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The Horrifying Experiment of Dr. Bishop

The Horrifying Experiment of Dr. Bishop

By Zach Coleman

Copyright 2016 Zach Coleman

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Table of Contents

The Horrifying Experiment of Dr. Bishop

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The Horrifying Experiment of Dr. Bishop

Dr. Bishop gently poked the needle into the unconscious woman’s arm. The neon blue substance drained slowly until there was none left. Dr. Bishop pulled the needle out, and went over to a large desk. He tossed the needle into the trashcan, and picked up a tape recorder lying on the desk.

“Subject is still unconscious. I have injected her with the serum, now we wait to see the results. No visible changes yet,” Dr. Bishop said into the tape recorder, as he observed the woman sitting on the wooden bench. He set the tape recorder down onto the table. He left the room, and walked up a staircase that led to a door.

The next day, Dr. Bishop went back down to his laboratory in the basement. The woman was awake, but she sat still, seemingly not worried at all.

“How are you feeling?” Dr. Bishop asked as he walked over to her.

“Where am I?” the woman asked.

“You’re in my laboratory. You are part of an experiment,” Dr. Bishop said.

“Do I know you?” the woman asked, her expression not changing.

“Of course, you volunteered to help me. How do you feel?”

“I don’t know. What’s my name?” the woman asked.

Dr. Bishop, stunned, walked over to his table, and again grabbed the tape recorder.

“The subject seemed normal upon initial observation, but after engaging I have found that she is suffering from memory loss of some sort. I assume this is a side effect of the serum, which means it still needs work. Tomorrow I will release the subject after a little more observation.” Dr. Bishop took the tape recorder with him, and left the basement.

Dr. Bishop went up to his rather large bedroom, and sat on his bed, tape recorder up to his mouth.

“I have mixed feelings about the results so far. The side effect of the serum is a major one, but the fact that she has forgotten everything means that I am safe. I can let her go without worrying about her telling everyone I kidnapped her.” Dr. Bishop placed the tape recorder on his nightstand, and went to sleep.

The next morning, Dr. Bishop went back down to the basement. Again, the woman sat on the bench, calm as ever. Dr. Bishop walked over to the woman.

“Hopefully, you’ll be able to leave today,” Dr. Bishop said to her.

The woman said nothing in response. She didn’t even look at Dr. Bishop.

“Are you not excited to go back home?” Dr. Bishop asked.

The woman broke from her calm stare, and lunged at Dr. Bishop. Horrible shrieks and screams emanated from within her as she chased after Dr. Bishop. Dr. Bishop ran over to his desk, opened a drawer, and grabbed a syringe of clear liquid. As the feral woman charged for Dr. Bishop, he injected the syringe into her neck. After an angry scream, the woman fell to the ground.

Dr. Bishop picked the woman up, and brought her back to the bench. He grabbed a pair of handcuffs from his desk, and handcuffed the woman to the bench. Dr. Bishop grabbed the tape recorder, and left the basement.

Again in his bed, Dr. Bishop recorded his observations.

“The subject became horribly violent today. Not only did she make terrible sounds, but she also tried to assault me. This makes another side effect, which is not good. I was able to sedate and restrain her, but I will be keeping a closer eye on the subject from now on.” Dr. Bishop relaxed in his bed.

Later that night, as Dr. Bishop slept, the woman in the basement began to twitch violently. Her fingernails started growing at a rapid pace, until they looked more like claws than fingernails. She broke the handcuffs, as her hands and arms grew to an astonishing size. Her screams of pain became growls as her spine started to curve into a crescent shape. Her hair started tearing from her head, leaving her bare head red and scarred. She let out a final growl in pain and anger.

Dr. Bishop awoke from his sleep, and made his way back to the basement, part of his daily routine. When he reached the end of the steps, he stopped in his tracks. The table and all of his work had been flipped over. The bench the woman had been sitting on was empty, and as Dr. Bishop got a closer look, he saw scratches on the bench and walls in the surrounding area. The broken handcuffs were on the ground. Dr. Bishop put the tape recorder to his mouth in a panic.

“The subject is gone, and my lab is destroyed. I am assuming that she did this. There are what appear to be claw marks on the walls near where the subject was sitting. I must find her. She has to be somewhere in the house.” Dr. Bishop held on to the tape recorder as he ran up the stairs, leaving the basement.

As Dr. Bishop wandered the halls of his large house, he found no claw marks anywhere. No signs as to what was in the basement, or no sign of the woman. He walked in and out of rooms, checking for any signs of the woman. She wasn’t anywhere to be found. In the library, some of the books had been knocked off the shelves and pages had been ripped.

“It seems as though the subject has entered the library and has destroyed some of my books. Still no trace of her,” Dr. Bishop said into the tape recorder as he looked through the destruction of the library.

After leaving the library, a strange rattling noise had begun to ring throughout the entire house. Dr. Bishop walked at a slower pace, trying to study the noise while making his way through the many halls of the house. As he explored every room of the house, he expected to see something, but he never did. He approached the hatch to the attic, where he found the rattling sound had been coming from.

“Strange noises seem to be emanating from the attic. It is probably the subject. I better investigate check it out.”

Dr. Bishop opened the attic door, and the woman dropped down in front of him, not looking like a woman, but like something Dr. Bishop had never seen before. He immediately ran away from the terrifying monster, and it followed, chasing Dr. Bishop through the halls of his own house. He found a room to hide in and lost the monster. Breathing heavily, Dr. Bishop brought the tape recorder to his mouth.

“There is a horrifying creature in my house. It is violent, and it chased me down the hallway. My serum has horribly affected the subject. What have I done? I’ve created a monster,” Dr. Bishop whispered.

Dr. Bishop opened the door to his momentary shelter, and peeked out into the hall. There was no sign of the monster, so he stepped out into the hallway. He made his way back to the basement, not sure whether to walk fast or slow. Finally reaching the basement, he locked the door behind him and ran over to his knocked over table.

“I need to destroy this research so no one will ever find it. I don’t want anyone to repeat my mistake,” Dr. Bishop said into the tape recorder. He ran around to the other side of the lab, and grabbed a can of gasoline that he always kept in case of emergency. He poured some gas onto the table, where months of work were kept. There was a loud pounding sound coming from the basement door, and Dr. Bishop realized it must be the monster.

“I can lure the creature into the basement, and set fire to it. It will destroy everything,” Dr. Bishop said into the tape recorder. He kneeled behind the overturned desk just as the monster broke down the basement door. It let out a growl as it searched the room, looking for Dr. Bishop.

As the creature turned its back, Dr. Bishop poured the rest of the gasoline into the basement, and ran up the stairs. Dr. Bishop tossed a match into the basement, igniting a monstrous flame. Dr. Bishop ran and closed the basement door, and listened as the monster let out a shriek from inside. As soon as the creature became silent, Dr. Bishop ran out of the house.

He watched from outside as the flame grew, eventually encasing his house in a veil of fire. He grabbed the tape recorder and put it up to his mouth.

“I have destroyed all my work over the past few months. It was necessary to ensure no one ever finds out about what happened here. I will not give up on trying to find a cure for my disease, but I will make sure that no one has to experience the horrors that I have just experienced.”

Dr. Bishop stood up and began walking away from the burning house and away from the monster that he created and destroyed.

About the Author



Zach Coleman is currently studying Creative Writing for Entertainment at Full Sail University. Zach primarily writes short stories and screenplays, usually in the horror genre. When not writing, Zach enjoys watching horror movies, and reading horror stories. You can find out more about Zach on his LinkedIn page. https://www.linkedin.com/in/zachary-coleman-4bb4a9a4

The Horrifying Experiment of Dr. Bishop

This book is a short horror story about a scientist, Dr. Bishop, who has a disease. He creates a serum to try and cure the disease, which he ends up testing on a woman he has kidnapped. The results are more horrifying than Dr. Bishop could even imagine. The serum causes the woman to turn into a terrifying monstrosity. Once Dr. Bishop realizes what he has created, he understands that he must destroy it.

  • ISBN: 9781311752291
  • Author: Zach Coleman
  • Published: 2016-03-20 06:05:06
  • Words: 1667
The Horrifying Experiment of Dr. Bishop The Horrifying Experiment of Dr. Bishop