"The Current Warrant on My Life Re-Examined: Chapter One"


I have added notarizations of my girlfriend testimony to events that I had reported to the American embassy without her knowledge that she later confirmed (such as a grey suv that I reported one morning to the manila consulate that that men below our hotel window talked about shooting me and not had told her but she two weeks later insister leaving the city before sharing the meeting she had with them about poison when I left the hotel after making my call to the consulate.

I also add my MRI MRA brain image and echocardiogram to prove my healthy mind and heart and most importantly to give reader the comparison to hold on for later incase these criminal agents succeed in another poisoning. I here try to make a chronological order of the attacks, the first time I noticed strange things happening after 2008 was a t a club getting a drink and people watching. It happened on two different occasions that inside my glass a 1/2 inch shard of plastic or glass appeared inside my drinking cup. I say strange because I had no enemies and have done nothing that I a m aware of that conflicted with another person and I keep mostly to myself. Then after that was when I registered a company in Hong Kong called best score ltd created with help from the law firm OLN in central and upon leaving a club was hit on the head with a bottle. It was difficult to tell if it was related to an event when I refused the company of a Thai girl at my table because as time went on it appeared as though I was under 24 hours surveillance and by those who sought any opportunity to make an incident by another into their own opportunity to do something to cause me harm and then to cast the blame if possible, a clever tactic.

When I first met the Negro American undercover agent nicknamed Benny a second man came to where we chatted and upon approaching the Negro agent said to him that it I was from Brookline. I thought to myself it was no ones business and so paid attention because of this. The Negro said to me that this new man a Ukrainian was a KGB agent (but obviously that organization no longer existed). Because it was the beginning time of the Olympics a few miles away I guess they were both doing undercover work to catch bad people and they both told stories of people the entrapped. The Negro told one story of entrapping anther Negro who was caught smuggling cannabis and the Ukrainians who I also took as an American agent told the story how he was also engaged in a drug bust. The Ukrainian named Sasha was famous amongst the electronics shops for asking weird eavesdropping equipment he said. Sasha put a choke hold on me and said he was going to kill me because I passed gas and had not said to excuse me.

The week after the head injury in Hong Kong two men came to my table and one looked like the Nazi from Indiana Jones and was with as white man who played his sidekick. The Russian sounding man sat near me without ordering and looked me in the eye saying ‘we are going to kill you’; I said there was no reason, to which he asked “Are you a Jew?’. I told him that I was raised by protestants (I attended a protestant school and was mentored by my Christian mentor Richmond Holder) wanted to live. He got up and left and so did I. I left the city immediately. I called my father about this to which he asked me “did you tell them there is no reason’

That incident already had been hit in the head and bleeding I walked quickly to prevent further attacks towards my office address 0it was only a formality to register my address there, and the office itself belonged to the best voted law firm in Hong Kong) it was pre office hours and so I entered the mandarin oriental hotel across the street to ask for their security to assist me and police were called, a bodyguard was hired and I went to the hospital for stitches. I was scared so I called a number had been given to me by a man said he was diplomatic security, an American with a Nigerian passport doing undercover work related to visas and international border crimes, met him while being reviewed for my own lost visa and passport issues, he was perturbed that I had uncovered his cover and seemed panicky at first by blabbering about the possibility of making me a deputy, but that I had a criminal record and his boss said I had a poor state of mind, I argue with that. He gave me his number and email, said he was interested in my idea of making an English School., I thought he could be a new friend. I called him from my hotel after the attack to see if he could offer some advice but he said to me ‘I don’t know you, so I hung up the phone.

(Later on more than a month later I called him again about his cooperation to open an English school and he corresponded with me several times about visiting him in Taiwan where he said he protected very important people.

In Seattle Washington, after that, there to apply a new passport, it seemed to get rejected because of previous lost passports. It was a Thursday at 11 30 leaving the passport agency after several previous visits there and I went to the Brooklyn Seafood’s restaurant a three story high end building, a designer firm on the third floor. Upon asking for a taxi the hostess informed me a Taxi was on its way so I went early to the door and then, when I saw the taxi two blocks upward I decide to approach the sidewalk early when a large bottle struck the pavement exactly where I had stood, it would have killed me, and so I walked away down the street without sticking around.

The following year in Seattle several men followed me; some of the same men were also seen in Hong Kong. Here is the list. Two bald men, often coming up to me recording me on their phone, they both also followed me into a restaurant and both sat down beside me and a female whom I met outside, she said she worked as the guard of a building and we both went their to chat over a drink. The two bald men, one short, one tall, sat right next to us and didn’t order anything. I told my new friend about them, and that the shorter one had stood next to me d me in Hong Kong Central and asked someone on his phone if he should shoot me. My new friend asked me if I wanted her to do something about them, like apprehend them, and I said no. I tested their reaction by stating to her jokingly but within earshot of the others, we had a file on them, and the bigger one asked the smaller one if we really did to which he said no.

A different instance in Seattle I was in line at a music club and a 300 pound black man and a smaller black in his twenties chatted with me in line and we went to the table to chat together. The large man held his phone under the table toward me and asked me questions about Asia travels and if I knew any mining companies (I have always been only a normal average citizen). He ‘cousin’ bragged that the large man was a real commando. The large man said then that he still had his security clearance. The two went out to the bus station with me after only one drink to which the younger one asked the commando when he would ‘do me’

A different incident is when I noticed a man following me closely so I turned around and asked him what he does, he said he ‘ kills people’ and showed me his veterans id, he said he was previously seal team 5 and his companions were all killed except for him. I later called the navy base to ask if this was true, but they only said that seal 5 team members were all alive and well. I invited Jean Luc, that veteran to go travel with me abroad, and he gave me his mom’s phone number in Alaska, and invited me to visit him at the piano 88 bar.

A different time a man closely followed me in a zig zag fashion from one corner top another , he looked the part, had a bushy beard and sunglasses, so I stopped him and asked him what he does, he said he had previously been a secret agent. We got a beer together afterwards.

Several others had approached me in Seattle of the same sort person.

Five unmarked card once sat behind my room so I went to the black wind and looked inside once, and a negro looked similar the agent before sat inside, and I walked,I have no idea if it was him or not.

It was at this period of my life that I had just inherited the gift of a house from my father; actually I think it was the unspent tuition money for college that I never used. I had taken a mortgage to make a hotel business with a partner in china but I was 40,000 dollars short and so tried to figure out a way to gain that capital, and meanwhile for safety sake decide to from that point on stay at very good hotels and always check in with the managers. In Seattle the month of the bottle falling I hired an armed bodyguard who came our first meeting to a casino, where I knew were many video cameras. As soon as he arrived some strange men seemed to come out and gain his eye contact. My new bodyguard did confirm with his inside contact at the Brooklyn Seafood’s bar that the bottle did fall. Almost a year afterwards I looked into starting an investigation, it took me that long to gather the courage to do so, and so I went to the Seattle police department but they told me it could not be reported because it would be called an accident. Really it was impossible to have been an accident because the roof access was off limits and windows up to eh third floor were closed shut to keep noise out of the two establishments. It would have taken military training to triangulate the bottle to hit exactly where my head stayed.

I am very scared to mention people that I should never have to except that my life is in imminent danger, I have been attacked since 2008 approximately two dozen times, and I feel it would have been more or worse if I had stayed in one place too long. I ask my self three questions as t why it happened.

1. Was it because I just happened to uncover two important undercover agents?

2.Was I targeted wit hallucinogens because I had a felony and was said t o be unbalanced( the felony I had no evidence of being guilty but I took a plea to escape a sentence , took a diversion class, and the unbalance I say I am normal. American history shows that often government uses prisoners for experiments unknowingly.

3. Is my father trying to kill me or a different family member either out of spite or to regain the million dollars in a private trust to be given when my parents pass on?

I tell the readers this. It very well could be any of these, and theoretically could be a combination of I have no choice but to look at all possibly, and I need to do it openly because my life is worth more than all those 3. And I have the right to live and I have offended no one to any degree for them to want to take my life. I cannot be called a rat because I haven’t said anything at all until after the attempts on my life, and I cannot be a risk to security of an agent or even a criminal because I know nothing that can be remedied in another way such as relocating a nagent.

Now though, others have been murdered, my soon to be born healthy girl and an old lady, and I have been poisoned, and attacked. How I survived I will not say much about, for my own protection, but much of it was a miracle, and so I ask all good people to lend me a hand. I am notifying all readers and hopefully it get to all suspect that this paper is being given to all 263 or so embassies worldwide and royalty as well to ask of their assistance as well as many powerful businessmen and to be in the knowledge of. This crime is in my view of the worst in inhuman quality. Those agents and all the people in question in the further reading should be questioned and some should be arrested. Even of there was dozens of undercover or agents with immunities, or some secret, they should also be arrested. They shouldn’t be able to do these things to good people, and I shouldn’t have to think of more reasons to write. My girl could have been the beginning of several new generations, I aimed to be a good father to her, and I myself aim to be a good contribution to society in my own ways. Someone should put them all in prison for doing these things.



"The Current Warrant on My Life Re-Examined: Chapter One"

This warrant on my life has been confirmed by an officer inside the U.S. State Department, in fact he was the first person who told me after I called for help during several attempts on my life, during which times there were agents or police, and others claiming to be agents.

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