I study The One in another book of this series, ‘The One.’ I also refer to higher, wider, more comprehensive life lines of causality as veins of causality, since everything is also alive in the world, and also intelligent.

What is remarkable about your own life line of causality, is that it helps you predict, cause, prevent, interact with, and interfere with future events of your life, since these are also placed within your life line of causality. …And now you may consider being able to design our own life! It is rumored that higher selves or souls compose, define, architect, determine, or design minutely the particular line of causality of their life before they come here, for various purposes, higher purposes! …And probably so did you! …Your own life line of causality is integral part of the life line of causality of your own soul, life after life. …Same line that it is also part of higher, wider life lines of causality, or veins of causality. …And now you may consider further topics for this subject as higher purposes in life or pre-determination in life, since now you have the necessary models to sustain your study!

Why exactly do people live life in a slightly different manner than others? Because people are slightly different than others themselves! Nobody in the world is identical, and this is the case with absolutely all living beings, and also with all intelligences: everybody and everything alive is unique, therefore their thoughts are unique, therefore their lives and lifestyles are unique, and therefore their life lines of causality are unique!

…And people are different and unique in the world just because they think differently, so it all depends on their thoughts, on their cognitive system, on their intelligences! Thoughts, minds, intelligences, these all must be part of our cognitive study, along with needs and lifetime activities. Let us now find other concepts, anything else that we have found so far to define, influence, and determine people’s lifestyles!

Country, towns, cities, environments, societies, all these are our social and environmental conditions, determining lifestyles directly. Finances and resources are also part of these conditions, along with their abundance or scarcity. I refer to these conditions as the environment, and they always interfere with life. In fact, there is the continuous struggle for you and for life in general to cope with the environment, to cope with these initial conditions. Life lines of causality are the direct result of this continuous struggle of coping with the environment! At the same time, by coping or acting upon these conditions, life changes them along with the entire environment at its convenience, in the personalized manner of its multitude or infinity of lifestyles! …And then the environment changes back on you and you have to find new procedures, new ways of coping with the environment, only to be able to remain alive, only to be able to maintain your own niche in life, your own standards of living, your own habitat and conditions of life! …And so Life goes on, line of causality after line of causality, life after life, generation after generation, species after species, endlessly!

Study all these conditions, study this entire environment, and you will find it all alive, all intelligent, also struggling at its turn to cope with its own environment, with its own conditions, which may be you, your life, your actions, your thoughts, your successful ideas, your achievements, etc., your entire life line of causality! …Life coping with Life? …Life interacting with Life endlessly? …Life fighting Life always? …Why? What is the meaning of all these? What is the purpose of Life? …What is the purpose of The One?

We may distinguish a slight order in our concepts so far: needs and purposes alone determine you to act and engage in absolutely all your lifetime activities. Everything you do in life you do it in order to fulfill your needs. You fulfill your needs by using your mind, your intelligences, your brain, and your thoughts. …While what stands in your way the whole time and what helps you the whole time are your conditions: your finances, your resources, your environment, your habitat, the weather, the quality of your life, the kind of people that you have around you, etc. Your conditions are both achieved and assigned, and while you fulfill your needs throughout life you have to manage to find your way around them, around your conditions, because many times these are static, highly rigid, highly unchangeable, and many times highly treacherous, as temperatures below zero for example, or living in the desert or on water, or living throughout wars and still having to find food and shelter for your entire family, etc. These are some of your conditions throughout life, and I study them all in an entire book of this series, ‘The Human Condition.’

At a first glance, you may be tempted to think that people of a similar condition live life in a very similar manner or lifestyle, which is never true! You and your friends and colleagues may live in the same neighborhood in identical houses, having identical jobs, identical cars, identical salaries, and having even wives and children that behave identically. You may go to the same bar and have identical drinks, yet you will still argue many times and even fight among yourselves, just because you have different intelligences, different thoughts, different opinions, different intentions, even different interests, and now you are tired of having to put up with each other, and conflicts erupt! …Because of your tight, rigid, identical lifestyles!

Not only you, but all living beings are unique, and this is the problem! Unique beings should always be allowed to have unique lifestyles! …Because every time intelligences are placed in similar environments and circumstances, being constrained to behave in a similar manner they cannot, just because lifestyles are always meant to adjust themselves to intelligences according to all conditions, and never the other way around! This is very important to understand, since all problems in the world come from the fact that people and intelligences are forced to live lives within rigid, predefined lifestyles, while their lifestyles were supposed to adjust to them! …Because at the end of the word ‘lifestyle,’ there is your own ‘style’ there, and not something that others choose and engineer for you to have! Because once you control that particular style, that lifestyle, you end up controlling people’s behavior, and through it you control people’s thoughts, and through these you end up controlling people’s intelligences, even people’s higher intelligences or souls, you control even these, you interact with them and you alter them, you morph them deliberately, your higher and lower intelligences alike, and this is exactly what the meaning of this world is all about! Why?

This is also why Communism failed in so many countries, because people were forced there to adapt themselves to identical, tight, rigid lifestyles and ideologies, and it never worked! …Just because people are not identical replicas of a predefined ideological style that someone invented one day, but they are all genuine, unique, and even irreplaceable intelligent living beings, all having their own style, and therefore all deserving their own matching lifestyle!

Understand people, understand their natural, personal beliefs and cognition, and you understand their lifestyle! …Yet you have to understand simultaneously the entire array of concepts stated above. …And now we are ready to state all these concepts in their order, and place them on the life line of causality.

Your purposes and needs are first. Everything that you do in life you do it in order to fulfill your purposes and or your needs. Both purposes and needs come on ten distinct levels, matching the level of the specific life line containing them. For example, at the second level, your purpose in the world is to sustain yourself and those depending on you through feeding, shelter, reproduction, security, etc. At the first level, your purpose in life is to serve others. At the zero level, your purpose in life is to feel as good as you can through all physical and cognitive drugs, etc.

There is a slight difference between purposes and needs, since while needs seem to be mostly intrinsically motivated, purposes are considered to be mostly extrinsically motivated. In other words, purposes are the needs of others that you also have to fulfill in life besides your own needs, adding to your life line of causality. Your purposes in life may be a matter of pride, achievement, or virtue, or your purposes may be a burden, a big rock that you have to carry endlessly, purposelessly throughout life, and it might even be hard to tell which one is your case!

There is not only one purpose in life for you for example, but there are or there can be a multitude of purposes in life in parallel, all coming on these same ten distinct levels, as a distinct hierarchy of purposes. At the same time, you might even miss your true purposes in life if you derail or if you are derailed deliberately into believing in, and following other purposes, fake purposes. You work your whole life then on these fake purposes, and this is how you end up missing on the fulfillment of your true purposes in life! Fake beliefs and fake ideologies will do just this to you, they will render you diverted and astray from your true meanings in life, so be very careful!

In general, the levels of your purposes match the levels of your development, which is the level of your entire life line of causality and of all its elements: needs, cognition, activities, fulfillment, achievements, lifestyle, all these are found to be at the same level on the same lifestyle, with small exceptions! As a reference, humans should be of the third level, yet most of them live their lives on lower levels. The One Himself is of the tenth level. Animals are of the second level, individual plants, slaves, and computer software and algorithms are of the first level, while highly dysfunctional beings, addicted ones, badly sick people, or people in a coma, these are all of the zero level. Angels are of the fourth or fifth level, higher Free Spirits are of the seventh level, and so on. Therefore, as a human being, according to your own developmental level and status, your purposes in life are of the third level and lower, all of them! You will still fulfill higher purposes in life implicitly through your higher selves, and through the higher selves of your higher selves and so on, since these all are or may be of a much higher level than you are! Even more, in order for your entire effort to make a difference, the level of your purposes in life must match the level of whomever or whatever they address to! Therefore, purposes of servitude of the first level for example may suffice for all false deities out there since those are of low developmental levels, despite of their power. Purposes of servitude for the true, Supreme Deity are of very high level! Beware of false deities; this is what all Bibles say! I study this subject in detail in other books of this series: ‘The Human Status,’ ‘Higher Laws,’ ‘The Human Religion and Spirituality,’ and ‘The One.’

To continue with needs now, once your subconscious, conscious, or highconscious intelligences send you your needs, you are ready and determined, more or less, to perform the necessary action or activity in order to fulfill them. In real life, you have several needs coming to you simultaneously, all piling up there on top of your older needs, if you happen to have any left to fulfill. …Since you cannot fulfill them all at once, you have to prioritize them yourself, and hopefully they do not pile up on you even more, too much or too often to become unmanageable, because then your life becomes a burden and your lifestyle a mess, you have to get a drink then to recover, and then another drink just because your needs are still there unfulfilled still waiting for you to become available, this is how you start drinking, and since your problems were not bad enough the way they were before, now you have to live your life at the zero developmental level, through addictions! …And your life might be over! …Sad, but very, very common!

Anyway, considering that you are successful in fulfilling your needs by now, and that you are willing to start on fulfilling them instantly once your intelligences send them to you, or probably that you already have a working routine set in place and it proves to be successful, then once you get your need you use your mind in order to find the manner or style in which to fulfill it. If all that it takes to fulfill your need is start cooking for your family for example, or convincing your neighbor to come for another party, or studying for your math exam, and if you have already performed these activities countless of times, they were all successful, and therefore their successful fulfillment is also assured now, then your thinking does not get involved too much in finding a solution of how to fulfill them, and you might do it all through your subconscious intelligences only! Problems arise every time your conditions change, when the environment changes, then you have to engage your reasoning at its best in order to find the solution of how to fulfill your needs.

For example, if there appears a shortage of food in your city for various reasons, then you have to use your conscious reasoning at its best in order to find stores that still have food. You have to stand in line for hours to get to it, or you have to find alternative means of buying food, directly from people who grow it themselves for example, or directly from people who steal it themselves for example, everything that works, but most importantly, everything that matches your own developmental level! You will never steal food or buy food from people who steal it if you are of the genuine human level, which is the third developmental level. However, you will certainly rob and fight for your food during major calamities if you happen to live your life at lower developmental levels. As a reference, if you are of the second level, then yes, you will fight with everyone else in order to get your food during major calamities! If you are of the third or human level, you will always share your food with others and you will make sure that everybody has enough. You will also use your highly developed intelligence to find newer sources of food for you, for your family, and for everyone around you. If you are of the first level, then you will immediately join a gang and you will fight under orders for retributions in food and in all resources. If you are of the zero level, you will be more interested in how to procure your drugs during these harsh times…

And more importantly, you will do it all in this exact manners according to your developmental level, not because this is the way you decide to behave, but because your subconscious sends you these exact needs, forcing you now to behave in these exact ways! You and your decisions have absolutely nothing to do with your lifestyle then, but you have to give in and act the way your needs demand from you regardless of consequences, and this is exactly what starts your life line of causality! For example, if you are of a lower level, your fight for your food might get you killed, you know your risks, and you still engage in your fights only to rob for the last potato from someone’s bag! On the other hand, at the third developmental level, your peaceful needs may cause you to starve and die, mostly when everybody around you fights and robs and now there are no more food and resources left for you, and so you die! …While at the first developmental level, you will consider yourself the luckiest in the world for being able to have found the gang that you joined, since your subconscious sends you now the strongest social needs ever forcing you to bind to your gang as strong as you can, to be accepted in your gang, and even to ascend within the hierarchy of your gang to higher, most stable, most fruitful positions, regardless of how many people you have robbed or killed so far together; this is your life line of causality now, and this is your lifestyle!

Note that you do not really have to go through severe, dreadful conditions in order to undergo these particular life lines of causalities, since you never ascend or decay from one level to another too rapidly. You are on these low developmental levels even since peaceful times, yet you had to obey the law back then and you could not behave freely, during peaceful times. This is why you played the violent video games that you had played back then, because they were the only world allowing you to live your life at your true, low developmental level!

What exactly is best during severe calamities, to be of lower or higher developmental level? It seems that you are at risk of dying during severe calamities, both at higher and lower levels. It is not really your choice what developmental level to be in, since your subconscious alone will force you to fight or to seek safety, depending on its own developmental level! Even more, note that nobody is good or bad here, since the law of the jungle applies to all animals, and not only to underdeveloped humans. …And nobody condemns the wolf for eating the sheep, or the wolf for fighting the wolf! Society does judge and persecutes you for your bad actions during peaceful times and during calamities, yet with your subconscious at the second or animal developmental level, should you really be judged in any of the bad circumstances that your subconscious forces you to engage? It is only a natural behavior! Society should judge not you, but Society should judge the particular social forces to have caused you to live your life at lower developmental levels throughout all peaceful and prosperous times, stopping you from developing to the genuine human level, which is the third level! Look in Society, and you will find these specific forces at work right now, forcing you through every circumstance to remain undeveloped at lower levels, or to decay to the very low levels of the crowd, if you happen to have ascended to the third level throughout life. …And yes, very capable social engineers have targeted you since birth, only to keep you sick, diverted, dysfunctional, and undeveloped the whole time, while the entire Society just watched and waited for you to make the slightest wrong move, to make the slightest illegality, in order to charge you and persecute you through laws meant for higher level people, and then cause you even more to decay through these severe punishments! Because there is nothing, nothing worse for your intelligences than for you to have to spend time incarcerated in an isolated small confinement for entire portions of your lifetime. …Since your intelligences feed on knowledge and experiences that you must provide to them continuously, and any absence of these, causes them to starve, to decay, and eventually to die! …How far lower will Society take you? …How far lower will your soul have to follow?

…But to answer the question, during severe calamities you will certainly stay alive if your subconscious makes you kill for your food, yet only temporarily. Once the food runs out you’re dead too if you happen to make it that far, because others will certainly kill you first for the food that you have, and this is the case just because as a fighter you place yourself in harmful situations. If you are at higher developmental levels, you will survive on a longer term, when you will have to find a viable life line of causality and lifestyle to help you and those around you produce or procure your food and resources indefinitely. Study it closely, and you will find that calamities are not too far from peaceful times, mostly while living your life in Society.

It might seem trivial now, but it takes a lot of thinking to find a way to get food under both normal and unusual conditions. …And the need for food is only one of your needs to have triggered one single activity, eating, from among the multitude of your lifetime activities. …And the needs never stop coming!

Therefore, on your life line of causality you have purposes and needs first, as main causes, or as relatively main causes since there may be other causes to have caused these causes, other events and circumstances, other forces, or other intelligences to have sent these needs to you. Your actions of fulfilling these purposes and needs do not come immediately afterwards, since many times you do not know right away how to fulfill them. …Because if you knew immediately how to do it, your other intelligences would have fulfilled these needs themselves, the way they always do! Know that you, as a conscious intelligence, you do not have to fulfill every single need of your organism, since your subconscious does it all for you. You as a conscious intelligence, you have to fulfill only the new, the more tedious needs, everything that your subconscious mind cannot do on its own routinely, when the outside conditions have changed for example, like all busses to change their routes starting today, and now you have to find an alternate manner to get to the grocery store, and you also lack the time to get there, yet you still have to find a way to get there, so this is your need to fulfill.

…Because you as a conscious intelligence, you are the specialized intelligence in charge with the outside world and nothing more, so you have to take care of all these now! This is exactly why you seem to loose attention or awareness every time you fulfill very easy needs, in manners that never change, like driving longer hours on empty straight roads, or washing your hands briefly at the sink, or tying your shoelaces, because these activities never change and you already have specialized intelligences to monitor them in your place, while you may use the free time and resources to think of how to solve other, more tedious needs, like social needs, or reproductive needs, or whatever occupies your mind at that time! …Because everything passing through your mind at all time, everything you think about, every thought that you have randomly or not, every idea, everything cognitive is there in order for you to find a way to solve needs! Your subconscious will even wake you up in the middle of the night and keep you awake then only for you to continue thinking throughout accumulating problems and needs, those needs that you are still not able to find a way to solve and fulfill!

In fact, your entire negative thinking, everything going on there in the background of your mind, all that negative chatter and nonsense, that is all related to accumulated, unsolved needs, present there probably since you were in the third grade! Just take your time to solve them all, even if you have to do it one need at a time, because you will have to do it anyway or suffer the consequences, and you will find cognitive peace at last, and be able to sleep! Pills and alcohol will never solve these needs for you, but will only postpone or erase them completely by killing your neurons containing them, while their counterparts from the real life are still there, still menacing you! …And now you have also become vulnerable, since through drugs you lack the necessary awareness and cognitive means to solve them, and it takes a lot of awareness and cognitive abilities to make it through a normal life today! Study Medicine, Society, Politics, Media, and Entertainment, to find how they teach you directly and implicitly to take all drugs, prescribed and not, every time life gets tough, harming yourself this way badly, instead of fulfilling your needs! …And people just do it, they take the pills and drink the drinks, everybody! …And then people just suffer, for life!

Even dreams, desires, reveries, hopes, these are also related to your needs, and these may also be placed on your life line of causality. Among all your causal elements from your life line of causality, your intelligences, thoughts, thinking, and your entire cognitive activity influence your lifestyle the most, for the simple fact that these are actually you, the real you, not this physical body that is for you more like a car, meant to take you places and to handle things!

Following your thinking, if you ever manage to get a successful idea, you are ready only now to start and engage in the actual activity of fulfilling your need! For example, you have thought well and now you have just learned how to change the water pump in your engine, you know all procedures, you have all tools, you have them already arranged around you, and more importantly, you have already removed the old water pump from your engine, you did it all in your mind as a mental model, as a mental trial, you have already finished replacing your water pump in your mind, this is how you have gathered all the necessary tools around you because you had to have them in your mind, throughout your mental model, and this is how you have gained all the necessary knowledge for the entire physical process of actually changing the pump, because you have already thought of everything that could go wrong, and now you are ready to proceed!

Why waiting? Why having to make a mental model first before you take to action to fulfill your need? Why thinking throughout life? Why memorizing everything? In fact, you do not do only one single mental model before you start working, but you make several mental models, just because they fail, and then you have to start all over again, but you do it in your mind only, it takes you but a few moments to do it, while in real life you would have spent minutes or hours, ruining your parts and tools in the process if you went wrong, and also injuring yourself.

…And this is how you think, always, and this is how all your intelligences think, always, in genuine, fast mental models! Even more, since you and your intelligences live your lives continuously emerged in your own replicas of reality, for you thinking is simply a matter living a normal life within your inner worlds, throughout the entire mental model, very very fast, just in time to give the answer, before you start doing the same in the real world, and hope that it works. Success and failure are only a matter of how rigorous and comprehensive your inner replicas of the world are, which is, a matter of how much you know related to whatever you have to do that time, since it is always something new you have to tackle, to work on, and it never ends! Just monitor yourself throughout your daily reasoning and activities, to see how you perform.

While thinking, you have to come up with mental model after mental model until you get it right, until you have the successful idea or sequence of ideas how to do it, and you even are rewarded with pleasure for doing it, and it feels good! Just watch yourself the next time you engage on your life lines of causality, to see how your subconscious walks you the whole time, giving you all the necessary feelings, rewards, and punishments along the way, guiding you the way you guide a horse throughout the race.

Why having to memorize everything you go through in life? So you remember your mental models the next time you find yourself under similar circumstances, and use them or parts of them in a flash to solve your problem, fulfill your need, and avoid a situation. Otherwise, you have to invent the wheel every second of your life, and that lifestyle is certainly too slow and tedious!

In fact, you think consciously and many times subconsciously only through mental models and successful ideas. Just watch your thinking throughout the day and you will see that you have to make a short mental model before you even take the next step while walking or jogging, step after step, otherwise you stumble on all branches, rocks, and in all the holes, you fall down and you injure yourself!

…And it is not such a hassle to make a mental model in your head every time you have to act, simply because you already have memories of the entire world already stored in your head, as an extraordinary, comprehensive mental model of the world. Whenever needed you simply run this extraordinary model or replica of the outside world from within your mind, and then if it works in your mind you do it in the real world. …And this is why I persist to make comprehensive models for all topics that I study throughout my books, only to be easier for you to integrate them within your own comprehensive model of the world, within your own replica of the world.

To stress this idea a little further, you cannot even distinguish anymore between the real world and the replica of the world from your mind, simply because you apprehend and understand everything from the real world through the knowledge and understanding about every single object and subject that you see in the real world. You even see and understand yourself as the one from your inner replica of the world placed somewhere at its center and not the real being from the outside world. …And this is how all your problems arise, just because who you are in the center of your inner replica of the world does not correspond entirely with who you are in the real world. …And this is the case because you can never understand Reality in its entire perfection, including your real self. Further on, your inner self from your own replica of the world does not correspond with who you are in the inner replicas of the world from the minds of your spouse and of all those around you, simply because all replicas of the world from everybody’s minds are different than the real world, and extensively personalized! …While you thought that you were the same everywhere, and so you expected everyone to understand you just the way you understand yourself, while none of you are right, just because you each have your own, different, personalized replicas of the world.

Why? …Because your own replica of the world is not identical with the real world, but it corresponds with the real world as much as you could learn and experience throughout life, as best as you were capable to assimilate everything you learned and experienced, as much as others thought you, as much as the accuracy of your beliefs and stereotypes that you have gathered unconsciously throughout life, and these all make for your distinct style of your thoughts and ideas that you currently have. As a reference, your replica of the world is as accurate as any drawing of your surroundings that you can sketch right now. …Since some people are more talented at drawing than others, you will always get a multitude of drawings of the same surroundings. Drawings and learning are not that related, but you can make an idea of how people interpret, understand, summate, and remember the outside world. …Because some people are more talented than others, because some people have more ‘style’ than others. …And it is this exact diversity in interpretations, understandings, thinking, actions, and activity to add to the diversity of lifestyles, to the diversity of lives and experiences, to the diversity of Life, to the diversity of the world, and to the success of Life to cope with the world. Otherwise, if you had not living beings in the world but a bunch of computers to live life, think and act on the same theme, if they all thought and did the exact thing in every situation, there was no diversity there, no new, different ideas, no intuition, no capability to act and react in any new situation, and one day those computers all failed at once and perished, since they were all identical, all thought identically, and therefore all failed identically, at the same time. …And this is the case just because computers, computer software, computer code, and computer algorithms are all at the first level of thinking, all waiting for new data, commands, and orders from their computer operators, their masters. I study these subjects in detail in other books of this series: ‘Life,’ ‘The Human Mind,’ ‘The Human Thoughts,’ ‘Mental Models and Successful Ideas,’ ‘The Human Stereotypes,’ etc.

The activity of fulfilling your need is the visible part of your lifestyle, and this is exactly what distinguishes you and your lifestyle from others, because others probably drive a more reliable car and never had to put up with broken water pumps, and now they have more time to be with their family, to watch TV, to barbeque, etc.

Similarly, other people living other lifestyles might have never been able to accomplish an entire mental model the way you did, they could not start working on their car at all, or they attempted working but they soon ran into unpredictable problems, they lacked tools, they demoralized easily, it took them the whole day to change a pump and so their life and their entire lifestyle are already different than yours, regardless of the fact that they had the same need to fix the car to start with, they had the same car and model, they had the same conditions to do the work, etc.

…And now you may understand what gives the specific ‘style’ to your lifestyle. Your own activities give the style, since you perform them all in the same style. However, these activities, you have performed them all in your mind first, as mental models, through the variety of your intelligences, all depending on what need you had to fulfill, and also depending on what particular primal intelligence has sent that need to you. Therefore, your intelligences gave you their ‘style’ to your activities through their thinking, since this is how they have performed the mental model of whatever you had to do before you actually did it in the real world.

Most of the time, it is you, the conscious intelligence doing this mental model in your own mind, but only when you think consciously. When you think unconsciously, your primal subconscious intelligences do the mental models for you if they know how, if you have done it before and now it is a simple routine, and this is why you had remained lost on your thoughts that whole time and now you cannot remembering how you did it, because your other intelligences did the thinking for you, while you thought of something else and just drove, or just washed your hands, etc.

What you perceive as thinking from your upper reference is actually a normal inner life that your intelligences go through very fast and relatively simplistic, within your own inner replica of the world. What your intelligences experience there as them living a normal life, you experience as thoughts, reasoning, mental models, and priceless ideas, while within your inner world, all these were normal events and normal inner lives all taking place there naturally, everything lived by normal living beings: your intelligences!

It is hard to tell if your subconscious intelligences ever realize that they live in an inner world, which is a replica or simulation of the real, outside world. Could you tell if this world we call Reality is the real, natural, ultimate reality, or there are more outer realities up there to contain this Reality? Could you really tell if you and everything you see around you is real or only a simulation of an upper, ‘outside’ world?

I study realities in other books of this series: ‘The Human Reality,’ ‘Astral Planes and Your Other Realities,’ ‘Life,’ ‘The Field,’ ‘Existence,’ and ‘The One.’ …But to give you the short answer here, you are always objectively real from the perspective of your own reality, whatever it may be: natural, holly, created, static, astral, parallel, cognitive, digital, etc. …While you are always abstract or subjective from the perspective of your higher reality. …And you are also highjectively real, from the perspective of any of your own lower realities, which may be mind realities or computer realities. …And this is the case just because existence comes in these three forms: objective, abstract or subjective, and highjective. As a reference, you are subjectively real for your soul or higher self, while your soul or higher self is highjectively real for you. Therefore, it is not exactly your soul, but you are in fact its, his, or her character, avatar, or incarnation, call yourself as you want. …And this is the case only if there are any upper realities up there past ours, and if there are any higher beings up there, to interact through you down here in any manner, the way you think, daydream, or the way you play your computer games. You can never tell, just because other realities including upper realities never exist objectively from the perspective of our Reality.

Anyway, to get back to our… wherever we were, this is where your ‘style’ from your lifestyle comes from, from the ‘style’ of the lifestyles that your own intelligences have within their own world, within your own mind! …And it does not stop there since intelligences are formed of inner worlds and inner intelligences that live inner inner lives, inner inner intelligences having their own inner intelligences and so on, all the way down!

Now you understood styles and lifestyles, but take the moment to lead your reasoning further up in your upper classconscious intelligences! I refer to intelligences that contain other intelligences as classconscious intelligences. However, all intelligences are classconscious intelligences, since all intelligences are comprised by smaller intelligence, that are comprised by even smaller intelligences, all the way down. These are the classes or systems of intelligences. Your upper class intelligence is Society itself, or Humanity, or Mother Earth, anything you may envision. …Because you, as a real being, living, interacting, and behaving casually in Society, you do it all in a cognitive manner from the perspective of the entire Humanity, since you are but a thinking intelligence in the extraordinary classconscious mind of Humanity. Note that it is your social behavior perceived as thought or thinking at your higher class level, at the level of Humanity, and it is your lifestyle to give the specific ‘style’ to the thoughts and highjective activity of Humanity or Mother Earth whatever the case, but only if your particular behavior here in Society is worthy enough to be chosen, accepted, and applied as a successful procedure or idea to whatever there is to be done in the upper or higher world. …And it never stops there, since this cognitive process goes all the way up to The One Himself! …And now you understand your purpose in the wider world, and it is of a cognitive nature. Make it a good one!

Why having a multitude of intelligences to do the thinking and not only one? Why having eight billions people to behave in Society and not only one? Because there is not much behaving that you do in Society if you are alone. The key is in interaction, as dense and as fruitful as it can be, and intuitive thinking is built exactly on this. The key is also in the large number of individuals, since when you have a multitude of intelligences thinking on the same theme or coping with the same conditions, yet all being different and all having different lifestyles, they all end up coming up with their own solutions to all their needs and tasks. Some solutions are good, some are bad, some slightly different than others, yet some of these results are exceptional indeed, and when we get them at our own higher level we refer to them as successful, priceless ideas.

What comes next on your life line of causality after your purposes and needs, after your mental models and thoughts, and after your actions and activities of fulfilling your needs, are the results themselves, good or bad, all ready to influence more or less your future life lines of causality. These results are your life, lifestyle, behavior, results, delivery, life effects, etc. These are all different names to define a same concept, your life, only taken from various perspectives.

…And this is what you do in life, this is why you do it all, this is how you do it, this is why you do it all in a personalized, different manner than anyone else, and more importantly, through this model so far you may already have a glance at your purpose in life! You had to change your water pump first in order to make it on time to your office, in order to gain your pay, in order to use the money to buy goods, resources, and materials, in order to use all these to fulfill your future needs, from feeding yourself and your family to clothing, entertaining, providing proper shelter to you all, providing all the necessary knowledge that your intelligences demand, etc.

Your purpose in life comes on many levels and in many classes, and it is that only at the second level your purpose is to provide naturally to you and your family for example, because at other levels your purpose is different. However, throughout this model, we will also get a glimpse of your higher purpose in life despite of your developmental level, and this higher purpose happens to have a cognitive nature just as your lifestyle, so the two are related on all levels and classes!

As stated previously, all my hierarchies are correspondent, and this is the case because they are all part of a same life line of causality. Your life line of causality is: purpose and or needs -> thinking -> action or activity -> results: (life - lifestyle - behavior - delivery - effects - fulfillment.)

Understand your life line of causality well in all its elements, and you manage to stay on top of everything that you encounter in life achieving your purposes, creating this way for yourself and for your family a positive, viable, successful life and lifestyle!

The levels of your life line of causality and of all its components always match your own developmental level, and this is the case for all living beings and for all intelligences. There are ten distinct levels to hierarchize your life lines of causality along with all their components, including your purposes, needs, intelligences, thinking, activities, behavior, and lifestyle.

Needs of the zero level relate to addiction, entertainment, illnesses, etc., since needs of the zero level draw pleasure directly from your subconscious mind, without you even having to fulfill needs. …And so you end up with a shortcut in your life line of causality: consumption -> pleasure -> lifestyle, bypassing entirely what you were supposed to do in life, what life is all about, and still feeling good and fulfilled, but only temporarily. …Because without providing to yourself, without maintaining yourself, and without developing yourself you are doomed to die, shortly.

You always fall into addictions naturally, because humans and animals are addicted to pure pleasure. In fact, if it was not for this addiction and continuous urge for pleasure in life, humans and animals would never attempt to fulfill needs in life, since they would never seek the pleasure that they always receive from their subconscious when they are successful in fulfilling their needs. It is the same with pain: animals avoid pain always and so they engage in their entire life lines of causality only to avoid the pain that their subconscious sends them if they take it easy and do otherwise for example, or if they fail to fulfill their needs, if they engage in worthless or harmless activities, if they miss opportunities, etc. This is why now, through addictions, once animals and humans become capable to draw on this pleasure directly, at will, without having to fulfill needs, animals and humans return indefinitely for more and more pleasure. All the other pleasures in life pale in comparison to their subject of addiction, and so they remain neglected.

This is called burning the brain and it also leads to addiction, and this is all that addicts do in life, while neglecting to engage in the other, normal life lines of causality, failing this way to fulfill normal needs. This affects negatively their whole life, and they fail in everything. …And if humans can still remain alive throughout addictions because they are always helped and sustained by others who fulfill their need in their place, animals have no chance of survival within their habitat in this zero level lifestyle, and they die!

Needs of the zero level trigger zero level thinking, concerns, and preoccupations in life of finding more drugs, pleasure, and entertainment. If successful, then humans get involved in addictions, and if this is a longer lasting habit, it become a lifetime of addiction, an addicted lifestyle.

To go to the next level now, the life line of causality of the first level relates to servitude alone, a servitude of any kind, a servitude to anyone and anything. People, beings, and intelligences of the first level do not live life for themselves but for their masters, false deities, societies, beliefs, objects of veneration, ideologies, etc., and they do so for many reasons and not only through trickery or strong enforcement as you may believe!

As stated previously, it is easier to ascend to the next developmental level than to eliminate undesirable elements of your lifestyle one by one, just because you change yourself entirely every time you ascend to a new living or developmental level, as through a shift in the paradigm. Besides, you can never add to your lifestyle elements of a higher level, just because you are not developed enough to maintain them within your lifestyle, and so you get very annoyed by keeping them. For example, if you live your life at the second developmental level, watching TV all day long while gossiping with your friends and cheating around every time you get the chance, you cannot buy this large textbook of graduate physics and promise yourself to read and learn three pages from it every day hoping to become smart eventually, because you may run mad with boredom in less than a month, without understanding a word of what you have read the whole time! Besides, your subconscious will not allow you to engage in such a worthless, time-consuming activity if you understand nothing of what you read, and will send you pain, boredom, and depression every day, only for you to disengage from that worthless activity, immediately! Why? Because you have a second level lifestyle, while learning graduate physics is a third level activity! Graduate physics is highly abstract, and many people of the third level can barely manage it! Physics does not fit in your second level lifestyle, and you have to give it up! …Because the developmental level that you are at today, the needs that you currently get, the activities that you engage in casually, your actual level of learning and understanding, the kind of lifestyle you adopt, these all are highly compatible and correspondent, and nothing, absolutely nothing that you do may change any of them a single bit, regardless of how much you, the conscious intelligence, desire to improve yourself! This is why you cannot attend college if your developmental level is too low, because you find everything there terribly boring, time consuming, and highly unimportant, and so you quit college and go back to your old job!

What can you do to improve yourself? You have to ascend first to the third developmental level by changing yourself entirely and ascending your entire lifestyle to the third level. How? You have to ascend absolutely all components of your life line of causality to the third level, and this includes your reasoning and all activities, which means that from now on you have to fulfill all your needs at the third level only! …Or higher if you know how, if you have the necessary higher abilities of the fourth level! You might also have to emerge yourself entirely in a third level environment or conditions, which means seeking friendship among third level people, disengaging from any lower level activity like drinking coffee and beer, cursing, lying, negligence, ignorance, cheating, etc. Eat healthy, seek righteousness and win-win results in all circumstances, take responsibility for everything that you think, say, and do, and just live this way a normal human life! Once you feel comfortable in your third level lifestyle, you may engage in any third level activity with good result guaranteed. …And this is the case only as long as you are capable to maintain your third level lifestyle.

Similarly, you cannot eliminate individual negative or undesirable elements from your lifestyle in order to improve it as you want, simply because your entire lifestyle is at that level, and it keeps its consistency in that specific manner. For example, you cannot simply decide one day to give up crystals, and so you live your life free of drugs from then on as though nothing happened! Lifestyles do not work this way! You can never have a zero level lifestyle without taking drugs, because you will crave for drugs so much that you will run insane! What can you do? …The same thing! You must ascend to a higher level if you want to quit drugs. Surprisingly, it is easier to ascend directly to the third level from the zero developmental level, and this is the case just because you are human and the third level lifestyle is the most suitable. At the same time, Society undergoes a great effort to keep the majority of people at the first and second levels. Despite this, many people get through and manage to live their lives at the third level. However, if you take drugs for a longer time, your cognitive system might not be compatible with the third level reasoning, activities, and lifestyle anymore. What can you do? Well, you have to think well how you live your life long before you decide one day to take drugs and then quit them later on, because brains and minds are unique and irreplaceable! Yet brains and minds still recover sometimes, so it is only a matter of how determined you are to remain off drugs and give your brain some time to recover, before you are capable to start your third level lifestyle.

This is what makes for the rigidity of all lifestyles, and this is why Psychology remains impotent in helping people with their psychological problems of all kind, just because it attempts to solve illnesses one symptom at a time while using the same drugs that got you in that mess, while keeping you ignorant and undeveloped the whole time.

If you want to improve your lifestyle in any manner, you must develop yourself first to the level corresponding to your improvement, and then you may adjust your lifestyle as you desire. …Or your lifestyle changes on its own to match your new level, which is mostly the case. Therefore, if you ever happen to take over someone else’s lifestyle by gaining their entire fortune while you are at lower developmental levels, you may enjoy a higher level lifestyle at first, but with your cognitive system underdeveloped compared to your new lifestyle you cannot keep up and you get ruined fast, and your lifestyle decays back to your own low developmental level, while you also ruin and decay the lives of all those around you.

As another example, while on drugs, which is a zero level lifestyle, you may always ascend to the first level into servitude, and your masters or ideologies will dictate to you then to sober up, and you will do just that, and therefore you may remain within the first level lifestyle indefinitely, in servitude! This is why religions, spirituality, and powerful masters work excellent in getting you off addictions when you ascend from the zero to the first level lifestyle and development.

The zero level lifestyle is a lifestyle of illness and addictions, while the first level lifestyle is a lifestyle of servitude, a life that you live on behalf of someone or something else. For many, it might be hard to tell what is preferable, addiction or servitude. …Because while some people treasure freedom more than anything in the world, others seek slavery, bondage, and oppression in life. …And if you ever try to teach or free them in any way, they turn around and harm you badly, so you are better off keeping your distance…

Does it really matter how you live your life and on what level? Yes, certainly, but only if you have the necessary cognition to realize it! As a reference here, as humans and as highly developed souls, living your life at lower developmental levels here on Earth, and having these extraordinary cortex, brain, and organism that humans have, the best in the known universe, is like owning the best, the newest supercar there is, and use it daily only to walk your dog…

Examples of animals and people of the first level are soldiers, domestic animals, worshipers of false deities and ideologies, slaves, cattle, Brothers, inmates, corporations of all kind, captives, criminals within mobs, etc. These also have the first level status recognized in the wider world. Do not be tempted to think that everybody living their life in servitude at the first level do so out of lack of capability and options of escaping their masters or ideologies, because this is the case only in some isolated cases, when people or animals are held captive through constraints of all kind. In general, people and intelligences of the first level opt to live in servitude to others more powerful than they are, or in servitude within hierarchies the way it is the case in the military or within the Brotherhood social class, because in this manner it is easier for them to fulfill their needs! False deities for example provide to their followers everything they need for a first level lifestyle, in exchange for a specific servitude or for direct veneration, and this is their lifestyle now! This was and still is the case with slaves, since many people sold and still sell themselves into slavery, many times for food, water, and shelter alone! People of the Brotherhood for example, which is the middle social class of our Society, are among the richest and the most influential people of the world, and yet they all live a lifestyle of servitude even as rich and powerful as they are, a direct servitude to those on top of them, those owning them and their corporations entirely, along with their entire family corporation and fortune!

Tell all these people that they should be free and independent and not slaves and servants to others or to simple beliefs and false deities, or slaves to strict ideologies of all kind, and they will argue that it is their life, their lifestyle and their choice, and that you should also follow on their steps, because it is everyone’s purpose in life to live life the way they do, in servitude!

In many cases, people of the first level are ready to harm you badly for any attempt that you may make to change their lifestyle in any way, and this behavior is many times conditioned in them through specific beliefs, by their own masters, keeping them this way in servitude, indefinitely!

…And through its forced, very low development, lifestyle, and life line of causality, and mostly through its unusual, conspicuous isolation and ignorance, Humanity entirely seems to be of the first level! …And yes, Humanity will also harm badly anyone and anything out there attempting to free her of her masters, and now it has nuclear weapons to do it!

To move along to the second level now, this is where true, independent, individual life starts. …And many may claim that the second level lifestyle is the only true, independent, individual lifestyle, the lifestyle of all animals. All animals live life at this second level, and they live life for an only reason: to receive pleasure through the fulfillment of all their needs, and also to avoid pain so they try to be successful in everything that they do in life.

If you still wonder what exactly your own level is, just assess the kind of lifetime activities that you engage in mostly. Do you do it only for the pleasure that they offer? Are you capable to fulfill all your needs through conscious reasoning? Are you at ease while learning abstract knowledge? Do you treasure knowledge and learning in general against pure pleasure and useless entertainment? Are you responsible in life by placing those you interact with directly or implicitly in win – win situations? On the other hand, just by reading this book and being able to follow it, it shows that you are not at the second or animal level, but you are of the third level or higher, since learning abstract knowledge is a genuine human activity, found at the center of the human lifestyle. However, Society is made in a particular, artificial manner to force you to be able to fulfill your needs not at human level, but only if you decay to lower levels. You might not be able to gain money if you do not sell yourself into servitude and go to work every day for most of the day for example, and without money, you cannot fulfill any of your basic needs. …And this is how humans are forced today in Society to live lives and lifestyles at very low levels, just because Society itself is of a very low level.

The second level needs are all animal needs: eating, recovery, reproduction, breathing, shelter, excretion, etc., which are your physiological needs. Other second level needs are your security and social needs, including the needs for social competition, social acceptance, and social ascension. These needs will keep you preoccupied for life since Society is made this way on purpose, and if you are not careful you end up spending your whole life focusing on your animal needs only and miss on being human the whole time! …Which is better than living your life on even lower levels, through servitude and addictions!

You may assess now how many people live life at the genuine human level, and how many do not. The Brotherhood and the Elite refer to the Masses as Cattle, animals, or domestics.

Society entirely was supposed to be of the third level, in order to allow all its members to live their lives at the genuine third level! All lower level needs were supposed to be already fulfilled by default in Society, allowing you the time, the chance, and the resources to focus on your third level lifestyle. How? It seems that if Society only assured to its people a minimum income guaranteed, then people could have used this free income to fulfill their lower level needs by default: food, shelter, clothing, transportation, etc., while using their time to learn anything they desire: perform art, write books and music, teach and help others, find new technology, etc.

Yet why giving money away for free and then taking it back in exchange for a minimal subsistence, when Society could assure this minimal subsistence by default, without the use of money altogether. …Because the use of money alone in Society keeps the people on lower developmental levels. …And here is the key, because the simple elimination of money and of any other type of currency from Society would assure to people a third level lifestyle. Is it possible? No, unless everybody is already at the third developmental level. If not, people will use their minimum income guaranteed in order to fuel their greed, fights, bad habits, and addictions, and they all drop to the zero level. What can we do? Well, the world is full of ideologies, thousands of them, so why adding yet another one? Yet to answer the question, learn and develop!

Needs of the third level are the needs for abstract learning and abstract education, the need for social equality, the need for righteousness, along with the needs for continuous development and continuous ascension.

Higher levels involve higher development, which includes higher knowledge and higher abilities. I study this entire hierarchy up to the tenth level in other books of this series: ‘The Hierarchy of Needs,’ ‘The Human Needs,’ ‘The Hierarchy of Intelligences,’ ‘The Human Development,’ ‘Higher Laws,’ ‘The Human Status,’ etc.

These are all levels, and you should distinguish them from classes. For example, one of your needs of the second level is eating. You can feel this need very well because you get it daily. However, if you have a family and mostly if you have small children, you will also feel daily your need to feed your children and your whole family, and this need of feeding your family feels different indeed. …And then once your children are fed you feel fulfillment, a fulfillment that feels higher in love, pleasure, and happiness, and you appreciate it more. Even more, you will always prioritize feeding your family before you feed yourself, if you are ever made to choose between you and your family.

I use classes to distinguish among these needs, since they are distinct. Even more, needs of different classes come from intelligences of different classes. In general, first class applies to you alone, second class applies to your family, third class applies to your community, fourth class applies to your city or region, fifth class applies to your nation, sixth class applies to your species and Society, seventh class applies to your civilization, and so on up to Life and The One Himself.

Needs, activities, lifestyles, and entire lifelines applying to you only, are of the first class. Therefore, the need to feed yourself today is of the second level and first class. Your need to feed your children today is of the second level and second class. Your need to feed your neighbors today mostly if they are starving is of the second level and third class, since the third class applies to your entire community. …And so on, you advance in class going through your region, nation, society, species, civilization, planet, then whatever is out there, and so on, up to Life and The One Himself.

As already stated, there are specific intelligences spanning these classes entirely, intelligences formed, sustained, and maintained by all their class members. There is an intelligence of the second level spanning your home and your family including your pets. As an emphat, you can even feel these second class intelligences every time you enter a home, and people refer to them as spirits of the family, etc. I refer to intelligences spanning cities as being of the third or fourth class depending of the size of the city, and so on.

As stated previously, all intelligences are class intelligences, which means that they are all the result of the merging of a multitude of intelligences sharing something in common. In fact, I could never find an individual intelligence that is not composed of smaller intelligences. For example, your cognitive system is formed by your conscious and subconscious intelligences, while your subconscious intelligence is formed by your primal intelligences: eating intelligence, recovery intelligence, metabolic intelligence, recovery intelligence, and so on.

You may feel your own intelligences since they manifest through the needs that they send you. You may also see your intelligences since they use hormones many times to help them expand and extend to span the entire organism, whenever they are prioritized and get control of your entire cognitive system. I study your intelligences in details in other books of this series: ‘The Human Intelligences,’ and ‘The Hierarchy of Intelligences.’ What you must pay attention to as a conscious intelligence, is to maintain the harmony within your cognitive system, and never interfere negatively within your cognitive system.

What is very important to know is how these class intelligences are formed. All intelligences composing a larger, class intelligence may be perceived, considered, and understood as simple cognitive abilities and integral parts of the larger intelligence. However, when you shift your perspective within the larger intelligence, you are capable to observe each one of these cognitive abilities as self-aware, self-functioning, independent intelligences, all tending to their own cognitive tasks within their larger intelligence. It is the same with the cellular intelligence, it is the same within your subconscious intelligence, it is the same within Society, there are everywhere smaller, individual intelligences composing these, each one responsible with specific cognitive tasks within the larger class intelligence, with each one having its own purpose, needs, thoughts, specialized activities, and even independent lives and life lines of causality, along with specific, personalized lifestyles! Further on, all these smaller, specialized intelligences have cognitive abilities on their own, smaller abilities that are in fact smaller intelligences composing them, and so on!

What you may notice at this point is that the particular lifestyles or styles of some of these multitude of smaller intelligences ascends to become the style from the lifestyle of the larger class intelligence. You for example, your own style from your lifestyle has transcended from your own intelligence composing your subconscious intelligence, as your eating, recovery, or reproductive intelligence, whichever is prioritized the most within your cognitive system, and this characterizes indeed your own lifestyle now!

In Society for example, your own conscious and subconscious intelligences are the specialized intelligences of Society, and through you, or through your own body and behavior, your own intelligences get their way and push you to fulfill their social needs, determining you to contribute to Society exactly the way your intelligences need, and exactly the way the entire Society needs you to behave within itself, down to minute details!

…And so you get to fulfill throughout life needs of all levels and of all classes, for all these smaller intelligences of your cognitive system, smaller and larger alike, along with everybody else, all members of Society, all working together many times in perfect harmony and synchronicity, resembling the multitude of little wheels within a well-tuned mechanical clock.

…And it does not stop with Society, because through your needs and behavior, without even knowing it, you fulfill the needs of all extraordinary intelligences beyond Society, up to Life and The One Himself!

3 Model of Lifestyle

Lifestyles are simply cognitive perspectives of lives, since they refer to the manner in which lives are lived, while each manner or style is a specific personalization coming from the cognitive system. At the same time, lives are never lived randomly but throughout specific lines of causality. Therefore, we may depict lifestyles through these life lines of causality, if we focus on their cognitive side, on intelligences and thinking, the thinking deciding the manner or the style in which every need and purpose is fulfilled in life, and in what order. Furthermore, there are lines of causality within lines of causality, and these smaller lines of causality become components or elements of lifestyles. Therefore, the smaller elements and components of each life line of causality are purposes, needs, reasoning, activity, results, and fulfillment or punishment, depending on the success or failure of the specific line of causality, since not all are successful. Further on, lifestyles, when they match social needs, they become specializations within Society, used to fulfill Society’s needs. Therefore, there should be no use for currencies or for any extrinsic social motivation in Society, since all motivations to fulfill Society’s needs are already present within the cognition and lifestyle of each individual composing Society. Lifestyles should match the intelligences and their developmental level of each individual otherwise they become artificial, inadequate, or imposed, and may lead to the decay of each individual.

This model works for all organic living beings capable to move around. For example, plants do not move around, and therefore they must fulfill their needs at the first level of conditions, whenever resources and circumstances become available, as water, minerals, sunlight, proper temperature, etc. Without these, plants die. This does not mean that plants are less evolved than animals. In fact, plant species are just as adapted to the environment as animal species. Speed up time, to see entire forests moving around in order to follow water, proper soil and proper climate, in order to fulfill the species’ needs. Animal species as a whole do just the same, probably through similar species abilities, abilities manifesting from below, from lower classes, through the single needs of each individual member of the species composing it, through their individual lifestyles.

In fact, life is lived on all class levels simultaneously: subcellular, cellular, organism, community, society, race, species, etc., yet in a very different manner for each class! Even more, very capable smaller intelligences composing these larger class intelligences always transcend through the needs that they fulfill and the manner in which they fulfill these needs, to define the entire style or lifestyle of the entire upper class or classes. For example, Society is not defined by the billions of its members equally, or at least not now at this low developmental level, but Society is controlled by a handful of individuals, individuals that dictate in force all lifestyles for all individuals below them.

It is the same with you, since as an organism you are a collective of trillions of individual cells, and you as a conscious intelligences, you get to decide the faith of your own cells, trillions of them. Study yourself now, the conscious intelligence, and you will find yourself residing in the left frontal lobe of your cortex only, and you reside there within a very small group of neurons, only! In fact, you are but a cellular intelligence and you could live your life in one neuron alone, but you have to span an entire small group of neurons only to be able to outlive each individual neuron sustaining and maintaining you whenever they die. …But yes, you are a cellular intelligence, and this is the case with all your subconscious intelligences: they are all cellular intelligences and they all resemble you entirely in appearance, cognition, development, and behavior. From the tiny space within your body, you all decide the faith of the entire organism, trillions of cells while believing to be the entire organism itself, while also deciding the lifestyle followed throughout all the upper classes that you may reach and influence, since you are in control everywhere and therefore you become everything, out of or through the zillions of other similar intelligences found all around you, depending on how capable and influential you are!

Therefore, it seems that life is lived by and on behalf of these smaller, primal intelligences, very few selected intelligences among zillion other intelligences, intelligences composing larger class intelligences as the subconscious intelligence itself that spans the entire organism. Even more, since we find their style of living now as it transcends from deep within the brain and the organism, from their own cellular level, it seems that the organism is simply a collective, a society of cells all living together, and there is nothing, absolutely nothing alive about the organism as a whole, just the way our Society does not really seem to be alive itself, but it is only comprised of living beings giving it this way an abstract concept of being alive!

Even more, study cells to find them resembling genuine communities, communities formed by even smaller living beings as proteins and enzymes, all living and acting there as though following genuine lifestyles, lifestyles following this exact same model that we study here. Go even further below the class levels, to find proteins to be communities of simpler, smaller living beings and intelligences, the intelligences sustained by matrices formed by amino acids and by simple ions, and so on!

Who exactly lives a genuine life here, and who is but a community or collective of genuine individual living beings? Well, life might go down to subatomic levels and further below, since life is strongly anchored in the Field itself! One thing is clear: as long as styles transcend from the lowest class levels all the way up to cells, organisms, and societies, these same styles as we find them in our larger world, all coming from these specific individual intelligences as small as they may be, then these very small intelligences are the ones to truly live the life, while they reach up across the classes to influence, control, and decide now the faith of extraordinary large communities above them, collectives, societies, civilizations, realities, etc., all the way up to the top! …Talk about predetermined elections in the world of politics! …Talk about ‘superior’ bloodlines and species! …Since we may find the styles of these small intelligences imprinted in all these higher class lifestyles.

Why do styles matter? What are styles? Since we are at this particular place within our model, you may ‘see’ styles defining lifestyles for what they are! …Since from a cognitive perspective, these styles that these small primal intelligences have, are the direct image of these intelligences. This is how these intelligences appear in the real world, just the way their styles appear in their cognitive world. The styles themselves are the intelligences, in their own cognitive world. Not all, but only a few intelligences, the most capable and influential ones are present everywhere across classes, from subatomic level through proteins, cells, organisms, and Society. These intelligences lead, rule, and control all the other intelligences and living beings composing these classes, and this is why the manner of living or lifestyle is similar across the classes, because it is but one primal intelligence everywhere, ruling them all!

As an example, the most authoritarian small intelligence from within your own conscious intelligence controls all small intelligences composing your conscious intelligences. Since your conscious intelligence is responsible with the outside world, now this small authoritarian intelligence from within your conscious intelligence decides everything relating to the outside world, your whole life in the outside world, and it also drives your van everywhere around with your whole family in it! This small intelligence is responsible and monitors the fulfillment of your most tedious needs and it finds the most successful ideas you will ever have. In fact, you are not exactly your whole conscious intelligence the way I stated before, but you are only this small authoritarian intelligence from within your conscious intelligence, a small intelligence probably held by a small array of proteins found somewhere in a corner of one of your small group of neurons from your frontal left lobe. …And now, since you have just been elected the President of the most powerful nation of the world, the nation to influence Society the most, now this small intelligence of yours has to coordinate not only your body throughout the outside world, it has to drive not only your family van around, but it also has to drive an entire nation. …And since it is the most powerful nation of the world, this small intelligence actually drives the world, doing it all directly through you, or doing it all with you, or doing it all by itself throughout all these classes of intelligences including you, since this small conscious intelligence may transcend them all and therefore it is present everywhere! I study this subject in another book of this series, ‘The Human Development,’ where I make an entire model of the human evolution, from simple ions all the way to the organisms of today, and these small intelligences appear and hold their consistency in an intact form from atoms all the way to human beings.

…Yet the world is different, since the true dictators of the world are always hidden somewhere on top of the Elite social class. Therefore, true rulers of nations, true dictators imprint their own lifestyle directly upon the lifestyle of their entire nation, print or style coming from deep, deep within their own cognitive systems, from a few intelligences held in their matrices by bodies no larger than proteins, amino acids, ions, and even smaller!

When you consider the greed, the desires, and all the good and bad habits of a particular dictator, you will find these to be his simple needs, needs sent to him by his subconscious mind, subconscious composed by the particular primal intelligences specialized in these jobs, as the eating intelligence, reproductive, overstocking, etc. In fact, it is these primal intelligences of this particular dictator to reach up across the classes and lead, rule, and dictate their own needs and desires now, to the entire nation, ruling the entire nation as though it was their little cell! …And this happens just because this particular dictator happens to live his life at the second developmental level, which is the animal level, level where the conscious intelligence has little control or influence over the subconscious intelligence and all smaller intelligences composing it. …Because at the third developmental level, all humans lead in an equalitarian manner, placing themselves at an equal level with the people that they lead.

…And since we are here, what is the difference between a dictator and a leader? It is simply the developmental level that these small, primal intelligences live their lives within the confinement of their small cellular or subcellular worlds, because second level primal intelligences live the common lifestyle of animals, always applying the laws of the jungle, always placing themselves in win-lose situations with everyone they interact with, being them other smaller intelligences, entire organisms that they also control in their domain, or entire nations and societies, if they ever get to influence life that far above them. At their third developmental level, intelligences consider everyone around equal, and place themselves in win-win situations, as much as they can. The difference between dictators and leaders is only a matter of development, and it takes countless of lifetimes to develop from one level to another, but it is possible. I study development in other books of this series: ‘The Human Development,’ and ‘Patterns of Development.’

You as an individual, you may decay and ascend from one developmental level to another if you ever happen to change your lifestyle, deliberately or not, and you do so by shifting leadership from among your primal intelligences within your own cognitive system, the way nations shift leaderships among elected presidents or fighting revolutionaries, leaders that come to rule bringing along with them their new ideologies, and this always happens throughout history. To be more precise here, you might not have a choice here, because your modes of life, your lifestyles, your small primal intelligences might switch leadership themselves without your consent or awareness, matching their environment or your environment, and many times matching what they assume that your environment is. This is why you may change entirely after watching a simple horror movie and remain that way for days, just because your entire subconscious thought that it was all for real, and now it took so many cognitive measures, to last you through the entire trauma or calamity! …And it was happy probably to find out that it was all over, several days later.

…And you experience a change of your inner leadership, leading to a change in the level of your development, and in sequence, leading to a change in the level of your lifestyle, only if you have these pertinent primal intelligences within your cognitive system to begin with, because some people have them at all developmental levels, and some people have them only at lower levels, and this is how they have to live their lives now, at lower levels, on all circumstances. Why? Let us see!

Primal intelligences along with all your smaller intelligences transmit themselves intact from one generation to another. It is a matter of what kind of primal intelligences your own family, bloodline, or race has, depending on lineage. If it happens that all your ancestors lived their lives at lower levels, then yes, you are doomed to live your own life on lower levels now, even within highly developed societies, making a mess all around you! …Yet if you have these highly developed primal intelligences already present in you, they will always surface from within your own cognitive system to lead their specialized intelligences and cognitive abilities at the high level required by the high development of your social environment, matching now your lifestyle with the high level lifestyle of all people around you. It is rumored that Humanity used to be several levels more developed in the past than it is today, yet through greed, corruption, and through dreadful circumstances it has decayed to be what we have today…

You may see now how these developmental levels must always match the natural and social environments. Therefore, if you take a highly capable university professor specialized in ethics for example, and place him in the middle of the jungle to live there among the wild animals for the next couple of years or so, he will survive only if he manages to decay to the second level, the jungle level, matching the animals in development, taking his chance this way to survive in that wilderness.

Well, in reality, our famous, highly acclaimed scientists and researchers of all kind are already at the second developmental level, since it takes genuine animals to put up with the world of Academia, mostly if they already got on top of it, like the famous scientist you see on TV. At the same time, many animals from the jungle will allow you to join their small group and help you survive if you can only understand them, since many animals in the jungle live their lives at the third developmental level in true harmony with the habitat, and this is the case mostly when resources suffice.

Developmental levels are more like discrete modes of life: you must always switch yourself from one mode of life to another while you live your life, depending on circumstances. This switch from one mode of life to another resembles to switching devices in general from one mode of functioning to another, the way you shift gears in your car, the way you play the CD or the radio on your stereo system, etc. This is exactly what lifestyles are, simple, smaller modes of life, all arranged within distinct developmental levels, all being switched or employed the way it is needed, matching as best as possible the new environment and conditions to have triggered the change. …And this is how all paradigms flip, since these conditions, modes, and developments appear on all classes, not only in humans and animals, but everywhere within their cognitive system, and everywhere beyond, it happens with nations, societies, civilizations, etc. …But most importantly, regardless of the class, this flip in the paradigm is always dictated by these small primal intelligences according to their own development and according to their presence.

As stated, you will shift this way from one developmental level to another, from one mode of life to another, or from one lifestyle to another only if you have in your cognitive system the specific specialized ruling primal intelligences developed at these specific levels. These primal intelligences are the ones to rule you or guide you throughout life by giving you your relevant needs, needs coming to you at the most proper developmental level to match your natural and social environment, or to match your conditions. I study conditions in another book of this series, ‘The Human Conditions.’

Your activity of fulfilling these needs determines your entire lifestyle to match your needs and environment, but only if you as a conscious intelligence are developed at that specific level to follow through with your tasks. It is always a team effort among all intelligences of your cognitive system, and you are always placed in the situation to work together with all intelligences of your cognitive system. …Because if you do not have these specific primal intelligences in your cognitive system, then you have to live your life through an inadequate behavior, it does not match what is around you and it gets you in trouble, and if your actions, behavior, and lifestyle are lower than what is expected from you in Society, then this is what Compulsory Psychology is all about! Note that this is not a dysfunction, there is nothing wrong with you, therefore you should not really be cured or punished, but you should be helped to develop and become what Society wants from you. I study modes of life in another book of this series, ‘Modes of Life.’

…And as we have seen, these very small primal intelligent components manage to transfer themselves from generation to generation since protozoa and long before, and they might be indeed as old as the world itself. …You as a conscious intelligence may be as old as the world itself, integral part of the world itself, part of The One! I study this topic in details in other books of this series: ‘Life,’ ‘The Human Mind,’ ‘The Human Origins,’ ‘The Human Development,’ and ‘The One.’

Who exactly are you? You as a cognitive intelligence, your lifespan matches the life of your organism, and you die alongside your organism. …Or this is the case if you identify yourself with your memories only, since your memories along with your entire inner replica of the world are stored somewhere in the back of your cortex, while you reside in the left prefrontal lobe. From there, as you wish you may simply extend yourself to reach as much from within your mind as you are allowed. Therefore, you may remember everything you want by spreading throughout axons and dendrites in order to reach your memory banks and merge there directly with your memory intelligences that live their life there. You may even see this entire merging taking place on the display of an EEG machine, because all neurons involved in this process light up there. Similarly, you are not your eyes, but you may extend from your prefrontal lobe to reach the vision area in the back of your head, and have a live image of the world through your eyes from there as long as you remain connected with your vision area of your cortex. You may also see this process on the display of the EEG machine. However, the same little dot lighting up in both these examples, that is you.

Since all intelligences are communities, societies, or worlds of smaller intelligences, parts or samples of yourself get transferred intact to your children when you reproduce, and this is how you as a primal conscious intelligence, you get to live through them as long as your bloodline lasts, along with the other primal intelligences of your subconscious mind.

All primal intelligences composing your subconscious intelligence: eating intelligence, recovery intelligence, conscious intelligence, social intelligence, reproductive intelligence, etc., they are old, since they came in their intact cognition straight from your parents, and from their parents, and for their parents’ parents, and so on. Now your primal intelligences together have formed or reformed your entire brain and organism in their image since birth, they produced and arranged every single cell of your body in this specific way, from inside out, and this is who you are now. …And this is how your primal intelligences have brought with them the same cognition and style to your current lifestyle, which is in fact the same style that your parents have, that their parents had, and so on, throughout your entire bloodline.

To be more specific here, your primal intelligences are not exactly the primal intelligences of your parents and ancestors, but they are only mixed parts, samples, or components. …And this is the case because there is nothing individual about intelligences, but each intelligence is in fact a society, or a collective of smaller intelligence, and they all live there within inner realities, as your own inner replica of the world. When people reproduce, small parts or samples of these collectives of intelligences are transferred intact to all descendants, just the way civilizations send colonies to other places to form new civilizations there. For people, and for sexuat reproduction in general, two samples of intelligences combine, one from each parent, to form the new colony, colony that will form the new civilization of intelligences. In itself, this is also a class intelligence as seen from below, or a primal intelligence as seen from above. This is how these primal intelligences have traits and alleles from both parents, since they have smaller intelligences composing them carrying these specific traits or styles, coming from both parents, in an intact manner. These smaller intelligences coming in their intact form are very, very old, and they are the ones to bring with them all necessary cognitive traits that they have managed to gather throughout times, to give you now the right needs every time you need them, and to guide you as a conscious intelligence closely throughout life, exactly the way you should behave, in this exact style of your lifestyle! …Because without these very old and highly capable primal intelligences, you would never know exactly which nutrients you need and in which amounts, or how to filtrate blood in your kidney, or how to speed up your heart whenever you need to, or how to reproduce, etc.

Each one of your smaller, primal intelligences has a specialized place within your cognitive system and within your whole organism, and they do their jobs now very well, exactly the way they have done it for countless of generations. Therefore, if you happen to display a very attractive personal style every time you go to the beach for example, through the way you walk, look around, smile, or toss your hair in the wind, you behave in this specific manner because your particular specialized reproductive intelligences have sent you these needs right now at the right moment to be seen. These intelligences have behaved this way for eons now, they have been very successful in attracting the right partners this way and it worked very, very well, every single time! …Because if you look back throughout your entire bloodline, every single one of your ancestors carried and followed these same primal intelligences that you have today, and they all have been highly successful in what it concerns reproduction. They all reproduced, had and raised children, highly successfully, or you were not here today to tell the story. …And this is exactly what they want from you today, and this might be the reason you came to the beach today, only to find mister or missis right!

…And you will also reproduce, have and raise your own children in life, by following and fulfilling the needs of these same highly capable primal reproductive intelligences found in your cognitive system now, or this is the case only if you do not follow artificial, inaccurate, misleading beliefs and ideologies as the one about the Earth being already overpopulated today, or the one about having fun in life the whole time so sex equals only pleasure, or the one stating that killing your own children is good, etc.

Therefore, if your lifestyle today tends to be a little on the sexual side, it is this way because of these small primal reproduction intelligences, only! The needs that they send you now are not an embarrassment or a moral divergence at all, but they are a matter of pride, a matter of responsibility to continue the existence of your bloodline through your descendants and through their descendants, and it is also a matter of contributing to Life Herself, a responsibility of all living beings!

What is a problem today, is that there is a single bloodline on Earth that seeks to eliminate the other bloodlines and inherit the planet for itself! This is the Roth bloodline, a bloodline coming from the old Kazaria somewhere in Asia, with adjacent lineages from Eastern and Western Europe. This bloodline controls everything today and it contorts all laws, legal and moral, in order to determine everyone else today to stop reproducing, propagating and enforcing the belief that everything related to the act itself of reproduction is immoral and should be avoided. In reality, your reproduction need is a normal need of the second level, similar to your eating and recovery needs. There is nothing wrong or immoral with reproduction! This is why you are made to wear clothes everywhere and hide your genitals, yet there is nothing wrong with your genitals! This is why all laws and rules concerning reproduction are so tight, only for you to give up sex and live childless. Because if you make one step outside the current law for sex and reproduction, you risk being banished, charged, punished, and even thrown in jail for life, lynched, and even killed. This is why you have to have sex only if you are married, which was and still is the case in many parts of the world, but first you have to get a marriage license! …A license in order to reproduce! This is why you had or still have to marry only once in life, for life, with a single spouse! What is wrong with having multiple spouses, even simultaneously? …Absolutely nothing at all, and it is very, very common among almost all species, and these species are highly successful! …Yet your own beliefs tell you now that it is wrong!

Think about it! What exactly is wrong with having multiple spouses, of both sexes, all living in a large family? Could it be because this leads soon to living life in large communes, where you share everything as in a large family? Could it be because these particular communes threaten to become as large as Society itself, and this is exactly Society at the third developmental level, with people sharing everything equally throughout the world, as living within a family as large as the world itself? …How different from the current social beliefs!

…Yet what exactly is wrong with third level societies in the world? Nothing at all, except that these are the true, genuine human societies, and once they form, once the world ascends to this developmental level, once the world ascends and shifts the paradigm to this genuine third level lifestyle, the genuine human lifestyle, with total equality, no currencies, and no extrinsic motivation and determination, then how exactly can you control these people? …Because you can never control genuine humans! …And for the rulers and the oppressors of the world today, this is certainly a problem! …Besides, there are signs in the world that people start ‘waking up,’ which translates into our model with: people start ascending to the third developmental level and are determine to maintain it, for life!

…Anyway, this is but a simple example of the manner in which Society interferes with your normal human lifestyle, and it does so for various reasons, reasons that are mostly against you, against your natural lifestyle, and against your entire bloodline. This is why you are kept ignorant within lower developmental levels throughout life, this is why alternate sexual behavior is encouraged, along with ‘safe’ sex, abortions, reproduction taking place only later on in life, lack of finance to raise children, chemical additives in food, water, and vaccines, to cause sterility, illnesses and medicine leading to sterility, terminal illnesses starting at a very young age, etc. These all lead to the extinction of all bloodlines of Earth, to leave only one around. I study this subject in details in other books of this series: ‘The Human Conspiracy,’ ‘The Human Society,’ ‘The Human Origins,’ ‘The Human Civilizations,’ ‘The Human Status,’ ‘Higher Laws,’ and ‘The Human Reality.’ I also stumble upon this subject throughout all the books of this series, and it shows up everywhere because it influences this much Humanity, this world, the human development, mind, body, reasoning, and now we see how it also influences the human lifestyle drastically, and entirely!

…And the changes and fights that you see today in the world at higher social levels are but the fights for supremacy of the most powerful bloodlines to control Earth and Society today, since they all seem to want both to survive and to inherit the world for themselves, regardless of what they claim. These are the needs for security, survival, and social ascendance, and you may find these needs in all living beings, including you. This means that if you are given the opportunity to find yourself on the upper levels of Society, you would also prioritize yourself and your own bloodline to seek survival and supremacy. These are second level needs, behavior, and lifestyle. However, if you lived your life at the third level, you knew that Life is stronger in a more diverse form, and you would treasure other bloodlines to merge with yours in order to enhance it and render it stronger and more prosperous.

…Then why the fight for supremacy among top-level bloodlines? Because those people live life at the first and second developmental levels, while they think that they are genuine deities, and while considering regular people as cattle. It is the exact combination of supreme power, ignorance, egocentrism, and insecurity stated in the first pages of this book, and now it destroys the world. What can you do? Just turn your back to anyone trying to distort your human lifestyle! Keep on developing, identify the wrongdoers in the world and turn your back to them every time they summit you to take their orders, to fulfill their needs, and to fight their fights. Because without you, these specific bloodlines cannot fight their own wars, and so they end up submerged back in the homogenous mass of the other bloodlines of the world. …Yet if you keep on helping them directly or implicitly, by using their money for example, by fighting their wars and by taking their drugs, then eventually one of these ruling bloodlines will win supremacy on Earth, with your own bloodline eradicated by then, all done by you alone!

…And this is the same need for survival that pushed those smaller intelligences to embark in those reproduction colonies to give birth to you. Throughout your life, they formed your cognitive system as it is today determining your lifestyle, a lifestyle prioritizing now survival and supremacy. On your turn, you are pushed strongly by these same smaller intelligences now to reproduce so they get to live on after you die, through your children, and then through your children’s children, indefinitely, in a victorious survival and supremacy of your entire bloodline, all dictated by all these small intelligences composing your cognitive system.

…And this is how cognitive systems and entire organisms are formed and function. These are their needs, and this is how they impose their needs on you. This is how you respond to these needs, and this is how your lifestyle is formed, element by element, by each one of these specialized primal intelligences, including your own primal conscious intelligence.

There is something important at the core of this entire living, intelligent mechanism: the need for pleasure itself and the avoidance of pain, which are the main feelings controlling you closely throughout life, ending up shaping and reshaping your lifestyle. …And it is this exact pleasure or addiction for pleasure that you want to understand now in order to understand yourself and your lifestyle, in order to follow a genuine human lifestyle, in order to maintain it at the human level or higher, and in order to be able to adjust and personalize it minutely, just the way you want it to be. Let us see!

Intelligences started using pleasure-reward mechanisms in every living being capable to move, in order to determine them to fulfill needs and in order to follow an adequate lifestyle: provide to themselves, maintain security, develop physically and cognitively, reproduce, etc. With each activity and with each fulfillment, there is a specific amount of pleasure that one gets, according with the priority and importance of the need that they fulfill. Some needs are considered by your intelligences to be more important than others. You may feel this yourself, since the fulfillments of these needs are rewarded the most in you, as is the case with reproduction, up to the point when it truly burns your pleasure receptors. …And this way these very important needs are prioritized for life, since all other fulfillments pale in comparison to them. …And therefore, you will always seek to fulfill these first, more than anything else in life.

You receive your sensations of pleasure and love through hormones and neurotransmitters as oxytocin and endorphin, among others. These hormones and neurotransmitters do not give you these good feelings themselves, but they only inform specific areas of your brain that you should start feeling good, and so you do. It is your own pleasure that you feel, and therefore you never want to feel only good, but you always want to feel better, always much better, more and more pleasure, all piled up on top of what you already feel! Study yourself now, to see that you already feel good, even very good, since your primal intelligences reward you well while you read this book, yet you still want to feel better, much better! This continuous need to feel better, better and better, forces you now to fulfill other needs, more and more needs, as many as you can handle, and feel their reward pleasure too, indefinitely. In fact, you can never stay home in a little corner for too long because you get bored, which is partly your need to do something and feel good, if you happen to have any need lined up, or your boredom may be your need for learning, if any of your primal intelligence desires any information, including abstract information.

There is a psychological formula to consider here, because you always use it. You always do the math before you do anything, and subtract the effort that you involve in each one of your activities from the fulfillment that you will get in the end. …And if the activity you are about to engage in seems profitable, if it has a reward exceeding the effort that you will have to involve, then yes, you start doing it. If not, you have to try another mental model in your head, in order to find a way of performing your task with less effort, or less hassle, or safer, or faster, or cheaper, or through more fun, etc. If you cannot find a more advantageous way, then you do something else, or you simply procrastinate, which means that you seek entertainment activities.

…And this is what life is all about! However, you always tend to procrastinate when there is plenty of pleasure in your life, pleasure coming from drugs and entertainment for example. …Because there is not much that you can do in life to give you a fulfillment larger than the way you already feel from drugs. Compared with the very low amount of pleasure that all common activities give you now, anything that you may envision to do seems worthless. …So you procrastinate. …While you crave for more drugs.

Once you understand this mechanism, you may pull yourself out of drugs at any time. Your sole question may be: is it worth it to live a life without drugs? Can you at least keep only a few drugs in life for example? Well, a few drugs will always lead to a few more drugs, and then to normal drugs, then to strong drugs, and you already know the outcomes since you have been there before. …But to answer the question, no, it is not worth it to live a life without drugs and without the extraordinary pleasure that these drugs give you, mostly if it happens that drugs are highly available to you. …Or this is the case when you live your life at the zero developmental level! Because at the zero developmental level, you should profit of absolutely everything in life in order to feel good, very good, extraordinarily good, unimaginably good, until the end! However, as a human being, and also as an animal, if you happen to live your life at the human or even at the animal level, there is much more in life and in everyone and everything around you than the way you happen to feel today, the way you happen to feel at this moment, unless you are very, very selfish, controlled, influenced, or dysfunctional, and this is what causes you to decay to the zero developmental level.

Therefore, it is all a matter if you are up to live a normal life in the world from now on or not. Because if you are not up for a normal human or animal life, then you may decay to the zero developmental level at any time, since Society facilitates this decay to everybody. …And then, once you decay to the zero developmental level, your life does not matter for Life anyway, so nothing that you do matters anymore when you live your life at the zero level. This is why everyone leaves you now, one by one, since you are not there with them anyway. …And yet at the zero developmental level you do not have enough cognition left to help you go through this entire reasoning, so make sure that you perform this specific reasoning beforehand, while you still are at normal developmental levels, and make your choice! …And once you make your choice, then decide to eliminate all drugs out of your life entirely, since if you keep even small amounts they will always multiply.

Now, scan your brain and your entire body searching for pleasure. If the pleasure that you find is too intense, stressing and tensing your brain or body in those particular areas, you might want to lower your pleasure level only to allow your body to slow down, relax, and recover. …Because those areas of your brain have been tensed in this manner for years now in order to drain from your organism every single drop of pleasure, and you forgot them tensed this way only to give you pleasure in life, more and more pleasure, with you not even knowing it.

Since the feelings that you feel are in fact your own feelings, triggered by your own intelligences, their total amount is constant. Whenever you try to get more through any means or through any substances, you reach a limit and you cannot feel better. Even more, the level of your pleasure drops following your experience, before it comes back to a normal level. …And this is the case just because all your feelings including pleasure are constant.

You get pleasure and love as rewards for all needs that you manage to fulfill successfully. You are rewarded with pleasure for shorter needs and activities, and with love for longer-lasting activities. The amount of these feelings that you get has to be constant throughout the entire life line of causality of the entire day, or of the entire week, and month, and so on. This is why, whenever you try to remove an unwanted lifestyle element like drugs or social fights, or cheating on your partner, etc., you cannot, because the hole in pleasure that you cause through this removal lowers the total amount of pleasure of your lifestyle, and you always have to have it, just because pleasure is constant. You may remove smoking from your lifestyle for example, but then you will have to draw that pleasure from your causal activities like eating or watching soap opera for example, and it might result in subsequent problems, as gaining weight or taking time away from your family. This is why when you attempt to adjust your lifestyle on your own you have to know very well what you do. If you have children is easier to quit smoking, because you may focus on their education for example, on their homework and training, balancing your pleasure this way with the pleasure that you get as a reward for spending quality time with your children. …Yet Society already has your children and keeps them engaged and away from you through social media and continuous entertainment, and they might not want to be with you anymore, even from a young age.

What other activity is there to add to your lifestyle in order to replace the unwanted or unnecessary ones? Just ascend your lifestyle entirely to the third level, because the genuine human lifestyle is viable and it really works, giving you the continuous development, prosperity, and fulfillment in life that you deserve.

About pleasure in general, make sure that you distribute it well among the activities that you find more relevant in your lifestyle and more important in your life for you and for your family. For example, if you watch soap opera for hours while your spouse and children are at school and at work, you will certainly not seek family time with them anymore when they come back home, just because you have already drawn the pleasure related to family time from your soap opera. …Because your subconscious cannot distinguish fiction from reality since it sees the world through your eyes and understanding, and it might think that you already spend sufficient quality time with your family every time you watch soap opera. …And therefore, what you watch on TV becomes part of your own life line of causality, part of your lifestyle, and the amount of pleasure that you invest in your unreal or fictional life gets subtracted from your real, actual life! To make matters worse, your subconscious might think that your real family is the one from the soap opera. Those families tend to be impressive indeed, and they might be no match to your own family. Consequently, your subconscious might try to determine you to go and move in that mansion from TV and live among that very loving, very rich, and very successful family. Therefore, your subconscious will send you hate now for your own home and family, and will try to send you to that family from the TV, to live among those actors. …And now you start arguing more and more with your family, and no one understands why. …And then when your own family starts avoiding you, you will have only your TV left, along with your pills and bottle of brandy, to get you through while you do the chores all day, before everybody gets home from school and from work. This is why you must be careful where you invest your pleasure.

It is the same with drinking alcohol. Alcohol comes with its own endorphins and so it makes you feel good by default. Yet that pleasure you will have to subtract from the rest of the elements composing your lifestyle, because the pleasure is that strong! Therefore, alcohol takes away your time and it takes away your love. …And once you neglect your loved ones because you have no love to give them anymore, because you drank it all, then they leave you, one by one. Just watch the people around you, family, colleagues, and friends, and see how once they start drinking, give them a few more months together and they will fight so hard by that time that they split apart and move away. Marriage and children will keep them together longer for legal reasons, but with what costs? All because alcohol…

Your actions, or activities are the visible elements of your lifestyle. Drinking alcohol for example is a very visible activity, ending up defining your lifestyle entirely. This type of activity is called addiction and it is of the zero level.

There are other distinct types of activities in your life line of causality and in your lifestyle, and you should know them all and never confuse them. You may be tempted to confuse them just because the rewards coming with each type of activity are slightly similar. …And it is this similarity in rewards, and it is this universality in pleasure that it may determine you to perform one type of activity in place of another throughout life, only to get the pleasure of one in place of another, helping you this way save time, hassle, and effort. …Yet causing you to fulfill one need in place of another, many times purposelessly, confusing and stressing your primal intelligences. Eating is an example, when you eat a sandwich between meals not because you are hungry, but just because you feel bored. Bulimia is an extreme example.

For example, the most common type of activity from your lifestyle is your basic effort to fulfill your needs: washing, driving, cooking, shopping, visiting the bathroom, painting, etc. I refer to this type of activity as fulfilling your needs. The way addictions work, they give you pleasure at will yet your subconscious subtracts this pleasure from all your other activities. Smoke something, take something, drink something, and you will never clean up your basement or wash your garage for example, unless you have a bad argument on this matter with your spouse or parents and they determine you to do your chores. Therefore, make sure that you have in your lifestyle all the necessary types of activities, in the right proportion, and that they all give you the right amount of pleasure, in the right proportion.

There are more types of activities. Entertainment is another, which is also of the zero or second level, depending what and how much you learn from it. If it is cheap entertainment teaching you nothing, then it is of the zero level. Learning is another type of activity and it is of the third level if it is abstract learning: math, physics, sociology, history, literature, etc., or it is of the second level if it teaches you useful life knowledge implicitly: how to cook or plant a garden, how to attract a partner the way you learn from every song and movie, etc. It is important to know not to mix learning with entertainment, because learning is and should never be entertainment, simply because entertainment is useful for your subconscious intelligences, while learning, and mostly abstract learning is useful for your conscious intelligence. Schools and education in general mostly in North America use a lot of entertainment in education, directly as teaching material, and implicitly through the teaching methodology used by teachers. This is just another form of keeping people underdeveloped, starting at the very young age.

So far, learning is the most important activity in someone’s lifestyle, and we should state why. Intelligences are cognitive beings. Life itself requires you to have a body and an intelligence held by your body, in order for you to be considered a living being. Not your entire body holds your main intelligences, but parts of your body are used in maintaining and feeding your intelligences, as your kidneys and your stomach for example. Yet as a whole you are considered alive, and most importantly, you and your entire body have a main purpose: to feed and tend to your intelligences. …And with you being one of these intelligences yourself, the conscious intelligence, it is clear that life is more about intelligences, about the mind or the cognitive system, then about the physical body itself, which is the container and the vehicle used in the outside world. Now, just the way you feed yourself with regular food, you must feed your intelligences including yourself the conscious intelligence, with cognitive food, or knowledge and cognitive abilities. Well, you have to train cognitive abilities and not feed them directly, yet you need them all just because intelligences have a cognitive nature themselves and therefore they not only feed on information, but they use this information to build themselves with it, to consolidate themselves, to repair themselves, etc. In fact, this is how you have built your entire inner replica of the world, through your conscious smaller intelligences, one cognitive structure at a time. It is clear that you should always favor learning in place of entertainment, since only learning feeds your intelligences, while entertainment starves them and causes them to decay and even die!

It is important to identify and distinguish among your needs and feelings related to these two types of activities since they resemble closely and you should be aware not to confuse them. Boredom is in fact your hunger for knowledge, a need calling for learning. When you learn something, you must learn something valid, new, and relevant to what your intelligences desire. They show interest then and they reward you accordingly, only for you to keep on learning. If you find any or all of these interesting for example, know that your intelligences are satisfied with your behavior. Your higher self might even pay attention, since a good part of this information is higher knowledge. Your higher self rewards you differently, as on a higher note. However, you may feel bored, and instead of seeking valid information to learn, you may be tempted to turn on the TV in order to entertain yourself, because the two rewards are slightly similar. As a reference, you know when you confuse the two if when the show is over you feel bad, lonely, and depressed. This means that you were supposed to do something else instead, probably learning, or probably spending quality time around real people. …And yes, among all your types of activities, your intelligences prefer learning. …If you also do your chores, which is, if you fulfill your second level needs.

Therefore, every time you see parents and teachers entertaining children so they do not get bored, know that this is exactly how people are kept underdeveloped in Society, since it all starts at a very young age, through continuous entertainment. Entertainment is the cognitive drug that everybody is forced to take since young age, and once they take it they get addicted for life. …And this is why I consider entertainment a zero level activity, placing it at the same level with the strongest drugs, because it causes the same dreadful effects.

There are more types of activities, and you must know them all. Recovery is a very important activity, since throughout your relaxation time and sleep time your cells and tissue recover, your intelligences recover, and so you are capable to maintain yourself in top shape, body and mind. Recovery should be an activity taking place by default, since it is an easy activity to instate and fulfill. …And it is a pleasant one too, eight hours of sleep, yet all intelligences take time from recovery in order to fulfill their needs. Once you take time from recovery, your body and mind remain unmaintained, neglected, unrepaired, and in bad shape. Illnesses appear, you get worse, and you go down from there. …And then Medicine will use every opportunity to inflict on you every single one of its harmful treatments, causing you to get even sicker, for life. …While what was wrong with you were too much effort and stress, mixed with lack of sleep. Chemical additives placed in your food and water also poison you and keep you tensed, stressed, and they will not allow you to sleep. Make sure that you consider the recovery activity in a perfect amount throughout your life line of causality.

There are many other types of human activities to consider, yet they are missing entirely from the human lifestyle. These are all higher activities that humans were supposed to have and undergo casually, while fulfilling their needs, higher and lower. These needs and activities remain hidden today, along with your entire higher part of your cognitive system, along with your entire higher nature and higher feelings, along with the entire higher part of the world out there, it is all hidden and ignored. …And so you are kept tied to this place only, escaping only shortly at night, through your dreams.

One of the problems affecting your lifestyle, besides the fact that you have to live life on lower levels from now on, is the fact that the missing higher activities from your life line of causality do not bring their higher rewards with their fulfillment anymore, and now you lack a large amount of higher love and higher pleasure. …And so you have to seek this substantial missing pleasure from addictions and cheap entertainment. …And this is why drugs and entertainment are placed in your life, to substitute for your higher thoughts, higher activities, and for their higher rewards. …And this is how you take your mighty supercar to walk your dog again, since this is what supercars are used for! You probably pushed it there too, since this is how you drive supercars!

4 Model for the Human Lifestyle

Let us study the human lifestyle now, the genuine human lifestyle. This is not an ideological study, since all ideologies are empirical or behavioral, while our model is mostly cognitive, based directly on the manner in which people think, down to the slightest intelligence to participate in this thinking. Along the way, we will compare this model for the human lifestyle with our two ideologies: Capitalism and Communism, in their actual and idealistic forms, and we will compare the model with the actual human lifestyle.

What this model tries to depict, is what humans should do all day long at their genuine human level and in what manner, helping you improve your own lifestyle. We are also interested in the manner in which people think, act, and behave, including the life line of causality and every element on this line.

People eat and sleep in life along with everything else, and then they go to work in order to gain the money allowing them to fulfill these needs. People get entertained and addicted, they learn and socialize, and this is about it. People behave this way because their parents did so, along with all their ancestors.

Is this true? …Because people have been following this kind of lifestyle since history can remember, and as stated in the beginning of the book, history is written by the winners, therefore it is continuously altered, winner after winner. You cannot know, and you cannot tell the manner in which people lived life in the past. …And the past along with the lifestyles of your ancestors are highly relevant, since your ancestors held, trained, and developed the primal intelligences that you have within your cognitive system, therefore the lifestyle that your intelligences demand from you now resembles the lifestyle of your ancestors, mostly.

Is this the kind of lifestyle you follow today? Well, since people break the law every day, since police and armies are everywhere and since jails are full, since people go out to protest every day, this means that this current, imposed lifestyle is far from the natural lifestyle that people should have. Furthermore, the natural lifestyle that people should have today is different from the genuine human lifestyle, through the fact that all ancestors followed lifestyles on all levels, mostly lower, probably, since history may not be accurate.

An important tendency in the human lifestyle is its continuous need for righteousness. As we see today, people will go outside to protest not only for their own rights, but also for the rights of other humans. …And this takes place more and more, people will fraternize even with people from antagonistic classes, fighting for their rights if needed. …Because humans place themselves in win-win situations always, and sometimes in lose-win situations, which is in fact a fourth level behavior.

Therefore, throughout the human lifestyle, people will never act, fight, and compete against others but will work together with them, maintaining the harmony. This is one of the trends of the genuine Communism. In Capitalism, people compete with each other throughout life for capital alone, at all costs! …Because lack of capital in genuine Capitalism leads to incapability of fulfillment of basic needs, and this leads to sickness and death in a matter of days. In fact, genuine Capitalism is not viable today, or it is not viable anymore, just because it leads to extremes where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, scenario leading to a handful of survivors in the world, very rich survivors.

The current form of Capitalism in use today throughout the world is split in three, with a different version instated to each social class. For the Masses, the Capitalism currently in use is in fact a modified version of Communism, where a minimum subsistence is guaranteed through social service, so people may remain alive if they ever run out of money or if they ever go bankrupt. Among the Brotherhood, which is the second social class, there is no Capitalism at all despite of all appearances from the news and entertainment. Large corporations do not compete with each other but the entire game is predetermined from above, according to the top social class, the Elite. The Elite assigns all wealth to the Brotherhood, and therefore the Elite dictates entirely the lifestyle of the Brotherhood. …While the Brotherhood on its turn influence strongly the lifestyle of the Masses, on behalf of the Elite.

…And this is the kind of life that people live today, in this manner. This situation is not random, since Society and its sets of lifestyles on all its social levels are closely monitored from outside the Human Civilization, and from above. All these conditions have led to the current human lifestyle, yet there is a tendency in the continuous development of the current lifestyle, that seems to lead slowly to this natural, genuine human lifestyle traced throughout this book. Let us see!

The genuine human lifestyle is defined by the continuous need for equality, which is not necessarily a need for equality coming from justice, from enforced justice, as is the case with the current and past Communism, but a need for an equality coming from righteousness. The difference between justice and righteousness is that the need for justice comes from the outside since it is imposed by outside authorities, while the need for righteousness comes from the inside, from intrinsic needs, from an intrinsic motivation. It seems idealistic for humans to be able to control themselves from the inside, from within their own willing to behave and live together in true harmony, yet this is the case indeed! …Because this need for righteousness manifests intrinsically at the third developmental level. In fact, only at the second developmental level, animals engage in win-lose situations, as carnivores do for example, and they behave in this manner when they need to feed and when their conditions are also of the second level. Some people today will also kill for any amount of money, but this is a result of the current Capitalism ideology being enforced through all means and believes, ideology keeping them underdeveloped. …And this is the case just because Capitalism is an ideology of the second level, assuring only lifestyles of the second level and lower.

At the first developmental level, you do everything you are told, good and bad. At the zero developmental level, you are capable to do anything for your drugs, good and bad. At the second developmental level, you will do anything for your resources, good and bad, which is exactly the Capitalism ideology, with its capital only paralleling goods and resources from the real life. …And who controls the money controls this goods and resources, controlling people’s fulfillment of their needs, and consequently controlling people’s thinking, development, and lifestyle. To make matters worse, they also influence all future bloodlines. …And at the third level, which is the genuine human level, you will never harm others, regardless the circumstances.

As an example here, only half a century ago it was a matter of high pride to travel to Africa and kill very large animals there. While today, this is considered high cruelty and harassment, and it is probably punished by law. You do not even kick your pets anymore, just because you start living your life more and more at the genuine human level.

If this developmental trend continues, soldiers will not fight in wars anymore since people will not harm others. It seems ideological, but at the human level, there are specific primal social intelligences within your cognitive system sending you peaceful and harmonious needs for those around. …And throughout the genuine human lifestyle, you receive your needs only from third level primal intelligences or higher. This was supposed to be the case already, since humans already have the brain and cognitive development necessary to sustain a genuine human lifestyle, yet Society and Humanity are held back from developing, for various reasons. This is how, bad news from the Media along with the entire social competition engaging you daily keep you in distress modes of life. Consequently, your primal social intelligences remain underdeveloped at the second level, functioning in win-lose algorithms. This was supposed to be the case indefinitely, since you may easily control human intelligences through scarcity, through aggressive competition, and through dreadful information about the outside world from the Media and from Entertainment. Poverty and shortages lead to scarcity, you cannot fulfill your basic needs, you start fighting and competing throughout life for these, and so you remain underdeveloped. …While most of the food, goods, and resources are destroyed systematically, only to maintain poverty and scarcity in the world.

What happens today, and what creates this visible draw towards the genuine human lifestyle, is the fact that people do not watch Media anymore, which is the mainstream media, but people watch alternative media. Most of this alternative media is accurate. …And even when it is not accurate, you are still able to discern the truth from lies since you have a variety of alternative media to choose from and compare. Therefore, you have access continuously to true knowledge. …And this includes not only news, but it includes valid abstract information, the type of information that your primal intelligences demand from you to learn continuously. …And since learning leads to development, and development leads to genuine human lifestyle, you get there eventually.

Yet development does not depend only on learning, it also depends on conditions, conditions that form the environment. I study conditions in another book of this series, ‘The Human Condition.’ If the conditions around you are of a lower developmental level, then you have to match them with your own development, otherwise you cannot cope with your environment. …Yet with more and more people around you ascending to the third developmental level your conditions change, they ascend implicitly, and so you have to match them now with your own developmental level. Your primal intelligences demand that you learn the necessary knowledge to ascend, you watch more alternative media and learn more about conspiracies and the kind, you ascend in development, and soon your lifestyle changes to the next level. This is why people are into healthy lifestyle today, into helping others, into making a positive difference in the world, into stopping wars, stopping pollution, cleaning up public areas, it is indeed a transformation taking place in Society, a shift in the paradigm to a genuine, third level society!

…And it starts, with Iceland discarding the visible corruption for example, and with… and with many countries soon to follow! …And how can you control people without corruption and scarcity? You cannot!

This is not an idealistic idea, to have a society where people are free and neither led nor controlled, since only at the first developmental level people choose slavery and servitude against freedom. While on all the other levels living beings are free, including the lower levels. How can you control wild animals? You cannot, they jump all over the place and they will not listen to you. You may certainly control sheep and cattle, but these are of the first developmental level.

A major element in the genuine human lifestyle is learning abstract information. This includes learning true science, not the kind you find today in the main stream, since knowledge is altered or diverted on purpose today. Even more, at the human level you will not be sitting alone in a quiet library to read half a book a day, every day, forever, since these times are over. You may listen to books and podcasts today as you do anything else, multitasking in order to fulfill needs coming from all intelligences. However, technology changes fast, and this enhances learning more than anything else. The same technology allows you to publish your own knowledge freely, in any format. This seems tedious, yet the process of learning includes teaching, otherwise it is not viable and you cannot assimilate your knowledge. Your intelligences will also reward you for learning and teaching, substantially!

Study each one of these trends and you will find them all distorted in the current lifestyle. This happens because your current lifestyle is artificially imposed on you. You even have to adjust yourself to your lifestyle, which is stressful indeed. This is the case because those on top of Society go through great efforts to remain in control of the population, in control of their lives, thoughts, behavior, development, lifestyle, and achievements. This is why Medicine sickens you today on purpose, by using all true medical knowledge against you. Education keeps you underdeveloped, justice is used to find ways to charge you and punish you, the entire financial system the way it is set today is meant to create inequality in the world and to ruin you, to keep you spending your time at work most of the day. Economy is forced entirely. The concept of Economy means a most economical, viable manner in which to transform resources into goods and distribute them to people. This is not the case anymore, and Economy is not economical at all. For example, cars and any complex product will cross borders a dozen times while being produced and assembled, enhancing inefficiency, waste, and pollution. Products get discarded for small reasons, they are poorly made, they break easily, and you have to replace them continuously. At the same time, the good, viable technology necessary to sustain a viable Economy remains forbidden.

Despite these, humans continue developing today and there is nothing to stop them, nothing to stop the transition to the genuine human lifestyle, and to the genuine human society.

About the Author

Valentin Leonard Matcas, M.Ed. is a Researcher, an Author, a Physicist, a Mathematician, and an Educator, currently writing fiction and nonfiction.

A graduate of major universities from the United States and Canada, Valentin Leonard Matcas taught Physics to university students, while working on research projects creating mathematical models in Physics and Mathematics. Later he taught Mathematics and English to university students in Europe, and then he taught Science and Mathematics to students from various provinces of Canada, always eager to spread his knowledge, and always interested in learning from the diverse cultures he encountered.

Valentin Leonard Matcas creates mathematical models in Psychology, Biology, Physics, and Sociology, with his most important achievements being the study and depiction of all modes of life, understanding of The One, detailed cognitive and social models for the human needs, cognitive model for the human intelligences, models for this reality and for your other realities, model for life in all its forms, study of all modes of civilization, depiction of the hierarchy of intelligences, models for all lifestyles, model for the human development, study of all developmental patterns, model for the human condition, cognitive models for the conscious, subconscious, highconscious, and classconscious intelligences, true model of Society and of its social classes, model and depiction of the Human Conspiracy, model and depiction of the human status, study and depiction of Higher Laws and of Natural Laws of the Universe, study and depiction of human abilities, higher and lower, model of the Field, models of all forms of existence, etc.

As a Nonfiction writer, Valentin Leonard Matcas continues his research throughout his multitude of books, creating a comprehensive model for Life and for the human existence, cognition, and condition in this wider world from all perspectives: behavioral, empirical, cognitive, biological, social, spiritual, religious, developmental, existential, and cosmological. Valentin Leonard Matcas invites his readers to learn from his books, encouraging them to reason continuously towards understanding themselves and the world they inhabit, influence, determine, create, co-create, and experience, on all levels of existence. Valentin Leonard Matcas takes his writings further to capture the essence of Life Herself in all Her forms and spheres of existence, unveiling a wider, extraordinary presence within our wider world.

Valentin Leonard Matcas wrote ‘The One’ book series including ‘The Human Needs’, ‘Addicted to Pleasure,’ ‘The Hierarchy of Needs,’ ‘Lose Weight, Stay in Shape, Lead a Healthy Life,’ ‘The Human Origins,’ The Human Society,’ ‘The Human Conspiracy,’ ‘The Human Reality,’ ‘Astral Planes and Your Other Realities,’ ‘The Human Mind,’ ‘Life,’ ‘The Hierarchy of Intelligences,’ ‘The Human Thoughts,’ ‘Mental Models and Successful Ideas,’ ‘The Human Stereotypes,’ ‘The Human Attitudes,’ ‘The Human Ideology,’ ‘The Human Intelligences,’ ‘Modes of Life,’ ‘The Human Development,’ ‘Patterns of Development,’ ‘The Human Lifestyle,’ ‘Heal Yourself,’ ‘The Human Civilizations,’ ‘The Human Religion and Spirituality,’ ‘The Human Timeline,’ ‘Higher Laws,’ ‘The Human Status,’ ‘Natural Laws of the Universe,’ ‘Existence,’ ‘The Human Condition,’ ‘Life Lines of Causality,’ ‘The Field,’ and ‘The One.’

As an enthusiast of Science Fiction, Valentin Leonard Matcas writes about terrestrial and alien civilizations, about life in the Universe and about the way it develops and intertwines across galaxies, about powerful beings and the way they control and reshape the Universe as they please, and about normal human beings from Earth caught in this beautiful, extraordinary experience. Valentin Leonard Matcas creates a living, warmer, credible Universe in his books, teaming with life and vibrancy on all levels of existence. Valentin Leonard Matcas wrote ‘The Culling,’ and ‘The Storyteller’ book series including ‘The Storyteller,’ ‘Starship Colonial,’ ‘My First Book,’ and ‘Unlimited.’

When he is not writing, Valentin Leonard Matcas enjoys travelling, studying, playing the keyboard, hiking the beautiful trails of Canada, swimming, kayaking, sailing, vlogging, skiing, snowboarding, riding his bikes, reading good books, cooking, listening good classical music, meditating, and playing good strategy video games. Follow his travel, vlogs, and research, and discover all his books!

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Nonfiction: ‘The One’ book series includes: ‘The Human Needs’, ‘Addicted to Pleasure,’ ‘The Hierarchy of Needs,’ ‘Lose Weight, Stay in Shape, Lead a Healthy Life,’ ‘The Human Origins,’ The Human Society,’ ‘The Human Conspiracy,’ ‘The Human Reality,’ ‘Astral Planes and Your Other Realities,’ ‘The Human Mind,’ ‘Life,’ ‘The Hierarchy of Intelligences,’ ‘The Human Thoughts,’ ‘Mental Models and Successful Ideas,’ ‘The Human Stereotypes,’ ‘The Human Attitudes,’ ‘The Human Ideology,’ ‘The Human Intelligences,’ ‘Modes of Life,’ ‘The Human Development,’ ‘Patterns of Development,’ ‘The Human Lifestyle,’ ‘Heal Yourself,’ ‘The Human Civilizations,’ ‘The Human Religion and Spirituality,’ ‘The Human Timeline,’ ‘Higher Laws,’ ‘The Human Status,’ ‘Natural Laws of the Universe,’ ‘Existence,’ ‘The Human Condition’, ‘Life Lines of Causality,’ ‘The Field,’ and ‘The One.’

Fiction: ‘The Culling,’ and ‘The Storyteller’ book series including ‘The Storyteller,’ ‘Starship Colonial,’ ‘My First Book,’ and ‘Unlimited.’

The Human Lifestyle

What it is best in life, to follow a rich lifestyle or a poor one? You could tell, only if you knew the true meaning or purpose of life itself, the meaning to motivate your pathway and choices in life! …If not, your entire lifestyle ends up to be constrained by beliefs alone, by stereotypes, by doctrines and ideologies, and so it might become a fake, controlled, miserable, unviable lifestyle! I will not spend this entire book motivating you to become the Prince or the Pauper in life the way many authors and researchers do, or to become the minimalistic, the poor, the faithful lover, or to become the unconditional believer in ideologies of all kind, but I will identify, detail, study, and explain your own life and lifestyle including their components, from all perspectives, through accurate, comprehensive models created in this book and in this entire book series, defining in this manner lives and lifetime activities, lifestyles, cognitive processes, needs and meanings in life, all done at cognitive, social, behavioral, and objective levels. …Prince or Pauper? It is better to be the Prince today, only because in the current Society and under the currently imposed ideology, the lifestyle of a Prince, along with the specific conditions and opportunities of a Prince, facilitate you to fulfill your needs at all levels, higher and lower, allowing you to reach your own purpose in life, your realization! …Yet as we will see shortly, this is the case only if you manage to live your life at higher developmental levels, since if you live your royal life at lower levels, you are doomed to decay to addictions, to dependencies, to follow unjustified, treacherous, irrelevant beliefs and ideologies, and this is what tyranny, cruelty, and totalitarianism are built on today! …Yet this is the case on all social levels and not only at the top of Society: you are always doomed to harm yourself and those around you if you happen to be powerful, wealthy and influential, while living your life in ignorance and insecurity, because this specific combination of power, ignorance, and insecurity always leads to tyranny and dictatorship, and these can harm the world! In this case then yes, you are better off to be poor in life, to be the Pauper, only to save yourself and those around you, from yourself! There is more to consider while studying lifestyles, than the simple empirical dilemma of what is better to be in life, rich or poor, to take drugs or to stay sober, to live in the city or in the country, to stay home and read or to go out and party, etc.! …Because only when you know everything about life, lifestyles, and cognition you are capable to adjust your own lifestyle, by avoiding and removing negative, inadequate elements from it, and by enhancing and adding new, favorable elements in order to get positive results, positive improvements in life, achieving a prosperous, successful lifestyle and development! Throughout this book, I create an entire model of a lifestyle through empiric, cognitive, social, and higher perspectives, and I run this model throughout various examples in order to identify and depict lifestyles that you may have or that may influence you, helping you identify and understand your own life, lifestyle, and meaning in life, and through these, helping you adjust your own lifestyle in a positive manner, according to your needs, interests, and desires!

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  • Author: Valentin Matcas
  • Published: 2017-02-08 00:35:09
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