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The Experiment





By David Jensen


Copyright 2017 by David Jensen


Shakespir Edition


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Driving along the road going through town, he seen a silver flash up high above the road in front of him, and a cold feeling of fear accompanied the shiver that waved through his body. He slowed his Camero down and as he drove further along, literally watching it and not the road, he seen the jet airliner bank for a turn to land at Chicago, and he sighed in relief.

It has been quite a few years now since I had spotted one of those things, just hanging silently in the air in the general vicinity above me, and the nightmares which had plagued me since childhood had also receded into the back of my mind. Even the deaf-pinging had disappeared! After years of visiting a psychologist and telling her almost everything, I had at first figured she would commit me to an asylum, but she had said that I built the nightmares up like chapters in a book, each one adding to the last one. As for seeing the silver balls hanging in the air, she had said that the first time I could find a witness who had also seen it; she would follow up on it. The time that one appeared after I had parked my car in the parking lot of the little grocery store, I had seen another man standing by his car and he was also definitely staring at it, for there was nothing else to see in the sky in that direction. But like me, the other man was virtually hypnotized at the sight of it just hanging there motionless, without a sound, and gleaming sliver. Till that small trace of movement came from it, as if it was suddenly seen diffused through water, and in the next second it was gone. The other guy had turned and with a surprised look on his face, had seen me also watching it. With his long ragged beard, unkempt long hair and jeans outfit with various patches from motorcycle clubs, the only thing missing was a Harley Davidson. But he had watched with his hands resting on the roof of a car not even twenty feet away from me, and now he was staring at me with either a look of hatred, fear, or both at being caught watching it. It was the witness I had needed to prove that I’m not fantasizing nor have nuts for brains, and I had said; “If you can see it too, then we desperately need to talk!” His answer was terse and spiked with a venomous tone; “You tell anybody about what I seen and I’ll hunt you down to kill you. That’s a promise. I have enough problems with them as it is!” Then he had hopped into the car and drove off, leaving me stupefied as to why he would kill me, and who are ‘Them’ that he has problems with?

I was at her office the very next day, and after listening to what had transpired in the parking lot, the psychologist had simply shaken her head. “Now I’m starting to worry about you. You seem to have a fantasy witness who also threatened you bodily harm, but if you can find him and convince him to come in, then I can do a psychological diagnose on both of you!” Apparently she must have had her days as a woman does every month, for her attitude wasn’t even placating like normal, so without even a word, I had walked out of the office, and never went back.




There were more things that happened on a regular basis that I hadn’t told her about, for her skepticism was quite high even for someone in her profession. I had felt her reluctance to even think about accepting what had and still was happening to me as possibly true. So I had never told her about the x-ray I had which showed a round ball in it. The doctor had asked if I had been shot earlier in life or wounded by shrapnel, for the x-ray showed the density of it to be metal, and he had even pulled a magnet down from his calendar hanging on the wall to test it. The doctor was fascinated by it and it was not of any iron composition so as to attract the magnet to my hand. But the doctor had said that it was not the cause for the broken hand so it was just a curious object, nothing more. After four weeks with my hand in a cast I had went back and they did another x-ray to see if the dislocation was healed enough for me to go back to work, and the metal ball was gone! “Well, it must have wandered somewhere else but as long as you don’t have any problems, I wouldn’t worry about it.” he had said.

The ear doctor had checked me out many a time and my ears are in good health. But he couldn’t explain why I sometimes have deafness accompanied with a soft pinging noise in my ears. Sometimes it lasted only for maybe five seconds, and sometimes it last much longer, driving me crazy till it fades out and my hearing returns to normal. And I had always stopped what I was doing till my hearing had become normal again, until the day I was driving and it happened.

I was heading down the road which led out of town and staying with the speed limit for the cops’ just love to hang hidden on the side roads just around the corner where you don’t see them and laser you when you went whipping by them. On that day I was anyways in no hurry so I tuckered along at the speed limit and listening to music, when it happened again. Like somebody turning my volume down to the point of deafness, unable even to hear myself breathing or the thumping of my heartbeat in my ear, and that soft pinging noise came as if from far, far away. It was the first time I was in a predicament, for I couldn’t simply stop in the middle of the road, not with the line of cars that were behind me! So I drove on, deaf to the world outside and that was when the pinging started to get really loud, and when it seemed to me that it was deafening, I drastically reduced my speed. Looking in the rearview mirror I seen the man behind me flip me the middle finger and he most definitely was honking his horn, albeit I couldn’t hear nothing but the loud pinging which seemed to be now coming from inside my head and not my ears. I slowed down some more, thinking that maybe this is how a stroke happens and I had my hand on the parking brake, ready to yank it up as soon as I would start to go unconscious, and the behind me, the man was now holding up his middle finger the whole time. He would have passed me, (and probably stopped me to whip off on my dumb ass for driving like a granny), but the oncoming traffic was heavy and he didn’t stand a chance of risking it without having a head-on with another car.

We were creeping along and coming to where the road makes a sharp left curve, and there was suddenly a break in the oncoming traffic, and the guy behind was going to risk it and pass me. As he was side by side with me, we both seen up ahead at the curve, another car coming around the corner, but the car was much too fast to take the sharp curve and shot straight across our lane and smashed into the bus stop on the right side of the road. He and I both slammed down hard on the brakes, which nearly made the next one behind me slam into the trunk of my car. We both looked at each other in shock, him for almost passing and becoming caught up in the car careening across the street, and I for slowing down and now being able to hear again, and with that came the realization that the deafness and pinging is most likely a warning signal when my life is in danger!




That night while drinking a beer, sitting on my couch and staring at the ignoramus nonsensical programs they always bring on TV 24/7, I went back over all the times the soft pinging had come over me. It occurred to me that wherever I was I had always stopped till it was finished, be it the time I was walking in the woods, (would a tree have fallen on me?), or the other time I came to an intersection and stopped way short of the stop sign and the curve. That time I had waited and some idiot had come screaming around the corner with total disregard of traffic, and if I had just come up to the stop sign he would have creamed me all over the intersection. And what about during maneuvers while in the army, where it happened and suddenly enemy fire had literally ate at the bark of the tree I was hiding behind! I had thought that it was also just a coincidence.

But today I couldn’t, or rather choose not to stop what I was doing, and by apparently ignoring the warning so softly pinging in my ear, it had suddenly gotten real loud, literally forcing me to at least slow down, when I wouldn’t stop the car. If I hadn’t have slowed down, I would have been caught up in that mess, getting rammed directly in the driver side door and probably getting killed.

I drank beer while the TV flickered without sound, and added it all up. Like mathematics, I came up with the only answer possible. Somebody was watching and watching out for me and my safety. But for what reason, and who is protecting me, God, Buddha, or some other godly entity? Regardless of who it is, from now on he would obey the warnings, but the silver balls still scared him to death, making him break out in a cold sweat.




Staring at the vision hanging in midair, Stp-30 raised his hand and waved at the hologram, turning it off. Turning to his pupil Krr-12, he thought; “Finally my pupil has finished an experiment which shows some sort of increase in intelligence of our seedling project here on this planet, not like your last two science projects!” “The last two did go wrong, but not of my own accord!” Krr-12 thought back. “The artificial insemination of the female object called Mary with a new mix of our genetic coding was a success. And he would have had longevity and great power to influence and educate our seedlings, had they not damaged him so badly with whips and nailing him to boards to hang there!” “Yes, this is so true”, Stp-30 thought. “Thankfully I was able to intervene in time and turn his body off, and later transport him back here for disposal. But you only observed it all happening, and did not make a firm scientific decision to stop the experiment, although you had seen it was leading nowhere!” Krr-12 blinked his large black almond shaped eyes and thought nothing back to his teachers reprimand. “And while we are on the subject of failed experiments”, Stp-30 thought. “How could the power supply fail and allow one of the seedlings to remove the sword we had impregnated into the stone? The experiment was supposed to test the diligence and willpower of the seedlings, somehow the stone’s field has a power outage and a random seedling comes along and simply pulls the sword out! The experiments result was absolute Zero. But they belong to the past, from which we always learn and improve. So how does your latest experiment continue now?” Krr-12 had almost moved his mouth to form a smile, like the seedlings do. But it was forbidden and not proper in their society to show emotion, so he thought; “I will retrieve the watcher orbs and keep track of the seedling with the sender. It will have no more imminent warnings, for I wish to see if its intelligence advanced enough to sense approaching bodily harm.”

Good, we will watch together and see if the seedling ends early or continues to exist till its organisms quit functioning.” Stp-30 thought to his pupil. They turned and Stp-30 waved the hologram back to life, and they stood there watching diligently for another fifty cycles around the sun.



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The Experiment

  • ISBN: 9781370616879
  • Author: David Jensen
  • Published: 2017-05-08 20:20:09
  • Words: 2332
The Experiment The Experiment