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The Christmas Wish



The Christmas Wish


Copyright 2016 Catherine Carlson

Published by Catherine Carlson at Shakespir




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“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…” Jenny looked into the winter sky and made the same wish she made for as long as she could remember. Maybe this would be the Christmas she would get her wish.

She turned from the window and walked over to the fireplace. Three stockings hung waiting for Santa to fill them. The decorated tree was shining and filling the room with a soft glow.

Jenny was ready for Christmas and she only had one more day to wait. Yesterday, her mother took her to the department store to see Santa and she told him her one and only Christmas wish.

For as long as she could remember, Jenny had wanted a pet. It didn’t really matter what kind of pet, a dog, kitten, parrot, or even a hamster would be alright.

She really would rather have a dog or cat though because she could play with them more than a hamster or parrot.

Jenny tried to be a good girl all year, but she didn’t know if she had been good enough. So every night when the sky was clear, she would wish on the first star she saw.

“Are you ready for Christmas, Jenny< Did mother take you to see Santa so you could tell him what you wanted,” her father asked her.

“Yes, she took me and I told him I only wanted one present. He told me he would see what he could do. I really hope that he can find a pet for me.”

“Well, you’re old enough to take care of a pet now, and you’ve been a good girl all year long. We’ll just have to see what Santa brings. You only have one day to wait.”

“But I can’t,” Jenny said, wriggling in her seat.

“You look like you have ants in your pants, Jenny. Here, you can help wrap mother’s present. That will take your mind off Christmas for a while.”

Father handed her a small red box.

“What’s in it?”

“A pair of gold earrings. I caught your mother looking at them in the jeweler’s window the last time we went to town. I thought they would be a perfect gift.”

“Oh, they’re beautiful. I’m going to pick some really pretty paper and ribbon to wrap them in,” she told her father.

After she wrapped the present, Jenny carefully placed it under the tree with the present that mother had gotten father.

Tomorrow was Christmas and Jenny just couldn’t wait. She was scared but excited too. What if Santa couldn’t bring her wish to her? Would it fit in the sleigh with all the other toys? What if it got sick and Santa had to take it out of his sleigh? Father was right. It was better not to think about those things now.

“I have to think of something else. Let’s see. I know. I’ll thing of all the people that I will see at church on Christmas and the music. I wonder what I’ll name my pet if I get one. I have to see what kind of animal it is first. Oh, there I go thinking about my wish again.”

Jenny couldn’t get into bed fast enough. The next day was Christmas Eve and she wanted it to come now. But she knew the best way for Christmas Eve to come faster was by going to bed so when she opened her eyes it would be the next day.

As she climbed into bed, she remembered the wishing star, and pulled the curtains aside to look out and see the stars. Jenny was sorry to see there were none, but she could still wish to herself and God. That was much better.

“Please God, Let me just have one thing for Christmas, my wish. I don’t care what kind of animal I get as long as it’s mine and I can take care of it and play with it. Oh, I forgot, God, this is me, Jenny. Amen.”

She didn’t think she had to make the wish-prayer very long. Jenny could tell God what she wanted in just a few words, and he knew exactly what her wish was anyway.

Jenny fell asleep minutes after her head hit the pillow. She couldn’t help thinking about Christmas Eve a little bit, but she knew she needed to sleep if the time was to pass quickly.

  • * *

The next day Jenny opened her eyes and just knew it was going to be a good day. She didn’t know how she knew. Jenny just had a feeling that she would get her Christmas wish.

She was so excited that she had trouble listening when her mother asked her to help dry the dishes. It was hard for her to stand still for more than a minute without either wriggling around like a worm, or tapping her feet on the floor. Jenny was keeping time to a tune only she could hear,

If they had waited to put up the tree a little later, she could have at least passed sometime decorating it, but her family believed in putting their tree up at the beginning of December.

She could call her friends and see if they wanted her to come over, but that really didn’t sound like fun either.

“We know about your Christmas wish,” her mother said, “and you told Santa about it too, but do you know what kind of pet you want? Did you tell Santa what kind you wanted?

“No mother, I just told him I wanted a pet for Christmas and I didn’t care what kind. It would be nice to get a kitten or puppy, or maybe a pony, but any animal would be fine with me.”

“We have room for a pony, but a pony is a lot of work. It takes a lot of time and you would have to work hard to take care of it. You would have to do it every day and after school too, not just when you feel like it>”

“I know Mama, but that doesn’t bother me. He would be all mine. I’d take care of him and he would be my best friend.”

“We’ll just have to see what Santa brings now, won’t we?”

Jenny nodded her head solemnly. Yes, she knew she would have to wait for Santa, but it seemed like she had been waiting forever already.

Even though the day seemed to drag on, before she knew it, it was bedtime. Jenny wasted no time getting ready. No wishing this time. It was too late. Either she would get her wish, or she wouldn’t. She knew she had been good, but still the nagging doubt. Had she been good enough all year? Her father told her she had. She would just have to believe him.

One second Jenny had been thinking about her father and the next minute she was sound asleep. The reason she knew this was because the next thing she knew, she had opened her eyes. It was like she had been sleeping with them open. Jenny jumped out of bed. Christmas. It was finally Christmas. Christmas Eve was a blur, but now the big day was here, Pushing her feet into her fuzzy slippers, Jenny ran down the hallway and slid down the stair railing.

“Merry Christmas, Jenny,” her mother and father chorused together. She ran into the living room and saw the tree with presents piled up around the trunk. Her face fell as she looked around the room.

Where was it? Didn’t Santa bring it? She knew it. She hadn’t been good enough all year long.

She felt a lump in her throat and he heart nearly stopped beating.

“Come outside on the porch,” her father said, pushing her towards the door.

“Santa left something for you.”

Jenny stepped out onto the front porch and in the yard behind the white fence, was a brown and white pony with a star on his forehead. “Oh,” she screamed, running toward the corral.

“He’s beautiful. II love him so much already. You were right. I was good enough all year”, Jenny said, smiling at her father.

“I’ll name him Star because I wished for him on a wishing star and because he has a star on his forehead. It’s the right name for him and he is the right pet for me.”

* * * * *













About the Author



Catherine Carlson is the author of books of various genres. When she is not writing, she enjoys exercising, reading, latch hook, knitting and playing music with her husband in their church band.


She lives on a farm in South Texas with her husband and three spoiled cats and twelve chickens. Catherine loves animals and enjoys taking care of them.

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The Christmas Wish

Jenny can't wait for Christmas and she can't wait to tell Santa her only wish. But she doesn't know if she's been good enough all year long. What if she hasn't and she doesn't get her wish? If she gets her wish, it would be the best present in the world. Every night she wishes on a star that Santa will bring it. Jenny just has to watch herself and make sure she does everything her mother and father tell her because she can't take a chance that her wish won't come true

  • ISBN: 9781370753017
  • Author: Catherine Carlson
  • Published: 2016-09-05 22:20:09
  • Words: 1608
The Christmas Wish The Christmas Wish