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The Grandfather of the North


The Grandfather of the North


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Fernando Davalos

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Chapter 1: The luminous lands of the north


Chapter 2: Marathonic journeys


Chapter 3: The silicon valley


Chapter 4: The mountain pass


Chapter 5: Battle at dawn


Chapter 6: The spiritual warrior


Chapter 7: Sad farewell


Chapter 1

The luminous lands of the north

Everything was excitement in New Way’s headquarters. Some of us did not know if we were coming or going while giving the last touches to the preparations of our imminent trip to the distant lands of the North.

The motive: a journey of two weeks to pay a visit of three or four days to our dear Grandfather of the North, which agreed to receive us for a few days on his reservation.

Alicia, against her normal routine, did not offer the group any appetizer or her legendary – due to its special taste – sage tea, and in turn, was constantly rushing us because we had to arrive on time to the airport to board the flight that will take us to the northern border of our country. From this place we will continue our journey by car, going deeper into the United States until reaching our final destination almost in the border with Canada, in the luminous lands were the Grandfather of the North had his humble residence in the form of a small trailer.

When we met him in a Guardians of Tradition reunion nested in the western mountains in our own country, the Grandfather of the North was addressing a small crowd under a rustic shadow made of palms and wood posts that managed to protect them a little from the fiery sun of March. Alicia and I decided to join the numerous groups of seekers that were listening to him with veneration, maybe in our case due to a mixture of curiosity and the search for a shadow in that hot spring day.

It wasn’t only what he told us, or his imposing tall figure and peculiar style, or the fact that he ended his comforting talk materially forcing us to hug each other in a loving but at the same time respectful celebration. It was also his certainly strange reference – being as he was a guardian of tradition of the Northern Native American territories – to the teachings of Jesus the Christ. To whom he certainly had found in his heart; but above all, what most impressed those of us who met him and managed to be admitted that same afternoon into his cottage, was a powerful loving energy that emanated naturally from his being and that could be felt by everybody that was near him.

Personally, I have never felt this comforting and tranquilizing vibration coming from any person I have met before; it was an authentic sensation of being at peace with the whole world.

Once settled at Grandpa’s feet in the ceramic floor of the small house where he was staying, and when we were listening to him, I remember asking Alicia:

- Alicia, What is your perception of Grandpa? Alicia? –

However, in that occasion Alicia never responded, not even turned her head to see me. She appeared to be in a trance-like state, totally absorbed by the powerful presence of the Grandfather of the North; this of course, answered all my questions because it was evident that Alicia could feel the same as me, the strange and medicinal energy that emanated throughout all the living cells of the Grandfather of the North.

After this unforgettable encounter, a good number of those of us that were members of New Way, decided to move heaven, sea, and earth to obtain the necessary funds for the long spiritual pilgrimage needed in order to pay a visit to Grandpa at his place of residence. The luminous lands of the North where the Grandfather of the North has his humble abode.

It was undoubtedly, an authentic family-based trip because it included the participation of three children, four women, and counting me, only a sole adult belonging to the male gender. Situation that was concerning me a bit due to the enormous responsibility that implied to interact with four powerful women warriors, and at the same time respond adequately to the innumerable petitions and needs that will surely pose the juvenile group of three restless kids.

- Hey guys, where is Alicia? – Asked Krista when she finally ended packing her voluminous baggage – It’s been a while since I last saw her –

After a few moments of unsuccessful search “we found” Alicia impassibly waiting for us outside her apartment, and already inside the taxi that should take us to the airport.

The entire group immediately noticed Alicia’s silent message, and inexplicably loaded with enough luggage to survive in the desert for more than thirty days, we departed full of hope to begin a trip that would turn to be for everyone into an authentic spiritual adventure.

Chapter 2

Marathonic journey

Once in the United States, and after renting a compact vehicle, the itinerary we planned would take us to go across thousands of kilometres with an obliged stop the first day of the journey, to pick up Giovanna, the last – but not for this less important – member of our peculiar and enthusiast group.

Giovanna was a very special young woman because on spite of being from a very wealthy family, she lived alone in a spacious department surrounded by all types of medicinal herbs. They practically filled at its maximum capacity all the corners of her spacious condominium nested inside an enormous city located alongside the sea in the southwest region of the United States. Giovanna was studying an interesting program that will surely help her to become an excellent herbal healer.

To find her home during the night and in this enormous concrete jungle of roads and freeways was a complete triumph, which required the help of Krista. Knowing that we were in an authentic spiritual adventure, she started without hesitation a fervent convocation to obtain the help of the guardians of the four directions, to guide us in that dark night to the department of Giovanna.

Even when I knew the region, having passed through these places in the past, I was too tired to look at the road map we had. So, with whatever was left in me of personal wisdom in that moment, I limited myself to follow the instructions of an indomitable elder that never been around those places but whose spiritual compass never stopped to amaze all who were fortunate to know her.

Once in her home, and after the affectionate greetings that were in place, Giovanna shared immediately the available spaces of her place among the entire group, filling us with presents she already prepared for each one of us.

The next day, after a well-deserved rest and a delicious breakfast, was a day dedicated entirely to the small members of the group, which greatly enjoyed their journey, thanks to our visit to an enormous amusement park very famous in those lands.

During the night, Giovanna invited us to a sacred pipe ceremonial gathering performed by one of her female friends that made a strong impression on the group due to her strange personality.

At sunrise and now with the inclusion of Giovanna, its new and assertive member, our group New Age was complete and ready to continue its way towards the luminous lands of the north where our dear Grandfather was waiting for us in his humble abode.

After a brief but emotional ceremony that I was designated to preside, we elevated our petitions and prayers in reverence to the Highest Spirit that animates it all, asking for light and protection for all the members of our peculiar group, the present, and the absent that couldn’t make it to this trip.

After the ritual, with great energy and enthusiasm, we initiated a long journey of more than fourteen hours of driving through the enormous regions of the northwestern states.

It only ended due to the fatigue that the eight members of our group showed at the end of the journey, contained as sardines inside the car and sharing our space with enormous quantities of luggage in the compact vehicle we rented for the occasion.

The distance that still separated us from our destination was enormous, but our optimism renewed thanks to a recent telephonic conversation that Alicia managed to establish with Grandpa, informing him of our progress on the road, and the great satisfaction he showed after hearing from us, sending his blessings and protection for all.

Chapter 3

The Silicon Valley

Due to the long voyage, our second stop took place very late at night in a beautiful city in Silicon Valley that we struggled a lot to find, in which a kind relative of Alicia lived and who generously took us to a nice restaurant especially for kids. There he invited us all delicious pizzas, kindly offering us his house to pass the night. Once in his place, he encouraged us to give a well-deserved rest to our aching muscles, in a nice and warm Jacuzzi he had installed in his garden.

During that night, before going to sleep, and even when my eyes were closing against my own will due to fatigue, the kind uncle of Alicia gave me one of the most clear and conclusive explanations I have received in my life. In this case about how to assemble an enormous tent of his propriety that we will bring with us as a loan to shelter all the troop of New Age for the rest of our trip.

Of course, the women did not consider this information of any use for them, and retired to sleep immediately. In this occasion, my memory would be in a few days and for all of us, of great usefulness.

The next day, and after the affectionate good byes and heartfelt thanks for all the help and hospitality received by the wonderful family of uncle’s, we quickly departed to continue our long journey. Our compact car at this point seemed more like a passenger bus because after only some hours on the road we made another stop to say hello to another relative of Alicia that appeared to have more family in the United States than in Mexico.

This time, Alicia’s relative was a beautiful cousin that studied in a nearby university and lived in a small apartment located at the shore of the sea. Even when it was only a quick visit of a few hours, she invited us to swim in the blue and inviting Pacific Ocean, we had in front of us. We gladly accepted the invitation, naively thinking we could relax a little our aching muscles due to the long hours on the road.

With the same speed we entered into the sea, we fled away from it due to the freezing temperature of the waters on that latitude. We admired also the resistance showed to the lower temperatures by Alicia’s cousin who swam a little inside the ocean and laughed a lot when she saw our whole group trembling with cold and rushing away from the icy surface of the sea.

Once Alicia and the whole group said good-bye and thanked the beautiful cousin for her kind welcoming, we continued our long pilgrimage setting the course always to the north, where our dear Grandpa had his residence.

At the first hours of the next day and after long hours on the road, the only ones awaken inside the car were Alicia and myself. Or so we thought because when I mentioned to Alicia I would definitely stop in a small motel in the next town, all the other members of our group “woke up” as if due to a magic incantation and the infantile voices gave the idea at unison an approbatory, yeees!

Tired and battered by the long hours on the road in uncomfortable conditions due to the small space inside the car; we only had enough energy to register ourselves in the motel in two rooms. One for the women, and the other for the children and myself, and without further talk we all fall asleep almost instantly promising to wake up at sunrise, to continue the journey to our destiny.

Chapter 4

The mountain pass

The next day was a day of very pleasant discoveries because with the light of day we realized we had stopped in a pass of singular beauty between the Rocky Mountains, and at the side of an enormous and abundant river that passed directly below our hotel rooms.

This situation didn’t passed of course unnoticed by Krista, who with great timing organized a beautiful group meditation in the terrace of the women’s room, from which it was possible to appreciate in its fullness the beauty of the mountains, and the force and vibrant emanations sent from the abundant river that flowed impetuous just below our room.

This meditation was able to tune our group in synchrony with the natural beauty – a very important element – for the indigenous groups of the north of the continent. Because from its silent contemplation, the First Nations of the ancient and millenary native traditions that lived in this territory before the colonization of their lands, were able to extract always all their valuable wisdom teachings.

After an invigorating sleep in this beautiful mountain pass, which inexplicably reminded us all of the presence of our dear Grandpa, and a much needed and delicious breakfast in which optimism and joy were present in everybody, we started the preparations to leave immediately towards our still distant destiny. It was then, when the children of the group made a happy discovery for them: the existence in the motel of a pool of natural hot springs, which turned to be at that moment an irresistible temptation for almost all the group.

In spite of all my protests and reasonable arguments of place and time, the women of the group supported immediately the idea of stretching our rest a little bit. Knowing that I would face a battle lost from the beginning, I decided to support the infantile petition with the promise of the whole group of not delaying too much our departure.

Finally, and not without facing even more delays, like the fact that I inexplicably lost the car keys, and had to hire a locksmith to obtain another car key, we left in a rush towards the land of our Grandpa. Krista and Alicia reminded me laughing how right they were on their decision to stay and rest a little bit more, adding that they could not understand why I was rushing them so much to leave if I was going to lose the car keys anyways.

They also added when they noticed I wasn’t sharing their sense of humour, that our delay was probably obeying to an unknown but powerful reason, maybe to avoid us all some danger that could have fall on us in the road if we had departed earlier.

I suddenly understood then, that my initial restlessness before the unbalance of the masculine and feminine energies in the composition of this trip was more than supported by the facts, and decided in consequence to take everything with more ease accepting the circumstances without resistance in the way they might appear unfolding in the future of this spiritual adventure.

Back again in the road, and every time more close to our destination, New Way began to show in spite of the fatigue and reduced space inside the car, a contagious optimism only defeated by the need to rest a little.

After driving the whole day almost non-stop until 10 in the night, we decided to stop in the last great city that separated us from our Grandfather of the North. After stretching our legs a little, we phoned Grandpa to let him know we were facing at least six more hours in the road to be with him in his humble abode.

Our Grandfather showed a great joy and enthusiasm by knowing we were getting close, and after giving me the necessary instructions to find the reservation where we could find his humble residence, he mentioned it was going to bed, asking us to camp just outside the old and worn out trailer that was his home, and in his own yard. He promised to visit our tent early in the morning of the next day.

Sharing the details of my telephonic conversation with the rest of the group, acted as an important catalyst of its energy and enthusiasm, and from this moment, everything was joy and agitation for the rest of the nocturnal journey in which we travelled. Everybody was singing songs, joking, laughing and remembering the numerous anecdotes that already happened to us in this marvellous spiritual adventure.

In this state of affairs, we were far from imagining the strange reception that awaited us a few hours ahead.

Chapter 5

Battle at dawn

The night was still very dark when we finally arrived at the humble, old and worn out trailer that was the home in which the Grandfather of the North lived in the company of his wife. His little mobile home was located within a small lot in one of the many Native American reservations created for the First Nations by the European immigrants that invaded their lands.



We were still in doubt, Giovanna and I, if we were in the right place, when Alicia without saying a word, stepped down the best she could from the compact vehicle, and with investigating audacity initiated a complete reconnaissance of the almost broken-down vehicle parked in front of the humble trailer.



The tense suspense maintained by the fatigued passengers of the compact car dissolved quickly when Alicia returned announcing joyful that we were certainly in the house of our Grandpa, final destination of our long journeys. The reason? Alicia could recognize inside the vehicle the old cowboy hat with two or three feathers that was the unmistakable mark of Grandpa since we first met him.


Without uttering a word, maybe more tired than happy due to the enormous fatigue, we all rushed to unload the enormous quantities of our bulky luggage, and immediately proceeded to assemble the enormous tent we had in a spot I rapidly chose inside the garden that was part of Grandpa’s property.



The clear explanation received some days ago from the kind uncle of Alicia was still very fresh in my memory, and thanks to this fact, I proceeded as a General of an Army, at least for a day, to give all kinds of instructions to the members of our group. Little by little, the enormous tent began to have shape and form in the dark dawn of the new day.



Suddenly, and without a warning, three large figures appeared surprisingly, displaying bottles of liquor and taking out from here and there the cables and posts we previously assembled in the tent with the obvious intention to torn down the little progress we already had on assembling it.



I immediately confronted the strangers that shouted all kinds of insults with no restraint at all. At the same time, I was trying to control the enormous rage I felt due to the violent irruption, which increased in my chest when I noticed the amazement and surprise of the children. In an instant, I turned my head to check on the women, and I saw four warriors that without any trace of fear were preparing to fight any type of battle in the darkest and strangest dawn of the whole journey.



My initial response was to fight back their aggression with assertiveness, asking in a loud voice and in my own Spanish language the reason for their aggression. This, and the fact that they weren’t expecting to be faced back with energy by our group, was good enough to at least inarticulate the initial charge of the three members of the native traditions we faced in front of us, and that obviously had been drinking huge quantities of alcohol.



After a short and tense silence, Alicia tried to take the initiative starting – or at least trying to – a conciliatory conversation with the leader of the three intoxicated youths.

She was rapidly and violently rejected by him who clearly manifested he was not going to talk to any of the four women. Paradoxically, I thought I saw in this response a chance to try and retake control of the difficult situation, because at least now there was a disposition in the group of youngsters to initiate some type of dialogue, and in Spanish language I said to Alicia:



- Alicia, wait, I think I can talk to the leader in other terms, tell the other women to stay at a prudent distance, and watch the other two companions, just in case; at my signal, when I see them more relaxed and in disposition to talk with all the group, if you want, you can talk to them –



-.Are you sure Agustín? I don’t think they should be trusted, they are drunk –



- This is precisely their weakness, don’t worry – I said



- Ok, good luck, here we are with you – Alicia responded



Immediately, I addressed the one who appeared to be the leader of the group because his two companions stood a little behind him. It was a tall and young individual with long hair and dressed typically as a member of a native nation.



- My name is Agustín – I said – and our group is coming from Mexico in a visit – - Why are you attacking us? – I quickly added



I barely finished the last phrase because almost shouting the young man responded:

- Who do you think you people are? – Who gave you the right to come to my Grandfather’s property and with no respect just pitch your tent on his garden? – This is not your house! Get the hell out immediately! -


As soon as I heard that he was a grandson of the Grandfather of the North, I remembered that once Grandpa mentioned he had a grandson with serious problems of alcoholism. I understood immediately that they were not common attackers but a group of youth that under the effects of the alcohol were carrying to the extreme their very understandable aversion against any member that appeared to come from a non-native tradition.



- Our group comes from México – I responded quickly, were your Grandfather travelled recently and where we met him. Following to his specific invitation, we have travelled more than 4,000 kilometres to be with him and with your Grandmother as well, and present them all our respects and some presents we have brought for all your family.



I immediately noticed again confusion in the face of the youth I was facing, and again took the initiative asking him:



- You are his grandson, right? I am very pleased to meet you and your friends, I am Agustín and the group here with me, are very proud to have met your Grandfather; he is waiting for us, and in a few hours, he promised to come and say hello here at this same tent-



- If you don’t agree with the place we chose to set it up, you as his grandson surely have a better idea of where to set it, and.. –



- It’s all right, you can stay – he interrupted – you look like people of good reasoning and good feelings towards my Grandfather, and I also know how to be a friend of my Grandfather’s friends –



As soon as they arrived, and without even giving me time to talk back to thank their words and ask their names, the three young men disappeared in the dark of the night, leaving behind only a trail of smoke and the screeching of tires produced by the car they were riding which disappeared at great speed from the place.


Maybe due to the enormous fatigue we all felt at the time, after almost 24 hours of a non-stop journey, there were no comments about the incident from our group, other than the obvious relief that we all felt when the tense and unanticipated situation we all faced was adequately resolved. Krista, without saying a word, gave us one more time a proof of her courage, and immediately proceeded to nail with energy the posts taken out by the fiery youth.



This beautiful example brought us back to our immediate task: to finish assembling our enormous but comfortable tent, which we finally did when the first rays of the sun were struggling to filter through the distant mountains in the horizon, just east from where we were.



Once everyone “found” his or her place inside the enormous tent, I decided to sleep just beside the entrance door, to be aware of any unexpected surprises that could appear in the future. I do not remember if I totally finished my prayer of gratitude to the Great Spirit that allowed us to arrive in one piece to our final destination because I fell into a profound sleep.

Chapter 6

The spiritual warrior

I thought I was still sleeping when a few hours later, I started to hear some whispers and feminine exclamations of joy and satisfaction inside our tent, and when I opened my eyes to find out, I saw him immediately. It was the imposing and dignified figure of the Grandfather of the North, calmly seated in the very center of our tent, and who without making a sound, managed to introduce himself inside the tent, plastic chair and all, to put a silent watch into our slumbers and wait for our awakening.



Everyone practically rushed to embrace him affectionately being corresponded with the same affection and joy.



We surely felt the same kind of happiness one feels when addressing a loved and respected relative we have not seen for a long time.



Once we recovered from the wonderful surprise, Grandpa, without losing any time and aware we have travelled long journeys to see and listen to him, started, right there and then, in that chilly summer morning and inside our tent, his wisdom teachings, and some of those that I have managed to remember are as follows:


– “ My sons, listen to what I have to say, it is the gift of the Great Spirit for you that have come from afar to visit us, my wife and me; listen with your heart, and with the help of the Great Spirit one day this humble words will render fruit in each and every one.” –

– “Never forget that poverty is characteristic of the elders; the suffering and the growing of the Spirit go hand in hand. The medicine man helps without expecting retribution. Be a medicine man and a medicine woman. God and nature are one, if you do wrong to Mother Nature, you do wrong to God, and yourself. Some of you are here to change your lives. Let us not receive our food of the day without a word of gratitude to our Great Spirit. Let us not play with nature, God’s creation, or somebody is going to get hurt. The same thing happens with the human body.”–



-“To understand nature: open your hearts and close your mouths, and listen with your hearts. When you open your mouths, your ears close. To pray is important but never play with prayer, be honest. If the white men do not stop doing what is doing for money, it will destroy all our natural resources. The tree is the last, the last frontier. If this important point of equilibrium ends, the world will end as well.” –



-“The prayer when it is done with others is very powerful, it can save the just. It is good to love. Love and respect your parents. Father is the one who loves. Mother is the one who loves. Purity is the door. The sickness is in the mind. Love and respect each other and yourselves. Return to the Spirit. Our first ally is the wind. God is Love. The air is the main vehicle of our God. Alcohol brings out the worst there is in humans. Do not chew others with your thoughts.” –



-“You must learn to recognise a good spirit from a bad one. To heal, and to open your hearts to the world, pray to the Great Spirit, but be honest in your hearts; be honest and sincere, ask and pray. If you want to say something to the world, say it loud and clear. Do not let your affairs go unfinished or they will turn against you. God gives us signs and missions to be accomplished, and if we don’t listen to Him, we hurt ourselves and our world.” –


– “Watch carefully your thoughts; never think against others, it is not good to speak against others. Watch your mouths also; use your hands to heal and put away bad things from yourselves and others. Believe in what you ask and do. Remember: you are your only limit; everything is in your mind, if you let it doubt, it will doubt. In heaven, they are taking note of your fights and your beliefs, Stay away immediately from everything that hurts you, without stages and thinking twice.” –



– “Remember the story of the alcoholic, after he was healed, he was accepted by his parents. Remember the story of the wolf-man: a man turned into a wolf, and when he was asleep, they cut his head out, but went and lived in other bodies. Do not be a wolf man and a wolf woman. Do not be afraid to cry and show your feelings to the Spirit; this will open your hearts. Reject jealousy, hatred, greed and lust; accept the presents of the Spirit: the tree, the food, the medicine, and the clothing. ! Stand tall as warriors! “ –



– “Every task to be done correctly needs at least seven days. Say no to evil and tear away once and for all, the demon out of your own hearts. Work hard for the affairs of your own place and country. Search for Jesus and you will find him, he will come into your hearts.” –



-“I remember when I found Jesus: He was calling me from the mountain; Joe… Joe… He kept calling me, and I could barely hear him, it was a very soft voice, almost inexistent; sometimes I think it was me, going crazy maybe; but there was something new in his calling, his voice resonated in my heart, not in my ears. At that point in my life, nothing mattered anymore in my world, nothing attracted me or motivated me, nothing fulfilled me; I was very sad and wanted to believe, I had faith and went to the mountain, leaving everything behind just to search for him. I was very afraid but decided to die, right there and then if it was necessary; there was nothing in my life to lose and I went, and climbed up the mountain, until I found myself away from everything and everybody; I only climbed up with great effort but without thinking much and letting anybody know my whereabouts. And, every time I could hear him more clearly: Joe… Joe… He was calling me…” –


– “ As I progressed in my climbing, his voice was stronger and stronger in my heart, and excited by this clarity I made a serious mistake, I decided to run to his encounter, and almost immediately the environment surrounding me changed completely. In an instant, and without even knowing how, I saw myself totally surrounded by the tallest trees I have ever seen, so tall that even dimmed the light of day.



I could barely see anything, and was walking as a blind man touching here and there to find my way, only guided by his faint voice that kept calling me, Joe…Joe… He was looking after me. For some terrible instants, I almost lost it in my heart that more than once turned upside down out of fear of the possibility of losing his voice that faded from time to time.



-“ I decided then, to completely forget all about myself and my own fears, accepting even my own end as a person which I don’t know why I intuited was imminent. This new perspective calmed down my agitation, and his barely audible voice started to grow again within my heart, as I kept walking only guided by his constant invitation. Joe… Joe… Come, I need you, He said, and I walked slowly, now in peace and without fears, with faith and trusting in our encounter.



In that same instant, the forest that surrounded me gave way to a beautiful open spot in the mountain and there I saw Him: standing tall and with arms wide open! Jesus, the Christ was waiting there for me! When at last we fused in a brotherly and loving embrace, I knew I would never lose Him again; Jesus has been all along a part of me from the beginning of time, and I have been a part of His love forever. Now I knew it with certainty because I had managed to find Him in my heart.” –



– “Jesus was so happy to see me that He was performing enormous and magnificent jumps that took him up into heaven. He went up and down constantly while I looked overjoyed; I could now see Him completely and in a very strange way, because His body was transparent and I could perfectly see His skeleton and within it, His lungs that opened and closed with His every breath, and also His heart that was beating jubilant.

Jesus went up and down constantly repeating how happy He was that I had finally found Him.” –



“I don’t remember when or how I went down to my little village, I only know that I recovered my normal state of consciousness and my being again in the home of my dear Grandmother, that was an admired medicine woman who knew as soon as she saw me that my destiny had been sealed by the Great Spirit. And without losing an instant, she took me under her wing.”



– “My dear sons: be yourselves docile instruments of the Great Spirit, because it has great plans for everyone if you let him.”

Chapter 7

Sad farewell

After a prolonged silence and a comforting peace we all felt due to his amazing stories, Grandpa added: – Now, let’s sing to the Spiritual Power that animates it all and let’s ask blessings for all of us. –



After this, and guided by the powerful voice of our Grandfather, all the group sang together some of the most moving and overwhelming traditional chants that I have been able to participate in.



The three complete days that we were fortunate to share with the Grandfather of the North and with his wife were for the entire group of an enormous importance to build the future course of our spiritual development. Aware of our naïve but honest aspirations to become medicine man and medicine woman for the benefit of our continent, he put us through a strange and moving initiation ceremony.



He asked us to exercise our own healing capacities at the service of his own wife, an admirable woman that was affected by a terminal illness that would finish her existence in this world in a few more weeks.


The fact that thanks to our noisy presence, the Grandfather of the North was able to convince his wife to leave her home for the first time in a long time to go and eat out all together in a nearby town, gave us a great deal of joy. This turned into a very nice evening in a modest Italian food restaurant.



Personally, I consider myself very fortunate by the private conversations I had with our Grandpa, and it never ceases to amaze me how the privilege of knowing him keeps influencing positively my actual existence. In all our conversations, Grandpa turned into an authentic mirror that did not retained anything and was able to help me to reflect myself completely in all clarity, which was, and still is for me, of an enormous utility to know about my most profound aspirations as well as my most secret imperfections.



Sometime after, it was possible for me to connect spiritually with Grandpa and with his wife, and to have a telephonic conversation with him. After the unbearable pain that the passing out of the great woman that rode with him in his journey and his life always supporting the achievement of his spiritual goals, Grandpa decided to join her a little after in the green prairies and sacred lands that the Great Spirit has prepared for those who are faithful. I miss him dearly, but I know that someday I will be able to find him within my heart.



To say good bye, leaving behind the humble motor home that constituted Grandpa’s residence, was for all of us a great sacrifice and gave us a great deal of sadness. After the numerous and endless farewells from the beautiful spiritual couple formed by the Grandfather of the North and his wife, we left, setting the course of return towards our distant Mexico. We all had the inner certainty to have met again and lived with an authentic spiritual master, who most of us would never see anymore, but that remains indissolubly united in the most profound and sacred of our own hearts.

The Grandfather of the North

During a meeting of elders of indigenous traditions in the western mountains of Mexico, Agustin and his group " New Way" of practical and applied spiritual ecology met a medicine-man from the north of the American continent that greatly impressed them due to his loving and magnetic personality and his wisdom. To see him again, they start a long journey that would take them to his humble abode in a spiritual venture that would take them two weeks. As a reward for their efforts, they receive spiritual wisdom and peace through the comforting presence and teachings of the Grandfather of the North, spiritual gifts that would consolidate the adequate functioning of their group and that would have an important influence in the future spiritual development of each one of its members.

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The Grandfather of the North The Grandfather of the North