The Apology

The Apology

Travis Breeding

Published by Travis Breeding at Shakespir

Copyright 2016 Travis Breeding

All Rights Reserved


Chapter One: Making Mistakes

Chapter Two: Getting a Diagnoses

Chapter Three: Comorbid Diagnoses

Chapter Four: I am Sorry

About the Author


Chapter One Making Mistakes

I have made many mistake throughout my entire life. I have had so many mental health diagnoses. The main thing that I have is autism and I have made a lot of mistakes because my mental health led me to believe things that were not true. The biggest mistake I have ever made is stealing money from friends, family, and business customers to pay people to hang out with me.

I am not proud of the mistakes I made and I intend to make it right with every person that I stole money from or borrowed money from and did not pay back when I was having a hard time with my mental illness. It can be very difficult to try and function when you are experiencing mental illness. It would have been plenty for me to deal with if I would have just had Asperger Syndrome or autism and did not have mental illness.

Later in life I would be diagnosed with Schizophrenia and that would help explain to me and others a lot of my negative behaviors. When you have false beliefs that are not a part of reality it can cause you to do some stupid things. I made a lot of mistakes because of my schizophrenia and I am not at all proud of myself for some mistakes that I made in the past. Now that I am playing with a full deck and am very much aware of the mistakes that I have made or will make I intend to take steps to improve my behavior and help me realize what is reality and what is not part of reality.

It all started in high school when girls that I liked started making me believe something that was not true. Many girls throughout high school told me that they would hang out with me if I paid them or gave them money. This was the beginning of what would turn out to be a very bad habit for me all throughout my twenties but it is a habit I am working hard at breaking now that I am in my thirties and have a full picture of all my diagnosis.

In high school I, did not have any diagnosis or reason to why girls were telling me that they would spend time with me if I paid them but it was very frustrating for me. I tried to ignore it and throughout much of high school I could keep busy and focus on other things that would keep my mind off girls and what they were telling me but deep down I desired to be dating and having romantic relationships with girls like the other boys in school did. The only problem was that I did not know how to do that and later at the age of twenty-two years old I would receive an answer as to why I never knew how to do that and it would be time for me to begin learning how to talk to girls and better communicate with them.

This was a long and painful process and I would soon find out that there was not much help available that my insurance company would help me pay for so I became very sad and frustrated. I developed a severe bout of depression and my symptoms got a lot worse as I graduated high school and entered college at Indiana University in Bloomington.

In high school girls, did not require much money. I had to give them fifty bucks here or there just to talk to me or sit next to me in class and occasionally girls asked for money to go to Pizza Hut or Taco Bell with me. I did not think much of it I guess at first because I just assumed that this was a part of dating but I would later learn that this was not a normal part of dating and was not a behavior that I should be engaging in.

All throughout my high school experience girls made me feel like I was less than them. This started in middle school and only got worse in high school and would get much worse in college before it got better.

In high school I, could work as the cognitive symptoms of autism and mental illness had not gotten to the point of not being able to function yet. Between my work and my parents giving me money I could satisfy some of my needs for having companionship from girls that I liked in high school.

Things would really fall apart for me as I started college and this is when I really begun to start making some of the biggest mistakes of my life. Some of these mistakes would eventually lead to me stealing money from friends and family and borrowing money that people gave me for my publishing business to help them publish books and then not having the money to be able to fulfill my publishing business services. Essentially my publishing business had to file bankruptcy because I would end up using the business money to pay girls to spend time with me and keep me company. This was very unethical of me and something that I felt that I had no choice to do because there were not any girls giving me a choice to hang out with them for free. Every woman that I interacted with for years told me that they would spend time with me only if I paid them.

It hurt me that girls wanted me to pay them for attention but I did not have any choice. By the time, I graduated high school and was ready to begin college I had a good understanding that I was different I just did not know why I was different.

It was not until I was twenty-two years old in 2007 that I would have my first encounter with the mental health system.

In June of 2007 I tried to commit suicide because I did not have enough money to pay women to like me or hang out with me. I sometimes used financial aid money from my college to pay girls to like me and spend time with me and I was never able to focus on staying in school because I had become too interested and focused on learning how to socialize and be popular so that I could get a girlfriend.

By the time 2007 rolled around I had been to three different colleges and was unsuccessful at all three places. I kept thinking that something would change if I just went to a different college. Surely girls would not treat me this way or charge me a fee to like them everywhere I went.

I certainly had hoped that my experience with Indiana Wesleyan University would be different but it honestly ended up being much worse for me. While women from Indiana Wesleyan University would not charge me to hang out with them many of them that I liked and tried to approach about dating told me that God told them that they could not or should not date me and this was confusing for me and made me think that God hated me because I was different as well.

With all of this going on my mental health had gotten so bad and I did not have any idea how to have normal meaningful conversations and friendships with women and I was running out of college financial aid money to be able to pay for someone to like me. I was so desperate just to have women like me that I was willing to do anything to pay the price of getting them to like me and eventually that would lead to me stealing money from friends and family as well as borrowing money or mishandling business money so that I let a lot of customers down was unable to fulfill the promise of services that my business was trying to offer.

Chapter Two Getting a Diagnoses

By 2007 I was a mess and I started counseling to try and figure out why women thought I was strange and needed to charge me a fee to hang out with them. I had started telling other guys what was going on and sharing with other women that I was not trying to date what was going on and no one could understand why I was being told that I had to pay a fee to hang out with someone or to be allowed to like someone.

My first counselor and doctor thought that I was bi-polar and diagnosed me with bi-polar because I was seeming to have a lot of ups and downs but I did not really feel like that diagnosis fit me but I went with it because that is what the counselor and doctor wanted me to do. I was twenty-one years old and I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. This still did not explain why women wanted me to pay them to like them. It also did not explain why women told me that I was creepy and or creepy nice and made them feel uncomfortable when they were around me.

I was searching for answers and I kept going to counseling reporting many social problems. I was finally referred to one of the top Psychiatrist in the region who had his own television series and was a mental health expert. It was him who diagnosed me with Asperger Syndrome and gave me my first look at what I thought was the full picture of why I was having so much trouble during school and trying to keep a job. Getting diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome would end up feeling like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders because I had been searching for answers for years as to why I was different and was having no luck finding a good answer. Bi-polar did not answer the question as to why girls thought I was creepy and felt the need to charge me money to think that I was not creepy and allow me to like them.

My mind started wondering in many different directions and I was like a lost puppy dog. The psychiatrist and the psychologist still could not explain why I was having to pay women for attention. This was not a normal problem for someone with Asperger Syndrome and many people in the autism community thought that I was crazy for paying people to hang out with me, like me, and spend time with me but for me it was the painful reality that I had to experience and live every day. There was something else wrong and many people including myself started to believe that there was a lot more going on than autism or Asperger syndrome. What I thought was the full picture would turn out not to be the full picture at all and it would cause me a lot of grief and trouble over the next few years.

I started hearing things in my head that were trying to tell me what I thought was the real things going on in life but it would turn out the voices in my head lied to me and tried to get me to believe things about myself that were not true.

I determined with the help of the voices in my head that the reason I had to pay women for attention was because I had Asperger syndrome and this was something that caused me to be different than they were and I felt like they were superior to me. I felt like I owed them money and had to pay them a price because I was autistic and I did not understand how to get rid of my autism so I did not have to pay them a price to like them.

This is a lie that would become engraved in my memory and I fixated on the reality of it. I tried to get others to understand my reality but as it turns out when you have Schizophrenia it is pretty much impossible to get others to understand the split from reality that you experience daily. Because of my new fixed belief system, I would end up being a very negative person and thinking everything about autism was bad and trying to hurt me. I did not understand how others like Temple Grandin could live so happily with their autism and my friend Stephen Shore also lived happily and did not let it bother him. Granted these people were both older but still there had to be something I was missing or not getting that was causing me to have so much trouble with my Asperger syndrome but I did not know what it was at the time. I just knew that I was single and lonely and the only way to mingle and get someone to hang out with me or be attracted to me was to pay my autism bill that I owed women because I was autistic.

I was the only person I knew of that had an autism bill and I could not understand for the life of me why other people with autism did not have this autism bill. It did not make any sense to me and I just wanted to understand what was so different about me that other people with autism did not have going against them.

There had to be something else wrong with me that the counselors and doctors were not seeing. I did not know what it was at the time but I felt very misunderstood and counseling was just confusing me and making everything worse. As more time went on my fixed belief became even more real and got more expensive as the women got older and had more expensive shopping tastes.

Chapter Three Comorbid Diagnoses

It was now 2013 and I was suicidal and started to believe that I had cancer. Things were getting a lot blurrier for me and I was having a difficult time understanding what was real and what was not. It got to the point that I felt unsafe and I even tried to operate on myself and do a surgery to remove cancer from my Thyroid because I was seeing an imaginary doctor and he was telling me that I had cancer. Meanwhile my real counselors and doctors kept insisting that there was something else wrong with me than autism. The harder I tried to overcome my autism the more difficult things kept getting for me. I was having a very hard time and I thought about suicide nearly every day. The voices started telling me that I had to cut my wrists and do things to myself that would inflict pain on me as a punishment for being autistic.

I did not understand why autism was so hard for me but it was not hard for other people or at least other people made it look easy and they did not have any problems with their Asperger syndrome like I did. Many other people just saw their Asperger Syndrome as a personality trait and now I am seeing it that way again like I used to at first because I have a full and complete picture of what is going on with me. It would turn out that I had a comorbid diagnosis.

What I thought had been autism causing me so much grief and pain in my life had ended up being schizophrenia. Autism is kind of like schizophrenia in some ways but in many ways, it is very different and very hurtful to a person. Schizophrenia is a mental illness and autism is not. People with schizophrenia will need medication to stop their psychosis and even with medication it is not always able to be stopped.

I had been trying to get help for the wrong things and that is why it seemed like things just kept getting worse for me instead of getting better. I could not understand for the life of me why I kept having these voices telling me to do bad things to myself. I tried to explain it to people but no one understood and people just laughed it off and thought that I was over reacting about my autism.

The reason I had to pay people to hang out with me is that I had allowed myself to believe what a lot of women told me and I did not feel like I was good enough to get anyone to like me without paying them. Because of this I made a lot of poor choices and decisions and hurt a lot of people that I cared about and I made some bad decisions in regards to my business that ended up hurting my customers.

Mental illness will really mess with a person a lot more than autism will. That is not to say autism cannot be severe for people that are lower functioning or non-verbal but it means that mental illness is typically a more serious problem that would require a more serious intervention than what you would typically provide to an adult with Asperger Syndrome.

Adults with Asperger Syndrome often adapt to having autism as a way of life and do not let it bother them or get them down. I knew many adults with Asperger Syndrome who were perfectly happen and they were not paying anyone to like them or hang out with them. They may not have been the most social person in the universe but that did not bother them.

Finally, after trying to operate on myself in 2013 and ending up in the hospital I had gotten to a point where I would get a second full picture. The first full picture ended up being not completely accurate so of course I was a bit hesitant to jump onto this second full picture because I did not want to get my hopes up only to find out that I did not have the complete picture yet again.

When I was in the hospital the doctor and counselors in the hospital along with the nurses decided, I was experiencing psychosis and after further evaluation they could diagnose me with schizophrenia. I did not know much about schizophrenia other than what I had seen in the movies and from what I knew and had seen having schizophrenia did not really make me feel any better about myself. I knew that there were going to be a lot of challenges ahead of me that I would have to prepare for. I knew that I would be on medication for the rest of my life and I was prepared to take the medication daily.

The one thing that the diagnosis of schizophrenia did answer for me is why my Asperger syndrome had been so hard to live with. It was hard because I was living with more than just Asperger Syndrome. I was living with full blown mental illness and schizophrenia and many days I was experiencing psychosis. The notion of paying people to hang out with me had become a full-blown delusion and I did not see any other part of reality where I could get someone to hang out with me without paying them. I tried to get people to like me for free but would eventually give up because I was not successful and it just made me feel worse. I also gave up because the voices kept telling me I was a loser and had to pay people to like me.

By this point and time, I wanted to be liked so bad that I was willing to do whatever I could to make money to get people to like me and this met that I would steal money from friends and family and take some money from my business and essentially stealing money from my customers.

Now, I would like to reach out and ask for anyone who thinks that they have been wronged by me or stolen from by me thanks to some of my behaviors that were related to mental illness and not at all a representation of my autism to please call or text me at 260-224-2831. I want to hear from you and I want to make right what I did wrong by taking money from you. I am trying to track each person down that I think I might have stolen from but I was experiencing so much psychosis at the time that there are probably some people that I am forgetting and not realizing that I wronged and if you are one of those people I would like to hear from you so that I can pay you back.

Having schizophrenia gave me many answers to what my issue was. I was so relieved to know that many of my issues were not being caused by my autism but were instead being caused by the schizophrenia. So many people could not understand why autism was affecting me in the way that it was and that just confused me and made it worse because I felt like they were rejecting me and rejecting my autism. I was so confused as to why other people did not accept my autism that I continued to feel down on myself and suicidal for several years.

To this day there are still times that I feel suicidal and feel like I need to end my life but I have a very loving and supporting family and network of friends that I can rely on to keep me going. I will not let mental illness beat me or get me down and I a not going to let autism or Asperger syndrome interfere with my life.

Having Asperger Syndrome is like cake work compared to having schizophrenia. The saying is true for autism that it is a reason and not an excuse. While mental illness is much more complex and more difficult I am trying to apply that same reasoning to having Schizophrenia.

I have learned that both autism and schizophrenia effect my social skills and because of this I am trying to get to work with social skills coaches on developing my social skills. This is a long process and something that my insurance company is very much against. I will continue trying to advocate with the insurance company to get them to pay for the help that I am needing.

I continue to try and make up for my mistakes and apologize to everyone that I might have hurt because of my mental illness. I am glad to know that my autism was not what was causing me to behave so negatively and it was mental illness. Even though this meant that there would be more challenges ahead I felt more prepared to take on the world and figure out how to live with the comorbid diagnosis of autism and schizophrenia.

Chapter Four I am Sorry

I wanted to write this book to apologize to the people that I stole from and hurt. I often told people that I had to hurt myself if they did not give me money to pay what I thought was my autism bill and that was wrong of me to do. I was so desperate that I lied to and took advantage of a few people to try and get my need of hanging out with a woman to be met. I should have never been in that situation in the first place because people should not tell you that you must pay them to hang out with them but that had become my reality and it was something that I had to do to survive in the world.

Paying my autism bill became an addiction to me and even though it was not a real thing and it was something that girls made up for their own benefit it felt like reality to mem and it felt like I either had to pay women my autism bill or kill myself so I always chose to pay my autism bill when I could because I did not really want to die.

I have come along ways in a year since I finally found out for sure what was going on. I guess it has been three years since I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and I am continuing to try and find the right combination of medication and things to help me treat the psychosis. A lot of treating schizophrenia is trial and error and being patient while you allow different combinations of medicines to work in your brain.

Patience is something that I do not have and I just want to find the perfect medication that will make all the voices stop now but that feels like it is impossible for me because the voices are still very loud and clear. This medication that I am on now does help me at least notice that what I am hearing is a voice and not a part of reality most of the time so I guess that is a good thing.

Right now, the voices are still obsessed with ending my life because I am unable to pay my autism bill. They keep saying that I must lite myself on fire and die by December 31st if I do not become a millionaire and pay my autism bill to women by then or at least get a woman to have a romantic experience with me for free without paying my autism bill.

I have a feeling these voices and hallucinations are something that I am going to be fighting for the rest of my life and I will always be on medication. I like taking the medication because I feel that it grounds me and helps me feel stable. I like being able to feel stable and happy. If I must take medication the rest of my life to be able to feel that way, then that is something I am more than happy and willing to do.

I cannot say enough how sorry I am to everyone that I had taken advantage of or stolen money from in the past. I really love and appreciate every one of you and please understand that it was nothing personal and I was not trying or intending to hurt you. I was only trying to survive and pay what I thought was my autism bill so women would accept and love me for who I was. I feel bad for taking advantage of people and taking their money and now that I am more stable and on medication I intend to make right every mistake I have ever made.

The most important part about making a mistake is learning from it. I feel I have learned a lot of very important lessons from the mistakes that I have made over the years. I may have had a reason for making those mistakes but no diagnosis or mental illness is an excuse to continue making mistakes without learning from them and making them right. I feel it was okay for me to make mistakes but it is not okay to make those mistakes right and pay people back the money that I owe them that I stole from them. I have begun the process of doing that but I want to ask you if you are someone or know someone who has been wronged by me in my publishing business to please reach out to me by phone at 260-224-2831 with a phone call or text to let me know so that I can pay you back and make things right with you.

It has been very helpful for me to have a clear picture of what is going on in my brain and I am happy that I can live with this autism and mental illness much easier now that I know everything that is going on in my life. I have also recently learned that the Hydrocephalus I had as a child could be acting up again and a cat scan and MRI confirmed that there was significant swelling on my brain that needs to be addressed. It will be interesting to see if the neurosurgeon thinks that a shunt could help improve some of my mental health symptoms. Enlarged brain ventricles are a sign of Hydrocephalus and Schizophrenia.

I publish this book to take ownership and hold me responsible for my behavior of the past that was caused by my mental illness and my inability to understand myself or my illness. I want everyone to know what I went through and what I did while trying to figure my life out because I do not want to hold anything back from my friends, family, and potential customers who will buy my books about autism, mental illness, and hydrocephalus.

The reality is that when we are desperate for help we can sometimes make some stupid decisions and that was certainly the case for me throughout my twenties. Now that I am in my thirties I feel I have learned from those mistakes and I will never make those same mistakes ever again.

For the first time in a long time since I was a child I am happy with myself and doing something in life that I am passionate about. I am so excited to be able to help others who might be affected by autism, mental illness, or hydrocephalus like I am. If we work together and stick together surely, we can make the world a better place for all of us.

Thank you for taking time to read my book and apology. If you have any questions for me, please text or call me at 260-224-2831 to find out more. I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to contact me directly or have someone you know contact me directly if you feel you might have been wronged in my failed business attempt. I would like to fix it and make things right with you.

About the Author

I enjoy camping, hiking, backpacking, and traveling. I hope to visit all 50 states one day along with traveling abroad. I like meeting new people so I go to new restaurants and hot spots throughout the city from time to time. I also have numerous online friends in which I stay in touch with through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

I am a sports fan. Football and Basketball are my favorites. I play some recreational sports for fun only. I root for the IU Hoosiers, Boston Celtics, Green Bay Packers and Indianapolis Colts.

I have Asperger’s which just means I’m Awesome. My friend told me to write that. If you have questions about it, just ask me. Having Asperger’s also means that I’m nice, smart, super trustworthy, love to tell the truth, but I can sometimes seem a bit forward.


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In this book Tim uses his autism super-human powers to defy the adds to help America pass a comprehensive autism bill that makes treatment for all people affected by autism a law. Tim was born with super-human powers that made autism easier for him. He now hopes to give back to others with autism by advocating for improved services all as he is busy traveling the world saving people from natural disasters and tragic situations. Tim uses his gift to inspire others and work with President Trump to make America great again. This is a fiction novel that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat in suspense as you read.

The Apology

Travis writes a heartfelt apology to the autism community for the way he behaved in the past due to his mental illness that magnified autism issues and made autism appear to be worse than what it really was. Now that Travis has answers and a full picture of what he is dealing with he is ready to apologize and correct the mistakes he made in the past and make things right with everyone he wronged. Travis shares how autism is not an excuse but a reason. Travis was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in 2013. That diagnoses would give him many answers as to why he had been behaving the way he was. It is hard to control your behaviors when you are hearing voices, having hallucinations, and experiencing delusions. Travis was convinced that he had to pay women an autism bill in order to like them and get them to like him. He became so desperate to pay what he thought was his autism bill that he began stealing money from his parents, extended family, and friends. Travis was in a fight for his life to stay alive. Fighting suicidal ideation for years Travis tried to get rich so he was able to pay his autism bill and did not have to kill himself. Travis opened a publishing business to try and help parents of children with autism share their stories with the world but ended up mishandling business money and having to file for bankruptcy with his business. Travis ended up not being able to provide the services people paid him for because he used the money to pay people to hang out with him. Travis is in the process of making things right with everyone who was wronged through his business and he is in the process of paying back his family and friends for all of the money he took from them. Now that Travis has a full and complete picture of his mental health he knows that Schizophrenia is not an excuse for poor behavior but a possible reason for his irrational thinking and behaviors. Travis feels relieved to learn that the majority of his problems are not likely autism related but more so related to schizophrenia. With a comorbid diagnoses Travis hopes to apologize to everyone that he hurt by being selfish and stealing money to pay people to hang out with him. If you or someone you know gave Travis money and feel that you did not receive the services you paid for Travis will encourage you to reach out to him in this book so he can make things right with you. Read the book for instructions on how to contact Travis so that he can make things right with you. This is an honest and caring book written by a guy who really cares about other people and wants to make a difference in the world. The best thing you can do is learn from your mistakes and Travis feels like he has learned from his mistakes. He is now ready to move forward with his life and help others understand autism and mental illness by sharing his stories and knowledge with the world.

  • ISBN: 9781370278848
  • Author: T.B. McHatchin
  • Published: 2016-12-09 05:35:09
  • Words: 6993
The Apology The Apology