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The Empire of Wizards: Read Dream : Part 2

The Empire of Wizards: Read Dream At an unknown time, in the future, the world is divided into five regions and the wizards govern to them. Black wizards are in the middle region and other areas in the hands of other wizards. They have destroyed all the weapons and they only use simple technologies that are generated under direct their supervision. Main enemies of the black wizards are white wizards, though they have many enemies. The black wizards are very powerful and ruthless and they create grim-magical creatures to control the people. The black wizards are from generation a black, wild, cruel wizard in the name Great Wizard and the white wizards are from generation a beautiful, kindly, a powerful witch in the name of White Witch. But the white wizards have an internal enemy called traitor survivors. In such conditions, our main character (Alex) is born. Alex lives in a village, while his family is killed by a black wizard named Keyholder when he was seven-years-old. Keyholder doesn't kill him, but he curses Alex for a special reason. Alex's imprecation is the red dream that it causes he sees real nightmare about his painful past. Alex lives just for revenge, but it is very much hard. But everything changes completely when Alex is twenty years old. He realizes that he has an aunt who is a witch. She tries to rescue him surreptitiously, but this work is not easy at all. She sends a girl named Flora, who is a witch for this mission. Flora gets the help of the Liberty Group that are the white wizards' soldiers, of course, with a clever plan, because nobody should know Alex, because Alex is a famous wizard but he does not know that. On the other hand, Alex is in love with Anahita who lives in the village but their love is clandestinely and Alex tries to dissuade her. Because it is a big crime as Keyholder will kill her. But Alex becomes confused; when Flora tries to take his heart. To rescue Alex many people are killed. But murderer of his family could escape. Flora cancels the imprecation and takes him to a boarding school which the whit wizards study at there, but as an ordinary boy.

  • ISBN: 9780463619384
  • Author: Rahim Mokari
  • Published: 2018-10-31 12:45:16
  • Words: 6011
The Empire of Wizards: Read Dream : Part  2 The Empire of Wizards: Read Dream : Part  2