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THE CREWLESS PRINCIPLE - 10 rules for getting that movie made




















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‘The One Bag Film Challenge’


Rule #1 The Script/ Write it

Rule #2 The Bag/ Fill it

Rule #3 The Cast/ Audition it

Rule #4 The Crew/ Don’t crew it

Rule #5 The Locations/ Locate it

Rule #6 The Lights/ Light it

Rule #7 The Sound/ Hear it

Rule #8 The Schedule/ Schedule it

Rule #9 The Shoot/ Shoot it

Rule #10 The Rules/ Break it





I challenge all you dreamers to consider following the:


Let’s cut to the chase and not waffle on about the do’s and don’ts of film-making. Getting bogged down with all the technical aspects of the film-making process is not getting your film made. As we go through the 10 RULES we will learn to break down each rule and improve our knowledge in those given areas. You will have to do your own homework if you want to get into the nitty gritty areas of a given topic but you don’t need to become an expert in each field for now – treat this as your experimental training. Let’s be a Jack-of-all-trades and a master of none. Expertise can come later with experience. I take it that most of you reading this will have some basic knowledge of film-making. If you have no experience then this process should kick-start a new experience for you. I’m no expert when it comes to making films but through my own frustrations I have devised the Crewless Principle, a set of ideas that we can follow as part of the film-making adventure. This set of rules is about using our limitations to our advantage. We can draw inspiration from Robert Rodriguez and Gareth Edwards to name but a few to further develop our knowledge. Go check them out.

When no one is willing to help you, then just help yourself”!

The Crewless Principle is not about creating a masterpiece, although that just may happen for some of you. The Crewless Principle is about starting and finishing your film. I believe that putting these boundaries or rules in place helps to create a focus, which will, I hope, kick start you into action and get you to commit to that magical movie you have bubbling inside you. Remember – the purpose of The Crewless Principle is that you work through each rule and only concentrate on one rule at a time. When we look at the film-making process as a whole it can be quite a daunting prospect. We only need to think in bite size chunks, bite by bite, we will eventually get through the journey from script to screen. “Only concern yourself with a problem when it is a problem”! Of course being equipped to solve any problems is beneficial; but trying to anticipate the many pitfalls that await you will quickly overwhelm you. Let’s avoid overwhelm and address any problems when they arrive. For example, you might find yourself asking: “How do I find actors suitable for my film”? Once you ask that question it’s inevitable that you’ll begin to find answers. You might consider; local theatre groups, castingcallpro.co.uk, agents, colleges or even friends who are actors. Before you know it you will have your cast and that particular problem is solved. Then you move onto the next problem and so on and so forth. Nobody is pointing a gun at your head and there is no deadline as such when you’re in control. Just because you may have to work fast to meet deadlines or to please the producer on a feature film, doesn’t mean you have to work like this on your film. Enjoy the process and take your time! If you’re getting stressed just stop for a moment and tell yourself that there is no need to be stressed on my shoot. Before we set about making our film it is generally a good idea to have a script, whether you choose to make a feature length film or a short film. Let’s forget cinematography, cameras, editing, costumes, props, actors and all that stuff and let’s just worry about RULE #1 of The Crewless Principle.



The first challenge is to get yourself some scriptwriting software. The software of choice is Final Draft but there are other alternatives. If at this point you have to save up to buy Final Draft then this becomes your first film-making challenge; nothing more, nothing less – this is your first film-making goal. This doesn’t stop you from taking notes or even writing your script freehand while you wait.


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THE CREWLESS PRINCIPLE - 10 rules for getting that movie made

This book is not a quick fix to making films but a way to keep you focused on your project by keeping the film-making process manageable. The book centres around 'YOU' as they only crew member and the 'One Bag Film Challenge' (see Rule #2). I hope that all you budding filmmakers who pick up this book will take-up my challenge, make a movie then upload it to the 'One Bag Film Challenge' Facebook group and show other film-makers what your capable of. Maybe this challenge will catapult you into the movie industry - let's hope so!

  • ISBN: 9781370261024
  • Author: Robert L Jenkins
  • Published: 2017-01-14 11:35:10
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THE CREWLESS PRINCIPLE - 10 rules for getting that movie made THE CREWLESS PRINCIPLE - 10 rules for getting that movie made