The Grifters: And Other Stories

Four Short Fiction Stories on Crime and Justice: THE GRIFTERS: Con men are typically pretty smart, in an evil sort of way. They have to be to take advantage of the rest of us. But sometimes, there’s a price to pay for being too smooth. BONE: Bone is a pretty rough dude—lots of brawn and very little in the way of a conscience. He is definitely not someone the average person would want to mess with. But the five little old ladies he tries to take advantage of are not pushovers either. Bone learns his lesson the hard way. THE PLAN: Cindy is gorgeous, and she has a plan. It’s a devious, cold hearted plan meant to ensure her future financial security. What could go wrong? REDEMPTION: Steven Darlington is a rich kid from New York, and he finds himself in a mighty pickle when he visits Mississippi. In the end, no one is above the law, especially where southern justice is concerned.

  • Author: Lee Duffy
  • Published: 2018-08-13 18:50:06
  • Words: 12596
The Grifters: And Other Stories The Grifters: And Other Stories