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The Fresh Air Marmalade Quell The Desperate Staid (Why Rain On Life's Parade?)


The Fresh Air Marmalade Quell The Desperate Staid (Why Rain On LIfe’s Parade?)

Barbara M. Schwarz


It felt like a distraction…

but then it gained some fresh air traction !


On the front – for everyone that takes a punt and gives life a fair old shunt (forget the runt, and the odd ill-mannered grunt) : “Fair played – the Sun parade (just how diamonds are made)”.


I started to engage…

with a snigger on a page


And for quite an age

I laughed loud as a sage


This rage you wage

Does it really show your age?


And in my head

I saw instead

A tiny little flea

Hoping to bother me


‘Dear flea’

The buffalo cried nonchalantly

‘Could you really annoy me…

indeterminately, when

all I see

is the odd thing

buzz past me?’


But the flea,

sought attention desperately

and carried on

buzzing along!


“I think I recall

…but then I start to stall:


Yes – the circus is now closed, and it’s off to greater shows”


Purple Eyes Publishing

At the age of three, we humans cognitively see : ‘the world’s bigger than me’. And what we make, won’t break, as we shake the apple from the tree, and progress diligently, so the odd snigger – or three – stays at the periphery, of what engages (you and) me fundamentally.


Fresh air relayed: the staid gets made into marmalade – something to spread on toast – for breakfast at most; for don’t you see (little flea, in all your misery), we (all) bring – a finer thing : with heart and soul to sing in our final (life’s) fling.


Old or young – let’s have some fun (instead of hum-drum, ‘see-how-wise-I-think-I’ve-become’ : boring everyone with the null-sum done = have you really won, when life is constantly on the run?)


A wise man told me, to keep my energy for the right stuff, and so with a bit of huff and puff, I show my stuff is tough enough – your trite little snigger lets me launch my outrigger : for a bit of fun, out back in the sun!


Cheers, my dears, your slights and fears bring no tears : I’ve known for years – life is lived in humming spheres. So whatever gnat-sized interaction, gains no further life-long traction or any lasting satisfaction…


And the buffalo said, “Now that’s put to bed – I hardly really see the odd thing float past me.”


And the great big yawn

At the edge of dawn

Meant the sun had grown warm,


Fair play :

Welcome to a brand new day

And the cobwebs blew away

As the sun in grand array

Showed me so much more today




Humour – now that’s quite a rumour

And really quite a stir

To lose a bit of fur (on the tongue …)

And come on out into the sun

Enjoying all the fun


The laughing sun embraces everyone

And the little flea (however vehemently…) looks quite tiny


A sense of great proportion : life without distortion

A sense of (always) coming through : with better things to do

A sense of (ever) knowing : how inspiration is growing.


(whatever now, dear flea, you’re crowing : what are the seeds you’re actually sowing?)


and how good energy is flowing

Now it’s really showing :

what keeps our hearts ‘a-glowing’

is the heat of life’s new knowing

(When the staid gets made into fresh air marmalade)


And I deduced life’s great juice is ‘what I’ve produced’.


So when spite came along, there wasn’t too much wrong

with what I was doing – spewing positive energy -

brewing positive memory


and all I could see, embraced me

to race and give life a good old chase

right to the finish line, when of my time, I call:

“Look, how much I enjoyed it all!”


For every little hurdle

lets it all just curdle

into cream, now to live my dream

With fresh strawberry as queen


All you ever seem to know

Opens up to wider flow


All you ever seem to see

Rebounds infinitely


And I shook the bower from my tree

And laughed so loud to see

The birds applauded me


Sing along to your own true song

That’s how you move along

In a throng of energy

(At whatever age you happened to be…

It’s not quite too late to see an ‘alternatively…’)


But that’s enough of me

Talking to the odd flea

Who happens to buzz past blindly…


And so I had some breakfast instead,

as the sun rose ahead


A curious little thing

to engage in what you bring

to a great table of

life’s own sumptuous stable


And with every force,

I ready every horse

just to go on every course,

and discover the source, that you’ll see,

is the sun laughing back at me.


Little flea, little flea – can’t you just be happy?

(I asked rhetorically).


“Oh don’t you patronise me!” the flea retorted speedily


But… why would that bother me, when we echo-chamber our own reality


Size of a flea or let the elephant jump free -

that’s up to you (not me)

to define your own reality


And the best I now wish you

Is to find a path that’s fresh and new

(And to your greater self is true)


And on this, I alight :

We’re all so much more than our manufactured spite

when we start to see our infinite possibility,


Life becomes a friend, and,

we move through a productive bend


Where each twist and turn helps us new to learn


That with what we engage, keeps our energy sage and sound

And keeps (us) on a happy rebound


So thank you for pointing me in a new direction


For on reflection,

The flea helped me to see

What matters most to me…


is positive energy

(that doesn’t take itself too seriously…)


Laugh with yourself my friend

If you want your misery to end


And the flea jumped to be

An elephant trumping free

From the circus of petty menagerie


Ohhhh, Come on Nelly!!!

Get rid of the ache in your belly

Stop watching useless telly

And give your life a fresh air welly!

(Staid can be so suffocating and smelly…)


Leave the old pong, and sing a fresh new song,

is how I’d like to encourage you along,


but, it’s up to you what you do

for I’m just passing through :


p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. a simple flea in your ear

at which you’ve sometimes liked to sneer


So small beer for you is what I’m coming to…


and cheers (I’ve leapt above your fears to greater humming spheres, so whatever now you label, life floods every stable to see : the open door’s for you and me – far from fabricated misery)


And existentially I said,

that’s enough in my head,


and wished you well instead

so wherever now your paths lead,

may your spirits be well fed !

(as opposed to living with spite’s own dread…

where we a dismal future thread)


And whenever I now see a flea,

I’ll think of life proportionately


as sacred energy

spent wisely.


So rain on my parade, for in truth,

the sun aid me to see :

life’s magnanimity.


Buzz buzz buzz and all the fuzz

became a bee, moving forward so swiftly :


productive energy is how I see life works for me!


And as for you, you’ll just see what it is you wish to be.


And on that note, I float my boat further out to see : life’s entirety.


Blue skies always welcome you

When you’re through with

Other people’s (unnecessary) venom stew


(we’ve all so much more to do

to help life carry through

to horizons brave and new

instead of sniping in a lazy queue

of the self-indulged flea-sized view)


So, the brutal honesty?

The sneer simply jolted me

And a race horse bolted free

From infantile menagerie!


For this is for every other one,

Whoever (mistakenly) believes

The sneer has (ever) won…


No such thing is ever done

Come on now enjoy the fun

Laughing with the rising sun


And come, embrace your day

To live it all in your way!


(whatever trite spite may say,

does it matter anyway???)


In the end, life is love’s much

braver friend


For what more is there to say?


The manner of fair play

is still alive today!


Courageously I see

the clearer path in front of me,


and the fresh air marmalade

quell the desperate staid


Why rain on life’s parade

when the sun comes to our aid?







The Fresh Air Marmalade Quell The Desperate Staid (Why Rain On Life's Parade?)

Don't cower from your creation, when you have joy sensation; others' cataracts are their own misery racks - for we always ever see 'what's really good for me', and short-lived spite is quite trite, and not quite right - it's useless frippery that detracts great energy from what we start to see : when the sun shines down for free to give our lives new destiny! Every new dawn - a brand new world is born : and you adorn your way with what you do and say. Ask yourself today : "Is it all fair play?", for I have found that we each are bound with the energy we ground in our own sound (hence the rebound of 'what comes around...'). The echo we perceive is how we our own lives cleave, and I'll leave it hanging there in the fresh clear air (for who will really care, if the odd flea buzzed there....?)

  • ISBN: 9781370725335
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2017-05-18 12:20:08
  • Words: 1431
The Fresh Air Marmalade Quell The Desperate Staid (Why Rain On Life's Parade?) The Fresh Air Marmalade Quell The Desperate Staid (Why Rain On Life's Parade?)