The Angels Talk About Omnism

The Angels Talk About




Kim Jensen

and the Voices in Her Head



Published by Kim Jensen at Shakespir


Copyright 2016

“It’s all real.”

Hello dear angels.

“Hello. It’s all real. All the legends. Yes there is going to be an alien invasion but the world has been prepared.”

“We agree. There are so many Gods out there in the polytheistic faiths. From Yoruba to Chinese mythology. Greek mythology. Native religions. The belief in all religions is called Omnism.”

“Yes many religions are regional. These represent the aliens who will be coming and have power over their region. Right now they are logging in to the game of earth as one of these deities.”

“Like we covered in the last book there are 7 saviors. These are the ones who will have control over the new programming on humans and earth.”

“But we’re not too sure if we got who is who right. There are some we want to add in.”

“Okay. Let’s try and be more clear. There is one main God. we thought there were several.”

“Yes one main God with 7 saviors. The world is a simulation. The gods use technology to interact with earth.”

“Satan also has 7 saviors because the beast in Revelation has 7 heads. Judgement day will come and people will end up with a savior. They will also end up with polytheistic gods which control their region.”

“Everything makes sense. Religion makes perfect sense.”

“The saviors offer varying degrees of freedom. For instance intersex Jesus that we found in the Gospel of John clues offers sexual freedom.”

“Yes where Catholic Jesus doesn’t seem to offer as much freedom. But you could get bumped to intersex Jesus after judgement day.”

“Yes it’s where you end up that will affect your future in the new world order. “

“Okay so we also have a New Age savior.”

“Yes New Age is one of God’s seven sides. There are 7 as is indicated in the book or Revelation. 7 spirits of God.”

“We believe New Age is one. It’s difficult to tell which is what. For instance some might say New Age is with Satan. Others might say Islam is with Satan because it is so strict and some use it for evil purposes.”

“It will be revealed to us one day. Where everybody finds out who is their God. We assume the Satan saviors don’t have it as good for their people.”

“Okay so if all these legends are real for the regions…”

“Yes everything is real. The aliens have prepared us.”

“What about Luke Skywalker? He’s a legend.”

“Luke Skywalker is real. A lot of people have jediism as their religion. The world is a simulation. Heaven is a more advanced place in another dimension that is also a simulation. Luke Skywalker can make it from there to here. It would make sense that some true mythology would appear in modern time.”

“Yes on the other side is Darth Vader. I dont think Luke and Darth are regional. They are global. Luke is one of the 7 saviors we believe. Darth is a savior on satan’s side.”

“Yes I think God’s saviors are Krishna. Jewish Savior. Protestant Jesus. Catholic Jesus. Intersex Jesus. Luke Skywalker and a New Age savior, who like the Jewish Messiah is prophesized to be, he is from earth. Maybe a she. We’re not sure.”

“Some people might be chosen that are humans on earth now to be in charge of their division. They wil be saviors alongside the aliens. There is probably an atheist savior. We are worried he is on the other side.”

“But a level that is better than other levels of the other side.”

“Yes of course you would rather be with atheist savior than with Darth Vader.”

“King Arthur is also coming. The world of Camelot is real.”

“But that’s a regional God. He will be King over the British Commonwealth. It is interesting that John F. Kennedy was obsessed with Camelot. We always think the presidents know something.”

I used to think they had telepathic technology over people. Now I’m not so sure, but I believe they have a connection to aliens.

“They do. The truth shall emerge. The aliens shall come and we shall know it’s connected to religion.”

“It makes sense. All the religions make sense. It’s not just one.”

“Judgement day is coming. It’s important to have faith in God.”

“But some versions of God are mean and judgemental and don’t care about charity. They might not actually be worshipping God.”

“No it might be one of the 7 forms of Satan.”

“If you are a good person with faith in God you are probably with God. The ‘force’ in Star Wars is very much like Brahman in the Hindu faith.”

“Yes it is.”

“Well that’s the game. Remember the highest scorers over their lifetimes become gods for the next earth.”

“Yes the religions carry on.”

“The aliens are so cool. We love them.”

Yes we do. And God who is outside the simulation. He is the God for several earths with the same religions.

“Thank you God for creating us.”

Yes thank you God.


The Angels Talk About Omnism

Omnism is the belief all religions are valid. If the world is a simulation and there is an alien invasion it is possible the different gods and goddesses of mythology and legends represent these aliens.This might mean other legends like Star Wars are also real. This book covers this topic in a telepathic conversation with angels.

  • Author: Kim Jensen
  • Published: 2016-09-12 21:50:08
  • Words: 865
The Angels Talk About Omnism The Angels Talk About Omnism