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The Bathtub

The Bathtub

Tom Raimbault

Shakespir Edition

Copyright © Tom Raimbault 2016


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Copyright © Tom Raimbault 2016

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This work is 100% fiction. All scenes and events within these pages have been an invention of the author's imagination, and to his knowledge never occurred in reality. Any resemblance to the reader's own experiences is purely coincidental. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.


The Bathtub

Ever since she was a young girl; Suzie enjoyed her two weeks spent during summer break, visiting her grandparents at their private equestrian estate in South Carolina. It was quite a change of environment and lifestyle for the girl who lived in an upscale condo with her parents in Pittsburgh. That life of urban luxury was certainly confinement in comparison to the sprawling forty seven acres of land that surrounded a large lake.

The lake was overlooked by a sixteen room, three story executive home. On the opposite side of the lake was the fourteen stall barn which was complete with tack room and wash areas. Then there were the arenas and paddocks created by white, cross fencing; and a bridle trail that led the rider through the forty seven acres of beautifully, untamed wilderness which eventually led back to the barn. Yes, that equestrian estate could definitely be considered every horse-loving girl’s dream vacation.

Suzie had just completed her junior year in high school. Time was running out as a child, and these final summer breaks were precious. Perhaps she was aware of this and enjoyed every second of those two weeks at her grandparents’ estate while riding her favorite horses on the bridle trails, then grooming them in the afternoon. Then, around mid-afternoon; tired, sweaty and dirty; Suzie regularly enjoyed a nice soak in the antique tub that sat next to the bay window. It was part of recently added luxury bathroom on the ground level that just so happened to be near the garden. From the tub, Suzie had a private view of the garden…

… so she thought.

Afternoon is a peculiar time of day—something noteworthy in the change of the surrounding atmosphere that can have an effect on the psyche and impose a shift in reality. Given the right moment, these shifts can sometimes be eerie. This was the sort of mid-afternoon that fell upon Suzie as she soaked in the tub while sipping a glass of freshly-brewed iced tea and reading a book. Eventually she became aware of one of the resident workers some distance away who trimmed the bushes with a pair of hedge shears. She recognized him through the years of visiting her grandparents; sort of a mysterious worker with thick, brown hair, dark eyes, and a moustache. He must have been on the adjacent side of the building and gradually inched his way in sight of the bathroom bay window.

This was certainly an awkward moment for Suzie. There were bushes lined along the garden which led right up to the bay window. It would only be a matter of time before he saw her lying there and soaking. Should Suzie have gotten out of the tub and dried off before this happened? There was also the matter of how he made her feel in the times of visiting her grandparents. He didn’t do anything, specifically, to make Suzie feel uncomfortable. It’s just that he imposed some sort of connection with her. He would go out of his way to acknowledge her presence. It almost felt as-if the dark and mysterious worker liked Suzie.

Unsure of how to handle the situation, Suzie continued to lay there in the tub and drink her iced tea while trying to concentrate on her book. Occasionally, Suzie glanced out the window and noticed that the worker continued to inch closer. He clipped away at the bushes, raked up the droppings and then scooped them into the large wheelbarrow. He was seemingly oblivious of the girl’s presence through the window while doing his work. Perhaps he did notice her, just pretended not to see. This, after all, would be the smart thing to do. Surely the dark and mysterious resident worker who depended on Grandma and Grandpa wouldn’t jeopardize his job by laying prolonged eyes on their nude granddaughter.

Suzie continued to read her book and momentarily forgot about the worker outside. Then, while turning the page, she glanced out the window and was startled to see his face just a few feet from the glass and looking in! She briefly jolted out of surprise.

His eyes and expression revealed such devious thoughts. “My, you’ve gotten to be quite a young lady. I’d love to have the honor to be your first, and show you what it’s like.” Then he smiled and waved like he usually did whenever seeing Suzie on the grounds.

Suzie cautiously waved and smiled in return.

But rather than continue his trimming the bushes, the dark and mysterious worker remained at the window and closely watched the girl. It was an unexpected treat for him to see such young, untouched and innocent beauty soaking—naked—in the tub. He was going to savor every bit of it.

Now frightened, and unsure of what to do, Suzie struggled to gather the courage and strength to call out to her grandmother. But the worker must have sensed her discomfort, and quickly walked away to go back to his work.


The following morning, Suzie sat in the kitchen with her grandmother and finished breakfast. Grandpa had left earlier that morning to play golf with some old colleagues. As Suzie finished her last strip of bacon, she recalled the incident from yesterday of the man who watched her outside the bathroom window.

Grandma finished off her glass of orange juice and then spoke. “Oh… before I forget, Suzie; Ellen says that you left one of the gates unlocked yesterday afternoon. And you know that could have resulted in an unfortunate incident, right?” Ellen was the supervisor of the estate’s groundskeepers. She also managed the barn and tack area.

“Oops!” exclaimed Suzie. “I’m sorry about that. It will never happen again.”

“Very good!” acknowledged Grandma. “I know you’re a young lady and that mistakes do happen. Just try to be careful, okay—enough said.”

“Yes Grandma…”

Should Suzie have mentioned anything about the worker who watched her through the bathroom window? Maybe it was just an awkward encounter, and something that would never happen again. As the moments passed, Suzie decided to forget about it and avoid causing any trouble with the workers.

But apparently the dark and mysterious worker didn’t feel the same about forgetting the incident. Some time later, as Suzie was alone in the barn, she had another uncomfortable encounter with him. As she tied up one of the horses and proceeded to fasten the saddle and bridle straps, Suzie caught glimpse of the dark and mysterious worker out of the corner of her eye. Startled and somewhat frightened, she turned around to look at him with her pretty, dark Spanish eyes and high cheekbones that both added to presenting an expression of fright.

He stood at the doorway of the stable’s back entrance and returned his gaze. She must have looked so sweet at that moment; like a young, deer that was spooked and seconds from fleeing. But instead of running, she returned her attention to the horse; fixing the straps and applying bug spray on its legs. It was the middle of summer, and bugs were relentless with their biting.

As Suzie finished preparing her horse, she could feel the dark and mysterious worker intently watching her from behind. He surely savored every moment of her long, pretty, brown hair. And too bad Suzie wore her shorts that morning. They certainly drew attention to her blossoming ass and smooth, tanned, shapely thighs. He watched her so intently, in fact, that he was as good as pressed up behind her. He probably even made love to her in his mind while enjoying the art of breaking her in like a young horse that didn’t want to be ridden.

With the horse fully ready and released, Suzie quickly glanced back in the direction of the dark and mysterious worker. But he was now on the upper level of the stable and stacking some bales of hay. Somehow he had gotten up there without making a sound.

Suzie rode off on the horse and made her way to the bridle trail. She was safe, now, and far out of the view of the dark and mysterious worker who enjoyed watching her. But after some time, she could sense him at various hidden locations, and continuing to watch her. The horse cantered along the trail; and surely he enjoyed the sight of Suzie’s breasts bobbing up and down while beads of sweat brought on by the summer sun ran down her pretty face.

Later that afternoon, Suzie did her usual ritual of soaking in the antique tub by the bay window that yielded a private view of the garden. Although there was an uncomfortable encounter with him that morning in the stable, she assumed that yesterday’s episode through the bathroom window was a rare and never-again encounter. This is why she left the curtains open. But after some ten minutes of soaking in the tub and reading her book, she caught sight of him near the edge of the garden with a wheelbarrow filled with bags of soil. Apparently he would be inching his way near the direction of the window while adding soil to various places in the garden.

Quickly, Suzie stood up to draw the curtains closed for privacy. But while reaching for a bag, the dark and mysterious worker caught a glimpse of the girl’s young, wet, naked breasts that nearly glowed like precious jewels through the window.

With the curtains finally closed, there was no reason to worry. As Suzie believed, that would be the end of these unwelcomed invasions to her privacy. From now on she would have to enjoy her afternoon baths with the curtains closed. And at least this would communicate to the worker that she did not enjoy being watched. Satisfied, Suzie went back to reading her book, and nearly finished an entire chapter. But then her concentration was broken with the unpleasant thought that perhaps the dark and mysterious stranger was outside by the window, struggling to see her through some crack in the curtains.

Anyone is his right mind wouldn’t further pursue the invasion of a girl’s privacy, especially when living and working on his employer’s property. This is what Suzie continued to remind herself.

“He’s not out there!” Suzie finally said to herself while turning another page. She stood up and peeled the curtains over just a crack to put her mind at ease.

But there he was with face pressed against the glass and apparently trying to catch a glimpse of the naked girl! He saw Suzie’s eye peering at him, and immediately formed a disappointed—nearly angry—expression that communicated, “How dare you hide yourself from me?”

Suzie sighed and quickly pulled the curtain over to ensure there were no cracks to reveal her naked body. Then she stepped out of the tub to dry off. Her bath time was ruined thanks to the worker who was determined to see her.


In the dead of night as Suzie peacefully slept in one of the guest rooms of her grandparents’ home, she was awoken by a noise outside the window.


Her room was on the third floor and overlooked the large lake with horse barn on the opposite side. There were no trees near the window. What in the world could the noise have been?

It happened again, “TAP!”

Suzie wouldn’t be able to sleep if that happened all night. Was it an owl or a bat that perched itself on the outside sill?


Frustrated, Suzie switched on her dim bedside lamp and got out of bed. She cautiously approached the window as-if not to startle whatever animal was out there.


Now Suzie could see what the noise was. The dark and mysterious worker was outside on the ground and throwing pebbles at her window. Being that she was finally in view, he made bedroom eyes that nearly touched her pretty, dark Spanish eyes all the way up to the third level window. It was followed by a gesture in which he motioned his arms towards the barn. He was urging Suzie to come downstairs and meet him in the stable where he could finally make love to her.

Frightened, Suzie slammed her window shut and closed the curtains. It was a disturbing incident to say the least. What in the world was wrong with him? Did he really think that the young girl was really interested in him? And the way he behaved outside, it was as-if Suzie was supposed to know the routine—know that she was supposed to sneak out and meet him in the barn.

Hopefully the slamming window would have finally given him the hint. But just in case he wasn’t going to give up so easily, Suzie pulled the pillow over head after slipping back into bed. After about ten minutes, she managed to fall back to sleep.

It might have been about two hours later, close to predawn, when Suzie was startled awake. Maybe she was only dreaming, but there was an eerie sensation of a pair of hands that fondled both of her breasts. Immediately Suzie sat while covering her chest. But there was no one nearby. Surely she was only dreaming.


It was breakfast that morning as Suzie sat with her grandparents at the kitchen table. Grandpa cracked open a hardboiled egg while Grandma dug her specialized grapefruit spoon into a freshly cut grapefruit.

“So…” began Grandpa. “…when does our granddaughter go back home?”

“Why, are you in a hurry to get rid of her?” asked Grandma.

“No, I was just planning some things to do while she is here. Maybe we can go somewhere for a few days.”

“I don’t go home until next weekend.” chimed in Suzie.

“Oh, well I’ve always liked Hilton Head Island.” suggested Grandma. “Suzie, you would really like it, there.”

“That sounds like a great idea!” agreed Grandpa. “Why don’t we head out there Monday and stay for a few days. Ellen can take care of the horses while we’re gone. That’s why I have her here.”

“Suzie would you like to do that?” asked Grandma.

“Sure!” she answered.

For the remainder of breakfast, Grandma and Grandpa spoke amongst themselves about upcoming doctor appointments, meetings with accountants, and finances. It wasn’t until towards the end of breakfast that Suzie decided to speak up about the annoying groundskeeper who had thrown pebbles at her window, last night.


“What is it sweetie?”

“There’s this… worker on the grounds—I guess he lives here—and he’s kind of bothering me.”

“Who? What’s he doing?” asked Grandpa.

“Well, he’s got dark hair and a mustache. Whenever I’m taking a bath in the afternoon, he tries to see me through the curtains. He stares at me whenever I’m in the barn with the horses. And last night, he woke me up by throwing pebbles at my window. I went over to see what the noise was, and there he was, motioning me to come down to see him.”

Grandpa grew all the more outraged upon hearing Suzie’s report. “What’s this??? I’ll definitely get to the bottom of this! Tell you what; while Grandma cleans up after breakfast, I’m going to have Ellen come over and we can talk to her. I’ll find out who this worker is and have him fired.”

Suzie sat down in the family room and nervously listened while Grandpa made the telephone call. Should she have remained silent about the incidents? Maybe she was overreacting to a man who was simply interested in her. After all, Suzie was no longer a little girl. For all practical purposes, she was a young woman. Of course a man would be interested in her. And what if she had to face him; point her finger and accuse him as the one?

“Ellen, could you stop over for a few minutes?” Grandpa spoke into the phone. “I need to talk to you about something… Yeah… okay, we’ll see you in few.”

Just over ten minutes later, there was a knock at the door.

“Come on in, Ellen.” shouted Grandpa.

A country woman in her fifties who looked to have spent much of her life on the farm entered and greeted everyone. “Good morning!”

“Good morning!” answered Grandma.

“Have a seat.” invited Grandpa.

“Oh, I couldn’t do that. My jeans are dirty. Plus I was with the horses.”

“Ellen, I’m going to cut to the chase. My granddaughter, Suzie, just gave me a disturbing report about one of your workers. I guess he’s been trying to watch her through the curtains while she’s taking a bath. It sounds like he’s trying to have his way with her. He’s bothering her in the barn—stares at her.” Then he looked over to Suzie. “And what’s this he was throwing pebbles at your window, last night?”

Suzie nodded. “Mmm-hmm.”

“Well speak up!” demanded Grandma. “Honey, you need to tell her what’s been going on so she can take care of it for you.”

“Well… he’s a darker man with thick, dark hair and a mustache.” continued Suzie. “He’s been here for years—usually does the landscaping and stuff. And yeah, he was throwing pebbles at my window last night and wanted me to come down to see him.”

Ellen returned a very, queer look to Suzie. “I don’t have anyone like that working on our grounds. It’s been only Dawn, her cousin Ryan, and I who have been working here for a number of months.”

“Well could it have been him?—Ryan?” asked Grandpa to Ellen.

“No, Grandpa!” said Suzie. “It wasn’t Ryan! The guy I see is a younger man in his thirties who is darker with black hair and a mustache. Ryan’s older and bald.”

Then Grandpa asked Ellen, “How about the Mexicans? Have you been contracting any Mexican laborers to help out?”

“We haven’t had anyone besides the three of us for at least several months.” answered Ellen.

Throughout the moments, Suzie began to conclude that Ellen secretly knew who the darker worker with mustache was. There was just something that she wasn’t sharing for one reason or another.

Ellen looked over to Suzie, “Could you do me a favor?”


“I’m going to give you my cell number. I’m sure you have one, too, right?”


“Well, the next time you see him, I want you to text me. I will come over as quickly as I can.” Then she resumed speaking to Grandma and Grandpa. “Maybe we have some wandering worker from one of the other estates. I just don’t know what to say at this point.”


Grandpa urged Suzie not to go out to the barn until the mystery of the strange worker had been solved. But it was soon realized that if she stayed confined to the house, he might never appear again. Aside from that, why should Suzie be punished for the remainder of her stay?

At about quarter-to-eleven, Suzie was in the barn with a horse tied up and preparing it to ride. It was then that Ellen carefully approached with a small photograph in her hand and a somewhat worried expression on her face.

“Suzie, I want to talk to you about something; and I hope this doesn’t startle you. Is this the man who has been bothering you?” She held up an antique, framed photo of the mysterious, dark worker with black hair and mustache.

“Yes! That’s him!”

Ellen stepped back and lowered the photo with a bewildered expression on her face. “Okay… the man in this photo is the legendary Jesus [Hispanic name pronounced xe’sus] who once worked at this estate over a hundred years ago. He had an affair with the owner’s teenage daughter. When her father found out about it, he was outraged—to say the least. Times were different, then, and people had their own form of justice. He was hung right here on the grounds of the estate and buried. And there’s something else I need to tell you…”

Just then, Grandma walked into the barn. “Is everything okay?”

“Yes, everything is fine. I was just checking on Suzie and making sure she had my number.” Ellen quickly walked out as-if she had something urgent to do.


It was mid-afternoon as Suzie lay in the bathtub. Since learning the information from Ellen about Jesus, a feeling of eeriness continued to envelop her throughout the day. If what Ellen said was true, then the mysterious worker would have been a ghost who was apparently attracted to her. Maybe she even reminded Jesus of the girl that he had an affair with over a hundred years ago.

As the eeriness continued to descend upon Suzie, she could almost feel an invisible weight bearing down upon her shoulders. She imagined them to be the dark, muscular arm of Jesus wrapped around her. And in her imagination; he was soon laying in the tub, naked, beside her with his other hand wandering towards Suzie’s submerged crotch.

Suzie tried to move to break the strange sensation and dream-like state that she was in, but it was almost as-if she were held down. Why couldn’t she move? Then something touched her from under the water. It felt like a stranger’s hand that fondled her crotch and played in such a way to stimulate and arouse her.

Suzie just had to move, but she couldn’t! Someone or something had the power to hold her down in the tub while continuing to play and arouse her. It was the sensation of an invisible hand—the same hand that awoke her in the predawn hours—now fondling her breast! The terror caused Suzie to cry out. “NO! Help!” For some reason, she finally had the strength to move and jump out of the water.

There was a knock on the bathroom door. “Suzie? Are you okay in there?” It was the voice of Grandma.

Trembling with heart racing; Suzie answered, “Yeah, I’m okay. Sorry, I think I fell asleep.”

“Okay, well be careful in there!” urged Grandma.

Suzie grabbed her cell phone and texted Ellen. “I think he was here with me in the bathroom! Something was touching me in the bath tub!”

As Suzie dried off and slipped into her bathrobe, a text in reply came from Ellen. “That’s what I was going to tell you this morning. Jesus was buried right underneath where the bathtub is at, now.”

The End!

The Bathtub

  • Author: Tom Raimbault
  • Published: 2016-12-16 18:20:30
  • Words: 3921
The Bathtub The Bathtub