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Chapter 1

The accident


Chapter 2

The wake up


Chapter 3

The Custard


Chapter 4

Discharge from hospital


Chapter 5

The Outing


Chapter 6

The Picnic


Chapter 7

The Meeting


Chapter 8

The Threat


Chapter 9

Albert was right handed


Chapter 10

Her last attack plan


Chapter 11

Jake’s trap and the climax










“THE CRUSH” is a tale of the agony and revenge of a beautiful girl named Camellia. She developed an intense infatuation for John after they met for the first time in a monsoon Sunday. Camellia assumed that John was unmarried and fantasized a lot about him. However, her heart broke when she discovered that he was already married to Tina.

In grief, Camellia decided to relocate and incidentally she started living in a rented bungalow near Ruby’s house. Ruby was the official boss of John.

John was a matured person and understood the dynamics to develop his carrier. He believed that only his skills would not get him there, where he aimed to be in near future. He believed that a perfect relationship with boss would help him to elevate his career much more rapidly. Therefore, he was very close to his boss Ruby, which, one might wrongly interpret as an illegal relationship. Ruby was smart and beautiful. She was divorced which stimulated interest in most men.

One night Camellia saw them together when John dropped Ruby at her house. Tormented, exhausted, she developed an emotion of killing. After that day she often saw them together at night; John dropping Ruby at home. Sometimes, he went inside her house too!

The unbearable agony was crossing her limits and she decided to finish things off!

The coming pages will unfold the thrill of Camellia’s hidden attacks to John and his escapes. Unknowingly, innocent John got involved with the smuggler’s gang and experienced attacks from them too!





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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.





The accident


John’s slumber got weaker as he slightly sensed something is slipping away very slowly from his right side. He lazily opened his eyes partially and discerned a dark hand is pulling the handle of his laptop bag, very slowly. John tried to get up. Realizing the risk, the man swiftly jumped from the adjacent upper bunk and disappeared through the door of the train.

John quickly got up and came down from the upper bunk by jumping through the mid-passage area. He saw his luggage trolley bag was kept safely under the lower bunk of that air conditioned two-tire compartment. He instantly pulled the zip and looked for his belongings which he found untouched as it was. He scanned around and found no one in the train. Other passengers are supposed to be in the train but he discovered himself alone in that compartment.

John sat on the lower bunk and looked outside through the sealed glass window. He was stunned when he realized that the train was still standing on Dimapur station; the station from which he boarded the train. He quickly rolled his wrist to see the time. It was 7.00 AM. John raised his eyebrow surprisingly.

“What the hell! It’s still on the platform”, John cried.

He was baffled about the circumstance and tried to recollect himself after his nap. He followed his old habit of understanding any situation by taking his own time and started thinking the incidents one-by-one from the morning.

That day, John woke up at 4.00 AM and checked out the hotel after having breakfast. He wore a blue T-shirt, his favorite color, and jeans. He proffered some money last night to the hotel cook for preparing his breakfast early in the morning, before the scheduled breakfast time, and arranging a taxi for him to travel to the railway station. He was returning from Dimapur, a business hub in Nagaland, to Guwahati – where he lived with his wife in a rented bungalow.

This was a known route to John as he traveled many times from Dimapur to Guwahati in last three years for official reasons. John was posted in Guwahati since last three years as Field Service Manager for an automobile organization which was having high reputation through-out the world. He was about to reach twenty-seven; tall and handsome and was proud to work with such massive organization. He was remunerated well as per his expectations.

But why the train has not rolled an inch since an hour after he boarded the train! John decided to investigate more about the circumstances. He gathered his luggage and got off the train and realized that the station was packed with passengers. Such huge crowd was not expected so early in the morning in Dimapur station.

He trudged to a tea stall on the side of the platform and asked the shopkeeper, “What happened? Why the trains are not moving?”

“There is a blockage on the train line a few kilometers away. A local tribe is came out with their protest and blocked the train lines!” the shopkeeper replied while his quick hands poured tea in small size glasses.

“Protest? Protest for what?” John queried in curiosity.

“I don’t know. But I guess this will continue long”, the shopkeeper said as he served tea to his customers.

John realized that he must know more about the situation before taking any decision. He dashed to the enquiry counter. The frontage of the counter was packed with people. It was a challenge to even get closer to the counter. John was pulling his luggage. It made him more difficult to approach towards the enquiry counter. After a war he reached near the counter. The train official, behind the counter, was buried with various questions asked by the huge horde of passengers. It was a chaos.

“What happened to Nagaland Express? When the train likely to depart?” shouted John. He was lucky; the railway official behind the counter listened to him in the first try.

“Still no updates! The train will resume if the train line blockage is withdrawn”, came the reply from the railway official.

John realized that the railway official did not have any correct idea about the departure of the train. He didn’t face such incident in this route in last three years.

He had to face similar war to come back from the enquiry counter. People were pushing forward towards the counter and he had to do the opposite. He was sweating. He stood aside and thought about his next action.

A man looked for his passengers and repeated in humming intonation; “Guwahati – Guwahati – Guwahati – Guwahati – Guwahati….”

“Going to Guwahati? He asked to John in hurry.

John was hesitating to take any decision. The man advanced forward repeating; Guwahati – Guwahati – Guwahati – Guwahati – Guwahati….

“Hi, hello! For how much? Called John from behind.

“Rs.1000. Only one passenger left in co-driver seat! Interested?” quickly replied the man.

“Can we fix it in Rs.800?” John bargained.

“No man!” Came the prompt reply. He walked and continued to look for his target passenger while chanting, “Guwahati – Guwahati – Guwahati – Guwahati – Guwahati….”

“Wait! Which vehicle? I have luggage!” said John.

“It’s a big car. I will manage your luggage. Come on!” Said the man.

“Okay! Let’s go.” replied John.

The man took John’s luggage and quickly walked toward the car outside the platform. John followed him and gave a ring to his wife while walking.

“Hi! How are you honey? Asked John as his wife picked up the call after quite delay.

“Calling so early in the morning? Any problem? Return cancelled? Queried Tina with worry mixed sleepy voice.

By this time the man and John reached near the violet car. He was surprised to see such peculiar color of the car.

“No. The train got cancelled. I am coming by car. I may get late. Don’t worry honey” replied John calmly.

“OK, come soon,” came the sleepy reply from Tina. She hung up and lost in her slumber.

“Nice color,” said John to the driver with a smile. The driver replied with a smile and placed John’s luggage on the rooftop of the car and tied it with a belt.

John took the co-driver’s seat and secured himself with the seat belt and said, “Let’s go!”

The journey started and John immediately typed a message in his phone. “Morning train to Guwahati is cancelled. I am coming by a violet Innova. I may get late.” He sent the message to his office boss; Ruby.

The doorbell rang. A very attractive slender lady, with a smile on her face, opened the door after a while. She wore a vermillion red top and dark blue hot pant. Her alluring curves were manifested in her tight outfits and her glabrate lustrous legs always took men’s breath away. Droplets of sweat from her fair forehead made her look more attractive and seductive. Ruby was approximately thirty years old and lived alone in that rented bungalow. She was very efficient in her office and believed that she had only one smart and efficient person in her department and that was John. She was divorced five years back and did not believe in second marriage. She was fond of reading good books and became friend with Angeline in the near-by library.

“Come in Angelina! Ruby greeted her with a smile.

“Practicing aerobics?” Asked Angelina.

“Yes! “How are your studies going on?”

“Fine”, she replied. “Sorry to disturb you in the morning, but I came to collect that book and return back this one”, she held a book in her hand. “I thought to come so early because you will leave for office after sometime and will return late night.”

“It’s fine! Which book do you want my dear?” asked Ruby with a smile.

“Your Logical Sieve and You”, Angelina replied with a grin.

“O yes! That is a great book. The wisdom of the book can change your life if you follow it,” Ruby replied with a smile and excitement. “Come in. Have a seat!” she said. Ruby went to the bookshelf and searched for the book. Angelina sat on a sofa.

Angelina wore a red top and jeans. She liked to wear colorful dresses which suits with her long, thick and black hair. She was fair and strikingly beautiful; and very lively. Her incandescent eyes with soft look were overwhelming. She just completed her examinations of final year of graduation.

Ruby collected “Your logical Sieve and You” from her bookshelf and took her phone from the centre table. She approached towards Angelina while checking the phone.

“Train cancelled!” uttered Ruby with unsatisfied face.

“Anything wrong?” asked Angelina, looking at her disappointed expression.

“No. Everything is fine,” replied Ruby, bringing her smile back to her face.

The pressure cooker whistled from the kitchen and acquired attention of both. Ruby looked back and said, “Here is the book – Your Logical Sieve and You. Please be seated, I will be right back.”

She gave the book to Angelina and kept her phone on the center table and went to the kitchen to deal with the pressure cooker.

Ruby’s phone alarm started ringing as she hurried to the kitchen.

“Please switch off the alarm, Angelina!” cried Ruby from the kitchen.

“Sure”, said Angelina.

Angelina picked up the phone and switched the alarm off. The message icon was on the home screen of the phone which she noticed. She got curious to peep into the personal life of a young attractive separated lady. She hesitated and finally couldn’t control herself and clicked the message icon with her beautiful buttery finger. The last message came from John D’Souza–Office; and it read – “Morning train to Guwahati is cancelled. I am coming by a violet Innova. I may get late.”

A mysterious guilty feeling forced Angelina about her deed. She quickly kept the phone on the table and remained seated on the chair, turning the pages of “Your Logical Sieve and You”. Ruby came back after a while.

“Sometimes I forget about the time while doing aerobics. So I set an alarm,” smiled Ruby. Angelina smiled too.

“I have ordered for another book of the same author.” said Ruby. “You too, must read that book,” she suggested.

“Sure Ruby! I will read the book. The author is amazing. I follow him in a social website,” said smiling Angelina.

“Oh really! Can you share me the URL of the social website”, asked Ruby. “I will follow him too!”

“It’s is in the book,” replied Angelina as she showed the URL to Ruby mentioned in the book.

“Oh I haven’t noticed it. Thank you Angelina,” said Ruby. “Care for some tea?”

“No thanks! I must go now,” said Angelina.

“See you soon,” said Ruby. They approached towards the exit. Ruby opened the door.

“Where is your sister?” asked Ruby.

“She went to Nagaon,” replied Angelina.

Angelina went out and turned around. “Bye. I will return your book soon,” she said with a smile.

“No hurry dear! Bye,” said Ruby. She closed the door and got busy with her phone again.

“Violet Innova means?” Ruby typed a reply message and sent to John.

John’s was entirely engrossed in the overwhelming natural beauties of North East India as he travelled. His trance broke as his phone vibrated and rang. He extended his right hand to his T-shirt pocket with a little annoyance. A faint countenance of concern appeared on his face as he saw her message.

“I have never seen a violet Innova car in this route. So I mentioned the color”, John typed in reply.

“Okay! See you soon,” she sent a reply message.

“I will report to office soon,” John replied and again got lost with the natural beauties, as he traveled.

Angelina walked a little far away from Ruby’s house and a thought stuck in her mind. She uttered, “John D’Souza! I have heard this name. Yes I remember! Camellia had once mentioned this name to me when I asked her about her boyfriend.” Angelina thought and got thrilled. “Oh Yes! She told me where John worked. I remember that. And Ruby works in that organization! That I know that; once she told me in the library. It means this John D’Souza is him! Its Camellia’s boyfriend! She phone called to her elder sister Camellia.

“Calling so early in the morning? Everything fine?” asked Camellia as she received the phone call.

“Surprise – Surprise! I have something for you,” said excited Angelina.

“And what is that?” Queried Camellia; in very casual voice.

“It’s about John. But tell me what you will give me if I tell you,” said Angelina in excitement.

“John? How you know about John?” asked Camellia suspiciously.

“Once you told me about him. And now I have something to tell about him,” giggled Angelina.

“What do you know about him?” asked Camellia.

“No No! First tell me what I will get for the information,” asked Angelina.

“It depends on the quality of your information. However, what do you want?” asked Camellia. She sounded indifferent.

“Have you heard about the book – “Your logical sieve and you?” asked Angelina.

“Yes. It’s a famous book!” confirmed Camellia.

“I want that book and another book of the same author,” demanded Angelina.

“Okay done!” promised Camellia. “Now tell me what you knew about him?”

“John was supposed to come back today by train,” said Angelina.

“I know that; anything new?” replied Camellia carelessly.

“Yes! The train was cancelled. He is coming back by a violet Innova car,” replied Angelina.

“What!” surprised Camellia. “Are you serious?”

“Yes. He is coming back by a violet Innova,” repeated Angelina.

“But why the train was cancelled?” asked Camellia.

“That I don’t know,” replied Angelina.

“Ok! You will get your gift,” replied Camellia. Her voice was still calm.

“And how did you knew all this?” asked Camellia.

“Eat mangos only, don’t count on the seeds,” replied Angelina with a laugh. “Remember about my books. I want them soon. Bye!” Angelina disconnected the phone.

Camellia rang back to Angelina.

“What happened again!” asked Angelina as she received the call.

“I asked you, from where you got the information about John,” Camellia asked in steel voice.

“I went to Ruby’s house to exchange a book. Her phone was lying on a table. I checked her messages in her phone and the last message was from John D’Souza. From there I knew about this,” explained Angelina.

“She allowed you to see her messages?” queried Camellia in disbelief.

“She went to the kitchen and suddenly her phone alarm rang. She asked me from the kitchen to switch off the alarm. I did so and saw the messages,” replied Angelina.

“What was the message timing?” asked Camellia.

“What?” surprised Angelina.

“I asked, what time did he sent the message to Ruby?” requisitioned Camellia with an annoyed tone.

“I have not seen it,” replied Angelina with low guilty voice.

“You must have seen it.” Scolded Camellia and disconnected the phone call.

Twenty-six years old Camellia’s eyes were filled with tears mixed agony and revenge. In a flash, she reminded many foregone episodes of life. She wiped her tears with the dorsal palm and said, “It has to end now. I can’t bear it anymore.”

Last year, Camellia with her family, lived nearby John’s house. Her sister and father were the other members of her family. Her mother passed away due to leukemia when she was only fifteen years old. Probably, there was no one to take care of her illness. Due to official reasons, most of the time, their father was out of station. Camellia held the sail of the family and turned out to be a mother and a guide to her four years’ junior sister.

Last year, the monsoon was on its peak. On a Sunday, Camellia was returning from her friend’s place. She was walking alone as black threatening clouds loomed large and covered the whole sky. She strode to reach home before the rain arrives. But the sudden heavy shower drenched her all over. She took shelter under the shed of a closed shop. Few hessian sacks were kept under the shed of the shop, folded and arranged nicely. Her wet white top stuck with her alluring appealing body. Her blue jeans looked darker. John was returning from the market place. Incidentally, he also took shelter under the same shed of the shop leaving his scooty outside in the rain. Camellia was amazed and stared at handsome, good looking John. She felt something inside her as she scanned John. May be, her first feeling of fondness fluxed her heart. May be she was in love at the first sight. Completely soaked John kept his shopping bag aside and started to flick his hairs with his handkerchief. Unknowingly, his pen jumped from his T-shirt pocket and fell on the hessian sacks. Camellia noticed the pen.

John saw Camellia while arranging his hairs and smiled casually. She felt shy; her first shy feelings of her first love. She squeezed her legs and her inner thighs kissed each other; and she appeared like a mermaid.

“Hi!” said Camellia, overcoming all her hesitations.

“Hi!” replied John.

“Ah, I live near-by. I am wet, feeling cold. Can you give me a lift after the rain stops!” requested Camellia.

“Sure! Where do you live,” asked John.

“Near-by,” said Camellia with a shy smile and explained the location of her residence.

John understood instantly and smiled. “Fine! It’s nearby. But it’s raining hard. I think it will take a while to stop,” he said. “I think you feel cols. It’s because of the wind. You may hide behind me to escape from the cold wind.”

Camellia hesitated. John stood in-front of her facing back and said, “Like this! Now you will feel better.”

Shy Camellia lowered her head and said very softly, “Thank you!”

“Welcome!” replied John with melodious tone.

She picked up the pen and kept it in her handbag. John didn’t notice as he was facing opposite to her.

For few minutes Camellia couldn’t find any words to say. The monotonous sweet sound of rain and intermittent impel of wet wind engendered excitement in her. She wanted to touch him. John broke her trance as he said, “What do you do?” He still stood in-front of her facing opposite.

Ah, I give tuition to kids,” replied Camellia.

“Teacher! Noble job!” said John as he turned around towards her. Camellia felt shy again and lowered her head.

“I haven’t seen you around before. Are you new to this place?” asked John.

“Yes. We came here recently,” replied Camellia.

“We mean?” asked John.

“My Father and my sister,” replied Camellia.

“And your mother?” he asked.

“She passed away when I was fifteen,” replied Camellia.

“I am extremely sorry,” said John in concern.

“It’s fine! It happened long back. But I still miss my mother,” said Camellia.

“Certainly! So you were able to gather kids for tuition in very short time in this new place. Isn’t it?” asked John.

“Yes. I like teaching to kids,” replied Camellia.

“And what about your family?” asked John. “It’s only a casual talk. You may not reply if you don’t wish to.”

“No-no! These aren’t personal. So, no harm in discussing! My Dad works in a multinational organization. He often stays outstation for his job. My sister is studding in final year of graduation and I give tuitions to kids. And I am not married yet,” said Camellia. John raised his eyebrow; possibly for the declaration of her spinsterhood.

“It seems the rain suddenly stopped, isn’t it,” said John as he turned around.

“Yes. We can go now,” said Camellia.

John took his shopping bag and kept in the leg space of his scooty and flicked away the droplets of water from the seat. He ignited the engine. Camellia sat on the pillion seat. She was wondering something to grab on.

“Ready dear?” asked John.

“Ah, I need something to hold,” said Camellia.

“Grab my shoulders,” said John.

Her hesitant hand held his shoulder. The first touch elicited an empyrean emotion within her. She experienced undefined feelings as waves of secret shiver passed through her body. She was hypnotized in her blissful feelings and thoughts.

“Ready dear!” again asked John.

Camellia was surprised by his call. She said, “Yes. I am ready.”

John drove his scooty. Camellia slide a bit forward towards him. It was an indescribable journey for her seating behind John. There was a bump ahead. Camellia came more close to John while crossing the bump. Her emotions were not under her control. She was coming closer to John by an invisible and uncontrollable pull. Her awareness surrounded by John; only John.

“You Ok?” asked John after crossing the bump.

Camellia remained silent. John attempted to ask again but they approached a small market place. He concentrated on the traffic and his query dissolved.

In few minutes they reached near Camellia’s house.

“Please come in! Do you care for some coffee?” invited Camellia.

“I am already late dear. We will have some coffee sometime later,” replied John.

“May I have you phone number please,” requested Camellia.

“Sure,” John replied with his phone number.

Camellia took out her phone from her handbag and saved his number and said, “Thank you!”

“Bye!” said John and left.

Camellia ran inside her room with her sweet memory and his pen. She was the happiest person in the world. She has found her love of life.





Next day Camellia sent a message to John.

Camellia – “Hi!”


John’s phone rang and vibrated. He observed a display of an unknown number.


John – “Hi! Who is ths pl?”

Camellia – “Ths is Camellia Goldsmith.”

John – “Do I knw u.”

Camellia – “Ya u do knw me.”

John – “I am extrmly sryy. I can’t recall. May u pl hlp me.”

Camellia – “Ystrdy u gve me a lift to my huse.”

John – “Oh! U! I rmember. I am John D’Souza. Hw r u?”

Camellia – “Fever!”

John – “Wht? Hw did it hppen?”

Camellia – “Aftr getting soaked in rain ystrdy.”

John – My God! Hve u tken medcne?”

Camellia – “Ya! But it wll take its own tme to cure.”

John – “Tke vry gud care of yurslf. I will knw about yur health in intrvals.”

Camellia – “Thnk u.”

John – “Wlcme! Bye fr now.”

Camellia – “Bye”


John felt for Camellia. He was well aware of the woe of one who loses his mother in childhood. He has seen the same sufferings in Jake’s eyes many times in school days. He wished to support Camellia. He wished to be her friend; a brotherly friend.

The same day Camellia received a small flower bouquet with a card tagged to it which says, “Get well soon! – John”

Camellia held the bouquet against her chest. Eruption of joy helped her happy tears to roll down on her beautiful cheeks. She immediately sent a “thank you” message to him and instantly received a reply of wishes for her good health. Motherless Camellia, whose father visits at outstation most of the time, was strong from outside but was a beggar of tenderness. John’s affection for her, made her weak and she craved to be with him every moment.

After few days they again met in the market place. It was a Sunday. John looked handsome in his vermilion T-shirt and black pair of trousers. Camellia wore lipstick for the first time in her life. May be she anticipated her meeting with John again in the market place. She looked strikingly beautiful and simple in her lemon yellow top and blue jeans.

“Hi!” called John as he noticed her.

“Hey! What a pleasant surprise!” exclaimed Camellia.

“What are you doing here?” asked Camellia.

“Ah.. We are in a market place!” replied John raising his eyebrow.

“Oh! Right. What a silly question,” she was embarrassed. “How are you?

“I am fine. How are you doing? Fever?” asked John.

“It’s over. I am fine now,” said Camellia.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes!” she replied.

“Care for ice-cream?” offered John.

“Oh Sure!” exclaimed Camellia. “You like ice cream?”

“Not very special for me. But I thought you may like it,” said John.

Camellia thought, “Can this man read my mind!” She smiled and said, “You are right!”

“Let’s go to that ice-cream parlor,” suggested John.

“Okay!” she replied.

“Flavor?” asked John as they took a seat in the ice-cream parlor.

“Chocolate!” she smiled.

Two chocolate flavored ice-creams were served in no time.

“Umm.. Delicious!” said Camellia. Her eyes were closed in pleasure.

John smiled. They both enjoyed the chocolate ice-cream and the companionship of each other. They talked to each other on many aspects of life. Camellia started to believe that John was the person she wished to be with for the whole life. She desired to marry him.

They exchanged messages between them and met in the market place every Sunday.

She mentally prepared herself and rehearsed in-front of the mirror to propose John on a Sunday.

Well prepared Camellia was tensed as she approached the market place. She noticed a girl with him. She knew that girl. She was Tina; her new friend with whom she used to walk in the morning. Her eye brow wrinkled as she saw John held the hand of Tina. Perplexed Camellia hides herself and watched them from distance.

After sometime John drove away with Tina. Camellia hired a taxi and followed them.

John and Tina entered into their home. Camellia watched them from the taxi. She realized her new friend Tina is the wife of her first love, John.

Her heart broke. She cried tears of blood. Her first love died before it took birth. She was in agony. She decided to keep away from John.

She convinced her father to shift from that place showing the reason that they must live in a place which was near to Angelina’s school. She showed various other reasons of discomfort and lack of facilities in that locality. She also convinced her father to buy a scooty which will help her to go to the market places. However, later, her father purchased a scooty and a hatchback car.

In between John sent message to Camellia.


John – Hi!

Camellia – Hi!

John – Whts up

Camellia – Fyn

John – No msg frm yur side

Camellia – I ws busy

John – Oh! Am I disturbing?

Camellia – Nt really

John – I don’t see u anymre in the market

Camellia – Me 2

John – Don’t u go there anymore

Camellia – I do

John – Then why don’t we meet

Camellia – May be it is nt required anymore

John – Wht? R u angry?

Camellia – Why should I be

John – Just asking. Seems like so!

Camellia – I am fyn. Don’t worry

John – So next Sunday?

Camellia – Let’s see! I am nt sure

John – Anything wrong

Camellia – Nothing

John – Fyn. See u on Sunday.

John – Market place


There was no reply from her.


John – U there?

Camellia – Ya

John – Reply?

Camellia – Talk to u later

Camellia – Bye


John was surprised by such behavior of Camellia. He felt something was definitely wrong.

Next Sunday John looked for Camellia in the market; but there was no sign of her.

After few days, with a heavy heart, Camellia and her family shifted to another place. She thought she could forget John by moving away from him. Incidentally, she shifted to a rented bungalow adjutant to Ruby’s residence.

It took time to settle down in the new house. It was a good looking bungalow and newly constructed.




One late evening, she came to the balcony of her bungalow. It was raining. The mizzle mixed turbulent wet air was creating a cold feeling in her. Unknowingly, John’s thought snooped into her mind. Her eyes became wet. Tears rolled down her glowing cheeks. She couldn’t swallow.

Suddenly she was surprised to notice a car which stopped in front of Ruby’s house. Yes, it was John; she rubbed her eyes to see clearly. John came out of the car with an umbrella and rushed to the other side to open the door. It was Ruby. She took shelter under the umbrella against his chest. Camellia again wiped her eyes and looked carefully to be sure. Yes, undoubtedly it was John. He was talking to Ruby in-front his car. They were standing very close to each other.

That was the first time when revenge took birth and substituted love in Camellia’s broken wounded heart. There was lava in her mind which desiderated to erupt. Her emotions were hard to control. She saw John’s car swiftly disappeared as Ruby went in her house with the umbrella. She ran into her room and burst into tears.

After that day she often noticed John to drop Ruby at her residence late night. Sometimes he went inside her home too!

“There must be a love relation between them!” she assumed and got immensely furious which was out of her control. Gradually she started to believe that there was really an affair between John and Ruby which became the only reason of her agony. She thought, if married John can have an affair, then why with Ruby! Why not with her!

Camellia decided to propose John, overcoming all her hesitations. All she wanted from John was little time, little concern, and little affection. She decided to meet him in the same crowded Sunday market.




“Hi!” called Camellia.

John was startled. He turned back and said, “What a pleasant surprise! Where have you been for so long? I searched you every Sunday,” exclaimed John.

“I moved away from this place,” she replied.

“What? You mean you don’t stay here anymore!” asked John.

“Yes!” she confirmed.

“Then where do you live now-a-days?” queried John.

“Dispur,” she replied.

“Dispur? Where in Dispur?” he asked.

“You know Ruby’s house?” she asked.

“Yes I know,” he confirmed.

“I live near to Ruby’s house,” she said.

“Is it! I did not know that! You never told me!” said John.

“I want to say you something,” said Camellia.

“Sure! Anything you like. But this place is too noisy. We can sit in the nearby cafe,” proposed John.

She nodded in agreement.

They sat in the café.

“Care for some coffee,” asked John.

“Oh yes!” replied Camellia.

“Hey!” John called the waiter.

“Two coffee!” ordered John as the waiter approached them.

“Now say dear, what you want to say,” said John with a smile.

“I-I just ….” She was short of words.

“Don’t hesitate please! You are allowed to discuss anything with me,” appreciated John.

“I want to tell you that the weather is good,” quickly said Camellia. Her love emotions for John didn’t shape in words. May be she was scared; scared of getting spurned.

“Indeed it is! But I guess this was not the thing you wanted to tell me, isn’t it?” said John with a grin.

Camellia nodded in agreement and lowered her head.

“Don’t be shy dear. Please say!” demanded John.

“I love you,” quickly said Camellia overcoming all her hesitations.

John was surprised and raised his eyebrow. He calmly said, “I respect your feelings for me. But I must say you that I am married. I should have told you earlier. It’s my mistake. I am sorry for that.”

“I know that you are married,” said Camellia. She kept her head lowered.

“Then?” John tried to understand what exactly was running in the mind of Camellia.

“I know you are married but I love you,” said Camellia in a very low voice.

“I respect the feeling you have for me. But if I accept your proposal; will not be that a cheating to my wife?” asked John. “And you are beautiful! You can get engaged to any man whom you like. Any man will say yes to you!”

“That is what I am doing. But the man is not saying yes,” said Camellia. Her hesitations were reducing gradually.

John was speechless. He had no hint to handle the situation.

The waiter broke the silence as he serviced two cups of coffee.

Camellia looked up to John. Her eyes were wet. She released a long breath and wiped her eyes and bluntly asked, “Will I take it as a rejection?”

John was still having no reply. He didn’t want to break her heart. Simultaneously, he didn’t want to accept her proposal too. That would be indecent and illegal!

“Listen dear,” explained John, “The feeling you have for me is not love, probably. Sometimes you have crush on someone which feels like love,” He tried to handle the situation.

Camellia stood up suddenly. John surprised.

“Where are you going!” he asked.

Camellia turned and walked away from the café. John walked behind her and called, “Camellia? Camellia? Please wait!” other customers of the café looked at them. John felt embarrassing. She reached near her scooty and ignited the engine. John called in pressed voice, “Please wait!” He didn’t want the people in the market place also to stare at him. Camellia disappeared in no time. John stood dumbstruck; he was unable to accept her proposal.

The whimsical weather of North-East India again brought instant heavy thunder shower. John was drenched. He was reluctant to find a shed and was still staring at the direction where Camellia disappeared.

Her heart broke into pieces in that stormy day of rejection. The thunder shower and massive storm was alike to the morale of her twisted heart and mind. John’s denial pierced her heart. She was bleeding from inside.

Every night she reminded the rejection of John and the painful stormy day of rejection. She couldn’t sleep. She wanted to kill; herself or him.


John was too professional person. He knew how to maintain official relationships; and sometimes flattered his boss; Ruby!

In fact, John was only trying to maintain the boss-subordinate relationship to its perfection; that to, when the boss is a beautiful girl. John believed that only hard work may not help him to achieve promotions and salary hikes. A decent official relationship with boss along with hard work was necessary side by side. And hence, the intimacy of John and Ruby seemed to be an extra marital affair to Camellia.

The first crush of Camellia was John. She could do anything to be with him. But John was happily married and there was no space for Camellia between him and his wife Tina.




A crave of killing and bloodlust filled her mind. She became restless and jumped out of the bed and started thinking. She said to her, “If I have to teach him a lesson, then I have to stay cool. Think – think. This is an opportunity. He is coming by road and he has to travel through Nagaon. And I am also in my uncle’s house in Nagaon. God has given me this chance.”

She immediately called Aizo, one her friend in Dimapur who was quite an influential person.

“Hello Camellia! How are you?” said Aizo after picking up her phone call.

“I am fine dear. Can you tell me how many violet-colored Innova car runs from Dimapur to Guwahati,” asked Camellia.

“Is it urgent?” asked Aizo.

“Yes very urgent,” Camellia replied in excitement.

“Just give me two minutes. I will ring you back,” she said and hung up.

After five minutes Camellia’s phone rang.

“Yes dear! Got the details?” asked Camellia quickly after picking up the phone call.

“Only one!” replied Aizo.

“Are you hundred percent sure?” asked Camellia.

“Two hundred percent, dear,” confirmed Aizo.

“Thank you dear! I will call you later,” said Camellia.

“Enjoy,” said Aizo and hung up.

Excited Camellia went out from her uncle’s house and reached the highway; from where John was supposed to travel. She wore a black top and jeans. It was a straight highway and she could see the smooth roads till very far. She uttered, “If he is coming by a violet Innova, then I can see the car from here, and I can see even when the car is far away. I can see the car travel all the way to me. But what can I do? How to attack? How to finish him?”

She noticed a cow was sitting idle under a tree by the side of the highway. It was tied to a pole which was pressed into mud. She saw a carpenter shop by the side of the highway; a little far away from where she was standing. An assassination idea clicked her like a lightning flash.

“I will take this chance,” she uttered with firm jaws.

She checked her wallet in jeans pocket and found a five hundred rupees note. Immediately she ran to the carpenter shop.

“I want some thinner in a bottle,” asked Camellia to the carpenter.

“Thinner?” replied the carpenter seeking a confirmation from her.

“Yes thinner! I want some thinner in a bottle,” said Camellia in a hurry.

The carpenter poured thinner in a bottle and kept on the floor.

“How much?” asked Camellia as she extended her hand holding the five hundred rupee note.

“Sorry! I don’t have change!” replied the carpenter.

“It’s Okay! I will collect the change from you later,” said Camellia.

The carpenter took the five hundred rupees note and checked its originality like a specialist. Camellia was getting restless. He handed over the thinner bottle to her after he was convinced with the note.

Quickly she came back to the cow and pulled the pole out of the mud and again fixed it loosely inside the hole and waited for the violet car to come.

The Nagaon highway was newly constructed. It looked like a runway of any airport.

A melodious number started playing in the car radio. “My favorite song!” said the driver and increased the volume. He was happy to hear his favorite number and stroked the steering wheel by figure as he accelerated on the smooth roads of Nagaon. The radio signals got disturbed as he increased the speed of the car. The melodious song was audible sporadically. The radio signals were fluctuating. The driver got disturbed and distracted. He tried to adjust the radio channel while driving.

Camellia saw the violet Innova approaching with high speed. She opened the cap of the thinner bottle and kept it on ground. She pulled the pole with her both hands and lifted the tail of the cow. She poured all the thinner in its back. The cow got a burning feeling in its back and suddenly it stood up and began to run straight towards the highway.

The driver took his eyes off the road for a split second to adjust the radio channel. John shouted as he saw the cow rapidly crossing the road. The driver was shocked as he saw the cow, just few yards away, running on the road with its tail up. The driver spun the steering vigorously to dribble the cow. The road was smooth and the car was on full throttle. The tyres lost its grip on the road and the car lost its balance and swung swiftly a full circle and hit the road divider with all its momentum. The high speed of the car forced it to topple. The car rolled sideways up-side-down to the other side of the road divider. A speedy monster size truck was approaching from the opposite side of the road. It hit the violet Innova from back with all its power and lost control and crashed into the road-side cannel. The Innova jumped in air and thrashed far away on the road up-side-down.

The local people rushed to the accidental car and truck to rescue the passengers. Camellia too, rushed with other people. She tried to see the condition of John. She wanted a confirmation of John’s death.

John was still alive, breathing very slowly. He couldn’t move; couldn’t talk; couldn’t think. His eye-sight was fading gradually and soon he was drowned in pitch dark before knowing about his co-passengers.




















The wake up


A phone-alarm rang. It was a mysterious and frightening alarm tone, rang too loud. John jumped up from his bed and dismissed the phone alarm. He felt exhausted even after his prolonged solid sleep.

“This is not my alarm tone,” disgusted John uttered slowly with wrinkled eyebrow. He was able to open his eyes partially. He pulled his body out of the bed with tremendous toil and slowly walked to the washroom.

After a while he came out; still sleepy. A car was continuously honking outside his house. John hurried as heard the buzz.

“These people will not let me live,” he cried.

“I am coming!” he shouted loudly from the window. The car continued to honk intermittently.

Quickly he dressed up with a yellow T-shirt and blue jeans and rushed out of his room.

“Yes, I am here!” John said to his friends as he came out from his apartment like a bullet.

They all were going to picnic. John turned to say bye to his wife but found no one. His eyebrow wrinkled. “Where is she? And why she is not coming with me to the picnic?” He uttered as he thought deeply.

“Hey man! Come in! What are you thinking about?” cried Harry.

John got in the car with thousands of question popping in his mind. He got the co-driver’s seat. He felt an unknown hesitation and agitation to ride on the co-driver’s seat. A part of him denied the ride as he felt that the seat is cursed. A faint memory resisted him to travel on that seat. However, he forced himself to sit on the co-driver seat. Harry and Shella took the back seat.

The car driver turned on the music knob. The journey started.

“He is our driver for today,” said Harry. John looked to his right and shocked. “I have seen you somewhere,” said John.

“In hell!” Came the reply with a deep voice.

This was the driver who was driving him from Dimapur to Guwahati – John remembered with great disbelief. His wrinkled eyebrow touched each other. He couldn’t say a word. An unknown twist circled inside him as he felt slightly sick. He looked around and realized the roads and place were unknown to him.

“Where is this place?” asked John with sick and low voice as he turned to the back seats.

“Mean? We traveled so many times through this road and it seems unknown to you now?” replied Harry with surprise. John turned to his front again with embarrassment. He was dumbfounded. Clueless John kept quiet. After that no one talked to each other during the journey. John was not feeling well. A negative energy wave from the driver was weakening him.

“Can I come to the back seat” requested John as he turned back.

“You are fine there. Enjoy the scenic beauty,” said Shella is a commanding voice.

John was almost paralyzed by sitting aside the driver.

The car reached in-front of the big metal main gate of a big two storied old building. One may consider the house to be haunted! The house was little far away from the huge metal gates.

“Why we came here!” asked John as he turned around.

“People enjoy picnic in many entertaining place. We will enjoy in hell!” Laughed Harry as he replied. Shella and the driver laughed too!

“Whose idea is this,” asked John annoyingly.

“My idea!” said Shella with a plastic smile on her face.

“Go and open the main gate,” said the driver with his steel voice.

“What? Why I will open?” John turned to the back seat with huge dissatisfaction.

“Please do it John,” requested Shella. “Only you can open the main gate.”

“Why can’t the driver open it?” asked irritated John.

“He can’t! Please understand John. It’s my request,” said Harry.

John opened the door of car and instantly felt someone from outside closed the door with a bang! He was terribly surprised. He looked back to his friends.

“Come on John!” cried Harry “we are getting late now.”

“You saw what happened just now?” said scared John.

“What happened? Open the car door properly!” ordered Shella.

John again looked back and again opened the car door slowly with anticipation of something to happen. This time to door opened the way he wanted it to open. He got out of the car and slowly approached the big metal main gate which appeared to be very heavy in weight. He pushed one part of the gate and felt as if someone is helping him to open. John required absolutely no effort to open the gate. The other part of the gate was also extremely easy to open. The car crossed the gate and stopped few yards away. John closed both part of the gate very easily and turned around to the car. But he felt something. He again he turned around to the main gate and tried to pull it to open. The gate was very tightly jammed. John pulled the gate with all his power. The gate did not open. He was surprised. “Just now I opened both parts of the main gate with so ease. Suddenly how the gate got jammed so hard,” he thought.

“What are you doing John?” cried Harry peeping out his head from the rear window of the car.

“Gates are jammed!” cried John.

“These are old gates and so they got jammed. Leave them alone. Come on!” called Harry.

John slowly approached towards the car looking towards the main gate. He was still looking towards the gate from the car window.

The car drove forward towards the haunted house. They all came out from the car and proceed towards the entrance door which was already opened. They entered in the house.

“Isn’t it cold in here?” John asked squeezing his body.

Harry and Shella looked to John quietly. John stepped towards the centre table. “Everything is very old and dusty here!” said John and turned back and surprised to see no one.

“Harry? Shella? Where are you?” called John. “This isn’t funny! Where are you both?” John saw both of them standing outside the entrance door. He stepped towards the entrance door to call them and heard a humming noise. Suddenly a swarm of flies flew in from the door and attacked him. He had to run into the interior of the house. He found a passage and ran through it escaping from the flies. While running, he noticed a long curtain hanging on a big window at his left side. He snatched a curtain from a window and wrapped himself to protect from the flies’ sting.

“Help! help!” cried John as he ran escaping himself.

Flies followed him as he was only one left in the world to follow. He saw an opened door. He escaped into it and shut the door.

John was breathing vigorously. He dropped his curtain and rested his back on the door and held his chest with his hands.

His shirt was wet with sweat. He felt a burning sensation on his neck. It was bleeding by the sting of the flies. John was in pain. Subsequently, he got his breath back and looked around.

It was a shabby room with very less light. The floor was wooden. A girl was sleeping on the bed which was positioned at the corner of the room.

She was Ruby! John was immensely surprised to see her here.

“Ruby!” cried John. He approached swiftly towards her and said in concern, “What are you doing here? This is a dangerous place. Harry and Shella already disappeared. Let’s get out from here!” He sat on the bed.

“Ruby! Wake up,” called John.

Ruby opened her eyes. There were no eye balls. Her eyes were all white. John jumped out from the bed in shock.

“What happened to you?” exclaimed John.

Her pretty face was changing into ugly witch. She got out of the bed and held a dagger in her hand.

“Ruby! What are you doing? Cried scared John. He was trembling in fear, anticipating an attack. He tried to open the door from which he entered the room. The door was jammed. Ruby was approaching towards John with the dagger in her hand. John pushed back on the wall as much as he can and slipped sideways slowly. He couldn’t speak. His throat dried.

Suddenly, Ruby jumped and attacked John with the dagger. To escape, he bounced on the middle of the room. The wooden floor broke and he fell down below to the basement from the broken floor. The basement was mostly dark. John was hurt. He was moaning in pain. Somehow, he searched the lighter from his pocket. The lighter caught fire on the first strike and he saw the ugly white eyed face of Ruby inches away from him. He screamed in terror! The lighter slipped from his hand and he swiftly crawled to a corner of the room. He was breathing rapidly in fear and was looking all round for help. He saw a low light ray coming from up. It was a staircase. John picked himself with enormous efforts and limped towards the staircase. He crawled upstairs and got out from the room and came to a passage. John was bleeding all over. He resumed limping forward cautiously. Suddenly he again heard the humming noise of the flies. The swarm was coming from behind. John increased his speed through the passage as the swarm of flies followed him. He started to run and screamed in pain. A big curtain was hanging on the wall of the passage. Applying the same idea, he snatched it. Behind the curtain, repugnant Ruby was waiting with the dagger in her hand. She suddenly charged at him again. John yelled and limped faster to get away from her. Murderous Ruby and fatal flies followed him. While running, suddenly he saw the door from which he entered the house. His eyes brightened up in the sense of hope and jumped out from the door. His friends were not there. The driver of the car also disappeared but the car was still standing. The key was in the ignition hole. John jumped on the driver’s seat and pulled all the door-glasses up. The flies were all around the car, trying to sting. John spotted Ruby standing with the dagger in front of the main metal. With the immense emotion of vengeance and vamoose, he ignited the car engine and rushed full throttle towards her.

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“THE CRUSH” is a tale of the agony and revenge of a beautiful girl named Camellia. She developed an intense infatuation for John after they met for the first time on a monsoon Sunday. Camellia assumed that John was unmarried and fantasized a lot about him. However, her heart broke when she discovered that he was already married to Tina. In grief, Camellia decided to relocate and incidentally she started living in a rented bungalow near Ruby’s house. Ruby was the official boss of John. John was a matured person and understood the dynamics to develop his carrier. He believed that only his skills would not get him there, where he aimed to be in near future. He believed that a perfect relationship with boss would help him to elevate his career much more rapidly. Therefore, he was very close to his boss Ruby, which, one might wrongly interpret as an illegal relationship. Ruby was smart and beautiful. She was divorced which stimulated interest in most men. One night Camellia saw them together when John dropped Ruby at her house. Tormented, exhausted, she developed an emotion of killing. After that day she often saw them together at night; John dropping Ruby at home. Sometimes, he went inside her house too! The unbearable agony was crossing her limits and she decided to finish things off! Cunningly, she attacked John numerous times. The story reveals her unique attack plans and John’s escape. An invaluable document was being smuggled in the same car in which John was travelling. During her first attack to him, that document came to John’s house by mistake. After realizing about the fact, the smuggler team attacked his house several times in search of that document. Deadly duel hidden attacks from Camellia and the smuggler team made John’s life miserable. Jake, the only friend of John, who was a high rank police officer, resumed his investigation seeing John’s misery. The story unfolds the unique process of his investigation and final conclusion. Their unique realistic conversation about the features of work culture in private organization and marriage, adds new dimension to one’s life. The final chapter of the story reveals Jake’s master trap to catch the smuggler team and Camellia red handed.

  • ISBN: 9781370864522
  • Author: Sayan
  • Published: 2017-08-23 15:32:17
  • Words: 9050