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Table of Contents




Cover Design

Book Formatters

Editors and Proofreaders

Book Promotion







Hi there!

Welcome to PaidAuthor.com’s Author Coupon Book for 2016!

In recent years, self-published and indie authors have stormed into the publishing industry, creating an almost unheard of number of stories, both in digital formats, as well as paperback.

Most authors write for the love of writing, or the joy of being able to tell their story. Every author wants their writing to be the best that it can be; free of typos or the occasional punctuation error. Sometimes that involves hiring an editor or a proofreader.

Likewise, not every author happens to be a graphic designer as well as a writer, so sourcing a professionally created cover can help to show the quality of the book, even before a reader has opened it.

Once your book is finished, and you want to get it in front of as many potential fans as possible, then you’ll usually need to organize some promotion.

All these things cost money, but that doesn’t mean it has to break the budget.

We’ve compiled a list of the editors, designers, formatters and promotional groups that were happy to offer discounts to our readers. Most of them are authors too, so they understand how daunting it can be starting out.

Cover Design



There is a well-known phrase: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

The truth, however, is that many people DO judge a book by its cover, so as an author, you need your cover to be an excellent representation of what’s inside. Here are some examples of what I’m talking about:

A well-made cover usually indicates a well-written book (because the author obviously cared enough about it to have it done properly). A sloppy, disorganized, badly laid out cover is often an indication that the story will be just as bad.

A bright, fun, colorful cover for a children’s book can accurately reflect the vibrantly illustrated interior of the book. On the other hand, a bright, fun, colorful cover for a novel about a serial killer would not be a good representation of what’s inside. In fact, a potential reader of serial killer novels may very well skip right past a cover like that, assuming that it’s not something they’re looking for!

Your cover is usually the first encounter a reader has with your book, and just like the entree of a fine meal, you want your cover to whet the reader’s appetite and encourage them to have another nibble.

If you’ve had plenty of design experience, access to Photoshop and plenty of time on your hands, then you can have a go at making your own cover.

If you’re like the majority of authors however, you’d rather have a professional do it properly so that you can get back to writing your next story.

If that’s the path you choose to take, there are two main types of cover designer you should be familiar with:

Pre-made” cover designers: These designers make a huge number of covers in different styles, and with different images, all using fictitious or default titles (They might all have “Book Title” by “Author Name” on the cover for example). An author will scroll through the designer’s portfolio which will be listed on their website, and when they find a cover they like, the designer will change the default title/name to whatever title/name the author requires, then remove that cover from their website. This means nobody else will have that identical cover. Other authors may have access to the stock photos used on the cover however, as these are usually from a large stock photo site. The price for a pre-made cover is usually somewhere between $50 and $150.

Custom cover designers: Custom cover designers will take your concept for the book, and work with you to get a cover exactly how you see it in your mind. Generally, you’ll give the designer rough guidelines to work with, i.e. “I want a blonde woman wearing a dress leaning in to kiss a tall, muscular man with tattoos.” The designer will then go on a hunt and find models and photographs that match your description, and make one (or several) “trial” cover designs for your consideration. If the cover needs a bit of fine-tuning (“I’d like the text to be purple instead of red, and I’d like the photo to be a bit more off-center”), then the designer will sort that out for you. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can have custom artwork drawn up, a photo shoot organized with professional models, or even multiple similar covers designed for special, limited edition releases of your book. Custom cover design is obviously more expensive, however, and prices can run from $100 for something basic, up to several thousand.




[* 20% Discount with code FLY20 if you haven’t used Fiverr before *]


For a lot of authors just starting out, who may not want to dedicate a whole lot of money to cover design straight away, Fiverr is a good starting place.

For just $5 you can get a basic 2 dimensional cover designed, or for extra money you can get something really flashy, in both 2d and 3d designs. You’ll generally get 1 free revision if there’s something you want adjusted (i.e. you want the author name a bit larger, or a different shade or red for the title) but if you need multiple revisions then you’ll often be charged a bit extra.

Jimmygibbs is from Switzerland, and is one of the top cover designers on Fiverr. Currently, he has over 5,000 covers designed and sold so far.

If you’ve never used Fiverr before, the Fiverr coupon code FLY20 will give you a once off 20% discount!

Self-Publishing Mastery



[* 12% Discount with Code PAIDAUTHOR *]


Self-Publishing Mastery is a combined cover design and book formatting group, that is getting some great responses to their work already.

Their prices start from $120 for a high quality design, a perfectly optimized Jpg file, and no additional stock image fee.

For a full package inducing both paperback and ebook cover design AND interior file formatting for both ebook and paperback, their price is $450.

Anscott Publishing



[* 5% Discount with Code PAIDAUTHOR *]


Anscot Publishing is a full-service publishing house for authors who would rather hire someone for the various aspects of book creation, and then retain 100% of the publishing rights (as well as 100% of the royalties) themselves.

All their covers are made based on the author’s criteria and design brief.

Their prices are $199 for a HD Kindle/Nook/Shakespir cover, which includes up to three revisions free of charge. For a Createspace paperback cover, their prices are $499 for a paperback, which again includes up the three revisions.

You well also get FREE manuscript formatting whenever you order a cover from Anscott Publishing (Valued at $99).




Instant $20 Credit when you join with the Paid Author link above


Reedsy is a one-stop shop for book cover designers, editors, and formatters. If you’re looking to establish a professional relationship with a cover designer that you can work with longer term, then Reedsy is the place to go.

All their designers have their bios listed, as well as their previous projects and experiences. Reedsy only accepts about 1% of designers who apply to work with them, so you know that the person you select to work with is going to be the best of the best.

If you want a romance cover designed, you can select a cover designer who’s had experience with romance covers.

If you’re looking for someone to design an illustrated cover, then you can select a designer who’s worked with illustrated books before.

Because of the broad range of experience their designers have, their prices vary depending on the designer you choose to work with, so rather than us listing a price here, you’re better off checking out their site for yourself.

Go On Write


$10 off pre-made cover packs with code PAIDAUTHOR10

$15 off CreateSpace Wraparound print design with code PAIDAUTHORCS

(Codes only available once per customer)

Go On Write is one of the most prolific pre-made cover designers in the industry. They have hundreds of pre-made covers available at any point in time, in a total of 28 different genres, including some of the more difficult categories to find, such as Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Horror.

All their pre-made covers have a unique reference number assigned to them, so all you have to do is pick the cover you like, make your payment, then email the cover number you want, along with the new title, author name, and tagline you need, and they’ll take care of the rest!

After you receive your cover, they remove the previous cover from their website, as it is no longer available.

Their prices start from $45 for a premade cover, and start at $80 for a custom commission before discounts are applied.


The Book Cover Designer



[* 10% Discount with Code PAIDAUTHOR *]


From the website:

“I founded The Book Cover Designer (TBCD) because I wanted self-published authors to be able to access professional designs without breaking the bank. Custom design can be expensive, and do-it-yourself is not recommended if you want to give your book the best chance of success.”

The Book Cover Designer has one of the largest selections of quality, affordable pre-made book covers that you’re likely to find. They’ve got more than a hundred cover designers displaying their creations.

Prices start from very cheap, even $10 at the lower end of the scale, up to perhaps $1,000 at the higher end.

If you use the Coupon Code PAIDAUTHOR when you book, you’ll get a 10% discount on your order.

Finite Publishing



[* 10% Discount with code PAIDAUTHOR *]


Finite Publishing is a full-service publishing group that can handle every aspect of publishing your book, including cover design, formatting, author website design, and editing.

Based in Australia (and therefore priced in Australian dollars), their custom cover design packages come with both ebook and print versions, including an ISBN from Finite Publishing. They can also take care of the formatting of your book (in all digital and paperback formats, including Kindle, Createspace, and Shakespir), as well as provide a special cover image designed to be shared on social media such as Facebook.

If you have special requirements, or would even like to have Finite Publishing establish accounts for you with Amazon, Shakespir, or Createspace, you can contact them for a custom quote.

You will also receive a 10% discount when you use Coupon Code PAIDAUTHOR

Book Formatters



Making sure the interior of a book is formatted correctly is every bit as important as making sure your manuscript is error free, and that your cover looks stunning.

Most formats you choose to publish in will have different requirements. A digital book needs to be formatted differently than a paperback, for example. Different digital formats may even have their own specific requirements. (Amazon Kindle has requirements that differ from iTunes, for example).

Below as some book interior designers that have offered discounts to our readers. If you have any questions about how it all works, they’ll be happy to help!

Integrity Formatting



$5 Discount with Code PAIDAUTHOR

From their CEO Tami:

At Integrity Formatting I realize how important your novel is to you.

You’ve spent hours creating your story and now it’s time to dress it up ready for its debut. The process is really simple – you email me a word document, a copy of your cover and any specific requirements you have. I’ll take the raw materials and convert it into a gorgeous final product that you will be proud to showcase on release day.

Let me take the stress out of the publishing process by formatting your novel for ebook (mobi, epub and pdf formats) and paperback at a very competitive price. Contact me for a quote or with any questions.”


With Graphics/Images

This option includes the creation of images for chapter titles to allow for decorative fonts to display within the E-book and to provide a more elaborate format/appearance to the paperback. Graphics are created for each chapter, and depending on content feature graphics for notes or other elements of the story.

E-book (includes return of MOBI, EPUB and Word file) $60

Paperback (includes return of PDF file) $60

Plain Text

This option is exactly what it says – plain text only, there are no graphics/pictures in the file. Due to the display properties on e-readers, there is a limited font selection available for E-books with this option. Font choices in paperbacks are less restricted.

E-book (includes return of MOBI, EPUB and Word file) $40

Paperback (includes return of PDF file) $40

Shakespir File

Shakespir has very particular formatting requirements to ensure the file passes through the Autovetter process and achieves publication in the ‘Premium’ Catalog, which maximises the distribution of your file to online retailers. This options includes return of a .doc file) for uploading to the Shakespir site.

When requested in conjunction with E-book $15

When requested alone (Plain Text) $40

When requested alone (Graphics/Images) $60


Complete reformat (same graphics) $half original format fee

Editorial changes – up to 10 $10

Editorial changes – more than 10 $25 per hour

Uploading of Files to Retail Sites

Fixed fee (per retail site) $15

What do you need to provide?

If you decide you’d like to work with me, I need the following from you:

- Publication deadline and timeframe for return of formatted file

- Manuscript file in word format (.doc or .docx)

- Cover image (.jpeg or .png format)

- Any specific graphics you require included in final format (.jpeg or .png format)

- Any hyperlinks you want embedded in the final file

- For Paperback: Trim size (eg 5 × 8, 6 × 9 etc)

Front Matter:

- Copyright information

- ISBN’s

- Dedication

Details of any special requirements you have – eg:

- Specific graphics for chapter headings,

- Preferred fonts or font sizes

- An indication of any ‘feature’ text in the manuscript eg text messages, notes etc

End Matter:

- Acknowledgements

- About the Author

- Promotional Content (e.g. other books you have written or wish to promote, excerpt for your next book etc)

Anscott Publishing



[* 5% Discount with Code PAIDAUTHOR *]


From the publisher:

You’ve written your masterpiece, you’ve had it edited and you have a gorgeous cover. Where to now? You want to publish it to Amazon right? Well it needs to be formatted. Badly formatted Kindle and paperback (Createspace) books will be rejected by Amazon until they are compliant with their specifications. That’s where we come in.

We will format your word document into Kindle ready specifications.

There’s not a lot you need to do beforehand, just make sure your manuscript is clean and error free and does not include images. It is recommended you include a copyright statement and disclaimer in the front matter of your book.”

Prices for formatting are currently $99 for the Kindle version, or $299 for a Createspace version.




Instant $20 Credit when you join with the Paid Author link above


Reedsy is a one-stop shop for book cover designers, editors and formatters.

When you join, your project will be submitted to a whole bunch of book formatters and designers at the same time. Once they send you back their concept and credentials, you get to select the one you’d most like to work with.

Prices between each designer will vary, but no matter who you choose, you will get $20 credit when you join them, using the link above.

Editors and Proofreaders



Nothing is sure to ruin a reader’s enjoyment of your book as much as typos, punctuation errors, and even incorrect words.

Many authors are tempted to just read their manuscript over themselves, and just hope for the best, but wherever possible, you should do your utmost to get an editor or proofreader to look it over with a fresh set of eyes.

Kover to Kover



[* 5% Discount with code PAIDAUTHOR *]

+ Free post on Ebook Korner Kafe: http://www.facebook.com/EBookKornerKafe


In the proprietor’s own words:

I am the VERY proud admin of Ebook Korner Kafé, formerly known as Kindle Korner. How did I work my way to proofreading and editing, you might be wondering? I’ll take you way back to my “former life” in accounting for a moment. I had the honor, if you will, to be the last set of eyes that read through any and all documents and financial reports. If (and when) there was an error to be found, I found it. So when I say errors (of all kinds) jump off the page at me, they do. I’ve wondered quite often…is this a blessing or a curse? Still with me on those mind numbing accounting reports? Yep, a curse. ;-) And while I wouldn’t trade those days or my experiences for anything, I am thrilled to have moved on to it being a blessing.

I have read countless books along the way, made corrections in my head, winced a few times and passed along constructive criticism. Most times it was received with grace and appreciation. Other times, not so much. And that’s OK. I did my “job” and did what I would have wanted someone else to do for me.

Now, it is my job. My wicked red pen and I eagerly await your manuscript and the privilege of ensuring perfection.

Just a little tidbit that might be of importance – I am not an Oxford comma kind of girl. I imagine it goes back to my “old school” schooling, even though NO, I am not that old. Regardless, it screams at me when I see it. That being said, I do realize that both are correct and will defer to your preference.”

Anscott Publishing



[* 5% Discount with Code PAIDAUTHOR *]


Anscott Publishing is a full service publishing house for authors who would rather hire someone for the various aspects of book creation, and then retain 100% of the publishing rights (as well as 100% of the royalties).

They offer Proofreading and Editing services, starting from 1.5c per word ($150 per 10,000 words) for basic grammar and language check to deliver an error-free manuscript. This is Ideal for manuscripts that are well-written and only need basic errors eliminated.

For manuscripts that require more creative editing, the price is 2.5c per word.

This covers:

1. Editing your document for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and consistency in style and formatting

2. Advice on manuscript suitability for intended audience

3. Addressing inconsistencies in plot

4. Addressing inconsistencies in character

5. Suggestions for instances of “show, don’t tell”

6. Ensure effective dialogue

Book Promotion



It’s no secret that finishing your novel is only the first step to becoming a successful author.

Once you’ve completed your manuscript and have gone through some or all of the necessary steps that follow, such as editing, proofreading, cover design, as well as formatting for paperback and digital release, you STILL have to work out the best way to get it in front of those readers!

That’s where these book promotion groups come in.

Some groups specialize in promoting your book through Twitter and Facebook, while others have a huge mailing list of frequent readers in the various genres. Additional groups can help you put media releases together for newspapers and blogs.

Books Butterfly



[* 66% Discount for Indie or Self-Published Authors *]


Books Butterfly is a group that generates interest for new books not only through their email list of over 135,000 subscribers, but also through a huge network of blogs. They’re also one of the only groups that offer a GUARANTEE regarding the numbers of downloads you will get, and if you don’t hit that target, they give you a prorated refund, which is obviously offers a level of safety that you just can’t get with every promoter.

Their prices vary depending on how much exposure you want, as well as the cost of your book. They also have specific deals for promoting boxed sets of books, or an entire series. They also offer heavy discounts if you’re self-published or with a smaller publisher.. . . but the Big 5 publishers still have to pay full price.

Just Kindle Books



$5 Off with Promo Code PAIDAUTHOR


One of the most affordable Kindle promotions groups available, Just Kindle Books has promotional options starting at $15, going up to a modest $35; even cheaper when you use the Just Kindle Books Promo Code PAIDAUTHOR for a $5 discount!

They already have over 25,000 Facebook fans, as well as a thriving email subscription list, but perhaps most importantly, they have recently merged with eReader Nation, so any promotion you run with Just Kindle Books will be run with eReader Nation as well, for no additional charge.

They are one of the few remaining promotions companies that will promote erotica, although they do have some guidelines and stipulations, which you’ll find on their submissions page.

If you want to try them out, make sure you use Promo Code: PAIDAUTHOR which will get you a $5 discount.

Your Book Promoter



[* 10% Discount with Coupon Code ECN440A75R *]


Your Book Promoter is the ebook promotion side of BooksGoSocial. It’s a book promotions group that not only promotes your book through their massive Twitter network and Facebook page, but also includes a yearlong membership to the site, which gets you a permanent listing on the BooksGoSocial page, as well as access to review networks and support.

They are also one of the few book promotion sites that offers a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, which makes it an extremely safe way to invest your book marketing dollars. Depending on the package you select, they also guarantee a certain number of visitors to your Amazon book page, so your results should be quite substantial.

Book Kitty on Fiverr



Double Posts with coupon code PAIDAUTHOR


Book Kitty is a cooperative project between a whole bunch of bloggers. They promote Kindle books exclusively (no iTunes, or Nook unfortunately).

They’re one of the cheapest promoters around, however, and for just $5 they’ll share your book cover, link, and synopsis simultaneously on several Facebook pages, including I Love My Ereader, I Like Books, I Love Reading, Love Books, and of course The Book Kitty.

If your book is romance or erotica, for $5 extra you can also have your story shared with the 17,000 fans on the Sexy Stories Facebook page.

If you mention Coupon Code PAIDAUTHOR when you book a gig, Book Kitty will post your book twice on the same day, once in the morning, and again in the evening, so that you get even wider exposure.

eBook Soda



$5 Discount with Promo Code PAIDAUTHOR-5


One of the newer players in the book promotion game, eBook Soda still boasts respectable 14,000 email subscribers, as well as over 8,000 Facebook page likes.

As befits a smaller Kindle promotions group, their pricing is very straight forward: $15 to promote your Amazon Kindle or Nook novel, and an additional $6 each if you want your book to be shared on the eBookSoda Twitter page or FB page.

Ebook Soda is offering our readers a $5 discount when they use eBookSoda Promo Code PAIDAUTHOR-5 when booking their promotion.

Town Crier Consultancy



[* 10% Discount with Code PAIDAUTHOR *]


Town Crier is a social media and digital marketing consultancy for authors, teaching the skills authors need to create an online platform and sell their books. Town Crier Consultancy is suitable for all authors, including new or emerging writers just beginning their publishing journey or those who have already been published, but are serious about increasing their online presence or trying new digital strategies.

Town Crier Consultancy can help authors with:

- Facebook

- Twitter

- Subscription newsletter strategy


- Facebook Advertising

- Author website optimisation

- Blogging

- Self-publishing strategy

- Social media audits

- Goodreads

- Amazon Author Central

- Blog tours

- Metadata & Keywords

- Blurbs and comparisons

- Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr & others

The company is managed by Patrick Lenton, who is an author and digital marketing professional. He has worked for Momentum Books, the digital first imprint of Pan Macmillan as a Digital Marketing Executive, and several other major publishing houses.




[* 5% Discount for new author with code PAIDAUTHOR-5 *]


As a site dedicated exclusively to free books, Freebooksy has developed a sensational reputation among both self and traditionally published authors.

Their pricing for standard books ranges from $40 for smaller categories with perhaps 30,000 subscribers (such as Children’s Books) up to $100 for their biggest categories (Mystery/Thriller/Romance etc.).

They also have a very large Facebook page, with over a quarter of a million fans, and any promotion you do with Freebooksy will get shared on their Facebook page as well as with the subscribers of that genre.

Though they approve most submissions, they’re well-known enough with authors that you often have to book at least a week ahead to be sure of getting the date you want, and sometimes even longer than that if you’re looking to promote a book in one of the larger categories.




[* 5% Discount for new authors with Promo Code PAIDAUTHOR-5 *]


The sister site to Freebooksy, Bargainbooksy focuses on books priced 99c through to $5. Since the readers on the Bargainbooksy are used to purchasing books, as opposed to getting them for free, promotions of low priced books with Bargainbooksy will usually show solid conversions.

Bargainbooksy even lists some major publishing houses such as Harper Collins, Harlequin, and Penguin Random House as their customers, so your books will be in some excellent company.

Their pricing ranges from $25 for smaller categories (though by small, we mean about 50,000 subscribers!) up to $70 for their biggest categories such as mysteries or romance.

You’ll definitely want to book as far ahead as possible to ensure you get accepted with Bargainbooksy, because their popular enough among authors that if you leave it too late you might miss out.

One other good thing about Bargainbooksy is that your book doesn’t actually have to be on special: as long as it’s priced between 99c and $5, you can promote it to their readers.




In the modern publishing world, software is a ubiquitous part of a writer’s arsenal.

Whether it’s for word-processing, proofreading, keeping a handle on social media, sending emails to subscribers, building your website, or even creating video trailers for your book, software can help you create exactly what you want to create.




Free Writing and Proofreading software


In the publishing industry, Grammarly is the world’s best known automated proofreading program. It’s used by authors, business people, and anyone who needs their communication to be flawless. It checks for hundreds of errors not only in spelling, but also grammar and punctuation. It will also help with repeated words by making suggestions that will expand the vocabulary used.

Part of the reason Grammarly is so successful (beyond that of other proof reading software) is that its algorithms can pick up errors in the text and suggest context specific corrections. Were, we’re, and wear are all spelled correctly, but in different contexts they are certainly not all interchangeable. The sentences “We’re going to the store,” and “Were going to the store,” both contain correctly spelled words, but only one has the appropriate word choice for the context.

Grammarly has both a free version and a paid version, but for most authors, the free version is more than sufficient.

Aweber Email Services



Free month of email subscription services


It’s well known that the best way for an author to keep a hold of their fans is to get them to join the author’s mailing list so that then can find out whenever the author releases a new book.

There are a few regulatory requirements regarding sending out mass emails however, including the ‘CAN-SPAM’ Act of 2003, which requires, among other things, that an ‘unsubscribe’ option is available in every email.

For most authors therefore, the easiest way to deal with your fans who want to be emailed about your upcoming works is to register with an email newsletter provider, such as Aweber. (Editor’s note: Aweber is the service we use ourselves at PaidAuthor.com!)

Aweber offers authors a month’s free trial, so if you don’t like the software, or you decide that it doesn’t fulfill your needs for your mailing list, you don’t have to pay a penny.




Free Amazon Book Description Generator


Ever wonder why some book descriptions look nicer, have bigger words, and stand out more?

That’s because many self-publishers are using Amazon approved HTML in order to make them look that way. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it turns out that making your description stand out can also help to increase your book’s sales conversion rate.

This little bit of software is super easy to use:

1. Type in your book description. Make sure not to use a pre-formatted version from your word doc. This will only confuse the generator and cause you to have unnecessary problems. Instead, just type it in the generator or simply use plain text.

2. Highlight any section of your description and click on the button that represents how you would like it to look. Want the words to be really big? Just click on the button with the really big words.

3. Once you’ve got it looking the way you want, then click the button “Generate My Code.”

It’s a great tool for authors, and it’s completely free.




Free Software for Social Media Management


As an author gets more and more successful, they often find that too much of their time is spent on social media, promoting books to their audience, and keeping their fans up to date with their upcoming novel.

Hootsuite allows you to manage all of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc posts in one spot, hugely reducing the amount of time you need to spend on your digital presence.

You can also schedule posts in advance, leaving you even more time for writing.

The basic version of the software (which is more than enough for most authors) allows you to manage up to three social media accounts simultaneously. (Editor’s Note: We use Hootsuite to manage our own social media accounts here at PaidAuthor.com!)




[* 25% Discount on Website Hosting and a Free Domain Name *]


These days, every author knows that having a website is of paramount importance: it’s not only a place for your fans to find you, but they can also check out your other books, join your mailing list, and find out when your latest novel is due for release.

A lot of authors choose to go for what is called a Subdomain. Subdomains are generally very cheap, but create less branded domain names; for example, www.authorname.wordpress.com, www.authorname.wix.com or www.authorname.blogspot.com.

While this can seem like an easy way to way to save some money, having sloppy domain names like the examples shown can give the impression that you don’t take your writing seriously. And if the author doesn’t take their writing seriously, why would the reader?

Over 1.5 million websites and blogs are happily hosted at DreamHost, and we use them ourselves at www.paidauthor.com, which is why we have no trouble recommending them.

Even if you’re not super experienced at making a website, the huge number of “One-Click Install” apps that Dreamhost has should make the process as simple as possible.

They even have a 97-day money back guarantee, so if you aren’t 100% satisfied, there’s no risk.

Wideo Book Trailer Video Software



Free Video Software for Book Trailers


Wideo is extremely simple to use video design software that is perfect for authors who are looking to make their own book trailers (just like a trailer for a movie, but for your book!), as well as other marketing videos.

Their software is free for the basic version which allows you to make videos up to 30 seconds long, and host them on your own website, which is generally just the right length for a book trailer.

If you’re trying to build up some hype for a new release, or reinvigorate the sales of a previous book, setting up a free book video might be just the way to do it.

Video Blocks



$50 off Unlimited Stock Video Downloads



If you want to make a video trailer to use when you promote your book, and you don’t want to go to the expense of hiring a camera person, as well as actors, you might want to get some film from a stock video site.

With over 100,000 videos available in their archive, Video Blocks is one of the largest providers of stock video. Use the link above to get $50 off their usual $149 price.

Get Response Email Marketing



Free Email Subscription Service Trial


Get Response is arguably the easiest to use email marketing service, so it’s good for authors who may not be as experienced with the technological side of email subscriptions.

They have over 500 email templates to work with, so you can make your emails look as polished and professional as anyone in the world.

Get Response is offering a free month’s trial for their email software, so you can test it out with no risks at all.





I hope that some of these discounts are useful to you, and that you’re able to save some money on your publishing journey.

If you get a chance, make sure you come and visit us at www.paidauthor.com and check out our publishing articles and advice columns.

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The Author's Coupon Book

Welcome to PaidAuthor.com’s Author Coupon Book for 2016! In recent years, self-published and indie authors have stormed into the publishing industry, creating an almost unheard of number of stories, both in digital formats, as well as paperback. Most authors write for the love of writing, or the joy of being able to tell their story. Every author wants their writing to be the best that it can be; free of typos or the occasional punctuation error. Sometimes that involves hiring an editor or a proofreader. Likewise, not every author happens to be a graphic designer as well as a writer, so sourcing a professionally created cover can help to show the quality of the book, even before a reader has opened it. Once your book is finished, and you want to get it in front of as many potential fans as possible, then you’ll usually need to organize some promotion. All these things cost money, but that doesn’t mean it has to break the budget. We’ve compiled a list of the editors, designers, formatters and book promotion sites groups that were happy to offer discounts to our readers. Most of them are authors too, so they understand how daunting it can be starting out.

  • ISBN: 9781310605420
  • Author: Nikki Sex
  • Published: 2016-07-15 08:05:17
  • Words: 5758
The Author's Coupon Book The Author's Coupon Book