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That Big Bad Monster - Cancer


That Big Bad Monster,[

Written by:

Jonathan Sumner

Shakespir Edition

Copyright 2016 Jonathan Sumner

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Table of Contents

I. The Race to Food!

II. Back to Base Sergeant!

III. A Day in the Life

IV. I Hate Cotton

V. The Calm of the Storm

[]I. Lucky

What is hope? What is gratitude? Love? Who, for emotions you cannot see or touch, actually believed that they were such things and named them as such words? The feeling of warmth and affection – love. Love…


Yes my boy? What’s that you got there?

That Jonas, is a piece of bread. C’mon, give them a toss at the seagulls. That’s good, I think they really enjoy this kind of bread.

Jonas! Hehe, you didn’t have to through the whole loaf! That way, they won’t be able to eat it. I chuckled while trying not to laugh out loud from his unpredictable nature as a kid.

Dad, do you ever think that Jonas will be able to talk properly? He’s only 4 and you know that kids can talk already at 2 just like I did. I’m like 7 now so whenever I teach him, he just doesn’t get it. Why can’t Jonas talk?

I smiled at my other son Luke.

You know, Jonas is a smart boy, he’s just delayed from his sickness when he turned 2. He will learn in time.

He’s not a boy! He’s still a baby dad.

I laughed at Luke’s reply so much that it had me almost in tears. It’s the little things I guess that entertain me.

Luke, you’re right that he’s a baby but you’re kind of wrong that he’s not a boy.

So, so you could say he’s a boy and a baby? Like a boy-baby

I chuckled, yup Lucas, he is a boy baby, a smart boy-baby.

While Lucas was focused on the boy-baby topic, I believe I should get back to the topic of Jonas’s sickness.

Lucas, come here at sit with me by this bench.

Lucas hops on to the bench and places his full attention to me.

You know Luke, Jonas is a bit delayed in some areas but what makes up for those delayed areas are his other skills. What do you think Lucas does best that you love?

Well, hmm…Oh! I know, Jonas is really good at making me laugh and making me happy.

Why does, how does he make you laugh son?

Well he is really good at falling down when he walks and I find that really funny. He even tries to copy me when I fall down sometimes and I find that hilarious.

That’s great Luke! I bet we should have a falling contest and see which fall makes the 3 of us laugh the most eh?

I’d love that Dad! I think I’m definitely going to win! Luke said with the most vehemence I’ve ever seen today.

A voice is coming from the background.

Boys!! My handsome gentlemen! It’s lunch time! We’re going to eat fish and chips. Lunch is ready! First one here gets the most chips!

That’s my gorgeous, loving wife Erin. Her tantalizing hazel eyes, brown, lustrous hair and a smile people would walk a hundred miles to just see for a moment is why I find myself out of her league but I don’t care about levels anymore. When you’re an adult you see the world in a different way, unlike in high school and in college. I love her more than anything in this world, she accepts me for who I am.

Lucas runs with the speed of a bullet to Erin and his fish and chips, I wait for Jonas and we run together. I had to run in his pace of course to keep his competitive spirit up.

I and Jonas are near the fish and chips! Who’s going to make it first? Run Jonas, run like you’ve never ran before!

Erin laughs while Lucas cheers for Jonas with a loud chant going “Jonas, Jonas, Jonas”

Oh yeah!! Dad, you lost and Jonas beat you in a running competition, I guess he’s getting more fish and chips than you then!

I smirk at Lucas saying, “It was only a by a whisker!”

I love that smile and giggling sound that Jonas makes whenever we make him feel unstoppable because that is what he is – unstoppable. He just has to believe in himself. That is the beauty of being a parent.

Lucas, make sure that you always make Jonas know that he is unstoppable okay? Whatever people tell you in life, always believe the people who say good things about you because that’s their way of reminding you that you are unstoppable.

Unstoppable, like a dragon right?

Yes, unstoppable like a dragon!

I laugh again because of his imagination that me and Erin lack as adults.

We made our way back home after a wonderful day by the pier eating fish and chips, racing and feeding seagulls. Although it was a relaxing day, I felt exhausted. Maybe because as an introvert, I don’t prefer going out too much. I’m more of a stay at home and relax kind of dad but I love it more when I get my kids to explore the world more.

Greg, can you get me some bin bags from the back?

Yes Erin. I said with a fatherly smile

Looking at Erin, sometimes I think I take her for granted. It does come across my mind every now and then that I’m just so lucky. I know this is over said by many people but it just hits you every now and then and it doesn’t calm down. I just can’t get used to having my wife as beautiful as she is, as a normal person.

Maybe that’s what I get for being that nerdy guy in class who ignored all the girls.

I smirk at myself while I pick up the bin bags.

How silly was I to ignore her at first heh, who would have known that a bombshell like her would love a robotic, weird-looking nerd like me. I know she used to have bad relationships with the bad boys who controlled her like a dog. Maybe she just wanted something different? During high school when she had a crush on me for God knows why, I thought I was an option and I would not stoop down to her level.

Who would have known that now I’m here, married, with a beautiful wife, lovely kids giving her a bin bag?

I chuckle every time I think of how lucky I am

Is it luck, chance, fate I don’t know. I guess I just have to accept the moment and enjoy it while I can.


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That Big Bad Monster - Cancer

Greg, father of two wonderful children named Jonas and Lucas suffers an parental crisis with his wife Erin and himself over the ethical issues on handling the harsh truth about the cancer Jonas suffers. Jonas is diagnosed with a 98% chance of death and Greg is torn whether to euthanize his poorly son Jonas in order to safe keep Lucas's future financially. Experience the harsh truth of cancer in the perspective of a loving father in a first-person and understand that hardest part of cancer is not just the start or the end but what's in the middle of the event that causes more pain and suffering than the cancer itself.

  • ISBN: 9781370750559
  • Author: Jonathan Sumner
  • Published: 2016-07-26 13:50:06
  • Words: 6481
That Big Bad Monster - Cancer That Big Bad Monster - Cancer