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This story was written for my friend.

And I appreciate all the support of family and friends!

My nan and Graham are my life force doing this, always pushing me to do more with it! I hope to make you both proud!

I hope you enjoy this story!

Keep a look out for part 2 called The Lily!

Seycora Thomas

The Fire

“Run” screamed Tyler. Lola was coughing close behind him. All around them the flames got higher and the smoke got thicker. They were stuck and running out of air. Both of their heads jerked up when they heard a baby crying above them. They headed for the staircase, running whilst flames licked at their feet. Two steps at a time they run to the top of the stairs dodging little patches of flames. Just as they get to the top of the staircase, it got weaker and gave way. They watched relieved they had got to the top in time. Tyler motioned to Lola to keep going. Softly and swiftly moving down the hallway they followed the cry to a baby’s room. Tyler looked around the room; the baby’s wardrobe was engulfed. The toys and flooring were melting under the flames. Hopping over the patches of flames Tyler gets to the window and pulled down the half burning curtains, stamping on them to put it out as much as he could. Tyler struggled to open the window. Lola had picked up the baby and was hushing and cooing to keep the baby calm. Tyler saw the fear in her eyes.

Would they make it out?

Tyler used the adrenaline and pushed the window open. He leant out and waved his arms wide to get the fire fighters attention. The men got to work to get them out. Tyler got Lola and the baby close to him and the window. Within a few minutes the fire fighters had got to them. Lola handed them the baby. Tyler motioned to Lola to go next. As she was about to climb out she say Tyler look at the door. She looked too. Then the room started to spin. Lola felt herself hit the floor. She tried to open her eyes but everything went black.

Tyler awoke with a jolt.

What happened?

Where am I?

He looked around,

Where is Lola?

The room was white. Only a sink with a light and a mirror, toilet, bed and a barred window was there. He looked down and saw he was in a hospital gown, to the side was grey plain jogging bottoms and a white t shirt, Tyler got changed. He felt incredibly strange. Something had changed. He walked over to the sink and jumped as he looked in the mirror. His green eyes had turned to a deep electric blue. His blonde hair had turned black with tints of blue. He stepped back a few paces and turned to run for the door. He grabbed the handle and pulled; the door flew of the hinges and hit the barred window. Tyler shrieked in shock. Tyler stared at the door backing into the corridor. Tyler ran. He ran past conference rooms until he saw another room like his. He peered through the small window and saw a girl. It was Lola, except it didn’t look like Lola. Her hair was red; dark red.

“Excuse me” said a voice from behind him. Tyler turned around. It was a doctor. A tall male doctor had a lab coat with pens in the pocket and clipboard in his arm. The man had dark hair with strands of grey.

“What am I doing here?” asked Tyler. The doctor asked Tyler into one of the conference rooms. He asked Tyler to sit down not taking his eyes off the doctor. The doctor started to tell Tyler about the fire. How they were unconscious and the fire fighters had climbed in and gotten them out. How the baby was alive because of them. However he couldn’t explain how they had changed.

“Tyler do you remember anything?” asked the doctor. Tyler thought about the fire. It was all a blur in his mind. He remembered looking at the doorway. There was something in the doorway. “No, I don’t” he said quietly. The doctor leaned back. “Would you like to see your friend?” Tyler nodded. He led Tyler back to the room where he had looked in the window. Lola was sitting on the bed looking away from the door. She looked at Tyler as he walked through. Lola stared at Tyler taking him in just as he was doing to her. The doctor was close behind; he stood by them and started total to them. They couldn’t stop staring at each other, bewildered. Some words the doctor was saying was suddenly sinking in.


Flash of light.



No scientific understanding.

Tyler looked just as confused as Lola. “You haven’t told me your name yet doc” he said. The doctor nodded and replied “I’m Doctor Rees, I’ll leave you two to talk”. Lola shot up. “What the hell happened to us?!” Lola stammered trying to keep her fear inside. “I wasn’t really listening. I’m sorry. I was in a lot of shock” he replied. Lola walked over to the door and held the handle. Tyler held his breathe watching her, waiting to see if she was like him. Lola pushed the handle down and opened the door. The door opened with no problem. The doctor was outside waiting to give them a fresh set of clothes and showed them to the showers. After they had showered and dressed they were taken to a small cafeteria and given warm food. After the food they were shown to a small conference room with a presentation set up. It was meant to help them remember more about that night. Lola sat fidgeting, Tyler turned to her and offered a reassuring smile to soothe her. Lola gave a soft smile back as they watched the presentation.

As pictures of the fire come from the projector; they started to remember. Flash backs of running through the flames, the baby crying, the window and the fire fighters. Then there was the door way. What else was in that house? The doctor sat next to Lola and passed her a piece of paper.

It reads…

You cannot leave here

You could be a danger to the outside

We need to understand what you are

You need to try and remember what you saw


Lola passed the note to Tyler. When the presentation was done Tyler whispered to Lola “I think they know more than they are letting on” Lola nodded “I don’t feel safe here”. Tyler agreed. He took Lola’s arm and lead her to her room. “We need to get out of here, we have changed, we don’t understand what or how but we aren’t ourselves anymore” Lola held out her hand and a red ball appeared. Lola smiled at Tyler. Tyler winked. A doctor walked in and Lola quickly closed her hand. They both looked the doctor “We need to take some blood tests”. He stepped aside and in came two nurses. “Ty” Lola whispered backing away. The doctor looked at Lola, Tyler took her hand “I don’t agree with what you’re thinking” Ty said to the doctor. Lola looked at Tyler “what?” she whispered. The doctor pressed a button on a cord around his neck. The nurses scarpered and security ran in the room. Tyler laughed. One officer came up behind Lola and grabbed her. Immediately Lola started kicking and restraining. Tyler had two of them against him. He picked one up and threw them in to the corridor. The next one punched Tyler square in the face, knocking him off his feet. Getting up off the floor Tyler saw Lola wiping the blood off her head. She’d been smashed into the wall. Tyler wiped his bloody lip and a red light sent the officer into the doctor. Lola stood there looking at her hand in amazement. An officer came at Tyler. Tyler tackled him and picked him up. Lola come behind him and hung the guy by his underwear. Tyler laughed. “Had to keep it old school” she smirked. “Let’s get out of here” Lola took his hand and started to run at a wall. A WALL?! Tyler couldn’t read her mind, panicking he tries to slow them down. Lola held on tighter. Tyler saw a blinding light. He closed his eyes, when they stopped, he opened his eyes. They teleported to Tyler’s house, through the window he saw his parents. His mother looked tired and worried; his dad was trying to comfort his mother. Lola looked at him, “you have to tell them Ty”. Tyler looked down; then shook his head. “So you’re just going to disappear?”

“It’s for the best Lola and you know it” Tyler ran his hand through his hair. She knew he was right, didn’t feel right though. Within seconds they were gone again. They had nowhere to go. They sat in a park; in silence. Lola started to fidget; she was getting nervous about their situation. She looked at Tyler and smiled. Tyler looked at her and smiled back. He stood up and took her hand “come on Lola, Lets walk”.

They walked and walked and walked. It began to get dark. No words were spoken. They were thinking about what had happened. What could they do next? Obviously the scientists want them in cages in the labs they just escaped from. How could their instincts just tell them to trust their new powers? So many questions they couldn’t answer. They were beginning to get hungry and cold. Wandering through the lanes in the dark until “we’re here” said Lola. Tyler stopped and looked around the small chalet park. A row of 6 or 7 small white chalets were next to a small paddock. “I need you to work your powers of persuasion to get us a chalet” whispered Lola. Tyler gave her a cocky look and clicked his knuckles walking towards the office with a devilish smile. Lola could see him working his way in on who she hoped was the owner’s daughter. Young thing only looked about 18. A few moments later Tyler came out with keys. Lola met him at the chalet. “You owe me” he joked. Tyler went inside and turned on the light, they took a small look around at the small chalet. The kitchen was small with a breakfast bar facing it. One small settee and TV set was in the living room. The bed room had two small single beds and the bathroom had a shower and fresh towels.

Lola and Tyler showered and sat outside. Lola brought food from another lovely couple who were a few chalets over. They sat and ate and enjoyed the stars. It was so peaceful. Lola turned to Tyler but was alarmed he was no longer sitting by her; looking around franticly she started to call out for him. “Ty? Ty?” she shouted. “What” she heard from beside where she was sitting. “Where are you? I can’t see you” She called out again. Lola was still looking around wondering what was going on. Tyler looked down “I can see me” he said. Lola was still looking freaked out trying to see where his voice was coming from. Then as she turned back to where he was sitting he was sat in the same place. Lola looked at him scorning “Where did you go?” she demanded.

“Nowhere I swear it, I haven’t moved” he laughed “what are you on about”. Lola sat back down and explained to Tyler that he wasn’t there just then. “You literally disappeared” Tyler laughed and walked inside. Lola watched him with a look of disbelief on her face. It was getting late so Lola and Tyler went off to bed, Tyler told her to take the bedroom and he would take the sofa. What a gentleman.

During the night Tyler awoke with a jolt. He felt it in the pit of his stomach that something wasn’t right. Tyler got up and looked at the bedroom door, Lola wouldn’t be up now. He went to turn on the light but thought he better now and struggled to look around in the dark. . Something told him to go to the window. He crept over and opened it. As he looked out and saw two bright purple and gold speckled eyes staring back at him. “LOLA” he startled. “Shhh, come on” she whispered. Tyler climbed out the window and hid next to Lola in the shadows. Lola motioned to the other chalets. Walking through the dark was the doctor with a few men. Tyler took Lola’s and started to make a run for it. Tyler and Lola felt a sharp pain to the back of the head.

Everything went black.

The smell of disinfectant burned through their noses. Yep, back at the hospital. Tyler woke up and found himself slouched by a wall. After his consciousness had been regained he attempted to get up to where he could see Lola still unconscious across the room. “What do you want from us?!” Tyler shouted at the doctor who was checking over Lola. The doctor walked over and knelt by him. The doctor got close to Tyler’s face and said “You see boy, we know everything about you and Lola. You can use a red orb to hit with some force; you can read minds and project thoughts into others, except Lola’s. Lola’s orb works as a force field so you can’t read her mind and she can use it to protect you both once she learns how to. She can also transport anywhere. Your powers were dormant until you’re near death experience; the adrenaline kick started your mutation.” Tyler looked at Lola, still unconscious. Tyler went to her to try to wake her. The doctor stood over them and poured water on her face to wake her. Lola started gasping and moving back to sit up. Tyler told her it was okay, Lola realised where they were and moved closer to Tyler; eyeing up the doctor with her purple and gold eyes. Tyler’s had gone neon red too, with anger. Tyler told Lola what the doctor had said. “We need your help” said the doctor.

Lola and Tyler stared at the man. “I’m sorry what?” Tyler asked enraged. The doctor walked around fumbling with his hands. “We need you to find your cure” he muttered. Lola stood up and walked towards the doctor “You have chased us, hid the truth and captured us and now you ask for our help?” Tyler took her hand to calm her down. She had every right to be angry, so did he. “Yes” he replied “One flower can change it all”.

Tyler thought about. They could be normal again. No more blood tests, being chased. But also no more powers and as he looked at Lola he just knew she didn’t want to lose it. And he did kind of like having them. “There’s just one flower? That’s it?” Tyler looked at Lola who stepped back. The doctor gave Lola a picture of a purple and red petal lily. It was called an acutoo. It’s a healing flower that only sprouts once every twenty years. Lola thought about it, why would they want to be normal? Tyler was still looking at her; he could see she didn’t want to change back. Lola watched as his eyes narrowed like he was concentrating on something.

*If they don’t do this, I will kill them myself*

Tyler heard the doctor’s thought’s, he went to Lola’s ear and whispered “trust me, it’s for the best”. Lola had a bad feeling but she did as he asked. “We’ll do it” he said. Lola stood there, in shock. No. She didn’t want this but if Tyler thought it was best, maybe it was. The doctor told them all that would happen next. The next two days was a blur of survival training and learning to hunt and live off the land. They learnt how to use a map and a compass and navigate using stars, even how to pitch up a tent and set up camp. “It’s like brownies all over again, without the badges” groaned Lola. Tyler laughed as he put on a huge, heavy pack. The doctor pointed to an assault course and they both muttered “you’re joking” staring wide eyed at the course. Two hours later Lola was stood at the top of the assault course end wall. “Jump!” shouted Tyler, “No way!” she shouted back scared out of her mind. “Trust me” he called out. “He better catch me” he muttered. She closed her eyes and jumped. Tyler stepped out eyes glowing red and caught her. She opened her eyes and said “NEVER are we doing that again, Good catch though”. Tyler showed off his devilish smile.

The next day was leaving day. Tyler knew he had to tell her what the doctor was thinking. Lola took his hand transported them. Tyler looked around. They were in a café. He looked at Lola who was sat at a table, “what’s going on” he asked her confused. “You think I don’t know you? Something felt really wrong so you have to tell me what’s wrong” she replied. Tyler sighed, “The doctor is going to kill us if we don’t get the cure”. Lola sat and thought about what Tyler had said. She smiled at him and said “What if we go M.I.A?” Tyler looked at her in an amused shock. “So we are keeping our powers?” Lola stood up and said sarcastically “Yeah because we would be so good at being normal again”. Lola took his hand and transported again. “We are going to find that flower and find others like us, Then they can decide their own fate” Lola smiled at Tyler. “Yeah now that’s a plan” he smiled back.

The doctor was pacing the floor. In rushed in a worker and explained that Lola and Tyler had gone off the map. The doctor smashed his fists on a wooden desk “FIND THEM” he shouted at the worker “NOW!” The worker ran off to work on finding them. The doctor walked into another room and there was a dark haired young man strapped to a chair in a straitjacket and mouth muzzle.

“Dylan, time to get to work”.

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