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The Bitter-Ender




The Bitter-Ender



By Steven Bevell

Copyright 2017 Steven Bevell

Shakespir Edition




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Cover art by Steven Bevell

Copyright 2017

Shakespir Edition



Write every day. That’s all I can advise. Publish a first draft every day. Because a very wise writer once said to jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down.






Sarah shivered from the cold moon breeze, “Can’t we hurry up… I’m freezing!” she told Edgar and Neno.

Neno, shook his head, examined a spring, from the cogs of the engine, within the air balloon’s vessel, “Feel free to head back… I will be a while…” the Moonling said.

Edgar scratched his chin and crooked his back, and watched Neno’s operation with full attention.

“Edgar!” Sarah cried.

The old man wasn’t moved, and still watched with intent.

“Edgar… Sarah is calling you… Do not ignore her… I will answer all questions, my friend…” Neno told the old man.

“The man is a mute… Not deaf!” she cried, her patience turned short.

Edgar stood straight.

And Neno was fuddled with realization.

And the moon was quiet, more than normal.

“You mean to tell me… This Earthling here, is a’ mute person?” Neno asked.

“How could you not know?” Sarah became more muddled than Neno ever was, but still salted with sarcasm.

“I figured the Earthling didn’t like to talk… That is all…” and Neno examined the small pipes of the wreaked vessel that brought Sarah, Edgar, and Calvin to the moon.

“I’m near close to freezing to death!” Sarah snarled.

“This is interesting…” Neno observed as he pulled at some copper wires.

Then the ground turned cold. The sky darkened. A thin wind whistled around them.

Neno looked about and sensed something, “We should leave…” he warned.

Sarah looked around, nervous, “Finally…” and she started off after Neno removed a part off the broken vessel’s engine.

Edgar and Neno followed close behind her. Edgar watched Neno, as the Moonling examined the part, which looked very complicated and delicate.

Neno spoke and said, “We need to replicate this, and we can get you back home…”

“Will you be able to do it?” Sarah asked, she missed her home.

Neno didn’t answer her right away, but thought to himself.

“Time will tell…” Neno answered as he surveyed the moonscape.

The moon sands were as crispy as fresh frost beneath each step.

And with each step they came closure to the crater city, Moonopolis.

“We are being followed…” Neno whispered to the others.

No one made any sudden movements. None showed surprise.

“Where?” Sarah whispered back, “Run?”

“No need to run…” Neno stopped and turned towards the crags of the moonscape.

Sarah searched for whatever the Moonling saw.

“Cosome…” Neno said.

“What?” Sarah asked.

Edgar stood silent. He watched and listened.

“Cosome… The tormented soul… I haven’t seen him in ages…” Neno observed.

To Sarah, Neno appeared much older.

“Ages?” she asked, “How old are you?”

“Old enough to know the ways of our fathers…”

Edgar smiled his relic smile and bowed to the Moonling.

Sarah rolled her eyes at the old man, “Don’t mind him… He smiles at anything… Plus he is old… But never mind that… We need to get back…”

“Yes… We should, before night fall… The Bitter-Ender will not be so kind, with darkness on his side…”

The Bitter-Ender

  • ISBN: 9781370620463
  • Author: Steven Bevell
  • Published: 2017-04-29 22:50:08
  • Words: 643
The Bitter-Ender The Bitter-Ender