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The Art of World Peace




All motions of life, welcome to your best very promising future enhancing, and global continuity protecting decision.” We are all on our own personal journey bound with our unique personal zig zag ‘zipper merging” contributions into the futures, every given split seconds.

Special healing and hopeful and insightful greetings to everyone, all our collective hive members who dealing with terminal conditions, facing medical challenges, elderly, handicap, orphans, expected mothers, and forgotten people. All of us, everyone around the world, and all other species we are all “just trying to get a little more life, as any other species.”#nomemberberofthecollectivehiveshouldeverbeleftbehind.

“This is could be the beginning of the collective hive genesis greater good beautiful friendships…..”


Everyone who are truly interested in world peace, should take the everyday wacky subprime principles challenges……

This literatures contain the extra mileage of all-inclusive greater good world peace poetry. There was a self-prolonging can’t get time,

We cherish and promote every ill-conceivable principle that is subprime,

As time haphazardly goes on with accredited long running lies,

The world’s populations receive all-inclusive prime directives futuristic gift

A sizeable body of how to be, framing it as an existence manual, and remote access tool, greater goodwill algorithm

In its entirety the entire worlds populations has easy access tools to create the best versions of themselves,

A virtual how to, try our best to “leave everything much better than we found them,

Everyone can be that “diamond in the rough,” “and shine like precious gems in the sky,”

Everyone and future generations, and all motions of life was giving the collective hive genesis “high speed world class” novel approach to repeal our unnecessary failings throughout the passage of time…

Waiting for preordain transitional time…………

Preordain is footing the will, and understands the gravity of all freewill situations

Preordain set the synchronize rhythm for the passages of time…

Sometimes maybe, just a little bit, a smidgen, or crapshoot grit

Preordain says no

Preordain says yes

Perdition time

That’s the ways the preordain bounces

If anyone honestly and truly interested in finding the prerequisite and the all-inclusive solutions, recipe, requirements, levels of consciousness, and futuristic insight for world peace, unfortunately this is the only recourses. This is a super serendipitous rare glitch find. Besides Shakespir.com, amazon.com, not even the United Nations, the most powerful group, person, or any super country has these all-inclusive smoking hot greater good information’s.

All of the incomparable futuristic highest levels of fragile sensitivities, that will entertain all of our big questions, the unknown, and our greater good highest levels of big picture consciousness. Not sure it’s a good idea for insensitive people. These diametrically opposing views, and principles can be very disturbing to insensitive viewers, insensitive view discretions is fully advised, proceed with cautions…..

Price absolutely free, at least at Shakespir.com/books/view/670894, money can’t buy real happiness, DIY world peace.

World peace,

A 2017 novel approach:

(Please note: In all of these “hurried scrawled,” cuneiform, unedited manuscripts, that are all part of a preordain glitch cosmic intervention privilege, aim to bring everyone up to greater good speed, and the ideal ways “everyone can get along in perfect harmonies.

Stress free zone, greater good work in collective hive genesis progress. In its entirety these anecdotes and pronouncements are over qualified to save the world from unnatural circumstances.

How to create the absolutely best versions of ourselves, a 2017 futuristic gift.

The ideal and ultimate revised greater good big picture projection, an all-inclusive prime directive pattern recognition algorithm, with auto-advance ingenuities highly geared at improving our pandemic dull perception of existence.

Bold step multifaceted mission statements, and a global critical preventive service; since “the unnecessary ill-suited unfavorable epitaph of continuity has already been written in red, for all of the obvious reasons, ‘blinding super nova conflicts of interests.”

The much-need serendipitous preordain reconstructive insights and cure all is time sensitive. Virtual how to; edit out our ill values, self -creating fiction and non-fiction roadblocks, mutilating ambiguities, etc... ”Proposing an all-inclusive futuristic manual for HU persons, concise greater good bullet points that turn our obstacles into opportunities, with all of the much-need global prime directives that can enable us to connect more deeper with greater good values,” and bring the entire world up to big picture speeds, at the same time securing gregarious and richer understanding of existence. How to ascend and hone all of the evergreen echelons, and heighten paramount idealist futuristic level of consciousness that can bring out the very best in everyone, and completely form the very promising collective hive enhancing greater good global umbrella. Join the ranks bringing everyone to like-minded speed. Set a clear path that can open all our evolving lines of collective hive communications.

Twisted priorities and progressive greed is the gross international product, “pun intended.” Most of us only know how to use twist, strings attach, give to get, and find primitive values within a split seconds, from everything and everyone around us, that’s the business model for creating world peace. “How cool and primitive is that? Those principles are part of the everyday wacky subprime principles that are the gateway to understanding behavioral science. Every one of us has been brainwashed and condition to worship and respect everyday wacky fatally distracting subprime principles. That is guaranteed to ignite Teflon aversions for world peace…

All of which are setting all of the primitive subprime conditions for anti-world peace. In shortlist addition they are also absolutely responsible for creating sizeable regimes of “covert psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissist, sarcastic edge, super greed, “hackneyed provocations” war, hate, friend-emies, pretenders, Oscar worthy actors, “dumpster fires” long running lies keepers, “near perfect peril,” reckless risk takers, crime, underworlds, entropy, recidivism, and every form of unspeakable sequels all over the world.

“World peace time doesn’t exist except for greater good, and clear and present danger change.”

“We can’t change the past, we can however and contain being brainwashed and conditioned to live our fragile lives, cherishing, extolling, using, and constantly relying on past mundane misgivings, laws of subprime principles, missteps, unfinished intangible business, and counterintuitive platitudes.”

The mysteries of erratic, neurotic, eccentric, eclectic, deflected, behaviors, problems solved.

How to “breakout of our stretches of unfavorable preordain paradoxes, our daunting malfeasant can’t get right simulations.” The greater good grapevine collective hive genesis magic carpet ride.

“Common sense dictates”

“Most of us are takers, that’s what we were all was molested, conditioned and overly brainwashed to do…” “That’s what we do for a fool’s paradise living….” During our entire life time, “degrees of unnecessary difficulties is always off the subverting charts.” Our life is systematically unnecessarily hacked, low levels of demented robberies of our, greater good sense of purpose, sensitivities, identities, etc., are always in gross progress. Take a greater good questing, what we are unable to see, are our linchpins. Most of us are just lending our senses to maintain our global interactive pandemic museums of everyday wacky subprime principles, steeped in overshadowing conniving decisive distracting rhetoric’s. That are accredited to be our main sources of international stabilities.” It’s not strange, nor deranged in the slightest bit, every single one of us are mi’ programmed to use every day patriarch, hierarchy wacky subprime principle to “add instant credibility’s.” We are always in our everyday preposterous wacky subprime element, that’s all we know, perturbingly expecting world peace to flow and grow.

All of our primitive trending “senile rules of rope-a-dope engagements, are basically saying and implying. “Come take a sip from our lace cups of everyday wacky subprime principles.”

Everyone needs to go back to basic, rethink all of our farfetched nefarious prevailing ill-founded-wacky ideas about how we should be. And take time to revisit all of our abandon catalyst for greater good and world peace change. At this precise moment, there is an extremely high probability you was forced and constantly being into “unnatural existence, and typed casted to be mined stuck in can’t get right scenes.” You are just waiting for another dull renditions of “whose primitive line, or inactions is it.” Conditioned to be caught up in some form of everyday overzealous wacky subprime principles social code, “faking confidence” and pretending. Primitive commodity speculators.

Preoccupied measuring “famous people by the way they treat lesser people.” We are all conditioned and overly brainwashed to get stuck and distracted progressing dark as smoking hot with toxic conflicts of interest. And mi’ programmed to sacrifice our health, the environments, and everyone around us for paychecks, and any of the “gross domestic products,” glamour, finish products, fame, power, primitive dreams, etc.

Always comparing ourselves to others “middle and end to our launch” not talking to the hired help, all done up public images pretending to look important, championing the intricacies of wacky subprime principles at the expense of “hurting everything around us.”

Instantaneous moments of greater good clarity; Fast forward and “skipped to the end, trying to look important is super primitive.”

“Deep-learning algorithms,” acute sense of being and futuristic greater good references all depends on our perspectives.

Everyone’s brain is a super computer, everyone brain is a ticking time machine. Communication is primitive blah, blah….Every question is a loaded primitive question. “How is that for entertainment?” We can only sense, see, feel, observe all that we are preordain conditioned and brainwash to see, feel, sense, and be part off.

Introductions to the “essence of being flawlessly extracted,” futuristic path to “immeasurably incurable sensitivities,” by way of our brand new, and newly recognize oblivious dream team genesis, our completely fully form collective hive grapevine umbrella. Our best hopes comes for world peace is guaranteed to manifest from only a completely formed global collective hive.

Greater good messages to everyone around the world “singular mantra of glowing and flickering hopes” That creates the ultimate ways for everyone to create the best versions of themselves, and “try their very best to leave everything much better than we found them.” Go above and beyond our customary “fancy allegories.” Attain extreme levels of consciousness where as we are constantly indulging in the super real big picture every step or positioning of our journey. Underneath the surfaces globally, #everyonemattersequally collective hive umbrella.

Full disclosure global conflict resolutions, all-inclusively design to outline brand new concise set of uniformed global prime directives, code, and “rules of engagements.” A manual for all Hu persons that that guide any motions of life on all of our best ways we can be.




The ultimate life changing guide that contains endless tasteful insights, lifelong importance, and “all of our “dire pressing pronouncements.” A clear distinction that outline our global unnatural alarming excessive rates of mobility, and mortalities. The ideal “actionable intel for home schooling, and user friendly conflict resolutions greater good security blanket. Only when we are able to notice the global flows, vectors, and warm artistry of the super real big picture, we are able to see for own selves all of the answers to the big questions, why we are here, etc.

The gathering of a global collective hive “voracious mental” and physical collaboration, is long overdue. It our very promising “complicated target of greater good opportunities,” and “greater good game changer.” Only as a completely and fully form collective hive dream team think tank, we all can aspire. All of us make up and represents all of the greater good raw materials that can reconstructing our entire concepts of existence to all-inclusive favor, and hands down make everything right. Without a doubt a lot of people are conditioned and brainwash to remain distracted “questioning, the loyalty and ability” to create world peace. All of our everyday wacky subprime principles has been a subverting “shadow organizations,” elongation our devolving can’t get right stasis. We are all twisted byproducts of compound “can’t get right eras that has newly beginning to discover transparencies, mostly pretend and till this day is govern and overrule by reckless primitive oversights.” The sum of all of our global redundant tragic challenges entropy, and recidivism, is systemic from our global total disregard or oblivious to all-inclusive greater good prime directives and all of “earth landers futuristic greater rules of engagements, “that is comprehensively outlined. The collective hive genesis is still in the fight down stages of finding its footing, although completely formed, “it is a specialist in complicated predicaments and acquisitions.” For as long as we allow everyday wacky subprime principles depict our continuities, we all are playing a seriously dangerous hand in subverting world peace.

Every one of us is a time capsule makers, “frozen moments in time,” every activity we promotes and encourages makes up our scrap books of our existences and personal journeys. Everything must progress. What’s in your life mission paths scrap books, proof of character? There is two distinct paths of fielding of natural progression.

All minds on deck,

Global genesis, completely formed collective hive,

Is our most promising treks?

And all-inclusive greater good best step.

“Globally we are conditioned and brainwash to hiss

And turn our existence, and very promising individual journeys into a paycheck.”

Most of us, especially the most educated and learnt are accredited and mi’ programed brainwash to accept global eccentric disfigures from all of our global elites and to naturally taken there shenanigans as trustworthy figure, go figure, self-inflicted rigors. Rage filled status grandstanding flaunts, witch hunt to Flash a big engagement ring, capture global elite, makes us important, and every other ill preconceive self-deceiving troglodyte captains of “brinkmanship’s and wants” socially accepted keeping our eyes super glued to subverting wet prizes, reprieves, status, tittles, awards, medals, contest, competitions, that we exchange our freewill and freedom for. Greater good ships are always sailing.

“Only when all-inclusive is well it ends swell”

These super rich redundancies, won’t end well

We are either, progressing to become an obsessive caretaker, preventers, advocate and enhancer of continuity, rage-filled enthusiasms, faux pas, recidivism, “deliberate shortsightedness,” entropy, “calamitous errors,” linchpins, false starts, misgivings, wrong doings missteps, etc. And doing our utmost best to rewrite global failings, “design flaws” and short comings, etc. Otherwise we are progressing dark as overripe active reckless contributors, encouraging, promoting and aiding and abetting in” the delinquencies of everything around us.” “The unstoppable accredited primitive Sisyphean insane patterns,” “deliberate oversights of toxic dysfunction ate systems that has been failing us and every civilizations and generation s before us miserably” and “where others saw calamity, there are too many people all around the world would see opportunities to make big bucks.” We can’t have behavioral science both ways.

“Mind clearing magic,” and deep-cognitive clarities.” “Something greater good to keep you in collective hive perspectives.

How to “wash our minds,” and cleanse ourselves from all of the payloads of everyday wacky subprime principles laws of attractions. How forward and effortless we are “spending our entire life trying to look important,” (people that look the most important, naturally are hiding the most secrets), “exceedingly dull deliberate shortsightedness,” methodically teaching ourselves ingenious everyday wacky subprime principles,” and attain all of the greater good prerequisite skill sets than can help any motions of life to assist in mending the, can’t get right passage of time….?

Culture, beliefs, customs traditions, etc., are highly based on everyday wacky subprime grossly overrated primitive principles. Every one of us is borne into type of one ill-form of “geological birth lotteries imprisonments,” and in a great part of the world multi billions are borne into no freedom to leave, “deadly captive geological birth lotteries.” Tiny example, teachers are require to teach standing up, and other primitive set of anti-world barbaric codes and enforced, and are infused throughout their captive culture that can easily maintain a wacky wide disparity between the abject poor and the elite.

Following money, power, fame and beliefs are taken to the highest levels of barbaric acceptable behaviors, in countries that has the most ill-forms of overwhelming strict everyday wacky subprime principles. Without gender equality, and all other types of equalities we can never attain world peace. The greatest con the our barbaric mindset male ancestors and most of the current male population ever pull, keeping leading girls, ladies, and women’s as second class citizens, when leading females, girls, women’s has been leading us through dual universe (microscopic and anatomic universes) the entire can’t get passage of time, how backwards is that. Even in so-called super countries after 240 years, they are unable to elect leading lady presidents. Off Course its suffice to say for the obvious trending reasons, single person or group leaderships is as primitive as they come, collective hive leadership is the only form of all-inclusive leadership to create world peace global atmospheres and environments friendly enthusiasms.

The countries, communities that has the strictest sets of primitive gender roles would inevitably be overrun by the most sets of reckless insensitive everyday wacky subprime principles. The brainwashing of their followers are more strict and severe, the male and in most cases females are more fanatically wacky and ready to defend their conditioning to the death. Fatally strict Dark ages barbaric and troglodyte’s type’s abusiveness is sanctioned, are maintain and encourages, some stricter than the strictest of prisons.

There are many subplot levels of secretc,ies to content with deadliest of surrounding environment. Their citizens are unable to escape, the girls, grown women isn’t able to leave their homes, “marriage women in most cases are in maximum securities, well after the perforations of personal flying vehicles of 2017. Even if some of their citizen are able to escape their remainder of their families remained imprison and constantly undress.

World peace is just a conversation piece…

The unvanquished ‘truths will set us free.” The futuristic quickening awakening healing “all-inclusive searchlight at the end of the, can’t get right tunnels,” and honest existence translation testimonial realization.” As far back as anyone of us can tell, neither of us was born into world peace, it is safe to say we are all anti world peace, and “indigenously moonstruck.” The latest consensus estimate around 100.8 billion people had existed and die on the planet earth, give and take a few area 51 arbitrary distractions. The current global population is roughly estimate to be around 7.5 billion people. Therefore the combination of these totals was never born into world peace. So it very safe to say whatever their cultural practice, over four hundred types of intangible beliefs, customs, traditions, priorities, input, trends, governments, race, creed, preoccupations, educations, etc. is guaranteed not to create world peace. Sandbag into becoming confident damage goods, some cool, calm composed and deliberately going against the greater good laws of nature, without a shrewd of greater good decencies.

All around the world, each of us is a preconditioned and brainwashed, and molded into swanky multifaceted can’t get right face in the crowd. We are masters, grand masters, and wizard at only encouraging, promoting and getting busy at creating and orchestrating anti world peace.

Separatist ideals, and anti-world peace open budgeted accredited gimmicks are the very first thing we are taught. Most people all around the world are clueless, on how the create world peace. We all are imprinted with the carnages of wars, during our most impression ate ages.

We all are well conditioned primitively to respect, bow down, and cow tow to anyone that has the most material gains, from our most impression ate age.

In most cases it instill prolongs unnecessary fear, sanctions anti-world peace behaviors, and encourages natural ruthless swarms of deceptive mind set. In their lies the swamps, bogs, fogs ‘torrent confusing anti-greater good data.” From our blank minds all of our everyday wacky subprime principles naturally are planting lifelong fertile seeds of doubts that are infused in all of our everyday cherish customs, beliefs and traditions. Undead Subprime principles keepsakes, are keeping us uninformed every misstep of our very promising journeys. “Without struggle, hardship, etc., we are just “trivializing what we don’t understand,” we will never who we truly are, and able to see the big picture.” Our entire personal journeys is are learning opportunities, chances to spread sequels of positive improvements, or as others was conditioned to put a negative spin on things, all depends on your market intelligences, all over the world. We are either improving upon all nouns, or a mole up to no good. Our main goal should be contributing anything that can improve, others, the environment, and the universe. If we isn’t getting obsessively busy sharing everything we learn, our insensitivity is overgrown, wacky subprime principles has run its subverting discourses, everything that comes into our proximity gets burn.

“We can’t have diametrically opposing principles, mix signals, two-face and three face, false ideals, lie, etc., both ways.” Hate and love are polar opposite. Everything is a circle of its own merit. If you have the circle of love, the split second a smidgen, or drop hate enters the circle of love it’s compromised.

There was a time my brainwashing use to have me subscribing to the subprime principles theory of yin and yang circle, and I have use the conflicting theory as a quote numerous can’t get right time, in the past.

I’m now realizing its one of the main brazen spear header of deceitful mix signals, grappling oversight, anti-transparencies, give a green light to fleecing, pillaging, crass mix messages, circuitous over bearing confusions, that encourages blurry lines of honesty, loyalty, bad behavior, wrongful acts, inactions, super-greed, and sequel of subverting and counter-intuitiveness. Yin yang clearly says war is ok and give bad behavior the ill-right of ways. Yin yang sanction world peace to “become the second fiddle,” we can’t have it both ways or two diametrically opposing ways about it.” Mix messages, mix signals are live baits, when we falls for live baits circuitous confusions, loaded questions, etc., will always distracted from the big picture teeming with “unresolved frustrations.”

Even thou we are all born a vagrant and die as a vagrant. “The truth should never hurt, the unvanquished truths will set us free.” Everyone around the entire world should take the world peace challenge.

Anti-world-peace is an area in which we all has been exceling in. In every step of our journeys we all are just repeating anti world peace redundant missteps, of every pretend civilizations and previous generations that had the “dirty wool pull over their brainwashed eyes.” The well to do, the wealthiest and most powerful individuals and countries, isn’t really interested in world peace. “The truth will always set us free.” Amassing weapons, and weapon of mass destructions is the diametrically opposing principles, wackiest and are parodies route to world peace.

“Possessions is our main motivation,” we are conditioned and brainwash to be concern with having than being.” Where ever you are getting busy, or preoccupied with anyway in the world, we can safely say they isn’t design to foster or create world peace. Everyday wacky subprime principles is the smoking gun. In every communities, countries, there has always been twisted primitive pell-mell of everyday wacky subprime principles.

Where ever we go, or venture, osculating everyday wacky subprime principles are always ahead of us offering “ominous, and stark” welcome mats. It doesn’t take long for the next thing we know, “splish splash everyone has always been taken a bath,” and drowning in unnecessary subprime principles, which is by far all of us most prize possessions.

Reality has always been going unnecessarily deep-south, continuities are riddle by unfavorable preordain mine fields. Everyone is getting very busy doing subprime principle math’s, all the while adopting every ill-conceivable one size fits all primitive counter-intuitive subverting missing the big picture calculations. Which has always been the undead common denominators why we can’t attain world peace.

Reiterate this eye opening phenomenon and trifling paradox, absolutely neither of us was born into world peace, every one of us all around the world, has always been feasting on high end subprime principles market intelligence, “that has been failing every single generations, all of our global ancestors miserably.” Even though its painfully obvious, we all are preoccupied “doing the same exact primitive things, counter-intuitive preoccupations, and vile practices that led us into all of our current predicaments, while expecting world peace, is the world renown definition of insanities. “Every one of us is dip-set pretenders, 247 our super computer brains is deceptively calculating infamous ways to enslave one another, get one up on as much of the entire populations as possible. “The stuff legends are made off.”

Everyday accredited wacky subprime principles “guilty pleasures” is guaranteed to turn every single one of its fanatic global followers into benign aggressive toxic manipulating takers, in the same instance asking for world peace. Inescapable fact in-between “dogging self-creating distractions,” world peace is just “detachment theory,” a loaded catch phrase, and (n.i.m.b.y not in my back yard) conversation piece. “In the wrong hands,” world peace it can be a weapon of mass destructions, open invitation for obnoxious open budgets. Most of us are conditioned and brainwash to remain incapable of seeing another way, we are destine to lose our greater good way, especially when it comes to the world peace creating, and greater good ways.

“Truth bombardment, truths is mostly recognize as kamikazes:” In a billion years plus all of our everyday subprime principles could never-ever create world peace. It’s a primitive game to go about world peace using undead mentalities that is coined from subprime principles. Just read the headlines something is very wrong with our core principles. There isn’t a smooth transitions into this world for every child born.

After all most people isn’t aware that charity is a business, we live in a world from the amount of money charities collect they only obligated to donate (rough estimate) about 35% of it to those in need. All of our preoccupations are over rule by high end extra devious hurricane subprime principles. “Self-honesty is a scares and rare commodity.”

This question should readdress from our earliest ages and throughout our entire existence. “How will you add value to the collective hive, and the world?” “By trying our honest and very best to leave everything much better than we found them.” Continuities “should be pleasurable not stressful.”

In many cases “those who has been hurt the most often has the greatest abilities to heal, and heal others as well.”

“Epic response” quick fix to free our secret pains, don’t fight the, preordain, and all of its Zane’s and mystery stains.

Tomorrow already has brutal mistakes, and gruesome unspeakable acts, and sequels. No one has control of the actions, and inactions. Our global continuities is highly base on our available market intelligences which sets a preordain pattern of continuities. Since everyday wacky subprime principles represent the world premium market intelligence, then the, preordain is the byproduct of subprime prevailing wacky principles. For every subprime inaction there are a set preordain byproduct reaction. Tomorrow and a stretch of everyone around the world personal futures, already has all of the byproducts of everyday wacky subprime principles paradox mistakes

All of the inescapable facts and the key to personal and collective hive growth, is understanding and recognizing the freewill preordain polite, and impolite process. Realizing with can’t fight the, preordain. Earth time is are past time relative to the universe time, planet times are separate time from the big picture time, and universe time. Time zones is another way of understanding the preset pattern of preordain time. Time is relative to positions, and therefore creates a stretch or block of preordain paradoxes. Each planet is a separate time zone from the universe time zone. The universe itself has infinite amount of time zones. We will never evolve with “everyone having different internal guidelines on how to be. Everyone all around the world can’t be preoccupied trying their own primitive thing, all the unrealistic while expecting us to evolve.

“Incomprehensible cosmic anomalies”

Why me, why are we here?

We are all transients visitors, on a journey of discoveries that knows no bounds

Yet we are constantly distracted by immortal terms, ownerships, claiming everything,

Fuel by one size fits all self-center ness, and misconceptions, that plateau and tapered into toxic greed

Where we come from? In-between the universe all-inclusive freewill accommodations. Any and every entities are giving a preexisting conditions to “get a little bit more life,” and limitless augmentative evolving proclivities

What are we, we are PH regulated water base life forms that has duel life forces

Our primary and main life force exist in the microscopic universe, the universe is multilayered. Everyone is a unique atom energy creation, that is forever connected to everyone, every other atom creation, and the universe at all times. Energy never dies, it can change forms, and conjoins other energy forms.

“Why I’m always dogging distractions?” Our secondary life force exist on our anatomic life force and universe. This is where it gets dicey and fuzzy. Our anatomic universe is highly based on our market intelligences and natural forces of nature occurrences, which can regulate how we perceive the big picture that we all are part of and play a major role. Everyone’s brain is a super computer. Our super computer that already out live our entire preordain existences and life time. There is no such thing as the present, the present never existed. We are always moving into the future every split seconds, we just did. Time on earth isn’t relative to space and universe time. Universe time is the future time, you can only measure universe time in space. Earth time is the past participles of time, therefore preordain forming. Earth time is in the past, and operates in preordain blocks, and paradox stretches of time. We all are endowed with super powers, however what we are conditioned with on our anatomic levels, which is mostly subprime principle inhibit, and preventing all of our very promising super powers we have on the atomic levels, attributes example clairvoyants, precognitions, short terms, long term (dejavu’s) future observing dreamscape, oracle, meike (detailing waking hours paradoxical events that is going to transpire in the near and distance futures), they can evolve into touch healing capabilities, etc.

“The genesis of festering cognitive dissonance, and psychosocial issues.” Very plain and simply put everyday well organize is everyone’s kryptonite’s.

The main reason for our complications and terminal deceases stems from cooked foods, process foods, which has been treated as some kind of golden-fleece.

From the very first bite of cook foods, process foods, dead foods, etc., we has been living dangerously, we became accustom to eating risky life threatening foods, example the Ackee fruit is an early morning delicacy in Jamaica, and the monk fish is well regarded as six star savory high profile haute cuisine in Japan.

Cook foods process foods, etc., has been causing fatal internal raptures of the “stranger than fiction kind,” from the first cooked meal we ate we are setting a clear self-destructing rumbling and quaking path towards a full menus of unnecessary terminal deceases, and a guaranteed bitter and altruists unmanageable, unimaginable horror and inevitable dark “fades into senility.” The main cause of Alzheimer’s, atherosclerotic senilities, autoimmune disorders, strokes, and a host of other dementias, most terminal deceases, resulting in lack of daily vitals, and the all of bio hazardous mutilating deficiencies from dead foods.

Except for the produce sections, every other morsel so called foods in all supermarkets, stores, bodegas, parlor, marts, etc., are dead foods. A more fitting term is fake sustenance, undead foods, which in all purposes are just suicide sustenance that has been causing us all to fall prey to misstep and be an active participant self-creating fatal histories and “over working our gullets, organs.” Cook foods create stage dementia brain fogs. Ever notice people doing bizarre act, it’s mainly due to lack of daily vitals and the horrific ravishes of cook dead and useless foods. Pause and try to add up all of the attributes, and feats we perform in one day. Then ask ourselves is it not insane to think plates of cook foods can provide all of the energy to support all of our physical needs. It’s no secret fire is a destroyer, fire also destroy the energy we need to maintain our bodies.

The well symptoms our entire system is on auto pilot mind is always elsewhere, forgetting simple things, routinely making simple mistake, and dangerous mistakes, lack of energy, enthusiasm, sluggish, impatience’s, lack of tolerance, compromise immune systems, eventually depression, et. Prescribe solutions, if you can get access to all of the assorted edible vegetation’s fruit juice, and raw foods from around the world. Use Centrum performance only, multivitamins twice everyday, and do a supersize noni juice internal purification treatment every two weeks, and living bitters from Ghana treatment monthly.

Cook foods are just sending us to clinics, doctors and hospitals, who are highly trained with “funnel tunnel visions” to address the symptoms and not treat the root causes. If you are sick, plain and simple stay away from cook foods, eat a wide variety of all the raw foods from around the world, and use multivitamins supplements, and “let the body heal its self.” Simple new rule if your foods isn’t live or raw foods its dead foods.

Cook foods are high risk aromatic “iron chef” of the ‘bogus pocus’ kind, parasitical hellish self-punishment we was brainwash to accept from our blank minds, open book, and during our most impression ate stages. In all our cooked food ends, we are guaranteed to ‘have every neighborhood pharmacies on speed dial,” clutching on to other loaded fakes in all of our personal brands of fool’s paradises.”

The motto, sacred oaths, traits, and prerequisite for becoming a VIP member of any fool’s paradise. Empty promises is our security blanket, and not a comfort for a fool. All long running lies and conflicting principles welcome with open arms. Intangible business, and beliefs are our most serious guide. Remain vigilant about claim everything, even thou our journeys and existence is of a transient nature and temporary. Remain an egomaniac air, at all cost, and weaponized version of overreacting. Dismantle safe guards. Promote collective greater good amnesia, with “every fiber of being.” Always remain busy with twisted priorities.

Spread lies and accept lies, when we are caught tell another lie, “Just say it wasn’t me.” Remain set in our own self center ill- hasty ways, self-concern is our only concerns, secret agenda ulterior motives, yes please it’s a must, giving to get is a plus. Spend our entire journey championing separatist ideals, and it’s all about “me myself and I.” A mass as much weapons of mass destruction as possible, while asking for world peace is perfectly acceptable always forget maintain a blatant disregard for the big picture, etc.

If there is a health food section in the supermarket, what can you call all of the foods in the other sections?”

From a child we are force fed endless fakes over a hundred generations. We specialize in faking it, being world renown pretenders, and wizards at turning blind senses. In every geological persuasions we have up to no good master pretenders, and fakers. The roots of pretenders and fakers are made up of vile in sync hand me down every day subprime principles. The tiniest form of subprime principles are ill shaping us to become avid twisted conspirators, who are actively engineering each other and our own miss and mister fortunes, and becoming collective hive weakest links.

Recently there was a big war on second hand smoke, yet everyone has a device that not only produce extra second hand smoke, but second hand fumes as well, infamously called the stoves, fire places, etc. We are the only species that cook our foods, and ironically the only species that are facing outrageous foothills, swamps “slings and arrows” of self-created, unnecessary medical challenges.

Cooked foods and process foods are all of us every day Trojan horses around the world, they has carte blanche into all our inner sanctum and biological temples. Every one of us was conditioned and brainwash to love the aroma of food cooking during our most impression ate ages. Cooked foods create toxic over loads, and the older we are the more dangerous amount of compounded mutated layers we have to contend with (transparency Claus; I was eating cooked food when I wrote this). Everyone is a unique entity therefore best to play it safe, and get a few medical opinions, before trying these remedies. Headaches, boils, Back aches, joint paints, etc., in most cases are signs of toxic overloads. Remedies, plenty of water, supersize portions of noni juices, living bitters from Ghana, safe and natural internal purification purges, etc…

Globally we are all mostly suffering from basic lack of daily vitals, the ones we get from raw foods (please google unsafe raw foods, not all foods can be eaten raw). A temporary substitute multivitamins is needed every day (centrum performance only).

We all need an aggressive toxic detoxes. Weekly supersize noni juices, and monthly doses of living bitters from Ghana (local pharmacies, health food shops), and a constant supply of every bit of raw foods from around the entire world. Everyone needs to have a commercial juicer especially our very important terminal ill, and aging collective hive members in their house juicing every edible vegetation from around the world. “Juices enters our blood streams in about ten minutes, and solid foods can take up to four hours,” this is the reason people who try healthy salads, etc., feels hunger pangs, and tends to quit, they must combine mix raw juices with their whole foods.

Please take into complicity considerations when someone share a remedy, an elixir, for whatever is ailing us, our body internal doctors are always working diligently to repair any unwanted invasions, of ailments. In many cases at that precise time that our body has solve the problem, we accepted someone prescribe remedy, a catch 22 placebo.

The reason why cat nap is very rewarding, when our bodies are in horizontal positions, or in sleep mode in any positons, our super compute brain, automatically begin to repair and refresh our energy.

The throw seeds project, asking everyone around the world, when they eat fruits, edible vegetation’s pretty please, throw the seeds and the cutting where they has a chance to grow. If anyone wants proof that we are going about existence carelessly and recklessly, go to and garbage land fill and you will notice fruit trees growing, most seeds has potential for rewarding reproductions, yet most of the world populations are throwing seeds into the garbage.

The reason for poverty mainly stems from lack of or abandonment of our every single persons natural propagation responsibilities. There was a time anyone could of venture in any directions and ate their belly fully of seasonal fruits, vegetation’s, nuts, berries, etc., no one starve. The finish product complexes has us following twisted priorities. All over the world government is decorating sprawling grounds with flowers, instead of fruit trees.

In every country the roadside should always be overflowing with fruit trees, pumpkins, sugar canes, paw-paw, whatever type of indigenous edible vegetation’s your geological area can cater to.

Preordain spark of interest, and greater good living in the all-inclusive moment every day is planting day, everyone should always plant for the world at all times. How hard it is to plant a few trees, scatter a few seeds, vegetation’s, etc.? There is allot of people out there that are agriculture savvy, most of them don’t understand we have to plant for the world, and other spices. Instead they are setting traps, poisoning their crops to deliberately cause harm to a passerby intruders. I read somewhere that indigenous people that live in the Antarctic, leave their igloo’s homes open for any passerby, with a hot meal warming on their stove for any and all visitors that is the prime example of all-inclusive collective hive love.

I have been trying to spread our lack propagations our uncanny oversights, under the name of the throw seeds projects, and word of mouth for years, only ran in to one person (Ray in pine hill) that remembered, it felt great, wonder if there are others out there.

If you plan to procreate pretty please make a mental note, singe it into your caring memory banks. Make absolutely sure and extremely certain that both potential parent consume excess amount of every raw foods from around the entire world, providing they are predisposed to genetic disorders that is most likely systemic from an initial lack of daily vitals and compound years of cook foods. Or at the very least use large amount of multivitamins (centrum performance only).

Our body, and super computer brain recognize, and perceives cook foods, process foods, and harmful beverages, etc., as a threat, and send alarming messages to our brain.

When our super computer brain recognize the potential cook foods can cause, and its high dangling red flags warning us of the daily invasions of cook foods in our bodies. Out super computer brain naturally launch an immediate counter attack, enlisting our entire biology, which we make notice as immobile lethargic and other personal brands of reactions.

Potential parents, procreators must make sure, in order to set and provide healthy off springs, they must on a daily basis, three times a day consume reputable multivitamins every day, preferably from raw foods from around the world, (juice of every fruits, nuts, seeds, berries, coconuts, super fruits, every edible form of vegetation’s from around the world) a few months prior to attempting procreations. Compound years of eating cook foods, our storage cells are most likely depleted or was never filled. Resulting in our brain reconfiguring our fragile biology numerous time to remedy prolong years of lack of daily vitals to manage our physical needs and extensive performance, inadvertently in most cases our brains good intentions is causing and creating more harm, and terminal deceases trying to save us from our faux pas.

Cook foods is dead food, and undead foods in all of our best cases scenarios we are only receiving trace amounts of one or two vitamins, etc., providing the temperature hasn’t exceeded more than a hundred and fourteen degrees Fahrenheit temperature which starts to destroy all nutrition food value. These are basic information’s that all medical institutions, education systems, journals, C.D.C, etc., and all doctors need to relay to all their patients and non-patients. While our body is processing cooked foods our immune systems goes offline, making us susceptible to catch deceases. “Determine mastication” of Cook foods, lack daily vitals, and the level of our depleted storage cells that store our access multivitamins, etc., is responsible for the common cold, and compromising our immune systems.

Until now we all are shell shock, and living under false pretenses. This is the greater good turning point. We are spending our entire life “straining for futile relevance’s.” From the very begging of time, our ancestors and us, has been painting a completely wrong impressions about our journeys and existence.

“There overall ideals, and loaded primitive concepts all come down to dollars and senselessness.” “Oblivious to a serious fact there is more to life than dollars and sense.” There wasn’t any real, or absolute and sure fire way to question the legitimacies of our market intelligence, how to be at our very best was lost in transmissions. Until the entire worlds populations is able to become repulse by subprime principles, we all are just regressing nonchalantly back to troglodytes alarming proclivities.

Subprime prime principles has gone off without a hitch very successfully, all over the entire world. “Subprime principles followers will never admit defeat, “say I am a relic and I should be smart enough to engage in voluntary extinctions.” People with overbearing bearing roasting subprime principles, can easily fashion profitable careers from unflinching cruelties to others, and the environments.

Every last one of us are a byproduct of pure subprime principles, derail into “perpetual self-laced bondages.” We are just reaping and lavishing on the spoils of subprime principles. Living in the zones our own delusions of selfish grandeurs, misconstrued as perfect lifestyles. Our common senses has a GPS lock on to only able to sense of subprime directions.

All of us are subprime principles wise, wheeling and engineering compound prime principles that has always been wreaking negative influences, all around the world. Every now and then we observe a rare contrast from circumnavigating the globe and observing other cultural preoccupation approaches, and behavioral patterns, however the main subprime principles set a grumbling can’t get right pandemic paces. For instances countries that maintains gender roles and arrange marriages, are self-creating a fatal ranges of collateral damages. Gender roles and arrange marriages are two of the most anti-collective subprime principles that reinforces entropy, and recidivism, false and misguided ideas of legends was made this way. From its inceptions our ancestors obviously had to “dredge the swarms” to get ideas that created gender roles and arrange marriages. “Gender rollers and arrange marriages has couples “more concern with having than being.”

Globally it’s a “lusty devolving proliferations of wrought iron caste, and captive primitive portals of overbearing testosterone, deceitful estrogens cross pollination that has gone troglodytes wild. Which portraits all of the essences of subprime ingenuities, cabals secrets, and endless jockeying for primitive juvenile power.” The most dangerous people are the ones that don’t observe honestly and entirely the polite sensitive process.

“Power reveals who we are, and normally brings out our worst sides.” Arrange marriages relies on inequalities and encourage primitive misconception of power.” Everything becomes a “outer limits” primitive relentless negotiations that are overseen by subprime principles. Both parties is busy, and some are remotely involve with non-items and super-duper nonsenses make them unnecessary problems.

Arrange marriages, gender roles plain and simple has to rely on “twilight zone” subprime principles, is a business that encourage evolving multigenerational senescent Zen-like super greed. When we arranges others happiness with an iron fist doing super greedy strong arm business, giving away family to get and endanger your family member to wet unspeakable surprise.

Another closed related disorder of parents that are lovers of subprime principles is child labor, parent orchestrated child star complexes, child career servitude, child manipulations is the byproduct very dangerous parents and custodian, they use procreations, and child rearing as a very profitable business. Child labor and living vicariously through their offspring is a dangerous social disorder decease. The children of the world can easily identify all of the dangerous parents, and custodians. Had there been any kind of transparency art forms in place, to prevent these ordeal. The parents and custodians of the world that identify the most dangerous children.

Parent teacher syndrome and all of the entitlement deeply seated issues, it’s the tip of the iceberg of dysfunctional parenting. You will inevitably find well structure padded layers of abuse, brandishing only the psychopath twist clichés, lewd foul language, drama prone environments, hash extra high verbal abusive, which just as abusive as physical abuse, all lead to genetic psychosocial, recidivism, entropy, etc.

Gender roles and arrange marriage provides the subprime setting for status disparities, and unnecessary ill conditions for ‘abject disorders.” Exchanging and selling a member of their family for wealth and relations with prominent families, how primitive is that. Can’t get right era, overbearing subprime principles times, “what better description of a time, when young girls, ladies, women were stalked, haunted and brought down like preys.”

You will find in most cases long running war torn countries, and countries susceptible to become war torn, has arrange marriage unspeakable acts of violence is acceptable especially in the homes. Homes has a strict hierarchy code to do anything they want to members of their families included murder, as in a recent case of a young girl behavior on social network, that led to her brother deliberately murdering her.

Hierarchy is the most counter intuitive set of super nonsense we can do to one another, families, and countries that accept hierarchies are the greatest Oscar worthy pretenders. No one is better than one another. Anyone who are championing that is drowning in everyday wacky subprime principles. Where ever there is hierarchy there is we will always be the most set of blatant lies, mounting empty promises, secrecies, and deceits, etc. “Promises are just pretty lies.” The hush dark side and dangerous tides of arrange marriages, involve strict violent ruling, accepted murders, Hu persons trafficking, “Hatfield and McCoy situations” and other ill conceivable unspeakable acts. Arrange marriage promotes hierarchy, and caste systems, all of which are anti world peace.

The dark side of arrange marriage story was told to me in my in new a few decades back. The driver said shockingly, “that if the bride family don’t pay the dowry for the arrange wedding, its routine the groom, husband either throw hot oil, on her deliberately murdering her in the kitchen creating a fatal kitchen fires.” It’s suffice and safe to say there must be other form of unspeakable punishments, such as, bizarre disappearances, HU persons trafficking, etc.

Arranged marriage and gender roles fits like a glove, and goes hand in hand. “Imagine a fly on the walls of arrange marriages, and gender roles, and the multitude of subprime behaviors it would routinely witness.”

We will always be subjected to some kind twisted ironies, whenever we are involved in making missteps, cruelty, unspeakable acts, and subprime principles. Arrange marriage, gender roles requires the participant to lie and settle for provider ship, profits, and all kinds of creepy delusional mostly self-mutilating interest. It’s a global family acceptance of mistreatment of their off springs, “amalgams of double talks, banal, and cruel peerages.”

The fatal twisted ironies with gender roles, their leading lady is supposed to slave in the kitchen under detrimental conditions, inhaling second hand fumes and smoke and producing pots of cook foods three times a day, which is dead foods that only create severe crippling long term medical challenges, and even create terminal deceases. If we listen carefully to lovers of subprime principles carefully, most of the time their antics and their primitive dramatic major malfunctioning behaviors are telling us and warning us from far to stay away far and wide.

Life is too short for everyday subprime principles. Whenever we are using subprime principles voracious intelligence, “we can get all A’s, and still flunk life.” The spine of counter intuitive ill formed ideas of civilizations, everyday subprime principles “mining the mother lodes” of our continuities. “Straining for relevance is a tame fool’s game.”

In the history of belief systems, their followers are trap by the intelligences and the unscrupulous ‘deplorable needs,’ of its whole. People are always abandoning beliefs systems, and the ones that has strict overseer and takes away the freewill of anyone who are born in communities, usually has to abandon them in fatal secrecies.

Punishment and revenges are wheel around the world “whenever we found our primitive subprime interest is being threaten. All subprime principles and ethics are offering us abject solutions, and could never ever rectify any of our global root causes, disarming and alarming oversights.

Whenever they recognized there is faults in their beliefs they will never on a whole recognize the impracticalities of intangible business, someone or group is always willing to carry on the farce due to all of the potential for UN match recalcitrant profit margins. And our dense propensity, complicity, and duplicity to become gun ho on “feeble vindications.” When we are using subprime ethics no raw materials necessary for us to become our own worst beyond tragic nightmares. Intangible business is the highest grossing business at all times, which must champion extra subprime principles inertias.

Anyone who promotes intangible businesses, “disembodied franchises,” has ulterior motives or believes fanatically in subprime principles. “All of the absurdities of the HU person’s activities and conditions are self-evident

“All recluse love being alone, therefore in order to win us over, your presence has to make us feel better than our solitudes.”

“Pretty please don’t break the silences, unless you can improve on them.” “The key is to avoid what are pass for civilizations.”

A simple global challenge to all the different types of believers, first and foremost, agrees not to tell, or accept a single lies, and remove all of your subprime principles, and revisit your beliefs. Plain and simple arrange marriage is a gateway form of human trafficking, and well polish super greed.

We are all caught up in same subprime webs, ebb and flows

“What speaks to you?”

Barbaric believes, “the ability to unsettle someone instantly”

Your preordain glue, being an adrenaline junky

Your tasteful possessions, attention junky

Painting disheartened masterpieces, “acute form of subliminal criminality”

Schlepping abrasive tack, excitement junky “slag and smelts”

Grim reminders, thrill seeker of “scrofulous misshapenness”

One size fits all sound tracks, “failing yourself” “crimes of personal failures”

“Using the struggle,” “to transform yourself in a good place”

Subprime principles class act, “offended by common courtesy”

Shallow disparity toggles, compendium of victimized eyes

“Creating scenic routes of false hopes,

A rope-a-dope pity party, “born with a hard wire propensity for selfish impulsiveness….

The rhythms of words, our zig zag preordain interludes progressive prose.

The super real big picture has always been a perfectly crafted epic shot of continuities.

“Every heart sings the bridges of incomplete sweet tongue songs, until another heart whispers back with the ideal verses.”

“What you believe is true, are they true? Or do you just accepts them as truths because we were taught they are truths, and never question them, or look any further.” All of our preoccupations are design to accommodate following the money, fame, power and violence’s.” there isn’t a tiny drop of pain associated in love happiness, etc. “Whenever we giving to get, we are doing business.” Almost every question is a loaded primitive questions that has follow up set up sneak questions. Questions usually never really ends well. By the ripe age of three every person are hooked line and sinker with an overwhelming amount of sneaky up to no good subprime ethics, and misconception of how to be. From the moment we are born the entire world is misleading to bamboozle us. They belief they are entitled mistreat each other. Whenever they feel, spring on us everyone personal brands of mercenary humiliating subprime deceitful narratives, reckless monologues, instill rabid fear tactic, wretched disfiguring verbal, and abusive-violent tendencies.

We could never come to peaceful terms with ourselves, until we remove all of our subprime principles, and our customary ill-fated “circuitous routes.” Existence can never be molded by caste acts, and any form of hierarchies, only a global completely collective hive can secure favorable orientation of everyone continuities. Caste and hierarchy are all subprime abyss principles, than gamble away all of our inner sanctums of a band of erroneous misfits. That clearly not interested in bringing out the very best in everyone. Every faction of global political was cut from the same dirty one size fits all cloth. The only way to bring out the very best in everyone is to have everyone playing an active role in all of the global decision making, by complete forming a collective hive grapevine umbrella think tank and chaperone.

It’s all was conjured from milking ancestors ignorance’s, fly by night derivatives of baseless nincompoop ideals and unfounded subprime presentations of worthless festering minds, championing the “quirks of incompetence’s.” evolution can only be all-inclusively design, otherwise we are only busy going through all of the subprime channels with jumpy “surgical precisions,” and self-creating our present overwhelming disturbing ordeals. “When we are fully aware of what we are truly dealing with, everything will make practical sense.

Hands on full time lovers of subprime principles are everywhere admiring there tasteful possessions at the expenses of others, milking it. “What we are on the brink off;” defiant hierarchies global center mass, has been going with recklessly blue blood cultural misappropriations grace periods, just backing up one size fits all arguments. They has been lounging in over stuffed cushions, harboring troglodytes patient zero allegations, child labor, debasing pity parties, and shallow barbaric beliefs, profiting on the false hopes expenses and disparities of others oversights and hand-me down poor judgements. The union of two or three, etc., (L.O.L) people is suppose politely come together with everyone bringing their own Zen-like table that can aid in helping to create a clear shot at molding collaborate evergreen blooms of illuminating growths. A unify recipe for something new, unique, enchanting and very promising equally rewarding for both parties. A je ne se quoi levels of consciousness that can resist aging, with refreshing ease.

Instead we all are getting busy expanding on our elastic propensities to nurture subprime immoral can’t get right principles. In all fashion we all are just, matching subprime principles, “matching profitable craziness,” crazy be crazy does.

Globally we are matching pretender’s superiorities, exposing each other to our ruthless sneaky dark majestic personal brands of overbearing causalities. “We just has to stand still,” and like ‘clockwork orange” we are guaranteed to be expose to “full wrought iron military grade metal strait jackets, always clandestinely brewing extremely obtrusive and very imposing du jour menus of abject unnecessary grim reaper humiliations.”

Excess historically unpopular subprime principles are everywhere, targeting our resistance, and “aim straight at one another resistance.” Raw misguided energy has always been praise worthy. Our major global grisly aims “is to capture whatever belong to others,” and enslave as much of other members of the collective hive as possible. Our idea of love is to put everything in a cage, pen, or a cell. Just follow the blazing trails of subprime principles, it with lead to entropy, recidivism and all of our global linchpins.

All of us in more ways than one are “natural born” aggressive takers, “and to the ultimate taker goes the spoils, groupies, fans, and primitive respect.” People with the highest rate of subprime principles are usually very needy, secretly manipulative, clever at revenge, championing intense insensitive, has uncanny tackles knack for springing unfavorable things on others, especially those closes to them. Forever disturbingly demanding and impatient, impatient has to be link to abusive behavior and violence.

“The hardest maximum prisons to escape, are the ones in our minds.”

The cross current of culture has seen better days. Where ever there is arrange marriages we will also naturally find baseless counter-intuitive hierarchy abnormal gap between the poor and the rich. Wealthy people upper class echelon are busy with reign of terror deep seated primitive entitlement issues, and awe struck well born caste identities. Wealthy people social ladder syndromes. They are scornful of giving money, product and services to poor or others who has less than them, they quick jump for circus joy to give money, product and service to anyone who has more than them.

Gender roles is the gateway to in igniting full time social disorder, and moral dilemma’s oversights. Gender roles and arrange marriages brings out the worst in the men. They set all of the subprime conditions that nurses deep seated un provoke and preemptive nightmare traits. Which encourage them to become ruthless misogynist, violent takers, and have extra troglodytes abusive derange controlling trolling tendencies. Gender role and arrange marriage put girls, ladies, and women in the shadow of uncertainties, it’s a dangerous following the money, fame, and power primitive game, overrule by underhanded risky primitive situations. Gender roles and arrange marriage basically remove both parties from the big picture and create a type casted dark scene.

There would be many thick skin couples would rage it work for them, settling for them, “what’s good for the goose isn’t necessary good for the gander,” and vice versa. Every one of us was conditioned to be master pretenders, and Oscar worthy actors.

In most cases it takes a long time and practice oversights to notice their arrange love interest, idiosyncrasies, vile tendencies, and mental disorders, by that time it’s too late the damages has already done. Basically it involve lumping people with their own brands of personal subprime principles in relentless captive audience, that are enforce with fatal violence from over bearing belief systems. When the inner sanctities is allow to be overrun by troglodytes fly by night, selfish unspeakable acts becomes normal everyday practices. Gender roles and arrange marriage also create a gender segregation environment where the female become a master at secrets, and deceptions. While the male tends to join extremist violent sects, gruesome associations, groups that allow them to exercise and misogynist anomalies. “Denial is a natural defense” when it comes to most gender role victims. Gender roles creates bullies, in which subprime principles sets the quaking undertones. Every bully are intense avid believers in milking gender roles.

Where there is gender roles, there are mishandled priorities, and over shot persona non grata. Couples who are ok with gender roles are living gigantic lies, every day and night just pretending to be happy, with a one size fits all grand coping master plan. Lying is the gateways to verbal abuse, assaults, and inevitable violence’s.

Gender roles means that we accepted hands down a sacred oath to defend subprime principles, and we see a lady as a tool, as a subordinate. Gender roles and arrange marriages is the subtext gateway to promoting inequality, transference and relentless forms transgressions.

Gender roles is only design to keep women as second class citizens, barring them from leaderships. Although women has been leading us into existence since the dark night of the misconceive ideas of civilizations, through dual universes, the microscopic universe into our anatomic universe, “the fifth force.” Gender rollers believes in not evolving, primitive hierarchies, and upholding, and worshiping their subprime principles indescribable lifelong obligations and are desensitized to notice all of the long term damages in transferring them to their offspring’s.

Gender roles feeds baseless time lapse primitive egos, how can we not see every other person as an equal? The ego can only come alive cherishing subprime principles, without subprime principles there isn’t any ego, just the super real big picture show. Where ever we find racist, hate crimes that individual is drowning in subprime principles. There is an extremely high probability that every racist, relies on extravaganza gender roles, the gateway to social disorder. Anytime we have a world leaders that belief in the parodies of gender roles, it is safe to say they are hoarding an endless supply of other subprime principles, and unwittingly beliefs all is fair using subprime principles. They are agree to keep other of the collective hive down, and in darkness, with their highly noticeable “howdy dowdy” egos that are always flying into the deep end, and over the “cuckoo nest.”

Part of a series of upcoming eclectic futuristic manuscripts detailing handpicked exclusive greater good properties. Finally a concise and precise offering of all of the best and world class enhancing uniform code prime directives, “indistinguishable from chance.” The ultimate all-inclusive full disclosure futuristic behavior modification manual.

A unique all-inclusive collective hive evolutionary work or art, everyone’s best recourses. Fully loaded and all accommodatingly designed for “every motion of life experience, and harness crucial core values, all of our best evolving principles. A generous offering of ideal elementary critical prime directives, that maintain the rhythm enlighten and “long view” alignment with the very promising super real big picture at all times. “This can be the beginning of a, beautiful all-inclusive collective hive friendship, for every motions of life, around the entire world….”

“The identification of the root causes of all of our circle of life’s, challenges, recidivism, entropy, and problems is the first part of the solutions.”

Getting rid of all of our everyday subprime principles is the new futuristic sexy.

To create subprime principles interruption free zones. And the only way to champion all-inclusive big picture magnetism, and the ultimate “extra ordinary greater good physical presence.”

“We are always shifting, trying to make favorable discoveries,” pioneering new boundaries, however our chances to experience favorable discoveries has been compromise almost to the “point no return.” Our field of attractions and circle of life, has always been regulated by the amount of everyday “kryptonite seizure-inducing” subprime principles we accept without questioning, cherish, feed into and binge on. Overall all around the world we all are suffering from can’t get right “belligerent denial of subprime principle self-creating well-structured and brainwash unnecessary obstacles.”

All our experiences are pre-doomed and subjected to redundant humiliating predictable experiments. Everyone is a less than favorable walking pied piper encyclopedia with elastic unnecessary subprime principles sensibilities than are owning up to part of all of our pandemic situations. Most of us are all off our daily vitals, and engulf with subprime principles, just trying to find wing persons, love interest and others who match our strangely enough marketable morphing predicaments, that is destine to taper off, plateau into ambiguities eventually into graveyard spirals.

Our global inheritance of overly accredited subprime principles, has become part of us, it’s in our genes, customs, traditions, heritages, etc. therefore we only know how to react, mostly overreact, and impose aggressive and violent subprime principles which always create unnecessary future challenges. Since the entire world has design our continuities using mostly subprime principles, most of us only know how to run ruthless underhanded interferences into each other peace of minds. We are just quinduncs, claiming everything, and hurting everything around us. Our ego’s is design to overlook the truths, and prefer the weirdest forms of lies, empty promises, and high hopes. “Promise are just pretty lies.” We are condition to rely on intangible business. In a global nut shell, we only know how to develop our self-masterpieces, our personal art forms using subjective subprime counter-intuitive experiences, to create “haunting masterpieces.” Everywhere we quest where ever we are in the world, we would undoubtedly “find a very large part of the population unconcern or unaware of the pain, sorrows, and unspeakable acts they are inflicting on one another,” those are the people who are wizard at championing subprime principles.

We are masters at setting up every day subprime principles concessions, and handling everything with subprime care. Which are enabling us to spend our entire lives haggling, engulfed with distracting issues, and always having to negotiate for basic necessities. With are busy keeping out some things out of the reach of children, except subprime principles.

Everyday subprime principles encourage hate from very early ages they are causing us to become bitterly intolerant of one another, and despising greater good changes. Our brains isn’t good at making all-inclusive decisions, subprime principles has been influence every decision around the world, turning us into predators. Our comfort zones are subprime bubbles that has most of us in constant state of panic. When only know how to utilize maximum efforts of subprime principles, and even for medicinal purposes, “we are failing ourselves, miserably.”

Storms of hard evidence, and too many unintended outcomes are everywhere, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are using subprime principles as our main source of greater good. It’s customary and twistedly normal to use subprime principles, “to get back at people by becoming like them.” Every single one of us needs an aggressive subprime detox. The majority of the world’s population believes world peace, means getting a piece of the world. “I came I saw I conquer.” This world is yours to do as we wish selfishly. We are just pretend claimers. There is no such thing as ownership, in order to own something we would have to be an immortal. We are just temporary species, with twisted priorities. Settling to become unnecessary shattered broken pieces, a hollow shell of our very promising selves. Ever since we was born we all fell hard for our, predispose geological fatal delusions, lifelong imprisonments. Just counting down time until our inevitable snap pop meltdowns. Freewill has been available for a very long time.

Everyday subprime principles turns us into chameleons, always ready to change color to suit our own selfish needs. Everyday subprime principles is our most popular textbook circus attractions From a blank mind we all has been conditioned and ruthlessly brainwashed to be each other worst nightmares, all over the entire world. Undead subprime principles has us just searching and frisking each other, assessing, devaluing and debasing one another on site, even before we could see the whites of one another eyes. Our past writes the preordain future, “our past seems to be prologue.”

“How we feel all depends on what we believes,” and our levels of subprime principles, be on the lookout for constant invasions of the byproducts of everyday subprime principles. Full blown subprime principles are left unattended, and always in easy access reach of every child, all around the world. Throughout every history of the most civilizations that was misconstrued as success were involve in some form of weaponized subprime principles, others had evolve into using military x-rated weaponized subprime principles. Everyday subprime rumors has it, if we continue a longs these counter-intuitive paths, we haven’t seen nothing yet. We are all just been taught how to be pretenders, and develop flashlight senses. “We spend our entire life hiding our weaknesses,” and being “master deflectors.” We are always pretending to be certain way to get or create primitive effects. It’s not normal to have people become magicians spending the entire lives trying to fool others. And in the same instance be disturb by fake news, etc., always remember subprime principles followers who are getting their hustle on will try their very best to never reveal their subprime principles and ethics trick.

Most of us only know how to use twist, strings attach, give to get, and find values in split seconds. We only know how to apply subprime principles that has bizarre fine prints of ill-terms, putrescence conditions, one size fits all regulations, super nonsense codes, self-center and selfish rules of engagements, and “deplorable reckless needs,.” ‘In the places with most laws rules and regulations, we will find the most corrupt individuals.” We only need laws, rules, etc., when we are championing subprime principles.

Side note; all around the world is plague by suicide bombers terrorist daunting tragic mass destruction. The world needs to activate “ghost protocols,” refrain from any everyday large public gatherings, etc., after all almost everything can be delivered…..

The circle of life, list of everyday wacky psychosocial subprime principles, we all are conditioned and brainwash to respect, worship and cherish from a child.


Globally we are imprisoned by wacky subprime principles fool’s paradises and landscapes. We are all overly conditioned, brainwashed, and rigged “to take our personal brands of subprime principles show on the road, in space, land and sea.” We are always anxious and can’t wait to spread radioactive everyday wacky subprime prevailing principles amongst our friends, acquaintances, and families. From our blank minds inceptions, all of us has been brainwashed and hard wire with wacky exacerbated subprime principles. Everywhere in the world we are always constantly send and receive mix wacky subprime principles messages, and false ideals. Everyone around the world should take the decluttering world peace challenged….

If you have a weapon, then it’s safe to say you are not interested in world peace, you are promoting world hate (most likely not bothering to pull out the gun)….” World peace evasive maneuver, get rid of all weapons immediately….

“Allow me to set the primitive scene; Practitioners, masters, and wizards of everyday wacky subprime principles “dark forces,” always have endless supplies of swift inactions, and subprime principles up their sleeves. They are always firing indescrimately at everything around them, “as playful gestures that becomes their signature of world peace enthusiasm.” Every questions is a loaded question. Every move, actions is a tricky subverting inaction sequel. How can I make the world see, outside what they are conditioned and brainwash to observe, and notice? No one can be truly happy or work towards complete world peace, so as long as these free range of long shot, and overshot whirlpools of primitive self-destructive traits are been accredited around the world. “Everywhere we venture, we will indubitably find out, “a serious problem of the world is a sort of tar and feather complex. “The not too smart people, as myself, are cocksure, and the intelligent people are always full of doubt.” People who are intelligences challenged always creating worse case scenarios everywhere they venture. They are always the radioactive infringing life of the party, and using “profanity lace” “word salads” trying to upstage wacky subprime principles and trying to convince everyone around them their false ideals to “take a drink from their cup of self-destructions.” The only thing that all of our overly cherish everyday overripe wacky subprime principles promotes and encourages is wicked reinforcements of all of our delusions and fool’ paradises. Whenever we embraces and utilize, uses subprime principles, we are guaranteed to make a foul temper mockery and primitive parodies out of our journeys and existence. When the dam, boughs of our subprime principles breaks, we with find all of our unfolding global personal brands of delusional realities.

Our general misconstrued alarming over sights of everyday subprime principles naturally are creating irreversible rift throughout the entire collective hive. They desensitize us from the super real big pictures, we are only concern with “sending messages around the world, we are better than others.” Super prime principles are forever singe in our cerebral cortex to Ignite and encourage global mayhem. They has been ok-in everyone around the world to find primitive values in one another, and reap and pillaging our fragile environments.

It’s very primitive for everyone around the entire world vying to be number one, he best, win, win, top of the heap, champion, etc., what makes the rest of us a target, a threat, and losers. These baseless customs, traditions, heritage, etc., self-destructive trait welcome with open long arms. Whenever we are involve in any activity that require putting anyone above another, we are using and spreading subprime principles.

When we “center our thoughts,” and are relying on subprime principles that is always creeping ahead of us, “the fears of the unknown will always breathes mistrust.” The external truths are the roads and byways less travelled. Some of us are getting busy stealing subprime principles shamelessly. Mounting “raucous quaking” unnecessary chaos are always forming with “quiet dignity.”

We have so many time capsules that proof without a shadow of a doubt, and hands down that all well rooted aforementioned idealistic subprime prime principles that we has been circumnavigating are creating pandemic backlashes. These primitive “low down and dirty rules of engagements,” are just one size fits all self-centered, and selfish coping plan to feed primitive egos, trying not to lose face, while trail blazing anti-collective disgrace. When we have egotistical super-nonsense that are fully accredited globally, they create the recipes for all our most disturbing realities.

Everyday wacky subprime principles are gateway kindles, they are well-known as any unfavorable relationship to always starts of small, perhaps as a flint, a strange sparkle, or tiny trickle we overlook, and progress into full blown meltdown.

Overall it’s painfully well-known anything that has been plaguing, and haunting are usually everyday practices that we tuning impaired senses to, which are the source of recidivism, and entropy. We are just settling to match one another subprime principles. “Finding one another to match our crazy with their crazy.” We all has an advance knack for making enemies, and presenting needling “attractive disapprovals.” Subprime principles dreams are being made every day.

Every one of us is conditioned to lend open hands in creating our delusional reality, therefore all of our everyday practice, and preoccupations. Which means we also play a serious and parodic roles in setting the subprime conditions for all of our overwhelming disturbing set of unnecessary unspeakable vile acts. The proof is out there up-close and personal super greed, grandstanding and selfishness, are all part of the byproducts of the aforementioned highly active subprime principles.

“The persons who are silences in their great deeds, are the ones who reaps the greatest rewards.”

We all are just settling and accepting a fact we live in a world that are run by people who has mastered subprime principles. Where people cherish and worship subprime principles are spreading the most influential advises. We all have all of the subprime biological markers, “reckless and cruel” “auto reloading misconceptions that are misleading us to very bad parasitical behavior.” All we doing throughout our very promising journeys is “punishing ourselves with imagine mutilating horrors.”

There only able to recognize and surround themselves with others who share their same primitive proclivities. Leaving our global population to remain trap into a perpetual state of unrest, while our bodies are being self-wrangled by the fatal ravish of cooked foods, process foods, over the counter pollutants, etc., our mind remain is reckless torment by conflicting subprime principles. From the “swamp back waters of blissful barbaric subprime principles, we are mi’ programed to find all of our vindictive gratifying relentless debasing and humiliations of others.

We are all born with a blank mind and whatever we feed if creates our continuities. There are various culminating systemic reasons why our super computers and preordain say no, or yes. Subprime principles, has under tones, subplots that must eventually mutate towards darker counter intuitive paths. Everything we do, has progressive consequences. Everything around the world is just one gigantic super primitive contest. For as long as we let subprime principles course through our veins, we are just howdy Dowdy’s, just waiting for “whose primitive line is it.

Everyday wacky subprime principles create unnecessary fear, everyone is basically unnecessarily scared, quick to go through the rigomole of panic modes. Our ego is a byproduct of subprime principles that tricks us into thinking they need to be tough, unbeknownst the real way to be tough is to get rid of our subprime principles, and “try our best to leave everything much better than we found them.” The only way to make “deep editing greater good transformation,” and “foster our authentic and very promising selves.”

Security. Protection, belief systems, crime prevention, military, safety, etc., is an intangible business, relative to levels of individual nation primitive priorities, and self-created fear. All are mostly “living manifestations of fear of death. And our initial mind sets, personal brands of methods, and “coping and settling strategies,” we use to hide and handle “our inevitable perditions,’ death, and dead ends. Since everything is preordain, due to relativities of earth time and universe time earth time is a past concept from space. We can’t control the outcome of any situation. Only when we made a “radical acceptance” of “our inevitable perdition,” we are truly ready to really live, and begin to notice the big picture. All intangible business, ironically has always remain the highest grossing business, capitalize on our fear of death.

Over entire world is been run by everyday subprime principles overachievers, the most dangerous ones are not in the spotlight, hidden in secret lairs, master deflectors over dosing on psychotropic, some in the tropics, behind the scenes, marionette-in the entire circus and fool’s paradises. Everyone who ever exist, may had lend a hand, a foot, a mouth, some form inaction, or act in creating a portion of every streams of our continuity. Continuities is highly base on Hu Persons actions, inactions and natural causes. Yet we are all running around primitively trying our own counter-intuitive thing. All of our global subprime infrastructures is only ill-design for everyone to busy ourselves making sure we every one of us are all broken individuals.

The list of everyday subprime principles are convertor belts of luggage’s that are teaching us how to create the worst versions of ourselves, strangely enough all of these moronic good-for nothing that has us losing a battle with our appearances, are fully accredited and lounging gracefully in every nook and cranny of the world.

“There is no shortages of dogmatic people willing to ‘insult us politely,” stimulate and defend subprime principles,” their inactions are making it crystal clear, “this isn’t a challenged.” “It’s impossible to walk away from subprime principle in decades, much less forty five seconds.” They are in our, homes, educational systems, and all in lurking and lavishing in all our inner sanctums, keeping us in unnecessary strapped in hot seats. Really and truly subprime principles has most of us using troglodytes thought processes, running around preoccupied with super nonsense trying to, swindle, and enslave one another, using primitive means money, fame, power, and war. At any given split second every one of us is running some type, or multiple types of subprime subverting games, aim at everything and everyone all around us, all over the world. Subprime principles creates and maintain trending extended periods of uncertainties, and is the primary undead sources of “refreshing un pleasantries and unspeakable acts. If you are interested in world peace, just don’t do, overreact, etc., in the usual ill primitive manners we are conditioning ad brainwash to response.

All of our challenges, entropy, recidivism, linchpins, etc., is systemic, and the stems whole heartedly from the very first things we learn, and rarely from our most recent market intelligences.

We are conditioned and brainwash to offend people every single day and night from when we are around two years old, and we spend our entire life letting it progress with free range aptitude, then periodically asking what’s wrong with the world.

We are always auditioning for subprime principles, most of us want more subprime opportunities. Our fully accepted disembodied franchise, all around the world. Subprime principles is our most pressing global weapon of mass destructions that only these sets of all-inclusive prime directives can eradicate. Otherwise take a good look, a gander where ever we are or venture, we will undoubtedly found out harshly most of us are getting busy trying to outshine each other, desperate to find primitive values in one another, and our fragile environments.

Subprime principles are over qualified as just juvenile distractions, they are just wizard at “creating selfish takers, majority of the world population is just running around the world taking and taking everywhere we go.” Even thou we are all born a vagrant and die a vagrant, most of us are spending our entire life ‘searching for the highest bidders, constantly taking until the last seconds of our inevitable perditions, this can’t lead to any kind of greater good. ”Believe in nothing you hear, and in less than half of what you see,” they were all a construct of our mind largely base on overripe putrescence principles to create profitable selfish effects.

Raw ill forms of subprime principles, the prerequisite for all our adversities, recidivism, entropy, etc., and problems our world is currently facing, stems from the aforementioned primitive misconceptions, and common fallacies. Subprime principles is our primary weapon of super mass destructions. It is a back peddling decease that are eating at us from the inside and outside simultaneously. We are all just matching up our personal brands of subprime principles with other personal brands.

We will always find worldwide that people who are cherishing the most subprime principles, are preoccupied finding primitive values. Like clockwork they are always shouting misstep by misstep mi’ instructions. They could never ever see themselves as “part of the problems,” they are shocking obnoxious quindunc, very busy and overbearing making others a problem. It always starts of small, and destine to become full blown annoyances.

They are masters at blame games, with violent concerns for irrelevancies, non-items, and super nonsenses, they are always marking their territories. Obsessive professionals at finding faults, critiquing. It’s as if the more subprime principles we incur, the more we are able transcend over one another with annoying excruciating predicable oddities, and absurdness.

If you are giving advice, being a critiquing, back seat driver, finding faults, etc., there is an absolute iron clad possibilities, they are based on everyday wacky subprime principles. “Be tolerances to intolerance,” popularity contest. Dress rehearsal, and wardrobe malfunctions for auditioning to be the weakest links, is what we are on the brink off.

“The paradox of unbridle insanities,” we could never see our own faces unless we use reflective surfaces. Hence the new tack and approach any abusive person. Ask them to express how much they care and love, etc., their target of abuse. Ask them if they are willing to protect the person they are abusing from any one around the world. I such and such person (repeated documented here by pledge to protect them from anyone who put them in danger, or is a threat, if the opportunity presents itself, you may want to venture a step further and ask them if they would take a bullet for them, etc. at the end say one more thing you are an active threat to the person in questions.

Ignoble track records of luminous subprime principle and subplots deep under tow super structured, brimming with obstructions. Everything we do must progress in accordance with its continuity foundations. There are two opposing force of continuity foundation, negative and positive continuity foundations. The world is everyone big picture stage. Whenever we starts off with endless forms of subprime principles, we are starting all of our individual journeys with stage freights.

They are all “provable mechanisms,” and twisted “pivotal moments” that has been wreaking unnecessary havoc all around the unsuspecting world. Subprime principles is the global common denominator that never change, they are hands down the everyday in full defect lynchpins. “The new and more appropriate definition of insanity, is doing the same subprime things while expecting favorable results.” All around the world we are cherishing subprime principles. Subprime principles has always been the source of all our grisly common sense and sensibilities. The primary causes of all our ‘genesis of all crimes, underworlds, wars, and totalities of violence’s”: “there is no limit to HU person’s minds.” Our super computer minds operates on any form of available market intelligence.

Short list of everyday subprime principles Any and all form of hierarchy, caste politics, competition=willing to create losers, contest= we want to put ourselves above others, tittles= I am more important than others (example, every lady is a first lady, or leading lady, awards= ego feeding, medals= holds self-interest, trophies= pedestal thinking, punishment= forget about the root cause, and pretend to “exact accountabilities,” revenges= willing to stay in the past, no matter what action we take we can’t reverse an unfavorable situations, fault finding, blaming, critiquing, becoming a soldier= willingly want to take part, imprisoning anyone, anything, hampering freewill, imposing ourselves on others, hoarding, following money, fame, power, ownership, “deplorable needs,” outside our basic needs, overachievers, loaded questions, debates, argumentative habits, nick naming, aggressive self-importance, high maintenance, gender roles, “concern with having than being,” ”penchant for humiliating others,” “giving to get” = “”doing business,” insensitivity, see “failure to strive as inferior traits,” jumping to conclusions without, leaving room for extenuating circumstances,” wheeling power over others, any form of inequalities, “when the desirable isn’t available the undesirable becomes desirable mentality,” “itemizing telling glances,” objectifying, any form of dressing to create objectification, and attentions, offended by pleasantries, demanding pleasantries, “preserving something we should be preserving,” thick skin, unsympathetic, rich and shady, giving to get, seduce to reduce, loaded questions, primitive negotiations, intangible beliefs, unable to distinguish between super nonsense non items, and pressing priorities, priorities malfunctions, drama prone, idolizing prominence, scorning those who fail to strive, any kind of hate, using negative or intangible enthusiasm to sole any problems, “profanity lace argument,” captive audience nuisance, pointless agitations, “intolerance, hate, racism a serious form of early onset irreversible brain fog, and mental illness,” Overbearing, nicknaming without permission, preoccupied objectifying noticeable values, controlling, and manipulative disorders, ‘trying to get something out of a situation we isn’t getting,” wanting everyone to behave exactly like themselves, observing other faults, and oblivious to their own, blaming, fault finding, “oblivious to a fact that the desire for money, fame, and power is infantile,” (message to abusive, and savage parents, abusive people don’t want world peace, you are always moving backwards. Every child is born with a blank mind and genetic senses, and a byproduct of it environments, when you abusive your offspring you are beating thing what’s wrong with you that was taught by you,” the problem with the world is that stupid abusive people are cocksure, and intelligent people are always in full doubt,) etc.

Whenever our super computer brain isn’t set on desiring less, it’s safe to say its set on the long version of super greed, (“I came I saw I conquer”) any form of aggressions, intangible beliefs, gender roles, objectifying, overlooking others basic needs, overzealous self-concerns, gossips, give to get, “when we give to get we are doing business,” spending our entire life always busy trying to see what we stand to gain, always protecting selfish interests, we are always springing selfish “wants and brinkmanship’s” on everyone, especially our closes friends.

The main object of these long wind unedited manuscripts to inform the entire collective hive, how to pay stringent unwavering attention to the super real big picture and the collective hive at all times, only then we can recognize that they had always had “something to offer, that’s is better than usual distractions and divergent, all-inclusive wisdoms which can make a global greater good difference, whereas, the entire worlds populations to start to think otherwise.” First and foremost. Which is overly reiterate throughout all of these series of manuscripts, there is absolutely no amount aggressions other than opinionated penmanship in any of these all-inclusive prime directives. Everyone has to abandon all our ingrained, embedded attachments to subprime principles.

All of our standard operating primitive proceeding, and dire tidings, are ill designed with fly by night subprime principles. Subprime principles just get all of us accustom to everything being unnecessary broken. Most importantly subprime principles desensitized us to get use to people who need less be broken. ““Capitalizing on one another primitive ingrained well nurtured fears, is our most striking subprime uncanny global abilities.” In the future, future generations, “will never be embedded or hear off such subprime principles generosities, that maintain delusional power over us.” Existence is just a global guessing game, “your guess is as good as mine.” Subprime principles can always survive in its own filth with effortless brilliances, just read the subprime principles body languages.

We are under siege by subprime principles, “their eye sore symbols are everywhere well tethered“always unfolding unnecessary, on the dark sides of all of our, preordain prescribed paths.” Preordain is not an ordinary business. No one is ever late, they are always on preordain time. Oh I feel a preordain strain coming on, preordain mainly fell in its wane. Every single last one of our preoccupations, perceptions, customs, traditions, ideas of continuities, are systemic aberrations of accredited subprime prime principles. Subprime principles are in all of our inner sanctum, in our home, education systems, all of the thousands of beliefs systems, ill- conceive ideas of sustenance, entertainments.”

Really and truly “there isn’t any possible way we can walk away from all of the unjust teeming with subplots prevailing subprime principles we are constricted to follow with impaired senses, under bearing unnecessary challenges creating sub systems, that from our birth has controlling deep seated highly self -destructive dark interest over all of us. Restraining us in unnecessary preordain sour pickles, stuck, licked broken, wash up in can’t get right backwards gears, in forty five seconds.” it governs the entire world, it’s not even peculiar or bizarre that we customarily celebrates subprime principles.

Our rudimentary global mistake is our ruthless deceitful abandonment of the extremely and very promising collective hive. We are condition and brainwash from the very start to crawl, walk run, leap off, dive off the plank, and jump head first all-in into the deep seated deep end of subprime principles, recklessly abandoning the all-inclusiveness of the collective hive very promising ship.

“The only balance available is are ruthless imbalance between subprime dominances, and subprime patronages.” In order to participate in trending spectacles, we must first born into, or get shanghai into systems that’s less than favorable.” Subprime principles are primitive principles, customs, beliefs, and traditions that “has been failing countless civilization, since the predawn of ill-conceited idea of civilization. Here is the thing, we only know what we was conditioned and brainwash to know, since we all born with a blank mind, condition to get arrogantly lost in primitive interests.

The rage-filed story line is, we are borne into various global geographic location over run with quaking exemplified subprime principles. The truth is we all starts of as a child owing an allegiances to subprime principles, no matter where we are born around the entire world, which all has been guaranteeing us to become disavowed. All is fair whenever we are using subprime principles. The primitive fine prints, ill-terms and mal conditioned, and the rules of honor, selfishness, loyalty, super greed, success, etc.,” are all the exact same. They are uncannily govern by the same primitive games, and wild bunch of super nonsenses, which in the twisted bitter ends stipulates “to the vicar goes the spoils.”

Our basic and underline subprime principalities primitive overall terms, conditions and troglodyte fashioned primitive rules of engagements fully accredited decrees and stipulates that, all is fair, in love (never mix subprime principles with pleasure), money, fame, power, and war. Which creates our fool paradise comfort zone, anything outside preset parameters of our condition is a serious threat to our egos. The word paradise has been use loosely. Allow me to set the prime definition of paradise, paradise can only and logically be define as a place where all inclusive and greater good accommodations are available for every motions of life and every other species, “can get a little more life,” without the customary super nonsense, and unnecessary. Paradise mind set is ‘wanting the very best for every motion of life and every species. Paradise is a place where every motions of life try at all times to leave every noun, and every species, much better than they found them.” Anything other than this is opposing subprime principles.

“We can’t ever use subprime principles to get over on anyone unless they has subprime principles and larceny in their heart from the very start.”

Perpetual subprime principles which has been spanning the globe with ease governs the, preordain, and structures all of various primitive rules of engagements. Prevailing pandemic of subprime principles is normally dish out as “a token of our deepest respects,” defines our self-esteem and sets the context of entire egos. Subprime prime principles is relied on as open budgeted respectable solutions.

Subprime principles streams the, preordains, foster our levels of compassions, and cultivate the types futures. Subprime principles conditioned us to rely on “aggressive and violent disciplines,” that only create tsunamis of unnecessary challenges in our futures. Subprime principles has us twistedly “to rooting for subprime principles and bad people,” and putting a lot of subprime twisted principles above us. “Therefore all of our challenges and solutions can’t even be communicated.” In these can’t get right eras, subprime principles has always been ruling the paste of the greater good arenas. Subprime principles has us so constricted in unnecessary compromising situations, we are always has to end up with various types of trump cards. It’s our love and relentless supports of subprime principles that has us primitively elevating one person or a group to nurture us with one size fits all subprime principles, as a greater good substitute.

The law of compatibilities.

“There is no clear cut, and distinctive way to tell where, or when” disinformation’s, propaganda, censorships, media influences, and where the global interconnected Pandora boxes of subprime principles begins.” Everyone is being conditioned and brainwash, with the available global market intelligences, aka “resident evil” constantly since we all are born with a blank mind, and all of our very fragile senses are always expose 247.

In the opposing principles prime directives, “the roads less travelled, there is “no room for anger, hatred, greed, sadness,” aggressions, violence, etc., that are has been spawned by everyday accredited subprime principle. The proposed all inclusive set of prime directives, is design to foster greater good compassions, cultivate extraordinary super advanced levels of consciousness, and guide us thoroughly on how every motions of life can inherit and create their self-masterpieces form a super real big picture perspectives.

We are all condition to invite and nurture long running lies, accept various shades of blatant lies. We are condition to overlook a great deal of long running lies, sprinkled with hard boiled whose primitive line is it” for instance,” meat products is the byproducts of murder.” And we should be taught as a child, we aren’t suppose, “to eat anything with a face, or necrosis in nature.” In order to create an all-inclusive self-masterpieces, we need something else, a brand spanking new futuristic fun set all-inclusive super prime directives. Roundabout concise very rewarding elementary greater good “rules of engagements” higher levels of robust consciousness that can help every motions of life to stay tune in at all times to the super real big picture, happily ever after.

“Many get have image of the super real big picture, just a small few are able to get a few bits scraps and tidbits of the super real big picture, after some type of harsh trial and error, or unnecessary life scaring primitive experiences. “The current world population’s regards knowledge’s as ambivalence.” “We are conditioned to be suspicious of greater good knowledge, they go against our preset comfort zones” “We are in the golden age of rationale super ignorance’s,” “which leads to various types of inflated self-assessments.’ “Learning is a means to an end,” which poses the ultimate question is just what we are learning? We are all just learning unique sets of subprime principles that coincide with our “geological birth lotteries,” culminating into our preferred donning comfort zones, with occasional cross over straddles, there are too many confident disturbing variations, “to the fathomless point of sheer absurdity.”

In most cases if not all, the solutions to all of our challenges most of the times, is “usually right smack dead in front of our faces.” We are in most cases overly conditioned and brainwashed to not see, or notice them.

Great good solutions usually requires developing an unwavering attentions and in-depth participation in the super real big picture at all times, otherwise we just crazy with super prime power, and just twisted with scene smart, mastering banal and “cockeye logics.” Our main objectives is to become super real big picture, and greater good smart.

The only way to evolve, and recognized that everything, and every nouns is our teachers. As it is we usually “gets by in the world, not by knowing everything relevant, but by knowing people who are guarding subprime principles.” A serious active non-aggressive global “distributions of super prime principles, can counteract misinformation’s, disinformation’s and the customary rebranded propaganda’s.

Let the collective hive take it from here, restoring the faith in Hu persons, “these are the overgrown paths least travelled,” an “uncharted relative directions.” All-inclusive interpersonal dynamics. “Out beyond ideas of wrong doing, theirs is a greater good field, the collective hive are always there as an all-inclusive umbrella, always available take you there.” The endangered collective hive has always been there for us in our darkest hours.

The newness of all of our global subprime systems, customs, traditions, beliefs, and ethics etc., seems unable to run out of its, preordain super stretch. Subprime principles are enable to easily adapt and collaborate with all our long running undead super ignorance’s. In other words, all of our moronic systems that are in place with open budgets has ditched the super real big p-picture, and opt for counterintuitive self-harming twisted and dark selfish scenes, that are redundantly damaging everything around us.

Everyone are conditioned and brainwashed to put ourselves above the collective hive, as a winning streak. And to know all of the subprime access phrases, and are highly sensitives to self-destructive trigger words. There is no shortage of subprime prides, most of our prides are primitive and selfish subprime prides. We all has subprime reputations, subprime principles naturally fines us, we just has to stand still and there isn’t a shortage of subprime principles that are engulfing our very fragile senses

Crucial greater good life lessons for all motions of life to have all-inclusive manual on how to create the best versions of ourselves, and the perfect concise knowledge and seemingly ethereal magical wisdom a virtual how to, try our very best to “leave everything much better than we found them.”

Shining the phantasmagorical suffusing legitimate spotlights on all of the super-secret to life. The super-secret to evolving nicely, is not to waste precious time focusing on primitively fighting the old, and persecuting weakest linking systems that has “fail every one of us miserably,” and keep us distracted with starburst of nonsensical speculations.

There comes a greater good time when we must “call a spade a spade,” let’s call it a wrap party on all the epicenters of subprime principles. Instead everyone must start anew with refreshing all-inclusive, greater good prime directives,” where all the super secrets of life, will be reveal.

“It only takes one person in a position of relative power to plant all of these super real big picture, greater good all-inclusive grand list of super secrets of life, and a comprehensive concise sets of super prime directives every motions of life all around the entire world, can easily adapt to try their dandiest best, “to leave everything much better than we found them.”

Under what is misconstrued as happy circumstances, every child around the world is basically condition to fly the coop, “flew over the cuckoo nest,” leave the house and go and be the best selfish go-getters this can’t be the poster child for can greater good, and set prime examples to develop reputations for all-inclusive fairness. Anyone who don’t adopt customary subprime principles, and beliefs, are deem combatant trespassers, that has violated centuries of accredited subprime twisted practices, that are well protected by all higher education systems globally.

Being anti-subprime principles is going against open budget high tides of dangerous ignorance. We would going against the back bone of deep seated tsunamis of subprime principles that are ruling the entire world. Reminder a special super-secret of life, anything that utilize aggressions is primitive. Super-secret of life “whenever we have to fight, it’s primitive, and we had already lost the battle.” This has to always remain a non-aggressive greater good collective hive movement. “Anti-subprime are trespassers will be shot on sight with subprime principles, survivors will be shot again, with trickier subprime principles”

“We only live once, if we get it right that’s all we need.” Existence is all a global guessing game for the entire population around the entire world. We all are pretending, and acting throughout of our unnecessary very challenging existence, winging it, all of it, trying our very own personal brands of mostly dangerous self-harming, brutally selfish and extremely primitive counter intuitive dark things.

We just have to pause wherever we around the world and see, “ear hustle,” listen to all the noise pollutions, and all of tight knit end results of all of the ill-ideals than has been try before, subjecting us to embrace and dabble indecent lifestyles and “indecent proposals.” Viruses, botnets, and “sundry species of malware,” that are plaguing the internet, has always been in progression by followers of subprime principles, they just has a new arena to apply deep seated subprime principles. How can anyone waking up with intentions to harm others and other nouns. All every generations are doing is just taking subprime principles into their own can’t get right hands, and making them shine.

Subprime principles turn us into selfish monsters, and then we are release into the world to compete with others who are worshiping their own geological brands of rising tides of subprime principles.

Everyone needs the ultimate anti-subprime couture make over. Unless we remove all of our subprime principles, all of intentions are up to no greater good. A super-secret of life, anything that “isn’t greater good, it isn’t any good.” There are good deal of super crazy money to be made, by deflecting greater good, and all collective hive enhancing evolution ideas. There are multi billions of people at any giving time worm-in their way everywhere well-armed with fine tune subprime integrities.

There are global eye sores, scars and overwhelming carnages from all of “acting on every ill-conceived idiotic thoughts that comes to our ignorant minds globally.” We all are just lapping up “cherished fragmentations of explosive subprime principles. What all of these free manuscripts are proposing nontraditional all-inclusive concepts, that was never been done before a conclusive, concise comprehensive eclectic all-inclusive prime directives that cater to every motions of life around the entire world.

“We must forget everything we think we know,” neither of our subprime principles brainwashing matters. If you want to see the end results of what you think you know, the disturbing results are well pronounce all over the world. Sure every generations add their personal twisted spin on continuity, however in all of the twisted bitter ends, results are always speaking for us. “Adults were children’s who was born with a blank minds that had lap up, embraced and cherish wacky subprime principles, and let it be their guides. It’s not in the best interest of global leaders and systems, to champion non profiting interest and intentions to set us free.

No one has to remain twisted and lost anymore, and engulf in secret pains, following blindly infamous customs and beliefs that “has been failing every generations and civilization before miserably.” If we chose to follow everyday wacky subprime principles, we are ‘throwing cautions into the hurricane gale wind,” and decided to become a subprime principle charlatans, and promote subprime protocols.

All of the sweet dreams super secrets of life symposium that can set everyone free and clear, are well plastered, throughout the entire series of do-it-yourselves save the entire world manual for all motions of life…”

With all of these refreshing prime directives, all motions of life are ready to create the best versions of our greater good selves. “From now on, when someone ask you what are you bringing the table, you can say you bring the table where ever we go.” Whenever we find a piece of the past, we must give it back to them,” very similar to the movie “the gods must be crazy”

“We must ask ourselves, if you see our future selves twisted and bitter in the end, suffering the “ slings and bend arrows of subprime principles, clutching on to various personal brands of fool’s paradises wrap in sugar coated ignorance’s, with every neighboring pharmacies on speed dial.”

Totaling all of our most pressing priorities, and identifying all of the crucial greater good super life lessons, in order to properly unite the entire world to all-inclusive favor. Advancing opportunities to create an all-inclusive breathe of fresh air all-inclusive prime directives that can help any and all motions of life to create the best versions of ourselves, we “all so richly deserves.”

“To break fort lovely, then we must obliterate all of our past compromising and self-harming life lessons, and let us make a new all-inclusive fresh start, without remembrance, rather than live backwards and forwards at the same can’t get right times.”

“This choice to take part in a new all-inclusive social progress order of everyone around the world, will make a significant and well pronounce greater good difference in everyone life forever ever.” How to stay, enjoy and live, in the all-inclusive, greater good and the real big picture zones, throughout our entire lives.

Always allow your greater good imaginations to gravitate, frolic and run wild… make it our business to enhance the entire world with a savory abundance of greater good and the real big picture conventionalization’s. Preordain force is a natural force based on all history combines, in all of our immediate and long distance futures, there will be endless amount of favorable, and unfavorable natural preordain situations beyond our controls. “Better put thing in greater good perspectives,” it involve gag orders clauses, subverting tradeoffs, and endless sets of phantasmagorical one-size-fits-all, and open budgeted accredited “one step master plans”

“Every one of us are conditioned and brainwash to fear anything we don’t understand, more appropriately said, over stand.” And secretly subject one another to accredited missive subprime games, the only big games in every town around the world. All of our standard operating procedures, source codes, and primitive “rules of engagements,” comes from comprehensive globally accredited subprime activity logs. Throughout our time line our life lessons are a series of disturbing persecuting subprime principles masquerading as wholesome market intelligence.

“These super life lessons in the wrong extremities, can be way too much power for one person to handle.” “Give people the greatest gifts of all, power beyond dull subprime conditioned imaginations, and they would primitively think they’re meant to rule the world.”

It’s mean-spirited and brutally primitive to “limit children minds to our own “geological birth lottery” learning, for they was born in another time,” and shouldn’t be force fed our obvious overwhelming reprising ignorance’s.

We are all born with blank mind, we spend our entire life gathering information’s that we hope can assist in making ourselves a priceless contain masterpieces. Everything, every noun, the entire universe is our teachers. It’s self-short leashing and primitive to thing we can gather life time of far-flung life lessons, and life shaping knowledge from one systems, or system of beliefs.

It mean you were force fed, and well taught “precooked seducing narratives,” that condition and brainwash to leave out most of the universe knowledge and settle for hand me down Dark Age herding blinkers and blinders. Do you only utilize a small portion of the world? Then why limit yourselves to a portion of knowledge?

Following blindly because we are trying to feel safe, only makes us an easy targets. We are not “enriching our inner literati,” we are playing a subverting underhanded primitive games that guaranteed to end in all ill-conceivable terrorizing ways and very badly. Whenever we join a group or organizations, you agree to supports its history, it’s a blood oath that support their history of bloody offences. And you insensitively accept all of their deepest darkest violent histories. It then becomes a very serious part of us that is always progressing violently to shape our inner being.

A very important few super life lesson, whenever we have to try and fit in, we already lost. Anything that isn’t all-inclusive it’s guaranteed to cause endless harm to everyone and everything around them. There isn’t a bit, or morsel of aggression in anything that is pure and wholesome, it can’t have anything dark, dress codes of any kind, claiming game, control over you, magical thinking, secret agenda, motives or profits, and otherwise it’s a pretender, and Oscar worthy actors. Learn to lesson to our minds eyes and our cosmic navels intergalactic connections, that special uneasy something isn’t right feelings, obey your inner selves, it’s the designer of our outer shell.

What makes educational system, and belief systems primitive when they constrict us to belief in their one size fits all self-serving, self-harming, separatist, and anti-collective hive systems? And condition their followers to disregard all other our other endless enlighten array of enhancing teaching. When we decide on one set of teaching we decide not to evolve and shut ourselves off.” A kind of “talk to the hand, the part of our mind that responsible for evolving isn’t listening.”


No member of our collective hive shouldn’t be displace. All-inclusive accommodations for everyone at all times, is the evolve thing to do. It’s also cost effective in short run and long run to provide environment to all-inclusively accommodate everyone at all times. Is careless and reckless to keep following subprime systems that accredited everyone for themselves, and its primitively ok for everyone to make profits doing their own counter-intuitive thing.

Message to young minds “you are at the start of an incredible preordain sync journeys.” Unfortunately you’re being blindside by a host of subprime principles we inherited from centuries of missteps, inactions, etc.

We are all settling to exist in one world, whereas; seven and almost half billion people are vying for themselves. Everyone are chasing fool’s gold, to create a various personal brands of fool’s paradises. Almost an entire planet of people highly geared to ruthlessly chase profits, who are well-armed with subprime principles, and the slings of broken arrows. In the morning of any cities we can see endless people with “their belly full but they are ruthlessly hungry,” they’re some of the most powerful people, fighting for more, overcrowding the market, preventing multi-generations. They are well synchronize global mi’ conceive primitive se la vie profit monsters, to reckoned with. Undead hardline regimes of “body and mind snatchers” cavorting grim rude off their meds march of super greed, that willing to trample anything and anyone who gets in their way.

That implies “when they wrong they are right,” this can’t be right. “Subprime and devolving Information’s has been produce, conjured throughout the history of the world’s entire time-line at a prodigious rate.” Conditioned to decline the super real big picture. Most people in a world overrun by subprime principle are just great at acting and pretending, blocking out what really matters.

Everyone contain endless amount of subprime information around the world. We are oblivious to a crucial fact that most of us are ill-inform, yet we are confidently speeding ahead. We are conditioned to only learn by trial and grave errors. “The concept of being well-inform is really a hopeless one.” Unless the entire world wakes up and simultaneously acknowledge all of the all-inclusive greater good and the super real big picture that is located in all of these unedited manuscripts.

All motions of life now have easy and free access to information’s for the ultimate super higher learning, and how to grow and strive with easy to acquire the best levels of consciousness.

Easy assertive access to all of the most crucial relevant facts, to become a totally positive a vivid avid critical thinker, and chance to excel and evolve to super high level of greater good big picture all-inclusive mental competency consciousness.

The main spearheading objective of this unedited manuscripts, is to establish a fairness study. And establish a greater good “interactions between the amateur hermit writer and the entire collective hive subjects,” offering and introduce nonaggressive intense all-inclusive chance to orchestrate our ultimate “lets live in the beauty of our own reality,” all-inclusive global “social rebirths.” A virtual how to “do the right thing,” every step along our entire journeys.

Present an ideal all-inclusive options, all-inclusive greater good “fix set of critically relevant truthful facts, that every motions of life should know, that can able them to grow with the real big picture.” That can help without ulterior motive create an entire planet of suffusing quick and like-minded people that can naturally help one another and all other nouns to evolve with ease.

Easy access to all-inclusive greater good oriented “critical thinking skill-sets.” There are lots of quick minded people around the world, that unable to see the very reflective faces of the enemies, who are unfortunately the dominating forces, an occupational hazards, that are quick minded with over bearing high profile legitimate subprime principles, always twisted and turning on the double cliff hanger edge, distracted of their true capabilities, and true all-inclusive potentials.

Every member of the collective hive needs to become immediately actively involve I our global decision making, after all decisions affects everyone worldwide.

Otherwise we are conditioned and brainwashing to grow up romanticizing anti-collective, and separatist subprime ideals. A wretched deep-seated dark dramatic preferences to live in the ugliness of our own, and others fool’s paradises.

All of which are dubious agenda oriented integrities, are “displaced pale Trojan horse in comparison,” to the super real big pictures. Instead most of the seven and almost a half billion population from a child are misled to gravitate haphazardly to clandestine fool’s paradise, offering feature reruns scenes of “who is snakingly zooming who.” Comfort zones where primitive self-harming terms and conditioning applies in fine print written in lemon juice ink.

It’s during our most impression ate ages that we are condition and brainwash to only see and be ruthlessly geared to service our own extensive needs. And settle for all the trimmings of hefty ill-potions of cubic zirconia multi-hyperactive coherent, cohesion and marginalized lexical subprime principles has exclusive open budget rights, all over the world, to wage open war, against the collective hive.

During our most impression ate ages, we are twistedly mi ’programmed to remain unfit about all-inclusive accommodations for every species, and everyone on the entire planet. The global summations of our self-harming very disruptive conditioning and vile brainwashing make certain we remain stupefy and permanently, detach, disembodied, unskilled and oblivious to the super real big picture.

There is no shortage of people that are conditioned with twisted improvisation abilities, and are willing and able to defend undead ignorance’s and tinker with subprime principles, “where is the fun in that.”

These pro collective hive friendly concepts unfortunately bring them out with primitive minded people that are conditioned to be a liaison to subprime principles, arm to the teeth ready and able to eviscerate greater good and remain “quaking part of the problem.” Global regimes that accepts their anti-collective half-baked conditioning, and ethereal long running lies. Regimes numbering in the billions that are unable to “handle the unvanquished truth” and uncanny vengeances to wage primitive wars on all nouns.

These newly founded all-inclusive market intelligences outlining unbeatable and extremely valuable prime directives that guarantee to return the entire population to grater good favor. They are without any doubt, diametrically opposing all of our normal unmanageable, and seeming conditioning most of us to be angry all the time subprime principles, always finding brilliant new ways to contribute to the delinquencies of the collective hives, and catapult everyone around us into the trenches of obscurities. The rafflesia of our sub primes principles of believes comes out at night.

They’re are viable series of our existence professional obligations, all-inclusive concepts, and all of our most noteworthy leading examples of all-inclusive greater good prime directives.

Which as a whole bring to all-inclusive greater good light the ultimate full disclosure futuristic manual for HU Persons, curtailing and outlining all-inclusive very rewarding attributes and all of the important greater good ideas on how anyone can attain their super best behavior masterpieces, that enable them to “try their very best to leave everything much better than they found them.”

A one of the all-inclusive greater good kind behavioral modification guide for every motions of life. “A courtesy heads up,” containing the ideal all-inclusive big picture and greater good uniform existence code. With futuristic prime principles, and greater good “rules of engagements.” and obsessively wanting to try their very best “to leave everything much better than they found them.”

First thing you have to know about Team collective hive grapevine think tank and umbrella, “we have people everywhere,” that are celebrating our diversities.” “We are constantly being battled tested, on the individual levels and sub levels.

“Greater good unity is the best strength for all the futures, anything else guarantees unnecessary chinks in the collective hive amours, and are just overripe putrescence conditioning, and brainwashing us to become the weakest links in in the collective hive.”

These all-inclusive thoughts about everything relevant and crucial information’s, and proposed all-inclusive greater good solutions, are way ahead of anytime frame.

This is the unravelling, and cracking the real big picture and greater good codes of existence, consider it done… These are a preordain series of all-inclusive greater good information’s, that prove beyond shadows of doubt, everything is preordain, on the anatomic levels. And all of our preoccupations are all in preordain vain paradox. It’s all about the end results, and all-inclusive finish products. Some action we take serve an extended big picture purpose. Some actions partake in isn’t necessary for ourselves, it’s for another member or group of the collective hive evolving drive. These all of the futuristic steps on how to reset and reformat our mindsets for super greatness.

Our lives, and sense of purposes, and objectivities has been preordain hacked, in complete accordance, and highly based on available market intelligences, throughout the time. Preordain trajectories are derivatives from endless overripe streams of twisted loose ends, bitter sweet nothings. Our entire past inactions, and actions form the preset futures. Double take a good gander it’s all primitive performances, and hiccups, we all have to boycott from our very challenging continuities.

Most if not all of our very hyperactive preordain primitive situations can’t be avoided. Preordain isn’t an exact paradoxical science. In primitive environments new members, new born has to fight to fit in, “when we have to fight, we had already lost the battle.”

“Often stated and rarely practice.” These greater good all-inclusive crisis management, are over flowing with the real big picture flow, perfectly design to quell and offer generous amounts of all-inclusive options that will deter all of our global explosive ignorance’s. It’s all about the real big picture, everyone is born with a preordain life script, and motion able scenes.

Truth be told, we can’t comprehend anything, until it’s preordain. The unvanquished absolute truth about communications its’ all communications, verbal and non-verbal’s (clothing’s, jewelries, make up materialistic gains, loud identities, awards, trophies, medals, uniforms, positions, etc.,) are all primitive blah, blah, blah, blah. How to get detach from subprime weeds, and old fashion subprime cliff hangers?

A main super-secret of life, “don’t say or sometimes even do anything, unless you can improve the silence.” It’s also a paradox because we are all born with our own personal brand of preordain lifelong scripts, and action, during our stasis, it’s just rerun scenes of whose primitive “precooked half-baked narrative line,” is in full defect, everywhere.”

Now playing, in a communities almost everywhere

globally, unfolding reruns one step selfish primitive events and ill-fated plans, that are most probably going to end very badly.

“The concept of being well inform, more and more becoming a hopelessly and unnecessarily retroactive one.”

Our global so called prestige and contagious fool’s paradise idea of civilization, all of which had, “started out completely wrong, and every generations had just join the band wagons and just keep going. Expanding upon all forms of all of our initial accredited false starts,” which created a super backlash of unnecessary social problems.

From the dark ages young minds had to follow suit a preset of high strung curriculum dictated by long winded assertive ignorance, which they coin the brutal education systems. Every generation had to follow suit, and so on. A repeated primitive dark uncanny performances, throughout the entire time line, oblivious to natural break downs and timely meltdowns, anyone could easily set an hour glass to the predictable unnecessary collateral damage.

“What you believe to be true, is it true, or do you just believe that it’s true because you were taught that it’s true, and never questioned it.” It’s as if we isn’t plague by disinformation, media sensationalizing, lies, propaganda’s, etc. stop telling lies, and not telling a single lie, is a super-secret of life. “Every lie we tell, is very progressive, and makes us feels less guilty about telling lies.” “In order to be right we must own up to all of our discerning raucous wrongs.”

Most of our preoccupations are just us putting new upstaging spins on old subprime principles standard operating accredited procedures. Hoping everything is going to fall into place nicely. Every generation is naturally buying into it. The operating believes, and intelligences of a parent, parents, teacher, caretakers of children pace of the levels of our, preordain, continuities and qualities of futures.

We hardly bother to search outside our fool’s paradise conditioning, and deifying brainwashing, that would require spelunking attributes to escape. They are all so well pronounce and final we don’t bother to question our undead conditioning and ethereal brainwashing.

Air mark, hall mark, and water mark window dressing, we are all on a first name basis with subprime principles. Venetian blinds of degrading rerun revised accredited global auditions for a starring roles, be a misleading lady, or a misleading men in the latest primitive renditions in “ominous and stark” scenes.

All of our waist deep creeping to points of no returns imprinting, and deep-seated preferences for “slums of ignorance, “are everywhere. Our love struck for subprime degrading principle has been penciled in, and grandfathered in, the primitive curtains is always up, well mi’ conditioned to hide our true colors of our personal damage brands.

Damage brands of our unnecessary challenged species are gravitate everywhere, especially in leadership, or battling for positions to dictate self-destructive subprime terms, no questions ask, and cause mass deadly harm……

From the very beginning we are “showered with slobbery nimble subprime affections,” which unleash pot shots futile unnecessary primitive emotions. Our mi ’conditioned and brainwashed, ha countless adverse defects. For one serious thing, they has us, mi programmed to tune out and overlook the real big picture, every chances we get. Instead we are twistedly constricted to harness and unleash “delinquent impulses, find solace in “primitive unnecessary dramatic scenes.

“Women internalize negative emotions, and challenging into all types of delinquent impulses.” Men are kwon to externalize negative emotions with all levels of violence’s.” throughout the entire time line, while women was being mistreated, they have mastered secrecies’ and “emotion intelligences as a dangerous weapon.”

“We are inconsiderately condition and brainwash to remain a damage brand, can’t get right, lack of all-inclusive prime directives, we are always trying to fit into systems that Shanghai us to stay on one track mindset. Current market intelligence is only design to cater to a very small percentage of the collective hive.

Realistically speaking we really can hardly determine when we are in the wrong. We are conditions with “candle in the wind subprinciples,” and a wide berth of self-harming, and self-medicated endangering oversights. Levels of oversights define our levels of primitiveness and can wreak havoc on our chances to evolve.

We can really and truly grow with all of the unnecessary careless and reckless oversights that are accredited globally. Most of challenges comes from past oversights, selfish self-reliance that creates significant backlashes, we are always being overwhelm unnecessarily in most cases, with “I didn’t see that one coming.”

First order of business, should always be all-inclusive orders of business, first and pressing priorities. Equality in abundance “caring and sharing” is an advance and a highly evolve concept, which should be an elementary concept should be introduce to every new born from the start, (instead almost every new born learn and brainwash to be possessive, throw wicked abnormal super tantrums if someone else touch their possessions, fast forward and those individual are shoe in and trump all others for primitive concept leadership, responsible for nuclear weapons.) any other of the accredited customary separatist, and anti-collective super nonsense is terrorizing and absolutely normal go figure.

Dysfunctional systems, are systems that has no oversights protections, and are not all-inclusive in nature and nurture. Behind the scenes of dysfunctional systems are greater coverages than we can fathom. “Dysfunctional systems creates dysfunctional peoples.” Magnetic attractions for subprime qualities and principles. Let’s peer into give back to the community, a backward no questions ask, grim positioning. Which leave lots of room for off the wall self-questioning, why did you pillage, and take away from the community in the first place, to make a primitive statement, and then get rewarded for super greed. There is no sub nature, or subprime plots, and acceptable unnecessary collateral damages dysfunctional systems, we are always trying counter intuitive things and playing catch up.

Primitive meme donning traits, we are primitive smooth operators, when we can only play, observe, see and critic others incompetence’s, from an ignorant primitive pedestals.

“How difficult it is to recognize one’s own incompetence’s, which invariably leads to primitive inflated self-assessments.

The unvanquished truth we are all over looking, every single one of us has been conditioned and brainwash with an obnoxious amounts of hot messy leaky, ravenous subprime principles. Therefore we all need emergency help in behavior modifications. Most people around the world are willing to defend them.

What all of our shapeshifting subprime principles is doing to us is available in all global breaking redundant news. We are all basically conditioned and brainwash to be typed casted in inevitable wicked and mostly intentional crime scene, oblivious to the super real big pictures.

Basically all of the global market intelligences sabotages and destroy our blank minds we are born with, by conditioning and brain washing us with subprime principles that turn us into active revenge seeking clowns, that prefers customary cirrus/fool paradise comfort zones. A serious leaky sets of our conditioning and wet brainwashing turns us into wardens, and ruthless slave masters.

Our entire standard operating primitive subprime concepts is a global contest to try and enslave, and imprison one another, via positions, fame fortune, power, threats, and secret agenda affections. Everyone is vying for a life of the primitive parties, a starring clown/talkative mimes role in fool’s paradises.

The following is an all-points bulletin about all of our indulging oversights with everyday primitive traits that’s are epidemic, and pandemics that are infamous for making everything, and everyone twisted and bitter, ‘to the subverting grim points of absurdities. Most people are unaware to an elementary fact we all have to develop and hone an all-inclusive accommodating mindsets from the very begging of our journeys, otherwise we are duped our entire life to fall for all of the prevailing agonizing rudimentary dip-set customary disturbing self-harming in the most extremely and ill-ways primitive troglodytes traits “First off anything that isn’t greater good, it’s no darn good.” Anything that not all-inclusive, is guaranteed to fail anyone associated with them miserably.”

Anyone not paying stringent obsessive deep rooted attentions to the super real big picture every step of our journeys, is basically a fragile and brittle “kite flying in hurricane winds,” “primitive goal crushers, just primitive expert weighting in.” We are pre-doomed mind-numbing subprime detaching principles. And type casted, trapped, and snag our entire life in primitive redundant self-harming anti-collective hive dark and twisted scenes. “Anything we are misled to falsely think we controls, is teaching us to let go.” Anytime some unfavorable events occurred it’s in the past, any action we take can’t reverse any and all unfavorable events, it extremely self-harming and troglodyte primitive undertones, and deep-seated over tones to seek revenges.

Every one of us has a long extensive list of ruthless self-harming subprime principles in store for our family friends and even our most cherished love interest, are subjected or, settle for our gore. “All of the normal customary ingrained systems and beliefs most of the entire world is loyal to “can’t confirm or denies “the subprime principles they are always peddling, will go bump into the next thousands nights.” There is no shortage of people that are ready to “stick their neck out, or die for, bias one size fits all law and disorder, and subprime principles.”

“We all was raise in various brands of counterintuitive environment like this,” overrun with high flowing subprime cherished ideals. “We all are wizard authorities on subprime principles,” it’s the only big game in very town around the world. The worst thing we can do to ourselves is not accepting all the real truths, and settle for wishful thinking. The unvanquished truth is “we all has been in trouble since the day we was borne” into various brands of prevailing subprime principles. There is two distinctive ways to be progressing, either as good or faithfully bad. When we isn’t always trying to make everything right, you can bet your bottom dollar we are naturally trying to make everything unnecessary wrong.

“Prevailing subprime principles are our global pandemic linchpins that has been accredited globally as a “smooth operators,” “hurt and destroy everything around us.” “What speaks to us,” is mostly sneak onslaught of blue blood overripe deep-seated subprime principles, we are basically running around with a heaving S on our chest. I stop trying to associate, proximate, and listening to overzealous lovers and defenders of subprime principles, a long time ago. Just being in the proximity of people that are armed with subprime principles, is guaranteed to paralyze us. “Don’t get your hopes up to high, there is an entire global set of dirty rabid subprime principles in open budgeted tricky play.” I have been going against obdurate subprime big games, trying rigorously to offer all-inclusive prime directives advices, and all-inclusive extreme solutions, that is guaranteed to upgrade the skill sets of everyone around the entire planet to favor, and cater to all of the greater good, alike Sisyphean. Most people are always confuse about greater good mindsets, they can’t decipher underneath all of the deep rooted labyrinths of subprime principles, and blazing dangerous ignorance’s, whether those that obsessing greater good concepts “are with them or against them.”

Clear and future progressing dangers

A short list of overripe, putrescenes and “funhouse mirror” types of subprime primitive traits that has been “shrinking all our critical responsibilities.” Subprime principles give off a deep seated sense of too good to be true.

We are all conditioned and brainwash to think and feel subprime principles are overripe, for the greater good taking, and without a care in the world. And indulge in subprime principles as a fun missions, and worship them as a very dear and successful thing. It’s a strange pandemic prevailing natural phenomenal, and brutally disturb find that people with the most subprime principles, has an omnipotent razor sharp double segregated edges. “We all know very well how this is going to end, if we continue to trample these path that shapes us in to psychopaths, and sociopaths…

“Imagine if you will,” almost seven and half billion people has been purloining, just play a serious deadly hand in creating unnecessary ground zero’s, “legitimizing insane and baseless primitive claims.” Worrying aimlessly about losing face, we all do this at some points in time. “We are more concern with having, rather than being.” For instance when we slip, trip, fall, make a faux pas, messy up, etc., first thing we do is to look around to see who saw us, and try to be dishonest by covering them up, it’s right then and there our sense of being is sending up behavior modification warranted red flags. Our sense of twisted being postulating serious deep seated vile deceitful “life hack” and whacked conditioning. It’s not a VIP pass to be careless and reckless, the flipside to not worrying about losing face, are just as serious, and may be signs of reckless DE sensitivities.

The ego is one of our biggest super elastic and messy self-harming intangible primitive hoax, it an open invitations for revenge, hate, greed, jealousy, competitions, contest, etc., worrying about losing face, opens the flood gates to self-harming emotions, a subverting labyrinth and sub labyrinths undead subprime principles. Conditioned and brainwash to defend, and protect overripe subprime principles. And from all their inner sanctum every child is nurtured to let their guards down to get outfitted with subprime principles. Globally as you read young minds are being poisoned with all forms of geographic ill-concealable subprime principles that “has been failing them miserably.” imposing your beliefs of any kind on anyone, aggressions, deceit, lies, holding on to anything that has a messy histories, vindictive streaks, “victim blaming,” competing of any kind, retributions, revenges, get even, taking offences, selling our freedom, giving to get, not desiring less, trying to get control, ownership, vying to be recognize, claiming materials, not leaving room for extenuating circumstances, critiquing without offering a better solutions, violating trust quidunce, “inflammatory rhetoric’s, ”reductive enquiries,” mistreatment of anyone, “forcing the issues, trying to get somethings out of a situations, we isn’t getting,” leaving anything worse off than we found them,” comparing ourselves to one another, hot foul mouths, hate of any kind, (“comparing our beginning to others middle, or unique poisoning”) being a contestants in any actives, vying for awards, vying for trophies, vying certificates, separatist, control freak, treating people in accordance to their fame, fortune, power, or status, any form of critiquing without offering viable solutions, disruptive personality, threats, teacher parent complex, augmentative, self-praising, unaware of our imposing factors, judgmental chasing profits, showboating, tooting our own horn, any form of anti-collectiveness, jealousy, greed, selfishness, power, fame, fortuning, profiting of one another, revenges, bragging, punishments, character assassinations, etc., are all extremely troglodyte primitive.

Most, if not all of our current and future challenges stems, form or largely a grim results from primitive unnecessary oversights. The entire planet doesn’t realize that we are always moving into the future, and that we are ill-condition to live from disturbing selfish stand down points, grossly ignorant about our ignorance’s.

When we leave things, or people out, it’s a sure shot guarantee primitive ill-ways to set up our futures for unnecessary backlash in the short and long term futures. When we inconsiderately leave people, and other nouns out, and don’t make all-inclusive preparations for all nouns, there is an extremely high terrorizing probability they are going to come back tenfold, desperately seeking cruel and unusual vengeances to haunt the futures.

We are mi’ programed to be remain under the every ill-conceivable megalithic subprime prime unfit influences. It’s usually cost effective to do all of our preoccupations from an all-inclusive evolving stand point, than to utilize active primitive customary alarming oversights, and anti-collective super nonsense.

Everyone must adopt the all-inclusive evolutionary fact, that very one is every important. It’s not only sensible in the most extreme of greater good ways, it’s determine whether or not we are evolving gracefully or continue to devolve in the normal customary reject couture fashions, and can’t get right ill- manners. #evryonematters, only then we ever going to be ready willing and able to get out of our stasis and restart the evolution process, and evolving momentum.

The all-inclusive prime directive principle was never taught in any school or in most homes, around the world. From the beginning most of us was conditioned, mi’ programed and brainwash to always remain on the offensive, combative, and the defensive sides of thing, all the while indulging ruthlessly in every subprinciples that cross our paths. Most importantly be very suspicious of knowledge that lacks any form of ulterior motives.” Which determine the mostly primitive levels of our over reactive response.

“Our past holds sway over all futures.” The way everything is set up, is for everything to go unnecessary tragically wrong. Most of our continuities are ill-designed, for most people to misguided and “just aiming and getting obnoxiously rewarded for overwhelming primitive misdeeds.” We are falsely herded into creating future unnecessary obstacles. Everything, every object we place, we are placing them in the future, or for future usages.

We are always moving into the future every split second. We can hardly unlearn, on unseen, all of our sense are extremely sensitive. There are so many fully accepted elementary basic conditioning, brainwashing and mi’ programming, that parents and teaching aid and abetting in force feeding young minds, without questions. Constricting one another to live an entire “life of deceit, overwhelmed in self-creating sizeable and treacherous road blocks.”

Taming feral instinct from primitive stand points, “it all have to be a game.” A well-organized, and fine-tuned super primitive long running game. Our main objective is keeping our global interactive game tight knit at all cost. Super primitive games are the only game in town, it’s a super game where the mass gamers are kept distracted all cost, and have them battling one another futile and exactly alike crab in a basket simplex.

These subprime principles natural set the perfect breathing grounds and ground zeros for “power posing,” “oblivious mindset, dethatch our imposing factors, and how our behaviors, and self-destructive behaviors affects others, and our environments.” We spend our entire life in disguise.

Manipulation of “emotional intelligence,” using artificial intelligence (“in the wrong hands emotional intelligences is use as a weapon”). “Our misconceived primitive ideas of what success is, and successful social strategies, require some degrees of manipulative emotional intelligence’s.” Most successful people are eccentric genius at using subprime deceitful principles. Busy making counterintuitive “moves that results in the collective hive defeats.”

In order to distract the masses you must allow easy access to dark series of conditioning and brainwashing that can control our time, nights and days, using fearmongering, giving and taking away schemes propaganda’s, and on the hour timely release “media sensationalize imprinting, (“information is power”) etc.”


What I am proposing are ideas, concepts, and perceptions, etc. that’s goes completely against our mi’ programming, preferred deceptions, fool’s paradises, condition, and brainwashing, readers discretion is advised. If there isn’t cancellations everyone needs to go back to basics, there basic was basically compromise beyond repair, send us into rhapsodies of can’t get right selfish tail spin. We can’t have both ways, blended, or settling for subprime principles of the ill-beliefs that subprinciples can be used as a viable solutions.

When we are conditioned with ideologies that relies on opposing the real big picture principles, that has create a subverting dividing lines, separating prime principles from all of the greater good principles. We are either good or bad, negative, or positive, teeming with conflicting interest, wreak havoc on our “emotional intelligence,” it’s not a healthy way to spend our entire life’s, twisted and confuse.

We have to ask ourselves periodically, what’s the ratio of our positive to negative market intelligences. In which ways are we quick minded, are we just a thrill, and pleasure seekers quick minded with subprime principles, or are we really “wants to seriously try leave everything much better than we found them,” quick minded with all-inclusive greater good prime principles.

There is a very significant staggering amount of very relevant elementary information’s, relevant facts everyone basically need in order to “see what they can see,” way before it’s preordain? Each of our individual journeys has been pre written. Remains to be seen.

Whenever someone says don’t worry, to me it’s always been the code for tenacious worrying. Don’t worry all sounds vaguely familiars speculations, exactly alike the captain logs of a sinking ships, is as thou they are telling us they can read the futures. For instances I said keep an eye out for things that are out of the ordinary, our sense of ordinary are preordain paradoxical perspectives. Take for instance freewill and freedom, just to name a few of our most precious and necessary basic attributes. Since the entire world are operating on fathomless forms of subprime principles, we are constricted to spend our entire life exchanging our freewill and freedom for a fist full of dollars for hoes, high expectations and empty promises.

Evidence of self-sabotaging original thought is everywhere, yet we are condition with a great deal of bizarre oversights, and travel full Ludacris speed ahead. All of our very toxic life lessons that we are force fed around the world contain endless anonymous subverting contents. Our entire life lessons fundamental brainwash and conditioning is completely primitive, they are just deep seated comical at best variations of piggy backing on troglodytes worst extracts. Every one of us is are an inept figments of ruthlessly piggy backed primitive imaginations. “We are all suffering the slings and bend arrows,” of “untidy logics,” that keeps us with Stockholm’s syndromes behind the enemy’s lines, in most cases the enemies is in the mirrors, and all other form of reflections. Every one of us needs to go back to basic understandings. And “dissemble and resemble,” knowledge we are force fed. They are one tinsy winsy size fits all, run of the mill haphazard hazardous and poisonous subverting information’s that was, “written in interesting times.”

Over the years every one of us on this planet has had untidy shared experience about our force fed market intelligence. We had “aha moments, and dreadful embarrassing “untidy logic” moments and for some of us seemingly timeless encounters with “untidy logics.” we had to erase portions of “wrongful thinking, that spells out we had waste precious time absorbing and marinating our thoughts in poisonous information’s.

eventually we all, every one of us had to endure, and recognize times when we were completely wrong about information’s we had initial belief to be right, that we stored into our super computer brain, which had compromise our perceptions of realities. Yet we never stop and really as ourselves just how much of our acquired market intelligences are really and truly “untidy logics,” poisonous vile self-sabotaging market intelligences, we all are toting, as “rotten apples in a bunch,”?

How much “untidy logic is the individual using and protecting? The answer is going to send us in a tail spin and unravel our sense of perceptions by it seems.” The amount of “untidy logic we has been toting, assimilating, protecting, defending, using to formulate of perceptions , and all our primitive rules of engagements, is roughly a whopping 98 percent.

When we ask questions, all the response we are able to recognize, are the ones that falls within our intensely compromise twisted sense of normalcies, market intelligences, which we “Ripley believe it or not” well known as our fool’s paradise comfort zones.

In many occasions, just asking a question, can be a very primitive impositions, and inquisitions. Relevancies of questions from a stand point whereas; 98 percent of our market intelligence is compromise, most questions are tricky stand point where the individual is trying to fitting to something that is quaking with irrelevancies, unnecessariness, and super nonsense.

In primitive old fashioned atmospheres, the unnecessary, and super nonsense is deem and decreed very necessary globally. Keep our up to no good goofy eyes on the prize, the prizes are each other weaknesses. Every question is a clandestine diagnosing trick question that has sneaky get over follow-up trickier questions.” “Keep talking I am diagnosing you, from every primitive angles, I was conditioned and brainwash to” I will attempt to seduce you to reduce you. And do my conditioning very best to enslave you, gain and manipulate your freedom, and freewill.” I always give to get, that’s an important part of my primitive conditioning and brainwashing.

When we evolves, or in an evolve atmosphere, there will hardly be any need for primitive questioning, which are all underhanded and ill-nature. Question is only catering to our p0reconditioned mindsets, and limited market intelligences. Questions are primitive secret agenda’s, and childish motives, ruthlessly imposing, and in most case the precursor to declaring war. When we have to answer a question, we had already lost the unquestioning, debriefing, and harsh and tricky troglodytes interview.

“When we have to fight we had already lost the battle.” It’s all no difference to the dark ages, where they use to brand you a witch if you use natural herbs to cure someone. The competitive branding game throughout the timeline has many sub plots, and secret agenda’s, with every one of us just trying to get one primitive trap upon, one another.

If I share a new simple perspectives with you, by revisiting a bit of blindsiding “untidy logic,” we all accepted without individual thought. It’s along the lines of a reality check there is no such thing as the present. Pause for all personal brands of defects…………………………………….

There is no such thing as the present, because we are always moving into the future, we just did. Every split second we are always moving into the future. The present can only exist between split seconds.

All of our conditions, brainwashing, and life lessons “overripe rules of engagements,” etc., underline standard operating procedure, states clearly that “the measure of a person’s self-worth, is measured by their success, accomplishments, intelligences, their fame, material gains, power, etc…”

“Material possessions, power, fame and fortune shapes our continuity, respect, and feed our obnoxious primitive ego’s, “which guarantees endless forms of vague long shots, “untidy logic,” and “calamitous conclusions.”

“We all are ignorant about our own ignorance’s.” “It’s extremely difficult to recognize our own incompetence’s.” “The current world’s populations regards knowledge with ambivalence.” “Facts are more likely to be retain, and more quickly forgotten.” Therefore we are conditioned and brainwash “to approach realities from a prefix dark verisimilitude perspectives,” one-can’t-get-right-size-fits-all. Always presuming and “assuming everyone has identical shared experience and needs.” “Information’s is being produce and devalued, and made obsolete at a prodigious rate.” v

“We are ill-informed only by arbitrary and preordain standards.” “Everyone can’t agree of fits set of facts, and relevancies, that we should all know, and embrace.” This spells out a lifelong aggressive battle to gather important far-flung concise life lessons. “The concept of being well informed are hopeless and relative one.” We all play a subverting hand in “creating the golden overripe age of rationalizing flawless ignorance’s.”

We are people, Hu persons, a species that are intensely
involve in a never ending tour of all the wrong ways to be, regardless of the intents.

From the all of our geological beginnings we are being condition with all kind of prank experiments from the very start of our unnecessary deep seated challenged lives, to drive a double edge wedges, anti-collective subtle offerings, life hacking schemes, twisted motives, just for breakfast alone we overwhelmed with secret agenda’s, defend disfiguring ideals, one-size-fits all primitive games, and hammer in separatist ideals between each other constantly, in every steps and motions of our journeys “the extreme privilege of living.”

The sum of all-inclusive greater good information’s is design to offer every walks of life our best ground breaking behavior modification options. “Using regression analysis, made an all-inclusive intense study of continuities, and found specs, algorithm greater good variables that can reduce and wipeout recidivism, entropy and wants and brinkmanship’s.” All-inclusive collective hive mapping between recursion and iteration. “There is a highly noticeable different between habitual excuses and reasons for our global challenges.”

“We all have highly vulnerable and weak sides, “and to make matters worse every one of our very fragile senses are always exposed to unscrupulous activities. At this precise moment in time, you are most definitely involve in some form of the gory aspects of continuities, at best questionable, and in haste.

Value and self-worth can’t ever exist with uniformed all-inclusive codes, and greater good prime directives. Otherwise we are just experimenting with primitive overdrive trending latest forms of “random collections of self-interest,” and taking drastic turns at proposing the “selfish needs of the few, far exceeds the needs of the many.” “We are autocratic byproducts, distracted waging war on each other weak sides.”

Perhaps unwittingly, unbeknownst, but for many other seemingly with ruthless intent, in countless overstated high value primitive trait, contests, seeking awards, rewards, half baked, under done certificate of ignorance’s, etc., due to our preordain situations, these insights, doesn’t compute outside of our preordain. You would have to be in preordain trajectory to win it. The underline very predicable dark patterns, are all classic well “conditioned and brainwash responses.” “Under surface it’s all a phony fake, flashlight curt smiles, hiding behind withy banter, and sarcasms” “we are all conditions to be confident misfits, always critiquing others unique forms of misfit-ings, and misgivings, we all take turns at elevating our own self destructive ignorance’s.” Any perceptions that isn’t of all-inclusive nature, or greater good oriented poses serious short term and long treat threats, and are pre-doomed to create endless spiraling flight risk to our fragile psyche’s.

“Just imagine if you will,” we are mi’ programmed to be confident false image and flawless ignorant company, illicit “ominous, stark, and dangerous” interactions, to wait to despise, and pre-hate people that’s not even born yet, embryo’s swimming in the womb’s, depending on their beliefs, “geographic birth lottery,” or financial status, etc. lese-majeste laws, “geographic favoritism,” down playing relevant information, graphic secret agendas censorships, “make typical reductive enquiries, “scan for vulnerabilities, are all part of the primitive exploits that is globally sanctioned, that’s a lot of rigors of extended unbridle hate. What’s the asking price of all of the subverting knowledge that’s is crammed down our fragile and always expose senses, it’s all design to illicit mutilating hate. What are we trying to hold on to, tidbits of super-nonsense, that’s just a new form of rationalizing and distracting non all-inclusive elaborate farcified reckless confusion orate separatist principles. The social practice elevator pitch prognosis, what we are witnessing globally is the, preordain mass failings of poisoned unsubstantiated ball and chain perverse professional grade brainwashing, and conditioning to create selfish gated fool’s paradises, with manic panic rooms, it’s as if we can compartmentalize the world and reside in a piece of the world by ourselves…

If we are unable to reflect on these expositions, on all of our embedded self-evident wicked disturbance we has been cornering and maliciously setting traps in all areas of the greater good market. From all of our inept angle, “we are highly trained to preemptively defame anyone who cross our path “seduce to reduce,” and “reduce each other to their appearances.”

It’s all a wicked redundant circles of rebounding overripe conditioning and brain washing, neither of us are any different, just different versions of cherishers of subprime principles. We are conditioned to tell ourselves we are different, since we can’t see our own face all the time. We basically are only slightly different versions of subprime principles lovers. Overall we have our own personal brands of deeper seated conditioning that was out sourced from part of the still cesspool of subverting and distracting expletive disinformation’s. All our realities is highly based on our initial mindsets, that results from the progressions of our initial blank minds. Our initial mindset is key to all our very promising future advances.

Whenever you are in a crowd try and ear hustle the uncanny ratio of people just talking back about one another, or behind their backs hating. Just imagine the seven billion and almost a half of billion people reoccupied with hating g and brutally attacking each other. Whenever you are in the company of a person, or persons behind their other friends back, you can be hundred percent sure they will do the same to you. Before these long winded manuscript there has been no clear path, or ‘relative all –inclusive directions in the vastness of continuities.”

All species especially the HU person species, the one in question, can easily adapt to almost any environment or market intelligences, or adopt anything customs, beliefs, traditions, etc. in there lies future problem. Are there any systems, beliefs, custom, traditions, government, etc., that doesn’t have complications? After all we managed to try almost everyone, except, these all-inclusive offerings that is located throughout these manuscripts. The choices a new born has to grow is between slow poison and clandestinely compromise market intelligences.

Although the collective hive is still in the infancy stages, we always have a broad global spectrum of wonderful and super excellent people everywhere,” working diligently on the challenges facing the world. When the entire population is brought up to evolving speed and recognize becoming a secure and extremely supportive collective hive is our best and most formidable prime option. Future meaning of the collective hive global collaborations.

How to be? Here is a serious bit of oblivious truth, it’s always cost a lot more in the long selfish run, to exclude one another, and it’s all just temporary fix that always come back full force in the long run. Example it’s in the world’s best interest to take very good care of every child that ever born from the very start. Unforgotten children’s and people pose a future threat, they are available for every ill-conceivable mass terrorist ideas. The ultimate evolution is a completely formed collective hive on the anatomic level. The same turning a blind eyes, and distancing mal treatment we are offers those in need, later becomes a prize catch to people that’s plotting danger to our futures, in the not too distant futures. Only the fully formed all-inclusive collective hive can offer every future the ultimate reward. Most people are “failing miserably,” to comprehend that being irrationally inquisitive about all-inclusive greater good real big picture, or obsessing diligently about the greater good real big picture at all times, is the best way to be.

Plausible alternate theory on the best way reality can be. “The preordain adjustment to global favor, and the elementary and all-inclusive fundamental restructuring of relevant life lessons, that will enable everyone all of the prime directives and very rewarding secrets of life, “to leave everything much better that we found them.”

The real big picture perfect pitch intricate circles of life: and cycles of life. “Everything exist in circles and preordain cycles. First thing you have to know about Team collective hive grapevine think tank and umbrella, “we are battled tested, have a broad global spectrum of wonderful and super excellent people everywhere,” working diligently on the challenges facing the world. Earths ultimate focus hive.

Everyone has a life time plus enriching and nourishing opportunity to access the collective hive dynamics, that are always activated, easy all access membership with the, “Team collective hive geological vibrations. Team collective hive always had extremely caring and unsung heroic people with diversified identities everywhere, all around the world. And throughout all of our intense enthusiasm to create endless unnecessary challenges, and super nonsense, throughout our entire time line.”

Active Team collective hive must at all times remain non-aggressive at all times, and complete understand, we are unable to interfere with preordain burnt notices, and preordain busy signals. “From the very beginning everyone as a child falsely begin to get unadulterated with the lifelong primitive process of getting brutally conditioned and brainwash to spend our entire life’s to want things that isn’t real.”

As a child we all go through a series of primitive process that arm us with plethora’s , mazes, and labyrinths of subverting ruthless gimmicks, etc., to go out into the world and search high and low for each other, and the environment for weakness and capitalize on them.

Our entire conditioning and “life hacking” brainwashing are has been piggy backing Dark Age deep-seated misconceptions. They are all disturbing methods and contexts that was conjured and design to bring out the worst in each other. All customs beliefs, tradition, etc., are all very unnecessary and violently constricting to turn all of us as can’t get right side shows in all of the real big picture schemes and greater good shows.

All of our freewill was Shanghai before even birth, we barely options, we only able to choose between few clandestine poisons, and ‘speculative dribbles,” that has always been on the rampage. “We are condition to spend our entire lives, hiding behind loopholes, and plausible deniability’s, all the while dishing out quip pro quo hefty portions of marginalized calculated critical distractions, and coercive behaviors.”

“There is always unnecessary tricky ulterior motive primitive questions on all of the selfish horizons.” Once we are part of anything, group, concepts, ideas, tradition, believes, systems, organization, gang, etc., that doesn’t cater to the entire collective hive, you are been duped to settle to being an active part of all of the unnecessary challenges that is putting the entire populations and all of our environment, at risk.

We are all just aimlessly running around creating fight clubs, that isn’t supposed to talk about. All of our priorities is completely wrong, we are condition to side track and procrastinate pressing priorities, and we have an arsenals of tricks of the trade, and numerous ill-ways to “dodge pressing issues” to put off our most crucial priorities.

All of our conditioning and brainwashing is ill-design and conjured to create the enemies of the states from within, and turn us into our own enemies of our states of being. We all have so many primitive games we are just wasting time practicing primitive twisted prioritize games on one another.

All of our short term and long terms need is based on primitive trends, very poor dull twisted misconceptions, the results of “ominous, stark and dangerous” selfish conditioning. Our conditioning and brainwashing to get a piece of the primitive inactions, and always remain battle ready from all of our inner sanctum. We are compromise from the very beginning. It’s painfully obvious, crystal clear everyone is just trying can’t get right primitive thing. Our lives scarred by endless forms of ethereal super nonsenses classified as lessons, really and truly just have everyone one of us declaring war on one another indifferences, and whole countries.

The situations and the pier pressures is more dire and much more lethal amongst well to do individuals, and their gated communities, environments and homes, they are always raising the stakes. They possess all of the resources to make a serious mess with all of their refined and well polish subverting offerings, it’s self-evident in all of the headlines. Since ninety eight percent’s of our intelligent has always been compromise, the more resources we accumulates, we pose a more serious threats.

When we take another look at those in the know, or hot right now, it’s all just a temporary primitive big tent circus shows. We all on the guest list to do self-harm, be self-destructive, self-medicate, find costly escapes, drugs of choice, and find quick fix that only create a more serious future challenges, and eventually secretive clandestine relapses.

We waste more than ninety 38% percent of our precious time dishing out twisted suspense and sarcasm, wasting on undue attention on primitive calculated time wasting distractions, on “background checks (everyone conducting a background check, should first conduct an extensive transparent background check on themselves, friends and families, etc. non-items, and “on non-issues that shouldn’t be open for interpretations, or doesn’t requires an opinion.”

We are masters at well pronounced 1smear campaign, the hook line and sinker, “swinging the compromised spotlight back on them,” “how to clandestinely phrase up to no good questions,” it’s all our basic anti-collective hive conditioning and brainwashing 101. Whenever we give, it’s always suspected, we are always giving in order of takeaway, and it’s natural to give to get compensations. ‘We have your show horse and your anonymous work horse,” subprime principles.

“Are being ruthlessly condition with symbolist subprime principles that are causing us to live unnecessary “disposable lives.” Most likely, what’s behind door number one, are probably just as primitive as in door number two. Whenever we see anyone grandstanding, they are loudly saying look how much I love all of my subprime conditioning and brainwashing. “I am just one of the laughable moles, and very proud to be an active part of unnecessary subverting global problems, and challenges.”

“Just imagine if you will,” fantasy, make belief , fictions, has more loyal fan-antics followers, and most likely raking more than medical, education, homeless, red cross, charity org, child welfare, etc. “Our sense of self-worth are compromise from the get go, and very laughable.” When we inventory our comfort zones, is natural in most case to find on the average 78% of fool’s paradise comfort zones are fantasy oriented comforts and security blankets. Pretending and acting has always been on a open budgeted rampage, and most likely the highest grossing industry of all times. Only archeologist are able to find the real and unvanquished truths, of our preferred global fool’ paradises.

Team Collective hive grapevine think thank wisdom and umbrella, always in progress, when properly form on the secondary anatomic levels, only then we would be able to access a vast network of team collective hive inside extremely relevant inside greater good information.

Team collective is the ultimate global behavioral analyst, and crisis management intervention, “with skill-sets that is better deployed immediately in the field.” Team collective hive will always be our sure lava fire path to sift through global market intelligence and pioneer all of the all-inclusive paths to super-duper greatness.

We all have to let all of the, preordain zig-zaging moments guide us. “The future is spread out before all of us in an all points preordain trajectories, and in a, preordain, timely couture fashion.”

Under the surface of all the playing fields. All of our users experience during existence, and the futures our continuities, are all preordain, synchronized zig-zag momentums culmination of all the footprints and ripples of everyone that ever existed, and their “interpersonal dynamics,” which is relative to our available market intelligent. Preordain momentum always have trillions of other programs running simultaneously, progressing g in various spanning lengths of time, some short term, some long term, etc., “that tell and show us how every story ends.” We are orientations has been force feeding us square market intelligences. We all are rigged with nagging false starts, everything we are taught has been conspiring with endless deformed nonnegotiable anti collective and separatist rebranded terms of endearments

We can hardly break our very disturbing conditioning and brainwashing protocols, they are systematic, well insulated, and overly protect ornamental life lessons. It’s ok that your mind isn’t receptive to new ideas, however succinctly and pertinent they maybe…. We can’t go against our preordain sequences, it’s a paradox.

The collective hives offers are always open. Don’t waste time over thinking the unthinkable, trying to flesh out best course of actions. Follow and adopt all of the all-inclusive prime directives and all of the main secret of life, and you are guaranteed to find your personal brand real happiness. This cliché shouldn’t come as a surprise. “The thing about smart people, they tend to sound crazy to ignorant people.”

“The diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorder. #1 exaggerated sense of self importance. #2 expecting to be recognized as superior to others. #3 exaggerating and grandstanding your selfish achievements, talents and attributes.” Ironically they has all of the making of someone who cherish and ready to defend subprime principles.

“Your primitive and selfish needs are greater than everyone else’s.” These are all traits of narcissistic personality disorder symptoms. Every one of us are brainwash and conditioned to commit to endless forms of, subprime principles, separatist ideals super nonsenses, non-items, and the unnecessariness. We are professional at rebranding them and creating high price speech to further our dull combative perceptions.

A global collective hive class action new beginning is warranted, restart with only the prime directives and the secret of life, although a very unlikely scenario, we need cut all loses, loose ends, and investment, and realize globally something isn’t right, too many unnecessary collateral damages. In most cases the answers are always right in front of us literally.

All of our main subverting challenge stems from the past, and mutual aberration clauses, all of their “down turning” enthusiasm, we all are rigged with and willfully toting violently into futures. “Whenever we ask for rain, we have to be prepared to deal with all of the all-inclusive side effects, and it’s the muddy byproducts.” At some point in time during our most impressionable ages globally, we was encouraged to adopt and adapt willingly to all of the endless lurking subprime principles.

Dark and hateful subprime vision, encompasses, dress to impress (re think, and reexamine anyone who dress to impress, and you would see the truth) (extremely primitive accredited deceitful manipulative optical illusions), (how can be normal to have a public image or faces, how discerning and deceitful and primitive can that be, false presentation of your being.) image is a very important primitive prerequisite for following with a troglodytes aired the money, fame (walk of fame? If that doesn’t spells out separatist and anti-collective hive forming, I don’t know what will), and power to wits end, and often “by any means necessary.” All is fair in love, war, following the money, fame, and power.”

“Seduce to reduce.” All of which culminate into a global 247 understated troglodytes elegance. Competition and contest, which is disturbingly healthy, and a major part of our ingrained anti-collective basic training, separatist subprime ideals, are the back bone our dull perception. Somehow while we are busy competing, and contesting, we all find the disembody farce to ask what’s wrong we the world.

More than ninety eight percent of our time is caught between non items, unnecessariness, and super nonsense. One of the main secret of life, clearly stipulates: “We are either part of the solution, of part of the problem.” Each individual is competing seriously in minimum rough estimate, in well over a hundred events, on a daily basis. Just calling your child a princess is a separatist subprime double edge fantasy pedestal conditioning, the entire concepts, and prerequisite for weddings, are all narcissism traits, and as primitive as you can get etc… the money wasted on a ring and the one day event can feed a small country for a year, from one wedding.

The entire idea and concept of love is all primitive massacre of our very promising potentials. A few main super-secret of life to live by is, “always try our very best to leave everything much better than we found them, every step of the way.” “Life happens when we are busy making plans.” Just using this one secret of life, “we all can be the change we all wants to see.” “Great design eliminates unnecessary details.”

Everyone is busy trying to go down in history leaving timeless primitive mark. Our shadowing halo-emotional clouds, is design in strict accordance with our available geological market intelligences. “Some self-evident constructive words, vibes and body languages to the wise, conveys all the oversights, wants and brinkmanship’s that are creating all of our global crises and primitive identities. Our collections of market intelligences, “dramatically influences all of our global and social situations.” We are all in many ill-ways than one to go can’t get right into the world and do our worst. We are send out into the world with over ripened putrescence brainwashing, and conditioning to capitalize ruthlessly on one another weakness and kindness.

Everything we learned is completely wrong and always progressing violently to building textbook deceptive trust for twisted kryptonite priorities and ill-perceive primitive focuses, and selfish obligations, are the concise diagnosis of all our global recidivism and entropy in a nutshell. Do to the oversold vile over ripened and malicious conditioning and well-structured conniving brainwashing, they are setting the dark paces for crucial portions of the global preordain continuity momentums. At certain animated points in time, every one of us are unable to grasp new ideas, concepts, and perceptions, before it’s time sensitive preordain ah-ha brouhaha moments. Every one of us and the world, has different ignorant versions of ourselves that has to traverse the passage of time, as is. We are all just settling and bare surviving, on compromised tidbits of far-flung life counter-intuitive lessons.

Reasons and accountabilities, whatever information’s is available, however good or bad, it determines the levels of our ecological successions, it’s the same thing with the individual. A natural affliction of any can’t get right mind, assimilating and sucking up easily available subprime market intelligences. Inevitably endangering all of our future sense of being. “When we found the things people fear most you found the key to their madness and the dead lock to capitalizing on them.” Maintain a breaking point, and peeping their citizen in active meltdown atmospheres has its manipulative rewards. These are the underhanded prevailing innate believe of every type of primitive power structure, belief systems, financial institutions and government.

Until now there wasn’t any easy access to all-inclusive codes of being, until these box sets of unedited manuscripts. (Preordain had led me to obscurity, which was very rewarding, and I am able to indulge in multiple arrays of specular finds, including the ultimate perfect greater good identities, and high valued priorities.

Culminating into preordain, issuing me an extended “paradoxical intention” burned notices, I am operating outside the scope of preordain, uncharted big picture territories, the relevant mysteries of the unknown attempting to change the entire world). “Live vicariously in an all –inclusive collective hive ways, by collapsing time and space in a collective hive creative ways.” The in-between can make us or break us.

A few quick pick elementary main secrets of life that can definitely help the entire world’s populations to easily recognize the unnecessary complexities of the globally self-creating unnecessary dire stark challenging situations… the main secrets and prime directives is design for every member and all walks of life to all-inclusive “abilities to riffle through, and find the big picture charisma, and our greater good best options at all times. And the mental quickness and market intelligences move nimbly through any given situations around the world.” Never tell a single lie, whenever we engage in the primitive anti transparencies games of lies, we are making dam sure to preset-up our futures with unnecessary ruthless intended variations of challenges. “It helps to always have our priorities in first priorities first orders.” “Always have our pressing priorities in synchronize order.” Always do the most difficult task first.

“Whenever our employments and individual expressions are in the areas of things we are passionate about doing, then weren’t working, we are performing greater good services. “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Always choose wisely to desire less, “less is best.” Whenever we desire less and isn’t giving to get, “when we are expecting nothing but get everything,” unwavering inner peace and internal happiness. (We are unable to get out of life alive, we are born a vagrant, and our inevitable perdition is to die a vagrant. “The most charismatic people, are also the quickest thinkers.” We all born a vagrant, rich and teaming with superfrajilisticxpalodocious life, and die a vagrant rich with experiences and knowledge. Vagrant isn’t a bad word, mistreating the have-nots, are the very same exact people who are most likely to mistreat a baby. What bad and of poor taste is our c wet and wild condition to treat people in accordance to their material gains. And our deep-seated conditioning that has us on double edge “never wanting to be associate with anything that might fail,” this is the epiphany of dangerous mindsets that is guarantees us to be next in line to fail the collective hive. “Everything has a beginning, a middle and an end,” “everything falls apart.”

In-between we are ruthlessly conditioned to hate the poor, “never associate with anything that might fail.” “Dress to impress,” “seduce to reduce.” Follow the money, fame, power, and compete for everything as though our lives depend on it. Never give to get, “whenever we do something for anyone or anything, and expects something in return, we are doing business.” It’s in the best interest of all anti collective hive organizations, groups, governments, beliefs, etc., to create endless competitive arena’s and sub contest distractive crabs in a uncover basket super nonsense complex, while we are busy competing any organization, groups of belief systems can use our moments of battle testing with one another morbid distractions maintain all forms of counter-intuitive Stockholm syndromes controls.

“When we have to fight we had already lost the battle.” Only people who has scar and battle tested, sooner understand, those who isn’t battle tested was conditioned to belief and prove the identities in unnecessary primitive battles. Globally using unman cam out fitted drones, that are allusively fully to be first responders to assist in fire, crime situation, various aspects of lifesaving medical emergencies, and various safety, etc., should always be the very first response, responding in any environment in minutes, in the height of the busiest rush hours. Every vehicle should have dashboard and rear view cam, the highest volumes of crimes, and unspeakable acts is done with land air and sea vehicles. Public interactive transparencies, can be a fast track to evolve, everyone and every vehicle, should be immediately outfitted with a body cam whenever we venture to and fro, this will prevent 78 % plus of recidivism, entropies and crimes (please read an order to show cause Shakespir.com/books/656010/ amazon.com for further details on how to solve the entire crime plus situations.

“Our main objective should be prioritizing collective hive evolution higher learning, using all of the resources relentlessly to completely form the ultimate all-inclusive collective hive think tank, and umbrella. Balancing our inner peace, contributing collectively in creating an all-inclusive, no hassle easy access rigorous “social science,” “observe interplay greater good therapies” objectives is to “try to sense, be aware, observe and see all those very relevant missing links, gaps, loose ends, loopholes, linchpins, paradoxes, causalities, primitive bravado’s, recidivism, entropies, unnecessary, imposing factors, nonsenses, non-items, dots, pieces of the puzzles and other crucial staggering and intoxicating disinformation’s, and propaganda’s that we counter-intuitively adopts to completes us.

We are conditioned and brainwash to abandon or disregard.” Not just the customary and traditional bullet points, we are encourage to add our own individual misinterpreted spin. Everyone spend their entire life overreacting, engulfed in “unrealizable sensory perceptions, all day and night downing.”

Unlikely scenarios, uniformed code of all-inclusive prime directives, intricate fiber optic microscopic details, on how to “leave everything much better than we found them, “and always leaving all-inclusive room for extenuating circumstances, mitigating circumstances, and mitigating the issues.

Unity can be strength or weakness. There is two diametrical opposing forms of unities. Subprime unity, which involves separating from the collective, and prime directives and greater good complete all-inclusive oriented unity. There will always be groups that are unified.

“What drives a persons to commit violent acts, and over indulge in sequels, war, revenge, unspeakable acts, treachery, deceits, lies, crimes, fatal bodily harm (murder death kill), larcenies, crimes, matters of the heart, hate, hate crime (“behind hate, is fear”), grand and small theft, etc.” against their fellow collective hive, communities, and entire countries, is their initial mindsets, preordain, beliefs, customs, fear, their market intelligent. .”

The quickest way to rid every country of more than eighty five percent of global crimes immediately, is to use a two-step initiative, and take the big brother program one step further. #1 everyone should wear a body cam, everywhere they venture. Every citizen should wear body cam which is instantly uploaded to a cloud back up, and storage and backup system. All young girls, women, and children should be prioritized first, and then rest of the entire population. # 2 use and blanket there entire communities with assisting and helping drones as all inclusively equip for all occasions first responders everywhere…..

The realm of acceptable behaviors is all completely wrong, it’s all guarantees to create all kinds of unnecessary crime scene. We spend our entire life on a hot pursuit to harvest and protect all of the details of all of our global Ancestral eras. Our ancestor’s standard operating primitive procedure is to make certain that the collective hive, remain a lifelong witch-hunt. In dark addition find every ill-conceivable ways to turn violently against one another. Our ancestral faux pas along with more than ninety eight percent of our own live and active pandemic delinquent uncanny dense contributions has got us into preordain, super mess, and turn all of us into inevitable oblivious intense personal brands of crime scenes.

We are just holding on to a few inconvenient specks of ingrained familiarities, just enough super nonsense, and non-items that distractively maintain the wools over our fool’s paradises. By the time it all come undone, we are well age critiquing multiple generations in-between, unique ways of repeating the same unnecessary deep-seated self-created afflictions. Everyone is brutally remain the, posers, pretenders, and the overripe moles and livelong enemies in the collective hive.

“All of our lives are constricted to adopt all of the hallmarks of the super nonsense, and the unnecessariness. All the water marks that proves our main focus and zooms are misdirected. There isn’t a single systems, beliefs, customs, or traditions that has left battle scars and unnecessary causalities that proves beyond the shadows of a doubt, every day by day we all are contributing violently in becoming a grandstanding willing participant, and remaining a part of the problem experiment and a quaking subverting intensely dense project.” We are conditioned to go out into the world and try our best to try and trip-up one another as a game. “A large part of our true potentials, and sense of judgements hasn’t been available or disregarded.” Historically we have made some crucial bad decisions, sorry to burst our fool’s paradise everything is about to get worst, there is no if and about it.

Overall we all are suffering the “slings and arrows of false and senseless sense of overripe selfish identities.” Our entire sense of determination is relative to adjusting to false identities, distracting background noises, and primitive attention go-getters egos. Reminder we can change a certain stretch of preordain, what. We need to do immediately cut, all of our loses, and retool all of our priorities. Check our greater good inventories, and start anew, globally integrating all of the all-inclusive prime directives located throughout all of these unedited manuscripts…

“Everything we are conditioned to say and do stems from long running commotions of lies, and spin doctors.” “Everything we say are dark progressions of lies, and more lies, everything we think is a delusion of grandeur.”

We can propose to be a good person, when we are doing bad things. Most of us field of senses are non-compos mentis, can’t, and hasn’t figure out, or decidedly woefully they are on the good side or on the bad sides of continuities. You can’t cut it both ways, you’re either good or bad. Good and bad are just one set of terms and principles that are considered diametrically opposing principles of continuities. Goodness is prime principle, intentionally doing wrong, or bad principles are all part of the subprime principles…

Paint this mental picture without a picture frame, exhibit A to Z. “Try and tune in, to what I am about to share with you.” “Fear of death is the biggest hoaxes.” “The latest extremely profound concise analogy, and I quote, “we can’t get out of life alive.” Therefore it is safe to add a fallow up analogy, “as it stands in this can’t get right point and time neither of us has the capabilities to be in the business of next time, or do over business.” “Some people fake their deaths, other people are living fake lives.”

Our senses are always fragile, always gathering data, and susceptible to our naked environments, and geological locations. Our minds isn’t contain, and therefore are always invaded by prowlers, mind-nipper’s, mindbenders, mind lenders, “Whatever our senses, sense, can’t be un-sense, our supercomputer brain records everything and itemize them and assimilate it, it becomes a part of natural integrated of the growth process, in there lay all of the ruthlessly progressing recipes for unnecessary heinous future disasters.

There is no sure shot ways to tell where disinformation, long running lies, self-destructive customs, beliefs, subverting traditions ends, and where propaganda’s, missteps, clouded issues, false starts, etc. begins, if we are brainwash and condition to protect and defend them, from during our most impression ate ages. “The hardest bug to debug is a brain that only able to access a fraction of its true and very promising potentials. Therefore we are imprisoned and confine by our own limitations. “We all acting against our natural and very promising potentials, for an extended periods of time, therefore our inner peace is always subjected to horrifying ordeals.” “You should never compare ourselves to one another, everyone is a unique entity.” “ we should never compare our beginnings, with someone else middle stages, etc.”

We all are some form of “birth lottery geographic jack pot lump sum winners.” There is a ruthless violated trust flipside to what, begin a “birth lottery winner” signifies” and really means, it means you are a can’t get right sleeper self-harmer drone, violent antic-collective hive mole, and force indoctrinated into joining the regimes, high ranking separatist idealist, connected by embedded conditioned and brainwash trending distracting familiarities.

We was all hijacked, enslaved, and Shanghai from birth, and force indoctrinated into super aggressive super violent long running historic counter intuitive separatist, anti-collective battle. From the start their can’t get right ways that has been failing them miserably or the highway, especially the rich and the wealth, their imprisoning is much harder, they have to be natural born actor, able to flash a flashlight smile, hide unnecessary constant vulnerable feeling and uppity fear their imprisoned by their support systems and despicable security teams, body guards, that is alligator gated. We never had the freedom to make the choices in beliefs, eating meat, doing the wrong things, etc. our fragile sense was controlled and imprinted, and rigged to behave in accordance to over grown overripe elderly can’t get right individual in our communities, rigged to belief, and protect.” Individual expression is standout and wipeout, each country and communities offers their own personal rebranded imprisoning of every citizen.

“We only know what we misperceive and think we are,” it’s no wonder it’s natural for children to rebel, overreact and always needing space, when all of the inconsistencies of our customs and beliefs begins to unravel violently. And there isn’t a darn thing we can do about it we are trap buy ingrained aromatic imprisoning smells of our force fed child hood. Freewill is a big picture, we can’t start in. our immediate environment and one size fits all market intelligence, culminating into our comfort zone. If this doesn’t spells out imprisoned, and Stockholm syndromes, I don’t what will.

We have endless global fixable jaw-dropping proofs and disturbing reasons to belief, anytime your market intelligences isn’t all-inclusive in nature, it’s totally compromise. Every word was make up, every idea was conjured up. If you are holding on to beliefs and ideas that was created in the past, you are deciding to remain in the past.

“We have to start thoroughly questioning our own force fed dull one-size-fits-all, dull ingrained primitive perceptions, and beliefs.” We all are just dupe from the very start to fall prey to spin doctors, and rebranding. And guarantee to create super nonsense and the unnecessariness override greater good, leave big footholds for “endless amounts of “broad spectrums of unnecessary mental health issues,” to flourish with ease, and ruthlessly alter the preordain.

The universe has always been demonstrating an over-extended all-inclusive sublime and endless engagements of pristine excellent freewill opportunities. The most pressing thing needs altering is our entire perception of reality. We need a complete overhaul of our comprehension of existence, we always had it, completely wrong. Therefore we are always playing catch-up and everyone is force to redundantly repeat a phrase that proof we got it completely wrong, I wish I knew what I knew back then what I knew now, then the next generations, and so on.” The proof is in the primitive terms and the conditioning. “We all are just seeing what we want to, and what we are conditioned to see.” We all have time lapse of endless unnecessary hot everyday non item occurrences that raise red flags and super bright search lights, we customarily are fed up with chalking up as ruthless unnecessary experience. “We have to adapt and try to start seeing what we don’t see,” the anonymous big picture. “The universe thought you are a superb, excellent and wonderful idea, and necessary addition, you really want to spend your entire life going against it, and proving them wrong.” The minute you engage in any organizations, groups, beliefs that practice separatist, or anti collective you decide to go south, and ruthlessly go against any and all hopes of the universe, and follow people who are Sisyphean trying to create a universe by themselves, which has been proven all throughout the challenging time line to be time sensitive, and ruthlessly “guarantee to fail miserably.” Whenever you choose an organization that is separatist, or anti collective, it natural standard operating procedure is to practice undead hate, their entire concepts is built on progressive lies, to create impersonating farces. Selfish masters, false pretenders, “master the gift of the gab,” they are just good at pretending and presenting “public display of affections, to get, they are ruthless impersonators of unsung truly kind individuals that are around the world. Their entire presentations is an act, laden with sub secret motives, and every ill -conceivable anti-collective dark rooted effects we can’t imagine. If your group or believe systems relies of currencies, need I say more, it’s painfully and crookedly obvious that they are giving to get. “Whenever you’re helping someone, group, etc., and expecting something in return, your’ doing business.”

Whenever we chooses to become a member of a belief systems, group or organization, we had decided to fail the collective hive, absorb a plethora of hate, sell our freewill, and freedom to them. They are the epiphanies of well practice hate, and wizards at ‘weakening resolves.” Don’t be fool by the ones who, go out and play they are feeding the poor, and pretend acts of kindness, they are the most dangerous, and masters to give to get. “Whenever we accepts anything from people with compromise mindsets, we accepting things at a very high cost, the same time, exchanging or selling our freedoms.” Any organization that are separatist or anti-collective in nature, is saying with an air horn, very loud and clear, if you are not one of us we hate, hate, and despise you. We are will to use endless resources to treat you as a combatant. “Get down with us or lay down.” “there are countless individuals who are well conditioned to spend their entire lives twisted with priorities, putting everyone, communities and entire countries under a microscope, peel away every layer to fine gather weakness, chinks in their amours, and capitalize on then.”

Anytime we, venture to and fro, or interact, rub elbows amongst anyone in the collective hive, or any part of our environments, without an all-inclusive mindset, and or, all-inclusive enthusiasms, point blank we are up to no greater good, drowning in overbearing Dark Age progressive logics, and benign red flag clues.

We are out and about, to practice deceit, underpinning the science of existence, experiments with psychological warfare’s, and cause undue unbridle relentless ridiculing discussions, propositions coercive and physical harm to any and every one that crosses our roasting ignorance paths, danger junkies, psychopath, sociopaths, and endanger everything around us, “take that and rewound it back.”

We are the sum of all our available market intelligences, only serious fatal problems with that is more than 98 percent of the integrities of available market intelligent, was compromise from the high noon’s of ill-perceive concepts of civilization.

Market intelligences has always been sabotage by each other. Somehow it’s a customary and traditional practice to throw blatant lies, selfish agendas, secret motives, disinformation, and propaganda into the market intelligent mix, at the same instance, isolating and criticizing other people’s sophomoric and bizarre behaviors. We all from the wee hours of civilizations has been turned into aggressive moles of the collective hive, globally there no shortage to the amount of things we are doing to derail the entire collective hive true and very promising potentials, on a split second basis. there are some many people out there, that use endless time and resources that could be donated to greater good causes, a subprime example is the recent viral trend is to Photoshop photos and throw it into the mix, lets confuse some more people around the world with fakes, distractions, disinformation, and propaganda’s, etc. there is nothing harmless about lies, disinformation’s, and propaganda’s, these brutally childish (chill dish) behaviors progress like a Greek fire.

The entire population has always been waiting, waiting for je ne se quoi, we all can sense there is something complete wrong with all our preoccupation. Our supercomputer brains has been alerting all of us yet we wasn’t able to connect all of the far-flung micro dots, the pieces of the puzzle of existence. From all the global aberrations of counter intuitive false starts, we has been trying to put wrong subverting pegs in squared holes. We are all bewitch with endless misperceptions. Our various brands of undead market intelligences has been casting blankets of negative spells on us. Deception is a welcome has been, deceptions has been the only profitable primitive games in every town all around the world. All of our deceitful understanding distract us to look one narrow way while the big picture and greater good is always happening in the opposite directions. Everything we are conditioned and brainwash to think, feel, and experience is all completely and disturbingly wrong, they are missteps and false starts of astronomical proportions non items. Since the first ill conception of civilization we had been wasting endless quality time with every ill global mi ’priorities, deceptive points of high value, questing 360 degrees it all different patterns of global fool’s paradise focus and hocus pocus, every child is conditioned to protect and defend.

We are just filling all of the excruciating secret pains with in around about ways, engrossing oversight silence. The rain water complex, and the third party complex, water authorities all around the world except in Bermuda, due to shortage of water ways, all collects rain water and sell it back to the public. The exact water every roof can be modified to collect and strain is left for a third secretive party. Most our aspirations is be the best wizards at doing all of the wrong things, improve upon them, “rebrand endless anti collective things and then peddle them to the masses.”

“These are rare prime acumens, and very refreshing opportunities to test all of our accepted obvious disturbing conditioning and ground zero creating brainwashing, for weak spots.” More than ninety eight percent’s of our time is wasted spreading and correcting long creeping, crawling, walking and jumping past unnecessary mistakes. The major malfunction attempting to correct and rectify the unnecessary global challenges, we are using just a different version of flu by night, aberrations of the run of the mill types of compromised brains, and brawns that created the initial challenges. The deep we venture into the misconception of reality the more volatile and complicate our oversight becomes.

Truth hurts, the truth is misconstrued as very boring, even thou it can teach us a thing or two. The truths are “unmentionables “that destroy our egos. We are mi’ programmed to prefers, graciously entertain shocking and delightful t the same times voracious lies. “What happens after is a collision of primitive consequences.” since we sent out into the world with endless false starts, missteps, and the truth is an unwanted intruder, no matter the person relay the message is a close friend family or love interest. Our super computer brain is prep to automatically think anyone that present the truth is causing us scaring pains, and really trying to hurt us, brutal or secret revenge is the only response. Our entire it’s an instant counter intuitive call to over react and not only kill the messengers, and their entire family must be dismembered. The truth must be suppressing and remain hidden at all cost. We are condition and complete brainwash to accept and protect gravely endless long crawling, walking, running and high jumping lies. Truth are all-in gnawing drone, a one snipers, an assassin, and super ninja’s, in accordance to our embedded dull primitive perceptions of realities. The unvanquished truths is supposed to welcome with open arms.

The perfect response to all truths, is as follow” thank you kindly for your candor, and reorganize our fails to suit, the greater good.” Instead the truth is receive as fighting words, the brutal decapitating trigger words than insinuates, and suggest all-out war. “Most of us isn’t equip to handle the truths.” Truth oppress us, discombobulate us, and offers us a wide range of hurt, it can bust our sugar confection ate fool’s paradise bubbles, we all are out fitted with from all our inner sanctums. There is no shortage to the wide range of hurts, we are disillusion psychological conditioning to feel it does to us. The unvanquished truths can pulverize our comfy cozy comfort zone. Truth demands drastic change, and promises a wide world of hurts, it can be a paper cut, that progressing interrupts and destroy our entire sense of ill-perceived dull selfish sense of normalcies. The last pieces of the existence puzzles, how to make them fit. “The opportunities has always been presenting it selves” to form completely and all-inclusively formed collective hive grapevine think tank and all-inclusive umbrella to focus unparalleled greater good energy and solve all of the world’s challenges. “How to think our way out ‘of all our current and future challenges, and scale back all of our dubious endearing primitive counter intuitive enthusiasms. Globally introduce super-advance our level of consciousness, to live greater dolce vita, “we all so richly deserves.” Worldwide all of us has been very careless, and oblivious to all of our next level type super powers. We only hide things when we are up to no greater good. There is nothing to hide, the more we hide the more unnecessary changed we create for the future. “Those who score high on openness,” will always be much happier their secretive counterparts.

We are all professional all willfully overlooking our counterintuitive recognition abilities. More than ninety eight percentages of our preoccupation is completely wrong, and was ill-conceive, they are all has been counterintuitively fire with active lava, super nonsense, most of our sense or normalcies is really abnormal very progressing building relays, was conjured, and ill-designs that are always progressing dark, constrict one another to do and say horrific and unspeakable cruel things to one another and the entire environments, you can take that to the gray matter banks.

The laws of primitive attractions reconnaissance, is all of us undue pier pressure ingrained counterintuitive fiery dark passion. Every word and phrase has a secret code, usually is code for anti-collective hive aggressions. We are always subjected to “Ez-pass” access to adopt, adapt to outlets that tranquilizes and keep us well inform of all of the completely wrong proceedings. Ironically all of the greater good things is always been very difficult to access. All the laws of primitive attractions are always open to counter intuitive suggestions. The pandemic laws of primitive attraction, insist the customary thing to do, regress, digest, direst, digress, divest, and share the unnecessary risk, volunteer to play an active role in shredding everything for the greater good, all around us. Deep seated subverting thoughts is always rummaging through our inhibited minds. As we haphazardly transverse the redundant dark counter intuitive passage of time. Beside artificial lights there are so many other everyday things that we surrender our everything to that are cancerous, interrupt our circadian rhythm (during the night use red bulbs, to prevent circadian interruptions), and guarantees to decrease our visual acuities.

We are overly conditioned to “prize counter intuitive experiences,” and subverting “snap decisions.” “Do an outstanding job of leaving everything around us a lot worse off than we found them.”

The leading shock wave periphery is to remain completely oblivious to the big picture, greater good very interesting distinctions. A deep-seated preference for any and all of the mutated primitive shell game identities, and the primitive attention game, is the ranking thing to do. Which “informs us on the worst ways to be, every moments of our life… The identities shell game, is a lifelong continuous dark cloaked veil for every primitive occasions. “There is no safe guard for a brain that can only access less than ten, percent of our dithering processing power,” and “devaluing our collective hive true and very promising greater good potentials.” “We are hardwired, conditioned to over reach,” and enhance, and rebrand territorial ignorance’s. Aggressive primitive over expansions, and elastic capacities for self-sabotage and everything around us,” it’s a perfectly and normal acceptable collateral damage, when without skipping a lub-dub beat continue to all the fresh young addition of the entire world, condition, brainwash, and teach young minds to follow the suit, follow the money, follow the fame, follow the power, in all follow the greed, “mercurial rapid expansion of obnoxious greed is good.” Global there is a lot of people, seemingly disembodied, that view our current world’s conditions as cost effective. It’s normal to be rigged with endless abnormal traits. Everything is basically one huge global highlighted primitive competition. The future is over booked with endless counter intuitive practices, with quite possibly no intended disruption of counterintuitive services. There primitiveness is still young, and very much alive. Primitiveness to date is overly protected, and has furiously exceeded brilliant troglodyte’s expectations. Just imagine at this very moment, how many people around the world is instinctively, aggressively, and violently working on recipes for delusions, grandeur, self-destruction, global destruction, mass subverting psychology, most lethal obstacles, broken arrows, mock debates of super nonsenses, self-preservation, delirium, clinical trials of known harmful products, etc…

Plan b the backup plan involve a slew of circumstantial self-preservation parlor tricks, and connecting the vile imprinting dots, “digest-ingest” all primitive brutal colliding expectation.

The collective hive grapevine think tank and umbrella….

Where there is a collective hive, there is always endless ideas and quidnunc ways.

As it stands, the collective hive grapevine think tank, and umbrella, is very much still in its infancy stage, actually is more appropriate termed as, still in the prenatal stage, on the anatomic level.

Making the smothering puzzles of existence a bit clearer, and enhance enjoyments…..

“Prevention is much better than the tainting cure.”

Plan B top shelve ignorance’s, the height of hypocrisies: The “scrupulously cleanse, squeaky clean” combative standard operating procedure of any politician, government, systems, authorities, protective services, etc. is iron clad. It stipulates and under line a clear non transparent rule of engagements. First thing all authorities do is invoke an inside joke clause that enable them to use the “suspension of rational standards, at any time they deem fit.

All anti-collective, subprime principles, and mindbenders, has in command a brutal force that at any giving time, mistreat anyone they chose as a combatant. And if anyone attempt to revolt, or challenge, plan c, “they allow you to keep talking, while they diagnosis us, after all they are in charge of the padded rooms, and couture straitjackets authorities has always been the long running systems of hot tar and cuckoo feathers counter-intuitive systems.” We are condition to ‘expect everything from sanction authorities, and always be ready to sacrifice, or get drafted, and settle for endless nothing.” In even of mas mortal dangers, geared at the public, it’s absolutely imperative the information remain hush, hush, unsuspecting public must remain completely ignorant at all collateral cost, violence is not an object. Until its declassified way into the future, during some other clueless generations. We have secret locations, in case we have to abandon the public and continue our long running self-preservation. Globally all governments has secret failsafe lairs, secret underground safe lairs. Remote location in event our complete disasters, well stock for handpicked few. At some point in time everyone is bombarded, and come face to face with historic faux pas, or had ample chances to view our very trouble histories. Heinous opportunities to review our time line activities log, and observe twice removed cryogenic dark chapter elevens, and endless eleventh hours, that occurred in our very troubling past. Yet till this high noon’s days, nothing change, members of the collective hive individually subscribing to secretly orchestrating and deploying anti collective defects, fatal attempts to gain primitive needs, ill wants and brinkmanship’s. We all are conditioned to be subprime candidate, brainwash to say anything to create favorable effects, and get selfish wants, all the while changing nothing.” Review our ancestors unspeakable grim seemingly “stranger than fiction,”” branding strategies,” and endless global ill forms of everyday troglodytes practice. When are we going to stop all of the global long running self lies? Back then and now we was and are condition to be deploy as moving admirable slippery primitive target. Fully brainwash to be avid self-creator of inhospitable unnecessary situations… However during that time they couldn’t fathom a contrast to their uncanny depth of explosive viral super ignorance’s, ditch the only comfort zones, and personal brands of simultaneous pandemic primitive moments, split second counterintuitive dismay, by dismay ubiquitous practices. Here is the thing we are in their exact positions, steep, cloaked and mortally distracted, by more complicate super-duper ignorance’s. We all are just continuing dumbfounded all along the similar psychopaths and sociopaths, culminating in the near and distances future, offer a glimpse of our, long running can’t get right stupors open budgeted hopscotch relays, to future generations, how twisted and discombobulated disinformation’s and propaganda, they certainly would be entertain. “The first year of our childhood is very critical,” “everything we are exposed to, and every skill that we acquires and preprogram genes help to shape our future.”

This is called the primitive hostile takeover obsolete retrospective complex…… the underline reason why we are in an evolution stasis. ”Everything falls apart,” everything that is not all-inclusive on the whole is super guaranteed to become obsolete. There is always waves, second and thousands of waves of things going into obsolete. Everyone has quite of all across the board wasted investments, in storages spaces, and facilities, kitchens, closets, attics, basements, etc… By intensely studying our trillions of very costly oddities, “what goes around comes around that ends taking up space, what was I thinking, obsolete frowns, things that are kick to the curb, we can begin prevent any future obsolete collateral damages. Anything anyone is using resources around the world is basically a huge waste of time, it’s just super guaranteed to inevitably go straight to obsolete oblivions, beside archeologist, the world needs to open an extensive intense dialogue globally. Serious study a more in-depth analysis of the rate and kind of everyday things that go into oblivion, this can give you a fast forward insight into the pressing all-inclusive needs of future generations.

Knowledge can either be, all inclusive stepping stones, temporary fix, big picture greater good perceptive, or a piece of ice, pretending to be a stepping stone. “The sums of all of our fear, are from the overripe primitive misconceive states of minds.” It’s painfully apparent, we all are attempting desperately to whole on to our various personal brands of conditioning and brainwashing. Everyone is constantly subjected to getting hefty portions of counter-intuitive slippery brainwashing, and vile mysterious conditioning.

“Everything in the world is knowable and solvable.” and “There is no such thing as the unknown, they are just things that are temporary hidden.” The time we take to make the connections and discover the necessary all depends on our mindsets. If we are all born with a blank mind, and all our very fragile senses is always expose 247, ‘you can bet your bottom dollar, they has been subjected to harsh conditioning and brainwashing. Even thou we all grow up at our own pace, everyone should be so very fond of the idea of forming the collective hive grapevine umbrella, on the anatomic level. Super news flash every one of us is already completely connected on the atomic level, our atomic life force is our primary life force. “When everyone globally forms a complete collective hive, we will be evolving capable to accomplish super greatest.

The flexibility of our brain, makes us or breaks us. “Instinctively our brain is always remodeling it selves, in strict accordance to our available viable market intelligences, anticipating with rapid chemical reactions our very next needs and wants, always trying to keep us out of harms ways. “Our brain is a powerful all-inclusive life supporting instrument, “our brain is always filling the gaps and voids, “all our brain activities is relative to its available information’s. “Our senses are physical extensions of our brain. We also has nonphysical extensions as well. Our brain it can adapt instantly to the slightest change. Our brain becomes the information it acquires, short and long term. Preprogrammed genes also is very important for shaping, and colonizing our brain, creating our mind set and how we interact with our continuities.

We are well certified intense violent conglomerates that are specifically overly conditioned to be each other and our environment worst progressive nightmares. Our hot and messy semicircular preconception is always progressing accumulations, missteps, false starts, etc. we are volatile concoctions of flawlessly extracted explosive ignorance’s. On numerous occasional just doing meet and greet, interacting with others brandishing the same afflictions, multi-can’t get right symptomatic aberrations of everything bad that had unnecessary had happened and took a violent told on all of us, some ill-ways along the way, in what should have been very promising and prosperous journeys.” The question is what do we do from here? Keep tiptoeing around the truth, and remain a false pretenders, hide behind pets, use purging rituals,

Most of whatever is unfolding at these in the moments, and a very long stretch of unfavorable moments to come, in the near and distance futures are for the most part is pre-related to our predisposed focus of viable local prospects. All global split second by split second scenes play, are just unnecessary primitive “fatal distractions that complete our deranged brainwashing and conditioning, they unfortunately are just warm up for intense progression that will unfold in the near and distant futures.

From inception, birth our prime objectives, is survival, “get a little bit more life” and our failsafe is self-preservations. Create our individual masterpiece, and leave exceptional existence foot prints. Instead we are confined to leaving, redundant crime scenes, butchered, and massacre our individual masterpieces of ourselves, and leave chem-trail carbon big foot blotter mystery stains.

Preordain reach is an intense preordain waiting game. Although we are born with a blank minds, our mind is preset with streaming constricted preordain noire, “we have to wait for it,” preordain trajectories.” All of our points of focus is preordain, “who is zooming who.”

One of the many basic definitions of anti-collective hive, or separatist… is various forms of run of the mills “naughty spells, ”sub prime example is; “ no one else is the lease bit relevant, and we love it love it…” We had unknowingly and eventually establish a world renowned perfect rapport with subprime principles globally.

An underline epidemic and violent truth is, every one of us are brutally conditioned and brainwash to spend our entire life comically distracted, as “warm ups, fluffs and buffers” always “chasing evanescence shadows.”

Forever brandishing rubber checks and expensive imbalances “mental telepathy.” We offer blind unwavering trust to authorities that are “unable to maintain the collective hive greater good precious, and critical balances.” The headliner answer to all global authorities is as follows, “I am sure you‘re a wonderful, endearing and very nice authority, you would be much better if you leave me alone.” our very promising potentials. Everyone is selfishly conditioned to spend their life “protecting their own hide.”

Freewill-bungee jumping throughout everyone entire journey remains a futuristic wish list dream. Easy access to freewill, is very possible once we able to remove all of our subprime principles around the entire world, a very long term adjustment endeavors. However at this stretch of time and compromised point in can’t get right time, access to freewill is denied:

Preordain is continuity, and vice versa. Preordain is complicated, it’s the “flawless extractions of natural progressions and Hu persons activities. “Enemies of our time lines continuity, has always been in high places.” Make sure you get this, and it’s full self-destructive extents, and contents. Everything is a state secret for the enemies of continuities. “The force ripe enemies of continuity has always been in high places,” leaving their digital water marks.

With their all access passes, of the collective, they are violently condition and brainwash to mercilessly attack and mutilating the collective hive. The collective hive has always been treated as a liability, “the usual suspects” and has always been mistreated as target of misguided opportunist.

Globally everyone, some has unbeknownst knowledge, while others are spinning subprime principles with grave intent and open budget, always launching sequels of redundant covert secret attacks on one another. Its routine that our standard primitive operating procedure is always applying subverting tricks of counter intuitive trades against the hive collective from within,” every ill chance they get. “An obnoxious fortune is always made, when blood is on the street.”

The collective hive determine the flow of the continuum, we are all material witnesses, and primitive show boaters. The underline truth is our social order is entirely a primitive pecking disorder. We must “strip ourselves of primitive attitudes and egos that the world owes us something.”

And a, can’t get right aired we have something to prove to ourselves.” “Whenever we begins to feel we have something to prove, we had already lost ourselves.” It’s extreme primitive to feel and twist ourselves, with leaky unnecessary emotions that we have to prove self-worth. Self-worth is a primitive misconception, the minute we feel we have to prove self-worth we are going through life backwards. “We made it” into existence, just relax and enjoy the undefinable journeys, existence is an overwhelm prize, there is no better ultimate self-worth than life. “Take this, and rewind it back,” in slow motion. “When we don’t know precisely consequences our actions, rather inactions, any and all inaction will do.” The collective hive has always been suffering some forms of endless streams of security breaches from every person around the world, which culminates into preordain continuity. Preordain, has been speaking to us fluently in every languages around the world, dim sum and then sum. Preordain “has been using the unnecessary struggles,’ to provide our time line, we all are conditioned to take for granted, “at the first sign of trouble, it’s our failsafe to abandon the collective hive on a whim, even thou exist can’t happens without the vast contributions of strangers.

Our brutal conditioning has us despise strangers, but just let a un-schedule emergency occur, every one of us, natural instinct is to cry and sheepishly plead for help from the nearest and immediate stranger, “We can’t have it both ways.” ”Every one of us need assistance, at one time or another.” “A stranger to fear, is a stranger to our conscience.” “We get by in the world, not by knowing everything but by knowing people.” Imagine if we able to form a complete collective hive, sky is the limits…

“We all need assistance at one time or another.” “We all should be honored to be in a positions to help.” ”if and when we resume evolving, we will recognize it’s not in our place to ever judge, critique, and opinionate others decisions, and positions it’s all preordain.

Throughout our entire personal journeys and challenges, “we are all are guarantee to find ourselves in strange situations,” “the way we handle them determines our characters.” We all are brainwash and heavily conditioned to be bounded by strange arrangements. Here is the thing, everyone plays always played a very important role in the scheme of existence. The person who is in the background, those persons who had aid in our births, those person, ready to jump into a roaring fire to save us, is most likely a stranger. That person driving a high speed ambulance, police car, nurse, doctors, writer, all our future, potential rescuers, mortician, performing auto pallbearers, etc.. Are all strangers… unnecessariness, super nonsense, hesitation and overripe faux pas is penciled in all throughout our entire journeys. Our entire dull counter intuitive dark mi’ perceptions of reality needs all-inclusive reconstructive surgeries.

The Continuum is our “glowing recommendations,” it’s “all work and no play,” continuity has always been the object of reprising intrigues. Continuity is fixed, rather prefix by none other than preordain, which basically it’s a brutal intense combinations of unfavorable, mostly unbearable impacts, and distasteful trail mixes.

There is two very opposing principles, degrees of compositions of the, preordain global flow. A positive and negative, or dark and light trajectories of occurrences. Honest positive light of actions multiply, unless it’s not complete honest, or room for extenuating circumstances was allocated.

Unfavorable preordain, has too much inaction on its fragile tectonic plates. Dark and negative streams of inactions, “has a thing for underworlds,” and self-creator of overwhelming long-term challenges is which are mostly violent, and repulsive. “We can walk on the dirty sides of the street, and then expect when we walk on the clean side of the streets, we don’t muddy them up,” it’s not complicated, we can’t have it both ways.

However there is rare circumstances where inaction forms positive lights. All of the streams of continuities is fixated and transfixed on previous mistakes, missteps, inaction, wrong doing, “ for every alluring inactions that occurs during the time line has an equal alarming progressing unwavering collateral damages, and our most unspeakable sequels, and dreadful circumstances, violently constricted preordain flows. Everything is interconnected, worlds are always colliding, with Preordain is the entire world sole (soul) provider of our continuities access phrase, of volumes and series of unfolding events, intentional unfavorable, and favorable acts, and sequels… prefixed unfavorable streams can’t be avoided…. “The sums of our past activities determines everyone and the worlds futures….The individual is conditioned, to bring out the worst in each other.

How to be on our worst behaviors is seared into our repertoires. Success can only be recognize and truly achieve when the entire collective hive are in happy places around the world any things less encourages subprime principles and primitive reckless enthusiasm. “We are more concern with having than being.” We all was rigged and set free globally daringly, and derange to follow the money, rubber checks, and imbalances. We are allowing” our minds to be avid slaves to misconceptions of success.” From within our inner sanctum we are taught endless separatist subprime principles, hoping to touch the lives of everyone meet encounter along our journeys. We are imprinted with all variations of explode-able and imploding ignorance’s, a secret prized catch, biting off more than we can chew, oblivious to see mishaps predictable coming, high fashion twistedly searching for repeater anti-collective exposures. social climber misbalancing secret packs, all forms of unnecessary disorder always intact, blind trust in tipsy-curvy customs, traditions, beliefs that guarantees blatant failures, self-saboteur’s of all of our sense and sensibilities. Dispel from all sorts of pell-mell swell, refreshing wells of naughty spells, highly geared to grab greedily power that’s basically are all anti-collective in nature. Everyone is busy trying to gain, or ill-gotten gain, fresh fames, inevitably incurring multi can’t get right symptoms, the individual or group has a no fault default. The entire compound global schemes of existences, and continuity has been a global long running work in progress, highly base on every Hu persons that ever exist, present past and future actions, every action is interconnected. These aren’t new perspectives, been there herd that. The quaking differences is everyone can prove these concepts themselves, using their M.E.I.K.E SUPERPOWERS for further detail, please read a free eBook called; m.e.i.k.e available at Shakespir.com/books/view/5555858)

This is a collective hive grapevine interventions a time sensitive, predestine due process teeming with greater good suffixed…

How to wiggle our minds, and bring out the very best in everything, and everyone all around the entire world. How to be, and create the best versions of ourselves, and globally form the complete anatomic collective grapevine umbrella, whereas, everyone can rise evolve and super shine, alike encrusted precious gems in the universe…..

We all nonsensical victims of extremely compromised dirty and black market intelligences, market intellects determines the preordain flow charts. All global education systems instilled in all of us to selfishly put ourselves above one another and all else, it’s a well-known prerequisites for primitive misconception’s for troglodyte types of success. “Intrigue drama and suspense is all there,” in the so-called global educational accredited primitive ill-fated ideas of success. They also “encapsulated a stream of long standing media subverting trends that are peaking with terrorizing double edges, thanks to the global highly accredited systems.” All education encourage us to develop and harness vindictive streak, opinions and critiquing without offering all-inclusive alternatives, seeking any form of revenge, retributions, of which are troglodytes in nature, and to strive ruthlessly for any and all show boating spotlights. Which inevitable leads to midlife crisis and meltdowns, I ‘m roughly and impromptu guessing midlife crises are unique to college students.

Global education are nurturing us with futile high density needy to subprime relays. Global education systems has been mastering and specializing in out fitting students with “ intense fanatical subverting abilities combining strings of words, instead of introducing all-inclusive collective hive moral evolutions elementary. It’s all just rebranded pseudo distracting phrases to create global subverting regimes that are desensitized, selfish and are spending their entire journeys oblivious to the real big picture rabid butterfly defects, and sound intelligible,” present “hermit scribbler,” most definitely included. Market intelligences determines the quality of master strokes, canvas, and the art of continuities. Like art continuity can be abstract, or can air brush a clear explicit mental masterpiece.

The collective hive present works, is on a short leash, resistance is getting low, and the days are numbered. The collective hive true very promising potential is presently in intense super active regressing progressions…. From within everyone is conditioned to disown the collective hive, practice quiet but steely black OPPS covert clandestine, spend our entire life can’t get right and distracted by every ill-conceivable counterintuitive troglodytes bright ideas. Pre-doomed to be distracted with straw persons can’t get right identities. A stickler to spend our entire life always grandstanding and always brandishing primitive I got it all wrong about existence, but I am confident diversions. Who I am I, I don’t know but I am much better than you. We all in many ways and then sum, alike dim witted and, are all ah rooting and ah touting our own can’t get right air horns. Professionals at casting suspicions on others.

We are prolific wizards, at elaborating on any and all uncanny misfits traits. It requires a certain serious and intense steely determination to horn treacherous anti-collective wet minds sets. We all are sending clear loud aimless messages in our mass wakes, well polish chem-trails, and carbon big foot prints.

Grim competitive childish ploys, that causes imbalances on so many unnecessary molecular structure levels. Spend our entire life with lump sums of all the wrong ideas of how the universe really are Hitting the bulls eye, of every stranger than fictions It’s bitterly normal to hurl subverting diminish influences against one another, oblivious to an elementary we all are connected to everything in the universe on a molecular structure. Everything we are taught, anti-conditioning “conditioning and brainwash is direct inaction against the collective hive, and the rest of the universe.

Our heart pounding helter skelter hairy scary conception of perceptions, is regulated by mi’ perception of how continuity, occurs, and well practice regressions inceptions. Everyone is from the beginning are deceive, imprinted with conniving mi’ perception, thrown a troglodyte reception, learning and embracing everything to keep the time line imprisoned in sugar coated detentions. We are super conditioned and brainwash to remain deceive, to beg for complimentary super ignorance’s, and audition to get a misleading roles in honey suckle Stockholm syndrome drones app. A shoe in to perform the latest trending well polish trending troglodytes severely misinformed uncanny renditions. It’s all wrong how reality works, we has it extremely wrong from the get go. Continuity is restricted by preordain flow.

Our realities are just reckless versions and variations of wet primitively painted minds, transgressing one track oblivious to a now very provable fact (meike) all or actions are preordain, aberrations of inaction stain, that falls mainly in the vertical plains of disdain. Unnecessary grim narrow minded passage of time.

Every one of us has a few types of super powers, we are all clairvoyant, and has the capabilities to become oracles, touch healers, etc., and are able to view our future individual futures and others who criss crosses, zig zag, our individual journeys. The crises, and “funnel visions” we are facing unnecessarily relates to our accepted misconceptions of all our global realities, and world renowned ill-conditioning and barbaric separatist conniving devolving, debasing, devaluing brainwashing, that are mutilating and inhibits our very promising true futuristic potential.

There is a trillion shades of love, unfortunately the entire world is only conditioned to notice, not even the smallest fraction of them. “Real love, is collective love, Real love is an extremely rare day glowing aptitude and heighten greater good ability to love everything equally, long after the moment’s runs out.” Everything begins with a minus, with ample room for very rewarding additions.

Real love is an unwavering comprehension that everything, all of our action is constricted by preordain based on previous streams of events, the individual is trapped by past inactions, and doesn’t has freewill, to alter their unfavorable journeys.

The nicely done collective hive grapevine umbrella is a ghost town….everyone refuse to think outside of the less than ten cerebral processing powers.

Lost in volumes everything, and being an overripe false pretender.” Everyone is getting real primitive busy, scrambling counter intuitively to climb Jacob ladder to gain faire tale identities,” even though they are born super rich. They quickly abandon greater good sense and sensibility, to OPP for stay between can’t get right blurry lines. All the wrong ways of being are basically on auto pilot, teeming with subprime principles, beaming with separatist double jiggered edge, and the epiphanies of anti-collective hive skill sets. Everything that is that was ill design by people who only able to access less than ten percent of their brain processing powers, has always been wildly anticipated. Who knew the sweatiest thing anyone could do is become an obsessive active member of the collective hive grapevine umbrella, on the anatomic level. A terrifying intellect collective hive grapevine melt breakthrough found going with the preordain flow elated

“We are all the collective hive, delirious worst willing enemies. “Always putting the black OPPS kybosh on the collective hive. and “now for the break down, never going to get it, never ever going to get whole, the collective hive, never going to get our support, never going to get it, never, ever going to get a chance to be complete, not as long as the individual”

Everything is primitively designs

A non-primitive design, fashion, engineering, concepts, art, input, critic, writing, etc., is one that’s embodied and has maximum functionality, and maximum great good efforts. A tiny example clothing etc., have all the top fashion designers wrap their one-size-fits all couture minds around this. Clothing’s has so much wasted super potentials, just imagine what ingenious inventions, and lifesaving devices, that can easily be incorporated in all those wasted space. Clothing, etc., can easily be converted into futuristic smart clothing, buy including every ill-conceivable emergencies greater good supplies. everything our heart desire’s, emergency parcels, waste disposal, dental equipment’s, change of clothing, medical, water storage, solar power, heating and condition, emergency rations, and a whole lot more…

History of the mind boggling loops

The collective hive is a ghost town…..tumble weed

Cock crows, on your counterintuitive marks, get set with preexist mal conditioning, ready go, “come sip from the cup of destruction,” and use ice breakers do your west to collective hive grapevine umbrella nest

360 degrees, it’s all an obvious trap, conniving smear campaign against the collective hive, sold separately.

Existence detour, and took shocking and disturbing turns, settling for all of the primitive worst.

Directional judgement call, go right jive, must have it all anti collective dive

Killing us with clandestine excessive force, and smile til it hurts, foul mouth primitive kindness.

Everyone’s holler eventually, it’s not at all a random resemblance act, but an all-inclusive high traffic density padded precision statement sequel, a cry for collective hive intervention help, every split second loud global bell.

I wish I knew back then what I know now, in other gapping high flying bright red flags limbo in hordes of sabotaging words, allow me to cut to the chase, and postulate unnecessarily scared and bend, ill-fate comatose

Everyone is imprinted and rigged, tight lip misfit crawling, walking, and speeding right into non-descript anti-collective grit…

Confidently brandishing less than ten percent brain processing powers, to preferred a fool’s paradise’s. Fool’s paradises is where “everybody plays the fool sometimes, we all just taking turns, no exception to the unnecessary rules,” authorized imprinting in homes and schools. In all primitive environment you would find members of the collective hive fighting to fit in. (“when we have to fight we had already lost the battle.”)

“In order for systems to destroy us, we first must belong to it.” Almost everyone is borne into plethora of systems that own us. Education systems are mi’ programing us with wrong mindset, a mindset to declare, and constantly wage all-out dirty war on each other. All of these systems basically saying” don’t waste time pulling the gun out.”

“A little knowledge can be a very dangerous thing.” The most dangerous people are the ones with very little knowledge’s, it normal for them to respond with territorial dispositions. All global ill conceive idea of betterment is utilizing a troglodytes catch and release Stockholm syndrome game, a primitive magic trick done with a piece of paper, awards , trophies that doesn’t mean anything outside of the ones that are conditioned to belief in them.

We ae all snagged, mold, rig and imprint with ball and chain subprime principles, and all types of Stockholm syndrome ill-set dark forming third kinds mental slavery. Basically prep minds with crazy glue self-harming, separatist anti collective hive principles, to follow their twisted predecessors, and release us to do our very worst to each other, with accredited underhanded ploys and overnight primitive schemes. Recruit and lump together in captive audience environments where they have to seek out self-harming escapes, college students are more likely to seek out dangerous forms of escapees.

Education systems has us seeking identities and trying to fit in, even though when we was born we all already had identities, “and the universe thought we was a very good idea.”

Which makes schools such a dangerous set of conditioning and brainwashing us to waste most of our quality time remaining, “behind the enemy lines.” The entire educational system creates the best conditions to breathe most of our pressing issue. Most of the world’s population is constricted to go through the primitive oxymoron education systems. They are the means to a bitter ends, and most of our global situation, they operating of a percentage game, force teaching all of the same super nonsenses that “has been failing us miserably.” Whenever we have to try and fit in, in most case, it’s best to stay away.

All global education systems has been at the front burner of our progress and take a good gander at what they got us so far. Super primitive overzealous game. Globally all education system is turning out young minds to objectify and worship, money , fame, power, etc., and keep a greedy eyes on the prize. Naturally it spells out hate the misfortunate, poor, and to laugh at and bully elders that don’t fit the pristine selfish image… you can have it both ways.

We are all conditioned to turn into a selfish go getters as bunch of misfits. It’s excruciatingly normal to waste endless time competing in self-creating ground zeros, crooked playing fields, and toxic environments the backward one size fits all are force lumping young minds, in a problematic ”captive audiences,” and in the same disembodied ambient dismal lights, we want to know what’s wrong with this world. Lumping young minds with a little knowledge in a captive audience” ruthless and harsh environment is really “cruel and unusual punishments.” Students has to learn to be a survivalist, be the best amongst other misfits. It’s very “untidy logic” for any education systems to encourage competitions, contest, awards, atrophying every step of the way creating losers, and bullies. It’s all just extreme primitive educations systems, that convince young minds to be a master at facing corporate challenges, try our best to get over, or get one up on one another. It’s ok to use troglodyte’s sarcastic reckless acquisitions and careless show boating mergers. Every one of us are highly trained to enslave one another, manipulate others freewill and control one another’s freedom every chance we get.

School main business is intangible business, hope, empty promise, fantasy, etc. Any educational systems that teach anything that turn, pit, ignites, etc., a single member of the collective hive against each other are falsehood wizards, at rebranding juvenile empty promises, operating on empty rhetoric, “untidy logics,” to create commercialize and franchise fool’s paradises.

The education systems has been sending the wrongful and devious primitive messages that had to be conjured by troglodytes. It’s in the best interest of global education systems to keep us at all times, “less cognizant,” and live bait for a feeding frenzy for their partners in crime. Education system believe in primitive power schemes, which warrants, deceptive practices and primitive manipulations in neighborhoods that has concentrate poverty. Sneaky acquisitions and vile mergers, isn’t beneath them, it’s quite the opposite, any students that cross their narcissistic path, will be scarred for life.

All global educational systems are selling misguided hopes, and they’re the recruiting grounds, and obviously in cahoots with all of the other poison systems. Feeding us high expectation super nonsense where it involve a life time battling for fame fortune, power, to fit in, etc. higher education is primary responsible and ass-ist in all of their misconstrued enthusiasm of what is deem important decisions. Education systems is just design to create the unnecessary primitive company man and woman, beaming with subprime principles.

Eventually creating endless entropy, recidivism and linchpins. The higher education system are so clever, they out smart you from the beginning. Higher education even have a higher education class systems, how primitive is that. Wouldn’t it be in the best interest of the world and the evolutionary process for everyone to have easy access to all of their best options? Overly steeped in disinformation’s global education systems, are always raise the stakes to see how backwards they can go.

When higher education finish with you, you had inevitable had incur astronomical debts, and fees to them and almost everyone around us, “how can that be any good.”

“Super ignorance’s theoretical subverting science is way ahead of us, and globally it has us doing exactly what they want us to do.’

Mind your business, vertically challenged minds over matter

Return to sender, restless minds, mind hunters mind napping hot mess test, sapping stand the troglodytes test of time, do you know who I am, until we met our match, sense and sensibility detach

Anti-collective hive confidential informers, moles and night crawlers, separatist bawlers.

Another episode of everybody hates collective hive grapevine umbrella, everyone can ride off into the sunset elated with dayglow, and shine alike precious all-inclusive gems ion the sky…

We interrupt this mind field spiel, hypnosis, I insist, upload hit and miss misfit bliss progressive malware, white brainwash cognitive bender

Disengage cognitive complex range, billions shades of mind-elution grey, hop scotch splatter, on the double Dutch bus

Sneak peek, “he natives are restless,” “polishing upon acts of primitive retributions, wet jet setting minds pollutions

Spoiler alerts, under minding conniving flirts indoctrinating contusions

Red flags, dripping wet paint, wrap your mind around this

Moles identified, enriched brandishing tailor made sophomoric sophisticated exploits.

Higher levels of consciousness, is u submerge under the radar, off the grid, on the sidelines, mind luscious mind fest

Quest 360, it’s all just piping hot consistent taunting distractions from the super real big picture, high scores of graphic imprinting, loud cry’s for help impositions, and volatile escapes, that has always been, “fielding all of the, implode able wrecking balls.”

From the beginning we all has a secret pack with all of the wrong things. By the age of three we had learn to mask our best slimy, empty promise and creepy offerings encrusted with secret agendas, and profitable motives, master self-preservation, and conceal our kinds of highlighted ignorance’s, making us carbon copies of partners in subprime crimes. The circle of euphoric and hypnotic false starts, we all unstable floating and selling short, endless finish byproducts of negative subprime principles. We all might as well carry around a bag full of anti-collective crime scene dayglow tapes, we are taught everything that makes us a mole in the collective, spend all our precious time mastering our own personal brands of can’t get right crime scene, missteps, and super nonsense. We are all willingly herded gracefully into mistreating everyone around us, and treat them as pachyderms and their droppings. We are all misconstrued to milk every drop false starts, disillusions, and uncanny distractions.

Everyone is dupe from the very start, there is no getting around it, no revocation arenas. Everyone is constricted to spend our entire lives agitating, manipulating, undermining sabotaging, and attacking the collective hive from with our all access pass and super trust. They we procreate and pass down disfiguring hand me down self-destructive, crimes of passions, beta readers, book club embedded mind traps, subverting ploys, compromise writers, artist, actors, misguided bibliophile, book worms, hate, and all the wrong ways to proceed. Hate is virus, once you let one drop of hate in, wholesomeness is compromise, and our mind will progress and go dark to fine reasons to hate. Hate is a wild fire that spread in all direction of the collective hive, burning and destroying everything in its ignorant paths, or get into our ill-ways. We are always grazing in the wrong direction, oblivious to the greater good direction and the all-inclusive super real big picture, until we are all put out to Pasteur clutching on to whitewash and smoke screened scenes, we were type casted in, with all of the neighborhood pharmacies on speed dial, and a suit case of counterintuitive meds. It’s a mesmerizing super shame, that we are all born with a blank mind, yet we are willing to defend, enforce, go to war, thoughts, ideas, overripe beliefs, anti-collective, concepts and free range ignorance’s, that was conjured by people who was born with a blank minds, open book, with blank pages. Existence is easy as pie, only the super unnecessary is happening right now, all around the world. Direct results of past inactions, distractions, When we are born we are all born super rich, then we adapt all of the mi’ perception to leave us destitute and in a, can’t get right hitch-ditch.

Everything we are mi’ programmed with various brands of grand subprime mistakes, misleading forwardness, infraction, comprehensive amount of intangible super nonsenses, to rely on riveting myths, cooked goose missteps, and conciliatory fathomless ignorance’s. with vacant expressions, that was and is still till this day overly authorized to exercise a full range of super nonsenses, less than ten percent of our brain processing power is always going live, commando with full frontal highest level of collective hive all across the board super threats. Everyone is a mole in the collective hive, promoting anti collective subprime skillsets that has us symptomatically flipping the twisted scripts on one another. Overall we are all just settling for non-descripts tethering roller coaster seismic wave. All of our sense of directions are counterintuitive zig zag, infused with primitive power trip, naturally everyone around us subprime misgivings are always being spring on us and turning up out of the blue with uninvited overripe super nonsenses…

The big picture is frowned upon. We are always abandoning the super big picture and settling for dark rerun scenes. When we disregard the super real all-inclusive big picture we are unnaturally, abetting, and abiding by one-size-fits-all counter intuitive anti collective hive narratives, defending troglodytes customs, guaranteed to go super dark traditions and ethereal “pulp fictions” types disbeliefs, beliefs. Becoming battle ready to destroy collective evolutions, from within the collective, in which we are lifelong members, in our dual life forces.

“A sad commentary on today’s ill ideas of societies.” A message from our preordain sponsors….

This is a global collective hive referendum sign the petition with your smiling minds eyes… collective hive search party.

Pipe dreams you are now entering fool’s paradise……..

Everyone is on captain of a sinking ship, and a super jet graveyard spiraling auto pilot, aiding and abetting our worst nightmare’s to come true, and run us through and through. We all are just part of a circus acts, well-bred for a fool’s paradise. Living an easy existence the silliest, illiest and hardest unnecessary ways. Always rationalizing, when everything is going Deep South, confidently saying we are doing much better than the last set of piping hot mass graves mistakes. We all conditioned and brainwash to treat warm ignorance’s like precious cargos. “We really and truly are just merry bands global misfits, brandishing tough guy and tough gal routines.” Behind all that there is a fourth wall of secret pains. Everyone is in unnecessary secret pain. There’s no fools here, we all takes turn. “Everybody plays the fool sometime, there’s no exception to the rule….”

We are all condition to “live our lives like candle in the wind, relying on hopes, and always wishing that we can turn back time.

All of the easy available market intelligence isn’t, and never was precious cargo. Market intelligence can’t confirm, or deny they protected recidivism, entropies, and all of our linchpins with open budgets. And mortally willing to defend with black OPPS, and wells Fargo with war.

These sacred oaths all spells out whenever we subscribe to any systems. We agree to endure a life time of unnecessary short term and long term stages of subprime principles.

Global authorize mime grind, mercantile glow

Customs, traditions, and suspensions of disbeliefs, and OVER RIPE beliefs are a troglodytes hand me down crime

Subprime principles are the front runner, misleading us from the real big picture show

Who knew, renewed worlds non-descript disorder is our porter, and dumb waiter

Resourcefully admonishing herding fodder and spreading indecent subprime wretched flow

Confident adding our personal spin can’t get right slime, grey matter Sisyphean blotter….

Redundancies please grant everyone the same future wish, are always in a Petri dish, spew

We really don’t or can’t think everything through and through…

False sense of securities, and sugar coated fool’s paradises are everywhere, running things.

At any time everyone around the world must repeat this painful statement, I wish I knew back then, what I knew now….” If I do say so myself,” I wish I could of sit this one out. If I can turn back the hands time, hindsight, they all are heinous global redundant over watched a games, with hidden secret messages, highly aim at keeping everyone on double edge. We are all conditioned to remain oblivious to global legacies of evidence that is self-evident and prove without a doubt, everything is complete wrong about our perception of continuities, more than 98 percent of our violently intense process driven preoccupations We are all just excited and terrified at the same time, elaborating with sketchy motives, on ridiculous water boarding ignorance’s. We all are active reckless contributors, restricting evolution, and getting one another stuck in unnecessary unfavorable streaming preordain, trying some primitive forms of rebranded counter intuitive things. Everyone is pre doomed to say I wish I knew back then, what I knew now, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, everything is wrong, all wrong, we are just pretending and settling for the latest trending faux pas.

Never mind, No brainer, we are just overly well-conditioned to pick up where comatose ignorance left off, on the grave yard night shift and day shifts, to coordinates super nonsense. We don’t get it, if back then was wrong, and everything are an aberrations of back then, do the `sociopath math’s.

The collective hive anatomic complete all-inclusive mind melt is utilitarian.

The collective hive is the new evergreen sexy. The collective hive anatomic is in motion, and is fielding non aggressive greater good actions. Everything that occurs, happens in strict accordance within the scope of embattle HU Person’s activities from the beginning of inactions and actions, culminating into sealed streams and preset blocks of preordain. We all has adorable gifts and super powers, we are oblivious to.

Everything that happens, occurs must stay within the lines and preordain window of opportunity, it must run its entire twisted unfavorable and favorable courses, and eventually closure discourses. These theories isn’t new they has always been around, other wise the terms and words wouldn’t been serendipitously available. Everyone has always been responsible in many ways or another for a part of endless series of embattle unfolding continuities that shapes the quality of the future. Super news flash, everyone is brainwash, and conditioned, there is no way there is no two ways about it.

Everyone is a major and serious wacky subprime principle driving force, calling the hot pot shots, and dictating sensitive terms. Everyday subprime principles is a primitive “force to be reckon with.” championing unnecessary grim twist and weave hair pin turns. Second guessing how to be. Desperate to become a clogged drains, when their true very promising can surpass a sea. From the very beginning we all are bitterly conditioned and brainwashed to try and fitting, when in all heighten positivity’s, it was never in the best interest to try and fitting in to any or all of the counter intuitive systems firmly in place, with endless shades of open budgets.

Everything was poorly design by our ancestors and present authorities that are expanding upon ill foundations that was design by people who were only able to access a lot less than ten percent of their brain processing power. They grab hold of one-size-fits-all rudimentary concepts and they obviously ran with them, which culminating into all of our unfolding unnecessary pandemic.

Behind primitive “wants and trending brinkmanship’s,” pursuing reckless inactions the main sources of our global fruitless missions. 98 and half percent of market intelligences, is extremely compromise and are only “leading us down the wrongs fool’s paradise paths, psychopaths, and sociopaths.” They are just endless forms of merciless aberrations, of a preexisting heinous conditions… It’s brutally primitive to give to get, address and dressing to impress conquest. Overripe anti collective putrescence disinformation’s and well disguised sugar coated half-baked propaganda’s, has been allocated a wide preordain berth, with endless heinous open budgets, most of them have bullet proof motorcade.

The universe has always been interconnected. The greatest collective hive acts and sequels, is the hardest acts to commit. All of the customs, traditions, and especially beliefs systems are a log running traps, the super ignorance’s they are protecting arm to the teeth, are way ahead of the of us endangered our future and compromising our a block of the preordain flow. They has us playing the odds, while the deck is stack to the clouds, and seated on endless fault line, in direct paths of inevitable seismic waves. It’s not wise to make direct contact with all of the system that in reckless play.

“I am ready, and intensely open to receive of collective hive mind melt all-inclusive greater good abundance, with ease.

Existence has always been a collective hive all-inclusive hive global family affair… just a reminder in case your minds has been playing tricks on you, and you are still playing trending selfish primitive games, preoccupied using maximum primitive efforts, allow your mind to remain wet in rich varieties of overripe naked delusions. Crazy about the real way things really is, crazy does. “Temperament are early signs of questionable personalities.”

We ae just conditioned and brainwash to spend our entire life’s to be desensitized from the big picture, going pitch perfect dark. We all has volunteered or was sold by our handlers to be guinea pigs, willingly partaking in being a live experiments, an endless collective hive manipulators carbon copy makeshift self-appointed spoke persons for the entire collective hive.

Toxic authorities that creating selfish distinctions, those who has image repair professionals, that are quick to recant , never pausing to realized how much other quick sand faux pas they are knee high to crying donkey. “ value of protecting the community, by removal, how can a person claim to be protecting the collective hive , at the same time going pitch perfect dark, using one size fits all sub primes ideals, championing high definition fame, fortunes and power? We are over conditioned to drive a wedge between collective evolutions, and eventually abandoning the collective hive entirely, it’s a major and serious business master lock down plan of everyone’s daily routines. Our major malfunctions is competing with one another. When you use a broad perspectives, it’s no different from troglodyte’s completions. Competing is anti-collective and as primitive as we can remain, poised in bitter selfishness and well-polished and refine greed.

The many subprinciples attach to competitions, following the money, fame, and fortune by any means necessary, get rich or die trying. Money power and fame is our most dangerous enthusiasms, when we piece together all of our worshiping, respect, idols, heroes etc. they must have money fame or power, that makes us a fan, the precursor to fanatics, instead of being an umbrella attempting sheltering everyone, and every species into the collective hive, we are conditioned to be a groupies addressing our selfish primitive needs. “Whenever we run out of dress to impress, grandstanding distractions, money, fame, and power, etc., we inevitably runs out of the sentimental groupies, fan-atics, neighbors they attracts.

“Just one single out inaction, never really recognizing that’s just one of the endless mile high super nonsenses, that we are wizards at putting favorable narratives on, which has all of the authority to go ahead and forestall evolutions, and keep us knee high in sugar coated quick sands. Always be hungry for connection. Waiting for long running ripe lies to get declassified; life hack, brain hack, out of whack. “The enjoyment of scenery employs the mind fatigues.”

Full spectrums of up to no good user friendly “guilty secrets,” ear hustling above the idle small talk chatters, is now in the lime light. Self-promoting feedbacks, and airtight seal packages of long running lies, gives us “giddy sense of profound escapes,” and imbalances. It’s all challenging but fulfilling, is a basic grand part of our grab bags arsenals, and our failsafe security blankets. “And how is that working out for you?. “We don’t need to flirt with unnecessariness, and super nonsense, they will seduce us with our self-creating preordain awkwardness.” try and escape the overlapping of ripe confusions, “the damages is already done.” Incredible notoriously messy response, “you did it first argument doesn’t really stack up,” against in the grand scheme of continuity. Preordain streams has always been shadowing us, sometimes off the live walls, mesmerizing stall, spiraling grave yard fall.

Handsy-pansy full blown rouge guerilla operations, on the collective hive has always been sanctioned. Collective hive reveries, tailored to make a habit of doing ant collective things, people say we can’t do, and very risky and it has a serious price

Civilizes means, a listless lazy affections for the truth. Our entire identities, fuzzy ways of life, preoccupations is constrained devaluating by les’ dements screaming-fast-intense-financial-terms, and fatuous addictions baffling frenzy atmospheres. All’s fair trying get rich, “get rich by any means necessary,” “get rich or, die trying,” ‘show me the money.

Primitive ness has diplomatic airtight alibis

Missing equations

Complete streams of consciousness

Removing ourselves from every morsel of systems in play, and in effect

Anything that appears to be great, via smell, sights, and sounds, has a very high probability it’s a masquerader, with crouching subverting desires, hidden jargons

Primitive protections, primitive stench, and primitive surge protectors

Life jacket self-help uniform codes algorithm, to create the best collective all-inclusive versions of ourselves

Less than trustful, there is three- endless sides to every stories

Everyone are highly skilled in playing the victim

The very first game we learn to play as a child is hide and seek, since then it has progress into our current high flux state of being, and ego’s.

Primitive interferences is the culprits in all sanctums of our continuities

Most people are intensely preoccupied trying to control things out of their control, since our meike proves everything is preordained, we are on the losing ends of primitively wishing and dashing to make useless points

We are intensely seeking out, with robust courage others with counter intuitive interest and benefits

There is no such thing as an accident, since everything is preordain

Most people are in high gear and speed, although we don’t possess all of the comprehensive relevant information’s, this can’t be right.

Predators always, hold, and stand their grounds, towards the very last instance.

Confidential information’

Harried primitive consciousness, autobahn presumed innocent

Twerking Jewels of primitive ness

Youth spent in compromising primitive imposing positions, inevitable to seek thrust reversal clutching midlife crisis

Primitive game grand master, by product of disturbing market intelligence

Confrontational trigger happy, sloppy temperament, twisted ego’s pappy and bursting with love

Brooding growing bewilderment well-armed with one-size fits all primitive experiences

Life is synonymous with sporting events, and thrill kills, “spilled emotion,”

Primitive minds “traversing the passage of time….”

Engulf in early onset useless nursery rhymes

Undead Anti-collective porcupine slime

Walking’, imposing, running wild, playing dead to catch vultures, talking, brawling, balling, circulating, rising and falling, mauling, hazing, glowing, teasing, stuck, jumping, using ostrich hiding technique, seeking imaginary friends with benefits, terrorizing one another, craving all

Eyes darting, “wizards of lies” crafting overnight haunting pry’s, twinkling prepossessed eyes

Not resisting primitive arrest, can’t get right love fest, this is as good as counter intuitiveness can get

Twisted urgencies

Primitive royal highness, big picture distortions, super greed crave all morticians

Have my people, get in touch with your people

Primitive crowning, clown crowning, real court jester, anti-collective fester

Standard operating counter intuitive procedures

Pushing the envelope to new primitive heights

Lesser levels of consciousness, guarantees hot sticky mess

Minds behind the primes, perpetually otherwise engage, primitive wear, and tear

Rolling deceptions, borrowed time mime, nurtured to be prone for Nancy stories imaginary friends with benefits, nursery rhymes

Mi’ priorities, mi’ conceptions, following the money aggressions

Bright eye and busy tail deceptions, well composed dark affection

Glazed satisfaction, Dark Age speculations, subverting educations








Conscious levels make over

Tonight episode, whose primitive line is it

Nursing self-inflicted wounds, self-causing secret pains

Scarce sharp eyes for big picture concept, all-inclusive collective undiscovered

Pioneering misstep alley, valley streaming primitive liaisons

Mental magic

2017 Save the world peace healing mind melt futuristic song and dance

Come on everyone do the mind melt, wiggle your super computer brain, do the world peace healing mind melt

We are the collective hive has caring people everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, all creed and race has an equal mind melting pace

Do the brand new world saving futuristic song and mind melt dance

“Where ever we go, we will do the world peace healing mind melt,

“We will try our best , make it a greater good habit to leave it much better than we found them”

Reverse negative polarities with positive healing trajectory world peace healing mind melts

Doing the world peace healing mind melt, do the desire less, less is best world peace healing mind melt

We won’t give to get, “that’s doing business” do the global peace healing mind melt

Mind melt with a burka, mind melt from your car,

Today I ain’t doing nothing but the world peace healing mind melt

Read my limbo in minds eyes, world peace healing mind melt

Wiggle it just a little bit, you can do it, wiggle it a little further, prevent global crimes and murder

Do the world peace healing to everyone boogie, from where ever you are

Spin the story, Wiggle your mind and do the global peace healing mind melt

united we form collective hive umbrella, stop all wars global peace healing mind melt

bare for the world to see, unprovoked unsung heroes wiggling global peace healing mind melts

United world saving healing collective hive under one mind melt groove

Freestyle global peace healing mind melt, we are all unique individual on a collective hive journey bound to the future

Say no to customary subprime mental slavery, do the world peace healing mind melt

Come together non aggressively bust a united world healing mind melt improv

Global collective hive genesis umbrella; use your super powers to heal the passage of time…

Open season on united nation mind melt healing global feasting,

Send out a get well wishes to everyone, wiggle your mind, do the global mind melt,

“The need of the many, by far exceed the needs of the few”

Let your minds eye wiggle and shout healing peace energy all ,over the world

Send fiancé-wedding greeting, spin and wiggle out a mind melt

Everyone is a unique individual freedom of expression is limitless

Everyone spreading barrages of world saving mind melts, positive energy at large

It’s time we all are able to wake up in a world with endless peace do the June Segal mind melt Yakitiyak

Mind melt Completely form collective hive united global mind melt, “essence of all-inclusive vitality”

Everyone around the world Wiggle your minds, and any which ways you like do the mind melt

Do brand spanking new world saving healing song and dance bridge, do the Camelo Liuzzo Calabresse everyone is each other family shuffle

Kristina vaillant Dutch mind melt waltz,

Come on everybody unite globally and do the world peace healing genesis mind melt

Send healing peace and all inclusive love without borders

This the final frontier, the journey of the entire worlds population coming together under collective hive umbrella, doing the freestyle world peace healing mind melt boggie

send out generous amount happy birthday love to anyone celebrating their birth time

If you want to save the world, do the global mind melt, allow part of your super powers “travel and learn”

All countries facing tragedies, war, poverty natural disasters, and any kind of ordeals extra special peace healing mind melting wellniess thoughts coming at you to all the Special needs countries, Burma, Syria Palestine, Somalia, in Haiti do it with a C. Gesse smile, North Korea Nam Kim chi style, Romania, Chinese, do the Ukrainian, like Alex at metahana club, Turkish cradle, Kazakhstan shuffle, Nicaragua twist, Colombia jitter jerry Thompson street, like an Egyptian Mohamed 276 canal street, Angolan, Algeria, Russian Nigerian, Saudi Arabia royal family, Pakistan, Sajjad , Iranian, Iraq, Brazilian Elisane maniquin, Jamaican humble Danny ny, Trinidian steel pan groove, Olivia a Togo nationalist in Sweden

Stop using use every day subprime frets, do the global mind melt fete

Send greater good healing messages even pass Orion belt.

Do the world peace mind melt healing “boogie, world peace woggie”

Every one do the mind melt Wiggle it a little further, end all crimes and murder

Make a world saving bee line, just do the global shape shifting mind melt

Priority flash save the world peace sign just like Urma Thurman Pulp Fiction

Paint an all-inclusive essence of vitality mental world peaceful picture,

Crump it, bump to it, thump it wine it, break dance to it, limbo it, tango it, freedom of individual expression to do the mind melt fever

Make everyone happy, and pappy, bursting with world peace love, let the entire world know you care

Freewill for any and every one to wiggle their super computer mind, and do the mind melt

The world needs us, any kind of personal world healing expression, its world healing time

Show the world you care for everyone, we are the collective hive umbrella, “ella”

Do it in morning, evening, sunset, rainy stormy night the world healing mind melt

Completely formed global collective hive mind melt dip-set, do the twilight mind melt

Do the sunrise mind melt, you have free will to do your song and dance any which way you want

Do the mind melt inertia hum, whistle world peace healing tweets

Drum up world peace healing mind melt catchy beat

I am not going to be verbally abusive aggressive use violence any more,

I choose to walk through the evolving door, by doing the global healing mind melt

Do the global super power mind melt, done away with selfishness greed self-importance

#everyonematters, send healing energies all over the world.

Do the mind melt in the moonlight, sundrenched day light, do the insomnia mind melt

Just “wiggle it”, our mind “a little bit” wiggle your mind from time to time do the world peace mind melt

Do it the northern lights, grey sky over cast, dark night, do it like laurel model from seventh Ave south, and Clearwater Florida

Do the world mind melt to try and prevent natural disasters, send out preordain restorative grey matter

Wiggle your mind send mental telepathy healing, from where ever you are, bewitch it like Nicole k, and e Montgomery

Wiggle and Pelt your mind circumnavigating global mind melting healing cosmic FX bubbles

Let the world know you care, send a world caring mind melt through the Hubble,

Do the mind melt song and dance, don’t panic you can do it, whenever you are in trouble send out an S.O.S global mind melt

Send it through Seti, nasa, pelt saving mind melt healing priority to any and everybody,

Do the collective hive mind melt, pelt a positive vibrations to every nations,

Send to all of our collective contemplating suicide we care about you help, don’t let the grey sky bother you,

Healing mind melt to all of those dealing with terminal deceases,

We are the collective hive healing umbrella, mind melting world peace

All soldiers lay down your weapon, stand down count cadence mind melt, one two,

We could never use a negative to solve any global ordeals

Stop violence, stop subprime ethics, caring eyes unite, with the mind melt

Do a F. Rojas grand Jetta, let all-inclusive caring and sharing fetter

Curlon (chino) Mendez Atlanta bounce, Burt JR., east flat bush print shop, Dante, and Trini Donna east 59 street , Walter Capenter, Toni east ninth and cousin Benjie, father Pat east village,

Chester east ten street raw foods Tia chi, St Marks West Indian posse,

Pell street dragon, and Fernado Pak, Chester east ten street, slain artist Michael steward fiancé,

Mind Tanka first to spot the Al Qaeda invasion at 276 canal before 911, Tom st, mark’s place, the wonderful leading lady Eloise of st. mark’s place in the eighties, Richie (wolf and loius 327 bowery, mr g, and wife 311 east 71 st, Earl England,( leading lady Hannah from Boston, unforgettable at the Sob’s, Sound of brazil night club), blonde lady from winnerpeg, at the bar on first ave east village, Beverly lampkin, Sing canal st, china town, fook king jewelry, peter real estate agency china town, Turcon real estate 33 gold st, Aron japan, big joe, Bernard, Donald, and Haitian posse, rick Sheridian, 333 west 16 st, john whitten,

Only together as a collective hive we can achieve world peace

Aspire and send healing world peace mind melt world peace desires

Save the world by desiring less, send out love everyone mind melt

Mind melt for everyone, especially those who have special needs, that are facing any kind of ailments, impair, paraplegic, Siamese twins, handicaps, forgotten people, homeless, orphans, all of those in prison, healing solace for all victims of the collective is everyone family, one collective hive love

Stay tune, coming soon the secret of life mind melt

Collective hive genesis is uniting to offering world love peace healing collective hive healing mind melt.

Reckless uses and disuse, mi’ use down time, in there lies naked despair,

Spilled emotion acting in concert


The Art of World Peace

“Most of us are takers, that’s what we were all was molested, conditioned and overly brainwashed to do…” “That’s what we do for a fool’s paradise living….” During our entire life time, “degrees of unnecessary difficulties is always off the subverting charts.” Our life is systematically unnecessarily hacked, low levels of demented robberies of our, greater good sense of purpose, sensitivities, identities, etc., are always in gross progress. Take a greater good questing, what we are unable to see, are our linchpins. Most of us are just lending our senses to maintain our global interactive pandemic museums of everyday wacky subprime principles, steeped in overshadowing conniving decisive distracting rhetoric’s. That are accredited to be our main sources of international stabilities.” It’s not strange, nor deranged in the slightest bit, every single one of us are mi’ programmed to use every day patriarch, hierarchy wacky subprime principle to “add instant credibility’s.” We are always in our everyday preposterous wacky subprime element, that’s all we know, perturbingly expecting world peace to flow and grow.

  • Author: Sylvester Marshall
  • Published: 2017-01-12 19:05:12
  • Words: 44210
The Art of World Peace The Art of World Peace