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The Adventure Of SPIDER:The Mission "BLUE"


The Adventure of Spider: The Mission “BLUE”

-A Journey of suspense, thriller and action.





Jagatsinh Parmar









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About the book


Thank you, respected reader for reading this book.


At first this book is full of adventure, suspense, action, and thriller. The fictional story is about one young Indian guy, who was living with his 2 friends in row house in the Pondicherry a city of India. One day he hears about the murder of Pondicherry’s richest businessman, and this young guy suddenly starts to investigate about that case. In starting he thinks that it will be the normal case but when he investigates further to solve the case, he realizes that, that case is patched with one of the world’s dangerous mission of terrorist. At last he had gets the clue and reason of this secret mission.


“He doesn’t seems like a normal person”

From his walking and way of the communication to the public seems strange and makes him more suspicious. He has all that skills which every guy want to think of to be multi personality.

He has knowledge of geography, laws of many countries and their politics, also he has acute reasoning and logical thinking, botanical and zoological details of world and also has the knowledge of the forensic science and at the end his own strong determination without whom mission can’t be failed of terrorists. He has to travel across many places in the world. But in the last portion of the story he comes out with a mind stroking conclusion and result and also gets his own life history involved into it.


To know the story further in detail you have to read whole book calm fully.


Dedicated to..


Special thanks to Rahul Vasaiya, who was always with me to build up this book.


Also thanks to all my Rangreezpur brothers ,they always encourage me to express myself.


And huge thanks to Shakespir



For my Ami

For my friends

For my young India


By-Jagatsinh K Parmar



Chapter 1



Main Port Road, Pondicherry.



A normal sunny morning, a guy in the row house woke up and awakens another guy, to him he was behaving as like his family members, it seems that there were strong bonds of love between them. The morning of Pondicherry looked like very additional as always due to slight humidity and cool wind which came from Bay of Bengal.


A guy with big height, with a good musculature like that of the action hero in movies, long hair, tight and big biceps was looking like more responsible and adult of them but in those three guys nothing exists like the head and it was one of reason for happiness and their trust with love.


One another guy entered in the house with engaged hand. He came up with tea and Indian breakfast Idli which is typical south Indian dish made up of the rice.


Zacker, Had you awaken the Spider?”He asked.

Yes, Mr. Multi-Sahil but your majesty had not mood for waking up , at least I think so” Zacker replied.

Okay wait, I will try” Sahil said. Then suddenly he started shaking spider to awaken him. Finally Spider waked up.

Zacker , Is there any Email?”Spider asked.

Yaa, Majesty. Mail from sir, now read it” Zacker replied.


First spider read the mail which was always in coding language so no one can read it or could not decoded it easily. Then as per routine he took tea and breakfast. When he was going for bath, his eyes were stuck to the TV.

“India’s one of the former richest person Kevin Singhania’s death occurred in early morning at Pondicherry in his grand villa due to acute Hypoxia.


Spider getting little more tensed totally because he noted that in last few days number of death of billionaires in all around country were increased and all of them were not so old, even no one across 70 years in age all of were in their young or mid age .Even after it report says that all were died just because of specific illness or sudden mental or cardiac shocks.


Spider quickly wears his clothes and get ready for going outside .Of course, at Kevin’s villa without bathing. Swiftly first he got city bus because Kevin’s Grand villa was at another end of city. Spider’s house was very nearer to port and also has bus stand nearby. In bus Spider got ticket of Shahpur, which was royal and richest area of Pondicherry. The bus has nearly about 7-8 passengers. At that time, Spider notices two strange person taking the tickets for the Shahpur, the thing was that they are not seemingly like those of Indians. But his mind was thinking about the murder of the billionaire about the case of Kevin Singhania, to whom he saw just a few days ago in the reception of a young Navy officer, which was his friend but at that time it doesn’t seems any illness or no any such emotional stress .Anyway he sticks his chewed chewing gum to one of the strange person’s belt so quietly that nobody notices his activity of this misbehavior.

Then he called Zacker and said” Quickly switch on MR42d”


After 20 minutes the bus reached the Shahpur. The Kevin’s grand villa was located at last end of the residency area near sea-shore which was 1-2 km far away from Shahpur’s pickup bus stand.

Spider starts walking on street and follows those two trespassers after leaving the bus.

At that time one should have to note his activities, he was looking like oo7 Mr. Bond.

Spider was walking with his face directing downwards and his hand was in his pocket of jacket,

He always wears his typical cap which lightens his look.

His hair were long but he hide it them in his cap.

His leathered black jacket,shining brown shoes,spider’s tattoo on neck.

This was his appearance.

Finally, he reached Kevin’s grand villa where he saw movements of people there, police, crime branch officers entered through main gate. Spider observed their activities and also notices two strange persons who got their position in restaurant which was exactly in front of Kevin’s villa. Spider took his seat at Tea stall and ordered tea, he was observing the situation with taking hot sip of tea. He know that Kevin’s whole villa was spread in 400*400 meter included with his widespread house, swimming pool within, own helipad, big farm of fruits, nursery of various plants, big garden, basketball court, business management house also which was totally surrounded by 30 feet taller wall with electric fencing and also it has security system equipped with CCTV and also security guard.


After taking tea his main problem was about, How to enter into villa?

Then he suddenly saw a gardener of the garden which was going towards the villa, quickly he stood up and ran towards him and look after that nobody notice him, .he swiftly grip him on his mouth and anesthetized him by putting the handkerchief. After anesthesia he took gardener’s clothes and walked towards villa with gardener’s instrument tools.


Swiftly he entered into gate with facing towards ground. Gatekeeper did not observe it. Slowly Spider reached the main hall’s window from where he could see that police writing statement , for his death, Doctor said that this was happened due to lack of oxygen causing acute hypoxia leading to death but Spider’s mind says that, there is something which is going wrong, crime branch officer announces it as not a murder because they found no doubtful thing. Kevin’s wife Akira was crying near his dead body, Spider was waiting for chance when Akira will go inside the room.


Suddenly Spider changes his mind and he went into garden for formality of gardening, Fruits farm and nursery was very close to garden. When Spider was observing around the garden his eyes stops after seeing something like open box into fruit farm. After reaching close that box he saw that Fruit Ripe material-calcium carbide’s some quantity was vanished from main box. Spider’s mind was getting some things slowly slowly. He had done his formality’s gardener work and then he tried to watch into Akira’s bedroom .In the corner of opposite side he see the small opened white bottle on which written-Glycerin. He was getting something in his mind after seeing this.

When the Akira went to her room, after seen this chance enter the hall as gardener and started crying .He quickly hugged the dead body of Kevin with running and started murmuring,.

“Boss, no-no You could not pass away, you are my god, I cannot live without you my majesty” Spider acted with crying.


After this small work, Spider quickly reached at his Spider-web.

“Zacker, have you got any important Recording in MR42d?” Spider asked

“Yes boss, I have got something interesting for you” Zacker replied.

Spider heard that voice clip in which one strange person who was in call said that “Please don’t forget to leave station at morning 7:00 AM tomorrow”.

Definitely Spider had already putten micro-recorder into chewing gum and stick on to that strange person, when he was talking to Zacker on phone simply said it “MR42D”.It was code-word which could never understand by person who was near to spider and hearing him .It simply mean “Micro Recorder for today-MR42D”.


Spider was confused. He was not able to make himself for ready to accept that recording’s originality .but at last he decided that he would have to go Railway station next day.


“Any Problem, Spidy?” Zacker asked after seeing the confused face of Spider.

This case is very serious I think.” Spider said

The death of all Indian top rich persons in a queue within very short time,”

The reason for Kevin’s death is not the hypoxia but any another thing behind that but everyone accepting it without any arguments there must be some reason which I have to find out.

When I entered into gate I noted that CCTV camera’s red small light was off mean they won’t work properly, it was strange that even gatekeeper also had not paid his attention to those personnel who were visiting the house even after this crime scene.


I saw that crime branch officer had not did any research or deep investigation there in spite of this they announced that he was dead due to only his illness or weak condition and even doctor also says that nothing seems like case of murder or any crime scene and declared the reason of Kevin’s death as acute hypoxia,

Means doctor and officer of crime branch were fraud,


Addition to it when I was visiting the garden I saw the Calcium Carbide was taken from box which is used for fruit ripening in Kevin’s farm but I thought about its most common usage-to produce the Acetylene, which is highly inflammable gas…but I totally shocked when I hug Kevin’s dead body and try to close my mouth with his mouth I felt very dangerous sharp garlic like smell from his mouth which is indicates that in Kevin body the Acetylene was produced badly and it caused acute hypoxia due to damage of respiratory tract and lung edema,


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The Adventure Of SPIDER:The Mission "BLUE"

  • ISBN: 9781310781537
  • Author: Jagatsinh Parmar
  • Published: 2016-03-03 05:05:26
  • Words: 11571
The Adventure Of SPIDER:The Mission The Adventure Of SPIDER:The Mission