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The Beauty of a Beast

For the past six months, the kingdom of Mendolon has been terrorized by a mastermind beast called the Savage. He’s been attacking the citizens of the kingdom, striking fear in their hearts. There are rumors that he possesses magical powers and is gaining followers daily. Mendolon’s king, Sebastian, is growing frustrated and is at a loss about what to do. The princess, Belle, and the chief knight, Michael de Bolbec, have been working hard, trying to get a step ahead of the Savage. All efforts so far have proven to be in vain. It is then that they are given an unlikely advantage by a mysterious prisoner. At first his information proves to be invaluable... but soon Belle and Michael discover that the prisoner seems to speak in riddles and greater mysteries are hiding in plain sight. Lives will hang in the balance as they seek to defeat the Savage and solve the mysteries that abound.

  • Author: Tony Myers
  • Published: 2018-05-17 21:35:06
  • Words: 75227
The Beauty of a Beast The Beauty of a Beast