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The Battles of the Sacred City




The Battles of the Sacred City


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Fernando Davalos

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Chapter 1: The Heavenly permission


Chapter 2: San Juan Teotihuacán


Chapter 3: The warriors from Tibet


Chapter 4: The first seal


Chapter 5: The farewell


Chapter 6: The second battle


Chapter 7: Shadows in Teotihuacán









Chapter 1



The Heavenly Permission



After the transcendental visit to Mexico of his holiness the XIV Dalai Lama, spiritual leader of the Tibet, a small but important group of Tibetan lamas were sent back to our country by his holiness with the specific task to celebrate meetings with representatives of our sacred traditions, and to perform important ceremonies of ritual and energetic purposes.



The most important of these ceremonies took place in the Tepeyac, in the house and before the image and presence of the Queen of the Americas, our lady of Guadalupe, tutelary deity and mother of México. Our group New Way was present at this reunion in the imposing Basilica of Guadalupe that was completely full of enthusiast followers, and distinguished members of the sacred traditions of our country.



The opportune, loving and heavenly intervention 485 years a go of the beautiful maiden Tecuauhtlacuepeuh-Guadalupe in our nation, stopped the imminent disappearance of the noble Nahuatl culture that was being rapidly dismembered by the cruelty of the Spanish conquerors. Thanks to her powerful protection, the inter-racial graft that produced our new mestizo race finally took place and the cosmic mandate that was decreed from eternity saw its full compliance with the re-born of Me-xihc-co. Now it was the turn of the best among our sister tradition, the Tibetan, to ask from our Mother’s grace the authorization to work ritually in the city where “men turn into gods”, in the sacred city of Teotihuacán.


We were that day, the fortunate witnesses of an authentic event of historical and sacred characteristics that announced without the shadow of a doubt, the religious and planetary ecumenism that would appear in the near future. Guardians of traditions, followers, elders of our Mexican indigenous traditions, sacred warriors, Tibetan lamas, Catholic leaders, devotees, and churchgoers were all united in brotherhood for the veneration of our sweet and powerful tutelary deity, our Virgin Mary of Guadalupe.



After the welcoming words of the Basilica’s abbot and some short words of thankfulness from the Tibetan lamas, they initiated without delay the ritual that brought them traveling throughout thousands of kilometres.



Standing and forming a semi-circle in the main altar of the enormous precinct, with their eyes and hearts in total synchrony, deep respect and veneration before the Guadalupana, the Tibetan warriors started the intonation of secret and powerful mantras. Immediately, profound guttural sounds of the lowest key resonated in the sacred precinct, and the ambient was quickly transformed from festive into reverent and expectant.



A feeling of smallness invaded my spirit while I was hearing these intonations, and we all were at this point already immersed in the sacred dimension of the existence because everywhere inside the precinct, the magnificence of our sweet and loving Mother and her mighty vibration that embraces tenderly all the confines of our sacred territory could be easily felt.



A great respect and expectation for the work that was taking place in those instants was felt in the ambient. I started to feel my whole body trembling and going into an unbearable edge caused by the effects of the powerful energy that was increasing inside the precinct. I felt almost at the point of disappearing in an infinite emptiness when I suddenly felt taken by the hands by my companions.



Without opening my eyes, I knew that everybody – including myself – had instinctively kneeled down before our Mother asking her to forget our miseries and human smallness and concede the permission we all needed for the benefit of our great nation.


The beautiful power mantras intonated with impeccable skill and dominance by the Tibetan lamas increased for some instants with such magnitude that it produced everyone’s awe and admiration and a few instants later, everything had concluded. It felt like a spark of the highest voltage that broke the sacred seal that our Mother established in the Tepeyácac for our own protection, and until we could grow spiritually a little.



Once the last guttural Tibetan chant faded away, we could hear immediately afterwards expressions of relief and joy coming from all over the precinct. Our collective consciousness had certified in our hearts the full success of the enterprise. There were smiles everywhere. We were all hugging each other.



The Basilica was an altar of joy. Thanks to Regina and her 400 warriors, the best ones of our nation were ready and Mother Mary gave her permission. It existed now at full capacity a strong line of energy linking the Tepeyácac with Teotihuacán.



With all respect and once finished their ritual responsibility, the Tibetan warriors synchronized their eyes and hearts for the last time with the Mother of México and left the precinct with promptness.



An historical event of a sacred character has just taken place, and we had been the fortunate witnesses of its full completion. The door of the sacred city of the Toltec’s had been opened. Now, the ritual opening of its first energetic seal was waiting for us at Teotihuacán.

Chapter 2



San Juan Teotihuacán



The suburban bus that should take us to the town of San Juan Teotihuacán, nested in the surroundings of the sacred city of the Toltec’s, was taking too many detours and making too many stops. Even though we boarded the bus with plenty of anticipation in Mexico City, we were already late for our appointment with the ritual ceremony that was going to be performed in Teotihuacán by the Tibetan lamas sent by his holiness the XIV Dalai Lama.



The trip from Mexico City had been long and tortuous due to the bumpy roads and the multitude of stops and passengers constantly going up and down from our crowded bus. All members of New Way were showing faces of fatigue and worry for the long delay of our journey at this point. When at last, battered and bewildered we stepped down the noisy bus, we rushed walking first, but soon after, running towards the entrance of the ceremonial centre of Teotihuacán that was already completely full of followers and enthusiasts of the event, almost all of them dressed with the characteristic white cotton attires and red stripes on their heads.

Chapter 3




The Warriors from Tibet



The organizers of this transcendental event were at this hour already unable to contain and manage the thousands of participants that kept arriving constantly at the base of the pyramid of the Sun. When we were approaching the entrance, we noted a great commotion and strong voices trying to bring to a standstill a group of people that was surrounding a white Volkswagen Van that just parked at the front of the entrance of the impressive ceremonial centre



- They are the Lamas! – Krista shouted with emotion and rushed her walking towards the group of lamas that were all smiles when they stepped down from the Van.



- This is luck, they arrived late! – I shouted, apparently only for myself because when I turned to see my companions, they were already running ahead with the intention to catch up with the group of Tibetan lamas that were at those moments entering among the multitude to the entrance of the ceremonial centre of Teotihuacán.


Soon after, at great strides and panting, I managed to catch up with Félix who surely made the same discovery I did, being left behind by Krista, Alicia, Natalia, and Rosana that were already at the side of the Tibetan Lamas. With great voices they rushed us to catch up with them immediately, an incredible feat that we achieved with great efforts and passing inclined below as sneaky cats in our bare hands and feet and through a wall of the “security” members hired by the event organizers that were rudely stopping everyone from approaching the group of recently arrived Lamas.



How we managed to find our way among the multitude and walk right inside the protective belt that separated thousands of participants from the Lamas and the main organizers of the event is something that only Krista and Alicia know. The fact was that Krista, Alicia, Natalia, Rosana, Félix and me, were suddenly walking alongside the Tibetan Lamas as if we were a part of their delegation. Some of the spectators started shouting at us ordering us to leave the column at once, and Krista without losing her good sense of humour answered them frequently:



- We are from the group; we are from the group –



Even though the organizers noted our presence and spectacular entering into the very core of their group, the fact that the Tibetans arrived with a delay of more than a half an hour, made them decide not to waste more time trying to get rid of us. They simply rushed the pace with resignation leading the delegation of Tibetan warriors until the top of a stony platform located just in front of the pyramid of the Sun. Struggling against violent pushing among an abundant crowd, we managed to miraculously access as well to the top platform with the Dalai Lama’s messengers and the main group.

Chapter 4



The First Seal



We were standing in a stony and rectangular platform of regular dimensions located just in front of the imposing pyramid of the Sun, and from this point, we could see the enormous multitude of thousands of sympathizers that had already congregated around it. The space where the ritual ceremony was going to take place was rapidly cleansed, and turned into a sacred receptacle through the creation of an enormous ritual circle. In this spot – that was secured and protected with grounded rice, spread by the lamas all around among other visible elements – the first battle for the opening of the first energetic seal of Teotihuacán was going to take place in just a few more instants. Inside the circle, I could recognise the presence of Don Antonio Velasco-Piña, and of Marco Antonio Karam, the young founder of Casa Tibet-Mexico in Mexico City, and friend of his holiness the XIV Dalai Lama.



Outside the circle but still over the platform we gathered approximately with other thirty persons and we all took a seat instinctively on its stony surface. A little before the start of the ritual ceremony, I noted the presence of a Marakame Huichol or medicine men-shaman of this indigenous tradition that took a position standing in the southern edge of the platform and just behind to where the members of our group New Way took their positions.



Without further preparations and before a great expectation, the ceremony started immediately after the ritual salutations that included the blowing of the traditional conchero seashells to the four directions. The Lamas started a beautiful ritual, playing Tibetan music by using their trumpets, acoustic instruments and chanting special prayers in low guttural tones.

Almost immediately, the sacred city entered into an impressive silence only disturbed from time to time by the loud and careless voicing of instructions given by a Mexican television reporter from Televisa, the private media company to his camera operator, letting everybody know that they did not have a slight idea of what was happening in front of their eyes. They were severely rebuked by the collective stares of all the surrounding participants of the ritual.



This situation broke my concentration for a few instants, and not without great efforts, I managed to ignore this evident lack of respect for the sacredness of the moment and decided to follow mentally the rhythm and the melody that the Tibetan warriors were transmitting to the ceremony.



Due to my own spiritual smallness, I could not clearly perceive what was going on the spiritual realm. However, I decided to let myself carried away by the strange but beautiful music which seemed to me that aside its own rhythm and melody, our Tibetan musicians were transmitting to its musical piece different intensities, so to speak. Their own playing was following certain stages according to what the messengers of the Dalai Lama were perceiving was taking place moment by moment in the invisible world, as if they were actually persuading a powerful guardian spirit of the sacred city.



In certain moment of the ritual, the intensity of the music, chants and prayers achieved a crescendo of great beauty and started diminishing immediately afterwards little by little until they stopped completely a little after.



Once the ritual was finished completely, the collective conscience of the multitude of spectators and participants openly manifested through signs of joy and celebration among all those present in the sacred city. For those of us fortunate enough to be in the platform, the success of the ritual was more than evident when we witnessed the faces of happiness and satisfaction for a job well done from our Tibetan brothers, as well as from those inside the ritual circle. All members of New Way were congratulating each other through effusive hugs.



We have managed to participate again in another event of historical and sacred implications that will surely cleanse a little more the polluted psychic atmosphere of our country.


As a result of this ritual, the Mexican Chakra continued to increase its activity and characteristic vibration for the benefit of the whole American continent. On spite of being only aspirants to sacred warriors, all the members of New Way could perceive with certainty a new and strange clarity in the atmosphere of the sacred city of Teotihuacán, and a comforting and crystal clear air that surely was perceived as well by Regina and their sacred warriors from where they were.



Their participation from their own dimension has been without a doubt of the outmost importance for the success of this ritual. The mission given by the Dalai Lama to its select group of Tibetan warriors was accurately fulfilled. The millenary Mexican-Tibetan brotherhood was still rendering abundant spiritual fruits. The first energetic seal of the sacred city of Teotihuacán had been opened.

Chapter 5




The Farewell



Everything had concluded, or at least this is what Félix and I thought when we noticed we were left behind talking to ourselves again because Krista, Natalia, Rosana and Alicia had quickly joined the group of Lamas and event organizers that were walking away from the platform at great speed and towards their Volkswagen Van. With a look of resignation, and rushing its pace, Felix turned his face towards where I was standing and voiced up:



- We better catch up with them; otherwise we will lose lots of time trying to find them afterwards among this multitude –



Without too much drive to engage again in a frantic persecution but in total understanding of Félix reasoning, I rushed my pace as well, noticing that an enormous amount of people were following the Lamas, some with the intention to see them at a close range, others to ask them specific questions, and others to simply touch them.



The trail that the organizers were opening to clear the way to the Lamas was closing behind them quickly due to the high volume of people following them.


Understanding that due to the distance that separated us already from the Lamas it would be impossible to arrive at their Van before their departure, I ran to catch up with Félix and proposed him a short cut towards the Volkswagen Van.



The greatest amount of people were following the Lamas in a straight line and it could be possible to advance with less difficulty over our left side even when this will separate us considerably from the route followed by the organizers guiding the Lamas. Besides, the rest of the members of our group New Way had already disappeared among the multitude.



Félix accepted my proposal with relief because he also considered the frantic race a total nonsense. Walking at a very fast pace, we surrounded the multitude on its left hand side and quickly found to our amazement the Volkswagen Van parked just at the end of our trail. We arrived to the spot even a little before the Lamas, their group, and the multitude of followers behind. A few minutes after, the Lamas arrived followed by a great quantity of admirers, and all their group was visibly moved, and satisfied before the evident signs of respect and, affection of the Mexican people.



Among the Lamas was very noticeable the figure of an elder of some seventy years of age and a more that evident spirituality that poured out through his every pore. He was the owner of an enigmatic and special smile. It was a Tibetan Abbot that had been taken out of a solitary and self-imposed meditation retreat of many years in the Himalayan mountains by his holiness the XIV Dalai Lama.



He gave him the commission of the work to be done in México, and was without a doubt the person with the highest rank among the selected group of Tibetan spiritual warriors. The Abbot appeared to be simultaneously in both, the human and the sacred dimensions at all times.



To my own surprise, the multitude of enthusiast followers was gradually cornering me against the white Van where the Tibetan Lamas were stepping in.


Visibly worried before the possibility of being materially crushed by those desperately fighting to approach the Lamas, I stood to my own amazement face to face with the mystical Abbot that looked at me smiling through the window of the Van.



He surely perceived my surprised and worried expression while I was being pushed strongly and constantly against the Volkswagen Van that started to move ahead helped by the desperate instructions given at high voices by the organizers that were fighting to open their way among the crowd.



In a totally surprising way, and against every instinct of conservation that dictated to fight my own way out of my precarious position and ease down immediately the pressure of lots of followers through my body and against the Van, I extended my hand towards the Abbot who kindly extended his hand outside the window and grabbed briefly mine.



At the touch of his hand, I understood instantly without the shadow of a doubt, and from the most sacred part of my being that Love is the only way in our universe; his contact was indeed the contact with the most sacred beauty, with the most untouched purity, with the most sublime Love.



Again, and in total bewilderment, I stood there looking at the Van going away, keeping my eyes fixed in the eyes of the venerable elder while at the same time blessing him mentally, and thanking him for his enormous present and from the work of his delegation in the benefit of our nation.

Nobody was at that time touching me or pushing me anymore. Nothing in my surroundings appeared to be threatening anymore. Without any difficulty, I walked towards my companions that waited at a short distance, and we all embraced in brotherly love and in silence. What a great day for our México. One more thing was needed: to go to the Tepeyac and thank our heavenly Mother for her love and her protection.

Chapter 6





The Second Battle



It was dawn and everything was enthusiasm and movement in a modest hotel room located in the surroundings of the downtown core of Mexico City. Our new group Don Uriel conformed that day by the little ones Ignacio, and Vicente, Paloma with several months of pregnancy and Agustín were preparing to leave to the sacred city of Teotihuacan.



We were already a little delayed because we anticipated that an enormous amount of people would make a formal appearance in that special day in which the second energetic seal was about to be opened in the Pyramid of the Sun.



One more time, Tibetan Lama Monks of great spiritual hierarchy had traveled to Mexico following precise instructions of his holiness the XIV Dalai Lama to make a formal appearance in the sacred city to carry out with the help of the best ones of Mexico a powerful ritual. The purpose was to continue with the energetic activation of the pyramid of the Sun. It was still dark and the morning was particularly cold; fortunately and due to the early hour, the traffic towards the town of San Juan Teotihuacan was not so heavy. Nevertheless, the journey took us more time than we thought possible and when we arrived to the surroundings of the archaeological zone of Teotihuacan we suffered a great deal to find a space where to park our small Volkswagen in a zone full of enthusiastic followers of our ancient traditions.


The multitude present that day had exceeded any estimation of attendance even by the most optimistic calculations, and had surely tripled the number of participants of the previous ritual in which it was possible to open the first energetic power seal of the pyramid of the Sun. When we were walking among that multitude in direct course to the pyramid of the Sun, I began to worry about Paloma and her pregnancy due to the constant pushing and squeezing product of the human rivers that just like us wanted to arrive as close as possible to the body of the pyramid.



It was just about sunrise and not a soul more was able to fit in the huge space nearby the pyramid. Looking ahead, I noticed that this time the ritual would take place in the superior platform of three lean pyramidal flat bases of rectangular form attached to the main base of the big pyramid and crossed by two stair steps that laterally climbed up at both sides of the massive and millenarian construction.



This spot was located several meters above the rectangular flat base located in front of the pyramid of the Sun in where the first ceremonial work had taken place and which culminated with the opening of the first energetic seal.



Due to the fact that the enormous and constant amount of pushing and squeezing continued without rhyme or reason and to protect my group, I took the adventurous decision to break and enter the thread of protection established by the organizers of the event. This thread separated the multitude of participants from the narrow path that by these hours I assumed the Tibetan Lamas would have already walked through in their course to the place of the ritual.



Nevertheless, it was not possible for me to locate the group of Lamas that according to my calculations would have to be already preparing to initiate activities in the specific place of the ritual. Once within the narrow path, we initiated our advance towards the already crowded pyramid of the Sun. After negotiating some stairs our surprise was capital when we found ourselves face-to-face and almost colliding with the group of Tibetan Lamas, and with the Abbot who looked at us frontally and gave us generous one of his loving smiles.


Paloma shouted with emotion when she saw them, as well as our small warriors Vicente and Ignacio who exclaimed:



- It’s the Lamas, it’s the Lamas –



The Abbot again smiled and saluted our humble group with the traditional Tibetan greeting joining his hands together and taking them immediately afterwards to his heart and continued his way.



The noise alerted the organizers that were walking at the front of the Tibetan column who turned around and found us, and immediately advanced towards us with the evident intention to throw us out of the restricted zone. When one of them took hold of us, Paloma with enormous mental agility unbuttoned its sweater to show her voluminous and pregnant abdomen and placed both hands on her navel.



The maternal strategy completely disarmed the jealous organizer, who showing surprise first and resignation later, returned to join the forefront of the column. Now the Tibetan group counted with four new members.



I couldn’t avoid thinking in the intervention of the divine providence at those moments because thanks to our fortuitous encounter with the Lamas, our advance was swift until the base of the Pyramid. Nevertheless, once there things turned for the worst because the Tibetan column quickly moved away of us.



This, due on the one hand to the shouts and requests of the organizers to open a space for them and on the other to the pregnancy of Paloma and the difficulties of the small ones to advance among that crowd without being devoured by it.

The pushing, squeezing and poking came from all sides and increased because everybody wanted to be in the same level in where the new ritual would take place. Paloma began to call my attention about the pressures that by all sides she felt coming from the multitude.

When I saw her face of fear and worry about what could happen to the small Francisco who surely felt the swings in her womb, I turned aside immediately to the left and managed to locate with my group out of hurt’s way. We located just in the left lateral vertex of the third and upper pyramidal platform about three meters underneath the stony superior platform in where the ritual was going to take place and in where the Lamas were already located.



This maneuver was made just in time because minutes later, the organizers managed to contain completely the human sea that wanted to accede to the superior podium preventing the stepping up of a single person more.



To see the smile of satisfaction of Paloma and the children at ease in that place made me realize that I had acted with the same irrationality of the multitude that wanted to arrive at any cost to the very podium where the Lamas would be performing their ceremony. I regretted my own mental dreaming requesting forgiveness to the most high for my egoistic ambition.



I immediately arrived at the certainty that this was indeed the place designated for our group Don Uriel in that battle. I understood my smallness knowing that it was not called upon me to be with the Lamas due to the fact that my spiritual level did not justify it. I would be using a space that somebody better and best prepared than my person justly deserved.



I knew that in a spot three meters above of where we where, the powerful Tibetan warriors along with maestro Domingo Diaz Porta and our dear friend Don Antonio Velasco-Piña, the best men and women of Mexico were preparing for the ritual, and this knowledge filled me with peace.



The atmosphere perceived among the multitude was one of a great sense of expectancy. It seemed that our collective group consciousness anticipated a battle because something transcendental for Mexico was about to take place and we all sensed it. If the second energetic seal of the pyramid of the Sun was opened, the pyramid would be ready to function at the level that it was allowed in our times and for our development, and this activation would contribute significantly to the awakening of our nation.

The Popocatepetl and the Iztaccihuatl volcanoes would count with a powerful ally in their telluric activity in pro of our own awakening.



A few minutes later and of an absolutely unexpected way, the signal that would begin with the sacred ritual arrived. A deep silence was felt in all the surroundings and the hearts of all the participants were immediately united like a single being. Next, the profound and low guttural mantras, the songs and the impressive resonating of wind and percussion Tibetan instruments began.



Lamas, sacred Mexican warriors and the expectant multitude were transported to the sacred dimension of the existence. The second battle had begun in the sacred city of Teotihuacan.



Along with Paloma and the small warriors Vicente and Ignacio I closed my eyes and located myself exactly in the left vertex of the third platform; I knew somehow that through that spot a powerful energy was circulating and wished with my silence to be a suitable conductor of the same. A comforting warmth surrounded us all. The songs and guttural mantras of the Tibetan warriors increased considerably at this point.

Chapter 7




Shadows in Teotihuacan



At that same moment, thirteen characters, led by a woman, dressed all in black and with customs that resembled the ancient nahuatl garments, burst into the pyramid with enormous force and among great shadows. They attacked everyone who interposed in their way obviously trying with chaotic shouts to interrupt the ritual and to break the sacredness of the single moment, only to be rejected in several occasions.



Even though they managed to approach into the ritual circle, they were rejected in a powerful and definitive way and did not manage to penetrate nor brake the sacred ritual circle were the Tibetan lamas and sacred Mexican warriors were actively working in the sacred dimension.



The ritual was not interrupted at all and the Tibetan warriors continued unaffected the work that had brought them for the second time and from thousands of kilometers to the sacred city of Teotihuacan. Surely his holiness the XIV Dalai Lama had perceived the moment of the aggression and had contributed with his prayers and his powerful energetic vibration “to assure” the ritual circle of protection within which his envoys worked.



Also, Regina and his group acted from their own dimension on a significant way to protect the sacred space where the ritual was taking place, because the light that surrounded the superior platform didn’t diminish at all.

Shortly after, the aggressors disappeared in the darkness and the anonymity that had sheltered them.



The Architect of the Universe, Supreme giver of the time and the measurement, Hunab Ku, the Great Spirit, our good Father, allows the existence of darkness so that the light can become evident and manifest.



Only through temper and constant trial, the spirit is purified and the personal importance disappears. Opposition generates clarity and in that occasion, the perpetrated aggression did not generate more aggression or negativity. I am certain that thanks to this battle that tested our spiritual strength in the sacred city of Teotihuacan, many participants to the event changed from being mere curious spectators to participants convinced of the importance of that ritual in the process of awakening of our country.



The Tibetan warriors finalized the sacred ritual. Everything had concluded. In my ignorance and smallness, I had some doubts of its complete success. Our group Don Uriel lined up together with thousands of assistants to exit from the sacred city to the parking area of the archaeological zone. By a significant coincidence, we almost hit while walking out with the transformed and flaming face and body of Lic. Francisco Lerdo de Tejada, our appreciated Paco that during the battle was within the sacred ritual circle.



With brief but jubilant phrases, he confirmed the complete success of the ritual performed. We embraced as brothers and he took off in a rush. There was joy in our hearts. The second energetic seal of the pyramid of the Sun had been opened; the light had prevailed once again. The second battle had finished.



The massive and gigantic pyramid of the Sun frequently appeared in my mind whenever I began to feel fatigue in my eyes, due the long drive back of our return to the city of Guadalajara. The warriors of our group Don Uriel slept placidly in the car knowing that a second sacred work of spiritual ecology towards the awakening of our nation had been done with impeccability.


Our dear friend, Don Antonio Velasco Piña gave us the great news that as of March of 1993, the Pyramid of the Sun it’s already reactivated and working at the capacity that is allowed in our times¹.



Our sister nation, Tibet, helped us to ignite in our sacred territory a new light that illuminates the darkness for all those that are searching for a beacon of spiritual light.





































¹. See, Despertar de Teotihuacan, by Antonio Velasco Piña, Editorial Jus.

The Battles of the Sacred City

Agustín and his group of applied and practical spiritual ecology, participate in two important events in which two powerful rituals with magical and sacred characteristics are performed. These rituals in which Mexican sacred warriors also participate, are conducted by a group of Tibetan sacred warriors sent in two different occasions to Mexico by his holiness the XIV Dalai Lama with the purpose to help our nation to reactivate the pyramid of the Sun in the sacred city of Teotihuacán. To achieve this, they will have to first receive the authorization of the most powerful and sacred tutelary deity of our nation: The virgin Mary of Guadalupe. If they receive permission, they will have to face and defeat the actions of forces that oppose the realization of these rituals in order to emerge victorious in their commission.

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The Battles of the Sacred City The Battles of the Sacred City