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Temporal Anchor (World Shards 2)

Temporal Anchor (World Shards 2)

By: Mike White

Copyright 2016 Mike White

Shakespir Edition

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Cover Image “Vacation on Mars” (cropped) by: [+ Brooke Binkowski+] under Creative Commons


Wen launched an assortment of flying drones the size of peas so he could get a better look at his pursuers. He needed to get a sense of what kind of gear they had. He gave the drones orders to stay outside of weapons range, but close enough for details, and then to relay video.

As he ran, he tried to think of where he was and what was available throughout the temporal-verse. One of the advantages to his particular build was its versatility, so he just had to pick something that he could survive but his attackers could not.

Or at least something to slow the bastards down, Wen thought.

A wide video shot entered the top of Wen’s vision, showing him a reconstructed view from the many drones transmitting.

The ‘description’ window suddenly popped up with some relevant details including-

Range: 1 Mile

The men following him were Mark V’s. He could tell by the insanely heavy armor at the front and the ridiculous number of weapons ports in their arms and legs. If they got any closer, he was going to have to start dodging missiles.

What would be a terrible environment for someone like that? The description window blipped and now said:

Range 0.9 Miles.

Whoa, they were closing fast! Bad thing-he was low on time. Good thing- He gestured and zoomed in on their legs and necks.

Air vents and springs. No hinges like on his own system for versatile mod changes. These cyborgs were built to do one thing and one thing only: bring in oxygen at a huge rate and use it for leg movement like a cheetah. Those knees looked like reversed joints.

Wen tapped out a staccato beat on his chest with both hands, typing out two different processes at the same time.

Range: 0.5 miles

They were really putting on the speed now.

It took a few minutes of desperate pounding over the rocky ground before Wen’s efforts neared completion.

By then they were close enough that Wen could hear them speaking in between the metallic whining of their suits.

“Warning, capabilities unknown,” One of the Mark V’s said to the others as they closed in around him.

Right about then is when the temporal anchor came into effect, pulling all sapient minds in the region with it.

“Welcome to the Late Cretaceous, Bitches” Wen transmitted over radio due to the fact that talking in water would be useless. The Mark V’s were already a little busy though anyway. The ones that hadn’t been blown upwards by the pressure-caused explosions from their own missiles were now trying to swim that way desperately. Many of them were using short range laser cutters to slice off their own weapons and armor systems, which was fine with Wen. Those systems spiraled down below and out of sight in the depths, falling by huge, dark, moving figures looking upwards with curiosity.

Wen took his cue and motored away, his newly-formed propellers pushing his streamlined form through the water away from the scene. The bubble around his head hardened and glittered as the filtering light through the ocean waters hit it, revealing the diamond composition. The hinge on his neck morphed into a mechanical gill, and as he motored through the water it vented fresh oxygen into his bubble.

The recently-morphed floating drones he had launched zoomed through the water to show him that all of the Mark V’s were making it to the surface. Now don’t get eaten by dinosaurs before the Temporal Anchor wears off, Wen thought. That totally couldn’t be blamed on him.

Author’s Note-

Thanks for reading! World Shards is a series of flash fiction pieces. Each one represents a peak into a different world.

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Temporal Anchor (World Shards 2)

World Shards is a series of flash fiction pieces. Each one represents a peak into a different world. This story is about one cyborg seeking to escape others through unique temporal technology.

  • Author: Mike White
  • Published: 2016-05-31 23:05:07
  • Words: 789
Temporal Anchor (World Shards 2) Temporal Anchor (World Shards 2)