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The Curse, Book 1: Man or Wolf?


The Curse, Book 1: Man or Wolf?




Copyright 2016 Mark Mulle

Published by Mark Mulle at Shakespir





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Author’s Note

This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this “Minecraft Adventure Series” such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine…etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch







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Day 1

I’ve been running away, as fast as I can. Behind me, a group of monsters are angrily trying to get a hold of me. I can’t stop, otherwise they’ll catch up and I’ll be in big trouble.

On my way, I found a small cave near the lake. I rushed right into the cave, trying to lose the monsters. But the creatures wouldn’t give up: they followed me into the cave, and my only option was to go even deeper into this place.

I had no idea where I was, or where I was going. I just knew I had to move on in order to survive. By the way, let me tell you why I’m in this situation: I am a human who was transformed into a Wolf!

Yes, I know this sounds crazy and all, but believe me. I am 1000% sure I was a human. No, a MILLION percent sure! I’ve lived my whole life as a human. One day, I went out to hunt and grab some ores, and… Well, I don’t exactly remember what happened, but… I became a Wolf!

Now, I’ve been running away every single night, evading the monsters and living all by myself. What a tough situation I’ve gotten myself into. And what’s even worse: I have no idea how to fix it up!


Day 2

I woke up deep inside the cave. Yesterday, I ran so fast and went so far into the cave, trying to get away from the monsters, that I ended up completely lost. The cave is dark, but Wolves have a good night vision. At least I’ve got that one going for me, I suppose.

Getting out of the cave wasn’t that hard. The hardest part was actually leaving the cave and realizing I was still a Wolf: homeless, without any food, any friends, and no one to turn to. I was alone, being a Wolf without any skills.

First, I went out for some food. I chased some cows but wow, they’re really hard to get! I didn’t know cows were that fast. And I always thought my Wolves were well trained… Oh yeah, by the way I had some wolves in my house when I was a human.

I remember most of the things from my human life, but I don’t exactly remember how I became a Wolf. I just remember getting out and entering the forest, and then… everything becomes blurry and I woke up as a Wolf.

Well, I’ve got to get some food! I can’t just sit here and wait for the best. I need to go out and do things by myself, and survive in this dangerous world.


Day 3

I finally got some food. Phew, I was starving! I found some pigs, and they’re much slower than me. But I can’t continue living like this. I need to find a decent place to live and establish a home. That won’t be easy with all the current conditions I’m in, but it’s the least I can do.

This forest is way too dangerous… I’ll move out of it and find shelter up the mountains. Maybe the monsters don’t spawn as often up there. And once I’ve settled down, I’ll go search for my house, the one where I used to live when I was a human.

I remember living in a nice, wooden house inside a vast jungle. I always liked the big trees of the jungles and even made my house out of jungle wood. My sense of direction is completely messed up right now, so finding this house will be really tough.


Day 4

I left the forest and headed to the mountains. Wow, I never knew how hard it was to climb a mountain on all fours! It’s so frustrating and complicated. I am having a rough time learning the basics of being a Wolf.

When I got to the top of the mountain, I took a good look around. There’s a large valley to where I am living and some other forests to the right. I don’t recognize anything in this area, probably because I lost some of my recent memory.

As of now, I think my main question is: How? How did I end up becoming a Wolf in the first place? My second question is: Why? Why am I a Wolf, among all creatures?! I was a human! And third question: Where? Where in the world am I?!

I need to find an answer for these three questions before I go crazy. Being a Wolf isn’t fun at all!

Day 5

When I was setting up my house, I heard a howl coming from the woods. I looked around and I spotted a Wolf! I quickly ran towards him, trying to communicate with the creature.

- “Hey! H-Hey there!” I screamed, coming to the Wolf.

- “Oh?” He said.

- “You… You can talk! Hey!” I said, taking a deep breath after coming down from the mountain in a rush.

- “Woah, easy there! Breath!” He said.

- “I… I can’t believe it… I can actually understand you! That’s great, right?” I said.

- “Uh… Of course? You’re a Wolf too.” He said.

- “It’s nice to meet you! My name is William, but everyone calls me Bill. And what’s your name? Oh, I guess you don’t have one, right? Being a wild Wolf and all…”

- “My name is Rust.” He said.

- “Ah, so you do have a name! Nice.”

- “Of course I do. Everyone does! What are you even talking about?” Rust said.

- “Nothing, Rust. So, what are you doing around here?” I asked him.

- “I… I’m kinda lost. I went out one night to get food and then… I don’t remember much, but I woke up in this forest and now, I’ve been looking for my wolf pack for days.” He said.

- “Wow! The same thing happened with me! I knew there was something wrong with this forest.” I said. ”Anyway, wanna help me build my settlement? I am looking for my home, too. But we need a safe place to stay until we find out more about this forest.”

- “Okay.” He said.

We went up the mountain to finish building the shack.


Day 6

Building things as a Wolf is terrible. We can’t do much other than push blocks around and dig holes. Our shack came out horrible, it’s half under the ground and the other half is made up of dirt blocks pushed together.

- “Things would be so much easier if I was back to normal!” I said.

- “Uh? What are you talking about, Bill?” Rust said.

- “Well, you see Rust… I’ll tell you the truth.” I said. “I am a human.”

Rust stared at me. He looked around and laughed.

- “Wait… Why are you laughing? I’m telling you the truth!” I said.

- “You’ve gotta be kidding me, right?” Rust said. “Bill, you’re completely crazy. You’ve gone nuts. For how long have you been living in this mountain, anyway?”

- “Just a few days! I am a human, I swear! One night, I woke up in the forest and I had to run for my life because the monsters were after me.”

- “Monsters? No, you’re crazy again.” Rust said. “The monsters don’t attack Wolves. They only attack humans, or Wolves which have attacked them first.”

- “I’ve never attacked them first! I don’t even know how to fight those monsters!” I said.

- “Right. And you claim to be a human, heh?” Rust said.

- “Listen, I know you think this is a joke, but it’s not. I have plenty of memories of my human life, and I will find my home. Can you help me with that? I can help you find your wolf pack.”

- “Okay. I still think you’re just joking around, but let’s stick together.” Rust said.

Rust doesn’t believe me at all… How can I prove that I am (or was) a human?!


Day 7

Today, we both went out to get some food. Rust wouldn’t stop bothering me about my human life.

- “So hey human boy, how is it to walk on two legs?” Rust asked me.

- “Ah, it’s great. Mobility is not that fast like in all fours, but it allows you to be super agile and…”

- “I was just kidding, Bill. I still don’t believe you were a human.” Rust said.

- “Oh, c’mon! I am telling ya, I was a human and I was born a human! I will go back to my human form one day. Somehow…”

- “Right. Are you sure you aren’t hallucinating or something? Maybe it was all a dream, or even a nightmare.” Rust said.

- “No, I am sure about it! I was a human!” I said.

- “Just look at yourself right now. You’re a Wolf, Bill. No matter how much you claim to be a human, you’re just a Wolf. You can’t even prove yourself you were a human once.”

- “Well… Maybe you’re right. But I am pretty sure it was not all a dream…”

I’m starting to question my own existence. Am I a Wolf or a Human, after all? What if I was just imagining things all along, or just hallucinating? I don’t even know what to think.


Day 8

I actually remembered the moment I became a Wolf!

- “Rust, Rust!” I shook him while he was asleep. “I remembered everything! Wake up; I am sure I’m a human!”

- “Why don’t you just go to sleep, Bill?” Rust said.

- “Rust, I remembered it all! I went out to hunt and get some ores. Then I found a weird tree in the middle of the forest. And this tree was amazing – it was glowing! A glowing tree, Rust! I found that weird and upon touching the tree, I was electrocuted. When I woke up, I was a Wolf. That’s all!”

- “Uh, was this supposed to be a bedtime story?” Rust said.

- “No! It’s the truth!” I said.

- “Alright, alright. Now let me sleep some more and we can think about it later today.” Rust said.

I told Rust my story, but he still doesn’t believe me. Well, I guess I can’t blame him for not believing in a Wolf who claims to be a human.


Day 9

The two of us left the mountain and entered the forest. We wanted to check out everything and see if we could find any leads to this magical tree that I mentioned.

- “Look, I’m just doing this because we’ve run out of options. But it doesn’t mean I believe you and your ‘magical tree’ story.” Rust said.

- “Alright, Rust. Just lend me a hand and I’ll help you find your pack!” I said.

- “Sure. Wolves stick together.” He said.

- “Is that a Wolf slogan or something?” I asked him.

- “What’s a ‘slogan’?” he said.

- “Yep, you’re a Wolf alright.” I said.

We searched the forest from north to south and west to east.

- “This forest is not as big as I thought.” I said.

- “Happy now? No magical trees, or glowing plants. Now let’s head back to the mountain and get some food.” Rust said.

- “Sure, I’m starving!” I said. “I miss being able to cook like a human… I could prepare us both a nice meal.”

- “Again with this human talk? Gee, you won’t give up.” Rust said.

- “I will, once I’m walking on two legs again!” I said.


Day 10

We decided to leave the mountain and get on the move. Staying there wouldn’t be beneficial for us both, so we had to go out and search on our own. Rust is after his wolf pack, and I am after this magical tree.

If I can touch the magical tree and go back to normal, then I can help Rust find his wolf pack. As a human, I can easily build and craft several things, making it easier to travel and search for the pack.

Rust doesn’t believe my story, but I know he will believe me once he sees it for himself. I will become a human once again and we’ll both fulfill our wishes!


Day 11

Another day of walking like hermits across the world. We’re heading north, where the forests get thicker and we might find some clues regarding the magical tree or the wolf pack.

- “So Rust, you’ve lived your entire life in the wild?” I asked him.

- “Yep.” He said.

- “Don’t you wish to live with humans? Life is so much easier with them, don’t you think?” I said.

- “Being tamed by a human? Never!” He said. “I don’t want to be a slave like those poor dogs.”

- “Slave? No, you got it wrong. Dogs are not slaves, Rust! They’re human’s best friends!” I said.

- “No, humans just use dogs for their own benefit. They only think about themselves.” Rust said. “That’s another reason why I don’t believe your story – if you were a human, you’d probably dump me and won’t offer to help me.”

- “What? Of course not! Listen Rust, not all humans are alike. Some are very nice and kind, and others are rude and bad. It’s a matter of personality. I’m sure it’s the exact same thing with Wolves!”

- “Well, I don’t trust humans and no one from my pack likes them. I’d rather live my life in the forest than inside those weird stone cubes built by humans.”

- “Those are called houses. Humans build houses to protect themselves.” I said.

- “Of course, because no one likes them. The night monsters attack them, the other creatures just stay away. The humans are always destroying the world’s balance.” Rust said.

- “That’s not true! You’re being mean, Rust. I’ll show you how good humans can be.” I said.


Day 12

We walked all day and night, trying to find Rust’s wolf pack. Later, we stopped by a small cave near a creek to rest.

- “Phew… My feet hurt. All four of them.” I said.

- “They’re called ‘paws’, Bill. Feet are for humans.” Rust said.

- “Oh, right. My bad!” I said. “It’s just that I’m used to calling them feet because you know, I had two feet.”

- “Nah, I bet you didn’t. You’re just nuts.” Rust said.

- “Wow, you never believe me! How many times do I have to tell you I was a human?” I said.

- “A trillion. And I won’t believe you, regardless of how many times you say you’re a human.” Rust said.

- “Okay, so I’ll keep saying that until I hit a trillion times.” I said.

- “I shouldn’t have said that…” Rust said.

- “Well, good night!” I said.

- “Good night.”


Day 13

Tonight, I heard footsteps nearby. I woke up and saw two Zombies coming right after me. Rust was asleep, and I woke him up.

- “Careful, Rust! The Zombies are coming for me!” I said.

- “My gosh, Bill. Did you attack the Zombies just to prove your point?” Rust said.

- “N-No! I swear, I was asleep! They were coming after me!”

- “Gosh… Okay, let’s take them down.” Rust said.

- “H-How?! I don’t know how to fight like a Wolf, Rust!”

- “Let me deal with this.” Rust attacked the two Zombies, one at a time, and defeated them.

- “Happy? And we even got some food for tomorrow.” Rust said.

- “But, but… It’s dangerous for me here! What if other monsters come out?”

- “Just don’t attack them, and they won’t attack you.” Rust said, going back to sleep.

- “What?! I didn’t attack anyone! I was just…”

- “Yeah, yeah. You were asleep, like an angel. Now go back to sleep because I’m really tired.” Rust said.

I’m starting to think that convincing Rust about my human form will be even harder than finding the magical tree.


Day 14

We moved on to another destination. Rust didn’t believe anything about what had happened the other day.

- “I’m telling ya, I just heard the footsteps and when I got up, they were there!” I said.

- “Alright. You can keep telling me this same story a thousand times, and I’ll just ignore it a thousand times.” Rust said.

- “Argh. I’ll prove it to you somehow!” I said.

- “You sure are persistent, huh.” Rust said.

- “Of course! We humans never give up!”

- “And here we go again…” Rust said. “Anyway, where are we heading after all?”

- “There’s gotta be a city or something in this direction.” I said.

- “A… city?” Rust said.

- “Yeah, where humans live!” I said. “We can find some help once we get there.”

- “You’re taking us to a nest full of humans? I’m not getting inside that place.” Rust said.

- “No, it’s not a nest! It’s a place with many buildings. And you don’t have to go in there, let me do the talking!” I said.

- “Good. Because I ain’t becoming a slave for the humans.” Rust said.


Day 15

On our way to the city, we had to make a quick stop to get some food.

- “Man, having to go hunting for food every day is a huge pain!” I said.

- “Can you stop calling me ‘man’? We are not humans.” Rust said.

- “Well, we are not humans now! I mean, I am not a human now. But I was a human before!”

- “No, you weren’t. You’re just a crazy wolf who is looking for his family. Anyway, see if you can find any animals around.” Rust sniffed the ground, searching for a prey.

- “Wait a minute, Rust! What is this?” I pointed to the ground. There was a track, probably from a wild creature.

- “Hmmm… Let me sniff this.” Rust said. He took a good sniff out of it.

- “It’s definitely an Ocelot!” He said.

- “Ocelot?” I repeated. “What is an Ocelot doing out here in the forest?”

- “I don’t know and I don’t care. But Wolves and Ocelots are natural enemies. Watch out for any Ocelot attacks, they are dangerous.” Rust said.

- “W-Wait, you gotta be kidding, right? Ocelots are so harmless and nice… They become cats when tamed!”

- “And now you’re talking about taming animals again… You’re nuts, aren’t you.” Rust said.

- “What if we find an Ocelot out here? What should we do?” I said.

- “If it is outnumbered, we just leave it alone. If we’re the ones outnumbered by them, we get away quickly.” Rust said. “We don’t have time to waste fighting Ocelots.”

- “And I don’t want that either.” I said.

We looked for food and we found some pigs. We had some pork and left the area, without seeing any Ocelots.


Day 16

We found new Ocelot tracks on the ground.

- “This again? Either the Ocelots are spread all over this area, or they’re just migrating to another region.” Rust said.

- “Does it really matter? It’s not like we have anything to do with Ocelots…” I said.

- “Of course it matters. We need to be careful and attentive at all times, avoiding conflicts at all costs.”

- “Hmpf. Alright then.” I said. “ I’ll just follow you around. But what’s that weird creature over there?”

To our right, there was a creature lying down next to a tree. We inspected it and it was an Ocelot!

- “Watch out! The Ocelots are after us!” Rust said. “I knew it. There must be more of them around here!”

The Ocelot opened its eyes and got up.

- “Oh… Hey there. I was just… taking a nap.” The Ocelot said. “Name’s Jonathan, but you can call me John.”

- “Jonathan?” Rust said. “Why does an Ocelot have a human name?!”

- “Exactly! You see, I know this sounds crazy and all, but I was a human until a few weeks ago. And then boom, I became an Ocelot! Isn’t that weird?” John said.

- “Wait. Are you serious? The same thing happened to me. I was a human who became a Wolf!” I said.

- “No way!” John said.

- “Way! We both are humans who became wild animals. There’s gotta be an explanation for this!”

- “Wow, I’m much more relieved now, knowing that I’m not the only one in this world with this problem!” John said.

- “Oh my gosh… And here we go again, now with twice the craziness.” Rust said.

- “It’s not crazy when it’s true, Rust! You can’t fight facts with arguments!” I said.

- “And why were you taking a nap in the middle of the forest all by yourself? Why don’t you stick to the other Ocelots?” Rust said.

- “Well you see, the other Ocelots don’t want my company. They think I am crazy and don’t want to help me. So I’ve been running around by myself, trying to find a solution for my situation. I don’t know where to start, but I’ll just go on until I find a way.”

- “Why don’t you come with us? We’re also searching for an answer!” I said.

- “Really? Can I join you two?” John asked me.

- “Wait. Bill, we need to talk about it first…” Rust said.

- “Why not? We’re all looking for help and we can just work together. That’ll make things easier!”

- “Yeah, I agree! Thanks for taking me in. And what are your names?” John asked us.

- “Mine is Bill, his is Rust. But Rust is a real Wolf, not a human like us.” I said.

- “Wow, awesome! A real wild Wolf!” John said.

- “I can’t believe I’ll have to endure this every day…” Rust said.


Day 17

Now that John is with us, we’ll work together towards our goal of recovering our human form.

- “So John, do you remember anything from your human life?” I asked him.

- “Ah, I do. I had a nice house at the top of a jungle tree, and I build a big mine underground.” John said. “One day, I went after a rabbit and I stumbled upon a weird looking tree.”

- “Ha! I knew it! See, Rust? I was not imagining things!” I said.

- “I guess you both were hallucinating.” Rust said.

- “And then?”

- “Then, I got my Axe and tried to take some of that wood. The Axe broke when I touched the tree.” John said.

- “Awesome.” I said.

- “I was scared, but I wanted to know what was that tree. And when I touched it, I fainted. Next thing I know, I’m an Ocelot in a forest and I gotta run from the monsters before they get me.”

- “I told ya, Rust! It’s the exact same thing that happened to me!” I said. “This can’t be a coincidence. There IS a magical tree somewhere out there!”

- “Okay, maybe it was not a coincidence. Maybe there’s something going on, but it’s just too crazy for me to assimilate.” Rust said.

- “I know, Rust. Now we are three, I’m sure it will be easier to find this weird tree and get back to normal. Oh, and we’ll help you find your wolf pack too!”


Day 18

Our trio is looking for a magical, glowing tree that is capable of transforming humans into wild creatures. Despite our efforts in locating this tree, we haven’t succeed in our task so far. Finding a single tree among millions of trees in a vast world isn’t an easy task.

Determined to achieve our goal, we keep moving on, searching in new locations and trying to figure out where the mysterious tree could be.

- “Do you remember anything else about the magical tree, John?” I asked him.

- “Hmmm, I remember crossing a small river and reaching the forest. Then, I walked past a mountain and entering the forest. The river crossed around the mountain, that’s all I can remember.” He said.

- “Alright. I remember of a small river nearby too, so the answer might be it. We need to look for a river next to a forest, and possibly a mountain.” I said.

- “There are literally THOUSANDS of rivers and forests. Do you really expect to find this magical tree like that?” Rust said.

- “I don’t know, but it’s something.” I said. “Any other ideas?”

- “No. I feel like we’re walking in circles. We need a better plan.”

- “What if we ask for directions?” John said.

- “From whom?” I said.

- “The humans! We need to find a city and ask people for help.” John said.

- “I don’t know if you realize this, but you’re an Ocelot. We two are Wolves. We can’t communicate with humans.” Rust said.

- “Really? Not even the super special human-ocelot?” John said.

- “Oh gosh…”

- “Rust is right, what if the humans don’t listen to us? There has got to be a way to communicate with them.” I said.

- “We could try.” I said.

- “You’re so stubborn. I wonder what you’ll do once the humans capture and try to tame you into a dog.” Rust said.

- “Eek. That could be dangerous… Well, on second thought, I guess you’re right. We need a better plan, and now.” I said.

- “Hey, what if we write on the dirt with our paws?? We could write something on the ground, and they would read it!” John said.

- “Brilliant idea, John! I’m sure the humans won’t tame wild animals that can write.” I said.

- “Gee… I wonder how I ended up with you two, anyway.” Rust said.

- “Okay, moving on. We need to find a city, and fast!” I said.


Day 19

We’re searching for a city where we can call for help. If we find any humans, we can tell them of our story and get some assistance. Humans can easily build and craft various tools and objects, making it easier to achieve any tasks.

- “We’ve been heading north for a while now. We should’ve reached a city at some point.” I said.

- “Maybe the cities are farther than we thought.” John said.

- “And what do you know about cities?” Rust said.

- “Everything. I even lived in one city!” I said. “It was big and busy and had a ton of people. I had to leave because the city was a big mess and I wanted my own place, where I could build and craft anything I desired.”

- “Nice. I have never lived in a city, you see. I always enjoyed doing everything by myself, and I’ve been building my own fort in a jungle. But I’ve heard and seen things from the cities, and it’s impressive what a bunch of humans can achieve together.” John said.

- “Sure is. They can build amazing structures and create whatever they wish, it’s outstanding.” I said.

- “And have you ever been to a city, Rust?” John asked him.

- “No, and I don’t intend to. Humans are dangerous and I don’t want to be tamed.” Rust said.

- “Tamed? C’mon. Humans won’t tame us when they find out we can communicate!” John said.

- “Are you sure you two can prove them you’re humans?” Rust asked them.

- “Absolutely! Look.” I wrote my name on the dirt using my paw. “See? That’s my name, Bill! I can write like humans!”

- “I don’t see anything. It’s just a bunch of scratches.” Rust said.

- “Oh, right. You can’t read since you’re a Wolf.” I said. “But John can read this, right?”

- “Yeah, I can read it just fine. Humans can totally read that too.” John said.

- “See? If we find them, we’ll be fine. We’ll ask for help and they won’t tame anyone.”

- “If we find a city, I’m not getting inside. Better safe than sorry.” Rust said.

- “As you wish, Rust. We can take care of ourselves.” I said.


Day 20

We spent the whole day looking for a city. Despite knowing what a city looks like, we didn’t even see a single trace of any city.

- “Dude, there’s gotta be somewhere around here!” I said.

- “Well, it’s definitely not hard to spot a city in the distance.” John said.

- “We’ve been looking all day, I’m sure we would have found a city by now. Are you two sure there’s a city somewhere around here?” Rust said.

- “Of course not. I’ve never been in this region myself!” I said.

- “Me either.” John said.

- “But I can feel it. I know we will find a city soon if we head this way.” I said.

- “So we’re just following your guts? Gee, this is only getting weirder by the day.” Rust said.

- “Humans like to build cities everywhere, Rust. It is not hard spotting one, so the more we walk the more likely we are to find one.” John said.

- “I understand your logic, but it doesn’t make sense at all.” Rust said.

- “Just leave it to the pros, Rust! John and I are humans, we know everything about humans.” I said.

- “Oh really? Tell me more.” Rust said.

- “So, humans like to mine rare ores and they also like to show off their skills. It is very easy to find cities with shining buildings and pixel arts made of flashy colors. In other words, it’s impossible to not see a city amidst the bland environment of forests and deserts.” John said.

- “Besides, there is a city every few miles because humans like to connect and exchange materials and goods. They’re social creatures like most others, and it shouldn’t be too hard running into them.” I said.

- “You two do seem very well informed about humans. Now, put that knowledge to good use and find us those humans so we can go home for once.” Rust said.

- “Absolutely! Where should we head next, John?” I asked him.

- “We’ve been heading north for a few days. Let’s change our position and go east. Perhaps we can find something there.” John said.

- “Good one. East, here we go! But for now, let’s find a safe place to stay. We can’t take any risks with the monsters.”

- “Monsters? Don’t tell me you’re afraid of those monsters…” Rust said.

- “Of course I am. They come after me even when I haven’t done anything!” I said.

- “The same with me. Those guys come after me, it’s almost like they know I’m a human!” John said.

- “Whatever, you two. Let’s sleep here and continue tomorrow morning.” Rust said.


Day 21

Heading east, our group was still looking for any cities and humans. But what we were about to find was not what we expected…

Our trio woke up inside the forest and continued heading east. Later that day, John spotted some buildings near our location.

- “There it is! It’s a human city!” He said. “Finally. I feel home already!”

- “Come on, let’s go. We must talk to the humans and ask for help!” I said.

- “Guys… Wait up. I don’t want to get in there…” Rust said.

- “No worries, Rust. You can stay here and wait for us. We’ll just get in and ask for help.” I said.

- “Uh… No. Forget about it, I’m going with you.” He said.

- “What? Aren’t you scared of humans?” John asked him;

- “I am, but I’m not letting you two by yourselves. If anything happens, then I’ll be all by myself. Let’s stick together.” He said.

- “Good point, Rust! And don’t worry, I can assure you the humans there will be very peaceful and understanding.” I said.

We entered the city and greeted everyone… Except there was no one to greet.

- “Hey, hello! Is anyone here? C’mon humans where are you?” I screamed.

- “This place sure seems empty. Maybe they’ve gone out to do something.” John said.

- “Let’s take a quick look around. There must be someone here.” I said.

We searched the city but everything was empty. No one was there, not even a single soul.

- “Uh… hello?” I repeated. “Is anyone there?”

- “Hey Bill, check this out!” John said. “Look at this table. There’s food on the plates. And look at that crafting table, the materials are on it. It’s as if someone was crafting something and then vanished instantly.”

- “Creepy… What in the world happened in this city? Where did everyone go?” I said.

- “I don’t know Bill, but whatever happened here is totally out of the ordinary. We need to investigate.”

- “No, we need to get out of here! What if this happens to us too?” Rust said.

- “What, Rust? Are you afraid there might be a creature doing this?” John said.

- “Good point. But if there was a creature behind this, there would be signals of a fight. I’m sure the humans wouldn’t give up easily without putting up a good fight.” I said.

- “You’re right. Then, what happened? They just carried on with their normal lives until one day, poof? And everyone’s gone?” John said.

- “As weird as that sounds, yes. The city is intact, the houses and the buildings are perfectly fine. The inhabitants are gone, though. Either way, there’s nothing for us here. Let’s move on and search for a different city.” I said.

- “Let’s spend the night here. Maybe a human will show up and lends us a hand, who knows.” John said.

- “You wanna sleep in this creepy city? Are you out of your mind?” Rust said.

- “C’mon Rust, stop being such a coward. John is right; we should stay here for the night and see what happens.”

- “I’m not a coward; I’m just saying it is not a good idea. What if whatever happened to the inhabitants here happens with us too? Then what?” Rust said.

- “Then it will be all good. Now, stop messing around and help us get some food.” I said.


Day 22

We spent the night in the abandoned city, and absolutely nothing happened. We didn’t see or hear from any humans neither, which was a huge shame. By the morning, we had to move on.

- “Okay, let’s leave this place. We better get moving because we’ve got work to do.” I said.

- “Finally. The sooner we leave this place, the better.” Rust said.

- “To be honest I’m sad to leave this place without knowing anyone. I’m sure the humans here would help us with our mission.” John said.

- “Me too, John. It’d be nice meeting some humans for a change. But don’t worry, we’ll come back here one day once they’re all back.” I said.

We left the human city and continued heading east. We had to find another city populated by humans in order to ask for help.

- “Do you guys have any idea where they could have gone?” John said. “I just thought about it all night. And you know what occurred to me?”

- “What?” I said.

- “Aliens! Those humans might have been abducted by aliens. That’s a real possibility, isn’t it?”

- “C’mon John, you know that’s crazy. Whatever happened to that city has nothing to do with aliens.”

- “What are you two even talking about?” Rust said.

- “Aliens, Rust! They’re creatures from outer space. They come in space ships, take people and animals as hostages and study them for science purposes.”

- “Uh… This must be some human talk again, right?”

- “Don’t pay attention to John, Rust. He’s just coming up with a crazy theory about the missing humans.” I said.

- “Crazy theory? That’s a real possibility! The humans from that city just vanished and left everything behind, and…”

- “Still, doesn’t mean it was done by aliens. I’m sure there’s a good explanation to this whole case.” I said.

- “I don’t know man, after becoming an Ocelot I’m bound to believe in anything.” John said.

- “Heh, I guess you’re right.” I said.

- “Am I the only wild creature in this world now? Feels like it.” Rust said.


Day 23

After running into the abandoned city and not finding any humans, we just left the area and headed forward with our journey.

- “Oh, I guess we should’ve searched the city to see if there were any maps pinpointing the location of other cities.” John said.

- “I believe those maps would come in handy, but we wouldn’t be able to tell if they were accurate or not.” I said.

- “Maps? What is that?” Rust said.

- “Oh, a map is a tool used to observe a specific geographic location and guide the users.” John said.

- “I didn’t understand a word of what you just said, but I suppose that would be helpful.” Rust said.

- “It sure would! We would be able to locate other cities without having to resort to pure luck. Unfortunately we don’t know if they had any of those maps in that city, and worse; we can’t rely on the maps even if we had found them.” I said.

- “Ah, better just move on. Anyway, should we just continue heading east?” John said.

- “I say we go north again. We’ve already moved some chunks to the East; it’s time to go north again.”

- “As you wish. To the north it is!” John said.

- “I’m just assuming you both know what you’re doing, right?” Rust said.

- “To be fair, no. We’re just following our instincts and our guts.” I said.

- “Ah. That definitely doesn’t make me feel any better.” Rust said. “Well, I won’t oppose to this plan because I don’t have a better idea.”

- “Wait, Wolves can smell things from far away, right? Can’t you just smell this magical tree and tell us where it is?” John said.

- “Yes, but I have no idea what this magical tree smells like. I have never smelled a magical tree before, and I can’t tell whether this smell is nearby or not.”

- “Okay… Let us know if you sniff anything different.” John said. “You too, Bill.”

- “Oh, please don’t rely on my sense of smell. I’m just a newcomer here, a newbie Wolf. My skills aren’t that good.” I said.

- “You’re right. Speaking of which, I am a newbie Ocelot too. I wonder what skills I have on my own?”

- “Ocelots can climb anywhere and are also good hunters.” Rust said.

- “That’s it? I guess they had more to offer…” John said.

- “So, let’s move on? Discussing about our skills won’t take us anywhere.” Bill said.


Day 24

We went out to hunt some pigs for food. After eating, we continued heading north in our search for a new city.

- “I’m so tired… Sleeping in caves and under the trees isn’t comfortable.” John said.

- “I hear you, bro. I really miss my comfy bed…” I said.

- “You two are just spoiled animals. Get used to this life in the wild, makes things easier.” Rust said.

- “And what about you, Rust? Do you miss your home?” I asked him.

- “Ah, I do of course. I miss my wolf pack. They’re good Wolves who you can count in for anything.” Rust said.

- “Tell me more about them. What are they like? How many of them are there?” I asked him.

- “We are a pack of 6 Wolves. It’s me, Jog, Kelf, Ceci, Peg, and Jes. Each one of them has their own personalities, and Kelf is the leader. I got lost from them one night, and I don’t know if they got lost from each other too.”

- “Do you think this has anything to do with the magical tree?” I said.

- “No, no. I was just hunting and then, something struck my mind. I didn’t find or touch any magical trees. I just got lost from my pack somehow. I think the only weird part is that I woke up in a different place from where I was.” Rust said.

- “How different?” I asked him.

- “Completely different – another forest. Wolves have a good nose, and we can easily find our way home just with the smell. But when I woke up, the smell was totally different, as if I was in an area where I had never been before.”

- “Creepy!” John said. “You were teleported to another forest!”

- “I guess the same happened to me. I touched the magical tree and then, I woke up in a place far from the tree.” I said.

- “Same here.” John said.

- “That said, it’s safe to assume the magical tree must have something to do with Rust’s case, too. Even though he didn’t touch it, he was also teleported to a different place.”

- “Tele…ported? What is that?” Rust said.

- “It’s when your body is transferred over to another place instantly.” John said.

- “And can humans do that?”

- “No, we can’t. We have not invented teleporters, but we know how it works.” I said.

- “Oh dear… And here I am, listening for advice from two alleged humans. Anyway, what does all that mean? Can you sum it up for me?” Rust said.

- “In other words: Find the magical tree, fix it all up!” I said.

- “Okay. Sounds reasonably easy. Does that mean that finding the magical tree will also help me find my wolf pack?” Rust said.

- “Possibly. It’s a probability, but I don’t know anything. I’m just throwing my two cents here.”

- “Your two… what?”

- “Oh never mind, Rust. Anyway, let’s go. If you spot any cities in the horizon please let us know!” I said.


Day 25

Despite our efforts and determination, we couldn’t find any human cities within the vicinity. John was getting impatient with our failed search.

- “I… I am just looking everywhere, but… I can’t seem to find anything…” He said.

- “Calm down John! We need to remain calm and focus on our task.” I said.

- “But where’s the city? Where are the humans? We need to find them! I just want to get this done once and for all.” He said.

- “Chill out. I’m sure we’ll find them.” Rust said.

- “And what about that thing over there? Is that a house? Looks like a rooftop. I guess there’s a human living there!” John said.

- “John, wait! You’re just imagining things. Stop for a second and think straight!” I said.

- “No, I am not hallucinating. You guys never trust me! C’mon, follow me.” He said.

- “John, stop running around! We might run into trouble! Come back here!” I said. Rust and I followed him, as John rushed through the forest, seeking his imaginary house. Seconds later, we reached a small village with several houses.

- “See? I told you I was not hallucinating!” He said.

- “Wow, you were telling the truth! How did you see this village through the trees?” I asked him.

- “I told you, I saw a rooftop and I just followed it. So, let’s talk to the humans now!”

We approached the village, ready to communicate with humans, but there were none. Instead, we were greeted by a group of big-nosed creatures – the villagers.

- “Oh, they’re villagers John! Have you ever traded items with them?” I said.

- “Yeah, I did. I’d found some villages when I was a human. I would loot and take all the crops for myself haha.”

- “That’s really mean, John! Anyway, how should we communicate with them?” I asked him.

- “Well, they can only trade items with humans, so we can’t really get in touch. Try writing something on the ground.” John said.

- “Okay, let me introduce myself.” I said.

I wrote my name on the ground and I waited for the villager to read. He simply stared at me and said:

- “Are you two lost?”

- “Wow! Villagers can talk?!” I said.

- “Of course. Ocelots and Wolves can talk, too. What’s so weird about it?”

- “Nothing. It’s just that… I’m new to this whole Wolf thing.” I said.

- “You are… what?” The villager said.

- “Anyway, my name is Rust and these are Bill and John.” Rust said. “Nice to meet you, sir.”

- “It’s my pleasure! Two Wolves and an Ocelot walking together? That’s not something you see every day. My name is Celt.”

- “Oh, I know it’s weird! But you know why? It’s because we are not wild anim-“

- “Don’t mind him, sir. We’re just a bit tired from the trip.” Rust interrupted me.

- “Hey, don’t cut me out Rust!” I said.

- “I see. You three must be tired, please come in and rest your paws.” Celt said.


Day 26

We took shelter in the village for the night. This morning we talked with Celt about our journey.

- “Good morning, everyone.” Celt said.

- “Morning, Celt. Thanks again for taking us in!” I said.

- “No problem. Our village is always open to any animals that are looking for help.”

- “Speaking of which… I am not an animal, sir. I am a human who became a Wolf.”

- “This again? Why do you have to bother everyone with this story…” Rust said.

- “You were a human?” Celt asked me.

- “Yes, and John too. We became animals when we touched a magical tree.” I said.

- “The Tree of Equality.” Celt said.

- “Wait… You know what tree I’m talking about?” I asked him.

- “Yes. This tree is no ordinary plant –it is basically a divine deity in the form of a tree. We call it the Equality Tree because its purpose is to maintain the world’s balance.”

- “The world’s… balance?” Rust said.

- “Exactly. The world is surrounded by forces of good and evil, and when these forces clash against each other, it is the Tree of Equality’s job to keep the balance.”

- “So, if this Tree is so important and all, how did we find it in a forest? And why did it transform us into wild animals?” I asked Celt.

- “Well, the Tree of Equality must be possessed by some evil force. It has been acting strange for many months, and we can actually feel all the changes to the world’s balance from here. The Tree’s location is a mystery to everyone, but it can be randomly found inside a forest at any given time during any given day.”

- “So… Can you make it short?” I asked him.

- “The Tree of Equality may appear anywhere in the world. It will spawn in areas where the balance has been shifted, and it will try to restore it at all costs. Maybe the Tree got attacked by someone or something and, as a defense mechanism, created a special and magical barrier. Maybe you two touched the Tree when it had this barrier activated.”

- “A magical barrier? So we were transformed into wild animals because the magical tree was scared of us?” I asked him.

- “Scared of everyone. The Tree of Equality is a deity, but it has a physical body in this world. In order to protect itself, it will take any means necessary to remain intact.”

- “I just want to know one thing. Is it possible to go back to normal?” John asked him.

- “Maybe you need to find the tree and touch it again; you may recover your human form.” Celt said.

- “Problem is, this tree is always changing locations! We can’t find it just by looking everywhere.” I said.

- “True, you’re right. That’s why there is a special item used to find the tree.” Celt said.

- “A special item? How so?” Rust asked him.

- “There is a rare item used to locate the tree. This item is known as the Silver Apple. They’re apples that have fallen from the Tree of Equality and can be used to locate the tree.”

- “And where can we get a Silver Apple?” I asked him.

- “You’ll have to ask around. I’ve heard of a few humans who possessed one, and it is the only way to find the tree.” Celt said.

- “Alright… And how can we tell the difference between this apple and the regular ones?” John asked him.

- “The Silver Apple is, well, silver.” Celt said.

- “Well, that makes sense”. Rust said.

- “I’ll see if I can find any maps from the other humans here. Maybe one of them has the Silver Apple to lend to you.” Celt said.


Day 27

Today, Celt looked after a map to give us. This map could lead us to a city of humans, where we would ask around for the Silver Apple.

- “I have some maps here but they’re highly outdated… I’ll see if I can find any that are better to use.” Celt said.

- “Hmm, speaking of which… We actually found a city on our way.” I said.

- “Really? Where was it?” Celt asked me.

- “Not too far, really.”

- “Oh, I know which one. It’s Jeb’s city. Did you stop by?” Celt asked.

- “Yes, but the city was completely empty.”

- “Empty? What do you mean?”

- “Empty, as in, no one was there.”

- “Impossible. The city has many residents, there must be someone left to take the care of the place.” Celt said.

- “No, Celt. We searched everywhere, the city was empty. Everything was in place and there were no signs of destruction, but the inhabitants were gone. Could it also be caused by the tree?”

- “Possibly. If the tree really took all inhabitants from the city, I believe there’s more to be concerned.” Celt said. “We need to find the Tree of Equality and see what’s wrong with it, maybe it is possessed or cursed.”

- “Possessed?” I said.

- “Yes. Like I said, the tree is a deity but it has a physical body. Maybe someone has put a curse on it, in order to achieve its powers.”

- “Oh, that’s terrible. And what should we do about it?” I asked him.

- “The powers that be should have it all under control. There’s nothing we, mere mortals, can do.” Celt said. “Let’s just get you two back to your normal forms, and we’ll see what happens next.”


Day 28

Celt gave us a new map he had found in his chest.

- “This map right here is the map that should give you the location of the next city. This city is farther than the last one you visited, but hopefully it should have humans in there…” Celt said. “Just speak to Marcus, he is one of the main builders there and comes to this village to trade items every now and then. By the way, how do you intend to communicate with them?”

- “We’ll write on the ground using our paws!” I said.

- “Very clever. I’m sure Marcus will pay attention to that. He is a black haired guy who’s always wearing some blue pants and green t-shirt. He also has a beard; it is very easy to find him.” Celt said.

- “Very well, Celt! Thanks for all the help, and we’ll go after Marcus and ask for help.” I said. “Are you guys ready to leave?”

- “Not yet, I need to stock on food!” John said.

- “Take all the food you want for your journey. You must be well-fed for your trip.” Celt said.

- “Thanks again for the hospitality, Mr. Villager.” Rust said.

- “You’re welcome. Stop by anytime you need anything.”

We left the village and went out after the next human city, the one where Marcus lived. We had to ask Marcus for assistance in finding the Silver Apple.


Day 29

On our way to the city, we had a hard time following the map’s directions.

- “I can’t tell whether this is pointing north or south!” I said.

- “Wait. The map is upside-down.” John said, biting the map.

- “Hey! Watch out, if we tear this apart we’ll be lost forever in the middle of nowhere!” I said.

- “You two humans do as you wish. I’ll just observe from here.” Rust said.

- “Ha! So you finally acknowledge our true human form?!” I exclaimed.

- “No. I said that with sarcasm.” Rust said. “As in, ‘you two crazy beasts do your thing.’”

- “Oh… Okay, I guess.” I said.

- “Here, I knew it! This is north and this is south.” John said.

- “Are you sure? We just left the village and the map’s compass doesn’t seem to have changed at all.”

- “Of course! Look here, we’re just a few blocks away from the objective.” John said.

- “Man, we’re terrible at following directions. This map is a mess.” I said.

- “I say we just go straight ahead and we should get there eventually.” John said.

- “Sounds terrible. What are our other options?” Rust said.

- “Stay here and wait for the inevitable?” I said.

- “Which would be…?” John asked me.

- “To be attacked by the monsters without any shelter to run into!” I said.

- “Gee, let’s just go with my plan!” John said.

- “And here we go again with this monster story. I’ve told you two many times, the monsters WON’T attack you, unless you attack them first! That’s the natural course of things, and that’s how it has been since forever.” Rust said.

- “You don’t understand, Rust. Monsters hate humans, and they can feel our human presence somehow.” I said.

- “Whatever. Enough with that story, let’s just follow John’s plan.” Rust said.

- “Okay. Moving on.” I said.


Day 30

We followed John’s plan and just continued straight ahead, going north (or what seemed to be north).

- “We’re getting there…” John said.

- “Where?” Rust asked him.

- “Well, somewhere!”

- “I know, but where exactly?”

- “You’re asking me too many questions, Rust!”

- “I just want to know where this brilliant plan of yours is leading us to.” Rust said.

- “Let’s find a cave to sleep. We’ve been walking all day.” I said.

- “Again? It would be so much faster if we just continued with the journey at night.” Rust said.

- “But, we can’t Rust! The monsters…” John said.

- “The monsters? What about the monsters? C’mon, you two are just making up excuses. You’re just afraid of the monsters and don’t want to face them.” Rust said.

- “That’s not how it works, Rust. We need to stay safe, or they attack us.” I said.

- “Yeah, yeah. I guess that’s how it works.” Rust said.

We found a small cave and used it as shelter to sleep. But Rust woke up in the middle of the night and called us.

- “I’ve already rested for tonight. Let’s go now.” He said.

- “What?! It’s dark out there! We need to wait until the morning!” I said.

- “No, look at me. Pay attention.” Rust went out of the cave. There was a Zombie to his right, and he approached the monster. The Zombie looked at Rust and turned his back.

- “See? Harmless! Totally safe.” Rust said.

- “Being a wild Wolf must be so nice…” John said.

- “Now get out of there, you two. And don’t touch them, I can guarantee you’ll be safe.” Rust said.

- “No Rust, it’s dangerous!” I said.

- “It looks safe, Bill. Don’t you wanna give it a try?” John said.

- “Of course not! I’m not risking my life out there! Let’s stay here and wait for the sun to come out.”

- “Pff. You’re such a coward! Come on John, give it a try. Make all Ocelots proud!” Rust said.

- “Yeah… I am feeling confident! I think the monsters won’t attack us if we don’t hit them first!” And John left the cave.

- “John, no!” I screamed.

John joined Rust outside, and they both looked at me inside the cave.

- “C’mon Bill, it’s safe! See?” John said. There were a few monsters nearby but they didn’t do anything to John.

- “Weird… I guess I was just hallucinating after all. Rust was right!” I thought.

As I was about to step out of the cave, I saw a Zombie creeping behind John. The Zombie didn’t seem dangerous, but he was slowly approaching John.

- “Uh… John, don’t be scared now but there’s a Zombie coming behind you.” I whispered.

- “Okay Bill, don’t worry! I bet it is just walking ar-“ Before John could finish his phrase, the Zombie punched him. Shortly after, several other Zombies came out of the woods and went after John. He rushed back to the cave, and Rust just stayed there, totally speechless after witnessing the Zombie attacking John for no apparent reason.

- “Run, John! Run!” I screamed

- “I am running!” He replied, returning to the cave. But it was too late – the Zombies had followed him into the cave, and we had to leave the place as fast as possible.

- “Let’s get out of here before we get overrun by Zombies!” I said.

- “But… But the monsters should not…” Rust said.

- “We can talk after, Rust! Now get moving before they eat us!” I said.

We ran all night from the monsters, trying to hide from them.


Day 31

When I became a Wolf in the beginning of this month, I was running away and hiding from Zombies. A month later, and I’m still doing the same thing – Trying to survive in this dangerous world.

Speaking of which, this world’s balance is completely off, according to the villager Celt. The Tree of Equality – which is the divine deity responsible for maintaining said balance – has been cursed by someone, and is now in danger.

I don’t know what might happen if someone stole the Tree’s power, or even destroyed it. I don’t know anything about this Tree other than what Celt told me, but I believe I’ll have to do something to help.

Otherwise, I’ll never get to be a human again. The Tree of Equality is the only thing in this world that can transform me and John back into humans, and if it gets destroyed, we’ll be stuck in this animal form for the rest of our lives.

Nothing against Wolves, I’ve learned a lot about them in this month, but… I want to be a human again. And I want John to be a human again, and Rust to find his wolf pack! C’mon Tree of Equality, help us out! We’re going after you!










About the Author

Mark Mulle is a passionate Minecraft gamer who writes game guides, short stories, and novels about the Minecraft universe. He has been exploring, building, and fighting in the game ever since its launch, and he often uses in-game experiences for inspiration on creating the best fiction for fellow fans of the game. He works as a professional writer and splits his time between gaming, reading, and storytelling, three hobbies and lifelong passions that he attributes to a love of roleplaying, a pursuit of challenging new perspectives, and a visceral enjoyment the vast worlds that imagination has to offer. His favorite thing to do, after a long day of creating worlds both on and off the online gaming community, is to relax with his dog, Herobrine, and to unwind with a good book. His favorite authors include Stephen King, Richard A. Knaak, George R. R. Martin, and R. A. Salvatore, whose fantasy works he grew up reading or is currently reading. Just like in Minecraft, Mark always strives to level up, so to speak, so that he can improve his skills and continue to surprise his audience. He prefers to play massive multiplayer online games but often spends time in those games fighting monsters one on one and going solo against the toughest mobs and bosses he can manage to topple. In every game, his signature character build is a male who focuses mostly on crafting weapons and enchanting, and in every battle, he always brings a one hander sword and a shield with as much magical attributes as he can pour into them. Because he always plays alone, he likes to use his game guides to share all the secrets and knowledge he gains, and who know—he may have snuck some information into his fiction as well. Keep an eye out for his next book!



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Book One: Attacked by the Griefers

Book Two: The Hidden Village

Book Three: The White Mobs


The Temple of Destruction Trilogy

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Book Three: Notch versus Herobrine


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The Curse, Book 1: Man or Wolf?

GENRE: Children’s Adventure (An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Ages 9 - 12 (Preteen) Book 1: Man or Wolf? Wolves are the most loyal creatures in Minecraft. They can be tamed into dogs and are extremely friendly toward players. They’ll attack any monsters except Creepers in order to protect their owners. Everyone knows that. But what is it like being a Wolf? It may be hard for a human to answer this question, but what if a player suddenly became a Wolf in the world of Minecraft? This is what really happened to William, a normal player who was transformed into a Wolf. William, or Bill for short, was out hunting when he found a magical, glowing tree. Upon touching this amazing tree, he fainted and woke up as a Wolf. Bill doesn’t know much about this tree, but he is now on a journey to find it again and return to normal. During his journey, he’ll make new friends such as Rust, who is actually a wild Wolf who doesn’t believe Bill’s story, and Johnnatan, a human who was transformed into an Ocelot. Just like Bill, he wishes to recover his body. Follow the trio to learn more of their adventures and misadventures while they try to restore the world’s balance and recover their bodies. Author’s Note: This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this "Minecraft Adventure Series" such as Steve, Endermen, Creeper or Herobrine...etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch

  • ISBN: 9781370504824
  • Author: Mark Mulle
  • Published: 2016-12-14 11:35:12
  • Words: 11031
The Curse, Book 1: Man or Wolf? The Curse, Book 1: Man or Wolf?