The Family Chronicles

The Family Chronicles entails the story of Antwan, a known drug boss that’s the head of the Stevens Organization, and a member of The Council, a group of drug czars that distribute heroin and cocaine in cities across different states on behalf of Santiago, the chief distributor for Hannibal Reigns, a powerful narcotics kingpin. Delonte and Marcus, the twin sons of Antwan, are polar opposites and their family ends up into a war with Malachi, an up and coming drug player that’s looking to further his reputation in the criminal underworld. Antwan wants to desperately leave the game but finds out that his past will haunt him in ways he couldn’t even fathom. Can the Stevens Organization survive the dark secret that’s knocking on their front door or will they succumb to it? Is everyone truly loyal to one another? Can Malachi prove he’s the future of the drug game, or will he meet a demise that many have met when it comes to Antwan, and his twin sons?

  • Author: Jay Johnson
  • Published: 2018-09-27 03:35:13
  • Words: 55246
The Family Chronicles The Family Chronicles