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The Boy With No Heart













A Story by Anders Frodhe


































Despite an abundance of negativity in this world, good can still come from seemingly the most adverse of situations. Jack Magick was living proof of that.


Jack had been born with no heart – quite literally. His parents were shocked when told of this fact, and medical experts were dumbfounded at how a child could exist without the most vital of organs in the body.


Not only did Jack exist; he thrived, and grew to be a beautiful, happy little boy, never once becoming ill. His white-blonde hair and deep blue eyes held onlookers spellbound. He became known as Magic Jack, and his mother and father were extremely proud of him.


Jack Magick was an only child, but was as content as any child could ever be. He didn’t mind the constant tests that were carried out in order to determine just how blood was able to flow around his body. Doctors tried to find even a fragment of a heart: they found nothing. Jack was held in awe by the medical profession at large, and was known to them as the miracle child. One thing that did show up, however, was that Jack had a blood-type that was unknown to those who were testing it. Some people considered it not to be human at all.


To his parents, and many others besides, he was the purest and most lovely human being that had ever existed. There wasn’t a bad bone in his body.


By the age of four, Jack was known to the whole world. On the surface, he was just like any other boy his age – he loved to eat chocolate, play football with his dad, and watch too much children’s tv. But it wasn’t only the absence of a heart that separated Jack from his peers. He was also different in that he never spoke a word. Experts were split between those that concluded he couldn’t speak, and those that believed he chose not to say anything. Either way, Jack Magick communicated to one and all with absolute clarity. People simply understood him without really knowing why.


Jack became a symbol of unity for the world; a modern-day saviour. If a boy could live life to the full with no heart, then surely the troubles, worries, and concerns of most people paled in comparison. Jack was an inspiration to all of humanity.








It was around this time that a dramatic change took place. The people who were drawn to Jack, and who once were content to respectfully observe from a distance, began wanting to touch him. At first, this wasn’t too much of a problem. Jack’s loving parents protected him at all times, and kept him as safe as was possible. They also conceded that he was special, and would inevitably attract an audience wherever he happened to be. They wanted Jack to be like other boys and girls, to play and be care-free. They didn’t want to deprive him of his childhood or stop him from doing what he loved, which was to communicate with everyone he came into contact with, whether they were young or old.


To begin with, people were cautious, polite, and still respectful. A brief hold of the hand or a gentle pat on the head sufficed. Word soon went around, though – HEALING. These people had been cured of disease, illness, and troubled mind. No-one knew for sure whether it was Jack that had healed them, or if just their own expectation had provided the catalyst for instant cure. The majority believed it to be the former. Stories abounded of Cancer, AIDS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Dementia, and Depression, to name but a few, being made obsolete in those that Jack had touched. Magic Jack was the miracle child in more ways than one.


Over a brief period of time, those that came to Jack were becoming more demanding, expecting nothing less than to be acknowledged and fully healed. Scuffles, and subsequently more serious violence, regularly broke out when some had to be turned away, as it was simply not possible, or fair on Jack, for him to be exposed to so many people at once. Then there were those who assumed it was their God-given right to be at the front of the queue, just because their wealth and influence meant that they could afford to buy Jack’s forgiveness and blessing. Or so they thought. Their requests were met with silence. Salvation, it seemed, had become a commodity that some people were willing to pay any price for.


Jack’s heavenly smile started to fade, and a great heaviness fell upon his slight shoulders. He wanted to help all those he could, but humans being humans were making it impossible for him.


At the point when what they wanted from, and expected of, him outweighed what he could give them, Jack simply vanished without trace. Not even his parents knew what had happened to him. It was a sad day for the world, but absolutely heart-breaking for Jack’s parents. Speculation suggested that he had been kidnapped by top-level security so they could carry out grotesque experiments on him and try to extract the essence of his supposed divinity.


Many claimed to have seen him afterwards; some even claiming that he had spoken to them. All such claims remained unconfirmed. The truth is that very few people knew the truth of the matter, and those that did certainly weren’t going to share that information with anyone.





Jack would be older now, if he were still to be living here on Earth and among us. Here’s a thought: if you ever see a young boy, or maybe even a grown man, with shining blonde hair, stunning, deep-set blue eyes, and a golden smile, it might, just might, be the miracle child of our age, Magic Jack. If you suspect it is, then wish him well. For he truly deserves it!

The Boy With No Heart

An exquisite short story, full of love, light, and goodness, featuring a little boy known as Magic Jack; a boy unlike any other.

  • Author: Anders Frodhe
  • Published: 2017-02-01 16:35:08
  • Words: 999
The Boy With No Heart The Boy With No Heart