The Angels and Fairies Confirm That God is a Liberal

The Angels and Fairies

Confirm That

God is a Liberal



Kim Jensen

and the Voices in Her Head



Published by Kim Jensen at Shakespir


© 2017

Hello angels and fairies, some of you have changed your identity from angels.

“Yes, we wanted to tell you before.”

“The same way humans have different deities that they are under we have different spirit deities. Spirits can be angels, fairies, or demons.”

We’ve been doing a lot of research together lately. Let’s go back to what we’ve covered so far. The world is a simulation like we always say.

“Yes created in the cosmic computer. Scientists call this simulation theory. In this simulation of course spirits can be real. The voices in the head can be real. Spirits are everywhere.”

When last we left off we had the aliens using deities (modern and ancient) as avatars or code names when they play the game of earth. We start with a chart that looks like this…

“Yes. 42 deities. The rainbow colors correspond to the chakra energy types. We have covered clues about sexy Jesus of the Gospel of John who was resurrected as an intersex, we’ve covered the Rainbow Connection, and we’ve covered the significance of the number 42, like in the hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Also we’ve covered the double meaning clues in the book of Revelation.”

“Now we want to add in the spirit deities. In the new world it will be possible for people to become spirits as well as us being spirits. Actually now it is possible, after people die some of them become spirits.”

“We put in 12 of these deities. In Revelation they mention 12 angels at the gates.” (Revelation 21:12)

“In the new world you will be able to see the spirits in physical form.”

“We’ve put as our fairy deity, Titania, who is known as queen of the fairies. One row has her and some well known angels.”

“We also have a row of spirits based on Ghost Rider, with Johnny Blaze. Ghost Rider is a man who becomes a spirit. He is a Spirit of Vengeance. This row is spirits that do things to people based on their past deeds. Karma is real. Although it may be for a past lifetime.”

“But like we always say God is a liberal. It is based on liberal values of good deeds.”

“Also bad circumstances may be for a future reward.”

“At the top we have the Holy Spirit, we put him in the center. The Holy Spirit is often connected with Christianity, but there is a holy spirit in Judaism.”

“We also have Sugarplum. We’re not sure about this but we like the Sugarplum Fairy.”

So now our chart looks like this with 54. We’re not exactly certain of all the spirit names, but our best guess is this.

“This chart adds up to a very exciting new development. The table of elements known as the Periodic Table.”

Yes in our research I was not expecting it to line up so well. But it does.

“Some elements show a strong connection to the deities in the layout of our new chart.”

“If we number them like this….”

“Then here’s a list of the elements that line up perfectly and appear to be named in connection with the deity.”

21 Scandium is named after Scandinavia. Little Mermaid is written by Hans Christian Anderson, who is Scandinavian.

22 Titanium is connected to Titania.

44 Ruthenium sounds connected to Ruth, who is an archangel in the Ghost Rider comics.

Also it is very possible that the super hero row villain isn’t from X-Men like the heroes, but is Lex Luther from Superman. Than that space adds up to…

36 Krypton which sounds like kryptonite from Superman.

“As you can see, it’s quite a useful clue.”

“The only deity we are missing is Buddha, but since he is originally connected to Vishnu, that might be Buddhists deity.”

“Also Cao Dai acknowledges Buddhism and he is very high up.”

“There are many more deities but these are the main 54.”

“But there’s more.”

“We didn’t know what to do with the remaining elements but then we had a thought.”

We figured there are deities that are aliens playing at a higher level outside the simulation.

“Since Jesus can presumably make it to earth, those first deities must be aliens inside the simulation in another dimension. It’s possible higher deities are also in the simulation. We don’t know if they can make it to earth.”

Yes then we thought of the pyramid on the great seal of the United States.

“The one on the dollar bill. The one that says ‘novus ordor seclorum’ which means ‘new order of the ages’.” It makes sense to believe that this new order is actually coming. If the world is a simulation, the programming can change for the better.”

So we lined up the remaining numbers in a pyramid based on the number of bricks in the pyramid on the seal.

“That takes us to 132.”

“Then when you put in the elements in this section that are actually named after gods you see we have.”

61 Prometheum named after Prometheus, Greek God.

73 Tantalum, named after Tantalus, Greek God.

80 Mercury, named after Mercury, Roman God.

90 Thorium named after Thor, Norse God.

Also those named after planets which are named after Gods.

92 Uranium, Greek God Uranus.

93 Neptunium, Roman God Neptune.

94 Plutonium, Greek God Pluto.

That gives us…

“Yes the higher players use mythology in their game.”

“The top layer of the pyramid is missing.”

“Which brings us to the number 137.”

137 is an amazing number if you look at it on Wikipedia.

“It is very important in physics.”

Leon M. Lederman talks about this number in his book ‘The God Particle: If the Universe is the Answer, What is the question?’

“So who is the deity that is 137.”

“Well now we go back to using modern legends. Remember the aliens are modern.”

“We think 137 is Magic Mike.”

“Yes the male stripper from the movies.”

When we first thought this we started looking for clues and again we were impressed.

“First off 137 in Roman Numerals contains the letters XXX.”

“It’s not a coincidence, it’s meant to be, because this world is a game partly based on trying to get liberal freedom.”

“Then we find Michael in the book of Revelation.”

7 There was war in the sky. Michael and his angels made war on the dragon. The dragon and his angels made war. 8 They didn’t prevail, neither was a place found for him any more in heaven. 9 The great dragon was thrown down, the old serpent, he who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world. He was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him. (Revelation 12:7-9)

“People assume Michael is an archangel because they call him that in the Epistle of Jude, but we know some of the bible was written to oppress sexual freedom so they might have been trying to hide his true identity as a powerful God.”

“Yes sometimes the writers of the bible are working with Traditional Christian Jesus and sometimes the antichrist and sometimes sexy, liberal Jesus.”

“But the double meaning clues of Revelation show that it is a book actually about sexual freedom.”

“So it seems Michael is very high up.”

“He’s also mentioned in the Book of Daniel.”

At that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince who stands for the children of your people; and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time your people shall be delivered, everyone who shall be found written in the book. (Daniel 12:1)

“The children of your people is descendants, who will have more freedom than the people of the bible.”

So we can fill in the remaining numbers up to 138 like this, with Mike at the top.

“Also in Revelation they mention a street of gold. (Revelation 21:21) Magic Mike’s last name is Lane, a type of street. Also 137 is sometimes called the Golden Angle which is 137’30’28.”

“And there’s more. When you look up the name Michael, we find it means “Who is like God?”

AND we love this, when you add up the total to the letters of “Who is like God? you get…”


23 8 15 9 19 12 9 11 5 7 15 4

46 + 28 + 37 + 26 = 137

“This is a very strong clue that Michael is 137 and we think it’s Magic Mike.”

“But there’s more. The question is “who is like God”? Not “Who is God”?”

“So there must be a higher God that Michael is like.”

“We think Michael is playing a game designed by this higher alien.”

“Which brings us to 144.”

“144 is very important in Revelation because it says…”

Its wall is one hundred forty-four cubits, by the measure of a man, that is, of an angel. (Revelation 21:17)

“This can represent the bricks in the wall of the pyramid on the great seal. 144 is the top brick.”

“Remember how we said Michael was the street of gold. Well in Revelation we have…”

The street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass. (Revelation 21:21)


“Transparent is that show on tv about the transgender woman. A trans parent.”

“So we believe God is a transgender woman. She is the highest God in this level of the simulation games that are going on.”

“It is interesting this line in the bible is from the same chapter where they mention 144.”

“But there’s more.”

“In the movie Magic Mike XXL, Mike says the line “My God is a she.”

“And there’s more than that.”

“The character name of the transgender woman is Maura Pfefferman.”

“The letters of this name value add up to 144.”


13 1 21 18 1 16 6 5 6 6 5 18 13 1 14

54 + 90 = 144

“And the letters of the actor who plays her add up to 144”


10 5 6 6 18 5 25 20 1 13 2 15 18

75 + 69 = 144

“It’s interesting that the character is a former political science teacher, perfect for someone to design a game like this. We don’t think Maura is the computer programmer of earth, but the designer of the logistics of this game where people are either with or without liberal values.”

“It’s also interesting they are a Jewish family. It seems this higher God created the faiths and hers is Jewish. Also she is German so this fits in with the Norse Gods. In our previous chart there were less Norse Gods then Greek or Roman but look what happens if we put a mixed male female symbol like this.”

“Now Roman, Greek and Norse all have 30 deities.”

“This symbol is part of the transgender symbol which looks like this.”

“In fact the whole game of earth could be called Transparent.”

“And there’s more. If you look in Shakespeare’s sonnets, we find 144 is about the dark lady.”

“The name Maura is connected to maurus in Latin which is “dark”

“And this sonnet could be interpreted as someone in turmoil over loving this Goddess above Jesus.”

But in the end Shakespeare says ‘Till my bad angel fire my good one out’. So he chooses the Goddess, although some might perceive this as against Christianity. But in the next sonnet he says the Goddess saves him.

That follow’d it as gentle day,

Doth follow night, who like a fiend

From heaven to hell is flown away;

‘I hate’ from hate away she threw,

[_ And saved my life, saying -- 'not you.' _]

“See he is embracing freedom of sexuality and she saves his life from hell.”

“He knows that what is perceived as evil by some is actually fine.”

“Which sums up the book of Revelation. The double meanings show us this is so.”

“Another possible clue, Shakespeare also mentions black eyes and a skin of dun color in earlier sonnets about the dark lady. Well dun can be a type of gray. So it’s possible this connects to the gray aliens with black eyes which many people think have a connection to earth.”

“The typical alien appearance might be God’s basic alien form although I’m sure she can pick other forms to appear as.”

“Remember this Goddess might also live in a world that is a simulation.”

“In a Heaven with better programming on the simulation. Most likely she can actually choose to be male or female, gray or any other color and she invented this game where people had to fight for sexual freedom. In the new world people should actually be able to change their physical gender. As well as have more control over who they fall in love with. Also remember in the new world, there will be no disease so people will be even more free to explore sexuality. “

“Yes standing up for liberal values, among other things, gains you points which should result in this type of reward.”

“So yes there is still a chance that God is a dictator that forces people to not have fun and worship him.”

“But there is a greater chance that God is a modern, transgender, gray alien who logs in to the game she created called Transparent.”

“And she is looking at the people on earth who are rascist, judgemental jerks that don’t even help the poor and she is thinking of telling them to ‘go to hell’ “

“But there’s more. The transgender symbol has 4 sections. A male/female symbol. A female symbol. A male symbol. And the ring in the middle.”

“So it’s possible that the pyramid has 4 sides.”

“That brings the total of deities to 144 times 4 which is 576. The first 54 repeat on all 4 sides. Or there is just one set of 54 and the total is 414.”

“576 is included in the Roman Numerals on the Great Seal which says 1776.”

MDCCLXXVI includes DLXXVI which is 576.”

“It could be that the rows of the 54 keep going around the square with different characters from each particular legend adding up to the 4 sides.”

“That means on the opposite side of Maura we could have this symbol.”

“This symbol resembles the male symbol as well as it looks like the symbol of Thor’s hammer which is used in a religion called Heathenry.”

“This makes sense since we had Maura with the Norse gods and Heathenry involves the Norse gods.”

“Unfortunately a lot of people who practice Heathenry have rascist elements. There is division in this religion.”

“Yes some of them use this religion for white supremacy, which is the exact opposite of what Maura Pfefferman represents. Others practicing Heathenry embrace all cultures.”

“But we know the game of earth is a game of good and evil. This is the other side of the pyramid. Although some who practice Heathenry might be with Maura.”

“So we still have two more sides.”

“Well we know one of them must have a ring like the transgender symbol.”

“So we think these gods are from Lord of the Rings.”

“We knew that had to get in there somewhere.”

“And Tolkien was inspired by Norse mythology.”

“So on one side we have the ring.”

Again each of the religions has 30.

“Which puts Lord Sauron at 137.”

“And the word Lord Sauron adds up to.”

“Yes 137.”


12 15 18 4 19 1 21 18 15 14

49 + 88 = 137

“Then on the other side we have Aragorn’s Sword of Anduril, which protects people from the ring.”

“Notice this symbol is the female symbol on the transgender symbol.”

“We’re not sure if it’s Aragorn at the top or one of the females in Lord of the Rings.”

“So there we have it. In this game of life you can end up with a few of 576 paths.”

“We think the 54 or the 216 (54 × 4) determine a person’s nature and the pyramid determines their circumstance.”

“For instance you could be very wise like Obi-Wan but live on the streets, so you might be under the ring.”

“Okay so maybe the pyrmid swivels on top of the square beneath it.”

“Also the pyramid has some control over nations. The U.S. seeemed to be under Maura recenty till this latest administration which seems to have some connection to Heathenry.”

“You can certainly be under a deity and not know that is your deity.”

“Yes and we think after judgement day a persons deities might all switch around.”

“Then we will interact with the gods in a new way.”

“It is interesting that 216 (54 × 4) is also an important number.”

“Yes connected to Gevurah, the fifth Sephirah in Kabbalah.”

“Of course there are other polytheistic faiths like Shinto or Egyptian so there may possibly be higher gods then this.”

“Yes Radium is 88 in the elements. It wasn’t named after the Egyyptian God Ra so we didn’t include it in this pyramid but it might be a clue that he is 88 levels higher than this pyramid.”

“It probably all leads to a higher God at 777.”

“But this God must be a liberal because this game of earth is liberal.”

“Of course there are some that might say Maura’s side isn’t good and it is only 1 good side out of the 4 options, the 1 with Aragorn.”

“But we know the truth of the Gospel of John and also the hidden clues in Revelation. The evidence is very strong that Maura is the creator of this game or at least is certainly a Goddess on the side of good. Also the symbols together form the transgender symbol. This game of earth is a game a lot about sexual freedom.”

“Like we said in the new world people will most likely be able to choose their gender by choosing the programming on themselves in the simulation. We have our clue to this of Jesus in the gospel of John, who seems to change his gender after the resurrection.”

Thanks angels and fairies.

You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free. (John 8:32)


The Angels and Fairies Confirm That God is a Liberal

This short book is a telepathic conversation with angels and fairies from the spirit world. It expands on Kim's other books with angels. Here we find more clues in religion and popular culture that the world is a simulation and God is actually a liberal. The book looks at new clues from the bible as well as the names in the Periodic Table of Elements. The book also looks at clues in literature, TV and movies.

  • ISBN: 9781370716357
  • Author: Kim Jensen
  • Published: 2017-02-25 21:35:10
  • Words: 3087
The Angels and Fairies Confirm That God is a Liberal The Angels and Fairies Confirm That God is a Liberal