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The Assassin

Kian Raja grew up in a cold world where the only rule is to survive and be the strongest. He has learned to live with his choices, and keep it real no matter the situation he meets. Then he meets Daven Noland who makes him wish for a future. Dr. Daven Noland has lived a life saving souls in the harshest of places. On a quest to prosecute a vicious man who endangers the lives of an entire village, Daven gains the attention of a murderous organization. They send an Assassin after him, and he must now convince this assassin to help him fulfill his quest. Can he manage? Will they get to the end of this journey intact, or will he lose his life trying?

  • ISBN: 9780463362808
  • Author: Suilan Lee
  • Published: 2018-09-22 12:30:06
  • Words: 72086
The Assassin The Assassin