the Duel on Shadow Hill

The Duel on Shadow Hill

by the Orator


Published by Gryphon Scribes™

Copyright 2015 Gryphon Scribes™

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The Duel On Shadow Hill



Now, night, in the fog
a tenacious tom
and a dangerous dog
stroll the country side.
They are headed to the Shadow Hill
where many mysteriously died.


This tom and hound
meet as opponents.
Both want to be master.
They growl, and then,
for Shadow Hill they bound,
each wanting to be faster.


The cat is quicked
and oh, so wicked.
The feral dog bays at the moon.
A bat sweeps by
to steal a cry
and a raven takes up the tune.


With a frightful stance
they both take a chance
to duel on the haunted mound.
They won’t make a deal.
They’ll fight for the hill,
and forevermore be bound.


Sharp cries fill the air.

At each other, they tear.
Crunch, gnash.
Swipe, slash.
Not dog, nor cat, will ever give.
Some say the two no longer live.


The spitting, scratching,
snarling and snapping,
up on Shadow Hill,
through the darkness
and through the mists
can be heard, still.








Dedicated to my mother, who liked to recite the Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat.


Title font is October Crow



the Duel on Shadow Hill

  • Author: Gryphon Scribes™
  • Published: 2015-10-21 05:05:06
  • Words: 212
the Duel on Shadow Hill the Duel on Shadow Hill