The Horror Approaches


The Horror Approaches

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“I don’t rule Russia. Ten thousand clerks rule Russia.” Peter the Great

Throughout recorded history wars have killed many millions of people. Those wars were, far too often, the results of the bureaucratic mind.

How many times have all of us found ourselves standing in a line for hours, solely because some petty bureaucrat wants to show his/her power – because of a situation that arose because another bureaucrat did something incorrectly?

Can we do anything about it?


Will we?




Background musings

Pause to Think

The Danger is Now

Older Information I Just Discovered


About the Author

CD Moulton has traveled extensively over much of the world both in the music business, where he was a rock guitarist, songwriter, and arranger, and in an import/export business. He has been everything from a bar owner to auto salvage (junkyard) manager, longshoreman to high steel worker, orchid grower to landscaper, tropical fish farmer to commercial fisherman. He started writing books in 1983 and has published more than 175 books as of January 1, 2013. His most popular books to date are about research with orchids, though much of his science fiction and fantasy work has proven popular. He wrote the CD Grimes, PI series and the Det. Nick Storie series, among other works.

He now resides in Gualaca, Panamá, where he writes the Clint Faraday mystery series, plays music with friends – and pursues his favorite ways to spend his time: beach bum and roaming the mountain jungles doing botanical research. He has lately become involved in fighting for the rights of the indigenous people, who are among his closest friends, and in fighting the extreme corruption in the courts and police in Panamá.

He offers the free e-book, Fading Paradise, that explains what he has been through because of the corruption.


Background Musings

The frictions bureaucracy impose on a civilization drag it into decadence and destruction. We are brainwashed into believing no government can exist without bureaucrats.

A bureaucracy is designed for corruption. In the rare case where a politician is honest, this system thwarts positive action almost totally.

Have you ever thought, “What am I doing here? Why?” while standing in some line while some bureaucrat took as long as possible to fill out a form or read one someone else filled out?

Chances are, there will be a mistake in that form (as well as your own) that will result in that person and you spending another bit of your time changing something with no real meaning. This is nothing more nor less than a petty person showing they can do it.

The result, in too many cases, is that the person causing all this can “expedite” the process – for a small consideration. That is what I mean in saying the system is designed, quite deliberately, for corruption.

Once you give in to the system in a small way, you are caught in a trap. You will have to bribe a higher bureaucrat, then a higher, then a supervisor, then a department head, etc. Something that should have taken fifteen minutes and cost ten dollars has then taken ten hours and cost you a hundred dollars.

“Oh, well. That’s just the way it is. It was worth it because, had I not done that, I would have to spend a thousand dollars and three weeks standing in lines. Besides, if I make waves word will get around and I’ll really find out what they can do!”

This is deliberately extreme. It is to try to make you think. The process will come to that, eventually, if you don’t fight it.

The rules are expanded, always in the favor of the offending bureau, by this old method. Take a logical and benign thing, such as the cost of eggs at a dollar a dozen, raise the price to a dollar seventy five a dozen, people protest and get angry, so you drop the price to a dollar forty a dozen. The marks will feel they have a victory in price control!

Hey, stupid! The price wasn’t controlled. They went for the dollar forty in the first place, used the ruse, and got what they set out to get.

Seeing it worked so well, they raise the price to two dollars in a couple of months, go through the exact same process, and get another quarter a dozen while people think they stopped them again.

You didn’t stop anything. They got exactly what they wanted.

Gee! The price of eggs and poultry (!) went up forty percent! That means they have to raise the price of ice cream and milk, which, of course, means beef and corn and sodas has to go up that percent in a totally illogical progression that you are swallowing hook, line, sinker, the rod and reel, the fisherman and the boat.

This is called inflation. Now your money is worth fifty percent less.

Which means you have to have a salary increase to compensate – which means everything has to go up in price to compensate for that, which means another round.

Gold was fixed at $36 per ounce for many years. A Ford cost $2,500. Gold is now at $1200 per ounce and a Ford costs $25,000. The total process is a hollow one where numbers always increase, but reality doesn’t. All the extra profit goes to the top, you get screwed.

This is just one way bureaucracy works.

You will say, “But that isn’t bureaucracy! It’s market pressure!”

True. But what brings about that pressure?

When gold was $36/oz, a husband worked forty or fifty hours per week. The wife stayed home with the kids. They bought a few extra things, paid the utilities, often had a TV, had a small bank account, and lived quite well. Now the husband and wife both work. They can’t afford extras. Insurance eats your budget up, a call to a doctor cost $20 then, now it’s $50, for the cheaper ones, who only send you to a specialist, where it will cost you $250. An overnight stay in a hospital was $35, now it’s $800. Aspirin in the hospital then cost ten cents. Now it’s $15. (Of course, it cost about twelve cents to make a pound of sodium acetylsalicitate then. It costs almost sixty two cents, now!) Seeing it cost more for the package than the product to produce, Aspirin was sold in little tins of 24 for less than a dollar, or in bottles of 100 for $1.99. Ten they came up with the products that cost a few cents more to produce, so sold for much more – so the price of aspirin went up to compensate(?). Milk was delivered to your door, for 38 cents a quart. Now you go to the store and buy it for $1.79 per quart. Filtered distilled water cost fifteen cents per gallon, now it’s a dollar a pint.

I know a man who works in the accounting department of a large supplier of feeds for farm animals, thus also for pets.

There was an increase, a little steep, but “expected” because prices were going up in general.

The question was asked of his department head, who consulted with his supervisor, who consulted with him (If that isn’t a bureaucratic set-up, pray tell me what is?): “How much of an increase will the market stand?”

Not how much is necessary, how much can we gouge them for?

He asked what was meant. Why would there be any increase? The production end was stable. The cost of production hadn’t gone up at all for more than two years.

He had orders, in no uncertain terms, to find a way to justify a price increase.

He finally made it a point where the union would demand an increase in salary for all its truck drivers, which meant the price of delivery of everything would go up about eight percent, but that was in the future. Electric rates and fuel costs were expected to go up about nine to eleven percent, but the instability was there, so they couldn’t make any safe estimate.

The price of all products from that company went up twenty one and a half percent, justified by what might or might not happen in eight months, at which time the prices would be brought into line with normal economic inflation rates.

If prices went up only the eleven percent, there would be no change, because it would be a market adjustment that might cause another spiral.

In other words, the bureau within the company demanded a price increase that, due to the expected salary increases among truck drivers, would mean their own salaries would have to be adjusted accordingly.

In other words, a long BS spiel to end up with them getting a salary increase.

A side note: the increased costs of buying feed grains meant they could figure that into the equation, even though their own production costs wouldn’t increase at all. The company grows more than eighty five percent of what they use.

Everywhere you go, everything you do, all the people you have to deal with are part of the psychological brainwashing technique.

Most of it is about money. The way banks are regulated by bureaucrats when they are set up to operate like bureaucracies have a prime example of the double-talk psychology. The advent of the ATM made it unnecessary to pay the salaries of thousands of tellers.

What did they do with this great savings?

They charge approximately four times the same thing a teller would have cost them to the person using the machines. They have, thus, doubled what they saved and charged the customer an exorbitant fee for doing so.

They say, “But the companies who put the machines around charge us!”

Yeah. Maybe a fourth or fifth of what your account is charged – and the companies placing the machines are mostly the banks, themselves. They cry, “But we don’t charge our customers anything when they use a machine placed by this institution!”

But they charge the ninety percent of the people using the machines for other banks, and those other banks charge you for using their machines. It’s total BS.

Tellers are standard types of bureaucrats. I was making a deposit of a check for royalties on the books. I stood in line forty five minutes, got to the teller, who said there was something changed on the deposit slip. I asked what. He pointed to the date, where the pen at the counter had run out of ink and I used the next one there.

Unacceptable! They couldn’t use that! I had to fill out another slip.

I wouldn’t have to wait in the line when I did. As soon as he serviced the customer at the time I would be able to finish the process.

This was for a deposit. The check was right there. A slight difference in their ink color brought all this about.

Bureaucrat: to hell with logic or reason! It says in my little book that a change in ink color cannot be accepted, regardless of whether it makes a whit of difference in anything else or not! Case closed!


Pause to Think

I mentioned the example of the banks for a very specific reason. They are in a position of vulnerability because all their machines, from the computers where they work at each teller to the master that runs the ATM’s and internet access means the bureaucratic part can be decreased to the least level.

The bank I use here, Banistmo, formerly HSBC, holds electronic deposits, such as Social Security and many pensions, until a man in Panamá City manually checks the lists to be sure nothing has been dropped or added. This is a bureaucratic job that defies any logic whatever. It is a dodge.

I asked if the list was the one already in their files and the second one the incoming accounts.

“Yes. They are checked to be sure there has been no change, such as a person dropping the account with our bank or a deceased client or whatever.”

“And the list from your updated files is then printed out for the man to check?”


“And the list of the incoming accounts is printed out for him to check?”

“It can be, but it is only on the computer screen.”

“I see. Both lists are on the same computer?”

“Yes. The master. All such operations are done in Panamá City at the master computer.”

“And when does this bank think it will come from nineteen siteen to twenty sixteen?”

“Beg pardon?”

“Both lists are on the same computer. Haven’t you ever heard of a correlation file? It would take two seconds for the computer to check one against the other, notify whatever branch is involved and correct the stored information. Instead, you let the computer make two separate lists that a person, who is subject to about four thousand times the odds of making a mistake, do the job over a period of several hours. I wish I had that job at a guaranteed salary. I’d input both lists and click on ‘correlate.’ Then I could flirt with the girls and drink coffee or read a book for the time it’s taking this way. In less than a minute it would print any differences on the lists, complete with codes and rechecks with the source computer.”


“It’s already there. Why not hire somebody who knows as much about computers as is taught in grammar school here to debug your system?”

“If you will excuse me? I have another client waiting.”

Everything on that master computer is on the internet. Anyone who has the codes can access it. The IRS etc. does that regularly. Use the machines with the programs already in place in them and fire ninety percent of the bureaucrats. The bank would make that much more.

Never happen. Bureaucracies have a very high priority to keep what they have and to expand. It’s what they are.

Before you tell me what you’ve been taught to parrot, remember that you have proof of what I’m saying in your own little notebook or laptop. You probably use it to check on your bank balance and charges regularly.

That means the information is there and instant. The ATMs work off of the internet. The computer at each teller is on the net. It is in bank codes, but it accesses your account exactly the same way you access it for internet banking.

Which makes another thing obvious.

I can use my card anywhere in the world at an ATM. It is instant.

When the bank receives a check, it runs it through a like machine to determine if the money is there. Instantly.

They then hold the check from another country for up to thirty days. They get to use it as assets and charge interest on its potential – while your account isn’t credited with it, so they don’t pay you interest.

The psychology: “Oh, well. What’s the interest on a lousy five hundred bucks for thirty days? Big deal!”

The reality: fifty thousand checks for five hundred dollars, each drawing interest. I’d very much like to have the interest on five million bucks for thirty days. I wouldn’t have to worry about the rent next month. Most of those checks are for a great deal more than five hundred bucks. You are being ripped off by the banks for millions of dollars per month.

The huge overpopulation of the planet makes bureaucracies necessary, true. It doesn’t make the incursion of bureaucracy into your total life necessary.

Throw the obstructive unnecessary bureaucrats out. That’s about sixty percent of them.

They’re incapable of making a living. About eleven percent of the overall population of the earth would die of starvation within six months.

Certain bureaucracies can be argued as needed. I agree, though being corrupt shouldn’t be a prerequisite. Building a house or large high-rise is a place where it serves a purpose.

Simply let a computer handle everything up to the inspections, then make the inspectors responsible. If they take a bribe or anything else illegal, make the penalties extreme. Be sure they’re qualified, pay them commensurate salaries, but hold them to the work specifications.

Make all applications for the things handled by bureaucrats done on a computer, wherever possible.

Make a computer department head and supervisor. Use people where a physical inspection or such is necessary.

In one of my books (Science fiction) I made an argument about repairing the roads on a planet efficiently, without bureaucrats. It went something like: “But nothing would be done with a computer running things! A computer can’t run a crew to fill potholes! Be reasonable!”

“No. The computer would take complaints directly, would dispatch one person to look over the spot, then would send a crew of maybe three people to do the job. One to drive the truck, one to fill the hole, and one to level it and pack it. You wouldn’t have a crew of six people to check to see if it was deep enough to worry about, then a crew of ten people to fill the hole and pack it, eight of whom are not needed, then four more to inspect to see if it was done to specifications.”

“But a computer couldn’t tell if the ones it sent would even go or would do the job right!”

“It would dispatch the worker. It would get the input on the spot. If the people hired to do a job didn’t do it, they would be fired and people who would do it hired.”

“Yeah! Then you’d get all those fired lay-about bums appealing through the labor court and it’d cost you ten times as much!”

“The labor court is a bureaucracy that would no longer exist. The computer would hire and fire people. It would show no favoritism and wouldn’t overlook things. The efficiency would mean you could fix every road in this province with what you are spending on the one road four kilometers long that this started over. In one year you’d have surplus funds and the best roads in the country. The bureaucrats who are stealing the taxes being spent on this now would fill the jails. Let a bureaucrat set food schedules and such at the jails. They would be the basic place such a system would work.”

Z didn’t get any argument about that. Everyone knew what was going on, but had been conditioned since birth to accept it as “That’s the way of the world and we can’t change it.” Maybe these people would look around and see the truth.

Yeah, right! I have this lovely lot for sale cheap! I just won’t mention it overlooks the garbage dump in front and the sewage plant in back.

What I’m trying to say is that we all know what’s going on, unless we’re a bureaucrat, in which case we won’t see what we won’t see.


The Danger is Now

Recent developments in the medical field are pointing out very much what this corrupt system of bureaucracy is bringing on us. Whistle blowers and disgusted people within the big drug suppliers are causing a lot of grief to the CEOs and such. Major chemical companies are being exposed for exactly what they are – parasites that feed on public ignorance and naivete. They have knowingly distributed products that are proven to be damaging by their own investigations for years, resulting in billions of dollars in medical expenses to the unsuspecting users.

Now they want mandatory vaccination laws, though the simple proven fact is that vaccinations carry dangerous ingredients. The vaccinations cause illnesses years later that are chronic and expensive to treat – with more medicines that cause as bad or worse things to happen to the body. They promote this, deliberately. They propagandize the population and obstruct information, going so far as to see the information does not appear on or in the news media in a manner that will be noted. “Dr. A. B. Jones today announced that investigations into a cancer cure may help in halting certain obscure types of cancer that no one has anyway. Now to sports, where the Podunk Salamanders defeated the Nothingburg Snails in a surprise miracle victory one to nothing!”

The fact? Dr. Jones had shown definite instances of cure in 98% of cases of prostate cancer, using a common plant. The study was conducted among 600 cancer patients with the specific tumors and seemed effective on all other tested types of cancer.

You would ask why they would do that? What has bureaucracy got to do with it?

A hundred plus billion dollars per years spent on cancer medications, including chemotherapy (that has a success rate of less than 3%). A couple of million dollars for Dr. Jones process would treat every cancer patient in the world. The companies would lose that hundred billion dollars.

The bureaucracy was set up in congress to protect those companies. The bureaus, such as the FDA and AMA produce false information and control information. The corporations finance all candidates, so their representative is always elected. It doesn’t matter who wins. They are obligated before they take office.

The only ones harmed by this project are everyone on this planet! It’s not just in the USA. It’s everywhere.

Added Note: You have a computer. Check on Monsanto and their promotion of GMO vegetables that Putin says will not be used , sold, or bought in Russia because “We do not poison our own citizens!” Monsanto faces virtual bankruptcy because things are becoming known of how they distribute products their own investigations have proven defective or dangerous. Check on the proven cancer cures, several of which resulted in the discoverers being discredited through false information and innuendo by the publicity departments of the corporations and the AMA and FDA and legislatures.

Remember Krebbs? Destroyed professionally and died in dishonor. His natural medicine is called Krebiosin and is first line medication for leukemia. It is distributed by the very corporations that destroyed him.

Remember laetril? It works, in most cases. Ever heard of Artemisia? It is proven to cure prostate and colon cancers in as little as 16 days. Why wasn’t it announced on every TV station and in every newspaper in the world? It is a plant that is found almost everywhere in the tropical and temperate zones.

Because it is found almost anywhere in the tropical and temperate zones, is there for the taking and use, and the drug corporations make nothing on it. That they know about it is obvious. They market an extract, artemisinin. If they can destroy the information already out – which they can’t. Once on the web, always on the web – the price will go from twenty dollars to two hundred overnight. The FDA will not approve it and the AMA will refuse to approve it until further tests of its safety and effectiveness are known.

It has been used in medicine for more than 2000 years that we know of. It has always, since there were any records, been used in China. A few people are mildly reactive, but no dangerous side effects. Overdose produces no ill effects. It has curative properties with everything from eczema to parasites. It cures leishmaniasis and stops malaria for a period of time that would allow more definitive medication.

As soon as the drug corporations can finagle a way to have control of supply, it will be approved, but will always be an “alternative” medication. There simply is not enough profit to be made with it and it would as much as eliminate the expensive “approved” treatments. When two dollars worth of antimony compounds can be sold for $1200 Artemisia, that would sell for less $4.00 for the $400 antimony injections, those corporations are not going to allow it. The bureaucracies they set up will stop it from even being known by the majority of the people. “So a few million people die in agony. Sad, but we must always base our decisions on the financial aspects of any such information disbursal.”

In short, you are brainwashed and programmed, and most of you reading this will reject it – and not wonder why you did so.

They win. You are a slave and will die, never knowing it.

Then the funeral, where the bureaucrats and preachers will make a few more thousand.

Have a nice day! If things seem too much, you could take a Lorazepam – that costs half a cent to produce and package and deliver – for merely four dollars! You will need a prescription, so will have to pay a pill-pushing practitioner $45, but that’s just the way it is. Seeing she took your blood pressure, you can’t really add that cost to the pill.


Information Just Discovered

I have heard about Michael Moore for quite some time. From the sources, I thought he would be another radical extremist on a rant.

I was wrong. I have just watched all his documentaries on the net, mostly from U-Tube. I see he has been descrying the same things I do for many years.

He also had video-audio back-up for what he says. I have only secondhand opinion and experience.

Considering that the media is corporate owned in the USA, I was not in the least surprised that he is not well-known to an enormous extent beyond the reality.

I suggest you go to the internet and that you watch some of what he documented. With the present political atmosphere in the states, I would particularly recommend “Capitalism” – because it is here and now and, considering the campaigns, staring you in the face.

“None is so blind….”

Have a nice life. Always consider what you are leaving for your children and grandchildren. Silence and inaction in a critical situation is hardly a legacy I would prefer, personally.

The Horror Approaches

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The Horror Approaches The Horror Approaches