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The Change

The Change - The genre is fiction creatively designed by the author to captivate youthful audience for literacy development and satisfying avid readers craving for adventure. The author exerts a great deal of his mastery of indigenous folklores and waves them into stories to bolster the spirit and fantasies of youth towards positive drives. The change is rendered with adventurers offer keenly aimed at stimulating the courage of youths in their quest and eventual journey through life. The book has fourteen chapters with predominant focus on young people. The author in his artistic frame carves the story with the central theme and that is the plausible and ambivalent offers of life. The central thematic analysis of the fourteen chapters revolves around ‘Change’ the attendant advantages that a resolute determined person can come by in life. It also depicts the inevitable consequences of an unplanned life. The central characters in the book are also youths, whose personal experiences through the journey of life are used as illustrations in the story. The character are Awongo, Ibifagha, Afinisidi, Awongo and Barasua. The main character, Awongo shows the possibilities of rising from humble beginning to a high level in life through determined spirit. The Author uses Awongo to emphasize the need for contentment in life. Awongo through his doggedness against the challenges of life rose to become a role model in Ogoweland. The lives of youths are mirrored through the courage of Awongo who did not know his parents from birth. But through deep thoughts and planning was able to follow change as it knocked on his door. Indeed, a determined youth who through hard work was able to actualize his dream. Ibifagha, the traditionally married wife of Awongo who is full of ideas, innovations, interpretation and intelligence was able to identify change in all ramifications and ready to observe people. Indeed, an advocate of change for women and the less privileged. Uncle Afinisidi, a responsible uncle to Awongo his only human possession in the world who tried his best to push Awongo his little cousin further but was unable due to circumstances beyond his control. He is the backbone of Awongo’s success in life. He was equally glad with Awongo and felt Awongo was exactly like his father who was ever ready to improve himself before he died. An uncle who support good ideas and make sure it materialized. The excellent Prime Minister Awofini, a role model in Ogoweland society loved and cherished by all in the land. He was ever ready to assist even if it is against his personal interest. Awofini was always in a deep thought on how improve himself and Ogoweland society. He is conscious that the people are watching his actions. Barasua is the guru in the driving and mechanic training, strict disciplinarian whose certificate is like a camel passing through the eye of a needle. He is an exceptional director whose recommendation was highly sought in Ogoweland. He teaches with a command and his dexterity in driving is not in doubt. He has the secret that makes good drivers and mechanics. The style adopted by the author by using the change as a contribution toward rousing the sensitivity of youths and optimal use of its prime objectives is noble. As part of the active working population of any economy, the author reasons that youths should mostly catch up with advantages and channel them towards creative enterprise. This he portray through some principal character in the society.

  • Author: Tengafinibigha Ogolo
  • Published: 2018-06-22 22:20:07
  • Words: 10184
The Change The Change