The Book of Yan - a Spiritual Journey

**]a Spiritual Journey [



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++]]Within the infinite consciousness, no thoughts or ideas are the property of any single individual, they are a part of the infinite, they have always existed, and will always exist, within all of us, as a part of the whole.
Everything is One.

This material may freely be used, for the betterment of humanity, and for raising awareness about the multi-dimensional nature of consciousness.

The content of this original English book version should never be altered in any way, meaning; words and phrases. Translations are allowed, but the original version should always be included as a part of the translated version.

By: Yan Love 2016-2017

A few words about me.

I as my physical part was born in 1976, in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, which is located in northern Europe. Finland has always been a bit isolated, and neutral, when it comes to foreign politics.

After traveling the world, and after living in many different countries, on four different continents, my perception about Finland has really changed, and I can see everything from an outside perspective. I experienced a “reversed culture-shock” when I returned to Finland, after living in Mexico for two years. The Finns are definitely different, in many ways.

The standard of living is very high in Finland, like in most European countries. After seeing how people live on the slopes of the Himalayas, it was a bit uncomfortable to experience the big contrast, and knowing that so many people in Europe forget to appreciate what they have, and they often take luxury for granted.

I was living in Germany for some time, both as a child and as a teenager, for over three years all together.

When I returned to Finland at the age of 16, I studied to become a Chef, and after that I specialized for one more year. It involved learning lots of nutritional-science, micro-biology, chemistry and hygiene etc.

I graduation in 1995 and after that I’ve been still very interested in different diets and nutrition, with an increasingly spiritual approach to food. The relationships and effects between food, fasting and meditation became the main focus after 2007.


After my military-service in 1996, there was a long period of normal young-adult life, with all the “normal stuff”, not much worth mentioning.


When I was in my early 20’s, I was working in different restaurants and hotels, mostly in Helsinki.


After a rough season in Italy, where I was working as a waiter, I decided to try something else, and I became a private investigator. I gradually started doing different types of security jobs, and finally took a full-time job at the Helsinki international Airport. After the Airport, I worked as a quick-response security-unit in Helsinki city, that involved responding to burglaries and robberies etc.


I gradually moved into photography, and finally became a real-estate photography specialist, making polished wide-angle photos of all kinds of real-estate. I was working with the top ranking real-estate agents in Finland, and had lots of work. I did also weddings, portraits and more, but the main focus was real-estate photography. My income quickly quadrupled, and I was working 12-14 hours per day.

I was in a typical situation as a self employed person with lots of work and pressure. My social life was almost non existing. I was thinking about to either hire somebody to help me with my business, or to reduce my work load by cutting off some of my clients, which of course would not have been a good idea from a business point of view.

Somehow things just kept working, and I was managing everything alone, so I didn’t hire anybody to complicate things.

I became a rock solid professional, and provided my clients with unparalleled quality, super quick delivery, and flexible service.

I was able to buy the most expensive professional photo-gear, which I had dreamt about for a long time.

I can say that I really enjoyed working as a real-estate photographer…Then something amazing happened, that permanently changed my life…


Even after I left Finland, I’ve temporarily worked with real-estate photography on three different continents around the world, and still enjoy it to some extent.


… As I’m writing this, I’m making the last editing and layout work on the book before publishing it. Many things have happened and changed in my life again since I started writing this book in 2016.

I live in a small isolated village on an island outside of North-West Africa, one of the Canary islands, and I might stay here for a while, I don’t really have any plans to move anywhere from here, but as always in my life, things take rapid turns and the universe often likes to relocate me… I’ve met so many interesting people this spring, and I’ve had amazing experiences, both physical and non-physical… Maybe I’m motivated to write another book some day, with different subjects, time will tell.



About this book.

Within the past ten years I’ve had so many unusual experiences, both physical and spiritual, that I decided to write a book, it just felt right. Many people have encouraged me to write this book, some friends, family-members, and even a complete stranger on a train… I made a promise, and I like to keep my promises.

In this book I will go through many of my unusual experiences that I’ve had after 2007, even though I’ve had a whole lot of unexplained and strange things going on throughout my life, in this book I will focus on the past ten years, because I really feel that my life started in 2007 after the “Walk-in event”, and I feel the time before that is the life of somebody else, and it doesn’t feel right to write about it.

Some experiences I write about might bee too “far-out” for some readers, but I’m sure there will be enough interesting subjects for all.

This book also covers many important health related topics, and provides helpful ideas for those interested in self-healing, expansion and balance.


This material will naturally be absorbed by different readers in different ways. I will try to do my best, so that the information is absorbed and understood by as many readers as possible.

All information has a certain frequency, and for the information to be absorbed, there must be a resonance between the consciousness of the reader and the information.


For this reason, I know that a big part of this book, will not resonate with all readers, so I will highlight this: Accept what resonates with you, and leave the rest, without emotional attachments. There will be valuable and interesting information for all. You can always re-read this material later.

My intention is not to force any beliefs or ideas on anybody, I just want to share my personal experiences and views with the readers, in a straight-forward and honest way.


In 2007 I had several experiences that changed me very deeply. Some very significant spiritual experiences took place in that time period. These experiences triggered my grand awakening to the multi-dimensional reality of our existence, and I have gone through a deep transformation on all levels.


While I write about my unusual experiences in this book,

I will use words and terminology that’s commonly used within the spiritual community, and some words that are less familiar. Some words I will explain separately, and go through the meaning in depth, from my own perspective, to avoid misunderstandings when I use words like “Walk-in”, “UFO”, or “vibrational frequency”.


Big changes are happening on this planet at the moment…

People have different opinions and views about the causes, but what we can see all around us is; climate change, planetary ascension symptoms and effects of human ignorance and greed like pollution and plundering of the natural resources in excess amounts…

The planet is a living being, and the planet is suffering. Humanity has with it’s actions brought this situation upon them selves, where they have to either adapt to the changes or to get extinct as a species. The planet as a conscious being, has asked for help from the galactic community, and many volunteer souls have come to help the planet with the ascension process, as incarnated human-beings, as “Star-seeds” and “Walk-ins”.


The planet has decided to raise it’s vibration to a higher level, and now is the time to evolve with the planet, and to become more conscious about our collective actions.


The planet is evolving, and raising up in vibration at this time. Humanity must follow to survive. There has to be a rise in vibration, expansion in consciousness and adjustment, so that the human-body can raise up to a new level of existence with the planet.


This is a process that doesn’t happen very often in planetary evolution, and there is of course both “good and bad” perspectives into all this, like there always is in a learning environment with duality like here on Earth… Ultimately the highest perspective is what really matters, the will of Creation, which is Expansion of Consciousness, and Spiritual Growth.

All souls who are incarnated on Earth at this time are very blessed, because there is a unique and rare opportunity to evolve to a whole new level during these times, in a very rapid phase, with lots of help and support from the galactic community, both physical and non-physical.

The only thing you need is a conscious decision and a will to evolve and expand. This will take you into a rapid stream of life-events that give support to your personal growth and Ascension process. You will always get the support you need for this process, as long as you do your part and stay open for change.

We can all affect this Ascension process with our individual choices and actions. If our intentions and actions are of a high vibration, our “individual chant” contributes to the planetary Ascension, and helps all of humanity.


We all play our parts in the big play of Creation, the big chorus of souls…

We are all equally important, because we are all one.


Welcome to the story about my Spiritual Journey on Planet-Earth, a story about transformation, expansion and Love.


“The chanting is gaining momentum”



The word “UFO” How I experience it.

The word UFO is just a word, that has been used for decades, to describe “Unidentified Flying Objects”, and many other aerial phenomenon. A more up-to-date version is; UAP= Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, which is used by many politicians and researchers today. This whole subject is very misunderstood in general, and has been censored in the mainstream-media until very recently.

Basically everything up in the sky that’s unrecognized, unidentified, or doesn’t fit any familiar description, goes into the category of UFO’s and UAP’s. Here’s a list of some possible explanations:


- Secret military aircraft

- Satellites

- Drones
- Comets and Meteorites

- Chinese lanterns

- Weather phenomenon

- Extraterrestrial and higher-dimensional spacecraft

- Trans-dimensional fields of consciousness

- Electromagnetic fields

- Plasma-ships

- Time travelers

-Breakaway civilizations


This is a list of some possible explanations that should in my opinion be considered, when words like UFO and UAF are used.

Outside this realm linear time doesn’t exist.

This changes the whole reality around these phenomenon, and brigs in new perspectives.

Time is not really linear, it is “energetic”. There is a frequency-signature for every single moment and place in the “Infinite-Now”.

We can go back to every moment, and personal experience in our minds very easily, to re-live those moments, and even change the energies around those moments.

One explanations for the countless sightings we see in the skies might be, and often is “time-travelers”, our future selves, who travel back in “time” or “down in vibration” to influence or observe the planet as it is today.

Some visitors are from other universes, and distant alien worlds, both physical and non-physical…These concepts are very complicated and hard to understand from a “down to earth perspective”, but not so strange for those who meditate a lot, and have merged with their multidimensional selves, it makes sense.


Dimensions or densities are only different vibrational frequencies, and we can travel dimensions in our non-physical form, and by changing our frequencies during meditations, when we connect to different parts of our multi-dimensional selves. We also do it in the night when we “sleep”, we astral travel. Many advanced civilizations have already mastered these things, like traveling through time and space, and those civilizations are all around us. Humanity is waking up to this reality, and slowly the collective consciousness is being prepared for a quantum leap, when humanity becomes a galactic race.


What happens on Planet-Earth is affecting everything. Because of the nature of the universe, everything affects everything, because everything is connected. That’s why the “galactic community” has been so worried about this planet, and the destructive ways of humanity.

Especially detonations of atomic-bombs has really raised some red flags around this planet, and humanity is now monitored really carefully. There has been interventions on several occasions, and many testimonies from military personnel prove this. The ET’s have deactivated nuclear missiles and neutralized warheads on several occasions, and without that, the situation on this planet could be even worse than what it is now.

The monitoring and neutralization of nuclear weapons is only one aspect of it all. Another aspect goes much deeper, positive infiltration, and making changes from within.


There has been a big influx of volunteer-souls to this planet, who have come here to help, and to correct the course of history on Planet-Earth. The “Ascension process” is a result of many factors, but ultimately it is the plan of the most high, and the will of Creation.


Most of the galactic races have evolved much further than humanity, and while doing so, they have ascended to a higher level of existence, and moved up in vibration. This is why many of them are invisible to us in general. They sometimes use technology or other means to move down in vibration when they visit this realm.

When Earth moves up in vibration, there will be a moment when we will join certain galactic groups and share the same density with them, this is happening because of the continuously increasing energetic changes.


This book describes my experiences and perspectives in the process of Expansion, and about me as a Star-seed and Walk-in, waking up to my identity, and the multidimensional reality within the infinite consciousness. It also describes many of my interactions and experiences involving non-physical galactic beings, and different intelligent energies.


We are all spiritual beings, pure consciousness, we just often forget it while occupying physical bodies in these more dense realms.

Fortunately people are starting to wake up from that “spiritual amnesia”, one by one, and it’s beautiful, so beautiful…


But as always, people need to decide for them selves, decide what they want to believe in. The mind can only handle so much, and the subconsciousness protects the mind pretty well, in many situations, and that’s a good thing of course.


When the time is right, there will be a global exposure of the truth about extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional life… Exciting times ahead.

The concept of a “Walk-in”, as I see it.

A “Walk-in”, can be a bigger part, and higher aspect of the multi-dimensional self, a more evolved part of an already incarnated being, that comes in and merges with the incarnated part at a strategic time, when the incarnated being has accumulated a certain amount of experience and knowledge from the environment it is supposed to live in. It is often highly beneficial for the incarnated being to live a somewhat normal life and absorb as much information as possible, so that when the “Walk-in part” arrives, the being in it’s expanded state, can use all that knowledge as a valuable reference point and tool. This is what happened to me.

The situation is similar for humans who believe that they will die and cease to exist when their vehicles expire. They will learn and live very differently, than those who know about the infinite nature of consciousness, and see death as an illusion, or merely as a pleasant transition into a more conscious and familiar state.

In the same way, a being who will merge with it’s Walk-in part later in life, will live differently, and accumulate different kind of experiences before the actual Walk-in part arrives.

The timing might be very important for energetic reasons too, and might not be possible before a certain time.


Another common situation for a Walk-in, is a “soul-swap”, when a soul gives up on life after some traumatic experience, or other reasons, and wants to leave the body. A walk-in soul might step in, and take over the physical part, if there is a soul-contract between the two souls. In this way a still functional vehicle is being “re-used” for a physical experience, and doesn’t go to waste.




Vibrational-frequencies and energy.

Everything in the Omniverse is energy, and everything vibrates on it’s unique individual frequency (Omniverse: all universes and dimensions combined.)

Vibrational frequencies determine the density and form of the energy.

The “God-Source” is pefect in it’s original form, but gets distorted and changes it’s vibration, as soon as it separates from itself, into smaller parts, in a long descending journey, to experience duality and separation. We are all from the same source, we just have different journeys and experiences. We are all family.

Dimensions or densities, are realms within different frequency-bands, with specific structures and specific rules, that make them more or less solid in appearance. The denser and more physical a dimension is, the further it is from the “Source”, and the more there is a sense of separation.


There are physical and non-physical universes. We are living in a physical Universe, and our consciousness-part needs a physical form, (the human-body) for this experience, which brings in separation, because we experience reality through the physical form, and identify with the physical form, as it is for most.


During deep meditation, the consciousness-part can experience oneness and connect with the different multidimensional layers of the self. Those experiences reduce the sense of separation, and affect the physical being in a very expansive way.


On Planet-Earth, there is a shift going on, where the density and whole experience is changing, towards a less dense one, with less duality and less separation. This is a very confusing time for many, especially for those who have a hard time integrating the new energies, and the emerging new realities. When a whole planet moves up in vibration, everything has to adapt to that, and those who choose not to, will continue experiencing the same dense learning environment somewhere else, in the same karmic cycle as before. I believe there is a small split within humanity, because there are many souls who still need to learn from an environment with strong duality.


At this time (September-October of 2016) the two realities are still interlacing, but the split is already happening.

In a higher dimension where there is a faster vibratory rate, things might seem very solid from that local perspective, but from a perspective where the vibratory rate is slower, it would look invisible, or as a semi-transparent light. In a way it is similar to when you turn on a table-fan, and the visible propeller becomes almost invisible, it becomes like a blur, it just changes from solid and visible to invisible, but it’s still there, we just experience it differently. It always depends on the perspective of course. If hypothetically spoken you would look at the surrounding world from the perspective of the rotating propeller, the propeller would still look solid, but the environment would look blurry. Different densities co-exist in the same space but their vibration is different, so they are basically invisible to each others. Like radio-wave channels, the signals co-exist, but each channel has it’s own frequency, and the receiver must tune into each specific frequency to receive the broadcast. The human body is tuned into receive the surrounding physical dimension, and with an extension like the third eye we can absorb energies and tune in to higher frequencies that are invisible to the other sensory systems used to decode the physical reality.


The physical body must change during the shift, to be able to receive and decode the new reality. And that is what humanity is going through at this time, adjusting to the higher vibratory-rate, which is increasing day by day, until the planet permanently pops into a whole different reality and dimension.


We are getting closer and closer to a big shift, we are in the middle of it, and most people are aware of this. The surrounding reality is becoming increasingly responsive to thought-energy, and telepathy has become a very accepted phenomenon.

All thoughts have a certain vibrational frequency, and sensitive people can feel the energy behind thoughts very easily. Because thoughts are energy, they affect everything, and shape the whole reality around us. It is increasingly important to be aware of the power of thoughts, when we move up in vibration, to a reality which is affected by our thoughts even more. We basically create our own experiences and realities, with our thoughts.

The Walk-in.

This is the story about the time when my old self merged whit my new self, and I experienced a rapid transformation on all levels. I think this happened in the fall of 2007.

I had just moved into my own apartment after a divorce. Everything happens for a reason they say, and the reason for my divorce, was obviously that I had a schedule to keep, and my Walk-in part needed to come in, at this specific time. This would not have been possible in the previous life situation, for many reasons, that I will not go into in this book, but the reasons were mainly the typical world-view differences that separate people these days.

I was increasingly interested in all spiritual, esoteric and UFO related material. I was absorbing everything I could get my hands on, and spent hours reading books and watching videos every day. Now I know why, it was to prepare my old self mentally for a new reality that was about to open up.

I still don’t know if I should mention the exact thing that triggered the walk-in, because it isn’t really so important, it was just something that was meant to trigger the process for me, like a key-phrase.

So, this was in the very beginning when I had just started practicing meditation, and basically had very little experience.

I started meditating one evening after finishing a series of books, which I still find a bit heavy and complicated, not a easy read, but I felt that I should read them for some reason. The books aren’t very well known. I will not mention the name at this time. I can just say that the material is not from this Earth, but written or channeled by a physical being on this planet. I feel that these books are meant to a specific group of people, and those people will find the books when the time is right.


There was a phrase in one of the books that I had memorized, and I repeated the phrase during my meditation, and then… WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW WOW WOW!!! WOO-HOO!!!

I was filled with a powerful energy…The energy filled my whole body, I was suddenly full of a new energy that was strongly vibrating on a very high frequency…

What still seems amusing to me, is that it felt somehow very natural, and I was totally calm, just smiling. I would describe the sensation like a mix of intense but soft electric current that goes deeper than the physical surface, and creates a pressure-like sensation when strengthened.

It also reminds me of when a limb falls asleep, and when it wakes up again and you gain sensation you start to feel this intense tingling vibration in your limb. This sensation is pretty close to what I felt in my whole body during this experience, except it was without any discomfort.


The energy is the walk-in part of me that came in, and what I described is how the energy felt from my physical body perspective back then. When I relax or meditate I can feel the energy stronger, and it feels very nice. I can move the energy without any effort, and wherever I put my focus, the energy follows.

I was sitting on the bed smiling, experiencing “the New Me”.

I got up and went to sit in my special computer-chair, that I had built especially for my long photo-editing sessions. I was working as a professional photographer at the time. The working position was a very laid back position, almost like in a sun-tanning chair. I was sitting in the chair with a smile on my face. I stretched out my arms, and moved the energy around, from one arm to the other, back and forth, observing my hands, smiling with Joy, and enjoying the “New Me”.

The “old Me” didn’t really understand what had happened, the “New Me” just took over the show, and started changing my life dramatically, on all areas, in all ways…

The next day I drove to work with a big grin on my face, I was joyful and happy, and enjoyed every moment of this expanded state of consciousness that I was experiencing.

My newly awakened psychic abilities were helpful in everyday life, for example if I was looking for a spot to park my car, I got a mental image about a free spot somewhere, and I drove there to see that there was actually a free spot. I saw “dead people” or spirits, many times, and sometimes I didn’t even realize they were “dead”, until much later.


So you can imagine that it was confusing in the beginning. But after a while things started to calm down slowly, and soon everything was balanced out.

There was some conflict between the “old me” and the “New Me” at times, and because a whole new reality started opening up to me, I had to stretch into many directions during the process. I had to change the way I see reality, and throw my old skepticism in the trash bin, I didn’t really have a choice.

I started seeing and feeling energy, in different ways. I became highly telepathic, and psychic. My energy-fields were activated, and my third eye became active. The Kundalini energy started flowing, and I remember that I could activate it just by relaxing the hip area and my lower body completely, and with a small nudge, it was activated.

The color of my eyes changed, and I got all kinds of new hues and patterns in them. The irises in both of my eyes have changed a lot since the time before the Walk-in. I have big openings, and a loose fiber structure in the irises of my eyes nowadays.


I finally stopped working as a full-time self employed photographer and sold all my possessions, including my precious camera equipment and car. I even gave up my apartment in Finland and moved to Mexico…Which is a whole other story. But before I even knew where Yucatan was on the map, I got a message one morning, and the word Yucatan was ringing in my head. Then I met some alternative people Online who were just in the process of moving to Mexico, and I decided to visit them.


I finally went back to Mexico and stayed there for two years after traveling in the Caribbean and Yucatan peninsula, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras for a while, seeing many Mayan pyramids and sacred spots.


The big changes on all levels caused some challenges at times, and it felt sometimes difficult to balance and integrate two realities together, but all that passed, and soon the “New Me” was traveling the world, with a smaller and smaller backpack, creating meditation groups and meeting like-minded people, on a still continuing journey.


In the following chapters I will write more about some of my unusual experiences.

I haven’t talked about these things to many, because it would probably just raise lot’s of questions, and cause uncomfortable situations, especially in a normal “coffee table conversation”.

I feel more comfortable writing about these things in this book, because people who read this far, are probably open-minded anyway.
I’m very emphatic, which means that I can feel how other people feel.
I can also feel the energies of peoples thoughts very easily, and the vibration of the thoughts. For example, if a person is skeptical, or reacts with fear, I definitely feel it, and that’s a bit uncomfortable sometimes.
For these reasons it’s often awkward to talk about spiritual subjects or personal experiences with people. There’s also the Ego, that brings a whole other component to conversations. It’s often hard for people to accept these things, and sometimes it has to do with the Ego, not only skepticism or fear.

The human Ego is a very tricky thing. Many people have their egos pretty well under control though, especially if they consciously monitor their thoughts and reactions in every moment. This is fortunately becoming increasingly common, especially among the spiritually awakened ones, who have a strong desire to evolve, and grow.




Life-style choices and reasons.

I have chosen the lifestyle I have, for a reason, it supports the high energies that I work with. My physical body doesn’t tolerate a bad diet, or bad habits any more, it shows me very quickly if I’m on the wrong track.

People often say that I’m too hard on myself, and that I should enjoy life more, but they don’t understand why I have so much self-discipline, and a certain life-style… I’m taking care of my body, because a unhealthy lifestyle weakens the connection, and pushes away the higher consciousness part. Life is not only a joyride for me, even though I enjoy life to the fullest, in my own way. This is a very important job, and I take it seriously. So many species and beings call this planet their Home, and humanity has almost destroyed it.

Planet-Earth is a conscious being, and we should take care of her.
Raising consciousness is one way of doing it.

We all have our ways to deal with the intensity of physical life… For me, meditation is like taking a break from physicality, like going home after a day at work, connecting to the Source, and recharging.
I normally meditate 2-3 times per day. I used to do 20-40 minute meditations, but nowadays 5-10 minutes is enough, even though I enjoy doing longer meditations too.


After developing the “connecting-breath”, which I will talk about in a later chapter, my meditations have become very short and efficient.

I don’t need the time to change my brain-waves anymore, my current technique doesn’t require it. I can basically connect any time, sometimes even with my eyes open, I just need to be in a relaxed state.



It seems like I can find happiness and balance with a very different lifestyle nowadays, without loosing the connection to source, that I have built up, strengthened and maintained for the past ten years, during my times of heightened self-discipline and focus, when I was fasting a lot and living in solitude like a monk, building my life around spiritual practices.


Photo evidence.

After my walk-in, I was still working with photography for almost a year, and I started noticing weird things in the photos. I got personal confirmations about the extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional reality through my photos, and through multiple sightings that have continued until this day.

In my photos I saw fleets of saucer shaped objects in the sky, a semi-transparent diamond shaped craft, and light orbs that showed up in a series of photos I took out from a ocean-view apartment.

The light-orbs were up in the sky, in three different photos I took of the same view. In the first photo the orbs were in a cluster. In the second photo two of them had separated from the rest. And in the third photo one orb had moved far away towards the horizon, one was halfway, and some of them were still in the same location. I didn’t think much of it, I already knew about this reality, but it was nice to see this kind of evidence, just to remove the remaining skepticism of “the old me”. It was like my Galactic Family sent me a message; don’t forget about us, don’t get lost down there, we are keeping an eye on you.

I get visitations and reminders almost daily, if I pay attention, and if I’m in the right environment. Without that, it would be impossible for me to be here, and do my job, it’s a big comfort when I feel a gentle and familiar energy next to me, see a shimmering light in front of me, or get a mental image from a galactic friend, I Love it.

They are so gentle, so loving, it makes my eyes wet… We always have guides and helping friends on the spirit side, all of us. If you get sensitive and pay attention you will see and feel them. You can call them angels, spirits, or higher-dimensional extraterrestrials, or simply light-beings, for me it’s all the same, I Love them.


I took many photos with visible objects in those times, and I also had many sightings that I didn’t capture. Some sightings were in the daytime and others in the night. Most objects that showed up in the photos I didn’t see while I took the photos, only afterwards while editing them.


One of the first photographic evidence I got soon after the walk-in, was a fleet of ships in the sky on a cloudy day.

I was going to see if my camera-sensor had any dust on it, and I took a random series of photos of the sky. I would never had sen the objects unless I had the intention of looking for particles in the photos, and I was magnifying the photos a lot. Suddenly I noticed a group of small objects in the sky, they looked all the same, like a fleet of flat disk shaped objects.

Of course I was a bit skeptical at first, but I got convinced pretty soon, because I had taken the series of photos free-hand, so that a part of the window-frame was visible in each photo, and the camera had moved a bit between each photo, so I could easily see that the objects were in the sky and not some dust particles in the camera sensor or dirt on the window, no coincidence for sure. So I made a photoshop file where I did a layer for all photos separately and created a layer that highlighted the position of the objects and window frame, and the result was very convincing when I went through all the photos one by one, the objects were definitely in the sky, and I couldn’t deny that.


The Beautiful Light.

This following experience is very hard to describe in it’s fullest magnitude, it was far beyond anything in this world, in it’s beauty and intensity…

I was working on my computer one afternoon, and decided to take a break and meditate.

I said to my self “I think I’m going to go and get enlightened now” and I remember how I said it, like in a funny way, because I was about to meditate, and one part of me (the old me) was still unfamiliar with the process, and everything involved, when again the new overlaying me was already light-years ahead, and basically knew everything…


I sat down on my bed, in a half lotus position, closed my eyes and started meditating, not consciously expecting anything remarkable, just following some subconscious instructions and letting things happen…

With my eyes closed, I suddenly experienced a light opening up from above and from within, it happened smoothly, silently and fairly quickly. It looked like the light penetrated something or burned a hole in something, and I suspect that this changed my pineal-gland somehow, opening up a new connection.

So the bright warm light opened up, and after a short moment I experienced the whole magnitude of the light in it’s full glory… I was shocked about the beauty. It was something too intense and too beautiful to describe in words. The energy I felt was very blissful and soft, it felt like the highest Love I’ve ever felt,
pure unconditional Love.

After this I’ve had many intense experiences, and lots of deep meditations with blissful states, but nothing quite this powerful…

So, there I was, experiencing this shockingly beautiful light, with tears running down my cheeks, when I felt a physical touch on my chin, and somehow I imagined that there was a beautiful being of light present, smiling at me… I got even more shocked and started shedding more tears. After a while I came back to the physical reality… I sat there on the bed, with tears still running down, wondering what had just happened… (While editing this, I get emotional again, ten years later, so this experience is still strongly affecting me)

It has always been hard to talk about this experience, because it seems that nobody understands me, when I try to explain this, nobody understands it how it was, because it was a very personal and powerful experience, that changed me very deeply, and made me permanently very spiritual, not religious, but spiritual. I know that we are not only physical beings, but we are actually spiritual in nature, and we experience a physical life as a temporary thing for different reasons, either it’s a learning process, a job, a joyride, or maybe a mix of all these…

I lost my fear of death after this experience, completely, totally. I get lots of strength when I think about this experience, it gives me hope and courage, and makes me smile, because I know that there is something amazingly beautiful waiting for us when we leave our physical experience, and journey back home to the higher realms, and ultimately back to the Source of all Creation. I feel that everything is connected, all life comes from the same source, and the Source-energy is the life force that flows through everything throughout the Omniverse (Omniverse: all universes and dimensions combined.) making us all one. This would mean that everything happens within the “God-Source”.

I feel very blessed after having this experience. I feel that this experience opened up the connection to the highest part of my multi-dimensional self…

I feel Love towards everything; all beings, animals, insects, humans, crystals and stones, plants, water, air, sunshine, and all the beautiful light-beings and galactic friends that help me on my journey, I Love you ALL.

For me, Love is nothing sexual, and in it’s purest form has nothing to do with hugs and kisses, or romantic relationships, it is the “Source-Energy” that flows through all life, “The flow of Creative Energy”…When we do certain things in life that bring us Joy, we feel the Love, we feel the will of “God” flowing through us.

The more we follow our Joy, and the voice of our hearts, the more the Creative Energy flows through us, and the more we feel the heavenly bliss vibrating in our bodies. When we really fall in love with somebody, we open up to that same energy, and it flows through us strongly, healing and removing all blockages from the emotional heart-center. Relationships and physical interactions can be bridges to feeling the true Love from the source, because we really connect to our selves, the source, and break the illusion of separation, while experiencing the merging of souls on a physical plane, often it’s just too superficial for that. There is often too much selfishness and drama involved also, and many focus too much on physical pleasure instead of a real spiritual connection. Often there are blockages that prevent the flow of the Love-energies from the source. The blockages usually open up when there is trust and understanding, and when the connection deepens enough.


The physical experience is strong and heavy illusion, that can be pushed away during deep meditation, but the body-mind and Ego tries to keep us occupied and in the physical with all kinds of tricks, like fear-based thoughts and worries, so we have to get over that barrier before we start with serious meditation and can push through the illusion. The most difficult stage in meditation is to gain control over the thought-processes, and change them at will, or stop them completely, that’s when all the magic happens.

When we reach the moment of complete stillness of the mind, and are able to stretch that moment longer and longer we experience a change in vibration. We can learn how to move up in vibration and strengthen the connection to the higher-self, and the Source, and that’s in my opinion one of the main purposes of meditation, so strengthen that connection.
Reduced stress, increased focus and balancing of energies are some of the other benefits and good reasons for practicing meditation…

The connecting breath.

This was a long process, and it started slowly. It took me years to even consciously realize that it was a process that was evolving towards something. I subconsciously focused on this process, and observed the changes.

It started with a kind of “choked hick-up”, which usually took place only during the deepest phases of meditation. I somehow subconsciously knew that I needed to reached this state where I experienced the “choked hick-up”, it was like a subconscious goal for me to go to that certain level, and I started expecting it.

By time, the “hick-up” slowly changed to a “choked breath”. At this point I realized that this was a process, and that I was actually going somewhere with this. This whole process took about seven years.


I had all kinds of interesting meditations and amazing experiences during all those years, and this breath was like a “side-project”, that slowly evolved into what it is today.

Slowly the “choked breath” changed into a less and less “choked” breath.

It always took me a certain amount of time, or depth of meditation to achieve the breath.

Months and years went by, and it became easier to achieve the state that was needed for this breath.

At some point the “choked-breath” became a full breath, a powerful rapid nose-breath.

Nowadays it’s more like a reflex or like when using a muscle, it just works, very well, still fine tuning.

It also happens spontaneously, very often, especially if my daily meditations are “late”, and I’m doing something else, like writing this book, I spontaneously keep connecting. It gives me energy, from the source, spiritual energy.

If I don’t do the breath regularly, I feel like I’m suffocating or starving, and the heaviness of the physical world starts to affect me in a very uncomfortable way.

This is the main reason why I meditate in general, the “connecting breath” has just made the “recharging” easier and faster for me.

This breath is very helpful during a dry-fast, it instantly removes cravings for food, and energizes the body. During my last dry-fast, this breath turned out to be a really powerful tool.


Sometimes my eyes roll back when this connecting breath occurs.

It also helps when activating the connection, to roll back the eyes slightly, and moving the focus to the Crown-Chakra and above it. This usually creates the connection very rapidly. This technique is useful during meditations in general, and seems to work very well, at least for me.


What this will evolve into, is definitely interesting, and something I’m looking forward to, because it’s still evolving. I think it has something to do with us reaching ”full consciousness”, and becoming who we truly are, conscious and fully awake spiritual beings occupying physical vessels. The body-consciousness is fading away, and the focus is coming through the higher consciousness, and it will change the world, when it happens on a collective level.

We all experience things differently, and I don’t expect everybody to go through things as I have done, I just feel that because I have experienced it others will experience it somehow, and reach a higher state of consciousness when the time is right, in their own way.


While out of body, I have experienced higher states of consciousness, and that is my reference point when comparing to the physical experience. Often I have experienced glimpses of that higher and more clear state, and I definitely feel we are going into that direction as a collective. It’s like tuning into a new channel, on a higher frequency, it just happens slowly.

Since we are experiencing it, and we are experiencing the slow change while it happens, we don’t see the changes so clearly, things happen gradually, bit by bit, like when loosing weight slowly, or when gaining it, it doesn’t happen over night, it takes time.

Some of us are so sensitive that we notice even small changes, and we feel how the new energies affect everything around us. Others are more focused on their everyday lives, and are often unaware of the energetic changes that are happening around and within, at least from the perspective of the body-consciousness.

This is a personal thing, and everybody has their own opinion, I respect that.


(Spring of 2017)

I started noticing other benefits of the ”connecting breath” while doing a energy healing and balancing session with an Italian woman who had recently experienced a strong awakening and activation. While I was working on her, and experiencing the strongest energies I have ever felt during a session, I noticed that I was automatically connecting and using the breath frequently, keeping the energy-levels right, and not depleting my own energies during the treatment. Even though this session was my first after a long break, it was the most amazing experience. This woman had so strong energy-fields that at times I had a hard time believing that I actually feel what I felt. The energy felt physical, very strong, and it was a pleasure experiencing this non-physical reality becoming reality in the physical.

I finally feel that I’m ready to work as a healer on a more regular basis. I felt very happy after this session, and I know it was very important for both of us.



Controlling the energy.

Right after the Walk-in, I was able to control, strengthen and increase the energy-flow in my physical body.

Especially during meditations this is very helpful, when raising the vibrational-frequency, and when connecting to the different layers of the multi-dimensional self. When I’m fasting, this is also very helpful, and it gives me a great sense of trust and calm. This is somehow connected to my higher-consciousness part, and it feels very natural. I don’t really do anything with my physical body, when I’m controlling the energy, except relaxing, and receiving, but another part of me is pushing the energy into the physical body.

This “pushing of energy” is another process that is still ongoing, and I’m able to push more and more energy into the body, and I’m able to keep it longer and longer. Sometimes when I’m pushing the limits of my physical body, I feel lots of pressure, and some organs in the body are definitely under stress. It’s a gradual adaptation, and transformation it seems. The physical body is changing because of these energies, and slowly tolerates more and more intense energies. I often think that I might accidentally pop a blood-vessel in my brain, or cause a heart failure, because the energies are often really intense. I just trust the process, and know that when it’s time to leave, then it’s time to leave, not a day before.


This all feels very normal to me, and I know this energy is a part of who I am, not as a physical being, but as a spiritual being.

A visible energy-field in the morning.

One morning when I woke up and walked to the bathroom, I saw a visible shining energy-field around my body, not just a small glow that I see often, but a strong field of shining energy, full of tiny glowing light particles. The first thought that came to mind was; “wow, somebody left the lights on”, and I was looking at the energy-field with a smile on my face, feeling very happy. I’ve experienced this phenomenon a few times, and every time I Love it, it reminds me of who I am, a spiritual being in a physical body.

These kinds of experiences always raise my mood to a very high level, for a long time. Even when I’m writing this, I get really happy, it’s like re-living those moments. Writing this book is a really nice experience, so many interesting things have happened to me, and while writing, I’m connecting to those experiences again.


One day, we will all shine…Maybe we already do, and we just forgot how to see it. Shine on beautiful beings of light, shine on…




Sun activity.

I got interested in the activity of the Sun, a few years ago, when I noticed a direct connection in my own energy-flow and the Sun activity. During and after CME’s (Coronal mass ejections) I always felt a blissful increase in my energy levels. In 2011 when there was a big amount of strong X-class solar flares erupting from the sun, I was intuitively on a juice fast for a long time, and when the energies hit, I was totally overwhelmed by the power of the energy, lying down and feeling like my body was going to explode, on the edge of discomfort, feeling intense bliss, it was so intense, wow. After that I made the connection, and noticed that I change my eating habits automatically in sync with solar activities.

What I experienced could have been some sort of Kundalini activation triggered by solar energies also, it was just different and more intense than previous Kundalini activations, also much more long lasting, but similar.

Of course strong energies all stimulate the nervous-system and also affect the glands in the brain somehow, and that is why many spiritual and energetic experiences feel so good… Euphoric and blissful it is.

Nowadays I notice a big difference in the energy-flow, whenever there’s a Geo-magnetic storm, even though the solar minimum has decreased the amount of solar-flares, the plasma-filaments and coronal holes affect the magnetic field of this planet, and all living creatures on it. This whole subject is too much ignored in my opinion, because it is a real phenomenon that affects everything on our planet, it even affects technology. The highly charged plasma that is erupted from the Sun during these events can sometimes damage electronic devices and cause temporary malfunction in satellites and radio transmissions etc, even possibly frying some circuits.


Some sources say that Sun-activity has an effect on human evolution and can change the DNA. Some distant stars and black-holes like some in the Cygnus constellation send out so strong cosmic rays, X-rays and Gamma-rays that they can definitely affect things even on our planet.

Because distant stars affect planets so much, science should consider that as one big factor in planetary evolution, and maybe they do, maybe it is a well studied subject, I don’t know much about the scientific studies, I only have my own experiences and some bits an pieces I’ve read.

I suggest that you read more about the subject, I find very interesting, and it really opens up new perspectives to life.



A Light-Orb in the desert.

While I was living in the desert in Mexico in 2009, I was fasting a lot. One time when I was on a water-fast, and laying on my bed in my own thoughts, I saw a Light-Orb floating across the room. The Orb was the size of a big grapefruit, and semi-transparent. I don’t remember any colors or other details, but it wasn’t completely smooth, there was some kind of texture in it.

The Orb was slowly floating towards me, and I was observing it carefully without any fear.

When the Orb reached me, it slowed down and almost stopped. Slowly, slowly it moved across my body, from my feet up towards my chest area where it stopped.

When the orb stopped above my chest, I started feeling some tingling sensations in my heart Chakra, and some movement inside my chest.

Suddenly I felt like something opened up in my heart, and I felt like a big load was taken away from my chest, I felt lighter, and emotionally very open. And then, in a blink of an eye, the Orb was gone.

I realized what had happened, and felt lots of gratitude. I had just released a energy-blockage from my heart-center. The blockage was there because I had suffered a lot recently. There had been pressuring and harassment from a certain person, and that had caused problems in my heart-center. (Fortunately things are very well today, and we have a really nice understanding.) The orb had healed my heart, and opened up the blockages. After the experience, I wrote a long letter to the person, with a open heart, and with Love, explaining many things I couldn’t explain before.

It has been difficult to explain my personal changes to some people, like old friends and family members, because the reality around my experiences is so far away from the familiar reality in which people normally live in. People often react with fear and doubt, and often come up with some alternative explanations, because a skeptical and fearful mind always tries to find alternative explanations to things it can’t handle.




An Alien language.

A very strange thing happened one morning when I woke up at a friends place… I was still half asleep I think, drowsy and tired, I had just opened my eyes. My friend came into the room, and I was going to say something, I actually said something, but it was some strange alien language, not even close to the spoken languages here on Earth. I was chirping somehow, and making weird sounds with my tongue. It sounded a lot like some dolphin language, but with a quickly alternating pitch to it, hard to describe. It was very confusing, and a bit embarrassing of course, because my friend just looked at me and smiled, and then left the room without saying anything.

Sometimes I have spoken the wrong Earth language to somebody in the morning, but this was something else, this was obviously some alien language that I probably speak when I’m elsewhere, maybe in a completely different body.


Where we go, and what we do when our earthly vehicles sleep, is a mystery to most people. Luckily I have many hints about that, and personally I believe that we go to other dimensions and experience different realities on a regular basis from our non-physical consciousness point of view. Maybe those are parallel lives that we experience. I know that we “astral travel” when we “sleep”, for me it’s a reality, I experience it.


Maybe we all have simultaneous lives going on somewhere else, it would make sense wouldn’t it?, since consciousness is so “infinite in nature”…Of course we do, everything is connected, everything is one, and within infinity everything is possible and everything we can imagine exists somewhere on some level within the infinite consciousness… The human-perspective puts on so much limitation on our experiences, but that’s okay, it’s a part of this experience and we should enjoy it as long as it lasts. The human mind is naturally skeptical and limited, but if we chose we can expand out of that, at least to some extent.




A black-out in the forest.

One summer when I was at a favorite spot in a forest area in southern Finland, I had another black-out.

I laid down on a mattress, on a rocky area with moss and Heather-shrubs everywhere, to sunbath and relax, on a beautiful sunny day…

I suddenly woke up, and realized that I’ve had a black-out. The first thing I did was, I turned my head to a specific spot in the sky, and in my mind I saw a big spaceship up there, and another image came to my mind, where I saw the deck up close from a kind of cross-section view, where I was outside the craft but I could see inside. There were people standing inside, a hand-full of people, in tight suites, pretty slim built, but not very different from a healthy looking humans.

I got lots of positive and comforting energies from that image, and I started missing those people instantaneously, and I still feel lots of Love for them.

I started receiving telepathic communication from them, after I saw the images, and the message was; that a higher aspect of myself is part of the crew, on the space-ship.

This experience supports my intuitions that I’ve always had. Sounds a bit wild of course, from a Earth-perspective, but this is what I experienced, and it always makes me smile when I think about it.





The Council.

I’ve had many lucid dreams, and internal visions, where I experience something very vividly, like I was there, with strong emotions and all.

One time I experienced myself in another life-situation, in another dimension, in a big dome-shaped building. It would have been before I came to earth in linear time, but because time is an illusion, I just connected to that experience, and to a layer of my multi-dimensional self. Some kind of council was gathered in the building, the whole situation felt very important and serious. I was standing in front of the council, and I realized that it was the moment before I was sent to Earth on a very important mission. While I was standing there, I felt a big responsibility and the energy was so overwhelming that tears started running down my cheeks. The responsibility felt huge, and I got the energies from the council, I felt how much they trusted me with this job. My “Earth self” had a hard time handling this responsibility when I realized what I had just experienced, it was all real. All my intuitions about a mission and a responsibility became reality after this experience. I understand myself much better after this experience. I feel that I’m a field of consciousness or energy that is sent down to places like Earth when there is a serious situation, and failing is not an option, that’s how I feel. And I feel that the Council counts on me, and knows that I will not fail… We have already won, and I know that the job is almost done.

Many of my visions have affected me somehow very deeply, and have helped me to understand who I am, and why I’m here, on this strange but beautiful planet.


St. Brigida black-out.

This was a very interesting experience…A different black-out.

I was doing some fasting in the mountains of Gran Canaria, just outside a small town called St.Brigida.


I was in a squat-house that was basically a unfinished construction-site, just a rain shelter, with open windows and unpainted walls. I was there because I didn’t have any other place to go at the moment. I was fasting at the moment, and it was a perfect place to be, very peaceful and isolated.

In the middle of the day, I got a strong urge to take off my clothes, and lay down on the roof. So basically I went sun tanning.

I laid down on the roof, on a thin blanket, naked, and I closed my eyes, enjoying the beautiful sunny day.

Suddenly I felt a strong pressure-wave, or energy-pulse, in my Chakra system. Starting from my root Chakra, up one by one, in a fast tempo BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM, and when the pulse reached my head, I passed out.

I woke up on the roof, and I have no idea how long I was out, I just remember that the sun came from a different angle. That was pretty amazing, and a very intense experience… I still remember very clearly how it felt, and I hope that I will some day know what really happened, and where I was taken that day.




Brought back by an “ET friend”.

This amazing experience took place in Finland in the winter of 2013-2014, I cant remember the exact month, but I think it was January of 2014.

I was visiting Finland while I was living in the Canary islands that winter.

I had several OBE’s during that time, where I was taken out of body by ET´s. Many of those interesting experiences I still remember very clearly.


One of my experiences from that winter was really memorable and really amazing. I experienced some “sleep paralysis” and OBE in the night when I went to sleep, and felt that I was floating above my body, which suggests that something abnormal is going on.


Usually I don’t remember what happens because I black-out pretty soon after I’m out of body and just wake up the next morning, but this time I remembered some very interesting things…

The next morning I had my beautiful experience. I experienced floating towards my bed, and seeing a tall non-human being by the window, that must have been at least 2.5m tall, assuming that the being was standing on the floor. I didn’t see the whole body, only the upper part, so I can’t be sure about the height really. Maybe there was a portal opening close to the ceiling, and I saw the being through the portal opening, which would make sense to me, and would completely change my estimation about the height of the being.

The being had big dark eyes. The face was very slim and the jaw was somewhat narrow in proportion to the rest of the head. The head wasn’t anything like on the small gray beings, who have really big heads for bodies that small.
This being had beautiful proportions, and looked somehow very attractive. I still feel lot’s of Love for that being…

So, the being stood there while I was floating back towards my bed, and I assume that my physical body was lying in the bed, because I tried to raise my arm and wave my hand to the being, I wanted to say bye-bye, because I felt lots of Love towards the being. I tried to raise my hand, but I couldn’t, I wasn’t in my physical earth-body yet. When I could finally move my arm, I woke up in my body and felt a bit drowsy. I realized what had happened.

I was very moved by all this, and it definitely felt very real to me.


Maybe that being was a higher aspect of my multi-dimensional self, that idea somehow resonates with me very strongly, and would feel logical to me. The being sent back a part of it’s consciousness to the earth-vehicle, after some nightly adventures in some other realms.


This might sound scary or dramatic for some, but for me it feels natural and comfortable.

These experiences have given me lots of comfort, and they help me through life by giving me hope and courage to do what I have to do.


I accept the skepticism from people because I understand the reasons and the limitations of human consciousness, it doesn’t bother me at all. I feel Love towards all of you, no matter if you are skeptical or open-minded…


When a soul comes to Earth to experience and grow, it often stays here for a long time, because Earth is a difficult and long school. There are certain things you need to learn before you graduate from Earth, and many souls stay here for a very long time, caught up in the so called “Karmic cycle”, lifetime after lifetime, going through the same lessons over and over, correcting previous errors. Those souls often strongly identify with the human experience and become lost in the depths of spiritual amnesia.

Other souls might come to Earth only for a quick visit, for a specific job or task, and they send a part of them selves to a human vessel to do the job.

The experience or life that many Star-seeds and Walk-ins come from, is most often a very different experience, and a human life would seem like only a short moment from that perspective.

For these reasons many visiting souls identify so strongly with their galactic family, and feel drawn to the stars. They see the human experience as something uncomfortable and strange, and see the extraterrestrial as normal and comfortable, when again many ”Earth humans” might experience quite the opposite.

Still we all have our precious Earth experiences, and we should embrace all the differences and the multitude of life-forms in the universe, and enjoy every experience to the fullest, life is a precious gift…


From the perspective of our higher-selves, we all have many parallel lives going on, and each part has its own individual experience and growth-process, but connects to the same higher aspect, which is the True-self.

When we connect to our higher selves, everything changes, and we start to see life from a very different perspective. Infinity as a concept starts to make sens…

Taken up through a portal.

This following experience is one of the more recent ones, and it took place in Finland in the early summer of 2016.

I was already in bed, and was ready to start sleeping, when I noticed some energetic shifts around me. Often when something is about to happen I get a feeling or energetic “heads up” that something is going to happen.

I relaxed, and soon after I started experiencing a shift in consciousness, and a change in vibration. Suddenly I felt hands on my body, lifting me up. I felt clearly at least two pairs of hands, maybe four pairs, lifting me up in the air from both sides. After this I moved sideways in a rapid movement, and shortly after that I felt a strong force that pulled me upwards and I could hear a very clear and almost loud noise that sounded like a small forest stream, except the sound was more metallic. The sound was really strange, and hard to describe.

After I heard the sound, I felt some movement, and then I blacked out.

The next thing I remember is when I woke up in the morning. I guess it’s good that we don’t remember everything we do when the physical body sleeps, it might be somehow distracting, or just create more unhappiness and “home sickness”, because many of us galactic souls, walk-ins and Star Seeds, can barely handle the density here on earth. If we would remember everything about our selves and what we do while the human body sleeps, we wouldn’t want to be here any more, it would be too hard…Some day we will all return home, wherever we come from, and ultimately we will all return to the God-Source…


Nepal, Missing time and UFO.

While I was living in Nepal, I had several interesting experiences.… One of the more significant ones happened in mid winter of 2011 up on the roof of the main building of the community where I was staying.

One evening I wanted to go up to the roof for some reason, and I told a local friend and co-worker that I’m going up to the roof for a while, to look at the stars.

So I went up there and looked at the stars, like I often do, feeling some kind of longing and homesickness.


Suddenly my friend came up to the roof, sounding both annoyed and worried, and she asked me with a loud voice; “are you still up here?”

I was thinking, “hmmm, I just came up here, what the heck does she mean”.

And just when I was going to answer her something, a big round light shot away from about 50-100 meters in front of us, and I asked my friend; DID YOU SEE THAT? She replied YES!

Then I realized that I had just went through a missing time experience and had been taken on board a craft again. This is the only time that I can remember when someone has actually been there to witness one of the crafts leaving, it felt really nice to get external confirmation about something that many people still see as “unreal”.

We talked about the incident that night, and we told many people in the community about what we had seen.

Some of the star-children in the community had “UFO-related dreams” during that same time-period. One of the community-leaders was worried about that, and even blamed me for it. Unfortunately many people misunderstand the whole subject and easily see these phenomena from a fear based perspective, which of course is understandable when something unfamiliar and strange happens.

I always feel joy and happiness when something like this happens, there is absolutely no fear involved.

Many Hollywood movies create fearful images about galactic beings, which stays in peoples subconscious mind, unfortunately. There is both truth and fiction in movies, just like in the Bible, so it creates lots of confusion in people, and it is often hard to separate truth and fiction…


There is a saying that goes like this ”Truth is stranger than Fiction” and I definitely feel this is absolutely correct, people just don’t know the truth most of the time. Sometimes truth hurts, sometimes it sets us free, but I feel that everybody should get a chance to know the truth, whatever it is, and no matter how painful it is, because ultimately knowledge is a universal right. Resonance is another thing, and it works as a safeguard when it comes to absorption of information, therefore hiding the truth isn’t necessary. If a mind isn’t ready for the truth, there is no resonance.




Light-beings in the forest.

I think this was in the summer of 2013, when I was in one of my favorite locations in Northern Europe, at a lake in the middle of the forest.

One evening I noticed a new thing that I didn’t notice before. Besides of my normal energy-field I saw a energy that was intensifying between my hands when I moved them in a certain way, while I was moving my body at the same time. This all felt very natural to me, and I didn’t think about it that much, I just wanted to go outside to the forest and see what I can do with the energy.


I was playing with the energy and trying different things, until I found a way that worked best. When I did everything correctly, with the angles and movements of my hands and body, I saw a cloud of visible light-particles swarming with tremendous speed between my hands. I found out that I can affect the way the particles move.

I soon realized that this is a portal opening technique between dimensions, that my walk-in part knows, and the skill was just activated or brought to my attention that night.

While I was creating these portals I encountered several different types of energies and beings. First there was a dark energy that seemed to rise up from the depths of the planet’s core, where it was stuck for some reason. The dark energy came straight towards me, and that was the only time I was a bit terrified and thought “what the heck am I doing, alone in the forest, in the middle of the night, messing with some stuff like this”…

I got goosebumps, with all my body-hairs standing up, and I basically froze… I started backing up slowly.

I then saw a dark ship or spacecraft shooting away from above me, and the dark energy was also gone. So my conclusion was; the dark energy was stuck somehow, and I helped it out, and it was picked up by it’s friends. So happy journey back home for that energy, it probably just wanted to thank me when it approached me, but on a conscious level I didn’t know what happened, so I froze a bit.

Maybe it was some kind of test also, to see what I can handle on a conscious level.

After I took a breather I decided to go back out and continue with my work.


I decided that fear is no option , and so I went back to the spot where the dark energy was, but I never saw it again.


Later I started testing all kinds of new things, and I suddenly noticed that I’m being watched. There was a group of light-beings standing about five meters from me observing me. I registered the beings, but didn’t really do much to interact with them. Suddenly I noticed that a small being was close to me, and while I was bending forwards and moving my hands closer to the ground, the little being grabbed one of my hands, and it looked like it was still hanging on to my hand for a while when I pulled back and moved my hands higher up. I didn’t feel any weight on my hands though. The small being is familiar to me, and I’ve seen it before, one time while I was out of body. The beings were all non-physical, and I saw them through my third eye, so I didn’t see them very clearly, more like a semi-transparent energy-glow. I think there was at least 3-4 of the them.


I’ve experienced many other interesting things after this, while working with energies, and often it involves light orbs flying around, or something shooting down from the sky. One time a colorful orb of light came down from the sky really fast, and landed somewhere behind me, very close.

Often I’ve also seen small light-orbs flying out from the portals that I open…




Meditation as a spiritual practice.

Meditation is the most simple and natural way to reduce stress, and to balance the energies in the body-mind-spirit-complex. The benefits are literally endless and infinite, because of the nature of consciousness, as it is, and exists, in a continuously expanding state, as a part of Creation, and the God-Source.

I know that many readers already meditate, and have their own ways. I will just give some hints and suggestions that will help both the beginners and people who do advanced meditation. Pick up what resonates with you, and let everything happen naturally and comfortable with Joy.

Meditation doesn’t have to be so serious. It should be something fun, that we do because we Love it, and because it makes us feel good, both during and after the meditation.

The basics are: Find a peaceful place where you have enough privacy. This is important especially in the beginning, when even small disturbances may cause falling out of the meditative state, later silence becomes less important. It is good to turn off your mobile phone completely, or to switch it into flight mode, to reduce the amount of radio-frequencies.

The sitting position should be comfortable. A wrong position might cause numbness or pain in the legs, and especially a “full-lotus” position might causes this. A “half lotus” or “alleviated half lotus/Burmese position”, would be my recommendation. The position I use myself is a “Burmese position”, which is basically a type of “alleviated half lotus”. I use a meditation-seat, which is about 12cm from the ground, with my other heel under the seat. The alleviated position makes it easier to keep the back straight and relaxed during the meditation, so I definitely recommend something like a seat, pillow or rolled up yoga mat.

Many people use the kneeling position with a pillow or seat, which I find nice and comfortable too.

Many people also sit on chairs while meditating, especially those who find it difficult to bend their legs.

All kinds of stimulants like coffee and strong tea have a undesired effect on meditation. When you are in deep meditation your brain goes basically in a similar state as when you sleep, except you are not fully asleep, but almost.

When you sit upright you don’t really fall asleep very easily, unless you are really tired, and if you are, then maybe it’s a better idea to get some sleep. Laying down while meditating might easily lead to “falling asleep”. Modern science doesn’t really know much about sleeping, and the nature of consciousness. Maybe in some secret military programs they know what really happens when the body goes to sleep, but in general people have no idea. Our souls never sleep, the consciousness part doesn’t need to rest, it goes somewhere else to experience other things while the body rests.


Many different techniques are used for taking control over the thoughts of the body-mind, which is basically the part that together with the Ego tries to keep us busy worrying and over-thinking. We need to let go of the body-consciousness, before we can enter the healing states of deep-meditation.

When the body-mind and the thought processes slow down, there will be moments where all thoughts stop, a completely empty state. That empty state should be stretched for as long as possible, because in that state the vibrational-frequency will raise, and the higher consciousness part can be experienced.

During meditation, healing and balancing often takes place. During meditation we connect to the higher-self, and the connection is gradually strengthened. When Meditation becomes a daily practice, our higher-self is guiding us more and more, instead of the body-consciousness.


Colors all have a certain frequency, and can be used as visualizations during meditations, for example violet color can be used for cleansing and protection. Just be aware that it is a very powerful color and might feel uncomfortable if used carelessly. Violet color can be used in a timeless state to cleanse past events and thoughts very easily.

Emotions/feelings or corresponding vibrations connected to certain emotions and feelings are very helpful tools during meditation. For example both compassion and gratitude very effectively raise the vibrational frequency during meditation, when used correctly.

It is necessary of course that one has previous experiences with the emotions/feelings that are used, so that the specific frequency can be brought back from a life event or moment where it was felt.

Breathing, and the timing of the breathing, is one important part of meditation, and can also be used in combination with visualizations.

I usually breathe deeply and strongly in the beginning of the session, and then I stop breathing almost completely and relax my body fully, that’s when the connection opens up for me, and the next breath is usually when my higher self comes in, strengthening the connection.

I sometimes do visualizations where I visualize a warm white light coming down and filling my body when I inhale, and when I exhale I visualize all undesired residue leaving my body.

There are techniques for balancing the mind and the hemispheres of the brain, like the “T-bar”. The T is visualized on the third eye, it’s a mind tool, and will manifest as tilted in the direction in which the unbalance is, if there is unbalance. And then by using the mind it is straightened, and the practice will affect the mind in a balancing way. Also a circle can be used where a dot in the middle is the indicator, and should be put in the middle of the circle, if the dot is off centre.

The third eye will be activated at some point when meditation becomes a daily practice, and

internal visions, psychic abilities will start appearing. Just to mention, it is part of the process, and completely normal. The Pineal-gland is often in a dormant state when not used. And like a muscle, it will become stronger when used regularly. Internal visualizations will become easier with time, and can be used as spiritual tools both during and outside of meditation.

Happy Journey, “May the force be with you”.




Food and fasting.

This is a big and complicated subject, but can be looked at from a more simplistic point of view really, and I’m going to do that in this chapter.

Most of us know about the functions of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and basic nutrients in our foods. What is still surprisingly unknown amongst the general population, is the difference between raw and cooked food, when it comes to energy levels, not energy as calories, but life-force energy.

The life-force energy is what keeps everything alive, animals, plants and humans alike.

When animals are slaughtered, the life-force energy leaves the animal pretty soon, and few people eat raw meat anyway. When a plant is eaten raw, the life-force of the plant is absorbed, because plants work differently, they stay alive still after they are cut or separated from their roots and energy-source, for some time.

When we are on a raw-oriented plant based diet we feel more energetic. Sometimes additional carbohydrates or proteins are needed to sustain the physical body, but in general it is very beneficial to eat fruit, raw vegetables and leafy greens in big amounts, especially green herbs and sprouts. Some vegetables are hard to digest, and they need light steaming or cooking.

Personally I prefer a fruit and vegetable based diet, enriched with cooked lentils and beats, which feels natural to me..

I think it’s important to recognize that plants and animals are all living conscious beings, and we should treat them with respect, no matter if we eat them or not, they deserve to be treated with Love and respect. On a higher level we are all one, and connected. Personally I don’t think it’s wrong to eat meat sometimes, what is wrong in my opinion, is the animal cruelty and the ignoring of the needs of the animals.

If animals are grown for food, they deserve a good life, and they should be taken care of, with respect. How the animals feel, will all reflect into the meat that people eat. That’s why I would be very careful about what kind of meat I would eat if I would choose to eat meat, maybe I would choose game, like rabbit, deer or other wild animals that have had a nice life in freedom. Fish are also affected by what they eat and where they grow, and so are plants. If plants get only chemical fertilizers, and the same soil is used for growing mass produced vegetables over and over, the end product won’t be very healthy and nutrients rich. Fortunately Organic farming is coming back again, and people are coming to their senses. What we take from the ground, we must put back, in one way or the other, that’s the way nature works.

When farmers spray toxins on the fields, the toxins will contaminate the food, and end up in the consumers, common sense.

So, our bodies need carbohydrates, fats and proteins to function, pretty much so, at least that’s what most people think.

And then there is the life-force energy that we get when we eat raw food. The same life-force energy we can absorb when we meditate, when we breathe, and when we spend time in nature. The Sun gives us lots of energy and nutrients too, that we absorb through our eyes and skin.

During a fast, the body changes it’s metabolism, and shifts from a carbohydrate-based to fat and protein-based energy. Some amino-acids are essential for important body-functions, and if no proteins are available through food, the body will start breaking down muscle tissue from those muscles that are less used during and before the fast. When muscle tissue is broken down, the essential amino-acids from the proteins are being used, and a big part is converted into energy or recycled in other ways.

During all types of fasts some type of light exercise is important, as versatile as possible. Muscle workout and light aerobics, or some type of yoga. Exercise keeps the energy levels and metabolism up, and the body starts to use pure life-force energy more efficiently, from all sources available.

Of course it is awkward to exercise during a fast, when there are no carbohydrates available, but the body gets used to it, and the intensity can be adjusted to meet the energy levels, no need to push the limits all the time.

During a water-fast, the body goes through a really intensive detoxification and deep cleanse, for that purpose a water fast would be my recommendation, especially for detoxification and cleansing purposes.

A colon-cleanse is highly recommended before and during each fast.

During the time when the body goes through a transition from a normal diet to a healthy and more liquid based diet, lots of cleansing will also occur, and big amounts of toxins will be released through the colon walls, so colon cleanses are recommended.

During a water-fast colon-cleansing is definitely a must, no way around it, it is just so important. I would say that five times a full colonial-bag with 1,5 litres the first day of fasting, and 1-2 times every or every second day during the water-fast would be good. It is good to empty the whole digestive-tract during the first day of fasting, with some special salts that are available in both pharmacies and healthcare stores normally, or with some strong safe laxatives. The idea is just to empty everything out so that the real cleansing can take place, where the colon is basically washed and flushed, so that all the toxins that are released through the colon walls don’t stay there. The first times people are usually shocked about the amount of accumulated waste-material and weird stuff that comes out. Often there is a layer of old residue on the colon walls that stop nutrients from being properly absorbed, and that often causes chronic fatigue, and other symptoms. I believe that the colon is also a energetic pathway for life-force energy, not just solid food, but energy. That’s why the increase of energy levels rise tremendously during a fast and colon cleanse, and people experience a high sense of clarity.

Different herbal teas, and diluted coffee can also be used to flush the colon, and there are many health benefits. Slightly salted and alkalized water is also a good alternative to regular water. It is good to keep the water in for a while before letting it out, while doing some “belly-dancing” or other yoga-movements, this is helpful when removing plaque and residue form the colon walls during the colon-cleanse.

After every fast, I would recommend a intake of probiotics in some form, to re-colonize the digestive tract with a strong and healthy bacterial flora, which is part of the immune system and very important for overall health. I grow my own water Kefir, but there are good supplements available for those who are too lazy for Kefir, which requires regular maintenance and feeding of course, because it is a living colony of bacteria that needs sugar, minerals and Love to grow and stay alive.

Juice fasting is in my opinion just a liquid diet, nothing more, except if the juices are filtered completely from all solid parts, then it will be more like a water-fast.

A liquid diet is very healthy for the body, and especially the digestive system uses lots of energy to digest solid foods, and blood-sugar levels often go up and down, which gives a signal and craving to eat more food.

If the stomach is stretched by big amounts of solid foods, it will stretch back when the food moves forward, and that shrinking of the stomach is felt as a slightly uncomfortable sensation, and normally interpreted as “hunger”, a empty stomach doesn’t mean that we have to eat, it’s more like a uncomfortable sensation that people usually become sensitive to, and react to by eating again.

On a liquid diet the stomach doesn’t stretch, and doesn’t create the shrinking effect in between meals. So the need to eat, and the sense of hunger completely changes. One starts to crave a meal based on completely different signals, and often the signals aren’t related to “hunger”, but more a craving for something that “tastes good”, like a treat for the body, something nice to enjoy. The drop in energy levels is another signal, but that can be ignored easily, and the body just starts to use stored energy until the next liquid meal is provided, the lack of energy is usually corrected quickly when the body starts to burn fat, or use spiritual energy. All depends of course on what kind of smoothies one drinks, but in general it is in my opinion better not to put big amounts of fat or carbohydrates in them, instead I like to focus on the protein intake, with some banana and green-leaf powders in the mix, maybe berries too, fresh or powdered.

It is very common that people interpret thirst as hunger, and instead of drinking they eat. One big glass of water often takes away the sensation of hunger and craving, and often people are chronically dehydrated, especially on a typical starch rich diet.

I always put a small pinch of organic and unrefined salt in my drinking water, and take it first thing in the morning to correct the dehydration that often occurs during the night sleep. I don’t believe that we need several litres of water daily, I think it’s more important to avoid big amounts of starch and solid foods, and take in quality liquids that hydrate the body more efficiently in smaller amounts.

“Fasting”, and a liquid diet is a very healthy habit, it enables the body to go through a very effective healing and detoxification process, that wouldn’t normally be possible. When the body is continuously occupied with the digestion of food, there isn’t really a chance for the body to start detoxification, so toxins are being stored all around the body, and that will lead to symptoms and disease, as a result of a unhealthy lifestyle.

The spiritual benefits of fasting are equally important, and emotional cleansing will often occur. The energy-flow increases, and energetic blockages are often released.

Meditation is easier and more pleasant when the body is empty and lighter.

I basically choose my diet based on how it affects the energy-flow and my overall well-being. Too much dense food is bad. I rather fast, than over-eat.

Often I consume only food in liquid form, and sometimes it has to do with the activity of the Sun, or other energetic reasons. I fast regularly as a part of my spiritual-oriented lifestyle, the benefits are so vast and versatile, and it helps with my work too, in keeping the frequencies up.

The human body is very adaptable, and can stay alive by using the accumulated sugars, fats and proteins that are stored in different parts of the body. When the storages run out, the energy-levels will drop, and the metabolism will slow down significantly to a very slow rate, without continuous exercise. The body then starts to generate and use all the available life-force energy to function, and will adjust to the new situation.

When both food and water is taken away temporarily, the usage of spiritual energy increases even more, especially when water is reintroduced.

Dry-fasting is something I can’t really recommend, even though I do it my self. The body needs to be very healthy, clean and prepared on many levels, physical, mental and energetic levels. It is emotionally very hard to be on a dry-fast, because of the strong emotional connection to food and water. Psychologically it is also hard, because of the subconscious fears that might arise during the fast.

Six full days is the longest dry-fast I have done, without any food or water, absolutely nothing. It is always magical, and I feel like a completely different being, extremely pure emotionally, super light and spiritually open, and the sense of time completely changes. Last time when I did it for three days, I learned to take advantage of my special breath, that strengthens the connection to the spirit, and pulls down energy into the body. That breath removes all cravings and food related thoughts, probably because the higher consciousness part doesn’t need or want food, only the body-mind does, and when the higher consciousness takes over, the thought processes, cravings and signals disappear, because the focus changes.

I fully believe that the physical body can be sustained by spirit-force alone, and can be kept alive without food.

I Love fasting, that’s when I’m at my peak level, when it comes to mood and energy, so I will probably stay on a liquid diet longer and longer, until the amount of liquid and needed protein decreases gradually to zero.

There is a steady rise of energy-levels on the planet, and we are moving up, continuously. I personally experience this as a fact, because I both see it and feel it, and have been witnessing it for years. The vibrational-frequency on the planet is increasing, and we are moving towards a higher dimension, many of us are in that dimension already, on a consciousness level, and I’m one of those people. I can sometimes see the energetic veil that separates the dimensions, as a shimmering curtain, so we are very close.

I believe that eating food is one of the most exciting and pleasurable experiences on Earth, but unfortunately, it has it’s downsides, like everything that brings us pleasure, we want more and more until we become numb, and even sick. That is why food is in my opinion not very different from other addictions.

It is of course possible to enjoy food in a responsible and spiritual way, and still enjoy it to the fullest. The food industry created a epidemic with food related illnesses, that reached it’s peak already, and has started to decline because of the explosion in health and food awareness that happened on Earth in response to the global health crisis, like type-2 diabetes, cancer and obesity, to mention a few.

I still think that daily warm meals are definitely not necessary. In my opinion, short weekly fasts would be a good idea for most people, and a liquid diet, or partially liquid diet has also tremendous health benefits for sure.


Many of the readers probably practice regular fasting, and are aiming towards a liquid based diet, and ultimately towards a self sustained state. Why? Because that’s how we are ultimately evolving, when we raise up in vibration, and become less physical beings. It can take months, years, decades or centuries, but that is the direction.

Listen to your body, to a degree. Don’t follow all cravings though. You can teach your body to crave for healthier alternatives when it really needs something. For example, the craving for chicken can be reprogrammed to a craving for vegan protein, just provide the vegan alternative in quantities that satisfy the craving, over and over, until the craving changes, and the body is learning.


When we eat less, our bodies become lighter, and require less muscles to function. A light body can be strong and healthy, but not all people are designed to be thin and light, some people are naturally large and heavy, so those people just have to follow the inner guidance and find a balance, so that they feel good and happy in the frame they have.


Love your self, take care of your self. Treat your self like you would treat a child, you wouldn’t mistreat a child would you? You would provide only the best foods for a child, spare it from toxins and harmful things, right?

I see my body as a precious gift, a being that feels, and is self aware, and I have the privilege to experience physical life through this body, I want to do it with Love, with good intentions and care.


Avoid all toxins, and help your body heal, follow the will of Creation, in a continuous expansion, within the infinite consciousness.



*Home made skin cream. *

This is a thing I’ve done for some time now, because I have sensitive and somewhat dry skin, and need some face cream daily.


I use very few ingredients in this cream. Beeswax, which can either be cosmetics grade or regular, I’ve used both. The second ingredient is vegetable oil. I’ve used both olive oil, and MCT oil from coconut, and I think I’ve used almond oil once, which would probably be the best alternative as well as the cosmetic grade beeswax. The third ingredient is a essential oil like peppermint, eucalyptus or whatever you like to put on your skin. I’ve used Patchouli sometimes but it’s a bit stronger. Something like lavender might be nice too, depends on what you like of course.


Choose a container for the final product, big enough so it lasts for sometime so you don’t have to make a new batch next week, buy small enough so that it’s comfortable to carry around. Maybe 100-200ml would be my suggestion for most people. A glass or plastic container is usually good, as long as the plastic is high quality and can withstand some heat.


Measure the vegetable oil of choice so that the amount is about 3/4 three quarters of the container, and pour it into a metal container like a small stainless steel pot. Heat up the oil slowly and add the beeswax about 1/4 one quarter of the amount of oil you use. Keep it on low heat, and turn it off every now and then if the oil gets too hot, remember you shouldn’t fry the oil, only heat it up enough to dissolve the beeswax. When the beeswax has fully dissolved, test the mix. Take a teaspoon and dip the tip into the mix quickly, and let it cool down. You can put the spoon into the refrigerator for 30 seconds so it cools down enough. Then you can testing the cream and the solidity. It’s up to you and your preferences how solid or fluid you want it. If it’s too soft you can add some beeswax, and if it’s too solid you can add some oil. I like more it more solid because it lasts for a longer time and since I’m continuously traveling I like to have a long lasting jar with me. It might be nicer to use if it’s more fluid, it’s all about preferences. When the cream is the right solidity, take it of the heater and wait a little before adding the essential oils since they are very sensitive, just don’t wait too long because you need to pour over the product into the final container. I usually add about 20 drops of the essential oil for every 100ml of product, but it depends on what kind of oil you use, some are stronger and others milder.


This is a pretty heavy cream, and is recommended for people with dry skin only. People with fatty skin wouldn’t enjoy it I guess, because the beeswax creates a thin protective layer on the skin and keeps the skin soft and flexible, but people with oil skin usually use other products that just absorb very quickly and only have some moisturizing properties.


These kinds of products are completely free from additives of course if the ingredients are chosen carefully. Many skin creams and lotions have a big amount of chemicals in them, even some polymers that are petroleum based and shouldn’t be used on the skin because of the layer they leave on the skin, the skin isn’t breathing as well as when beeswax is used in the cream.


Sometimes I use pure virgin coconut oil on my skin, that’s a really nice option too.

The comprehensive healing method

(I wrote this text a few years ago, and wanted to include it in the book, since it has helped many people.

I’ve made a few corrections from the perspective and understanding I have today.)

Some background…

“I started my studies in nutritional science in 1992. I got a degree in 1995. I’ve been Studying, researching and experimenting with nutritional things for over twenty years. I have tried almost all different types of diets my self, applied them to both spiritual and physical practices, and healing.” (Which I probably mentioned already in a previous chapter or description, but in a slightly different way.)

I’ve learned a lot, and I’m learning more all the time… For the comprehensive well-being of the human body vehicle, we need in addition to a healthy diet, a pinch of spirituality, a regular dose of exercise and a bit of humor… This is my simple conclusion, and I believe that most people agree with this, more or less.

While I was living in Nepal, a local friend of mine asked for my help with curing her grandmothers cancer.

I wrote a list of what to eat, what to do, and what to avoid. The instructions were followed, and the tumour started shrinking within two weeks.

These instructions that I’m going to provide here are more powerful and include a broader variety of tools.

Most experiences we have, we have chosen on a soul level, sickness and disease is often something that’s a part of our life experience, like many other things.

Sometimes we might get caught up in a cycle of intense experiences, sickness and suffering, and we might need outside help to stop the cycle. Unfortunately the normal health-care system, western medicine and the pharmaceutical industry use very questionable methods when it comes to “healing”.

The pharmaceutical industry is all about profit, and cancer-treatment is a very good business for them, cure is not.

So what I offer here is some information on how to change your lifestyle and improve your health. It is possible to cure countless disease with these instructions, even cancer. The key is to raise the PH-level of the body to the optimal 7.2-7.4, so that disease can’t thrive in the body anymore. Most disease require a acidic environment to thrive, and most people who get cancer for example have acidic bodies, because of unhealthy or acidic diets, or exposure to heavy metals like aluminum for example, which is unfortunately still found in many antiperspirants, and is used as material for pots and pans from where the aluminum leaks into the food if the kitchen-ware is used carelessly and with the wrong ingredients that might dissolve the metal into the food.

A more comprehensive change is needed for comprehensive results. These methods are very powerful, and everybody should expect some results.

If you are interested in changing your life, getting healthier, happier, and more clear minded , continue reading…

Your attitude should be: “I am already healed”, because if you choose something consciously and you’re fully committed to the healing process and life changes, you will be healed. You need a reason to live, and you should be happy and excited every morning when you get up… Fear of death is something we don’t need, we are spiritual beings, having a human experience, and our spiritual amnesia is a part of that.

Our souls want to grow and evolve through our human-experiences, and our bodies are precious gifts that we should treat with respect. We should take care of our bodies as good as we can, so that we can use use our bodies as platforms for spiritual growth.

The first step is to release and leave behind all those self destructive habits, at least consciously reduce the amount of toxins so that there is a good balance with more healthy habits than bad ones.

Smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, refined sugars and processed foods, pharmaceutical drugs, toxic personal hygiene products like fluoride-toothpaste, deodorant with aluminum and other harmful compounds, shampoo and soap that have harmful chemicals. TV usage should be kept to the minimum if getting rid of it feels impossible. Coffee consumption should be reduced also to a cup in the morning, if stopping it completely feels too awkward. Usually the need for caffeine diminishes by itself naturally when energy-levels change.

Table salt is refined and unhealthy, it should be replaced with Himalayan salt, or unrefined organic sea-salt which are healthy and healing, and contain lots of minerals.

A raw or partially raw vegetarian diet is highly recommended. Eating white meat occasionally isn’t unhealthy in my opinion, it’s more about ethics and the treatment of the animals that worries me. Personally I don’t seem to eat meat in normal circumstances, but I could do so without any problems if I would be in a situation where somebody would grow happy and organic turkeys for food, and would offer me some, I would try it.

The only one that should "process" your food is YOU. Use only whole and raw foods when possible. The body needs some treats once in a while, it shouldn’t become a daily habit or addiction though. For example; all your sugar cravings will most likely be satisfied with 70% dark chocolate, almonds and dates, those are pretty good for that, most sweet fruit take away the cravings. Your sugar cravings will diminish after you change your eating habits.

The treatment.. Everyone is different and people do this for different reasons. I would recommend this treatment for 3-5 weeks, depending on the overall circumstances. If you are trying this just for curiosity, I would say that within ten days you will definitely feel some positive results in well-being and improved health, but you might feel amazing in a few days already, depending on your previous lifestyle.

If you choose to follow these instructions, I would suggest that you don’t eat or drink anything else than what is instructed here…

You need pure sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), himalayan salt, Turmeric powder.

If you have a juicer and blender, they will be very useful, you will need them. The type of juicer I would recommend is the slow type that presses out the juice, it’s better for greens.

All food and ingredients should be organic if possible. All water should be clean and safe.

If you have access to organic wheat grains, you can make your own wheat-grass and make it into juice, it’s very powerful. Add some carrots and some sprouted Mung-beans in the juicer too. If you sprout the Mung-beans you can use them in salads too… Highly recommend, just remember to flush the sprouts several times a day and keep a high level of hygiene when handling them.

[Your morning drink:
**]Heat up a half to one cup of water, dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda and a pinch of Himalayan salt in the hot water. When the salt and baking soda is fully dissolved, mix 2-3 cups of cool water with the hot water, add a tablespoon of lemon juice to the lukewarm water. Stir it up and drink it. If the amount of water feels tooo much, you can reduce the amount to a more comfortable level.

This drink will raise your Ph and oxygen levels, and help your body heal. Use clean and safe water only.

I highly recommend lightly steamed broccoli, with brown rice or buckwheat. Steamed or stew of lentils.

Eat some of these daily: Raw carrots, apples, avocado,

Enjoy peaches and melons (eat melon only separately, don’t mix with other foods, for digestive reasons), persimmon, oranges, grapefruit. Try not to mix acidic fruit like oranges and grapefruit with foods that contain starch and fats like banana and avocado, they don’t digest so well together. So don’t eat oranges and bananas together, or oranges and avocado in the same meal. It’s better to eat acidic fruit alone.

I recommend daily green salads with lettuce, sprouts, raw onion, cucumber, tomatoes, bell pepper. Fresh herbs. Cooked beats (not the pickeld ones).

If you are making a salad… Here’s a salad dressing suggestion; Olive oil, some black pepper, Himalayan salt, honey, apple-cider vinegar, pulverized Thyme. And garlic if you like it.

This is a basic lentil-stew I like to make:
If your making a stew with one cup of red lentils, add three cups of water. Flush the lentils well, and when the water is boiling remove the foam that comes to the surface befor adding the other ingredients…

Add a small or medium sized onion (chopped) , a garlic clove or a few (chopped), a few tomatoes (chopped), some powder of Coriander (a good pinch), spice Cumin (half teaspoon), Cayenne pepper (a pinch to a quarter teaspoon) , Turmeric (a pinch) ,

two pinches of Thyme (rub it in your palm befor adding it, so it gets finer and more pulverized.)

Himalayan salt (half teaspoon), a good pinch of crushed black pepper, and a teaspoon of honey. Let it simmer for 20- 30min, covered with a lid, turn off the heat and let it sit for 15min, enjoy... Yummy.

I sometimes add chopped coriander greens on top, when the food is ready.

Eat these with moderation, in small amounts:
Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, Goji berries. These are powerful snacks.

Take this powerful drink at least twice daily:

-One squeezed lemon.

-Two teaspoons of raw honey.

-Two tablespoons of ginger juice. Made with juicer, or half a cup of ginger-water made in a blender.

-A quarter teaspoon of cinnamon.

-A quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper.

-A quarter teaspoon of Turmeric.

-A pinch of Himalayan salt.

Mix all the ingredients in a blender, with some fresh water

When you drink water, always add a pinch of Himalayan salt in the water, and stir it for a while. You should try to drink a few glasses every day, especially when going through a detoxification process.

You should also take some high-quality probiotics during the treatment, and continue taking them at least a week after you stop the treatment. Kefir or fermented cabbage is a good alternative too, and I think it’s a good idea to make sour-cabbage yourself, or to have a Kefir culture..

This following breathing exercise should be done every morning and evening.

If you haven’t had anything to drink for a while, drink some water before you start.

Make sure the air is fresh in the environment where you do this. Try to ensure that you will not be disturbed for a while.

Take a comfortable position, relax, sit upright.

Start breathing slowly in trough your nose,and expand your belly while doing so. Close your eyes and visualize a warm white light descending in trough the top of your head filling your whole body, on every inhale.

On the exhale trough your mouth, visualize grey mist coming out of your mouth symbolizing all the unwanted impurities from your body that are leaving. During exhale contract your belly and in the end pull it inwards and push out the rest of the air from the lungs. Repeat this 20-30 times within your comfort.

Start breathing normally again, empty your mind from all thoughts and relax as much as possible. Sit quietly and relaxed, you will start to feel the life-force energy flowing into your body, more and more… Do this for as long as you feel comfortable, and try to extend the time every time. A good start is 5 minutes.

Forgiveness is a very important part of the healing process and you should seriously focus on that. Forgive yourself and others. Carrying grudge, hate and other heavy thoughts is very energy draining for the body, and it slows down the energy-flow. You can do mental exercises where you visualize a person in front of you, talk to them, forgive them. Look yourself in the mirror and do the same, tell your mirror-image; I love you, I accept you, I forgive you. These are powerful things, don’t take them lightly. We should not forget to accept and love ourselves, those things are very important.

Start a new hobby, or get exited about an old one. Do something that makes you smile.

Take a walk in nature, bare foot if possible. Touch the trees.

Listen to classical music, or some other uplifting music.

Keep flowers in your home, or smell them in nature.

Do some cardiovascular exercise as a daily routine,
like walking, bicycling, jogging, or swimming etc.

If you want to go one step further, do some fasting. Start with a juice fast, make your own fruit and vegetable juices, try to do it for a week, or even better would be two weeks… You will change, you will detoxify and heal…

Some powerful supplements to mention: Oil of oregano, Chaga tea or tincture, Hemp oil, Hemp juice, Hemp protein, Aloe Vera plant, the jelly from within the leaves, Spirulina and Chlorella algae, Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic.

Raw onion is amazing for treating colds. Breathe the fumes, and keep a cup of chopped onion next to your bed. Chew on small pieces throughout the day and you will notice the power of Onion.

For those living in the northern hemisphere and for those who don’t take sun baths, I strongly recommend a 200-300mcg daily dose of vitamin D3.

D3 is much more than a vitamin, it is needed for the immune system, mental health and calcium absorption to mention a few things. Sunscreen lotions are often very toxic and should be avoided. Coconut oil, and Aloe-vera gel is good for the skin. Let your skin get used to the sun slowly, eat lots of antioxidants, fruit and raw vegetables, those will help your skin tolerate the Sun better and recover from Sun exposure.

Remember, you are not a victim, you have the right to choose. Choose life, choose Love, wake up to a new reality.





Detachment as a Spiritual practice.

I started practicing Detachment subconsciously after my Walk-in experience, without thinking about it very much, it just came naturally and easily, and started spreading to all areas of my life.

Detachment is a spiritual practice that is often misunderstood.

The practice and mastery of Detachment requires mastery or some level of understanding of acceptance, unconditional Love and compassion before it can be successfully practiced.


To be in a unconditionally loving state, is a good basis for detachment. especially when it comes to people.


Acceptance and compassion helps in understanding the perspectives and opinions of others, without any kind of judgmental attitudes. This is very important when one starts practicing detachment consciously.

In general people are very dependent on the opinions of others, and let those opinions affect their actions and decisions in life.

The practice of detachment requires a neutral attitude and deep understanding when it comes to the opinions of others.

Everybody has their individual perspectives and opinions, and that should be respected. Nobody is right or wrong really, it's more a matter of perspective and choice. Because consciousness is infinite and unlimited, one can experience basically anything, and that makes the whole concept of "unreal" a bit fragile. Something might be "unreal" from a collective consensus reality point of view, but 100% real from an individual and expanded point of view that extends beyond the collective consciousness. The consensus or collective reality is something most people agree with. But these times of change have brought new perspectives and ideas to the collective consciousness, expanding it slowly. Many souls are incarnated on this planet for this purpose, to bring expansion. Many people on this planet are experiencing a reality that isn't really in alignment with their souls, thus creating discomfort and suffering.

Letting go of old beliefs and welcoming new ones, is sometimes hard, especially for those in the fore-front.


Slowly old beliefs are replaced by new ones and are integrated into the consensus reality as a normal part of it.


The whole concept of Detachment as a conscious practice is based on a need of spiritual freedom and end of suffering.

In my case it was first a subconscious choice, before I started focusing on it, and realizing that I’m actually doing it. Often my life-choices were noticed by others, and I received many questions from people I came in contact with, and I still do.

When I got rid of all my possessions after the Walk-in came in, it was mostly because nothing felt necessary , and it didn’t feel like “my stuff”, it was a part of my old self, and there was lots of energetic ties to all the stuff, so I wanted to detach from all that, and live as the “New Me”, with a clean slate. I also like to travel light.

Why do people accumulate so much stuff, if it’s not necessary, why oh why? Stuff is just stuff, why do people keep stuff everywhere, in storages or attics, or wardrobes, if they don’t need or use it. It’s always a subconscious burden to have lots of stuff. We all know how good it feels to do a good “spring-time cleaning” in our homes, there is a reason for that, and the reason is energetic. It is both physical end energetic cleansing.

When I do fasting and cleansing of my physical body, I always start doing the cleansing on all levels. I trim my beard, I do internal cleansing, I go through my stuff in my bag. I clean the environment where I’m living in at the moment, and often have a need to wash my clothes too…

When we own physical things, and become emotionally attached to them, it often leads to suffering, and creates energetic ties to the physical world, which limits our spiritual freedom.

When we become aware that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, we also realize that physicality is a temporary illusion, and that when we leave the physical body, we can’t take anything with us, we have to leave everything behind.

If a person lives in a fear-based reality, Detachment is very hard, because in a fear-based reality there is lack, or a fear of lack, and a threat of the unknown future where material things are the only basis for security and well being.

It is hard to be detached from physicality in a physical world, and balancing real need and attachment is difficult, the Ego has it’s fingers in the game too, and makes us think that we need this and that, so that we are accepted by society. Or that we need to express power through material wealth. The real wealth is seeing the value of spiritual freedom over material possessions.

Many people have accumulated wealth with hard work, and I personally appreciate that. I think it is also a spiritual practice to deal with money in a ethical way, and to take responsibility for the consequences that the spending of money creates, not just to throw it at people and consume for the sake of consumption, but to become conscious about what money is, and what it does, and to support good things instead of feeding the corporate “Money-monster” that is destroying the planet..

Money is energy, and it brings lots of responsibility. What we support, we become. If you feed a monster, you become the monster, that is what people often forget.


When people watch TV for hours every day, they participate in keeping up that false reality, that doesn’t support the spiritual approach to life, but feeds the “Money-monster” and consumer mentality, where things are bought without a conscious awareness about the origins of the products, or how and where they are produced. Pollution and suffering is part of consumerism, and that has to stop, because we want to save the planet, right?.

In every moment, we have to make a choice, what to consume, how to consume.

For example, many people are still too proud to wear second-hand clothes.

If a person experiences that the value of what he or she wears, has some kind of effect on the real value of the person as a spiritual being, they are wrong.

There is nothing wrong with looking good, or having “nice” clothes, sometimes it just goes too far, and becomes the main focus in life, I’m sure you get my point. When one becomes too materialistic, one easily forgets the spiritual values.

Luxury is one of the biggest attachments in the western world, and when people get used to luxury they loose sense of reality. Luxury is nice, but is it really necessary for happiness? I don’t think so. Gratitude is important with or with Luxury, in every moment in life.

After traveling a lot, and after living on four different continents around the world, I really woke up to the fact that northern Europeans have become numb from too much Luxury, and there is lack of gratitude, more complaining and unhappiness, than in harsh environments where Luxury is a distant dream, out of reach.

So, does detachment from Luxury mean that a bucket of water is equally nice as a hot shower with good water pressure…? Yes, If there is a underlying sense of joy and gratitude regardless of what the experience is. One can experience Luxury without becoming addicted to it. It’s the addiction and attachment that brings suffering. If you loose something you are emotionally addicted or attached to, there is always a degree of suffering involved.


In intimate relationships, the idea of Detachment goes much deeper, and requires partners with the same spiritual values and understanding. Ultimately a person who is practising Detachment on all levels of life, doesn’t thrive in a traditional type of relationship, because it involves expectations and commitment, which is contradictory with spiritual freedom and Detachment.

In a relationship that’s based on unconditional Love and spiritual freedom, there is no attachment or commitment, there is only a flow of energy and deeper understanding. It doesn’t require the commitment or intimacy that a traditional relationship would require, so it easily becomes more like deep friendship.


I feel that sexuality as it is, doesn’t necessary have to be part of my life, it feels somehow like an external part that I have to activate separately. I often live in celibacy for long periods of time, for practical, spiritual, and energetic reasons. Sexuality is part of the physical body, and if we let it drive us, and control us we become more like animals.

But of course sexuality is a big and beautiful part of the “Human-Experience”, in my opinion it shouldn’t control us though.


Acceptance is a very important part of Detachment, especially when it comes to reactions, and opinions of others. Acceptance as a general attitude in life, is very helpful, in many life-situations.


If your car breaks down for example, smile at it, no matter what the consequences are. There is always a valuable experience and learning opportunity involved, and when we realize that, everything changes.

All events in life are guiding and redirecting forces, that are ultimately there to serve us. You will always find something that can turn every potentially negative life event to a more positive one, that’s how it works. It’s all about attitude, how we react in every moment.

Free will is a precious gift.

Basically a neutral approach is good in every moment, and after observing the situation, we can decide if we need to act. Automatic reactions are programmed into people through the collective mass-consciousness, and we can easily override those reactions when we take back our personal power, and use free will.


All experiences are valuable. How we perceive our experiences, is up to us, in every moment, throughout life.


When we let go of the fear of death, it has a big effect on us, and how we see life. It is tremendously empowering, and gives us great spiritual freedom.

Fear of death also acts as a subconscious distraction during meditation practices, and can be a big obstacle for many. It can also slow down our spiritual growth.

The consciousness that experiences physical life, is immortal and infinite, and before we realize that, we are limited to the physical, and can’t really expand much on a consciousness level, while experiencing physical life.

If one lives life from a spiritual perspective, death is just like graduation, or “release from duty”, “mission completed”, as it is for many of us volunteers.

You are infinite and immortal, and you have unlimited potential, as a part of the Creative-God-Source-Energy.


Pleasure is a normal and important part of life, and it reminds us of who we are. The source of pleasure and relationship to it, is something we should focus on, because there are so many sources, some of them are questionable.

If the pleasure comes from a source that causes suffering to others, or if it somehow damages the physical body or mind of the experiencer, then the pleasure isn’t spiritually pure, and there is a friction and contradiction involved within the receiver, and either a conscious or a subconscious conflict within the body-mind-spirit-complex.

When the pleasure comes directly from spirit, without a physical inter-medium, then it’s pure, and of highest vibration. During meditation we can experiense the highest degree of pure pleasure.




Out of body experiences.

These following experiences I’m about to describe, are definitely some of my most amazing OBE’s I can remember, really nice experiences.


I was sitting outside on a terrace with a good old friend of mine, enjoying a nice summer day. I think this was in 2014.

We were sitting there just quietly enjoying the view, at a nice and peaceful lake, when suddenly I noticed something strange.

My body started jerking a bit, and I noticed a vibration, and a change in my state of consciousness.

I’m pretty familiar with these kind of situations after my countless deep meditations, so I didn’t panic or go into fear, I just relaxed my body fully.


Suddenly I got up, or that’s what I felt basically, that I just stood up. I had a really strong sense of lightness, clarity and Joy, and felt absolutely amazing.

I was in complete bliss, and thought; “Wow, finally! Now it happened!” and I wanted to raise my arms and jump around, but I was out of body.

I was in a very conscious state, more conscious than when I’m in the physical body.

It’s really hard to estimate the time I was out of body, because time didn’t seem to exist the same way it does when in the body.
Suddenly I just went back into my body, and felt the heaviness, which felt much more awkward at that time because of the contrast to my previous experience.

I think all this happened quickly, less than a minute, probably only seconds. But time changes completely when out of body, so it’s hard to know for sure.


I asked my friend if he had just seen me get up from the chair, and he replied: “No, you just started jerking your legs a bit, why?”

I then said that I was out of body, and had an amazing experience. And to that my friend said: “Well, I was also flying around in my thoughts. Beautiful day.”


That friend of mine is a bit more a kind of “down to earth person” so I don’t think he ever realized that I really was out of body, and my consciousness-part separated from my physical body for a while.

This story gets even more interesting… What happened next, was even more amazing. Things are always connected, and this following experience is a result of the previous one.


I went to bed that evening, without expecting anything really. I had definitely felt blessed that day because of my beautiful experience.

I woke up in the middle of the night, spontaneously. And I started thinking about the OBE that I had the previous day. I remembered the vibration, and this always happens when the consciousness-part leaves the body, there is a change in vibration. I decided to try something, because I felt that I could bring back that exact vibrational-frequency that made my consciousness separate from my physical body.


I was successful, and I experienced another OBE, except this was different, I felt like I was inside a conscious dream somehow, but I was inside the house, it just felt more than a dream this time, I just knew that I had consciously left my body and I was aware that I was in a non-physical state.

I tried to leave the house, but I couldn’t get through the walls or open the doors for some reason.


I was a bit confused, so I decided to wake-up myself, and return to my body, to re-think this situation.

After I successfully returned to my body and woke up, I pretty soon realized why I couldn’t move through the walls or open the doors, I was trying to follow the rules of physicality in a non-physical state, which was of-course ridiculous. After thinking through everything, I felt that I was ready to go out of body again.

I successfully left my body again, and pretty soon I noticed a small light-being close to my bed, the same one that had approached me one time when I did my energy-work outside in the forest and saw the light-beings. I recognized this little being, and I still feel that I’m somehow related to “it”. I just strongly feel that I know this being very well, like an old friend.

I don’t remember any communication really, the being was just there, close to me.

I wanted to go outside again, and this time I was convinced that I would succeed.

I knew that doors and walls are only for physical beings, and that I could move out just by thinking about the location where I want to go to. So I focused on the rocky area just outside the house, and Instantaneously I was there, I had moved outside. Only while in a physical form, the laws of physics and gravity affect us, but not when we are out of body.


While I was observing my surroundings, I noticed a oval or lentil-shaped ship up in the sky, maybe a few hundred meters behind the house. It had some thin parts sticking out of the top, like antennas. This was a bit surprising to me. Maybe it was just some group that was observing me, I have no idea if I’m somehow related to the ship or if I know the crew, I don’t remember that.

I then pretty soon went back into my physical body and woke up. I was thinking about all this, and memorized all the details. After that I started sleeping.

I’ve had many similar experiences, but this one was different, because of the conscious daytime OBE, and how it felt. The interesting part was that I could re-create that experience from memory.


I had a “dream” once,where I was visiting a big base, or some kind of research center.

I walked through some corridors to a big hall in a non-human body. I saw a box or chamber in the middle. I went inside the chamber, and apparently it was a device that made my consciousness leave the body.


The alien-being went inside the chamber, and “me”, or my consciousness had been using that body temporarily in a environment where a physical body is needed for some specific task, just like the human body is needed on Earth, and we put it to sleep in the evening.

Only our consciousness is a permanent part of us.

We do weird things when our human-bodies sleep.

Our consciousness never sleeps, only the human body needs rest once in a while…


After this “dream” I could also re-produce the OBE, or astral-projection for a long time, by remembering the vibrational frequency from the chamber, and applying it to my body… Sounds unbelievable, yeah, I know.



Confirmation from a Galactic group.

These kinds of confirmations have always been extremely important to me personally, because we live in a physical world with lots of skepticism and denial. This particular experience brought me lots of joy, great pleasure, and peace of mind.

I still have a skeptical side in me, even after all these experiences, which I feel is really strange. This density and separation is just so extreme that it influences us from all directions no matter what we do. For as long as we are in the physical, we are part of the reality here. Many of us are working full-time on changing and expanding this reality, I’m one of those people. It’s not easy to change the collective-consciousness, but it’s still happening, slowly, bit by bit, step by step.


I will not use names or labels to describe the galactic group that I’m talking about in this chapter. The earth-perspective is very limited, so without using any names, I will just describe them as “energies from a higher-dimensional soul-collective”.


I went to see a medium and healer, a person who was supposed to check my aura, and my crystallization-process, and basically take me through a Aura-transformation. I didn’t expect much, but what I experienced during the session was probably the “reason” for my visit.

I went to see the medium just because a friend insisted, and wanted to pay for it.


I got more out of it than I expected.

The session involved some channeling, and emotional release, and receiving messages from the other side.

A nice and relaxing experience.

In the middle of the session, the medium asked me a question I didn’t expect. She asked me: “Do you work with these “anonymous” energies?”

I was a bit confused, and didn’t quite know what to say… When suddenly, I felt a tremendous wave of energy going through my whole body, three times, wow, AND AGAIN! WHEN I WRITE THIS, I LOVE IT!!! This is amazing. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

It was so intense, so I just shouted YES!!! and laughed… I said: “wow, that was some intense energy” And before I had time to end the sentence, the second and third waves went through my body, which was even more intense.

The medium was a bit confused I think, and didn’t say much. I still wonder what she felt, and if she felt the energy-waves, I never asked


I know that many “Star-seeds” often have screen-memories, and cloaks of amnesia, for a good reason. It would be too hard for most, to be in a physical human-body down here if we would consciously know and remember everything. But it’s very important to get confirmations and experiences, that keep us from falling too deep into the density of this planet. I feel that I cope pretty well with the situation, and with the level of consciousness I’ve been given for this job. I can be pretty normal, and adjust to social situations very well, no problem with that really. My sensitive side just sometimes needs time to recharge, and I often live in solitude for this reason. I often feel too much from people, and sometimes it starts dragging me down.


After spending some time in the forest, my energies are very intense, and I need to adjust them when I “integrate into society again”. This is what I’ve been doing for years now, I push the barrier when I’m alone, and test the limits of my physical body, then I adjust when I live amongst people again. I don’t like adjusting, but that’s part of my job. Of course I would love to always feel the highest bliss-energies, but in this dense reality, it’s not really possible to fully embody that, at least not yet.

I’m looking forwards to the day when it works continously, that will be SUPER-AMAZING!!! Continuous bliss for all!


I feel so much Love while writing this, I love you all!



Two galactic beings visiting me.

I think this experience took place in early spring of 2013… I had a very nice experience with two galactic beings visiting me.

Subconsciously I probably know much more about all this, but because of the “cloak of amnesia”, I have a very limited understanding of what really happened that day.

I did a normal meditation on the sofa. When I came out of the meditation, and opened my eyes, I saw two beings standing in front of me. The beings were just standing there, observing me.

I was still in a somewhat meditative state because I had just meditated, and my third eye was still very active, which is normal right after a deep meditation, and also often late in the evenings. Normally I probably wouldn’t have seen them, because they looked semi-transparent and only partially visible, like they often do.

They were shorter than normal humans, maybe 140-150cm. One of them was a Female, and the other was a Male. The sexes were pretty clear to me, the female was a bit shorter, with long dark hair, and the male had shoulder-length hair. They both had dark hair. At least the Male had something in his fore-head, where the third eye is located, maybe a small crystal or something natural, I don’t know, it looked almost like it was integrated into his head somehow. I think these beings had slightly almond-shaped eyes, but they could in my opinion almost have passed as humans, without those things in their fore-heads of course.


The beings then slowly disappeared, when my senses started adjusting to the physical realm again. This is a normal thing that I often experience after meditation, a transition from non-physical reality to the more physical one.

When I do energy-work, I have to put myself into a slightly meditative state so that I see and feel the energies more clearly, that’s how it works. We can learn how to use the third eye, so that we become more “energy-sensitive” and see beyond the “normal spectrum of visible light”.




Energetic communication.

In this chapter I will analyze and explain telepathy, and how it is to be a ”sensitive person”, from my own personal perspective.


I know that sensitivity is within all of us, and only the big variety of different numbing factors restrict the degree of sensitivity in us. I don’t know how much others feel, and how sensitive others are. If there would be a sensitivity scale from one to ten, I don’t know where to put myself, or others, that would be impossible, because I don’t really know how sensitive we can be, and how sensitive people are in general. I think that people often ignore their sensitivity, and reject the signals. People often rely on verbal communication, and their “normal senses” and ignore the rest.

When walking down a busy promenade in the morning, I receive so much, it’s like reading a book while walking. How people feel, and how they see themselves often comes through instantaneously after the first glimpse, after that there is more depth to it, and all kinds of details start seeping through. I think this is the main reason why I have a non-judgmental attitude towards others, because I have to accept people as they are with all their flaws, nobody can hide anything, both weaknesses and strengths come through as a big package of energy, that translates into a knowing.

Many people put on a “mask” or “role”, and pretend to be something they’re not, that’s a way for many to hide their insecurities. I see through all that, and I feel compassion for all those people, because I understand the reasons, and I see beyond the mask. I recognize a very common pattern amongst people, but it varies in different cultures. Many people are still afraid to be open and soft, and don’t dare to smile to strangers on the street, but that’s fortunately changing, and people open up more easily.

Telepathy is something normal and ongoing amongst people, it has just been a kind of taboo for a long time, and it has also been ignored by many.


There’s always some degree of energetic interaction between people. That interaction can be called “Telepathy” or ”Energetic communication” whatever you choose to call it..

If you don’t focus on it, it’s more like a subconscious interaction, but for those of us who are more aware, it’s like a secondary and overlaying communication, that brings more depth to interaction.

Facial expressions, body-movements and verbal communications are just extensions of the telepathic and energetic communication, and they normally confirm each other, although the energetic communication is always more reliable.

Acceptance becomes natural when there is enough depth in the energetic communication, because you see everything as a whole, and that gives great sense of understanding.

If someone says “no” when they mean “yes”, you might instantaneously read the reasons, without even focusing on it, so you accept the “untruth” in the verbal communication because you feel the truth through the energetic communication, and you know the reasons behind the verbal “untruth”.


Of course this gives a huge advance to those sensitive people who can utilize this energetic communication, because it’s non-local, and works from any distance really, even though it works best when looking somebody in the eyes. Thoughts are waves of energy, and they travel faster than the speed of light. Many people are in telepathic communication with beings from other star-systems, without any problem, because thoughts do not have boundries like sound-waves do.


Telepathy works in many different ways, both through the emotional-body and subconscious, and directly as thought-transfers, which might sound like verbal communication.

I personally experience telepathy in many different ways, on a daily basis. People often pick up my thoughts as “ideas” and thoughts of their own, and I pick up others thoughts a few seconds before they are spoken out. Many times when I think about a friend, they suddenly contact me, or the other way. Countless times I’ve talked about this with my friends, and it’s definitely a real phenomenon, more common than many would like to admit.

My opinion about telepathy is based on personal experiences, and I definitely know that the phenomenon is 100% real, and ongoing. Telepathy is part of our everyday lives, without exception. The common misunderstanding is that telepathy works like speech. Speech or verbal communication is actually the limiting factor, and acts as a distraction. Non-verbal communication is always honest and direct, when verbal communication again can be very confusing, misleading and might create a contradictions with all the other signals.

For me personally, “telepathy” and “energetic interaction” or “energetic communication” is the same, and I experience it as a normal part of my life, and I often rely more on that, than on the verbal communication. The energetic communication is very helpful in decision making, when it comes to social situations in life, because many awkward and difficult situations can be avoided. I think that most people will realize how normal and common energetic communication really is, after reading this chapter. Everybody has experiences in life that confirm this fact, and only a very numb person would be able to completely deny this.

A few examples: Your in a room with people, and there’s a few people you don’t know. When you introduce yourself to the new people, you will feel something, like a first impression. After the introduction you will continue to feel different things from around you, and maybe you can pinpoint the energies, and individualize them. You will get a feeling from all the new people, and decide if you like them or not, based on energetic communication. You might know nothing personal about those people really, and you might base your opinions on energies only, that is very common. So after spending time in the same space with those people you will automatically be drawn to the ones that resonate with you most, or at least you will be most comfortable approaching those you resonate with. This is a typical example of energetic communication. Some people you might never talk to again, and others you might become friends with, based on energetic communication.


I’ve noticed that first impressions can often be misleading if a person wears a strong mask, or has created a false identity that is to cover the insecurities. That’s why I personally don’t rely on first impressions as a rule, but feel and observe for a while, before I build my “opinion”. Often the misleading first impression wears off, and completely different picture is being drawn.

Insecurities, traumas, and energetic blockages can sometimes give a very confusing and misleading signal, when it comes to energetic communication, and reading through that can sometimes be difficult. But if you recognize the blockages and insecurities, you can easily ignore them, and with your acceptance and compassion, you can bring opportunities for healing to someone. Acceptance is a very important part of energetic communication, because without that, there can’t be honest and working interaction. Most sensitive people have a non-judgmental attitude towards others, because they know how energies work, both ways.


Energetic communication is a big part of verbal communication too, and the way words are spoken, plays a big part in the process. Every word carries a energetic signature and frequency, the energies and intention behind words play a big part in this.

There is a huge energetic difference in a word that is spoken out softly with a gentle voice, and a word that is spoken out with a loud voice, we all know that. This is a good example of how verbal communication is partially energetic really. Every thought and intention behind each word can be felt by most people, and especially by the sensitive ones.

Physical violence hurts the physical body, and aggressive communication affects the emotional-body and the soul. Emotional wounds often take more time to heal than physical wounds, and still emotional violence isn’t seen as a crime.


Everybody knows about the “sixth senses” and extrasensory skills, but still they are seen as something “half real”, and are often dismissed as fantasy or coincidence. My personal experiences confirm these senses to a high degree. For me it’s normal that I react to the consciousness and energies of others, often subconsciously though. For example if somebody looks at me from behind, I feel it, and I think most people do. How I personally react to that varies, but in general the reaction is subconscious and doesn’t involve any thought-processes.


We are all energy, fields of consciousness.



Consciousness, and the higher self.

Everything comes from “The Source”, a big field of conscious energy, some call it the big central sun, I call it The God Source, and in this chapter I will just call it “The Source”.

From “The Source”, individual fields of consciousness separate to participate in different experiences. These separated parts can be called Over-souls. From the Over-souls smaller parts separate, and attach to different lifeforms in different environments, for the purpose to experience and grow. These smaller parts can be called souls.

From a physical life perspective, all the non-physical parts, and even parts that have a physical form, but exist on a higher frequency can be called “higher selves”, at least that’s what I do. The higher self can also be referring to the Over-soul, the highest level before the source. People might have a bit varying opinions about these things, but in general most people agree on that the “Over-soul”, and the “Higher self” are higher parts of our consciousness. The subconsciousness how I see it, is a part of our consciousness, separated from the “body-consciousness” only by vibration, and can be any part of our multi-dimensional self that we connect to. The subconscious parts can send us impulses and messages that appear through our conscious mind in different ways. The more we raise our frequencies, the more we can access the subconscious and higher parts of our multi-dimensional selves.

All the multidimensional parts of us, are connected to the oversoul, and all parts can be communicated with. This is what usually happens when we are “activated” or experience a spiritual awakening, we connect to our multi-dimensional selves.

Many times when I see a being, or connect to some energies, I think; “Is this a part of me, a part of my multi-dimensional self”. Especially with a few beings that I feel a strong connection with, like I would know them on a very deep and personal level, it’s hard to explain how it feels, it’s a strong knowing, like meeting a family member after many years, you know them on a deep level, even though you haven’t been in contact with them for a long time, and you feel lots of unconditional love for them. Sometimes it happens with ”strangers” too. When you meet somebody for the first time, you might feel like you know them already on a deeper level, and this might be true.

Sometimes I used to feel a bit sad, and sometimes even insulted, when somebody expressed their disbelieve or skepticism regarding extraterrestrials and non-physical beings, because that’s a very personal subject to me, and it involves many beings that I truly love from my heart, more than anything physical on this Earth.



*Expansion and Raising the Frequencies. *


This is “THE BIG TOPIC”, simple but still so difficult for most people. I think nobody would disagree if I say that this is the purpose of life, expansion, Expansion of Consciousness.

Experience is basically what brings expansion, because we always learn from experiences, we aways learn something. Often people learn slowly, and have to repeat their lessons many times. Repetition is a chance to correct something, a chance to choose differently. With frequent repetition we evolve, we learn. What we learn and how fast we learn depends on how receptive we are, and our will to learn and grow. We can quicken the learning process by supporting the expansion that’s required for the learning. When we do everything with the intention to raise our frequencies, we expand faster. Everyday choices affect our overall frequencies. The environment we live in, what we eat, drink and entertain ourselves with, everything contributes to our vibrational frequency.

When we live isolated in nature, eat raw vegan food, drink natural water, meditate and listen to peaceful and harmonious music every day, we have a good basis for expansion, because all these things support it. Meditation is very important, it is the key. In my personal opinion, Meditation is the most beneficial daily practice to support expansion, the benefits are endless.

Food, and what we ingest in general, affects everything. Our physical health, mood, and our vibrational frequencies are affected by food, directly and indirectly. Food is such a big and complicated subject that I will not go so deeply into that in this chapter, I will just say that Raw food has a higher frequency than dead food, and that should be obvious. All living cells we eat, affect us. How the food is grown makes a difference. If you grow sprouts yourself, and you do it with love, the frequency will be much higher than mass produced sprouts you buy in a supermarket. When you give your attention and love to a growing and developing organism, no matter what it is, it will grow and develop faster and the end result will always be better.

This guideline applies to everything in life. Every action that has a good intention behind it, has a higher vibrational frequency around it, and that opens up the process of expansion. Love is expansion, and hate is contraction. Love enables growth, and hate suppresses growth. This is one basic law of creation. This is very simple, but because we have free will, it becomes more complicated. We have the power to choose, in every moment, expansion or contraction, and that is the main purpose of life, to grow and expand through free will, in a dualistic environment. Every choice we make has a certain frequency, and it affects us. When we become more sensitive, and we open up, it becomes easier for us to choose what actions resonates with our higher-selves, so we make more “right choices” in life. Through daily meditation practices we can uphold and strengthen the connection to our higher self, and let it guide us through life.

When you create a high-vibrational energy-buffer around you, everything is affected by it, people, animals and situations. Your experiences in life become very positive. Manifestation is easier and it happens without much effort… You become the architect of your own reality.


All information has a certain frequency. There must be a resonance between the consciousness of the receiver, and the information, for it to be fully received or absorbed. This is one reason why meditation is so beneficial, it enables information and knowledge to be downloaded, and released through the subconsciousness to the conscious-mind, where it’s decoded and translated into thoughts and ideas.



About Compassion.

This is a very important subject for all, and when fully understood, gives tremendous freedom in life, both emotional and spiritual.


To be able to feel compassion is a valuable gift, not a weakness or something that drags us down in vibration as some people might think. Compassion has a very high frequency and is connected to unconditional love and acceptance. In my opinion they are all connected. The essence of who we truly are is; Consciousness that vibrates on a frequency described by me as; “Unconditionally compassionate and accepting Love-Bliss…” But that doesn’t even get close to the true essence, because those are just words, limited words, and consciousness is infinite. If one doesn’t feel compassion, how can one know the value of it. If one doesn’t feel acceptance, how can one know what it means. If one doesn’t feel unconditional love, how can one know about the bliss it brings…

Compassion is a ability to know how somebody feels, and why they feel that way. With the help of compassion we are able to help others heal, energetically and emotionally, by bringing our accepting and loving support to them. The vibrational frequency of acceptance and compassion is so high, that it brings great healing to all situations, even without any verbal communication. Compassion is more than just a kind act, it’s connected to a level of consciousness, and comes naturally. Only natural compassion is real compassion, it can’t be forced. Like many acts in life, they must come naturally. If something is forced, the frequency is low, because there is friction, fear and suffering involved, and when there is friction the energy doesn’t flow freely. Friction happens because of energy blockages in the emotional center. Blockages can be opened and healed with forgiveness, and a conscious will to heal them. It helps when one knows the source of the blockages, so that different healing practices can be used, like forgiveness.




Forgiveness is the most powerful healing tool or act, when opening up and removing energetic blockages from the emotional heart-center. How people see the word and meaning of forgiveness varies a lot of course. Forgiveness is a decision and will to heal and move towards Unconditional-Love. Forgiveness is a release of negative energy, and is a raise in vibration, and a tool for expansion.

Forgiveness can’t happen without some expansion, so it is a very important part of spiritual growth. Most people who practice serious meditation know that without forgiveness there can’t be expansion.

The negative energy blockages created by different traumas in life are usually connected to hate, grudge and self-hate, and are often directed towards some individuals or groups, or the self. Even though the grudge or hate might be directed towards some external source, the biggest damage happens within the self, because of the unhealthy energy blockages in the emotional heart-center, and it can even result in physical death.

During intense fasting we often experience spontaneous healing on many levels. Fasting is very useful, and a very powerful tool for both physical, emotional and energetic healing.

When fasting , energy flows much better, and all senses are sharpened. Meditation is easier during fasting, and forgiveness becomes much easier too.

A good forgiveness practice is to sit in meditation, and visualize the person you want to forgive in front of you, or yourself, if you need to forgive yourself, self-forgiveness is very important too.

It is important to focus on the heart center and repeat the process many times, there is no upper limit, only the results matter.

If you do a visualization where you forgive somebody a hundred times, or three times, it doesn’t matter really, the results and the effectiveness is what matters.
The more intention and true emotion you put into the practice, the stronger and better the results.

Forgiveness can be done without meditation too, but focusing is easier during meditation, and the effects are usually stronger. You will usually feel when the blockages open up, and it often involves some emotional releases like crying. It’s good to repeat the process untill there is some emotional release, because that’s such a strong sign, and means a blockage has been released.

If one carries harmful blockages like hate and grudge, it’s reflected out into life experiences, and when life is experienced through those blockages, it creates distortions. Everything that’s even remotely associated with the source of the blockage might cause reactions, which actually brings opportunity for healing, but often creates difficult situations in life, because it often involves people that are “innocent”, and if they lack understanding they get easily dragged into some unnecessary drama, they might take it personally and be affected by it in a negative way…

The power of the Spirit.

We all know that there’ s both physical and spiritual strength. Spiritual strength can be an extension of physical strength in some situations, and can spontaneously override the laws of physics. Spiritual power, or spiritual force is what ultimately moves the physical really, and when everything else fails, we can see this more clearly.

We often see strong acts of the spirit as miracles, but it is only limitations stepping aside when a stronger force steps in. Athletes experience the force of the spirit, every time they “exceed themselves” in athletic performances. Humans might get temporary superpowers when they want to save the lives of their loved ones in threatening situations, and I can personally confirm this.

One time when I was at a summer cottage with my mother and daughter, something like a miracle happened. I was up on the attic doing something, and my mother and daughter were both down in the room below. Long steep ladders go up to the attic, and because my daughter was only two years old at the time, we didn’t let her climb up without help. For some reason my mother had gone to the other room and left my daughter without supervision for a short time. When I was up on the attic I suddenly saw my daughters head sticking up from the hatch, she had climbed up the ladders without permission, and without help, because she was probably curious about what I’m doing up there.

I just saw my daughter for less than a second, and then she slipped and fell down. The distance is about three meters from the hatch to the floor. In a split second I released a tremendous amount of spiritual force, and time seemed to stop. It was like I would have shouted NOOO !!! but there was no sound, I just felt the force of my spirit increase, and time seemed to disappeared for a while.

I didn’t hear anything, no sound of my daughter hitting the floor or crying etc. I quickly moved to the hatch and looked down, and I saw my daughter kneeling on the floor, with a surprised look on her face. She was completely unharmed and didn’t even have a scratch or bruice or anything. Normally anybody falling from a height of three meters on a hard wooden floor would would make a sound, and there would be some bruises somewhere, but she had nothing.

I was obviously very relieved and happy when I saw that my daughter was unharmed. I always felt that I had temporary left my body in spirit, quickly materialized and dematerialized when I saved my daughter, and then returned to my body, in a split second…What really happened, who knows, for me it was a miracle, and I definitely felt that something powerful happened in that split second when time disappeared.

On other occasions I have experienced the force of the spirit while lost and trapped up on mountains on my hiking trips, twice. Both times I was exhausted and afterwards my feet were bleeding from cactus spikes and stone cuts, since I was hiking in flip-flops.

After one of the hiking trips I could see through the bottoms of my flip-flops, they were completely destroyed by the rough terrain.

I have often gone hiking without decent equipment and food, since I enjoy lightweight hiking. In flip-flops I feel free and light, and I think flip-flops are comfortable too. Barefoot hiking is impossible on rocky areas, I’ve tried that too, and injured my feet in the process. On soft paths it’s of course nice to walk barefoot, and I highly recommend it, because we connect to ”Mother Earth” in a whole different way.

After I run out of food and water and I’m completely exhausted from all the intense climbing and hiking, the spirit takes over, and I feel that I get the necessary push from my spirit, as long as it takes to get where I need to go. I continue until I can comfortably rest, and then I feel the exhaustion.

It’s amazing how much we can do and perform without food and water, in critical situations.

Fears and phobias healed.

The fastest way to heal and come over some fears and phobias, is to face them, and experience them with intention to heal. I’m sure it doesn’t work in all situations, but these are my own personal experience. Everybody has their personal fears and phobias, and it involves so many different things and situations, that’s why I can only give my personal story and hope that it helps somebody to overcome their fears and phobias too.

After my walk-in, I started healing from things connected to my past. Everything just started happening like some kind of automatic process.

Fear of heights. I had a real fear of hights before my walk-in, and I could still fel it afterwards, even though I felt it wasn’t a part of me anymore, so it just slowly started removing the fear through different experiences. I somehow ended up living in high altitude areas, and up on different mountains around the world, in Mexico, Nepal, and the Canary islands, where I did lots of hiking and climbing. A few times I was in very challenging situations, and had to really face my fears.

One time I was trapped up on a mountain-top, and couldn’t get down, because I had climbed up in my flip-flops, and it was too steep to climb down with all the loose rubble and rocks, and clusters of cactus in between. I still get chills when I think about loosing balance and falling into a cactus, which happened a few times during my hikes.

So while I was trapped up on the mountain, I was looking for alternative ways of coming down, and the solution I came up with involved climbing a wall on the Atlantic side of the island. The climb itself wasn’t very long, but very risky, because I was almost one kilometer above sea-level, and there was a 200meter free-fall to the next slope that descended down to the ocean. The biggest challenge was my fear of heights that was still haunting me. I knew that if I would slip, I would die, and nobody would probably ever find me, it was such a isolated location. Before I decided to climb, I tried to get a network connection on my mobile phone, so that I could call somebody and tell them where I was. I didn’t manage to get a network connection, I was either too far from the closest tower, or the mountain was blocking the signal.

I started climbing, with a tremendous adrenaline rush. I didn’t want to look down, I was terrified. My face was wet from sweat, and my hands were shaking. My hands were also sweating, and I was afraid that my hands would slip because of that. My flip-flops were of course unstable, and I slipped a few times.

Slowly I advanced across the wall, and felt lots of joy when I realized that I had overcome one of my biggest fears. I used to get paralyzed by heights, and couldn’t look down from high altitudes without feeling dizzy. All that disappeared after this experience, and I actually started enjoying heights, because I feel free, free from the fear.

Spider phobia.
**]I used to have a really strong dislike to spiders, and I couldn’t imagine touching them or even spending a night in the same room with one.
When I moved to Mexico, I had to face my fears.
While I was traveling around in Central-America I came across many terrifying spiders in jungles and sub-tropical environments. I saw big spider-webs with big spiders in the middle, and was shocked a few times when I almost walked into a web and would have ended up with some of those big creepy spiders in my face.
Back then I couldn’t imagine getting used to spiders, there was something from the past that affected me.

When I moved to the desert in Mexico, I had to see spiders every day, and I slowly got more and more used to them. There was a Brown-recluse spider-nest next to my bed, and one morning I saw a Brown-recluse climbing out of my sleeping-bag, and after that, my cat climbed out.

The desert was cold at nights, and the temperature often went down to almost zero degrees Celsius, so it wasn’t really surprising that both the cat and spider wanted to share the sleeping bag with me, makes sense. This Brown-recluse spider is one of the most venomous spiders in the world, but I didn’t know that at the time I was living with them.
I had to get used to Tarantulas climbing in from under the door, and slowly I started to like them, with their big cute eyes and hairy legs.

My cat was feeding on the spiders, and there was probably hundreds of them around the house. I saw all kinds of different spiders while living in the desert, some venomous ones, like the Black-widow and Brown-recluse, big spiders like Tarantulas, and a really interesting but ”ugly” big creature called ”Sand-puppy”.

I started getting used to spiders more and more, and because I love macro-photography, I took many photos of spiders and had to get really close to them, to get good photos.

I got more and more fascinated and interested in the spiders, but It took me years, to loose the fear completely, to a degree where I can actually hold a spider in my hand without fear,or let a small spided climb in my hair without feeling repulsed or anxous about it. I’ve learned to love spiders, I find them beautiful and fascinating, and I have lots of respect for them.

[The Fear of not being accepted by others.
**]I guess this is a pretty common fear amongst people, because some say that humans are “herd animals”.
I’ve always walked my path, without caring so much about what others think.
After my walk-in everything changed, in unexpected ways. I started spending more and more time by myself, alone, and I felt very happy alone, meditating and enjoying a peaceful environment.
I didn’t really feel that I needed the company of others like I did before, but I still enjoyed being with friends sometimes. It’s nice to look somebody in the eyes, and it feels good so hug somebody once in a while, I think that’s a part of being human, and experiencing physical life, connecting with others. Sex is a whole different thing, but of course that can be really nice too, if there is a strong emotional connection between the partners..

After the Walk-in experience I had to integrate two different realities, the physical and the spiritual. This created some social problems of course, because a big part of me became something less accepted by others.

A ”unseen reality” can’t be forced on others, and rejection has to be accepted. It took time to learn that specific acceptance, and the whole art of acceptance in general. It wasn’t easy, it happened naturally as a part of my spiritual practices, and the still ongoing expansion.

I noticed that acceptance is the only way of dealing with the feelig of not being accepted.

It’s all connected… Compassion, unconditional love, acceptance and non-judgmental attitudes.

If you feel that you’re not accepted by others, it helps when you look at things from a higher perspective, which isn’t always easy of course, but when you do it consciously, it gets easier just like all conscious practices in life.

When we see others as spiritual beings, expanding fields of consciousness, coming originally from the same source, acceptance and compassion becomes easier.
We all expand and evolve differently, in our own individual ways, through different paths. Our strengths and weaknesses are not the same, that’s why we continously learn from each other.
There are many words to describe different traits, skills and abilities, but words are very limited, just like the physical realm, there is so much more, so much more.

The physical is a very limited expression of the infinite, just a small fraction of all there is, and this is what so many people have based their whole reality on, on a small fraction of all there is.

Limitation is just an experience, within the infinite, a very valuable experience. This is the reason why so many people put on even more limitations on them, within this limited reality, because limitation itself is what we are here for, to learn through limitation and duality, by using our free will in the process.

The expanded and awakened state.

How to name or describe something that’s beyond words, beyond the physical? It’s not really possible, in a realistic comprehensive way. There are names and phrases like spiritual enlightenment and such, but what does it really mean? A word is only a word and doesn’t really explain much.

Try to explain to someone how it is to dive in the ocean and experience the beautiful life of coral-reefs, to a person who has never seen the ocean before…
Perspectives can’t always be explained, they have to be experienced or seen.

How can you explain how ”Astral-projection” feels to somebody who has never consciously been out of body?

In the same way it is very hard to explain something like compassion to somebody who hasn’t really felt it in a expanded and awakened state.

There are concepts like Detachment, Acceptance, Compassion and Unconditional Love. Most people know the concepts, and have some level of understanding about what these words describe. These concepts are all a part of a spiritually awakened and expanded state, that some might refer to as “spiritual enlightment”. Many people still think that “Spiritual enlightenment” is something distant, and can only be reached by famous and worshiped teachers of the history books and characters in spiritual texts, which is of course isn’t true. You don’t need to spend your whole life in a monastery either. Anybody has the potential, it just requires self-discipline, intention and and faith in the infinite. Without self-discipline and commitment, athletes don’t become successful either, some work harder than others though, and some are ”natural talents” who achieve their goals faster than most. It’s almost the same when it comes to some spiritual practices and experiences, there are deeper reasons though, that expand into previous/parallel lives and existing levels of consciousness that strongly affect everything…

The awakened and expanded state is very natural and free from confusion, because the connection to spirit and the higher-self is open, and life becomes like a movie where you can change the script and create your experiences as you wish, without real limitations.

The true desires of the heart, will be manifested into the physical very easily. Often people don’t know what they really want, and there’s a lot of confusion when it comes to manifesting desires or needs.

In the awakened and expanded state everything changes, and physical possessions are not seen as a path to happiness. Instead the connection to spirit becomes the most desirable thing in life, because that’s the most blissful experience one can have during physical life. This is because physical life, with all the limitations and duality, is very heavy and dense. When we connect to spirit, and higher-vibrational energies in general, we feel the bliss and the lightness that it brings us, and we quickly start to desire and value that, instead of physical possessions and material things, because our perspectives change, and we become more honest with our selves and our true desires.

The conscious realization that we are spiritual beings changes attitudes and views, and removes the fear of death, which opens up a whole new way of experiencing life.

For most Star-seeds and Walk-ins, the Awakened and expanded state is very normal, and is often seen as ”the normal state”, when again others might see it as something “Supernatural” or “Godlike”… It’s often very hard for a human ego to accept that somebody is “Spiritually Enlightened” and it often makes them feel less worthy, therefore this is a very sensitive subject, not because of the subject itself really, but because of how people see themselves from a very limited point of view.

Compassion and unconditional Love becomes normal, because it flows through you after you have been activated into the Awakened and expanded state. Detachment becomes a natural choice because you see deeper than the surface, you see how cause and effect plays a big part in life. Acceptance is just a neutral way of experiencing life with less emotional attachments and less automatic reactions. A sense of continous gratitude also arises, where all experiences are seen as equally valuable, instead of automatically reacting and judging situations from a polarized perspective.

Humanity is reaching this ”Awakened and expanded state” on a collective level, and that will have a very transforming effect on everything involving the human experience.

Those who have brought higher consciousness and new energies to earth are continuously affecting the rest of humanity with their energies, different attitudes and life choices.
This is how the galactics have helped this planet, by sending more evolved souls in, to live as humans on Planet-Earth… ”We are the drops of bleach in the murky water”, or ”the white blood-cells of the planet”, we are affecting the collective consciousness on the planet, from within… Most of us are open energy-channels, that work like portals of energy, pouring out higher-dimensional energy to the planet, with a continuous flow, wherever we go.

The shift is in full gear, and reality is changing faster and faster, becoming more and more energetic, and more interactive with our thoughts.

Even if you don’t believe that you are a immortal spiritual being having a human experience, you will still experience some expansion in life, by making the ”right” decisions and taking ”right” actions. Our everyday choices affect our vibrational frequency, so choose wisely. Every moment is a test, a chance for you to make a positive change, for yourself and for others.

Self-discipline plays a big part in the process of expansion, and is one of the key elements. Without self-discipline, the fruits of spiritual practices are poor. In other words, self discipline keeps you on the right track, and helps you reach your goals faster.


A vision about Earth-changes.

This happened sometimes around 2007…

I had many visions and lucid dreams during those times.


I’ve heard and read about time-lines etc, and people have different views and opinions I guess, as with many things.

I’m often thinking; will this vision of mine happen some day, or has it already happened on some parallel time-line maybe, I don’t know.


So, this is how I remember it:

I was awake, definitely not asleep, just temporary in some kind of different state. I got a strong vision that seemed very real and clear, where I was observing a central part of Helsinki the capital of Finland from a birds perspective. The streets were covered in water, a few meters of water. Helsinki is a coastal city, and I could imagine that a tsunami or sudden rise in the water-levels could cause something like this. The part I was observing is on the main street called Mannerheimintie, and it was at a crossing which goes down towards the railway-station along a street called Kaivokatu. I observed this from a estimated altitude of ten meters, and would say that the water was maybe three to five meters high. That part of Helsinki isn’t very far from the water, and there are no hills in between, so the water doesn’t really have to rise more than a few meters to cover the streets. It happened once already, but not that dramatically. I saw it on the TV when there was a flood during a storm, and there was a lot of water on the streets. I was thinking “Wow, this must be it, this is what I saw” but the water wasn’t high enough that time, not as high as in the vision. Maybe it will still happen some day, I don’t know, we will have to wait and see.


Earth changes have increased a lot during the past years, no doubt about that, maybe people have just become used to it. Earthquakes and strange weather is happening all over. Flooding has also happened a lot, in many countries from Europe to Asia, so I’m not surprised if Helsinki is flooding some day.


I had a lucid dream about flooding too, after this previous vision. This was more like a dream, I was more or less asleep, but it felt very real.

I was in a small boat with a friend, and we were helping people out from a window, who were trapped inside a house in a residential area in Helsinki that was flooded.




Precognition at the Airport.


This happened in 2009 at a Airport in central Europe.

I was waiting for a flight to Mexico, with a friend of mine.

Suddenly I got a very clear feeling about who is going to sit next to me on the flight, and I told my friend: “You know what, I know who’s going to come and sit next to me on the flight, it’s going to be either a young Asian woman, or a elderly man with white hair and beard”… My friend was just smiling at me and said “OK, lets see if you are right”…


When we took our seats on the flight I was shocked about what I saw… On my right side was a young Asian woman as I had foreseen, and on my left side across the hallway was a elderly man with white hair and beard, exactly as I had foreseen… I don’t know why this happened to me, but it felt amazing. My friend was very impressed of course, and so was I… Strange things in life.

The third eye.


“The third eye” is basically a sensory system for the non-physical reality, and includes the Chakra that opens up to the forehead, and the pineal-gland that is located in the middle of the brain, and is connected to the “third eye Chakra on the forehead. The Chakra system is very complex in the head, and there are many smaller Chakras around the head, that are also part of the sensory-system.

When the third eye is activated, you feel a tingling sensation, and a energetic pressure or suction on your forehead. Most energies and phenomenon that happen outside of the visible spectrum of light are seen through the third eye. For many people these phenomenon are invisible, because they might have an inactive third eye, or they are unawakened to the multidimensional reality of the Universe and therefore subconsciously reject the signals.


For sensitive people, a single focus on the third eye activates it, and a physical sensation is immediately felt on the forehead, that can be describes as tingling, pressure or suction.

During meditations, the third eye becomes a very important tool, and can be used for visualizations and communication.


The third eye is more active when there is les surrounding light, through the evening towards the night, and in low-light environments in general, because the glands in the brain react to the visible light, and produce different compounds in the daytime that brake down certain neurotransmitters that are needed for the ”third-eye sensory-system”.

I believe that the frequency of the brainwaves also play a big role in the activity of the glands in the brain, and after

we have practiced regular meditation for some time, our brainwaves change permanently to a lower frequency that makes the glands in the brain more active in certain ways, and the production of Dimethyl-tryptamine is triggered much easier,which would normally happen only during sleep, or after staying awake for an extended period of time.


Stimulants like Raw-cacao contain small amounts of MAO-inhibitors that prevent the breakdown of Dimethyl-tryptamine in the body. And therefore can cause some interesting experiences during or outside of meditation.

While I was on a raw-vegan diet, and also while I was eating mostly fruit, I sometimes needed some extra calories, and I often bought some dark chocolate. I started noticing some interesting things, and it took me a while to make the connection and figure out things when I saw light-trails behind people, and I saw my own light-body as a overlaying glowing energy, like a body made out of light. When I had eaten dark chocolate I always saw more energy, and it became really visible, amazingly visible. After I made the connection to the compounds in Cacao, I bought some raw Cacao-nibs, that are basically the most intense Cacao experience one can have, its pure raw Cacao, very powerful. I was experimenting with this for some time, and I’m not surprised that Cacao is called ”Food of the Gods” it definitely has some unusual compounds in it.

Before you run to a health-food store and empty the shelves from cacao-nibs, you should know that Cacao might become toxic in big amounts. I’m guessing that only people who are hyper-sensitive and very open, would experience something after eating Cacao, most people woul probably not notice anything, especially people who don’t mediate or who don’t have a very active pineal-gland.


When the third eye is needed for energy-work or other purposes, it can be activated by going into a more meditative state, and by focusing outside the physical environment.


Right after meditations, and before fully waking up after sleeping, the third eye is very active, and there is also high levels of Dimethyl-tryptamine in circulation, and often we experience strange things involving non-physical beings and visions. Once the brainwaves change to a higher frequency, and our eyes are exposed to light, the body produces enzymes that brake down the Dimethyl-tryptamine.


All particles in the universe have their own individual frequencies, and the third-eye system picks up those frequencies from far beyond the physical. The physical eyes are part of the physical decoding-system of the body, and the third-eye is a part of the ”higher dimensional” and non-physical decoding system.


Because the physical reality has been heavily controlled and limited for the past centuries, the non-physical reality has become almost forgotten, and the sensory-system to decode it has been in a dormant state. Children are normally very open, and they experience the non-physical, until the sensory system is shut down by pressure and denial from the surrounding world.


Humanity is now waking up to the non-physical again now when the ascension process is gaining momentum. More and people experience spiritual awakenings around the world…


Star-seeds, Walk-ins and all volunteer souls often feel that the non-physical is something very natural, and safe. Only the ones that are very disconnected and closed, feel that spirit is something supernatural, and foreign.


Personally, I like the non-physical reality more than the physical one, and feel very comfortable in deep meditations where time and space disappears into a blissfull state of nothingness.


The physical reality is very limited, although it has become increasingly interactive, now when the vibrational-frequency of the planet and the whole physical reality is getting higher day by day. At some point, the whole planet will shift permanently into a whole different dimension and reality, with different rules, and different laws of physics.


I know this is happening, there is no question about it, the only question is; how each individual is going to experience it, and how personal life choices will either support this process or not. Many souls on the planet are simply not ready for this shift, and they will live out their lives, and continue with the more dense and dualistic life-experience in future incarnations, until they have reached a level of consciousness that is required for the next level of existence.

We are all on the same journey, we are just experiencing different parts of it, in the infinite now. Time doesn’t exist, everything exists in the infinite now, divided by frequency-resonance that can be seen as time and space. Sometimes ignorance is blissfull, and what makes life so beautiful. If we would know all the answers, we wouldn’t enjoy life, although many answers about the nature of consciousness free us from fear, and help us through the challenges of life.


Challenges in life.


We all have challenges in life, for a reason. How we see our challenges affects us of course, and how fast we learn depends on our attitudes. If we have a strong will to evolve and to grow, we will learn faster.

Relationships are some of the most intense learning environments in life.

Challenges and traumas involving parents is very common, and is more like a rule than an exception.


When we see our past challenges as valuable learning opportunities, we are on the right track.


The purpose of life is experience and expansion, but not all experiences create expansion or spiritual growth. If one lives in a fear-based reality that is based on greed, selfishness and domination of others, it created more contraction than expansion, and creates a stand-still in spiritual growth, and unfortunately many people on Earth are stuck in that reality.

Some people think that life is only a joyride, and for nice experiences only, which isn’t true at all. We learn and grow through suffering and through our challenges, that’s the nature of duality. Duality is what keeps us evolving in this environment. Souls come to places like Erth to grow, Earth is a challenging school, one of the most challenging they say, and for many it’s too challenging.


The more challenging a situation in life is, the more we grow from it. Overcoming a challenging situation in life involves patience, forgiveness and acceptance, most of the time.

First we have to accept the situation or experience as it is, and understand that it can’t be undone if it’s a past event. The only way to deal with it is, accepting it, and going into a neutral state, forgiving and forgiving, over and over. People often want revenge, because they carry grudge, which is a problem, it creates energetic blockages in the emotional heart-center. Forgiveness is a challenging spiritual practice, which requires effort and work, it’s not something you buy from the pharmacy, no quick fix or pill will take care of it.

Often people numb themselves in different ways, so they don’t have to deal with the situations when it comes to emotional blockages like hate and grudge, traumas and all that needs to be healed. Numbness only pushes away the problem temporarily, and most people know this, still they choose not to deal with the problems.

The purpose of life is to deal with the problems and to overcome the challenges.


A big part of humanity has been stuck on this planet for these reasons, they can’t get over their challenges. Lifetime after lifetime these souls keep incarnating on Earth, facing the same lessons over and over.


That’s the reason why I write this chapter, I want people to know how important it is to let go of hate and grudge, and why it is so important to forgive, to really forgive, in a way that removes the energetic blockages from the emotional heart-center, and opens up the path for expansion.


Skeptics, believers and Experiencers.


Skeptics will probably not read this far, most will not even be interested in this book, because of lack of resonance.

If a very skeptical person would read this far, I’m sure they will be less skeptical after reading this book, and especially after reading this chapter…


I divided the groups of people in three groups, the Skeptics, who in general don’t believe that a certain subject is true, and are often looking for alternative explanations.

Believers, want to believe, even though the don’t have first hand experience, but they feel the truth and the resonance, so they believe, they choose to believe, even without evidence.
The Experiencers might be skeptical, they might choose to live in denial, or they fully accept what they experience as Truth.

In a skeptical world, it’s sometimes hard to be open-minded, there is still so much suppression going on.

For many experiencers the truth is just a personal experience, and nothing that needs to be proven to others, everybody chooses what they believe in. Skeptics have chosen that experience for them selves, as a part of their life-experience. Without judgment you can offer a way out of that limited reality, it’s their choice to walk through the door, or to continue living the limited reality.


Many contactees, experiencers and members of the ground-crew don’t really care what others think about the whole subject of UFO’s and extraterrestrials, non-physical beings and inter-dimensional portals etc. For me it is something real, something I live and experience, a personal truth, nothing I want to force on others, even though it makes me happy to see people waking up, and expanding into that reality.

I think that many in the group of “believers” are in the process of awakening, very close to becoming “Experiencers”, and they subconsciously know the truth, they feel it. After the activation and the awakening, everything changes, and a new reality opens up, there is much room for doubt after that.


So I encourage the awakened ones, and the awakening ones to let go of all attachments to the opinions of others when it comes to the emerging reality, it is useless to waste energy on the echoes of the past.

Believers will become Experiencers, and skeptics will slowly disappear, when the old reality fades away and is forgotten.


There will probably be stories about the old world, but some parts will be forgotten, like it always is when a big change occurs.

In a few generations, this planet won’t be anything like it was, or has been, everything will change, energy, money, belief-systems and education, everything…


Fear has laways been a big player, and has played a big part in the old reality. Fear has been a very important part of the old control system. Without fear, people can’t be controlled.

The awakened ones become fearless and spiritually free, and they can’t be controlled by any outside force anymore.

When you know that you are immortal and infinite, there is nothing to fear, nothing. You start navigating with resonance instead of controlled by fear, and everything becomes magical, easy and honest. What makes life uncomfortable and painful is fear, and everything related to fear, like the fear-based decisions in life. How could you suffer, if you have become a flow of creative energy? There is no suffering, only a sense of overwhelming love and bliss.


The connection to the higher-self needs to be strengthened and maintained, to a degree that makes the resisting force ineffective. This will be necessary until the permanent energetic shift has taken place.

Good ways to strengthen the connection is to raise the vibrational frequency with daily meditations, thinking in a positive way, eating more fresh vegan foods, following your Joy in a healthy way, and acting in a nice and positive way towards others. Basically every act is a choice, that makes a difference.


Self-discipline plays a big part in all of this of course, because without that, everything falls apart, and we become like animals, following all instincts and impulses that drive us. The higher-consciousness part is what separates us from animals.

When we use our free will and we have a strong self-discipline, we become masters over our selves, instead of being slaves of addictions, urges and impulses that so often dominate people on this planet.

When the connection is strong, and we are being guided by our higher consciousness-part, we enter a flow, a blissful flow where we feel confident and safe, because we feel the connection to source, and it brings us comfort, trust and a sense of security. Without that connection we are lost, thrown around like a leaf in the wind, aimlessly struggling to find a foothold in life. The meaning in life is to find the connection to source, and to realize that separation is just an illusion. Everything that follows, after this realization, becomes natural, a resonance with the source, resonance with the ultimate truth.



Breaking the cycle.

This is what is so difficult for most people, breaking the cycle. For many, this feels like jumping a cliff, like taking a leap into a unknown world with no guarantees of success, and that’s pretty much how it is.

When you have decided to leave your old comfort-zone and jump into the unknown, you have to break apart and pull away from everything familiar, rebuild your life completely, and let go of all your toxic habits, toxic relationships and toxic attitudes.

Everything has to be simplified and renewed, so you have to empty everything from your kitchen and from your bathroom, just to make sure that there are no hidden toxins around.

All processed foods need to go, everything with additives sweeteners and artificial coloring belongs to the past.

Choose your personal hygiene products carefully, make sure they are natural and without SLS and other carcinogens like Fluoride and aluminum. Read what’s inside, and find out about the ingredients, that’s your responsibility, the industry doesn’t care about your health, they care only about profit, because they are soulless monsters created by unconscious and greedy humans, lost souls.

No ingredients should be harmful or toxic, never ever. Don’t be fooled by the attitudes of the industries; “small amounts of toxins are safe” there is no “safe” when it comes to certain toxins, only different degrees of damage.

Greedy people have told many lies, and bribery has been more like a rule than an exception in the old world. It’s time to take your power back, to be responsible for your own health and stop following the corrupt voices of the different industries.



Challenges in Manifestation.


How we see life and different challenges varies from person to person. One thing we all share with each other, we all have challenges in life, challenges are part of physicality.


Our attitudes and perspectives play a key role when it comes to dealing with challenges.

Complaining and going into victim mode is so easy, and probably the most common way of reacting in the old world. The awakened one sees every situation as a opportunity for growth, not as a evil plot of the universe to make life harder as it already is. The purpose of life is to get through different challenges, to learn and grow from them, no matter how hard or unfair it seems. Often we are redirected and guided in strange ways by the universe. When we attract something in life, we shouldn’t focus on the path, but instead focus on the goal, so that the path doesn’t become an obstacle but a necessary process in reaching our goals. The universe gives us what our hearts desire, that’s a working science that can be proved over and over, there are really no limitations.

When we start manifesting something into our lives, we must be absolute about it, and be prepared to receive it no matter what it takes, without giving up after the first challenges. When we commit to it, put energy into it, and start living it in our minds and dreams, it will start manifesting into the physical, bit by bit. We have to play the game and do our part in the manifestation, the Universe will do the rest for us.


Manifestation happens spontaneously most of the time, and many times it’s about fears. People manifest their fears into their reality, because the Universe doesn’t see the difference, it brings us what we focus on, because thoughts are energy, creative energy.

If we fear something, and focus on that fear, we might subconsciously want to face it, so that we can overcome it, and heal from it. It’s a very important part of life, to experience the polarity and to overcome fears. There is a big difference though, if we desire something and try to manifest something, but we are afraid to fail and start to focus on the opposite of what we desire, hence sabotaging the process and manifesting our fears, instead of reaching our intended goals.

Failure is never really an option, everything will be manifested, that’s a working science. We just have to be aware of the process and how it works. Ownership and money isn’t really something that the universe understands as humans do, it’s more about experience and situations. How we can attract money and ownership is a matter of resonance, we have to resonate on that frequency and know how it feels to be in the situation we want to be in, which might be difficult for the average person, because frequencies and knowing them isn’t the easiest thing in life, especially without a long history in meditation practices.


In many situations saying yes, is a better option than saying no, it is like surfing a wave, where “Yes” means forward and “No” means jump off the wave. This is how things often work in manifestation processes, we get opportunities to ride the wave and reach our goals, and when we see beyond small obstacles we start seeing them as opportunities instead.

Many opportunities come to us all the time, and because we have free will, we can decide how we react and how we respond in each situation. The universe works from oneness, where everything is connected, and the human mind still experiences separation and duality, that’s the main problem in manifestation. Humans want to be rich and own things, and the universe doesn’t understand the concept, because we own everything anyway we just experience different things at different times and have unlimited opportunities in life to be or do what we want, for a moment or for a few moments.

It doesn’t matter really if we own something, when we want to experience something, because we leave everything behind anyway, when we leave the physical. When we realize these things, that money doesn’t really matter, but experiences, we start to enjoy life in a whole different way, a more unlimited way. If you want to own a penthouse apartment in New York, nice, but why would you want to bind yourself to it for the rest of your life, when there are so many other nice things to experience in life. That experience might come to you for a moment , and then you might decides to move on and experience something else in life.


As spiritual beings, we have different degrees of awareness, and different degrees of what we see as “Spiritual freedom”, that all affects how things manifest to us, it also affects how effective and accurate we are when we consciously decide to manifest something.

We must be precise and know what we want. What’s most important, we must speak the language of the Universe, so that the Universe understands us. We must use visualizations and resonance in the manifestation process and know that money and ownership isn’t something we should focus on, because that whole concept doesn’t exist in the “vocabulary of the Universe”, it’s a strange concept really, when you think about it… Ownership is a fear based idea, where fear of loosing something is the main focus. If you know that you already own everything in the universe, because you are the universe, then you understand how ridiculous it is to focus on money and ownership…Does this make any sense to you?, I hope so.

As an example; if you would go to a forest full of fruit trees, and you would be hungry, would you start stockpiling fruit into a big storage and think “oh my, I have to collect all these fruit soo that nobody else takes them from me”? Or would you take as many fruit as you can eat at that time, and trust that you would find more fruit whenever you get hungry again?

That is a very important question, and your answer tells you how you experience the world, and how successful you will be in manifesting your dreams.

Ask yourself, how would you live your life, if you would know that everything in the universe belongs to you, because it is a part of you, it is you, everything.

Worrying about insignificant things would stop, most definitely. Most things people worry about are fear based insignificant things that have nothing to do with reality really, but more with a unreal threat of a future with lack of abundance, right?


The universe supports us, and wants to keep us alive no matter what we do with our lives.

Some people waste their lives worrying about their bank-balance and pension funds, others care abouth nothing, and still survive life.

What I’m trying to say here is, that we don’t need to worry about the future, it has a more damaging effect on our lives when we worry. Instead we should focus on what we really want, and we should attract that by living it in our minds before it has manifested. And why would we live in a dark future anyway, when we should enjoy the beautiful now, the only now that exists. The ever extending now, a morphing moment within the infinite consciousness.

The typical western lifestyle involves dayly exposure to so many toxins that cause depression and suppression of the connection to the higher consciousness, the higher self. This creates lots of problems, and situations where people are not in control of their own lives anymore, but become slaves of a system that is designed to enslave and control humanity with fear and limitations. This system has been useful during the time of duality, and a part of the intense experience on Planet-Earth. Times are changing, there is no need for that system anymore, it is collapsing n front of our eyes, and it has become visible so that people have an opportunity to choose what they support and participate in. It has all become so transparent that only a small percentage of humanity still lives in ignorance and denial, the rest has awakened to what’s going on, with the fraudulent banking system, health-care and food industries that make people sick. What each individual does with this knowledge varies to a big degree, not all are ready to take action and openly resist the old system, supporting a new one with their everyday choices. This is where the subject of stepping out of the “comfort zone” comes in. Some people choose to completely pull away from the system and start a self-sufficient life, while others choose to work from within and slowly change the old system to meet the new energies and new ways.

New generations are growing up, and there is nothing that can stop the planet from changing, Planet-Earth is destined to change, to rise up in vibration and move to a whole new reality where the suffering and suppression will fade away. We can already choose to live on New Earth, it already exists, only those who choose to live in the past and experience suffering and suppression will do that…



A Quick guide for beginners.

This is a quick guide for beginners, who want to start changing their lives and become more conscious, but have no previous experience in the expansion of consciousness.

While I was living in Switzerland, a young man asked me if I have a quick guide for beginners in my book, and I said; ”not really, but I will make one”, so here it is.


Recognize that you have a desire to expand, feel the urge.

Ask yourself; what motivates you? and are you really willing to commit to a change. Or is it just curiosity that drives you.


Often people are triggered to start a life changing process after reaching a chrisis-point in their lives, where they feel so bad that they have no option but to change, or continue to suffer in a toxic cloud of numbing addictions.


You need to remove your toxic habits and make room for new ones.

If you have addictions, find healthier alternatives and aim to remove the addictions to a degree so that they don’t control you anymore, until you are ready to let go of them.


Change your deodorant to a aluminum free natural alternative, because the aluminum absorbs into your body and creates many problems.

Change your toothpaste to a fluoride free alternative, because sodium fluoride is a very toxic substance that creates many problems in the body.


Avoid all additives as much as possible, especially aspartame and other artificial sweeteners, dyes and food colorings that are known to cause severe allergic reactions, anxiety and intestinal problems. Avoid MSG; monosodium glutamate in it’s all forms.


Always read the labels very carefully, and be conscious about the existing threat that might affect your health in a negative way.

Choose natural organic products always when you can.


Balance your diet so that you eat more raw and vegan foods than cooked and heavy foods. Avoid processed foods, because they often have a low nutritional value with lots of harmful additives, unless they are specifically made from whole organic ingredients with a minimum of additives.


Avoid commercial detergents and soap that contain toxins, instead wash your body and clothes with natural alternatives and soaps that are more gentle. For example Baking soda can be used for many things like laundry and kitchen cleaning, whitening the teeth and removing discoloration together with lemon juice (mix 1/3 of teaspoon of baking soda with a few drops of lemon juice so that it becomes a bubbling fluid. Apply and keep applying it on your teeth for a couple of minutes. After that rinse your mouth and brush your teeth normally and you will see how effective this simple treatment is). Baking soda is also good when used internally for raising the Ph-level of the body (one teaspoon in water daily for a couple of weeks one or two hours before meals. First dissolve the baking soda in a small amount of hot water, and then mix the solution with cool water in a big glass, and drink it. you can add a pinch of Himalayan salt or organic unrefined sea-salt to the mix to give it even more healthy properties, and why not add a bit of lemon juice in the glass before you drink it to make it taste better, and increase the health benefits).


Do breathing exercises and meditations daily, no matter if it’s for one minute, ten minutes, or 30min, the point is to make it a daily practice, and continuing with it.

The chapter “Meditation as a spiritual practice” talks about this in more detail.


Avoid violent and aggressive entertainment . Movies, music, and every other form of entertainment that you are exposed to will affect you, and you will become saturated with it, so you need to choose carefully what you expose yourself to.


Monitor your thoughts, and consciously choose to see the positive side of things or stay neutral. Believe that you have the power to choose how you see every moment, and detach from the need to react in emotionally challenging situations.

Every time you make eye-contact with another conscious being, smile, because life is beautiful when we realize that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and everything is connected. All nuances of life are part of the experience.


Change your priorities and goals, make happiness and joy a priority over money and power. Choose to be kind instead of being selfish. Choose to be open, instead of closing off yourself. Be brave, you are infinite consciousness.


Thes conscious choices and life-changes will start affecting you in a very positive way, and soon you will be ready for the more advanced practices that I talk about in the different chapters of the book.


What would happiness look like?

Happiness is a strange concept when you start to analyze it. What makes each individual happy can vary to a big degree, even though some basic elements are pretty constant when it comes to a “ideal life situation”.

We all have the right to be happy, which means that we can choose to be happy. We don’t really need to suffer.

What resonates with our souls, and what brings us joy is what we should focus on while looking for happiness. It’s not always easy to find happiness, especially if the connection to spirit is lost. So for those who are still looking for happiness and fulfillment in life, it’s good to start by strengthening the connection to spirit, and to raise the frequencies… I notice that I’m starting to go in circles with this subject, because all the answers are already in this book, and the path to happiness lays in front of you… My short answer for happiness is:, a good connection to spirit, the higher self, brings us fulfillment and happiness. Religious people might say ”A good connection to God” but it’s basically the same, just a slightly different perspective, and a different name for the infinite consciousness and energy that we are all part of…

Visions for the future, Survival and off-grid life.

For many readers the spiritual material in the book might be a bit difficult to absorb, and that’s very understandable of course. I hope this chapter will be more interesting for those who find the deeper spiritual subjects exhausting…

This planet is in a serious crisis now, and has been for quite some time, and I think nobody would deny this fact. Humans are populating more and more areas on the surface of the planet, destroying nature and creating pollution. On another hand humanity is becoming more and more aware about it’s actions, and people are waking up to the reality about what’s going on… But is it enough, or is it too late to “save the world?”

Governments are mostly run by corrupt people, who hunger for money and power, and do not really care about the planet or the people that struggle with everyday living. It’s a big scam, politics. People don’t really have much to say, even though the politicians should basically be employees of the people and work for the best interests of the people, that’s not the case anymore, and maybe it never really was. The big industries have gained more and more power through bribery, extortion and murder, for decades. One good example is free energy technology. There is technology that would free humanity from the energy dependence, and make people energy self sufficient. Imagine a world where energy would be free for all, without limitations. I always think about big greenhouses that would produce lots of food even without sunlight, even in the northern hemisphere during the winter months. Of course greenhouses already exist, but imagine your own greenhouse-garden run by free energy technology, that would produce all the food you need.

With “free energy”, people could live comfortable lives in even very isolated areas, with light, heating and all that, for free, there would be no need to burn wood and candles all the time.

I have a solar panel for my own energy needs, while living off grid, like I do right now. My panel is only 10W, but that’s plenty for me. I can charge my smart-phone and power-bank quickly on a sunny day, so that I have light and entertainment in the evening. I use a small 10 gram LED-light USB stick that I attach directly to the USB port of my power-bank, it makes it nicer to spend evenings in the cave after dark. I have a small portable Bluetooth keyboard that I use with my smart-phone, it makes writing faster and more comfortable.

I have a ceramic water filtration pump, that I’ve used to get clean drinking water from small rain-water ponds here where I am now, on an island outside of North-West Africa, close to West-Sahara. There are many tourist resorts on this island, and my life makes a big contrast to the life of the people living in those luxurious hotels with swimming pools and fancy restaurants. Of course it would be nice to live in a comfortable hotel room, but now I’m here, for a reason, a spiritual reason. Maybe something will happen on the planet that will make my skills very helpful to others some day, I don’t know, but this lifestyle feels already normal to me, and the occasional luxury I experience is a temporary experience that I don’t want to become too attached too, because I feel that off-grid life is what I will do in the future, but of course more and more comfortably, it doesn’t have to be so uncomfortable and challenging really.

One solution I still have to find, is to live completely without money, and to be completely self sufficient when it comes to food. Since I’m mostly vegetarian, it’s a bit challenging to find enough food in this environment, and even if I would be hunting it would be difficult here, in the rich and green forests up in the north it’s different. In the springtime I’m often in northern Europe where I can find plenty to eat in the forest, from spring and throughout the summer all the way to fall. Green leaves, green pine-cones, and other plant parts, berries and mushrooms in abundance. I sometimes eat insects too, but only if I really need protein.

One time I had to take down a wasps nest, because it was in a place where it caused problems. I didn’t want to waste the larvae inside the nest, so I ate them, and that was a really nice and delicious meal. I fried the larvae in olive oil, with onion and garlic, yummy, crispy and tasty. But the wasps somehow knew that I had eaten their larvae and started chasing me later that day, and I felt a bit bad about it, but what can I say, animals eat animals all the time too, and the circle of life is a bit cruel from a human perspective. I don’t like eating insects, but it’s a possibility in survival situations, and a very good food source really. I’ve eaten living ants, ant eggs, and crickets too, which are all good food sources.

While I was living in a desert in Mexico, I tried to live on Nopal-cactus and Aloe-plants for some time, but it gets boring and doesn’t really work for me in the long run, it was a nice experiment though. I was living in the desert for seven months, and even tried to grow some crops, but the soil was too poor, and would have required lots of organic fertilizer to make it richer, which of course would require some animals like horses, cows or chickens etc, which I didn’t have.

I almost bought a donkey and a goat, but I decided that I’m not going to stay there permanently, I felt too isolated, and saw too many challenges. In a very fertile environment in a subtropical climate, off-grid life could be very pleasant. Fruit-trees and other crops would thrive and produce all the food. I still haven’t found the right place to settle down and start a permanent off-grid life, basically like they did 100 years ago. It’s not so complicated, a few animals and lots of different plants and trees, and a natural clean water source would be enough for starters.
With a good electricity source it would be very nice of course, and this brings us back to the free energy question.

Solar-panels work, but there are so many better solutions that produce electricity 24/7 without any moving parts, and that last for a lifetime. Devices are kept from the public, mainly because energy is a multi-trillion money business, and all that would collapse after the free energy-technology is released, and it will collapse some day, it’s just a matter of time, not if, but when.

Combustion engines are over hundred years old technology that shouldn’t be used anymore, it’s really sad that some people still keep the petrol industry running when clean alternatives have existed for more than hundred years.

Nikolai Tesla invented a device that was producing free electricity and was sending it out without wires as a “energy broadcast”. It was a too big threat to those who wanted to make money on electricity and electric grids. Tesla even made a car that was running on free electricity, and that was more than hundred years ago.

These are well known facts, and still people stand at the gas-pumps and pay for their gasoline without asking questions. People and governments should demand the free energy technology from the industries that have hidden them from the world… The planet is really suffering, and this is the home of so many species, killing it for money is completely insane, think about it.

Because humanity is basically collectively destroying the planet, this is a big problem. What can we do? It starts with every individual of course, the will to change and stop the craziness is what’s needed. Too many people are caught up in consumerism, and focus on the wrong things. But of course it’s not easy to just suddenly change and fix everything, it requires new solutions and new ways to replace the old ones, and that’s what people should focus on, new solutions, and new ways.

All individuals have their own ways to deal with these issues, although some ignore the problems completely.

I think that humanity has advanced too fast, and needs to take a few steps backwards, closer to nature. People should start growing their own food again, and become more self sufficient. Many people have already started some small-scale farming even in city environments, but that’s not enough.

My solution is a gradual disintegration from the corrupt system, because that’s the core of the problem, a corrupt system. Finding alternative sources of energy, and supporting locally produced food is one step. Shared living, in small communities where individuals bring their individual skills and knowledge to the group.

It’s easy to build a hydrogen fuel-cell, but it’s more complicated to build a combustion engine that can burn pure hydrogen without getting damaged.

Some magnetic motors can produce electricity enough to run electric cars. And magnetic motors are one group of good free-energy devices, that could run a small home easily. Those motors are very sophisticated devices and are hard to build, that’s why I personally would prefer the “solid-state” devices that have no moving parts and require no maintenance.

There’s so much technology that isn’t shared with the general public, secret military technology and technology that could be used to raise the standard of living on this planet, without destroying it.

If humanity would collectively reach full-consciousness, that would change everything.

There are fewer and fewer untouched natural environments on this planet, and cities are growing day by day, spreading like cancer tumors, destroying and consuming everything in their path.

It’s obvious that all this will stop some day, but how much does the planet have to suffer before that? is another question. What does it take to wake up a human that’s trapped in the system? Leaving the comfort-zone isn’t easy, it requires courage.

Stopping the over-consumption is basically easy, but even that requires letting go of a certain standard of living, and most people are so selfish or unconscious that they rather enjoy their “luxurious” lives and continue with the consumption like before, without caring much about what will happen to the future generations and the planet.

Of course it is possible to enjoy life to the fullest also by living in a more conscious way, it just requires more conscious actions and awareness when it comes to consumption and recycling etc.
Does it all really matter? Yes, it’s not about saving the planet really, it’s about the conscious actions and the will to do so. It’s a stage in spiritual growth to care and acknowledge these things, and to taking the necessary actions by using free will. This topic is just one of many, where free will plays a big role in spiritual growth. You can always come up with excuses and ideas that create loopholes in ethics and morals, but ultimately every single action and decision counts, and it affects everything. Imagine that, isn’t that great? for some yes, for some no.

You could say; “nothing really matters”, because everything is an illusion, but the illusion is what creates spiritual growth, which means that everything actually matters, even the illusion. If you go to school, and you sit in the classroom, would you think that it’s pointless to learn anything, or would you make an effort to learn something since you are sitting in the classroom? Yes, it’s an opportunity, an opportunity to grow and evolve.
I like to say; “material gain is temporary, and spiritual gain is permanent”, because that’s how I see it, and I feel that it describes things very well. We loose everything physical when we leave, but all that we have learned we take with us, and that’s the most valuable thing we have, our expanding experiences and actions that contribute to our spiritual growth.

While living in a cave here in this desert-like environment, I often experience some very special moments. It’s very dry here, with mostly desert plants, but also some type of grass, and even small flowers. Beautiful miniature trees grow here, that look like shrubs but they are actually small trees. I found some dead trees and made a pair of earrings from a nice piece, the best ones I’ve made, I really like them. The wood is hard, and turned into a nice brown color after I put some oil on it.

The clouds move slowly, and the long grass with some cats-tail resembling tips move a little bit in the slow breeze. Some insects fly around, and distant bird chirps can be heard. Otherwise it’s very silent, very peaceful.

Sometimes I observe ants for a long time, and follow them to see what they do, they communicate with each other when their paths cross.

It's easy to slip into these timeless states, where everything just stops and there is a calmness, a moment that can't be fully described in words...It's like a meditation, like a empty state, very healing. In a city- environment I have never experienced this, there’s too much stress and noise, and disturbing amounts of radio-waves in the air.

Natural environments have a magical and healing energy, and I highly recommend spending time in nature alone, for several days. I notice the effects after a few days, and after that it just keeps getting better. Stress-levels zero out, and the brainwaves completely change, which makes meditation really effortless and pleasant, because you are already in a very meditative state before closing your eyes, you are like in a continuous meditation.

A part of the experience is to be without distracting addictions, because they subconsciously affect the body and keep a certain tension when waiting for the next fix, whatever it is, social-media, sugar, drugs, or something else. Fasting is also recommended, or at least a very simple and ascetic lifestyle. When the pleasure of food and other substances is taken away, the senses are heightened, and even the touch of the wind becomes highly pleasurable.

In the calmness of the now, it’s easier to observe the surroundings, plants and insects, and to feel the connection to nature.

There is a book called “The secret life of Plants” I think it was written in the late 70’s. In the book they describe many scientific experiments which all prove that plants are conscious beings, and they react to their surroundings. Plants even recognize the energies of different people. Often people forget to love and respect other life-forms, like animals, plants and insects. They are all conscious living beings that should be respected and treated with love. While doing macro-photography with insects, I have gotten really close to them, and created beautiful connections with them. I feel that insects are like animals, just smaller. When a cute jumping-spider tilts its head and looks straight at me with its round eyes, it makes me feel lots of love towards it.

And when i look at the photos I can see all the details, the hair, the reflection in the eyes and a real living being, it feels amazing.

I often think about the power-grid and Internet, what if they would some day permanently fail, what would really happen, and how would it affect the planet. I guess the economy would collapse and the planet would definitely change, maybe in a positive way, because people would have to leave their comfort zones and face the reality with all the new challenges.

This scenario is actually not so far fetched, because the sun has a real capability to send out coronal-mass-ejections that if powerful enough can easily wipe out electric grids and fry circuit boards. That would basically throw the planet back to the stone age . Maybe that would save the planet, and make people more conscious, who knows…Another mind game.
I still think that some people need a real “wake-up event” before they realize how much they are hurting the planet, and how much they affect other planets and galaxies with all the pollution, it’s not only destroying this planet, the toxic gases travel through space and destroy homes of many other species too, think about that for a while, and see how it makes you feel. Some lifeforms are invisible to us and they are often much more sensitive to pollution than humans are. We know that many animal and insect species have died out and are doing so in increasing numbers…What will it take to stop that? I think people should detach from the governments and stop paying taxes, because most governments protect and work together with all the industries that are the worst pollutants. Money is what matters for many people, and as long as they become richer they wont stop, so we just have to stop supporting the system that is creating the problems, and stop buying new stuff. Recycling is a good way to make a change, to use second-hand products and look at labels more carefully.

I was sitting up on a mountain today, in silence, observing the surroundings. It felt like stillness is all there is, and time disappeared. The warm breeze was bending the dry grass slightly, and that was the only movement I saw. The gentle and warm evening sun was still shining from between the clouds. A bird was chirping somewhere in the distance, the only sound I could hear. Suddenly an eagle sends out it’s greetings with it’s high pitch scream, so raw and wild, it brings up a certain feeling, the beauty of nature… I don’t want to participate in destroying this planet, it’s really beautiful, and special…

I’ve had many ideas about how modern society could possibly work in a different more alternative way, that would make people happier, reduce the intense pressure to perform, and lower stress levels.

One model could look something like this:

This would require only a certain amount of participation from those who would choose to enjoy the benefits of the system.

Everything within the system like public transportation, food distribution, security, factories etc, would be managed and run by those participating in the system. The tasks, working hours etc would be managed through a Internet-type system that would be accessed with a personal ID card.

For example: When a factory would need a person to do a certain task from 6pm to 8pm the next day, it would be visible in the system until somebody volunteers for the job. It would be the same with all jobs, the shifts would be flexible and short, so people would have lots of free time.

People would have to work a certain amount of hours per week to get some basic benefits from the system, like food, shelter, clothing and transportation. Lets say the amount of hours would be 50 per month, which isn’t much, but in this model 50 would be enough.

If a person would like to work for ten hours per day, 5 days per month, that would be their choice, and they could enjoy the free time, or work more to get some extra benefits or more free-time for the next month.

People could choose where they work according to demand and preferences. And some jobs would provide double hours per hour at the job, because some jobs might be more demanding or require some extra input from the participants, like night shifts for example. If a person would do only night shifts, 25 hours per month would be enough.

There would be some kind of exchange other than work, because the system/community would have to trade with people and other communities. Maybe an exchange of goods wouldn’t be enough, so precious metals could also be used to some extent.

Different communities would work together, and maybe share some big factories etc.

There would be lots of automation in transportation and the factories, and they would just require some supervision and maintenance mostly.

People could live scattered in isolated places, and not necessarily in cities, because there would be so much new technology available that would make life easier.

Let’s say a person wants to live as a hermit. They would get a house for free in their chosen location. The parts for the house would be made in a factory and they would be transported to the location, and assembled by members of the community who would sign up for that job. All people would have some kind of transportation and the energy for their individual needs. They could either collect their food from a farm, or it could be delivered to them by a logistics unit.

Energy and materials would be the best and most sophisticated environment-friendly solutions of course. The food would be of highest quality, organic and clean.

I like the idea of simple “pop-up houses” that would be easy to put together and would be dome shaped, very simple, with some new and advanced technology that would make living in them nice and comfortable.

For example there could be a model that’s expandable, and has small domes connected to each other. The material would be pressed hemp-fiber, the type of material they already make bricks and furniture out of. The domes would have a bottom part, that would be attached to the dome and isolate it, and there would be two or more openings where a door would be attached, or a tunnel to another dome. Maybe there would be a window in the roof of every dome, and the level of transparency could be adjusted, would be nice.

Hemp is a very versatile and valuable plant, and can be used for so many things, food and construction, energy and medicine. I would guess that Hemp would be one of the most widely grown crops in the future.

The dome houses could have two domes on top of each other, with a layer of hemp-wool in between them for isolation, that would be a solution in colder climates.

Some people love plants and farming, and those would probably like to work in the greenhouses that produce food for the community, but nobody would stop them from having their own little gardens of course.

Health-care, and materials etc would be provided for those participating in the community, and it would bring security too, so even if somebody would like to grow all their own food, they would benefit from working for the community.

Is this all too far fetched? I don’t think so. I think this could be a working thing that would free humanity, and bring happiness and prosperity to all in a very short time, if some of the technology would be freed.

One interesting and very useful device that already exists today, is a “atmospheric water generator” (I think that’s what it’s called) it creates water from the moisture in the air, and requires electricity to work. With a free energy device it would be a perfect water source in isolated locations outside the electric grid.

Governments would not exist in the new system like they do today. It would be a council type of group, that would be continuously monitored by the citizens and completely open.

There would be elders and more permanent members of the council, but they could also be quickly changed if needed. Normal members of the council would be voted for, and would be changed regularly. It could be something like this: In the Internet system there would be a real-time site where all decisions and hot topics could be monitored, and people could interact with that, and vote for people that share their opinion in the council, or they could vote directly on matters them selves. The council would be maybe more to discuss possible solutions and then they would be offered to the members of the community through the Internet system, and people could vote. Those who wouldn’t want to participate in the decision making at all, could give their vote to a trusted member with similar opinions in the council, and that person would then use that vote to influence the decisions. I think it sounds fare. And people could remove their votes from council members at anytime, and use the votes themselves, or let somebody else use the votes. All votes would be visible to see on all matters within the community, so people would have total transparency, and they would know who voted on what.

There would be no official police forces, but only members of the community who would work in shifts to provide security when needed. Maybe there would be some kind of weapons available for emergencies, somewhere in a safe place, and all citizens or members of the community would get basic training in how to use the weapons, it could be a part of normal education, like how to use different tools for example.

Children would be toughed the latest science and information, and they could choose what they want to specialize in, so that they wouldn’t be completely bored and frustrated like they are today.

Science and research-centers would welcome even children to work and participate in the research, and new discoveries would be delivered to the community news-website, and to the greater community, so that communities would have the same scientific info, and they would advance together.

When I was living in a small community up in the mountains of the canary islands, I decided one day to build a solar-panel system, because we didn’t have any electricity or running water, it was a very primitive place, and we had to go to the closest town to charge our portable devices.

I went to the city and bought some solar cells from a specialized electronics shop.
I bought some wires, a diode and a butane powered soldering-rod. It was a fun project.
I used a 12V to 5V-USB car adapter that I just connected to the 12V solar system, it was simple and worked very well. We charged a power-bank and the mobile phones in the day, and then I built a LED-light system that we connected to the power-bank in the evening. The house changed a lot, and everybody was happy when we had light in the evening, and power for our mobile phones.

So I’ve experienced first hand how it affects a off-grid community when there is suddenly electricity.

Wind-power is another alternative that could be used already today, and I’ve actually seen “off-grid homes” that run on a small wind turbine only.

I have an idea that works in theory, I haven’t built it yet, mostly because I don’t have a “permanent” place yet. The idea is very simple. I would attach a big propeller on a normal battery charger from a car, the one that charges the car battery while driving. The charger would charge a 12V battery. I don’t know how efficient it would be and how strong the wind would have to be for it to work, but I will most likely build it sometimes if I have a chance. It would probably require a cogwheel mechanism that would give a higher rpm to the charger even if the propeller would rotate slowly, and that would probably be a good solution for the efficiency question. The propeller and charger would be put high up just like those commercial wind-mills.

The propeller could be built from plywood, it can be bent into the right shape after it’s soaked in water, and then it is dried into shape, so that the wind can be caught in the more efficiently.

I love to build stuff my self, and make my own bags with my own custom made pockets and straps etc. I’ve built lots of different meditation seats for the past years, all kinds of different types. My goal has been to make a super-lightweight seat, that is both strong and comfortable, and after a dozen different models I came up with a pretty good solution that seems to be the best so far. The seat is about 200g, and I’ve used it already over 500 times without any signs of failure, it’s very simple, and stable enough when used correctly. The seat is very portable and the legs can be detached of course, so it fits in a small bag that slides into my backpack easily.

The backpack I use at the moment is about 15 liters, and super lightweight, all my stuff fits in it, except my sleeping-bag. I own very few items, and continuously keep my stuff to a minimum. Normally I have one set of clothes and I wear them most of the time. When I sleep I make a pillow out of my clothes and my Nepalese Pashmina-muffler. If it’s really hot and I don’t wear my clothes while traveling, I roll up my warmer clothes and attach them to my backpack. I have a small shopping bag that I keep for temporary things, it’s a lightweight bag that I can roll up and push into a elastic pocket I made on my backpack. I often use socks and elastic fabrics to pack stuff in, and to make pockets from, keeps the bag more compact and neat.

When I left Finland in 2009, I had a 100 liter backpack that weighed 25kg. Now my backpack is 15 liters, and only a few kilos, maybe two kilos or so, without the sleeping bag. I carry a solar panel with me, and a fire-starter tool that I like, because it’s a nice little thing, and it could save my life some day, because it works even if it’s wet, when lighters and matches fail. I have a smart-phone and a power-bank, some essential oils and a piece of soap, my toothbrush and fluoride-free toothpaste of course, and some minor things like a fruit-knife, tweezers, a scissor to trim my beard, a small round mirror, a strong needle and super strong thread to repair my bag and clothes, a lighter or two for my Palo-Santo incense, and a pair of warm socks. I usually have a small bag of Himalayan-salt, and some baking soda.

My recent additions are the ultralight (180g) Bluetooth keyboard and mouse that I got to make the writing easier. Very minimal and simple, that’s how I like it. I often buy 1€ pants and shirts and give away the old ones if somebody wants them, I don’t usually save my old clothes because I don’t want to carry around any extra stuff with me. Sometimes the only shoes that I have are flip-flops, and one time I went to Finland in March when there was still snow on the ground, in flip-flops and wool socks, that must have been a hilarious sight… Nowadays I prefer shoes that can be used for comfortable walking and climbing, and it’s a safety question too, I have been in many dangerous situations because I went hiking in flip-flops, and got trapped up on mountains. It’s easier to climb up a steep hill than it is to come down safely if you wear a pair of flip-flops on your feet, because the loose gravel, sharp stones and cactus spikes really hurt your feet, and you might slide a few meters or more and land in a bunch of cactus easily while coming down a hill…

Some day I might be living in a self-sufficient home, or maybe on a spaceship, or another planet far away, maybe in another dimension. We live forever, as infinite consciousness, experiencing lifetime after lifetime, in different environments and different bodies… Life goes on and on and on…

Sport, fitness and bodybuilding.

I started going to the gym in my early 20s when I was working as a security guard and needed to get some muscles. I was very slim when I started, only about 65kg, a little fat, the skinny fat type. Back in those days my work was pretty physical, and I had to wrestle and fight pretty often.

I started putting on some weight, and after years of intensive training I got to a point where I was lifting 150kg in the bench-press during my normal workout routine every week. The weight felt heavy and dangerous every time, but at the same time it was easy. My record is 160kg, which is quite a lot I must say, it’s hard to imagine how much it is before you feel the weight in your hands, a chilling feeling, serious stuff.

My bodyweight was fluctuating a lot, depending on what I was eating and how much. I was often eating extra protein that I most likely took in excess amounts because I had gained so much extra weight during the past years, both muscles and fat, I was up to over 90kg and very strong of course, but I had accumulated quite a lot of fat too, because as all power-lifters know, you need lots of calories if you want to lift heavy weights, and the extra calories often accumulate as fat in the body.

So I was a bit on the chubby side, and I started changing my eating habits, and I decided that I want to loose some weight, a lot.

I went on a ketogenic diet, which consists of only fats and proteins, without any carbohydrates. I think the rule is that the amount of sugars has to be kept under 20g per day, to avoid any raise in blood-sugar levels which might trigger a rise in insulin levels, which would stop the ketosis and fat burning.

I started loosing body-fat really fast, and I felt amazing. I was never hungry, and I could eat delicious fatty dishes like chicken-breast with blue-cheese and cream sauce with extra cheese on the side, without gaining weight.

This was probably the first time I had been on any kind of diet, at least this is the first I can remember. A more extreme version of this is eggs and olive-oil only. You just need to take some crushed flax-seeds or some other fibre, because this diet easily creates constipation. Just keep in mind that the absolute maximum amount of carbohydrates allowed on this diet is 20g per day, so very few fibres are suitable, because they often contain some type of carbohydrates.

The ketosis starts to work after a few days when all the glycogen and stored sugars are used from the body, and the body switches from using glycogen into using ketones from broken down fat molecules as the primary energy source. The first days are maybe a bit awkward, but when the fat starts to burn, it becomes very nice and comfortable, there is no fluctuation in the blood-sugar levels, and no sense of hunger really, at least not the sense of weakness or drop in blood-sugar levels that often happens in between meals. You can keep ten hours in between meals if you need, without feeling low in energy, or you can eat regular meals, you will feel pretty much the same. The body quickly starts using body-fat as a energy source when the next meal is out of reach, when normally you would feel tired and weak because of the lack of glycogen or sugars in the blood.

In less than a month my weight had dropped around ten kilos, in a very comfortable way.

One reason for a quick drop in body-weight is also the fact that glycogen binds some amount of fluids in the body, and when the glycogen storages run out, there is a big release of fluids which accounts for a part of the weight, so it’s not only fat, it’s also fluids. And the more water retention you have, the bigger the drop in body-weight will be during the first few days, sometimes water-retention occurs because on imbalances of minerals in the body. This same phenomena happens during a fast also, when the body uses up all the stored sugars lots of fluids will leave the body. This happens usually after two or three days.

I started with boxing and running at some point, so my weight dropped even more, to around 78kg, where it stayed for a long time.

I was still benching, and after an hour of boxing I could do a series of about 20 repetitions with 90kg like it was nothing, I was just throwing the bar up like it was air, it felt amazing. Normally I had to do warm-up slowly and carefully before starting with the heavy weights, because the risk of injury is very big, bench-press is a dangerous sport, and I still have some spine injuries I got from too much arching of the back. The rotator-cuffs in the shoulders are also very much at risk and it might take up to a year for them to heal if they are damaged from a wrong lifting angle.

I really liked boxing, it’s a hard sport, but fun. When I started I could do only half a round before I was so exhausted that I had to stop and rest, I was in so bad shape because of the lack of cardiovascular exercise, I had only focused on heavy lifting for a long time.

After a few months of boxing and running I could do six rounds of high intensity boxing where I was continuously punching and jumping around the ring.

I wanted to run a half marathon, but I had serious problems with my legs, a reappearing inflammation in my left leg that was where the calf meets the bone on the inner side. I had to use a treatment that was used by a famous Olympic-champion runner who had the same problem. Always after running I put ice-cold water on the problematic spot for a while, and that seemed to do the trick. I was determined to run a half marathon so I just kept running until I did it. It was exiting of course, because I went from slow and overweight (and strong) to fast, fit and strong in a pretty short time.

I stopped with boxing at some point because of some minor accidents and violence in the ring, and decided that it’s too aggressive. One sparring partners broke the rules and did some bad things when he got frustrated. I didn’t want revenge to be my motivator in a sport, so I quit…

During that same time-period my boxing couch got sick with cancer, and after hospitalized he very soon died. I tried to help him, and I gave him some bags with baking-soda and Turmeric, but he never used them. He was a nice man, very spiritual. He sometimes played classical music during the training, and he had his own strange training methods..

I don’t remember exactly when or why I had longer breaks in my gym routines, but I think one time was when my daughter was born. I soon started with the weights again, and still continued with heavy weights even after my walk-in for some time. I have a video where I’m lifting 150kg in 2008, and that was after the walk-in.

My bodyweight started dropping pretty fast, because I started fasting so much and stopped going to the gym… My weight dropped back to where it was before I started working out. I was skinny but still pretty fit. I did yoga and some basic push-ups, but I got really skinny after years of fasting and light diets. Especially my fruitarian diet really affected me, not in such a good way when it comes to body-mass and muscles. I really wanted to eat fruit only, it felt so good, I felt so light and clear, and the energies were flowing in a very nice way during meditations.

Unfortunately the human body needs some protein too, and from a “fruit only diet” we don’t seem to get enough protein. I also developed a vitamin B-12 deficiency, which I corrected two years ago, with a intramuscular injection of 1g, that’s supposed to last for five years or more, according to some calculations.

I always maintained some of my upper-body strength during all these years even though I lost so much weight, and because my body-weight had dropped so much and I was still a “heavy lifter” I had a very good body-weight to strength ratio.

I participated in a national level ranking competition in bench-press in the summer of 2011 after only a few months of intensive training, and I had an opening in the National championship competition. I chose to go to Nepal instead, so I never made it to the competition, but I’m still on the ranking list.
It was the time of the Occupy-Wallstreet movement, and I was participating in some local activity related to that in Helsinki, we had a big camp with lots of activities, and I was living in the camp for some time, which made my workouts difficult, and I couldn’t really prepare for the competition seriously. Coincidentally my flight to Nepal was on the same day as the competition. I went to visit a friend to Nepal, up to the Himalayas, and stayed there in a small community for five months, working as a volunteer with different jobs, and finally I was hired by a community school where I was working for a short time as a secretary-reporter and photographer etc.

I think it was sometimes in 2013 or 2014 when I realized that I have to change on a physical level. My weight had dropped to 59kg, (my height is around 180cm) I was almost skin and bone. I was so weak that I couldn’t even carry a heavy jacket on my shoulders any more.

I realized that I need to change my eating habits and do some bodybuilding, if I want to function normally in this physical reality…If bananas would have as much protein as lentils do, I would probably still be on a “fruit only diet”

I started strengthening my muscles with a electronic muscle stimulation device, because I was so weak and didn’t want to injure my joints and ligaments with too intense workouts straight away. It was a good idea, preparing the body for some more intense workout. I often do things in a rushed way and don’t have the patience to wait for results. The EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) device really impressed me, it worked better than I expected, and it helped me a lot. Some of my muscles were completely gone, but the chest was still pretty strong.

I started eating more, and I slowly went on a “bodybuilding diet” and was doing intense workouts full time, to the extreme, pushing the limits like I always do.

For the past three and a half years I’ve been working out mostly in the winter, but now I’ve stretched the season a bit more and I can’t imagine that I would stop working out because I really like it, it feels nice to be strong again.

I’ve gained almost 12kg of lean muscle-mass in three and a half years, with mostly vegan food. Occasionally I eat cheese and even fish or chicken maybe once a month or so, I let my body decide…

I continuously push the limits, and the body can take only so much, so over-training has become a familiar thing during these years, and I’ve had to really learn how to listen to my body and follow the signals and cravings carefully. How to take in the daily calories, and when to do it. I don’t count anything really, but I limit my energy intake though. There’s a saying that goes like this; “there is no over-training, there is only under-eating”, which basically means that with a sufficient amount of calories and nutrients we can avoid the over-training symptoms. The symptoms for over-training are; sharp pain in muscles and ligaments, mild to severe headaches, insomnia or difficulties in sleeping, lack of appetite, irritability, depression, fatigue. The intensity of the symptoms can vary a lot, and when one recognizes the first signs it’s easy to correct the situation with a big amount of calories pretty quickly. Of course these symptoms can occur because of many other reasons, but when doing intense workouts on a low calorie diet these are the typical signs for insufficient calorie intake.

Something that I have found helpful is watermelon in big amounts, it’s for some reason a very powerful fruit. I recommend eating watermelon alone, it digests better. A more powerful and extreme way to correct the calorie intake is to eat a big amount of cheese, works like magic, especially cheese made out of goats or cheeps milk, they digest much better than cheese made out of cows milk, and have higher amounts of protein. Both sheep’s milk and goat’s milk is much closer to human mothers-milk, therefore it is healthier for the human body, and doesn’t create digestive and other problems like products made out of cow’s milk does.
It’s better to eat cheese without big amounts of carbohydrates, because of the high amount of energy it contains.

On the day of my most intense workout, when muscle-fibres are broken and limits are being pushed, I often enjoy things like cheese, but not every day.

Like this I reward myself, and the timing of the treat is also very important, because my body needs the extra calories after a more intense workout. The fats and proteins from the cheese are actually very important. I prefer cheese made out of cheeps or goats milk, but some intense blue-cheese can be nice even if it’s made out of cows milk.

Self-discipline, commitment and determination is something very important, without that nothing can be achieved really. Meditation also helps, spirituality and bodybuilding go well together. Some friends make a joke out of it, but hey, why not? I build my body for spiritual reasons.

I’ve done some intense fasting, and I’ve been on juice diets for some time even during these few years, but my main focus has been to rebuild my physical body and to strengthen it.

At the moment while writing this, my bodyweight is 71kg, with a very low body-fat percentage, still in the healthy range though.

My original goal was 70kg, but since I already surpassed that my new goal is now 74kg, and I will probably reach this goal before the spring of 2018, if I’m still in the optimal life situation for that. I feel that this could be my final goal, and a weight that I might feel comfortable with, because I don’t want to be too big and heavy, I like being strong, flexible, and fast, not too bulky.

Some environments and life situations are of course better than others, and for example while I was living in the cave it was difficult to maintain the tempo and intensity because of the harsh living conditions. I did lots of climbing though, that compensated for the lack of a pull-up bar, but it’s not quite the same.

Finally I’m able to run again, maybe because my legs were so weak I couldn’t run much, I always got a sharp pain in one of my knees and had to stop. I’ve had problems with my legs before, and I even had a knee surgery once when I was younger.

After doing lots of intense leg workout, my legs are finally ready for running. I’ve done lots of deep jumping-squats with weights, and some stretching movements. The size of my thighs has doubled since I started strengthening them. I like both sprinting and slow running, but sprinting feels more like my thing because of the intensity.

A diet that I’ve found very effective consists of a big amount of lentils daily, raw carrot, cabbage, cooked beets, cucumber, bell-pepper, rye bread or wholegrain spelt pasta and apples. I sometimes mix brown-rice with the lentils, it has lots of carbohydrates in it, but also some of the essential amino-acids, like all grains do. I often add small amounts of wholegrain-pasta in my food also, when I need to recharge my body with carbohydrates, instead of always using rice. Lentils and grains are a good combination for a complete amino-acid profile, since the lentils alone don’t contain the ideal amount of all the essential amino-acids.

I eat cheese also because the saturated fats in it support the production of male-hormones, and it’s delicious of course. Both cabbage and beets have some good properties when it comes to the hormone-balance, which of course is extremely important when the goal is to gain and maintain muscle-mass.

It has been a very interesting and rewarding process to rebuild the body. The benefits are definitely noticeable, and I can say that the quality of my life has also increased a lot.

I noticed the benefits also during my last energy-session with the Italian woman, and it feels like my body can handle energies better now, probably there are other reasons for this too, but my logic says that a certain amount of energy gets more diluted in a stronger body and therefore becomes also more stable. I also feel that the intensity has risen to a new level because of this, I can carry more energy now.

I feel that I’m now in the best shape I’ve ever been at the age of 41. I will either live a long life on earth, or I will leave the planet soon, it doesn’t really matter so much to me how long I live and where, as long as I finish my job and do what I came here to do…

If this will happen or not, I don’t know, but I feel that I will move to another planet before my physical body is expired in this lifetime, and I think many others will do the same, it will be a mass-migration from Earth… Some will get sentimental of course, and some might get angry, but this is what I feel. Big changes are coming, and I know that I’ve been participating in preparations on another level for a long time already, preparations for a mass-migration to another planet or some kind of new living environment that might be in another density or dimension, and would probably somehow be related to this whole ascension process. I’ve had so many lucid dreams about things like that, even though they don’t always manifest in the physical because of timelines and other changes that might happen as a result of free will and change in energies. But as we all know, humanity is at a crossroad now, and will either quickly evolve to a more conscious state, and ascend to a new level of existence, or witness that the planet is being destroyed as a result of ignorance, pollution and the plundering of natural resources. Both scenarios might happen on separate timelines, and people have chosen which one they will experience.

If there is a mass-migration, some galactic groups will help the humans who will migrate to the “New-Earth”, and science fiction will become a reality.

Take a deep breath and dismiss it as nonsense, or accept it as a possible future scenario, decide for your self.

If you are one of those who feel that you will migrate, now is the time to prepare, to get ready. Mental preparation, physical preparation, emotional preparation, and detachment from everything you will leave behind. It’s a tough choice, and preparations will help. To leave a whole planet behind isn’t easy. Of course for many this is all just fantasy, and so be it. Maybe some day a part of humanity will just disappear, and nobody knows where they all went, like the Mayans did 500 years ago when they decided to leave the planet in mass.

If this migration will really happen, or if the living conditions on this planet will get harder some day, we will just have to wait and see, I could be wrong, maybe all those lucid dreams are meaningless. But still it’s good to be strong and healthy for as long as possible, some day we can give up on life, but that day shouldn’t come too early. It’s difficult to live as a human, but that’s the challenge.

There’s a reason for everything, and I think that one of the main reasons why I had to loose all my body-mass during my intense fasting and cleansing practices is energetic. There’s lots of energies from the past attached in the fibres of the physical body, and after the Walk-in it makes sense to remove the old and build a new body with new energies and new intention. This might sound strange, but I have a whole different identity, and I feel like a different person. I barely recognize the past me as me, it’s more like a person I know, but who isn’t me really. This process is just a natural part of a much larger change, and a more complete transformation. There can be many good reasons for being strong and healthy, and many reasons for depleting the physical body before rebuilding it back again. Subconscious choices and decisions might seem strange sometimes before we see the bigger picture.

Numbers, the subconscious and the surrounding reality.

While I was designing the cover for my book I realized that I almost forgot to write about this subject, a very interesting subject that many people witness, but few can really explain.

After my spiritual awakening and Walk-in experience I started noticing a strange phenomena in my life, that was involving numbers and digits, especially in digital clocks but also in different ways. I started seeing the numbers 11, 11:11, 22, 22:22 and 33 3:33 all the time, or more accurately, these numbers always caught my attention through subconscious impulses. This is still going on after ten years, and I see it as a normal part of my life, I will explain this later… It’s like my subconsciousness is reacting to the numbers and bringing them to the attention of the conscious mind, which would mean that the subconscious always knows what time it is, and it actually knows everything because it operates from a level where everything is connected. It’s just strange to witness this from a human-perspective, from a perspective where there is so much limitation and separation…

So, it started happening in 2007, I woke up every night exactly at 3:33, opened my eyes and looked at the digital clock just to see that it was 3:33 again, and then I closed my eyes and continued sleeping. This went on for a while, and I started seeing the 11:11 22:22 daily, too often for it to be a coincidence. It’s like a magnetism of some sort, an impulse to pick up the phone or turn the head exactly when the clock is 11:11 or 22:22… There has been periods with other numbers also, but the most dominant ones are these 11 22 33. These are the master numbers, and because they are powerful symbols our subconsciousness picks them up and brings them to our attention. In the science of numerology some numbers and dates have a big meaning, and they really seem to affect things, not just in theory. My conclusion is that it’s a subconscious phenomena, just like when somebody is looking at you and you instinctively know it and turn your head towards the person, which happens to me daily, often even consciously.

For the past ten years my subconscious part has been the dominant force in my life, directing and managing many aspects of my experience, even though there is the human part with it’s free will, that has it’s right to choose.

It’s easier to live life when the connection to spirit is strong, because you feel more in tune, and you operate from a whole different perspective, with more understanding and less confusion.

The will of the physical self bends under the will of the spirit. I’ve learned to be humble and surrender to the will of my higher self, which is the authority that I respect, and the source of my beautiful life-experience. I feel so much gratitude, so much Love…These feelings really strengthen the connection, and I feel it in my physical body, then I realize again that there is only one, and that’s why self-Love is so important, because we are the One infinite Creator. Self Love is just a natural flow of energy, reaching through the illusion, connecting with the truth, opening up to the flow of conscious life-force energy.

Ascension, death and energetic transformations.

Most people have some fears when it comes to the death of the physical, the death of the body-vehicle. People often think that they will cease to exist, or that they will loose their sense of self, or stop experiencing them selves as an individual field of consciousness, but this is not true.

When you leave the physical, you will still be who you are on a consciousness-level, and you will be self aware and experience your surroundings. You will actually be more conscious than before, and you will have a heightened sense of clarity and well being. The difference is that you won’t have the heaviness of the physical, and all the worries will fade away. You will be completely free from stress and all heavy feelings, because those are only part of the physical. You will feel clear and light, joyful and happy, that’s a basic state of the non physical, joy and happiness… The non-physical state is very blissful and light.

I’ve experienced these things that I describe here, being pure consciousness without a physical form during deep meditations, which was basically a state where time and space completely disappeared, and all I experienced was a highly blissful and comfortable energy-vibration, without any sense of anything else, a state that words can’t describe, words are so limited. It was like coming home, to a place where you belong, where everything is just right, perfect, peaceful bliss, a complete state.

I’ve also been consciously out of the body where I was observing my surroundings just like in the physical, but without a physical body and it’s heaviness. This was also a very beautiful experience and it affected me very deeply, because I felt the true essence of my self, without the ego and personality of the physical.

When raising the vibration of the physical body to a degree where more of the higher consciousness can be present because of the better resonance, the physical experience changes also a lot and becomes more like the non-physical states because of the high vibration. This is one way of experiencing ascension. We are now experiencing the ascension process in slow motion on a planetary scale, but we can affect it on an individual level and experience peaks in the rise of energies if we make an effort to do so.

How slowly everything changes in the physical, has been a bit frustrating to me at times, but this physical realm is so slow, we can’t expect too much too soon. The human body and mind both need time to adjust to new energies, and too rapid changes can cause many problems both in the body and the mind.

After living isolated in the cave for some time, my energies have changed again, I can definitely feel it, and I can see it, and when I’m in contact with the outside world I hear positive things, which would suggest that the vibrational frequency has changed. This is what I have experienced many times before, and I’m expecting it every time I do a Meditation retreat, or otherwise focus on raising the frequencies, it affects everything. I believe that every single individual can affect their whole surrounding Universe, or more accurately move their experience into another of the infinite amount of universes that build up the surrounding reality, better or worse version, depending on their vibrational frequency, resonance and intention. If we can affect the frequency of the whole Universe by changing our selves, it means that “we are the Universe” and that’s why we experience the change. We are everything, and we are One, the infinite consciousness experiencing the illusion of separation through a human body.

Today I saw something that I haven’t seen like this before, not in broad daylight, not quite like this… I saw my light-body very clearly, when I moved my hands back and forth in a slow motion and unfocused my vision a little bit to the side away from my hands, that’s how it works, when looking at energy, you can’t look straight at it, you have to look at it in a unfocused way and use the third eye.

The ascension process, or rise in energies I would describe as a wobbly, wavy and spiraling motion that goes closer and closer to a goal. And while approaching the goal, distortions get smaller and smaller, until there is a stillness and permanently new energy without the old distortions.

The old world doesn’t have to affect us anymore if we don’t let it, we can stay in the new energies and learn to automatically repel everything of lower vibration by staying neutral…

New intensity during a energy treatment.

In the spring of 2017 I met a newly awakened and activated Italian woman, who came to me through a friend. She had some minor problems with integrating the new energies and with balancing out the two realities. She got seizures and experienced some level of fear when it comes to opening up to the higher consciousness

We were talking a lot, and she had lots of questions. We decided to do a energy treatment with her, and I really felt that it would be a good idea, and that it would help her.

I hadn’t made energy-treatments for a while, and I needed a day to prepare energetically and to get my self ready for the treatment.

We started the session normally, and I soon realized that this was a very different energy treatment, and that there was a whole new intensity to the energies.

The session went very well, much better than I would have expected since so much time had passed since my previous session, and I had changed a lot. I was working out a lot, eating more and living a more normal life.

I’ve gained 10kg of lean muscle-mass after my last session, and I had no idea how it would affect the flow of energies during a treatment. I noticed that it actually had a very positive effect on the energy-flow, and that my higher body-mass made it possible for me to carry and channel more of the intense energies.

Logically a healthy and strong body can withstand a more powerful energy-flow than a weak and fragile one, makes sense to me now.

The energy-fields I felt from my client were really intense, especially around the head and the third-eye Chakra. It actually felt so physical that I could compare it to putting a balloon in between my hands and pressing them together, that’s how intense it was at times… The intensity of the energies during the treatment affected me in a very positive way, and gave me a whole new confidence and trust in the process.

I had some doubts at times, and I remember that there was some doubt in me when I started with Energy-treatments and these ”Healing-sessions”, because I didn’t really know how it works, and it was all so new to me.

It depends on the client very much how the energies flow, because people are different, and not everybody is ready for intense energies. The woman I write about in this chapter has a very strong energy, and I felt like nothing was holding me back, I could put out lots of energy and use a strong force while doing the treatment.

I remember a treatment from the past where nothing happened, and the client said to me ”I felt nothing”, which was very dis-encouraging to me and created lots of doubt, even though the circumstances were terrible, in a park full of drunk people. The client was also pretty heavily medicated, numb and “un-awakened”, so I’m not surprised that nothing happened back then, it just felt awkward of course because it was in the beginning when I had just started doing the energy treatments and I needed some self confidence.

I’ve been “homeless” for most of the time during the past ten years, so it has often been a bit difficult to find a good place to do treatments. Sometimes it has been outside, sometimes in a squat house etc, but also wherever I happened to rent a room.

I completely trust the process now, I know what to do, and how to do it, which is a big step for me, compared to where I was with this five years ago.

The session with the Italian woman brought me to a whole new level, it gave me full confidence and trust in the process.

I realized during the treatment that my hands don’t actually need to be close to the client, it works as well from one meters distance, and the connection is the same as it is from ten centimeters distance.

I’ve experimented with this distance before, but not during treatments really, only with friends after or during meditation sessions.

When I start working with a Chakra, I first make a energetic connection to that specific energy center, and then the energy starts moving, it feels like a physical sensation in my hands, and could be described as pressure, with some tingling and movement, it’s a very strong physical sensation once the energies lock into place.

For the first time I noticed that my hand suddenly looked different, the color and shape looked less human, but it could be my imagination too, it was just an observation. I’m not surprised about this observation though, because I know that I’m working with certain energies and beings that are non-human, and less physical, so it would make sense.

So, my Walk-in part is a Healer, and works with energies in different ways. My physical body is an instrument, which has it’s own body-consciousness, free will, Ego and personality just like everybody else.

It seems like my physical self is mostly unaware about what is going on during the treatment, and is more like an observer, while the subconscious part does the job. The physical part is still very conscious about one part of the job, like moving the hands and going through the Chakras etc, so co-operation is probably the right word to describe the treatment when it comes to the physical and non-physical parts and their roles, neither of them could do it alone, both are needed, and together they make up the complete team.

It hasn’t always been easy to live in two realities simultaneously and to integrate them together like I’ve done for the past ten years.

Now I feel that there has been a final integration and merging of the two realities into a greater reality, the expanded reality.
I experience both very strongly, and I have a strong foothold in both of them. With confidence and ease I operate as a middle-man, a gatekeeper and bridge between the realities for those who are still waiting for their awakening into the more expanded state.

Most of the energy-sessions I’ve done, have been very successful. The clients have experienced the non-physical through the physical senses basically, they have felt the energy very strongly, which makes the non-physical reality a part of the physical reality and creates lots of expansion in consciousness of course, and is a big step in spiritual growth. This makes me very happy, because I feel that I have succeeded in something, in something very important.

Then there is the healing aspect to it. Most clients experience some healing or opening up of energetic blockages during the sessions, and in general the whole treatment is felt as something very positive, because of the calming and soothing energies.

It is of course very rewarding for me to help others heal and ascend to a higher level of existence, and to give them nice experiences during the treatment.

I know that people who have done some work on them selves with an intention to heal and ascend, will benefit the most from the sessions, because they are already on the right path, and have made a conscious choice. In a comprehensive transformation there needs to be lot’s of intention involved…

[The Universe is listening.

In this chapter will write about some interesting experiences that prove to me that the universe is listening to us, and reacts to our thoughts, actions and intentions.

I met two travellers on the street while I was looking for a new “secret” hostel I heard about from a friend. I was asking around and talking with many people because I didn’t have good directions or the exact location, and I ended up searching for the hostel for three days…The third day I actually found it. The Hostel was very hidden, and secret, with only a small text on the buzzer.

While I was talking to people I often mentioned about this book, when they asked about what I’m doing etc. One person asked me to send the e-book by e-mail. That person didn’t have a smart-phone, and I said “well, I don’t really like smart-phones either, they radiate, and track you, and make you less social, because you play around with them so often, like most young people do nowadays. And the “social media” (anti-social media) sucks people in, often making an addiction out of it…

After a failed attempt to find the hostel I was looking for, I visited another hostel that was on my way… I was walking around and tried to visit a friend who wasn’t home. I took the bus to the central station where I was going to change to another bus. After the bus ride I noticed that my smart-phone was missing, and I started going through my stuff to see if I had put it in some unusual pocket maybe, because I had just bought a new backpack the same day.

I started walking back to the bus station and went to the office of the bus drivers. They called all the buses to see if somebody had found my phone. I went to talk to all the drivers of that specific route later, but nobody knew anything. The universe had picked up my wish to live without a smart-phone, and it disappeared. One hour later.

I felt very calm and light, very free and relaxed after I realized that I had lost my smart-phone. I lost all my photos from the last eight years, all my contacts, the book material and all the applications that I used for writing, my library of e-books and a big collection of my favorite music. Fortunately I had made regular backup copies of the book, so I lost only a few days work, not everything. Now I’m writing in a public library, but I need some kind of device to work on, so I have already sent out an order to the universe. I need to finish the book, and even if I live in the cave I want to be able to write.

My money situation is very low at the moment, and my daily food budget has been 1,5€ for some days. In this following story I will tell you more about that…

I went to a local market place to buy ingredients for a vegetable stew. I know a place that sells lower quality vegetables for a very low price. I bought maybe two kilos of vegetables for 1,5 €… Potatoes, carrots and bell pepper. I cooked a nice big stew out of it, in the hostel where I was staying at the time. I invited everybody who was hungry, just because I had so much, and I wanted to share it with others.

The same evening a group of German and Austrian people invited me to join them for a dinner and to watch a soccer game. After refusing their offers a few times, I had a two course dinner with red wine, and I didn’t have to pay for it.

I can clearly see this as a very obvious sign that the universe gives us back when we choose to give to others. This group of people didn’t eat the food I cooked, but it doesn’t matter, the universe doesn’t care how it pays us back, we will always receive after we give, it’s a rule.

When I checked out from the hostel, somebody had left me an envelope with 30€, so I booked a bed from another hostel for two nights, and had a nice dinner that I made from some food that somebody had left behind. I invited some people to eat with me.

In the evening somebody had made a huge portion with cucumber and avocado, and didn’t finish it, and I got the rest, which was plenty for me, a nice evening snack.

In the morning I didn’t have any fruit, and I decided to go to the local marketplace to see if I could find something to eat. I asked a vendor if he has some free food maybe in the trash. After he walked around the store for a while, he took a big knife and cut off a piece from a big banana-bunch that was standing in the back of the store… I got a huge bunch of bananas for free, several kilos. Thank you Universe, this was a really amazing start for a day…

Later that day I had a meeting with a new contact who wanted to start working with me, and I was offered some work. I got a nice free dinner that day.

Another job manifested the next day, and later I was also offered a cheap room in a shared flat.

My life situation was very difficult for a while since I was basically living on the street without money, and I had lost my smart-phone with all my contacts, tools and Internet connection. I had to make a new contract for a temporary phone that I borrowed from a friend, so that I could start fixing the situation. I was just about to move back to the cave when things started falling into place, and my situation changed..

I had to write about these few experiences, it was so nice to witness all this. If we stay positive and help others, we will receive, that’s the law of the Universe.


I wanted to provide this e-book for free, it feels right, but I know that those people who appreciate my work and effort might want to donate something, as an exchange of energy. Choose freely how much you want to donate.

If I get enough donations, I will probably print a paper-back version of the book and make it available too.



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Final words.

Now you know me on a much deeper level, and you might have a sense of what I’ve gone through in my life. I hope that you found the book interesting and that it has brought you something meaningful.

I want to thank you for participating in the expansion of consciousness on this planet, you are blessed. Speak your truth, and be brave. The only limitations you have, are those that you put on yourself. Use your free will to help the planet, and to bring expansion. Spiritual gain is permanent, and monetary gain is only temporary, so know your priorities. We are all one, and ultimately we will return to the same source, the source where we all came from…

Love yourself, and take care of your body.

Listen to your Heart, follow your Joy… Much Love!



This is my Chant..

Yan Love








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The Book of Yan - a Spiritual Journey The Book of Yan - a Spiritual Journey