The 153 Fish in the Gospel of John

The 153 Fish in the Gospel of John

By Forrest Snavely

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The 153 Fish in the Gospel of John

By Forrest Snavely

Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding in Cana on the third day in John 2:1.

That means that the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus like a dove on day zero in John 1:32.

The Jewish leaders asked John the Baptizer if he was the Messiah on day previous to the day zero which makes that day -1 in John 1:19.

John announces the Lamb of God causing 2 of his disciples to follow Jesus starting around the 10th hour of the day 1 in John 1:36-37. There are 12 hours in a day (John 11:9). Their day starts at our 6 am. It ends at our 6 pm. One of the disciples is Andrew who tells his brother Peter.

Jesus choses Philip who tells Nathaniel that they have found the Messiah on day 2 in John 1:43. Jesus sees Nathaniel under a fig tree by remote viewing before Philip finds Nathaniel. John’s gospel doesn’t count this as a miracle. The first two miracles that Jesus does for others are numbered by John. Jesus dismissed his spirit on the cross. This is not a miracle that is done for another. The disciples John is amazed that water mixed with blood poured out of Jesus side when the spear was thrust in. This is a medical fact that shows that Jesus had been dead for a time. John would not have known this.

There are 9 miracles in the gospel of John before the account of the miracles is closed. The 3rd appearing of Jesus to the disciples when 153 fish are counted is after the miracle accounting is closed. There are 9 kings of Judah in First and Second Chronicles whose deeds are labeled first and last in the remembrance of the deeds of their life.

The 9 kings of Judah whose deeds are called first and last in Chronicles are;










Isaiah 44:6. The God of Israel is First and Last. Before him there is no other.

Revelation 1:17. Jesus says he is the First and Last.

Jesus is not the Alpha and Omega in Revelation 1 except in the King James Bible.

Jesus gains the title Alpha and Omega when he sits on his throne in Revelation 21:6.

The First Miracle.

2:11. On the 3rd day (since this is day 3 then day 1 is the day that John the Baptizer’s 2 disciples followed Jesus), 6 hewn stone jars containing 2 or 3 firkins of water in the King James Bible (20 to 30 gallons in the NIV) are changed into wine at the wedding in Cana. Joshua 7:3-5, 2 or 3000 soldiers are chosen. “About 36 are killed out of the 3000.” How do “about 36” soldiers die? I think this has deeper meaning. I think Jesus died in his 36th year. 36 is half of 72. Half of Jesus’ mission is completed. The math of Revelation 2:10 is explained in my book, “Finding Jesus in the Math of the Bible.” 6 is the number that the Bible uses for war. 600 of Egypt’s finest chariots chase 600,000 men of Israel in Exodus 12 and 14.

2:16. Jesus overturns the tables of the money changers in the Temple. It took 46 years to build the Temple referring to Herod the Great’s additions. Jesus said it would take him 3 days to rebuild it if the Jewish leaders tore it down.

4:17. The Samaritan woman has had 5 husbands.

4:40. Jesus stays in Samaria for 2 days.

4:43. After 2 days Jesus left for Galilee.

Miracle 2.

4:54. The royal official’s son is healed at the 7th hour of the day when he asked Jesus to do so. There are 5 more hours remaining in the day. The official learns that his son was healed the next day. 7 miracles remain in the gospel of John’s accounting.

Miracle 3.

5:1. 5 porches. 38 years as an invalid. Healed on the Sabbath which is the 7th day with a Holy Day approaching. Jesus tells the man to stop sinning or something worse will happen to him.

6:3. Passover is near.

Miracle 4.

6:11. 5000 men feed. 12 baskets left over. From 5 barley loaves.

7:1. The Jewish leaders are trying to kill Jesus.

7:11. Feast of Tabernacles.

7:19. Jesus asks, “Why are you trying to kill me?”

7:30. Attempt to seize Jesus.

7:32. Guards sent to seize Jesus.

7:44,45. Guards fail to carry out the order because they are mesmerized by Jesus speech.

8:57. An argument over who is legitimate between Jesus and the Jewish leaders. “You are not yet 50 yet you say that you knew Abraham.” “I tell you before Abraham was, I AM.”

Ishmael was the first born son of Abram by Hagar who was a servant. Abraham died at 175 years. Ishmael died 48 years later at 137 years. Isaac is 123 years which is the same age that Aaron died. Aaron is the brother of Moses and is the first high priest. Abraham was born 223 years before Ishmael’s death.

Numbers 3, the accurate sum of the 3 Levite clans is 22,300. The rounded sum of 22,000 is used. The first born sons of the 12 tribes pay 1365 shekels. They were owed 135 shekels. They lost 1500 shekels because the rounded census of 22,000 was used. The census of first born sons of the 12 tribes was 22,273. 22,273 minus 22,000 equals 273. 273 times 5 shekels equals 1365 shekels.

8:59. Jews pick up stones to kill Jesus. This is the 1st attempt to kill Jesus.

It was 223 days from the start of Noah’s flood on the 17th day in the 2nd month until the tops of the mountains are seen on the 1st day of the 10th month. There are 30 days in a Jewish month.

Miracle 5.

9:3 Blind man healed. Jesus makes mud using his spit and dirt then puts it in the man’s eyes. He tells him to wash in the Pool of Siloam. Jesus tells the disciples that the man’sblindness wasn’t the fault of himself or his parents but to show God’s glory.

9:34 The Jewish leaders interview the man 2 times.

10:22 Hanukkah is the celebration of the anniversary of the Maccabees Dedication of the Temple when independence was won from Greek rule. The story is in the Catholic Bible in the books of the Maccabees. Hanukkah is in winter.

10:31 Jews pick up stones to kill Jesus. This is the 2nd attempt.

11:9 Jesus says, “Are there not 12 hours in a day?”

Miracle 6.

(11:3) Jesus hears that Lazarus is sick.

(11:6) He waits 2 days before traveling to Bethany.

(11:17) When he arrives he learns that Lazarus has been in the tomb for 4 days.

(11:18) Bethany is 2 miles from Jerusalem. (11:19) There are mourners from Jerusalem present.

11:43. Lazarus is raised to life from death.

11:45-55. The high priest says that Jesus should die for the Jewish nation.

Jesus takes refuge in the town named Ephraim.

Available fighting men of Israel are counted in Numbers 1 and Numbers 26.

The censuses are separated by 40 years of wilderness wandering.

Every man that was 20 or over in the 1st census has died.

The ratio of population lost by the tribe of Ephraim is (40,500 minus 32,500) divided by 40,500 which equals 0.19753864 or 19.7530864 loss for each 100 of census 1.

12:1. Jesus is anointed by Mary who is the sister of Lazarus and Martha before Passover.

Jesus is anointed with oil 6 days before Passover in the gospel of John chapter 12.

Jesus is anointed 2 days before Passover in Matthew 26 and Mark 14.

Thank you Catholic New American Bible for the footnote help.

There are 14 days from the beginning of the Jewish religious year until Passover. God told Moses to count the 1st day of the 3rd month as day 1 of the religious year in Exodus 12.

John counts the anniversary of the day that Noah’s family of 8 left the Ark as day 1. They left the Ark on the 27th day of the 2nd month after Noah’s 601st birthday. There are 18 days from the anniversary of Noah leaving the Ark to Passover. John has counted 16 days since the 27th day of the 2nd month. Passover is on the 18th day after the anniversary of Noah leaving the Ark. This is an error in the Bible. The reason for the error is the 12th day on Moses’ calendar is the day that Jesus was anointed by Mary. The 12th day on John’s calendar is 6 days before Passover. Jesus was anointed on the 16th day of John’s calendar. Jesus would not have bathed after his anointing so the anointing 2 days before Passover is reasonable. 6 days would be too long to go without bathing.


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The 153 Fish in the Gospel of John

This is a book about the numbers in the gospel of John. The pairs of twos show Jesus' life will become more complicated. I try to show that the gospel story follows the ratio of the Tribe of Ephraim population loss between census 1 and census 2 in the book of Numbers but alas the gospel of John doesn't quite fit the ratio of Ephraim population loss but it is close. I offer an explanation for the days before Passover when Jesus was anointed which took place 6 days before Passover in John but 2 days before Passover in Matthew's and Mark's gospels. I show a mathematical relationship between the 153 fish of John and the First Born Sons of Israel who lost out on 1500 shekels because the Levite census is rounded to the nearest thousand in Numbers 3 using the Protestant Bible as the reference and the 6 days before Passover when Jesus was anointed in John.

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The 153 Fish in the Gospel of John The 153 Fish in the Gospel of John