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The Awakening


The Awakening

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Copyright 2016 by Kenneth Chisholm The Awakening

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems without permission in writing from the publisher, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages in review.

First Edition May 2016

Printed in the United States of America

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any similarity to any events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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Chapter 1



It was a regular old boring day in my regular old boring high school in Cape Cod. It was the last month of school and I couldn’t wait for summer vacation to start. My junior year was finally about to end, finally. I went through the whole year drama free. How? I stayed to myself, that’s how.

It wasn’t like I was shy or awkward. I simply couldn’t stand being in the middle of the two-faced, dramatic, cyber bullying, soap opera called high school. I liked being a loner. I’m an only child that lives with his grandfather. I guess being a loner comes naturally to me. I had a few friends in school, but not much. I would say I’m a pretty good looking kid but I wasn’t popular or anything.

I just wasn’t worried about things the people my age were worried about. I wasn’t interested in the things they were interested in. I could care less about social media, reality shows, getting wasted, and whatever else my immature generation was interested in. I would always be in my own thoughts. I thought about the meaning of life, the universe, where we came from, those are the things that interested me. A philosopher my age just doesn’t fit in. I like it that way though. I would rather stand out than fit in.

I lived at my house with just my grandfather and our house cat Mittens. Some would say I lived a boring life but I didn’t care.

I walked down the halls of Barnstable High School, ready to leave. Different groups of students where clumped together in the hallways, chatting, laughing, taking pictures and all of the same stuff they do every day while I just made my way through the school like I was invisible. I walked outside of the school and past all of the buses.

I drove to school in my grandfather’s old beat up car every day. Anything was better than walking or riding the bus home. As I stepped into the parking lot I heard someone call my name.

“Ay Mark,” TJ said loud enough to get my attention.

I turned around to look at my friend TJ. He was a funny kid, a really popular guy, with brown scruffy but stylish hair and blue eyes. He always liked pranking people and cracking jokes. He was the class clown. He was one of my few friends in school, only because he was friends with everyone.

“What’s up TJ?” I asked.

“Guess who got their permit?” TJ said pointing to himself.

“I’m guessing you did TJ,” I said with a sigh.

“Yup,” he said like he was proud. “And that means I can drive, as long as I have a licensed driver in the passenger seat. And guess who has their license.”

I didn’t like where this was going.

“Me, TJ. I have my license,” I said, not as excited as he was.

“Smart guy,” he winked, “And guess who needs a ride to go pick up some stuff across town for a party?”

“I’m guessing you again,” I said.

“You’re a really good guesser. Come to my house tonight and we’ll go,” he said in a joking tone.

I honestly didn’t feel like going anywhere. I just wanted to go home, maybe crack a book open, get some rest, and chill out.

“I’m actually gonna be busy TJ,” I lied. “I got stuff to do so-”

“Pshht.” TJ interrupted. “C’mon man you don’t have anything to do but sit in your room alone and think about how boring you are dude. You gotta get out more. Now come pick me up at 6. I‘ll give you extra gas money.”

I laughed.

“Alright, whatever. I’ll see you at 6,” I said.

I guess hanging out with TJ was better than just sitting around.



Chapter 2



“So let me get this right.” I said to my ridiculous neighbor TJ who was standing at my doorway with his best friend Jarome. “You want to use my car to drive around for no reason?”

“Yup,” TJ said, in his annoying jokester tone.

“But I only have my permit and you only have your permit. The law states we need a licensed driver TJ.”

“Amanda, Amanda.” TJ said sounding cocky. “You forget you’re talking to a genius.”

“A freaking genius.” Jarome echoed, standing behind his best friend.

Oh God, here we go with these two. Dumb and dumber. Jarome and TJ. They lived to joke around with everybody. Jarome was African American with creamy brown skin and handsome features. He was a jokester like TJ, but was actually a really nice and polite guy. I’m not sure how they’re best friends because TJ was just so obnoxious and Jarome was surprisingly well mannered.

“I have a licensed driver who will be in the passenger seat. I got it covered.” TJ explained.

“He got it covered.” Jarome echoed again.

I rolled my eyes and said. “Well who’s the licensed driver?”

“Mark. I lied to him and told him I had to do something important so he’ll be here at 6.” TJ said.

“6 o-clock.” Jarome said behind TJ.

“Why don’t you just use his car?” I asked.

“Psht.” TJ spat “No offence to Mark, but I can’t drive that car. It would only cramp my style. My first time driving without my parents will not be in that car.”

“TJ only drives the best cars.” Jarome said.

I sighed and said.

“I really don’t want you to crash my brand new car TJ.”

“Amanda. Nothing can go wrong with me, my luck is too good. Besides, who cares if I crash it? You’re parents are rich, they’ll buy you a new one they have like 18 cars.” TJ exaggerated.

“18 of them!” Jarome yelled.

“What’s the point of you even going Jarome?” I asked.

TJ and Jarome looked at me like I had 8 heads. That’s when TJ took a step back and Jarome took a step forward. Now TJ was behind Jarome.

“Me?” Jarome pointed to himself. “What’s the point of me going? Do you know who I am?”

“Do you know who he is?” Now TJ was echoing Jarome. God save me.

“I’m the greatest thing since pizza.” Jarome said.

“Since pizza!” TJ yelled. “Have you ever even eaten pizza Amanda?”

“I don’t think she has TJ because if she had. She wouldn’t be questioning me like that.” Jarome joked.

“Nobody questions Jarome!” TJ yelled.

They stood back to back and both of them crossed their arms in a pose.

“You guys look like idiots.” I said.

“No, you’re wrong,” TJ said, “We look like we ‘bout to drop the hottest mix-tape this year.”

“No but seriously.” Jarome said. “Please, let us use the car. It’ll be fun, trust me. Come with us and have fun.”

“Whatever.” I said. “I guess I’ll let you use the car. I have nothing better to do.”

I guess I would go hang out with Jarome and TJ.

“Oh yea and my cousin Alex is going to.” TJ said quickly, hoping I wouldn’t hear him.

“Why are you bringing everyone TJ? My car’s going to be packed.” I complained.

“Amanda,” TJ said in a serious tone,” Alex has to get out more. He sits around all day doing nothing. It’s depressing, he’s not sitting in the house all day, and I’m making him come with us.”



Later on, Jarome, TJ, Alex and I were waiting in front of TJ’s house. Mark pulled up in TJ’s driveway in his car with his window down.

“My man.” TJ said. “Mark the shark from Sunset Park.”

“What’s Sunset Park?” TJ asked through his open car window.

“I don’t know.” TJ said. “It sounds cool though.”

TJ got out of his car and we all got in my car. Alex sat in between Jarome and me, looking kind of uncomfortable. I didn’t know Alex much. He was kind of strange in my opinion. He really didn’t have many friends, and if you tried to talk to him he would usually make it awkward. I don’t know why but he has always lived with TJ for as long as I could remember. I’m not sure of the situation with his parents.

We drove around for a while. TJ ended up telling Mark that he just wanted to drive around and hang out. Mark just laughed it off and came along. The windows were down and TJ had the music cranked up to the max. Jarome and TJ were singing along to the music loudly. I tried not to laugh at them too much. I learned a long time ago if you laugh at TJ’s jokes he just acts crazier.

I sat there, enjoying the nice warm summer day. I looked at Alex and he was just looking down at his folded hands. He looked uncomfortable.

Suddenly, the music from the radio cut off followed by an announcement from a radio personality.

“Breaking news. As reported by local and state police, terrorist Kai Leiko has been spotted in Massachusetts. There is a 1 million dollar reward in the aid of his capture. If you have saw this man or know of his whereabouts please call the police immediately. He is armed and very dangerous. We now go back to our planned schedule of music. The music started playing again. That terrorist Kai Leiko has been all over the news for the past few months.

I looked at Mark and noticed he started to shift in his seat. His head waved around slowly like he was dizzy. He clenched his eyes shut and squeezed his head like he was having a bad headache. TJ looked over to Mark and asked.

“You okay bro?”

Mark sat straight up in his seat with his eyes wide opened like he just saw a ghost.

“Watch out!” Mark yelled.

Mark lunged toward the steering wheel and jerked it all the way to the right, the car swerved to the right and veered off into the woods. I screamed as I ducked down, not knowing what was going on. I had my head down and my eyes shut, hoping the upcoming crash wouldn’t be so bad. I could hear the car being pelt with branches from bushes and small trees and then felt the impact of the crash into the woods.



Chapter 3



“How could they have avoided my steel ball!?” a cloaked man yelled, hiding in the woods.

“One of them must have clairvoyance,” another hooded man said with a hint of boredom in his voice.

“Both of you are idiots.” this shadowy figure was in a cloak and a hood like the other two, but he stood in an awkward crouch and looked smaller. His voice sounded creepy and menacing. “You have both failed master. You missed the vehicle with your attack, and you didn’t track them before their awakening was activated.”

“It’s not a problem. I’ll just create another steel ball and launch it at them where they are, then disintegrate both of the steel balls to hide the evidence.”

“Quickly before someone arrives,” the creepy voice said.




Chapter 4


A pounding headache beat inside my head. I wasn’t hurting from the car crash, I was hurting from all of the thoughts and visions that just came into my mind, like the most detailed dream you could ever have, and somehow I knew what I was seeing in my mind was about to happen to me in the very near future. I shook my head side to side, shaking away the dizziness and blinked away my blurry vision. When I could see clear I saw that everyone in the car was battered and bruised and the air bags of the car were deployed.

“Ugh.” Jarome grunted in pain. “What‘s your problem Mark!”

I know I probably looked crazy to everyone, but little did they know, I just saved all of our lives. Earlier, in my mind, I could see the car we were all driving being crush by some big metal object. I avoided it just before it flew at us. Nobody else in the car saw it though.

Grunts, groans and sounds of pain could be heard from everyone in the car, no one was too seriously injured. That’s when another vision hit me. I saw a long metal spike tear through the side of the car and impale Jarome in the chest.

“Everybody get out of the car!” I yelled in a panic.

All of them were still dizzy and disoriented from the crash. TJ was rubbing a bump on his head when he looked at me confused and said.

“Chill out bro. What the freak is wrong with you?”

I opened the car door and jumped out as fast as I could, then opened the back door and grabbed onto Jarome’s shirt, trying to tug him out of the car. Jarome looked at me like I was crazy, not understanding why I was trying to get him out. Jarome shot out of the car and punched me in the jaw. I fell onto the ground, that’s when a two foot steel spike plunged through the car’s window and stuck right into the seat Jarome was in. Jarome looked back at the seat shocked, knowing that he could have easily been dead a couple of seconds earlier.

“Everyone get out!” I yelled. “We’re being attacked by something!”

No one asked questions, everyone scurried out of the car, scared and confused. That’s when I had another vision, this time it was Alex being crush by a big metal cube, I dashed at Alex and tackled him onto the ground. A big steel cube crashed into the ground where he was just standing.

“We have to run.” I said standing up, in a stern tone. “Everyone follow me.”

I turned and started to run away through the woods. I had no idea what was happening to us, or why and how I could predict what was going to happen before it was happening. I was confused, but I didn’t have time to think about it. All I knew is we had to run away from that area. We were zigzagging, passing trees, running as fast as we could, trying to make it to somewhere safe.

Another vision flashed in my mind. I stopped dead in my tracks, spreading my arms out behind me to block anyone from running past me. A metal wall dropped down in front of us impaling into the ground the wall stood at least 10 feet high and was a foot thick. Another vision hit me. Two more walls just like the first one would drop down and close us in.

“We’re trapped!” I said.

Two more walls came down on each side enclosing us in, just like I predicted. There was an opening behind us in the direction we were running from. And then another vision came in my mind. This one was completely different. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing in my mind.

“No way.” I said in fear and disbelief.

Suddenly a big spike darted toward TJ, right at his chest.



Chapter 5



The spike shot incredibly fast right at my chest. It was like everything moved in slow motion as I watched the deadly long spike dart toward me.

The spike hit me right in the stomach, but it didn’t penetrate my skin at all. It shattered on impact with my skin.

“What?” I said confused. “How the heck?”

“The spikes can’t kill you for some reason,” Mark said. “But they can kill the rest of us, so let’s keep moving.”

Suddenly another wall came down and closed in the big opening that was just there and started to move in toward us.

“We’re gonna get crushed!” Amanda yelled.

Mark’s eyes widened, like it did the other times he could tell what was about to happen.

“No we’re not.” Mark said confident.

The wall crashed into me, but it did no damage to me, it simply wrapped around my body in a jumbled mess of metal.

“Hahaha,” I laughed. “Cool!” I guess I had super strength.

I pushed the broken wall back onto the ground. It made a loud sound as it crashed into the dirt.

“Guys,” Amanda said, getting everyone’s attention, “I can, kind of see them. There are 3 of them. One of them looks, kind of, strange. They’re lighting the car on fire right now.” she looked like she was concentrating on something as she explained this to us.

Okay, now this was freaking weird. I mean, I think it’s cool that I could move that giant wall and could take that long spike darting at me like Superman but this was just crazy. Now Amanda could see some people who were nowhere near us and Mark could tell the future. What the heck is going on?

“Let‘s run,” Mark said panicking, “We’re almost at a road.”

We ran out of that trap and kept running until we made it out of the woods. Nothing seemed to hurt me as I kept running in a straight path tree branches were hitting me across the face as I kept running but I couldn‘t even feel them, neither could I feel the bushes my legs were running through, I should be all scratched and bloody but only my clothes were effected, not my skin. I felt like I was plowing over everything in my path.

We stumbled into the street where cop cars were driving toward us with their lights already on. Someone must have called the cops when we crashed. They must have heard all of the noise we were making. Three cop cars screeched up to us and police stepped out of the car and hustled over to us.

“Hey! What are you kids doing? Why are you running?” an officer yelled.

“We were in an accident.” Jarome blurted out, “gas leaked out and somehow ignited the car on fire we ran because we didn’t want the car to explode.”

Good call Jarome. I also think it would be better to keep all of these shenanigans a secret until we can figure out just what the heck is going on.

“Are you guys okay? Do you need medical attention?” another officer asked.

“We’re fine.” I said, just trying to rush the police to get them away from us.

An officer spoke into his radio and called for a fire truck to put out the fire.



Chapter 6



The police gave us a ride back to me and TJ’s house. We were, in TJ’s room. All of us were confused and scared. Well at least I was.

“So what just happened to us?” Jarome asked what we all wanted to ask.

“I have no idea,” Mark said. “It was like I could see everything before it happened.”

“Amanda.” Jarome said. “Earlier you said you could see them. How did you see anything? I couldn’t see a thing.”

She squinted her eyes, thinking about how she should answer that question, and then she said.

“It was like I could see through things.”

“Like x-ray vision?” TJ asked.

“Kind of,” she said. “But not really. If that makes any sense.”

“You guys suck.” TJ said, “I’m the best. Amanda can see through stuff, yuck, and Mark isn’t anything but a good guesser. But me, I’m like superman. And you two are just losers,” he pointed to Jarome and me. “You can’t do anything.” he teased.

Jarome laughed at TJ, he must not take TJ’s insults serious, but me, I cringed inside. I hated being called a loser because I really felt like a loser. I mean I know TJ picked on and teased all of his friends playfully, but I just can’t stand it. People barely talk to me, TJ’s one of the only people that does and he just jokes on me all the time.

“But seriously Mark.” Jarome said. “Can you really tell the future?”

Mark thought about the question for a few seconds.

“I mean,” Mark said, “I can, but not really. When we were running I think I was just panicked and my adrenaline was pumping so I think whatever I was doing was more effective than how far into the future I can see. I‘m good at thinking under pressure so maybe that helped. Like right now I can only see a second or two into the future. And to be honest, I wouldn’t say I could exactly see into the future, it almost feels like I can only predict what is about to happen if that makes sense.”

“It makes sense to me,” Amanda said. “Because I could see through things better when we were running, and I also wouldn’t say this power is x-ray vision because I wasn’t actually seeing through anything, I was simply aware of where the attackers were and could see the outlines of them, but I could only be aware of them when they were in my line of sight.”

“Wait, wait, wait,” TJ butted in, “now you guy’s goofy powers are just confusing me”

“It actually makes perfect sense,” I blurted out on accident.

Everyone in the room looked at me, surprised I actually talked. I barely ever talked to any of them. I started regretting opening my stupid mouth. I hated being the center of attention.

“Pshht,” TJ spat, “How the heck does that make any type of sense?” TJ challenged, crossing his arms.

Nervousness attacked me. I felt like he had put a spot light on me. Everyone in the room was looking at me waiting on an answer.

“C’mon man,” Jarome said, giving me a friendly pat on the shoulder, “Don’t be shy. Speak up. We would love to hear what you would have to say.”

He actually made me feel better. Sometimes all I needed was some encouragement. I looked at Jarome, nodded and said.

“Well, both Amanda and Mark said they wouldn’t define their abilities as a basic form of what we would define as superpowers. We thought Mark could see into the future, but he said he could predict what would happen. We thought Amanda had x-ray vision, but she said she was aware instead.”

“So what does that have to do with anything?” TJ asked in a challenging tone.

“Amanda is aware. Mark can predict.” I said, “To be aware and to predict, you have to think. You have to take time to process information in your mind.” I turned my back to everyone in the room and said. “I’m aware that you are all behind me, not because I have a superpower, but because I simply processed the information in my mind of something I already knew. I’m aware that outside there are trees and birds, it’s not a superpower that I am aware, it’s just the ability of knowing, which knowing is the same of thinking.” I turned back around. “I can also predict you, one of you will speak after I’m done talking, not because I can tell the future, but because I’m processing information from situations I’ve been in before and knowing what will happen.”

“So what are you getting at?” TJ asked.

“What I’m getting at is these abilities are somehow linked to the mind. Mark and Amanda are somehow able to use the mind way better than what we understand right now. Mark is good at thinking under pressure and when he was in pressure his ability to predict was far greater than what he could do now. So I’m sure if you guys just focused and concentrated, your abilities will be amplified.”

Amanda shrugged and said. “Sounds about right to me. Let me concentrate and see if it works.”

Amanda closed her eyes and took a deep breath. It was dead silent in the room for a few moments.

“Wow,” Amanda whispered with her eyes still closed. “I can see all of you, I can see into the neighbor’s house. I can see the little boy next door playing with his dog in the living room,” she was silent a few moments. “I can see way down the street, four houses down the road I see a girl laying on her stomach in bed playing on her laptop, even further down the street I can see, ugh.” Amanda winced in pain.

“You okay?” TJ asked, putting his hand on her shoulder.

“Ya, I’m fine,” she said, “I just have a little headache now. But Alex was right. It worked.”

Jarome smiled and said. “See I knew you were a genius.” Jarome playfully nudged me in the shoulder. It felt good that someone gave me a compliment.

“Well how does that explain my power?” TJ asked.

“I’m not sure,” I said. “But I bet you it has something to do with your mind.”

“Well why don’t you try and focus Mark?” Jarome said. “You might be able to predict something even better.”

Mark closed his eyes and concentrated. He focused for a little while, opened his eyes and said.

“It kind of works for me.” Mark said, “But nothing worth even mentioning. I could already feel a headache coming and I wasn’t even focused for that long.”

“It seems that there are limits to each ability.” I said.

“Nope,” TJ said, “There’s no limit to mine,” he pretended to flex his arm muscles.

“Well, it seems Amanda is better at focusing her ability because I can’t focus for long without feeling a headache coming.” Mark explained.

“Why don’t you guys try it?” Mark said. “I don’t see why we can do these things and you two can’t. Maybe you just have to concentrate to figure out what your powers are.”

He might be right. I hoped he was right. I hated being left out. I hated being the loser of the group with nothing.

“I’m gonna try it.” Jarome said excited.

“Just close your eyes.” Mark said. “Try and meditate. Just clear your mind and concentrate on having a power.”

Jarome took a deep breath and closed his eyes. The room was dead silent. Jarome was breathing slowly with his eyes closed looking calm and peaceful. That’s when little objects in the room started to float. Pencils, pens and pieces of paper slowly lifted off of the surfaces they were on.

“Woe!” TJ shouted, breaking Jarome’s concentration.

The small objects fell to the ground.

“What happened?” Jarome asked when he opened his eyes.

“Stuff in the room started to float around.” Mark said.

“I can make stuff float?” Jarome asked with a hint of excitement.

“It’s probably telekinesis.” I said.

“Concentrate on picking that textbook up.” TJ said pointing to a book on his desk.

Jarome squinted his eyes, looking at the book. Moments later the book lifted in the air. Jarome held his hand out and the book flew to his hand. Jarome grabbed the book out of the air and said.

“It works!” he laughed. “I got a power too.”

Jarome let go of the book and directed it around the room as he held his hand out.

“It seems it’s easier to move objects if I use my hands to direct them.” he said concentrating.

“Now it’s your turn Alex.” TJ said. “You concentrate and figure out if you have a power.”

There I was feeling like I had a spotlight on me again. I really hoped I had a power and didn’t look like a loser in front of everyone in the room.

Jarome looked at me and said.

“Just focus on having a power, concentrate, and meditate. That’s what I did and it worked.”

I took a deep breath and said.

“Here goes.”

I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate as best as I could. I felt under pressure because I knew everyone was watching me expecting me to come up with some kind of special power like they all had. I was there for moments but nothing was happening for me. I started to feel nervous, and then I started to get mad at myself.

Why do I have to be the loser with no powers? Why am I the one always coming up short? Why am I useless? I clenched my eyes shut as tight as I could and gritted my teeth. I was trying to force myself to have a power but nothing was happening. I started to sweat heavy.

“Woe,” TJ said. “Chill out bro.”

I opened my eyes, ashamed and embarrassed. I was feeling hot and was sweating. Sweat started to seep through the collar of my t shirt. Everyone in the room looked at me feeling bad for me. Even TJ looked like he had pity for me. They could see how much I wanted to have a power. It made me feel even worse.

“Alex.” TJ said in a quiet tone. “It’s okay bro. Maybe you just-”

“Shut up TJ!” I spat on accident with tears welling up in my eyes.

Why did he have to be nice now? I would honestly rather he makes fun of me at a time like this. Not show pity on my embarrassing failure. I didn’t want to make myself look even more like a loser so I just walked out of the room, slammed the door shut, sped toward the back door and went into the back yard. I had to get away from everyone and clear my mind so I decided to go the fire pit in the back yard and start a small fire. I went here whenever I wanted privacy to think.

It was a small stone fire pit in the middle of the backyard, surrounded by outdoor chairs. A neat stack of chopped wood sat a distance away from the pit I walked to the wood, tossed a couple pieces into the pit, and lit them on fire. I liked the smell that came from the burning wood. I sat down in one of the chairs and took a deep breath.

Why me? Why did I have to be such a loser? Of course it would be me who is the only one without a power. My whole life I had the worst luck in the world. When I was just a baby both of my parents died in a car accident, I don’t even remember them. I grew up living with my aunt, uncle, and TJ. I mean, my aunt and uncle treated me like a their son, and even TJ treated me like his little brother, but deep down I can’t help but feel out of place. I had no people I could really call my friends. No talents, no skills, nothing that makes me any type of important or special. And now this. If anyone deserved a power, it was me. I came up short on every turn my entire life but this one was by far the worse.

I gritted my teeth in anger as I glared into the burning fire. Suddenly the fire blasted out of the pit. The blast took me right out of my deep thought, I could do nothing but put my hands in front of my face to try and block the flames. That’s when the fire stopped in mid-air, in front of my hands. I looked at the flame in disbelief as it shrank in the air and danced in a small ball in front of my hands still in front of my face. I extended my arm and the flame floated in front of my hand.

I could control fire

“Yes!” I shouted as I jumped out of my seat.

When I shouted the small flame shot down into the pit and pieces of ash and wood shot out, getting all over my face and chest. I had to keep my emotions and thoughts in check when I was around this fire. My heart was beating so hard in my chest I could almost hear it. A flurry of emotions rushed me. I walked around the yard in a circle and walked back and forth. I had to get cleaned up. I didn’t want my aunt or uncle seeing me with all types of ash, wood chips, and dirt on my face. I walked over to the outdoor shower in an awkward stride. I opened the shower, walked in closed the door, took off my shirt, stood there in my shorts and turned on the water.

I took a deep breath as I looked up into the starry night sky through the opening of the shower. I calmed down. I was actually happy. I had a power like TJ’s friends did. I won’t be as much of a loser to them. I relaxed and slowed down my breathing as I closed my eyes. I tried to focus on being calm. Why did we even get powers? Where did they come from? As I was thinking I noticed the water stopped. I opened my eyes and saw the water was still coming out of the shower head but was suspended in air around me. I jumped back in shock and the water all crashed to the ground.

I could control water too. I wonder if I could control anything else.


Chapter 7



“Shut up TJ!” Alex yelled with tears in his eyes and sweat dripping from his forehead.

I could tell he was embarrassed and ashamed. He clenched his teeth and stormed out of the room, slamming the door when he left.

“I’ll go talk to him.” Jarome said, taking a step for the door.

“No.” TJ put his hand on his shoulder. “Just leave him be. There’s nothing you could say to make him feel better right now. Give him some space.”

“Maybe you’re right. I just hope Alex is okay.” Jarome said.

The room was silent for a moment.

“But anyways, forget that party pooper,” TJ joked, breaking the awkward silence and lightening the mood.

“So why us?” I asked. “Why do we have these powers?”

“Because you guys were with me.” TJ said. “And I’m the greatest thing on the planet.”

“But seriously.” Jarome said. “Mark asks a good question. Why us? And what do we do now?”

“On a serious note.” TJ said looking at me with that face that said okay, no more jokes, “We keep this secret to ourselves. We tell absolutely no one until we figure out just what the heck is going on. Obviously someone or something wants us dead. Thanks to Mark, we got away safe. If we go around showing the world we have these powers we could get killed in minutes.”

“You’re right about that.” Amanda said.

We chatted for a little while. Trying to come up with some type of reason this was happening to us. Alex rushed into the room with no shirt on, only some soaking wet shorts. He looked crazy, water dripped from him onto the floor. He had a big smile plastered on his face.

“What the heck are you doing Alex?” TJ asked.

“I have a power.” Alex’s said out of breath, his voice was filled with excitement.

“I’m happy for you bro. This is actually the first time I ever saw you smile in all this time I have known you.” Jarome said with a smile.

“So let’s see it.” I said. “What’s your power?”

“I actually have four.” Alex said.

Everyone in the room looked shocked, even me.

“I can control Fire, water, wind and rocks. I was messing around with it in the back yard.” Alex said excited.

“Good stuff Alex.” Jarome laughed and gave him a playful nudge. “You got the best powers out of all of us.”

“Good thing.” TJ said. “I was starting to feel bad for you.”

“We should actually go somewhere and practice using our powers.” Alex suggested.

“Good idea.” I said. “We might as well learn how to use these powers, or whatever they are, effectively and use them in a safe way not to hurt ourselves or someone else.”

“I have the perfect place we can go to mess around with our powers.” Amanda said.

“Where’s that?” TJ asked.

“There’s a pathway in my backyard that leads to a field and lake in the middle of the woods that nobody ever goes to. It’s actually my parents’ property so nobody is allowed to go there. My parents own all of the woods behind our house. There’s nothing interesting in those woods for anyone to ever go there. It’s a nice private area. There’s actually an old car at the bottom of the lake that my dad used to practice scuba diving.”

“Well that sounds like the perfect place for us to practice using our powers.” I said.



About a week passed. We have been coming to the lake every day to practice using our powers in private. Amanda and I didn’t do much but watch TJ, Jarome and Alex use their power’s but sometimes I would meditate on top of big rocks Alex would balance in the air. It was hard to concentrate when I felt like I could fall off of the rock any second but when I got into it I would forget I was even on a rock and get lost in my meditations.

Every day Alex would separate the water of the lake and reveal the old car sitting at the bottom. TJ would walk to the car, lift it over his head, and carry it out dropping it on the ground. Jarome would practice lifting the car with his powers until eventually it got easy enough for him to lift effortlessly without getting a headache.

This day we were having fun. TJ, Amanda, and I were sitting on top of the car while Jarome made us float in the air. Alex made rocks that were the size of us float around the car in the air also. TJ hopped from the car and landed on a rock, and then hoped on another rock. It wasn’t as dangerous as it looked because TJ wouldn’t be harmed by falling because of his powers.

We were all laughing and joking around until Amanda shouted.

“Guys stop!”

Jarome made us land and we got off of the car

“What’s wrong? What did you break a nail?” TJ joked.

“No this is serious someone’s watching us. I can see them hiding in the woods.”

Suddenly someone stepped from behind a tree and stood at the edge of the fields and woods. He was standing there with a blank expression on his face. He had dark tan with jet black eyes and short cut hair. He was wearing a thin flak jacket over a hooded sweatshirt, with a backpack on his back. He had sweatpants on with a strap around his legs that held some kind of container against his leg.

“Who is he? And how long do you think he’s been watching us?” I asked.

“I’m not sure,” Amanda said, “He’s just staring at us.”

The person reached into a pocket on his flak jacket and pulled out a throwing knife.

“He looks like he’s going to attack us.” I said. “Be ready.”

“Haha,” TJ laughed, “There’s no way that guy could throw that knife way across the field at us.”

That’s when I foresaw the person tossing the knife all the way across the field and almost hitting Amanda. The man tossed the knife all the way across the field. I knew the knife wouldn’t hit Amanda but he still nudged her feet out of harm’s way. He ran at toward us extremely fast.

“Wow.” TJ said amazed. “He’s freaking fast!”

“Let’s see how fast he runs knee deep in water.” Alex said.

Alex pointed his opened hands toward the pond, pulling out most of the water and pushing it toward the man, the man jumped up and ran on top of the water like it was a solid ground.

“What?” Alex said confused. “How is he doing that?”

“Catch all of the knives Jarome!” I yelled, knowing the man was about to toss more knives at us.

Jarome pointed his hand out as the man ran at us and tossed 5 more knives at us one after another, each one of them stopped, suspended in air, just in front of each one of our faces. These ones would have killed all of us if it weren’t for me and Jarome. The man kept running to us, getting closer.

Jarome shot the knives he held in the air back at the man faster than they came, all at the same time the knives barreled toward the man in air. They were spread out far enough so at least a couple knives were sure to hit the man. He leaped right at the knives and span in midair vertically, in the same motion he snatched two of the knives out of the air, dodged the other knives, landed, and proceeded to run at us.

I noticed Alex was shaking. I looked him in the eyes and noticed he was smirking.

“I’ll crush him.” Alex said with an edge to his voice no one has ever heard before.

Alex pointed his arms out and pulled 3 big boulders up from deep into the ground. The boulders hovered in front of him and he pushed them toward the man. When the boulders were just about to crush him he jumped up and landed on one then hopped onto each boulder then landed on the ground and kept running toward us. Alex’s eyes widened. He was shocked the man could move so fast.

“Enough of this.” TJ snickered. “I’m taking him out.”

TJ dashed ran straight at the man, confident that he couldn’t be hurt by him. They met in the middle of the field, at about ten feet away from each other the man threw one of his knives right at TJ’s face. TJ didn’t flinch. He kept running toward the man as the knife shattered on contact with his face. They met face to face at full speed. TJ swung a punch at the man but the man quickly ducked under TJ’s swing and pushed his palm into TJ’s stomach.

TJ’s body suddenly fell to the ground. He didn’t look hurt. He just looked like he was stuck in the same spot. He looked like he was struggling to stand up. The man ran passed TJ and continued to run closer to us. The man was getting too close, too fast.

He was about 10 feet away. He tossed a knife right at Jarome. Jarome quickly put his hand up and stopped the blade in the air just inches in front of his face. The man used this moment while Jarome was distracted to palm Jarome in his chest while he snatched the knife floating in the air. Jarome was on the ground unable to move.

Alex gritted his teeth and shot a flame at the man. The man quickly dashed backwards avoiding the flame. Alex pushed a big wall of flames at the man. He couldn’t even see the man because the flame was so big. Suddenly a knife shot toward Alex from the flames. I pushed Alex to the ground just in the nick of time. Alex and I were on the ground, but I stood up quick because I knew the man was about to rush at me. The man dashed at me and swung the knife at my neck. I could tell the move he was going to do before he did it so it wasn’t a problem to dodge his attack. Alex stood up and lifted a big rock off of the ground making it float next to himself. I could tell he wanted to launch a rock or fire ball at the man but he was too close to me, so Alex could only watch and wait for an opening. The man swung the knife at me from different angles but I kept dodging them. Thanks to my ability I could tell his moves before he would make them, but I didn’t want to trip up or lose focus because he would surely cut me. The man went to sweep kick me off of my feet but I jumped backwards dodging his leg, but before I could even land on the ground the man ran at me and palmed my chest.

I fell to the ground, feeling like I couldn’t move no matter how hard I tried. He tricked me into jumping because I couldn’t dodge his next move in midair.

He suddenly dashed at Amanda and held the knife to her throat.

“Nobody move,” he said in a plain voice, not even out of breath.

We all looked around at each other shocked. The man stood there holding the knife up to Amanda’s neck.


Chapter 8



Amanda was breathing heavy and sweating. The man’s blade was barely touching her neck. I was worried for her but there was nothing I could do. If I tried to do anything to the man he would easily kill Amanda. The man spoke.

“Phones, iPods, anything that connects to the internet, toss them over,” his tone was plain and emotionless.

We all looked at each other, worried and confused. We didn’t want the man to hurt Amanda, so we listened to his command. We all tossed him our devices. He tossed them all into the lake nearby. Me, TJ, and Mark were all still on the ground, not wanting to move too much to instigate the man to do anything crazy.

The man made eye contact with each one of us, one by one. Then he spoke.

“None of you will last long,” he put his knife back in his flak jacket, “get up,” he commanded in an emotionless tone.

We slowly stood up.

“You okay Amanda?” I asked.

“I’m fine.” Amanda said relieved, and walked away from the man toward me, still shaken up.

“Why did you attack us?” TJ said angry.

He looked at TJ and said.

“Not that you’re asking the right questions, but I had to figure out your abilities and skills. I was testing you guys and you all failed horribly.”

“How did you find us? And how long did you know about us.” Mark asked.

“You’re asking the right questions. I was tracking somebody that was tracking you. In turn I found you,” the man said.

“Who was tracking us?” Jarome asked.

“Nobody to be concerned about anymore.” he said.

Everyone was silent for a moment.

“How did you know our powers?” Alex asked. “There’s no way you could counter all of our powers and beat us without having info on us.”

“They aren’t powers as you call them,” he said.

“So what are they?” Mark asked.

“They are called awakenings. Every person on the planet has potential to be awoken, but there are many people, groups, organizations and governments that suppress this fact to keep the people in power on top. It would be hard to control countries full of people who are awoken,” he explained.

“Well how did you know our awakenings?” Alex asked. “The way you countered each one of our abilities so easily shows me that you had to have information on us before we ever even saw you.”

“I didn’t know,” he said, “You all showed me your awakening one by one. I tossed a knife purposely missing the girl and I found out one of you were clairvoyant because he moved her away from the knife, after that I knew I could launch fatal attacks in confidence that you would be able to dodge them. The telekinetic put up a shield and caught knives in the air, the elemental launched flames and water at me, and the shield ran at me head on, showing me he could withstand fatal attacks. That’s why I threw a knife at his face.”

“Shield?” TJ said confused. “What do you mean shield?”

“You don’t have super strength or durability,” he said, “Your body has a very thin, but strong force field around it that can repel almost anything. The reason you can break almost anything is because your force field around your body is breaking it and not your physical body. If you concentrate on the shield around you, you would be able to use your awakening more effective. Each awakening is kind of like what you would call psychic abilities. Telekinesis, reading minds, force fields, elemental control, all of these are linked with modern definitions of psychic abilities. If you focus on your awaking in that manner you will use them more effective.”

“Why are you telling us all of this information?” Alex asked. “And why should we trust you.”

“I’m not asking you to trust me. Don’t trust me. Don’t trust anyone from here on out, not even each other. And I’m simply telling you guys this information because the better you guys get at using you awakenings the more it will help me in my goal,” he explained.

“What is your goal?” Jarome asked.

“I want a world where everyone is equal. Where everyone can be awoken without fear of death. Where everyone can say how they really fell without being looked at like a freak. I’m telling you all now. The moment the government or certain organizations find out about you guys you will be suppressed or terminated. Post any crazy videos about what has been happening to you and what you know, it will be taken down and deleted off of the internet in minutes and you will be found. Doing too much research on the internet on subjects related and you will be found. I suggest you all find ways to communicate with each other that’s off the grid. It’s very easy to get information on you all by tracking your technology.”

“Why are you helping us?” Mark asked.

“I’m not helping you.” he said. “I’m helping myself. From the intel that I managed to get on you guys I figured out you guys survived an encounter with The Council. I don’t know how you survived when I could take you all down so easy, so I’m guessing it was luck.”

“The Council? Who’s that?” Amanda asked.

“That must be those people that tried to kill us when we first figured out we had powers.” Jarome said.

“You’re right,” the man said.

“Why are they after us? And how did they even know we had awakenings?” Alex asked.

“They have a member in their group that can sense who has been awoken. Each member in their group has incredibly powerful awakenings, skills, and abilities. They use every tool that they have to hunt down certain awoken people and kill them.”

“Why?” I asked.

“I’m not quite sure of their reason.” he said “I’ve only encountered a few of them. I think there are about 7 or 8 of them. Each one of them is extremely powerful and dangerous. I doubt luck will be on your side if you even encounter another one of them again.”

“Do they work with the government?” Alex asked.

“No.” he said, “That’s a whole different monster to deal with, even though these people are more dangerous. The Council most likely tried to kill you guys simply because you’re a large group of untrained kids that discovered their awakenings at the same time. That brings on heat from the government if one of you does something stupid the government would be here snooping around. The Council must be based out of here right now and doesn’t want heat from the government, so decided to take you out to cover themselves. I don’t really know their full plan but I’m sure it’s nothing good. They have killed many people and are feared around the planet by awoken people. The government has many originations dealing with awoken people in different ways. Basically all they do is try and suppress everyone’s powers by many ways that is way too much to talk about right now. But if their plans fail on a few people and they somehow do get awoken, the government will either try to erase their memory, force them to be quiet or even take them in to their elite group if they work for them.”

“This is all so crazy.” Jarome said, shaking his head. “How come we were even awoken? Why us?”

“Sometimes people are just awoken. It just happens that way. Some people could have an awakening their whole lives but just simply don’t even notice it, they don’t know how to use it or they just don’t know they have it. From what happened when the council tried to kill you, Mark’s awakening must have activated simply because it was a near death experience. Mark most likely had an awakening his whole life but simply didn’t notice it. Being in a life or death situation must have pushed it to its full potential and he used it correctly. The rest of you also most likely activated yours simply from being in a near death experience and also simply knowing about awakenings can activate yours.”

“So that’s it?” Amanda said. “All we have to do is tell someone that there are awakenings and they’ll have one just like that.”

“It’s not that simple Amanda.” he said. “I don’t have time to explain the whole reasoning behind all of that. But the government suppresses most people’s awakenings. So even if you’re aware you still might not be awoken. There was a combination of things that made all of your awakenings activate. Simply being aware that everything you grew up believing is false is the most common way to be awoken.”

“You,” the man said looking at Alex. “Your parents. Where are they?”

“My parents?” Alex said confused. “Why would you ask something like that?”

The man said, “I’m asking about your parents because-”

“His parents died.” TJ said interrupting the man. “They were my aunt and uncle. We really don’t wanna talk about this. It’s a touchy subject.”

The man looked at TJ and said, “Whatever.”

“So what’s your name?” Mark asked the man.

“You could call me Bishop,” he said

“What do you want with us?” Mark asked. “Why did you find us?”

Bishop went into his backpack and had a folder thick filled with papers. He handed it to me because I was the person standing closes to him. I opened it and the first thing I saw was a file with a picture of Amanda walking out of her house in the corner of the paper.

It was a whole file on Amanda. It had all of her info, her full name, address, blood type, birthdate, phone number, everything. I looked at the file feeling uncomfortable. I flipped to the next page and it was a picture of me. My heart dropped, it had all of my personal information.

[_Name: Jarome Martin _]

Awakening: Unknown

Status: Under Surveillance

They knew everything about me. I didn’t need to see any more. I passed the folder over to Mark who flipped through it. We all took turns looking through the files.

“Who is watching us?” TJ asked.

Bishop looked at us and said, “It’s a branch off of The Council. There is a man who is relatively new to The Council who is basically just using their organization for his own purposes. He has a small group of members based out of a warehouse watching all of you.”

“Who is he?” Alex asked.

“Greir.” Bishop said. “He’s the only person on The Council that I know by name. His awakening is controlling and creating metal.”

My heart skipped a beat. Mark gasped and said.

“That’s him! He was the one who tried to kill us already!”

“I’m aware of that.” Bishop said. “Right now is your best chance to go there and destroy the computer that has all of you guy’s information on it. In that folder I have the location to their warehouse and info on the people there.”

TJ looked at Bishop and said.

“How do we get in touch with you if we need to talk to you?”

“There’s not much you would need to talk to me about. But I would contact you if I think there is something we could speak of.”

It was silent for a moment.

“I have to go” Bishop said. “Don’t do anything stupid. Lay low and you should survive for a few extra weeks.”

He ran off into the woods.



Chapter 9



I was laying in my bed staring at my ceiling in deep thought. I found it so strange that Bishop asked about Alex’s parents. Nobody knew the truth about Alex’s parents other than my mother, father and me, and we still didn’t know the whole truth. I had tons of questions I needed answered.

“Hey,” a voice said from my window, scaring me and making me almost jump out of my bed.

I looked over to my window and Bishop was sitting with one leg up on my windowsill. How the heck did he get there without me hearing him?

“The elemental,” Bishop said. “Tell me the truth about his parents?”

“Wait,” I said. “I want answers out of you first. I’m not telling you a thing until I get the info I need because I could tell you everything I know and you could just leave without telling me anything.”

Bishop shrugged and said. “Whatever kid. Ask away.”

Bishop actually agreeing to give me info showed me that Alex’s parents’ information had to be important somehow. Earlier in the day Bishop only gave us information that benefited him.

“How could you even tell that there was any type of secret about Alex’s parents?” I asked.

“Because he has multiple awakenings. Someone with multiple awakenings is called an adroit.”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“For somebody to have multiple awakenings is very rare, let alone four like he has. The only way for someone to have multiple awakenings is for their parents to have the same blood type, be the same age, born in the same week, and have the same type of awakenings. Even then, it’s not guaranteed their children will have multiple awakenings. Alex’s parents, each one of them must have had two elemental awakenings each, and by extreme luck he inherited all four of them.”

“So what?” I said. “Ya, it’s rare, he’s an adroit or whatever you call it, but what does that have to do with everything?”

“It’s almost impossible to have more than one awakening at the same time.” he said this like it was a fact that he had to get through my head. “The only real way to do it is to breed humans.”

“What?” I said in disbelief.

“It was way more than likely that Alex’s parents were bread from two people, and in turn, he was bread from them, making him an adroit. He most likely has brothers or sisters who were born without awakenings that were disposed of.”

I looked at the ground with a flurry of emotions.

“Now tell me the truth.” Bishop said. “Because I know he’s not your real cousin.”

“You’re right,” I said with sadness in my voice. “He’s not my cousin by blood. My parents literally found him on the side of the road when he was two. I was three at the time so I don’t remember much. We keep it a secret from him because we don’t want him to feel bad.”

“What condition was he in and when your parents found him?”

“They said he was malnourished and to this day he still has a bad burn on his back from when he was a baby.”

“Where did you find him?”

“A couple of towns over.”

“Who else knows this?”

“Just me, my parents, and now you. My parents reported the incident to the police and legally adopted him. They lied to the police and said that they found him in a dumpster after they already kept him for a couple of days, so the police would think that whoever ditch him there didn’t want him and would take the case less serious in finding his parents.”

“What was he wearing when you found him?”

“My parents said he was wearing an all gray baby one piece.”

“My assumptions were right. That’s what they have the babies wear at the breeding stations.”

“How many people are there like Alex?”

“He is the only one I have ever heard about. He could very well be the only person on the planet with four awakenings. Many organizations go out and kill anyone they see with more than one awakening because they fear that one person could be too strong. Even whole breeding stations have been blown up. Everyone fears adroits.”

“Well how come you didn’t try to kill him if adroits are so dangerous?” I asked.

“I tested each one of you out in the field and I know for a fact that none of you could kill me. None of you have the mindset, ability, or skill to do it. You guys have years and years and years before you get anywhere near my level. I doubt any of you guys will survive long enough to develop your skills beyond mine.”

“So who are these sickos that are breeding people?”

“Nobody really knows,” he said. “It’s someone or some group that’s trying to create a powerful group. Nobody really fears them though because it’s so rare that a child be born with multiple abilities. If I had to estimate, the only have about 10, 15 tops people with two abilities if they are even still active. And it would be hard to control each one of them individually, unless they are brainwashing them from birth, which even then would still be hard to control them. And if they let a person with four awakenings slip out of their grasp I wouldn’t take them too serious. They are sickos, but nobody worth fearing. I can tell you one thing though. Alex would have been dead long ago if it wasn’t for your parents lying to the police about how they found him and when they found him, also it helps that you guys are basically a normal family, because if someone were to look for him they would look for someone associated with people who have knowledge of awakenings. But be careful, because if any other awoken finds out he has more than one power a dangerous target will be placed on your friend.”

“My cousin.” I corrected with anger in my voice. “He might not be related to me by blood but he’s my family.”

“Whatever. Just be careful. If anyone should tell him the truth about his parents, it should be you. I don’t think it would be a good idea for you to tell him though.”

He was absolutely right. How would I tell Alex he wasn’t really my cousin? How do I tell him that we found him dumped on the side of the road? How do I tell him he was bread by some sickos as some type of experiment or something? I felt bad for Alex. He went through so much as a kid and I think it would be better to simply keep this information away from him.

“Thanks for coming to see me and giving me this info.” I said to Bishop.

“Don’t thank me.” he said. “Believe it or not, I haven’t helped you much. I probably just gave you more problems. From my experience, the more you know about awakenings, the more trouble you get into.”

“Why don’t these people come after us now?” I asked, “I mean, they have all the info on us and could come at any moment.”

“They’re waiting for the right time,” Bishop said. “If they came into your homes to kill you it would raise suspicion from the government. They are simply waiting to get you at the perfect time.”

“One more thing,” I said. “Why are you so interested in Alex? Is it because you’re also an adroit?”

He made a slight snicker and said.

“I’m no adroit. If I was, I would have accomplished my goals long ago.”

“I don’t believe you.” I said. “You were way too fast for a normal person. That had to be an awakening. It’s like you had super speed and also you paralyzed me, Jarome, and Alex when you touched us. That’s two different awakenings right there. I’m not even counting how strong you would have to be to toss those knifes so far and fast across the field.”

“It’s all only one awakening. When you learn to use your awakening properly you’ll be able to utilize it to do many different things with it. And I already explained to you for someone to have more than one awakening they would have to be the same type. What you call super speed would be a force type of ability, like you have. To paralyze would be a mental type of ability, those are two different types of awakenings. There are five types of abilities. Force, Mental, Elemental, Energy, and Kinesis. Each one of them has branches of different awakenings with all types of variations and different types of ways to be used. You have a force type awakening. Believe it or not you can enhance your speed by concentrating on moving the field around your body instead of moving your body itself. Alex can concentrate on manipulating wind around his body to fly. Jarome can also lift himself to fly. Practice with your awakenings enough, be creative, and you’ll be able to use each awakening for many things.” he explained.

Everything he told me helped a whole lot. I honestly started to regret being awoken. It was a whole lot safer just being a normal person. I now had to worry about all types of people or organizations, including the government coming after Alex. I never cared that he wasn’t my real cousin because I always loved him like a brother. I had to keep his parents secret from him still though. This just isn’t the right time.

“Take some time and think about everything.” Bishop said, as he walked toward my window, he put one foot on the windowsill, “And don’t forget to train your awakening. Tell your friends everything I told you besides the stuff about Alex.”

“Thanks man.” I said. “You helped a whole lot.”

“Stop thanking me,” he said. “I’m not helping you. I told you some simple info. I still doubt your little group will last long anyways. You’re in a dangerous game now kid. Trust no one. Be cautious. Your whole world has changed. Good luck.” he left out of my window, moving so fast all I saw was a blur. I looked out my window and saw him run through the woods faster than a cat. I took a deep breath, and went to bed.


Chapter 10



I woke up the next day refreshed. The early morning sun shined into my bedroom as I stared at my ceiling thinking about everything. I had to admit, I was kind of embarrassed that Bishop owned all of us like that. But when we were fighting, I felt alive. I felt powerful. I couldn’t wait to go back to the field and train some more. I wanted to get as strong as possible. I wanted to prove to everyone that I wasn’t just some loser anymore. I wanted to prove to TJ that I was better than him.

I thought about fighting Bishop. I was really the only one that could stand up to him. He was focusing all of his attention on me in the fight. He could tell I was the most powerful in our group, even if he was way stronger than all of us.

I caught myself smiling. I sat up in my bed. That’s when a bang on my door knocked me out of my thoughts. I knew it was TJ. I sucked my teeth and dropped back down into my bed, covering my head with a pillow. TJ busted in my room.

“Wakey, wakey, softy,” he said with his obnoxious voice.

It was way too early for this.

“What do you want TJ?” I said annoyed, from under my pillow.

“Dude seriously,” his tone lowered, “We need to go to this warehouse and destroy this computer. We need to find out why this dud Grier tried to kill us and what the heck is going on.”

It was rare that I ever agreed with TJ, but this was one of those times. I honestly just wanted to have a chance to fight that guy who tried to kill us with the metal. Then I remembered Bishop saying The Council had extremely powerful members. I needed to get some practice if I wanted to fight him.

“We should do some more training.” I said.

“Good idea,” TJ said, “Bishop stopped by last night and told me better ways for us to develop our awakenings.”

“He stopped by here?” I asked. “To see you?”

“Ya.” TJ said lie it was no big deal.

I paused for a second, and then said.

“How come he asked about my parents? That was weird.”

“Oh that was nothing,” TJ said, waving his hand, “He said you just were so good at using your powers already that he thought your parents must have trained you from when you were a little kid. But that doesn’t matter because I’m still stronger than you.” TJ joked.

He actually made me laugh. I’m the strongest. I was actually happy that Bishop thought I was so talented at using my awakening.

“Well let’s go back to the lake,” I said, “Just me and you. We could use some practice.”



Alex and I were back at the field. He told me everything Bishop told him, about how I could potentially use my wind to fly, about how Jarome could potentially lift himself to fly, how TJ could make his body move faster with the force field around his body. I was so excited to get better with my awakening.

I tried to lift myself with wind. A gust of wind twirled around me but didn’t get anywhere near lifting me. No matter how strong I made the winds I couldn’t lift myself. TJ was on the other side of the field trying to practice using his awakening. He walked over to me and said.

“Any luck flying?”

“No,” I said, “Not even close. Any luck making your body move faster?”

“Not even close.”

It was silent for a moment. Then TJ broke the silence.

“Try and burn me,” he said.

“What?” I asked, not believing what I just heard.

“Try and burn me with your fire. I wanna see if it can hurt me.”

He held up his hand.

“Okay,” I said hesitantly, “Here goes.”

I shot a small flame at his hand.

“Ha,” TJ laughed, “Nothing. Make a bigger flame.”

I made a bigger one and shot it at his hand.

“Come on bro,” he said like he was disappointed, “Hit me with some real heat!”

I smiled.

“You asked for it TJ.”

I took a step back and shot a big continuous flame at his hand. It sounded like a giant flamethrower. His hand was just blocking the flames. The flames split on impact with his hand and disappeared in the air. I was starting to get hot. TJ’s awakening really was powerful.

“Hit me with a rock.” TJ said.

I pointed my hand at a large boulder on the wall of the lake. The boulder was bigger than both of us.

“You sure?” I asked.

“Stop being a loser and hit me.”

I shot the boulder at him as fast as I could. When the boulder hit him it lifted him off of the ground. TJ’s body was still on the boulder as it flew across the field, I stopped the boulder in the air and TJ’s body fell off and rolled on the ground. My heart skipped a beat. I thought the rock would just explode on impact with him. The boulder stayed suspended in air.

“You okay?” I said, worried.

TJ stood up and dusted himself off, then said.

“I’m fine. It didn’t hurt. It still weighs more than me so it can move me.”

TJ looked at the boulder I held floating in the air and smirked.

“Don’t move it,” he said with a devilish grin.

He walked over to the boulder and climbed on it while it was still in the air. He tried to keep his balance on it and stood on it like it was a surf board.

“I’m flying!” he laughed.

I made the boulder he was balancing on lift him higher in the air as I pointed my hand up holding the boulder high in the sky. TJ was laughing and smiling. I couldn’t help but also laugh.

“Hey!” TJ yelled down to me, “Forget using the wind to make you fly. Just make a big rock fly and stand on it!”

I pointed my free hand to another boulder and made it float to me. It was kind of hard to make two separate boulders float in different motions in different places, but I could control them as long as I was aiming one of my hands at each of them. I carefully climbed onto the rock that floated near me and concentrated on balancing and slowly lifting up higher in the air.

“Ha!” TJ laughed, “You’re doing it!”

I kept rising in the air until I floated next to TJ. It was easier to control the boulders now that they were closer.

TJ smiled at me and said,

“Now let’s go faster.”

We flew around above the field as fast as we could go without falling off. We had fun practicing. We flew around, laughed, and practiced using our awakenings. I even would throw a boulder at TJ to see if he could catch it and he was leaning how to handle catching bigger things that were being thrown at him. And I was also learning how to control my awakening better.

We had to be out there for hours, just having fun and laughing with each other. I can’t even remember the last time I laughed or even really smiled. TJ and I sat on the ground, out of breath but still laughing. TJ sat up with his forearms resting on his knees.

“We gotta get back home before my parents get to wondering where we are.” TJ said.

“Ya. I was thinking the same thing.”

We both stood up and walked toward the path to leave. It was silent for a moment, then TJ said.

“Hey, Alex.”

“What’s up?” I asked as I walked with him still behind me.

“I had fun today. I know we’re only cousins, but you’re like a brother to me bro.”

I didn’t know what to say. TJ was a jerk most of the time, but he did treat me like a brother. I wasn’t good with emotional talks, so I didn’t say anything to him.

[* *]

Chapter 11


TJ, Mark, Alex, Jarome and I sat at the circle table in the cafeteria at school. It was loud enough and no one paid any attention to us, so we could talk without people hearing us.

“We gotta get that computer from Grier,” TJ said. “I just don’t feel comfortable with that information still out there.”

“What if it’s not safe?” Mark said. “And why should we even trust Bishop?”

“Because he could have killed us, and he didn’t.” TJ said.

“Well Grier did try to kill us.” I said, “I don’t think it’s safe for us to try and go after him. I mean, he’ll try and kill us again.”

“She has a point,” Jarome said, “We’re in over our heads. I can’t see myself actually killing someone, even if they already tried to kill us.”

“Everyone chill out,” TJ said in a tone like we were overthinking everything. “We’re not killing anybody. We’re just gonna go in, take the computer, maybe scare them a little bit, and leave. They should leave us alone after that once they see who they’re messing with.”

“Bishop said these guys were pretty strong,” Mark said, “What if-”

“I’m stronger.” Alex spat, interrupting Mark.

We all looked at Alex. He looked embarrassed like he accidentally blurted out something he didn’t actually want us to hear. It was silent for a moment.

“Ooookay,” TJ said, breaking the awkward silence. “But he does kind of have a point. If anything could scare them it would be Alex’s fire awakening.”

At that moment Alex’s heart beat a little faster. I could see it. My x-ray vision, or whatever you want to call it could see his actual heart beat a little faster when TJ mentioned Alex could scare Grier. I didn’t quite understand why Alex’s heart beat faster, I decided to test a theory I had.

“You’re right TJ,” I said. “Alex does have incredible power. I think he could take them all. He basically has 4 powers while we all only have 1 each.”

Alex’s heart beat even faster. I could see all types of chemical reactions going on inside his body and brain. He was getting excited, almost having an adrenaline rush. He liked being complemented on how powerful he is.

“He can do a lot since he has multiple awakenings,” TJ said, “But I honestly think it would be better for you to only use one awakening on these guys. I mean, it’s in a warehouse, not much water will be around for you to manipulate, also no rocks or boulders. I doubt your wind will be effective inside, so just use your fire on them. We don’t want them knowing you even have more than one awakening. That could be our ace in the hole.”

TJ’s heart beat irregularly. I was amazed at what my awakening was actually letting me see. I really didn’t understand everything I was seeing. TJ’s heart beat went back to normal.

“I don’t care if they know I have four awakenings,” Alex said. “I’m not scared.”

“I know you’re not scared,” TJ said, “It’s just I know you can take these guys with just one of your awakenings. You wouldn’t even need to waste using more than one on these guys.”

TJ’s heart beat different again. That’s when I noticed. TJ was lying. I could detect when he would lie because I could see his heartbeat. But why would he lie?

“Do you really think he will only need to use one awakening?” I asked TJ.”

“I think so,” TJ said, he was telling the truth, “We might as well keep Alex’s awakenings a secret. That way we have a secret weapon when we need it,” that was a lie, I could tell from the way his heartbeat jumped.

For some reason TJ was lying about keeping Alex’s awakenings a secret. Why TJ? What are you planning? What are you doing?

The bell rang, signaling lunch was about to be over.

“We’ll figure everything out after school.” TJ said.

We all took our food trays, dumped them in the trash and walked out of the cafeteria.



After school I was walking home from my bus stop with Alex and TJ. When we got near their house, they were about to walk inside, until I said.

“Hey TJ. Can I talk to you about something?”

“Sure,” he said, walking back toward me. “What’s up?”

Alex walked inside his house and closed the door. I could see through the house he walked to his room, put his backpack on the ground, and sat down on his bed, next to his window, so he could still hear us.

“Let’s go in my room to talk.” I said.

We walked in my front door, up the stairs in my house, and to my bedroom. TJ closed the door behind him and asked.

“’Sup? You okay?”

I looked all around my house, through the walls, just to make sure we were alone.

“TJ. I can tell you’re lying about hiding Alex’s powers.”

“What?” TJ said, nervously.

I explained to him how I could tell he was lying.

“TJ this is serious.” I told him, “If you’re hiding something you need to tell us. We’re about to go after someone that tried to kill us. This is life or death stuff we’re dealing with. This isn’t one of your stupid jokes we’re dealing with here.”

TJ looked at the ground and said.

“You’re right Amanda. I don’t know what to do.”

“Tell me what’s wrong. Tell me the truth.” I said.

TJ explained everything he knew to me. Everything about Bishop visiting him, and what he knew about Alex’s parents.

“The real reason I even want to get the computer is because I’m trying to protect Alex.” TJ said, sounding worried. “Everyone will be after him if we don’t hide his awakenings and deal with these guys soon.”

I couldn’t believe everything I just heard, but I could see he was telling the truth. I felt horribly sorry for Alex. I understood why TJ lied to us all. He just wanted to protect Alex.

“Don’t worry TJ,” I said, “This secret is safe with me.”

“So what should we do?” TJ asked, “I know the location of the warehouse with the computer.”

“I don’t know TJ.” I said, “This is dangerous. These guys have more experience than us, and we don’t even know how many of them will be there.”

“Well I’ve been thinking.” TJ said, “We already managed to survive an attack from Grier. If Mark can simply do the same thing he did before, we’ll be fine. Plus we have Jarome who could just catch anything thrown at us. Then we have Alex who could probably make them give up the moment he shows them what we can do.”

I saw my mom and dad pull into the driveway in front of my house. I could see them through the wall. TJ could hear the car.

“We’ll talk more about this later.” I said. “My parents are pulling in. Get in touch with everyone else and we’ll meet up here tonight.”

I walked TJ to my front door and he walked out just in time to greet my mom and dad walking up to the front door.

“Hey TJ,” my dad said with a smile, “How are you buddy?”

“I’m great sir. How are you?” TJ greeted him back.

They made small talk and said bye. TJ went home.


Chapter 12



We were in my room. It was around 8 o’clock and it was starting to get dark outside.

“Tonight’s the night,” TJ said. “I hope everyone has been practicing with their awakenings.”

“Everyone be careful.” I said. “Let’s try to be in and out. Real quick.”

“And try not to hurt anyone.” Jarome said.

“Why?” Alex asked. “This guy tried to kill us. Why should we show him mercy?”

“Alex, chill out.” TJ said. “For all you know, this guy could have been just trying to scare us. We got out of him attacking us without a scratch. Bishop said the only thing they really wanted was for us to not bring attention to them. We don’t want to bring any attention to ourselves either. So in the long run they get what they want.”

“But wait,” I said. “I thought Bishop said The Council is extremely powerful. We can’t go against all of them.”

“It’s only one guy from The Council,” TJ said. “The rest of the people there are just chumps, nothing to worry about. We got this under control. We already escaped this guy once.”

“We’ll be fine Mark,” Jarome said. “We all are pretty good with our awakenings. If we could avoid being killed by him before we’ll be just fine this go around.”

“So where is this warehouse?” I asked.

“It’s on the other side of town.” TJ said, “It’s in the woods. From what Bishop told me, it’s deep in the woods, off of the grid. No real address or anything. It was an old abandoned warehouse that was basically torn down, but Grier built it back together with his awakening.”

I took a deep breath. I really couldn’t believe what we were about to do.

“Ha,” Jarome laughed, “Our first mission.”

I looked around the room. I could tell everyone was nervous, everyone besides Alex. He looked like he wanted to go on this mission.

“It’s getting dark,” TJ said, “We should head out now. Amanda will drive us out there and we’ll walk through the woods.”

Suddenly there was a knock at my door. I knew it was my grandfather by the way he knocked.

“Come in.” I said.

My grandfather opened the door and stepped into my room slowly because he had a bad back and bad legs. He looked around my room and smiled at everyone.

“This is my grandfather everyone. Grandpa these are my friends Jarome, TJ, Amanda, and Alex.”

Everyone politely introduce themselves.

“I was just checking on you Mark. I just wanted to see how you were doing,” my grandfather said in his old, wise, and quite voice.

My grandfather checked on me every night. He really didn’t need to but he liked to see me and I liked to see him. He was getting old so I knew time with him was limited.

“I’m doing fine. Just hanging out with my friends, we’re about to head out in a little while.” I said.

“Alright Mark. You have a goodnight. I’m going to get some sleep. Don’t forget to feed Mittens.”

“Goodnight grandpa. I’ll see you in the morning.”

My grandfather slowly and careful walked out of my room and closed the door.

“Alright. Let’s head out.” I said.




Chapter 13



We parked Amanda’s car at a beach, not too far away from the woods. There was no real path to walk through, just thick bushes and thick pricker bushes. TJ walked in the front basically forcing his way through all of the thick bushes. Amanda was behind him, telling him the direction to move toward the warehouse as we all followed in a line.

It was pitch black. I couldn’t see a thing. I could only hear the noise of TJ plowing through the woods, snapping the pricker bushes in half, and kicking over small trees to carve a path for us. We were in those dark woods for quite a while.

“How much longer?” TJ asked Amanda.

“We’re almost there,” she said, “Just a little longer.

We walked through a little more and Amanda told us to stop.

“Okay,” Amanda whispered, “We should be quiet, I can see the warehouse.”

“How many people do they have in there?” I asked.

I could see Amanda now, my eyes adjusted to the darkness. The moonlight broke through the cracks of the tall tree branches entangling each other and dimly lit her face. She looked ahead for a moment and said.

“I can see there are 9 of them in there. But there are no actual computers, there’s like 3 laptops around the warehouse though.”

“That’s not a problem,” TJ whispered. “We break all the laptops and scare the heck out of these chumps.”

“What if they all have awakenings?” Mark asked.

I was starting to get frustrated. Everyone was scared, everyone kept saying ‘what if we get hurt?’ ‘What if they are strong?’ ‘What if they have awakenings?’ I didn’t care if all 9 of them had awakenings. I was fully confident in myself. I practiced with my awakenings every single day and I was only getting better every time I did. I know how strong I’ve become.

I know how big the boulders are I can lift. I know how much water I can manipulate. I know how hot I can burn my flames. None of them understood how powerful I was. I was fully confident in myself, but honestly, for some reason I still was too shy to say it. Oh well. I would just have to show them. I won’t talk about how powerful I am. I’ll show how powerful I am.

“Everyone stop worrying,” I accidentally spat out loud in a frustrated tone.

I looked around at everyone, feeling a little embarrassed and I stuttered.

“Uh- uhm. I-I mean. We’ll be fine. I think I can handle this. I’ve been practicing, It doesn’t matter if they have awakenings.” I tried to hide my nervousness and uncertainty.

“Good. Alex has this under control. We’ll be fine,” Jarome said, patting me on the back.

Jarome always made me feel better. If I didn’t have him there to calm break the awkward silence and give me compliments in front of people I would probably have a panic attack.

“Whatever. I doubt there will be more than one of them with an awakening anyways. Bishop said this was a small operation going on behind The Council’s back. If this guy was recruiting a bunch of awoken people they would have figured him out by now,” TJ said, sounding glad I wasn’t having a panic attack.

“Amanda,” Mark said, “Tell us the layout of the warehouse and where the people are around the room. Just so we know what we’re getting ourselves into.”

Amanda looked straight ahead and said.

“Well it’s basically a big dingy old room with a concrete floor. There are a couple of metal chairs sitting around and there are open beer cans everywhere. There are three desks in the furthest corner on the right and in the left corner are four metal barrels. That’s where the laptops are. This doesn’t really look like a big operation. It looks more like a hangout spot for older guys.”

“Ha,” Jarome laughed. “This sounds too easy. Are you sure we’re at the right place?”

Jarome had a good point. This sounded like it would be useless to even try. These guys were no threat.”

“You didn’t let me finish,” Amanda said, “They have pistols. All of them are armed besides one guy. And the barrels aren’t empty. They actually can’t hold anything in them because they are one solid chunk of metal in the shape of a barrel.”

I smiled to myself. Maybe this would be fun.

“The one guy without the gun has to be Grier.” Mark said.

“Okay,” Jarome said, “I think we know everything we need to know. Amanda, you have done your part. I think you should wait out here. Thanks, you helped us find this place and showed us the layout so we know how to handle this situation. We couldn’t have done this without you. But I think it would be safer if you wait out here.”

“Okay.” Amanda said. “Be careful in there. I’ll be right here.”

“Is everyone ready?” TJ asked in a serious tone.

We all nodded.

“Okay now I’ll let you guys know what’s about to happen. Just pay attention to me so we have the reaction advantage,” Mark said.

“I’m crashing through that wall right there,” TJ said with a smirk.

TJ ran towards the warehouse. He crashed through the wall, tearing a big hole in it and making a loud deafening sound of broken metal and bricks falling to the wall. Everyone in the room were shocked at the wall collapsing down. Jarome, Mark and I followed him in.

“Alex, to the left!” Mark yelled.

I looked to the left and saw three guys pulling out their guns. I shot a flame at them, burning their hands. They fell to the ground, dropping their guns. Jarome pointed his hand at them, and telekinetically pulled their guns toward us. Their guns slid on the concrete floor from them, to our feet. Jarome made the guns float in the air pointing at the other three guys sitting at the desks. They all put their hands up. One of them was actually laughing, he was frustrating me.

“Everyone slowly put their guns on the ground.” TJ commanded in a serious tone.

The man that laughed said.

“It’s okay guys, listen to them,” he didn’t sound scared, he sound cocky. I assumed he was Grier because he didn’t have a gun.

They dropped their guns and Jarome pulled them over to our feet.

“We just want the laptops.” Mark said.

Grier shot Mark a puzzled glare and said.

“Why would you want some cheap laptops?”

“You know why.” Jarome said, “We know everything. You’re the guy that tried killing us.”

“I admit it,” Grier laughed. “I tried to kill you guys because my group thought you guys would cause problems later. But once they saw you guys could lay low they called off the assassinations. What does that have to do with stupid laptops?”

Suddenly Mark pushed Jarome to the ground, at that same moment, the three guns that he had floating shot in the air at where he was just standing. Grier was controlling the guns with his awakening. I shot a flame at Grier, breaking his concentration. The guns he was controlling dropped to the ground, and he lifted a barrel in the corner in front of himself to block the flame I shot at him. The barrel split apart and formed into a small wall in front of Grier.

“Pay attention Jarome!” I yelled. “You almost got us killed.”

“I was paying attention,” he said shocked. “It was like my awakening just stopped working for some reason. I still can’t use it.”

That’s when I noticed one of the men pointing his hand at Jarome.

“It’s him.” I said mad.

I shot a long continuous flame at the man and he pointed at me. When he did my flames simply disperse in the air. I couldn’t use my awakening either.

Grier laughed and said.

“This is Marco. His awakening is that he can cancel awakenings. As long as he’s pointing at you, you can’t use your awakenings.”

This was worse than I expected. I had to end this quickly. He pointed at me and Jarome, so we couldn’t use our awakening. They had the advantage because they could simply launch something at us and we wouldn’t be able to defend it for too long. I could feel with my awakening that there was water in the pipes above is. So I could still use my other 3 awakenings, just not my fire. I lifted my arms in the air, the warehouse pipes started to shake. Suddenly water started to explode and sprout out of every tube and pipe that it was in. I gathered a good amount of water in the air and tossed it at Marco knocking him to the ground. I pushed a gust of wind at the guns on the ground, pushing them out of the hole in the wall. That way Grier couldn’t use them on us. Grier looked at me in shock. He cursed to himself and yelled.

“You’re an adroit? I never thought I would meet another adroit in my life! Too bad I gotta kill you.”

“What?” I said confused, “What’s an adroit?”

“Shut up!” TJ yelled at Grier as he ran toward him.

Grier made the metal wall in front of him form into a big thick rope and wrapped it around TJ. TJ quickly broke free of it and ran at him. Grier made another rope and wrapped TJ again. He couldn’t break free this time because Marco was pointing at him.

“It seems you know his secret.” Grier taunted TJ. “How long have you been hiding this from him?”

“TJ what is this guy talking about?” I said mad.

“Don’t listen to him!” TJ yelled.

“Tell me now!” I yelled. “You’re stupid friend Marco can’t protect you Grier! He can only cancel two awakenings, I have 4 awakenings myself. Start talking or I’ll kill you.”

“I’m not stupid.” Grier said. “I know what situation I’m in. I don’t want to kill you guys and I don’t want to be killed. But clearly, your friend here is lying to you.”

“Alex. Ignore this guy!” TJ said panicking, trying to break free.

Mark and Jarome just stood there in shock, confused as to what was going on.

“TJ you’re supposed to be my family. My only cousin. What are you hiding from me?”

Grier laughed loudly and said,

“Cousin. There’s no way this guy is your cousin.”

I had a flurry of emotions attacking me. Fury, anxiety, and confusion were battling in my feelings. Then I heard a voice from behind us at the hole in the wall TJ made.

“It’s over Grier.”

Everyone looked toward where the voice came from. It was Bishop. He walked toward Grier. Grier was no longer laughing. He had an expression of fear in his eyes. All of Grier’s men started to run out of the back. Marco went to run but Bishop dashed at him and knocked him to the ground, holding the knife up to his neck.

“So you’re the one behind this?” Grier asked.

“Ya.” Bishop said in a plain tone. “I had to get these kids to come after you, simply because of you and Marco’s powers together. I already know the only reason you recruited him was for a countermeasure to me. You can control metal so my throwing knives are no good, and he can cancel my awakening. So as long as you stay with him, I couldn’t do much to you.”

“So you manipulated these kids to attack us.” Grier said, sounding defeated.

“We just want the laptops. We need to destroy the information that’s in them.” Mark said.

“You’re an idiot!” Grier yelled at Mark. “There is no information in any of the laptops. Any documentation we have is either in a physical copy or encrypted files sent through private networks online. This guy Bishop tricked you guys into getting me.”

“Wait!” I yelled. “I want answers. What is an adroit?”

“Don’t tell him.” TJ begged Grier.

“How could you lie to me TJ?” I said mad. “You’re my only cousin. My family.”

“He’s not your family kid.” Grier said.

“Shut up!” TJ yelled struggling to break free.

“You’re an adroit. That means you have multiple awakenings. Since you have four awakenings that means your parents had two awakenings a piece,” Grier said.

“So what?” I said.

“It’s a lot rarer than you think. Grier said. Your parents were bred in some lab, and you were also bred in a lab. I don’t know how this kid or anyone else got hold of you but you’re most likely being controlled or used for something. Everyone’s been lying to you. Your parents are most likely dead. They kill parents after they breed them just so they don’t go looking for their kids. Everyone has lied to you your whole life,” Grier explained.

I felt like I wanted to cry.

“TJ. Is this true?” I asked feeling weak.

“I’m sorry Alex.” TJ cried.

“If it makes you feel any better. I’m the one that told him not to tell you.” Bishop said in a plain tone.

It all made sense to me now. Why I never met my parents. Why Bishop asked me about my parents when we first met him. Why TJ has been trying to be nice to me lately because he felt bad. I couldn’t hold back the tears that swelled my eyes.

I shot a flame at Bishop. This was entirely his fault. He told TJ to lie to me. Bishop quickly dashed to the side, avoiding the flame. At that moment Grier let TJ free and aimed his hand at the metal wall. The wall imploded, opening a big hole in the wall. Grier made a big metal disk and jumped on it, flying away making an escape.


Chapter 14


Bishop looked at where Grier escaped from. He shrugged and said.

“He got away, but it’s okay because I needed either him or Marco. I’ll just take Marco and find Grier later. You guys don’t need to be here anymore. You did your job.”

“You used us.” I said. “You lied to us to help yourself.”

“I lied,” Bishop admitted. “But I helped you also. Eventually these guys were coming for you guys. Trust me especially if they found out Alex’s secret. The only way to deal with them is to show them your dominance.”

Alex fell to the ground, crying. I could tell he was having a panic attack. He was breathing heavy, crying, and shaking.

I walked over to Alex, patted his back and said.

“I’m sorry Alex. I know this must be hard to deal with.”

I really didn’t know what to say. I even felt shocked also when I heard the truth.

“You guys should leave. I’ll make sure you never have to deal with Marco and Grier again. This guy Marco is a dangerous and bad person. If I told you what he does and what his plans were, you would puke. Even The Council wants him dead. And don’t worry about Alex. Grier wouldn’t dare tell The Council about Alex, because he would have to explain the operation he had going on with Marco. They would kill him just for doing stuff without their approval. Grier is playing a dangerous game, trying to use The Council for his own reasons and benefit.”

I helped lift Alex from the ground. He calmed down a little. TJ looked at the ground. I could tell he felt horrible.

“Come on guys.” I said, “Let’s go home.”

We walked outside, leaving Bishop and Marco in the warehouse. When we walked near Amanda I could see the look on her face. She saw everything and felt bad for Alex also. Amanda walked ahead of us, through the path TJ made. It was a silent walk back to TJ’s car. There was nothing any of us could really say.



Chapter 15



I was driving us back toward my house. Mark was in the passenger because he had his license. The rest of the guys were in the back. Mark’s car was parked at my house. It was about 9 o’clock at this time. The car ride was quiet. I could see and hear everything that happened at the warehouse. I felt so bad for Alex. I looked at Alex through my rearview mirror. He now looked angry.

“Hey Alex,” Jarome said, breaking the silence. “The way you knocked that guy down with the water, and then pushed the guns outside with the wind was hype.”

He actually cracked a smile. Alex loved being complemented or liked when you mentioned him doing something cool.

“Did you see the look on his face?” Jarome continued. “He thought he canceled your awakening, but you showed him.”

“And when you burned those first two guys,” I said, trying to make Alex feel better. “I could see all of them panicking. They didn’t know what to do.”

Jarome looked at me through the rearview, he smiled. He must have known that I was trying to help him cheer up Alex. Alex seemed to feel a little better but he still didn’t say anything to us.

I pulled into my driveway, TJ and Alex went into their house without saying a word to us. They had to talk alone and I could understand that. Jarome, Mark and I sat in the car.

“This has been a crazy day,” Mark said, “I think we all just need some rest.”

“You’re right.” Jarome said, “It’s been a crazy night.”

I turned around in my seat, looked at Jarome, and said.

“I just wanna say thanks.”

“What?” he said confused, “Thank me for what?”

“For being nice to Alex. You have always been nice to him and it helps him a lot. He has been my neighbor for years and it’s still difficult for me to talk to him. But you seem to be the only person that could get through to him.”

“Oh. It’s no problem. Alex is my friend. I try to help anyone that needs help.”

I looked back ahead and at that moment I could see my dad looking out the window at me in the car. He peeked out and walked toward the front door.

“I can see my dad is coming.” I said.

“Is he gonna be mad?” Mark asked. “Is it too late for you to be out?”

“No. It’s fine.” I said. “He most likely just wants to meet you guys. He greets all of my friends when he sees them.”

My dad walked toward the car and said.

“Hey hun’.”

“Hey dad. These are my friends. Mark and Jarome.”

“He looked into the car.”

“Hi sir. I’m Mark. Nice to meet you.”

“Hey Mark.” My dad said with a smile and shook his hand.

“I’m Jarome. Nice to meet you Mr. Jones.” Jarome said in a polite tone.

“Hi.” My dad said with a plain tone, with a hint of frustration.

“You okay dad?” I asked, wondering what was wrong with him.

“Yes hunny. I’m fine. It’s just getting late. I think it’s time you come inside.”

“What?” I said confused. “It’s Friday. There’s no school tomorrow. I usually stay out even later.” I said.

“Don’t argue with me Amanda.” He said. “Now say bye to your friends and come inside soon.”

My dad walked inside. Why was he acting like that?

“Sorry if we got you in trouble Amanda.” Mark said.

“No. It’s not your fault.” I said, “He usually is real nice to all my friends and he never gets mad at me. I don’t know what’s wrong with him tonight.”

“It’s no big deal.” Jarome said. “He’s probably just having a bad day or something.” I could tell Jarome was lying.

Why would Jarome lie about my dad?

“Jarome’s probably right.” Mark said, believing Jarome. “Let’s go Jarome. I’ll give you a ride home.”

“Okay.” I said, “See you guys later. Drive safe.”

I gave them both a hug and they left. I walked toward my house, wondering why my dad was being such a jerk and why Jarome was lying to me. When I put my hand on the front doorknob my heart felt like it dropped into my stomach. I gasped to myself at what I thought.

No. It can’t be that. I hope it’s not what I think.

I opened the door and walked into my house. I walked past the big stairway and into the living room where my dad was watching TV on his 70 inch flat screen TV. I sat down on the couch across from him and watched it with him. I decided to wait for a commercial before I started a conversation with him.

Terrorist Kai Leiko is at large and authorities have confirmed he is somewhere around the Cape Cod area. He is extremely dangerous and has already bombed a store and shot 3 innocent bystanders walking down the street. There is a million dollar reward in the aid of his capture.

A picture of a man flashed across the screen. The man looked to be about 25 years old and Asian. Then a commercial came on.

“Hey dad.”

“Hi hun’,” he said, still with a hint of attitude in his voice.

“Did I do something wrong today dad?”

“No dear. I just don’t feel comfortable with you hanging out with guys this late.”

That was a lie.

“Why?” I asked, challenging his lie.

“I just don’t like it hun’.”

Another lie.

“Do you not trust me?” I asked. “I’m responsible. I never miss curfew. I do good in school. I introduce you to all my friends and it’s never been a problem before. I have guy and girlfriends that I hang out with on the weekends. Why do you have a problem with it all of a sudden?”

“Amanda. I just don’t like any guy that hangs out with you I guess.”


“You had no problem with TJ that day you came home and he was here.” I said.

“TJ has been our neighbor for years. I know him, that’s why I like him.”

“Well how come you shook Mark’s hand, but didn’t even look at Jarome?” I said with anger in my voice.

My dad looked at me with a serious look on his face.

“Amanda, I just don’t trust that kid. There’s something about him that I don’t like. Stay away from him.”

“Do you not like him because the color of his skin?” I asked, scared of the answer.

I was starting to regret being able to tell if someone is lying. My dad was silent for a moment and said.

“Hunny. I’m not a racist but I just would feel safer if you didn’t hang out with guys like him. I trust you to hang out with your friends, but I just don’t trust people like him. You should hang out with people like us. And he should hang out with people like himself.”

I couldn’t believe what I just heard. Tears swelled in my eyes. I ran out of the living room, up the stairs and to my room. My dad tried to say something to me but I slammed my door shut and rushed to my bed. I fell on my bed and lay down. I couldn’t believe how my father could think like that.

Jarome knew it, that’s why he lied. He didn’t want to make me feel bad so he lied like he had no idea. I cringed at the thought of Jarome being put in a situation like that. I felt so guilty that it was my father that treated him like that.

Jarome was literally the nicest, most generous and caring guy I met my whole life and for my dad to not introduce himself to such a nice person just because how he looked made my heart hurt. I had to get out of the house. I couldn’t be in the same house as that jerk at that moment.

I got out of my bed, stormed out of my room, stomped downstairs, and walked out the front door. I had to take a walk. I decided I would walk to the lake.



Chapter 16



Before I had an awakening I would be scared to walk at night alone. But now I could simply look all around and see no one was watching or following me. Now that I had this awakening it was like I had nothing to fear, no reason to be cautious or careful. I found a whole new piece of mind thanks to my awakening.

I walked through the path, and up to the lake. It was a warm night. I decided to take a dip in the water. The old me would never swim in there at night, or even in the day. I would be too scared and feel like some type of fish or sea creature would creep up and bite me. I looked inside the lake and saw there was nothing to be scared of. This awakening took a whole lot of curiosity and mystery out of my life.

I had on some shorts on under my sweatpants I was wearing, I also had on a t shirt under a summer jacket I wore. I wore layers because I knew we would be walking through the woods. I took off my sweatpants and jacket, then walked into the water. The water was nice and warm. I swam on my back as the warm water surrounded my body. I looked up at the dark night sky sprinkled with bright stars.

It was like the stars shined even brighter because I could see through all of the clouds and all of the pollution and everything else that blocked out our beautiful night sky. I was mesmerized by the beautiful sight. I smiled to myself as I looked at the masterpiece called the night sky. I took a deep breath of the warm air as I listened to the calming sounds of the night. The leaves blowing in the wind, the crickets quietly singing in the distance, the sound of the water I was gently swimming in were all soothing sounds to me. I dived under the water and swam around for a bit, just to blow off some steam I had from thinking about my dad.

I resurfaced and noticed someone was coming, walking toward the lake from a distance. They couldn’t see me, but I could see them. I focused in and noticed it was Jarome coming from a back pathway.

What was Jarome doing here? I thought about leaving, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to swim back to the shore, grab my clothes, and run to the front path without him at least seeing me leaving. Jarome made it into the open and saw me. I was kind of embarrassed.

“Amanda?” he said surprised. “What are you doing here?”

“I just needed to cool off.” I said. “It’s been kind of a crazy night.”

“I’m with you on that one,” he said, sitting down on a log at the edge of the lake. “I come here when I just need to clear my mind.”

I felt so bad for him. I wanted to tell him I’m sorry. I wanted to tell him that he was a good person and that he should never let a person like my father effect who he is.

I swam out to the shore of the lake and got out. I walked over and sat next to him on the log. We sat in silence for a few moments, just looking at the lake as fireflies danced around the moonlit field and crickets softly sang in the distance.

I looked up into the sky again.

“The sky is beautiful.” I said in a dreamy voice, “I can see through all of the pollution and clouds and all of the other things that block out the night sky.”

I looked at Jarome. He looked up into the sky. The moonlight shined off of his creamy brown skin and lit up his chocolate brown eyes.

“Imagine being able to go there,” I said. “To see what the stars really look like up close.”

Jarome looked at me and smiled. I caught myself lost starting to feel butterflies in my stomach. That’s when his smile morphed into a smirk.

“Well, let’s take a closer look,” he said.

Suddenly, the log we were sitting on started to slowly float up in the air. Jarome was making us float up higher and higher until we were as high as the tops of the trees. He was lifting the log we were sitting on with his telekinesis. I tried to keep my balance, I felt like I was about to fall over so I grabbed onto Jarome’s arm by reflex.

“Relax,” he laughed, “I won’t drop you. I would never let you fall.”

We slowly floated higher and higher, until we were as high as the top of the trees. I looked down at the lake getting smaller and smaller in my vision. We stopped in mid-air, sitting there floating in the warm air.

The log shifted under us. I jerked backward and flailed my arms panicking.

“Chill out,” Jarome laughed, gently grabbing both of my arms. “Like I said, I would never let you fall.”

The log dropped into the water below us.

“Jarome!” I said in shock, “I didn’t know you could fly.”

“I didn’t either.” Jarome laughed, sounding as amazed as me.

We kept each other’s balance, holding onto each other’s arms.

Jarome made us slowly fly around the area. Slowly he picked up pace. The warm air rushed and danced around us as we flew around at a safe pace holding each other. Fireflies gracefully fluttered and flickered around us. I couldn’t help but smile as I looked down at the ground in shock. We laughed together as we span and twirled in the warm air.

I looked into Jarome’s eyes and caught myself being lost for a second. I didn’t look through him, I felt like I was looking into him, without my awakening. My x-ray vision began to fade as I just looked at him in his normal state. He was such a handsome and nice person. Jarome made eye contact with me and I looked away, knocking myself out of the trance. He had me in for a moment.

Nervousness attacked me. I could feel myself blushing. I could feel butterflies in my stomach.

“You okay?” Jarome asked, thinking something was wrong. “Here, I’ll bring you back down.”

Jarome gently landed us back onto the ground. We let go of each other.

“I should be heading home now.” I said, trying to hide my shyness.

“Want me to walk you home?” Jarome politely offered.

“No thanks. I’ll be fine. I can see everything.” I really just didn’t want my dad to see him again.

“Alright, I should be going home too. I’ll see you later. Have a safe walk home.”

We hugged. I tried to hug him without being awkward and walked toward the path to home as natural as I could.

When I got home I walked into my house actually feeling a whole lot better. I walked straight up to my room smiling to myself. I jumped on my bed and lay there thinking with a smile on my face. I felt a strong feeling in my chest. I felt like a little girl with an extreme crush.

I started to replay the events from earlier, wishing I said certain things or did certain things different. It’s always after the situation when you start to think of things you should have done or said.

I started to look at all of his pictures on social media just admiring how handsome he was. I wish my dad wasn’t such a jerk. Jarome is really like the perfect guy but my dad was so close-minded he wouldn’t even give Jarome a chance. If Jarome looked different my dad would beg me to hang out with him. Jarome was polite and hard-working, the type of guy my dad admires.

Thinking about my dad knocked me out of my good mood. I put my phone down and closed my eyes. I needed to get rest. I had a long and emotional day.



  • *

Chapter 17

Kai Leiko


It was broad daylight in the city of Boston. Kyle has been getting chased by agents working for the government. Kyle couldn’t remember a time where he wasn’t being chased by some type of authority in his 18 years living. It gave Kyle a rush. Every close call he had at being caught. Every near death experience he lived through was the reason he did the things he did. Kyle was on the roof of a building, hiding behind a water tank. Government agents had him cornered, aiming their assault rifles at him from every angle.

“Alright,” Kyle said in a calm tone walking out in the open, in front of the water tank, “you got me. I surrender.”

He didn’t look like someone who was surrendering. He had a cocky smirk on his face and remained perfectly calm.

“Lay down on the ground.” The leader of the federal agents said.

Suddenly the water tank busted open. Water exploded out of the side of the water tank making a deafening sound. The agents panicked and started to fire their weapons directly at Kyle. Kyle held both of his hands out in front of him, controlling a wall of water and blocking the bullets that were coming at him. Kyle knew exactly how much water it took for every type of bullet to be broken, blocked, stopped or slowed down and knew the different angles to manipulate and hold the water to do so effectively.

Kyle laughed over the gunfire as the bullets crashed into the water, slowed down, and fell to his feet. Kyle pointed his hand at another water tank on top of a building a couple of streets to his left, and ripped the whole tank off of the top of the building. Water rushed out of the broken tubes, attached to the tank, trickling behind the tank which was now flying toward the officers firing at Kyle.

The water tank crashed into the top of the building, in between Kyle and the agents, splitting open. Water rushed out of the tank and swept all of the agents off of their feet. Agents dropped their guns, slipped onto the ground and were pushed to the edge of the building, trying to keep their balance.

Kyle smirked as he looked at all of the officers and agents on the floor.

“It was nice playing with you losers today,” Kyle laughed. “But I gotta go.”

Kyle lifted two big balls of water, bigger than himself, in to the air and made them float on each side of himself. He jumped off of the top of the 22 story building. As he fell toward the ground he made both of the balls of water fall down below him. One of the water balls dropped to the street below and gently landed on the ground forming into a dome.

As Kyle got closer to the dome of water on the ground he encased himself in the ball of water he falling next to. The ball of water landed into the dome of water slowing Kyle down before his feet hit the ground.

Kyle stepped out of the dome of the water on a busy street in the city. Everyone on the sidewalks were looking at Kyle shocked as he stood in front of the big dome of water he just walked out of. Kyle could hear sirens blaring from down the street.

Unmarked cars, SUVs and trucks with sirens in their grills surrounded Kyle and blocked off the street. Agents stepped out of each vehicle and aimed their guns at Kyle. Kyle remained calm. He knew they wouldn’t shoot at him on a busy street with civilians looking and possibly being harmed. Kyle stepped back into the dome of water, he quickly pushed his hands outward and the dome burst into mist all around the street, blocking everyone’s sight.

Not one person could see through the fog. Kyle formed a tunnel in the fog and ran straight through it, out to a back road and made an escape.



[* *]

Chapter 18



I felt horrible that Alex had to find out like this. I felt horrible that he had to find out at all. Alex stormed into the front door and ran to his room, slamming the door shut. I shut the front door and my mom walked up to me and said.

“What’s wrong with Alex?” she asked. “Why did he slam his door shut?”

“He’s just having a bad day.” I said.

“I’ll go talk to him.” My mom said turning to walk toward Alex’s room.

“No it’s okay mom,” I said. “I’ll talk to him.”

My mom gave me a confused look. She knew I never talked to Alex when he would have a panic attack or when he was in a bad mood. I had a bad habit of letting Alex handle his issues by himself. Jarome seemed to be good at making Alex feel better but I think it’s time I step up to the plate.

“It’s okay mom,” I said. “I think it’s time I start talking to Alex more.”

“Alright,” she said with a tone that said, don’t mess this up.

I walked to his front door and knocked.

“What!” he yelled from his room, through the door.

“It’s me,” I said in a serious tone, “I’m coming in.”

I opened his door, walked in, and closed the door behind me. He was sitting on his bed, with his back turned to me, looking at the wall, breathing heavily.

“Alex,” I said nervous, “I’m sorry. I just didn’t know how to tell you.”

“When did you find out?” he said in an angry tone.

I told him everything I knew. Everything Bishop told me.

“I was just trying to keep you safe Alex.” I explained, “And I didn’t want you to think you weren’t my family. Just because we’re not related by blood doesn’t mean we aren’t family.”

Alex was silent for a few moments.

“I need to blow off steam. And I don’t feel safe with Grier running around. I want to find him and scare the life out of him.” Alex said.

“Will that make you feel better?” TJ asked.

“I want to find Grier.” Alex said with a hint of anger in his voice.

I honestly didn’t know why that would help Alex in any type of way but I felt so bad I didn’t care to ask any questions.

“If that will help you, I’ll help you find him.” I said.

“Well let’s find him ASAP.”

I took a deep breath.

“I’ll figure out something tonight.”

I left Alex’s room, closed my door, and went into my room. I sat down on my bed and ran my hand through my hair as I sighed.

How the hell am I supposed to find this guy Grier?

Suddenly, I heard my window open. Bishop jumped inside of my room and landed on his feet. He made no noise when he landed.

“Dude what the hell are you doing here?”

“I was eavesdropping on you and Alex’s conversation. It seems he didn’t take this too lightly.”

“I really don’t feel like talking to you man. You lied to us to use us for your own reasons.”

“That doesn’t matter. In a way I still helped you. Eventually Grier or The Council would come for you again. He already tried to kill you before.”

“Well how do we find him?”

“He can’t be too far from where he ran off from. I would think he would be somewhere with a larger amount of metals only a few miles away from the old warehouse. Maybe a junkyard or something like that. I’m not familiar with this town so I have no valid suggestions.”

“Well, we found him in the middle of the woods. There are no steel buildings or cars or anything around.”

“He’s on high alert now from you and possibly even from The Council now. He will stay somewhere he can hide and have the advantage of having large quantities of metals around him.”

I tried to think about where there would be a lot of metals in the middle of the woods. That’s when I thought of the power lines in the woods. It was an area people used to ride their dirt bikes in until the police started cracking down on riders.

“The power lines in the woods. Each one of the power lines are huge and nobody ever goes there anymore.”

“He’s most likely there. But I can assure you he’s prepared for you to come. He’s most likely not hiding, he’s simply waiting on someone to find him so he can take them out to defend himself. If he is at the power lines he has an extreme advantage over you and your whole team.”

“Damn.” I said in disappointment. “I don’t want to put Alex or myself in danger more than I already have.”

“Either way, I’ll eventually find him if you don’t. It’s your call TJ. I simply stopped by to remind you to keep Alex a secret if you want to survive. Your best bet is to find Grier and make sure he keeps his mouth shut.”

“I’m aware man. You don’t have to remind me. I’m dealing with a lot right now.”

“Whatever. I’m leaving. I would suggest you leave Grier alone, but I know you won’t take my advice. Good luck, you’ll need it.”

Bishop jumped out of my window and left without a noise.

Chapter 19



It was night time. I couldn’t get much sleep the last couple of days. Something wouldn’t let me sleep. I just had this weird feeling. It felt like I was using my awakening when I wasn’t doing anything besides lying down. I didn’t know how to even internalize what I was feeling but I just felt strange. I had been feeling like this for the past few nights but nothing as bad as this. For some reason I felt like the feelings were coming from behind my house.

I stood up off of my bed and looked at my clock. It was 2:27 in the morning. I quietly walked over to my door and walked out. I walked over to TJ’s door and quietly walked in, trying not to wake up my aunt and uncle. Well, they used to be my aunt and uncle.

I shook TJ awake.

“What? Why the hell are you waking me up?” TJ said with his eyes barely opened.

“I don’t know man. I have a weird feeling. I feel like my awakening is active and I’m not even using it.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“I don’t know how to explain it man. Just get up I have a weird feeling that I have to go outside. I’m sensing something from behind the house.”

TJ grunted and got out of his bed he put on some shoes and I put on a pair of his real quick and we headed outside through the back door.

When I stepped outside the feeling was even more intense. I waited there in silence for a few moments.

“Bro’ it’s late. You really got me outside for no reason. I think you just had a bad dream or something like a baby.” TJ said.

I ignored him and concentrated on my feeling. That’s when I heard a voice from the shadows.

“So which one of you is the water elemental.”

I almost jumped out of my shoes. I wasn’t expecting to hear anybody.

“Who is that?” I asked, not able to see him.

The man stepped out from the shadows and into the moonlight. The man had a smirk on his face. He was older than us and looked Asian.

“You’re that guy on the news. The terrorist Kai Leiko.”

The man laughed and said.

“You watch too much TV. My name is Kyle. I’m on the run from the government simply because I have an awakening. If they figure out about you they’ll have your face on the news claiming you’re a terrorist too.”

“Well how did you find us and figure out we had awakenings?” I asked.

“I can tell one of you can control water like me?”

“How?” TJ asked.

“I’m the best water elementalist in the world. That means I can control water better than anyone on the planet with an awakening like mine. I can sense where water is and it’s movement miles around me. Not too long ago I sensed water moving unnaturally which showed me someone with an awakening was controlling it. I was just being curious so I tracked you down to here. Every time you move water I sensed you and got closer. I then would lift water and move it to draw out your water sensing abilities.”

“So that’s what I was feeling? I was sensing you moving water every night.” I said.

“Yup. I was trying to draw you out, and it worked.”

“What was your point? Why even find us?” TJ asked.

Kyle shrugged and said.

“Just because I’m bored and curious. I honestly just run around messing with the government ‘cause it’s fun. I do all types of things just for fun. Finding you was just to beat my boredom.”

“You’re a weirdo dude. You’re wasting your time.” TJ said.

“Maybe I am, but it’s fun. And you better figure out what you’re gonna do because if I can find you that means someone else can to. If the government finds you that’s it.”

It was silent for a moment. TJ broke the silence.

“Welp. Nice meeting you Kai Leiko-”

“It’s Kyle,” he corrected

“I’m sorry Carl or whatever your name is. It’s late. You woke me up for nothing. But we’re going back inside.”

“Not yet.” Kyle laughed. “I gotta see how strong the water elemental is.”

Kyle lifted a bunch of water out of Amanda’s pool and held it in midair above us.

“Try and control this water I’m holding.”

I held both of my arms out and tried to move the water. It didn’t even budge and he was only holding the water with one hand.

“Meh. You’re alright. You need more practice. It’s not often I meet water elementalists. I just wish I found a descent one to spar with.” Kyle said.

I felt disrespected. He was talking down to me like I was a weakling.

“Well I might not be good with water but I can do more than that. I’m not a one trick kid like you.” I said and then made a flame appear above my hand.

“Oh shit. You’re an adroit. I hit the jackpot.” Kyle said, and then splashed water, putting out my flame.

There were no big rocks around to use so I just made the wind rush around him fast, kicking up a lot of dust. I was hoping to get dirt or tiny rocks in his eyes. He looked even more shocked. He suddenly made the ball of water explode into a thick mist. I couldn’t see him. I heard him running away. I made a flame so I could see through the dark mist. That’s when I saw him run away through our neighbors’ yards.

TJ and I chased him through yards and down the street. He ran to the beach and onto the edge of the water. He shot pressured water at my feet and it cut deep into the cement.

If that would have hit me that would have cut me in half. I’m pretty sure he missed on purpose and was just showing off. TJ ran at him. Kyle shot a tiny line of pressured water at TJ’s foot. It hit TJ but did no damage to him. TJ kept running at him. Kyle shot a bunch of pressured water at TJ and still it did no damage.

“Hm. So you have an awakening to. A powerful shield huh?” Kyle said.

Kyle surrounded TJ with water up to his waste. TJ couldn’t move in the water. He was way slower. TJ was getting frustrated.

“That’s cheating.” TJ spat.

“There’s no such thing as a fair fight.” Kyle laughed.

TJ struggled to get out of the water and to a small boat. He lifted the boat and tossed it at Kyle. Kyle simply stepped out of the way and the speedboat was upside down in the middle of the water.

“Well it was fun messing with you guys. But I gotta go.” Kyle said. He made a bunch of mist around all of us and disappeared.




Chapter 20


We were all on the way to school I went and picked everyone up because TJ and Alex said they needed to talk to us. They told us about what happened the night before with that guy Kai Leiko, or Kyle as they called him.

“Wait so you guys fought a terrorist?” Jarome asked.

“Well he’s really not a terrorist. He’s just a guy with an awakening. They’re just using the media to try and get him.” Alex explained.

“It was crazy man. The guy was way too powerful. He was just toying with us.” TJ said.

“Well I’m sure that guy won’t be coming back around. The government is on him too hard for him to be in the same spot for too long.” Mark said.




I sat in my classroom. Every student in the room had their laptops opened on their desk. We were typing in notes the teacher was telling us. I became pretty adept at controlling my awakening. I was no longer confused at everything I saw in my vision. When I first discovered my awakening I could barely tell anything I was looking at.

I scanned the room real quick and noticed that everyone was typing normally. Everything seemed normal but Mark’s laptop seemed a little different. I looked at his laptop and noticed the face cam was on. I could tell because the battery was powering the face cam. I could see inside of the laptop, the wiring and energy moving around from wire to wire showed me the face cam was recording Mark. He didn’t have any applications active on his laptop for the face cam to be active so I was confused to why the face cam was powered.

That’s when it hit me. Mark wasn’t even aware that the camera was recording him. Someone must have hacked his laptop to record him.

Who was it? Was it the government? Was it The Council?

The camera on my laptop wasn’t powered. Jarome, TJ, and Alex weren’t in my class so I couldn’t tell if it was only Mark that was being watched, or if it was only me who wasn’t being watched. I assumed that it was only Mark being watched by someone for some reason. If they were to watch any more than one of us then my camera would be also recording me. I was confused and a little worried.

I decided I would write him a note and tell him the situation. I didn’t want to tell Mark anything directly because I wasn’t sure if we were being audio recorded also. After class we walked into the hallways.

“What are you doing today?” I asked Mark, trying to start small talk to look normal.

“I have no plans. I’m probably just gonna sit at home and read a book or something.” Mark said.

“Oh ya. I have those notes you asked me for,” I said.

Mark gave me a confused look. Before he could say anything I hand him a folded piece of paper.

“I have to go to my next class. See you later.” I said, and then walked away.


Chapter 21



I didn’t really understand what notes Amanda was talking about but I decided to just go along with it. I took the letter she handed me and slid it in my pocket. I would just read it later.

After school I went home. I remembered I had to feed Mittens, so I poured some food and water in her two bowls and went to my room. I sat at my desk and opened my laptop to start on my homework. That’s when I remembered Amanda’s notes. I slid the paper out of my pocket and opened it.

Your webcam is on. Someone is watching you. I could see through your laptop. Be careful. It seems as if they’re only watching you.

I folded the letter, trying not to look as worried as I was because I was sitting in front of my laptop. I tried to shut my laptop without looking suspicious. I walked over to my bed and lay on my back looking at the ceiling. I usually would meditate every day so I pretended to meditate just in case someone was watching.

I expected to be watched eventually, but I didn’t understand why I would be the only one being monitored? I took a deep breath and tried to remain calm.

How long were they watching me? Did I do anything for them to know I have an awakening? Who is watching me?

My mind started to race a mile a minute. I never looked up anything on the internet that had to do with awakenings because I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. I suspected that they were watching me in many more ways than just through my laptop. They might even have my room bugged. I started to feel more paranoid by the second.

Suddenly my doorbell rang. I walked to my front door and opened it. It was some guy I never met before. He looked to be around 26 years old.

“Hi Mark. My name’s James, but I bet you already knew I would say that. So maybe there is no point in introducing myself.”

I started to feel uncomfortable. Was this the guy that was watching me?

“It’s okay Mark. I know all about you and your friends awakenings. So let me in and we’ll talk.”

There was nothing I could say. This man seemed so sure of himself. So I just I let him in. He walked right to the kitchen and sat down like he was familiar with the layout of my house.

“Don’t worry kid. You’re not in trouble.” James said. “I’m just here to explain the rules to you.”

“Who are you? And who do you work for?” I asked.

“All you need to know is that I work for the government. My partners and I know everything about you and you’re friends.”

“Are we in trouble?”

James laughed. “You watch too many movies kid. No matter what Bishop or whatever he calls himself told you we’re not the bad guys. We just want what’s best for everyone. And right now you and you’re friends are doing things wrong. If you want to stay out of trouble you need to lay low and don’t do anything stupid.”

“We are laying low.” I said.

“Really? Throwing a freaking speedboat from the docks to the middle of the water? Raiding warehouses? You think that’s laying low?”

I didn’t say anything.

“Look kid. I know you’re scared. You think the government is gonna track you down and hurt you just because you have an awakening. That’s not the case. My organization really does want what’s best for the world.”

“Bishop told us you guys have dirty tactics. You guys monitor all of our internet activity and you guys will come after us if we show anyone we have an awakening.”

James shrugged and said, “That’s true. But those don’t sound like dirty tactics to me.”

“How come you guys only allow certain people to have an awakening? Why can’t everyone on the planet have the same rights?”

“Think about it kid. What would the world be like if everyone on the planet had an awakening.”

“I’m not really sure. Maybe it would be a better place.”

Maybe. Maybe isn’t good enough. This is our planet we’re talking about. This is nothing to gamble or take chances with. You know that water guy Kai Leiko you guys came up against?”

“Well I wasn’t there but I heard about Kyle.”

I made sure to emphasized Kyle’s name so I could show him I knew more than he thought.

“Well that guy himself could destroy a whole city. He could poison the water. He could flood the city, burst all of the sewage pipes. There are tons of things he could do if he wanted to. Imagine if everyone on the planet had the potential to do the things he could do. The world wouldn’t be so safe would it?”

“Maybe it wouldn’t.” I admitted.

“I know if we can keep the world how it is right now we’re all safer. I know it sounds wrong that most of the world is being lied to and even taken advantage of but it’s for their own good.”

“Are you visiting my other friends?”


“Why not?”

“You’re the only one with a leveled head. Alex is unstable, TJ doesn’t take anything serious, Jarome is too naïve and kindhearted, and Amanda’s parents are too close into politics. I don’t mess with politicians. They are unwillingly helping us by keeping the country divided and distracted.

“So am I supposed to tell them all of this?”

“If you want to. Just make sure you get it across to them that they don’t expose themselves. I don’t want to have to arrest them but we will if we have to.”

“I’ll make sure they lay low from now on. We’ll mind our business and try and live normal lives. We don’t want any problems with the government.” I said.

“And we don’t want you guys to have any problems. But we will come after you if we have to.”

“Well don’t worry. I promise I’ll do my best to lay low and tell my friends to do the same.” I said.

“Thank you. As long as you do that you and your friends will be fine.” James said, and then stood up. “Well I’ll be heading out of here. Nice talk. You be careful now kid.” James walked out of my house.



It was now night time. I walked into my grandfather’s room to check on him before I went to bed.

“Hey grandpa.” I said to my grandfather who lay in his room watching TV.

“Hey Mark,” my grandpa said in his weak tone.

I loved my grandfather but I knew his time was limited. He is very old and his body was worn out from years and years of very hard work. He built this whole house from the ground up. He beat cancer years ago but it still took a toll on his body.

My grandfather didn’t do much. He would just rest all day and night, read a little, watch a little TV and talk to me. He did a lot for me in my life. He told me he would be ready to pass on when I turned 18. I would be 18 in a couple of months but I honestly didn’t think he would make it. I would miss him but I was prepared for him to go. I spent a lot of good times with him he was the man that raised me. He made me the person I am today.

“I have to talk to you Mark.”

“What’s up grandpa?”

“I have decided to go into a nursing home. I know I can take care of myself but we both know I don’t have much time.”

“I know grandpa.” I said in a sad tone.

“I don’t want to give you the burden of dealing with that in this home son. I have already arranged everything so you don’t have to worry about it. I will be leaving in a couple of days. I don’t have much but everything I do have is now yours. The house and land is paid for entirely. Just keep being yourself and doing what you have always done. You’re a very special person and I know you’re going to change the world Mark I just know it.”

I highly doubted I could change anything let alone the world. My grandfather always had way too much confidence in me. He believed in me way too much.

“I love you grandpa.” I didn’t know what else to say.

I really didn’t want to say goodbye.

“I love you too son. You’ll make this world a better place.”

I gave him a hug.

“Get some rest grandpa. Goodnight.” I said.

I walked back into my room and lay down. I was stressed out. I would miss my grandfather and this whole awakening mess was just crazy. I wanted to meditate but it was so hard to meditate in my house knowing I was being watched.

I didn’t believe in the bible or wasn’t religious really but I did believe there was some type of higher power, or karma, or some type of reason to be a good person. I didn’t know exactly what it was but I just didn’t believe in the big bang like scientists say it happened. The universe couldn’t have been just a moment of chaos born out of endless nothingness. If there was a big bang, God ignited it. If there is a god, he’s not some curly haired bearded guy in a white robe.

The universe, and God, and life all had higher meaning beyond our human understanding. Finding out about awakenings just made me more spiritual and made me want to help the world even more. I didn’t want to stay doing the same things I was doing every day and not impact the world positively.

I sat up from my bed. Sometime my own thoughts stressed me out even more. I think way too much. I was scared for my friends. The government, The Council, Kyle, Bishop, were all risks to my friends’ wellbeing and safety. I had to make sure they were careful and I had to get strong enough to protect them.

Suddenly I heard a noise at my window. It sounded like a flutter. I looked over to my window and saw a small piece of paper. I picked it up and read it.

Mark, you are an important part of this universe. You can benefit the planet. People like you are the last of a dying breed in your generation. If you would like to help the planet, leave your house on the next full moon when the moon is at its highest point in the sky. Dispose of this letter.

I was confused. Was this the government playing with me? I doubted it after I thought about it. It made no sense for James to visit me and then leave a letter like this. I had a strange feeling. The words in the letter are things I would think to myself often. Was somebody reading my mind? For some reason I felt like I could trust whoever sent me the letter. I took the letter and lit it on fire over a candle in my room. I shook my head a lay back down in my bed. Today was a long and strange day. I didn’t know how I would tell my friends tomorrow, or even if I should tell them all of the details.



  • Chapter 22*



I already talked to my friends and told them I would be taking a trip for a while. I didn’t get into too much details but I tried to get it through their heads for them to lay low. I made sure I got Mittens a vacation feeder. Luckily he was a cat that didn’t use a litter box and used his cat door to come in and go out as he pleased.

I stepped outside into the warm midnight air. I looked up at the shining full moon. I didn’t know who I was about to meet and where I was about to go but I was ready. That’s when I heard a girl’s voice from the shadows.

“Mark,” she said.

I looked into the direction of the voice. A girl stepped out of the shadows and into the moonlight. She had to be around my age. She had tan skin and long dark black hair. She was pretty but had a dead serious look on her face.

“Follow me,” she sounded kind of annoyed for some reason.

I followed her. We walked down my street for a while and we got into a car. She drove for a while, the whole time neither of us said a word. She parked next to a huge boat.

“Let’s go,” she said.

She got out of the car and walked toward the boat. Next to the boat there were three men sitting around each other, with strange but calming music playing. I scanned the area real quick and couldn’t see the music playing from anywhere. That’s when a thought popped in my head.

You’re not hearing the music. The music is someone else’s thoughts they are sharing with you.

Someone must have been speaking with me telepathically. I assumed it was one of the men. One of the men was making designs, symbols, and shapes with flames in the air. His awakening was to control fire. The designs were beautiful and intricate and he changed the shapes so fluently and smooth. I saw shapes and even a few animals and pictures of other unfamiliar things. He was definitely more talented than Alex when it came to controlling fire.

We walked up to the men. It couldn’t see their faces because they had these big strange hats and sat in a crouched position looking down, swaying to the peaceful music. One of the men stood up and looked me in the eyes. He smiled and slowly nodded his head to me.

He was tall and very dark skinned. His skin was dark black but it shined in the fire that was floating next to him. For some reason he looked like a nice guy that I could trust.

The man looked at the girl I came with and said something in a language that I have never heard. His voice sounded strong but gentle at the same time. The girl spoke back her voice had an attitude. They talked back and forth a few sentences and the man laughed. He then looked at me and said.

“I’m Eyon. I’m not the person you’re here to see. I’m just here to pick you up. It’s nice to meet you,” his English was surprisingly perfect, for some reason he looked like he would have a heavy accent.

“That is my brother Rokan,” he pointed to the guy controlling fire, “and that’s Jo. He’s the one sharing the music with your mind and I’m sure he already said a few things too you. Don’t worry he can’t hear your thoughts unless you directly try to allow him to hear your thoughts. Although he is good at naturally telling what people are thinking so don’t let him trick you.”

Jo had on a thick, dark hooded cloak that covered his head.

Rokan was tall and skinny with a bald head and dark skin.

I looked at the two guys sitting down and waved to them. I really didn’t know what to say. I looked at the girl and said.

“Well you haven’t introduced yourself.”

“I’m Jen,” she said in a plain tone.

“Be careful Mark, because she can read your mind without you knowing,” Eyon said, pointing to the girl.

I felt a little uncomfortable. I hoped that I didn’t think of anything stupid while we were driving.

Now you’re thinking about what you thought. She can hear what you’re thinking right now.” Jo said to me telepathically.

Well I’m pretty sure she can hear both of us talking about it now.” I thought.

Nope. She can’t. My awakening overrides hers and protects both of our thoughts from her. Don’t worry about her. She has an attitude but her bark is worse than her bite.” Jo shared with me.

Thanks for the info.” I thought to Jo.

“No problem, but you have something on your face. Wipe it off,” he shared with me.

I quickly wiped my face.

I was just joking. You fell for it.” Jo said telepathically.

We both laughed at the same time. Jen glared at Jo and then glared at me.

She thinks we’re talking about her. That makes it even funnier.” Jo shared.

I didn’t want her to think I was making fun of her.

“Are you ready for the trip?” Eyon asked.

“As ready as I will be.” I said.

“Alright. We’re going to Africa. Don’t worry. It will only feel like a couple of minutes because of my awakening. I can make you forget the whole trip there. I have a mental type awakening like Jo and Jen.”

“That sounds good to me. I don’t like long trips.”



Chapter 23



I took a cab to TJ’s house. I paid the driver and walked up to TJ who was already on his front door step.

“Today’s the day bro’.” TJ said.

“The day for what?” I asked.

“The day we find Grier,” he said.

“Why even waste our time with that guy? Let Bishop and The Council handle him. We should just lay low and mind our own business.”

“Because Alex is making me feel bad for lying to him about his parents and he said the only way to make it up to him is to find this guy and scare the crap out of him.”

“Well that’s a dumb way to make it up to someone. Why not just do his homework for him or something?” I suggested.

“I’m not doing his homework dude.”

“Whatever. I don’t really agree with this plan but I’m loyal to my friends so I can’t let you guys go alone.”

“Thanks bro’. Bishop said Grier would be somewhere around an ample supply of metal. The only place I could think of that has privacy and a lot of metal around it is the power lines. Nobody ever goes there. It’s not too far from the main roads if he has to go to some stores or something. It’s where I would go if I was him.” TJ said.

“Sounds about right.” I said


Chapter 24



I was in my room messing around on my phone when I saw through my wall. A taxi was driving Jarome passed my house.

I continued to watch. I kind of felt like I was doing something wrong by watching them but hey I was a nosey person and I had to watch these boys to make sure they didn’t do anything stupid. I didn’t want to admit to myself that my crush on Jarome had a little bit to do with it.

Jarome got out of the taxi and walked up to TJ who was at his front door step. They talked for a little bit. It looked like Jarome didn’t like what TJ was saying too much.

They went inside and started to talk to Alex. I decided to text Jarome. I wanted to see how he would react to my text. I sent him a simple text just saying “hey”. He looked at his phone and smiled. I smiled too. He sent me a text back just saying “what’s up?”

They walked out of the house and started to walk down the street. I watched them walk to toward the end of the road and I sent Jarome another text.

What ya doin?

This time he looked at his phone and put it back in his pocket. That jerk. How could he ignore my text? I dropped my phone on the bed frustrated. I watched them walk into the woods. What were they doing? I was about to find out. Jarome better have a good reason to ignore my text. As a matter of fact, there is no good reason to ignore my text.

I was starting to sound like a crazy stalker girl. I hated having crushes. I’ve never had a crush like this before.

I left my house. I got in my car and drove around a safe distance where I would be able to see them through the woods and figure out where they were going. The more I practiced with my awakening, the further and more accurate I could see.

They walked for a good while when I figured we were heading in the directions of the power lines. Why would they want to go to the power lines?

I pulled my car into a dirt road that connected to a pathway into the area of the power lines.

When they got close to the power lines I saw somebody was already there, in a small makeshift metal shack. It was Grier.

My heart skipped a beat. I was confused and scared. I had a flurry of emotions. I didn’t know why my friends would be meeting with Grier. They walked closer and saw the shack.

I got out of my car and ran over toward the pathway. I ran for a while until I was in a safe distance where Grier or my friends couldn’t see me. They were far away and Grier was in between us. I wanted to talk to them but I couldn’t. They kept walking. When they saw the shack they crouched down and started to talk to each other.

[* *]

Chapter 25


“That has to be where he’s hiding in right there.” I said.

“It looks like he built that thing himself with his awakening. I can lift that whole thing off of the ground to check what’s inside.” Jarome said.

“Ya. Jarome, you lift the shack and I’ll have flames ready just in case he tries to make a move.” Alex said.

“Alright, that’s the plan.” I said.

Jarome aimed his hand at the shack and tossed it away. Grier was sitting inside on a chair. He fell over in shock.

“You can’t hide from us dude.

“Wow, you found me. It doesn’t matter though ‘cause you won’t be able to beat me. You guys just aren’t experience yet. You’re just not ready.” Grier bragged.

“You need to just leave us alone. We don’t want any problem with you or The Council.” I said.

Alex sucked his teeth.

“I’m not even worried about it. I’m killing this guy right here.” Alex said with an edge in his voice I’ve never heard.

“What? You can’t be serious.” Jarome said, his voice shaky.

“I can show you better than I can tell you.” Alex said, and then launched a flame at Grier.

Grier dashed out of the way with a smirk.

“He really is serious. If that flame would have hit me I surely would have been dead.”

“Alex, chill out bro’.” I pleaded.

“Shut up TJ!” Alex yelled, launching a fireball at Grier.

Grier flew up in the air standing on the metal disk. Alex shot fire at Grier as he flew twirled and dodged around in the air avoiding everything Alex was throwing at him. Grier pointed down at the disk he was standing on and a piece about a foot long snapped of and formed into a spike. The spike darted down and shot straight into TJ’s face, breaking on impact. The tiny pieces of metal flew back up to Grier’s disk and filled up the space that it was in before.

“Well it seems you have a shield there.” Grier said in a cocky tone. “I guess I’ll stop shooting spikes at you. I need something solid to fly on. But I know how to deal with you guys.”

Grier pointed to a power line and the power line started to tip over. It fell down toward us. The thick wire snapped making a deafening sound. Electricity burst out of ends of the broken wire and fell to the ground electrocuting the dirt ground under it. I ran toward it and held it up so it didn’t fall down on Jarome and Alex.

Alex shot a big rock at Grier who easily dodged it. I could tell Alex was too mad to think straight. Rage blinded him. He couldn’t perform as well as he could otherwise.

“Stop Alex!” Jarome yelled.

“No. I’m gonna show these Council people who I am.” Alex shouted.

A piece of the power line snapped off. Grier made the big piece fly toward Jarome and Alex. Jarome put his hand up and stopped the piece in mid-air. I knew I had an opening now. I knew enough about awakenings now that Grier had to be overdoing it. He was concentrating on keeping himself afloat on the disk and also tossing the piece of the power line at them. I tore the whole power line out of the ground and lifted it up. I tossed the whole power line at Grier. Grier quickly put his hand up and pointed it at the flying power line. The power line collapsed in on itself and fell to the floor in a heap of twisted metal. Jarome launched the piece of the power line at Grier but Grier stopped it in the air. Grier was starting to get overwhelmed. I looked at Alex. I could tell that he was aware we were starting to get an advantage.

“Get ready for a boost.” Alex said to me.

Alex picked up a bunch of big rocks and made them float around himself. He launched them one by one at Grier. Grier flew around barely dodging them.

Suddenly a rock shot up from underground under my feet, just like I expected, and lifted me into the air fast. Alex made the big rock fly up fast while I stood on it. I jumped off of the rock and at Grier. I caught him off guard and tried to grab him but he moved. I managed to grab the disk he was floating on. Grier stumbled off of the disk and we both fell toward the ground. I held onto the disk as I fell and hit the ground hard. Thanks to my awakening the fall didn’t hurt at all. I know the fall knocked the wind out of Grier because he was gasping for air.

“I got you now.” Alex said as he shot some small rocks at Grier.

Grier immediately lifted the heap of metal that was from the crumbled power lines, he expanded the jumbled metal around himself like a cage. The bars and tubes from the metal protected himself from too much damage. The rocks were small so some of them hit him but they weren’t doing too much damage. Grier sure was lucky Alex wasted launching all of the big rocks at him because they were now too far for Alex to control. I knew Alex would have shot bigger rocks at him if he could.

I looked at Alex. I couldn’t believe he was really planning on killing this guy. I was stuck in a moral dilemma. I stood there in shock just watching Alex shoot rocks at this guy as this guy crouched down trying to block the rocks with the jumbled metal around him. I didn’t know what to do.

“Do something TJ and Jarome. Stop sitting there and being useless!” Alex shouted.

I was confused. I never saw Alex like this. I could barely even recognize him. Grier closed the metal in around him close. I know he must have been in a tight space. He was preparing for me and Jarome to help Alex attack.

Suddenly one of the wires lifted off of the ground and snapped at me like a whip. The wire hit me in the back and shocked me. I was in pain. I wasn’t really being electrocuted but I was burning up. That electricity was burning hot. My awakening was protecting me but I could still kind of feel the heat and it was getting hotter by the second. The wire wrapped around my body. I could see Grier smirking at me from a crack in the jumbled metal he was hiding in. I never expected him to control the wire. I was getting shocked more and more by the second. I didn’t know how long my awakening could last under all of these shocks.

The ball Grier was in started to roll toward Jarome and Alex. Alex shot flames at the ball but it did nothing. Grier was too protected. I was burning up. We had to do something fast or we were dead. I was so worried about making sure Alex didn’t kill this guy but now it looked like we were about to be killed. I had to act now.

I pushed my arm and legs out, snapping the wire from around me, but the wire was still wrapped around my legs. I couldn’t pay attention to the wire wrapped around my leg. I had to save Alex and Jarome. I ran at the rolling ball Grier was in and grabbed the back of it. It stopped rolling. I punched a hole in the metal and pulled Grier out.

Suddenly Alex soaked both Grier and me in a bunch of water. The water soaked both of us and made the electricity travel around me and through Grier and all of the metal we were standing in and around. Grier was shaking in shock and the metal around me was burning up. I was caught by surprise so I dropped Grier in the metal and ran backwards, snapping the wire from around my foot when I ran.

I stumbled to the ground and looked back at where Grier was. I couldn’t see him. All I could see was a burning pile of metal.



Chapter 26



“What were you thinking Alex?” I yelled.

“It’s strange seeing you mad Jarome. All of these years I’ve known you, never once have you been mad or yelled.” Alex said and laughed.

“Why would you do that? We’re not killers Alex!” TJ shouted.

“Both of you shut up.” Alex spat. “And don’t speak for me. Don’t tell me what I am.”

I took a deep breath and said.

“Alex. We could have just left Grier alone and let The Council handle him. I can’t believe you would kill that guy like that. Why would you-”

“I said shut up!” Alex yelled annoyed. “I’m done running and hiding. I’m done being scared. I’m done being a loser. I’m the only person on the planet with 4 awakenings. My whole life I have been nothing. I finally realize that I’m not nothing. I’m the most powerful person on the planet. From now on I’m doing what I want.”

“Listen to yourself right now bro’. You’re talking crazy.”

“I’m not crazy, and I’m definitely not your bro’. I’m not even your cousin.” Alex said, glaring at TJ.

I could tell TJ’s feelings were hurt. His eyes swelled up with tears.

“Don’t say that Alex. You’re my family no matter what. I always loved you like a brother.”

“Give me a break.” Alex snickered. “You’re not my family. You’re a liar. And now thanks to my awakening, I’m finally better than you and everyone else. I’m gonna show the world just how powerful I am and no one will be able to stop me. I’m taking down The Council, the government, and anyone else in my way. No one will be able to stand up to me.

“I won’t let you Alex.” TJ said mad.

Alex laughed and said.

“I thought you would say that. I actually hoped you would say that,” his tone was sadistic and creepy.

Alex shot a flame at TJ which did nothing to TJ. TJ just stood there.

“There’s no point Alex. I won’t fight you. Nothing you can do will hurt me.”

“Oh trust me I already thought of a way to take you out.” Alex said in that sadistic tone.

I couldn’t even recognize Alex anymore. It was like he was an entirely different person.

Suddenly Alex launched a flame toward me I stumbled backwards. The flame burned but didn’t do any damage. I could tell Alex was simply trying to make me get away from him and TJ. He shot another flame at me to make space between us. I stepped back and looked behind myself so I didn’t trip over anything. That’s when I noticed Amanda hiding in the woods behind a bush.

“Amanda, get the heck out of here.” I whispered as loud as I could.

I didn’t want Alex to find out she was there. She just sat there in shock. Looking at the situation in fear with tears in her eyes.

Alex scorched the ground in front of me and lit the ground on fire in front of me. The fire was so big, thick and tall that I couldn’t even see through it. I wanted to see what was happening with him and TJ but Alex enclosed them both into a big circle of fire. The fire was too loud to hear over and too thick to see into. That’s when I noticed I was enclosed in a smaller flame circle. There was no way to get through it. I would have to fly up. I tried to concentrate on flying but I was breathing in smoke so it was hard to concentrate on flying higher more than a couple of feet.


Chapter 27



I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I could only sit there and cry as I watched my friends fighting. I wanted to somehow stop it but I was in fear for my life. So I could only sit there and watch. Jarome was trying to fly but he was having difficulties because the flames were waving around and closing over his head. He would have to just wait it out.

All I could do is watch. I felt helpless and like a disloyal friend. I couldn’t even help my friends because I was too scared. There was nothing I could do. All I could do was look through things. How would that help my friends? I could just make out what Alex and TJ were saying to each other because I could see through the fire and read their lips.

“You’re just being dramatic Alex. You can’t hurt me. I’m not gonna fight you.”

Alex laughed and said.

“Well then you’re just making it easy for me.”

Alex lifted up a few gallons of water from the stream and made it float next to him. TJ tried to run but the water was flying too fast at him. The water engulfed around TJ’s head.

I couldn’t believe what I was watching. Alex was drowning TJ. I clenched my eyes shut, only to be able to still see through my eyelids, my awakening wouldn’t stop being active it was forcing me to watch. I clenched my eyes tighter and covered my ears as tears poured down my face and looked down at the ground.

I don’t know how long I was in that position but when I finally looked up Alex was standing in front of Jarome. I crouched down behind the bush hoping Alex wouldn’t see me.

“What did you do!” Jarome cried. “You just hurt TJ. He’s your cousin man!”

I looked at TJ and I cried more when I could see his heart wasn’t beating.

Alex shot a long continuous flame like a flamethrower at Jarome. Jarome put his arms up to block it. Jarome yelled in pain as Alex kept Burning his right arm. I again curled over and closed my eyes too scared to do anything but hide and cry. I looked up at Jarome and his arm was completely burned. Jarome lay on his back wincing in pain.

“Just because you were the only person ever nice to me I won’t kill you. Also I know how awakenings like ours work. We need both arms to help direct and control our awakenings. You will be no threat with just one arm.” Alex said in an evil tone.

“Why are you doing this?” Jarome asked in pain and out of breath.

“It’s nothing personal, but you and TJ were just too powerful. I know you guys would eventually try and stop me from what I’m about to do.”

Jarome couldn’t say anything. He looked like he was about to pass out.

“Good luck making it to a hospital or something. I doubt you’ll survive for more than a few minutes. You bled a lot, lost an arm and inhaled a lot of smoke. Good luck. Just be lucky I didn’t kill you.” Alex said.

He walked away and stood on a boulder. The boulder floated up and lifted him with it. He flew away in the distance. When I saw Alex was a safe distance away I rushed over to Jarome.

I tried to lift him up off of the ground without hurting him. I put my arms under his shoulders and dragged him a few feet. He was way too heavy.

I don’t care how heavy he is. I had to get him to a hospital or he would die. It was time for me to stop being weak and to save my friend. I already let TJ die. I couldn’t let another one of my friends die.

I used all of the power and energy in me to lift Jarome up by his arms and drag him as far as I could toward the edge of the woods. I just kept pushing myself, forcing myself to ignore the pain in all of my muscles. I pulled him as further and further away from the area and toward where I parked my car. I had a long way to go but I wouldn’t stop. I kept pushing until I made it a descent space away from the pathway. I got about halfway through the path and gently placed Jarome down.

I ran over to my car, in pain and out of breath. I opened the door, jumped in, turned it on and drove right into the woods, into the small pathway. I ran over a bunch of bushes and logs as the car plowed through the small path pushing aside everything. I was messing my car up a lot but I didn’t even care at all at that point. I drove a few feet away from Jarome and got out of my car. I opened the back door and somehow managed to get him in my back seat.

I backed out of the path, tearing up the outside of the car the whole way. I could hear branches and rocks hitting my cars doors and windows as the tires peeled out in the dirt. I pulled out of the oath of the woods and onto the rocked parking lot. I turned the car in drive and sped all the way to the hospital.


Chapter 28



I woke up to a loud sound and my body jerking off of the bed I was on. I actually forgot where I was and what was happening. I looked at my surroundings and noticed I was inside the living quarters of a big boat.

I quickly got to my feet and looked around. Eyon ran into the living quarters.

“What’s going on?” I said, confused and scared.

“The boat is being raided.” Eyon said with a serious edge in his voice.

“What do we do?” I asked.

“There’s not much we can do.”

Suddenly, a man in a plastic plane white mask ran in the rom holding a machine gun.

“Both of you, onto the deck,” the masked man commanded.

We walked onto the deck. Rokan, Jo, and Jen were already on the deck sitting on the floor, surrounded by gunman all in the same masks.

“Where is this boat going?” a gunman asked.

“Nobody tell them anything. If you speak they will find my family and hurt them.” Eyon cried.

“It looks like we have ourselves one that doesn’t want to cooperate. Throw him overboard,” a gunman said.

Two gunmen picked Eyon up by his arms and lifted him off of the floor. The picked him up and tossed him out of the boat. My heart started to race.

“It looks like this one is new. He’ll tell us where they’re headed and what they’re doing,” one of the gunman said, pointing at me.

“Tell us what you’ll know and we’ll let you free. We’ll give you a gun and have one of our unarmed men ship you out of here. All we want is information. We know you’re not really connected to these guys,” the gunman explained.

I foresaw that this guy was actually telling the truth. I would be given a gun and one unarmed guy would ride me in a boat. Obviously the guy wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize his own safety so I would be free to go home.

You will survive if you do this, but we will all die,” Jo said in my head.

I know, but I’m pretty sure they are planning on killing you guys anyways.” I said to him mentally.

That might be true but there is way more at risk if you tell them anything you know. Whatever your decision is. I’m ready to fight until the end.” Jo said in my mind.

I’m aware of that.” I thought to him.

I stood up and said.

“I’ll cooperate.”

“You piece of trash!” Jen spat at me.

Be ready to fight Jo.” I thought.

“Okay so tell us,” one of the gunman said, stepping in close to me.

“Well, all I know is-”

In the middle of my sentence I grabbed the gunman by his neck, put my leg behind his, and tripped him. I foresaw a gunman shooting at me from my left so I dashed forward avoiding the gunfire before he even got a shot off. I ran toward a gunman pointing a gun at me. I foresaw him shooting a bunch of bullets at me. There was really no way to avoid them, my awakening wouldn’t let me think that fast and my body wasn’t fast enough to avoid bullets. The only thing I could do is minimize the damage. I twisted my body so only a few bullets hit me in the arm and shoulder.

“Woe, woe, woe.” I heard Eyon’s voice over all of the commotion.

I turned around and saw him standing there in perfect condition. Suddenly my vision flashed and I was sitting back in the living quarters.

“What just happened?” I asked.

“It was a test and you aced it. I didn’t expect you to do well at all. I guess we really can trust you. You’re intentions are pure.”

“Couldn’t you just have Jen read my mind to see my true intentions?”

“That’s not really how her awakening works. She can’t read your mind about old things, she can only read your mind as to what you’re thinking at the moment. Even if she could read all of your past thoughts, you never know who someone is until you put them in a situation. You could be the most honest and honorable person on the planet. Once you get put in a life or death situation all of your honor and honesty could change in seconds. You proved you can be the same person in a life or death situation.”

“So exactly how did it seem so real?” I asked.

“My awakening allows me to basically make your remember or see things that aren’t happening. I can basically control what you think you are seeing. I can rearrange your thoughts but around a minute after I finish using my awakening your brain will be able to remember everything normally the way it did before my awakening was used. All I did was put you in an imaginary situation and you dealt with it perfectly.”

“How long have we been on this boat for? Are we almost at where we’re going?”

“You’ll be there in a few minutes because I’ll make you forget all of the pointless parts of the trip. You just sit there and get some sleep. When you’re awake you’ll be there.”




Chapter 29



I sat up straight and noticed I was lying on the ground outside. I looked around and I was in a beautiful forest. The air was nice and warm. The sun broke through the sturdy trees. I could hear all types of animals and bugs singing. They almost sounded like they were in harmony, like they were happy.

I felt this overwhelming feeling of peacefulness and appreciation for the earth. The grass I was on was nice and soft. I felt like I could lay in that spot forever. I looked to my left and saw a huge beautiful tree. The roots to the tree we bigger than my body and looked dynamically arranged, sticking out of the ground and twisting around the area. The tree almost looked alive. It had a sweet scent.

“That tree is called The Root,” a voice said.

I looked to where the voice came from and saw a man.

He looked to be in his early 40s. He had long and thick light brown beard with very long brown dreadlocked hair tied back. He had shining blue eyes and sun tanned skin. He had no shirt on and looked like he worked out every day. I have never seen anyone with a physique like his. He continued to talk.

“The Root is said to be almost as old as Mother-Earth. It is said to be one of the first trees born to Her. It is the only tree on the planet that wasn’t affected by the poisons and corruptions that humanity has put over the rest of the world.”

I looked back at the tree. It did look old, but still healthy. I highly doubted a tree could survive as long as he claimed.

“How can a tree survive that long?” I asked.

“The sciences you were told were lies. Anything can live forever.”

“Even people?”

“Yes, even we can live forever in spirit.”

“Where am I?”

“You are in a place you would refer to as Africa.”

“Exactly where in Africa?”

“You would refer to this place as Egypt.”

I didn’t know there were beautiful rainforests like this in Egypt. I pretty much already accepted everything I knew was false the moment I discovered awakenings. I didn’t need this man to tell me sciences were inaccurate.

“May I ask who you are?”

“I was born in America and given the name Jonathan. Through my growth and awakening I earned the name Shyro, which means truth in the Xylian language.”

“What’s Xylian?”

“Xylia is the real name for Egypt. You have already met some of the last Xylian people alive. Jo, Eyon, Rokan, and Xhenni are all direct descendants to ancient Xylians.”

“Who’s Xhenni?”

“She’s my daughter. She probably introduced herself as Jen.”

“Xylians were hunted down hundreds of years ago because of their teachings and talents with awakenings. People thought they were too powerful so they were wiped out and only a small tribe remains today. Xylians are naturally more powerful with awakenings than other people.”

“Why are they so much better with awakenings than everyone else?”

“Because they were peaceful. They ate right, meditated and helped each other. Peace of mind, unity, and good intentions expand you awakenings’ power. The controllers of the world never understood that and still don’t understand that to this day.”

“So why am I here? Why and how did you contact me?” I asked.

“My awakening is that I can connect with animals. Basically I can understand them and they can understand me. We can communicate. I handed a letter to a bird who transferred it to you.”

“A bird flew all the way from Africa to America?” I asked shocked.

“Yes. I’m friends with birds who can fly for almost a year straight. I sent a bird to America who handed off the letter to another bird and eventually you received the letter.”

“Well how do you even know me? Why am I here?”

“Animals can all communicate with each other. Humans used to be able to communicate with animals until we broke off from the universal ways and let greed take us over. Mittens could sense something in you and told other animals. Eventually word got to me and I had animals watching you to see what type of person you were.”

“My house cat Mittens?” I said shocked.


“My house cat was spying on me?” I laughed

“No. Animals aren’t aware of human nature and actions. In a way they’re not smart enough to spy. I take information from animals around the world and decipher their thoughts. That’s how I found you. I can’t have full-fledged conversations with animals. I can just give them simple tasks and they can give me simple request. Every time you talked around Mittens, she would kind of remember what you would say and slowly but surely I would see in my mind the things you were doing and saying. I am the one that puts together the animals’ jumbled thoughts and interpret them into the knowledge I know. That’s how I found you.”

“So how many Americans are here?” I asked.

“Just you and I. That’s it.”

“Why come here? What’s so special about Xylia?”

“The spot you’re sitting in is one of the only, if not the only, pure spaces on the planet,” Shyro said.

“What do you mean pure?” I asked.

“I mean anything above and below it is in its original form. Untainted by toxins, chemtrails, poisons, chemicals or anything else humans produce to destroy our natural mind and body. Just you sitting there cleanses your mind body and soul slowly. Your awakening will be amplified, your mind will think clearer, negative thoughts and feelings are less likely to reach your brain, all because you are in the pure bed. It’s the perfect place to meditate and reflect on the universe,” Shylo explained.

“So exactly why am I here?” I asked.

“For some reason there has been a lot of awoken activity in the area you live. The Council has active projects, the government is snooping around there, you and your friends became awoken and there are multiple rogues around that area.”

“What do you mean rogues.”

“Rogues are awoken people with no allegiance to any group. You would know of two rogues as Bishop and Kyle. They would be rogues. The reason I summoned you here is because with all of this activity suddenly happening around you I have a feeling The Council or the government has bigger plans to further destroy our already broken planet. I really feel like you could help us slow their plans and even someday stop their plans.”

“Why should I trust you? What are your plans? Where do your loyalties lie?” I challenged.

“My loyalty is only to Mother-Earth and The All.”

“What’s The All?”

“To explain The All to someone like you I would have to say The All is basically God. But trust me The All is way beyond you or my understanding of God or gods. People have claimed they know Gods intentions or even what God looks like or wants people to eat or wear. The All is so beyond our human understanding we don’t deserve to assume what The All’s exact thought process is like religions claim. The All doesn’t think. Humans think. The All is above a simple cognitive action that we do as people every day.”

I kind of always agreed with what Shyro just explained. I never believed in religions much but I believed there was a God.

“To be honest, I want to get stronger and smarter to protect my friends. Is that possible?”

“Yes my awoken friend. It is possible. First let me show you New Xylia.”


Chapter 30



A couple of days had passed. They were the worst days in my life. I was all alone. Jarome has been hospitalized in a coma, Mark was gone, and TJ was dead. I shed another tear at the thought of TJ. I sat at the side of Jarome’s hospital bed with his family, all of us silently in tears. The beeping sounds and the sound of his oxygen pump only made me more upset. I thought back on how he got the injuries that lead him here.

I couldn’t help. All I could do was watch helplessly as my friend got his arm burned off. I was scared. I’m weak.

I shook away my thoughts as I clenched my tear filled eyes and looked at Jarome. His heartbeat was slow and weak. I could no longer stand to be in that room. I couldn’t stand being in there, knowing I did nothing to help him while he got hurt. I rushed out of the room without excusing myself. I quickly paced down the hospital hallways trying to concentrate on suppressing my awakening so I couldn’t see through anything.

I didn’t want to see anything anymore. I wish we never had gotten these awakenings. I wish my life was normal again. I wish Jarome was okay. I cried to myself as I walked out of the hospital, through the parking lot and into my car. I didn’t want to go home. I wanted to talk to one of my friends who would understand what I was going through but all I had left was Mark and I had no idea where he was or when I would see him again.

I drove to my house, parked, got out of my car, and walked to the lake. I sat on the log I once sat on next to Jarome. Everything I looked at reminded me of Jarome or TJ and it made me cry harder and harder. That’s when I heard a voice from behind me.

“It wasn’t your fault.”

I turned around and saw it was Bishop.

“It is my fault. I watched there and did nothing as my two friends were hurt.” I cried.

“I’m not too sure of the details but I when went to look for Grier I found Grier’s body near your friends. To help you out I disposed of Grier and put TJ’s body next to the water to make it look like he drowned because the power lines fell on him. If I didn’t do that the police would have investigated you which would have forced the government to take action on you guys. I saw that TJ was drowned so I assumed it was Kyle or Alex who did it. Kyle wouldn’t waste his time killing TJ so I deduce it must have been Alex.”

“I hate him. I wish I wasn’t so weak. If Jarome survives I don’t think I’ll be able to look at him without feeling ashamed.” I cried.

“Then grow. Get stronger. Make sure when you see Jarome again you’re stronger than him.” Bishop said.

“All I can do is see through things. I can’t be stronger than anyone. I’m weak and useless.” I cried.

“No you’re not. You have potential to be stronger than everyone.” Bishop said.

I looked at his heartbeat. He was telling the truth.

“How could someone as weak as me become strong as someone like you?” I asked.

“Come with me. Let me teach you. I can see it through your tears. Convert your anger and feelings of helplessness into determination.” Bishop said.

“Why would you want to help me? What’s you’re benefit? Why should I trust someone like you?” I asked.

“Because you can tell if I’m lying. You don’t have to trust me because you can see through me. Once I show you how things are I know you’ll want to assist in my goals and share the same philosophy I do. I promise if you help me. I’ll make sure when you see Jarome you won’t be ashamed. He will be proud of you. If you help me no one will ever have to go through what you and your friends are going through.”

I thought about everything he said. He wasn’t lying at all. Even though I doubted everything he said, even though I doubted a person like me with an awakening like mine could be strong, I believed him. I believed him because he believed in himself and me for some reason. I took a deep breath and stopped crying.

“Show me.” I said.



Chapter 31



I followed Shyro out of the pure bed and out into a pathway. The pathway was lined on each side with big healthy trees. The trees arched around the natural path as if they were pointing in the direction to walk.

When we stepped out of the path the sun beamed down on us. For some reason the sun shined brighter here. I could barely see through the sunlight. I squinted my eyes and covered my face with my hands from the sunlight

“Why is the sun so bright?” I asked, covering my face.

“There is no pollution in the sky to block the sun’s true brightness. Most of the clouds you see from your area are just poisonous chemicals pumped out by plains that leave chemtrails across the sky. The pollution in that air is so thick it blocks out the sun and you can’t even see it. Here the air is pure and the sunlight beams directly to us. Don’t worry, your eyes will adjust in a few moments.”

I blinked and squinted a few times. Slowly my eyes adjusted to the sunlight and I saw a beautiful town. The houses all looked nice, clean and sturdy with people walking around. A lot of the houses had big water tanks on the side of them attached to rainwater harvesting gutters, along with solar panels on the roofs. Some houses had devices and contraptions I never saw. I saw a lot of big gardens and clean farms. Animals were walking around freely. A lion walked right by me. I jumped back in fear. Shyro laughed and said.

“Don’t fear. This is a neutral ground. No man or animal will hunt in town. This is a place where people and animals can be at peace.”

The lion walked to one of the houses and onto a front porch where a lady was sitting on a rocking chair. She pet the lion like it was her pet. It looked like her and the lion were friends. The town was stunningly beautiful. That’s when I noticed I was hungry.

“I think I need something to eat.” I said.

“You have been fasting since you got onto the boat. You were only aloud to drink pure water to cleanse your system. You’re ready to eat now. I personally am a vegetarian but if you would like to eat meat you have to hunt for it yourself in the hunting grounds. I would suggest you stay away from the hunting grounds because it is dangerous and no one will help you there. The hunting grounds are almost as pure as New Xylia. There is no pollution there but there is a lot of bloodlust and negative thinking that goes on in the hunting grounds. Negative thoughts alone can affect an area.” Shyro explained.

“Okay but I need something to eat. I feel empty and weak.”

“Soon enough you’ll feel stronger than you ever have. You’ll gain pounds of muscle. Just being in pure land, eating pure food and having pure thoughts tremendously benefit your body.”

Shyro walked me to a house we walked into a backyard and I saw Jen doing pull ups on a tree. When she noticed us she let go of the branch and dropped to the ground, landing on her feet gracefully.

Shyro said something to her in Xylian. She spoke back to him in their language and had a hint of frustration in her voice. He spoke to her again. She spoke back sounding calmer.

“Xhenni is going to make you something to eat. You’ll be staying here for the night. You’ll start training tomorrow.” Shyro said.

“Thanks.” I said, and Shyro walked off.

“Let’s go.” Jen said, and walked inside her house.

I followed. She went into her kitchen and told me to sit at the table. She cooked a quick stew. She handed me the bowl and it smelled delicious.

“I would have put meat inside of it but you still haven’t hunted for your own meat to deserve it.”

I looked inside there were all types of different vegetables, some I’ve never saw, and noodles. I tasted the stew. It was the best thing I’ve ever tasted. I don’t know if it was because I haven’t eaten in days but I have never tasted anything close to as good as this stew. I tried to eat it without looking like a slob but I finished the bowl quickly and was still hungry after. I wanted to ask for more but didn’t want to be rude.

Jen rolled her eyes at me and grabbed my bowl. I forgot she could read my mind. She could even tell what I’m thinking now.

“I don’t continuously read people’s minds if that’s what you’re thinking,” she said as she scooped more stew into the bowl.

“Why not? That’s what I would do if I had your awakening.” I admitted.

“My awakening isn’t simply reading people’s minds. My awakening allows me to link minds together. Basically while I’m reading your thoughts you can also read mine. It’s like sharing a mind,” she explained as she placed the bowl in front of me.

“Kind of like how Jo does right?”

“No. Jo’s awakening is a little different. Jo can make your mind think whatever singular thought he wants and also hear whatever thought you specifically direct toward him. Jo can make you think his thoughts are your own if he wanted to. I can link our minds entirely as one.”

“I get it. So you don’t continuously read minds because that would leave your own mind open to also be heard by whoever you’re using it on.” I deduced.

“Exactly,” she said.

“So don’t be paranoid. I don’t care to listen to your thoughts.”

I finished eating the stew.

“You can sleep in the guest room. You have what you need so you won’t need me for anything,” she said in a plain tone.

She was basically saying, don’t ask me for anything, leave me alone, in a nice way.

“No problem. Thanks for the stew.”

I went into the guest room and sat on the bed. It was getting late out. I closed my eyes and tried to get some rest. I couldn’t wait to start training tomorrow.





Chapter 32



I haven’t been my old home since the situation with TJ. I could only imagine what his parents think. I really didn’t care but I was interested. I have been in a mansion since that day. I remembered this rich kid from school that used to pick on me all the time. His name was Tyler.

Tyler was a piece of trash. One week he kept throwing paper balls at me in class every day. I told the school counselor and they called his parents. His parents said there son was an angel and would never do anything like that. Tyler got in no type of trouble and picked on me more.

So his house was the first house I decided to take over since the whole situation happened with TJ.

I flew straight to his house and walked in. When his mom started yelling and threatening to call the police I showed them my fire awakening.

“Shut the hell up lady.” I told Tyler’s mom with flames floating around me.

She looked at me in complete fear, like I was a monster.

“Where is your piece of trash son?” I asked.

She was in too much fear to speak. That’s when Tyler’s dad came into the room. I shot a small flame at him, lightly burning his face. He looked as scared as his wife. I remembered Tyler would always brag about his indoor pool at school. I would use his bragging to my advantage.

“Take me to the pool.” I commanded.

They walked me to the pool. I showed them I had control over water, and then said.

“Get into the pool.”

“Please don’t kill us,” Tyler’s dad said.

“Shut up old man. I won’t kill you I’m just making sure you don’t try to run. Now get into the pool before I change my mind.”

They both jumped in.

“If you guys leave the water I’ll be able to sense it and I’ll burn this pretty big house down with you guys inside.”

They just tried to stay afloat in panic and fear. I looked around the house for Tyler.

“Where are you Tyler you piece of crap? I know you’re in here somewhere. I found him hiding under his bed like a coward. I ignite a flame and held it under the bed.

“Get from under there or I’ll scorch you and this stupid bed.”

Tyler crawled from under the bed in fear.

“How are you controlling fire?” he asked.

“None of your business. Go to the pool.” I said.

When we got to the inside pool I told the parents to get out.

“From now on, this house is mine. I own everything inside this place. I even own you guys. Do you understand?” I said.

They were too scared to talk.

“I said do you understand!” I yelled commanding an answer.

“Yes, we understand.” Tyler said.

“Now this is how things will go. Tyler you will be locked in your room upstairs. You will never come out until I feel like you deserve it. I doubt you ever will deserve it though. Your parents will be able to go to work and do their schedules like normal. I suggest you don’t try to call the police because they can’t help you. I can wipe out the whole police force if I want to If you do tell anyone about me then I will burn this mansion down with your son locked inside. You’ll be locked in your room and your door will only be opened when your parents fed you. I’ll have boulders blocking your door from opening too much.” I told them.

“We agree just don’t kill us.”

“I’ll only be staying here for a little while. Do as I say and you guys will live and be able to live your lives like they were before. Leave me alone, don’t talk to me and let me do what I want while I’m here. I can also read your minds o don’t get any stupid ideas.” I lied to psychologically control and stress them.

That was around a week ago and I liked the situation I was in now. I came and went as I pleased. They were all so scared they didn’t bother me and seemed to be adapting to it pretty good. I lived in a master bedroom to a mansion. I was on top of the world and I deserved it.

I thought about Mark and Amanda. I wasn’t worried about them. Their awakenings were too weak to stand up to me. I thought about robbing a bank or something but there was no point. I was technically already rich because I owned everything Tyler’s family owned.

I thought showing the world my dominance but right now there was no point. I would wait until I could somehow find Bishop, Kyle and The Council. I had to take them out before anything.

I was patient. I had no problem waiting to take everything over. I was getting better at using my awakening by the day. I would go to the pond to practice every couple of days. I couldn’t quite yet use the wind to fly but I could fly around just fine on big rocks.

Every day my flames grew bigger and burned hotter. My winds blew faster and stronger. I could control more water and bigger boulders. I could see no limit to my power. I was the only one like me on the planet. Nobody could stop me. And soon I would show the world.



Chapter 33



I sat in the pure bed Indian style. I honestly thought the training would be like how they do in the kung-fu movies or comic books. All Shyro wanted me to do was sit around and meditate. He also wanted to keep giving me lectures and history lessons. I honestly didn’t think this was helping me at all but I wanted to be polite and at least give it a try. Shyro talked as I listened.

“Thousands of years ago, the planet was perfect. Every person, and even animal was perfect. There was no war, no hate. Everyone and everything lived in harmony like the human race is supposed to naturally. But then something happened,” he had a hint of sadness in his expression.

“People started to get greedy. Not realizing that everything they could ever want or need is given to them at birth. Mother-Earth and The-All provides us with everything at birth, but there are those who are tainted with greed. They don’t understand, greed is not wanting more for yourself, it’s wanting less for other people. The more land you own, the less land there is for someone else that needs it. Humans started to separate from each other, taking land and claiming it for themselves. This made Mother-Earth mad and she started to separate lands which are now called continents. Wars started, awakenings were used against each other, instead of with each other like they are supposed to. They created religions and borders and politics to separate us. We are all one group of humans living on mother earth but people made up races, separating us even more. Races started to get enslaved and even slaughtered.” a tear fell from his eye. “Children were even killed, all in the name of greed. For a shiny rock called gold, for some pieces of paper called money. Humans started to kill each other, separate, and hate each other. Groups were formed, authorities over other people were created, invisible laws were thought of, hierarchy was created, some people made themselves feel like they were better than other humans and called themselves kings, pharaohs, or even gods. The people who were enslaved were brainwashed to think that they never were even born with awakenings. Eventually this group of people’s reign engulfed the planet and slowly, most of the planet were brainwashed into thinking they didn’t have awakenings. Only a selected few were allowed to know about the awakenings to rule over the unawoken. Only people who called themselves elites were aware of their awakenings, making it easier for them to maintain control. Governments were formed and perfected controlling people with propaganda, distractions, and lusts.”

“But wouldn’t it be easier to get the truth out the word in this day and age?” I asked. “Can’t we just all unite now that we have ways to reach people from all around the world?”

“Absolutely not.” he said. “If you think you can get your information out to other people by using the internet you never will. The Greed owns the internet. You can’t use their own tool against them. The Greed puts GMO’s in your food and tells you it’s healthy. They take your guns and tell you they protect you with a police force that kills its own people. The Greed will mutilate peoples’ bodies, call it plastic surgery, and tell you it’s sexy. They make you lust substances that destroy your mind and body. All of this suppresses the people’s awakenings. They fly planes that leave chemtrails. They put GMO’s in the peoples’ food, all to suppress the peoples’ awakenings.”

“So all people have to do is eat healthy and they’ll be awoken.”

“Yes. Simply eating healthy and breathing clean air will activate your awakening but it’s almost impossible now because all food supply has some type of suppressor in it. Even the fruits and vegetables have pesticides that suppress awakenings. It’s time for everyone in the world to be equal. There are evil, heartless people living in mansions, and there are good, honorable people living in dirt. This twisted, crooked system ran by The Greed needs to be beaten.”

I sat there quietly for a moment, taking everything in. He was so passionate about his views and feelings. I could hear it in his voice. I understood him, but I just didn’t see it being possible to take on the government. They just have too much control. I would like to see a perfect world where everyone is awoken and happy, but I just don’t see that happening realistically. I had to train and get better at defending myself and my friends. I didn’t need a philosophy lesson. I like Shyro, and I know he’s a really good and honorable person but I just don’t see how he could help me.

“I have to be honest with you sir,” I said. “I do agree with you, but I don’t see the world ever changing for the better. I honestly just need to train my awakening so I can help defend my friends and myself from The Council.”

“You talk about defending yourself from The Council. The Council is also tainted by the greed. Their plan is to take over the government so they are the ones in control with all of the power. The only difference between them and the government is they will be open about their awakenings while the rest of the planet watches them helpless and wishing they could do something. You can’t ever beat or defend against The Council with your attitude. You speak negatively about yourself and your own abilities. You think negatively and lack confidence which is holding you back. There is no point in training if you don’t want to defend all of the people, not just your friends. There is no point to strengthen yourself if you want to conquer The Greed itself.”

“I can’t lie to you sir. I don’t have the confidence that I could do anything to the government or The Council for that matter. I just want to mind my business and live a normal life. I can only help some people along the way. I don’t see myself saving the entire planet.”

“Don’t doubt your potential. Anything can change the world, even one person, even one ant, even one draft of the wind could somehow change the world. You are only holding yourself back. If you simply think positive your awakening will grow.”

I had no idea that thinking positive would help. I really think I made the wrong choice by coming here. I decided I would stay for a couple more nights, just to be polite but being there was just a waste of time.

“If you aren’t positive and your intentions aren’t for Mother Earth and the people, then you will fail. Nothing will change.”

“Well how do I start sir?”

“You can start by meditating.”

“That’s it?”

“Yes. Just sit, or lay, think about nothing. Don’t even think about thinking. Clear your mind. That is how you exercise a mind type of awakening.”

This sure sounded like it would be boring.

I sat in the grass of the pure bed, eyes closed, meditating. The warm wind gently caressed my face and swirled around my body. The grass danced and rubbed against each other. I could hear the water running from the river nearby. Leaves shook on the branches of the trees. I took a deep breath, inhaling the sweet scent of The Root.

“You’re not meditating.” Shyro said, knocking me out of my concentration. “You’re relaxing and thinking about something. You’re paying attention to your surroundings. You have to clear your mind Mark.”

I sighed, took a deep breath and tried to meditate again. I just couldn’t focus for some reason. I tried hard to think of nothing. I took a deep breath and relax. I tried to meditate, tried to slip into nothingness.

After a while I started to feel like I was floating. I didn’t think, I couldn’t even feel. I didn’t even feel like I was in my body anymore. That’s when I noticed I finally made it into a deep meditation and I snapped out of it. I started to regret that I noticed I was in deep meditation because it snapped me out of it. I was only in it for a couple seconds until I ruined it.

“You did pretty good.” Shyro said with a smile.

“I only lasted a few seconds.” I said disappointed.

“You didn’t last seconds. You were in deep meditation for a few minutes.” Shyro said.

“Really? It felt like it was only a few seconds.”

“When you’re in deep meditation you feel anything. You don’t even feel time. Hours can pass from just a few minutes of deep meditation. You become one with the universe and are recharging all of the positive energies in and around your body.” Shyro explained.

“This felt great, but what’s really the point of deep meditation? I mean all I really did was skip a few minutes.” I questioned.

“You’re becoming one with the universe and reaching close to The-All with meditation. You’re expanding you’re mind and awakening.” Shyro said.

I tried to meditate again but I couldn’t stop thinking about how well I just did earlier.

“I don’t think I can concentrate any more today.” I said.

“Alright. You did good today. We’ll try again tomorrow.” Shyro said.

I stood up and walked toward the exit of the pure bed. I honestly didn’t feel like simple meditations would help me. I needed more. I decided I would try to figure out what else I could learn from New Xylia.

I walked out of the pathway and into the town, that’s when I heard Jo’s voice in my head.

He has you meditating all day huh?”

Yes.” I thought.

Boring stuff. Not all training is supposed to be fun though.” Jo said telepathically.

I know. I need to do something more hands-on.” I thought.

I’m about to go to the hunting grounds if you would like to join.” Jo said in my mind.

“[_Absolutely.” I _]thought excited.

[_ _]

Chapter 34



“I need some excitement. Where are you? I can’t even see you.” I thought.

Look up,” Jo said to me telepathically.

I looked up and saw Jo was high in a big tree eating a fruit I have never saw before.

“Are you ready to go now?” Jo asked in my head.

Yes.” I thought, ready.

Come with me.” Jo said in my mind as he climbed down the tree fast as a cat.

Jo walked toward a dark pathway, I followed. The further we walked into the pathway, the darker it got.

Why is it so dark?” I asked in thought.

The trees are very big and thick. Sunlight never touches the hunting grounds.” Jo replied.

Is it as dangerous as people say?” I asked in thought.

Who says it’s dangerous?” Jo asked.

Shyro and Jen.” I answered.

Sah-Shyro doesn’t have a reason to come to the hunting grounds. He doesn’t eat meat and doesn’t like any type of violence. I’m sure Jen didn’t say the hunting grounds were dangerous. She most likely said the hunting grounds weren’t safe for a newcomer like you.” Jo explained in my mind.

Why do you call him Sah-Shyro?” I asked mentally.

Sah is an honorary term. It basically means leader. Sah-Shyro is the leader of this town. Formally pharaohs and kings of Old Xylia called themselves Sah.” Jo explained.

“[_Do you ever speak with words, or do you only communicate through your mind?” _]I asked in thought

There really is no reason to communicate with sounds. I wouldn’t be able to speak with you anyways. I don’t understand English and you don’t understand Xylian.” Jo explained.

Really. So how are we communicating right now if we can’t understand each other?” I asked.

We’re not using words, we’re using thought patterns. When you think about doing a task you don’t necessarily sit there and think it out word for word, you think in patterns. We’re simply passing familiar thoughts to each other and our minds are deciphering them into information.” Jo explained.

I get it.” I said in my mind.

We walked out of the path and into the hunting grounds. In its own way it was also beautiful. It was a lot more quiet than the pure bed. It was dark and misty. Jo pulled his bow and arrow off of his back and scanned the area. He quickly shot his arrow into a dark shadow. He moved so fast, I didn’t even see him draw pull the arrow out. Jo quietly walked into the shadow that he just shot into. He walked out holding the biggest rabbit I’ve ever saw.

Why is it so big?” I asked.

This one isn’t even that big. The animals around your area are just unusually small because of all the poisons their subjected to.” Jo explained in my head.

We walked deeper into the hunting grounds. It seemed to get darker and darker every step we took. Jo shot down a couple of birds and another rabbit. We walked by a medium sized waterfall. Suddenly Jo stopped dead in his tracks.

What is it?” I thought?

Raiders.” Jo answered telepathically.

At that moment 4 men dropped from the trees and surrounded us. They all had guns.

They are from a neighboring village or city not as pure as New Xylia. They won’t hurt us. They probably just want the food we hunted.” Jo said in my mind.

One of the men spoke to Jo. They spoke back and forth for a little bit.

They are being difficult because you’re a foreigner.” Jo said in my mind.

They’re not aware of our awakenings. Let’s attack them while we still have the advantage of surprise.” I thought.

We’re also not aware of their awakenings if they have them.” Jo said.

I concentrated and foresaw one of the men shooting Jo. I made sure I let him see that image in my mind, so he reacted moments before the man could shoot. Jo pulled out a hooked sword lightning fast and cut the shooter in his chest. He fell backward and off of the waterfall. I rushed another one of the gunman. I foresaw he was about to shoot so I dashed backwards and he shot his comrade. I tackled him and was on top of him holding his gun to the ground.

The standing raider aimed his gun at me. For some reason the man aimed away from me and shot at the ground. Jo shot an arrow at his chest. He fell to the ground. Jo ran over and kicked the gun away from the man. I foresaw the man pull out a dagger I quickly stood up and rolled away from him. He rushed at me but I knew his move so I ducked and tripped him. He fell off of the waterfall and into the water.

I think it’s time we should leave.” Jo said in my mind.

We started to backtrack the way we came from.

You’re a good fighter, and you’re a quick thinker. You showed me the mental image of the raider shooting me before it happened giving me a massive amount of reaction time. Thanks.” Jo explained in my mind.

You’re welcome. You also saved me too. Thanks.” I said back to him mentally.

“I didn’t say you saved me. I said you gave me extra time to react. I could have easily handled all of those guys in seconds. I simply wanted to see how you reacted in that situation and find out any weaknesses you have. I did end up finding out a weakness you have.” Jo said.

What’s that? What weakness did you see?” I thought curious.

You rely on your awakening too much.” He said in my head.

What do you mean?” I thought.

If somebody figures out how to counter your awakening you’re a dead man.” Jo explained mentally.

I never thought of it that way. I think you’re right.” I admitted.

Jo slowly stopped walking and turned around. He looked at me from the shadows of his cloak. I could see his dark black eyes in the darkness of his hood.

I am right.”

I immediately foresaw him swing his sword at me. I dashed back to avoid his swing but was caught off guard when he rushed at me and tripped me. How come he didn’t swing his sword? I just foresaw it. Was something wrong with my awakening? I was on my back as he stood over me and I foresaw him plunge his sword deep into my chest. I started to panic.

He was about to kill me. I looked at him in fear, knowing I was about to die. He paused for a moment held his hand out to help me up. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me off of the ground.

I countered your awakening.” Jo said in my mind.

How?” I asked.

I was putting thoughts in your mind and you thought it was your awakening activating. Remember when that man didn’t shoot at you and he randomly shot the ground? That was because I tricked him. I put a thought in his head that you were running away and he fell for it.” Jo explained in my mind.

“Well thanks for showing me a weakness in my awakening.” I said, thankful he didn’t kill me.

I know Sah-Shyro is boring and maybe even a little repetitive and annoying but he can teach you how to naturally move your body just through meditations. He really can help you a lot even though it may not seem like it. You ever notice Sah-Shyro’s body. He has muscles on top of muscles. That’s not from exercise. He achieved a perfect form just from simply eating right and meditations. I would suggest you appreciate his teachings.” Jo said mentally.

Thanks Jo. I’ll definitely take your advice.” I thought

We went back to New Xylia. I felt a whole lot better and couldn’t wait to speak to Shyro.

I walked into the pure bed and saw Shyro meditating.

“Do you have questions for tomorrow?” Shyro asked.

“No. I want to practice more right now,” I said.

Shyro laughed and said.

“A walk through the hunting grounds with New Xylia’s most skilled fighter will do that to you.”

I didn’t say anything.

“Come Mark. Meditate some more.”



Chapter 35



I woke up but my eyes were still closed. I heard beeping sounds and quiet hums of machines. I really didn’t know where I was. My memory was very foggy and jumbled. I slowly opened my eyes. I tried to blink away my blurry vision. Eventually I was able to see I was in the hospital. That’s when pieces of my memory started to come back.

TJ. God no. Not TJ. I thought.

My heart felt like someone stabbed me in it when I remembered my best friend died. I felt like I was in a nightmare that I would never wake up from. My head was pounding from a headache.

I went to rub my head when I had no feeling in my right arm. I looked at my right arm and it was gone. This nightmare called my life was getting worse by the second. For some reason I still felt like I had an arm, it still felt like I could function an arm but it just wasn’t there.

I thought about Amanda. I prayed she made it out of that area safe. Then I started to wonder how I made it to the hospital and how long have I been asleep for. I slowly sat up on the hospital bed with tubes going through my arm. A lady nurse walked into the room.

“How are you feeling Jarome?” she asked.

“I seem okay. How long have I been out for?” I asked.

“Well you were in a fire and were deprived of oxygen for too long so your brain shut down. It’s been a couple of weeks.”

I didn’t know it was that long. I had so many questions.

“How come I can still feel my arm if it’s gone?” I asked sad.

“It’s called phantom limb syndrome. Your brain is still not used to your arm being gone so it still feels like you have an arm. I’m sorry you have to find out all of this stuff in so little time,” she explained.

I had nothing to say. I looked down at the empty space where my arm would be and squeezed my nonexistent hand. The lady left the room. I looked over to my left and saw a box of tissues. I tried to make it fly over to me with my awakening but I could barely move it. My awakening was weaker. I was too used to using both hands to control my awakening. There is no way I would ever be able to use my awakening like I used to. I looked down, feeling sad and helpless. I missed TJ.

How could Alex do this to us? I had to somehow stop him. I promised myself I would get my awakening stronger again and stop Alex. I had an idea. Since I could still technically feel my right arm. Maybe I could still use it to help control my awakening.

I aimed my phantom arm at the box of tissues to try and move it with my mind. It barely moved. Even though I could feel the arm I psychologically knew that I had no arm and I couldn’t perform with my awakening lie I should.

I could move the box just fine when I aimed my left arm. That showed me I could still technically use my awakening but my power was just cut in half due to only having one arm. I decided I would try and practice using my awakening with just my mind.

I knew from experience that if I practice with just my mind, and not directed my arms, then it basically exercises my awakening to get naturally stronger. If I could get my mind to lift things without assistance of my arms I know I could strengthen my awakening.

I knew I would never get to where I used to be but I had to try. I had to do something, somehow. Alex had to be stopped.



Chapter 36



Lately I have been training with Bishop at his warehouse. He said this place was only a temporary spot to train at until he had to relocate. So far all I have really been doing is exercising, and sparring. He did teach me a few counter surveillance tricks to stay safe.

It was so hard for me to do simple exercises I think Bishop’s awakening was somehow messing with me.

“How come it’s so hard to do simple movements whenever I’m near you?” I asked Bishop, sweating and out of breath.

“My awakening allows me to control gravity to a certain extent. I gravitated you, basically making you heavier.” Bishop explained.

“Why? What’s the point?” I asked.

“Because the more you get used to being gravitated. The faster and stronger you’ll be naturally. If you can’t physically move and strike your opponents down you’ll fail. Right now you aren’t using your awakening as an offensive weapon, so we have to work on you physical offence.”

“How could I possibly use my x ray vision as an offensive weapon?”

“There are tons of ways you could if you get creative with your awakening. You have an awakening that doesn’t allow your opponents to hide or sneak up on you. There are tons of ways to make your awakening a deadly weapon. You could snipe someone straight through a wall if you wanted.” Bishop said.

“I don’t want to kill anyone.” I said.

“Well many people want to kill you, even your former friend Alex. If your friends TJ and Jarome had a killer instinct the outcome of their situation would be greatly different.” Bishop said.

I cringed when he mentioned the situation. My heart felt pain every time I thought of how I sat and watched my friends hurt right in front of me. I wanted to cry but I cried so much over it I had to turn my weak emotions like sadness into determination.

“Show me how to use my awakening as a weapon. Make me as strong as you. I promise I’ll have a killer instinct.” I said with anger in my tone.





Chapter 37



I was driving Tyler’s parents’ Mercedes Benz. Well I guess it was my Benz now. I knew I could easily fly around but I never drove my expensive car.

I decided to go check on Mark. I knew he wasn’t any type of threat but I wanted to tell him to mind his business and stay out of my way. If he didn’t agree with me I would simply kill him. I drove up to Mark’s house and walked right in. Nobody was there. I walked into every room and didn’t see a sign of him anywhere.

It looked like no one has stepped into the house in a while. It was completely empty. He probably heard about me and was hiding like a coward. I heard a quiet sound. I looked in the direction that the noise came from and saw a small house cat standing in the hallway. I walked toward the cat and kicked it out of my way as I walked toward the front door. The cat screamed in pain as I laughed my way out the front door.

You can hide all you want Mark. I’ll find you eventually.


[* *]

Chapter 38



A couple of weeks have passed. I have been meditating a lot and hunting in the hunting grounds. I actually took down a couple animals myself and cooked them myself. I integrated into life in new Xylia pretty quickly.

I felt like a whole different person. I felt way healthier. Living here for this short while showed me just how deprived I have been growing up in the states.

I walked into the pure bed Shyro was sitting down meditating.

“Mark. Something has come up.” Shyro said in a serious tone.

“What is it?” I asked.

“You recently had a visitor at your home in America.” Shyro said.

“Who was it?” I asked

Shyro paused for a moment, and then said.

“I think that’s something you need to figure out and handle for yourself Mark. I would suggest you go and talk to your friends as soon as possible. I already told Eyon to send you out today. Prepare to depart. You can come back here when you clear everything up.”

I honestly missed TJ, Alex, Amanda and Jarome. I hoped they all have been staying out of trouble and progressing. The way Shyro talked, I could tell something was wrong.

“Thank you. I’ll get ready now.”

“You can come back here whenever you’re ready. Make sure you let everyone know you’re leaving.” Shyro said.

I walked out of the pure bed and into New Xylia.

What’s wrong? You look worried.” Jo asked in my mind.

I couldn’t see him but I knew he was somewhere high in a tree eating some exotic fruit. I continued walking.

I’m not sure what it is but something happened back in America. I’m leaving tonight.” I thought.

Do you want me to come with you?” Jo offered.

No. Shyro said it’s something I should handle on my own. For some reason I feel like it’s a family issue.” I said in my mind.

Good luck.”

Thanks. I’ll make sure I visit you again some time.”

I walked passed Jen’s house and up to Eyon’s house which was just next door. I walked inside. Rokan and Eyon were playing an unfamiliar card game.

“Are you ready to head out?” Eyon asked.

“Yes. I’m ready whenever you are.” I said.

“Did you say bye to everyone?” Eyon asked.

“Yes.” I lied.

I thought about stopping by Jen’s house but there really was no point in saying bye to her. The whole time I was here she barely spoke to me. I got the feeling that she didn’t like me for some reason. I wouldn’t even waste her time or my own. So I decided to leave without saying goodbye to her.

Mark is such a jerk. I thought.

That’s when I noticed I didn’t think that thought. Jen did. She must have linked our minds and had been reading my mind and let her thoughts out into my head. I did start to feel kind of like a jerk. I didn’t think she would care if I said bye to her or not.

“I’ll have the boat ready in 20 minutes.” Eyon said.

“Thanks. I’ll be ready.” I said.

I walked out of Eyon’s house and into Jen’s. I guess I had to say bye now. Jen was sitting in a chair, reading a book, acting like I wasn’t there. She looked mad but then again she always looked mad.

“Uhm. I’m leaving back to America today. I wanted to say bye but I didn’t think you would want me to or care.” I said.

“I don’t care,” she said, still not looking at me.

“Then why am I a jerk?” I asked.

“Because you just are,” she spat.

“Whatever Jen. I don’t know what I ever did to you for you to treat me the way you do. You’re the one who’s a jerk. I don’t know how your father could be such a nice person and you be the opposite. The apple fell very far from that tree.” I said.

How could she be so opposite of her dad? I wonder how her mom was. That’s when I foresaw her throwing her book at my head. I easily caught the book.

“Don’t you even think about my mom you piece of trash!” she yelled at me furious.

“I didn’t mean to offend you. I was thinking my own thoughts you had no right to be reading my mind in the first place.”

“Shut up Mark. And never ever even think about my mom. You don’t know her or my situation,” she stood up and said.

“Well you don’t know my situation either.” I said, and thought about my parents.

Jen looked at me surprised when I thought about my parents. She slowly sat down and looked kind of sad.

“Bye Jen. I’m out of here.” I said, tossing her book back on her table.

I turned around to walk out. I opened her door and said.

“I don’t know why, but I still like you as a person even though deep down I feel I shouldn’t.” I closed the door and walked to the boat.




Chapter 39



I haven’t saw Jarome in a while. I missed him but I still was too ashamed for him to see me. So every day or so I would go to the hospital and look at him through the walls.

It was so hard to watch him. He lost a lot of weight and looked weak. He could barely use his awakening and look sad all day. It was all my fault. I couldn’t see him like that anymore. I drove out of the hospital parking lot with tears in my eyes.

I got a text message. I looked at my phone and saw it was Mark asking me if he could come see me. I text him back and told him to meet me at my house right then. I felt a huge weight lift off of my shoulders. I have never felt more relief in my life. I needed someone to talk to and I felt like Mark was the last person I could really vent to.

I drove to my house and soon after Mark pulled in behind me. We both got out of our cars and walked up to each other. I hugged him tight, happy my friend was okay.

I looked him in the eyes. He looked like he changed so much. He looked like he gained weight and even got a little bit taller. I could see through him and his organs were the healthiest organs I ever saw. Everything inside of him looked perfect and clean. He looked like he had been working out for years.

He looked calmer, more relaxed, and more confident. I really didn’t know how to describe Mark’s presence. He just seemed like a different but better person.

I explained to him everything that happened with TJ, Alex and Jarome. I tried to keep my composure but most of the time I explained it I was crying. Mark stood there and listened to the whole thing calmly. After I finished telling him he looked up into the sky and said.

“TJ. I’ll miss you bro’.”

He looked at me and said.

“Where is Jarome. I want to see him.”

“Jarome is still at the hospital. He’s unhealthy and I think it’s better that he’s left alone for now. It’s just so sad seeing him and I don’t want to put him through any more stress.” I explained.

“This is such a horrible situation. I have to talk to Alex” he said.

“No. Please don’t try and talk to Alex. He’s beyond talking to. He’ll kill you the moment he sees you Mark. He’s just too powerful Mark. We need to think of a plan. Bishop will help us deal with him.” I said.

“This isn’t any of Bishop’s business. This is between us and Alex. TJ and Jarome are some of my best friends. I’ll talk to Alex myself. I don’t trust Bishop or his motives anyways.” Mark explained.

I knew he didn’t trust Bishop, which is why I would keep my business with Bishop a secret.

“Please Mark. Don’t go anywhere near Alex. Please.” I cried.

Mark looked me in the eyes and said.

“Don’t worry Amanda. Everything will be fine from here on out.”

He seemed so calm and confident. For some reason I started to feel like Mark really might be able to handle this situation with Alex. I took a deep breath and said.

“I trust you Mark. Just please be careful. You’re the last person I have left. I still can’t face Jarome without feeling guilty.” I said.

“I’ll be fine. I’m going to meet Alex tonight at the lake and I need you to promise me you won’t go anywhere near there. Anything could happen.” Mark said.

I paused.

“Amanda. If you’re really my fiend you will promise me you won’t go anywhere near the lake tonight. I would never be able to forgive you if you went.” Mark said, and I could tell he wasn’t lying. He was dead serious.

“I promise Mark. On our friendship I won’t go there.”

“Thanks Amanda. I’ll see you later. I promise.” Mark said, and walked toward the lake.


Chapter 40



I could immediately feel the difference from New Xylia and America. The air smelled dirty and stung my lungs as I breathe it in. The sun didn’t shine as bright. Everything just looked dim and bland. Coming back here I started to agree with Shyro’s philosophy more.

Every person on the planet deserves to breathe clean air and eat pure food. At the same time James was right about the planet being safer the way it was now. It was hard to pick a stand to take but I couldn’t think about that right now. I had to confront Alex.

I had to get this over with as soon as possible because I knew every second I spent away from New Xylia I was slowly weakening. Being in a place as pure as New Xylia amplified my awakening and body. I had to confront Alex while I was still at my prime mentally and physically before my advantages wore out.

I sat there at the lake waiting for Alex to arrive. I already texted Alex earlier to meet me at the lake so I knew he would be there soon. Sure enough he flew right over to me.

There Alex was, floating in front of me, blocking out the sun. Both of his hands had hot burning flames shooting out of his hands. He stood on a big jagged, spiky boulder with one leg propped up on an edge of the boulder, water and rocks floated around his body as wind roared around him, pushing his hair around wildly. I could barely hear over the wind.

He flew in front of me with a menacing grin on his face, looking like an evil demigod, and was probably as powerful as a demigod now.

“Why, Alex?” I yelled over the roars of the wind.

“Aren’t you psychic? Can’t you tell the future? Don’t you have all of the answers?” he mocked me, yelling over the wind.

“How could you do this to us? TJ was your family he was like your brother, he-”

“Shut up!” he roared in anger, as flames burst from his hands. “That piece of trash TJ made his fate happen to himself. All of the years he picked on me, the lie he made me grow up with! I don’t care about him! No one should question me. I’m the most powerful person on the planet! There is no one else like me! You’re all just losers!”

“You don’t believe that Alex. I’m sorry for the way you grew up Alex. It’s not your fault. You didn’t deserve everything you went through. But what you did to TJ and Jarome is wrong.”

“To be honest,” Alex looked down and the flames in his hands became smaller. “I always liked how Jarome treated me. He’s a good person but he simply was too powerful and could actually challenge me if I didn’t do what I did. TJ could have challenged me also. But you and Amanda simply can’t do anything to me. There is no way for you guys to challenge me.”

“So that’s your answer?” I said with a hint of anger in my voice. “You take out your friends just because they are as powerful as you? How are you going to defend yourself against The Council or the government, and what about Bishop? We don’t even know his motives but I’m sure he’ll stop you just because he knows you’ll eventually come after him.”

“I’m more powerful than all of them!” he yelled, flames blasting out of his hands. “The Council is a joke. I already killed one of them, so I can kill all of them. They’re just trash. And the first time we fought Bishop we didn’t even know how to use our awakenings and didn’t know what his was, he tricked us, he had the advantage so he got lucky. I’ll kill him soon enough. And I already killed Grier from The Division so that shows me how weak the rest of them are.”

“Alex.” I sighed, sad that my friend was doing this. “You’re overestimating yourself. You didn’t beat Grier yourself, TJ and Jarome helped you. I heard all about it. I can understand you’ve been through a lot. You’re emotional, you’re angry. We can work this out, stop doing what you’re doing. I don’t want to fight you.”

“Of course you don’t want to fight me. I could slaughter you at any moment. Don’t disrespect me like you could challenge me!” he said, looking down on me like I was a bug.

I looked him in his eyes. His eyes were full of arrogance, full of rage. He was a completely different person than he used to be. All of the anger he’s had bottled up his whole life was now bursting out of him now.

I was standing in front of pure rage compressed into a person. He looked down at me like I was nothing. The time for talking was over. I tried to get through to him and he wouldn’t listen. I took a deep breath and glared at Alex. I clenched my fist and sternly spoke.

“That’s enough. You took my friend’s arm when he was the person who treated you better than anyone else and you killed my other friend! I don’t care how many powers you have! I won’t sit around and let you go around killing everyone just because you fear them. You were never a loser Alex, but I will tell you this, you’re a coward!”

I could see it in my mind, he would yell and launch a boulder at me. I would easily dodge it. It happened just like I saw it in my mind. I dodged his attack, it made him even more furious.

“I see now. You have been training. You can see further into the future. You dodged my attack way to easy.”

I didn’t say anything to him. He kept talking.

“Well, that won’t make a difference. I don’t care if you could see a year into the future. You can’t beat me. I’m like a god and you’re like a bug. You can dodge me for only so long until I crush you, drown you, or burn you up.”

I had to admit, he was right. There was no way for me to get passed his awakenings. No matter how much I better my awakening has gotten, he was simply too powerful. What was I going to do to him? Punch him? How when he has flames on his hands and boulders protecting him with water ready to drown me? He could also fly, giving him a mobility and space advantage. I really had no way to beat him, but I couldn’t just sit there and wait for him to come and kill me along with all of my friends one by one. I had to at least try.

Enough was enough. It was time. I couldn’t sit here and keep arguing with Alex. I dashed toward him, catching him by surprise. He didn’t expect me to come at him so quick. He launched a rock at me, I easily ducked under it while still running at him.

I got near him and he panicked, swinging his flame engulfed fist at me. I maneuvered around it and swung at his stomach. I connected, and it was a hard hit to his stomach. That was the only place I could hit him because he was flying too high, I couldn’t reach his face. He doubled over and quickly flew into the sky, out of my reach. Alex laughed as he clenched his stomach and said.

“I have to admit, that was a good hit but it won’t happen again. I don’t know how you did it, but it’s obvious you became way better at controlling your awakening. You’re faster and more precise in your movements, on top of that, you can see further into the future. It would be dumb for me to get near someone who knows my moves before I do them. So I’ll just stay out of your range of attack.”

That was exactly what I feared. If Alex simply flew too high, there was nothing I could do to hit him. He could simply launch attacks at me and I could do nothing. It’s like I was fighting a guy 20 yards away, on a roof, with a sniper rifle and all I had was a knife. I was in a bad position.

He launched one of the boulders that were floating around him at me. I saw the attack coming from a mile away and easily dodged it. He tried to hit me with a couple of flames, boulders, and compressed water, but I maneuvered around them all. He was far enough away where I had time to predict and read every move he made way before he attempted it thanks to my Awakening. I knew I couldn’t hit him from this far away but he was having a bunch of trouble hitting me also.

“I can’t get near you and I can’t stay too far away from you! So I guess I’ll just have to bring you to me!” Alex yelled in a rage.

The ground started to shake beneath my feet. I dashed around, making sure I wouldn’t get caught in any of the cracks that I knew were about to open in the ground beneath me. He tried pulling the ground up at my feet and trapping me between rocks but I avoided all of his attempts.

Then the ground below me started rising. I quickly ran off of the spot I was standing and a large pillar shot up from the ground reaching yards into the air. Then different pillars started shooting up into the air from all around me. The ground below my feet shook and rose up.

Before I knew it I was standing on a cliff that Alex made high in the sky, not too far away from him. He just gave himself another advantage. I was in a very dangerous situation.



Chapter 41



I looked around and saw the landscape I was now standing on. There were pillars all over the place sticking up from the ground high in the sky. If I slipped I would surely fall to my death. I had to be careful. Alex shot a fireball at me. I jumped from one pillar to the next. I made sure I predicted the exact way I should move to land in the perfect position to not fall and keep perfect balance.

“I see what you’re doing!” Alex yelled frustrated “You’re calculating your own movements to put yourself in the perfect position. I do admit. You are a bother but you’re no threat. Your stupid awakening can only keep you alive for so long.”

He launched a boulder at me. I jumped to another pillar avoiding it.

Alex smirked and said. “Try and dodge this.”

A vision hit me. This one was serious. He was going to launch a boulder at the pillars I was standing on. Alex broke the top off one of the pillars, it was huge. He tossed it at my feet. I jumped up, over the huge rock he shot at me. The rock crashed into the pillar I was standing on, breaking the top off and making it a jagged spike I could no longer stand on.

The rock he launched crashed into a bunch of pillars, breaking them all, leaving big boulders and pieces of rock falling down to the ground. I fell down with the rocks and boulders. I was falling to the ground fast in free-fall.

I put one of my feet on a boulder falling with me and pushed off of it. I moved in midair my back hitting another boulder. I flipped back and landed on top of the boulder. I jumped off of it pushing it to the side. The boulder crashed into one of the pillars, making it break and fall to the ground. I calculated where each rock would land and jumped just at the exact right instant. I landed on a boulder that slid into one of the falling pillars, slowing down in the air. I jumped off of that boulder and caught onto the edge of one of the pillars. I grunted as I pulled myself up and sat on the edge.

“Phew,” I said, looking down at my feet dangling high in the air. I was surprised I managed to survive that fall. Alex must have thought I fell to the ground and died. He had no other reason to believe otherwise.

I looked up and saw him flying in the sky from a small opening between two pillars. He couldn’t see me. He was looking down at the ground for my body. He probably assumed that rocks fell on top of my body.

Alex looked around for me. He flew down, slowly weaving through the pillars, scanning the ground. I hid on the edge of the side of the pillar. He was floating below me looking down. Now was my chance, I was right above him. I jumped off of the edge with my arms spread out. I latched onto Alex and we fell to the ground. His head violently whiplashed back and we fell faster and faster. Alex struggled and jerked around, he managed to break free from my grasp in mid-air.

I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and punched him over and over all the while we were still in the air.

I made sure I had a good grip on him, so that way if he flew I flew with him. Alex tried to hit me but I predicted all his movements and dodged them. We got close to the ground.

Alex made a rock drop down under us falling at the same speed we were falling. We gently fell on the rock and the rock slowed to a stop a few feet from the ground.

He stood up on the rock we were on and ignited his hands on fire. I jumped off of the rock and planted my feet on the ground as I dashed back, knowing I couldn’t avoid flames if he decided to use them close range.

I had to run away and form a plan, thanks to the pillars, I had places to hide. I dashed around a pillar and out of his sight. I kept moving, weaving through the pillars.

“You can’t hide coward! I’ll just fly up and make these pillars crush you. You’ll die where you hide Mark!” Alex yelled in frustration.

I could tell he was mad that I tricked him and punched him. He couldn’t control himself when he was mad. He easily gets mad when he feels like someone is besting him. That’s why he was mad. He thought I was dead and I beat him up in midair.

I actually caught myself smiling to myself for my quick thinking. My smile went away when I realized I had nothing to do to help my situation. Alex was about to crush me with the pillars. All I could do was run out in the open. I ran out of the pillars and into the open field. I could see Alex flying up, and he spotted me.

He collapsed the pillars and tossed the big pieces at me. It looked like a mountain was about to fall on me. There were so many boulders and rocks flying at me it was blocking out the sun. I ran toward them. I had to predict each rock’s fall exactly.

I dodged a couple of rocks and a giant boulder flew toward me. I did a baseball slide right toward it and slid right under it, when it landed, the bottom was curved and I could fit into the small space between the rock and the ground. The big rock protected me from the other falling rocks.

I could hear the boulders pounding on the rock I was hiding under. When all of the rocks landed there was a thick dust of dirt and shattered rocks clouding everything around me. I couldn’t breathe in the thick dust so I coughed. Alex heard my cough.

Suddenly the rock I was hiding under tightened around me, clamping me in tight. Alex lifted me and the rock in the air and turned me around so I was face to face with him as he floated in the air.

He got me, it was over.

He smirked in my face.

“You put up a fight, but it’s time to die loser,” he said looking down on me.

I tried to struggle but I knew I couldn’t break free from the rock. I could see into the future and no matter how hard I tried I was latched in tight.

“I was gonna let you live, but you insulted my power. So you’ll just have to die you piece of trash!” Alex yelled.

There was nothing I could say. Alex lifted another big boulder, the size of the one that had me clamped in. My heart started to race. I had a lump in my throat.

That’s when another vision hit me, and I knew what was about to happen. A tear dropped out of my eye.

“Your crying shows me you know the future Mark. Goodbye trash,” Alex laughed.

Alex launched the rock at me fast as a bullet. The rock was coming to crush me in between the rock I was already clamped in. I closed my tear filled eyes.



Chapter 42



Mark had tears in his eyes. I had him trapped. There was absolutely nothing he could do. Victory felt amazing. I don’t know how I let Mark be so much of a problem for me though.

He gave me more of a fight than TJ and Jarome combined. I had another boulder ready to crush him.

“Goodbye trash,” I said, and crushed him between the two rocks.

I made sure to squeeze the boulders extra tight, just because Mark was so annoying. I couldn’t take any chances with this slick creep. I smirked to myself.

Suddenly a boulder flew at me. I was knocked out of my concentration so I flew backwards, avoiding the boulder flying at me and dropping Mark to the ground. Mark was dropping to the ground fast but before he could land he slowed down in the air and gently landed on the ground.

I flinched in shock and flew backwards to digest what just happened. Mark dropped to the ground and landed on his feet without a scratch on him. I started to yell.

“What? How did you-”

That’s when I saw Jarome fly from behind a pile of boulders. I knew I should have just killed him! That’s what I get for treating him good just because he was always nice to me.

Jarome was wearing his hospital scrubs. He must have put a telekinetic shield over Mark to block the rocks from crushing him and tossed a rock at me to save Mark. It was actually very impressive for him only using one hand. But it still wasn’t a problem for me. Jarome with one hand and Mark were no threat. I would take them both out easily.

“What are you being a crybaby for Mark?” Jarome joked

“I was just happy to see you were okay. Don’t make fun of me bro’. I get emotional. I guess I’m just happy to see you,” Mark said wiping tears off of his face.

“Enough of the crybaby, emotional stuff. We have to pay attention to Alex,” Jarome said.

I laughed and said.

“You’re a joke to me Jarome. You and I both know there is nothing you can do with one arm.”

Jarome smirked at me and said.

“Did you know if I train myself without using my hands, I make my awakening stronger and more effective when I actually do use my hands?”

“So what?” I said.

“Well, that’s what I did,” Jarome said holding up his only fist, then continued talking.

“Now I’m as strong as I was before with just one arm.”

“Ha! I don’t care if you’re as strong as you were! I’m stronger than you were before. My power has grown immensely since I took your arm, you piece of trash!” I yelled, feeling insulted that he would brag about being as weak as he was before.

“My awakening has grown too. I said I was as strong as I was before with one arm, but I have two arms now.”

“What?” I said confused, because clearly he had one arm.

Suddenly, small chunks of wood, acorns, sticks, little pebbles a bunch of random things you would find in the woods started to fly at Jarome and onto where his right arm used to be. I noticed it was forming a makeshift arm onto him.

Jarome opened and closed his fake hand. He twisted his hand around and moved it in full control of it, testing it out.

“Thanks to me having phantom limb disorder along with my telekinesis I can simply just make an arm and it will feel like a real arm.” Jarome said.

“That’s badass Jarome,” Mark said.

“And if trained I myself to be strong as I was before with just my left. How strong do you think I am with both arms Alex?” Jarome said smirking at me like an idiot.

He pointed both of his open hands at me and pushed me back with a telekinetic compression blast. I was knocked back but caught my balance in the air.

Now I had a real problem. I could feel just from the push how strong Jarome has become. I hated to admit it, but he was now a threat again. He was probably almost as strong as me. With him and Mark together, who knows what they could accomplish. I had to take them out fast.


Chapter 43



I couldn’t help but cry when I foresaw Jarome saving me. My friend was alive, healthy, and even happy. I knew his injury still had to hurt a lot but he still came to help me.

“I’m glad you’re okay Jarome.” I said

“Don’t get too glad. I’m not okay yet. None of us are okay if Alex is still okay.” Jarome said, slowly flying to me.

I could tell that Jarome was still getting used to flying. Alex was way quicker and more mobile at flying than Jarome but at least Jarome was learning to fly.

Alex launched a rock at Jarome who caught it in the air and pushed it back toward Alex. Alex simply caught it and launched it back at him.

“Trying to control rocks is pointless. I have to use things Alex’s awakenings can’t control.” Jarome said.

Jarome pointed both of his open hands at a big tree and uprooted it. It swung in the air at a bat like Alex but he quickly flew up on a boulder. Alex quickly flew at Jarome, trying to crash into him with the boulder, but Jarome landed on the tree and made it fly straight away from Alex’s attack. I quickly rolled into the tree and latched onto a thick branch.

I could foresee many different outcomes and situations which is why I could dodge and predict what was about to happen so much. I simply was using my awakening to move my body to put myself in the best situation and to give myself an advantage at that certain time. I knew Jarome would swing the Tree down at Alex again and I would be ready.

Jarome swung the tree at Alex who again flew away from it over the lake but Alex didn’t see me hiding in the tree. I jumped out of the tree and landed on his back with both of my knees. Alex jerked off of the rock he was flying on and fell into the water. I was about to land in the water next to him until Jarome made the tree fly under me and I landed on it.

Alex shot a flame at the tree, burning the front of it. I ran away from the flames, feeling like the flames were chasing me. I jumped off of the tree before it was fully ignited. Jarome made me slowly land on the shore as the big burning tree crashed into the water, leaving the area smoking. Jarome stood next to me at the edge of the water.

Alex lifted another rock and climbed on it, He flew over the water and formed a big flame that encased us in a circle of flames. I foresaw the flames enclosing in Jarome and I so I pulled Jarome toward me and dived into the shallow water with him avoiding the flames. Alex lifted a boulder and dropped it from above us with his awakening. Jarome grabbed me with both arms and jumped.

At the same moment he jumped he used his telekinesis to lift us off of the ground. He made us fly up at an angle so we were now flying above the middle of the lake.

We flew there a few yards above the water. Jarome let me go but aimed his left hand at me to keep me floating next to him. He knew if I dropped into the water Alex would drown me.

Alex lifted the boulder with his awakening and pushed it toward us. Jarome aimed his right hand at it to stop it in midair. Jarome was straining to keep the boulder from hitting us. He looked like he was in pain.

He was holding me in the air along with the big boulder separately. It was hurting him but if he dropped me I was dead. If he dropped the boulder, he was dead.

“You’re pretty strong. But I’m aware you can only use your awakening to move things that are solid. Let’s see you stop some fire.” Alex said.

Alex made the boulder drop into the lake and shot a long continuous flame at Jarome. It looked like he was shooting a flamethrower at Jarome. Jarome could do nothing but block the flames with his fake arm.

“I burned that arm before. I’m about to burn it off again!” Alex yelled as he continued to shoot fire at Jarome.

Jarome telekinetically pushed all of the burning pieces of his fake arm at Alex. Alex dodged most of the burning pieces and they hit a pile of leaves in the distance behind him, starting a small fire. One the pieces hit Alex directly in his face, burning his cheek badly. He stopped shooting the flame and winced in pain as he yelled.

“You burned me you piece of crap!” Alex yelled.

Jarome still held me in the air with his only arm. He looked like he could pass out any second. He was weaker now that he only had one arm and was still making me and him fly.

“You’re about to pass out any second.” Alex said with a smirk.

There was nothing Jarome or I could do. We were sitting ducks.

“I’ll make you pass out with your friend also Mark,” Alex said in a sinister tone.

Alex raised his arms and made the wind blow. The fire that started behind him from Jarome shooting the pieces at him started to grown because of the wind. Alex twirled the wind and collected all of the smoke from the fire.

He then made the smoke surround me and I couldn’t breathe. I started to violently cough as I tried to breathe. Smoke filled my lungs. It felt like my insides were on fire. Jarome could do nothing but watch. The smoke started to get thinner but I could still barely see through my burning watery eyes.

He was toying with us as I coughed. He knew I would pass out soon from not being able to breath and Jarome would pass out from exhaustion.

“Both of you idiots will be with your stupid friend TJ soon enough. I’ll watch you guys die slowly. Alex said as my vision became blurry.

I tried hard to stay conscious. I assume Jarome was doing the same. That’s when I noticed tiny bubbles popped in the water under Alex’s feet. I didn’t know what I was looking at. Suddenly something shot directly out from under the water and snatched Alex out of the air above the water.

I was caught by surprise and noticed it looked to be a big hand made out of junk sticking out of the water clamping Alex in. I looked at the details of the hand and saw car parts. Jarome must have made a hand out of the car under water to grab Alex.

“Ahhh!.” Alex yelled, trying to struggle out of the grip of the hand.

Alex looked like he was starting to break the grip of the hand. He made two big boulders fly up to him and crash into the fingers to break them off. It was working because the hand was starting to break apart.

“Throw me at him.” I coughed, still trying to stay conscious.

“I don’t think I can. And I don’t want you to get hurt.” Jarome said out of breath

“Just do it. We have no time.” I said, after coughing again out of breath.

Jarome darted me directly toward Alex who broke one of the fingers off of the hand and was about to climb out. I lined my body up and clenched my fist. Alex saw me coming and surrounded me with even more smoke. I punched Alex directly in his face. All of the momentum from me flying toward him was in that punch. Alex was knocked out and the hand pulled him underwater.

My body was in pain and felt wore out. I still could barely breathe and coughed up smoke. Jarome tried to catch me in the air so I didn’t land in the water. He was trying to pull me out of the smoke cloud Alex surrounded me in but I was moving very slowly.

We both knew we had no energy left to stay conscious. Jarome telekinetically caught me in the air and slowly made me float toward him. I couldn’t move any part of my body. My vision started to get dark. I started to get tired.

Jarome was floating us to shore but it seemed so far away. We flew slower and slower. Both of us got weaker and weaker. That’s when my body went limp and I could feel us falling down toward the water. I knew neither of us had no energy to swim or even move. Jarome already passed out.

It looked like this was it. We fell, down toward the water when I passed out.




Chapter 44



Jarome and Mark fell out of the sky. The moment they landed in the water they were simultaneously caught by the collars of their shorts before they could even go under water. Bishop stood on top of the water holding both of them by their collars. Both of their bodies were still in the water from the waste up.

Bishop calmly dragged them from the middle of the lake and onto the shore. He tossed them onto the land next to each other like rag dolls easily because he made them lighter with his awakening.

These guys are lucky Amanda begged me to come here. If I didn’t see so much potential in her I wouldn’t have even wasted my time. But I know she can assist me eventually so I guess I can do her a couple of favors. Bishop thought to himself as he left them on the ground and walked away.

He stopped in his tracks and looked at Jarome and thought.

The way he constructed a hand out of that car underwater was genius. He lost a limb and has somehow turned that into an advantage instead of a disadvantage. When he lost his fake arm he simply made another arm but just bigger with the car. It was actually an amazing move. I thought Alex was about to kill them for sure.

Then he looked at Mark and thought.

And he must have spent time in the pure lands. I can tell just by how his skin is tanned and how his body moves. His awakening is allowing him to see multiple outcomes at once. He can make multiple predictions and pick the best one suited in his situation at any time. Too bad that will run out and return to normal unless he goes to the pure land. Right now he would be very hard to kill for the average person. No wonder Alex had so much trouble with him.

Bishop turned to walk away.

Both of them have talent, but I still feel Amanda will be more powerful and ruthless then the both of them.

Bishop disappeared in the woods.






Chapter 45



I slowly opened my eyes, half expecting to be dead. I was lying on my back, looking up at the bright sky. I slowly got to my feet and saw Jarome sitting on a log looking into the lake. He looked like he was in deep thought and sad.

I noticed he made another arm. This arm wasn’t just made out of wood it also looked like it had a lot of metal from the car that was under the water.

I walked over to him and sat down next to him.

“How did we make it out of the water?” I asked.

“I have no idea man.” Jarome said.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Not really. TJ and Alex were my best friends they were like my brothers.”

“I understand man. I’m sorry for your loss TJ was a good friend to me also. I wish we could have changed Alex.” I said.

“I hope from now on we can at least live normal lives and put this all behind us,” Jarome said.

“I hope so too Jarome. I really do,” I said.





Chapter 46

The Council


Top ranking members of The Council held a meeting. None of them were physically there but due to one of their awakenings all of their minds were linked to their leaders mind.

“Sah-Kyok. There have been many updates I’m sure you would like to hear of,” a slick and creepy voice said.

“Inform me Edward,” Kyok said in a deep and powerful voice.

“Kyle is still at large and his whereabouts are unknown. Bishop’s whereabouts are also unknown and possibly could be recruiting awoken people for an unknown cause. An adroit was discovered but was killed by its own cell before we could manage to deal with it,” Edward explained.

“Where did this adroit come from?” Kyok asked.

“We’re not sure where it was born but it awoken with a group of teens.”

“The kids that Grier and you failed to kill I assume.” Kyok said.

“Yes Sah-Kyok. My deepest apologies. We never expected them to last this long so we didn’t take them serious. They have somehow managed to also kill Grier who had an unknown side operation active before his death.” Edward said.

“The time has come. We will no longer wait in the shadows. I will begin the process to awaken my body and I will deal with these situations hands on. In the meantime, put bounties on the individuals I command.”

“Yes Sah-Kyok. I await the honor of seeing your awoken body. I understand there is only so much our Sah can do with only his mind briefly being able to communicate with us ever so often,” Edward said.

“Prepare for my body to be involved in the physical word. Until then, stay in the shadows and call the bounty hunter. I will deal with everything soon,” Kyok said.




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