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[+ Acknowledgements +]

This is dedicated to my Spiritual Initiator and brother Jesus and Father Vasudeva Kalki for their mercy has saved me and re-educated me in this life passing through.                                                           To RamaKrishna Centre Swami Tapasyananda and ISKCON founder Srila Prabhupada for who by their great translational works has helped in making this little comprehensive Testimony possible.To my family, friends, musicians those along the road of life who helped me through hard times and enjoyed the good times I thank you….





[+ Preface +]


This revelation of mine is prime so urce witnessing of Jesus

This test imony is a witnessing and proof that Father Man God of all spiritual and material creation does exist his names most popularly known by so far in passing various full incarnated moods in order are Lord Rama, Nara – Narayana, Sri Krsna, Gautama Buddha, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and to come as Vasudeva Kalki.

That Jesus Yeshua is the Son the Presiding Son of the Pradyumna expansions of the whorl of four main expansions in relationship to Vasudeva Kalki being;

  • {color:#000;} Vasudeva  expansions – the devotees who play as the parents of Father God when he incarnates on earth. Understand Vasudeva can be used to mean God himself meaning simply Father.
  • {color:#000;} Sankarsana expansions – who plays as his brother such as Lakshamna, Balarama, Nityananda.
  • {color:#000;} Pradyumna expansions – all that are inumerable all cupids ‘sons and daughters’ of father that have incarnated while Father man God has incarnated literally to be born through him with his w ive s through sexual union i.e Sri Krsna and Sri Rukmini Pradyumna the first of their sons or at other times like Jesus himself Presiding Pradyumna son cupid of all sons and daughters. This is the most common of the 4 expansions.
  • {color:#000;} Aniruddha expansions – who are the grandsons sons of Pradyumna while both Father Man and sons are on earth.

Also my test i mony that reincarnation is a fa ct .That is if you don’t resurrect back into the spiritual heavenly universe Vaikuntha and are picked up by the Vishnu d utas you will be reincarnated by the afterlife management that governs this.This is presided and governed by Yama and his Yama d ut a s who serve Our father by managing this part of reality in the material universe we are living in accordance to Father God.

So whether you know this or don’t know this my testament is an account of proof and evidence by what I have witnessed and experienced.You may have heard of me though over the last 2 1  years or so but this short simple read I’ve put together is just a confirmation yes this did happen. It’s up to you to belief or not. T his revelation of mine is a prime source witnessing and a confirmation of Jesus Yeshua Prophecy. All that read know yours to be a second source reaction. Whether you believe this or don’t. I’m just writing down what’s happened in my life as a devotee passing through on earth so far in natural order of timescale of events. This has already happened 2 1  years ago.




[+ Contents +]


[+ Acknowledgements +]

[+ Preface +]

[+ Introduction +]

[+ Chapter 1  Reassurance Resurrection +]

[+ Chapter 2  Two Weeks Later +]

[+ Chapter 3  My Truth Unfolds +]


                  Kalayavana’s Attack – Founding of Dwaraka – Krishna’s Flight before

                  Kalayavana and the latter’s Death -The Story of Muchukunda -

                  Muchukunda’s Vision of Krishna – Krishna Offers Boons Muchukunda -

                  The Hymn of Muchukunda – Krishna blesses Muchukunda –                              

                  Muchukunda’s Departure

                  Reflections and Realisations 1 & 2

[+ Chapter 4  Paravyoma Vaikuntha +]                  


                  Vedas in the 28 Millennium Bhadra kalpa

[+ Chapter 5  Aksara Brahma and The Brahmandas +]


                  Kala Chakra The Wheel of TIme

[+ Chapter 6  Church and State +]

[+ Chapter 7  Configuration 7.3 / 45 +]



[+ Introduction +]

Truth calls from the darkness overhanging inside



Where to start at the beginning. Born in the year Father Chaitanya abda 488, Mayan Glyph Year – Red Galactic Moon, Day 24 Yellow Spectral Seed, Gregorian 19th September 1974 ad.  Out of wedlock by my parents / maternal sister Teresa with now passed on paternal brother or Fontain. In Kingston Hospital London Surrey England.

Raised single handedly by Teresa who by trade was a hairdresser and we lived in a 2 bedroomed Council Flat in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, United Kingdom.


Began secondary school in 1986 at Richard Challoner by the 3rd year started hanging round with some school mates got more into women, music and drugs. School and it’s useless education except for literacy and art went out the window.

Started college in the 1991 now 17 at Richmond College though by now something in me were calling to deal with more so than getting a trade in this world something some darkness overhanging in me that needed sorting out. I was a soul searching teenager looking for the truth to everything the meaning of it all. Though quite inside about it something was going on in me that would unfold.






[+ Chapter 1 +]

Reasurrence Resurrection



Your Be Alright!

On Saturday May 11th 1996 just a little after midnight my truth to this darkness overhanging in me  came to an end just after three and half years of soul searching..

I had just finished listening to Smashing Pumpkins promo cd Tonight, Tonight after which I went over to one of my friends house during the Friday night the idea of going for a smoke at local park called Dinton Field Outside my old Primary School called St. Agatha’s had came about.

The sky was grey and overcast and the atmosphere as I perceived was still and quiet while the group of us sat in the park smoking weed.

After that we then headed back home. On the way back a few steps behind me I overheard my mate say Scooby and Shaggy as we walked passed a Volkswagen camper van. Instead of just hearing what he was saying and reacting no further I reacted even more by thinking myself being likened to Shaggy and Scooby which I had it in mind at that moment like cowardly characters. This made me react negatively to this becoming angry deep within yet outwardly keeping my cool. For I knew to hear it for what it was but because now I was soul searching and more open to suggestion. The poison of this negative reaction began eating away at me.

Said my goodbyes to all with us that night at Crossroad Road passing by my old flats McDonald House and headed towards my flat Dale Court directly up the road in York Rd a bit stoned and headed home. By the time I was at home in bed I was in a furious rage within myself taking self deeper the more I dwelled on it. I took this so deep it was like drowning and the song I churned out was close to me by The Cure.Though in this state just flowed passed deeper within myself still angry.

Then an image of a man’s face surfaced in my mind he was looking at me face on, only his face I witnessed in the darkness. He was also angry when he saw me a bolt of light shot out from him. The next moment I felt this intense burning from this shot of light. Burning up inside within my soul and body. I had never felt so much pain. When I couldn’t take no more of this excruciating pain which was almost instantly I shouted out in defiance against this burning and situation I was in knowing I was actually dying.

In the next moment a white light entered falling into my mind instantly dispelling the pain and darkness. Light just falling all around cleansing and healing my Original spiritual conscious self and mind. Then a form of a cloud appeared I reacted by saying the words It’s God !

At this moment I just fell down flat prostrated suspended in spiritual light. In this spiritual atmosphere I was in I then witnessed this brilliant white light which came from this cloud. Immediately naturally attracted to this light I went to see what this was. As I Came closer I saw this perfect spiritual man with the most beautiful handsome face. I instantly knew who this was. It was Jesus ! I again prostrated flat on my face in this spiritual light repeatedly saying I’m sorry as a thing I did wrong flashed in my mind’s consciousness such as temporary stealing from the shop


cashier till I worked in part-time while in college when I was 19 years and resigned from to stop further temptation in those soul searching years.

From this moment I actually witnessed my astral body or universal karmic soul or jiva. My black astral soul body from the back of my head with medium to long hair and my neck kneeling on my left leg feet flat on this spiritual cloud of light with my left arm resting on it and my right leg kneeling

in spiritual cloud of light and right arm loosely hanging by my side.

Jesus then stood before me but I could only see his face and his top body his robes covering his lower half with spiritual light. Jesus shined a blue and white light that was brighter than the sun. So bright that I couldn’t see his face yet simultaneously I could see the most perfect individual I have

ever seen. Jesus then put his left hand on my right shoulder saying through this action I felt the message “Your be alright!”

Jesus then stayed a while longer revealing himself more clearly absorbed in heavenly bliss.Blue and white rays of light emanating from him. He had long matted glistening locks of hair the colour blue white and perfect smiling face with stubbly beard and a spiritual white robe that opened in a v in the middle. He looked at me with smiling eyes that were blue the whole of the eyes blue. We looked at each other and knew we saw eye to eye.

I knew my time on earth was not over yet and wasn’t time for me to go back to the heavenly spiritual universe. Also understanding the field of territory I was in being one of his spiritual brothers and why I had always felt a bit different even as a child, teen and early adult though in UK working class heavenly comfort.

Then Jesus gracefully disappeared….

Back fully conscious in my body I stayed up until dawn knowing at last I had found the truth which I was searching for. From that moment of Jesus reassuring me and being forgiven felt cleansed and at peace. The answer to who and what I was searching for years had been answered the slight alienation and feeling different from this world had been answered the self  loathing of the false personality of this world that I had always hated and it’s subtle grip on self, nullified. I had equalized this night initiated by my Ishta Devata Jesus spiritual brothers mercy.

Though I knew I had questions and a lot of work in unifying spirit mind soul and body the latter being the hardest for me. I had turned a corner in my life. Yes there were questions like who was that man who burnt me? I never dwelled on this for I knew that this would be answered in good time and just relaxing now was all that I need to do. A new dawn had risen in my life as the truth I seeked had been found. I stayed awake till dawn and went to sleep.

I woke up at 10a.m on Chaitanya abda ( Calendar) 510, Mayan Calendar glyph day Blue Rhythmic Night, Gregorian Calendar Saturday May 11th 1996. It was a clear blue sunny day not a cloud in the sky. I decided to give up cigarettes also this day which was something I had been meaning to do, this was the other parts of positive practical steps in my life.





[+ Chapter 2 +]


Two weeks later



Tune into yourself more forgotten gem keys hiding in closet…Guides and friends remind passing on the road

Two weeks after Jesus appeared dispelling this lives bad karma and reassuring me. Myself and another mate a mutual friend of a circle of school mates. We both was going to Nescot College studying a 2 year course in Media Studies just coming to the end of the 1st year we were both in Kingston Town. Here a ISKCON Vaisnava devotee approached us asking “ Do you want to tune into yourself more “ ? we talked a little and he gave my mate a book. This reminded me of the book I borrowed from a school mate several months before when sleeping over at his place one weekend. The book was printed by ISKCON translated by Srila Prabhupada which is from Srimad Bhagavatam 6th canto. After my mate dropped me of back home in his car. I went into my bedroom closet cupboard where I left the book and all that afternoon read. That was me completely hooked. For when I initially read it I looked at it I kind of quickly flicked through looking at the regulations agreed and put it away for the calling in me urged me on towards my revelation of Jesus and for some reason there was something in me that had to pursue this calling more and felt right and for me was right. How this fits spiritually for me when Jesus said John 14: 6 “ I am the way and truth and life. Noone comes to the father except through me. If you really knew me, you would know him and have seen him.” Father being of course Krishna and returning as Vasudeva Kalki who is coming sometime in this age.

I haven’t mentioned names of friends in these first two chapters simply for their own rights for privacy if they ever want to confirm of knowing me at the time that’s their freedom of will to choose  to do so. Either way spiritually these true events have happened.

This is a short chapter though out of respect to friends around at the time that deserves it’s place for how things really happened to me credit to where credit is due.




[+ Chapter 3 +]

My Truth Unfolds



Your be alright!…now that you know



On Saturday March 8th 1997 I spent for the first time a weekend with Krsna Vaishnava ISKCON devotees at Bhaktivedanta Manor. There was a few of us attending the open weekend for the first time I had been reading and wanted to check out more so this open weekend was what I needed. We all given japa beads and bags shown how to use and chant. Shown around the Manor told as most people know how George Harrison donated the manor to Srila Prabhupada when he himself got turned on to Krsna Consciousness. We were milking cows and getting an idea of temple life with with morning aratis and evening bhajans talks on Srimad Bhagavatam with Vaishnavas. A very pleasant weekend I never mentioned personal revelations though I purchased Krsna Personality of Godhead volume 1 of 2.

It was at home that in continuing reading Krsna Personality of Godhead written 5132 years ago and counting that a particular incident in chapter 50-52 also the same no chapters in the 3rd of the 4 books ( 5 and 6 insertions being Mahabharata and Bhagavad Gita ) of The Srimad Bhagavatam of Krishnas life involving a devotee called King Muchukunda who burnt to ashes with a glance a demon barbarian king called Kalayavana which means Kala – black, time Yavana – barbarian, of Greek origin.

When reading these chapters I could instantly perceive this is who I was for this would answer the moment of seeing a man with a light that emanated from his eyes appearing inside my mind’s eye before feeling excruciating pain burning in my body before I shouted out in defiance to God and was saved by Our Father and Jesus. I had found the answer to the question Who was that man ?

In the Krsna personality of Godhead 1of 2 by Srila Prabhupada and Srimad Bhagavatam this historic event happened.

In my own words I’ll write what happened all this can be found in these books above mentioned.

Gargi Muni was the family priest for Krishna’s Yadu Dynasty he was an expert in astrotheology and astrological science a 1st class Brahma Rishi. Garga Muni was the one who told Nanda Maharaja and Mother Yasoda the great devotees and guardians that Krishna is Godhead God himself. This is at a time when Krishna was in hiding from his Uncle Kamsa in Vrindavan India as baby and child with his brother Balarama.

This incident happened later when the Yadus of Mathura India make fun of Garga Muni cows saying they are all impotent who in reaction taking it all the wrong way curses the Yadus with a threat that he will bring a terror that will give you a great scare. Here’s where Garga Muni leaves the Yadus. In vengeful mood prays to Shiva for a son. Shiva in return gives a boon of son who will give the Yadus a scare. So Gargi Muni in his travel meets and befriends a Yavana King and in this Kingdom is where he meets an Apsara woman a heavenly dancer and nymph and together have a child they name Kalayavana who becomes the King of the Yavanas.


It is in later years that Kalayavana who being subtlety induced and directed by another great Rishi called Narada Muni who weaves so much of Vedic history heads towards Mathura attracted to the opulence and prowess of the Yadu Dynasty of Father Krishna for combat.        

The events as told in Srimad bhagavata Vol – 3 Chapter 50 – 52 translated by Swami Tapasyananda are as follows :-


Kalayavana’s Attack


Just before Jarasandha was about to start on his eighteenth expedition against Mathura, Narada prompted Kalayavana also to join the attack. kalayavana a fierce warrior of a foreign origin (Greek), Wanted to meet an enemy worthy of his steel. Narada pointed out to him this discomfiture of great warrior like Jarasandha at the hands of Krishna, in whom the Yavana could hope to find worthy opponent. That was how he came to attack Mathura. He was till now that in this world of men there was none equal to him, but now he had came to know that in the Yadavas he had a set of worthy opponents. So he marched to their capital of Mathura with his three and a half crores ( 3.5 million) of foreign troops, and laid siege to the city. Seeing the Yavana and his mighty army, Sri Krsna and Balarama were much concerned about the predicament of Vrishnis (Yadu Dynasty), threatened simultaneously with attack by two sets of foes. They thought thus : This Yavana with very big army is facing us today. Tomorrow or day after, The King of Magadha also will come attacking. If Jarasandha were to appear when we are fighting with this Yavana, Jarasandha, the powerful warrior that he is, is sure to kill all our people or take them captive. The way out of this : We should build a fortress that is impregnable and shelter our people there. And we must have the Yavana destroyed by someone else.

Founding of Dwaraka


Resolving thus, the Lord made a wonderfully attractive city in the middle of twelve yojanas ( 96 miles) of fortified area in the sea. In the city there were properly planned highways, crossed by subsidiary roads, from which proceeded streets, on both sides of which stood houses built according to the rules of town planning and displaying fully the skill of heavenly architect, Viswakarma. There were flower gardens with celestial plants and creepers, and parks with various kinds of trees ; there were houses and buildings with sky – kissing domes and roofs of gold and crystal. There were halls made of silver and brass, capped with golden domes, and houses of gold with tops studded with diamond and surrounded by courtyards paved with emeralds. There were temples here and there, and wooden balconies on tops of houses for moon – bath. There were quarters for all the four Varnas to stay, as well as special houses for the elite of the Yadava clan. Indra provided this abode of Krishna with celestial tree Parijata and the assembly hall called Sudharma, which had the power of keeping its occupants free from hunger and thirst and old age.

Varuna sent as presents very fast horses, all white but for one of the ears which was dark in colour. Kubera presented eight treasures, the Lokapalas and all the guardians deities of the world placed their resources at the Lord’s’ disposal. Whatever power and position the Lord had given to them, these celestials surrendered to him when He manifested Himself as man in the world. Krishna , who was none but Hari, now transferred all His people from Mathura to his new capital Dwaraka. Then after consulting Balarama, who was in charge of administration, Krishna, without any weapon and wearing only a garland of lotus flowers, went away from Dwaraka to meet Kalayavana.


Bestowal of Grace on Muchukunda


Krishna’s Flight before Kalayavana and the latter’s Death


Sri Suka said : Kalayavana saw krishna coming out of the city, handsome like the rising moon ; blue in complexion ; wearing yellow silk ; having the Srivatsa mark on the chest ; wearing the shining kaustubha jewel on the neck ; possessing four powerful and well – formed arms ; having eyes with reddish tinge like fresh lotus petals ; and endowed with smiling face that was ever cheerful, smiling ; and handsome with shining cheeks cheeks and brilliant fish marked earrings. “He has the Srivatsa mark ; he has four arms ; he has lotus like eyes ; he wears floral wreaths ; and is

extremely handsome. All these tallied with what the sage Narada had given as the distinguishing marks of Vasudeva. So this can be none but he. He is walking without any weapon, and he is walking on foot. So I too shall fight him weaponless” – Kalayavana reflected like this in his mind . Seeing that Krishna , whom even Yogis cannot capture in their minds, was apparently running away averting his face, the Yavana pursued him. At every step, allowing the Yavana to feel that he was about to catch him, Krishna , the Lord of all, kept running and finally led the Yavana to a distant mountain cave. “This kind of flight when challenged is not fit for you born in the line of Yadu” – berating in this way, that yavana, whose sins were not yet exhausted, pursued Krishna, but was unable to catch him.

Though insulted like this, the Lord now hid himself in a mountain cave. The Yavana also entered it and saw there a person lying asleep. He could not, however , see the Lord. “Ah ! this fellow after drawing me away this long distance, is now lieing here pretending to be asleep” – so thought the foolish Yavana, and gave a kick to the sleeper. That long – sleeping – individual thereupon woke up, opened his eyes, and saw the Yavana standing close by. O scion of Bharata’s line ! The moment his angry glance fell on the Yavana, a flame of fire emanated from his body and burnt the Yavana to ashes.

The Story of Muchukunda


The Rajah said : O holy sir who was that man who destroyed the Yavana ? To what line did he belong ? Whose son was he ? What source of his power ? Why did he enter the cave and sleep there ?

Suka said : that person was born in kingly line of the Ikshvakus. He was the son Mandhata, and was famed as Muchukunda, devoted to holy men and truth. The Devas, headed by Indra, being terror – stricken by the doings of Asuras, requested Muchukunda to give them protection. He did protect them, as as requested for a long time. When the Devas got Guha (Subramanya) as their commander – in – chief, they permitted Muchukunda to withdraw from this onerous task of protecting them. (They said ) “ you abandoned worldly enjoyments and your own secure kingdom free from enemies, in order to engage yourself in our protection. Your sons, queens, relatives, ministers, subjects – in fact none of your contemporaries are now alive. Time has swallowed them up. Time is the most powerful among the powerful – an aspect of Mahavishnu, sovereign, eternal. Time plays by shifting all creatures from place to place as a cow – keeper does with his cattle. May good befall you !


You choose from us whatever boon you want, except Moksha (liberation from material nature), which is exclusively under the control of Mahavishnu, who alone can grant it.” Being told so, the famous king chose sleep as a boon, and entering the cave, fell asleep under the spell of celestial boon. “If any foolish man wakes you up from your sleep in middle, he will be reduced to ashes on your gaze falling on him” – so ran the boon given by the Devas.

Muchukunda’s Vision of Krishna

On the Yavana being reduced to ashes, the worshipful Krishna, the master of all devotees, revealed himself to Muchukunda. Muchukunda saw before him the divine form of Mahavishnu – blue in complexion like rain cloud  ; wearing a silk of yellow colour ; having the Srivatsa mark of the chest ; shining with the bright jewel Kaustubha on his neck possessing four arms ; adorned with the garland called Vaijayanti ; having a face handsome joyous and shining with fish – marked pendants ; presenting a wondrous form for men to see ; possessing a look and smile radiating love ; endowed with the fresh beauty of blooming youth ; and having a gait as majestic as that of a lion. Overpowered by splendour of that divine form, the intelligent king, with considerable hesitation arising from that awe – inspiring majesty, said slowly a follows [+ ;+]

Muchukunda said :  Who it that I am seeing before me ? In these mountain caves full of thorns, how dost thou walk with un-slippered feet as tender as lotus flowers ? Art Thou embodiment of

splendour in all beings , or any of the divinities – the Sun, Soma, Indra, or any of the protectors of the world ?

I consider Thee to be Mahavishnu , the Lord of trimurti, who is above all divinities. The brilliance of of Thy form is dispelling all darkness from this cave like a glowing light. O great one ! If you have no objection, please tell me, who am very anxious to know, all particulars about yourself – about the family of your birth, your ancestry, your achievements and the like. As for myself, O heroic one, I am a Kshatriya belonging to the line of Ikshvakus, named Muchukunda, the son of Mandhata and the grandson, the of Yuvanashva. Extremely tired through long vigils, I was having sound sleep in this solitary cave, with all my senses completely dissolved in oblivion. Now someone has come and woken me up. He has got burnt into ashes as the wages of his sin. After that, Thou with a heroic and majestic personality, hast appeared before me. O great one ! By Thy splendour, the of my senses has been overwhelmed. I am not able even to look at Thee for long. O great one, Thou dost deserve the respect of the whole world.

Krishna offers Boons to Muchukunda


To him who said so, Lord Krishna, the protector of all, began to reply smilingly in a voice deep and sonorous like thunder. The Bhagavan said : “Honoured one ! My births, deeds and names are so numerous that even I cannot recount them all. It may be possible to count the particles of dust on those planet in the course of many births, but not the number of my births, attributes and names. O King ! Great rishis who tried to compute the number of My births in the past, present and future, have not succeeded even to this day in completing calculation. Still, O noble one, know from Me about My present advent. Brahma  represented to Me that for proper maintenance of Dharma the earth has to be rid of the weight of vast number of Asuras born on it as men. Accordingly I am incarnated in the line of Yadus as the son of Vasudeva, and am known as Vasudeva. Kalanemi born of Kamsa, Pralamba and several other wicked ones have been slain. O King ! This Yavana too has


been burnt by your fiery eyes. Because you had in the past adored Me with sincere prayers, I, who am attached to My – devotees, have for blessings, presented Myself in this cave.

O royal sage ! Choose whatever boon you want, and I shall grant them all accordingly. No devotee of mine shall suffer.”

The Hymn of Muchukunda

Sri Suka said : Muchukunda was delighted to hear these words. From what the sage Garga had told him, he knew that the visitor to the cave was none but the Lord Narayana. Making prostrations to Krishna, Muchukunda began to speak in great joy.

Muchukunda said : O Lord ! Men and women in this world, being infatuated by The Maya, fail to understand the true nature of things.They fail to worship Thee. They deceive themselves by seeking happiness in the household life, which is the source of all sufferings. Even getting with ease, by the grace of God, birth as man with perfect health – an attainment difficult to obtain ordinarily – people of impure minds do not worship Thee, but fall like animals into camouflaged well of household life.

O unconquerable One ! My life till now has been wasted , caught up as I was in castles in the air centring on feeling that the body is the Self ; in the kingly pride and infatuation for territory and treasures ; and in anxious thought about wife, children and wealth. having the deep – seated

conviction and pride that I am a king on account of identification with the body, which is comparable to a pot or well, I moved about everywhere surrounded by chariots, horsemen,  elephant’s, foot -

soldiers and commanders, completely ignoring Thee, in the exuberance of blinding pride.  

Completely oblivious of spiritual values due to absorption in worldly interests, prompted by greed and absorbed in sensuous enjoyments, man becomes an easy victim to Thee as death the vigilant, just like a rat to a hungry snake protruding it’s tongue. Thy power called time, whom none can overcome, reduces to mere filth, worm and ashes the erstwhile kingly body that moved about on

elephants in rut, decorated with golden ornaments. A mighty conquer subdues all surrounding countries. Having none more to fight with, he withdraws from warfare and sits on his throne receiving homage of vassal kings. But what awaits him after that, o lord, is only slavery to womenfolk in domestic life, becoming their play animal in his quest for carnal satisfactions. Or abandoning worldly enjoyments, he may perform rituals observing austerity with the desire, “I shall become Indra or an emperor in a future birth”, and make many charitable gifts for that purpose. But alas ! a man with such greed is not able to have happiness even in this world due to ritualistic preoccupations. Jivas, who are involved in the transmigratory cycle will get associated with holy men when their involvement in that cycle is coming to a close. For when they obtain such association , they begin to be drawn to Thee who art the goal of all holy men and who art the director of the universe of cause and effect. it is indeed a great blessing of Thine that I was able to detach myself from my bondage to kingly duties so early in life and with such ease. For even great emperors of a reflective nature, who want to take ascetic life, pray for it intensely for long, before they get it.

O all – pervading one ! I do not look for any other boon than what Thy devotees without any other possessions but – seek the service of  Thy feet. Who after adoring Thee, bestower of liberation, would ask for boons which are only causes of bondage ?



O Lord ! Therefore, abandoning all desires, which are based on the Gunas of Sattva, Rajas, Tamas, I seek shelter in Thee, the sinless, the transcendent beyond the Gunas, the one without a second, the condensed essence of consciousness.

O spirit Supreme ! O granter of refuge ! Reduced to wretchedness by sin, distressed by threefold sufferings, and attacked by six enemies in the shape of six passions, I, a devotee without an iota of peace, have sought refuge in Thee – the True and the blissful, protect me, O Lord , from the dangers surrounding me.

Krishna blesses Muchukunda


Sri Bhagavan said : O great king and lord of all earth ! your mind has attained to purity and firmness. For, though tempted by many boons you were not attracted by such worldly satisfactions.

Know that, I did not tempt you with boons with an idea of testing your vigilance over the senses. It was more to show how a devotee with unwavering devotion to Me can never be attracted and or

perverted by worldly fulfilments. In the case of those who practise concentration through Pranayama and such other yogic disciplines, but have no devotion to the Lord, the subtle sensuous tendencies in the mind are not destroyed, and their mind are is again found to turn to objects of the senses. Go about anywhere in the world with your mind absorbed in Me. I bless you to have unshakeable and unwaverable devotion to Me always and in all conditions. While you were discharging your duties as a Kshatriya, you happened to kill many creatures in hunts and recreations that have no connection with your Swadharma. Destroy the sins accruing to you from such undertakings by practise of austerities with the senses under control and in entire submission to Me. In another birth you will be

born a s a holy man with universal love, and attain to My transcendental state which surpasses Prakriti and all it’s effects.


Muchukunda’s Departure


Sri Suka said : O King ! Muchukunda ; the son of Ikshvaku, being thus blessed by Krishna, made full prostration to the Lord, and then left the cave. Seeing men, animals, trees and plants all dwarfed

in size, he concluded that the age of Kali was at hand. He proceeded in northerly direction. Austere, full of faith, having the senses under control and mind concentrated on Krishna, he went to Gandhamadana mountain. There he stayed at Badarikashrama centre of Nara – Narayana and adored Hari through austerity remaining calm and unperturbed in all situations, and facing alike the pairs of opposites like heat and cold. So ends the narrated and written accounts of historical events of devotees of Lord Father Krishna.

Reflections and Realisations 1


In deeper psychological evidence other translations of Srimad Bhagavatam in the connection to this pastime take in and to consider is when Kalayavana was chasing Krsna he was shouting at Krsna ranchor that means coward who runs away from battle it was this anger the same anger I was feeling at over reacting inside myself for being looked at like Shaggy and Scooby Doo who were like cowardly characters that the anger built up into rage that lead me to seeing a man’s face moments before feeling being burnt to death. I can perceive from the word coward that triggered the very problem through anger at a deeper subconscious level, that being a previous life incarnation that was overhanging and needed liberation to continue to move on in devotion in this life.



In love and respect to Father Krishna I would further say that in Vedic Srimad Bhagavatam. It was by his own divine will and direction that Krishna run away from Kalayavana and lead him to sleeping King Muchukunda’s cave where Kalayavana would be killed by the boon filled glance that would burn him to ashes. For Krishna knew he could kill kalayavana without killing him personally so not to attain Vaikuntha spiritual universal skies. Simultaneously liberate Muchukunda and give him blessings and guidance he needed.

Interesting to note all of Kalayavana’s soldiers went straight to Vaikuntha Spiritual Skies when they were killed by both Krsna and Balarama. For anyone killed personally by God Krsna and his

primary expansion Balarama will go to Vaikuntha. For only Krsna has the power to liberate all out  of the material universe.

Also another confirmed fact for The 10 Commandments Thou shalt not kill. That does mean animals also not just humans, it is through King Muchukunda who was a Deva devotee of Krishna

from the Ikshvakus sun dynasty the same line as Krishna was when in his incarnated mood Lord Rama in Treta Yuga 2 million years ago. He too was not granted liberation from the material universe for he had as a King incurred the sin of slaughtering animals in hunting which is not his duty as a King his duty his dharma is to protect all living entities humans, animals and trees . So Muchukunda spent the remaining years in austerity to destroy the sins incurred in Badarikashrama in the Gandhamadana mountains Himalayan mountain.Taking re-birth as 1st class brahmarishi in his next life totally absorbed in devotion to Krishna before returning to Vaikuntha at the end of that life.

How this incident of Kalayavana being burnt to ashes by the glance of King Muchukunda is relevant for contemporary discoveries of sleeping giants in stasis tanks hidden in mountain caves over the earth. These sleeping giants when in these sleeping chambers are preserved at times of 30,000 of years that’s  losing like 20-30 minutes of their life time. Due to the machinery using crystal technology somehow can preserve their lives in stasis and sleep for long periods of time. Somehow what has been called today by commentators the red line. A red line is put near the entry of the secret dwelling place these sleeping giant devotees are. Whether this red line has been marked by the Devas or people discovering this at a cost of their lives over these 30,000 years of various sleeping giants as a warning who knows exactly how it’s evolved in each discovery. Though when in this sleep stasis can due to some ability in symbiosis with the sleeping giant the crystal stasis sleep machine create a protective forcefield. So anyone that enters the perimeter of this vibration that is being emitted from the giant / machine will die, or can depending I guess how far into the giant’s realm you’ve entered and how susceptible you are to this vibration. If  this red line is a vibrational force field to deter people at worst kill you if stepped in so far over into the red line. How was it Kishna and Kalayavana could cross over into redline that is King Muchukunda was emitting. They both were resistant from it. It took Kalayavana to kick him that woke King Muchukunda and for his gaze to burn Kalayavana to ashes. Which must be the very last line of defence for these sleeping giants in stasis if you haven’t been deterred or killed before entering into the red line. Like many variations of technology for the same product there is probably various different stasis chambers that over the yugas have changed modified refined from big stasis chambers in these caves to no more than some kind of headwear that the giants puts on in the cave they are resting in.

This links up with when King Muchukunda being relieved from fighting and replaced by Guha (Subrahmanya) who was to be the Devas commander -in- chief. The Devas who granted him a boon except liberation for only Father Kalki can liberate you in material nature and out of the material nature. King Muchukunda choose sleep as a boon to rest for the years of fighting. It is stated in


Srimad Bhagavata by Swami Tapasyananda. Skanda X : Chapter 51 21. Being told so, the famous king chose sleep as the boon, and entering the cave, fell asleep under the spell of the celestial boon. 22. If any man wakes you up from your sleep in the middle, he will be reduced to ashes on your gaze falling on him.'- so ran the boon given by Devas.

How this reads in the past events of Vedic history to contemporary findings confirms the reality we’re living in. That some of these giants are super soldiers and when given relief from duty of service to the Devas the head devotees to Father Kalki in the material universe are given protected rest in these stasis chambers that are hidden on earth.“fell asleep under the spell of the celestial boon”.

Also another important factor to consider is stasis means suspended animation. I over reacted to thinking I’m being likened to cartoon characters animation and the word that triggered it of coward or

ranchor which means he who runs away from battle. The three keywords animation, anger, coward / ranchor that I was searching for in holy spirit that would bring me into past life regression.

This happened in my conscious mind in my bed. There is no other explanation for this that resonates than this in this testimony of mine.

It was this past life regression that was looming over me in the Holy Spirit calling from Father Kalki. I was experiencing this looming darkness and calling for truth in my early soul searching years of 17-21 that I got liberated from at 21 years. I was saved re-assured and initiated by Ishta Devadatta Yeshuwa my Saviour Spiritual Initiator Jesus.

  Reflections and Realisations 2


So 3000 years later into this age of Kali yuga with the arrival of Jesus who is chief of Pradyumna expansion the cupid son and daughter line of devotion to Father Vasudeva Kalki inscribed as the 10th and last incarnation in Srimad Bhagavatam.

5132 years on and counting in this final age of Kali. 2000 years from Jesus I was saved and forgiven for this past life of mine and forgiven for being a thief in this life and all sin nullified being spiritually brought up to speed so to move on in this life.

These are now verses fulfilled in prophecy by my Ishta Devadatta Yeshuwa and myself now a confirming witness.

As stated by Jesus.Mark 13: 26 “Men will see the the son of man coming in clouds with the power and glory”. So Jesus appearing to me coming in clouds with the power and glory forgiving me for

being a thief from the shop tills I worked on when I was and this redemption and forgiveness happened just after midnight.

Mark 13: 24- 27;

But in those days, following that distress,

the sun will be darkened,

and the moon will not give its lights;

the stars will fall from the and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.


At that time men will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great and glory. And he will send his angels and gather his elect from the four winds, from the ends of the earth to the to the ends of the heavens.


On May 11th 1996 the weather warm it was night time, overcast with grey clouds so the moon wasn’t given any light. The last two verses well because there was no light due to overcast cloud

cover no stars from where I and others around me were located at that night couldn’t see the planets and stars to see what was happening in the night sky. What astrological events happened at the time and location of this testimony of mine I still haven’t found out. If a genuine astronomist / astrologer knows the movements of the stars and planets that night please let me know.

I am one devotee one son that witnessed Jesus here the bible does say. At that time men will see the son of man.

So this obviously means plural men so there are more to come men and women? whether some have come before and kept there own visitation quiet or none has but me. I don’t know. Also others may come in this time or in future. Again I don’t know. I can only state what has happened to me in witnessing my Ishta Devadatta Jesus.

Though when it comes to witnessing Krishna like all that associated with him in his lifetime. It is both Kalayavana and King Muchukunda that saw Krsna in his 4 armed form. So when it comes to the two witnesses. The two witnesses of God himself as Krishna not two witnesses of presiding son Jesus for I have seen Jesus and know of no one else that has also seen the son of man coming with clouds of great glory.  

This kind of liberation is also called Dharma Mega – “ Cloud of Virtue “ it is a Samadhi state of conscious devotion again also coincides with The New Testament what I initially stated Mark 13 : 26 At that time men will see the Son of Man coming with clouds of great glory.


In more depth and frankness this has shown how I was as Kalayavana used like a pawn spiritually for the wants and desires of other devotees at the time like Gargi Muni and guided subtle inducement of Narada Muni and divine will instruction of God himself Krsna who lead Kalayavana to

his death through a devotee King Muchukunda. Who in stasis chamber and with the boon given of celestial sleep also burning of anyone namely Kalayavana for waking King Muchukunda untimely.

This I had to experience again in this life through past life regression that naturally got triggered by my over reaction.

It is the most fantastic strange embarrassing wickedly funny in it’s innocence in this life and I have to live with the social psychological dynamics for the rest of my life. I mean overreacting and getting so angry to Shaggy and Scooby Doo and keywords like coward. I laugh at myself to this day how pathetic my 21 year old mind was. Many reading may be thinking hope if I ever have saw Jesus I hope my story isn’t as comically ambiguous. I hope that too for you, still we all got go through and deal with our own self afflicted wages of sin that been built over lifetimes. It’s taken

over 5,000 years I don’t know how many lives I may have had since now life. All I know as pathetic as it is it’s over and life begins again now all the sins burnt off. It was a baptism of fire in my case.   Though this saving grace is a blessing for I do not want a following or attention and after reading hearing the over-reaction that lead to my saving by Jesus. This will give me the freedom from you and you from me. For those who read this some will believe some won’t some will sit on the fence.

You see how God Our father has done this to me in to my relationship with Him.That revelation has come for me in His and Jesus salvation where I tie up certain loose ends fulfilling prophecy of being the active witness. Now a choice comes to keep private to what’s happened or go public to second source reaction. This will bring nothing but discussion and debate in believing this has come to pass. Though at my expense as the fool I am which I am and wise enough to know this. It is all


true. That on my part that proves God yet he himself has hidden himself in me. For I could leave parts out and make up lies but I tell you the timescale truth of how this really happened. As itself can be unbelieved by others which is the relationship with me He has left me to deal with in this life. For really only Father,  Jesus and myself know this to be true.        

I just wonder as witnessing son what God Our Father has in store for me next. I don’t want the attention. I have to tell this revelation and yet I don’t want all the hassle of second source reaction and all it’s madness. I knew my old life was over and my spiritual life began at the feet of Jesus in revelation and knew I would never wanted a conditioned materialistic life. Keeping a very simple

heavenly householder life while renounced from this world order that being – marriage, mortgage, meat-eating (fish, eggs, poultry), money, psychiatric medication as it’s strongholds. For these strongholds are more key contracts of this world order for us the potential modern day slaves.

All my time before Jesus revealing himself and after I always kept out of this world and at most was a working renunciate I never lived for this worlds ideology. Just worked to keep out of debt and keep a rented roof over my head until I could free myself more like living in council property which by fortune I now have.


I have given my life to Jesus and Vasudeva kalki. So in timescale warts and all facts I’m not here to deceive as much as not wanting to be followed or killed. All what I have said and wrote is true not how I ‘d liked it to be but how it’s happened. Why do I want to put myself through this onslaught. I don’t but there is something more important than what I want.The truth of God and Jesus and mind bendingly unbelieveable as it is for me to confirm this Testimony of mine. Though all these reactions I know I must accept as possibilities when coming out to the second source of the rest of the world.

As when at the feet of visitation of Jesus just before he left I knew the field of territory I was now in as I know this world. A beautiful world full of blind materialism and malice.

My present state of condition at the moment is that I’m single, never will marry, no children though would with women who are the right base consorts keeping out of this world order. I am living on ESA benefit due to psychic possession or in this world order a depression they have boxed me in called F200 paranoid schizophrenic. Though the truth is I suffer paranoid schizophrenics who spiritually have attacked me psychically. Which is psychic possession a forced depression. This happened 2 years later after visitation of Jesus on June 28th 1998 in the dawn. A hard force of spiritual bodies attacked me and depressed the top of my head instantly leading to hearing voices invisibly around me.They had attached themselves to me which is to this day very painful and has put my body especially my head under a lot of pressure. At that time I couldn’t have felt any better teetotal and taken to vegetarian diet for just over year and half. Keeping fit, working part time in supermarket that got me out of debt I was in. Also at that time writing out my revelation and reading vedic scripture. I continued staying teetotal  for another 5 years. Apart from being teetotal I am still living the same now. Just writing and recording songs a little more.

I put this attack down to well being warfare. If in a conditioned world that this world is. If someone spiritually goes against this world order conditioned ideology and cognitively still develops in holy spirit and is living a clear life on your own transcendental platform. Those around you in their materialistic entanglement may find that a threat to where they are and try to arrest development your life to bring you to their conditioned level so not to feel bad about their own life. So by attacking me was to feed of my energy while seeing how much I will get entangled in the materialistic entrapments of this world.


So now instead of being on the transcendental platform where my mind body is naturally harmoniously quiet and happy. I’m forced into concentration camp dharana state of this world

system and to quiet these voices is by shutting them out through medication. Which I have never taken and never will. You see putting it again to how this psychopathic system works to my

personal experience is mental illness works in UK country like go to Doctors local GP tell them you are depressed you will be put forward to a psychologist on a CBT cognitive behaviour therapy

course. If you go to your GP tell them you are depressed due pain in head and hearing voices. They won’t guide you to CBT they will only suggest psychiatrist to take medication. Do you see how this world is rigged. They will put you on CBT after you’ve seen the psychiatrist to see if you take the bait of medication.

They don’t want you in free transcendental cognitive states renounced from this world while living in it. They the government meaning control of mind in their social engineering want us slaves of mind and body for their financial gain. So by it’s conditioning all can be spiritually set against each other when those fragile little egos get upset in the feel good factor of life which is what all want to be naturally to feel good and enjoy. The government has set us off against each other to enjoy. The judgement of good and bad comes into what one human will do another human to enjoy through abuse or loving kindness.

I was naturally in transcendental cognition through bhakti yoga and divided meditation. So what you react to outside through your 5 senses you see on the inside and what you feel inside to all you ever experienced in your life you see on the outside. So being this aware brings you to finding equilibrium sound cognitive mind and body harmony.Truly coming into your own true feelings and becoming creative in your true spiritual nature.This is called Turiya the 4th state original spiritual conscious self that is witness of the three states of waking, dream, and sleep. This is where I am at by 21-23 years. This world order by it’s conditioning of social engineering has tried to make me fall into the trap of medication.

It has been said somewhere in Vedic scriptures though I cannot find it by Srila Prabhupada founder of ISKCON in his purports devotees of Shiva will attack devotees of Vishnu God by getting in there dreams and stealing their prana vital life force. This is the current truth and condition going on now on earth amongst us. As I will explain further in chapters 6 Church and State. This is Shivas system and Shiva is like a dream where people can live the dream of material condition life and be a sleeping jiva soul or wake up and renounce this system order of Shiva and be with God Visnu. Not the hardcore dream but the hardcore waking reality.Turiya clarity.

I may be falsely diagnosed in this false system order which is about falsely diagnosing, dishonouring, abusing and enslaving us. Though I stay out of it’s clutches in so much as not being registered only recorded by GP and psychiatrist for this current condition.

Also being stoned at the time when witnessing Jesus in this Testimony I report. Know that God our father can visit you anywhere, anytime and in any conscious state of mind if  He wishes.

So for those by what I written and said so far in this Testimony and what I am going to say in further chapters, if you think I need serious professional help well as you read I’m already there and still this testimony of mine stands whether you agree or disagree.




[+ Chapter 4 +]


Paravyoma Vaikuntha


Clearly heaven is eloquence in heart,  mind,  word and action

Paravyoma Vaikuntha are the spiritual skies ultimate destination to arrive at end of your life. Paravyoma Vaikuntha is state of conscious living and way while here on earth. Paravyoma is the spiritual skies and Vaikuntha are the unlimited planets in Paravyoma the spiritual skies. Vaikuntha  unlimited abode of pleasurable pastimes and no suffering. This is where we all originally came from.  Paravyoma Vaikuntha is 3/4 in size in ratio to where are now that is material universal nature which 1/4 in size. So to get some scope on this every 3/4 spiritual skies there’s 1/4 material universal nature. This is unlimited eternal spiritual and infinite material ratio is forever. The difference being eternal Paravyoma Vaikuntha is unaffected to creation and destruction it is in the dimension where no misery and blissful happy lives is only known. Where in your original spiritual form atman your soul jiva has dissolved into yourself atman. Just how I witnessed Jesus in description is what we all look like our original spiritual self with women in their feminine equivalent. Looking no older than 21-25 years. Everything is perfect.

While here in whole material universe ‘Akshara Brahma’ where 64 dimensions manifest within the Brahmandas the various atom sized material universes. It is infinitely creating maintaining and dissolving. Where your original spiritual self is covered by your soul jiva and material body experiencing mixed energies of happiness and misery. Where you are at the mercy of samsara cycle of birth and rebirth in material nature and your soul jiva changing to one form to another according to good pious living or sinful living.

So when people ask where we come from we all originally came from Paravyoma Vaikuntha. Paravyoma Vaikuntha our original eternal abode before the dormant whole material universe was awakened and opened up.


 Descriptions of Vaikuntha Srimad Bhagavatam (3.15.16-23);


“In those Vaikuntha planets there are many forest which are very auspicious. In those forests the trees are wish fulfilling trees, and in all seasons they are filled with flowers and fruits because everything in Vaikuntha planets is spiritual and personal.”

“In the Vaikuntha planets the inhabitants fly in airplanes, accompanied by their wives and consorts, and eternally sing of the character and activities of the Lord, which are always devoid of all inauspicious qualities while singing the glories of the Lord, they deride even the presence of blossoming Madhavi Lata (hiptage) flowers which are fragrant and laden with honey.”

“When the king of bees hums in a high pitch, singing the glories of the Lord, there is a temporary lull in in the noise of the pigeon, the cuckoo, the crane, the chakravaka, the swan, the parrot, the partridge, and the peacock. Such transcendental birds stop their own singing simply to hear the glories of the Lord.”

“Although flowering plants like the mandara (china rose), kunda (jasmine), kurabaka (red amaranth), utpala (blue/white lotus), campaka (magnolia) , ama (amaranthus) nagelshare (evergreen tree mesua ferrea), bakula (bulletwood tree), lily, parijata (indian coralwood night flowering jasmine) are


full of transcendental fragrance, they are still conscious of the austerities performed by Tulasi, for Tulasi is given special preference by the Lord, who garland himself with Tulasi leaves.”

“The inhabitants of Vaikuntha travel in their airplanes made of lapis lazuli, emerald, and gold. Although crowded by their consorts, who have large hips and beautiful smiling faces, the male inhabitants cannot be stimulated to passion by mirth and beautiful charms.”

“The ladies in Vaikuntha planets are as beautiful as goddess of fortune herself. Such transcendentally beautiful ladies, their hands playing with lotuses and their leg bangles tinkling are

sometimes seen sweeping marble walls, which bedecked at intervals with golden border, order to receive the grace of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.”

“The goddesses of fortune worship the Lord by offering Tulsi leaves on the coral paved banks of transcendental reservoirs of water while offering worship to the Lord, they can see on the water the reflection of their beautiful faces with raised noses, and it appears that they have become more beautiful because of the Lord’s’ kissing their faces.”

“It is very much regrettable that unfortunate people do not discuss the description of the vaikuntha planets.”

There are many more verses in Vedic scripture describing Vaikuntha all the way to Our Fathers last full incarnated mood as Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu 531 years ago.here are some more ;-

Even though all the material universes are annihilated again and again in the causal ocean, the Vaikuntha planets, which are spiritual exist eternally and are not subject to dissolution.

Srimad Bhagavatam (4:22:40)

Each Vaikuntha planets is very large and each is made of spiritual bliss. The inhabitants are all associates of the Supreme Lord, and they have full opulence like the Lord himself. This is how the Vaikuntha planets are all situated.

Sri Caitanya Caritamrta (2:21:5)

In Vaikuntha planets there are husbands and wives, but there is no question of their giving birth to children or having sex life. In the Vaikuntha planets both husband and wives are extraordinarily beautiful, and they are attracted to one another, but they do not enjoy sex life. Indeed, they consider sex not to be very relishable because both husband and wife are always absorbed in Krishna consciousness and in glorifying and chanting the names of the Lord

Srimad Bhagavatam (4:23:29)  

In Vaikuntha the abode of Father is Kalki Loka though it will be known in Vedic scripture as Krsna Loka. Kalki is giving us a lesson in love and devotion so he takes on a full incarnated mood that best suits the current condition of the situation on earth at the time. So when he returns at the end of his life to his own Loka abode in Vaikuntha he goes back to how we last knew of him to be such as Lord Krishna then most recently again as Lord Chaitanya.Though really his original incarnated mood is Kalki who is still to come.


Why does it takes so long with all these different incarnated moods of himself. Really it’s accounting for dealing with everyone in the material nature. It gets very messy in the material nature it’s a war a love war.

Delving deeper with this and using the last verse srimad bhagavatam 4:23:29.This verse is not entirely true that being about not having a sex life in Vaikuntha between husbands and wives seems the chief of energies in self is sexual energy.Vaikuntha is the unlimited spiritual skies why wouldn’t


residents be having sex between each other it’s just not done in vice, adultery, and here where I get to the point of core teaching or in monogamy. Though it says husbands and wives. There was once but no more in Vaikuntha. This is why everyone who didn’t stay in Vaikuntha and abide to way of

the resurrection of non monogamous / married relationships had to leave and learn the hard way in material nature. Not in heavenly paradise of Vaikuntha could the potential sin of adultery happen.  

For only Our Father and his wives can uphold the loving vows of marriage as the supreme enjoyer

forever. Ours is to be his children with adult minds. Conscious intelligent lovers that play in unconditional loving relationships Bhakti Yoga. In reality the most we can be are each other’s casual lovers or and base consorts. This is what Jesus Yeshua is teaching in his entirety. Pradyumna Loka expansion in Vaikuntha is the true vine.

Sex may not be as it says be very relishable but it still goes on it just 100% aesthetically spiritualized sinless amongst the residents in Vaikuntha.

Keeping this simple as I can what I realise is what happened in Vaikuntha and why we are here now in the material nature.The reason is because some of us wanted to be like The Supreme Father Original Personality Kalki too much in all of everything. That being married in Vaikuntha where in the descriptions of Vaikuntha second verse “accompanied by their wives and consorts”. You can’t be married with a wife or husband and have consorts for that would be adultery.This is what started to

happen in Vaikuntha so it had to be stopped. The commandment thou shalt not commit adultery.  

This I realise was the complete bringing of a war in heaven Vaikuntha for those who wanted to be married and those the sons and daughters Pradyumna Yeshua Jesus who don’t marry. Happy to be casual lovers or also base consorts unlimited in pastime unable to commit adultery. Do you realise the aesthetic way of sons and daughters. The second greatest commandment Yeshua reminded people is Love thy neighbour as you love yourself . So don’t be doing the other eight commandments to each other one being committing adultery.

For why those who disagreed got kicked out of Heaven Vaikuntha through the descent of Sankarsana through Mahavishnu eyes and the dormant 1/4 part material universal nature became awakened. As mentioned earlier in preface the four expansions Sankarsana is the primary expansion of Godhead Kalki and is spiritual strength he is uncle to everyone who are sons and daughters of Vasudeva Kalki known as Pradyumna Christian expansion.

From the moment that happened all those who wanted to live in the material universe left thereafter in the descent to live their life and learning curve and our spirit and souls atman jiva  became incarcerated in temporal flesh manifesting over time and tide in the material universal nature.


Now in the material universal nature we are at present in out here. There are two main divisions the side of Our Father Kalki, Son Pradyumna Yeshuwa, Holy Spirit Brahma sampradaya class 1st class and the other side Sankarsana, Kali, Shiva samprada class 4th class.

This I must note that Sankarshana (Ananta sesa, Lakshmana, Balarama, Nityananda) himself is not evil or at all in enmity with God Our Father Kalki himself he is taking charge of being a warden / teacher to Shiva (Mahadeva)  who take shelter in him and all the demonic that take shelter in Shiva.

It is from Brahma who is self born through the navel of Garbhodakasayi Visnu we get creation within the material nature. Kumaras samprada class 2nd class they are the first sons born from Brahma mind. They are mind born and who were meant to help create in the material nature for Brahma.Though the Kumaras absorbed in their way of thinking in devotion to Vasudeva Kalki had no


interest in propagation according to Brahmas engineering, the birth of Shiva emerges from Brahma forehead. Born out of anger Shiva becomes the destructive agency, controller of ignorance monogamy and marriage being part of that, and Lord of 7 subterranean regions and all demonic dynasties.

The Trimurti now comes apparent Brahma creation Vishnu Kalki maintenance, provision Shiva destruction. Where before it is and still is Father Kalki, Son Pradyumna, Holy spirit Brahma. This depends on how you want to conduct yourself in life it’s all conscious freedom of will. But know you either fall into one or the other. The Holy Trinity Father, Son, Holy Spirit or Trimurti Father, Brahma, Shiva. They are not the same for the first is the true vine the other is false and destructive.

What I realise is other devotees in Vaikuntha wanted to be like The father Vasudeva kalki even to the point of being married like He is with 16,111 wives.They are 16,108 with Father Krsna Sri Rukmini being his first, 1 Yashodhara / Bhikkhuni with Father Buddha, 2 Lakshmipriya and Vishnupriya with Father Chaitanya. These are to name the wives that known through his recent

incarnations let alone numerous other lives and pastimes long forgotten.The difference being God is God we are his sons and daughters though of same qualities he has giving us the freedom in

Vaikuntha unlimited spiritual skies for unlimited devotional pastimes whether sexual or other in pastime to associate with one another sinless. So by non marriage there’s no chance of adultery

which is a commandment. These commandments are eternal before manifestation in the material nature.

Jesus said  Luke 20 34 – 36 ;The people of this age (kali) marry and are given in marriage. But those who considered worthy of taking part in that age and in resurrection from the dead will neither marry nor be given in marriage, and no longer die ; for they are are like the angels. They are God’s children since they are children of the resurrection”. Why do you think this was said he’s reminding you of how eternally things are in accordance with living in the Holy Spirit with one another.Vaikuntha being all our original abode it must be free from sin so it is the only thing that is sinful that being adultery that could arrive here.This is why the fall of many of us happened to prevent the taint of sin through adultery. To get back to Vaikuntha monogamy / marriage must be re-nounced while here on earth. Earth which is the bridge to your next destination that being either re-incarnation within the material universal nature or resurrection out of here and back into Vaikuntha.


Vedas for the 28 Millennium Bhadra Kalpa


When you read Vedas and pastime related to Kalki your hearing it from his previous full incarnated moods from Lord Rama, Nara – Narayana, Lord Krishna, Gautama Buddha, Lord Chaitanya that have been to earth to fulfill and solve situations on earth of time and circumstance and how Vasudeva (Father) Kalki could deal with the demonic attack that was in need of his divine intervention to protect his devotees and re-establish Sanatana Dharma – Eternal Religion.

Also when you read Vedic scripture know that it is talking about the millennium 1000 years of this day of creation Brahma. We are in 7th part of the day called Vaivasvata Manu also known as Noah in Bible. The first Manu part was presided by King Svayambhuva Manu. There are 14 Manus to 1000 years or Mahayuga.

I’ll explain all this more in next chapter though it would be impossible to write half of all this world’s age in 4 books that was written over 5,125 years ago by Vyasaveda. So we’ve been given an in depth summarized conclusion of what’s happened in this 28 millenium called Bhadra Kalpa with all calculations to understand what’s been happening.


The only other part of Veda prior the flood of Noah or Vaivasvata is beginning of creation beginning with Brahma and his creative engineering of sons. King Svayambhuva Manu then really the rest of whole first 50 years is taking out until emergence of Matsya incarnation and Vaivasvata Manu. It is here where major catastrophes after the transition between the first 50 years Brahma Kalpa ends and second 50 years Padma Kalpa is beginning. Considering 1 year of Brahma = 3,110,400,000,000 and we are in 51 year of Brahma.

Before the flood pre-deluge the world was full of documentation and Vedic scripture of all accounts. Now it’s been wiped out and lost and what is left been looted and kept amongst the elite of this worlds order.


Thank the Lord our Father that Vedic scripture hasn’t been looted and all the devotees over these 5,000 have managed to keep it accessible to all which in itself has a story of deluded stuck up

sects of Brahmanical elitism and their suppression to the common man to read and make up their own mind in realisations.      




















[+ Chapter 5 +]


The Aksara Brahmanda [+ +]


A Place in Time

The 4 Vedas as mentioned at the end of last chapter is in depth summarised account of this day of Brahma. Paravyoma Vaikuntha is Our spiritual transcendental dimension which is unaffected by the material dimensions of the whole infinite universal material nature Akshara Brahma. The countless material atom like shells Brahmanda within Akshara Brahma manifest and dissolve in an infinite cycle. Each Brahmanda has 64 dimensions within it.

Story from Caitanya Caritamrta Madhya Lila ;-

Krishna said your particular universe (Brahmanda) extends 4 billion miles, therefore it is the smallest of all the universes consequently you have only 4 heads.

Some of the universes are 1 billion yojanas, some 1 trillion, some 10 trillion and some 100 trillion.Thus they are unlimited in area.

According to the size of universe there are so many heads the body of Brahma. In this way I maintain innumerable universes Brahmanadas.

No one can measure the length and breadth of one fourth of my energy who can measure the three fourths that is manifested in the spiritual world.

Beyond the river viraja is a spiritual abode nature , which is indestructible eternal, inexhaustible unlimited. It is the supreme abode consisting of 3/4 of the Lord’s opulences. It is known as Paravyoma, the spiritual sky.


Also in  Srimad Bhagavata volume 1 Ska 3: Chapter 11 39 – 40. This Brahmanda (cosmic shell ), which consists of the * 8 special modifications and 16 effects of prakriti (nature), has a dimension of 50 crores of Yojanas (4 billion miles) within, and is surrounded without by the layers of the 5 elements each element being 10 times the dimension of the internal dimension of the preceding shell. All this is only like an atomic particle in Sri Hari. In him there are countless other shells like this, all of which even together is like a few atomic particles for Him.

* 8 special modifications are elements subtle and gross matter namely – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky, Consciousness, Intelligence and Ego.

16 effects of nature are the 11 senses and 5 sense objects. They are ;-

 5 senses for acquiring knowledge – eyes, ears, nose, tongue, touch

 5 working senses – mind, voice, legs, hands, anus, genitals  = 11

 5 objects of the senses – sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch

 All together consist of 24 elements is called 24 subjects.


This for us conscious human spirit souls is the basic make of our material body the shell within the material universe Brahmanda cosmic shell. Our Brahmanda cosmic shell by which Krishna states extends 4 billion miles. This statement reveals our particular material universe this Brahmanda is not as big as we have been lead to believe by this systems order.


The Antariksha is the space between the upper and lower halves of the Brahmanda. Earth, our solar planetary system are all located within here Antariksha between which is described as the adjoining thin cylindrical space of the Brahmanda shell. It is the centre of our universe. The thickness of it is between the distance of earth and Dhruvaloka Polestar.

So though the Akshara Brahma may be infinitely expansive 1/4 in ratio to 3/4 Paravyoma Vaikuntha eternally expansive spiritual skies. Our Brahmanda we are in is only limited to 4 billion miles. Not how we are taught in this world orders’ education of secular science is that the stars we look out at night is infinitely expansive. No we are inside the hollow of a shell Brahmanda where outside of our Brahmanda there are infinite Brahmandas that are bigger than ours.  



Kala Chakra The Wheel of Time

Time is infinite cycle in material  dimension. Now here are all the calculations of time in all dimensions within the  Brahmanda of our particular material universe.

Lord Brahma the presiding deity of The Holy Spirit The engineer and creator within this material universe lives for 100 of his years known as Dvi Parardha which lasts for 311 trillion 40 billion years.

It has 2 halves called Parardha.

The first half Parardha 50 years are called Brahma kalpa. Brahma was known as Sabda Brahma.

The second half Parardha 50 years is called Padma (lotus) kalpa

The 4 Yugas are;-

Satya / Krita Yuga    Golden  Age  = 1,728,000

Treta             Yuga    Silver     Age  = 1,296,000

Dwapara      Yuga    Bronze  Age  =    864,000

Kali                Yuga    Iron       Age  =    432,000


1 complete cycle 4 Yugas is called Chatur yuga = 4,320,000      

1000 Chatur yugas = 1 Mahayuga also known as 1 Kalpa or 1 Aeon = 1 day of Brahma =               4,320 ,000 , 000  years  = 12 hours half a day of Brahma.

1 year of Brahma = 3,110,400,000,000

50 years of Brahma Parardha = 155 trillion 520 billion years


If  you add up 4 yuga cycle this = 4,320,000 call this one golden yuga. Then subtract the amount of time that has passed so far in golden yuga this = 3,893,000 taking into account  5,000 years have passed in 432,000 allotted  kali yuga. This after this kali yuga will become the way to perceive the  calculation. Just cycles of golden yugas.  

14 Manus are The Fathers of particular time span in creation.They are divided into 1000 Chatur yugas or 1 day of Brahma.

Each Manu equals 306,720,000 years = 71 Chatur yugas

We are in the second half Parardha called Padma Kalpa. The 51st year of Brahma Padma kalpa = 158,652,864,000,000 years


  • {color:#000;} In the 51st year of Brahma Kalpa
  • {color:#000;} In the 28th millennium or Chatur yuga / Kalpa. The 28 Kalpa is called Bhadra kalpa which means Auspicious.
  • {color:#000;} 1 golden Krita yuga 432,000 of which 3,893,000 have passed.
  • {color:#000;} Or  this yuga is kali which storm lasts 432,000 years 5,000 have passed leaving 427,000.
  • {color:#000;} Vaivasvata Manu the 7 Father of time in creation.
  • {color:#000;} Mayan Calendar have cycle of 5122-5125 years. That came to an end of it’s cycle on 2012

              and is set again. Now in it’s 4th year in long time count / wavespell called Blue

              Spectral Storm.

  • {color:#000;} Since Father Chaitanya passing (1486 – 1534) 531 years have passed in this 10, 000 year       golden Age within Kali yuga.

The wheels of time can be read :-

51Year of Brahma Padma kalpa – 28 Bhadra kalpa – 3,893,000 Krita – 427,000 Kali –  7 Vaivasvata Manu – 5125 Mayan 2nd time count / wavespell 4th year Blue Spectral Storm – 531 Chaitanya abda.


By looking at this you can see we have a long time left in material universe only just into the second half parardha Padma Kalpa. 49 years of Brahma = 152,387,136,000,000 years is left until

total dissolution of this material universe the Brahmanda is totally burnt up. Where Garbhodakasayi Vishnu will sleep for the same amount of time 311 trillion and 40 billion years until the cycle will

begin again if so. If so I say because I myself wonder if Garbhodakasayi Visnu from whom this material universe or brahmanda we are in or any of the various sized Garbhodakasayi Vishnu in their own material universes Brahmandas within the whole material universe Aksara Brahmana  does have a limit of how many times he awakens and sleeps in his cycles until he once and for all returns to spiritual universe Vaikuntha and never re-enters material universe Aksara Brahmana. Just a thought I’ll share I had over the years of studying these spiritual facts.

In the Kali Yuga the storm of an iron age we find ourselves in the good news of something Yeshua indicated when he said talking about the Kali Yuga 2,000 years ago. Jesus said 24: 21 – 22 For

then there will be distress, unequalled from the beginning of the world until now – and never to be equalled again. So what he is saying in other Kali Yugas as evil as they have been they have never

been as evil as this one. Though the good news is he indicates never to be equalled again. No more Kali Yuga never again. That is to say how we know things of 4 cyclic Yugas will be no more. For once this Yuga is over there will be a permanent Krita Yuga Golden Age for the rest of creation in

this material nature. For what will happen within this Kali Yuga is a complete ridding of all evil due to arrival of Vasudeva Kalki to cleanse the world and universe so the remaining 49 years of Brahma will be a slow creative dismantling of this Brahmanda and all that pass through earth will be in devotion to the father and the son and each other.

For though the first half of creation was more beautiful in it’s splendor there was more destructive demonic forces attacking devotees and the wars and destruction has left us in this abomination in

comparison to it’s splendor. King Muchukunda the son of Ikshvaku, being thus blessed by Krishna, made full prostration to the Lord, and  then left the cave. Seeing men, animals, trees, and plants all dwarfed in size, he concluded that the age of Kali was at hand.


The desolation still continues due to tyrannical rulers of this worlds order in these storming times of Kali Yuga.

Though due to Jesus and Father Lord Chaitanya 531 years ago (1487 – 1534) who’s passing heralded a 10,000 Golden Age within this Kali Yuga we have a chance to make this Golden Age

more realistic. Where humanity is now to where it was 500 years ago you can see how much has improved within this desolated terrain and rulership. Still much much more needs to be done while  2/3 of the world severely suffer. We can make this happen. We have the teachings and know how to

do so what is needed is the believe in ourselves to let go of these tyrannical rulers and having believe in Gods ways. In God Our Father we trust not the governments of this world.































[+ Chapter 6 +]


Church and State



The heart of the matter is done in vain



There’s a few things in this chapter I need to clear that I have written that I am totally aware of that may make you question why I say that. These things I say is because where I am staged and want to be staged spiritually in my life as devotee passing through and goes with the complete sense of where I am at.

So Jesus is the presiding Pradyumna of sons and daughters. Yes I myself totally know this. As I wrote in the preface the main four expansions are different spiritual relationships you can have with God though Pradyumna is the really the most common to be son or daughter. For being his father and mother  the Vasudeva expansion is rare and is written historic fact of devotees being his father and mother in other full incarnated moods like Rama, Nara-Narayana, Krishna, Buddha, Sri Caitanya.

His main brother again is always the same brother every incarnation Sankarsana expansion. Except for when he incarnated as the twin ascetics Nara and Narayana who later incarnated 5125 years ago at the tail end of Dwapara age as Arjuna and Krishna who played as cousins.


The Pradyumna expansion is what when Jesus said ‘ I am the true vine ‘ he is the presiding Pradyumna of the Pradyumna expansion in spiritual relationship with Father God. There has been many sons cupids mentioned in Vedic history born of God himself and his wives. Why a presiding deity anyway well as you see these four main spiritual expansions are the main whorl of all spiritual relationships and other spiritual relationships even to the descent of spiritual relationships of demons like the asuras and rakshasa which are all spiritual relationships even if it’s eminity it’s a relationship, that have dynasties to this day if you really wanted to research. All do have a presiding deities a head individual who represents this. So Jesus is Presiding Deity of all sons and daughters conscious loving intelligence of what I can perceive obviously clear God Father wants him to be known as. Even if it’s just a respected footnote that Jesus himself is not to fussed about in the innumerable sons and daughters that there be. It’s a footnote I want to state in passing to what I know and realise.

Again as I mentioned in Chapter 4 there has and is a massive shake up in Vaikuntha and that is the expulsion of monogamy / marriage so no sin is incurred that being adultery. The true vine is Pradyumna Loka in Vaikuntha Paravyoma which presided by Jesus is who is cleaning this up with all devotees who too participate in this while here on earth.      

Jesus is Presiding Deity in accordance to non marriage between the sons and daughters. Just like when Father incarnated as Buddha over 2,500 years ago part of what he also done was reject his own Vedic scriptures for they were being misinterpreted to eat meat. He gave a more basic core of spiritual life of devotion and marriage between devotees was not part of it in Buddha’s spiritual re-establishment.

So just like Buddha Jesus too had more of a basic core way in his spiritual devotion which is just


like Buddha’s teachings exactly like Buddha’s teachings where marriage not part of the cultivation

between devotees. Where sons and daughters should be staged as sons and daughters is called

Tantric Sannyasi / Sannyasi sexual relationships go on without monogamy or marriage. The principals of New Covenant are Tantric Sannyasi to if desired Sannyasi celibacy. Both these

spiritual states is the renounced order of life of this worlds order of life. This world as it is is of Old

Covenant old principalities of the ten commandments where monogamy / marriage is of Old Covenant. It’s conditional legally binding. New covenant is the same 10 commandments, common law non monogamous / marriage relationship sexual liberated relationships Tantric Sanyassi or to

Sannyasi complete celibacy. Tantric Sannyasi is the New Covenant and bridge this unconditional bhakti in its completeness.This is what Jesus was reminded devotees to be and Buddha also. Lord Chaitanya took to full Sannyasin complete renunciation and celibacy at 24 years and did not recommend Sannyasi to anyone in this age of Kali.Though Tantric Sannyasi open sexual relations are the main fundamental basis of true christianity. Even other sons took to marriage at the time of Krishna though it has to be pointed out they as the Yadu dynasty were playing under Kshatriya second warrior governing class world order. Just as today the government that govern us is this second class warrior world order. So Jesus not of this worlds order is reminding people of first class sons and daughters the simplicity of life between each other the original New Covenant. Only Father and his wives should be really the only ones to marry for they are the only ones who for eternity can live together without adulteration of their vows.This what Jesus like Buddha were re-establishing for the common all. Bhakti yoga unconditional love.

This is where Christian church has been going wrong and knows it. This is what is meant when Jesus said wicked adulterous generation. Again John 16 :12 I have much more to tell you, more than you can now bear.”  For marriage is a legal thing in this world order it is all part of the Old Covenant under second class Kshatriya governing and fourth class Shiva class of religion who is the controller of ignorance and all that is in monogamy and marriage are in his samprada class and shelter. Marriage does not reflect what Jesus was saying it derides it. It is this world emotional attack on Jesus a created delusion illusion. For this world cannot accept the whole message of Jesus without putting their spiritual frailties in it. This is spiritual cross infection of this world. This world wouldn’t do this to Father Buddha in his enlightenment and there is no marriages in Buddhist temple but will attack the son Jesus emotionally even after all these years of passing and put marriage ceremony in his churches. Though Jesus in his governing in spiritual enlightenment when talking about marriage said Luke 20 : 35-36 “But those who are considered worthy of taking part in that age and in the resurrection from the dead will neither marry nor be given in marriage, and can no longer die; for they are like angels.They are Gods children of the resurrection”.

Saul, Paul, Titus Flavius Josephus to name him in his alias opposed Jesus and his teachings for it is Paul that said in 1 Corinthians 7 8 – 9 Now to the unmarried and the widows I say: It is good for them to stay unmarried, as I am. But if they cannot control themselves, they should marry, for it is better to marry than to burn with passion.

This is opposing teaching getting married is burning in passion. Better to have an non monogamous / married, non adulterous non viceful sexual relationship that is sinless which is good in nature.  This is what unconditional spiritual what bhakti yoga means amongst us.This is the way of Jesus and brothers and sisters of heaven. Simple uncomplicated out of this world order.

Many trades have a part of it’s learning about cross infection in its profession. Again it’s the same with your spiritual life don’t let yourself get sucked into the delusion illusion. Marriage is under the presiding deity of Shiva the lord of marriage controller of ignorance and destroying agency he rules the subterranean world.This is where you if you have to marry should be marrying in Shivas temple


or a legal registry office not Jesus’ churches. Though anyone who really knows no Christian churches are Jesus for this reason marriage. It was Paul that founded the Christian church religion as it stands here on earth at present. The church of Jesus is the heart and mind spiritual unconditional loving way between us not false materialistic impersonal teachings.

The Vatican itself  was originally Shiva lingam temple that has been revamped. Which is more concrete proof that Catholic priests are clerics of Shiva called Brahma Rakshasas. Also the word

Vatican itself is derived from sanskrit word Vatika or Vatica that means Vedic Cultural Religious


This whole earthly manifestations with the exception to those making heavenly realms on their

own parts are under this right now. This world order under second class governing and 4th class spiritual emotional inducement of Shiva of Old Covenant regardless of your religious level is under its burden.The Vatican is of Shiva which in Vedic terms are his priests Brahma Rakshasa. While Jesus is presiding Pradyumna cupidol son of New Covenant a Brahma Rishi.

Rakshasa are giant man eating demons. Who in vedic culture are found in forests and prey on human blood. The lust for human blood is found through Shivas cleric Brahma Rakshasa generic influence has manifested itself as the Vatican the Catholic Church. The obvious evidence is the Catholic sermon. Here the focus of the ritual the last supper. When Jesus says do this in memory of me he talking to his devotees at that moment at the last supper not to establish some symbolic repeated ritual focusing on the blood and flesh eating of Christ body. This is perversed blood ritualistic evil. This needs to stop for all who participate in this ritual. That isn’t being a Christian that is being cannibalistic man eating. A false quick fix, a false sense of spirituality full of wickedness in it’s whole contrived control over the mass populace.

The true spiritual message of Jesus which is Ten Commandments in New Covenant non monogamy / marriage. Truly over the years I can see, have experienced and can perceive all this working going on by Shiva towards Jesus. Jesus is the presiding deity of sons and daughters. He is

an eternal way unchanging from himself in spiritual or in this material universe. Jesus is original New Covenant and re-establishes natural spiritual life on earth correctly from Shivas fourth class Old Covenant. Jesus and or Pradyumna expansion is Conscious loving intelligence. Shiva is emotional ego who by all accounts will do anything to keep control and give his devotional service a foothold in existence. Just by putting marriage in Jesus churches is all the proof of Shivas influences over human civilisation these 2,000 years especially the last 700 years since marriage was installed by the various christian sects. Just to keep emotional control and keep the Old Covenant religious system which is a generic subterranean manifestation on earth .

Any religion in fact that has marriage ceremony in it is under Shiva 4th class religion. Marriage is the giveaway sign. The influence is materialistic attitude a karma yogi full of conditions rather than bhakti yogi unconditional loving attitude. When you hear all religions want to do is control you that’s right they do. You just got to know within the whole Sanatana Dharma Eternal Religion what rung and stage you’re getting into or finding yourself born into. You are in the Sanatana Dharma Eternal Religion you’re in the word of God the Vedas. It’s just being able to perceive this in the life you lead.

This worlds order is exactly this materialistic attitude full of legal laws and statutes just sheer money making of our backs enslaving us rather than a simple 10 commandments in New Covenant.

This is not an all out attack on Shiva it’s a pointer to know this influence that is considered Shiva the dial needs to be retuned back into Trinity where the world needs to be and only ever did.

Subtle inducement is something else I’d like to talk about.For when myself as Kalayavana who was 27

subtly induced by Narada Muni a sage and devotee for Krsna who was later incarnated known as Srivasadi in the time of Lord Chaitanya 531 years ago. Subtly induced to fight Krsna to fulfil Kalayavana’s father Garga Muni who was Krishna’s Yadu family priest. Who from anger at being made fun of. Kalayavana went by subtle inducement to fight him for Krsna was suitable combatant.    By me doing this fulfilled Shivas benediction for Gargi Muni to give the Yadu Dynasty a scare. Kalayavana chased Krsna into cave got burnt to ashes by King Muchukunda. The boon was fulfilled.

So in this life subtle inducement the whole world is under subtle inducement except those wanting to truly spiritually wake up and when wakened proactively stay awake. The whole world is under a subtle inducement and it’s destructive for all and the the very earth we live on. This world order is the subtle inducement it’s religion and economic system is a destructive force that is eating the world

we live on the abomination that brings desolation. You’re living in a sandpit of an earthly world.

Which in comparison to the splendorous pre flood era to the now times it is. We are in the second half of the universe’s life Padma Parardha. The destructive agencies that have done this are to this day continuing it’s desolation. Shiva and his clerics Brahma Raksasa generic influence in all

organised religions and Kali and his asuric governments are the desolation. They will always try to maintain subterranean manifestations on earth which are havens only for the elite this world order which only a few benefit at the top and the rest of us enslaved by their legal fictitious laws and

religious conditioned doctrine.

Know that Shiva is Trimurti Jesus is Holy Trinity what is needed and only ever needed is Holy

Trinity conscious loving intelligence. Shiva and his destructive agencies don’t want to give back the earth we live on. You are born in a time where between Shiva and Kali both have set up a world order that has conditioned you into their service through consent. This gives them a foothold to devotion to God Our Father. Shiva is the controller of ignorance the destroying agent and runs all the religions that have Marriage, Meat (fish, eggs, poultry), Mortgages, Medication for mental illnesses. This is what I call Mahadeva (Shiva) M words it’s these key indicators that are all materialistic enslaving and destroying ourselves and environment keeping it desolated.

Know that Shivas philosophy is called Mayavadi which means illusory, fictitious, false, that which is not. When mentally ill one condition in this world order is called schizophrenia which is a stranger to oneself. When you are born and birth certificated in this world order you are given a fictitious identity a strawman. This is the generic term in Veda called the high handedness of Asuras celestial demons. It’s done to you as an innocent baby who has no say about it where legally you the new

born baby can be taken away from your parents once they have signed the birth certificate written for you.

Every contract you sign into requires you to write in block capitals your strawman the fictitious person in this world order and your signature. This worlds order wants to keep you engaged in adharma untruth and serving this fiction.

Furthermore on this world being a generic subterranean manifestation according to Vedas there are 7 subterranean regions. Talatala is the centre the fourth centre subterranean regions of the 7 which is described as an subterranean metropolis. We are in this subterranean region. This was created and presided by an Asura celestial demon called Maya who is a architectural necromancer which is like this world in it’s subtle enticement to play through advertising, marketing, media exploiting the material glare of sexual energy and romance and ideologies of the cities as a backdrop to bond you to it’s legal laws to keep you enslaved to the fiction of it’s establishment. The Devas Heavenly Devotees equivalent is Vivaskarma the heavenly architect of cities and heavenly ways.


Between both Shiva and generic cleric Brahma Rakshasa, Kali and Asuric influences they are

keeping the world we are in enslaved by their high handedness and wickedness in the world that should be heaven on earth. They have turned the world into iron age limited prison to keep you in cycle reincarnation life after life like they themselves locked in the material universe.

We don’t have to be we have freedom of will you just got to know how to wield this and set yourself free. Come away from this world the choice is yours.  


For 21 years and all that I write I stand by and in life I have stumbled and swayed though over all solid I remained since the saving and initial reassurance visitation of Jesus.


It does matter what you eat and all the animals, poultry and aquatics are suffering and depleting and become extinct, it does matter about freeing land property, making you waste your hours for a roof over your head on a land that should be free from these bondages. It does matter committing adultery with one another when all the while you’ve been set free not have to be under Old Covenant principalities with each other no more, it does matter to be getting away from viceful or being viceful for sexual pleasure when you should be in the spirit of having sex for free with each other. It does

matter about governmental legally prescribed drugs that just mutate and keep you passive to be enslaved in this world order that is not curing your mental condition just keeping the psychiatric drug industries in business.


 As long as these main 6 bases are installed and maintained for human civilisation we will be sound they are ;-

1. People

2. Agriculture nature organic food, Medicine, Hospitals, all the branches of care

3. Housing

4. Right Education


6. Environment

 There are the 5 seats of Kali that need to be removed ;-

1. Gold / Money

2. Slaughter

3. Vice



These 5 seats of Kali were clearly established by Maharaja Parikshit who was the son of Uttara the Grandson of Arjuna and Subhadra. Arjuna the cousin of Godhead Krishna. At the end of the third age Dwapara Yuga when all the Yadu dynasty had themselves been slain by one another this being also Sri Krishna himself and only the elders, women and children were left. It was left to Maharaja Parikshit to rule the transitional change of Dwapara Yuga into Kali yuga. Placing Kali the spirit of evil who parades himself as King into the 5 seats. King Maharishi Parikshit first giving Kali 4 seats then Kali requested a 5th so Maharishi Parikshit placed Kali with Gold / Money the seat of all forms of adharma untruth – deceit, pride, sexuality, cruelty, and enmity. The full narration can be found in  Srimad Bhagavata Skanda 1 : Chapter 17 Parikshit Subdual Of Kali (1 – 45 )


So because Father Godhead Sri Caitanya arrived over  531 years ago his passing heralded 10,000 29

year golden age within the allotted 432,000 of Kali Yuga. So the ushering of Golden age has been

going on but for it be ushered these 5 seats need to be removed.


To me you remove gold  / money vice stops, gambling purified no loss if there is no money no more loss. With intoxication the crimes of murder and theft stop. Intoxication won’t stop but the crimes that can come of will if money taken out of the equation and drugs decriminalised. Which sounds hypocritical but not, it’s money that causes the crime. More realistic approach to drugs and attitude where people can use and experience these intoxicants with a more human approach internalising the problem such as prescribed by Doctors more readily available not cut with poisons and more on demand 24 hour rehab centres more openreach care in communities is a solution.

Slaughter being the greatest of all the seats to be removed. Which I perceive generally being the hardest for most as dietary change to stop eating meat, poultry (eggs), and aquatics this will have positive effects on humanity in health, environment and atmosphere when this can eventually happen.  

This world order is keeping you subtly induced to automatically consent and conform an be enslaved to fight for and bully others to it’s ideology. It is an subterranean manifestation and it needs to fall back down there and we need to re-establish a heaven on earth.


I am one man there are many other contemporary speakers and pro-activists and all see hear feel this. I am lucky very lucky and naturally leaned towards Father God in love and in their compassion and mercy saved and re -educated me in this life. I hope you too can, already are or soon will. Turn back to original spiritual ways of living that have an loving conscious intelligence to why such ways are cultivated while passing through earth in life.





















[+ Chapter 7 +]


Configuration 7.3 / 45


Soul over gold heaven on earth ushered





Know The Way

1 Enable NOTA vote in general election

                                  2 Become a neutral country

                                  3 Become non monetary

Configuration 7.3 / 45

Work 7.3 weeks

                                                        Play 45 weeks

7 people working in current  job karma roles x 7 weeks .3 days = 52 weeks

45 weeks for your own spiritual career dharma getting your life back

Re-organise with loving

people power

A realistic answer to take back

our countries from this

governmental enslavement

This configuration came to me earlier last year 2016

This is configuration of work and play 7 weeks you work 45 weeks to call your own instead of in this world’s order we are under 48 weeks you work 4 weeks your own. This configuration will bring us back to our Bhakti Dharmic system our true calling in life rather than the current karmi yogi system


our conditioned enslavement. This can only truly begin when the natives of the countries do 3 main


1.Enable NOTA “None Of The Above” option

2.Become neutral country

3.Become non monetary

This is what has to be done in that order practically to make a proper change to the countries of the

world.This is a lawful rebellion non violent movement. So walking this through;-

1. Don’t vote on general election day NOTA vote option. This is the only way through lawful rebellion

using no violence is but the obvious move we as natives in our countries can make against this

world order. We in their pyramid elite system are at the base, the government are at the 1st level

above us and the rest as it goes above in their elite pecking order. So when they need to govern us for another 5 years they need us to consent by handing in our voting cards to the parties they have on offer to keep running the same tyrannical system. So all we got to do is not vote. With a NOTA “None Of The Above” vote as an option which is still to this day in UK and many countries trying to be put through on the electoral ballot paper. The difference I’m suggesting is that this NOTA vote is

a potential freedom pass out of this world order. Not to be used to set demands for established political parties coming in second in general election that never live up to their policies they say. Let alone a registered NOTA vote victory. So know they won’t keep to the NOTA demands if a NOTA vote is used under their registration. It has to come from God’s heavenly stand Sovereign Native Freeman template. Non registered to their legal demands and construct of consent and conformity.

We need this NOTA vote option as a default against this world order government of democracy.

Democracy which only means in Latin to rule the common man the mob. It is not a equal fair system of rule. It’s a business dictatorship that only cares for monetary capitalistic gains.The government only seems to have a concern on most issues because there is potential capitalistic gain for themselves. The chameleon democratic system is the same beast changing it’s political colours. Sometimes to appear to give back to the people. Sometimes to squeeze the people dry. Though it’s all to control and enslave us. We are born in a time when all countries are all in trillions of pounds in debt to each other. We are conditioned to be accounted for in a already in debt system of this world order. Expected to consent and trust in these plundering politicians and bankers.    


This is first step and the hardest step to get a foothold by the people with NOTA vote. For this world government know all too well if they allowed us this option in the political arena it would be over for them. A NOTA vote is a default vote by the people to be used against the democratic parties so where is it as a viable option.

Over the last three general elections in the UK 2005 - 2015 :- 38%, 34%, 34% has been the result for the registered voter that hasn’t voted for any of the political parties “the unheard third”.Yet we are still governed through these political parties.

This is a spiritual movement NOTA can be put through without having to register which cost £150.00 non refundable. For registering you are falling into their constructed railroaded legal traps of consent and conformity. So this is the stumbling block and high handedness of this governmental tyranny to shelf the work of holy spirit and keep us enslaved in this lost cause of this world order.  The NOTA I’m using is about non monetary system so registering for £150.00 is hypocrisy.


The only way I can see that could work is if in every local area there is representatives of SNF movement NOTA, Neutral, Non monetary, 7.3 / 45 configuration as it’s focus. It is possible to register locally without paying and if eventually more seats were taking back in local elections eventually this would enable SNF to become a valid party to take back the country in the general election without paying for registration and being controlled by their legal policies which are not Holy lawful.

Once the right way of use of a NOTA vote has been put in by these terms and we use this vote. We have overcome their order in our countries. By doing this we can continue to re-establish this 1st class system Brahma Sampradaya to regain and pursue our Dharma our spiritual calling which what Brahmas engineering is about rather than this quasi 4th class Shiva religious 2nd class asuric administrative warrior class system that is karmic enslaving us generally from our true callings in love and life and making our lives very hard due to their legal monetary laws to create more wars

and desolation.

With the 2 other steps we have a direction to get out of this world order for what is a NOTA for but to do this. With the practical configuration I’ll explain later you will see how this once worked in previous Golden Ages. Can you see how far we are from this due to this world current order.


2. Become neutral country Once we have out voted them with a NOTA victory we can then                              

re-administrate a neutral country if not already in some countries like Sweden, Austria.There’s

enough weapons in the world of mass destruction what is needed is as always an amnesty of arms

where they can be deactivated and dismantled from one another in our countries.There will always be military for it is natural trait of character to protect though not for war but protection against natural disaster. Where direct action to fix the disaster can happen. Creative maintenance not

destruction.I haven’t wrote much for now for becoming a neutral country is the only way a world can truly unite.

3. Become non monetary by becoming this in our ways will give us more time and freedom for

ourselves to do what we want to do in our lives this will free us more in its entirety of life once realised money don’t make things happen people do. So becoming non monetary more things can be done.There is enough problems in the world money just adds to the problem for putting a price

on things like labour material and time.Get rid of money and re-organise without it as it is an

affliction not a gain. It is what is karmic enslaving not bhakti which is unconditional priceless. No more restrictions in your life due to lack of money to fuel your life. It has had it’s time on earth and proves it does not work only greed and corruption comes of it. The root of all evil is money. The

spirit of evil Kali was placed there in this world and age called Kali. We need to remove it for humanity to progress through all the current generations and future generations.

Organised loving people power does work. We need to come out of this worlds order to make it so. Bhakti Dharma Yoga is priceless the true and only gold standard people need to make heaven on



7.3  / 45 configuration this would be the realistic solution to make this happen for all you do to keep

the current life you live. The concise configuration is 7.3  7weeks 3days.


7 people covering a 52 week year is 49 weeks .3 weeks remaining = 21 days 21 days / 7 people = 3 days is 7 weeks 3 days or 7.3. So we’ll be working 7.3 weeks in a job that is currently available or reinvented in its need as your service of practical maintenance for each other, then 45 weeks to yourself in the callings you need and like to do. With everything free and provided for this can happen. All burdens put on top of you due to this world order are relieved you are not enslaved to


their legal monetary laws of financial enslavement. We the people are already making this happen just money is afflicting us from being this free in an already organised system of maintenance. This is the only practical steps we can make in the countries that can keep all that is made for needs and pleasures. Nothing stops just 48 / 4 configuration monetary system has been taking out.

This is freeing each other practically from time stealing enslaving jobs that can be shared practically

between 7 other people sharing the shift of that same job role throughout the year.

For those who already have their careers having this configuration also frees you from the the pressure of money of this world order to have to exhaust yourself year after year. This can open up the door and branch out to professionals like Doctors, Nurses, Teachers etc who are not in their career. So professionals will be able to be working and covering and expanding the

industry. By lightening the workload current careers put on you.

With a non monetary system this will put all people regardless of financial wealth at the same level

where everyone is involved on equal terms. Money won’t buy you out of not serving your part for 7

weeks, for money has no relevance in countries no more. Though poor or rich this is a conscious decision that yourself want to be involved in. Freedom of will is your God given right.

With this way installed we can then as natives of our countries begin to stop industries that we no longer or never needed running in our countries. For the enslaving compromise of having to work for money in bad industries to keep fed and housed is no more relevant to our human civilisation. There are plenty more to be said though I’ll leave you to perceive this heaven on earth template.


For the country that first does this how much has it got in providing the same maintained life of needs and decadence by its own making in the country without the need of import from other monetary countries. How much have we got in practician to keep the country running the same as it

is for our daily provision. How much do we lose and how much are we willing to go without until

other countries follow suit to reunite in the world in free trade of import and export.

Relying on relief and charity if at all at first from supportive movements in other countries while they strive for the same in theirs. It could be generations for this to happen and if so are you willing to give up the country we are now governed by to this original one for a better life for future generations. At worst we may nomore have such great decadence for the rest of our lives as generations here. What countries need to do is make themselves self governing as in can sustain year after year 6 main bases mentioned earlier.

So when a country does eventually come away from this world order it is not dependent on trade of import to keep its natives alive. At the moment most countries are now dependent on one another through trade to sustain its people. So if this was done the most your lose is decadence. Except those who are rich and can still trade most will lose all these luxuries once all money in our accounts have dried out. Though nothing is stopping you work in all it’s forms in other monetary countries if money and all these luxuries is what you want.  The reorganisation to work while transferring money out of humanity and burying it with no one going without while in this money governed world. It comes down to all heads of industries and businesses large or small accounting for this reorganising of transferring money out of their industry they provide for humanity. The ability to turn soul over gold. By the use of this 7.3 / 45 configuration this can happen. These are the realistic possibilities of how things will happen when natives of a country does renounce this world order. This is the reality of a new heaven on earth in it’s practical engineering of people power. This is the realistic template to focus on in its wholeness.  


Whenever this happens the sooner the better. This is the only way we in the world being presently governed by this world can go. For this is how Krita Golden Yuga can be realistically ushered in it’s realistic engineering of practical living. There was only non monetary systems in Krita Yugas. It has been 531 years since the passing of Father Lord Chaitanya heralds a 10, 000 Golden Age within the allotted 432,000 Kali Yuga storm we are in.This is the spiritual focus and drive we need to be making amongst us in human civilisation.

Which country will initially let go of this world order and take the gauntlet of heaven on earth template.


Notice 7.3 weeks work

7.365 is the p.h level for healthy food balance for our bodies

This is all part and parcel of the body of Jesus Pradyumna expansion in wholeness on an economic level the Sangha or also known as Brahmas 1st class engineering programme.

Without contradiction but taking in account of the population and amount of work that there is and work that also needs to be there. This configuration is a rule of thumb, a country may need to doing a 10 / 42 for example. Though I do believe there’s enough people from other countries I’m sure that people would like to live and work to keep the configuration down to 7.3 / 45 so to free each other from bonds of karmic work so each man and woman can have your Dharmic career in your callings in devotion. This is the target 7.3 where practically possible.

SNF is a Holy Spiritual template it is a pointer and guideline if you want a change from this world order.This is a present future template. When people have had enough of this world and countries democratic system. This is the only practical way that in a non violent lawful rebellious movement can and will eventually go. It’s a long road ahead untils this becomes manifest living this free from this current new world order we are governed by.  This will come to pass. I seed this in the hope you can perceive how this gives direction out of this worlds entanglement we find ourselves in. I leave you to contemplate the possibilities that this can give you in your life to be realistically living in a free world.


Thanks for your time in this testimony of mine. If you would like to leave your messages about anything relating to this let me know email me at [email protected]

Hare Yeshua Hare Kalki



Testimony Of A Witnessing Son Leigh White

  • Author: Leigh White
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Testimony Of A Witnessing Son Leigh White Testimony Of A Witnessing Son Leigh White