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The Andromedan Chronicles

p(((())))={color:#000;}. The Andromedan Chronicles

Among the Stars Volume One

Written By

C.O. Amal


Copyright © 2016 C.O. Amal

Published By C.O. Amal on May 2016

4th Edition

All rights reserved


Shakespir Edition



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This book is a work of fiction. Names and characters are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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To my father and mother


Table of Contents

Book One: Journey to Planet Green


Part 1: Message from the Deep Space

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Part 2: Away from Home

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Part 3: The Green Planet

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Part 4: The Mysteries

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Chapter 20


Book Two: Battle for Planet Green


Part 5: Race for the Cure

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Part 6: The Mysterious Gas

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Part 7: The War

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Part 8: Earth’s Destiny

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Chapter 20


Book Three: Return of the Andromedans


Part 9: A New Hope

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Part 10: Enemy’s Secret

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Part 11: The Final Battle

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Part 12: Mourning Earth

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Chapter 20


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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7


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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5


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Book One: Journey to Planet Green



Two men are running through a narrow corridor. One of the men is an old man with beard and moustache and the other one is a middle aged young man with clean shaved face. They are in fact running from something or someone because their face is filled with panic. They stopped running when they reached an intersection. Two paths merge in front of them and the corridor is lit with small incandescent lamps.


“Jasper which way to the control room?” The old man asked.


“Right. Definitely right.” Jasper answered.


Both of them ran through the corridor on the right side. Some kind of growl can be heard in the background. Finally they reached the exit. The door in front of them is made with steel and it looks very thick. There is a control panel on the left side of the door which is lit with orange colour. The old man opened the folded control panel and switched it on. Instantly the screen showed a prompt to enter a password.


“Jasper this thing requires a password. What is it?” The old man asked.


Jasper was looking behind him for any near danger.


“Try Six-A-Nine-B-One-C-Five-G-R-E-E-N” Jasper said. “I hope they hadn’t changed it.”


The old man entered the password and suddenly the door opened with a loud screech. Both of them entered inside the room in front of them and closed the thick steel door behind them. The growl in the background increased with each passing second.


Jasper switched on the light in the room and suddenly the room lit with white colour. There is about ten computers all arranged near the walls. Jasper went near one computer and switched it on.


“Are you sure you can contact them?” The old man asked.


“I am well sure. One of their satellite is in our range and I can easily hack into it.” Jasper said.


“Then do it fast. Those things are almost on us.” The old man said. “But what puzzles me is that how are we supposed to wait until they reach here? How are we supposed to hide from those creatures outside?”


“Don’t worry there is about five cryogenic chambers right under this room in the basement. On the far corner of this room there is an elevator to the basement. After we contact them we could go in there and hide as long as we want, until help arrives of course.” Jasper said.


After a moment the computer finished booting and the window to enter the password appeared on the screen. Jasper quickly typed in the password and suddenly the computer began to operate. Jasper searched for a software named HACK THIS and he opened the software. With a moment’s pause the software started up. Jasper masterly typed in the necessary commands and quickly a diagram of a satellite appeared on the screen. On top of the diagram a small window showing the progress of hacking appeared.


Suddenly the steel door in the room began to vibrate. Something outside is trying to thrash open the door.


Bang! Bang! Bang!


“Samual, I don’t think that door would hold long. You must barricade the door quickly while I do the hacking.” Jasper said to the old man.


Samual quickly paced around the room in search for things to barricade the door. He dragged the tables to the front of the door.


“Now I don’t think they will get through this.” Samual said.


Outside the growl increased.


“Samual, come here I am inside Earth’s network.” Jasper called out.


Samual went beside Jasper and looked at the monitor. The monitor is black and a message indicating that hacking is successful is displayed. A moment later the monitor began to show video feed. An old man around in his late fifties appeared on the monitor. There is about five people looking at Jasper and Samual from behind the old man.


“Hello. Are you guys earthen?” Samual asked.


“Yes we are.” The old man answered with perfect joy in his face.


Everyone beside the old man is looking at Jasper and Samual with excitement. Relief washed over Samual’s and Jasper’s face.


“We are calling from Planet Green in the Andromeda galaxy and we need your help. We are on the verge of extinction. We really need help in terms of medical and military. Can you help us?” Jasper asked.


“Help? Out of nowhere in the Andromeda galaxy? What is the problem you’re currently facing?” The old man asked.


“Look mister. We are possibly the few of the humans left alive on this planet. If you don’t help us there won’t be any humans left alive in this planet. We do know about your recent breakthrough in wormhole travels. So please show us a little kindness. Our time is really limited and we don’t have whole day to discuss everything with you.” Jasper said.


Suddenly with a loud bang the steel door bent inward on top from outside. Something is trying hard to thrash open the door.


“Please send us help fast.” Jasper said in panic.


Suddenly with another loud bang the door parted.


“Jasper they are inside, run.” Samual yelled.


Jasper quickly stood up and ran for the elevator.


“What is happening down there? I don’t understand any of it.” The old man asked with shock. But no response came from Jasper and Samual.


Jasper quickly reached near the elevator and switched on the elevator. The elevator with a loud thud opened its door. Jasper got inside and looked for Samual. But instead of Samual what he found is blood sprayed on the floor. Jasper made an ear breaking scream.


Suddenly the computer monitor which earlier showed the old man went blank.

Part 1: Message from the Deep Space

Chapter 1

Chicago Space Observatory 2074 A.D.


Thomas drank his morning coffee while checking an image of a galaxy. The image is breath-taking, one send by one of the Atlantis space telescope orbiting around Saturn. Getting old is making him mad. It is been a long 20 years after taking this job as an astrophysicist. He love this job more than anything. He gets to see the amazing, astounding images of visible universe before anyone else sees it.


“Sir, you need to see this…something came up from one of the Atlantis satellite orbiting Pluto. We think someone outside our galaxy…from Andromeda galaxy is trying to contact us through radio manipulation technology.” A middle aged woman said while hiding her own excitement.


Radio manipulation technology is one of the newer invention made by scientists. It allows to communicate with distant planets through video link. It is a solid piece of tool that can establish video conferences instantly however large the distance is.


“Okay, I will be there in a second” Thomas said with excitement that cannot be hidden.


Thomas has been searching for signs for extra-terrestrial life forms for nearly his entire life. And now there is some extra-terrestrial life form that is trying to contact us, humans. He knew there was some life outside our galaxy or even within our galaxy. He never stopped searching even when he found no signs for life outside earth. But now things have changed. The long waited moment have arrived.


He walked toward the communication room as fast as his legs could take him.


“Where is it?” Thomas asked.


“Sir, here” The communication specialist announced.


Thomas walked near him and sat in the chair in front of the monitor. He frantically typed some commands and there it is, the video connection has been established. On the screen two men or two humans who are frightened by something is visible. One is around in his fifties and the other is a middle aged man. Both of them are in panic and sound of something thrashing metal can be heard in the background.


“Do you think they speak English?” Communication specialist asked.


“Let us try” Thomas said.


Hello Are you guys earthen?” Suddenly the old man asked.


Thomas sat back with astonishment. He couldn’t believe what he is hearing. They could speak English. He immediately returned to the real world from his own thoughts.


“Yes we are. Thomas said.


We are calling from Planet Green in the Andromeda Galaxy and we called you for your help. We are on the verge of extinction and we really need your help in terms of medical and military. Can you help us?” The middle aged man asked.


“Help? Out of nowhere in the Andromeda galaxy? What is the problem you’re facing?” Thomas asked.


Look mister. We are possibly the few of the humans left alive on this planet. If you don’t help us there won’t be any humans left alive in this planet. We do know about your recent breakthrough in wormhole travels. So please show us a little kindness. Our time is limited and we don’t have whole day to discuss everything with you.” The middle aged man said.


Suddenly sound of something thrashing metal can be heard in the background.


Please send help fast.” The middle aged man said with panic. His eyes are filled with tears of fear.


“What is happening down there? I don’t understand any of it” Thomas said.


Both men are startled by the presence of something else. And their panic grew as time passed on. One second they were on the chair in front of the computer, next they are sprinting away from the computer. A loud thrash on some sort of metal can be heard in the background. Something is thrash opening the door. And based on the sounds it appear that the door have been parted.


Then he saw it. Thomas’s eye could not believe what he is seeing. Some kind of wolf-dog hybrid is chasing the two men. And in fact one of the hybrid dog had captured the old man. Old man didn’t made a sound, the dog bit him on the neck and dragged him through the floor. It made clear why he didn’t made a sound. The middle aged man is nowhere to be seen. He must have somehow escaped. But then the ear breaking scream of the middle aged man can be heard in the background. And then the sound of some machinery can also be heard in the background.


The communication room filled with panic and people began to murmur. Before long the link went dead. Thomas backed away from the monitor.


“Sir, what are we going to do? They requested for help. You have to send help, right?” The middle aged woman who earlier informed him of this asked.


“Let me worry about that, meanwhile you go ahead and find out the exact location of the transmission.” Thomas said.


“But we already know the exact location.” The woman said.


“And where will that be?” Thomas asked.


“It appear that they are in the middle of the Andromeda galaxy. A planet we called HB-49 to be exact. It is situated in the Rodent one star system similar to our solar system. We call it the Green planet like they did.” The woman said.


“Okay, send me the data and search for the region of the planet from where the transmission had arisen. And Jenny one other thing, if we are sending a ship to that location you will be in that team. Are you ready for it?” Thomas said.


“With pleasure sir.” Jenny said.


With that Thomas left her, and walked toward his room. Jenny jumped with excitement although a little fear is left in her. But by the time they reach there she is afraid that whether everything turns upside down?

Chapter 2

Space research center, Outskirts of Green Planet 2074 A.D.


Jasper barely escaped from the hybrid dogs. Fortunate for him the elevator still works. Poor Samual. Without him he wouldn’t have survived this long.


Where did they came from? What is this plague on human kind they had unleashed? Questions are echoing inside his head. What will he do next? Will Earth send help? Green planet’s occupants were aware about the presence of other life forms outside their planet for generations. But they kept it as a secret all this time. This Green planet is like a twin of earth but greenery is left only in this planet. Ancestors of Green planet’s occupants were explorers. They had made English a popular language in the Green planet. Because of that he is able to contact the earth station and able to communicate with them with ease.


Jasper disabled the lift from the basement. This basement is like a bunker. Thank god they made this. He looked around him for anything he could use. Those hybrid dogs are still making those hellish sound. It’s like they would never leave him alone. Those dogs are trained to hunt humans who have escaped from the plague. What will happen to the plague victims? Who will give them medical treatment? He is afraid whether he is the only human being left alive on this planet.


Suddenly something came into his view. The cryogenic chambers. Five of them arranged in a circular fashion. He could hide in there until the help arrives. But if help do arrives they needed to know that there is a person left alive in this place. He could leave a sticky note in the computer monitor indicating his survival status. But for that he have to go to the control room again. He couldn’t forgot about Samual’s death. Samual has been ripped apart by those hellish dogs. Those dogs may still there waiting patiently for their meal. Jasper decides to go there again but at evening, when he made sure those dogs are nowhere to be seen.


He only have to wait a few more hours for that. He hope the enemy doesn’t know English, if unfortunately they passed by.


He waited a few hours and then he activated the elevator. The elevator door burst opened. He entered the elevator and tuned his ear for any sounds. They must had left him, he thought. He has to take this risk. He closed the elevator door and pressed the ascending button. The machine, with a loud sound came to life and he began to ascend. He hopes the dogs haven’t heard the sound of the elevator.


Elevator came to a halt when it reached the control room. Elevator door automatically opened. He braced for something to jump at him. But nothing came. The room is empty. The surrounding is silent. He immediately went to the nearest computer and write down his status on the sticky note. When he is finished he pasted that on the computer monitor. He then sprinted for the elevator without thinking twice. He pressed the button to descent. The elevator starts to descent. Thank god, the power is still not affected. There was no blood stain on the floor. It’s like those things have licked everything.


Elevator door opened and he entered the basement. He disabled the elevator and went near one of the Cryogenic chamber. He set it to open only by external manual means and opened the chamber. He began to undress. After he is done he entered inside the chamber and closed the door. He hopes Earth will send the rescue ship. And then he went to hibernation mode.

Chapter 3

Washington DC, White House


“Mr President, these people may need our help. We have seen what those animals had done to one of those men. Green Planet’s people may be an advance civilization, but we think their defence systems are vulnerable. They are desperate. Since we have accomplished wormhole travels we could reach there in approximately one year.” Thomas said.


“And by the time we reach there do you still think these inhabitants will be alive?” President asked.


“It doesn’t matter, what matter is that there are other living organisms outside our planet. We could research there. But if those hellish dogs are still out there we may need military help.” Thomas said.


“Okay, I grant permission to go down there, and also see if I can provide some kind of military help, defence minister…, do you have anything to say?” President asked.


“I will make sure that the research team will get complete protection. Our elite troops are always ready for some mission” Defence Minister said.


“Okay, then this meeting is dismissed” President said.


Thomas walked outside board room. His assistant Jenny was waiting for him there. “So how did it go? Did president agreed to send a rescue ship?” Jenny asked.


“Yes, he agreed to send a space craft there with a team of scientists and a team of elite military personal. We need to find the best medical team. Do you have any suggestions for that?” Thomas asked.


“I think Doctor Graham and his team are the best” Jenny Said.


“Who?” Thomas asked.


“Doctor Graham, the best medical researcher in America. He is the one who found the cure to cancer.” Jenny Said.


“Oh, I know him. Then let’s meet him as soon as possible.” Thomas said.


Graham is the one who found the cure to the Cancer. He is a leading researcher of WHO and his team will be perfect for this mission.


Thomas and Jenny exited the white house. And they got inside the car. “So where can we find Graham?” Thomas asked.


“He lives here in Washington DC. Since now we are here let’s check on him in his house.” Jenny looked in her tab for his availability. “He is on leave and his house is couple of blocks ahead.”


“Then let’s go there, we don’t have any time to waste.” Thomas said.


Jenny drove the car toward Graham’s house. “So what do you think about the Green Planet? Those people mentioned about being the last of the humans. They also mentioned that there won’t be any humans left if we don’t rescue them. What do you think of that?”


“I don’t know! But I do think they are in grave danger. Those hybrid dogs are nothing like our regular wolf or dog. They are much bigger and I think they are trained to hunt”. Thomas said.


“So you think another intelligent life form is responsible for this massacre?” Jenny asked.


“It is a possibility. If it is true we may also be in danger. That’s why we need to reach Green Planet as soon as possible.” Thomas said.


“There it is, Graham’s house” Jenny said pointing to a house painted in blue colour.


They exited the car and walked towards Graham’s house. Thomas pressed the bell switch and an old man around in his fifties opened the door for them.


“Yes, what can I do for you?” The old man answered.


“We are looking for Doctor Graham” Thomas said. “Is he home?”


“Well, you found him!” Graham said.


“Well you’re nothing like I have seen on television.” Thomas said smiling “We are coming from Chicago Space observatory and we have an important matter to discuss, only if you don’t mind.”


“Not at all, come inside” Graham said.


Thomas and Jenny quickly got inside the house.


“So what is the matter you want to discuss?” Graham asked.


“We found life outside our planet, in Andromeda galaxy. We are looking for a research team to go there. We already got permission from our President. So are you in?” Thomas asked.


“Life outside our planet? What is the nature of it? And how did you find out?” Graham asked.


“Yesterday some men in the Andromeda galaxy, Green planet in the Rodent System to be exact, contacted us via one of our Atlantis satellite, by Radio manipulation technology, and we think they are on the verge of extinction.” Thomas said.


“Are you saying that there are humans outside our planet and you got in a video conference with them?” Graham asked.


“Yes! As a matter of fact.” Thomas said.


“When are you leaving?” Graham asked.


“Tomorrow.” Thomas said.


“Well then I am in. If there are life outside our planet I want to see it too.” Graham said.


“Then come to Chicago Space observatory tomorrow with your team.” Thomas said.


“How many are you expecting?” Graham asked.


“We are going there in Class B Skylark ship with capacity up to hundred. A team of twenty scientists will be enough. We are going with other about seventy Military personal. All research equipment are aboard the ship. You have to take only the necessary tools.” Thomas said.


“Then see you tomorrow at the space observatory.” Graham said.


With that Thomas and Jenny left Doctor Graham’s house.

Chapter 4

Los Angeles, Barracks


It is normal day for Sergeant Samson. He sighed after the long day’s training. He went to the bathroom to take a shower. During the shower he thought about all the time he has been here in the barracks with no real mission. He is been in service for over five years now but with no missions.


After the shower he went to the cafeteria to drink the evening tea. All his mates are already there discussing something. “Hay, what are you all discussing?” Samson asked.


“Major want to discuss something important to us. He called a meeting at 5’O clock” A corporal answered.


“We think it’s a mission.” Another corporal said.


Finally a mission! Samson thought.


Everyone entered the meeting room with great expectation. Everyone is waiting for a real mission and finally this could be their salvation. Major is sitting patiently in his chair. With him are two unknown personal. One is an old man in his fifties other is a middle aged woman.


“Welcome everyone, today we are going to give you the long waited mission” Major said. “With me are Jenny a young Astrophysicist and Professor Thomas who is also an Astrophysicist. First we are going to show you a video. Jennypher, please play the video.”


Jennypher, Major’s assistant switched on the projector and a video of two men starts to play. Those two men are requesting for help. Then they are running away from something. Next moment a large wolf-dog hybrid emerged from a thrash opened door. The door is appeared to be made of steel but the creature thrash opened it. One large dog captured one of the men by biting in the neck and starts to eat. A horrific scene.


“These people contacted us through radio manipulation technology from Andromeda galaxy. Planet Green in the Rodent system to be exact. These hellish dogs seemed to have hunted down all the humans on that planet. It’s going to be a search and rescue mission along with some research mission.” Thomas said. “This planet support life, which is an amazing fact. All this time we have been searching all corners of our visible universe for a planet that support life and now people from out of nowhere have contacted us for our help.”


“As you have seen, these dogs are capable of many things. So President himself have given us the permission to use the newer technologies and new devastating weapon systems on that planet. You leave tomorrow morning in a Class B Skylark ship which is capable of wormhole travel.” Major said. “People, this is the moment you have been waiting for.”


“These men you have seen on the video mentioned about them being last of the humans. So we need to be prepared for a war” Thomas added.


“Do you have any questions?” Major asked.


All are happy about the mission. The long waited mission have come to them. A mission on another planet.


“Sir, do you think the air in that planet is breathable?” Corporal Sandy asked.


“We have no idea about that, as a precaution we are going with a specially designed mask which convert any atmospheric gases into oxygen.” Thomas said.


“Well then return to your rooms. Weapons will be inside the ship but you are advised to take your assault rifle with you as a precaution.” Major said.


Everyone starts to go to their own rooms.


“What happens if all the humans are hunted down by the time we reach there?” Corporal sandy asked Samson.


“I don’t know man, they said about some research, I think we are to assist the research team and provide them protection from those hellish creatures.” Samson said.


“Are they going to take all of us in?” Corporal Sam asked.


“I don’t know that either. But Skylark is supposed to have crew capacity of hundred. So I think they are going to take us all in.” Samson said. “It’s been my dream to go to space. But we are going to another galaxy. Which is making me extra happy.” Samson added.


“I am afraid of that creatures, what if our bullets don’t work against them?” Corporal Sandy said.


“Don’t worry man, they are going to give us the best available weapon technology, so no need to worry. Anyway only time will tell the truth.” Samson said. “Besides if I die down there I get to die on another planet which is great thing right?”


No one said anything. Samson couldn’t hide his joy knowing that he gets to visit another planet in another galaxy. And it appear that, that planet also support human life. Even though they don’t know whether the air is breathable for us, knowing that, that planet support human life is a great news. After all, we aren’t alone in the universe. Green planet, what a peculiar name for a planet, Samson thought.


It is a new era of space adventure. First scientist made a breakthrough by the invention of wormhole travel, now the discovery of life outside our planet earth. Samson couldn’t hide his enjoyment. Tomorrow he gets the chance to use one of the advanced war weaponry.

Chapter 5

WHO Research facility, Chicago


Doctor Graham hurriedly walked toward the meeting room. As the head of the research department it is his job to make sure everything goes according to plan. He have called the meeting as soon as Professor Thomas left his house. Sounds are reverberating inside his ear due to the long journey in the helicopter.


Graham reached the meeting room and opened the door. Everyone were waiting for his arrival. Everyone is with a surprise look. Graham drank some water in the bottle on the desk and cleared his throat.


“As you may have guessed I have an important matter to discuss with you. Earlier today I met two Astrophysicists of Chicago space observatory and they claim to have found life form outside our planet in Andromeda galaxy. And they have asked me to lead the research team who is going on this mission to Andromeda galaxy…One Green planet in the Rodent system to be exact.” Graham said with a deep breath.


“What kind of life form? How did they found?” One of the men asked.


“They said some humans on the Andromeda galaxy contacted them via Radio manipulation technology. And these men in the Green planet have asked for help, they also mentioned these people are presumably on the verge of extinction.” Graham said.


“Sir, if they are on the verge extinction and if it is due to some pandemic how can we assure that it does not transmit to us.” One of the female staff asked.


“At this point I can’t promise anything but by the time we reach there a lot of things will be different.” Graham said. “In this mission I need twenty volunteers who are willing to go with me to this planet.”


A lot of hands raised and they all are willing to go with him.


“Okay then, all of you can come, we will leave in the morning, pack your essential things only and meet tomorrow morning at this place. A military helicopter will be here to escort us.” Graham said.


With that everyone start to leave the room to pack their things and to say goodbye to their loved ones.


Twenty five personal are coming. They said twenty. I am sure they have some space left. Graham thought.


It is a hard job being the head. You have to take the full responsibility for everything. But life on another planet and it is being humans is a great news. If they are suffering from some kind of pandemic he need to take the precautions and should take the serum extractor device with him. Serum extractor is a special kind of device which can extract the virus or pathogen that is causing a disease. Cure for many diseases are found by using this device.


He made a mental note on the things he needed. The Genometer is also needed. It can identify the features of DNA in minutes. Once he is satisfied with the equipment he is taking he start to pack things. They said all the equipment are aboard the ship. But as precaution he took some equipment too.


Since his wife passed away few years ago he don’t have to say goodbye to anyone. He don’t have any kids too. But others are not like him. They have kids and families. They need some time. But people on the Green planet don’t have any time. It’s a lot to ask from his co-workers. But they do like to go and explore outside our milky way Galaxy.


With the joyful thoughts about the journey to Andromeda he slept…




Graham woke startled! He dreamed of being infected with a deadly disease!


He took a shower. Sleeping inside the research facility is not like sleeping in home. He always woke up startled by nightmares when he is sleeping in this facility. May be it is the smell of antiseptic.


He dressed and ready to go…


His team already arrived. They were waiting for his arrival. A large cargo helicopter is sitting in the yard of the facility. Everyone is waiting for him! He checked his watch. Its Six O clock in the morning.


Everyone boarded the helicopter. Pilot said something about leaving, but he couldn’t hear it because of the sound of rotor.


“So just how long do you think it will take us to reach there?” Antony, a respected medic, yelled at him.


“May be an hour” Graham yelled back.


“No, I mean to Andromeda?” Antony said loudly.


“I assume about one year” Graham said back.


They reached the Chicago Space observatory at 7’O clock. In front of the space observatory rests an enormous Class B Skylark ship.

Chapter 6

Chicago Space observatory


Thomas walked to the group of medics who have just arrived.


“Doctor Graham it is nice to see you again.” Thomas said with joy.


“Thomas, it is nice to meet you too. So when are we leaving?” Graham asked.


“We leave at Nine O clock.” Thomas said.


“I have brought five extra medics, is there any problem with that?” Graham asked.


“Not at all. We have only fifty military personal coming with us. Other than that there are two pilots and the captain, me and my assistant Jenny and also some ship engineers. That will make ninety now.” Thomas said.


Workers are loading the ship with equipment and other cargo. Ship’s cargo level is also huge, it support about ten thousand tons of materials.


“Careful with that!” One of the ship engineer said to the worker who is moving a glass structure on to the ship. “It is a costly equipment.”


Thomas walked near the ship engineer. “Are you finished with moving stuffs” Thomas asked.


“Yes, that was the last of the equipment to be moved.” Engineer announced.


Everyone start to climb aboard the ship. The ship is huge. When everyone entered one of the pilot in his uniform came to the boarding ramp and checked whether everyone was inside. Then he pressed the button to shut the door. Military personal were the first to come. They have taken seats in the upper level of the ship. Soldiers are polishing their assault rifles.


Ship’s research wing is huge and all the necessary materials for researches are aboard the ship. Defence wing is where the weapons are stored. Ship is in fact a high-tech one. Skylark models are famous for their ability to travel through wormhole. Wormhole is like a black hole but it is created by the ship. It folds time and space and creates a space tunnel. This tunnel is a shortcut to the destination.


Everyone have taken seat in the second level and everyone strapped their seatbelts across their chest. “We are leaving in 3, 2, 1, 0…” Captain Steven said through the speaker.


Ships control room is in the third level. Ship began to ascend with a shake. Clouds can be seen through the window. They reached the stratosphere in seconds. Skylark ships are also famous for their speed. They could reach miles in mere seconds.


“We have reached the earth’s orbit” Captain announced. “We are going for a sling shot through earth’s orbit, everyone should remain calm, you may experience some post pneumatic stress.”


A sling shot is a type of travelling, in which you first orbit the larger mass, in this case earth, with increased velocity. When a particular velocity is attained you just ejected away from the orbit, this gives higher momentum. It is the first phase when travelling to deep space.


Ship began to orbit earth with high velocity. The G force continuously starts to increase. To crew it’s like putting a heavy substance on their chest. Once the terminal velocity is reached the ship just ejected away from the earth’s orbit and it starts to glide through the everlasting blackness. Earth can be seen now as a big blue sphere.

Part 2: Away from Home

Chapter 7

Near Moon


After achieving terminal velocity, the ship is moving steadily through the space. Moon can be seen through the window as a tiny ball shaped sphere.


“Dear passengers we have to reach near mars to begin the wormhole travel. So everyone go to the cryogenic compartment for hibernation.” Captain’s voice echoed through the ship’s speakers.


Everyone, one by one start to go into the cryogenic compartment. Cryogenic compartment is huge. It has a capacity of hundred.


“How long did you take your job as an astrophysicist?” Samson asked Jenny.


“Oh! This my fifth year as an astrophysicist.” Jenny answered blushed. “So how long were you in military?” Jenny asked.


“It’s my fifth year in military.” Samson said.


“And were you in any missions like this before?” Jenny asked.


“No. This is our first mission.” Samson said.


“But defence minister said you guys are the elite group?” Jenny asked confused.


“Yes we are. We have training in the field like no one else has. Every time when we asked for a mission they said we are for elite operations and our time hasn’t come yet.” Samson said.


“But now you have a mission.” Jenny said.


“Yes. And we are happy about it.” Samson said.


“So how are you going to protect when those hellish dogs return?” Jenny asked playfully.


“We have the advanced weapons that no one have used before. If those dogs return I will make sure they won’t touch you.” Samson said smiling.


“Promise?” Jenny asked.


“Promise.” Samson said.


Samson and Jenny walked together to the cryogenic compartment. Other soldiers looked at them and began to say comments. Samson and Jenny smiled at them.


“So how did you felt when you found out we aren’t alone and that there are other humans in another planet?” Samson asked Jenny.


“First it was excitement. The discovery of the century or something like that! Then when I saw what those dogs did to those men it was fear. From what I heard those dogs are trained to hunt humans.” Jenny said.


“What? Trained to hunt? So there is an involvement of another species?” Samson questioned.


“That’s what we think. There must be an advanced civilization. And they may be hunting humans.” Jenny said.


“That means we may also be in danger.” Samson said.


“Maybe, maybe not, there is only one way to find out. We must reach the Green planet.” Jenny said.


“What do you think we will find there?” Samson asked.


“It’s a planet that support life. We researchers are looking for a place to experiment. And we got one. There will be thousands or millions of verities of species, which are waiting for us to examine. As an astrophysicist our job is to find out how come that planet came to support life.” Jenny said.


“So this isn’t after all a rescue mission?” Samson asked.


“Our first priority is to study the planet. Search and rescue comes later. As soldiers your duty is to protect us from the wild life and from those hellish dogs.” Jenny said.


“What if the people who responsible for the human massacre are colonists? And what if they were the only thing living there by the time we reach there?” Samson asked.


“We didn’t thought of that possibility!” Jenny said.


“So there are lot of possibilities you haven’t thought about.” Samson said.


“Who do you think us? We are humans too. Not some advanced creatures who doesn’t make mistakes. There will be trials and errors. It is from that we learn.” Jenny said enraged.


“I meant nothing. No need to be furious. Just doing a friendly talk, that’s all.” Samson said.


“I am sorry if I acted rude.” Jenny said.


“Don’t worry about it.” Samson said.


Finally they reached the end row of the cryogenic compartment. They slowly began to undress and after that they opened the cryogenic chamber. Samson and Jenny took positions beside each other. They entered their own compartments and rested. The door automatically closed.




“Captain, how long will it take to reach near mars?” Thomas asked Captain Steven.


“It would take about two months at this speed.” Steven said.


“And how do we know when we reach there?” Thomas asked.


“Don’t worry about it. The ship is fully automated. The cryogenic compartment will open when the ship detect mars.” Steven said.


“Okay then see you after two months.” Thomas left captain.


Captain have a cryogenic chamber in his room. So the first one to wake will be the captain. Captain went to his room. The ship glided through the space at blazing speed.

Chapter 8

Near Mars


The ship reached near mars. Mars can be seen as tiny red sphere through the window. Captain Steven was the first one to wake. He commandeered the ship and the ship entered into Mars’s orbit. Everyone had awaken at this time. All the passengers watched mars with hungry eyes through the window.


“People, we are going to sling shot our ship through Mars’s orbit before the wormhole travel so everyone please put on your seat belts and brace yourself.” Steven said through the mic.


Everyone quickly seated in the level two and they strapped on their seatbelts.


The ship gradually increased its speed. Ship began to orbit mars at high velocity.


“Ejecting in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0…Safely ejected from Mars’s orbit” Captain said.


The ship attained greater momentum and began to glide through the space at blazing speed.


“Activating electromagnetic ring in 3, 2, 1, 0… Safely activated electromagnetic ring.” Steven said.


At this time a blue light ring appeared in front of the ship. Everyone watched the scene with wonder.


“Opening space tunnel in 4, 3, 2, 1, 0…” Captain said.


The blue light began to circle around the ship and there it is, the wormhole. Dark as night, the wormhole appeared in front of the ship. The ship entered inside the wormhole and it start to travel at blazing speed.


Inside the space tunnel was numerous light sources. The entire tunnel seemed to be filled with tiny stars. After a while ship ejected out of the tunnel with enormous velocity. Captain struggled to steady the ship. In front of the ship is utter blackness and tiny stars can be seen in the distant space. The ship passed a cluster of stars on the way.


“We are directly at the center of the Andromeda galaxy.” Steven said.


“Josh, decrease the speed by 20 percent.” Captain said to the pilot on the right side of the ship.


“Decreasing speed by 20 percent in 3, 2, 1, 0 speed decreased.” Josh said.


Thomas came inside the control room and stood beside captain.


“What is our exact location?” Thomas asked the captain.


“We are near Rodent system. About 100 light years away from Green planet.” Captain said.


“So do we have to sleep again?” Thomas asked.


“Yes, that’s exactly the point. You must be starving now, right?” Captain said.


“You read my mind.” Thomas said.


Captain took the mic in his hand and said “People you must be starving now after the two months journey. Go to level four for food and drink and after that gather at level two. I have a very important matter to discuss.”




Jenny and Samson walked side by side to level four.


“So how was the sleep?” Samson broke the silence.


“It was fine. No dreams. No nightmares. I have rested too much I think.” Jenny said.


“I get it.” Samson said. “Did you watch the scenery after we got out of the wormhole, the cluster of stars we have passed?”


“Yes I did saw it. It was mind blowing.” Jenny said.


They finally reached level four. They took the plate from the far corner and stood in line.


“I can’t wait to taste food.” Samson said to Jenny.


“Me too. I am starving.” Jenny said.


They finally got some nutritious food and orange juice. And they start to eat together.


“This is delicious. This must be the most delicious thing I have ever eaten in my entire life.” Jenny said.


“Your right. This indeed is delicious.” Samson said.


Jenny smiled at his comment.




Doctor Graham paced towards Thomas who was eating food near one of the windows.


“It’s a spectacular scenery from here.” Graham said while walking toward Thomas.


“Yes, indeed it is spectacular.” Thomas said.


“Do you realize that we are the first to arrive in Andromeda galaxy from Earth? No other research teams had wandered too much away from our solar system.” Graham said.


Thomas smiled at his comment.


“I hate to ask you this, but do you have anything to smoke? I am feeling cold.” Thomas asked.


“I am sorry I don’t smoke.” Graham said.


“Oh! Don’t worry about it. I was just asking to someone I know.” Thomas said.


Once everyone have eaten, one by one they start to move toward level two. At the time everyone reached level two, captain was already there doing something on his tablet computer.


“Thank you for coming on such a short notice.” Captain said. “You may be wondering how close we are from planet Green and when we will reach there. I called this meeting to discuss such things with you.” Captain took deep breath. “We are about hundred light years away from the Green planet. We have travelled about two point five million light years to reach here in this Andromeda galaxy from Earth. We will reach our destination in about eight months’ time.”


“Do we have to sleep again?” Samson asked the captain.


“Yes. And since you all are refreshed please return to the cryogenic compartment and rest. The ship will wake us when we reach the Green planet. I have already set course for Green planet.” Captain said.


People quickly began to thin out. Everyone left level two to the cryogenic compartment on level five.

Chapter 9

Near HB-49, AKA Green planet


Captain woke up and walked to the bathroom in his room for a shower. After the shower he wore a new set of cloths. Above it he wore his jacket which is embroidered with stars indicating his position as captain. Steven walked to the control room. Both the pilots were already there. The ship is halted about 40,000 miles away from the Green planet. The planet can be seen as a Green sphere through ship’s front window.


“The ship have entered the Rodent system two months ago.” Josh said to captain.


“Ship’s log also indicated that it detected four other planets similar to the HB-49.” The other pilot said.


“So how many planets are there in this system.” Captain asked.


“Including our Green planet, this Rodent system have six planets all orbiting around a star similar to our solar system. This is a smaller system.” Josh said.


“The Green planet AKA HB-49 have two moons. One is yellow in colour other one is blue.” Second pilot said.


“Ship’s planetary detection system indicated that the Green planet is similar to our earth. And in fact it can be seen as green coloured planet only from large distances.” Josh said.


“Are there any artificial satellites orbiting this planet?” Captain asked.


“We have detected none of that.” The second pilot said.


“We will proceed to approach the Green planet when all our passengers are ready.” Captain said.


Both pilots nodded. Captain walked out of the control room toward level four. At the time he reached there everyone was already there eating and drinking. Captain joined them. Captain sat beside Thomas.


“So captain, are we there yet? It seems that the ship have stopped.” Thomas asked.


“We are forty thousand miles away from our destination.” Steven answered. “We have halted the ship to make sure there is no artificial defence mechanism for that planet. We also need to make sure everyone in this ship are well fed and ready to take on their jobs.”


“Well, it looks like everybody is ready.” Thomas said while swallowing his food.


“We haven’t detected any artificial satellites yet. So we will continue our journey toward the Green planet soon.” Captain said.


After finished eating captain washed away the remnants of the food from his face. He then walked toward the mic in the room. He took the mic and attracted everyone’s attention.


“People, I am happy to announce that we are forty thousand miles away from our destination and in few hours we will reach there.” You can see the Green planet as a green sphere through your window from here.” Captain said.


Everyone all at once went near the window to see what captain had said. They saw the Green sphere floating in the everlasting darkness. The host star can also be seen.


“Soldiers, I want you to prepare yourself, be armed and ready for anything unexpected.” Captain Steven said.


Soldiers at once shifted their gaze to captain from the window.


“Be aware that Sergeant Samson will be the one who will be leading you.” Steven said to soldiers. “Researches must always stick together with the soldiers. We can’t afford to take any chances.” Captain finished.


Sergeant Samson came forward and took the place of captain. He accepted the mic from captain’s hand.


“All soldiers must divide into five groups each containing ten members. Military vehicles are inside the ship’s hangar. Ten soldiers are for five researchers. The number may vary depending on the number of passengers. Finally everyone must stick together. Researchers never ever are allowed to leave the protection of the soldiers. Is that understood?” Samson asked.


All at once said “Yes!”


Captain returned to the control room. Pilots were waiting for captain’s orders.


“Josh, start the engines.” Steven said.


“Engines will start in 3, 2, 1, 0… engines have started.” Josh said.


“Accelerate toward the Green planet.” Captain said.


Josh typed in the commands and the ship start to accelerate toward the Green planet. Ship’s control panel lit up and it showed the ship’s current course. Green planet is displayed in the center of the screen. The Green planet is not Green after all. It is similar to Earth. Green planet’s size appeared to be increasing relative to the ships movement.


“Release research pods to both of the moons.” Captain said.


“Releasing research pods in 3, 2, 1, 0 research pods released.” Josh said.


Research pods are automated machines which detect presence of life and analyse it. They are also capable of analysing soil. They contain tiny robots inside them, which are released to the surface of a planet to analyse the surface thoroughly. Josh commandeered the pods to respective moons. One of the pod is also released to planet Green. Three pods cut though the space with blazing speed.


“Pods are on the surface.” Josh said.


The pods began to search the planet’s surface. Captain and two pilots and Thomas, who came to the control room after pods were released, watched the pod movement with patient eyes.


“Pod one and two detected no life forms.” Josh announced.


“What about pod 3?” Steven asked.


“It seems that pod 3 detected some kind of life form!” Josh said with excitement.


Thomas watched the whole commotion patiently and with wonder. Pod 3 had landed on planet Green. Josh typed in the command and then suddenly location of three pods came up in the control panel.


“Switch on the video mode.” Captain said.


Josh masterly typed in the commands in his computer. Quickly pod 3 began to show live images. The place where pod 3 has landed is filled with houses. And in front of the pod was a monkey-human hybrid. The green light on the pod’s sensor began to beep indicating the presence of life form.

Chapter 10

Planet Green’s Orbit, 2075 A.D.


“Deploy Nano robots from pod three.” Captain said.


“One, two, Nano robots released.” Josh said. “Analysis begin in three, two, one, zero, analysis started.”


The Nano robots entered to the human-ape’s body and began to analyse the first life form encountered on the Green planet.


“DNA sample obtained and analysed. It indicate that, that creature belongs to the family of monkeys.” Josh said smiling.


“We also are part of the primates group.” Captain said.


A moment later Doctor graham came to the control room. He watched the creature with wonder.


“We may need to get closer to analyse it completely.” Graham said.


“We will get closer doctor, but first we need to make sure our safety. Based on what Thomas had said there are other species out there in this planet who are trained to hunt humans. So safety comes first.” Captain said seriously.


“Okay then.” Graham said.


“Pod doesn’t detected other life forms yet. But there are lot of flora we can see from here. In fact the whole place is filled with trees. Nano robots had analysed the air and it seems that it is perfectly breathable to us. Atmospheric gas levels are similar to that of earth.” Josh said looking at the monitor which is displaying the whole set of details about the planet.


“So is this the first animal we had seen?” Graham asked looking at the image of the human-ape on the control panel.


“Yes. It seems that it is perfectly harmless.” Captain said. “Prepare your research team doctor. We are going to land our ship on the planet’s surface. Jimmy, find me a place to park our ship.” Captain said with a deep breath.


“Land somewhere near the origin of transmission.” Said Thomas.


Thomas gave his tablet in which the coordinate from where the initial transmission has originated is depicted.


“I will find someplace near there.” Jimmy, the second pilot, said looking at Thomas’ tablet.


The ship entered in the Planet Green’s orbit. Then the ship entered in to the planet’s atmosphere. Ship steadily moved through the clouds. Ship halted in mid-air in a place surrounded by mountains. Captain commandeered the ship to the middle of the region where surface is more planar. Ship landed with a heavy thud. Josh switched off the engines.


Captain moved toward the second level where everyone is waiting. When he reached there everyone turned toward him so everyone could hear what he is going to say.


“We have landed some place near the initial transmission. We have checked the atmosphere and it is found to be perfectly breathable to us. So no need to worry.” Captain said.


Everyone took a deep breath of satisfaction. Soldiers are armed to the teeth.


“Everyone go to the hangar where vehicles are arranged. Vehicles are specifically designed to carry out researches. I will be staying with the ship with my pilots.” Captain said.


“I am staying here too.” Thomas said. “There is no need of me out there, after all I am an Astrophysicist.”


Captain smiled.


“Sir, I will be going with Samson’s group. Is there any problem with that?” Jenny asked Thomas.


“Not at all. You go ahead and explore the planet.”


Jenny walked towards Samson. Samson grabbed her hand and they both starts to walk toward the ship’s hangar.


Hangar is filled with heavy duty vehicles both military and research vehicles. There are about twenty vehicles in there. Ship’s ramp opened and thick air flowed inside the ship from outside. The planet’s landscape is spectacular. Judging from the atmospheric condition and the position of sun, it is morning.


Researchers took necessary equipment from ship’s research wing and reached the ship’s hangar. Everyone got inside their vehicles. At the far corner of the ship’s hangar lay rows and rows of diesel barrels.


Drivers started their vehicles and five heavy duty military trucks rolled out of the ship into the Green planet’s soil. Far away near the foothills small houses can be seen and also a large structure possibly an important building can be seen.

Part 3: The Green Planet

Chapter 11

Locovilla, Green Planet


Trucks stopped in front of a group of houses similar to a cul-de-sac on earth. Soldiers got outside first, followed by a team of researchers from the last truck. These soldiers are led by Corporal Sandy.


Sandy led them to a nearby house. The house is entirely made of wood. Trees are on both sides of the house. They entered the house. The house is similar to a house on earth. House’s interior is decorated by wall murals. Big lights are hanging from the ceiling. The house is small.


It seems that power is still working. The lights in the house were all switched on all this time. Soldiers went deeper in to the house. The house’s kitchen is small. Plates are neatly stacked on the far corner. Still no sign of life. No blood mark. Nothing. The house is empty. Soldiers start to go outside the house. Sandy take a look at the clock on the wall. It says 9:45 AM.


The inhabitants indeed use English as their common language. Sandy went outside the house. Researchers are analysing the soil and the nearby trees. They are taking samples of everything too.


Soldiers walked to the heart of the town. Street sign indicated that they are in a town named Locovilla. The street is similar to a street on earth. This place is everything like a twin of Earth except that this planet is filled with trees. One can see trees everywhere on this planet. Earth don’t have trees this much. Earth is filled with buildings and other artificial structures. Green planet’s residents are an advanced civilizations no doubt about that.


At the time the soldiers and researchers reached the heart of the town, others in the remaining trucks also got outside. Researchers are looking at the trees with excitement. Suddenly Sandy’s team detected some movement in the back of a house. They carefully went to the back of the house pointing the assault rifles. Some soldiers have big guns which shoot plasma bolts.


Finally they reached the back of the house. At the back of the house is a human-ape similar to the one detected by the surveillance pod back at the ship. Researchers carefully approached the creature with excitement and wonder.


The creature is perfectly harmless and it stared at the researchers who are approaching it. The creature’s eye also indicated a wonder.


“Be careful, that thing may get aggressive.” Sandy said.


Researchers reached near the creature and one of them slowly touched it. The creature stepped back to the far corner. One of the researchers approached near it and took out a Genometer. He carefully pressed the needle of the Genometer on to the hand of the creature. It growled with pain. The researcher quickly drew back the Genometer. The screen of the Genometer came alive and it showed the structure of the creature’s DNA.


“It shows that this creature is a distant relative of human.” One of the researcher said.


The creature rubbed where the pain had come with its other hand. Fortunately the creature didn’t become aggressive, instead it backed away with fear.


“Come here kitty, kitty.” One scientist said playfully.


The creature looked at him with wonder.


“I am sorry…Did I hurt you?” The scientist said.


“What do we call it?” Another researcher asked.


“We can call it Terrata since it is the first terrestrial creature we saw.” The scientist said with a grin.


Other scientists smiled with that. After seeing the commotion taking place at the back of the house Samson came near Sandy to see what it is. Jenny is also with him.


“What do we have here?” Samson asked Sandy.


“It’s a living being. Scientists called it Terrata. It looks like a monkey to me.” Sandy said.


“Okay. If you guys are finished with it check the rest of the houses.” Samson said.


“Okay, sergeant.” Sandy said.


Jenny and Samson returned to their truck. Other researchers with them also followed Samson into the truck. They drove the truck deep into the city. Houses are on both sides of the road. The road is made with tar and stones similar to earth’s roads.


“So where are we going to?” Jenny asked Samson.


“We are going to the origin of the initial transmission.” Samson said.




Captain watched his people’s movement on the ship’s control panel. Everyone has been injected with a tracker so that captain could watch over them from the ship.


“So how things are going?” Thomas asked the captain.


“It seems they have encountered one of the human-ape thing again. They are now searching all the houses.” Steven said.


“This place is filled with trees.” Thomas said.


“I noticed that too.” Steven said.




Sandy and his team entered inside a two story house.


“Justin, you go ahead and search the upper level.” Sandy commanded.


“Okay.” Justin answered.


Justin and four other soldiers moved to the upper level of the house. The scenery from the upper window is marvellous. Justin could see all the surrounding houses from there. The upper level have three rooms. They checked each room. Still no sign of humans. The tables are filled with dust. It hasn’t been cleaned in a while.


Researchers also got inside the house. They watched the house’s interior decoration with astonishment. The resident’s photos are pasted on the wall. It seems like they are similar to humans on earth. They could tell the difference only if they have got a DNA sample from one of them. One of the researcher went inside the kitchen and opened the tap. Water flowed from it. He took a sample from the tap and placed it inside a device. The device’s screen showed that it is in fact pure water.


The house’s equipment all are in working condition. Nothing happened to them even though it’s been long since they have operated. On the far corner of the living room on top of the table is a personal computer. One scientist switched on the computer. It booted in seconds. It quickly displayed a window to enter password for the PC. The scientist turned back with unsatisfied eye.


Rows of books are neatly placed in a shelf. One scientist took one book and flipped through the pages. Books are not different from an earthen book. He put back the book and searched the remaining of the house.


After the search inside the house is complete everyone got outside and walked toward their truck. From a distant a dog barked. Everyone looked in the direction from which the sound came. Everyone got inside the truck and the driver drove it toward the origin of the sound. Truck stopped when they saw the origin of the sound. It was a small regular dog. One of the scientist and a soldier got outside the truck and walked toward the dog. The dog stayed still and watched them with wonder. The scientist approached the dog and petted it. The dog seemed to like his touch. He carefully takeout his Genometer and pressed it against the dog’s body. The dog growled and then remained silent.


The Genometer showed that this dog is similar to an earthen dog and there is no appreciable amount of difference.


The scientist took the dog in his hand and moved toward the truck. When he reached the truck he gave the dog to another scientist. The scientist accepted it and placed the dog inside the truck. The dog remained silent.


“Are you sure you want to keep that thing?” Sandy asked to the scientist who is petting the dog.


“We may need to analyse it thoroughly.” The scientist answered.


Everyone got inside the truck and moved toward the next town. On the way they passed a hospital.


“Stop the truck. We need to search the hospital.” Sandy said to the driver.


The driver stopped the truck and put it in reverse until they see the entrance of the hospital. Driver switched off the engine. Everyone got outside the truck and moved toward the hospital. The board in front of the hospital read Victoria Hospital.


First soldiers entered the hospital with gun at ready. Researchers followed the soldiers. Justin and one other soldier stood at the entrance watching for any movement. Rest of them moved deeper in to the hospital. Still no sign of human presence. They passed a drug store on the way. One of the scientist got inside the drug store. Drugs are littered on the floor indicating some struggle. He checked some of the drugs. These drugs are similar to an earthen drug.


“So doctor you see anything useful.” Sandy asked to Graham who was silent whole this time.


“I have seen nothing unusual.” Said Graham.


Suddenly the hospital is filled with Justin’s scream and a gun fire.

Chapter 12

Locovilla Hospital, Green Planet


Justin’s high pitch scream filled the air. Sandy and team quickly paced to the entrance of the hospital pointing their assault rifles. Gunfire became silent. Sandy rushed. When they reached there all they could see was blood accumulated on the ground like a small pond. Researchers covered their mouth with their hands in shock and panic. Justin’s sound no longer can be heard. Other soldier is also missing. Their guns lay near the blood spots.


Sandy and rest of the soldiers searched the surrounding environment but they didn’t found anything good.


Sandy switched on his radio. “Captain Do you copy?” Sandy asked through the radio.


“Yes. This is the Captain speaking.” Captain said.


“This is Sandy speaking and I need location of Justin and Smith immediately.” Sandy said.


After a long pause “Their trackers indicate that they are on your left side. They are moving around a structure. Is everything alright?” Captain asked.


“We heard their scream and a gunfire. But when we got to the spot all we saw is blood.” Sandy said through the radio. “Send me their location on my tab.”


“We will send you their location.” Captain said.


Sandy switched on his tab which is strapped to his wrist. It took a minute to connect. Then it start to show the location of two of his soldiers as green dots. Sandy and team followed the trail. Researchers got inside the truck and shut its door.


Soldiers moved through the back of the hospital. A wall was separating the back of the hospital with rest of the buildings. Soldiers carefully climbed the wall. Tracker indicate that Justin and Smith are inside a building which is located near the wall. Soldiers rounded a corner and entered in to the building. Coagulated blood can be seen on the floor. Something was dragged through here. Blood is everywhere. Soldiers trained their guns at a collapsed door. One soldier went in front and made sure it is secure. Then others followed him. Trackers indicate that they are close.


A distant growl can be heard in the background. Sandy and team quietly moved toward the source of the sound. They reached a room with glass window on the wall. They looked through the window. The image in front of them was horrific. Two large wolf-dog hybrid they saw on the video back on Earth is eating two mutilated corpses, possibly Justin and Smith. Their uniform verified that.


Sandy motioned his hand indicating his mates to takeout the creatures. Sam came forward with his plasma gun. He pointed and shot down one of the creature. With a loud thud the creature dropped. Other creature growled and rushed toward Sam. Sam lost his grip on the gun with fear. Quickly his fellow mates start to fire their assault rifles. All the bullets hit the creature on the chest but that only slowed the creature. Soldiers continued to fire until they ran out of their mag on the gun. But the creature still stands but it is almost dead. Then Sam adjusted his plasma gun and fired. The creature dropped with a wide hole in its chest.


Sandy and team approached the mutilated corpses and Sandy collected the tags of Justin and Smith. They cannot carry their body to ship. Not like this. Corpses are missing limbs and the chewed piece of a hand lay near the corpses.


Soldiers covered their mouth with their hand in horror.


“They didn’t deserve to die like this…” One of the soldier said.


“Nobody deserve to die like this…” Sandy said.


Suddenly a movement caught Sandy’s eyes. More creature are coming at them presumably attracted by the gunfire.


“More creatures inbound. Everyone retreat back to the truck.” Sandy yelled.


Everyone changed their mag and ran out of the building. Creatures are behind them. They have not yet seen the soldiers. Creatures possibly are running towards the origin of the sound. Soldiers quickly climbed the wall and ran to the front of the hospital where the truck is parked. Creatures jumped through the wall and are almost at them.


“Open the door.” Sandy yelled at the driver.


Driver hit the button which opens the truck’s back door. The backdoor opened with a loud thud. Soldiers quickly got inside the truck. When driver made sure everyone was inside he pressed the button to close the back door. The door closed just in time. Creatures collided with the back door with heavy thud. Creatures then began to thrash at the doors. Door almost bent inward. Researchers start to scream.


“Take us back to the ship. Our guns won’t work against them, we need plasma guns to cut them down.” Sandy yelled at the driver.


Driver masterly turned the vehicle toward where they came from and accelerated. The truck rolled out at full speed.


“This is Sandy speaking, anyone copy?” Sandy asked through the radio.


“This is Samson, I copy you. What’s the situation?” Samson asked through the speaker.


“Some creatures are on us. Wolf-dog hybrid ones. Our assault rifles aren’t working at them. Justin and Smith are dead. We are going back to the ship to collect more weapons. How copy?” Sandy asked.


“Loud and clear. Please proceed.” Samson said and the radio went silent.


One of the soldier opened the roof of the truck and glanced outside for the creatures. Creatures can be seen far beyond. They are still running toward them. There are about ten of them. Sandy switched the channel on his radio.


“Captain this is Sandy…Do you copy?” Sandy asked through the radio


“Loud and clear.” Captain said.


“We are coming back to the ship. Please open the hangar door for us.” Sandy said.


“I will do that.” Captain said.


Truck raced through the road to the ship. The ship is on eyesight. Driver rushed the truck inside the ship through the opened hangar door. Sandy quickly got outside and closed the hangar door. Only Sandy’s team have gotten back to the ship. Rest of the groups are at unknown locations.


A loud thrash on the ship’s hangar door shifted Sandy’s and his team’s attention.

Chapter 13

Near Skylark


The thrashing on the hangar door continued. Soldiers panicked without knowing what to do.


Finally Sandy opened his mouth. “We should take the plasma guns from the defence wing and from the second level we could take out those creatures through the window.” Sandy said.


All agreed. Researchers took the dog and went to research wing. Sandy and team went to defence wing. Defence wing is at level five. They finally got inside level five and then into the defence wing. The room before the soldiers is filled with war merchandises. Plasma guns, electromagnetic guns, and many other advanced weaponry are in the room, all neatly stacked.


“We may only need the plasma guns.” Sandy said.


Soldiers went to the far corner of the room where rows and rows of plasma guns neatly stacked. Each of them took a plasma gun and magazine for it too. Then the soldiers moved to second level. At the time they reached there captain was standing there listening to the thrashing sound coming from the hangar door.


“What is that sound?” Captain asked.


“Some kind of hybrid dogs which are presumably trained to hunt humans.” Sandy said.


“And what are you going to do?” Captain asked.


“Our assault rifles aren’t effective against them so we took the plasma guns from the defence wing. We are going to kill those hellish creatures from this level through the window.” Sandy said.


“May I suggest a better plan?” Captain asked.


“Yes go on.” Sandy said.


“You could go to the top of the ship from level five through the sealed door on the roof. You may get a better aim from there. You could also search around the entire ship from there.” Captain said.


“Then lead the way.” Sandy said.


Captain led the soldiers to level five. When they reached there he grabbed an automatic ladder from the side of the room and aligned it to the center. He climbed up and opened the sealed door on the roof and climbed on to the roof. Others followed him.


From the roof the entire surrounding place can be viewed. They could see the hospital building from here. Captain moved to the back of the ship from where the thrashing sound is emanating. The hybrid dogs are still there thrashing at the hangar door. Soldiers took aim. Thirteen beasts are there. When they sensed the humans on the roof of the ship they start to jump to the roof thinking they could reach there and eat their meal.


Soldiers shot one round of plasma beams in to the crowd of beasts and five creatures immediately dropped to the ground motionless. Other eight of them still charged at the door and tried to jump to the roof. Soldiers shot another round too. This time four went down. Other remaining creatures when saw the death of their comrades, ran away from the ship with a yelp toward the hospital building.


Soldiers got inside the ship and Captain closed the sealed door on the roof. Soldiers admired the power of plasma guns. Captain and soldiers walked toward the hangar. The hangar door stood intact. A moment later Doctor Graham came to the hangar.


“If you have killed those beasts, we would like to get a specimen.” Graham said to Sandy.


“We killed some of them and their bodies lay outside. We could bring it inside the ship if you want.” Sandy said.


“That would be great.” Graham said.


Soldiers opened the hangar door and went outside. They came back dragging one of the beasts.


“Man, they are heavy.” Sandy commented.


Researchers came with a trolley and they all somehow placed the specimen inside the trolley. Researchers pushed the trolley to the research wing on the first level. They rushed inside the research wing and somehow all the researchers lifted the creature from the trolley on to a surgical desk. Doctor Antony take out his Genometer from his pocket and pressed its needle into the creature’s abdomen. Soldiers watched the procedure through a glass window on the wall. They could hear the commotion taking place inside the lab.


Genometer’s screen came to life and showed the structure of the creature’s DNA.


“Impressive! This creature as assumed is derived from wolf and dog.” Antony said with excitement.


“Prepare for surgery.” Graham said.


Graham take out a surgical knife and start to carefully cut through the abdomen.


“Internal organs are similar to that of wolf. It has a large and possibly strong heart” Graham recorded.


“What do we call it?” One of the scientist asked.


“We can call it Wolfdog.” Graham said.


All agreed. One of the scientist opened its mouth. He suddenly stepped back with fear. Inside the Wolfdog’s mouth there are two rows of teeth about two inches long and they are sharp as knife.


“Relax! It’s dead. No need to worry.” Graham said.


“I am not afraid. It’s just a little shock, that’s all” The frightened scientist said.


“Yes, we could see that.” Graham said with a grin.


“Wolfdog! What a peculiar name.” Sandy said to his fellow mates.


“Yes it is.” One of the soldier said.


“Let’s get back to the hangar. Others may be here soon.” Sandy said.


The soldiers left the research wing to the hangar. Thomas was sitting on the hood of a vehicle at the time soldiers reached there.


“So do you think those creatures will return?” Thomas asked to the soldiers.


“We don’t know. But our normal weapons aren’t working against them. Scientist called them Wolfdog” Sandy said.


Thomas left the hangar smiling.

Chapter 14

Saxonvilla, Green Planet


Samson’s truck rushed through the gravel road toward a large building. Behind his truck is three other trucks, all following him. They reached an intersection connecting three roads. They moved through the road which leads to the building. There is a large board on the roof of the building. Samson couldn’t read the words on the boards, not from this distance.


The building is situated near the foothill of a mountain. The region in front of them is filled with mountain ranges. Some mountains are nearly large as Mount Everest back on earth. The mountain tops are covered with snow.


Suddenly two of the wolf dog hybrid thing jumped at the truck on the middle. The creatures collide with considerable amount of force. The driver lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle crashed with a rocky wall and stopped. Passengers in the truck screamed out loud. A moment later two more creatures came. They started to thrash at the front door of the truck. Other trucks quickly stopped.


The driver of the crashed truck screamed at high pitch sound. The creatures appeared to have enjoying the scream. Creatures didn’t stop thrashing. One of the soldier opened the roof of the truck pointing his assault rifle. He fired a few shots to the nearby creature. The creature growled with pain, but it didn’t stopped thrashing.


Suddenly another creature jumped out of nowhere to the roof of the truck and bit the soldier in his head. The soldier’s scream only lasted a few seconds. The creature’s mouth was big and it crushed the soldier’s head. Others inside the truck screamed with panic. Other soldiers inside the truck fired their guns on to the roof of the truck. Several shot hit the creature’s abdomen. Quickly the mutilated body of the soldier fell down from the creature’s mouth.


Then quickly others soldiers in the remaining trucks got outside and begin shooting. But the shots only slowed down the creatures. Creatures ran toward the soldiers who are outside the truck. Soldiers didn’t stop shooting. One of the creature dropped to the ground. Samson got out of his vehicle with a plasma gun in his hand.


Samson fired several shots at the creatures and they quickly dropped to the ground.


“Everyone take your plasma guns. It is the only thing effective against the creatures.” Samson yelled.


Some of the soldiers got inside the truck and took their plasma guns in their hands, but by the time they got outside the truck remaining creatures ran away in to the distance. Samson went near the crashed vehicle. Other than a soldier everyone is Okay. Samson got inside the truck and covered the mutilated body of the soldier with his jacket.


“We are going to continue toward that building.” Samson said to the driver.


Driver nodded. Samson went back inside his truck. Rest of the soldiers did the same. Driver of the crashed vehicle reversed the truck and turned toward the building which is on eye sight distance. And he accelerated.


The board on the roof of the building read Saxonvilla Space Research center. Trucks stopped in the yard of the space research center and everyone got outside. It is from here that the original transmission have arisen.


“This is the building we need to search the most.” Samson said.


Researchers and soldiers carefully went inside the building. The building is huge. Two ways intersect at the front door. Five soldiers went left with two researchers. Samson and rest of the researchers and the soldiers went right. All doors were smashed open. Coagulated blood can be seen everywhere.


The building is multi-storeyed. One team went to basement, another team went to the second level and another team to the third level. Samson and four of his team mates with three researchers and Jenny stick to the path on the right side of the front door. Finally they reached a door in the middle. At the time they reached there Samson’s rest of the team were already there. The path they took is in fact circular in shape and the two paths emerged from the front door leads to a single door. The door was smashed open. Something was dragged through here. Possibly one of the humans by those hellish dogs. Blood is sprayed on the wall beside the door.


Samson and his team entered into a large room. The place is filled with computers. And the room is circular in shape. Computers are arranged near the wall in a circular fashion. In the middle of the room is a computer possibly a super computer. The board on the wall read Communication Room.


One door can be seen on the far corner with the title ‘To control Room Proceed this way’. Samson and his team opened the door and entered into the hall way. They moved quietly gun at the ready.


“This hallway is supposed to lead us to the control room.” Samson broke the silence.


They moved until they reached an intersection. Samson and two soldiers with two researchers and Jenny moved right. Others went left. Samson and his team finally reached the exit. It is lit with a bright bulb. The power still haven’t gone yet. The door is made of steel but it has been thrashed open. This must be from where they have contacted earth. Samson thought.


They entered the room. This room is also filled with computers, similar to the earlier room from where they had entered. There is blood everywhere too. Samson quickly recognized the room from the video they have seen back on earth.


“Look, a note!” Jenny said to Samson.


All at unison looked at Jenny. Jenny pointed her index finger to the monitor of a computer. Samson took the sticky note from the monitor and red.


“It seems that someone is alive in here in a cryogenic chamber! And there is an elevator that leads to the room in the basement from this room.” Samson said with excitement.


Everyone looked around them for an elevator. Finally Jenny found it near the corner. Samson approached the elevator and pressed the button. But no response.


“It must have been disabled from somewhere. We need to pry open the elevator door.” Samson said.


One soldier handed Samson a crowbar.


“Where did you get this?” Samson asked.


“It was in a storage room on the left side of this room.” Soldier said pointing to an opened door.


Samson approached the elevator and punched the crowbar through the center of the elevator doors. He pry opened the elevator door and he looked down.


“It’s about twenty feet drop.” Samson said. “And there is a ladder.”


Samson entered into the elevator container and he climbed down through the ladder on the wall. Others followed him. When he reached the top of the elevator compartment he removed a hatch on its roof and jumped on to the elevator. Others did the same. Samson then pry opened the elevator door and entered into the basement. Everyone followed Samson on to the basement. Samson flipped a switch on the wall and the room suddenly lit with a bright orange colour.


At the far corner of the room rests five cryogenic chambers. All very advanced.

Chapter 15

Saxonvilla, Green Planet


Research team approached the cryogenic chambers, and studied them for a minute.


“These indeed are advanced cryogenic hibernation chambers.” One of the researcher said.


“There is a live human in this one!” One of the researcher said with excitement.


Everyone quickly gathered around the cryogenic chamber which contain a live human. One researcher pressed few buttons. Suddenly the cryogenic chamber lit with a blue colour and the door quickly opened. Inside the chamber is a middle aged man. Jenny and Samson quickly remembered him. He was one of them who contacted Earth.


“He is not waking.” One of the scientist said.


Another scientist approached him with a Genometer. The scientist pressed its needle on his hand. The Genometer suddenly came to life and indicated that he is indeed a human.


“He really is a human!” The scientist said with excitement.


The first human being of Green planet they have encountered. One scientist took a water bottle from his bag and sprayed a little water on to the man’s face. The man slowly start to wake. Samson approached him.


“What is your name?” Samson asked.


“Jasper…” He answered in a sleepy state.


“Well Jasper you need to wake up fast. We don’t have time to waste.” Samson said.


“Who are you? Are you from Earth?” Jasper asked with little joy.


“I am Samson. We are indeed coming from Earth.” Samson said.


Jasper quickly stood up and searched for his cloths. Finally he spotted them on the back of the cryogenic chamber. He put on his cloths and stared at Samson and his team with wonder and joy.


“We need to get out of this planet.” Jasper’s joy quickly replaced by fear.


“Hold on there a minute. You may need to rest. We have seen what those wolfish dogs have done. We killed a few of them too. We have come here to study this planet along with some search and rescue mission.” Samson said.


“You know nothing. Possibly I am the last human alive on this planet.” Jasper said with fear.


“We all are humans. You may need to refresh your brain. You must be hungry too. Here eat this.” Samson gave Jasper a protein bar.


Jasper accepted it and start to eat. After he is finished he went near the elevator and activated it. Everyone in the room stared at Jasper with excitement and wonder. They exited the building and went inside the truck. Other teams also finished their search and returned to the trucks.


When Samson made sure everyone was out and safe inside the trucks, he gave signal to return to the ship.


Trucks rushed in the direction of Skylark. Jasper didn’t said anything.


“Where are we going?” Jasper finally asked.


“For now we are going back to the ship. Then we will decide what to do with you and may be you could give us information about what happened to everyone else on this planet.” Samson said.


“It’s going to be a long story.” Jasper said.


“We have nothing but time.” Samson said.


“But you earlier said there is no time to waste?” Jasper asked confused.


“Oh! That I meant because we are tired of this for now. One of our mates have been killed by those hellish dogs.” Samson said.


“Okay, I get it now.” Jasper said.


“So what do you do for living? How did you end up there?” Samson asked.


“I am an Astrophysicist. I was drinking coffee from the cafeteria when all this happened. First they came out of nowhere and then they have unleashed the plague on us. Then they released those hellish creature to hunt us down.” Jasper said with a deep breath.


“Who are they?” Samson asked.


“We think, they are from another galaxy or possibly another universe. They are more advanced than us.” Jasper said.


Jenny’s eye widened.


“What do you mean by they have unleashed the plague?” Jenny asked.


“I don’t know exactly what it is. But it was airborne with short lifetime. It causes instant mutation…I don’t know how to say this… they somehow managed to create a virus or a chemical which turns humans into apes.” Jasper finished.


Everyone went silent for a moment. Panic start to stir inside all of them.


“We have seen one or two human ape thing. You mean they were once human?” Samson asked confused.


“Yes. Exactly. But I heard they were all captured by those hellish people?” Jasper said.


“How exactly did you came to learn about this? How come you had escaped the plague? Jenny asked.


“Our job was to search for life deep beyond our visible universe. We were experimenting on travel to another universe through a black hole. We were doing our regular work that day. Suddenly we detected some unknown ships which have entered into our planet’s atmosphere. That’s when they released that plague thing. It lasted about five minutes or so. Exposed people first said they are experiencing problem to breath. But then it happened. Instant mutation. They turned into some other creature like monkeys. Those who had escaped the plague were hunted down by those wolfish thing. I barely escaped all.” Jasper said.


“So we need to find a cure to this plague.” Jenny said.


“Yes. But I don’t think that’s an easy job.” Jasper said.


“Well Jasper, How did you know about us?” Samson asked.


“We were aware about the presence of extra-terrestrial life forms for generations. But we had not attempted to contact because that may change a lot of things. Which may also result in massacre. So we kept it a secret. We have made satellites which hide the presence of life forms. But they somehow managed to penetrate through our defence line. We thought all our hopes were lost, but that’s when we remembered about you guys. I manage to hack into one of your satellites and easily managed to contact you.” Jasper said.


They finally reached the Skylark. Hangar door is already opened. Trucks rushed inside. Samson got outside and hit the hangar door’s close button. The hangar door closed with a loud thud.

Part 4: The Mysteries

Chapter 16

Near Skylark


“Sandy and team already got back.” One of the soldiers said.


“Yes. They have contacted me on the radio about some creatures chasing them and he also said that Justin and Smith are dead.” Samson said.


“What? By those creatures?” One of the soldiers asked loudly.


Samson nodded.


“The ship seemed silent. Where is everyone?” Samson asked.


They quickly moved to level two.


“Sergeant I spotted some dead creatures lying outside.” Corporal Wendy said.


Wendy is the only female soldier came with them to this planet.


“Sandy and team must have managed to kill those things.” Samson said.


Samson and Jenny walked to ship’s control room. The control room is also empty. No sign of Captain and pilots Josh and Jimmy. Thomas is also missing.


“Where is everybody?” Jenny asked.


“I don’t know. Let’s check the cafeteria.” Samson said.


Jenny and Samson walked towards cafeteria on level four. At the time they reached there other soldiers and researchers were already there. They were all eating. Everyone is hungry. On one corner Wendy is petting a dog.


“Wendy, did you saw captain or Sandy? And where did you find the dog?” Samson asked.


“No. We haven’t seen anyone. This dog was here all alone when we came here.” Wendy said while swallowing a gulp of orange juice.


Samson Walked towards the mic. He took the mic in his hand.


“Captain, Sandy, this is no time to play. We have a dead soldier with us. We all are mourning and we are tired for today. Please come out.” Samson called out.


Samson’s voice reverberated through the ship. They all waited for an hour.


“This is it. Something must have happened to them. We need to check the entire surrounding of this ship.” Samson finally said.


Everyone stood up and started to leave the room.


“Everyone, take the plasma gun from the defence wing. It is the only thing effective against those creatures.” Samson yelled.


Everyone paused for a moment and then all at unison nodded. Everyone moved to level five to the defence wing. Each of them took the plasma gun from the far corner. Some researchers also came to the defence wing and took pistols and mini laser guns.


“Careful with those.” Samson said to the researchers.


They nodded.


Then everyone went to the level two.


“Jenny, do you know how to contact Earth?” Samson asked.


Jenny nodded.


“Then come with me to the control room.” Samson said.


Jenny and Samson walked toward the control room. After they reached there Jenny sat in front of a computer and start to type in some commands.


“We will be live in a few minutes.” Jenny said.


“Good.” Samson said.


They waited a few minutes then suddenly the screen start to show video feed. Then a silhouette of a middle aged man appeared on the screen. Jenny immediately recognised him.


“Professor Thomson, we are from Planet Green.” Jenny said.


Thomson stared back at them with wonder.


“Jenny, it’s so good to see you. How is planet Green?” Thomson asked.




“We don’t have time to play. We need military backup. The inhabitants are exposed to some virus or chemical which causes instant mutation. We need a good medical team too. Doctor Graham is missing.” Samson broke their conversation.


“You’re saying?” Thomson asked.


“I am saying is that the inhabitants of Green Planet somehow turned in to apes with no functional brain.” Samson said.


“And you need military backup?” Thomson asked.


“Yes.” Samson said irritated. “There are some advanced life forms here, some colonists or something, it’s them who have done this to Planet Green’s residents.” Samson finished.


“I will immediately see what I can do.” Thomson said.


“That will be great.” Jenny said.


Then the screen became blank.


“Jenny do you know in any way to track our missing persons using the tracker injected in their body.” Samson asked.


“I am sorry. I don’t know the commands for doing that.” Jenny replied.


“Okay then” Samson said.


Samson and Jenny walked out of the control room and moved to level two. Everyone were waiting for them.


“We have contacted Earth and they may be sending reinforcements soon.” Samson said to everyone.


“I have spotted Sandy and his team’s plasma guns on the hangar. It seems they are being abducted.” One of the soldier coming from hangar said. “There are signs of struggle.”


Everyone start to whisper with panic.


“Everyone please be quiet. We will find them and rescue them, meanwhile researchers are advised to stay with the ship. Some soldiers will be positioned to look after you. Rest of them come with me. We are going to search this entire planet if we have to. Take all the magazines for the plasma gun.” Samson said.


“We are not staying here. They were abducted from this ship. How can you make sure our safety? We are coming with you too.” One of the researcher said.


All other researchers nodded at agreement.


“People, reinforcement will be here soon. So no need to worry. Besides this ship can protect you. They must be captured when they opened the door.” Samson said.


“We are not changing our mind. Besides how long do we have to wait for the reinforcement? We can’t wait for years.” One of the scientist said.


“Fine, come along, but all of you must be armed. Everyone take some water and some food with you. We leave at noon. Samson said.


They have to wait for an hour to noon.


“Jasper, are you in this.” Samson asked.


“They have destroyed my family, they have killed all my friends, since you have the weapons of mass destruction, I am in.” Jasper said.


“Then everyone, ready to go out. First we have to check the surroundings of the ship then we will move toward from where those creatures had come. It’s our only lead. Since our people may have been abducted there may be involvement of those advanced beings. So ready for a war.” Samson said to everyone.


Everyone nodded.

Chapter 17

Washington DC, White House, Earth, 2075 A.D.


President walked inside the board room. Every board members were waiting for his arrival. President sat down in his usual place. Thomson stood before the president.


“So you are saying the team who have went in to the Andromeda galaxy have contacted you?” President asked.


“Yes, they did contacted me, and also they requested for reinforcement.” Thomson said.


“Why reinforcement?” President asked.


“They said some other intelligent life form is present there other than the Andromedans. And these intelligent life forms are responsible for the human massacre on the Planet Green. They also said that these enemies had unleashed a plague on the inhabitants. This plague causes instant mutation and nearly all of the human residents of Planet Green are exposed to this plague.”


“Are you saying that the human inhabitants of Green planet had turned in to some creatures?” President asked.


“Yes sir, they said the humans have turned into some creature. And this creature is like monkeys. They also said that this monkey people had lost their brain functionality.” Thomson said.


“What? Humans have turned in to apes?” President asked surprised.


“That’s exactly what they said. They also said that they need some medics to experiment there, possibly to find a cure. And they said their leading researcher doctor Graham went missing.” Thomson said. “I fear that they may be in grave danger.”


“Defence minister, do you have some elite troops to go down there.” President asked.


Defence minister stood up.


“Yes, we have elite soldiers.” Defence minister said.


“Then find a medical team and send them with the soldiers. And also take all our advanced weapons. I fear that those intelligent life forms responsible for this human massacre will come for us too. I don’t want to take any chances. All threats to our planet must be eliminated.” President said.


“I will do everything I can with my power Mr President.” Said the Defence Minister.


“Then this meeting is dismissed.” President said.


Everyone walked out of the room.


“Professor Thomson?” Defence minister Called out.


“Yes!” Thomson said


“Come with me. I have an important matter to discuss. You should be in the research team who is going to the Green Planet.” Defence minister said.


“Okay.” Thomson said.


Thomson walked out of the white house with the defence minister.


“We are first going to the barracks of Los Angeles.” Defence minister said. “All our troops are there.”


Okay then.” Thomson said.


Thomson walked into a military Humvee. Defence minister followed. The Humvee rushed through the road. Finally they reached a heliport. One military helicopter is parked there. Thomson and defence minister went outside the Humvee and moved toward the Helicopter.


“Take us to LA barracks.” Defence minister said to the pilot.


The pilot nodded and opened the door of the helicopter for them. Pilot got inside the helicopter and started the engines.


After the long journey they reached LA barracks. At the time they reached there all soldiers were training.


“It’s good to see you minister.” Major said to defence minister.


“It’s good to see you too. I have come here for some more soldiers to go to the planet Green.” Defence minister said.


“What happened to the team who had went down there?” Major asked.


“We fear they may be in danger. Some of them contacted earlier today and they have requested for reinforcements.” Defence minister said. “And also I need a medical team too. Do you have anything like that?”


“We could send the military medics. The medics in here are trained well. They could carry out research works. Our medics are leaded by Sergeant Lucy.” Major said.


“Then send them to planet Green. They should leave today.” Defence minister said. “President have given permission to use all our advanced weapons down there.”


Quickly major called out a meeting and explained everything to the soldiers. All of the soldiers are ready to take on the mission.


“Sergeant James will lead you all in this mission. You will be going in our military ship Victoria. Miller will be your captain. All of you leave today. So pack your things now.” Major said.


The room thinned out abruptly. Everyone left to pack their things.


The ship Victoria is one of the newest ship in military. It’s capable of wormhole travel and it is the fastest ship built by the Americans.


Everyone packed their stuff. Professor Thomson changed his cloths into military outfits. Everyone went inside Victoria which is parked in the yard of barracks. When everyone got inside, the ramp is closed by the captain from the ship’s control room.


Victoria’s engines started, then the ship start to ascend from earth’s surface. The ship quickly reached the earth’s orbit. And after a sling shot through earth’s orbit it starts to glide through the space at blazing speed. The course for the Green planet is already depicted on the ship’s control panel.


“Opening wormhole in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 Wormhole opened.” One of the pilot said.


Victoria is capable of building wormholes from anywhere instantly.


They instantly transported to the center of the Andromeda galaxy through the wormhole. Ship automatically adjusted its course to Green Planet.


“Everyone go to the cryogenic compartment for hibernation. The ship will wake you all when we arrive at Green planet.” Captain’s voice echoed through the ship.


Everyone went to cryogenic compartment and one by one all of the people entered in the hibernation chamber and start to hibernate. The cryogenic compartment automatically closed.


The ship Victoria glided through the space to its destination carrying hundred and fifty souls.

Chapter 18

Unknown location, Planet Green


Thomas woke with a sharp pain on his back. He found Graham and Sandy lying on the floor. It seems that they are inside a cage made up of metal rods which are welded together. The only thing he remembered is that he opening the hangar door for another human possibly a Green Planet’s resident. Then a bright blue light. Then this cage.


Thomas heard a growl sound coming from his back side. He turned towards the sound. What he found shocked him. It is a Wolfdog. The only difference it showed from other Wolfdogs is that it is lot bigger. Watery material oozed down from the creature’s mouth. Thomas stepped back from the creature even though the creature is outside the cage. His back hit the wall of the cage. He stopped moving.


The creature stared at Thomas with hungry eyes. Suddenly four more creatures joined. They all growled. Sharp teeth can be seen protruding from their mouth.


A moment later Sandy and Graham woke.


“Where are we? Who let that creature get inside our ship?” Sandy asked.


“We are in a cage and what creature are you talking about?” Thomas asked confused.


“The last thing I remember is a human hybrid creature, which walks upright but with elongated head and ear, inside our ship.” Sandy said. “Then a blue light and then here I am inside this…cage.” Sandy looked at the interior of the cage closely. Suddenly he stepped away from the cage’s wall when he saw the Wolfdogs staring at them with hungry mouth.


Graham stared at the creatures for a moment. “Where is everyone else?” Graham asked.


“I don’t know.” Sandy and Thomas said in unison.


“What is the last thing you remember?” Thomas asked Graham.


“I remember the scream of the soldiers and my co-workers. I was in the control room with captain. We were talking about these hellish Wolfdogs. When we heard the scream…we ran towards it. Then I saw a blue light. That’s all I remember.” Graham said.


“I remember opening the hangar door for a human.” Said Thomas.


“What human?” Sandy asked.


“I was drinking coffee on the second level when I saw the man. He was running towards the ship. I thought some creatures may probably been chasing him. So I opened the hangar’s door for him. He said sorry. Then I saw the blue light. And now I am here in this godforsaken place surrounded by hellish creatures.” Thomas said.


“Something must have tricked you…or…Some other living being…may be more advanced, probably used the human you saw as a bait.” Sandy said.


“That does make sense.” Graham said.


“But where are our friends?” Sandy asked. “I don’t see any other cages here.”


“They must be somewhere else. But I don’t see any creature who walk upright as Sandy said, either.” Thomas said.


“There is some human like creature here in this planet that’s certain. There is no way these Wolfdogs could have made these cages.” Graham said.


“I agree with that.” Thomas said.


Suddenly Thomas saw the creature Sandy had described. The creature with elongated head and ear. This creature could walk upright like humans. The creature is wearing outfit made out of some kind of black material. The fabric seemed to be thick. There is a small pistol like thing strapped to the creature’s waist, probably some sort of gun.


The intelligent creature is walking towards their cage. It stood just in front of Thomas, only a line of metal rods separating them. The Wolfdogs walked away to a distance. They growled from where they stood. The human hybrid said something in some unknown language.


“Look we don’t want any trouble. Please let us go. We mean no harm to you.” Thomas said.


Suddenly a device strapped to the human looking creature’s waist beeped and said something in the unknown language. The creature smiled at Thomas and drew the device from its sheath. Then it said something in the unknown language.


You humans are pathetic little creatures who think you’re the one who knows everything. You know nothing. You are a vermin who have no right to live in this universe or any other. You are a virus. You should never had evolved from those pathetic creatures, apes. You are a species that never should have existed.” The device in the hands of the creature translated the unknown language to English.


“Look this is a misunderstanding, every living being have the right to live. You can’t just exterminate a species. A species highly intelligent as you should never do things like this.” Graham said.


The device translated what graham have said into the unknown language. The human hybrid creature smiled again at Graham’s comment.


The creature said something. A moment later “There is no mistake. There is no misunderstanding. You’re like the cancer cells which should be cut out.” The device translated.


“As a matter of fact we have found cure to cancer you son of a bitch. There is no need for cutting out cancer cells anymore.” Graham said.


The device translated Graham’s words. The creature’s eye widened. This time the creature looked more seriously. The creature took out a device similar to a radio from its cloth’s pocket and said something in the unknown language.


Change of plans. These newly captured humans know more things. We have to find where they had come from and experiment on them. We may want to interrogate them for more information. Then we could exterminate them.” The device suddenly translated. The creature may have forgot to turn it off.


“You bitch, you get nothing.” Sandy yelled.


The creature smiled at them and left. Suddenly some more of the human like creature came forward and began to roll the cage toward a large field.


The site in front of them horrified Thomas. Hundreds of cages are sitting in the field. Inside them are ape like humans which they had encountered as the first found living being in this planet.

Chapter 19

Near Locovilla Hospital, Green Planet


Samson and team took three trucks from the Skylark’s hangar. The trucks rushed through the gravelled road. They moved until they reached an intersection connecting three roads which they had earlier encountered on the journey to Saxonvilla Space Research Center.


“The creatures came from right.” One of the soldier said.


“Okay. We go right.” Samson said.


The trucks moved through the road on the right side. They passed two abandoned houses then the truck suddenly halted.


“What’s wrong?” Samson asked the driver.


“Look, on the north side of the house. Do you see it? The human who had turned in to the ape?” Driver asked.


Samson looked at the direction driver have pointed. Then he saw it too. The thing is very small. Possibly an eleven year old kid.


“What do we do with it?” The driver asked.


“The wolf dog creatures appeared to be not harming any of these human apes. So let’s be on our way. First we need to find our friends and save them then we could decide what to do with these creatures.” Samson said.


The driver started the truck and accelerated toward a large town. The town’s sign indicated that they are in a place called Locovilla. So far they have not seen any creatures. In the far left they could see a large building.


“Go in that direction.” Samson said pointing to the large building. “This must be the building we saw from the ship.”


“Okay I will drive in that direction.” Driver said.


The three trucks rushed toward the large building. When they reached there, they could see the board hanging from its roofs. The board read Victoria Hospital.


“The creatures definitely came from this direction.” Samson said.


The truck moved through the road in front of the hospital. Trucks rushed through the gravel path. All of the passengers are looking through the window for any sign of life, for their fellow mates.


On the way they saw many wandering human monkeys. But no sign of the wolf dogs.


“So Jasper, any idea about what we are dealing here?” Samson broke the silence.


“This organism we are dealing with must be some advanced…very advanced creatures. There is no other way they could shut down our planet’s defence system. They somehow detected life forms in this planet through our firewall. Our defence system was designed to block any external life detecting signals.” Jasper said.


“Any idea about where they came from?” Samson asked.


“My guess is that they detected us when we were experimenting travel through black hole. They must had come through one of the black holes located in the center of our galaxy.” Jasper said.


“So, did you succeed in travelling through black holes?” This time it was Jenny asking curiously.


“We sort of succeeded.” Jasper said.


“Sort of?” Jenny asked.


“We had deployed research pods inside black holes and they had transmitted images to us revealing another galaxy or possibly another universe.” Jasper said.


“How long did you took your job as an Astrophysicist?” Jenny asked changing the subject.


“It’s been about three years now.” Jasper said with a wide smile.


“So Jasper, what exactly do you know about these aliens we are talking about?” Samson asked.


“These creature are as I earlier said more advanced than us. Their ships are supposedly designed to travel through black holes. The material of the ship we detected is very hard to find and is highly heat resistant. The ships are also huge, possibly fully automated and may be designed for advanced warfare.” Jasper said.


“So are you saying that you didn’t even got chance to strike back?” Jenny asked.


“We are a race of space explorers, we mean no harm to anyone. That’s exactly why we designed a system to camouflage our flora and fauna. We have known for centuries that people of earth are greedy for everything. They will colonize to everywhere if they have to and destroy life forms, no offence but it’s the nature of human beings. We somehow managed to hold back those greediness. We did attacked them with our short range missiles but our weapons were useless against them. Within minutes the plague spread through our planet, then you can imagine what had happened.” Jasper said.


They reached somewhere near the foothills. That’s when they saw it. A big space ship parked in between two mountains. Everyone silently got out of the vehicles. The ship is about one mile away from them but they could see it clearly. Samson take out a binocular from the truck, and he looked through it. The place is filled with those hellish dogs. These dogs are larger than they have earlier encountered.


Samson focused the binocular’s lenses. Then he saw it. A creature similar to humans but with elongated head and ear and walking on two legs. It also have two hands. He handed his binocular to Jenny. Jenny also saw the human hybrid. Jenny’s eyes widened.


“Guys we think we saw the intelligent life form Jasper talked about.” Samson said pointing toward the ship.


Everyone took out binoculars from the truck and looked through it. Everyone saw what they are dealing with here.


“It’s better if you researchers stay here with the truck, while we soldiers deal with those things.” Samson said.


“You may need an extra gun, we are coming with you.” One of the researcher said. All others nodded in agreement.


“Okay then. But I cannot guarantee your safety.” Samson said.


“Okay.” The researcher said.


“Okay then, here is the plan. We all split into four groups just like we did before. Remember we are sixty one in number. We are going to surround the ship and kill those bitches. Are you all in?” Samson asked.


“Yes.” All said in unison.


“Okay let’s move out.” Samson said.


Soldiers and researchers split into four groups and moved in four directions to surround the ship. The wolfish dogs haven’t detected them yet. When they reached a safe distance from the ship, all of them carefully moved toward the ship in a semi-circular shape. The ship is indeed very advanced, Samson and team could clearly see that now.


Suddenly the wolfish creatures detected them and with a sharp shriek they all ran toward them.

Chapter 20

Unknown location, Green Planet


The plasma gun silently cut down the approaching creatures. But the creatures kept on coming. Finally soldier’s plasma gun killed every last one of the creatures who have approached them. So far no casualty. The plasma guns works well against the wolfish creatures. They passed the mutilated corpses of the hellish dogs. They killed about hundreds of them. Suddenly the human like creatures came out of the ship and start shooting with some kind of laser guns. One researcher got hit in the chest and suddenly fell.


Soldiers started shooting back. The creatures are protected by the big rocks in front of Samson and his team. But the plasma gun dismantled the rocks. Rocks burst into pieces in mid-air when the plasma bolts hit them. One of the human like creature fell down.


There are about fifteen human like creatures shooting at Samson’s team. Samson and his team surrounded them and shot down every last one of them.


Suddenly one of those human like creature came out of the ship with a blue light device in its hand. The thing lifted the blue light device and showed it to Samson and his team. All of them instantly stopped shooting, and approached the blue light without knowing what they are doing.


Suddenly the creature’s skull exploded. The soldiers shook their head. They couldn’t understand what is happening. It’s like suddenly their mind became blank and now with large number of thoughts.


Jenny emerged from the back of the ship. A laser gun in her hand. It was she who killed the creature.


“You were being controlled by some sort of light device.” Jenny said to everyone.


“What…was…that blue light?” Samson asked.


“As I said, that was a light device which controls our mind. I shot down the creature from the back. After that you got your mind back thanks to me.” Jenny said smiling.


Everyone nodded. All of them walked toward the ship. Some researcher take out their Genometer and checked the DNA of the human like creature.


“This creature is a distant relative of human. These things must be evolved from humans.” Said one of the researcher.


“They evolved from humans or not they certainly don’t like humans.” One of the soldier said.


Samson nodded in agreement.


They walked inside the ship through the opened ramp. The ship is appeared to be a research vessel. They walked to the ship’s control room. Some of them split in to four groups and began to search the entire ship.


After an hour of searching everyone came out of the ship, the ship is totally empty. No sign of human like creatures or Sandy and team. They walked tired. Two of the researchers are dead.


“We will now check the ship’s surrounding.” Samson said.


All nodded with tired eyes. But there is a great deal of satisfaction in their mind, after all they had eliminated a threat. Everyone starts to search the ship’s surrounding. Suddenly one of the soldier spotted it. About half a mile away from their location. A field filled with what appeared to be cages. Samson took his binocular from his pant’s back pocket and looked through the scope.


The place is filled with cages and some of the wolf dogs are there patrolling the perimeter. It seems that they have not yet heard any commotion taken place here.


“Everyone, silently move toward that location. The cages are filled with human apes. Our friends may also be there.” Samson said.


Everyone silently moved to that location like they earlier did. After fifteen minute or so they reached near the field. The wolfish dogs sensed Samson and his team and ran toward them with a loud roar. The human monkeys inside the cages looked in that direction. Samson and his team quickly takeout the creatures using their plasma guns.


The wolfish dogs in this place seemed to be larger in size. But none of them stood a chance against the plasma bolts. Suddenly two of the human like creatures came out of nowhere and started to shoot with their laser guns. Two soldiers and one researcher quickly fell down. Samson and his team ran to the field and split into small number of groups. Now they have cage’s protection. They start to shoot at human like creatures from there and two of them quickly went down.


Then suddenly a loud speech in some kind of unknown language can be heard.


All of you stand down, put down your weapons and come forward. Or I will inject her with this plague virus.” Supposedly a device translated the speech in to English.


Everyone glanced at their front and saw that one of the human like creature is holding Jenny. Jenny stayed still. In the creature’s hand is a syringe filled with a blue liquid and it is pointed at Jenny’s neck.


“Don’t you dare put down your weapons. Think about it. I am just a researcher. You can’t surrender for one life. There are thousands of lives to be saved.” Jenny said out loud.


When the creature saw that no one is moving forward or putting down their weapons, suddenly the creature injected Jenny with the blue liquid. Jenny quickly hit at the creature’s stomach with her elbow. The creature growled with pain. Samson instantly shot down the creature. The creature stood on his knees and smiled at them. Then said something. Then went down.


You human vermin can’t stop us. We will find where you have come from and believe me, we will tear down everything.” The device in the creature’s waist translated.


Samson approached Jenny. Tears ran down through her cheek. Suddenly fur began to form on her head, and then everywhere on her body developed fur. Her lips began to take form like that of an ape. Tears filled in Samson’s eyes.


“I will find cure for this…And make you well again. I promise.” Samson said crying like a child.


“May be there is an antidote somewhere here, they normally have to take precautions if they accidentally exposed to it, right?” A soldier said.


Samson quickly began to search everywhere but he didn’t find anything that promised as an antidote. He saw only the blue vials filled with that virus pandemic. Samson turned back with sad eyes.


“Release everyone in the cages.” Samson said.


“Sergeant, I found Doctor Graham, Sandy, and Thomas in one of the cages.” One of the soldier called out.


Samson followed his voice and found what he is talking about. Graham, Sandy and Thomas are inside one of the cages. They looks tired. Thomas finally looked up and saw Samson’s eyes. Samson unlocked the cage. Graham, Sandy and Thomas got out of the cage and walked toward Samson.


“These creatures are nothing like anything we have seen. They said they are going to exterminate all of the human race. These creatures are sort of colonists but they don’t like humans. Probably they have found our planet by now. We have to warn them.” Thomas said urgently.


“They said this to you?” Samson asked.




“Where are others?” Samson asked.


“We don’t know. We woke up in this cage.” Thomas said.


“And Thomas, I am sorry to tell you that your assistant Jenny became exposed to this plague and have turned into one of the human apes. She lost her human instincts now. Now it’s only basic instinct for survival. One of the human like creature injected her with the virus…I…I couldn’t stop him. But finally I shoot it down.” Samson said with a deep sigh.


“I am sorry to hear that.” Graham said. “That means we have to find the cure to this disease soon.”


“Yes we should. There is boxes of this virus vials there. We could take it as a starting point.” Samson said.


“Sergeant, I found others inside cages in the far corner of the field.” A soldier came forward and said. By the time he finished all others followed him toward Samson.


“It’s good to see you all.” Samson said. Everyone smiled.


Everyone walked toward their trucks. Samson took Jenny’s hand in his. Jenny followed Samson without any resistant. She is like an ape now. All human instinct gone. Like a circus monkey following its master.


Before them are thousands of human monkey hybrids all walking to and fro with only one instinct. The instinct to survive.


Planet Green’s Orbit, Two months later


The ship Victoria has reached Planet Green’s orbit. All crew are awake. Everyone is looking through the windows.


“Everyone brace yourself we are going to land in any minute now.” Captain’s voice echoed through the ship.


“Deploy emergency satellites to Planet’s orbit.” Captain said.


“Satellites deploying in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, satellites released and are in perfect orbit.” One of the pilot said.


Emergency satellites are designed to enhance communication and for defence applications. They could launch small plasma missiles and shoot plasma bolts if necessary.


“Find the last known location of the ship Skylark.” Captain said.


“Found it. They are in sector 50. Do you want me to move the ship to that location?” One of the pilot asked.


“Yes, please proceed.” Captain said.


Sergeant Lucy and James came to the control room.


“When will we land?” James asked.


“We will land soon. We are moving to the last known location of the ship Skylark.” Captain Miller said.


“Did we detected any threats when we were in sleep?” Lucy asked.


“None so far.” Captain said.


“Did they contacted us?” James asked.


“They contacted earth and said about some intelligent life forms going to invade earth. Earth is well prepared for a war. They all are ready to tackle the biohazard if the enemies somehow released it. Our star fleet is already searching our solar system for any threats.” Captain said.


“Captain, we have reached our destination.” One of the pilot said.


The Skylark is parked in a place surrounded by mountain ranges.


“Land in a perfect place.” Captain said. “James, Lucy, You may need to prepare your team. We will land in any seconds now.”


James and Lucy moved to the ship’s hangar. Everyone was already there. Hangar is filled with vehicles of all sort for this mission. Fuel tanks lay in a corner.


“Soldiers, be ready for anything unexpected. We will land in any moment now. According to the earlier team’s records the only effective weapon against our enemies is the plasma gun. So everyone take out your plasma guns.” James said.


“Researchers, you also need to be prepared. All the equipment are inside the vehicles. It is advised that you all keep a laser gun with you, we can’t afford to take any chances. We all need to be prepared for a war if it came to that. Always remember your training.” Lucy said.


“So are you ready?” James asked


All nodded in agreement.


The ship landed with a heavy thud. Hangar’s door burst opened. First soldiers came out pointing the plasma guns. Then the researchers followed. When they made sure the perimeter is safe they signalled the drivers to start the engines of the vehicles. Five heavy duty trucks rolled out of the hangar. Soldiers and researchers got inside the trucks and the trucks rushed in the direction of the Skylark. Trucks halted in front of the Skylark’s Hangar door. The hangar door suddenly burst opened. Before the soldiers were Samson and his team pointing their plasma guns.


Sergeant James got outside the truck and walked toward Samson.


“Samson, Is that you?” James asked.


“Yes, Sergeant James. Come inside we have lot to talk about.” Samson said.



Book Two: Battle for Planet Green



Military Medical Research Center, Green Planet, 2074 A.D.


The Humvee stopped in front of the medical research center. Two men in military uniform got outside and quickly paced inside the facility. They stopped moving when they reached beside a medical practitioner who is looking at something through the microscope. The medical practitioner shifted his gaze toward the two men.


“General Mason. It’s good to see you. What brings you here?” The Medical practitioner asked.


“It’s good to see you too doctor. We need you to analyse something for us.” Mason handed him a vial of blue liquid. “Doctor, we are under attack and the enemy has released this biological weapon against us. It was in gaseous form. Our researchers liquefied it.”


“Who is attacking us?” Doctor asked.


“We think they have come through the B Twelve black hole at the center of our galaxy. They are presumably Xhilarians from the Xhilaria universe.” Mason answered.


“I will look at it as soon as possible,” Doctor said.


“Doctor, we don’t have time for that. We need you to look at it now.” Mason said.


“Okay then, whatever you say…” Doctor opened the vial and took a small drop from it. He carefully aligned the sample in the microscope.


“Looks like it is a virus,” Doctor said.


“We need more than that doctor. And we need an antidote against it fast.” Mason said.


“Well, we can’t develop a vaccine until we study it thoroughly. We need to know about the victims.” Doctor said.


“Well as far as we know this virus causes an instant mutation on us,” Mason said.


“Meaning?” Doctor asked.


“Our people are turning into monkeys Doctor.” Mason said with a deep sigh.


“What? Are you really serious?” Doctor asked confused.


“I am dead serious doctor. Our people are really turning into monkeys. We don’t know what to do. We really need to make the antidote quick. About my entire platoon had fell under this disease.” Mason said with a deep breath. “Doctor, I can’t abandon my people.”


“I will begin evaluation right now.” Doctor finally said. A worry is on his face.


Doctor looked at the sample again. “Looks like this virus is dying!” Doctor said surprised.


“What? What does that mean?” Mason asked.


“It means it can’t survive very long in our atmosphere. It has a very low lifetime in gaseous form. The liquid seemed to be changing into gaseous form quickly.” Doctor said.


“That means they may be going to invade our planet after all of us have turned into monkeys.” Mason said himself.


“If that’s the case we need to do something quick.” Doctor said.


“Your right. What is the status of project Omega leaf?” Mason asked.


“We still haven’t tested it yet. It is in test mode now. We have scheduled it for testing tomorrow.” Doctor said.


“Well, we don’t have time for testing it now,” Mason said with a deep breath. “We need to activate project Omega Leaf doctor. Are you up for it?” Mason asked.


“I am ready for it. I don’t want to become a monkey.” Doctor said with a little panic in his face.


“You have to know that this project is still under development. There may be some side effects.” Doctor said.


“I am well aware of that doctor. We can’t let that Xhilarians invade us. We have to make a move. You know how pathetic our weapons are. This is our only chance of survival against them.” Mason said. “Activate project Omega Leaf now.”


Doctor moved near his computer and typed in some commands. Quickly a blueprint of some sort of spaceship appeared on the monitor. The monitor then prompted a window to enter a security key.


“Do you want me to continue?” Doctor asked.


“Please proceed, I am afraid that we may not be here to see it in action.” Mason said.


Doctor entered the security key and a new window prompted asking whether to continue or not. Doctor clicked the continue button. Suddenly the monitor became blue in colour and a message appeared indicating that the project Omega Leaf is in effect.


Suddenly a gunfire erupted from outside. Doctor, Mason and the soldier with Mason looked toward the front door with panic. A moment later a high pitched scream of a soldier came from outside.


“What is happening outside?” Doctor asked.


“Presumably extermination!” Mason said. “How long will it take for the Project Omega Leaf to become fully functional?”


“It may take about twenty four hours.” Doctor said, a little fear is still left in his face.


Suddenly the front door burst into pieces and a large creature emerged from the doorway. The creature seemed to be a hybrid of wolf and dog. It is lot bigger than both. The creature stared at the men in front of it. Some kind of liquid oozed down from its mouth, possibly due to the joy of finding a day’s meal. Then two more creatures emerged from behind the first creature.


The creatures growled. And then all three of them jumped on to the men in front of them. Doctor, Mason and the soldier screamed at high pitch sound.

Part 5: Race for the Cure

Chapter 1

Saxonvilla Space Research Center, Green Planet, 2075 A.D.


Samson and James paced around the facility. Soldiers have surrounded the building and are searching the perimeter for dangers. They searched all the documents inside the research center for any information regarding their enemies. They have no further information from what Jasper have given them. Researchers are doing their best to develop an antidote against the monkey disease. It is what the researchers call the disease now, Monkey Disease! Researchers are nowhere near a promising cure. All the human monkeys they saved are now wandering there and there without any real purpose including Jenny, the new addition to the monkey family.


Samson tried his best to keep Jenny beside him, but she managed to slip away. The master slave relation is no more. The human monkeys sleep less and wander around most of the day and eat whatever greenery they see including grass. But they like fruits much, because of that they often stick around forest areas.


Samson and his team so far detected none of the enemy activity after the last encounter. They haven’t received any messages regarding enemy activity from earth too.


Thomson, Jasper and Thomas were agreed to watch over the skies from this facility. They have made the communication room their base where numerous computers are arranged in a circular fashion. They are doing their best to uncover the mysteries behind the enemies.


A part of James’ soldiers moved farther into the once populated land in search for survivors and enemy activity. The Wolfdogs haven’t come in their way since the last encounter. They may have retreated or may be plotting a major attack. James and Samson have discussed all the possibilities with the fellow soldiers in case of an emergency.


After all the things their enemies have said, they couldn’t afford to take any chances anymore. The fate of earth and the Milky Way galaxy now depends on the fate of the Green planet. Earth’s military is sweep searching the entire solar system now. They haven’t stopped searching since the last enemy encounter on planet green. They are mainly checking near all black holes since enemies are presumably using black holes for travelling. Samson have given all information he had about the enemies to Earth. Earth’s fate rests with a handful of soldiers on green planet but they are provided with advanced weapons which haven’t touched by any other humans on planet Earth.


The team who went deeper into the Green Planet’s once populated areas is leaded by Sergeant Michael. Michael is a very well trained combat specialist who have particular skill in tracking down enemies even with very little biological evidence.


Samson looked at the stacks of documents in front of him again. There is nothing useful in there. All are about black hole travels and the possibilities of what will be waiting on the other side of the black hole. Samson curiously looked at a diagram which depicted black hole travel. It is interesting to see it in an image. He put the image back and stood up from his chair. He took a deep sigh and then walked toward Sergeant James.


“James, I haven’t found anything useful in that pile of garbage.” Samson said.


“Well. We really have to dig deep here. Especially after what those things have said. We can’t let them get away.” James said.


“I know. It’s just…I can’t find the right word to say this…but I really am feeling desperate after what happened to Jenny. I can’t forgot her image. Her touch… I am heart broken.” Samson said with a deep breath.


“You can’t let your emotions get into this. You’re a well-trained combat specialist. A good soldier. You have your duty… Try to do your duty, time will wash away her image from you. Besides the doctors are working their best to find a cure. We will be able to make her well again. At least that’s what I think.” James said.


“Okay. Thanks. I will try to forget her.” Samson said.


“Please do that. Oh! I forgot the main things. The researchers want us to search a forest here. They have found a peculiar behaviour shown by these human monkeys. These once people beings are following some pattern to live. They want us to dig deeper on that. We will leave tomorrow first thing in the morning. So ready your team. Five researchers will be coming with us leaded by Sergeant Lucy.” James said.


“Okay. I will prepare my team.” Samson said and left James.


Corporal Sandy and team were practicing when Samson reached the yard of the facility. They have made this facility a human camp. This facility have all the things they needed. For now it’s enough. Samson walked near Sandy.


“Sandy, we will have to search inside a forest tomorrow. So I want you to prepare your team. We will need the best for this job. Those Wolfdogs may be in the forest so we have to be extra careful on this.” Samson said.


“I will prepare my team now.” Sandy said.


Sandy called out for his team and twenty men came forward.


“People we have a mission tomorrow. I want you to prepare your guns and be ready for anything.” Sandy said.


The soldiers nodded and left the scene.


“What are we going to search in the forest?” Sandy asked.


“Researchers said that the human monkeys are showing some peculiar behaviour and they want us to check on that in the forest. Supposedly the monkeys are gathering in the forest.” Samson said.


“I see.” Sandy said.


“So are you guys ready for it?” Samson asked.


“We are ready for anything.” Sandy said smiling.


“Then I have to leave you for now. See you tomorrow. I have some research to do.” Samson said and he slowly paced inside the building and moved to the communication room.


At the time Samson reached the communication room Thomson, Thomas and Jasper were doing some serious things on the computers.


“Did you guys have any luck on our enemies?” Samson asked.


“We are doing all we can to reveal the enemies. But the enemies have vanished into thin air. We have no luck. But we detected some movement near a forest. It could be the Wolfdogs or the human like creatures or it could be survivors.” Jasper said.


“Where exactly is this?” Samson asked.


“It is near Saxonvilla forest range.” Jasper said.


“That’s exactly where we are going tomorrow.” Samson whispered himself.


“What?” Jasper asked.


“Tomorrow we are going to that forest to research on some human monkey activity.” Samson said.


“Then good luck on that. It could be the human monkeys then.” Jasper said.


“It could be…” Samson said and left them to his room.

Chapter 2

Deep inside a forest


“Kane, David, come here. You guys should see this.” An old man with large beard and moustache called out.


“What is it Mason?” A middle aged man with the same large beard and moustache came forward and asked.


“Kane you have to see this. Something is happening inside the forest. I have detected some heavy movement in the lower edges of the forest.” Mason said.


“What is this important matter?” Another middle aged man stood beside Kane and asked.


“David, it’s good of you to join us.” Mason said with a deep sigh. “I have detected some heavy movement near forest edges. We may have to shift our camp to one of the tree houses. It could be those wolfish creatures.”


“Okay then. Take everything. We are moving to the tree house.” David said.


They took all the equipment from the makeshift camp and moved everything to one of the tree houses near the camp. The tree house is large enough to accommodate three adults. There are two other tree houses in the nearby trees too. The trees they have chosen for the tree houses are very large. Their canopy is covering the entire camp. Once they are satisfied with everything, all three of them climbed through the rope ladder to a tree house. Once they are inside the tree house they drew back the rope ladder into the tree house. Mason took a large tablet like device in his palm and switched it on.


“Looks like we are right on time. The things moving have entered into our boundary.” Mason said.


“What? What are those things?” Kane asked.


“I don’t know. It may be those wolfish creatures or some other animals.” Mason said.


They waited for an hour for the creatures to pass. Then they saw it. There are about hundreds of those. The human monkeys who had once been normal people of Green planet. They are all moving in a formation as a pack.


“Where are they all going to?” Kane asked.


“May be they are going in search for food. Or it may be those bastards, Xhilarians, trying to experiment on them.” Mason said.


“They seemed to have attracted to something.” David said.


“You’re right. They all are moving in one direction. It could be those Xhilarians making trap for them. If that project omega leaf was very active those creatures would have been a memory.” Mason said.


“You often say that. What exactly happened to project omega leaf?” David asked.


“It just stopped communicating with us. It may have been destroyed by those Xhilarians or there may be some malfunction on the ship which destroyed the ship along with our project.” Mason said. “It was our final line of defence.” Mason took deep sigh. “Anyway we have to count on those humans who had arrived here. They may be our last hope.”


“Where do you think they came from?” Kane asked.


“Who?” Mason asked.


“The humans of course.” Kane said.


“My guess is that they are from planet Earth of Milky Way galaxy.” Mason said.


“Well how did they found us?” David asked.


“May be some of our people had contacted them for help. It is a desperate time. People will do all sort of things to survive.” Mason said.


The human monkeys all moved further away from the camp.


“Do we have to follow them?” David asked.


“Not now. We will wait until night. Then we could search the perimeter as we have done before.” Mason said.


“Okay, but do you think that we have waited long enough already?” Kane asked.


“What do you mean?” Mason asked.


“Well we have been here for a long time hiding here. Those humans could help us if we moved from this place to their location. There could be food for us. Shelter, weapons, you name it. Only if we get out of this place.” Kane said.


“Well if those wolfish creatures weren’t patrolling the forest perimeter you were right. But those things are out there. Our people’s hopes are us. We have to survive as long as we can and find out all the weaknesses of our enemies. We have to defeat them and should take back our planet from them.” Mason said.


“You’re right. But we may be able to get out of here without getting caught if we are careful.” Kane said.


“I can’t afford to take any chances.” Mason said.


“Mason’s right. We can’t afford to take any chances. We have to wait for the humans to find us.” David said.


They waited for an hour again for the sun to go down. Slowly darkness crept through the forest. Mason, David and Kane slowly came out of the tree house. They climbed down through the rope ladder. Surrounding is very silent, only the sound of the night can be heard. They took metal rods from the makeshift camp as their weapons and slowly moved inside the forest toward where the human monkeys had gone to. They walked for half an hour. Then they saw it. Some kind of fluorescent material is inside the forest. The human monkeys are encircled the light emitting material. Mason and team watched the scene from a safe distance. The light from the material have removed the pitch blackness of the night in the surrounding forest. Some kind of gaseous material is all over the place.


“What is that gas?” David asked.


“It’s probably related to the virus plague the Xhilarians have unleashed. I think it’s not safe for us. Time for us to get back to the camp.” Mason said.


Three of them walked toward their camp.


“What was that fluorescent material?” David asked.


“I don’t know. It seems to have attracted those human monkeys. It definitely related to the virus pandemic.” Mason said.


“Then we may be in grave danger.” Kane said.


“We could be in trouble. We haven’t detected any heavy movement like this before. So the fluorescent material must have appeared recently.” Mason said.


“We have to be extra careful from now on. This also means that the Xhilarians somehow got inside the forest right under our nose.” David said.


“Your right.” Mason said.


They finally got back to their camp.


“Time for us to rest.” Mason said.


Everyone got inside their own tree houses and sleep took over them.

Chapter 3

Rodovilla, Green Planet


Michael and team reached a town called Rodovilla. They got outside the truck and slowly began to pace around houses. So far no Wolfdogs. Michael went inside a house to search for any evidence for human survivors. There are blood marks all over the house’s wall and floor. The blood has become a thick brown colour due to aging and dust particles. In fact the entire house is filled with dust. It’s been too long since the house had cleaned.


There was nothing indicating the presence of life. Everyone went outside the house and went near a hill. Michael climbed the small hill and looked at the surrounding area in his binocular. There is nothing beyond the hill. It’s just only barren wastelands. Michael went beside the soldiers.


“There is nothing beyond this place. I think it is time to get back to base and call it a day.” Michael said to the soldiers.


“It’s your call sergeant.” One of the soldier said.


Suddenly they heard sound of some footsteps. Something is running at them. Everyone looked around. The place is empty. Everyone adjusted their guns and pointed in every directions. Then they saw it. One Wolfdog is running towards them.


“Wolfdog at north side. Brace yourself.” One of the soldier yelled.


Everyone turned toward north side. Everyone saw it. Then a loud shriek came. There are about ten other Wolfdogs all running towards them. Soldiers fired a round. Five of the creature in the front line went down. All soldiers are armed with plasma guns. The remaining creatures still charged at them. Michael and others fired in all directions. Then a sharp roar came from behind the soldiers. Some of the soldiers turned back with gun pointed in eye level.


“Sergeant, we are surrounded by the Wolfdogs.” One of the soldier yelled.


“Everyone fire at will. Remember we don’t surrender to fear.” Michael yelled.


Soldiers fired plasma bolts in every directions. The creatures ran in circles around them. One of the creature got near and jumped on top of one soldier. The soldier kept on firing but none hit the creature. The creature tilt its head and opened its large mouth and crushed the soldier’s head. One of the soldier nearby shot down that Wolfdog. The fallen soldier’s body shivered itself on the ground for some time then the body went limp. One other creature jumped at one soldier who was away from Michael’s group. The creature bit him in the neck and lifted the soldier from ground and threw him to the side of the road. Soldiers kept on firing. Then suddenly the creatures turned away and ran to the distant. Soldiers stared at the running Wolfdogs.


Something have called the creatures. Michael went near the fallen soldiers. Two of his best men are dead. Blood is still oozing down from the fallen soldiers’ body.


“They might come back. Everyone brace yourself.” Michael yelled.


All soldiers trained their guns in eye level. They waited for five minutes. No sign of creatures. Then they heard sound of some sort of machinery. Everyone looked in all directions and braced for something to jump at them. Based on the sound some kind of vehicle is moving toward them. Suddenly everybody saw it. It was a pod ship. It’s flying towards them. Soldiers pointed their gun at the ship. Then they saw another ship and another. There are about five ships moving toward them. Pod ships are black in colour and have automatic guns attached on both sides of the ship. The guns of pod ship rotated in high speed and start to shoot laser beams at the soldiers.


“Everyone fall back behind the house.” Michael yelled.


Everyone avoided the gunshots and moved behind a house. Soldiers fired back at the ships. Looks like the ship’s material is highly resistant to plasma shots. The ships remained intact.


“Everyone concentrate your shots at the front window of the ships.” Michael yelled.


The soldiers nodded and fired at the front window of the ships. The ship still remained intact. Then the ships suddenly landed on the ground. Soldiers looked at the ship alerted. Some kind of human like creatures with elongated head and ear emerged from the ship and in their hand was a revolver like gun. The creatures fired at the house where soldiers are hiding. Soldiers fired back. It seems that the creatures’ guns shoot laser bolts. One of the soldier near the corner fell down. The shot was through the wall of the house into the soldier’s chest. A wide hole is in the soldier’s chest.


“Shit. Shit.” Michael mumbled.


The creatures kept on firing. Michael’s and his team’s shots aren’t hitting any targets. There is about ten creatures and twenty human soldiers. But the number difference doesn’t matter to the creatures. They are masterfully shooting down the soldiers. Three other soldiers felled back. Michael quickly climbed on top of the house from the back side through the plumping pipe on the wall. The house is single story. He crawled through the terrace of the house. He carefully aligned his gun and start to shoot. Two of the creatures quickly went down.


Quickly five of the soldiers climbed to the roof of the house like Michael had done and they all lie down beside Michael and start to shoot at the creatures. The creatures began to concentrate their shots on the roof of the house. Plasma bolts and laser bolts cut through the air in all directions like fireworks. Some laser shots cut through two of the soldiers’ head on the roof of the house. The soldiers went limp. Michael looked at the dead soldiers with disbelief. There is a massive hole in the fallen soldiers’ head.


Suddenly one of the creature came forward with a blue light device. Michael and other soldiers quickly dropped their guns and stood up. It’s like their mind instantly became blank. The creature with the blue light came forward again. Michael and other soldiers walked toward the creature with the blue light device from the protection of the house. Soldiers on the roof jumped out of the roof. Somehow the creatures are controlling their mind. Now Michael and his team are their puppets. The puppet master dragged Michael and his team to one of the pod ship. Another creature opened the door of the pod ship for the soldiers to get inside. Once they are inside the creature closed the door of the pod ship. The pod ship quickly went up and fly beyond the hilly region. Other creatures got inside their own pod ships and went in the direction where the first pod ship had gone. The pod ships cut through the air at blazing speed.

Chapter 4

Saxonvilla Forest, Green Planet


Two trucks rushed toward Saxonvilla forest. Inside the trucks are thirty soldiers and James, Lucy, Samson, and Sandy and five researchers. The forest can be seen through the front window in the distance. They are about one mile away from the forest. A thick layer of mist is covered on top of the forest canopy. The road is straight without any turning points. The tar road ended and the trucks now entered into the muddy path. Puddles are formed there and there on the road by yesterday’s rain. Water splashed in both directions when the trucks rushed through the puddles. Finally they reached the woods. There is a narrow road through the forest that can be seen now.


They were about to enter into the woods, that’s when a wolf dog charged at the front truck from the right side. The Wolfdog collided with the truck with enormous force. The driver lost control of the truck and the truck rushed toward a large tree on the side of the road. The truck crashed on to the tree and it stopped moving. The truck on the back stopped and soldiers got outside from the second truck. Soldiers aimed their gun and fired at the Wolfdog. The Wolfdog successfully dodged the shots and jumped on top of a nearby soldier and it clawed on the soldier’s face. The soldier screamed with pain.


Soldiers from the first truck finally got outside and shot down the creature.


“Is it dead?” Samson asked.


One soldier went near the fallen Wolfdog and checked. He fired several shots at the creature’s head and made sure it is dead.


“It’s dead now.” The soldier answered.


“We will go on foot the rest of the journey.” James said. Lucy and other soldiers nodded.


Soldiers are now alerted. They are looking in every direction when walking. Suddenly soldiers detected some movement from outside the forest toward them. Then they saw it. There are about fifty Wolfdogs all running towards them. Soldiers yelled commands.


“Everyone fire at will.” James yelled.


Soldiers start to fire in all direction. The plasma bolts cut through the air. Some of the trees fell down when the shots hit on the trees. About fifteen creature quickly went down. Then the soldiers saw it. There are hundreds of Wolfdogs emerging from the valley.


“Everyone fall back to the forest’s protection.” Samson yelled.


Soldiers and researchers ran through the forest. Creatures are almost on them. Some of the soldiers pulled grenades and threw at the creatures. Dust and fallen leaves flew in mid-air when the grenades exploded. Three creatures fell down by the explosion. Soldiers finally reached near thick jungle bushes. Everyone crawled inside the thick bushes’ protection. The Wolfdogs also reached there, but they couldn’t get to the soldiers’ position due to the forest overgrowth. Some of the soldier when saw the stopped Wolfdogs drew their guns and aimed through the tiny holes in the bushes. Then they fired. Plasma bolts cut down most of the creatures. Remaining creatures retreated back to the valley.


Soldiers and researchers finally stood up and stared at the retreating Wolfdogs. Some of the trees are on fire due to the fire fight happened a moment ago.


Lucy and other researchers stared at the beauty of the forest before them. Before them is a large lake supposedly in the middle of the forest. Sandy walked toward the lake and watched the fishes swimming through the water. Fishes are red in colour and it seems that they thrive in here. One of the researcher came forward and took samples of every greenery growing beside the lake. The lake is perfectly preserved by the thick shrubs and vines which mark the boundary of the lake. Wolfdogs clearly haven’t seen the beauty of the lake since they couldn’t get past the shrubs.


James and Samson stared at the lake mesmerised for a moment and then they walked toward Lucy.


“So do you find anything good sergeant?” James asked Lucy.


“Are you kidding? It is the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my entire life. There is no place like this on earth. Looks like the lake is healthy and it supports may be hundreds of different species of animals and plants.” Lucy said.


“Well, your focus should be on the cure to the monkey disease. Don’t let the beauty of the planet distracts you from your mission.” James said.


“Dually noted.” Lucy said.


“Then let’s find our way out of this place.” Samson said.


Everyone walked toward the edge of the lake and some of the soldier slowly pushed away the shrubs and vines from their path. They moved out of the lake’s boundary.


“We have to be careful now. Those Wolfdogs may come back.” James said to the soldiers.


Sandy led the soldiers and aligned them in position. Everyone is extra alerted. Researchers took out their laser guns and moved along with the soldiers. They slowly moved deep into the forest. Then they saw it. A large building in the middle of the forest. The walls of the building is covered with greenery and vines thrive along the wall.


“What in the god’s name is that?” Lucy asked.


“It must have been a research facility or may be a forest outpost.” James said.


“Let’s take a look inside.” Samson suggested.


“Okay. Soldiers, surround the building and watch out for any dangers. We will look inside the building.” James said.


Soldiers nodded and they quickly took positions around the building. James, Lucy, Samson and the researchers got inside the building through a decayed door. Rain water is oozing through the walls. There is green growth in the wooden door. The door is already wide open. It must had left this way when the plague ravaged the land. Vines are all over the building. Some plants are growing in the chairs and sofa surfaces. They carefully cleared each room. There is nothing unusual here. The photos on the wall have changed its colour over the course of time. Finally they reached the end of the building. The room before them is huge. Computers are around the room. It must have supported ten staffs. Decaying papers are on the floor. Computers are wet by the water dipping through the hole on the roof through which a vine had grown in to the room. There are small vines everywhere on the wall.


“Looks like there is no information here too.” Lucy said.


“Let’s get back to the forest then.” James said.


They are about to leave. That’s when Samson spotted a hidden doorway through the book shelf on the wall. Samson pushed away the shelf and looked carefully. The hidden doorway is made of steel and it looks like the door need a key to enter. Samson turned back.


“Stand back. Let me handle this.” James said.


James came forward with his plasma gun. He aimed the gun to the lock of the door. James pressed the trigger. A wide hole appeared on the door and the door opened with a loud shriek. They got inside and researchers carefully analysed the room. Looks like the whole room is made of steel. There is a personal computer on the far corner and documents are littered around the room.


Lucy took one paper from the floor and red.


“Looks like this is some kind of research facility. This is some report on the project they were working at the time.” Lucy handed the paper to James.


“Project Omega Leaf! What kind of project is this?” James asked confused.


“I don’t know. There is blue print of some sort of ship here.” Lucy said looking at the table.


“Is there any account about the monkey disease?” Samson asked.


“Not in these documents.” One of the researcher said.


They looked at all the documents. But there is nothing useful in here. A moment later everyone stood up.


“Let’s get back to our way. There is nothing about the disease. All this junk is about some kind of military project. Project Omega Leaf.” James said.


“Your right. Let’s get outside the building and search for the human monkeys.” Samson said.


Everyone slowly went outside the building.

Chapter 5

Saxonvilla Forest, Green Planet


No sign of human monkeys. Soldiers and researchers walked through the forest. Everyone is tired due to the long journey. The forest support wide variety of animals and plants. Monkeys are jumping through the trees. All animals are very busy. None of the animals paid attention to the fellow humans walking through the forest.


“Can we stop for a minute? I am really tired.” Lucy asked.


“We can’t stop now. We have to find those human monkeys fast. There is still high probability for those Wolfdogs to return back for us.” Samson said.


“But Lucy’s right. We all are tired.” Sandy said.


“Okay then, we will rest for a few minutes here. But not long. We have to be ready for continuing our journey.” James said.


Everyone gathered under a large tree. Some of the researchers and soldiers take out water and food from their back pack. Samson and James walked into the distance away from their friends.


“We haven’t seen any human monkeys so far. Are you really sure that we had detected heavy movement here?” Samson asked.


“I saw it myself. Heat signature indicated heavy movements here.” James said.


“Okay. They all are tired after the fight with the Wolfdogs. I don’t think they could reach the destination fast.” Samson adjusted his hair with his hand.


“Okay. Let’s wait a few more minutes till they refresh.” James said with a deep sigh.


“So, the human monkeys really went through the forest as a pack?” Samson asked again.


“Yes they did.” James nodded his head. “Thermal images clearly verified that.”


They watched the beauty of the forest a little longer. Then Samson and James walked toward the soldiers and researchers.


“Okay everybody. It’s time to move.” James said.


Everyone nodded and stood up. They took their back packs and starts to move deep into the forest. The forest is filled with shrubs and vines. They carefully moved through the thick jungle flora. Still no sign of human monkeys. There are many normal monkeys in the forest.


Finally they reached a grassland. Miles and miles of land is covered in grass. Soldiers carefully motioned others to follow. Researchers nodded at the soldiers and moved behind them.


“So how big is this forest?” Samson asked James.


“It is wide, about two thousand acres big.” James answered.


“That’s very large.” Samson said.


“This grassland is wonderful.” Lucy commented.


Researchers recorded about fifty species of birds now. They are all watching the colourful birds with hungry eyes. They couldn’t believe what they are seeing. There are wide variety of animals in this grasslands alone. In a distance a fox led its cubs to the forest. Deer and Rabbits are freely roaming. The humans now entered into another part of the forest. Now the forest is filled with trees of varying sizes. Then the soldiers spotted a muddy path. Everyone followed the path to deep inside the jungle.


“There are foot prints of animals here. Possibly the human monkeys.” One of the researcher announced.


Everyone stared at the muddy path. There is in fact many foot prints similar to that of monkeys. Soldiers looked at the distant forest through the scope on their guns. No creatures on sight.


“Okay everyone, look for the footprints. We will now follow the track.” Lucy said.


Everyone moved through the visible track. Since the yesterday’s rain the tracks are good and are clearly visible on the mud. Sun is in its highest glory now. Sunlight is sweeping in through the tiny holes in the forest canopy. Everyone watched the amazing scenery created in the forest by the sunlight itself. There is a small water stream flowing through the forest which supposedly nourishes the entire forest.


“There are foot prints all over here.” One soldier called out.


Samson, James, Lucy and Sandy examined the foot prints. Looks like the foot prints ends near the stream.


“Looks like we need to cross the stream into that part of the forest.” James said pointing to the part of the forest on the other side of the stream.


“Okay everyone, slowly cross the stream.” Lucy announced.


Everyone slowly begins to cross the small water body. Tiny fishes are swimming through the water as a pack in high speed. When soldiers put their foot on the water all fishes gathered around the boot and swam around the leg. An amazing scenery put forward by nature. In a distance a black panther passed them looking at the human travellers.


“This forest indeed have many varieties of species.” Lucy said.


“We could see that.” James said playfully.


“So James, did you happen to bring any protein bars? I am dying to taste one.” Lucy said with a smile.


“Let me look at…” James looked inside his pant pockets. “…Yes I have one here. Here you go. Help yourself.” James handed Lucy a protein bar.


Lucy unwrapped the protein bar and put one piece in her mouth.


“…Oh! This tastes good.” Lucy ate while closing her eyes. But she didn’t get a response.


Lucy stopped moving and opened her eyes. Looks like everyone had stopped moving. Everyone except Lucy is looking in the same direction with astonishment. Lucy finally turned her head and looked in the direction everyone is looking at. The site in front of her made her drop the protein bar in her hands. Lucy looked with mesmerised eyes with her mouth open. In front of her is a human survivor possibly a Green planet’s resident, an Andromedan like Jasper. He looks old with large beard. The man also looked back at the soldiers and researchers with his own excitement.


“Hay everyone. I am Mason. General Mason. And you’re looking at one of the few fortunate survivors.” Mason broke the long silence.


“It’s good to see you Mason. I am James.” James said by putting forward his hand.


“It’s nice to meet you. I am sure you may have many questions and I have many things to say.” Mason said while accepting James’ hand in his.

Chapter 6

Saxonvilla Forest, Green Planet


“So Mason, how exactly did you escaped from the Wolfdogs?” James asked sitting in a tree trunk beside Mason’s camp.


“It’s a long story.” Mason said.


“We have nothing but time.” James said.


“Well last year when those things came for the first time I was discussing about activating project Omega Leaf in our military medical research center. Those Wolfdogs, as you called, came for us. Our doctor died there. He was our leading researcher and the only one capable of activating project Omega Leaf. Nevertheless he managed to activate the Omega Leaf but we lost communication with the research vessel, probably a malfunction in the ship.” Mason took a deep breath. “Those creatures were right in front of me eating the doctor’s mutilated body. For a moment I lost in fear. Then I took the gun from its holster and shot the creature right in its eye. The creature stumbled and fell down. I managed to escape from the room to the military bunker right below the first room. Those remaining creatures followed me, but somehow I escaped.”


“So how did you met Kane and David?” This time it was Sandy.


“I met Kane right outside the research facility. He was also escaping from the creatures. We both managed to hide from those hellish creatures and decides to come to this forest since this forest lays nearer and also there is a research facility in the middle of this forest from where the Project Omega Leaf can be monitored.” Mason said.


“We have seen that building in the middle of this forest. We have also seen documents regarding your project Omega Leaf. What exactly is Project Omega Leaf?” James asked confused.


“Why say more? It’s a dead end now.” Mason said. Sadness filled his eyes. He tilted down his head.


“Well we all are curious to know about this project.” James said.


“Well, project Omega Leaf was supposed to be our final line defence. It is actually a research vessel with about thousand advanced Nano robots.” Mason said.


James laughed at Mason’s statement.


“Nano robots? Are you really joking? How much damage could they do against the big creatures? They must be really small right?” James said mocking.


“Well your wrong. What’s in a name? The Nano robots isn’t small as you think as their name suggest. Each robot’s brain is composed of millions of tiny Nano robots. Hence the name. We generally called each unit as a Nano robot. These robots could repair themselves in seconds. Their body is made of carbon fibre along with some secret formulae. The robots really was high tech. They have plasma cannons right inside their hands and other our advanced weapons are placed inside them. If those robots were still here we may have already won the war. Our robots are really designed to tackle situations like this. But something really happened inside the ship.” Mason said, still there is sadness left in his eyes.


“So what about David?” Samson asked.


“What about him?” Mason asked.


“Well how did you met him?” Samson asked.


“Oh! He was already in this spot. Kane and I searched the building inside this forest. The building was already empty when we got there. Staff must had gone to look after their families after they heard about the invasion. I tried to get into the master room to control the Project Omega, but it was locked and also all computers were down possibly due to some hacker. We decides to go deep into the forest to live here and wait for some sort of help to arrive. We found David here. He was building tree houses at the time we reached here. We became friends and started to live together so far.” Mason finished. “So what brings you here in the middle of nowhere?”


“We are on a search for those human monkeys. We believe they have come here. Our satellites detected their unusual activity. Those monkeys are travelling as a pack. We believe some secret is behind their journey which may help us derive a cure to this monkey disease.” Lucy said.


“Oh yes, those once human beings. We had seen them. They were somehow attracted to some kind of gaseous material. It was night at the time we found them. Some kind of fluorescent material was all over the place where they stood. They all walked around in an odd manner.” Kane said.


“Where was this exactly?” James asked.


“The place is couple of clicks away from this place. We were afraid whether the gaseous material is related to the plague. So we didn’t approached those poor beings.” Mason said.


“Can you show the place?” Lucy asked.


“Yes of Course. Come.” Mason stood up and led them away from the camp.


Everyone patiently followed Mason, Kane and David. Mason climbed a small hill and stood on top of the ridge. Everyone did the same. Then they saw it. Thousands of human monkeys are roaming before them. Researchers opened their mouth in disbelief. Samson and James pushed back the soldiers and came to the front line to watch the commotion. They saw it too. Lucy start to go near them but Mason quickly held her back.


“It may not be safe for you there. Watch there.” Mason pointed at the middle of the monkey crowd.


There is in fact some sort of gas in yellow colour. It is emerging from the ground. Lucy took a face mask from her back pocket and wore it.


“You can let me go now.” Lucy said to Mason.


Mason loosened his grip on Lucy’s hand.


“Whatever you say mam.” Mason said with a grin.


Lucy smiled at the comment and she climbed down the small hill. The monkeys are everywhere. She slowly approached the middle of the crowd and stared at the gas. It is actually emerging from ground. She took a device from her pant pocket and placed the device inside the gas. The gas enveloped her hand. The device with a click came to life and displayed a whole set of data about the gas. This gas is some sort of pheromone. That explains why the creatures are walking as a pack. They travelled here attracted to this pheromone. Looks like the gas is harmless. Lucy slowly dig away the soil using her hand and searched for where exactly the gas is coming from. Her hand met something made of metal. She cleared more soil and looked closely. Some kind of machine is buried here.


Suddenly a red light beeped on the machine. She glanced at James and Samson frightened.




The machine exploded. Lucy got thrown away by the force of explosion. She hit a tree and landed unconscious on the ground.


“No!” James cried out loud.

Part 6: The Mysterious Gas

Chapter 7

Saxonvilla Forest, Green Planet


“Oh Lucy!” James cried out loud.


Samson and other soldiers rushed toward Lucy. Lucy’s face had burned out completely. Samson looked for a pulse. Fortunately there is a slight pulse left in her. Samson and the fellow soldiers lifted Lucy in their hands and moved her to Mason’s camp. Researchers took out medicines from their back pack. One researcher took an ointment from his bag and pasted it on Lucy’s face. It was really lucky that she escaped the explosion when nearly ten human monkeys died.


“Lucy, wake up girl…” James said, his voice filled with care.


“She will be alright James. Give her some time.” Samson said, soothing James.


“It’s all my fault. I should have been the one to check the area, not her.” James cleared away the tears with the back of his hand.


“It is you who gave me courage when bad things happened to Jenny and now you’re crying?” Samson asked.


James stopped crying and stood up and left the scene.


“Anyway, who would bury explosives on the ground?” Samson asked to Mason.


“It must be those Xhilarians. They may be the one who implanted those machine to release that gas to attract the human monkeys.” Mason said.


“It must be them.” Samson said thinking about something. “We need to get back to our base. Lucy needs immediate medical attention.”


“I don’t think that’s easy.” Mason stood up from a fallen tree trunk. “Those Wolfdogs are everywhere near the forest entrance. It’s actually fortunate that you guys escaped them in the first place.”


“If we could reach near the forest entrance, we could somehow get inside one of the truck and drive away.” Samson said.


“You have a truck? Then it may be possible.” Mason said.


“Then let’s move fast. The soldiers will lead the way.” Samson said.


Samson and Mason shared their plan to escape from the forest with everyone. Everyone agreed with the plan. Lucy is almost awaken now. Her face have burned out. All they can do now is wait for the wounds to heal over time. Two researchers balanced Lucy in their hands. Everyone is ready to move on.


“Okay everyone, we will move now. We could reach our destination before the night falls, if we are quick of course.” Samson said.


Everyone, one by one starts to move toward where they have come from. Researchers are moving slowly because they are carrying Lucy in their arms. Suddenly Samson stopped moving. Everyone did the same. In front of Samson was Jenny in her cloths which she last wore. Even though she have turned in to a monkey hybrid her cloths are still clean. Samson approached Jenny. Jenny stopped moving and watched Samson with wonder.


“Jenny, I looked all over for you. Where have you been all this time?” Samson asked.


Jenny heard what Samson said but didn’t show any movement. Possibly she couldn’t process what Samson had said. Tears welled up in Samson’s eye.


“Jenny, come with us. I will make sure you’re safe, after all, I have made a promise to look after you, haven’t I?” Samson said crying.


Jenny didn’t move for a moment. Then she walked away from Samson on her own way. Samson quickly went near Jenny and stopped her. But Jenny break away from his arms and ran away. Samson stood there on his knees and watched Jenny who has now disappeared behind jungle foliage and he cried. Sandy came near Samson and placed his hand on Samson’s shoulder to sooth him.


“Let her go mate. Let her give some time, at least till our researchers find a cure to the plague. Come on we don’t want to waste time here. It is best if we are on our way.” Sandy said, soothing Samson.


“I can’t leave her like this, I promised to look after her.” Samson stood up and said.


“Well you have to…let her go.” Sandy finished.


Samson said nothing back. Instead he start to walk. Everyone followed Samson and Sandy. James is also grieving for what happened to Lucy. James and Lucy have been together for almost two years now. James has all the right to grieve.


“Okay everyone move faster.” Sandy yelled.


They passed the research building.


“So David, how was it, living in the middle of the forest in a tree house?” Sandy asked.


“First it was very difficult to adjust, but then everything turned out to be good. We didn’t have any other choice. It was a live or die situation.” David said.


“How was food?” Sandy asked.


“It wasn’t bad. We ate all we got. Deer, rabbits, birds, you name it. The forest is a pretty good food reserve.” David said.


“You don’t say.” Sandy said smiling.


Sandy and David walked in the front line behind Samson. Other soldiers and researchers followed them.


“Samson, wait for us.” Sandy yelled at Samson who was walking at a greater pace. “He is really sad about leaving Jenny.” Sandy said to David.


“What’s her story?” David asked.


“Me and my team were got caught by those Xhilarians months ago and Samson, Jenny and others were able to save us. During the rescue, one of the Xhilarians somehow caught Jenny and injected her with that pandemic and now she is one of the human monkeys as you have seen before.” Sandy said.


“So you guys actually killed Xhilarians?” David asked.


“We killed more than twenty Xhilarians.” Sandy said.


“Wow. You guys must have some advance piece of weapons.” David said.


“Yes we have. We have loads of weapons on our ship. All are very advanced.” Sandy said.


Finally they reached near the magnificent lake. Everyone crawled their way through the thick jungle shrubs and entered into the Lake’s perimeter.


“I used to come here often when things were normal.” David said.


Sandy thought something for a moment. “It’s really an amazing scenery.”


“Yes sure it is.” David said. “We have a saying about this lake that if you drink the water from this lake you will immediately heal from any diseases.”


“That’s incredible. Why didn’t you guys tried this on those human monkeys?” Sandy asked playfully.


David said nothing back instead he walked silently.


“Everyone from now on pay extra attention. We are about to enter into the forest entrance.” James announced.


Everyone checked their weapons for a moment. Researchers took out their laser guns. They all exited the Lake’s protection and entered into the forest entrance. The very air is filled with smell of smoke from the fire fight happened hours ago. Everyone increased their pace toward the truck. The trucks have now came into eye sight. Everyone ran to the truck. Suddenly a shriek came from outside the forest. Everyone braced for a fight. Then they saw it. There are about fifty Wolfdogs, all running towards them.

Chapter 8

Saxonvilla Space Research Center, Green Planet


“Fire at will…” Samson and James yelled.


Soldiers start to fire in all direction. Plasma bolts danced in mid-air. The first line of creatures quickly went down. Everyone slowly approached the truck which is intact. The crashed truck is still there but it is not in a condition to drive. Researchers quickly opened the back door and helped Lucy to get inside. Soldiers surrounded the truck and fired at the approaching creatures. One creature jumped above the truck and clawed at the soldiers standing around the truck. Two soldiers’ neck sliced open by the sharp claw of the Wolfdog. Samson quickly shot down the creature on top of the truck. Remaining creatures rushed at the soldiers with a sharp roar.


“Everyone get inside.” Samson yelled.


Everyone quickly got inside the truck and closed all the doors. Some creatures got near the truck and started to thrash at the truck using their head. The truck started to shake.


“Hurry, start the engines and go.” One of the soldier yelled from the back of the truck.


The driver started the engines and put it in reverse. Driver masterly turned the truck. The creatures followed the truck and smashed it. The whole body of the truck vibrated.


“Please god. Please save us.” One of the female researcher cried.


The driver finally turned the truck toward the road and accelerated the truck. The truck rushed forward. The Wolfdogs ran behind the truck. Some Wolfdogs got near both sides of the truck and thrashed the truck in sideways. The truck swayed sideways. Some of the soldiers fired to the sides from inside the truck. Plasma shots cut through the metal wall toward the creatures. Two of the creatures went down.


Suddenly a sharp howl came from the right side of the truck. Driver take a quick glance through the side window. There are hundreds of creatures all running toward the truck from the forest valley. Driver accelerated the truck to its maximum speed and the truck rushed through the road. They finally reached the Saxonvilla town. The creatures are still behind them. It’s like they are not going to let them go. Driver took a U turn and rushed the truck.


Suddenly some of the creatures jumped from out of nowhere and all of them smashed the truck in mid-air. The truck lost control and it flew in air and went upside down. The truck in fact rolled several times through the neighbourhood. Everyone screamed out loud. The truck stopped rolling when it collided with the wall of a house. Truck’s tires are still rolling but the truck is upside down. Creatures rushed forward and start to thrash at the fallen truck. Soldiers and researchers screamed in pain. The truck slide several feet due to the thrashing of the creatures.


“Please god save us. Don’t turn your back on us.” One of the soldier cried.


More creatures joined the thrashing. One creature broke the front window and clawed at the unconscious driver. It dragged him outside only using its claw. The creature then pressed its sharp teeth against the driver’s head. His head exploded inside the creature’s mouth. The Wolfdog slowly ate him. One of the soldier in the front seat cried out loud in pain and horror. Another Wolfdog came in front of the truck and silenced him by slicing his head using its claw.


The entire atmosphere filled with loud cry of humans and the sharp growl of the creatures. Suddenly sound of plasma cannons came from outside the truck. Everyone stopped crying and tuned their ear.


Outside a heavily armoured truck is firing at the creatures using the double barrel plasma cannon. The plasma bolts cut down the creatures. Two more trucks came to the scene. All fired plasma bolts. Finally all the creatures went down. Then heavily armed men came out of the vehicles and approached the fallen truck. The truck’s sides are bended inward all over. Somehow the men outside pry opened the backdoor. One by one they helped each person inside the truck to stand up and they led them outside the crashed truck into the trucks waiting outside. Everyone sighed deeply relieved.


“How did you found us?” Samson asked to the nearby soldier.


“We heard the gunfire and a loud crash of your vehicle. We immediately set up a team and got here.” The soldier replied.


“Thanks for coming.” Samson said.


“Don’t mention it. Nobody would know when one needs help.” The soldier said and left to the front of the truck.


Everyone got inside the trucks and the trucks rushed toward their base, Saxonvilla space research center. After fifteen minutes’ drive the trucks reached Saxonvilla space research center. Some soldiers are in front of the gate looking for any danger. Two armoured trucks are on both sides of the road. Their plasma cannons pointing in the distant horizon. The medical team is already set and are standing by the front door. The trucks carrying survivors stopped in the yard of the facility. Everyone in the trucks got outside. Medics quickly reached near everyone and examined them.


Samson escaped with minor injuries but not all was fortunate as him. Some of the soldiers’ limbs are broken. Samson went near everyone and checked. He lost ten of his good men and two researchers. James walked toward Samson with a broken hand. He wore a thick plaster on his hands.


“Samson, it’s good to see you all in one piece.” James said smiling.


“I was a little lucky. Nothing more. How is Lucy?” Samson asked.


“She is partially awaken. She may take more time to recover. She said her face is irritating. Medics said she will be alright in two weeks’ time.” James said in a low voice.


“Some god is with her for sure. Otherwise some ugly thing might have happened.” Samson said. “We need to find out more about that yellow gas. It may be related to the plague in some ways.” Samson stared at James more seriously.


“I have already set up a team of medics for that. Now we have another very important matter to discuss.” James said.


“What is it?” Samson asked.


“Yesterday Michael’s team went to Rodovilla, a small town near the mountains. They haven’t returned yet. Something bad might have happened.” James said with a deep sigh. “Come on we could discuss about this in the communication room.”


Samson and James walked toward the communication room. At the time they reached there Thomas and Jasper were very busy on the computers.


“Jasper show us Michael’s recording about yesterday’s mission.” James commanded.


Jasper paused for a moment then he typed something in the command prompt on the computer. Quickly a voice message appeared on the screen.


Is anybody copy. Some aliens took Michael and others with some sort of device. Aliens are all over here. Oh! My god! What should I do? I am alone. They caught everyone else. I am behind a house. Please god I don’t want to die. Ahh…please help me…they caught me…”


The message ended.

Chapter 9

Unknown Location


Michael woke with a sharp pain in his head. He looked around. He don’t know where he is, what he is doing here or why. It’s like his mind is completely empty. He found some of the other soldiers lying on the floor. Michael took a deep breath of relief. But it was short lived. Something caught in his eyes. He looked more carefully where he is. He found metal rods welded together in front of him. His eye adjusted to the low light. He is appeared to be inside a cage. In a metal cage. He looked up. There is no roof. He could see the stars glimmering in the skies.


“Guys wake up.” Michael shook the nearby soldier.


“Where are we?” One of the female soldier woke and asked. Her face is filled with mud.


“Wendy, you’re awake! I thought I would be alone. We are inside a cage.” Michael answered.


“In a cage? What are we doing here?” Wendy asked.


“I don’t know. I can’t remember anything. Do you remember anything, anything at all?” Michael asked.


“No…Wait…I do remember some blue light…and now here I am.” Wendy said.


“Blue light…May be, it could be those alien scums. Samson’s team reported about the creatures using some kind of blue light to control our mind. We may be inside their prison.” Michael said.


“What? I don’t want to die Michael.” Wendy began to cry.


“Hey calm down. Nobody is dying here. We need to find a way out of this cage.” Michael said soothing Wendy.


“Where are we?” Another soldier woke up and asked.


Other remaining soldiers also woke up.


“It’s good to see you guys again. We are inside a cage and I’m planning to get us out of this cage somehow. If you guys have a better plan I am all ears.” Michael said.


Suddenly the place got lit by lights connected on the big metal rods ascending from the ground. Michael and team glanced at what is happening outside. Then a human like alien came into view. Behind the creature was two other similar creatures and two Wolfdogs. The leading creature stood before Michael and said something in an unknown language.


Hello pathetic humans. I see all of you are awake. Nice dreams I guess.” A device translated.


“Let us go you alien scums. Our friends will come looking for us and they will make sure you all are dead unless you let us go.” Michael stormed.


The device strapped to the creature’s waist translated Michael’s speech into the unknown language. The creature smiled and said something.


You idiots have caused us so much trouble. You killed one of our leading researcher. We brought you here for not to let you go but to do some naughty things.” The device translated.


A chill crawled through Michael’s legs at the creature’s comment. All the people in the cage looks scared.


The creature looked at one of the other creature who stood behind it and said something.


Begin!” The device translated.


The creature stood behind came forward and opened the cage. It got inside the cage and captured one of the soldier and dragged him outside.


“Please let us go…I don’t want to die…” The soldier screamed.


The creature laid him on a table and tied the soldier’s arms and legs using rope. The soldier began to quiver. The creature said something.


Stay still human, we are trying to enjoy this. Don’t destroy that.” The device translated.


The creature took one sharp surgical knife from the drawer on the table and showed it to the soldier.


“Please show some mercy…I don’t want to die…Please…” The soldier cried.


“Let him go you bitches.” Michael yelled.


The creature stood before Michael smiled and said something.


You’re really pathetic creatures.” The device translated. And the creature left the scene smiling.


The creature with surgical knife slowly traced a line through the soldier’s neck to abdomen. The soldier took heavy breaths of panic. The creature smiled and then it pressed the knife on the soldier’s abdomen. Blood poured out of the wound.


“Ahh…Please…Please…” The soldier cried out loud.


The creature’s smile widened. The creature seemed to have enjoying this. The creature put the knife in the drawer and then took a tool looked like a metal cutter. The creature pressed a button on the tool and the cutter blade suddenly came to life. The blade rotated at high speed. The creature brought the cutter to the soldiers head and pressed it against the skull. Blood sprayed everywhere. The soldier immediately become motionless and his arms dropped to the sides.


The second creature came forward and helped the other creature to remove the body of the dead soldier from the table.


Michael suddenly saw something. He walked to the side of the cage and looked carefully. A sharp metal rod is protruding from the cage. Michael took all his might and bended the metal piece to and fro several times. Quickly the metal piece broke away from the larger body. He has a weapon now. Michael placed the metal rod in his waist line of the pant. The creatures were busy trying to remove the soldier’s dead body. The Wolfdogs growled at the soldiers on the cage.


One of the creature said something to the dogs.


Go away from here.” The device translated.


The Wolfdogs obeyed its master and went away from the scene. On the way one of the Wolfdogs bit the dead body of the soldier on the leg and dragged it along with it. The human like creature’s mouth widened at the scene. It stared at the leaving Wolfdog a few moments. One of the human like alien opened the cage and came forward. Michael eyed other soldiers. The soldiers nodded. Whatever conveyed by Michael, the soldiers understood it. The creature captured one of the soldier and dragged him through the floor to outside the cage. Michael quickly take out his weapon and walked behind the creature. Suddenly he jumped on top of the creature and stabbed at the creature’s neck in a fluent movement. The creature screamed in pain. Soldiers quickly got outside the cage and jumped on to the other creature. The creature outside tried its best to keep the soldiers at bay using its hands. But the soldiers quickly took over the situation and stopped the creature from moving.


Michael drew back the metal piece from the dead creature’s neck and walked toward the creature outside. He stabbed at the creature’s neck. The creature screamed in pain but the sound didn’t come out.


“Take their guns.” Michael commanded. Wendy took the laser gun from the creature’s waist. Other soldiers took guns from dead creature inside the cage.


“It seems that others haven’t noticed this. We may have a chance against them.” Michael said.


Michael and team slowly crawled their way away from the cage. Suddenly one Wolfdog rushed at them from darkness. It caught one soldier and bit him in the neck. The creature lifted the soldier in mid-air and threw him away with a fluent motion. Wendy quickly shot the creature on the head. A wide hole appeared in the Wolfdog’s head and it immediately dropped to the ground.


Michael approached the fallen soldier and looked for a pulse.


“He is gone. We need to be careful.” Michael said.


Everyone nodded and followed Michael. They all slowly walked away from the horrific place into the darkness.

Chapter 10

Michael and team walked toward the nearest town they saw in the faint moon light. Most of the place is covered in pitch darkness. Everyone is moving slowly keeping their heads low. Suddenly the place got lit by a blue light stream coming from a nearby pod ship. They have been found. Michael, Wendy and others ran to the nearest house they saw. They tried the door but it was locked. Michael took all his might and kicked at the door. The door with a loud thud parted. Everyone got inside and watched what is happening outside.


Two more pod ship had joined the search. Pod ships surrounded the house Michael and other soldiers were in.


“What should we do?” Wendy asked.


“It’s over man. They have found us.” One of the soldier said struggling to hold back the tears.


“If they caught us it’s really over.” Another soldier said.


“They haven’t caught us yet. Also they haven’t landed their ship. We will kill anything that comes through the door with those alien scums’ laser guns.” Michael said.


“It’s not that sergeant. We have no doubt in you. But they have that blue light thing that can be used to control us like they have done before.” One of the soldier said looking through the window.


“You remember?” Michael asked.


“I remember the blue light.” The soldier replied.


“Okay then. We move through the back door. Stick to the darkness. Remember we still have to travel much more distance to our base.” Michael said with a serious look.


Everyone nodded. They silently went outside through the back door. The pod ships are circling the house. Everyone stopped outside the house in the back yard. One ship passed in front of them. Fortunate for Michael and team the light didn’t reach everywhere. As soon as the pod ship went out of sight everyone rushed away from house into the nearby bush on the opposite side of the narrow lane. Suddenly a sharp howl came from behind them.


“Oh god! What would we do? It’s the Wolfdogs.” One of the soldier said.


“Oh my god! Please Save u…” The soldier didn’t get time to finish it, before that one of the Wolfdog jumped on top of him. The thing bit the soldier in the neck and lifted him from the ground then it just threw him away into the distance.


Michael, Wendy and other remaining soldiers sprinted toward the house in front of them. Thankfully the door wasn’t locked. Everyone got inside the house and closed the door just in time when one Wolfdog collided with the door.


“It won’t hold long. We should find another escape route fast.” Michael said.


Suddenly one of the Wolfdogs broke the door and jumped into the hallway. Wendy quickly shot the thing using the laser gun. Laser bolt made a hole in the creature’s chest and the Wolfdog dropped to the floor. Another one of the Wolfdogs immediately came through the door. Wendy shot down that creature also. Everyone got outside the house since it doesn’t matter whether they are inside the house or outside here in the open road. Everyone ran through the road.


The pod ships went past Michael and team. One pod ship stopped in front of them and lit the whole place using its head light. Michael and others have been spotted. Then Michael saw the escape route. Near the road is supposedly a forest.


“Everyone run in that direction.” Michael yelled pointing in the direction of the silhouette of trees.


Everyone ran with maximum speed they could muster. Finally they reached the woods. Everyone glanced back. The creatures aboard the ship are now on the ground with big guns possibly laser guns, they are moving toward the woods now.


“Run! No time to waste.” Michael yelled.


Michael and team ran through the small forest. Suddenly laser bolts began to illuminate the forest from their back side. The creatures are shooting at them now. Michael and team reached near an elevated ground. Below them is possibly a river. The sound of flowing water confirmed that.


“Jump or find another way?” One of the soldier asked.


“We jump, all at once.” Michael said.


Everyone nodded and all took a deep breath then they jumped to the fast flowing water stream. The river was deep enough to break their fall. Everyone swam towards the land and once they reached the land all took heavy breaths. Suddenly a Wolfdog jumped in front of them from out of nowhere. It growled and waited, its teeth are clearly visible now.


“Shoot it down.” Michael said.


“I can’t. The laser gun wasn’t water resistant.” Wendy looked toward the other soldier who have gun. But his gun is also dead.


Michael took out the metal piece in his hand.


“Come on you piece of shit.” Michael yelled.


The creature growled again. This time it took a deep howl and rushed toward Michael. When the creature reached a safe distance it jumped toward Michael. Michael with a fluent movement dodged from the creature’s claws. The creature collided with a tree and fell down. It quickly got up and rubbed its head with its paws. Michael, without hesitating jumped on to the creature and stabbed several times at the creature’s neck. The creature rolled on the ground in hope that Michael would let go. But Michael stayed still and whenever Michael emerged from the ground he stabbed several more times at the creature’s neck.


Finally the creature went down. Michael proudly stood before the soldiers.


Suddenly Wendy fell on to the ground without making any sound, a wide hole is in her chest. The laser bolt came out of nowhere, they in fact didn’t even see the path of the laser bolt. Everyone looked up. Above on the elevated ground was a human like creature whose face is covered by some sort of helmet. Michael could clearly saw the creature in the moon light.


“No!” was all came out of Michael’s mouth. A few more creatures came behind the first human like creature, all carrying big laser guns. A moment later they all started shooting at Michael and team. A few more soldiers’ mutilated body fell on to the ground. Everyone ran to the trees. Some of the trees also fell down after laser bolts hit them. A laser bolt brushed past Michael’s arm. Michael fell down with pain.


“Ahh…” Michael couldn’t hold back the pain. The human like creatures finally came out of the elevated ground to the river bed through a small narrow path. The creatures poked the dead bodies using their big guns and made sure everyone was dead. They saw Michael’s desperate movement. The creatures went near Michael and said something in the unknown language.


What do you think of our weapons you human vermin?” The device translated.


“In fact you bitches were evolved from humans you son of a bitch.” Michael couldn’t hold back his anger.


The device translated Michael’s words into the unknown language. The creatures stayed still. Michael couldn’t say their facial expression because their heads are covered with helmets.


What do we do with him” One of the creature asked.


Let him return to the humans, he could tell the story and how rude we were. Let there be panic.” One of the creature said.


With that the creature’s left Michael. Michael cried with pain of his arm. One Wolfdog came out of nowhere and smelled Michael but it didn’t do anything. It left the scene immediately. Even the Wolfdog doesn’t want him.

Part 7: The War

Chapter 11

Saxonvilla Space Research Center, Green Planet


Samson and James flipped through the pages of documents stacked on the wall shelf. Lucy is awake now. She is looking something in the computer. Her face is still wrapped in bandages.


“So Mason, any idea where the mother ship carrying project Omega Leaf is?” James broke the silence.


“It was near Bontovilla black hole at the time we tried to activate it.” Mason said sitting in a chair on the far corner.


“Why do you guys name everyplace with the suffix villa?” Samson asked curiously.


“Well, I don’t know the exact reason for that…Ehh…Scientists and other social workers may have some rule about it.” Mason said smiling. “Why did you ask?”


“Well, all the names we came across are suffixed with villa such as Locovilla, Saxonvilla and now Bontovilla. I am actually curious about it.”


Mason smiled.


“So do you have any better picture about the Xhilaria universe?” James asked Mason.


“Well I don’t think we have a full picture about Xhilaria universe. That’s the universe we detected on our radio telescope when those creatures had emerged.” Mason said


“So you guys actually put a radio telescope inside a black hole?” James asked.


“We sent one to Xhilaria universe. Those Xhilarians must had detected us during our communication with the telescope.” Mason said.


“So there are actually more life forms across our galaxy and the entire universe?” James asked.


“Yes there is.” Mason said.


“Sergeant James, you need to come with me right now.” A soldier came to the communication room and announced


What is it?” James asked


“It’s Sergeant Michael sir.” The soldier said.


James and Samson immediately followed the soldier to the medical tent. At the time they reached there a group of medics were examining Michael. James went near Michael and looked at him closely. Looked like his left arm had damaged very badly. Arm is blackened due to burned skin, possibly he got shot by a laser gun. No sign of the rest of his group members.


“Michael what happened?” James asked.


Michael looked up. He has been crying all this time. He cleared the tears with his right hand which is intact. “Sergeant, they killed all of my men…I…I wasn’t able to do anything…”


“Calm down Michael, tell us what happened?” James said.


“We had been captured by those human like creatures from Rodovilla sir. Enemies used the blue light thing on us. We didn’t get any chance against them. Then…Then they cut open one of my men from their prison. It was a horrific moment. I watched them cut open his head…Then we killed two of those human like creatures and escaped from that prison.” Michael said in between hiccups.


“Well where is rest of your team?” James asked


“They are all dead sir. I watched them all get killed by those creatures. After we escaped from the prison those things found us. We ran inside a forest in hope that they would let us go. But those things followed us and killed every one of my men with those freakish laser guns.” Michael said. Tears welled up in his eyes.


“How did you managed to escape?” Samson asked.


“Well you see…, they let me go. To inform you about this. They want us in panic.” Michael said. “They are experimenting on humans and on those human monkeys.”


“Samson ready your team. We need to be prepared for anything and this means a war is coming.” James announced.


“I will do that.” Samson said and left them.


Samson quickly paced towards the soldiers’ training area. All soldiers were in the middle of the training session. Some soldiers are on lookout posts watching for any enemy movements.


“Sandy, call everyone. I have an important matter to discuss with everyone.” Michael said to Sandy.


“Everyone, stop what you’re doing and gather around.” Sandy yelled the command.


Every soldiers lined up in front of Sandy and Samson.


“Brave soldiers, there is a war coming in our way. And I want you all ready for that. What is your weapon situation?” Samson asked.


“We have only a few magazines for the plasma gun. That will run out soon.” One of the soldier said.


“Okay then. We will go to our ships and retrieve as many magazines as we can.” Samson said. “We need to go now. I want ten volunteers for this. And rest of you need to watch over the perimeter and should make sure our safety.”


“You have your orders now. Don’t waste time standing here, go and do your jobs. Volunteers, get inside the Humvee parked outside the gates. That’s all. Go now.” Sandy said.


Sandy and Samson went outside the gates to the Humvee with the ten soldiers. Everyone got inside the vehicle.


“Go to the location of our ships Victoria and Skylark.” Samson said to the driver.


The driver started the engine and put the Humvee in drive. Humvee slowly moved through the road. Samson and team travelled half an hour to reach near skylark. Both Skylark and Victoria are still at their initial positions. Samson and other soldiers got outside and moved toward Skylark.


“Captain Steven, it’s us. Open the boarding ramp.” Samson said through a small mic attached near the boarding ramp.


A moment later the boarding ramp opened with a loud thud. Samson, Sandy and other soldiers got inside the ship and moved toward second level. At the time they reached level two, Captain Steven and ship engineers were standing near level two waiting for Samson.


“Captain it’s good to see you again.” Samson said.


“It’s good to see you too. What brings you here?” Steven asked.


“We have come for weapons and ammo. We think we are on the verge of a war.” Samson said.


“So lot of thing happened while we were away.” Steven said.


“Yes. A lot of things happened while you were here. You know, you could come down there with us if you’re feeling lonely here.” Samson said.


“Nah, I don’t want to be part of any war. It’s pretty good here.” Steven scratched his head using his finger nails. “Thanks for the offer anyway.”


“Okay then. We don’t want to waste any time here, especially at these times. We will be taking most of the weapons and ammo. We will leave ammo and weapons for you and the crew.” Samson said.


“Okay.” Steven said.


“Sandy go and grab what we need from the defence wing. And be quick.” Samson said to Sandy.


“I will do that.” Sandy said.


Sandy and other soldiers went to defence wing for weapons and ammo. It took them one hour to move the required weapons and ammo to the Humvee.


At the time they finished moving captain Steven and the crew were drinking coffee from level four. Samson went to level four and stood beside captain.


“Captain, we finished our job here. So we better get going. See you soon.” Samson said.


“Okay. Good luck with the war and all.” Captain said.


“Thanks.” Samson said.


Samson left the cafeteria and went to the military Humvee. Sandy and others were already inside the Humvee. Samson got inside the Humvee and the driver put the vehicle in drive. The Humvee rushed through the gravel road towards Saxonvilla space research center.

Chapter 12

Saxonvilla Space Research Center, Green Planet, Two Weeks Later


“Hand me the microscope.” Lucy said to one of her assistant.


“Here you go mam.” The assistant placed the digital microscope in front of Lucy.


There is only a little scars left on Lucy’s face now. She is well and healthy. Lucy placed the sample below the objective lens and looked through the eye piece.


“Interesting…This is astounding…Samantha, please note that the pheromone we obtained from the Saxonvilla forest is attracting the monkey virus and both of them are combining to become neutral.” Lucy said.


Samantha a young medic with spectacles noted down what Lucy had said on her tab. “Noted mam.”


“Good!” Lucy said. “We may be able to develop a cure for this monkey disease from this knowledge.”


“But mam, we could develop a cure if the pheromone actually reverses the effects of the monkey virus. It’s only combining with the monkey virus to form the neutral compound.” Samantha said.


“Your right about that. But we could may be able to alter the pheromone in some ways so that it reverses the damage done by the monkey virus. What actually matter here is that this pheromone attracts all the monkey viruses. We could program the reversal behaviour inside the pheromone along with its attraction property.” Lucy said.


“Dually noted mam.” Samantha said.


“Graham, do you have anything good to report?” Lucy asked.


Graham looked in Lucy’s direction from his chair. He have been looking at the genetic structure of the pheromone for some time. “I didn’t get anything good. But I have got something else. This pheromone’s genetic structure is similar to that of monkey virus. There is difference only in one thread. Everything else is same. If we know the properties of all links we may be able to find something that can revere the effects of the monkey virus. But chances are slim because what happened to the inhabitants is mutation. It is very difficult to reverse the mutation. There are lot of laws that need to be rewritten if we do succeed.”


“Those creatures must have a cure in their possession. If we somehow infiltrate their base station we may get something useful.” Lucy said thinking.


“You may be right about that, but chances for that is also is slim. For that first our soldiers need to get into the enemy base through those Wolfdogs. According to my information the Wolfdogs are their first line of defence. We still don’t know anything beyond that. From what I heard and experienced those Xhilarians are far more powerful. Their weapon systems are very advanced. I don’t think our soldiers stand a chance against them.” Graham said.


“But our soldiers saved you and others last time by killing dozens of Xhilarians. You think that is lucky?” Lucy asked.


“I didn’t meant anything. I am just assuming things.” Graham said unable to look into her eyes.


“No, you didn’t mean anything.” Lucy shifted her concentration back to the microscope in front of her. “What I really don’t get is why they implanted an explosive in the forest.”


“May be to exterminate us.” Samantha said.


“What’s your point?” Lucy asked.


“My point is that maybe they know we are looking for a cure to this monkey disease and they developed the special pheromone to attract the human monkeys that way to attract us.”


“But that is not logical. If they really want to destroy all of us they could launch a full scale attack at any time. They are actually looking for something. They want to run some experimentation on humans and the best way to do this is by taking away our defence mechanisms. There is no other answer to why they set up this pheromone to attract those poor human monkeys in the middle of a thick jungle flora.” Lucy said.


Samantha nodded and returned to her job. Lucy looked again into the microscope. The small sample wholly became a neutral substance. Lucy looked at the genome map on the computer in front of her. The complex genetic structure is neatly depicted on the computer monitor. Lucy thought about the fluorescent substance about which Mason had told. All her thoughts were about what will be that material. If she had got a little more time that day in the forest she would have collected all the samples necessary for experimentation. If that explosion didn’t happened much would have been different now.


James got inside the lab and walked toward Lucy. He stood near Lucy and looked at her face.


“I see you’re back in business.” James said.


“Yes I am.” Lucy said.


“There is only a little scars left. They are hardly noticeable.” James commented.


“They healed well thanks to our medicines.” Lucy said.


“Any luck on cure?” James asked with a deep sigh.


“We got something interesting. It may lead us to a cure. At this time I can’t promise anything. I need a little more time to generate some vaccines and to test them. For that we may need those human monkeys.” Lucy said.


“Samson is very emotional about what happened to Jenny. He is really looking forward to a cure. Can I give him some hope?” James asked.


“Like I said before I can’t promise anything. But I do think we are closer to finding a cure. We discussed about you guys going to infiltrate one of the enemy base for information regarding this monkey plague thing. Do you have any plans like that?” Lucy asked.


“We don’t have none of that type. We are in war alert now after what happened to Michael’s team. We can’t let such thing happen again. We really need something to block that blue light thing done by Xhilarians. It is by far the most powerful weapon they possess. Do you have any theories about that?” James asked.


“I haven’t developed none of that. May be Graham will be able to help you with that. He is very good at designing things. He may be able to develop something against the blue light thing.” Lucy said.


“I have already asked about this with him. He still haven’t got any ideas about that.” James said.


“So what is your plan now? You guys can’t wait for those creatures to strike back. You really need to do something to eliminate those Wolfdogs and Xhilarians.” Lucy said with a deep breath.


“Well we are sort of thinking about striking back. We are waiting for the perfect opportunity. Anytime from now on we will strike back.” James said.


“Okay then. Plan your war thing carefully I have to concentrate on this if you don’t mind.” Lucy said.


“Continue your work. I am going for a shower. I am really tired after the training session.” James said and slowly walked toward the exit.

Chapter 13

Wintoria, Green Planet


James and Samson hurriedly paced inside the meeting room. Soldiers were already inside the room. Samson had called the meeting half an hour ago to discuss about their plans.


“Thank you for coming, everyone.” James said and he sat in a chair behind the table.


“Tomorrow we are going to a place called Wintoria. Supposedly there is an enemy base. Our satellite images showed enemy movement there. If there is in fact an enemy base, we are going to infiltrate it. We are looking for any information regarding the cure to monkey disease.” Samson said. “Do you have any questions?”


A moment of silence in the room.


“Sir, do we know anything about enemy activity more than those satellite images provided?” One of the soldier asked.


“At this moment we don’t know anything deep about enemies. But we are assuming that this enemy base is bigger and there will be heavy security.” James said.


“We want brave soldiers in this mission. If you’re afraid of dying please step back. Those who are coming in this mission will be provided with all the materials necessary for survival. We hope you remember your training. You have to be silent as a mouse and should not hesitate to kill those creatures. You will not get time to think twice. Before that you will be dead. According to our information those Xhilarians are using advanced laser guns. Also we should be very careful about that blue light thing those bastards are showing to control our mind. If you really think those alien scums are taking out this weapon do not hesitate to kill them on the spot. There is only kill or be killed in this mission. We are hoping to take back this Wintoria.” Samson said.


“It’s time for your questions.” James said.


The room fell in silence. No one has any questions.


“Very well then. This meeting is dismissed. See you all tomorrow. We will leave at dawn.” James said.


Everyone left the room and after five minutes James and Samson were the only people in the meeting room.


“I better go and take a shower and ready my guns for tomorrow’s mission.” Samson said.


“Okay. Go ahead.” James said.


Samson left James to his room. Samson slowly paced though the corridor.


“Hey Samson, how’s things are going?” Thomas asked from the control room’s doorway.


“Things are looking good. We are going to Wintoria tomorrow to conquer the land.” Samson said proudly. “What about you? Any new information about those Xhilarians?”


“Nah. Nothing new to report.” Thomas said.


“Look, I better get going. Have many things to finish before tomorrow’s mission.” Samson said.


“Okay. I get it.” Thomas said. “See you after the mission.”


“I am looking forward to it.” Samson said and left Thomas.


Everyone woke up early in the morning. Sun haven’t rose in the horizon yet. Samson and James led the soldiers into two separate military Humvees.


“Are you all ready to take the mission?” James asked.


“Yes sir.” All said in unison.


Everyone got inside the Humvees and driver put the Humvees in drive. Moments later the two Humvees rushed through the gravel road. In front of the driver in the first Humvee is a tablet which is showing the directions to Wintoria. So far no Wolfdogs are seen anywhere. Outside the Humvees rain heavily fell from the skies. There are puddles of rain water on the road. The road hasn’t maintained for many years. Humvees jerked while moving through the loose stones on the road. After an hour of journey the Humvees reached the town named Wintoria.


“Destination reached, destination reached…” The automated voice on the tablet computer said.


The Humvees stopped moving and everyone got outside. Here rain is much stronger than in the places they had just passed. Suddenly a Wolfdog jumped out of nowhere on to a soldier. The Wolfdog stood on top of the soldier and opened its mouth to bite. But the fallen soldier kept the beast’s mouth at bay using his gun. The beast bit on the gun and moved its head to and fro. Quickly another soldier fired his gun in the beast’s head. The Wolfdog immediately fell to the side.


“You okay?” Samson asked.


“Yes, I am fine.” The fallen soldier said.


One soldier helped the fallen soldier to his feet. Soldiers trained their gun in all direction and braced for the creatures to jump on them but nothing came. Soldiers slowly moved through the road while watching for any danger. Then they saw it. A large building supposedly built by the Xhilarians. No wolf dogs are on sight. Samson and James looked at the building through their binocular. There are dozens of Xhilarians walking inside the building. The elongated head of the Xhilarians are clearly visible through the binocular. In the horizon sun came up in its blazing glory. And a wide rainbow formed behind the building. Rain has already stopped and the clouds cleared away from the skies.


Soldiers slowly crawled their way through the bushes on the side of the building. The creatures haven’t detected the human presence yet. Looks like there are no Wolfdogs on the building’s perimeter. Soldiers got near a window of the building and looked through it. No creatures are in the room. A big enemy ship landed in the yard and one human like creature led some human monkeys out of the ship to inside the building. The poor human monkeys are following the creature since no other choices are available for them. Their hands are tied using a sort of nylon rope.


Soldiers slowly opened the window by sliding away the glass panel and got inside the room. Samson and James were the last to enter. The small room is filled with cardboard boxes. One soldier slowly opened the door and looked at the hallway. The hallway is completely empty. The soldier gestured his hand to other soldiers to move to the hallway. One soldier trained his gun on the hallway and looked for any incoming danger. Other soldiers slowly entered the hallway. The hallway is lit by small light bulbs. As soon as everyone entered the hallway, the soldier closed the door behind him.


Soldiers split into two groups and the soldiers moved in both direction of the hallway, guns still trained well. Suddenly one Xhilarian came out from one end of the hallway. The creature saw the human soldiers and immediately the creature’s hand moved to the waist for the laser gun. But the soldiers were quick. The creature dropped to the floor with a wide hole in its head by the plasma bolt. But unfortunate for the humans the plasma bolt didn’t stop even after it made a hole in the creature’s head. It moved a little more distance and made a hole on the wall.


Suddenly the whole building filled with commands in the unknown language.

Chapter 14

Wintoria, Green Planet


“Oh! Shit!” Samson couldn’t believe what just happened. “Our cover is blown.”


Soldiers trained their gun in both direction. Both groups moved forward, step by step very slowly, gun is still pointed to the exit. Suddenly creatures start to emerge from both the exits. Soldiers didn’t wait for orders, they immediately start to fire. Four Xhilarians dropped to the floor. Then the creatures start to fire from the wall’s protection. One soldier fell down. Soldiers concentrated their shots at the wall. Plasma beams cut through the concrete walls easily. Five more creatures immediately fell down.


Samson and James moved forward and checked the entire hallway. Hallway is now quiet.


“Samson, you go in right direction. I will go left. Careful and don’t ever hesitate.” James said.


Samson nodded and moved with the soldiers in right direction. James and others went in left direction. Samson and team carefully checked the exit door. One soldier opened the door and another immediately checked inside the room. The room is empty. Everyone entered the small room and moved forward. Looks like this room connects with another part of the building through another door. Samson opened the door and one soldier slowly crept outside gun still trained.


“It’s emp…” The soldier didn’t finish, before that he fell on the floor with a wide hole in his chest.


More laser bolts hit the door. The door crumbled. Samson took out a flash grenade from his pocket and armed it. Then he rolled the grenade through the floor in the enemies’ direction. Soldiers braced for the explosion.




A bright light illuminated the whole place. Successful explosion! Two of the soldiers entered the second hallway and checked for any danger. They saw the dead creatures lying on the floor. The entire wall is coloured in black after the explosion. They motioned others to enter the hallway. Samson and others slowly crept outside the room. This hallway leads only in one direction. More doors are on the way on the left wall of the corridor. Soldiers checked each room on the way. Every room is empty. The Xhilarians must have moved away from here. Soldiers finally reached the exit. There is a stairway that leads to the upper floor. Samson and team slowly climbed the stairs. Suddenly a big explosion happened on the other side of the building possibly by James and team. Everyone looked through the windows in the opposite part of the building from where the explosion had occurred. Smoke is rising from the building. Suddenly laser bolts and plasma bolts danced from where James and team had went.


Samson looked at the scene patiently. A group of Xhilarians are storming at the building toward James and his team. Samson could clearly saw the creatures through the window. Other soldiers in Samson’s team also saw it. They quickly opened the windows and trained their guns at the Xhilarians. The Xhilarians haven’t noticed them yet, but soon they will. A moment of silence. Then Samson and his team opened fire at the creatures. Most of the creatures fell down. Rest of the creatures turned their head toward Samson and team in the second level. The creatures start to shoot at Samson. But James and team immediately emerged from the building and shot down the creatures. The creatures didn’t stood a chance. They were exterminated from both sides – Samson and team from above and James and team from below the building.


After the blood bath James looked up and saw the soldiers on the second level.


Good work all!” Samson’s radio beeped.


“Same to you.” Samson said through the radio.


Search the building for any information regarding the pandemic.” James commanded through the radio.


“Copy and over.” Samson said back.


Samson and team started their search mission. No Xhilarians are on this part of the building. They reached the end of the corridor and a new stairway arise on the side to the third level. Samson looked at the soldiers. Everyone nodded and all climbed the stairway to the third level. Third floor is also empty. They slowly moved through the corridor. One soldier carefully entered inside the first room they saw and began to search.


“Documents are all in their language.” The soldier said.


Samson got inside and checked. The documents are in fact in that unknown language.


“We will never get through this.” Samson said. “Okay move on to the next room.”


Samson and the soldier got outside the room and walked toward the next room. Other soldiers were already at different corners of the current level securing the perimeter. All the rooms are empty.


“There is nothing good in these pile of garbage.” Samson yelled.


“It may not be a garbage to those alien scums.” One soldier suggested.


“It will be, when we kill every last one of them.” Samson said.


Samson took out his radio and switched it on. “James do you copy?”


Loud and clear. What is the situation there?” James asked through the radio.


“Nothing good. Every document is in their mother tongue. It’s garbage to us. What do you want us to do?” Samson said.


Come back down here. You may want to see this. In the basement we found some live humans possibly here for experiments. And Samson, they do speak English but they are not Green Planet’s residents.” James said.


“What? What do you mean by that?” Samson asked.


Come and hear for yourself.” James said and the radio went silent.


Samson stood there with amazement and excitement.


“What is it sergeant?” One of the soldier returned Samson from his thoughts.


“James found live humans in the basement of this building and he says that they are not born in Green Planet. They are from someplace else.” Samson said.


“What?” Soldiers asked in unison.


“So there are humans in other planets too?” One of the soldier asked.


“Let’s go and see and then we could verify that.” Samson said.


Everyone slowly climbed down the stairs. Suddenly a sharp shriek came from below. Samson and team looked below. There are hundreds of Wolfdogs all running toward the building from all direction. Then a distant hum of a ship could clearly be heard. Everyone looked at the sky. They couldn’t believe what they are seeing. Three normal sized ships are coming toward the building. There will be hundreds of those creatures inside the ships. They are really in the middle of a war now.

Chapter 15

Wintoria, Green Planet


“Shoot down everything.” Samson yelled.


Soldiers trained their guns on the windows and opened fire. First three lines of Wolfdogs immediately went down. Some of the Wolfdogs are inside the building now. Suddenly the ships start to fire in Samson’s direction. Laser bolts cut through the concrete walls. Soldiers hid behind the wall but there is no use in that. The laser rounds are easily destroying the walls. Two small explosion happened from below possibly by James and team. Then one of the ship is on fire. Someone shot down the ship using mini plasma cannon. Bright light of flash grenades emerged from there and there from below.


Samson and team fired back in excitement. Samson threw a flash grenade at the nearby ship. The grenade exploded in mid-air and damaged the front glass of the ship. Samson and other soldiers kept on firing. Suddenly a Wolfdog emerged from the stairway and it jumped on to the nearby soldier. The soldier wrestled with the beast. Samson pointed the gun and pressed the trigger. The plasma bolt cut through the beast’s head and it immediately went limp.


More Wolfdogs ran inside the building and emerged from the stairway. Samson threw a flash grenade at the stairway. A moment later the flash grenade exploded. The corridor got filled with a bright light. All the approached Wolfdogs are dead. More explosions occurred from below. The fire fight lasted half an hour. Then the two remaining ships landed on the ground. One soldier carefully trained a mini plasma cannon at the ship’s entry way. The ramp of the ships opened and more Xhilarians emerged from the ship.


Boom! Boom! Boom!


The mini plasma cannons roared three times in to the crowd of Xhilarians. All the approached creatures immediately dropped to the ground. There is only a small number of Wolfdogs left now. They all ran away into the distance leaving the building’s perimeter. Soldiers raised their arms and jumped with excitement. They have just destroyed the enemy fleet. They will not recover easily from this.


“Okay. We should now head to the basement.” Samson said.


Everyone nodded and slowly climbed down the stairs. Blood of the Wolfdogs is sprayed on the walls. Dead creatures lay everywhere. Finally they reached the ground floor and moved outside the building. James and his team were waiting for Samson and his team there. James led them to the basement. Basement is lit with small incandescent lamps. Three humans were sitting on the floor. Samson reached near them.


“Is this them?” Samson asked James.


“Yes, they are the one I talked about.” James said.


“Where are you guys coming from?” Samson asked the persons sitting on the floor.


They looked up toward Samson. They are really tired. The Xhilarians must had tortured them good.


“We are from Santora galaxy about hundred light years away from here.” One of the unknown person said.


“So there are human races throughout this universe?” Samson asked.


Soldiers tuned their ears for the answer.


“Yes. Apparently there is. It’s actually surprise to us too.” The man said.


“Do you have any idea what these creatures are doing?” Samson asked.


“They are looking for something inside humans. These beings are colonists too. They are like parasites that feed on humans.” The man said.


“But our researchers said these creatures are evolved from humans.” Samson said.


“We don’t know about that. But these things want something from humans.” The man said.


“Do you know anything about the monkey disease they had unleashed?” Samson asked.


“They did that to our planet too. Our citizens are wandering monkeys now. But not all.” The man said.


“Is there any cure to this?” Samson asked.


“We don’t know anything about that. But I assume that they must have a cure somewhere.” The man said.


“What is your name?” Samson asked.


“I am Raj and this is Amber and Davidson.” Raj said.


“It’s nice to meet you. We better get going. You guys can come with us.” Samson said.


“Thanks.” Raj said.


Samson nodded.


“We will talk more about it on the way.” James said.


Everyone nodded and start to move toward the town. The rain started again. Its noon now but the sun’s rays hid behind rain clouds. It’s like evening now. Finally they reached near the Humvees. Everyone got inside the Humvees and whispered about the victory.


“Okay drive to our base.” Samson said to the driver.


The driver nodded and started the engine. He put the Humvee in drive and a moment later the Humvees rushed through the gravel road. They now passed the town of Wintoria.




The front tire of the Samson’s Humvee exploded. The Humvee turned upside down and slid through the gravel road some distance then it stopped sliding. Then soldiers in the second Humvee saw it. It’s a Battle ship, with laser cannons on both sides. Soldiers got outside and started to shoot at the ship. But the plasma rounds aren’t penetrating the ship’s hide. The ship shot back. The Humvees explode when the laser bolts hit them. Fortunate for Samson and team, they already crawled outside. They lost the driver but everyone else is fine.


Some soldiers take out mini plasma cannons and trained it. Then fired it.


Boom! Boom!


Plasma bolts exploded when they hit the ship. Ship’s hull is weakening but it’s still floating in the air intact. Some soldiers armed flash grenades and threw them in front of the ship. With a sudden blast the front glass window of the ship exploded. Then the ship start to fire the laser cannons. The laser bolts cut through everything in front of it. The ship turned in an arc and the laser bolts cut through everything in that arc. Fortunate for the humans they had ran into the nearby trees. Soldiers start to fire again from the trees’ hide. They concentrated their fire power on the ship’s front window. A moment later the ship exploded, and the ship like a big fire ball, rolled through the gravel road.


Soldiers jumped with excitement.


“How are we going to reach our base now? Our Humvees are in pieces.” One soldier asked James.


“We have a long way to walk.” James smiled.

Part 8: Earth’s Destiny

Chapter 16

Saxonvilla Space Research Center, Green Planet


“Do you really thing the Xhilarians will let us go? Wake up guys! They want us as lab rats. We have to fight back and kill every one of those bitches.” Jasper said.


“Well, negotiations work too.” Thomas said.


“That’s because you haven’t seen what they are doing.” Jasper said. “They will cut open your body if they have to. Look at what happened to Jenny. Those things didn’t even hesitated when injecting her with the virus. Have you even realized that after they captured you?”


“Okay you win! Then tell me how we are going to get out of this thing alive. Based on our recordings they have many ships and are armed to the teeth. Do you really think we stand a chance against that?” Thomas asked.


“But we can’t surrender ourselves. There will be some weak points to those Xhilarians. All we have to do is find it and use it against them.” Jasper said.


“I will never surrender or negotiate with them after what they had done to me.” Michael said.


“I will fight till my last breath.” Thomson said.


“We will have to infiltrate all their bases and kill every last one of them. And Thomas, don’t even talk about negotiations. Because they are hunting humans not some monkeys. You’re a human, are you not?” Mason asked.


“Okay, I am sorry.” Thomas said


“We are really going to infiltrate their bases whether you believe it or not. And this mission will come in effect as soon as Samson and James returned.” Mason said.


Mason left the room and went outside. Jasper didn’t said anything. He shifted his concentration on the computer.


“You know, Xhilarians actually did came from the Xhilaria universe. Look at this.” Jasper pointed at the monitor.


Thomas and Thomson looked at the monitor. There are about five ships all moving in one direction.


“This is taken by the space telescope inside the Xhilaria universe about which mason had talked about. I managed to hack into it.” Jasper said.


“Where are they all going” Thomas asked.


“My guess is that to the black hole. It is the short cut to our universe.” Jasper said.


“What do they want? They look wealthy. Why a highly intelligent life form trying to exterminate other species?” Thomson asked.


“They may be insane about conquering other worlds. Mad passion for war and things like that.” Jasper said.


“I am going outside. I need some air.” Thomas left the room and went outside.




Samson, James and other soldiers decreased their pace. They all are tired after the long journey.


“I am very curious. They have this good road and everything but I haven’t seen a single vehicle on the road.” Samson said.


“May be they care too much about pollution.” James said.


After an hour of journey they reached a town called Ronovilla.


“I am really tired man. I need some water.” One of the soldier said.


“Let’s look at one of the houses.” James said.


Everyone nodded and they stopped in front of the first house they saw. They slowly walked towards it. The door was unlocked. James slowly opened the door and got inside. Other soldiers followed James. The house is completely empty. James walked toward the kitchen. When he reached there he walked toward the sink and opened the tap. Water rushed out through the tap. He drank a handful of water.


“Tasty.” James said.


Other soldiers took out glasses from the shelf and took water in it and drank. After everyone is refreshed James motioned at everyone to be ready to move on. Soldiers nodded and checked their weapons. Once they are satisfied everyone one by one went outside the house. They began their pace toward the next town. Suddenly Samson’s eye caught something. He stopped and motioned others to stop. Everyone saw it too. A big ship is flying toward their direction.


Based on its movement the aliens haven’t detected them. Soldiers hid behind a house. The ship passed them and moved to the distant horizon. Everyone took a deep sigh of relief. They slowly walked toward where the ship had come from. They are standing in an elevated ground and below on the small planar ground was five other ships all resting on the ground. About fifty Wolfdogs are patrolling the perimeter.


“Do we have to take them out?” One of the soldier asked.


“No. It’s better if we go on our own way and besides we don’t have the protection of the vehicles now.” James said.


Soldiers slowly moved away from the location toward the next town.




Lucy looked again at the generated sample. No sign of the presence of a cure.


“It’s all a waste of time. I don’t think there is a cure to this disease.” Lucy said.


“What do you mean by that?” Samantha asked.


“Like Graham said, it’s difficult to reverse the effects of mutation. I don’t think there is actually a way for it.” Lucy said.


“But we can’t just give up!” Samantha said.


“Nobody is giving up. It’s just I am tired of all this. Did you check reports by others?” Lucy asked.


“Nobody haven’t reached near as you did.” Samantha cleared her throat. “I don’t think they will ever succeed at this speed.”


“We can’t minimize our hope. There must be something that we haven’t noticed yet. This virus is quickly turning into gaseous form once it is taken outside and it is dying out very quickly. So for short we can’t analyse it whole day.” Lucy said.


Lucy loosened the face mask from her face and walked outside.


“I need to get some air.” Lucy said.


Samantha nodded and concentrated on her research. Suddenly the glass vial fell on the floor and the virus escaped in to the air. The gaseous virus covered Samantha. Unfortunate for Samantha she wasn’t wearing any face mask.


“Lucy, please help me!” Samantha screamed.


Lucy quickly rushed toward Samantha but she stopped moving once she saw the gas.


“Samantha, what have you done?” Lucy asked.


“I am sorry it was an accident.” Samantha cried. “Please, I don’t want to be like those creatures. Please.”


“I am sorry. I…I can’t do anything.” Lucy said.


Samantha collapsed on the floor. Her body immediately responded to the virus. Her face gotten filled with fur. Lucy wore the face mask and moved toward Samantha and she sat on the floor and placed Samantha’s head on her lap.


“Oh! Girl, what have you done?” tears welled up in Lucy’s eyes.

Chapter 17

Saxonvilla Space Research Center, Green Planet


“Move her to the quarantine area.” Lucy said to the medics.


Medics took Samantha’s hand in theirs and led her to a small quarantine area. Samantha have fully turned in to a monkey. Her lips bended in an unusual way as that of an ape. Her hands and legs and all other body parts are filled with fur.


“I can’t watch her like this. I can’t continue this. More people are turning into monkeys.” Lucy said to a nearby medic.


“Well, you have to adjust to this life. Life isn’t fair all the time. Sometime we have to take sacrifices.” The medic said.


“But she doesn’t deserve to be like this. She is still young. May be she didn’t even gotten a chance to enjoy her life.” Lucy said.


“I don’t know how to calm you down. You just have to understand. As the head it is you who should be confident. It is you who should encourage us.” The medic said.


Lucy don’t know what to say. She felt lonely. She is becoming lonely in this planet too. On Earth she joined military after the tragic accident which took the life of her entire family. She needed a change. But now she is becoming lonelier. Everybody she know is dying. She is the lucky one often. It is really lucky that she managed to survive that explosion in the Saxonvilla forest. May be someone above is actually watching over her.


“Okay, continue your work.” Lucy said to the medic.


“Lucy, come here. You may want to see this.” Graham called out.


“What is it?” Lucy stood behind Graham looking at the computer monitor.


“It’s that mysterious gas obtained from the forest. It is actually a pathogen. Very small artificial pathogen. And look at its DNA. It is encoded.” Graham said.


“What?” Lucy carefully looked at the DNA structure. It is actually encoded. “Do you know how to decode the information?”


“It will take time. First I have to extract the pathogen and then its DNA and have to look through the entire sequence. It may takes few weeks or more.” Graham said.


“Okay then. I will look at it too.” Lucy said.


Suddenly sound of an explosion came from outside.


“What was that?” Graham asked.


Then the gunfire started. Plasma bolts and laser bolts cut through the walls. Everyone inside the medical tent ducked. Glass equipment burst into pieces. The leather wall quickly caught fire. Everyone ran outside with panic. The sight in front of them increased their panic. A big ship full of Xhilarians have landed outside the gates and they all are shooting down the human soldiers. Soldiers are doing their best to hold them back. Suddenly Wolfdogs emerged from the ship and ran to the nearest soldier. In a fluent movement the first Wolfdog killed the soldier with a single blow using its paw. Blood oozed down from the soldier’s neck.


Lucy, Graham and other medics quickly ran inside the building. Soldiers also followed them into the building. Soldiers closed the doors and trained their guns on the window to outside.


Boom! Boom! Boom!


Mini plasma cannons roared. About ten Xhilarians and about the same number of Wolfdogs went down. Suddenly one Xhilarian took out the blue light thing and showed it up to the soldiers. Quickly the soldiers who saw the blue light dropped their guns and stood up.


“What are you guys doing? Shoot them down.” Lucy screamed from under the table.


“It must be that mind controlling device.” Graham said.


Thomas and Jasper came out from the communication room and saw the soldiers who are surrendering. They quickly tool the laser guns from its holster. They ran behind the soldiers and stopped them from leaving. Suddenly a loud thrash came from the front door.


“It’s the Wolfdogs.” Thomas said.


Thomas took a plasma gun and trained it to the door. He pulled the trigger. The door burst in to pieces along with the Wolfdogs. The creatures lifted the blue light device again. But Thomas is shooting by closing his eye. He moved the gun in an arc. The plasma bolts cut everything in the line of fire. One Xhilarian in black suit dodged each plasma shots and ran to Thomas. In its hand is a big sword. It ran and threw the sword in Thomas’ direction. Jasper quickly pushed away Thomas on to the floor. Thomas didn’t take his hands off from the trigger even though he is down on the floor. Plasma bolts pierced the wall and moved at high velocity to outside. Thomas finally take his hands off and looked back. Jasper is standing on his knees and a big sword is inside his stomach. Blood oozed down from the wound.


“Jasper!” Thomas said. He couldn’t believe what he is seeing.


“It’s Okay Thomas. Please finish the work and make sure those…those creatures are dead.” Jasper said with pain. “Ahh…” Jasper went down.


The creature in black suit came through the open doorway. Some soldiers fired at the creature. But it masterly dodged each shot and it took a knife from its holster from its waist band. With a fluent movement the creature cut open the soldiers’ throats. Soldiers who were firing collapsed to the floor. Lucy take out her gun and came from the creature’s back side. She raised her gun and pointed to the creature’s head and fired. But the creature dodged the shot and kicked at Lucy’s stomach. Lucy fell down after a small flight through the air. Lucy stood up and cleared the blood from her lips using the back of her right hand.


“Come on sucker.” Lucy stood in battle formation and taunted the creature.


The creature grinned and walked toward Lucy. It quickly punched Lucy in her face. Lucy flew again in air and collided with the wall and collapsed. She stood up again. The creature said something in the unknown language.


Stand down human vermin, only if you want to live.” The device strapped to the creature’s waist band translated.




The creature’s head exploded. In the doorway James and Samson stood pointing their plasma guns.


“James!” Lucy said.

Chapter 18

Saxonvilla Space Research Center, Green Planet


“We were just in time.” James said.


“If you weren’t here I would have been dead.” Lucy said.


“Don’t worry about it again.” James said.


Soldiers surrounded the place. One soldier took the blue light device from the hands of the dead creature and gave it to Samson.


“It’s that mind controlling device.” The soldier said.


Samson handed it over to Graham who took the device from Samson’s hand.


“We may be able to find the secret behind it soon.” Graham said.


Soldiers outside searched the ship resting near the gates. There is no sign of creatures inside it. Samson came outside and walked toward the ship.


“Anything good?” Samson asked to the soldiers who were searching the ship.


“Nothing sergeant.” One of the soldier answered. “This ship is indeed a high tech one. All controls are possibly voice activated.”


“Can we fly it using that translation device?” Samson asked.


“Maybe.” The soldier said.


“Then we may able to go to all of their bases and can easily take them down.” Samson said. “Okay then, search everything for anything good”


“We will.” The soldier replied.


Samson left the scene and moved inside the facility.


“So you’re actually from another galaxy other than this and the Milky Way galaxy?” Lucy asked to Amber.


“Yes. We are really from Santora galaxy.” Amber said.


“How did you survived?” Lucy asked.


“We somehow escaped the virus pandemic and were living inside a rural region. But those things captured us and moved us here. They were planning to experiment on us.” Amber said.


“So that Xhilarians are really searching for something.” Lucy said.


“Yes they are. They are turning us into monkeys so that experimentation will be easy.” Amber said.


“Are you hungry?” Lucy asked.


“Yes I am. I am dying to taste something.” Amber said.


“Then come with me.” Lucy led Amber to the cafeteria.


Mason walked toward James. James smiled at Mason.


“So what is your plan now?” Mason asked.


“We will strike back again.” James said.


“So how did the Wintoria mission go?” Mason asked.


“We lost five soldiers. And as you have seen we saved humans who are neither belongs earth nor this Green Planet.” James said. “Do you know about them?”


“We do know about Santorans. They live in harmony with nature and they are not so an advanced race.” Mason said.


“How long did you know about the extra-terrestrial life forms?” James asked surprised.


“We knew this for centuries.” Mason said.


James looked back in disbelief. “And you kept it as a secret?”


“James, we took this decision for everyone’s sake.” Mason said. “Powerful knowledge comes with greater responsibility.”


“You could have at least anticipated a mass scale attack such as this.” James said.


“We did as a matter of fact. But it turned out to be a failure.” Mason said.


“I need to get some air.” James left Mason and went outside.


Mason stood there for some time and then went inside communication room. Most of the people are cleaning the mess now. Walls all had entirely collapsed.




“Jasper’s hacking skills were awesome. What a waste.” Thomas said.


“How could you say things like that? He saved your life.” Thomson said.


Thomas became silent.


Suddenly the computer monitor came to life.


“What is this?” Thomson asked.


Thomas looked carefully. “It’s a message from earth.”


Thomson clicked the on button and suddenly a voice message came to life.


Earth is under attack. Xhilarians are everywhere. They had destroyed most of our star fleet. Make sure your safety and god bless you all. God speed.” The message ended.


“What should we do?” Thomas asked.


“We should tell this to James.” Thomson said.


“What is it you guys are discussing?” Mason asked.


“Earth is under attack by those Xhilarians!” Thomas said.


“What? When was this?” Mason asked.


“Actually it is happening right now as we speak.” Thomson said.


“By the way Jasper is in the lab. He is fine and alive. The sword missed vital organs. Very lucky for him.” Mason quickly walked outside toward James.


James was standing by the front door watching the soldiers near the Xhilarian ship.


“James.” Mason called out.


“What?” James asked.


Mason nearly panted. “Earth is under attack. A message came just moments ago. What are you going to do?”


“What can we do? First we need to make this place safe. Meanwhile the people of Earth need to handle the problem themselves.” James said. “I am sure they could handle this easily. They were preparing for this attack for days before.”


“I hope they will be safe. Mason said.


Samson heard the commotion from behind James. “We should return to earth and assist them.” Samson said.


“We will Samson. But our mission is clear to us. We need to make this place habitable again. We need to find a cure and save these Andromedans along with your Jenny.” James said. “Do you really want to leave Jenny when we are this close to finding a cure and to end the war?”


Samson became silent. “Okay.”


Suddenly James’ radio beeped. “James, this is captain Miller. Do you copy?”


“Loud and clear Miller. What is it?” James asked through the radio.


We were in a video conference with earth and they are saying that the Xhilarians had begun to attack. They are calling back all the ships for the war.” Miller said.


“We got the message too. But we are not ready to leave this planet. We need a little more information from this planet and we should also make sure the Andromedans’ safety. How copy?” James said.


Loud and clear. Looking forward to it.” The radio became silent.

Chapter 19

White House, Washington DC, Earth


“Mr President, these Xhilarians are everywhere in our air space. Two of our ships were destroyed by them. We need to act now before those things release any biological weapons.” Defence Minister said.


“Kill them all then. Take everything from our arsenal. Use even nuclear, if necessary.” President said. Do everything under the code red alert.”


“Thanks Mr President. Everything will be in effect soon.” Defence Minister said.


Suddenly a guard opened the meeting room door and rushed inside. “Mr President, sir, those aliens have launched a biological weapon. The gas is spreading everywhere. You may need to wear this.” The guard handed a face mask to President.


Panic began to stir inside everyone.


President accepted the mask and wore it. “Everyone move to the bunker now. There will be more masks.”


Everyone stood up with panic. A moment of pause. Then everyone start to move out of the room to the bunker. On the way everyone saw the gaseous material through the window. The gas is green in colour and is spreading instantly. They all increased their pace toward the bunker. Two guards where in front of the bunker. They opened the door for President. Everyone rushed inside the bunker.


“Martin, please bring my wife and son here immediately.” President said to a guard.


Martin, the guard, is a big man with beard. “I will see what I can do sir.” Martin left the room to another part of the white house.


“Switch on the television.” President commanded.


Another guard came forward and switched on the television. He changed the channel to a news channel. The screen is filled with enraged people. People are storming everywhere. Then the news lady came up.


Most of the major countries are under the plague. The victims shows unusual hair growth on their body. They are actually becoming more like monkeys. We will update to the most relevant news soon. People are storming everywhere for explanation and for a possible cure.”


Then the screen showed the plague victims. They had actually turned in to monkeys.


“What should we do now? I have kids in my home and they are all alone.” One of the female staff cried.


“It will be alright soon.” President tried to calm down the lady.


Then a sudden explosion filled the screens. The news lady came up again.


Most of the American cities have been affected by the plague. Looks like the plague is active only for five minutes. The aliens have started war all over earth. They are hunting down the plague survivors. Also watch our latest update.”


The screen showed images of wolf-dog hybrid creatures. They are hunting down humans and are not showing any mercy. The images are taken from high above a building.


“Poor souls.” President said. “What should I do?” President asked confused.


“We can’t do anything about it now. We have to wait for our soldiers to act.” Defence Minister said. “They are already prepared for everything so you don’t have to worry about it.”


“Do you think the situation is under control? Didn’t you watch the news? These things are hunting down every one of us, humans.” President said enraged.


“Patience sir. It will take some time to get control of everything.” President’s personal advisor said.


As you have watched, these images are taken from above ground level. These wolfish dogs are cutting down human population. So far government is not involved in anything. Are they hiding safely under the roof? Will they help us? Questions still remains but there will be no humans alive at this rate to know the answers.” The news reporter said.


“Turn off that damn thing. I don’t want to hear it anymore.” President said, still enraged.


“Please calm down sir. You need all the information that can get to tackle the situation.” President’s personal advisor said.


President suddenly punched him in the face. Guards quickly pulled away president.


“Do you really think calming down will solve this problem you idiot.” President said angrily.


Personal advisor quickly became silent.


A knock on the door shifted everyone’s attention. A guard opened the door. In front of the door stood two creatures who used to be President’s wife and son. Both had turned into monkeys. Martin stood by the door.


“I am sorry President. I did all I could.” Martin fell down on his knees.


Martin’s face start to cover with fur. Fur began to appear all over his skin.


“I am really sorry…” Martin completely turned in to a monkey human hybrid.


President’s wife and son wander around since no one is stopping them like Martin did earlier. Martin also joined them. President stared at them with mouth open. Others inside the bunker did the same.


“Oh Julie, My son…” President stood on his knees face down and tears welled up in his eyes.


Panic began to crawl through everyone’s skin.

Chapter 20

USS Lonely, Near Earth’s orbit, Milky Way


“Fire the artilleries!” Captain said.


Artilleries of USS Lonely roared. Two rounds of artillery bullets hit the Xhilarian ship at full force. The hull of the ship exploded. Ship quickly caught fire and fell on to earth under the influence of earth’s gravity.


“Successful detonation.” One of the pilot said.


“Set course to Planet Mars. There are reports of enemy sightings.” Captain said.


The pilots typed commands in to the computer.


“Space tunnel will open in 4, 3, 2…” The pilot didn’t finish it, before that a warning light beeped indicating the presence of another enemy ship.


Two slightly small enemy ship passed above the USS Lonely at high speed. On the way they fired high calibre laser rounds.


Boom! Boom! Boom!


USS Lonely quickly caught fire.


“God speed everyone.” Captain said.


The enemy ships returned again and on the way they fired again. The ship immediately filled with scream of the crew.


Boom! Boom! Boom!


USS Lonely stripped into pieces and the pieces gained momentum gradually under the influence of earth’s gravity and fell down on to earth. The two enemy ships fly away into the distance in battle formation. In the distance, near moon, there are about fifty small battle ships all moving in formation toward earth.


Saxonvilla, Green Planet


“The enemies have launched the biological weapon on planet Earth. Most of the people turned into monkeys.” Miller said.


“Did they managed to strike back?” James asked.


“They managed to destroy two enemy fleets. But more are pouring in through the black hole. Someone sent an armed nuclear warhead inside the black hole. They claim that they saw a high amount of heat waves indicating successful detonation. We still don’t know how much damage it created.” Steven said.


“Did the enemies still managed to come through the black hole?” Samson asked.


“Yes. They are still pouring out through the black hole. I fear for the worst. They have also released their Wolfdogs on Earth’s surface. It’s really bad out there.” Miller said.


Suddenly a light beeped indicating the presence of another ship. Everyone looked through the window. Then they saw it. Five big ships landed on the Green Planet’s soil. All wears the logo of Earth. They must had left Earth last year. Samson and James watched the incoming ships with great expectation.




Book Three: Return of the Andromedans



Deep Space, GP Mono Lark, Unknown Location, 2074 A.D


Ship’s control panel lit with a red colour and a big message PROJECT OMEGA LEAF ACTIVATED is displayed in blue colour.


“Sir someone just activated Project Omega Leaf remotely. I personally think something is happening on our planet.” Ship’s pilot announced.


Captain came in front of the screen and looked carefully. “It has been activated from our medical research center. Check all details about who activated it.”


“But sir, this project is designed to activate by our doctor, Simon, in very necessary situations. I really do think that there is actually some greater thing happening without us knowing and it could be about our citizen’s safety.” The pilot said.


“But we don’t know whether this was done by some random hacker. A quick check won’t hurt anyone or anything.” Captain said.


“I will do that then.” Pilot said.


“Please do.” Captain said with a deep sigh.


The pilot quickly began to type in some random commands into his computer. Suddenly all the monitors inside the control room froze and they all displayed a banner in some kind of unknown language.


“Sir, some hacker is inside our network. Our firewall is down and I can’t type a single word. Everything is frozen.” Pilot said with a worry.


“Immediately do everything under code red. Initiate manual overrides and activate Zen firewall.” Captain commanded.


“Switching on manual overrides.” The screen in front of the pilot displayed a countdown procedure. “Manual override will activate in 4, 3, 2… Manual override terminated.”


“What?” Captain said shocked.


“Someone just took over our ship’s system network and everything is now under his or her control.” Pilot said with his own shock.


Some men in blue uniform quickly got inside the control room panting.


“Captain, we lost all our control on the ship’s engines. Our computers are frozen and a banner in some kind of unknown language is displayed on all monitors.” One of the newcomer said.


“Is that like this?” Captain asked pointing to the frozen monitor which is currently showing a banner.


“Yes that’s the one.” The man said.


“You guys quickly go to engine room and freeze all controls and wipe every data, then reboot the ship’s core.” Captain said to the newcomers.


The men immediately exited control room and quickly paced away.


“Sir what do you want us to do?” Pilot asked.


“You all try to do what you think right at this moment and wait for the ship to reboot.” Captain said to everyone.


Control room fell in silence for a moment then everyone jumped from their seats and start to do all kind of thing which they think right at the moment. Pilot stayed in his seat and he start to unwire his computer from rest of the control panel. Suddenly a bright red light beeped.


Collision in T minus fifty seconds” Ship’s automated system announced.


Collision in T minus forty nine seconds…”


“Sir, we are on a crash course to planet HX-50.” Pilot said to the Captain.


“Oh, my god!” Captain said looking at the giant brown planet before them.


The ship have entered into planet’s gravitational field and is accelerating at each passing second.


Collision in T minus thirty seconds…”


Captain took his radio. “Engineers, quickly cut off the main engines and activate pull up thrusters.” Captain’s shock is clearly reflected in his voice.


Collision in T minus twenty seconds. Please proceed emergency protocol…”


“Sir, main engines have been cut off. But we are still gaining speed. The planet’s gravitational force is very strong.” The pilot announced.


“Did the pull up thrusters activated?” Captain asked.


“No, it hasn’t been activated, yet.” Pilot answered.


The planet’s surface is clearly visible now. Ship’s outer surface is like a hot pan and the ship caught a light fire in its nose.


“Release the parachutes.” Captain said.


Pilot hit a red switch near his computer. Suddenly the ship pulled back indicating the successful release of parachutes. The ship’s speed decreased and it slowly descended to the ground.


Collision in T minus ten seconds…”


Ship suddenly landed on the ground with a loud thud. Every part of the ship vibrated as the ship landed.


Ship successfully landed.”


Captain and crew took a heavy breath of relief.


“Everyone, check the entire ship and fix everything you can.” Captain announced.


The ship filled with commands of the crew. Everyone is doing their best to fix the ship. Captain looked at the control panel carefully. The ship is fully hacked to the core. There is no person on planet Green who could hack like this kind of precision. The ship have been controlled remotely. The hacker must have some advanced technology, no doubt about that. Suddenly an emergency light beeped.


Warning, incoming space craft…” Ship’s automated voice said.


“Everyone, remain in silence. Some kind of space craft is coming in our direction.” Captain said through the radio.


The ship quickly fell in silence. Everyone looked through the side windows for the incoming space craft. No one saw anything. But suddenly a ship came in front of their ship GP Mono Lark. The new ship circled around Mono Lark for some time. The new ship is a battle ship. Its exterior is filled with large guns and it’s in silver colour. The ship then quickly flew above and left the scene. Every crew in Mono Lark gasped.


Captain and the people inside the control room stared at the leaving ship with disbelief. They are somehow possibly near a war with a powerful galactic kingdom for sure.

Part 9: A New Hope

Chapter 1

Inside Skylark, Green Planet, 2076 A.D.


Samson stood beside the projector and switched it on. A moment later the screen began to show a large building.


“This is the building we are going to infiltrate. It will be a difficult mission. Thermal imaging showed heavy enemy activity and also we have detected more than ten of their ships circling the building’s perimeter.” Samson paused for a moment. “Well…We are going in there and eliminate all those creatures. Our real target is the prisoners they are holding. Like last time we hope there will be more human prisoners in there. We are going to storm in.”


“Do we know anything about the Xhilarians in there?” Mason asked.


“Like I said they have an entire fleet of ships at their bidding. We have to assume these ships are loaded with heavy laser guns like we have seen before. We don’t care how strong they are. As long as they bleed, we could kill them. Our only problem is those Wolfdogs. These dogs are getting stronger while the time pass on. This time we need to cut down all of them first thing during the mission for good. There may be thousands of those things. With Stuart and his team’s help this mission will be very easier. We need to show those creatures who we are. They should pay for what they have done to Earth and to Green planet and to the planet Zera in the Santora galaxy. They think we humans are idiots. It’s time to prove that they are wrong.” Samson said raising his voice.


Everyone in the room nodded with euphoria.


“Okay then, this meeting is dismissed.” James said.


Everyone stood up and went outside the room one by one.


Samson, James and Mason moved to the ship’s control room.


“This mission will be difficult than ever. How do you plan to take care of their ships?” Mason asked.


“Like last time we are going to storm in there. I guess those ships can be taken care by using flash grenades.” Samson said.


“May be Stuart had brought some technology that could bring them down. He said he brought some advanced time bombs and grenades.” James said.


“Then where did he gone to?” Samson asked looking at his surroundings for Stuart.


“He may be gone for a coffee. Let’s first go to control room and discuss about the plan thoroughly. Captain could give us extra suggestions.” James said.


Samson nodded and the three of them walked inside the control room. Captain and the pilots were doing something on their computer. Captain shifted his gaze to Samson from the computer monitor.


“Samson, it’s good to see you here. So what’s the plan now?” Captain asked.


“It’s good to see you too captain. We are going for another mission tomorrow. This could be our final mission on this planet.” Samson said.


“Where is it this time?” Captain asked.


“Pseudovilla.” James said.


‘I heard that name a few days ago. Let me look at it.” Captain take out a thick document and started flipping through the pages. “This document is given by one of the men on a mission in Locovilla. I read this book when I am bored. Yes…Here it is…Pseudovilla, the first city with robot workers.”


“Well I see your reading a lot. Is there anything that could buy us a safe passage on tomorrow’s mission?” Samson asked.


“Well I had read that there is big underground sewer network. May be you could go along the sewers. This could be a safe passage free from those Wolfdogs.” Captain said.


Everyone looked at Samson with excitement.


Samson’s eye widened. “Sewer network?”


“Aha. It is built around 2040 and it’s wide enough for an adult to pass.” Captain said.


“This is a good information. So there must be manholes along the road in that area.” James said.


“Yeah. In fact I have a blue print of this underground network. Here you go…” Captain handed over a big piece of paper on which the blue print of the sewage system is drawn.


A moment later Stuart got inside the control room and looked around.


“Hey Steven, It’s nice to see you.” Stuart said.


“Stuart, you are here?” Captain asked confused.


Stuart nodded.


“Wait, you guys know each other?” Mason asked.


“Yes we do. I am the one who taught him to fly a ship.” Captain Steven said.


“Stuart, we have been looking for you. Did you in any chance happened to bring any explosive that could bring down the enemy battle ships?” Samson asked with a great deal of expectation.


“I brought many laser grenades and hydrogen grenades and some TNT. Is that will be enough?”


“That will be just fine.” Samson said. “So how many of your team will be coming with us tomorrow?”


“We all are ready to come. But since there should be some soldiers to guard, I say a fifty will be coming.” Stuart said.


“That’s great. Now we don’t have to afraid any more. Wars are won by numbers, strategy comes later.” Samson said.


“Then let’s go and prepare already.” Stuart said.


“Steven, we leave you to do your business. And by the way thank you for the information.” James said.


James, Samson, Mason and Stuart left the control room and went outside the ship. Two military Humvees rested near the ship. All other soldiers were already inside the Humvees. James and team got inside the Humvees and Samson gestured at the driver to drive away. Drivers started the Humvees and the vehicles rushed through the gravel path to Saxonvilla. In the distant horizon sun slowly moved down and the darkness crept through the land.

Chapter 2

Earth, Los Angeles, 2076 A.D.


“Willy, wake up. Today is the day we go for supply. Did you forgot?” A middle aged man with beard said to another middle aged man who is sleeping on a small bed in a small room.


“Ha…John…I need some sleep. I am really tired for a supply run.” Willy said in his sleep. He haven’t opened his eyes yet.


“Well there is nothing to eat for today or any other day to come unless we go for supply.” John said. Anger is trying to take over him.


John really hate calling Willy each day when they have to go for a supply run. John went near the fortified window and slowly took away the chairs and other material used to fortify the window and the door. He slowly opened the window and peered outside. Even from this distance from the second level he could see almost all the surrounding places. Everywhere is covered by a layer of white snow. The mall they are going for supply run is in a distance. It can be clearly seen from this distance. Its board read Hoffman’s Mall.


Willy finally woke with rubbing his eyes.


“John, what time is it?” Willy asked still sleepy.


“Eight thirty.” John answered. “Okay we need to be quick. I haven’t seen any Wolfdogs, but we can’t hope much on that. We should go now while we have a chance.”


“Okay, let me get my coat.” Willy left the room to get his coat.


Willy found his coat on the table in the kitchen. He wore it and walked toward John.


“Okay let’s go then.” Willy said.


John nodded and they both pushed away the sofa sitting across the door. They slowly opened the door and moved out of the house. The stairway is covered in snow. Snow fall haven’t stopped since December. John and Willy slowly climbed down the stairs while looking for any dangers. They finally reached the yard of the three story building. Unusable cars are everywhere on the drive way. Snow has covered up to the front window of the cars. Rest of the cars’ body are under the snow. Nobody to clear the snow for a year!


They slowly walked around a building and finally entered what left of the road. Road is not visible but it can be assumed since trees are on both sides of the road. Snow fall is heavy since last week. They walked about half an hour to reach near the mall. Moving is very difficult through this snow. Snow layer isn’t hard, if you walk feet will go deeper into the loose snow, not to mention the difficulty during driving a vehicle through this thick snow.


They slowly opened the door of the mall and got inside. Supplies are neatly stacked on shelves everywhere inside the mall. Nobody have been here in the mall for some time. No sign of survivors. Willy and John quickly took the necessary supplies in a trolley. Fresh water, canned goods, chips and so on, they took several of everything.


“We haven’t seen Wolfdogs for weeks. Do you think they all are gone?” Willy asked.


“I don’t think so. Do you remember what the news lady said? These Xhilarians are colonists and are experimenting on humans. I don’t think they are gonna let us go. They will hunt every last one of us. We haven’t seen other survivors since last September. I do think that we will be the last survivors.” John said.


“I really hate living in that small apartment. We really need to move to some place safer than our apartment. Do you have any plans for that?” Willy asked.


“Currently I am not thinking about it. We survived this long in that small apartment. May be the enemies are thinking that no one will be inside small apartments. They may be looking in bigger better safe places.” John said.


“But think about it. We lasted this long. There could be survivors like us all over the world. May be there will be even small communities hiding from those animals. If we found such a community, we are saved. Do you really think these supplies last forever? We really need to find alternative sources of food fast.” Willy said while placing a cartoon of tomato sauce in the trolley


“You’re right about that…” John couldn’t finish it.


Suddenly the place filled with sound of an aircraft. Willy and John looked in the sky through the glass wall. A moment later they saw the origin of sound. It’s an enemy ship and is moving slowly. The exterior of the ship is silver in colour and there are two big guns attached on both sides of the ship. The ship is moving towards the mall. A shriek came from the front of the mall. Willy and John looked in front of them with frightened eyes.


There are about ten Wolfdogs, all running in the mall’s direction.


“Run to the basement.” John whispered frightened.


Willy followed John. They silently moved to the exit door on the back of the mall. Wolfdogs howled sharply. The creatures haven’t noticed them yet. Willy and John reached the basement and closed the basement door behind them. John opened the small window near the ceiling a little, enough for them to watch outside. The Wolfdogs are moving away from the mall. They are running to the Los Angeles city. The space craft is nowhere to be seen. It must also have moved in the same direction.


A moment later a loud explosion occurred from the back of the mall. John opened another window and looked through it. It seems that the ship had crash landed on the ground and the ship is on fire. Willy also came near the window and peered at the scene. A moment later something fell from the sky on top of the enemy ship and then the ship exploded into pieces. John looked up with excitement. Two aircrafts are flying through the sky at high speed.


“It’s our military.” John said with excitement.


“Thank god, we are saved.” Willy said.


“We should wait until noon. Those Wolfdogs may be still out there.” John said.


“Okay.” Willy said back.


In the distant horizon the two military aircraft fly away in battle formation. Fire consumed the remains of the exploded ship.

Chapter 3

Pseudovilla, Green Planet


In the morning two trucks, full of soldiers, rushed in the direction of the sunrise. Roads are covered with thick layer of mist and liquefied water vapour fell on the trucks’ front window. Driver switched on the wiper and it immediately started wiping away the water. In the tablet in front of the driver the current course is clearly depicted. They are about 10 miles away from Pseudovilla. No Wolfdogs are on sight, they must be away.


After half an hour of drive, the trucks reached a hilly path. The road is winding along the hill like a big snake. Both sides of the road is covered by mountain ranges. Driver stopped the truck on top of the hilly road. Some soldiers got outside and watched the scenery in front of them through the binocular. Sun’s rays are blazing hot here even in this morning hour. In front of them, below the hill, is a big town. The town is filled with buildings, all multi storied. They have reached Pseudovilla.


“We will go on foot from here on.” Samson said.


Soldiers nodded and everyone slowly climbed down the hill. A tablet computer showing the direction to the target building is strapped to Samson’s wrist. Samson followed the direction and the soldiers followed Samson and James. Suddenly a hum sound came from near one of the building. Everyone ducked and Samson looked through the binocular in the direction from where the sound have arisen. Then they saw it. Two ships are moving over the buildings. Samson looked more closely. They are enemy ships, all wearing the Xhilarian logo and are silver in colour.


The ships fly away into the distance without noticing the humans. After the ships are out of sight soldiers stood up. Samson, James and Stuart led the soldiers slowly in the direction of Pseudovilla town. After sometime Samson stopped moving and takeout his blue print of the sewer.


“The sewer starts somewhere here. Look for manhole near this place.” Samson said to everyone.


Everyone start to look for the manhole. They even looked under the pile of leaves on the side of the road.


“Sergeant here…” One of the soldier finally called out.


Everyone looked in the soldier’s direction. Samson and James went near the soldier and found what the soldier was pointing at – the manhole. Samson and one soldier take all their might to remove the lid of the manhole. Once the lid is removed Samson and one soldier slowly climbed down through the side ladder. The sewer stench with the waste water. Other soldiers followed Samson.


“Follow me. According to the map this path leads directly under our building. Prepare your gun at the ready. We don’t know whether they have booby trapped under here. So we need to be alerted.” Samson said.


All nodded in agreement and everyone followed Samson. They walked about fifteen minutes and then they reached an intersection.


“We go right.” Samson said.


Everyone nodded and followed Samson. With each step they have taken the stench of the sewer water increased.


“Oh man. This smell is really bad.” One of the soldier commented.


“Well if they have said this earlier I would have brought a face mask.” Another soldier said.


Samson stopped near an exit and gestured at everyone to prepare. Everyone braced for anything to happen. They have finally reached their target. Samson slowly climbed the ladder and took a stick camera from his pocket. He slowly passed the stick camera through the hole in the manhole’s lid. He switched on the tablet strapped to his wrist. The tablet quickly began to show the scene taken by the stick camera. The place is empty of creatures. He rotated the camera several times and none of the images showed any enemy activity.


“Okay everyone. We move in 3, 2, 1… Go…” Samson said while opening the lid.


Everyone quickly climbed out of the sewer into the back of the building.


“Thank god. We are at the back of the building.” James said.


“Okay, move in formation.” Stuart announced.


The seventy men team slowly moved to the back door in battle formation, gun at the ready. Several soldiers stood by the corners of the building to watch out for any enemies. They detected none of the creatures. One soldier slowly opened the door. Lucky for them the door wasn’t locked. The door immediately leads to a stairs. Soldiers slowly climbed the stairs. A moment later they reached the second level of the building. Stairs directly leads to a corridor and there is also a stair on the side which presumably leads to third level. A part of the team climbed the second stairs and moved to the third level silently. James and Samson led other soldiers to the second level corridor. They slowly turned a corner and reached in front of the building. James slowly moved in the front line.


Suddenly two Xhilarians came out of nowhere. Samson’s and James’ eyes met theirs. The creatures’ hands quickly dropped to their waist line to retrieve the gun. But James and another soldier fired at the creatures and they immediately went down. Plasma bolts exploded on the wall after cutting through the Xhilarians. The whole place seemed to be silent. Usually a gunfire immediately draws the enemies’ attention. But now there are no sounds to be heard. James slowly moved near the dead creatures. Two other soldiers followed James. Samson and rest of the team checked each rooms in the second level.


James and team detected none of the creatures. They walked towards Samson.


“This building seemed to be dead silent. Do you think they left this place?” James asked.


“I don’t know. May be they have.” Samson said.


Suddenly a loud explosion occurred from the third level. The explosion immediately followed by soldiers’ screams. Stuart and team are in pain. Then it happened. One of the ship had begun firing at the soldiers on the third level from outside. Every shot dismantled the walls. James and other soldiers start to fire at the ship. The ship quickly decreased altitude and start to fire at James and his team. Someone from above threw a magnetic flash grenade at the ship. Two flash grenades immediately got attached to the ship and beeped. A moment later the grenades exploded. The ship quickly went down. It crashed on the ground and within seconds the ship caught fire. The ship then exploded with a loud sound. Everyone ducked. The fire must have caught the fuel lines. Soldiers smiled with excitement.


James and team moved to the third level through the stairs in the opposite direction from where they have climbed. Samson and team moved in another direction. James slowly climbed the stairs. They have finally reached third level. James and team turned a corner and saw Stuart, Samson and other soldiers on the opposite side. James slowly walked toward them. But then something beeped from the side walls. James looked at the walls. They have been walking absent minded. James somehow cut through a laser line.




A moment later the place where James and team were standing exploded. Part of the building crumpled.


“No!” Samson ran to James but he was too late. James along with one part of the building collapsed to the ground.

Chapter 4

Pseudovilla, Green Planet


James’ and two other soldiers’ mutilated body fell on the ground on top of the crumpled parts of the building. Samson, Stuart and other soldiers rushed forward. The part of the building from where the explosive exploded is crumpled into pieces and a part of the corridor is missing. Below Samson could roughly make out the fallen soldiers’ bodies.


“No, this isn’t happening!” Samson mumbled.


Suddenly two more enemy ships flew toward the building and when they reached near the building both ships opened fire. Laser shots cut through everything. Soldiers fired back. Two, three, four, and five soldiers went down, all of their chest had a wide hole. Some soldiers threw magnetic flash grenades. Only some grenades made to their target. The grenades exploded with a loud bang. One ship went down. Other remaining ship continued firing.


Suddenly more ships came toward the building from the distant horizon.


“We are trapped. Retreat back to the sewer.” Samson commanded.


Everyone rushed out of the building. They reached just in time when all the ships began to fire at the building. Soldiers opened the manhole and got inside the sewer. One by one every last one of the soldiers got inside the sewer. Suddenly two of the ships landed near the manhole and about fifty Xhilarians rushed toward the sewer with big laser guns in their hands.


The building fully crumpled to nothing. Now there is only dust left in the place where the big building stood. One soldier quickly armed two flash grenades and threw them out through the opened man hole. The grenades exploded in mid-air. A bright light covered the whole place indicating successful explosion. Soldiers can’t tell how many creatures went down, but they are sure that a lot of creatures died.


Suddenly one of the creature with knifes on both hands jumped onto the manhole. It reached exactly on top of the concrete layer. Soldiers quickly opened fire. But the creature masterfully dodged each hits and rushed at the soldiers. Soldiers fired in all direction desperately. Some of the shots hit the creature on the leg and on stomach but before that the creature had sliced opened the throat of five soldiers. Clearly a suicide fighter. The creature finally fell down.


“Everyone run to our initial location.” Stuart yelled.


Soldiers ran through the sewer at maximum speed they had mustered. More creatures jumped on to the sewer. Some creatures opened fire inside the sewer to the retreating soldiers. Sewer wall vibrated when each shot hit the wall. Some soldiers fired back. There are about ten or more Xhilarians inside the sewer. Only fifty five human soldiers left now. Creatures are gaining on them.


The soldiers finally stopped running. They have reached the exit. Three soldiers climbed the stairs to secure the location. Other soldiers turned toward the incoming Xhilarians and fired. Xhilarians fired back from the protection of the wall.


“Let’s burry them.” Samson yelled.


Everyone nodded and all fired at the roof of the sewer just above where the Xhilarians are standing. Dust covered the entire area. Soldiers fired a few more rounds, a moment later the roof along with the ground soil collapsed on top of the Xhilarians. A tragic end to the creatures. Cry of the creatures lost in the sound of collapsing sewer.


“Everyone quickly get outside.” Stuart yelled.


Everyone, one by one, quickly got outside. When everyone was outside they all ran in the direction where they parked their trucks. Suddenly everyone stopped. In front of them stood a battalion of Xhilarians all carrying big laser guns in their hands. Soldiers quickly trained their gun on the creatures.


Surrender or die.” One of the creature said through a device.


“Fire at will.” Samson yelled.


Soldiers start to fire at the creatures. The Xhilarians have also started firing. Everyone including Xhilarians ran in all directions never taking their finger off from the trigger. Soldiers changed magazine in fluent motion. More creatures went down. About the same number of humans also went down. Xhilarian soldiers are fast. One of the Xhilarian who is carrying a sword is slicing every human on its way. Samson fired at the creature. But the creature is dodging all the shots. Stuart also came to fire at the suicide fighter. Samson’s and Stuart’s shots danced in the air. The creature almost dodged every shot but finally a shot ripped one of its leg. The creature stood in one leg and then threw the sword in Stuart’s direction. Stuart quickly stopped the sword’s movement by blocking it using his gun. Samson instantly shot down the creature. Suddenly a howl came from beyond the buildings.


About fifty Wolfdogs are running at the human soldiers. Soldiers desperately fired. They are being surrounded by enemies in all directions. They all gathered in a circular formation pointing guns in all directions.


Surrender or die like a worm. We promise you, it will be quick.” One of the creature said.


“It’s over man, they got us now.” One of the soldier said.


Wolfdogs stopped running and stood in battle formation. They growled. Samson and Stuart don’t know what to do. They stayed there staring at the creatures.


“Orders sir.” One of the soldier yelled.


But no answer came from Samson nor Stuart.


Suddenly a distant hum sound came from the skies. Everyone shifted their gaze to the sky. A ship is coming towards them at full speed. One creature said something through a device, possibly the creature’s radio. The creatures raised their gun at the ship. The ship quickly crash landed on top of the Xhilarian horde. Samson couldn’t believe what he is seeing. The ship is really huge.


In the ships side, Samson could make out the words. It reads ‘GP Mono Lark’. The ship had a logo of the Green Planet. Possibly some survivors. Wolfdogs growled at the ship. Then the ship’s ramp opened. The Wolfdogs immediately rushed at the boarding ramp at full speed but suddenly something flew out of the ship through the boarding ramp at high speed. Wolfdogs all at once stopped running. They all looked at the sky. Some kind of human thing is flying. It stopped in mid-air and trained its hand at the Wolfdogs. More things flew out of the ship and all hovered in the air in battle formation. Every one of the things trained their hands at the Wolfdogs. Suddenly their hands halved transversely and a rod like structure came out of the hands. Possibly a gun. A moment later the place exploded in the sound of gunfire. Wolfdogs and the Xhilarians one by one went down. After fifteen minutes of gun fire, the things floating in the air came down and stood on the ground in a line, assembled.


Human soldiers looked at the scene in disbelief. How could they believe what they are seeing? They have been just saved from a death sentence.


From the ship’s ramp few human figures emerged. They all walked towards Samson and Stuart. Samson and Stuart stared at them open mouthed.


“Those my dear, are the Nano Robots, our final line of defence.” The leading human said.

Chapter 5

Pseudovilla, Green Planet


“Where were you all this time? We could have used your help earlier.” Samson asked.


“Well, some bitches hacked our ship and all, we barely escaped from their attack and our ship crashed on to a planet. It took us nearly two years to repair the damage.” The leader said.


“Sorry to hear that. Anyway how did you found us?” Samson asked.


“We saw the gunfire from the skies. We immediately activated the robots and came here without wasting any time. So is General Mason around? Who is leading you?” The man asked.


“General Mason is at our base and we are coming from planet earth, we are on our own.” Samson said.


“Planet Earth?” The man asked.


“Yeah. In the Milky Way Galaxy? You don’t know?” Samson asked.


“Okay I remember it now. It’s hard remembering things from the pile of information in my head.” The man said. “I am Gregory by the way. Captain Gregory.” Gregory put forward his hand.


Samson accepted the hand. “It’s an honour to meet you. We have trucks waiting for us above this hill, we need to be hurry.” Samson said pointing to the hill.


“Okay let’s move out now.” Gregory said.


“What about the robots?” Stuart asked.


“What about them?” Gregory asked.


“Well could they find their way home?” Stuart asked.


“I can control them through this tablet computer. So no need to worry about them.” Gregory took a tablet from his pocket.


“Well then let’s be on our way.” Stuart said and moved in the front line.


Soldiers and the new crew quickly paced through the hilly path to the trucks parked atop the hill. Trucks are still where they had left them. Nothing bad had happened. Everyone got inside the trucks and the drivers switched on the engines. With a loud sound the trucks came back to life. Drivers turned the trucks toward where they have come from and after a moment the trucks rushed through the gravel road.


“So, Gregory, when we heard about project omega and all we thought the robots where auto piloted. Didn’t know it has a remote.” Samson said.


“Well it had auto pilot system, but it was damaged during the hacking. The hacker did a pretty good damage on us. It’s actually fortunate that we all have survived, really lucky. God is really looked after us.” Gregory said. “And on the way we came across some amazing facts which will blow you guys away.”


“What facts.” Stuart asked.


“Well we don’t know what exactly it is but we do have some theories.” Gregory shifted his gaze to one of his people.


One of Gregory’s men handed him a device.


“We got this from one of those enemy ships. It is a highly advanced piece of equipment.” Gregory said while unwrapping the equipment.


“What does it do, and how did you came by this equipment?” Samson asked.


“I will explain this when we reach your base. On our way we disabled one of the enemy ship and killed all on aboard. We got this device from their ship. It’s like a computer. But as I said before it will blow your mind once you know what it reveals.” Gregory said.


Everyone stared at Gregory for a moment with open mouth then all shifted their gaze to outside the truck.


“Well, then we need to reach our base fast. I can’t wait to know what it is. Driver, please accelerate.” Samson said.


Trucks jerked through the loose stones on the road. About hundreds of robots are flying behind the trucks. After half an hour of journey they entered into Saxonvilla town. The town itself is very quiet.


“What happened to the people who were living here?” Gregory asked.


“They were exposed to a biohazard which causes instant mutation and they all turned into monkey like creature. Those who had escaped from the plague were hunted down by those wolfish creature you saw back there, we call them Wolfdogs.” Samson said.


“Are you joking?” Gregory asked with a surprise look.


“Do I look like I am joking?” Samson said without any surprise in Gregory’s question.


“So is there any cure for this plague thing?” One of Gregory’s men asked in shock.


“Not that we know of. Our researchers are trying their best to find a cure to this disease. So far they haven’t run into any luck.” Samson said.


“How many are you there in the base?” Gregory asked.


“There is about three hundred and fifty here in this planet including us.” Samson said.


“That’s a big number. I hope you can kill all those creatures.” Gregory said.


“With you and your robot’s help, it will be easy as taking a thorn from your leg.” Samson said.


Gregory smiled at Samson’s comment and then shifted his gaze to outside the truck. Rows and rows of trees are on one side of the road and other side is filled with houses. They finally reached Saxonvilla Space Research center. A group of soldiers were on lookout there and there. The trucks stopped in the yard of the facility and everyone got outside. In the yard soldiers and several researchers gathered to see the robots who are now landed on the ground and standing in formation.


Mason came outside to see the commotion taking place in the yard. He saw Gregory from a distance and he ran for him.


“Gregory, where have you been all this time?” Mason asked while pacing toward Gregory.


“It’s a long story Mason.” Gregory said.


“I hope you brought my children with you.” Mason said.


“Of course I did. Here look for yourself.” Gregory said pointing to the rows and rows of robots standing near the gate.


“Oh, thank god. They all seemed to be in good shape.” Mason said with joy which cannot be hidden.


“They all are well. There is a problem with the auto pilot, other than that they are fine.” Gregory said.


“I thought we lost you guys. What was the problem?” Mason asked.


“Some hacker did a pretty good job and damaged my ship. It took us about two year to fix the ship and these Nano robots. And Mason, you wouldn’t believe what we have found out about our fellow enemies.” Gregory said with a seriousness and excitement in his face. He can’t wait to reveal the truth behind the enemies.

Chapter 6

Saxonvilla Space Research Center, Green Planet


“So what is this important information you have?” Mason asked.


“Well, most of it is some theory based on pure facts but…But you need to see this first.” Gregory took the device, which was stolen from the Xhilarian ship, in his hand.


“What is this?” Mason asked.


Everyone in the small room looked at Gregory with curious eyes.


“We think it’s a vector device which could reveal higher dimensional creatures.” Gregory said with a single breath.


“What, I don’t get what you’re saying?” Mason said.


Everyone nodded in agreement with Mason.


“Well, there are…Higher dimensional creatures all around us and we cannot see them with our naked eyes. When we are on our way to this planet, we saw one of the Xhilarian army trying to destroy a planet using gigantic machines. We don’t know why they are doing, but I released our Nano robots to hunt those creatures for good. We also managed to get into one of their ships in search for information after the robots eliminated those creatures. Practically we saved that young planet from destruction. What we found inside the ship is this piece of technology. First we thought it’s something else which should not be minded but once we took a closer look, we were amazed. Look see for yourself.” Gregory switched on the device.


The device start to show vector graphics.


“It took me a while to learn the controls. Here what you see is the vector graphics. If there is a higher dimensional being it shows the life form on the screen, we still don’t know it shows all the higher dimensional beings.” Gregory pointed at the screen.


Everyone looked at the small equipment with hungry eyes.


“So did you saw any higher dimensional beings?” Samson asked.


“I am coming to that. We did saw a creature on that planet they were trying to destroy. We think this creature has something to do with the presence of life on the planet.” Gregory took a deep breath. “That planet was classified under the list of planets having life forms in earlier stages. The creature we saw was also very young. We strongly think this is because we saw the same kind of creature on this planet. On our planet. And this creature is very gigantic possibly a mature one. We think that we have a habitable atmosphere on this planet because of that creature. We in fact strongly believe that every planet which support life have this creature. The Xhilarians are in fact trying to extract something from these poor magnificent creatures, and we think that if these creatures are dead the planet will no longer support life.”


“What are you trying to say?” Mason asked.


“I am saying is that Xhilarians’ target is this higher dimensional creatures, we somehow got in their way.” Gregory said.


“But they attacked us first.” Samson said.


“May be they thought that we are a resistance.” Stuart said.


“Exactly. They must have thought us as a resistance to their dirty work.” Gregory said.


“So, if this higher dimensional creature is responsible for our life, the thing we call nature must be this creature. Right?” One of the researcher asked.


“Of course there is higher possibility for that.” Gregory said.


Researchers were surprised by Gregory’s answer.


“So can you show us this higher dimensional being?” Samson asked.


“Of course. Come outside.” Gregory walked to the yard of the facility with the special device in his hand.


Everyone followed Gregory to outside of the facility. When Gregory reached the yard he placed the device on the yard and pressed a switch. Suddenly some sort of light rays came out of the device and it went in all directions. Device is like a container of light and the screen seemed to be the door through which the light could go out. Several moments later the flow of light stopped and the device began to show vector images.


“Everyone gather around.” Gregory waved at everyone to gather around the device.


Everyone curiously looked at the screen of the device. The device is showing a gigantic creature in green colour.


“Is that what I think it is?” Samson asked.


“Yes. It’s a mature organism, no doubt.” Gregory said.


Everyone stood in a line to watch the creature. Those who saw it walked away for others to see it. Everyone is mesmerised at what they saw.


“So what’s the plan now?” Samson asked Stuart.


“If they have this massacre in mind every living organisms are in trouble. We may be the only defence against the Xhilarians. We need to begin our resistance now before time runs out. First we need to wipe out all the enemies from here, then we need to move onto Earth and planet Zera in the Santora galaxy to save those creatures responsible for our life.” Stuart said.


“Okay let’s prepare for the final battle then.” Samson said.

Part 10: Enemy’s Secret

Chapter 7

Los Angeles, Earth


John looked at his small golden watch. It’s about noon, 11:50 AM.


“I think we are safe. We should go before those things come again.” John said.


“Okay, then let’s move out.” Willy said.


Both of them slowly crept outside the basement and moved to the mall. The mall is extremely quiet and no sign of break entry, the glass wall stood intact. John and Willy took some supply and placed them in their pockets. Pockets bulge out due to the size of the supply materials. Then they dragged the trolley with them. Willy opened the front door slowly without making any sound and John dragged the trolley outside.


They slowly start to walk towards their apartment. The snow is really falling heavily. After a ten minutes’ walk the trolley got covered with snow. Dragging the trolley is very difficult since the tires won’t work in this thick snow.


“Where do you think those Wolfdogs had went?” Willy asked.


“May be to the city. They must have seen human movement. It seemed to be very important to them since a ship also went in that direction.” John said.


“But that’s the ship we saw on fire.” Willy said.


“Oh, I forgot that. Our military must be working very hard to bring them down. Since enemy ships go down easily, more of our fighters will come and surely they will sweep clean this mess.” John said.


Suddenly a sharp shriek came from their back.


“Shit! It’s them. Run for your life!” John yelled.


John put down the trolley and ran. Willy followed. They ran and ran until a large building is on sight. Willy took a quick glance at his back. The sight frightened him. About three Wolfdogs are running at them. The loose snow is decreasing their speed, but they are still gaining on them.


“Run!” Willy shouted.


John somehow managed to get near the building and he opened the front door. Willy quickly rushed inside followed by John. John closed the glass door and both of them ran through the stairs for higher levels. Shattering sound of glass shifted their gaze for a moment.


“They are inside.” Willy said in horror.


“Hurry move.” John shouted.


Both of them ran again. Finally they reached third level of the building. John closed the door to the stairs and closed all the near exits. Then both of them moved onto the next level. Based on the height of this building it’s about forty story high. With each passing level John and Willy closed all the exits. A thrashing sound start to emanate from the lower levels. The Wolfdogs must be trying to thrash open the doors. The doors won’t hold too long under the might of those creatures.


John and Willy quickly become tired after the long climb. If the elevators were working they would have been reached the top now. They have only climbed half of the levels. Willy and John start to hyperventilate. Based on the sounds from lower floor, the Wolfdogs are almost on them. Those creatures are smashing and breaking everything in their path.


After the long climb John and Willy finally reached the top. The exit door is locked. John took all his might and start to kick at the door. It seemed that the door won’t part anytime soon. Willy joined John to kick at the door. One, two, three, four, five, six.




The door finally parted. John and Willy rushed outside and start to pant. Finally they are saved. Now those Wolfdogs won’t reach them that easily.


“So are you ready for this?” John asked panting.


“Ready for what?” Willy asked surprised.


“We have to jump to that building from this building. Only then we could make sure those Wolfdogs won’t follow us.” John said pointing at a nearby building.


“Are you crazy? That building is far away. I don’t think I could make it.” Willy said frightened.


“Well if you want to become a meal for those creatures stay here. I am going to jump anyway.” John said and ready himself for running and jumping. “We don’t have time to think. See you on the other side.” John ran to the edge of the building and jumped to the next building. He safely landed on the nearby building.


John stood up and waved at Willy to jump. Willy stood back and thought for a moment. The sound from the lower levels of the building is increasing. He should make the jump or he will be the next meal for the Wolfdogs. Willy gathered courage and ran to the edge of the building and jumped on to the next building. He landed on the edge of the other building. John quickly caught him by the hand. Really lucky for him.


“You see, it is easy as walking between two buildings.” John said.


“I almost fell down.” Willy said.


“Why say about it. You’re safe now. Let’s move inside the building.” John said and walked to the exit door.


The door was not locked. John easily opened the door and got inside. Willy followed John and got inside the building. He closed the door behind him. They slowly paced towards the stairs, suddenly a woman came out from a nearby room with a baseball bat in her hands.


“Oh I thought you guys were those alien scums when I heard the sound of the door opening.” The woman said.


The woman is around in her thirty and she has a long hair which is about her waist line. She has the rare blue eyes.


“I am Susan by the way. What is actually happening outside?” Susan asked in a low voice.


“Oh nothing bad, just those alien scums trying to kill us all. Those Wolfdogs are clearly out of their mind. We were nearly eaten by those creatures. We are actually really lucky.” John said smiling. “I am John and this is Willy.”


“It’s nice to meet you John, Willy” Susan said with a little joy. “I have been trapped here for about two months. Was really afraid to go out, saw those creatures through my window. It was actually brutal. I haven’t seen those human monkeys since the snow fall started.”


“Same here. But today we saw our military aircraft shooting down an enemy space ship. We really hope that military have some plan to stop this alien mess.” Willy said blushed.


Susan seemed to be surprised to hear that. Susan is really beautiful. Willy couldn’t hide the kicking of hormones in his body. It’s like Susan understood Willy. She smiled at Willy.


“Did you happen to see any other survivors?” John asked.


“No. You guys are the first survivors I saw in two months.” Susan said.


“Wait, you saw other survivors before?” John asked with a little joy.


“I was with several survivors, but those Wolfdogs hunted all of us down. I somehow managed to escape and hide here ever since.” Susan said with a little sadness.


“I am sorry to hear that.” John said.


Suddenly a hum sound of a ship came from outside. Willy, John and Susan looked outside through the window. It seems that one of the enemy ship has landed on the ground and the place is filled with Wolfdogs.


“Please let me go, please show some mercy…” A woman cried from below.


One of the human like creature is dragging the woman through the ground to the ship. The creature threw the woman inside the ship and the Wolfdogs quickly disappeared behind the buildings. The ship slowly rose from ground and fly away into the horizon.

Chapter 8

Saxonvilla Space Research Center, Green Planet


Samson entered into the medical laboratory and walked towards Lucy. Lucy was in a corner siting in a chair alone with her head supported by both her hands on the table.


“I am really sorry for what happened to James. How are you holding up?” Samson asked.


“I am fine. A little lonely I guess.” Lucy wiped her tears using the kerchief in her hand.


“You have been crying all this time?” Samson asked.


“What else should I do? Go and laugh around?” Lucy asked a little raged.


“I didn’t mean anything. You have all the right to cry. But as a military officer you need to be strong.” Samson said soothing Lucy.


“No. You didn’t mean anything. I just need a little time alone.” Lucy said wiping a little more tears.


“Okay. I understand.” Samson was about to leave. “Oh I forgot to tell you. The project Omega Leaf we heard about is fully functional and the team leading the mission is here. Captain Gregory is in charge of that and he brought some kind of Xhilarian technology which could allow us to see higher dimensional creatures. And the amazing fact is that all this time we have been living blind while our mother nature is supposedly a higher dimensional creature.”


Lucy raised her eyes. “I don’t understand a word you’re saying.”


“What I am saying is that, Xhilarians are targeting our Mother Nature and this Mother Nature is supposedly a higher dimensional creature. We cannot see her through our naked eye, we need this special device for that and the Xhilarians have invented such a device. Captain Gregory and his team were able to extract one such device. They are saying that Xhilarians are killing away this higher dimensional creatures for something, using gigantic machines. And this higher dimensional creatures are the reason why some planets could support life. If those creatures are dead no more life on such planets.” Samson took a heavy breath.


“And did you saw this Mother Nature you’re talking about?” Lucy’s tear flow stopped.


“Yes. In fact most of us saw it through this device. Gregory somehow managed to operate the device.” Samson said.


“That’s an astounding discovery. This discovery could get Nobel price back on earth.” Lucy said smiling.


“Are you mocking me?” Samson asked.


“No. I am dead serious. Finally we know who created us. Finally we understood where all these living organisms are coming from.” Lucy said with a joy. “If James would have been here he would also have known this. He was really into finding these sort of things.” Tears oozed down through Lucy’s cheek.


“Okay. I will leave you to do your work. Do you know where Doctor Graham is?” Samson asked.


“Last time when I saw him he was in the next room doing something on his computer.” Lucy said. A little sadness is still reflected in her words.


“Okay. Thanks. See you again.” Samson left Lucy and moved to next room.


In the next room Graham was seriously doing something on his computer while checking things on the microscope. Samson knocked on the door to get Graham’s attention. Graham looked up toward Samson.


“Samson. I have been about to contact you. Come here.” Graham said surprised.


“Why? Do you have any luck on the cure?” Samson asked while moving toward Graham.


“I sort of ran into a luck. This special vial I developed seemed to be restoring the effects of the plague virus. I need some human monkeys to test this fully.” Graham said.


“I will immediately see what I could do. I will personally go for some test subjects as soon as possible.” Samson said.


“That will be great.” Graham said.


Samson immediately left the room and moved towards Sandy in the yard of the facility. At the time he reached there Sandy and Michael were discussing something.


“Sandy, we need to capture some human monkeys as soon as possible.” Samson said without wasting any time.


“What’s the rush?” Michael asked.


“Doctor Graham seemed to have developed a prototype of the cure to this monkey plague.” Samson said with a deep breath.


“What? When?” Sandy asked surprised.


“A few minutes ago. So are you guys ready for it?” Samson asked.


“We are ready. We could go now.” Sandy said.


Sandy stood up and called five of his men and explained everything quickly to them.


“Okay we will go now. Take your gear quickly.” Sandy said to everyone. “We will be in one of the Humvees outside the gates. Once you’re ready come there. Don’t waste time.”


“Yes sir.” All said in unison.


Sandy walked towards Samson and Michael.


“Everything is ready, we could go and sit inside the Humvee while they take their gears.” Sandy said.


“Okay.” Samson said.


Samson, Sandy and Michael took their plasma guns and walked toward the Humvee parked outside the gates. They waited for other soldiers for about ten minutes. The soldiers quickly returned and got inside the Humvee.


“Drive toward the forest, there may be some human monkeys left.” Samson said to the driver.


Driver put the Humvee in drive and accelerated. Within seconds Humvee started rushing through the gravel road. After fifteen minutes’ drive they reached the forest edges.


“There!” One soldier pointed outside in the left direction.


Driver stopped the Humvee and everyone looked in the direction the soldier have pointed. Then everyone saw. There is a pack of human monkeys sitting on the logs. Samson and team got outside the Humvee and slowly moved towards the human monkeys. The monkey hybrids saw the human movement and quickly raised their head towards Samson. Samson and team quickly got near the monkey hybrids and instantly caught three of them by their hand. So far no resistance. Soldiers easily led the monkey hybrids inside the back of the Humvee and driver started the engines. Within seconds they are back on the road moving towards Saxonvilla Space Research Center.




“Testing Serum A-11. The hybrid monkey is a healthy female.” Graham injected the vial to the human monkey’s hand. “No reactions yet. No wait…”


Everyone outside the glass wall widened their eyes and looked more carefully.


“Furs are disappearing!” Graham shifted the creature’s head in sideways.


The head is now empty of furs, and lips have returned to normal shape. Slowly the fur in the hands and legs fell away. Graham quickly took a piece of cloth from the table and covered the woman. The woman indeed is a beautiful young woman.


“Subject fully returned back to human form.” Graham said with joy.


“What is happening to me? Where am I?” The recovered woman asked.


Everyone looked at the woman in shock. They couldn’t hold back the joy inside them. For the first time one human monkey had returned back to human form. Now they have a cure. Now they have a chance of survival. Samson quickly thought about Jenny and how he will get to her.


“Ahh, My body is hurting…Ahh.” The woman started to cry.


“What? Where?” Graham asked.


“Everywhere. Ahh…” Suddenly furs began to reappear in the woman’s body. Within seconds the woman changed her form to that of monkey. This time fur is greater in amount than the last time.


Everyone looked at the woman with sadness. At least they have a partial cure now. They could develop a cure fast.

Chapter 9

Saxonvilla, Green Planet


“Jesse, Sam, are you guys ready for this.” Captain Miller asked.


“We are ready.” Sam said.


“Then climb aboard. Remember you guys aren’t the only one going in this mission. There are five other groups went in the same direction. If any troubles do arise please feel free to contact any one of them. William will be watching you constantly, so no need to worry.” Miller said.


“Okay sir.” Sam said.


Sam and Jesse climb aboard the small aircraft parked inside the ship Victoria’s hangar.


“So how good are you in flying this thing?” Jesse asked Sam.


“Don’t worry, I have enough experience to fly this thing may be even for some action. If you really want to know, I have about thirty hours of experience. Is that good enough for you.”


“Okay, that will be enough.” Jesse said.


Sam couldn’t hide the fact that Jesse is too damn beautiful. He just lost in thoughts for a moment looking at Jesse.


“What?” Jesse asked.


“Nothing, just making sure…sure those windows are closed tight.” Sam couldn’t make out the words. He blushed.


Jesse smiled at him. “Then get us in the air Sam.”


Sam switched on the engines. With a hum the rotor came to life. The blades began to rotate at high speed. Sam carefully manoeuvred the small aircraft out of the hangar. Aircraft flew through the opened ramp and within second they are up in the clouds.


“Our mission is to fly and look out for any enemy activity near Hudsonvilla.” Jesse said.


“Okay and in which direction we should go?” Sam asked confused. Sam looked in all directions.


Jesse quickly placed a small tablet computer in front of Sam. “We are supposed go to the area marked in green colour.”


“Okay mam.” Sam grinned.


“Please don’t call me that.” Jesse said.


“What?” Sam asked playfully.


“The mam thing. You could call me Jesse or Jess if you’re really on to me.” Jesse said.


“Wait, you think I am on to you?” Sam asked smiling.


“I know the way you’re looking at me.” Jesse said smiling back.


“And that makes you think I am on to you? You?” Sam asked.


“Whatever. Just go in that direction.” Jesse said changing the subject.


Sam smiled at Jesse and he concentrated on the aircraft’s controls. In a distance rain clouds gathered supposedly for a strong rain. Below tree lands began to appear.


“It’s so beautiful.” Jesse said while enjoying the scenery before her.


Suddenly a red light began to beep.


Warning, Warning, incoming space craft…” The automated voice said.


“What was that?” Jesse asked.


“I don’t know, probably one of ours.” Sam said.


Sam, you have got an enemy space craft on your tail. Be careful.” William said through the radio.


“Oh my god, please save us.” Jesse covered her mouth using her hand in horror.


Sam quickly fly above and did a curved jump, fly upside down for a short time, to the back of the enemy ship. They could now see the enemy ship. It’s silver in colour and possibly have guns attached to the front.


Sam pressed the trigger switch. Plasma rounds immediately start to flow from the two guns attached on the front of the ship. Several shots hit the enemy ship but they didn’t inflict much damage. Enemy ship quickly turned toward Sam’s aircraft and fly backwards firing laser rounds all the way. Sam masterfully dodged each shots and manoeuvred the aircraft back to where they have come from.


“This is Sam, requesting immediate backup…” Sam said through the radio.


Sam, you must come back to the ship we will do the rest.” William’s voice echoed through the small aircraft.


Sam tried to break away but the enemy ship is still following them firing all the way.


Bang! Bang!


Sam’s aircraft got hit. The small aircraft start to rotate while descending.


“We got hit, ejecting in 4, 3, 2, 1…” Sam said and Jesse and Sam pressed the switch for ejecting.


With a loud thud they safely ejected from the aircraft and the parachute immediately opened. Jesse and Sam slowly descended. Suddenly the enemy ship began to shoot at Sam and Jesse. Fortunately Sam and Jesse escaped from the shots and safely landed on the ground. But fortune will not run in front of them every time. The enemy ship landed on the ground and about ten Xhilarians came out of the ship with big laser guns. Sam and Jesse clearly saw this from a distance. They sprinted away from the scene.


Rain drops start to fall from the skies. After a few minutes rain got stronger.


“Where would we go?” Jesse asked while running.


“I don’t know, but based on your GPS system we are a little farther from base. We need to cross a river then we are there. But before that we need to pass a forest. We are in deep trouble.” Sam said.


“Oh god. I don’t want to die.” Jesse said.


“You’re not going to die down here I promise. Do you hear me? I will make you safe.” Sam said soothing Jesse.


Sam and Jesse covered large distance and finally they have reached the forest edges. Sam took a quick glance at his back. The Xhilarians are nowhere to be seen. He turned back to run inside the forest but then he stopped. Jesse also have stopped. A large Wolfdog is in front of them growling. Sam took his knife from his boot and stood in battle formation. Jesse is shivering. She don’t know what to do.


“Jesse, stay by my back.” Sam said.


Jesse slowly walked to Sam’s back. The creature turned its head all the way to watch Jesse’s movement.


“Come on you piece of crap.” Sam yelled.


The creature leaped in front of Sam and opened its mouth to bite. Sam without wasting any time stabbed the Wolfdog in its jaw. Creature pushed away Sam using its paw. Sam landed a few feet away from the creature. Jesse immediately came to help Sam to stand up. Sam quickly got back to his feet. The creature shook its head violently to remove the knife from its jaw. Blood pour out from the wound. Sam quickly took a piece of log from ground and slowly walked towards the Wolfdog. The Wolfdog haven’t seen him yet. The creature is so focussed on removing the knife from its jaw.


Sam ran in front of the creature and swung the log on to the knife on the creature’s jaw. Suddenly the knife pierced the creature’s head through its jaw. The creature dropped to the ground. Sam slowly walked towards the creature and retrieved the knife from the creature’s head.


“We will go now.” Sam said to Jesse.


Jesse nodded and both of them ran inside the forest. They are fully drenched by the rain. After several minutes’ walk they reached a place filled with buildings. A city inside the forest. Jesse and Sam looked in disbelief.

Chapter 10

Samson opened his eyes. There is a young girl in her early twenties sitting beside him but he doesn’t recognize her. Samson stood up. He appeared to have been sleeping on the grass in an unknown place. The grass land is surrounded by trees and there are no buildings.


“Who are you? And where am I?” Samson asked confused.


“Where do you think you are?” The girl asked.


“I remember going to sleep in Saxonvilla space research center, but I woke up here instead of there on my bed. This must be a dream, right?” Samson couldn’t believe anything that is happening.


“Exactly. You’re inside a dream and I am the one who called you in this place.” The girl said.


Samson looked at the girl with wonder.


“Who are you? And what am I doing here?” Samson asked again.


“Who I am is not important. What matter is that what you are going to do next since you now know the presence of a higher dimensional living being?” The girl asked.


“I haven’t seen you yesterday. Who are you really? I am really curious.” Samson asked.


“I am the guardian of this planet, planet Green as you call. My name is Vilma and I belong to a higher dimensional species. We have been watching you, humans, for a very long time. Yesterday I saw you watching me in that pathetic device created by those pathetic life forms. Anyway what matter is that, now you know the presence of us. We need your help in destroying this enemy. Our enemy is what you call the Xhilarians and their guardians.” Vilma paused for a moment.


“But this is a dream right? Dream, dream?” Samson asked.


“Yes of course it is, but only if you want it to be. This is the only way I could communicate with you. I know where you’re coming from. Your mother is my sister. She told me all about you, humans. It’s very tragic on your planet Earth. But we are still not late yet. We still have time to stop this enemy. You must go to Planet Zera in the Santora galaxy after making this planet safe. All your questions will be answered by my brother from there.” Vilma said.


“How can you speak to me? And how did you saw me yesterday when we are looking at the device?” Samson said.


“Ha, Ha, Ha…” Vilma laughed. “You guys are really funny. And you have no idea what is happening around you, right?”


“Well what is it that we should know about?” Samson asked.


“You guys often make wars and kill each other, but have you ever wondered why or how you guys evolved from apes in such a short duration of time while other creatures took millions and millions of years? Do you have any idea how you guys were able to develop vast amount of technology with ease?” Vilma asked.


“Are you saying that you guys done all that?” Samson asked.


“Exactly. We wanted an advanced species to save us from those Xhilarians and their guardians. They are a corrupt race who must be eliminated. Do you know how many living beings they have killed for their energy harvesting mission?” Vilma asked.


“What energy harvesting mission?” Samson asked.


“They are killing us because they want vast amount of energy which can be easily obtained from us. Our body fluids are the key ingredient for their power cell which could power a spaces ship for years.” Vilma said. “We needed someone to protect us. You guys are the true guardians of these small and big living organisms. You guys have to protect us too, if they kill us every living organisms will die. This is the reason you have been born and chosen by us. Only you guys can complete this task.”


“But why now? You could have told us before if you have this in mind.” Samson asked.


“Well, you need to understand the secrets on your own, which you did by stealing that device which could reveal us, only then you will be fully ready to tackle the situation.” Vilma said. “Now after finishing with this planet you must go to Planet Zera. Our elders are living there. Remember this human, when you reach planet Zera avoid populated areas. Don’t go where people are going. There is a plague spreading which could infect you if you aren’t careful. Surely you could find a cure for this once you know it. Don’t believe everything you hear. People of Zera had lost hope and are infected with this plague. They will surely drive you mad if you listen to them. Also remember that answers to most of your questions lies in Planet Zera. We will pray for you all. God speed.” Vilma suddenly disappeared.


Samson woke up in his bed startled.

Part 11: The Final Battle

Chapter 11

Xhandervilla, Green Planet


Samson’s radio beeped.


Samson, do you copy?” The man on the other side of the radio asked.


“This is Samson. I copy.” Samson said.


I am William, calling from ship Victoria. The mission to Hudsonvilla was a failure. Sam and Jesse crash landed somewhere near Xhandervilla. According to our report that place is filled with Xhilarians. You need to save Sam and Jesse.” William said.


“I will see what I can do. Send me their location on my tab, and are you sure they are still alive?” Samson asked.


Our satellite images showed that they are alive and well, but the enemies are sweep searching the entire region.” William said.


“Okay, thanks for the information. I will immediately do what I can.” Samson said.


Thanks.” William said and the radio went silent.


Samson quickly dressed and went outside his room. On the way he saw Sandy. Sandy was sitting in a chair drinking morning coffee.


“Sandy, we have another mission.” Samson said.


“Where is it this time?” Sandy asked.


“Xhandervilla. It’s a small town inside a forest.” Samson said.


“Inside a forest? What’s the mission?” Sandy asked while gulping coffee.


“Two of our men crashed their aircraft there, probably shot down by those Xhilarians. They were on their way to Hudsonvilla for a lookout mission.” Samson said.


“When should we leave?”


“We will leave now.” Samson said. “Their lives are on the stake. If we wait too long they will probably be dead.”


“Okay. You go ahead and eat breakfast, I will gather our men. And I will explain this to Stuart too.” Sandy said while finishing the coffee.


“Thanks man.” Samson said.


“Don’t mention it.” Sandy stood up and left the scene.


Samson quickly get inside cafeteria and start to eat breakfast. He is about to finish, that’s when he saw Captain Gregory. Samson took his plate and went beside Gregory.


“Samson. Good morning.” Gregory said.


“Good morning Captain. I need several of your robots for today’s mission. Is there any problem with that?” Samson asked.


“Not at all. I will see what I can do. So what’s the mission about?” Gregory asked.


“It’s a rescue mission. Two of our men got lost near Xhandervilla forest.” Samson said.


“I see.” Gregory finished his breakfast and went near the tap to wash. Samson followed Gregory and did the same. Gregory and Samson walked outside the facility to the military tent. Sandy, Stuart and several other soldiers were standing there. Samson went near Sandy.


“Is everything ready?” Samson asked.


“Yes sergeant.” Sandy said. “Does twenty soldiers will be enough?”


“It will be just fine. Gregory agreed to give us some robots too.” Samson said.


“Wow. Then this mission will be easy as picking a thorn from the foot.” Stuart said.


“It probably will.” Samson said. “Okay everyone, get inside the Humvees.”


Everyone nodded and after taking their gun and ammo they left to the Humvees. Gregory came near Samson and behind him is ten Nano robots. Gregory handed a remote control to Samson.


“This is the remote. I set it for ten robots to follow you. They will become active automatically once you’re in danger. The red switch will deactivate them and the green switch will make them follow you or anyone having this remote.” Gregory said.


“Thanks.” Samson said.


“It’s nothing. Don’t forget to ask if you need anything.” Gregory said.


“Then see you after this is over.” Samson left the scene smiling.


Samson got inside the first Humvee and gestured at the driver to drive. Driver put the Humvee in ignition and within minutes they are on the road. The two Humvees rushed through the abandoned streets. After several minutes Samson switched on the tab strapped to his wrist. The tab quickly began to show their current course. With each passing minutes the road got clearer and the Humvees no longer jerked. The road is very smooth. No Wolfdogs or Xhilarian ships to be seen.


They finally reached near Xhandervilla forest. Driver stopped the Humvees. Samson’s tab now showed the location of Sam and Jesse as green dots. They are very alive and are moving through the forest.


“We are about two miles away from our targets. We will now move through the forest on foot.” Samson said.


Everyone got outside the Humvees and watched the amazing forest. The jungle is very thick and it seems that sun’s rays barely penetrated through the canopy. Soldiers slowly moved inside the forest. Robots followed the soldiers in stealth mode. The camouflage colour is perfect for the robots among this jungle flora.


Finally soldiers reached near a river. Water is strongly overflowing due to yesterday’s rain.


“We need to somehow cross this river to reach Xhandervilla.” Samson said. “Everyone, look for a bridge or something to cross the river.”


Everyone nodded and all began to pace through the river bank in search for a way to cross the river.


“Sergeant, here. A tree has fallen across the river.” One of the soldier said pointing to the large long tree that had uprooted in the wind across the river.


The tree trunk is wide enough for them to cross the river. One of the soldier tested the tree bridge for stability. The bridge is very secure even though the river is flowing at high speed. The water has become muddy. No doubt that if anyone fell on the river he won’t be coming back.


“It’s secure you can cross now.” The soldier who crossed the river said.


Everyone slowly crossed the river through the tree trunk. Robots flew across the river. Finally everyone have reached the other side of the river.


“Xhandervilla is five or six clicks away from here. Be alerted. Anything could happen from now on.” Stuart said.


Soldiers quickly trained their gun in all direction and slowly paced through the forest. Here also trees are growing thickly. There are lot of normal monkeys in this forest and they all are running through the trees. Presence of the humans have alerted them. Soldiers have walked about ten minutes, that’s when they saw it. A large grass land is before them and there is a gigantic Xhilarian ship resting on the grass. There are about twenty Xhilarians and about the same number of Wolfdogs. Wolfdogs haven’t detected the human presence yet.


Suddenly one of the Wolfdog looked at one of the soldier who is looking at the ship in shock. The Wolfdog shrieked.

Chapter 12

Los Angeles, Earth


“We should head to the harbour and get on a boat to some remote island or something.” Susan suggested.


“That’s a great plan but how are we going to escape from here under enemy radar. Those Wolfdogs are everywhere.” John said.


“We will wait until noon and when those dogs are away we could go out.” Susan said.


“Okay. Do you have anything to eat? We are really hungry. We dropped our supply on the way, all we have is some chips.” Willy said.


“There is tomato sauce inside the refrigerator.” Susan said.


Willy and John slowly moved to the small kitchen. Refrigerator rests near a corner. Willy opened the refrigerator and took a can of tomato sauce and fresh mineral water.


“I am really thirsty after the long run.” Willy said while gulping a mouth full of water.


“Me too. I am sweating too, which is unlikely in this harsh weather.” John said.


“So what have you decided? Are you guys thinking about going to the harbour to escape from all this?” Susan came to the kitchen.


“Oh, about that…There is lot to consider if we are going to the harbour.” John said while swallowing the tomato sauce.


“Such as?” Susan asked impatiently.


“Well, we must first check whether the Wolfdogs aren’t near that place, secondly we need weapons to ward of those creatures and thirdly we should be quiet as a mouse.” James said.


“There is a gun shop near this building. We could get all we want from there” Susan said.


“That’s good. Willy, come with me. We will get the guns.” John said.


“Okay.” Willy said.


“Are you sure about this Susan?” John asked.


“I was afraid earlier but since you guys are with me I am ready for anything.” Susan said thinking.


“Good. Here is our plan. We will slowly, quietly, move to the ground floor and when we reach the gun store Willy will look for any dangers from near the gun shop while me and Susan will take all the guns we need.” John said.


“I am coming with you too. You can’t let me stand outside. I am also a human being with emotions. How can I stand on my own especially if those creatures come back?” Willy said with worry.


“Fine. You can come with us then.” John said.


Willy’s worrisome disappeared from his face.


“Let’s move then. Oh! Should we have to take any knifes or something like that for protection?” Susan asked.


“Couple of knifes will be enough.” John said.


“Knifes are at the kitchen. Let me get some for you.” Susan disappeared inside the kitchen.


After a moment Susan returned with a handful of knifes.


“This is more than we need.” John accepted two knifes from Susan’s hands.


Willy also took two knifes from Susan. Susan kept three knifes with her. She put two knifes in her boot and other knife she kept in her hand.


“All set.” Susan said.


“Okay let’s move out.” John said.


Susan quietly opened the door and entered in to the corridor. John and Willy followed. They all took the stairs and starts to climb down. Surrounding is very quiet and it seems that there is no danger. They finally reached the ground floor after the long half an hour of journey. John slowly opened the front door and looked through the doorway for any dangers.


After a moment John gestured at Susan and Willy to follow him. They followed John and John led them outside.


“Where is the store?” John asked Susan.


“It’s down by that road.” Susan said pointing at a narrow road.


They all started to sprint through the snow covered asphalt.


“Here it is.” Susan said pointing at an old shop.


Its door seemed to be locked. On the wall through the glass window they could see the guns neatly stacked on the shelf. John checked the door but since it is locked he stood by the glass window devising a plan. Snow is still falling heavily. In the distance the wind howled.


“Search for any stones.” John said.


“Oh, here you go.” Susan picked a loose stone from the side of the asphalt and handed it to John. “Will it be enough?”


“I guess so.” John said.


“Guys, hurry before the Wolfdogs find us.” Willy said.


John smashed on the glass window using the stone. The glass shattered and it sprinkled everywhere.


John quickly got inside through the now created doorway. Willy and Susan followed. There are lot of guns stacked neatly. John took an M-16 and a revolver and lots and lots of ammo. John’s pant pockets are filled with ammo and he strapped an ammo belt across his chest. Willy and Susan took two revolvers and some ammo.


“It’s enough for me. What about you guys?” John asked.


Willy looked at Susan’s face. “I think we are good too.”


“Okay then let’s find our way to the harbour.” John said.


John, Willy and Susan went outside through the broken window.


“If we have a map or something like that it would be a tremendous help.” Susan said.


“No problem.” John broke the glass of a nearby car and opened the front door.


John came back with a big map in his hands.


“Okay let’s see…Harbour is this way. Follow me.” John said looking at the map.


John started to walk through the snow covered asphalt. Susan and Willy followed John. They walked and walked until their legs are really tired.


“How much longer do we have to walk?” Susan asked.


“Harbour is near. Don’t worry.” John said.


In a distance chirping of the sea birds can be heard.


“We are really close!” Willy said.


“Yes we are.” John said.


Finally they saw the endless ocean in the distance. Everyone ran for the beach. Beach is covered in snow but there are sea birds all over the place.


“We need to find a good boat.” John said.


“Boats are that way.” Susan said pointing to a boat parking lot where hundreds of boats lay on the beach.


All three of them walked beside the boats and looked through the pile for a better boat. All boats are covered in snow. Finally John picked a medium sized boat. They all pushed the boat toward the ocean water. Within minutes the boat is on the water. Suddenly a screech came from their back. All three of them shifted their gaze toward the beach frightened.

Chapter 13

Xhandervilla, Green Planet


The Wolfdogs rushed at the human soldiers. Soldiers, without thinking twice pressed the trigger. All the creatures dropped to the ground instantly. But then the Xhilarians began to shoot everywhere to the trees. There are about twenty Xhilarians who have now emerged from the ship. Soldiers fired back.


The Nano robots quickly flew inside the ship and start to fire. Five of the Nano robots surround the ship and fired at the Xhilarians.


Boom! Boom! Boom!


Plasma bolts and laser bolts exploded in mid-air. Xhilarians shoot back using their gigantic laser guns. Then suddenly the ship ascended in air and starts to shoot in all directions. Two robots exploded and also three soldiers immediately went down. Samson threw two magnetic flash grenades at the ship. The grenades quickly got attached to the ship and after a moment the grenades exploded creating a bright light all over the place, but the ship still floats without much damage. Surely the Xhilarians close by should have heard the explosions and will be coming here at any minute from now on.


Other soldiers also threw their grenades when they saw the successful blast. The robots who got inside the ship came outside and the grenades exploded with a loud bang. The ship quickly went down. After the ship crash landed it exploded into pieces like a firework.


“Holy smokes!” One of the soldier said.


All the Xhilarians and the Wolfdogs nearby got killed in the explosion. Samson gestured at the soldiers to continue the course to the city of Xhandervilla. Soldiers nodded and carefully moved inside the forest on the other side of the grassland. Suddenly soldiers detected movement from the nearby woods. Soldiers on the front row gestured at the soldiers on their back to stop and ready for anything. Soldiers quickly hid behind the trees. Now they are really invisible to the enemies coming from the front because the thick trees covered them entirely. Nano robots quickly flew in the air above tree canopy and put their hands forward. Quickly the robotic arms halved and the fire chamber of plasma cannons came out.


After a moment about fifty Xhilarians ran through the forest towards where earlier the explosion happened.


Boom! Boom! Boom!


The plasma cannons of the robots roared at high pitch sound. Xhilarians in the front row went down. Rest of the Xhilarians quickly trained their gun toward the Nano robots who are in the air.


Boom! Boom! Boom!


Laser guns of the Xhilarians also roared.


Boom! Boom! Boom!


Robots fired back plasma bolts in all directions. Some of the laser bolts hit the robots but they didn’t inflict much damage on their high-tech body. About ten Xhilarians went down. All the Xhilarians concentrated their fire power on the robots. Samson quickly gestured at the soldiers that it’s time. All soldiers quickly discard their cover and came in front of the Xhilarians pointing their guns. Some Xhilarians quickly noticed the humans but it was too late.


Boom! Boom! Boom!


Human soldiers’ plasma guns erupted and all the Xhilarians went down. Some of the Xhilarians managed to align their guns at the humans but it was in vain since the robots in the air haven’t stopped firing.


After a moment quietness took over the whole place. Even the birds had disappeared. The place filled with smell of burned skin. Samson and team slowly moved forward. Wolfdogs are less in number here indicating there is not much humans left here, may be not at all. If there are humans here they must be in the Xhilarian prison or they had died in experiments.


Finally soldiers saw the sign of buildings. They are at Xhandervilla city now. In the entrance of the city there is a big sign board which reads Welcome to Xhandervilla. Everyone slowly entered the city with extra caution. Samson switched on the tablet strapped on his wrist. It began to show the location of Sam and Jesse as green dots. They seemed to be inside a building.


“Okay, everyone, we will now split into two groups and one group go in that direction and the group with me will go in this direction. We will surround the target building in all directions. Robots will watch over us from the skies. Stuart, give me your tab. I will sync the location of Sam and Jesse with your tab.” Samson said.


Stuart handed over his tab to Samson. Samson accepted it and with a swipe both tabs now shows the location of their fellow friends.


“Okay. Move now.” Samson said.


Soldiers quickly divided into two groups and went in two directions cautiously. The tabs began to beep with each step indicating they’re nearer to Sam and Jesse. Samson led the soldiers to a big building situated possibly in the middle of the town. They all watched the building with caution. Samson took his binocular from his back pack and looked through it. The image before him induced a little panic inside him. There are two Xhilarian ships on top of the building and an army of Xhilarians are standing on the top floor.


“Stuart do you copy?” Samson asked through the radio.


Loud and clear.” Stuart said back.


“Change of plans. We are going to save Sam and Jesse who are in the ground floor possibly captured by the Xhilarians and then we are going to blow that building to the ground. How copy?” Samson asked.


Loud and clear. You go and rescue them. We will lay the explosives.” Stuart said.


Samson and team quickly went inside the building. There are no Xhilarians nearby and the door was already opened ajar. Xhilarians on the top floor haven’t detected the human presence yet. Fortunately there are no Wolfdogs around to smell them. Meanwhile Samson and team are trying to extract Sam and Jesse. Stuart and team laid charges everywhere around the building.


Suddenly a loud speech in the unknown language came from a nearby room. Samson and team carefully stood outside. The door is locked from inside.


What were you doing in Hudsonvilla? Are you trying to destroy our secret facility? How come you became aware of that?” Possibly a device translated.


“I told you already, we don’t know anything about your secret crap. All we were trying to do was a regular lookout mission.” Sam’s voice echoed inside the room.


Don’t lie to us. Your punishment will be severe. I promise you that.” The creature said through the device.


Samson Gestured at the soldiers to get ready. Samson knocked on the door and one soldier stood directly in front of the door pointing the gun, his fingers are on the trigger.


I told you already I don’t need anything.” The creature opened the door slightly.


Immediately the creature went down with a wide hole in its head. Samson quickly opened the door using his gun and pointed at the creature who is looking at Samson with disbelief. That creature also went down by Samson’s plasma bolt.


“We will leave now.” Samson removed the restraints from Jesse and Sam.


They all ran outside the building. As soon as they are outside Stuart pressed the remote switch.


Bang! Bang! Boom! Boom!


Suddenly the building wholly collapsed to the ground along with the Xhilarians and their ships.


“That was a solid piece of work you have done yourself.” Samson said to Stuart and his team.


“Are we going back to base now?” Stuart asked with excitement.


“No. We have one final thing to do. We are going to Hudsonvilla. It’s nearer from here and there is supposedly a secret base of our enemies. We are going to destroy it like this.” Samson said. All nodded.

Chapter 14

Unknown Location, Earth


“We should nuke those bastards.” An old man around in his fifties said to a group of people sitting around a round table.


The room is white in colour without any stains. There are guards standing in the doorway listening to the conversation taking place in the small room. There are also beautiful plants growing in pots inside the room.


“We have to think about this clearly Lorenz.” Another old man with long hair and beard said.


“But we are not doing anything good. Since our fighter jets shot down one of their battle ship, we should release more fighters. They bleed like us, which means we could kill every last one of them. And we really need to find what they want from us. There are reports about gigantic machines landed near major places. We can’t wait here while they hunt our kind without showing any mercy.” Lorenz said. “It’s time we think about nuclear solutions”


“You do realize that if we are using nuclear weapons we are killing ourselves.” The old man said.


“I am well aware of that. But we can’t allow those bastards to kill any more of us. Our citizens have turned into monkeys. Did you forgot that? We need to cut them down entirely.” Lorenz said.


“What is your plan?” The old man asked.


“Xhilarian mother ship is on earth’s orbit. I say we nuke that ship. There may be thousands of Xhilarians on board. If we do it, we could cut down their number dramatically.” Lorenz said.


“But if those bastards are in our orbit there will be a higher probability for a nuclear fallout. We are not ready to tackle a situation like that. We are already grieving for our turned citizens. Is there any news from planet Green?” The old man asked.


“Yesterday we have been contacted by Thomson and they are saying that they are nearer to finding a cure for the monkey disease.” One of the men said.


“That’s a good news. That also means that we could save all those human monkeys and we can’t destroy our future using a nuclear weapon since one man thinks it is the only solution.” The old man said.


Everyone nodded.


“This meeting is then dismissed. Return to your posts.” The old man said.


Everyone stood up and left the scene.




Lorenz walked outside the facility. The facility is deep inside a forest and trees are growing thickly here. Lorenz took his phone from his coat pocket and dialled a number.


“Captain, this is Lorenz.” Lorenz said.


What’s the situation Lorenz? Did they agreed?” Captain asked from the other end of the phone.


“Well, they want their future without any plagues haunting them. They didn’t agree with me. You have to proceed without authorization.” Lorenz said.


Dually noted. I knew those bitches don’t have the guts to do it.” Captain said.


“Where are you now?” Lorenz asked.


We are near moon watching the Xhilarian activity.” Captain said.


“Then see you after all this is over. They may be looking for me. I have to return to my office.” Lorenz said.


I understand. Please go.” The phone call ended.




“You should carry this to moon’s orbit under enemy radar.” An old man said to a young man with long hair. “USS Long Man is in Moon’s orbit. You will see it when you get there.”


“Don’t worry about it. I will carry this.” The young man entered inside the small ship.


In the ship’s cargo area lay dozens of warhead. The warheads are labelled as Nuclear Warhead, Use with Caution. The ship quickly ascended in the air and within seconds the ship left earth. The ship can now see as a tiny dot from earth.

Chapter 15

Hudsonvilla, Green Planet


Samson and other soldiers including Sam and Jesse quickly paced toward Hudsonvilla. Hudsonvilla is a major town and is situated just outside Xhandervilla forest. Enemies seemed to have aware about all the original names of these places. They definitely have hacked into Green Planet’s system network. Enemies surely knows a lot about Green Planet.


With each passing second forest got thicker and thicker. Most trees are covered with thick vines and these vines are blocking the passage for the soldiers. It’s fortunate that Stuart always keeps a razor sharp sword like weapon. Stuart walked in front line and cleared away the vines from the path. Birds are chirping loudly on the trees. It’s about noon based on the position of the sun.


They are about one mile away from Hudsonvilla now. So far they haven’t seen any human monkeys yet. Everyone is wondering about the human monkeys. Xhilarians probably had captured all of the human monkeys for experiments. What still peculiar about Green Planet’s residents is that they seemed to have great roads but there seemed to be no vehicles at all. Samson wondered how hard it is for them to travel. May be they had small pod ships.


In the sky rain clouds gathered and rain drops began to fall. At first it was tiny droplets just showering at the soldiers, then it became stronger. With each passing second rain got stronger and stronger. Samson and team soaked in rain water. Soldiers stopped near a cliff. The cliff is too deep and in the distance they saw the town they are walking into – Hudsonvilla. Rain clouds are stronger there and the rain is soaking everything.


Samson and several soldiers paced along the cliff’s edges in search for a safer passage. Travelling is simple for the robots. They flew in the distance but didn’t wander away from Samson since he has the remote which could controls them.


“Sergeant, this way.” One of the soldier called Samson.


The soldier have found a way to climb down. Samson went near the soldier and satisfied with the new path. It’s a rocky path but it will do just fine. Samson gestured at everyone to get ready for climbing down. Within minutes one by one soldiers started to descend in to the cliff.


Finally everyone reached the bottom. This place is also covered with trees but they could make out the buildings in the distance.


“Okay, soldiers, be ready for anything. I can’t promise that you will be going back home, but I can promise you one thing that these bitches are going to burn in our hell fire.” Samson said.


Everyone nodded and all carefully started to move through the trees. Everyone reached the back of a building in seconds.


“We will spilt into small groups. It will be lot easier then.” Stuart suggested.


“Okay, we will split.” Samson said.


Without any further commands soldiers quickly split into small groups and starts to move forward. There are no Wolfdogs to be seen. They must be deployed away from Xhilarian bases. These Xhilarians aren’t expecting an attack in the heart of their colony for sure. Samson’s group looked through the glass window of a building. There seemed to be no one home. Here buildings are neatly arranged in a matrix shape and beautiful flowers are grown in the yard of each building. The pavement is made using beautiful stones.


Samson looked at a distant building through his binocular. There are no one to be seen. Samson shifted his gaze to another place. Suddenly he detected a movement behind a building which is entirely made of glass. Samson looked carefully. There seemed to be a gigantic machine behind the glassy building. How could they have missed something like that big in the first place? Samson carefully walked near to the glassy building pointing his gun. Other members in his team followed him.


Half of the machine seemed to be buried deep in the ground. That’s when Samson remembered what Captain Gregory had said. Enemies are using gigantic machines to kill the Mother Nature for some unknown purpose. Possibly for energy if he do believes the dream he saw. This machine must be that machine. That means they are running out of time. Samson looked closely. There are Xhilarians everywhere near the machine.


“We will begin our attack now.” Samson whispered to the nearby soldier.


The soldiers nodded at Samson. Samson took his remote control from his pocket and pressed the attack button. Quickly the robots fly in front of the machine and prepared their plasma cannon. A moment later the shooting started. Robots quickly shot down most of the Xhilarians. Xhilarians weren’t prepared. All in their hands was that pathetic small laser gun and they haven’t done any noticeable damage to the robots.


Xhilarians quickly dropped to the ground. Samson and team quickly went in front of the machine and laid TNT everywhere on the machine. Samson also placed armed magnetic flash grenades. Soldiers quickly ran behind a building and ducked.


Boom! Boom! Boom!


The explosives exploded creating a bright light. Within minutes the machine collapsed to the ground. Suddenly more Xhilarians came out of the buildings armed to the teeth. They all started to fire at the humans.


Humans, lay down your weapons or die.” One of the creature shouted.


Samson and team fired back. Quickly other human soldiers came at the Xhilarians from their back and started to shoot.


Boom! Boom! Boom!


Plasma guns roared. Xhilarians quickly dropped to the ground. Suddenly a suicide fighter came out of nowhere and start to cut out soldiers’ throats. Five soldiers at once dropped to the ground. Robots quickly shot down the suicide fighter. Pathetic Xhilarians finally went down. So much for their glory in Planet Green.


Samson and team searched all the buildings. In one building they are welcomed with twenty human prisoners and in the same room lay three humans with their chest wide open. Xhilarians might had been very busy experimenting on humans. Samson and Stuart untied the humans and welcomed them to join them.


Survivors followed Samson and the soldiers. These prisoners are the inhabitants of Green Planet but they don’t know much about the past events. Samson couldn’t blame them for forgetting the details. They had suffered a lot. They almost discarded all their hope. But now they are saved. Samson and team laid TNT everywhere and blew up every buildings.


“It’s time to get back to base.” Samson said satisfied with unleashing his anger.

Part 12: Mourning Earth

Chapter 16

Saxonvilla Space Research Center, Green Planet


Samson entered inside the medical lab. In the corner a human monkey is strapped to a movable table.


“Samson, you’re right on time. I have so much good news to tell you.” Graham came beside Samson from a corner.


Lucy is working on the computer, supposedly monitoring various body related issues of the human monkey.


“What is it?” Samson asked.


“We have found cure to this ravaging plague.” Graham said.


Samson’s eye widened. He stood there with his mouth open.


“I know, I know. I really found the cure. Actually I got a little help from Lucy too. Do you remember the gas you guys found in the forest?” Graham asked.


“Yes.” Samson said.


“With Lucy’s help I managed to reprogram that gas in some complex way and we managed to reverse the effects of the plague virus.” Graham said.


“Did you tested it?” Samson asked.


“We have. On the subject you had captured earlier. The bad news is that the victims lost about three years of their memory.” Graham said.


“So they can’t remember anything that happened in the last three years?” Samson asked.


“No. They will not remember anything that happened in the last three years.” Graham said.


“Jenny. I need to get Jenny here…” Samson’s face quickly flooded with raw emotions.


“I am coming to that. Mason and several soldiers managed to capture several human monkeys when you’re away. And Jenny is one of them.” Graham said.


“Where is she now?” Samson asked.


“She is the one currently strapped to the table.” Graham said.


Relief flowed through Samson. Samson quickly went near the human monkey strapped to the table who is Jenny. Jenny is still wearing the last cloth she wore. It is filled with mud now. It seems that she is sleeping. Samson ran his hands through her hair. Tears welled up in his eyes.


“When are you going to inject her with the antidote?” Samson asked to Graham who is now standing beside Jenny.


“We have sedated her. We will begin the procedure any time soon.” Graham said.


“We are going to begin the injection now.” Lucy came beside Samson.


Lucy take out a syringe in her hand which is supposedly filled with the antidote. Lucy carefully raised Jenny’s cloth from her right hand. Lucy rubbed Jenny’s hand with a cotton piece soaked in spirit. Then Lucy carefully injected the antidote into Jenny’s system. Everyone looked with great expectation. They waited one minute, two minute.


“Why is it taking so long?” Samson asked impatiently.


Everyone in the room stared at Jenny.


“Normally it will take up to ten minutes and the time may wary with each subject.” Lucy said.


They waited few more minutes. Suddenly the fur in Jenny’s face began to fell away and her lips began to return to that of a normal human lip. Samson thought about claiming those beautiful lips in his at least for a moment. He haven’t touched her like that before but now he has a sudden urge for a close contact with Jenny. After few more minutes all the fur on Jenny’s body fell away and she regained her full human body. Jenny slowly opened her eyes.


“Where…Where am I?” Jenny finally asked with a worry.


Samson came forward and massaged her head using his hand. “Calm down. You’re in a safer place.”


“I…I don’t remember anything.” Jenny asked.


“Don’t worry about a thing. Come with me I will help you clean yourself from this mess. You surely need a new pair of cloths. I will get you that too.” Lucy said.


Graham unstrapped Jenny from the table and Lucy led Jenny to another room to clean her. Samson’s eyes filled with tears.


“There you go, your Jenny. Now refresh yourself first. You surely need a bath. You smell like crap after the long mission.” Graham patted Samson’s shoulders with his hands.


“Thank you doctor…Thank you for bringing her back.” Samson said.


“It’s nothing. Only doing my job.” Graham said.


“Thanks anyway. I owe you.” Samson slowly walked away from the medical lab. His eyes are glimmering with joy.

Chapter 17

USS Long Man, Earth’s Orbit, Milky Way


Earth can be seen from the side window of the ship. Xhilarian mother ship can also be seen in the background on earth’s orbit.


“Prepare the cannons” Captain announced.


“Cannons are online.” One of the ship engineer said.


The ship USS Long Man slowly approached the Xhilarian mother ship. Suddenly numerous small fighter ships came out of the mother ship and started to shoot.


“Fire the artillery.” Captain yelled.


“Artillery One and Two firing in 4, 3, 2, 1, artillery fired.” One of the pilot said.


Captain patiently waited for the artillery to explode. Artillery rounds cut through the space at high velocity and collided with the mother ship. Success full detonation. The small ships are firing at USS Long Man from all directions.


“Sir, Engine one went down. We may not be able to land anymore.” The pilot said with worry.


“We are not thinking about landing. Fire the plasma cannons.” Captain commanded.


The ship fly above the mother ship firing plasma cannons all the way. Mother ship is in fire now. Suddenly more ships came from all corners of earth firing at USS Long Man.


“It’s time release the nuclear Missile.” Captain said.


Everyone inside the ship looked face to face.


“Nuclear warhead releasing in 4, 3, 2, 1, Nuclear warhead released.” One of the ship engineer finally announced.


The nuclear missile went at blazing speed towards the mother ship. The incoming ships are all over the mother ship now. The missile successfully collided with the Mother ship and a mushroom cloud formed. The cloud quickly swallowed all the ships nearby including USS Long Man.


“God speed everyone.” Captain said.


A tiny light disc formed in the center of the mushroom cloud and the disc quickly expanded.




Everything exploded and the remains of the explosion accelerated toward Earth.

Chapter 18

Pacific Ocean, Earth


Wolfdogs growled from the beach at John, Susan and Willy. They are in a safe distance from the Wolfdogs now. Wolfdogs moved a little into the ocean water, but didn’t went farther. Wolfdogs howled deeply. The sound pierced the ears of the humans.


John, Susan and Willy safely paddled the boat away from the beach. A relief washed over them when they saw the Wolfdogs backing away from the sea water.


“Do you think the ocean water is safe? Would they have unleashed some sea monster too?” Willy asked.


“Nice time to think. Why didn’t you thought of this earlier you stupid?” John asked.


“Relax guys. Look how peaceful the water is. I think we are safe. Look for some maps somewhere in this boat and try to fix that motor or we will be paddling forever.” Susan said.


John came to the front of the small boat and checked the emergency compartments for something useful. Finally after the long search he got one – a map.


“Here you go the map.” John put forward the map to Susan.


“Hello! Can’t you see I am Paddling.” Susan is taking all her might to paddle the boat.


Willy is also paddling.


“How about, I paddle the boat while you look at the map? Is that a good deal?” John asked to Susan.


“Sounds good to me.” Susan stopped paddling and gave her position to John.


Susan accepted the map from John and start to search for a safer place they could go after sitting in the front.


“I think Sumerian Islands are our best bet. It is nearer and isolated from everything. It also have a small population. The aliens may not have been landed there since it is covered with forest. What do you think of that?” Susan asked while checking the map.


“If you think it is good we could go there provided this boat will get us there safely.” John said.


“It’s very cold here.” Susan rubbed her hands to warm herself.


Snow is falling heavily and the wind is getting stronger with each passing seconds. Fortunately the ocean water stayed silent. Suddenly the whole sky got lit with a bright light.


“What is that?” Susan asked.


Then something fell from the skies to the entire Los Angeles city and the neighbouring land. The whole land is then consumed in fire. The skies turned red and smoky clouds start to cover the entire hemisphere.


“Somebody is really angry.” John said.


“Why did you say that?” Willy asked.


“Based on the pattern of these clouds it’s a nuclear fallout. Somebody just blew up a nuclear warhead.” John said.


“Do you think we will be safe from radiation?” Susan asked.


“Nothing has landed on the ocean yet. I think we will be safe here. Thanks to god we are here. If we had stayed there we would have been dead by now.” John said.


“You’re right. We are really fortunate.” Susan said.


The temperature slightly rose. John and Willy paddled all day long. Susan looked in the compass, which she found in the emergency compartment, for directions.


“Just try to look at the motor John. If we could fix that we will be there in no time, before the sun goes down.” Susan said.


John stopped paddling and take a look at the motor. It seemed to have fuel but it is not switching on. John pressed several switches and the motor suddenly hum to life.


“You see. Everything I touch is coming to life.” John said with joy.


John steered the boat into the everlasting ocean. Hours passed. Sun almost start to go down. That’s when Susan spotted the island.


“Guys there.” Susan pointed at the silhouette of an island possibly the Sumerian Island.


John rushed the boat in the direction of the island. After several minutes the boat stopped on the beach. Susan, John and Willy went outside the boat and dragged the boat away from waters, then they slowly paced around the beach.


“There. There is a small building.” Susan said pointing to a small indigenous house.


All three of them slowly paced in the house’s direction armed to the teeth. They reached there quickly. In fact there are five houses all arranged neatly and all have small yard in front of them. John caught a movement near a house. They slowly, cautiously walked near the house. The image surprised them. It’s a small human monkey. In fact there are several human monkeys just inside the small forest.


This island is no exception to the monkey plague.

Chapter 19

Saxonvilla, Green Planet


“So you really did have a vision?” Jenny asked laying her head on Samson’s chest.


“Yes. And this girl, Vilma, told me to go to Planet Zera. That’s where we are going next. War in this planet is far from over. There is nothing big that couldn’t handle by Mason and his Nano Robots.” Samson massaged Jenny’s shoulder. “So are you going to come with me?”


Jenny looked at Samson’s face. “Are you kidding? I am coming with you. I felt the connection as soon as I saw you when I am in that experiment table. I felt the feeling of Deja Vu that I know you somewhere but I couldn’t remember where.”


Samson smiled and claimed her lips. “I need to get back to Thomas. We have to discuss about tomorrow’s journey.”


“I understand. Go.” Jenny bit her lip.


Samson quickly left his room and paced toward the communication room. He is in great mood now. He got his woman back. What more does he want?


At the time he reached the communication room Jasper and Thomas were seriously doing something on the computer.


“Guys did you find the planet?” Samson asked.


“We sort of did. I have forwarded my finding to Captain Miller.” Thomas said.


“What are you guys doing now?” Samson asked.


“Mason said something about enemies in Xenovilla. We are trying to bring that place up.” Jasper said.


“Where is it exactly?” Samson asked.


“It’s on the other side of this planet.” Jasper said.


“Is it big? I mean should I be there?” Samson asked.


“It’s no big deal. You go ahead and save planet Zera. We will be waiting here for your safe return.” Jasper said.


“Thanks man.” Samson said smiling.


“It’s nothing. Any way pleasure doing business with you.” Jasper said. “When are you leaving?”


“We will leave tomorrow at dawn in ship Victoria. I have so many things to do. Things I have to take and things like that.” Samson said.


“You do contact me when you get there Okay. I need to know everything about that planet.” Jasper said.


“I will.” Samson smiled and left the room.

Chapter 20

Ship Victoria, Green Planet’s Orbit


Samson and Stuart walked toward the control room. At the time they reached control room, Captain Miller and the pilots were plotting the course to planet Zera in the Santora galaxy. Amber, Davidson and Raj were also with Captain. They are helping Miller to find the right planet.


“Samson, Stuart, its good of you to come at this time. You will be surprised about these Santorans’ knowledge about outer space and extra-terrestrial planets. They are nowhere near us in terms of technology, but they have lot of knowledge about these things.” Miller said.


Samson’s eye widened. “So did you guys found the planet we are looking for?”


“We sort of did based on Amber’s knowledge about their system of planets. We did found the Santora galaxy. It was about hundred light years away from Andromeda galaxy and there isn’t any other galaxy near that range. And it’s a spiral galaxy. Our target system have two host stars and based on our x-ray images we got a similar system having eight planets. According to Amber’s knowledge her system also have eight planets. We named our system as Zerth system. So this is it. We got it. We will be there in no time.” Miller said.


“Exactly how long will it take?” Stuart asked.


“I would say about five months depending on our safest passage. There are lot of black holes in that galaxy and one wrong step could destroy everything.” Miller said.


“Okay. Everyone is aboard the ship. When will we leave?” Samson asked.


“We will leave in about thirty minutes. How many are aboard?” Miller asked.


“Hundred soldiers and thirty researchers. Rest of them are staying here if anything comes up. They will report everything to us. At least that’s what Thomson and Thomas had said.” Samson said.


“Okay. Tell everyone to put on their seatbelts and wait while we plot the course for a final time.” Miller said.


“I will do that.” Samson and Stuart left the control room.


Amber, Davidson and Raj followed Samson to the room where everyone is waiting for the take-off.


Time passed quickly.


“Okay start the engines.” Captain Miller commanded.


“Engines will be live in 4, 3, 2, 1…Engines are live.” One of the pilot said.


“Slowly take off.” Miller said.


The pilot slowly raised the ship from ground and within seconds they are ascending to the clouds. After a moment they have reached the Green Planet’s orbit. The planet is never been beautiful like this in a long time.


“Take a sling shot through this orbit.” Captain said.


“Okay sir.” One of the pilot switched on the side thrusters and the ship Victoria start to rotate the Green planet slowly.


Within seconds the ship attained maximum velocity.


“Ejecting in 3, 2, 1…Safely ejected from the orbit.” One of the pilot said. The ship cut through the four dimensional space at blazing speed.


“Open the wormhole to our target system.” Miller said.


“Opening wormhole in 4, 3, 2, 1…Electromagnetic rings safely formed. Potential attained maximum level. Wormhole opened.” One of the pilot said.


Victoria finally entered inside worm hole where time and space coexist. Ship glided through the worm hole at lightning fast velocity. Praise for the newer technologies, because if the wormhole travel wasn’t discovered it will take hundreds of years to reach the target planet, before that everything will be over.


After a while the wormhole ended and the ship just ejected from the wormhole into everlasting darkness. There are few cluster of stars there and there. They are inside the Zerth system. Supposedly the host stars are glimmering in a distance. They can be viewed as tiny dots. Suddenly something came in front of Victoria. Captain and the pilots looked closely. The outer planet is nothing but a cloud of dust and there are many parts of destroyed ships orbiting the planet.


Unknown Location


“Please let me go, have mercy. I swear I won’t speak such things again.” A young man of about age twenty, who is dragged through the ground by some people, cried.


People dragged him near a stake and tied him there. A crowd had gathered in front who are watching the man sympathetically.


“Mom, please ask these people to let me go. I don’t want to die.” The young man cried.


An old woman, supposedly the young man’s mother came forward.


“I am sorry son. But this is for your own good. You must understand the risk we all are taking. And besides you will be reborn in our great father’s home. All your sins will be forgiven once this is over.” The mother said.


Some men piled wood and other things to burn, around the man. Now everything under his waist line is covered by fire wood. One of the men came forward and poured oil everywhere around the young man.


“Please…Please…” The young man cried. The young man’s shirt is fully wet by his tears which oozed down through his cheek.


An old man with a thick book in his hand came forward. The old man stood in front of the young man and opened the book.


“God please forgive your son’s sins and heal his wounds.” The old man said.


“Believe me sir, if you really continue on this path you all are going to die soon. They will kill you all along with all the living beings.” The young man pleaded.


“He is saying things again. He is possessed by the devil. Burn him now.” One of the men in the crowd yelled.


“Are you having the visions again?” Old man asked.


“Visions or not I have proof for this.” The young man said.


“Burn him. Let the fire cure him.” Old man said.


A man came forward with a lightened stick. He dropped the stick near the fire wood where oil is poured. Fire quickly caught the wood and start to burn everything.


“God please, save me…Ahh…” The young man wriggled with hot.


“He is calling his god.” One of the women in the crowd shouted.


“He is probably calling the devil.” Another one of the men said.


“That witch done too much damage on him. Poor kid. His fate rests with our god now.” The old man said.


“Ahh…Ahh…God…Ahh…” The young man cried out loud.


Fire completely consumed everything around the stake. People began to thin out. The old man also left the scene. The mother took a final glance at the fire which is now high above the stake. The mother left the scene crying.




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A Short Story in Among the Star Universe



The massive machines’ center needle dug deeper into the planet’s soil. There are three machines on the planet’s surface each are separated by equal distances. The ball shaped body of the machine is balanced by three mechanical legs like a tripod and the needle by which the machines are digging is at the lower center of the ball body. There is a transparent container attached to the machine which contains a blue liquid.


The hollow needle is in fact sucking out the blue liquid from the planet in to the container. All three machines are sucking like a parasite sucking body fluids from the host. After each passing second the planet’s atmosphere disintegrated. Once flora filled lands are now becoming barren wastelands in a matter of seconds.


Inside a spacecraft which is at a safe distance from the gravitational pull of the planet stood a creature, an alien to the dying planet, with elongated head and long limbs. The alien is looking at the dying planet through the front window of the space craft. Beside the alien there is three other aliens all working on the computer like devices attached to the ship’s wall. In front of the alien is a tablet like device which is showing the vector diagram of the dying planet.


What peculiar about the vector diagram is that it is showing the presence of a massive life form on the dying planet. The massive life form is depicted in green colour and the fact is that the beautiful thing is actually dying. The machines are killing it.


The machines on the planet’s surface are in fact dug not into the planet’s surface but on the body of this gigantic green creature. Like the alien, the green creature also have head and limbs. Its legs are deep inside the planet. It looks like the green creature and the planet are not two things but one entity. Surely the green creature must be a higher dimensional creature, no doubt why it cannot be seen by naked eye.


After a moment the green creature’s body colour changed to yellow colour and it fell on to the planet’s surface. The creature must be dead. The machines stopped digging and they all drew back their hollow needles.


Suddenly the machines began to float in the air and they slowly flew towards another planet where greenery is thriving. Vector diagram on the device in front of the alien instantly changed its direction and began showing the current planet. In this planet also there is a massive green creature. The machines quickly started its landing procedure. But the green creature is trying hard to smash away the machines using its gigantic arms. Suddenly another machine came forward and shot something at the creature possibly some tranquilizer, because at the instant the creature got hit by it, the creature fell down on to the planet.


The machines quickly landed on top of the creature and starts to suck out the blue fluid like a parasite. A pair of mechanical hand from the space craft is frequently changing the transparent container on top of the tripods.


After sometime the machines stopped sucking and flew away to another planet…

Chapter 1

My Story


I am Mother Nature and this is my story.


Before I begin I have a simple question for you. Can you really see me? Your answer might be a yes. And you’re going to claim that you could see plants and animals which are part of nature. But in reality you can’t see me with your naked eye.


I am a higher dimensional being. I came into existence billions of years ago. I was like a child then, a child chasing butterflies. I have been on earth my entire time.


I am the guardian of planet Earth, who watch over all the living beings in this planet. Sometime I create new life forms from existing one. These life forms are my children. My parents gave me this planet when I am old enough to run a planet.


Even though you can’t see me, you could feel me as wind, tides, pleasant smell, and other sounds of nature.


I belongs to a type of species who nourishes small life forms. There are many types of higher dimensional living beings but we are distinguishable from them. We live in solitary on a planet and all our energy are coming from the sun. We can’t live without sun. We use the energy harvested by our children for our daily work.


I am very massive and my legs are deep inside the planet. I created atmosphere for living beings. I created oxygen for them to breath. Rest happens naturally. There are no other creatures in the universe who could nourish and create small life forms like I do. The very air in the planets is breathable because of us. We can’t travel once we are bonded with the planet. There are of course exceptions. My parents travelled a large distance to make me safe. They now watch over me from the heavens.


My home galaxy was Thibarius, a spiral galaxy. But now Milky Way is my home. My greatest creation ever is humans. I experimented on countless species to create humans. Mine and the rest of the Duterius family’s fate rests on humans. I will come back to this topic later.


I forgot to tell you that I belong to a species called Duterius. Our home galaxy as I said before is Thibarius. We travelled to distant galaxy in search for a better place and also we believe that our great father want us to create life all over the universe.


Once we found a beautiful planet we stays there for ages, creating lower dimensional creatures everywhere on the planet. I could harvest energy from the sun and could make water from oxygen and hydrogen using that energy. We don’t like wars so we could live in peace. But for billions of years we are at war with an unknown enemy. Peace is a long lost word for us now. We are now an endangered species. I will come back to it soon. But now you may be dying to know about my children.

Chapter 2

About my Children


As I said before planet earth is my home. And all the living beings on earth are my children. It took me billions of years to create life forms as you see today. Billions of years of experiment. I was a child then. But now I am old enough to create instant mutations. I could give birth to new species at any time.


It’s actually nice to see my children living on Earth. If you have any questions look into nature. Nature will show you any ways. Because you’re my child and I am your mother. I could teach you everything from my experience.


All my children are living happily without knowing the danger they are in. They could die at any moment. Their future isn’t safe. There are enemies who will do anything to get their hands on our creation. The hungry enemies driven by greed are all across this and other universes all around you.


My poor children. Who will save them? They all must in some way unite to fight against this enemy. Will they have the courage?


I will do anything in my power to save this planet. This planet’s fate must not be like my parents’ planets.


You may be wondering if my creations are all my children how will I give birth to a normal child like me who could do the same thing as I do. The answer is that, I can also conceive like my creations and can give birth to a child like me. I am also a married woman. I had a husband once. I will tell you about that story later. You need to be really patient if you want to learn anything from me.


Patience is the single most thing you require to fully understand this story. I can teach you anything you want, but without patience you are a blank slate.


Every one of my children is unique in its own way, but my most important creation is Humans. Humans are the hope for the future, only they could save the entire living beings.


I have been in experiment for millions of years for the right species. My enemy is tougher and humans are the fire to fight against the fire. Do you think I allowed to evolve humans within a short duration of time for just to watch them fight each other and to see death take over them? Every living being have a purpose in this world especially for humans.


Humans need to find their purpose themselves or the entire world will end. Fate of every living creature is on the shoulders of humans. I hope they will realize their true purpose in time.


We have created humans on most major galaxies in hope that one day they all unite to stand against this enemy.


Now let me tell you about our enemy.

Chapter 3

About the Enemy


Our enemy is unknown to us. All we know is that they are coming from another universe. They are very strong. What they actually want from us is our energy. Our energy is much greater than you could ever imagine. They want uninterrupted power supply for a long time that can be easily obtained from us. Our body fluids are the key ingredient for that power cell which could even power a large space craft for years.


They are lower dimensional life forms but their technology make them a higher dimensional life forms. They have technology that can reveal us to them. They are possibly originated by some other mechanism. As far as I know, every lower dimensional living beings across this universe is created by my kind.


Our enemies are possibly created by some other higher dimensional creatures, but based on their actions we think they are evolved on their own without any interruptions from outside world. Their lust for power is greater than you could imagine. We also think that they may have help from other higher dimensional life forms who don’t like us. It’s probably them who is giving our enemies the required technology. If it is true, then this universe is going to die out for sure.


Even though we are higher dimensional creatures our power is limited. We don’t have any artificial technologies. We can fly through space, other than that we are defenceless. Our only hope is our children. Only they could stop this enemies. With proper tools my children could defeat the monster horde in no time.


Our enemy is no doubt superior in every way. But they do bleed. During the hostile takeover in Gadol galaxy, the humans on that place killed thousands of creatures. But the enemies got help from some other life form and they were able to destroy every one of our planet in the Gadol galaxy. There is only dust clouds remain in Gadol galaxy now.


My parents were also had been attacked by these creatures. But they were able to escape from our home galaxy Thibarius. My parents hid me here in Milky Way. We were living happily here, but our enemies got here too. They killed my parents but they didn’t see me. I was very small then, I wasn’t old enough to run a plant. After the enemies left I start to live in solitude.


I created awesome life forms alone, without any training. The young star gave me all the energy I needed. Everything was good. That’s when I saw my soul mate. I start to live with him after that. I will tell you his story next.


But our enemies returned here again and killed my husband. But before that he unleashed a powerful magic like thing on me and I was able to hide myself and my children for a second time.


But luck will not last forever. I intended to destroy my enemies before they have any chance to kill me. For that I created my humans in a unique way. They will find out the secrets soon and they will find a way to survive or may be to destroy the enemies forever.

Chapter 4

About my Husband


Do you watched mars? Mars have a most romantic story to tell, whether you believe it or not. Mars was my husband’s planet. He came from Gondoor galaxy near the Andromeda galaxy. His galaxy also suffered from enemy attack and he barely escaped everything. It took him large time span to get here in the Milky way, near me.


I fell in love with him instantly. He has the handsome red colour all over his body. We both experimented all the time. We watched the growing relationship of the humans in his planet with that of mine. His creations were far more superior. His humans invented spaceships when my humans invented wheel. His creations prospered in short duration of time. We both have a child and I have released my daughter on Venus. She is still young and will become old soon within a few millions of years.


One day the enemies came to our location. Do you know that our kind communicate with a form of radio signal? And on that day we got a message from one of us saying that the enemies have found us and are coming at us. My husband immediately unleashed his defence technique on me and my planet.


I watched the enemies sucking out all the energy from my husband. I became a widow. I cried all day. But who will know my pain. Even my children couldn’t see me. My only daughter is still in the first phase. She is not even old enough. I always questioned why god made me a higher dimensional being? Why he even allowed me to live while everyone around me is dying? It’s the second time I am escaping from the hands of my enemy.


My lovely husband died in front of me. It’s my pain, mine alone. That’s why this story is the cry of a widow, the widow’s cry for the future. Widow is still crying, and hopes for the day when her marvellous human children find out the secrets and go for revenge.


I want my enemies to suffer like my husband’s children cried for a breath of air. I watched everything. Can you guess the pain a woman suffer when she gets to see her husband gets killed in front of her? Can you measure her pain when she saw the enemies sucking out body fluids from her husband? Can you even see the pain in her when her husband’s children pleaded for a small amount of air?


My husband’s children died in a horrific way, in a way you couldn’t imagine. The enemies didn’t even showed any mercy. For them it’s all business.


Even I will not wish this sort of thing on my worst enemies. But now I wish I didn’t come to this place. I wish I had dead long ago just so that I didn’t had to watch my husband dying.


I put all these past things in the past. Now I am looking forward to killing those bitches.

Chapter 5

About Humans


Humans are my most important creation. Overtime humans have become greedy but their purpose in the world haven’t changed. As I said before humans are born to save zillions.


My kind have been in experiment for billions of years for the right species to eliminate our enemies. Finally it was I who succeeded in creating the most intelligent life form – the humans.


I announced my discovery to every one of my kind. They all did the same and created humans. Now our hopes are with them. They have to understand the secrets of their purpose in the universe themselves.


Believe it or not, humans are the real guardians of all the living beings. But it’s gonna take much more time for them to realize this. Humans now fight each other for mere problems. It’s breaking my heart. But as a mother it’s my duty to forgive them and put hopes for them in the future to come.


If they haven’t realized their true purpose, everything I and my kind done will be in vain. I hope for that day when all my children unite to stand against the most notorious enemy yet.


There will be of course casualty in war, that’s the nature of war. But I have allowed humans to multiply in large number. Wars are won by numbers. Humans are evolving quickly and by the time they realize their purpose, they will be the major living organism on this and other universes.


Most importantly, humans are now able to live outside their home planet using new technology. Within a few millions of years, humans were able to build space crafts and are now colonizing to major planets which doesn’t support life. Humans also were able to build artificial atmosphere on major planets.


Humans are not a puppet of religion or politics now. They are now very advanced scientifically thinking living being.


I do agree that they are a little off. They do destroy forests and kill animals. They wage great wars and kill each other. They made nuclear bombs which could destroy may be an entire planet. But they don’t know anything about their role in this universe. They don’t know they are hurting their mother when they wage wars. If they knew this no one would have waged wars. If they knew this from the start no one would have killed each other.


They will one day unite together from all galaxies and will wage war against the greatest enemy they have ever known. Let’s wait for that day to come, when human beings stop killing each other and embrace each other for the greater good of all the living beings.

Chapter 6

The War


The war with our enemies is still in its zenith. Our race isn’t fighters but our children are. Humans will fight the war for us one day. They will save our race from the hands of the enemies.


The war between galactic kingdoms will begin soon. We for see it. But the result is unknown. Nevertheless our hope stays with the humans.


According to my recent intelligence report, enemies are deploying their fleet across this galaxy. One of their ship did came in my way and it released a biohazard on my planet, Earth. They somehow seemed to have found out about humans. The biohazard causes instant mutation and I found out that my children, humans, are turning into monkeys. Humans seemed to be in rage, but they don’t know about me and the target of the enemies. They should know this.


Now I am thinking about telling them all things through dreams, the only way I could communicate with humans. They should assemble for a war. But I don’t know they would believe a dream. They are smart, too smart, to throw away dreams. But I have to try, at least several times.


Dreams are multidimensional concept. But humans don’t know that. In dreams living beings of different dimensions come together. I have to try this.

Chapter 7

The Fate of all Living Beings


Have you ever watched the birds flying through the woods as a pack? Have you ever thought about how colourful the birds are?


I frequently watch the amazing scenery put forward by my children. My children are unique in every way. I watched the fishes swimming through the streams without knowing the wars and all. They all are living happily in peace. Can you harm these beautiful creatures who could not speak to you? Of course these living creatures could communicate each other but they cannot communicate with you.


Have you wondered about how small animals quickly change its nature with varying atmosphere? Have you wondered how these creatures could detect variations in the nature before you know it?


As I said before if you have any doubt look into the nature. It will show you everything.


If the humans fail in slaying the monsters my dear children will die out. Our enemy will strip us out if the humans disappeared into the history, but of course these monsters don’t care about history. That’s their biggest weakness. We all study from our mistakes and we thrive when enemies don’t care about the history.


The fate of all my children rests on the shoulders of humans. I didn’t want to do this but I have no other choice. Humans need to embrace their destiny or we can all just die.


A ship fly past earth in the direction towards moon. Another silver coloured ship followed the first ship firing laser bolts all the way. Laser bolts hit the first ship and fire caught everywhere.


“Release the nuclear warhead.” One of the human in the burning ship said.


“Releasing nuclear missile in 4, 3, 2, 1…Nuclear warhead released.” One of the ship worker said.


The nuclear warhead cut through the space and collided with the silver coloured ship. Within seconds all the nearby space covered in a bright light then fire consumed everything.


The left over fall on to the Earth as a nuclear fallout. Nuclear fallout covered the half of the Earth’s hemisphere. No one is going to live there for some time, that’s certain.




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A Short Story in Among the Stars Universe



A middle aged man with elongated head and limbs is sitting near a stream. The stream is flowing unsteadily. The glassy water is filled with fishes. The man looked at the fishes with hungry eyes. The beauty of the fishes cannot be said with mere words. The man dipped his hand in the water and watched the fishes kissing his hand.


A moment later a young woman, with same shape as the man, in a white coloured regional dress came beside the man.


“Zabar, tell me about the job at Earth.” The woman asked.


Zabar quickly turned back toward the woman. “All mother, I am pleased to meet you at this time.”


“Zabar, how many times had I told you to call me Lilly?” The woman asked.


“All mother, sorry Lilly, Earth is not what we thought of. Humans are very strong there. They have used nuclear weapon two times. They are not even afraid to use it.” Zabar said.


“That pathetic young woman must have taught her children marvellously. I want her energy right now.” Lilly said.


“I am sorry Lilly. But first we need to settle down this. I need permission to use our stubborn plague. It was successful on planet Zera. I hope it will be successful on earth also. We need to keep humans away from thoughts about resistance. Version two of stubborn plague works excellent.” Zabar said.


“You have my permission to use anything you want out there as long as I get to see her body fluids of course.” Lilly said.


“She will die horribly, painfully. I can definitely promise you that.” Zabar said.


Lilly smiled at Zabar then she looked deeply in his eyes. Then she laughed.


“Ha, ha, ha. I am well aware of your power.” Lilly stopped laughing and looked at Zabar seriously. “So what about Planet Green?”


“Planet Green is well beyond our reach now. But soon I will tear that place to the ground. They seemed to know more about us.” Zabar said.


“What do they know?” Lilly asked.


“They know that we are hunting Duteriuses. They are calling us Xhilarians and they are well aware that we are coming from another universe.” Zabar said.


“What is it that prevent you from killing that planet?” Lilly asked with little disappointment.


“They have some sort of robots and the people of Earth are there. They all are destroying our bases.” Zabar said.


“But you said all of the Andromedans had turned in to that pathetic apes?” Lilly asked surprised.


“Well there is a small number of survivors and our dogs are doing all they can to hunt them down. But the real problem is those Earthens. Those humans have very advanced weapons similar to ours and they are cutting us down.” Zabar said.


“You must be very tired after all the fighting.” Lilly walked beside Zabar and held his head in between her hands.


Lilly slowly tilted her head towards the side of his ear and whispered “Don’t make me angry. Just go and kill all those pathetic humans. No more experiments. The longer we wait the stronger they get. Strike when they are weak, when they think nothing is coming at them. Strike when they feel safe. Destroy everything. Can you do that for me?”


“I guess I can.” Zabar said lowering his voice.


“Good. A better future will be waiting for you then. After all this is over you will rule this land.” Lilly said encouraging Zabar.


“I will tear down everything. I can promise you that there will be no humans to see tomorrow.” Zabar said encouraged.


“That’s my boy.” Lilly patted on Zabar’s shoulder.


Suddenly Lilly disappeared. Once again Zabar became lonely. Then he saw something in the distance. A crowd is gathering in front of a palace. That palace wasn’t there a little while ago, nor did the crowd.


Zabar slowly walked toward the crowd.


“Zabar, Zabar. Long live Zabar.” People said aloud.


People made a path for Zabar to pass. Zabar walked through the middle of the crowd and reached near the palace. He quickly stood before the crowd with joy.


“Zabar, Zabar, Zabar.” People said aloud.


Zabar looked at the crowd and began to say something. But no words came out of his mouth. He said aloud. But again no words came out. Something is wrong. He touched his lip. Suddenly he fell backwards due to fear. His lips have somehow joined together into one flesh. His mouth had disappeared.


Zabar woke up in his bed panting. He touched his lips. Relief washed over him. It was a dream.

Chapter 1

General Zabar took a shower and walked to his bedroom. He wore military outfits and slowly paced towards the dining room for breakfast. Breakfast is already on the table.


“Jan, I am here and very hungry.” Zabar said.


His wife immediately came to the dining room from the kitchen and she laid a plate in front of Zabar.


“Rice pudding?” Jan asked.


“Yes please.” Zabar said.


She put rice pudding on the plate and pour some curry on top of it. Zabar slowly began to eat.


“Where is my little angel?” Zabar asked with a handful of pudding in his mouth.


“She is at our neighbour’s house presumably playing with that boy.” Jan said.


“Oh. I never got a chance to see her. Please keep her in the house in the evening when I am home will you?”


“Of course I will.” Jan said.


Suddenly the front door opened and a little girl with same face as Jan entered into the house. She closed the door behind her and walked to the dining room.


“Dad! You’re here? When did you came?” The little girl asked.


“Oh! I came here last night. You weren’t home. Where were you?” Zabar asked.


“I was with Billy. He showed me how to make paper crane and other shit load of things. It was really fun.” The Little girl said.


Zabar finished the breakfast and walked near the kitchen sink and washed all the remnants of the food. He took a towel and dried his hands and face.


“I need to go to palace. I may be a little late today.” Zabar said to his wife.


“Okay.” Jan said.


“Dad! Dad! Will you buy me something?” The little girl asked.


“What do you want?” Zabar asked smiling.


“I need a remote control car.” The little girl said.


“Isn’t that the one you asked last month?” Zabar asked.


“Yes, but last time you didn’t brought that to me.” The little girl said. Smile vanished from her face.


“Okay. This time I will buy you a remote control toy car.” Zabar said smiling.


“Promise?” The little girl asked.


“I promise.” Zabar said. “Now I need to get back to palace if you will excuse me.”


“Okay Dad, see you at night then.” The little girl disappeared behind kitchen walls.


Zabar walked outside the house.


“Please be back early as possible, Okay?” Jan said from the front door.


“I will try.” Zabar waved at Jan and entered inside a military pod ship.


The pod ship immediately went up and moved in the north direction in blazing speed.

Chapter 2

Zabar’s pod ship stopped in front of a large building. The board on the building’s roof read Military Research Center. Of course it is in the Xhilarian language. One soldier in black military outfit came near the pod ship and opened the pod ship door for Zabar to get out. Zabar exited the ship and slowly moved inside the building.


In the main hall around a table sits about twenty soldiers. When Zabar got inside everyone stood up to show their respect. Zabar quickly gestured at everyone to sit down. Everyone obeyed and Zabar seated in his usual position. One soldier came near Zabar and placed a document in front of Zabar and stood there. Zabar carefully flipped through the pages.


“You can go now.” Zabar said to the soldier who is standing near him.


The soldier obeyed and went away.


“Is there any news from planet Green?” Zabar asked.


“Sir…Planet Green is a lost cause. All our bases have been destroyed by those human scums.” One of the soldier said.


“Is the stubborn virus ready for delivery?” Zabar asked.


“Yes, it is ready.” One of the men in white lab coat said.


“Then we are going to infect the humans on Earth with this virus. We will discuss about planet Green later. Our mother want us to extract the energy fluid from planet Earth immediately. Is the team ready to go down there?” Zabar asked.


“My team is well prepared. Our new dogs had successfully mutated. Now all they need is some human flesh.” One of the men said.


“Okay then. Do anyone have anything to say?” Zabar asked.


Nobody said anything.


“Well then since you don’t have anything to discuss, I need to get back to my office. Jasmine, ready my ship. We are going to Earth.” Zabar said.


“Okay sir.” Jasmine, a young woman, said and left the room to outside the building.


Zabar stood up and left the hall to his office. His office is inside this building on the top floor. Zabar and his assistant got inside the elevator. The assistant, a young woman, pressed the switch to ascend. The elevator suddenly start to ascend. After a moment the elevator stopped on the top floor and Zabar and his assistant exited the elevator. Both of them paced along the wide corridor.


Zabar’s assistant got inside her office and Zabar got inside his office at the end of the corridor. As soon as he entered inside his office, Zabar went beside his computer and switched it on. A moment later the computer booted up and a window to enter a password appeared on the screen. Zabar entered the password and the computer became fully operational.


Zabar quickly checked his email. No new emails have arrived. Zabar switched off the computer and stood up from his chair. He went beside the window and glanced outside. Outside a big battleship had arrived and soldiers are entering inside it. His ship have arrived. It’s time to move. Zabar exited his office and walked through the corridor. His assistant quickly joined him and both of them walked towards the elevator.


A few moment later Zabar and his assistant entered inside the ship. The ship is huge. Jasmine was standing beside the first level. On seeing Zabar Jasmine saluted him.


“Is everything inside the ship?” Zabar asked to Jasmine.


“Yes. Everything is on board. We took the version three of the stubborn plague. Will it be enough?” Jasmine asked.


“It will be fine.” Zabar, his assistant and Jasmine walked toward the ship’s control room.


The control room is very big and about twenty members are inside this room. Zabar went near the pilot.


“Set course to Earth in the milky way galaxy.” Zabar said.


Zabar will not be going home in the evening. It is necessary that he must go to planet Earth. The document he viewed earlier suggested that.

Chapter 3

Zabar’s ship accelerated away from his home planet toward the everlasting darkness. There are numerous ships anchored in all directions. In the ship’s control panel the current course to Planet Earth is neatly depicted.


“How much farther to the black hole?” Zabar asked the pilot.


“After about twenty five units we will reach there. That’s about three hours.” The pilot said.


“Accelerate to maximum speed. I am planning to return to my home quickly. I don’t want to be lagged.” Zabar said.


“I will immediately do what I can sir.” The pilot said.


“Good.” Zabar said.


After a moment the ship accelerated to its maximum speed. The ship raced through the darkness toward the black hole depicted on the control panel.


Suddenly the whole place got illuminated by a bright light.


“Switch on the radiation blockers.” Zabar said out loud.


“What is it sir?” One of the young pilot asked.


“That’s due to a nuclear blast. It is coming from near the black hole. Someone just brought an armed nuclear warhead through the black hole.” Zabar said.


“It must be those pathetic humans.” First mate said.


“It must be them. We need to reach earth as fast as we can and should release the stubborn virus very quickly before they nuke everything.” Zabar said.


Finally they reached the black hole. It is black as night. Pilots manoeuvred the ship inside the black hole. Within seconds they are out of the black hole, racing through the Milky Way galaxy toward the solar system having Earth.

Chapter 4

“Open the wormhole to Earth.” Zabar said to the pilot.


“Opening wormhole in 2, 1, 0…” Pilot said.


A blue light ring appeared in front of the ship and the light ring began to rotate at high speed. Within minutes a narrow hole appeared in front of the ship.


“Wormhole opened.” Pilot said.


Pilot manoeuvred the ship inside the wormhole and the ship instantly transported to the solar system having planet Earth. In front of the ship is utter blackness. Ship’s first mate came toward the control panel and swiped several times on the screen. Suddenly the path to Earth gotten displayed on the screen.


Pilot accelerated the ship toward Earth. Ship glided through the darkness at blazing speed. After an hour of journey the silhouette of Earth appeared in the front. Pilot decreased the speed and the ship slowly, steadily moved towards Earth.

Chapter 5

The Xhilarian ship stopped in Earth’s orbit.


“Decrease altitude to seven hundred.” First mate said.


“Altitude decreased.” Pilot said.


Ship slowly descended to earth.


“Release the stubborn virus now.” Zabar said.


Ship engineers typed in some commands into the computer like device in front of them.


“Plague virus released.” One of the ship engineer announced.


Zabar quickly went near the window and he saw three robotic drones carrying the virus pandemic leaving the ship. He patiently waited for several minutes. The path drones had taken is displayed on the control panel. Suddenly a green light beeped on the screen.


“Virus successfully released from the drones.” First mate announced.


“Decrease altitude.” Zabar said.


Pilot quickly decreased the altitude. Now they can see the buildings and other structures on Earth clearly. A moment later buildings began to catch fire.


“Call off our dogs.” Zabar said with joy.


“What is happening down there?” Pilot asked.


“Human survivors are destroying themselves. This means we now got time to kill her.” Zabar said. “Land the ship.”


Zabar walked out of the ship into the grass land. The grass land is very big and there is a small river flowing through the grass land. Zabar took out a special spectacles from its box which was in his pocket and he wore it. He carefully adjusted the legs of the spectacles on his ear. There is an earpiece attached to the spectacles. He adjusted it inside his ear.


Suddenly his vision changed and the spectacles began to show graphic lines all over the place. After a moment the graphic lines aligned in proper order and it began to show a green coloured misty thing in front of Zabar. The mist is all over the place and it is enormous.


Zabar pressed a switch on the side of the spectacles’ right leg. Suddenly the view in front of him became zoomed out. The spectacles adjusted its view and then it began to show a smaller version of the enormous mist. In fact the mist is in the form of a living being with legs, hands and head.


“Why are you doing this? How could you do this to them? What wrong did my children done to you? Please leave them alone.” The thing in front of Zabar said.


Because of the presence of earpiece Zabar could clearly hear the thing’s speech.


“There is no way I could help you. My mother want your energy so badly. I can give you a few more days to live. Then we will have to take your energy.” Zabar said.


“Please. Show some mercy. I haven’t done anything wrong to your mother or to you. There must be a way to take our energy without killing us like taking blood from you for medical needs.” The thing said crying.


“I am sorry. You speak too much.” Zabar removed the earpiece from his ear. Now he can hear the flow of a maddening wind.


Zabar take out a special golden gun in his hand and trained it to the thing. He then pulled the trigger. A special kind of bullet similar to a tranquillizer dart flew out of the gun and hit the thing in its leg. Suddenly the misty thing fell down on the ground unconscious.


Zabar removed the spectacles and walked away from the scene.


“Prepare the machines for energy extraction.” Zabar said to a nearby Xhilarian.




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This is a short story in the big Among the Stars universe.


Author’s Note

This story originally started from a dream. One night a nightmare shook me in the core. In that nightmare I became a monkey. Ever since that nightmare I thought about writing a book with that topic – people turning in to monkeys. The story stayed in my mind for some years. But now it is out there and I am happy for it.


A few words about the higher dimensional creatures described in this book. Higher dimensional creatures are in the form of a mist. Mist in the shape of an enormous adult human. These creatures does not exist in lower dimensions. So they are completely invisible to the lower dimensional creatures. Although they are invisible they can be heard by the sound of wind and felt by the pleasant smell.


One thing you should remember when reading this book is that there is no lag in communication between Earth and planet Green. Because of radio manipulation technology people can instantly get connected with people of another planet. That’s all there is to say about the story. Read it well and enjoy.


This is my first novel. Writing reviews will save me a lot.


About the Author

C.O. Amal lives in a small house in Wayanad district of Kerala state of the country India with his father and mother. He loves to read science fiction apocalyptic books. He writes a lot. His imaginations are all about extra-terrestrial life and colonizing across the galaxy. He believes human kind will soon reach its glory in space travel and soon everyone can travel to the deep space.


He love scientists like Stephen Hawking a lot. He can be often found watching Discovery channel. He is living in harmony with nature. His best friends are the cows in his home.


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