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The Cosmic Machine




The Cosmic Machine


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Fernando Davalos

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Chapter 1: Teotihuacán


Chapter 2: In search of the inner silence


Chapter 3: The sacred couple


Chapter 4: A ritual ascent

Chapter 1







With the valuable help of Don Antonio Velasco-Piña, who generously made the contact, we had the pleasure to meet the Attorney at Law Francisco Lerdo de Tejada who had the responsibility during a long time of conducting Ceremonial long walks in Mexico City. His aid in pro of our awakening was always carried with the impeccability of the seasoned warrior he was. We miss him dearly because he passed away to a better world. Paco, as we all affectionately called him, with all thoughtfulness offered to take us in his car with other travelers, previously gathered in his Mexico City address in Colonia Polanco, to the sacred city of Teotihuacan. There, a ceremonial long walk would be carried out to commemorate the autumn equinox day, a part of the Aztec Nahuiollin, and a day of an enormous spiritual opportunity.



The ancient Mexicans knew that the spirit of Quetzalcoatl descended in this particular day carrying into our sacred territory energies of an enormous power and of a highest vibration for the benefit of all its inhabitants. Such was indeed the reason for the long walk on this day, which would have to culminate at 10 am in the morning at the top of the Pyramid of the Sun. In this occasion, Samuel and Tanya could not come with us, so, the recently formed group “Don Uriel” was constituted in this occasion by Paloma, the children Vicente and Ignacio and Agustin. Our small group would soon be united with other ceremonial walkers that were already waiting for us in the sacred city where “the men become Gods”.


From immemorial times, the sacred traditions of humanity have built cosmic machines of pyramidal form with the aim to receive and to transmute powerful energies of the cosmos for the benefit of its cultures and according to the cosmic responsibility that the elders of each tradition interpreted have been called on them to carry out.  Such had been the purpose without a doubt of the building of the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon in the sacred city of Teotihuacan.



In very ancient times, the spiritual elites of Teotihuacan were formed by spiritual male and female warriors, whose level of awareness allowed them to work in the sacred dimension of the existence. These were awakened and powerful beings capable through their personal vibration “to ignite” materially and spiritually, the cosmic machines to which they acceded in days of spiritual opportunity simply by the single fact to make a physical appearance and perform powerful rituals in those sacred enclosures.



Without any intention to compare our group of ceremonial walkers to those great warriors of old times, and keeping all proportions in their right measure, our group of aspirants to male and female spiritual warriors would try to establish the necessary synchronicity with the pyramid of the Sun. This special structure, thanks to the recent work of a group of spiritual Tibetan warriors sent to Mexico by its holiness the XIV Dalai Lama, was already energetically activated.



The pyramid of the Sun is now able to distribute to a certain extent to all that know how to connect with it with respect, honesty and purity, the most powerful energies of the cosmos. It also transforms and distributes these energies for the benefit of all the nodes and energetic centers of the enormous Mexican chakra. Thanks to the recent sacrifice in 1968 of many spiritual warriors, the Mexican chakra is active, working and contributing to the awakening of its sacred territory.



When Paco Lerdo de Tejada and our small group arrived at the entrance of the sacred city, a numerous and enthusiastic assembly of men and women were already waiting for us, all with their white attires and red stripes in the head, ready to initiate another ceremonial walk.

Assuming its well-earned leadership, Paco proceeded to gather the big group in a circle around a beautiful tree, a green elder and guardian of the place with leafy branches located in the main entrance of the sacred city. He then requested us to distribute in a balanced fashion, such as men and women, men and women, united by the hands in the traditional way, with the right hand holding the left hand of the alongside warrior, and the left hand being taken by the right hand of the alongside warrior.



In this way, the masculine and feminine energies were balanced almost immediately for the beginning of the ritual. Paco proceeded then to give us some pertinent instructions about how the ritual long walk that was about to start in some brief moments would have to function. After the prayers of dedication of our work and the humble request of group aid and protection to our Creator, we would have to rearrange right away in two different groups, one masculine and one feminine.



Once both groups of walkers formed, the column of men would walk by the right side of the enormous archaeological zone that conformed the sacred city of Teotihuacan throughout the rustic way that goes around the site whereas the column of women would do their own work walking it by the left side.



Just when the ritual walkers reached half of its route – added a woman of a glowing face that would lead the feminine group – both columns would pass alongside each other necessarily in some point of the way. At this moment, it was fundamental that both groups had reached already the necessary inner silence and created a minimum of the positive emptiness needed to manage at least momentarily to fuse and to interchange the different energies that each column transported.



The men would transmute in a natural way and only by the force of their inner silence, the feminine energy received when encountering the column of women, and the same would happen to the feminine column when encountering and receiving the effluvium of the originating masculine energy of the masculine group. This interchange would help the ritual walkers to push energetically the complementary sides of their own nature such as the masculine in the case of the women and the feminine in the case of the men.


If such interchange was made with a minimum of effectiveness – concluded the female aspirant to a Spiritual warrior – the long ritual walk and later ritual ascent to the pyramid of the Sun in the city of Teotihuacan by both groups would have good possibilities of success. This, because when returning from the enormous route that would take us to surround the archaeological zone of Teotihuacan, the two columns of walkers would be energetically balanced and would have the minimum inner silence needed to try to generate pyramidal energy. She explained that when two different polarities run parallel but isolated – in this case by the emptiness as a by-product of its inner silence – its suitable contact with a pyramidal energy generator or cosmic machine would always produce an uninterrupted flow of the inexhaustible and powerful celestial energy. This, in the same way in which this conductor was able to lead it and transmute it.



The clear and direct instructions disseminated first by Paco and later by the enigmatic woman, generated an expectant silence that crossed the enormous ritual circle formed by our group of walkers. After the prayers and offering of our ceremonial work for the awakening of our nation, an enormous effluvium of energy that I can only describe as of a great freshness circulated throughout our circle at an enormous speed constituting thus the signal that our work was accepted and its beginning was authorized. The secret guardian of tradition of the sacred city watched us pleased.

Chapter 2

In Search of the Inner Silence

Without further ado, Paco reunited the masculine group under his lead while the female warriors were conforming rapidly into another large group. It was probably eight in the morning of September 22nd when both columns left the parking area of the archeological site of Teotihuacan headed towards their particular route through the rustic way that borders the enormous archaeological zone, one by the left and the other by the right. When moving away with my column, I couldn’t help to feel an enormous pride and admiration when observing the strong and disciplined feminine column within which Paloma walked and to perhaps understand all the blessings that Regina – through her work towards our awakening – left us with her example and heroism.



Particularly for the women of our nation who although always have played a decisive role in the construction of our Mexico, have managed since 1968 to conquer important spaces of participation and decision making in the development of our modernity.



In spite of the early hour it started to warm up quickly and my thoughts were for my two small warriors Vicente and Ignacio, who walked in disciplined formation and impeccable silence just in front of me; I rejected any mental concerns about them because even though still children they were experienced walkers of whom I felt specially proud. After about twenty minutes of walking towards the south, we turned to the left and in parallel to one side of the sacred city of Teotihuacan in an east bound course. Then, a providential wind began to blow for some minutes refreshing the entire group. My mind was more active than usual because the ceremonial walk was an experience that I was enjoying immensely. Faithful to my custom, I sent a mental greeting to our spiritual guide announcing him the beginning of our work, and to settle down my thinking, I began to pray.

Chapter 3

The Sacred Couple

It was a particularly foggy morning that increased the surrounding temperature that began to weigh on all of us in the form of an unpleasant dry and exhausting heat. As I reached not without great difficulties a more silent state of mind thanks to my rhythmical and recurrent prayers, I began to turn around from time to time to my right and in direction where I knew the millennial pair of sacred volcanoes, the Popocatepetl and the Iztaccihuatl were located. It was not possible to see them in that foggy and contaminated morning.



Little by little and in a bizarre way, when turning around in direction of the Popocatepetl and the Iztaccihuatl, my field of vision seemed to clarify a little in that direction. At first, I rejected that perception considering it illusory on my part, but turning around again, I noticed that my field of vision in that direction was a definite clear picture in comparison with my surroundings. Although I knew I had to walk with my eyes to the front, I could not resist sometimes looking in that direction. I increased my prayers with fervor considering that they would serve me as a protection against my illusory perceptions, a product perhaps of my undisciplined mind, but to my total surprise, when turning around anew to my right I perceived instantly and for some brief seconds the image of both volcanoes in all clarity.


Still fighting against my perceptions and at the height of my incredulity, I even considered I was imagining everything that was happening to me due to in my eagerness to see that day the sacred couple of mountains. I resolved then, to fix my view to the front towards the warriors Ignacio and Vicente who preceded me thus in the column of walkers. I continued like this by at least about twenty minutes, increasing at the time my prayers and requesting the Virgin of Guadalupe her protection before my distractions.



Surely and according to my personal opinion this was not helping in those moments to the necessary strength and inner silence that as a group we had to reach as soon as possible. Once I had calmed myself knowing that I had simply dreamed distorting my perceptions and verifying with my eyes to the front the haziness of that day, I looked again to my right now without any concern and in the direction of the volcanoes. My surprise was paramount when I saw them with all clarity and in their absolute majesty! Not only I saw them but I felt them as well in the form of the most powerful emanation of energy I have ever felt coming at me that almost knock me down and take me out from my formation in the column of walkers.



Something strange but absolutely positive happened simultaneously as soon as I managed to recover after stumbling for some instants and still within the column of walkers. I stopped fighting with my own mental reasoning that insisted the experience was not real because even from the angle in which I was walking it was impossible to have a straight line vision of the Popocatepetl and the Iztaccihuatl, even in a clear day with kilometers and kilometers of clarity and without any atmospheric contamination.



The powerful impact of the energy emanated by the sacred and oldest couple of our nation made clear to me without any doubt that I had made contact with them from my heart and helped by my fervent prayers surely heard by the Guadalupana.



In my own spiritual smallness, the perception of the impact of a most powerful energy was the imperfect way in which I perceived them but that contact filled me with joy! The volcanoes were wide-awake and working actively in the awakening of our nation!


Immediately afterwards, it came to my mind the extraordinary feat accomplished with their ritual sacrifice by spiritual warriors of recent times in October 1968.



I felt humble and small at those moments before their feat, but also proud before the knowledge that I was along with my small family and my brothers and sisters’ of the masculine and feminine columns collaborating here and now in the task of the awakening of our sacred territory as a single being in the battle of that day.



Those certainties filled me with peace and surrounded me with a comforting inner silence. Little by little, the joy of that happy discovery gave way to the certainty that something within me had changed forever finding at least its right way, like a piece that finally suits in its proper place.



Shortly after, I noticed that we were entering into a zone shaded by the presence of several clouds above that part of the circuit, which along with the foggy morning produced less luminosity and diminished the heat a little.



I estimated we would be arriving already to the middle part of the long circuit that surrounds the sacred city of Teotihuacan. Our walking pace was then quite regular and consolidated and our column was walking now like a single being.



Due to the shaded surroundings, I noticed certain luminosity hardly perceivable in the distance and to the left of where we walked, but I needed to look sideways at that zone to perceive it because if I watched directly at that particular point in the horizon it was not possible for me to perceive anything.



I continued my march in the column with my eyes to the front and when I didn’t watch directly in that direction it was possible for me to perceive that strange and weak luminosity that seemed to enlarge constantly. Fifteen minutes later, that spot of light and clarity in our foggy and shaded surroundings had enlarged more.

I began to feel a little irritation considering that probably a motorcyclist or several of them journeyed by the rustic way towards our direction. This occurrence could to a certain extent, unbalance our long walk pace and I asked myself if it would not have caused problems already to the feminine column that according to my calculations would not take long to appear in the horizon. It seemed strange, nevertheless, neither to see dust nor to listen to the characteristic noise of one or several motorcycles as we approached that faded luminosity.



To my total surprise and indeed in the zone of the left and in front of our column where I appreciated the feeble luminous point, appeared now in my field of vision with certain clarity and to the distance the feminine column that advanced in total concentration and like a single being towards us! That vague luminosity that I had been appreciating during several minutes was nothing less than the spiritual energy that the column of female warriors projected while walking in our direction.



A few minutes later, and when I recovered a little from the sensational discovery both columns crossed each other. In the brief moments in which both groups walked parallel in different directions, I appreciated with all certainty that the zone in which we were walking acquired a perceptible luminosity, as if nor clouds or mist existed that could have darkened a little the surroundings.



This phenomenon disappeared immediately, once both columns began to separate from each other while walking to their own destiny.



The rest of the circuit continued without any eventuality with a unified and silent group. Something important must have happened during the passing through of the feminine and masculine columns and it was surely related with the walking pace that Paco was now using to lead our column; perhaps the interchange between the characteristic energies of both columns contributed to the total synchronization of our walking, which was at those moments fluid and rhythmic. Another phenomenon took place in the second part of the circuit, now of a meteorological type, because a fresh and persistent wind was felt from there on and throughout the rest of the route.

Something was also different in our walking because it seemed that now we advanced almost without difficulty and even without any effort; it was as if the circuit by where we now journeyed “had been cleaned” and its characteristic energy “ignited” so to speak by the passing through of the feminine column that had preceded us in the opposite direction. I asked myself if my walking companions perceived the same sensation of a fluid and natural advance that I felt in my own walking.



After one and a half hour, we arrived to our departure point, and into the parking area. From there on, we followed the path that connects with the pyramid of the Sun, and I was not surprised at all in this incredible journey to coincide in time and space with all precision with the feminine column, which appeared in all synchronization walking from their route in parallel and disciplined fashion next to our column.



A new internal perception surprised me again because when I saw the feminine column arriving I heard an internal voice that said: “we arrived” as if the dynamic of both columns was conformed into a single being and the illusion of fragmentation did not existed at those moments. This perception of cohesion and unity of the feminine column as a part of our own column remained with me during the entire ascent to the cosmic machine that we know as the Pyramid of the Sun. There was no doubt in my heart: We had made it! Thanks to the long ritual walking performed, we had entered into the sacred dimension of the existence arriving like a single being in all reverence and neatness to the city where the men become Gods.

Chapter 4

Ritual Ascent

Once on the base of the pyramid of the Sun, our immediate task consisted on the silent contemplation of certain sacred stone symbols left in its base by some indigenous elders as a piece of intuitive information to stare at and be helped in this way into the expansion of our awareness during the ascent. Once we initiated the quiet introspection of which we observed, the wind that had accompanied us during almost one hour suddenly stopped as if wanting to contribute to the expectant silence that reigned in those moments.



After some minutes, the loud playing of seashells was the awaited signal to initiate our ritual ascent to the pyramid of the Sun. After each stage of ascent that corresponded with the diverse sections of the pyramid, the seashells were played towards the four directions and each group advanced by its characteristic route. Little by little, with respect and neatness we were performing the group ascent in that incredible cosmic machine.



There was something indescribable in the atmosphere, a subduing and powerful energy, and each stone was oozing sacredness. When I was arriving at the peak of the Pyramid of the Sun after two hours of a ceremonial walk, I remembered my past ascents to diverse mountains and the sensation of enormous satisfaction when its top is reached for the first time.


There was satisfaction and transformed faces everywhere. Francisco Lerdo de Tejada and the woman of a shining face initiated immediately the configuration of a ritual circle to balance and take advantage of the energy of our group. Once united in energetic balance and taken by the hands, Paco with great speed turned his head around to see with a flaming stare to each one of its male and female warriors. We all understood immediately even without a single explanatory word that it was imperative to pronounce and repeat without delay the sacred mantra of our noble nation to culminate our day of ceremonial work. Immediately afterwards, as an only signal to begin the collective pronunciation of the Mexican mantra, Paco raised little by little our joined hands to the sky and in unison we all exclaimed jubilant:



- Me-xihc-Co, Me-xihc-Co, Me-xihc-Co –



As soon as our pronunciation of the sacred mantra was increasing and vibrating everywhere, I immediately felt a vortex of energy crossing my body from feet to head and when I opened my eyes I could only perceive a light so white such as I had never seen before. Little by little, the whiteness vanished to show the satisfied and moved faces of my brothers and sisters, all aspirants to spiritual warriors. At that same moment, the wind returned with enormous force as if wanting to validate with its presence our noble effort.



Everything had finished; Mexico woke up just a little bit more. Male and female warriors became fused everywhere in brotherly hugs at the top of the pyramid; among the most congratulated were the small warriors Vicente and Ignacio, as well as Paco and the woman of a glowing face. I looked for Paloma and our small warriors and when I fused with them in a brotherly and loving hug, I felt inside my heart that Don Uriel smiled pleased. Our humble association, the recently formed group “Don Uriel” had finished its first work.


The Cosmic Machine

Agustín and Paloma, our tireless promoters of applied and practical spiritual ecology and their recently formed group "Don Uriel" join various groups of seasoned walkers in the sacred city of Teotihuacán to perform an important ritual-walk during the Autumn equinox. The solid group of walkers, candidates to become spiritual warriors would try to establish the necessary tuning with the pyramid of the Sun, which thanks to the recent work of a group of Tibetan spiritual warriors sent by his holiness the XIV Dalai Lama, had been "activated" and was now capable to distribute to all those who knew how to contact it with respect, honesty and purity, the powerful energy coming from the cosmos that the pyramid was destined to transmute and redistribute for the benefit of individuals and of all the nadis and energetic centres of the enormous Mexican chakra that was active, functioning and contributing to awaken its sacred territory.

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The Cosmic Machine The Cosmic Machine