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1st day Fairy Academy

Month of August

First day of school as Fifth Class, wee tart



First school day of the week

7:01 a.m.

Home of Persia’s parents

Private bedroom setting of thirteen year old Persia

Cool temperatures with bright sunshine

blue sky and white clouds

with three miles per hour winds


I awake, staring up with a grin up to see the ceiling, rolling out of my warm bed, and run to my bathroom. I wash my face, brush my teeth, and comb my hair. I smile to the mirror, seeing a set of slightly crooked white teeth, a head of long wavy black colored hair, and a tone of glowing pale tinted skin, staring back, giggling with nervousness. I turn and dash to the closet, grabbing and struggling into the pretty dress of pink color in tea length with tons of shiny sequins and gem stones around my waist, both my shoulders, and down below my waist. I slip into a pair of heeled sandals of pink, wiggling my naked toe bones. I grin and giggle at my very first pair of heeled shoes, matching my fancy dress. “I’m almost ready.” I turn and exit from my room into the hallway, running into the living room and stop.

The adult female possesses a build of average height and average weight, a head of shoulder length black colored hair, a tone of pale tinted skin, and her mama. Her mama wears a pair of faded blue jeans over her heeled sandals of apricot color with a band of sparkling gem stones. A matching ankle-length silky glittering cape with a tiny one foot train covers her sleeveless white blouse that is tied at the waist with a row of apricot gem stones. She turns and smiles at her daughter, as her tiara of apricot gem stones twinkle underneath the bright sunlight from the windows. She moves ahead, stopping, hugs and kissing her daughter on the forehead like always, saying with a smile and a nod. “You are beautiful, Persia. Are you excited about your first day of school?”

I smile with nervousness, “Yeah, Mama!”

The male adult possesses a build of average height and average weight, a head of shoulder length black colored hair, a jaw line of black whiskers, a tone of pale tinted skin, and her daddy. Her daddy wears a pair of faded blue jeans over his cowboy boots of light brown. A matching ankle-length silky glittering cape of light brown with a tiny one foot train covers his white shirt with a row of light brown gem stones. The gem stone line down the center, closing up the garment. He turns and smiles at his daughter. His halo headpiece encircles his forehead in a light brown ribbon with a set of tiny matching gem stones. He moves and pulls his daughter from his wife, hugging and saying with a smile to her face. “You are the most beautiful in the land, Persia. You will have fun at the Academy this year.”

I smile. “I’m almost ready.”

Her daddy pulls back from the hug, winking at Persia. “Enjoy your first of many Academy days. You understand that we will not be collecting you at sunset like usual. You’re a teenager now and will learn teenager lessons and doing teenager events. We will come at holiday break to the school for you, spending the holiday weeks with us. This particular school requires your undivided attention in your academic studies, making you a valuable resident to the land. Time for me to be off. I love you, Persia. We will call you once per week…”

I drop open a mouth, “How? How can you call me? I don’t have…”

He grins. “This is the reason for your continued academic excellence and education. You will learn the how, what, why, where, when, and who at the Academy, sweetheart.”

“Okay, Daddy!”

He releases Persia and kisses his wife, saying with a smile and a nod. “I’m off to work, as well. See you for lunch, dear.”

“Enjoy your day, honey.” His wife hugs and smiles at her husband.

They wave goodbye, seeing him walk out the front door. They follow outdoors too, strolling to the transport that sits flat on the ground without a set of wheels or a pair of skis.

I climb into the front seat.

Her mama slides inside the driver seat, lifting and touching her necklace. The necklace activates a floating band of apricot color. The band streaks to the horizon from our house without end, notifying the other travelers that she is traversing this particular space of the air waves. She touches her necklace for a second time. The transport lifts in the air above the grass. The bubble-shaped clear glass covered coach flies them towards the new academy institution of learning.

I exhale with a puff of nervousness, turning with a smile to see her nose profile. My mama stared down her necklace which is also a communication devise. I smile with nervousness. “Why did you pick the color of apricot, Mama?”

She guides the coach in the air space on top of the apricot wave by touching the gem stone in her necklace. “The gem stone picked me, honey. Apricot is a favored hue color of orange. Orange represents adventure and social communication. A being of orange is also optimistic, sociable, and extroverted like me.”

I grin. “So I’ll end up picking a favored hue color of orange too.”

She drives the coach, saying with a stern face to the wind shield. “I don’t know, Persia. You selected the color of pink from the clothing store, because you liked the color which signifies sweetness. I agree with your color selection and that personality trait.”

I frown with puzzlement, remembering that I did not pick the color of pink. My mama had picked out the color of pink from the clothing store. I turn and scan the sky, saying with a stern face. “Yeah, sweetness. Mama, will…”

She drives the coach, saying to the wind shield and the other flying coaches. “I’m happy for you, Persia. You’ll have lots of fun plus lots of learning about our land.”

I turn and smile at her nose profile, saying with a stern face. “Yeah. Mama, will…”

“You will meet every single thirteen year old from the land. Each teen is required to attend the Academy. You’ll learn about lots and lots of things.”

“Yeah, Mama, will…”

“We live about fifty miles from the Academy but faster by a flying coach. This is one of many reasons for you attending and staying on the academy campus.” She watched the blue sky with numerous coaches that fly up and down. “O poo. Why are we slowing down?” She turns with a smile to see Persia. “The first day of Academy is always the bestest and busiest.”

I turn and scan the sky, saying with a frown, “Never seen so many beat up ancient flying coaches, Mama. I thought ours was the worsest of the lot.”


“Sorry, Mama. Our coach isn’t shiny new or newly painted. The metal’s shredding like the flower petals in the wintertime. I see Yachel’s coach too. It’s not shiny new or newly painted either. I see lots of no shiny new or newly painted coaches too. Why are the coaches old and scratchy? Hey. They’re moving ahead of us.” I pointed to the flying coach out the window.

The bells are ringing in the far distance. The sun is shining on top of the tall house. The house does not gleam with beauty but dulls in an ugly dark brown brick mixed with red. And there is peeling white paint from a set of massive columns in front of the structure.

I look down to see the Academy, saying with a confused brow. “Is this my new school?”

“Yes. I am ascending upwards into the air spiral. Each coach lands one at time from the sky, twirling down to the pavement like some type of grand entrance for you, honey. So we have to wait our turn for your grand entrance into the Academy.”

I slam my face against the window. “Okay.” I view the landscape, pointing to the objects. “I see our house way over there. And I see Yachel’s ranch house and farm way over there too.”

She says with a nod and a smile. “We’re lucky. The day is bright and clear of cloud cover for some good bird eye’s viewing. I’m sorry that we’ve never traversed over here before today, since our land is both massive and beautiful. Your daddy and I just don’t have the extra time in the week or weekend. We’re always busy with you or working our…”

“Wow.” I finger the structure below the coach. “The Academy floats in the sky off the land…”

She looks down to see the object. “The main building was built a long time ago before the nightly flooding of the landscape from the ocean waters. To save the Academy, an enchantment charm holds the building and all the attached satellites above the ground. The main building is eight stories high with a basement level underneath the front porch. The basement floods during the night so do not go down there for any reason. I do believe it is restrictively off limits because of the dangerous rising tides. Six columns surround each face of every square shaped structure, making the campus both fancy and grand to my eyeballs. The front porch holds a set of rocking chairs. Other buildings shoot out from the main house, containing the class rooms and the lecture halls. There’re barn stables and mill houses too. The mill houses prepare the meals for the students and staff.”

I nod. “I see the main building and the satellites. What’s on top of the main building? That isn’t a sloped rooftop like our house.”

“These are separate watcher stations, watching out for trouble around the Academy. Each station has four different geographical directions, allowing the watcher to see the landscape, wildlife, animals, and invaders.”

“Invaders?” I frown with worry.

She laughs. “I joke, honey. There has never been an invasion of the academy or the land…”

“Wow.” I smash my face to the window in the direction of the objects. “I see other structures. What’s that building on my left? What’s that building on my right?”

“You will learn all at Academy, honey?”

“Yeah, Mama, will…”

She turns with a worried brow to see the nose profile of Persia. “Are you nervous about living away from us for nine months? That’s a long time. I was nervous too. I still remember my first day at the Academy, a long time ago. But you’ve have fun, meeting new teens and making new friends.”

I grin. “My best friend will be there with me. Yachel turned thirteen almost five months ago. My birthday was two days ago.”

She nods. “O poo. Yes. You’ll be one of the youngest students in your class. As a matter of fact, you’ll be the youngest student in the entire school. Don’t worry. You’re young but talented like your mama,” she smiles to Persia.

I drop my mouth with shock. “Don’t worry about what, Mama? Why should I worry about that? What do I have to be worried about, Mama? How am I talented like you, Mama?”

She looks down and rolls her finger around the necklace gem stone, closing her eyelashes.

The coach slowly lands down on the rough pavement with a slight thud.

I exhale with nervousness, seeing my new school.

The six tall weather beaten peeling columns are about ten feet apart, making the front porch sixty feet in length. On the bottom steps of the cracked and busted sidewalk, a row of adults both males and females stand on each side of the staircase, leading up to the front porch, holding a set of rocking chairs.

Each adult wears a brown ankle-length cape over their personal clothing, a set of matching brown gems in either a female’s tiara or a male’s halo.

Her mama does not park or stop the roaring of engines of their family coach.

A tall teenage boy opens the door of Persia’s coach with a smile and a nod in silence. A second tall teenage boy extends his arm to Persia.

I scoot out of the coach and on the sidewalk, stepping my sandal in a deep pothole of dirt, falling forward. The teen male grabs her arm, steadying her balance.

I look up with a giggle and a smile to him.

He winks with a smile back to her.



8:01 a.m.

Front porch setting



The adult female is tall and overweight with a head of brown colored hair, a tone of brown tinted skin, and a pair of brown colored eyes. She moves and strolls to Persia, wearing numerous aqua colored gem stones on her cape and in her tiara, saying with a nod and a smile. “Welcome, Miss Persia to the Academy. This direction, it will show you the banquet room for your first day of session which will be serviced by your personal escort Master Gable.”

The male is a teenage of short status, a set of spaced teeth, a head of curly brown hair, a tone of dark tinted skin, and skinny. He giggles and mouth spits between his parted lips.

I frown with disgust, back stepping, hitting the closed door of our family coach.

Gable wears a pair of faded blue jeans underneath his baby blue ankle-length cape.

The adult female reaches and grabs Persia by the arm, dragging her to Gable, saying with a smile and a nod. “Do not be shy, Miss Persia. Every teen is nervous today. Master Gable, please show Miss Persia the entrance hall, leading to the banquet room for her first day at the Fairy Academy. Have a good fairy day, Miss Persia.”

Gable touches the hand of Persia and releases the limb, moving beside her to the front porch of the Fairy Academy.

I frown with puzzlement at the eye sight of front porch.

The columns are worse in eyeball range rather than from the air view. The paint is peeling or missing pieces on the wood. Some type of rodent family is living inside the far column, hanging by toenails, wiggling its tail at each teen for hello.

He stumbles up the stairs, grabbing and squeezing Persia by the arm for his support on the crumbling steps, mouth spitting his salvia between his parted lips. “Yeah. Okay. Shore thing. Up the stairs. I’m Gable. My daddy’s a…”

I slowly sidestep around the rotten wood and the broken planks on the front stairs and stomp up to the front porch. The concrete of the porch is cracked with wiggly lines or numerous small fusions of ripped cement. The windows are dirty and broken with spidery cracks which are the ones that are not completely busted in the glass panes.

A row of adults in a dark brown cape stand between the window panes. One of the adults hits and parts one of the double doors with his hand.

I quickly glance at the door, seeing the rotten wood, the splintered holes, and a broken door knob.

They stomp into the hallway.

The door closes. I guide away from the mouth spit and the nasty smell of my escort. “Do you need a pair of eyeglasses or a hearing devise? You don’t need to stand so close to me. As a matter of fact, you can release my arm. I’m losing blood circulation.” I stomp to the wall. He holds my arm, stomping to the wall too. I stared at the objects and the dull dirty hallway. “What’s the importance of the entrance hall? I see nothing but white walls…”

He turned and stares at the wall. “Uh! Pictures in color!”

I finger the wall. “Individual photographs of the queen of the land, present to past.” I slap his arm for fun with a smile. “I don’t like your baby blue cape. How long have you been escorting girls to the banquet room this morning?”

He scratches the forehead, drooling with more mouth spit salvia. “Me either. My daddy dropped me off about five minutes ago. That female jerked me out the coach and told me to stand on the sidewalk next to the collectors,” he looks down to the floor. “Did you notice that the walking sidewalk was filled with lots of broken up concrete slabs and big holes, showing the red clay? The windows are busted along with the door. And the floor’s rough, walking through the hallway,” he slaps the tile with his cowboy boot. “The tiles are old, cracked, and need some good hand polishing. Some tiles need replacing too.” I look down with a nod to stare at the tile flooring too. He looks up and pointes to the ceiling. “The ceiling’s poured concrete, not pretty painted wood. I guess the plantation house of the Academy is older than the queen. What’da ya think, Persia?”

I stared up at the ceiling and the hallway with a stern face. “I guess…”

Gable mouth spits, stopping. “We’re here.”

We stand in the archway which is blocked by another adult.

The male is tall and muscular with a tone of pale tinted skin, a pair of green colored eyes, and a head of short blonde colored hair. He wears a brown ankle-length cape underneath a pair of blue jeans. He possesses a pair of dark brown boots and a dark brown halo over his forehead. He stares at the young teens, thumbing over his collar bone. “Girls on your left. Boys on your right.”



8:13 a.m.

Banquet room setting

Breakfast meal



I enter the banquet room, moving to the left side of the wall. There is a round table, wearing a pink tablecloth for sweetness. I roll my eyeballs, scooting into the last empty seat next to my best friend and neighbor Yachel.

Yachel fist bumps with Persia with a giggle and a grin. “Check out our future boyfriends.” She fingers the front table of teen males.

The room is configured with a center aisle of emptiness, separating a set of round tables. Each table holds a group of males or females and not nicely mixed together either. Each table is color-coordinated with the seated occupants too.

I wear a pink dress and a cape like Yachel plus I look like the other thirteen year old girls at my pink table cloth. The thirteen year old boys wear the color of baby blue jeans and a matching cape.

Along the walls, there are single wooden chairs non-matching in different wooden designs, holding an adult in her or his colored head piece and her gown. They are the mentors of the Academy, studying the new and old teen students.

The table, ahead of Persia, is colored in dull red for both females and males all being fourteen years old. The table, before them, is colored in grass green for the fifteen year old females and males. Each sixteen year old teen wears a black cape, sitting at a black covered table.

The seventeen year old teens are dressed in different shades of color and separated into two tables.

I study the banquet hall.

Each table is covered with a ratty and patched tablecloth, including Persia’s table. The walls and ceiling of the banquet room needs paint. The floor is wooden which needs polishing. There are low windows that are both dirty and cracked which is similar to the front porch’s windows.

I frown with puzzlement, staring at my eating table. I sit in the rear of the room near the breezy archway. The open windows emit hot heat and no wind from the hot day of August. I whisper to her face. “What about the competition for our future boyfriends, Yachel?”

Yachel is a teen girl built of average height and average weight, a head of long waist length dirty blonde colored hair, a tone of dark tinted skin, and a pair of violet colored eyes. She looks at each girl at her table with a smile. “Let’s see. I know Zann and Apella and Kuelle…”

“Come again?” I frown with puzzlement, scanning the faces of the girls on my table. “I don’t know these girls. Where do they live?”

Yachel grins. “Throughout the land…”

The adult female is tall and queen-sized with a head of blonde colored hair, a pair of blue eyes, and a tone of pale tinted skin. She wears a cape of bright yellow with a set of matching gem stones. The color and gem stones match her tiara too. She stands in the center of the aisle between the eating tables.

On each table, there is a plate and a cup filled with food and liquid.

The female raises both her arms for greeting and attention when her palm jewelry of bright yellow color glitters from the sunlight, saying with a nod and a smile to the teens. “Welcome to all! Welcome to our first day of session! I am the head mentor of Fairyland Princess and Prince Academy. My name is mentor Daffodil. You will be introduced to our academic mentors later, after breakfast. Each morning, we will gather here for any bold announcements and some brief social exchanges for enjoying our first day’s meal. After mealtime, you will attend the first session of your academic classes throughout the day with your class mates. In the evening, your meal will be taken inside your sleeping suite, while you get acquainted with your new or old students. I do believe that you have noticed the different colors of capes.

“Our fifth class or the thirteen years old come to the Academy in the newborn colors of pink for girls and blue for boys.” Some of the males coo like doves and laugh. Daffodil says with a sour frown to the mischievous male teens. “Do not think for an instant that I have not recorded that vile deed, boys. You will see me after breakfast.” The same males frown with worry. She smiles. “My presentation is basically for the new students. You start in the Academy as pink or blue and then move up the array of colors. The color designates your specific degree of talent skills as a learning flock of fairies. Please do not be discouraged. Each class holds an array of bright colors, dull colors, brilliant colors, and soft colors. A color spectrum contains numerous hues which equal your talent. This is purpose of the Academy. This is the purpose of the mentors. This is the purpose of you. You are a fairy. We do not possess a set of flapping ugly wings as the fairy tale goes. We are varied in heights, weights, skin tones, and hair colors. We are a class of supernatural beings, possessing magical powers too. I have concluded my short lecture for the day. Let us break the bread and spread the butter in peace as fairies.”

I look down and stare at the plate, reaching and touching the object with a confused brow. “It feels hard like a rock.”

Yachel grabs and chews the bread, spitting out food particles with a grin. “It’s food. Is this our breakfast? Where’s my stack of buttermilk pancakes or a pot of scrambled eggs or the pan of buttermilk biscuits?”

The teen female is a petite with a head of red colored hair, a tone of pink tinted skin, and a pair of green colored eyes. She says with a sour frown to Persia. “The ritual comes from our rich yesteryear when the first Fairy Queen possessed only a dry piece of soft warm bread. She shared the bread with a starving handsome male, who only possessed a pat of rich creamy hot butter and then the two married…”

“…and mated,” giggles Yachel.

The female turns with a smile and a nod to see Yachel. “And they become the first royal couple of Fairyland.”

“I like fairy tales too,” Yachel mouth spits more food particles.

I slam the bread with the fork which is missing one prong. And I pick up and examine the dull knife that can’t cut a tree leaf. “Is the bread really soft and warm inside? I can’t cut it open to see or taste or nothing.”

The female exhales with a puff of frustration, lifting her bread. “You’re supposed to tear bread, not cut it, tart. I am Apella. My parents are watchers. And you are…”

“Hungry?” Yachel reaches and grabs the bread from Persia, tearing it in half, placing the other half back on Persia’s plate.

I giggle, grabbing and eating the hard bread with my fingers and my front teeth, chewing.

Yachel grins with food particles between her teeth. “I’m Yachel. And this is not really my first enjoyable experience meeting you either, but I guess the very first impression burned into my retinas can change over time after about twenty to thirty years from our first introduction at the Academy.”

The teen female is tall with a head of long auburn colored hair, a tone of bronze tinted skin, and a pair of brown colored eyes. She tears her bread, saying a smile and a nod to the other girl teen fairies. “I’m Zann. My parents are watchers too.”

Yachel says. “My parents are farmers.”

Apella frowns with confusion. “You mean to say that your parents are workers.”

Yachel frowns. “Yeah. I mean to say that they work as workers on the farm growing food, being farmers. You’re really swift there, Apella.”

I say. “My parents are watchers too.”

Daffodil stands from her table with the other mentors, saying with a smile and a nod. “Attention students. The bread has been broken and spread. Please stand and wait for your class mentor. Good luck and swift learning.”

“Daffodilly is too cheery in the morning time for me.” Yachel stands, wiping off the bread crumbs from her pink cape and her pink dress.

All the teen fairies stand and move out the banquet room, following the other fairies to the first academic class of the first day of Fairy Academy.



8:30 a.m.

1st period Fairy Lore Class



The entire room is solid white, glowing in smooth plastic on the ceiling, the floor, and the walls without any windows. You cannot view outside the pretty day of white clouds and the tall green trees. There are also a set of smooth rounded white plastic chairs in five rows from front to the rear.

The illumination of light in the square room comes from the reflective plastic material.

I enter the room and select a chair beside Yachel, who sit in the third in the chair near the solid wall.

I scoot into a curved seat, feeling the smooth plastic on my fanny and my legs, but I am totally eye blinded from viewing the side walls, the rear wall, the rear door, Yachel, and the other white chairs on either side. I survey with a grin of excitement the solid front wall, the front row of rear curved chairs, and finally the teacher.

I drag the extended white tray which is rectangle shaped with a rounded edge over my lap. The tray is not marred with a single ugly black or colored scratch or a single pencil holder for writing notes of my future academic lessons. I pull it to my chest. I rub the tray, finding an embedded shallow rounded pocket slot on the top center of the tray for holding something.

The adult female is tall and queen-sized with a head of brown colored hair, a tone of brown tinted skin, and a pair of brown colored eyes. She wears an aqua gem stone broach pin on the front of her gown. She wears an aqua cape and matching gems in her tiara from her duty as the morning greeter at the Academy. She stands with a smile and a nod in front of the white wall without a desk, or a book, or a ruler, or a pencil, motioning with her hand for the other teens to enter her classroom.

Yachel scoots the tray from her chest, leaning forward from her chair to see Persia, whispering “Pfft…”

I grin, moving the tray from my breasts, leaning forward from my chair to see Yachel.

Yachel fingers the teacher and the tray with a smile. “I met her this morning. This is a reader-tray. We can write messages to each other during class without talking or being caught by the instructor.”

I look down with a smile to see and touch the tray. “Cool. A reader-tray. How do I write a message? I don’t have a pencil or pen…”

Yachel eye rolls and grins at her best friend. “Persia, we’re fairies. You write with your finger, using the finger nail or the finger pad, spelling out the letters in black, forming the word in black. Then you add the black words together to form a sentence…”

“I know how to write, read, and add, tart. The teacher greeted me at the entrance doors this morning too. Then Master Gable escorted me down that rough-looking hallway into the more rough-looking banquet hall. What’s up with the paint job at the Academy?”

Yachel grins. “An institution of learning something other than painting and polishing the floors, cause I ain’t doing that, darling.”

I exhale with a puff of annoyance at her. “Is that your wise advice for the day?”

Yachel touches the plastic reader-tray with her hands with a smile and a nod to Persia. “Yup. And don’t forget to eat your vegetables at lunchtime.”

The fairy mentor cups her hands in front of her cape, facing the students with a smile and a nod. “Welcome to the Academy.”

I lean back into the chair, scooting the reader-tray in front of my breasts, and cup my hands on top, facing the fairy mentor.

The mentor nods. “I greeted you this morning for your first day of session. I am your class mentor which means if there is any trouble between fairies, I will handle it. If there is any trouble between me and you, I will handle it. And if there is any trouble in the Academy, I will handle it too. Is that clear? Good. This is your first session of the day every morning, starting tomorrow at nine o’clock, after breakfast. Today, both the hours and sessions are shortened on the first day of session. The class subject is Fairy Lore. I am mentor Ibbie. You will address me as Mentor Ibbie, or ma’am or mentor.” She removes her aqua gem stone broach from her dress, turning and placing the object inside an embedded pocket at the center of solid plastic white wall above her hair roots.

Each wall, the floor, and the ceiling around the room turns into the color of neon green and then changes into a life size female. The female is tall with a head of long blonde colored hair, a tone of pale tinted skin, wearing a red short dress, a pair of blue wings, and bare feet.

I twirl my reader-chair around the room, since I can’t see behind or beside me, confirming the image.

The pretty female fairy is projected on the walls, the ceiling, and the floor.

I smile, swirling my chair to the front of the room.

Gable smiles from the rear of the room. “See this.”

I feel my desk slowly swirl from the front to the rear of the room, facing Gable.

Gable is sitting in a duplicate reader-chair in the next to last row. The other fairy males occupy the last two rows, while the fairy females are scattered among the first four rows.

I smile, feeling slightly dizzy and view Yachel.

She and her reader-chair have turned from the front of the room to face Gable, too.

I view the other side, seeing all the other reader-chairs with the rest of the fairies. Each reader-chair has turned from the front of the room to face Gable, also.

Gable says with a nod and a smile to each fairy, pointing to the wall and his reader-tray. “My tray displays the same picture in miniature. Wow. This is reader-tray. It reads and shows any type of image, picture, text, musical notes, or entertainment movie…”

Mentor Ibbie says with a smile and a nod. “Very good, Master Gable.”

My reader-chair and tray slowly swirls around to face the mentor again. I feel slightly dizzy again.

Ibbie says with a nod and a smile. “You are occupying a reader-chair with a reader-tray.”

I glide my hands over the picture on the tray. It doesn’t shiver or quiver or disappear.

Gable fingers the wall. “Fairies don’t have wings…”

My reader-chair slowly swirls around again to face him again. I frown with dizziness.

The other reader-chairs have turned around along with Persia to face Gable, again.

Apella frowns with confusion, facing Gable, tossing her arms. “Why do I keep spinning from the front to the rear of the room? I selected this position specifically to view the mentor and all the sessions for a proper education at the front of the classroom, not the rear of the classroom.”

My reader-chair spins and faces Apella. She sits on the front row, but her reader-chair is facing me.

The other reader-chairs spin and face Apella, too.

Ibbie says with a smile and a nod. “Your answer is very good, Master Gable.”

Apella’s reader-chair slowly swirls to face the mentor.

The mentor says with a nod and a smile. “Your reader-chair will automatically swirl to the current speaker during the academic session.”

Gable holds his face with a sour frown. “I’m getting dizzy from the spinning.”

My reader-chair slowly swirls, facing him after his vocal comment.

Ibbie says. “Please may I ask for no further comments from the students at this time, until I have completed my lecture?”

My reader-chair slowly swirls, facing Ibbie.

Ibbie smiles, “The reader-chair will automatically swirl to the vocal speaker during your session. However, you are a fairy and part of your training as a fairy is to control the reader-chair with your mental thoughts. For example, when Master Gable shouts another comment, you command to your reader-chair to pose and stay at the front of the class room. Or you relax your thoughts, allowing the reader-chair to swirl side to side or around to face him or the current vocal speaker. Beware. We will be involved in heavy discussions of Fairy Lore with many of the students actively participating. If you do not control your thoughts and your reader-chair, then you will eventually vomit up your breakfast entrée from the morning,” she chuckles with the fairies.

She says. “The purpose of the reader-chair allows the participant to view and debate any other student with the on-going hot fairy topic. I have completed my first lecture. Now, I will move along with the rest of the day’s Fairy Lore session. I must confess as a mentor of learning, I am greatly disappointed that the Academy does not award numeric points or lettered grades of excellent for good work or the reverse, giving out numerous demerits of poor performance. You are here to discover your purpose. Your purpose is embedded into your soul as a fairy and not even your mama or daddy or grandmother can deduct your job function, your destiny, or your life.”

I exhale with nervousness, cupping my hands over the smooth tray, viewing Ibbie and feel slight heat underneath my arms. I view the the tray, seeing a group of black words that has formed a sentence.

The sentence covers the center of my reader-tray.



My destiny is a farmer, present and future.



I frown at the sentence and hear Yachel’s giggle. I lean over and view the side of my reader-chair, but I cannot see her and then understand. Yachel has written a message on her reader-tray, using her finger pad which has appeared on my reader-tray.

I smile, wiping my hand over Yachel’s sentence. It disappears, leaving the white smooth surface again.

Ibbie waves her hand.

The wall behind her skull changes to a single page of words.

I view the same page on my reader-tray, the walls, the ceiling, and the floor.

Ibbie reads the wall ahead of her face. “I am a fairy…”

I smile, smoothing my reader-tray with my fingers, whispering to my eardrums only. “The tray shows the page with those exact words. I am a fairy….”

I fingernail write on my reader-tray in black words as the reader-tray splits in half. The right side shows Ibbie’s Fairy Lore words. The left half shows my fingernail written sentence to Yachel.



Is she going to read us the entire text?



Yachel writes with her fingernail to Persia, showing up on both of the reader-trays…Yeah.



Ibbie reads from the side wall of her classroom. “I am a fairy. I do not possess wings. I vary in height, weight, skin, and hair color. I would like for each fairy to stand please.”

I slide from the plastic seat of the reader-chair with a chuckle and a smile, standing with the other teen fairies.

She smiles to each standing pre-teen fairy. “I would like for you to turn and view your desk buddy and your surrounding neighbors, verifying my proclamation.”

I smile and scan the room and the other fairies.

Apella stands inside the front row with another girl. Zann stands inside the second row on the other wall with another girl. I don’t know all the kids or names like Yachel. All the males stand from a plastic seat within the rear of the classroom.

Ibbie says to each fairy. “Please sit.”

I scoot back into the plastic seat of the reader-chair. The tray has split in half. The right side shows the page from Ibbie. The left side shows a new sentence from Yachel.



Yachel fingernail writes to Persia on the reader-tray.


I take Stad, Hadwin, Molfalso, and handsomely cute Britton.



I smile and fingernail-write down below her sentence.


I take Stad, Hadwin, Molfalso, and handsomely cute Britton.

How do you know all these kids?”



Yachel fingernail writes, responding to Persia.


I take Stad, Hadwin, Molfalso, and handsomely cute Britton.

How do you know all these kids?”

I see them around the town. You need to expand your playground, Persia.



I frown and fingernail write last below our stacked messages.


I take Stad, Hadwin, Molfalso, and handsomely cute Britton.

How do you know all these kids?

I see them around the town. You need to expand your playground, Persia.

My parents?



Then I wipe the sentences away with a hand, exhaling with frustration and disappointment.

Ibbie says to each fairy without a smile. “You have verified with your five senses that fairies can come in different shapes and sizes along with different personalities and talents. A fairy is a supernatural being who possesses a set of magical powers…”

“Hey,” Gable stands from the reader-chair, fingering and shouting at each wall with a sour frown. “The wall didn’t change into a picture of a watermelon that I wanna see…”

My reader-chair slowly swirls around to see Gable. Then I mentally think it to stop but it continues to swirl, facing Gable. I see that half of the reader-chairs turn and face Gable, including Yachel and Zann but not Apella’s.

Ibbie tosses a hand over the embedded gem stone broach pin inside the front wall when an invisible force pushes Gable back down into his desk. The teens laugh as Ibbie smiles to Gables. “A fairy is a supernatural being, who possesses a set of magical powers within the body…”

My reader-chair swirls to face Ibbie. I frown with dizziness, holding a face of frustration.

Ibbie says to each fairy without a smile. “However, the magical powers can only be corralled and then harnessed through a conduit. We are not witches or wizards or ghosts or werewolves or trolls. We are fairies. My fairy conduit is my broach pin. When I touch or wave any desired body part over the gem stone of my golden tinted broach pin, I command my inner talents. Each one of you possesses a range of inner powers. This is the purpose of the Academy. This is the purpose of the mentors. This is the purpose of you.”

The page of the electronic book turns inside the reader-tray. I gasp with amusement.

Ibbie reads the page out loud to all eardrums. “In addition to your purpose, each fairy will exhibit at all times…”

Gable shouts. “Wee little folks of peace and quiet…”

My reader-chair starts to swirl to Gable. I stop it half-way and return it to face the front of the class. I hear the giggles of my best friend Yachel and feel the heat on my arm from the reader-tray. I view the sentence from Yachel on the left side of my reader-tray.



Yachel fingernails writes to Persia…Are you bored? I really bored except when I do a sideways quick glance at Stad. He’s so handsomely cute. Can I call a guy cute? Or does he get upset with that term?



I smile and fingernail write below her sentence…Your teen hormones are beating you up, Yachel.



I feel my reader-chair slightly turn to Yachel, closing my eyelashes, stopping the swift movement and face the front of the room. I feel the heat from the tray, seeing a new sentence on the left side of the tray.



She fingernails writes….Ya know why we’re really here?



I fingernail write below her sentence…To beat up or on Apella, I’m not especially fond of that girl. She’s a…



I feel my reader-chair slightly turn to Apella as I mentally stop the movement. I exhale with a puff of frustration, twirling my chair to face Ibbie again, feeling heat from the left side of my tray on my left arm.



She fingernail writes…Smartie, I’m glad handsomely cute guys like pretty dumb girls like you.


I fingernail write…I’m not dumb bunny, Yachel.



Ibbie reads from the side wall to the new students. “I attend the Academy. I wear my fairy cape for all academic sessions and social functions. I will obey the mentors. I will discover my purpose. What are the primary characteristics for each fairy princess and prince to exhibit during the tenure of Academy? The answers are the characteristics of grace, pose, balance, charm and honor.”

I stare down at the black colored glowing words on my reader-tray, occupying the entire surface with a whisper and a sour frown, “What the fig does those words me? Nothing to me is grace, pose, balance, charm and honor.”



I fingernail write in the top left corner to Yachel as my reader-tray splits in half…Am I supposed to be writing this stuff down somewhere like on my forearm, since lacking a pen, a pencil, an ink feather, a computer pad, or a single sheet of paper? Do you know, Yachel?



Yachel fingernail writes…Persia, we are sent here to find our soul mate, our loving husband, our life time sweetheart.



I drop my mouth open and then grin when my reader-chair swiftly swirls to face the cute males in the last two rows.

The fairy students laugh at Persia.

I part my lips in shock.

All the males wink and wave to Persia.

I turn strawberry red with embarrassment.

Ibbie says with a sour frown at the rear reader-chair. “The reader-chair and you are one entity, Miss Persia.”

My reader-chair slowly swirls to face Ibbie.

Ibbie says with a nod and a smile to Persia. “The reader-chair will automatically turn to face any vocal speaker inside the room for the current hot debate topic of a learned lesson unless you stop it, the rotating movement. And the reader-chair will automatically turn to face any student within your wandering mental thoughts unless your control your heated teen girly hormones, Miss Persia.”

I swallow with nervousness, turning bright red, making my mind blank. “Yes ma’am.”

Ibbie nods to each fairy. “This is my second lecture for the session,” she waves a hand.

The walls, the ceiling, and floor return into a set of four solid white colored walls along with each reader-tray of the fairy student.

Ibbie says with a nod and a smile. “Our class time has ended. I will remind, after breakfast, you will come here to work with me on another tale of Fairy Lore. Please adjoin to your sleeping suites. This is satellite number nine. Your sleeping suites are located inside the school building numbers one and two. One is the female sleeping suites. Please follow the main hallway back to the entrance hall and then turn to the right, before the banquet room. I would change out of your dresses, girls. You may wear any form of clothing. However, I will tattle in advance. Your next class is outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine, so I would dress appropriately.”

Fairy Lore Class ends at 8:35 a.m.



8:36 a.m.

Hallway setting



The door opens.

I scoot from the reader-chair without smiling, turning and racing through the archway.

Yachel dashes and taps Persia on the collar bone.

I slow my racing pace with a stern face.

Yachel pulls up with a grin and a giggle, leaning into the nose profile of Persia. “I like not toting around an arm load of books or a new homework assignment. I like the Academy, so far. I’m still pondering the purpose and the mentors, thou.” She jerks the hand of Persia forward to the teen boys ahead that walk in pairs.

The males were seated inside the last row, dashing out the Fairy Lore classroom first.

Yachel slams into the back spine of the tall male and then back pedals with a giggle and a grin, stopping in place.

I drop open my mouth, moving and stand beside her.

The male stops, sneers, and swings to Yachel and then says with a smile and a wink to her. “Hey, Yachel, I saw you upfront in class.”

Yachel smiles, swaying a body side to side.

I pay close attention.

Yachel smiles, “Yeah, my farm’s got some more fresh strawberries, last week. If your mom wants some, I can arrange for a special delivery basket to your house.”

The teen male is tall and slender built with a head of cropped black colored hair, a pair of blue eyes, and a tone of pale tinted skin, wearing a pair of faded jeans and a baby blue fairy cape too. He says with a smile and a nod. “Shore thing, Yachel. I can’t call my mom, thou. It’s against the rules,” he turns and grins to Persia. “Hey, I’m Stad.”

I sway side to side like Yachel with nervousness, saying with a giggle and a grin. “I’m Persia. It is nice to meet you, Stad.”

Some of the other males come up and stop, standing with smiles around Persia and Yachel.

Gable pulls up beside Persia, saying with a nod and a tongue of mouth spit into her cheekbone “Hello, fairies, I’m Gable,” he reaches and touches Persia on the collar bone.

I side step and bump into Yachel, sliding away from his spit and his nasty smell.

Gable grins, patting only air molecules with a hand, fluttering a fairy cape of baby blue. “And this is my girl Persia.”

Yachel leans around Persia, saying with a disappointed frown to Gable. “I thought I was your girl, Gable. You called me, babe, in the market…”

“Hmm,” Mentor Ibbie moves and invades the huddle of teens, saying with a stern face and a firm tone. “Does anyone remember my remark about trouble?”

“Yes ma’am.” I nod with a whsiper, turning and leading the other female fairies up the staircase and towards the sleeping level on the second level.



8:40 a.m.

2nd floor level

Bedroom setting of Persia



The door opens.

I stop and stand with a smile inside the archway of a single new private bedroom. The room is painted in dull beige, maybe once bright yellow with a set of peeling paint and a series of rough exposed open holes near the top of the ceiling.

There is a canopy bed in the middle of the forward wall which is across from the door archway that holds a bed cover and a set of matching canopy curtains, displaying some type of ugly but colorful patchwork squares. There is a nice slick dark green marble vanity set with a reflection mirror on top on the other side of the canopy bed. There are two walls of viewing windows, where I can barely see that tall green apple tree between numerous spidery cracks with the clear glass with a pair of narrowed eyelashes.

Inside the window corner, there is a loveseat and two side tables and a low table that holds nothing but dust. A horizontal set of pull-out wooden drawers badly needing a fresh coat of any color paint is built into the wall and below the windows for storing all my personal fun clothes.

I move inside, whipping around to see the rest of the sleep room.

On the short side wall, there is a window with more broken glass of blurry trees and a small sofa with a low table for resting a pair of naked legs and toes.

The other short side wall holds a walk-in closet for hanging up all my personal clothing.

On the opposite wall of the bed, there is a solid white colored wall of smooth plastic with a reader-chair and attached reader-tray.

I smile. “My personal reader-chair,” I swing towards the bed, moving and lift the bed cover up and into my nostrils, sniffing for cleanliness. “Are these things washed and cleaned?”

The door opens in silence.

Yachel enters the room, wearing a pair of faded and shredded jeans, a yellow shirt, and her fairy cape, saying with a nod and a smile. “Yeah, I checked for head lice, fleas, and ticks, too.”

I rip off the bed cover. The bed sheets are thinly threaded and patched, matching the bed cover and the set of canopy curtains. I exhale with a puff of annoyance. “A torn and patched matched set, to boot.”

Yachel grins, moving and kneeling on top of the patched loveseat, looking out the window. “I like your apple tree view. I view an oak tree and a flower garden from the fifth level,” she fingers the side door. “There’s a private lavatory over here against the wall. No sharing the invisible germs with the other fairies. There’s a closet to hide your suitcases.”

“Fifth level?” I swing to the wardrobe closet, entering and changing out of my tea-length dress. “You’re way above me…”

She moves and stands in the middle of the room with a smile. “The letter ‘Y’ comes near the rear of the alphabetic lineup, honey. The rooms are labeled with the stacked alphabet, starting with the letter ‘A’ for Apella. Her student room is on the ground floor, watching the squirrels sh…”


“…shoot their pookie into the low ugly plain green bushes with matching silk threads of black widow spider homes underneath her two walls of broken window panes,” she grins. “Do spiders bite fairies? I guess not. I do not wanna be her or the letter ‘A’ for any reason here at Academy. I surprised you didn’t hear her whining and yelling at Ibbie. Someone was either smart or sassy, giving the first letters of the alphabet to the first floor. Do you like my ‘f’ sounds?”

I exit, standing and smiling in my pair of faded blue jeans and my pair of dirty blue and cowgirl boots. “Naw. Where’s our next class? What’s our next class? Who’s our next class?”

Yachel turns and leads to the door.

The door opens silence.

She moves out the room and turns, strolling down the busy hallway.

I dash out of the room, pulling up beside her with a smile.

She grins, “Gem class.”

I exhale with a puff of annoyance, removing and tying my fairy cape of pink around my throat. “Gym class? How do you know that answer?”

“My mom and my dad like to gossip with the other parents about the Academy, before I got permanently shipped out for six years from my warm cozy sweet smelling lavender colored bedroom. I got the scoop-dee-doop on everyone and everything. Ask me a question, any question about the Academy?”

I exhale with a puff of frustration, slapping on my jeans with a sour frown. “How am I going to exercise in jeans, boots, and a fairy cape in gym class?”

Yachel laughs.

I frown with annoyance, stomping down the stairs, blending in the rows of other teen fairies to my next class.



9:05 a.m.

2nd period Gem Class



Yachel and I enter the archway together, walking through an enclosed dark tunnel underneath a set of high bleachers, stomping to an open theater of emptiness.

I stop with a confused brow, scanning the tall rough concrete walls without a set of glass windows or a ray of bright sunlight underneath a set of dull artificial lamps. “Where’s the balance beam for gymnastics? I can balance on my tippy toes, too.”

Yachel grabs and drags Persia by the arm into the bleachers. They turn and climb up to the top, sitting and parking on the top row. Yachel scoots and slides accidentally into Stad, turning with a wink and a giggle for her amusement. Then he bumps back with a wink and a grin for his amusement, too.

The adult female is petite and slender with a head of short blonde colored hair, a tone of dark tinted skin, and a pair of aqua colored eyes. She wears a hunter green gem colored stone on a choker around a throat. She stands in the middle of the auditorium in front of the curved row of bleachers on the ground level, motioning with both hands. “Please move down from the top bleachers. I would like all the students to occupy the first two benches for my lecture. This is a lecture hall for over five hundred fairies. Your class holds twenty individuals. This is a lecture hall that can be converted into a working gymnasium.” The teens stand and shuffle down, sitting and occupying the two rows of lower bleachers. She says with a nod and a smile to each teen fairy. “Welcome to Gem Class. I am Mentor Oviv. Do you have a favorite color? Please feel free to speak out.”




“Not pink.”

“Not baby blue.”



Gable stands with a sour frown. “Can I go to the bathroom, now?”

Yachel leans into Persia with a whisper and a giggle. “This is g.e.m class inside the g.y.m class…”

“O, good to learn.” I say with a sour frown, staring at Oviv.

Oviv fingers the door with a sour frown. “Go on, Master Gable,” She exhales and looks at each fairy teen. “Our excellent eyesight plus our brain patterns can distinguish different hues of pretty bold and pale colors. However, color is not always just a pretty face to your clothing or your bed covers. A color is alive, living in your fairy body too. You possess right now an invisible personality color which equals your personal talent as a fairy. The color understands your behavior and your character in terms of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of fairy body, but you do not. Your personality color will eventually display for others your strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, needs, wants, desires, and challenges as you stroll along the days of your long life in Fairyland.”

The hand rises.

Oviv says with a nod and a smile. “O, I can read your mind, young fairy. No fairy possesses two or more personality colors under any extreme circumstances. You have eye witnessed the other colorful eating tables in the banquet room which are different from the pink and blue. As each class advances at the Fairy Academy, each fairy will practice and rehearse all the fairy lessons which make up the prime colors of you. Each student will advance, at a different level, in the fairy color. This is the purpose of the Academy. This is the purpose of the mentors. This is the purpose of you. So forth and beyond, you are thirteen years old, this year. The next stage of your life is fourteen years old which is represented by red, always. Fifteen years old students are fairy capes of the color green. At the age of sixteen years old, you will fall deeply into the rich darkness of black for your clothing attire while your color peculates within to outward. Finally, here at Academy in your final class of your final year at the seventeen year of your person…”

Yachel leans to Persia. “Say that three times faster than a flying coach.”

“…your personality color will shine for all to see, hear, taste, touch, and experience.” Oviv says with a nod and a smile. “This final prime color understands and motivates you into the very best fairy being of the land.”

The hand rises, again.

Oviv grins. “O. I can read your mind, young fairy. You might greatly dislike the personality color but who cares. The color doesn’t care, since it is your true personality, shaping and reshaping throughout the next six years here at Academy. Your personal personality color will balance your life, incorporating your work, your energy, and your fairy family.”

Apella lifts a hand in the air, saying with a smile and a nod. “Mentor Oviv, I understand the definitions of each personality color. I know that the color of red means energy…”

Oviv lifts both arms in the air with a nod and a smile. “Please stand. Thank you very much, Miss Apella for sharing your massive knowledge of the personality fairy colors. We will discuss that aspect when we return from our rock hunt.” She turns and swings to an open door in the rear of the building. “We are venturing into the unknown territory but the known cavern, where the color lives. The color is represented by a gem stone. Follow me.”

I stand and smile, moving down the steps in my jeans and my boots of not pink with Yachel as I drag my ankle-length pink cape that is tied at my waist over the dirty carpet of the auditorium to the outdoors of the sunshine and trees.

Yachel moved beside Persia, swinging around, walking backward, and fingers each teen male with a grin. “I know Hadwin and…”

I walk forward, scooting around the exposed holes in the old worn carpet. “How do you know all these boys and girls?”

She swings around, skipping over the exposed holes. “Where do you live on the planet Venus or the planet Mars, fairy Persia? I see these kids in the market. They buy my parents food stuffs.”

“O poo, I don’t go to the market with parents, because my parents buy your foodstuffs from your parents at their house. Then my parents work and work and work during the week and weekends, while I slump and slumber around the house, the lawn, your house, and your farm. My life’s really boring.”

She slaps Persia on the collar bone, pulling and hugging her with a giggle and a grin. “Not anymore, babe, this is the Academy.”

I smile and stomp down the stone steps from the rear patio of building which needs repair from the broken and chipped rocks and pebbles too. I exhale with a puff of confusion, staring at the dry dead grass, the tall ugly weeds, and the numerous wiggling worms that live above the exposed moist dirt. “The Academy looks in bad shape. The way my mama talked about the grand and fancy structure, I thought I was going to live in a castle.”

“This is the purpose of the Academy, an institution of learning, not polishing the floors, which I ain’t going to do. Fairyland don’t have any princess castles only plantation homes around the clusters of farms, except for the queen’s residence, she lives in a fort.”

“A fort? What fart?” I smile.

Oviv stops and swings with a smile to see the teens, standing in front of a cavern entrance which is covered by a large boulder, thumbing over her collar bone to the rock. “This is the gem cave. A gem is a cut up rock. Therefore, you will be searching for your particular rock of any color which will be later transformed into a gem stone.”

Yachel leans and whispers to Persia. “I do not like the sound of those words, transformed later. Do ya know how to shape a piece of earth rock into a pretty piece of wearing jewel?”

Oviv lifts and extends her arms even with the dead grass, saying with a smile and a nod. “As you slowly walk over the dirt path, extend both your arms and your hands outward to the rock walls. You do not have to touch the wall with your finger pads only hover your fingers near the rock. Do not fret. Your color will seek you by way of heat. When you feel a sight warming sensation, close your hands around the perimeter of the heat, your hand will start burning with more intense heat. The heat will come from that particular rock.

“Then you must tap the rock three times with your fingers or knuckles, signaling that you are the master or the mistress. The rock will pop out of the wall and into your hands in both coolness and cool,” she sweeps her hand to her aqua gem stone choker. “I have my gem stone embedded into a neck choker for both easy and beauty. My inner fairy power is emitted through my choker in the form of a single wave,” she swings her body to the boulder. “Please watch my demonstration closely. My wave of fairy power comes from the gem stone in my choker, but I will use my hands to manipulate my fairy visual wave. Or I can use my foot or my elbow to turn and twist my fairy wave in any direction for my power function…”

She reaches and touches her throat choker.

The hunter green fairy wave soars from her throat choker through the air and hits the middle of the large tan colored rock boulder. The boulder slowly slides to the side by the aqua wave, revealing darkness.

I narrow my eyelashes to the darkness and do not see anything.

Oviv moved and stands in front of the new opening, swinging and fingering with a smile and a nod to the first teen. “Miss Apella, you are the first fairy princess standing in the semi-crooked line of teen. Please enter and seek your rock.”

Apella bounces up and down with excitement, moving with a smile to the cave entrance, and stops. She spins around, smiling and waving at the other fairy teens, and twirls around, disappearing into the darkness.

You hear a scream.

Oviv says with a chuckle to the other teens. “Did I mention that a cave is dark? There’s no sunlight.”

You hear a moan.

Oviv grins. “Caves do not possess a gang of evil spirits, only hard rocks. Sometimes, the dry soil and the water moisture will shift the rock around the soil, making a moaning sound,” she turns and views the cave entrance. “Miss Apella has ventured ahead for the next fairy to enter. Please, advance into the cave, Master Gable.”

Gable stares at Oviv, mouth drooling and slow moving to the mouth of the cave, and disappears into the darkness also.

You hear a scream and a moan.

I exhale and elbow Yachel.

We both watch each fairy teen vanish, waiting for our turn of surprise.

Oviv turns and views with a smile and a nod to Yachel. “You are next, Miss Yachel.”

Yachel exhales and elbows Persia, moving to the cave, disappearing into the darkness.

You hear a scream and a moan.

I exhale, swaying side to side with nervousness.

Oviv turns and views Persia, fingering the cave with a smile and a nod. “Miss Persia, please enter the cave and find your rock.”

“Yes ma’am.” I move with nervous excitement through the darkness, stopping.

The floor is dark dirt with a low ceiling of more dark dirt.

I hear a scream, narrowing my eyelashes in the far distance. I see shadows of the previous teens. Each teen walks with a pair of extended arms, seeking their rock.

I don’t feel water molecules, only a slight breeze of wind in the gem rock cave.

Then I hear a moan from a shifting rock.

The cave is dark with a set of tiny pin pricks of colored light that come from the glittering rocks which are embedded in the dirt walls.

Yachel is ahead, walking with her extended arms to the dirt wall too.

I extend my arms, feeling nothing but the cool breeze, swinging my face from wall to wall, slowly walking.

I hear a scream and a moan, stopping to pant with fear. I narrow my eyelashes ahead, seeing only the shadows of the teens with a pair of extended arms, looking like the capital alphabetic letter T as the lighted rocks beam off their skulls and arms.

I slowly move, seeing the raw colors of twinkling blues, greens, reds, oranges, indigos, yellows, pinks, purples, browns, grays, turquoises, golds, and magentas. I feel thrill and heat.

I gasp, stopping.

I turn and stare at the wall, pushing my hands to the rock of magenta. I feel intense burning heat and tap the rock with my finger. It pops from the wall, landing inside my open palms in coolness.

I smile and back step from the wall, holding my personality rock in my palms, rapidly moving to Yachel.

Yachel slowly moves and continues to fan the walls with her hands, wiggling her fingers.

I come up behind her with a whisper and a grin. “Yachel…”

She swings around to see the nose profile of Persia.

I extend my hands to her face with a nod and a smile. “Look, I got my personality rock. My hands heated and popped it out the wall like Mentor Oviv told. It’s the color of…”

She gasps, saying with a puzzled brow to the rock. “Magenta. You got a magenta rock. Wow. That’s a pretty color in its raw format. I bet it’s a bright bold color as a gem stone. Congratulations, Persia.” she turns with a sad face to see the dirt wall. “I am still seeking…”

I stare at my rock, saying. “Thanks. I’m marching ahead and see what’s happening with the rest of the class.”

Yachel slowly moved forward with her arms extended and her wiggling fingers along the dirt walls.

I smile and skip ahead and around some of the slow moving teen, hitting the brightness of sunlight. I run to Oviv, showing off my rock, saying with a confused brow. “How did you get here before me, Mentor Oviv?”

Oviv gasps, looking down and staring at the rock. “Magenta rock. I haven’t seen a magenta rock in ages. Congratulations, Miss Persia.”

I grin. “What does the color of magenta represent, mentor? My mama is apricot for communication. My daddy is brown for security. Pink is sweetness. What’s meaning of magenta, mentor?”

“I struck gold,” shouts and smiles Apella, running from the cave, and halts in front of Oviv, extending her palms. “I got a gold nugget for my personality rock. Gold means that I radiate charisma. I’m loved by all,” she smiles and jumps and down with excitement.

Oviv says with a nod and a smile to the teens. “Very nice, Miss Apella. We will discuss the individual rock colors in class, Miss Persia. Please both of you go and stand with the other teen. I must wait and watch for the remaining teens to exit the gem rock cavern.”

Apella turns with a sour frown and a sour tone to see the cave. “What fart? It’s not like there’s a real live boogie cave man inside the cave with a pick axe for hunting down for the fairies. How many are in there still?”

Oviv says with a stern face and a serious tone to Apella. “You language skills need some more polishing, fairy princess before you graduate the Academy, Miss Apella.”

Apella turns and runs with a smile and a chuckle into the crowd of teen.

I exhale with a puff of annoyance at Oviv and Apella, moving into the crowd of teens, swinging around to see the cave opening, and cuddle my precious pretty rock into my breasts with a smirk.

Oviv exhales, viewing the exit point of the gem rock cave. “There are twenty students under my watchful eye and tender care. Five fairies are still missing.”

Zann exits the cave, holding her rock with a smile and a nod to Oviv. “I got pink. Yay.” She shows Oviv and move into the crowd of teens, exhibiting her selected rock and her pretty smile.

Yachel exits and holds her rock with a smile, running to Persia.

I stare down at her rock in her palms, saying with a nod and a smile. “The color of pale blue, it means loyalty.”

Oviv moves and stands behind the rear skull of Yachel, saying with a sour frown and a lady sneer. “Where are the rest of the teens, Yachel? Radford is missing along with Walcott, Stad, Molfalso, Jackzee…”

Yachel eye rolls and smiles to Persia, saying. “Right behind me with their colored rocks and red necks, mentor madam.”

Oviv back steps with a lady sneer from the rear skull of Yachel, turning and advancing to the edge of darkness, darting her eyelashes for the missing teen fairies.

Apella bumps into the fanny of Persia fanny, moving and standing beside the elbow, saying with a smirk. “And what does your personality rock say about you, Yachel?”

I turn with a smile and a nod to see the ugly nose profile of uglier Apella. “Pale blue means loyalty. And my best friend has always shown me great loyalty. Her personality rock got it alright. I popped from the wall, a magenta rock. What does the color magenta mean? Do you know, Yachel?” I view my best friend.

Apella turned with a sour frown to see the nose profile of Persia. “Yachel is your best friend, a loyal friend. I don’t understand. How is that even possible, Persia?”

I smile with a nod to Yachel. “Yeah, darling. She’s a loyal friend and my fun neighbor. Her farm’s next to my house. We grow up together like sisters, doing everything together like sisters. That’s how it is possible, Miss Apella.”

Yachel stares with a puzzled brow at Persia’s rock. “Magenta is a rare rock and rarer find. No cavern really yields that many colors of….”

“I got a gold nugget.” Apella shoves her hands underneath Yachel’s nostrils. “Look, see here?”

Yachel gasps. “Impossible. A gold rock plus a magenta rock inside the same cavern from the same fairy gem class session. That’s sugary sweet.”

Tall Zann moves and joins the huddle, saying with a smile and a nod to each face. “I pulled out a pink rock for sweetness. I like the color pink too.”

I stare with a smile at her rock. “What does the color of magenta mean anyone?”

Oviv turns with a clap and a smile to see the teens. “Congratulations, fairies. You are another step closer of discovering your purpose here at Fairy Academy.”

“…with only about hundred and twenty eight more steps to go,” grins Yachel.

I turn with a confused brow to see Yachel. “Really?”

Apella grins. “Not really. Your loyal friend likes to fib, Persia. Do you fib all the time, Miss Yachel?”

Oviv says. “Your personality rock is part of your fairy powers. Keep this rock with you, always. Do not lose or misplace your rock. For the safety and security of your rock, there is a designed set of empty shells of jewelry to hold your rock in place, such like, a female’s necklace, or male’s neck clip chain. The shells are located on the left side of your clothing bureau on the bottom drawer. I strongly recommend, securing your rock immediately, before your next session. You will have plenty of wasted time. I am ending our session early for this specific purpose.”

“Purpose is a reoccurring theme today.” Yachel grins.

I exhale with a puff of frustration, saying with a confused brow to Oviv. “We were going to discuss the meanings of the color for the rest of session, Mentor Oviv. I have the color of…”

Oviv nods. “Tomorrow is another fairy session in gem class. You are required to return to your sleeping suites. Please dress appropriately, wearing your dresses and sequins and your sports coats and capes also.”

I move and stomp my boot toes to Oviv, shoving my rock underneath her nostrils as I am the shorter fairy. I say with a smile and a nod. “I wanna know the meaning of…”

Yachel turns and moves, grabbing and dragging Persia by the arm. “Let’s go. We gotta clean up and get dressed before coronation class.”

I exhale with a puff of frustration, turning and marching behind with her back spine through the dry grass, ugly weed, up the rear patio, and into the rear door and pull up even with Yachel. “How do you know all this stuff about Academy?”

She grins. “The Academy and my mama.”

Gem Class ends at 9:28 a.m.



9:30 a.m.

Hallway setting



I slowly move beside Yachel down the long hallway when a brisk cold wind tosses the hair from my neck.

Apella halts and screams, tossing her hands in the air, wrapping her arms around her body.

I halt, dropping my mouth and gasp, exhaling with a puff of fear.

Yachel stops, turning with a confused brow to see the nose profile of Persia. “What’s wrong? What happened?” She turns and views Apella also.

Apella moves and leans against the wall, sobbing with her tears, fingering the opposite wall.

Yachel says with a worried brow to Persia. “What’s happened to you too?”

I frown and shiver, wrapping both my arms my body, staring ahead in the hallway. “Do you not feel it? It was cold freezing air like a wintertime wind storm.”

“It was me,” a baritone voice says behind the rear skull of Persia.

Yachel swings around to the object, tossing both her arms and her hands with a yell and a sour frown. “Yaw. Get away, spirit. Go back to your dark cave or your bear den or the parlor room.”

The spirit is tall with a tone of translucent colored skin, a head of white long hair, wearing a white long jacket, and a pair of white trouser that is tucked down into a pair of knee boots. The spirit says with a baritone timber and a chuckle. “I am not afraid of you, fairy. Boo. Boo. Go back to your suite, sweetie.”

Britton rushes and crashes into the spirit, exiting through the translucent matter on the other side, hitting the wall with a chuckle of fun.

The spirit yells in fear, floating backward from Persia and Yachel. “Naw. Take your stinky stone from my inners.”

Britton back steps through the translucent spirit again with a chuckle and a smirk, waving his earth rock back and forth at the ghostly body of the floating spirit.

The spirit yells again, flying backward from Britton to the wall. “Naw. Get away from me. It stings. The stone stings. Naw.” The spirit disappears back into the dark walls.

The teens clap.

Britton turns and bows at the waist, lifting his torso and his dark blue stone, saying with a chuckle and a grin. “They’re not afraid of us, but the rocks upset their electromagnetic field around the spirit. The plantation house is centuries old with more than one Captain Robert lurking in the dark shadows. Just swish your rock into their bad breath, then it retreats for ya,” he moves down the hallway, slamming into the fluffy dress, scooting around Persia, and whispers over her hair roots as he is taller. “Sorry…”

I stare at his fluttering baby blue cape.

Britton leads the teens to the banquet room.

I lean to Yachel, moving down the hallway, whispering with a grin. “He touched me. He likes me.”

Yachel said with a puzzled brow, watching the butthole of Britton strut into the banquet room. “Naw. The spirit hates your guts along with the other teens and mentors of the Fairyland Princess and Prince Academy.”

“Not the spirit, Britton likes me. He touched my arm.” I smile.

She says with a sour frown. “You were in the way of his victory, Persia. He leads us to the banquet room for his coronation of his ceremony.”

“Naw. He touched me. He spoke to me.”

She said with a puzzled brow. “What did he say to ya, Persia?”


She grins. “Uh, huh. That’s definitely a romantic gesture of teen likeness from the handsomely hunk of cuteness.”

“Who do you like?”

“I told ya in fairy fart lore. I like Stad. He’s handsomely cuteness.”

“Britton is the hero for the day, saving us from the spirit.”

Yachel looks around with a confused brow to see the ceiling and the wall corners for more spirits, and the flooring for the exposed potholes. “There’re lots more spirits here hiding in every dark corner. They didn’t get along with us or them. As a matter of fact, I don’t think any being or beast gets along with the same company-kind unless for some type of personal morbid pleasure or sad happiness.”

I scoot around the broken tiles in my heeled sandals, wearing a puzzled brow, pondering her words.



9:35 a.m.

Coronation Class

Banquet room setting



Daffodil stands in the archway of the banquet room, saying with a smile and a nod to each teen. “Welcome to coronation class. I would like each fairy to sit in a chair against the wall, very quietly.”

I follow behind Yachel, scanning the banquet room.

The room is filled with tables on both sides of the wall like our breakfast tables with an empty aisle of space. Each table is covered in a dull white and torn but patched fabric cloth. Some of the table cloths have fringe tassels or long satin ribbons or fancy lace or flower patterns or just solid dull white. Each table cloth displays an assortment of tiaras. Some of the tiara spikes display one to five pointy shapes or one to five semi-circles.

All the tiaras are made of silver diamonds.

I stop and sit next to Yachel in an individual slightly worn chair against the wall. The chair wobbles side to side with sounds of tiny creaks.

All the other teens select a chair, rocking it with tiny creaks side to side also.

Daffodil turns and moves from the door and stands between the tables, facing the teens in her yellow ankle-length gown with a set of sparkling bright yellow gem stones and a matching tiara as her yellow cape flutters from the breeze from a set of broken windows. She raises her palms, showing off her glittering jewelry. It is a bright yellow colored gem stone soldered onto a gold chain. The chain is entwined between her four fingers, stretching the gem stone flat against her palm.

I see the advantage of such an object, projecting her fairy powers through the stone from the inner palm of the hand.

Mentor Ibbie uses an aqua gem stone broach pin on her gown.

Oviv wears a hunter green gem stone throat choker around her neck to display her fairy wave like today.

I ponder how to display my gem stone on my body. My mama wears a long necklace with a pretty apricot gem pendant around her stone. My daddy uses his light brown stone in a wrist watch like a piece of jewelry.

Daffodil grins. “The word coronation means a crowning event of a princess or a prince. How convenience? We have ten fairy princesses and ten fairy princes for celebrating a coronation today. Our coronation is slightly different from a tradition one that you might have heard or read about during your childhood fun entertainment. Your crowning will be based on a tiara or a halo. A fairy princess wears a tiara which is a headband that is comprised of glittering diamonds in various sizes.

“A fairy prince wears a halo. The halo is a thin solid satin band with a set of tiny diamonds across the forehead, not more than two or five for drama. You have departed the gem rock cavern, wearing your colored rock inside your new golden shell of a necklace or a neck clip chain. Very good, fairies. Your personality rock, at a later time, will be sculptured into your gem stone. The gem stone pushes your fairy powers from within to outward. A witch has a broom. A wizard has a wand. A werewolf has fangs. An elf has a bow. A troll has an axe. A vampire has the night. A fairy has a gem stone. For further analogy, a witch has a hat. An elf has a pair of pointy ears. A troll has an ugly pointy chin. And, a vampire wears a pair of sunglasses.

“Therefore, a fairy has a crown. You have discovered your personality rock which has been selected for you inside the cave. The same principal applies with your head piece. The tiara or halo will select you. Each tiara is slightly different but made the same way with various numbered diamonds over a silver metal hair band. The height of the spike varies by each tiara. Therefore, no tiara is alike. It is very precious and personal just for you, fairy princess. Presently, the tiara is colored in silver in both the diamonds and the band. Based on your advancement of talents and academic studies here at the Academy, the tiara will change its hue into your personality color. This is the purpose of the Academy. This is the purpose of the mentors. This is the purpose of you.

“Today, you are not to select or touch or pick up any other tiara but yours. This is very important. You will slowly go round each table, holding a palm or both your palms over each spike formation of the tiara. When you and the tiara are a perfect match, the tiara will glow with radiance up into the ceiling for all to see. A female and male will begin the selection pattern at the same time. This is not a race or a competition. You may take as much time as needed.

“Once the first pair has cleared the first table, a second pair of female and male will follow the same foot path. I will start the coronation ceremony with the pair in the far corners. Master Britton and Miss Zann, please examine the first table,” she turns and watches the young teens move around the tables.

I sit, bouncing my sandals with excitement.

Zann slowly stands and moves, circling around the first table, holding her palm over each tiara, waiting for two seconds for some shiny glory. She completes the first table without success and moves to the second table.

Britton whips his hand over each halo, advancing to the third table.

I see a vertical light hit the ceiling.

He tosses his arms and holds a palm over the beaming halo, fingering the halo with a smile and a chuckle. “Yeehaw. I have a halo, ya’ll. Do I wear this one, Mentor Daffodil?”

Yachel leans and whispers to Persia. “Daffodilly’s more excited than Britton.”

I whisper. “Hush, Yachel.” I smile and watch the teen fairy drama.

Daffodil swings back to the fairies teens on the wall, saying with a smile and a nod. “Yes. I forget the best part, crowning your skull, since I am not allowed to touch your tiara or halo either,” she turns with a nod and a smile to him. Britton nods to Daffodil.

Zann glides her hand over the tiara, frowning with puzzlement.

Daffodil says. “Miss Zann, you got a spark from that tiara.”

Zann looks up with a puzzled brow to see Daffodil and down to the table, gliding her hand over the same tiara, and halts, saying with a smile and a nod. “I feel some slight heat.”

Daffodil says with a nod and a smile. “The tiara is your personal head piece. Touch it.”

Zann touches and lifts it from the ripped table cloth, admiring the beauty. The tiara has three semi-circle spikes rising up from the headband. The semi-circle contains nine individual diamonds. “Pretty.” She lifts and rests it in the middle of her hair roots, swishing the metal between the hair strands, and poses with a smile. Then she screams, touching her hair roots. “Heat. It’s hot. It’s getting heater,” she grabs her face then her scalp, and finally touches the tiara, yelling in pain with her tears. “The tiara’s hot. It’s melting into my hair. My brain’s on fire. Ah. Stop it. Take it off.” She drops and kneecaps to the floor, holding her head, sobbing with tears and crying with pain.

Daffodil swings around to the stunned fairy teens on the wall, saying with a smile and a nod. “You are a fairy. A fairy is symbolized by a tiara. The tiara selects you. Therefore, the tiara cannot ever be removed by you or anyone else. The tiara and Zann are morphing into one fairy, so the tiara is slightly heated, soldering into her skull bones. Is that a problem here?” She swings around with a smile to see Zann.

I gasp, watching.

Zann sways back and forth on her knees on the floor, hugging her head with the smoking tiara, sobbing with tears, and yells with pain.

I turn with a worried brow to see the nose profile of Yachel, who stares at Zann’s painful performance too.

Zann exhales and halts her movement on the floor, standing to the teens, faking a smile between the set of dripping blood proteins coming from the skull, and lifts up the arm. The other hand probes the tiara soldered into her hair. “I…survived the hotness thingy. I am fine, ya’ll. I think…”

Daffodil claps alone without the stunned fairies teens on the wall, saying with a nod and a smile. “Miss Zann, please find a seat on the opposite wall while waiting for the other fairy princes and princesses,” she turns and views the shocked fairy teens on the wall, saying with a giggle and a wink. “Then, we will take a pretty group photography of the fifth class, after the coronation ceremony.” She swings around with a smile to see Britton. “Master Britton, please crown thy self a fairy prince.”

Kuelle stands and fingers her skull. “It never comes off. I can’t believe this. That tiara is not removed from my curls, ever. I don’t understand. How am I supposed to get my beauty sleep with a pointy object on my head, at night?”

Walcott stands with a smile, fingering Kuelle and his nose. “The same way ya sleep with that pointy aristocrat nose on your ugly face, tart,” he laughs with the other teens.

Daffodil turns with a smile and a nod to see Kuelle. “Master Walcott is very uncouth with his social graces but also very accurate. You sleep with several protruded body parts as a fairy, so you have added a new one,” she smiles and swings to see Zann in pain.

The other teens burst into laughter, finger pointing at their other protruded body parts.

Britton laughs and stares down at the halo with the four diamonds, looking up with a worried brow to the other teens then down to see the halo. He swallows with nervousness, slowly reaching for the halo in silence.

The room is quiet as the teens watch.

I grab Yachel’s hand, squeezing in anticipation of his pain.

He grabs the halo with both his hands and slowly lifts it over his skull, facing the wall of fairy teens, slowly lowering the halo over his blonde hair.

I gasp with shock.

Britton releases the halo with a sigh and screams. “Ah.” He drops down to the floor, holding his cheekbones. “Hot. Heat. Hotter. Heated.” He sways side to side, screaming. “Get it off. Ah. Hot. Pain.” He probes the halo as it solders onto his forehead. He grits his teeth, swaying side to side, yelling, and halts his body movements. Britton exhales and wipes his face from the heated sweat, and stands with a wobbles, facing the other fairy teens. He exhales, touching his forehead. The forehead is red and bleeding as he fingers the halo with a fake smile. “Not bad. I had worser. Yeehaw, ya’ll.”

The teens cheer and clap for Britton.

Daffodil swings around to see the wall of fairy teens, saying with a nod and a smile. “Miss Apella and Master Molfalso stand and find your head piece.”

Apella stands and strolls to the first table with a sour frown and a matching tone. “Ya’ll are such wussie babies. A fairy endures more than a few sweat drops from her high brow to become a princess. This is the easy part,” she scoots around the table, holding her hand for less than a second and does not feel any heat, moving to the second table of tiaras.

Molfalso is a tall athletic built teen male with a tone of olive tinted skin, a head of light brown shoulder length colored hair, a chin of light brown whiskers, and a pair of hazel colored eyes. He slowly advances to the first table, staring down and holding a palm over each halo, and waits for the blaze of glory too. He continues to slowly circle the first table.

Apella circles the fourth table and stops, whispering with a smirk. “Beautiful,” she views Daffodil, fingering the tiara. “This one has zillions of diamonds. Diamonds, ya know, are very valuable in the human world. Diamonds are worth zillions of dollars. I like this one. I want this one.”

Daffodil says with a stern face and a serious tone to the girl fairy. “Miss Apella, the tiara picks you. You do not pick the tiara. And dollars are used in the human world and not in Fairyland. Please continue to the next table.”

Apella fingers the tiara, saying with a sour frown to Daffodil. “I like this one. It contains the most diamonds than any other tiaras,” she looks around and scans the remaining tables, returning her eyeballs to that tiara. She snatches the tiara, lifting and raising it over her skull and screams. “Ah. No. It’s eating me. It’s eating my hand,” she flings her hand side to side with the tiara. The tiara has turned into silver goo, crawling over her fingernails then her knuckles, and up to her wrist bone.

Daffodil exhales with a puff of annoyance, stomping and saying with a sour frown to Apella. “I specifically instructed for you not to touch any tiara that does not shine its glow up to the ceiling. That tiara is not for you, Miss Apella.”

Apella runs around in circles, flinging her arm as the tiara goo grows over her wrist up to her elbow, and yells in pain with tears. “Get it off, now. Make it stop. It stings, like a bee. Ah. Help me, Mama. I want my mama…”

Daffodil halts in front of Apella, raising her palm stone.

A yellow wave hits the tiara goo. The goo stops growing over Apella and then it falls down as a lumpy lump over the floor. The goo slowly morphs back into the original design of the tiara.

Daffodil shakes her curls, saying with a stern face. “You’re fine, fairy. Please continue to the next table for seeking your tiara. Do not touch another one unless it emits a glowing beam. Do you understand me, Miss Apella?” She shines her pale yellow wave, lifting the tiara back onto the table in the proper space, since she is not able to touch the tiara either.

“Yes ma’am.” Apella cuddles her hand and stares at her limb. She rubs it, seeing no red wound marks or black bruising. She exhales and advances to the next table, using her other hand, holding over each tiara.

Daffodil turns and moved back to the wall with the other fairy teens, saying with a smile and a nod. “This is a good example of not following a mentor’s order and messing with the wrong element. Tiaras are living things. They know their mistresses. This is a good example of using my gem stone to divert a disaster, since I cannot touch the tiara either. Therefore I used my fairy power to restore the tiara to the original condition and lifted it back in place on the table. This is the purpose of the Academy. This is the purpose of the gem stone. This is the purpose of you,” she swings around with a smile to see the tables and the teens.

Molfalso stops at the second table, looking up with confused brow to see Daffodil. “I thought it twinkled,” he looks down and holds his palm over the halo.

Daffodil hums with a confused brow, moving closer to the halo table. “Yes. The halo twinkled. It should zoom to the ceiling. I see what you are doing wrong. Please hold your palm directly over the halo.” Molfalso moves his palm as the light twinkles. She says. “Please lower your palm down over the halo.”

He lowers his hand as the glow beams up to the ceiling.

Molfalso smiles in surprise then frowns with fear, looking up with a worried brow to see the male teens on the wall.

“Go on and touch it.” Stad stands and motions with a laugh and a grin. “We all gotta get one then touch it. Feel the pain, bro.” He chuckles with the other teens.

Molfalso exhales with fear and looks down, snatching the halo with one hand, lifting it into the air. He slowly lifts it over his forehead, closing his eyelids.

The room is silence.

The halo falls over his hair and his forehead skin as he exhales and screams. “Heated. Hot. Ah. I feel pain in my head,” Molfalso leans his skull down over the table and lifts up his sweaty and bloody face with a smile. “Cold. Now, I feel cold instead of a heat. Cool.” He grins, since his halo has fused around his forehead with both red blood and silver diamonds glittering in the sunlight. He bows at the waist to the other teens.

The other teens clap and cheer.

Apella exhales, staring at the glow beam to the ceiling from her tiara. The tiara is puny made with one point spike from the headband. The one spike is filled with diamonds going around the metal, looking sorry and sad which it is compared to the bigger prettier tiara spikes. She snatches it from the tablecloth, dropping over her hair roots, closing her eyelashes. She grits her teeth, feeling the heat without screaming, dropping to the floor, holding and wrinkling her dress with pain. The heat makes her face and her hands sweat with pain and fear. “Ugh.” she yells from the pain and heat. “I am a fairy princess,” she yells in the room and the heat stops.

The tiara is cold on her scalp. Apella opens her sweaty eyelashes with blood which drains down her left eye socket and her cheekbone, standing with a wobbles, faking a smile at Daffodil. She slowly curtseys at her kneecaps, holding her breath, gritting her teeth to the other teens.

They clap and cheer with joy of her success.

Apella leans over the table and slowly pirouettes to the wall, moving slowly, finally sitting on the opposite end of Zann beside Britton. She blinks and winks the blood to Britton, giggling and touching her tiara.

Britton stares the other princes, ignoring Apella’s blood, wiping the blood from his face too.

Daffodil swings around with a smile and a nod to see the wall of mellow fairy teens. “Miss Yachel and Master Gable, please circle the tables to fine your head piece.”

Gable stands and runs to the first table, staring at each halo without holding a palm over the head piece. He raises his neck clip chain with the raw personality rock, swinging it over the first halo. “If I hover my rock over the halo that I like the ‘bestest’ of them all, then can I have it on my head instead?”

Daffodil exhales, saying with a stern face to him. “Master Gable, that is an excellent idea. However, you cannot control your fairy power at this point being only thirteen years young. At the age of seventeen, you will possess powerful fairy talents from that moment in your future time, so based on all this shared information, please find your halo.”

Gable nods, scooting around the same table.

Yachel is circling around the third table and halts, waving her palm over the tiara. “I thought it sparked,” she waves her hand over the tiara again.

The tiara does not glow up to the ceiling.

Daffodil advances to Yachel and stares at the tiara. “No, fairy. Please keep moving around the tiaras.”

Yachel exhales, encircling the table and does not feel any heat, venturing to the fourth table. She holds her hand over each tiara and halts, whispering with a smile. “Zillions of diamonds,” she wiggles her hand over the tiara. “A spark, I see a spark. This is the one tiara for me,” she lowers a hand near the tip of the middle spike of a single great big diamond. The tiara glow beams into the ceiling. She touches the spikes, lifting the tiara and exhales, slowly placing it over her hair roots and closes her eyelashes, breathing deeply. She stands and feels the pain of slight heat and the drips of blood from a hairline then she feels more heat and coolness. She tosses both her arms, dancing side to side, sending the blood droplets around the table cloth and the floor, and smiles with joy. “I did it. I got my fairy tiara,” she swirls with a grin and a giggle to the wall, wiping off the blood, sitting next to Zann.

Gable snatches the halo, placing it over his hair roots and screams in pain. “Hot, hotness, hottiness. Ouch, ow,” he drops down to the floor, holding a face, yelling in pain. “O. Ouch. O boy.” He pants, viewing the rotten wood on the floor with his blood drops and stands with a wobble to see the other teens, wiping a sweaty blood stained hands onto the jeans with a fake smile. “I survived the hottiness, guys, not to, too, toot bad…”

Stad yells. “Get off the floor, Gabbie.”

Gable flings a finger with a laugh to Stad, spinning and moving to the opposite wall and sits between Britton and Molfalso.

Daffodil turns and says with a nod and a smile to Persia. “Miss Persia and Master Hadwin, please find and select your head decoration.”

I swallow with fear and slowly stand, moving and staring at the first table of sparkling tiaras.

There are three physical circles of tiaras which display an array of different sizes and shapes of the fairy crowns. An outer circle, an inner circle, and two single tiaras are inside the middle circle.

I exhale with a puff of worry, lowering and holding a palm five inches above the first tiara. The tiara is tiny with a single row of semi-circle diamonds, not heating my hand. I shift to the second tiara, grand and tall with one single pointy spike of thick diamonds, not heating my hand either. I swallow the bile down a dry throat and shuffle to the third tiara. A long headband is filled with a set of three semi-circles of diamonds, not heating my hand, either. I scoot to the fourth tiara. It contains five separate pointy spikes that are covered from end to end of the headband. And then my hand heats in fire. The tiara glow of light beams completely through my hand and up to the ceiling. I look up with a smile to see the ceiling and down to see the tiara. It glows. I grab the pointy spikes, feeling the sharpness cut into my skin like a tickle. I exhale with a puff of courage, lifting the tiara with my single hand and hold it with two hands, admiring it. The five points are filled with thinly spaced diamonds, twinkling from the sunlight. I raise the tiara over my hair roots, turning to see my best friend Yachel on the opposite wall.

Yachel smiles and motions to Persia with encouragement.

I exhale with a puff of fear, slowly placing the tiara on top of my hair roots.

The tiara band is smooth silver metal, without a set of combs or a series of sharp ends points. The band falls over my hair, burying into my scalp. I feel pain and heat from the drilling down into my thick head skin and my hard skull bone. I scream in agony. “Ah.” I move and hit the side wall, sliding down my butthole to the floor. The band eats into my head skin and my hard skull bone, drilling deeper into my brain matter, creating a buzzing sound between my ears. I feel heat emerge from my bone and my scalp skin down the top of my earlobes. I scream in pain. “Ah.” I hold my fiery cheekbones of fire with my cool hands, feeling the band burrow deeper into my skull bone, anchoring the metal. “I…” feel the smoothness of stone from the single row of diamonds on the bottom tier of the tiara. “Pain. Make it stop.”

And then my pain stops.

The heat immediately changes into coolness.

I exhale with a puff of annoyance, gritting my teeth, clutching my hands, and stand with a wobble, breathing in and out with relieved pain and fear. I turn and view my best friend.

Yachel stands and claps with a smile and a nod to Persia, wiping off the dried blood too from her hairline.

I exhale with a puff of happiness, swinging to the wall of with the other fairy teens, faking a smile, waving my hand like a fairy princess without words, since my tongue bite of blood bleeds over my teeth. I nod, swallowing the blood down my throat and swing around to the aisle.

The other fairy teens clap and cheer.

I slowly move to my throne princess chair.

The other fairy teens circle at table, wearing a head piece, enduring the pain too.

When all the fairies are crowned as prince and princess, Daffodil takes a photograph with her palm gem stone.

And finally Coronation Class ends at 10:55 a.m.



11:05 a.m.

3rd period Teacup Class



I move with Yachel in my long gown to my next academic class down the hallway and turn to the side with the other fairies.

The square room contains miles of pretty floral wall of paper, where it has not peeled off from the dried yellow colored glue between three walls of windows.

I scoot and sit into a broken dining room chair, where one of the legs is shorter than the other three. My chair tilts sideways and up as I shift my fanny side to side in the uncomfortable hard chair with a thin veil of fanny fabric in the wooden seat. I wear my pink itchy formal tea length dress and my new tiara with some dry itchy blood clots on my scalp.

A bathe will do wonders, tonight.

I sit at one of two squared shaped eating tables next to Yachel and the other females. The males are behind the females on two parallel eating tables.

The adult male is short and king-sized with a tone of pale tinted skin, a bald skull and a pair of blue colored eyes. He wears a gem stone on his pocket watch like my dead grandfather fairy. He sits in a dining room chair next to a small table that is covered in a blue and white tablecloth.

The tablecloth is patched with black swatches of fabric from tears and rips. The dining room chair shows different shadings of walnut wood, where his body parts has rubbed the wood.

On the small table, a black tea kettle heats over a fire of burning red and orange coals. Behind the tea kettle is a non-matching sugar bowl of orange and green and a non-matching pink and white creamer jug. A set of non-matching solid colored cloth napkins of orange, red, white, and beige are horizontal displayed beside the creamer jug inside a non-matching napkin holder.

He raises his teacup of turquoise and black and the non-matching china bone saucer of yellow and red, stirring the tiny spoon in the liquid, saying with a smile and a nod to the teen fairies. “This is Teacup Class. I am Mentor Faddey…”

Britton said with a sour frown to the mentor. “Tea and teacups, I ain’t no grandma, fairy man.”

Gable says with a nod and a smile. “Tea is a good for ya…” when he hears a slap on the rear of his skull.

Stad had slammed his fist into the skull of Gable. He says with a smile and a nod. “Thanks for sharing, Gabbie.”

Zann gasps and fingers the object. “Your table’s on fire, sir.”

Yachel leans and whispers to Persia. “Fairy magic.”

Apella flings her hand, turning with a smirk to see the nose profile of Zann. “It’s fairy magic, tart.”

Faddey chuckles at the amusing young fairy princes and princesses. “Excellent, Miss Apella. Alas. We do not award any points or grades for good credits. The ritual of tea drinking was established by recorded history in the year 2737 BC. And I am not that old either. The first country was China, thus the name China teacups. Then the tea, the teacups, and the tea drinking was imported to Europe and beyond, and finally over to Fairyland. A teacup is a cup with or without a handle. It is grasped with the thumb and the two fingers. Please survey the far wall corners.

“Girls look left. Boys look right. You will see a vertical pile of teacups without the saucer in various colored patterns. A fairy princess teacup has a handle. A fairy prince teacup is actually a tea bowl without the handle. Please stand and scoot about for retrieving a teacup from the appropriate pile. You may pick any style of color or pattern and return to your seat…”

A single tea bowl lifts from the top of the pile, flying to the table as Gable rubs his personality rock with a grin. Then the tea bowl lands in front of his chest.

Faddey says with a nod and a smile. “Good job, Master Gable. You are a special talented fairy prince. Would any other fairies engage the moment for a second demonstration of flight?”

The room is quiet.

He nods, “Yes. Maybe, another time? Please stand and walk to the appropriate corner for a teacup.”

The mismatched chairs scoot from the eating tables. The upright bodies move to the appropriate wall corner.

I stand, moving to the huddle of girls, waiting my turn, staring at each teacup.

The teacups are piled on top of each other, showing a handler or a bottom of the cup or a tip end of a silver teaspoon that sticks out from the center of the cup.

Yachel stands behind the butthole of Apella, saying with a lady sneer. “Grab any old teacup, Apella.”

Apella stands in the middle of the pile, staring at each teacup, blocking the majority of the teacup pile from the other wandering girly hands, and says with a smile. “I wanna get a pretty one and do a good job with my fairy purpose for the day.”

Yachel reaches around Apella, snatching a teacup in the middle of the pile.

Then the tall pile of teacups falls forward on top of the naked toes of Apella inside her heeled sandals. Apella yelps, back stepping from the cups.

The teacups spill forward, spreading over the tile.

Faddy says with a smile and a nod. “Fairy magic keeps the teacups from bursting into millions of china bone pieces, but I would like for all princesses to practice being gracious.”

Yachel laughs, turning and moving back to her mismatched chair.

I stand with an annoy brow at my long time friend for the childish stunt.

Apella selects a teacup with the other girls, swinging around, and moving back to their mismatched chairs.

I exhale with a puff of frustration, staring at each teacup of various colors and patterns. And each teacup has a tip end of a spoon that is hidden in the center of gray cement. I pick a pretty pink, purple, and white floral pattern, matching my magenta rock, sorta. I spun and scoot back to my mismatched chair, sitting the teacup in front of pink and red blood splattered gown, staring at the tarnished spoon, once brightly silver.

Faddy stirs his tea, saying with a smile and a nod. “Your teacup or tea bowl is the same dimensions in height and depth, of course, without the handle. Your teacup is exactly like your neighbors, and your neighbor’s teacup is exactly like yours. Your teacup displays an embedded teaspoon which is exactly the same depth as your neighbor’s, and your neighbor’s teaspoon is exactly like yours. Your teacup holds one and one-half ounces of dried mud. The gray mud has fossilized its natural earth mineral around a vertical silver teaspoon. You are seeing the vertical end tip. Each teaspoon tip design is different from your neighbor’s but the same height and depth of your neighbor’s. Your purpose is to unfossilize or remove or retrieve the teaspoon from the teacup, using your fairy magic…”

The teens moan.

Gable claps with a smile and a nod. “Yeehaw. This is an easy purpose.”

Faddy raises his palm, saying with a nod and a smile. “Once you have successfully unfossilized the mud, the spoon will be easier retrieved without damage. The spoon cannot be broken or bent or cut or sliced or sawed or damaged in any fairy format, since it is enchanted with my fairy spell,” he chuckles. “This purpose of teacup class is to unfossilize the ugly gray mud, making it soft enough to remove the spoon. I remembered being a lower fifth classmen too. The task is great indeed. You are new with your fairy powers. This is your purpose in teacup class. Once you have successfully retrieved the teacup, you have successfully passed the class. Then your attendance is no longer required for the rest of the academic days…”

The teens cheer and silence.

Faddy smirks. “I would like to give you some fairy hints. You can touch the teacup with your hands for trying to unfossilize the spoon. You can swing your personality rock over the teacup for trying to unfossilize the spoon. You cannot hold your fingers over or around the teacup without touching, while trying to unfossilize the spoon which defeats the purpose of your fairy magic. You can blow or spit or scratch on the mud or spoon or teacup for trying to unfossilize the spoon. Or you may create your own imaginative method for trying to unfossilize the spoon with fire, ice, wind, rain, hail, sky, sun, moon, or beast. You cannot harm the teacup or me. You may begin now,” he sips his tea, watching the teens.

I surround the cold teacup with my hands, searing my wicked evil mental thoughts into the object. I will ‘will’ the mud to crack open but nothing happens. I will ‘will’ the spoon to fly in the air but nothing happens again.

His teacup bursts into four separate pieces as the solid mold of gray mud falls and rest on top of the table, still clinking to its spoon. Gable screams, flinging his arms. “Ah naw. Mentor Faddy, I’m really sorry…”

“There are plenty of tea bowls. Please retrieve another one, fairy.” Faddy stirs his tea, saying with a nod and a smile to the teens.

Gable lifts and rubs his gem rock as a new tea bowl floats up and flies to him, landing on top of the table. He wears a stern face and swings the rock over the teacup again.

I turn with a puzzled brow to see Gable, his teacup, and his rock. My magenta rock has been webbed into a gold chain that hangs around my neck and down to my navel. I exhale with a puff of frustration, copy catting the motion of Gable. I lift and hold the magenta rock, feeling some slight heat, swinging it back and forth in gently waves over the mud and the spoon, but nothing happens. I frown with disappointment and lean to my best friend and neighbor.

Yachel has copycatted Gable and Persia also, lifting and swinging her baby blue rock over the spoon. Her nothing results are the same as Persia.

I exhale with a puff of frustration, whispering for my eardrums only. “I got dressed up for this. I am here for this.”

“I am a fairy,” Yachel smiles and stares down at her teacup.

“I am not a fairy,” I whisper for my ears only.



11:25 a.m.



Faddy sits and stirs his tea, staring with a smile at the teens. “Time has expired. Please leave your teacup or tea bowl on top of the table. Teacup class is only for the lowly fifth class, since the older fairies have successfully passed. We will hold class tomorrow, same time and same chair. You do not need to disturb your teacup. It will remain stable until you arrive here tomorrow. Your purpose for today until the end of the academic days is to unfossilize the spoon. Lunch is being served in the banquet room for all fairies today. So good day to you, students. Good bye until tomorrow afternoon.”

The teen fairies stand and left the classroom, running through the archway for lunch.

Teacup Class ends at 11:28 a.m.



12:58 p.m.

Banquet room lunch setting



I and all the other teens are dismissed from lunch, leaving and running down the hallway for fun with some of the other fairies to our first afternoon academic class, entering through the archway.



1:02 p.m.

4th period Enchantment Class



The long rectangular room has four smooth plastic white walls without windows which is similar to the room, where I currently learn Fairy Lore with Mentor Ibbie. There are tall white plastic tables with two plastic non-padded tall stools attached.

I move and plop down in one of the tables near the solid wall, dangling my heels over air space.

Yachel moves and slides beside Persia in the second stool. The table is a round surface with a deep hole in the middle. Each side of the hole, there are two small pockets for a colored personality rock.

The door closes.

The adult female is tall and slender with a head of short red colored hair, a tone of pink colored skin, and a pair of green eyes. She wears an amber gem stone bracelet over her wrist, standing in front of the white solid wall, saying with a smile and a nod. “Good morning, fairies. You have entered the enchantment class. I am Mentor Kaapo. A charm is a spell with your vocal annotation of the proper words plus the physical properties of your gem stone. Some magical cultures around the world use talismans, rabbit feet, toad sweat, plant balms, and jeweled amulets.

“Toad sweat?” Gable laughs. “That’s a new element to me.”

Molfalso laughs. “Not to ya, Gabbie, cause your stinky feet smell like toad sweat, toad stool.”

Kaapo raises her bracelet even with her chin, scanning the amber wave gently over the right hand of each teen, saying with a smile and a nod. “Plantamur warto.”

Apella screams with the other females, including Persia.

I lift and stare at my hand with a puzzled brow.

Apella fingers her hand with a worried brow. “I got warts. My hand’s covered in ugly green big plump fat warts.”

“Mentor Kaapo, I’m impressed with your fairy magic. Please, remove my warts.” Kuelle wiggles her hand without a smile to the mentor for the fairy spell.

Kaapo says with a nod and a smile. “Good. I have your attention for today’s session and the warts are part of your session. Please place your colored rock down into the pocket slot on top of the reader-table. The rock is in rough form, fitting easier into one of the individual pouches at your table. It will access the reading material needed to remove your warts by copying my reading material from my gem stone into your rock. The rock is more than a pretty object. It is a communication devise for learning, speaking, recording, and listening, if need be,” she waves her hand.

The reader-table projects a page of words and sentences on the floor, ceiling, and the other four walls.

Gable scoots out of his chair, back stepping from the reader-table, standing in the aisle, and says with a nod and a smile. “I know what to do for completely removing the unsightly ugly warts. This is similar to the fairy tale when the evil witch turns the handsome prince into the ugly toad, the girl kisses him. Then the toad returns back into the handsome prince,” he moves and shoves his wart hand in the air space of Zann.

Zann slides off her chair and away from Gable, shaking her curls in silence.

Gable chuckles. “Well okay. I gotta be both the prince and princess…”

Kaapo stomps forward from the wall with a stern face, shaking her curls. “Do not kiss your hand, Master Ga…”

Gable kisses his right hand and looks up with a smile and a nod to see the class.

The teens laugh.

Gable wears a fresh set of ugly brown warts around his mouth and his lips, gently touching his mouth, parting his lips, and says in slurry words. “Th…woo…o…lp…”

Kaapo says with a nod and a stern face. “Yes. You have done any excellent job of spreading your warts over your lips without my assistance. Can you figure out how to remove the warts on both your hand and lips, Master Gable?”

Gable touches his face, feeling the swelling of his lips over the face.

The fairy mentor exhales, stomping with a sour frown to Gable. “Let’s go, fairy. I need some medical help to remove the warts from your mouth,” she shoves Gable to the door, yelling. “Please read the entire first chapter of the displayed sentences inside the enchantment book, starting with the first page which appears on top of your reader-table. You may skip forward at any time, but you will not find the answers to the charm. The instructions will clearly explain how to cast a charm to remove the ugly green warts on your right hand. Or you and the warts will be enjoying your evening meal, warm bath, and deep slumber, together. I will return shorter, once Master Gable is normal again. Then we will continue with your very important enchantment charm for the day.”

The door opens.

They leave the classroom.

The door closes.

The teen fairies mumble and look down to find the fairy spell for removing the ugly warts.

Yachel looks down and reads the reader-table. “Okay. One of the proper words is warto, meaning warts. So what’s the other word?”

I do not read the text but said with a confused brow to her hair roots. “How’da ya know that there are only two words?”

Yachel fingers the page on the reader-table, reading out loud for Persia. “A fairy charm contains two words. The first word is the action verb. The second word is the proper noun of the action, such like, remove warts.”


She reads out loud. “There are two many combinations of the verb-noun structure. A fairy can use any proper combination from the vast reference listing in the rear of the page for achieving the good or bad effect of the enchantment.” Yachel rubs her hand over the rock, flipping the pages forward, and studies the list on top of the reader-table, saying. “Removiate warto.” The warts remain on her hand.

I flip the pages with my rock like Yachel, waving my rock over my hand. “Remotis warto.” The warts remain on my hand.

“Avectummy warto.” Yachel says and does not see her warts gone.

I feel two biceps wrap around my arms.

A wart-less hand holds a brown rock over her hand of warts as his sweet breath heats her earlobe. “Avectard warto,” whispers Britton.

I giggle with excitement.

Yachel drops her mouth, looking to see Britton and Persia.

I wink with a smile to Yachel, seeing my warts disappear.

Britton sweet breathes with grin to her cheekbone. “All gone now.”

“All better now. Thank you.” I grin and giggle with silliness.

“You’re welcome,” he sweet breathes to her ear, back steps from her.

Britton leaves my body chilled with the air breeze.

Kaapo enters through doorway, saying with a nod and a smile. “Are your warts removed? If not please shout out the charm for your neighbors. Ya know help your neighbor or something like that.” She stops and stands in front of the wall.

The teens mumble the words as the warts disappear.

Gable enters the room, bouncing with a smile to his table, and fist bumps with Britton.

Kaapo clears her throat. “A charm cannot cast a spell for a fairy to rob or cheat, to feel hate or happiness, to have luck or health, to provide love or marry from another fairy. A fairy is born hardy, healthy, and happy, staying this way for many, many decades until your death. A fairy is mortal not a god or a witch or a vampire or a werewolf. A fairy does not become sick from a virus or ill from a disease. A fairy cannot turn another fairy into a toady frog or grant a perfect wish like a jinn. Most importantly, a charm sent from a fairy could be re-casted right back at ya, darling to a charmer fairy from an unhappy charmee, unless the charmee vanished the wicked spell through her or his fairy magic.”

The hand rises.

Kaapo says with a nod and a smile. “Miss Apella?”

Apella say with a puzzled brow and a nod. “Are you saying that your wart charm could have been returned back to you and then you would have been covered with the ugly green warts all over your right hand instead of me?”

Kaapo grins. “Excellent analogy and question in one. You can send any charm right back to the tossing fairy. Beware. The tossing fairy might be equal or more than your sorry powers, then ya got yourself a fairy war. Lots of fairy battles start this way and then end up sometimes covered in a fresh pile of thick rose petals,” chuckling.

“Each session, I will assign a simple enchantment charm for your daily exercise which you must solve while working on your enchantment purpose. The main purpose of enchantment class and your class time is sculpturing your rock into a gem stone…”

The teens gasp.

She says with a nod and a smile, waving her hand over the amber stone.

The electronic book disappears on the reader-table, the walls, the ceiling, and the floor.

She says. “I am going to provide you the proper verb-noun combination for the proper slicing. The words are sculpares gemimi. Stop. Do not repeat. We must set up the preparation arena. I have cleared the reader-table of the reading material which you should study tonight.

“Please remove your rock from the pocket slot, sitting it in front of you. Do not touch it yet. The first very important rule, your fairy magic and your colored rock are one. The rock must touch a body part at all times for your power to flow from within to outward. With that information searing on your brain, you must hold or touch the rock with sculpturing…”

The teens moan.

She says with a stern face and a nod. “Yes. I know. I had to do it too. I had to touch my colored rock during the sculpture process into creating my gem stone many years ago. To accommodate the requirement of touch, there is a mini-stand hidden in the middle of the hole inside each table. You can use the mini-stand for stacking your rock on the pedestal and start your sculpturing. Or you can hold the rock on the tips of your finger pads and sculpture the rock that way. Let us set up our stance with either method.”

I wave the rock over the hole. The mini-stand rises from the opening. I grab and place the mini-stand in front of my chest, resting my rock on top.

Kaapo monitors the teens. “Good. Place the rock on the stand and cup one hand or both hands, hiding the color from your eyes. Or you can hold the rock on the tips of your finger pads, using your hand like a pedestal. I see a variety of presentations. Good. Stroke your hand over a small segment of the rock up and down like slicing off the extra stone into a traditional diamond cut. After the final shaping of the rock, the gem will look similar to a brilliant cut diamond, varied slightly in different sizes and shapes, depending upon the personal fairy sculpture. Get ready, stroke, and speak: sculpares gemimi.”

I hold both my palms over the bumpy rock over the top and the edges, slowly sweeping both my palms downward over the rough points of the rock, whispering. “Sculpares gemimi.” I feel pain, jerking my hands from the rock. Numerous tiny red blood splatters from the tiny sharp fragments of rock are embedded in both my tender palms. I hiss, exhaling with a puff of pain, flinging my hands in the air from the sting as the embedded rock fragments eject from my flesh and dissolve in the air.

Individual colored rocks hit the wall, the floor, the tables, and other teens as the teens sound with a moan and a groan from a tight throat.

Eadric is a tall and king-sized teen male with a head of short brown hair, a tone of pale tinted colored skin, a pair of green colors eyes. He whips his hand from the rock with a sour frown and a matching tone. “Ouch. It bit me.”

Kuelle is a petite teen female with a head of strawberry blonde hair, a tone of peach tinted skin, and a pair of golden colored eyes. She gasps, flinging her hands in the air. “It stings.”

Nabell is a tall and athletic teen female with a head of black colored hair, a tone of dark tinted skin, and a pair of hazel colored eyes. She yells, shaking her curls and her hands with pain. “No. It slices into the flesh. This thing’s alive.”

Gable shakes his skull and his hands, saying with a grin and a nod to the rock. “A fairy stone is alive.”

Kaapo says with a nod and a smile. “No pain, no gain.”

Apella says with a sour frown to the mentor. “That’s not nice, Mentor Kaapo. My palm’s cut and bleeding over my hand, my rock, my table, my floor,” she tenderly probes her wounds.

I cuddle my hands with the red burns, the pink cuts, and the invisible throbbing pain. The highest edge of my magenta rock has been slightly smoothed into a rounded curve from my palm stroking. I exhale with a puff of frustration, turning with a worried brow to my best friend.

Yachel pampers her cut hands to her chest, sneering at the earth rock of pale blue.

Kaapo clears her throat. “I can read your minds. There is no metal instrument or tool to cut the rock. You and the rock are two living things, existing separately. Your purpose is to exist together. This is the togetherness process.”

Apella fingers her rock with a sour frown. “Mentor Kaapo, the togetherness process is going to take a very long time to sculpt my gem stone.”

Kaapo nods. “Yes, Miss Apella. Your answer is both correct and valid. This process will take a very long time maybe, the rest of the academic days. I am going to take a coffee break while you work on your gem stone,” she moved and left her classroom.

The door closes.

I exhale with a puff of pain, watching the door close and view the hard rock, rubbing my hands, and feel the healing heat from my inner survival fairy power. Fairies heal fast. I look down and view my palms which are shown as slightly pink with numerous tiny healed wounds. I view the rock and my best friend.

Yachel pampers her palms, sobbing with tears, probing the pink cuts of blood.

I exhale with a puff of frustration, moving and positioning my palms around the rock but barely touch the smooth edges for another of sculpturing. I must touch the rock for my inner power to curve the gem stone, feeling his biceps around my arms.

Britton lifts her hands from the rock, saying with a smile and a nod. “Don’t use the mini-stand. You’ll burn your palms again. Hold the rock on the finger tips of your left hand,” he curls his fingertips and perches her rock on the top. “Use your right hand to slowly stroke and smooth each side over and over without ever touching the pointy rock edges and then the sliced shavings won’t cut into your skin.”

I gently grab my rock and swing with a smile to see his face. Britton winks with a grin. I say. “Thank you. How’da ya know?”

Britton says. “She told us there were two ways to sculpt the gem stone. My daddy told me to use my fingers. I didn’t really understand his encrypted message until I tried the first way, cutting my palms too,” he lifts both his palms with a set of pink healing wounds too, saying with a smile and a nod. “I thought you might want to share my new secret with me,” he winks.

I say with a giggle and a grin. “I wanna share some of my secrets with ya too, Master Britton,” I wink as he chuckles.

The door opens.

Kaapo stands in the archway, saying with a nod and a smile. “Time is up. Please take your rock with you. You possess the charm and the rock. You can continue sculpturing inside your sleeping suite this evening. Dismissed for the day and until tomorrow, fairies.”

Britton back steps and bows at the waist to Persia, lifting up his smile and his torso, turning and trotting back to his table.

I turn with a giggle and a grin to see her hair roots. Yachel slides the necklace over her neck, looking down at her hands. I reach and grab her hand, seeing the numerous deep red cuts. “Heal thyself, Yachel.”

Yachel jerks her hand back and rubs her hands together, applying her inner powers, saying with a worried brow. “I held the rock inside my palm, stroking with the other. My cuts are deep from the burn.” She stands and moves from the chair.

I stand and move to the archway.

Enchantment Class ends at 1:56 p.m.



1:57 p.m.

Hallway setting



We both move out the door down the hallway to our next academic class, following our fairies mates.

I reach and grab her hand, placing between my hands, stopping. I close my eyelashes, pressing both my hands around her wounds, feeling her burn. Then her wounds feel coolness to my touch. I open my eyelashes, lifting up my hand, seeing her dark skin with a smile. “All healed. Do ya feel better?”

Yachel cuddles and stares at her healed hands, touching the healed skin, and whispers. “Thanks.”

I reach and grab her arm, saying with a giggle and a grin, walking to our next class. “We both are friends and fairies, always.”

We follow the other students to the next fairy class.



2:01 p.m.

5th period Flute class



I move with Yachel through the archway and stop, hearing.

The door closes.

Drum rolls. Flute toots. Violin strings ping. Banjo notes twangs. Trombone bongs.

I look around the room, scanning a pile of the musical instruments in every corner of the room, including pianos, guitars, drums, trumpets, clarinets, trombones, saxophones, banjos, and others instruments. The teens are playing on a different musical instrument, creating the loud annoying musical sounds.

The adult male is tall and slender with a brown ponytail, a chin of brown whiskers, and a pair of green colored eyes. He stands, waving both his arms on top of a platform in the center of the room, saying with a nod and a smile. “Fairies, please find a chair and leave the musical instrument. I wanna get started. We have lots of information to cover. Please scoot and sit.”

The center of the room holds a row of single metal chairs without musical stands for holding the music paper.

Yachel scoots and sits on the edge of row number three, facing the stage and the mentor.

I move and scoot beside Yachel, facing the new mentor.

The male mentor says with a nod and a smile. “I am Mentor Sondson. This is flute class.”

Gables says with a confused brow to the mentor. “This is music class…”

Sondson nods with a smile as his ponytail moves. “This is flute class. I would like every student to remain seated. I am going to issue your flute.”

Stad says with a puzzled brow. “Mentor Sondson, I can play the banjo, piano, and guitar. I can’t play a flute. I don’t wanna play a flute. I don’t wanna touch a flute,” he sniggers and elbows his fairy buddy Molfalso, who sits next to Stad.

Hadwin chuckles, “We don’t play music. We partake of the warm bread and soft butter,” he fist bumps with Britton, sitting in the last row of males.

Sondson wiggles his earring as his sky blue wave hits the closet door.

The door opens.

His sky blue fairy wave enters the closet and emerges, carrying a stack of silver objects. The wave approaches the first row of chairs. Sondson says with a smile. “Please select a flute from the pile. All the flutes are the same in size and dimension. Please sit quietly, holding your flute until I have given out all the instruments.”

Apella sits in the second chair of the first row, reaching and grabbing one of the flutes as the sky blue wave floats down each row.

I reach and grab the object, studying the instrument.

A silver colored thin hallow cylinder shows eight holes on top of the metal and a touch of smoothness underneath the belly. The holes are rough to the touch and rusty with red color to my eyeballs. The mouth piece is oval shaped hole.

Yachel exhales, twirling her flute side to side in the air, before her face. “Why in Fairyland are flute lessons important? I can’t play a musical instrument. I can’t sing or dance or tap out a beat with two left high heeled sandals, but I can look pretty for my fairy beau,” she twirls the flute with a smile.

The sky blue wave vanishes, retracting back into his gem stone earring.

Sondson smiles, “Today, you will learn your first flute lesson. A flute is tiny horizontal cylinder shaped musical instrument compared to a long slender trombone or a rounded drum. The flute is played by blowing air across the oval shaped hole in the mouth piece and holding your finger pads over the holes. The flute hums with the higher sound pitch of any other musical instrument. This is the purpose of flute class. Our first song will consist of the musical notes C, E, F, and G. There are four notes. I would like for us to sing the four notes in unison first before trying to play the flute.”

“I can’t play this thing.” Stad says with a sour frown to the rested flute in his lap without touching it.

Sondson smiles and waves his arm. “Please sing after me the musical note of C. Cee…” He sings in c-chord, raising his hands, holding the flute.

The fairies sing in C chord.

He says with a nod and a smile. “Good. Please sing the musical note of E. Eee…”

The fairies sing in E chord.


The fairies sing in F chord.

He sings, “Gee…”

The fairies sing in G chord.

He nods. “Good.” He places the flute to his bottom lips, positioning his fingers over the exposed holes, saying with a smile. “The first finger position for the C chord uses the index finger in the first position hole and the pinky finger in the seventh position on the flute. Let’s try that note,” he plays the sweet C chord.

I lift the flute and position my fingers on the first hole and the seventh hole with my right hand pinky finger, bringing the mouth piece to my lips. I blow really hard, hearing it squeal and whine in a sour C chord. I giggle and try it again.

Yachel turns with a sour frown to at Persia and the sorry flute playing, twirling her flute side to side without bothering to practice.

Sondson says. “Pretty good. For the E chord, all my fingers cover all the holes with your eight fingers and no thumbs are required,” he plays a sweet E chord.

I copy his finger movements, placing the flute up to my lips and blow, hearing more squeals from the flute or me. I giggle over the mouth piece with fun.

Yachel twirls her flute in defiance of the musical lesson.

Sondson says. “Not pretty good. The finger position for the F chord cover the first, third, sixth, and seventh holes on the flute and blow,” he plays a sweet F chord.

I cover the holes, lifting the mouth piece to my lips, squealing the flute, and giggle into the mouth piece again.

Yachel frowns with annoyance, holding the flute in her lap.

Sondson smiles. “Pretty awful. The last musical note is G chord. The finger position for the G chord is the first, second, third holes and the pinky finger on the seventh hole. Let’s try that note,” he blows and plays the sweet G chord.”

I position both my fingers and my right pinky finger over the holes, blowing across the hole, playing a sour G chord. I giggle, viewing Yachel.

Yachel stares at her flute.

I grin. “I hit the G note, pretty not well.”

Sondson waves his arms, holding the flute. “Before we try the four notes together, I would like to introduce my best flute player. Lugina is first class, seventeen years old. Come on stage, Lugina.”

The fairies turn to see the archway in the rear of the room.

Lugina is a tall and slender female with a head of long red colored hair, a tone of pink tinted skin, and a pair of violet colored eyes. She moved in an ankle-length formal gown of peach color that cut up the sides of her body, exposing her naked ankles and up to her naked upper thigh muscles.

The male fairies sound with a whistle at the pretty girl, following her priss from the archway.

Sondson touches and blasts a sky blue wave from his earring to their flutes, lifting them in the air.

The male fairies stand, stretching up and not reaching their individual instrument.

Lugina wears a cropped top of matching peach which peek-a-boos through her peach fairy cape. The cape drapes off from one of her naked shoulders which is tied a belt of peach gem stones. Her ears glitter in peach gem stones for each lobe. Her tiara is tinted in peach gem stones with her heeled sandals. She elegantly strolls up the short steps and stands next to Sandson on the stage, shoving the flute mouth piece over her pouted lips, playing the four notes in sweet harmony.

Sandson sings. “Cee. Eee. F. Gee,” he nods at her. “Very good, Lugina. Everyone has heard the sweet song. Let’s play it together. Pose your flute to your pouted lips. And one, two, three,” he plays with the song with the other fairy teens.

I position my fingers for the C-chord, then E-chord, then F-chord, and finally the G-chord, squealing through the song and giggle, removing the flute, turning with a smile to see my best friend.

Yachel eye rolls and twirls the flute in the air near her shoulder again.

Sondson moves to the edge of the platform. “Everyone stand. You sound pretty good maybe, pretty enough. I will lead. You should follow. Lugina will be coming with us to assist, most definitely.”

I stand, leaning with a puzzled brow to Yachel. “Sound pretty good, maybe pretty enough? What does that mean? What are we doing, next?”

Yachel grins, staring the stage, the mentor, and seventeen year old girl. “I know, but you don’t. This session is a surprise for you, Persia.”

I exhale with a puff of frustration, turning to the archway, stomping with Yachel.

Sondson leads all the fairies and moves through archway, going down hallway to the outdoors.

The door closes.



2:44 p.m.

Outdoors green pasture field setting

Warm temperatures with bright sunshine



I move and stomp through the rear archway and down the steps of broken rock and pebbles, kicking some of the rock away from my naked feet before getting one lodged with both pain and blood inside my heeled sandals. I stomp down into the dead grass and ugly tall weeds, tickling my toes, following Sondson.

He moves across a lawn of more dry dead grass and tall ugly weeds then, down a valley of brown bushes, over a hill of dry grass, and finally to a field of colorful part dead and part alive wildflowers. He stops in the meadow grass, scanning the pretty sunny skyline and the rich green meadow.

I stop and stand beside Yachel.

Britton struts and stops beside Persia, elbowing her bicep.

I turn with a grin and a giggle to see his face and turn back to see the nose profile of Yachel.

Yachel stares out to the hills of a green meadow with a grin.

Sondson turns and faces the line of fairy teens, waving his arms, holding his flute, and stands beside Lugina in her elegant gown. He says with a smile and a nod. “I am not going to spoil the surprise. Lugina, please play.”

Lugina smiles at the line of fairy teens, turning and facing the open hills of the green meadow and blows the flute with her sweet song of four notes over and over again.

I slap the flute against my fluffy dress with boredom, sweating in the hot sunshine, staring at the butthole of Lugina.

Yachel elbows Persia with a grin and a giggle.

My vision catches movement in the far distance on top of the hill as I narrow my eyelashes as the single movement comes closer.

The other fairy teens dance side to side with anticipation.

I see the movement, a single unicorn.

The beast is solid black with a black horn slightly above its eyes in the center of its forehead. Its mane flies in full gallop along with its legs. The beast slows and walks directly to Lugina.

Lugina stops playing her flute, extending her hand. The unicorn nudges her hand. She shuffles closer, stroking its forehead.

Yachel leans and whispers with a grin and a giggle to her best friend. “Don’t ya get it? Flute class is for learning the secret musical notes, signaling your personal unicorn like the rock and the tiara.”

I drop my mouth in shock. I usually ride with Yachel on her older nicely tamed unicorns that are about dead or dying from old age and some ancient diseases.

Hadwin stand behind Persia, saying with a confused brow to the unicorn. “We do not fly on the back spines of an insect or a butterfly or a ragwort root or a fowl or a unicorn. Fairies ride on top of a winged horse.”

Gable says with a sour frown and a nod. “Unicorns bite.”

Molfalso says. “Unicorns are invisible to humans.”

Apella says with a nod and a smile. “We live in Fairyland. Humans do not.”

Yachel grins. “I like unicorns. That’s her unicorn. That’s why it came to her song on the flute.”

Lugina back steps from her unicorn, lifting and playing the song over and over again.

I narrow my eyelashes in the far distance, seeing movement in the blue sky.

Four more unicorns prance over the hill. They stop and stand on each side of the black unicorn of Lugina. The four are baby unicorns in colors of pink, white, blue, and orange.

I smile. “Awe, babies.”

Sondson shuffles and pats the baby unicorn nearest to him, motioning with his flute, saying with a smile and a nod. “Come and pat the babies. Then you can try to signal your unicorn.”

I move and run with Yachel to the orange baby unicorn, stopping, and squat to pat her forehead of silky softness.

The unicorn does not kick or spit or bite. She softly neighs for more sweet attention.

The teens took turns to stroke the four babies.

Sandson moves away from the unicorns and the teens, waving his arms, holding the flute. “Everyone, please move away from the unicorns,” he views her. “Lugina, thank you very much. You may leave. Enjoy your day,” he claps for attention to his class of fairy teens.

Lugina touches and exhibits a peach wave from her earring to the back spine of the black unicorn. The unicorn falls down on legs in the grass. Lugina stomps on top of the wave, carrying her to the back spine of the unicorn. She slides and sits sideways on top of the saddle, crossing her legs. Her dress shows more of her legs than her horse.

Britton gasps with a chuckle as I slap his bicep. Then he chuckles more, slapping her bicep back for fun.

Lugina taps the hairy mane with her hand as the unicorn stands and turns to the open meadow. The beast gallops away from the teens, taking the four baby unicorns with her.

Sondson waves his arms, saying with a smile and a nod to his class of teens. “Spread out. Everyone spread out with your arms length or longer. I want you to play the four notes of the song and summon your unicorn. Beware. The flute plays at the highest musical pitch of any known instrument. A unicorn hears sound at a specific musical pitch. Therefore, you must play your song both sweetly and pitch-right, before your unicorn comes to you. You don’t need to practice. The unicorn will not come, until the pitch is perfect. Now, play.”

I stand, extending my arms, building air space between Yachel and Britton, positioning my fingers over the first note of C chord. I hear a sweet sound, glancing to my side.

Yachel is playing the song perfectly on her flute and repeating it over and over again.

I drop my mouth in shock. Yachel had refused to practice inside the music room. Then I turn to catch movement in the far distance, parting my lips.

A yellow colored unicorn is galloping over the hill in my direction.

Yachel plays the song over and over again as the unicorn halts on top of the grass. Then the unicorn slowly moves directly to Yachel. She softly plays the song as the beast comes closer. She stops playing the song and it halts. She smiles, extending her hand. The unicorn lowers it head. She pats its soft hair. The unicorn neighs.

I drop my mouth in shock.

Yachel turns with a giggle and a grin to see Persia, jerking off the necklace from her neck, rubbing the rock up and down her body. Her dress morphs into a pair of faded and torn blue jeans and a pair of worn cowgirl boots.

I gasp with shock.

Yachel grins. “Fairy magic,” she touches the rock on the back spine of the unicorn. A brown riding saddle appears complete with a pair of boot stirrups and a pair of neck reins. She turns with a smile and a nod to see her best friend. “Hurry up and call your unicorn. I’m heading east part of Fairyland which has been not explored yet. We can spend the rest of the class time, riding the meadows,” she moves and climbs up on top of the beast. Yachel pulls the reins backward as the unicorn back steps from Persia. She jerks the reins up.

The unicorn rears on its two hind legs.

The other fairy teens clap and cheer for Yachel and her unicorn.

Yachel gallops off towards the east with a grin and a giggle.

I exhale with a puff of frustration, turning to see open hills of the meadow, placing the flute to my lips, playing the song that squeals the musical notes off-key.

Britton plays his song, missing some of the notes too.

Gable plays his flute, missing all the notes also.

Molfalso plays his flute with a sweet harmony as a gray unicorn gallops to the top of the hill.

I stop playing to watch.

The gray unicorn slowly moves down the hill to Molfalso. He copycats Yachel, creating a riding saddle and a set of riding reins, and climbs up, riding off to the west portion of the island.

I stomp my left sandal in disappointment and lift and play my flute with the squeaky song again.

I see a blue unicorn gallop to the hill top and stop playing.

The unicorn moves down the hill and walks to Zann. Using her fairy magic, she changes from her gown into a pair of jeans and saddles up the unicorn too, riding to the west, chasing after Molfalso for her fun.

I stomp my right sandal in double disappointment and lift and play my flute with the song again.

I see a white unicorn appear, playing my flute.

The unicorn moves down the hill and walks to Stad.

I jerk the flute from my face, frowning in triple disappointment, looking up to see the sky and down to my sandals, and exhales with a puff of frustration. I slowly lift and place the flute to my lips, softly playing the musical notes over and over again.

I see a green unicorn stomp up the hill side, playing my flute. The unicorn slowly moves down the hill as I play my flute. The beast slowly walks in my direction as I play the song.

The unicorn stops in front of me as I stop playing and smile, reaching and touching its forehead.

It neighs with sweetness.

I drop the flute on the grass and jerk the fairy necklace from my neck, rubbing it down my legs but nothing happens. I exhale with a puff of frustration, rubbing the rock up and down my legs again. My fancy pink dress shrinks as my old pair of faded blue jeans covers my legs. I still wear my heeled sandals. I giggle. “Next time,” I rub the rock over the back spine of the unicorn.

An old worn brown saddle appears with a pair of boot stirrups.

I touch the forehead of the unicorn as a set of neck reins appear over her head for guiding the beast around the meadow. I climb and jump on top of the beast, staring and waving at Britton.

He stands in the meadow, fluttering his baby blue cape in the breeze, holding his flute near his mouth, and waves back with the other hand, smiling to Persia.

I smile and turn the unicorn to the east, kicking her stomach, galloping away from Britton to find Yachel.



3:03 p.m.

Colorful wildflower meadow setting



I lean down over her neck. The unicorn runs at a full gallop, soaring over the valleys and hilltops of grass and wildflowers. The unicorn and I dash near the pond. I pull up on her reins. The unicorn slows her gallop into a walk. I scout for Yachel, seeing movement to the side, guiding the unicorn to a grove of the tall shade trees. Yachel sits on top of the unicorn, staring into the forest. I stop and stand next to Yachel, exhaling with a puff of annoyance, staring at the nose profile of her best friend. “Finally, my flute playing is terrible. Do I have to use that dang flute every time I wanna ride the unicorn? Does she have a formal name? I do name her, right? What’s your unicorn’s name, Yachel?”

Yachel stares at the forest. “You can signal the unicorn by whistling the four notes of C, E, F, and G instead of the flute, if your personal whistling is a harmonious pitch perfect. The beast is our unicorn like the rock and the tiara…”

I giggle. “This dang tiara is soldered into my bone skull and numerous brain cells,” gasping. “Does that mean if someone yanks my tiara off my hair roots, then I’d lose some brain cells?”

She laughs. “Maybe? We have to ask pretty Daffodilly or your mom.”

I say. “You shouldn’t insult an authority figure at the Academy, Yachel,” frowning with concern.

“She ain’t my authority figure. I have to attend the Academy. I have to listen to a mentor. I have to wear a crown and a cape and a scepturd…”

I frown. “Fairies don’t carry scepters. The Fairy Queen does.”

“I have to carry the gem stone in some type of visual object. Why not a scepturd?”

I giggle. “How did you figure out the flute playing, so fast, getting your unicorn more swiftly than me and the other fairies? You were the first one of the entire class.”

“I’m a farmer. I’ve be around animals all my life. Unicorns are a unique species from other mammals. I didn’t understand the connection between the flute and unicorn until Lugina called hers. It’s like riding a wooden fence railing but softer and prettier and more mellow.” She grins.

I look down with a smile and pat the soft neck of my unicorn. “She’s soft and sweet. I’m naming her, Komilly. That means ‘soft’ in the Fairy language. Why do we ride unicorns?”

She shakes her curls. “Some of the other fairies like to ride the beasts instead of the flying coaches. Some of the other fairies don’t have use a flying coach for their job performance. And there ain’t no farting fairy language, Persia. We speak with the same alphabets and same numbers like the other beings on planet Earth. Ya know like one, two, three, four, five, six and kiss my…”

“Job, that’s why we’re here at the Academy. That’s the purpose of me, a job. What job are you going to be, Yachel?”

“A farmer like my parents.”

I exhale with a puff of frustration, staring at the forest thickly rich with a grove of tall over story trees, bright hanging fruit, green leaves, and pretty colorful wildflowers. I look over my collar bone, scanning the meadow. The meadow runs dark green grass, then medium green grass, then pale green grass, and finally yellow dead grass. I turn with a puzzled brow to see the green forest again. “Why’s the forest thick and rich with green trees and plants, but the meadow looks like its dying of something?”

Yachel turns with a puzzled brow to see the nose profile of Persia. “What are you going to be after graduating the Academy?”

I shrug. “Like my parents, I guess. When do we return to the Academy this afternoon for more flute class?” My rock sounds with a tiny ping. My unicorn turns in the direction of the school building. I exhale with a puff of frustration. “Fairy magic does it all for me. I get it, finally,” chuckling with Yachel.

They gallop back to the Academy.

Sondson waves a hand to dismiss all the teens from class as teens slide off each unicorn. The gang of unicorns turns and gallops over the hills of the meadow out of eye sight.

I move and enter the hallway with Yachel, strolling to second level sleeping rooms for suppertime.

Flute Class ends at 4:50 p.m.



5:12 p.m.

2nd floor level

Bedroom setting of Persia


Cool temperatures and bright stars



I climb up the stairs to the second floor and arrive at my room which has a food tray in front of the door.

The door opens in silence.

I lean down and grab the food tray, entering my private bedroom at the Fairy Academy.

The door closes.

I move and sit on top of the ratty and repaired loveseat with numerous ugly patches of mismatched fabric swatches in front of the side glass window, where I can’t see the forest for the spidery broken glass. I smile and eat my meal.

The door opens in silence.

Yachel enters through the open archway, carrying her food tray

The door closes.

She moves and sits on the floor without words and a good display of bad fairy manners with her food stained fingers and her food items.

They eat and giggle, eat and laugh, and finally eat up all the supper items, working in silence on the rock grooming assignment.

I perch the rock on top of my five fingertips, slowly stroking down one side, feeling the tiny shards of rock peel away from the stone. My fingers bleed and burn from the sharp rock fragments. The shards drift down from my rock and fall into a set of tiny dust balls, flowing and rolling above the floor and leaving the room underneath a tiny gap inside the door.

Yachel sits on the floor, rubbing her rock over a pile of the dirty supper dishes on the low table. The rock shards drift down and form into a set of dust balls, rolling away from her and her rock. She exhales with pain, pulling away her hand, seeing the blood and tiny cuts on the inner meat of her fingers. “I am done for the evening.” She replaces the rock back into the neckline slot and stands, lifting two dirty food trays from the low table, moving and shuffling to the archway.

The door opens in silence.

She stops and leans down, resting both the food trays on the floor of the hallway for a delivery pickup, back stepping into the room, turning and moving back to Persia.

The door closes in silence.

Yachel says with a grin and a giggle to Persia. “Who gets to cook and clean for us, fairy princesses?”

“House brownies.”

She nods. “Good thing, I’m born a princess with my own tiara,” she reaches and flicks the thick rows of diamonds with her fingers, hearing a ting, and stops in front of Persia, clearing a throat for her fun amusement. “You can waste your time, peeling the stone in class tomorrow, during our enchantment session. That’s all we’re going to do in there for the rest of our imprisoned academic days.”

I stroke my palm down the other side, feeling the rough edge slice away into a smooth curve. This method does not cut into my skin too bad. “I wanna got this done, now,” I raise the palm from the stone with a smile. “Then, me and you can skip enchantment class for the rest of our imprisoned academic days.”

She grins. “Good luck with your accomplishment. I’m not slicing my hand more than once per hour per day,” Yachel looks down with a sour frown to see her hand as it slowly heals with her fairy magic all the ugly pink marks of pain. “Let’s go exploring. We’re allowed to roam around the campus, without a mentor or two. I wanna accidentally run into Stad or Hadwin or Molfalso. Hey, I bet Britton wants to accidentally run into you, darling,” she looks up with a smile and a wink to Persia.

I slowly raise my palm from the sharp rock for fear of cutting into more of my skin, if I do not concentrate, saying with a smile. “I like getting into one or two happy accidents.” My rock sounds with a ping. I stare at the rock as it pulsates in bright flame of magenta and black color.

Yachel fingers the magenta rock with a smile. “Your parents are calling and checking up on your happy accidents, too, Persia.”

“My parents?” I blink my eyelashes at the flashing rock with a puzzled brow.

She thumbs over a collar bone to the reader-chair in front of a white solid wall with a smile and a nod. “A communication devise for learning, speaking, recording, and listening, if need be.”

I exhale with a puff of frustration, shaking my curls and stand. “Yeah, yeah, I got it, finally. Fairy magic and boo and do and who…”

Yachel smiles and back steps from Persia, turning and moving to the doorway.

I gasp, turning to see her fluttering pink cape. “Don’t leave me, Yachel. We can go and wreck into a handsome hunk later.”

She turns with a sour frown to see Persia, grabbing and twisted her cape into the hands. “Your parents will see me.”

“Hide in the far corner. I just wanna say ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ then we go and cause some accidents,” I stand and move, placing the blinking rock into the pocket of the reader-tray, sliding into the reader-chair.

The white wall glows with an array of magenta horizontal bands on the outside, decreasing into a set of lighter bands. The middle is white and turns into the two faces of her biological parents.

I smile with happiness, sorta missing my parents, “Hi, Mom and Dad.”

Her mom grins. “Persia, how was your first day? I see your tiara. It’s beautiful.”

Her dad grins. “You are beautiful, honey. How are your sessions and mentors going for your first day?”

I nod. “My first day of sessions was great. I made a lot of new friends, meeting all the other teens in my class. Fairy Lore has swirling chairs…”

Her mom laughs. “Be careful, I do believe the chairs think faster than a gem stone. And I really want you to seek out other friends besides…”

I growl. “I am,” then I fake a smile. “I’m trying to crack the teaspoon from a teacup.”

Her dad says with a nod and a smile. “It sounds like a silly class, teacup class. But it is a very important step in becoming a fairy princess.”

“So what’s the secret of cracking the fossilized mud?”

Her mom shakes her curls with a stern face. “We do not reveal any fairy secrets to anyone, honey.”

I said with a nod and a smile. “Okay. I got my tiara and my unicorn. She’s colored in green. Is that a significant color, Mama? I know the color of green means balance.”

Her mom says. “No, honey, the unicorns are born with various colors from their unicorn parents. What color is your personality stone?”

I smile. “The color of magenta selected me inside the gem cave. It is…”

Her mama frowns. “What was the color? I didn’t catch the name.”

“Magenta,” I smile.

Her mama frowns. “There is not a color of magenta in the spectrum, honey. What’s the true color of your rock?”

I nod. “Yeah, there’s a color of magenta,” I stand from the chair, fingering the wall. “I can see the color of magenta around the reader-tray, and the wall, and your faces. The color of magenta selected me.”

Her mom shakes her curls. “No, honey, the color of magenta does not exist among fairies. I see the exaggerated color bands on the wall from our house. I believe it’s a deep purple. The color of purple is justice. That’s an excellent personality trait fitting you perfectly.”

Her daddy frowns. “I see a deep red with some blue. The color of red is energy. That’s another good personality trait.”

I exhale with a puff of frustration, fingering the wall. “It is the color of magenta. Mentor Oviv verified my rock. She said that it was impossible…”

Her mama nods. “Mentor Oviv has been at the Academy for a long, long time. Her judgment is sound, so she must’ve meant that the color of magenta is impossible to exist, Persia. You either have a royal purple shade or a deep red color rock, once you have sculptured it down then the true brilliance will shine in the sunlight. The raw rock hides the true color…”


Her mom grins. “I was worried a little about you integrating into the fifth class. But everything sounds fine and dandy. Who are some of the other kids?”

I frown. “You don’t know the other parents of my lowly fifth class? Why don’t you know some of the other parents of my lowly fifth class?”

Her daddy frowns. “No, honey. We keep busy with our jobs. Name some of the other fairy princesses…”

I grin. “Yachel, of course, she’s my best friend.”

Her mama frowns. “You have met some of the other fairy princesses too.”

I exhale with a puff of annoyance. “There some girl named Zann. She’s tall and pretty…”

“And,” her mama frowns.

I look down to see the cracked wooden floor. “And there another girl named…Nabell…”

“And,” her mama frowns.

“And there’s another girl named…Apella.”

Her mama says with a nod and a smile. “You’re in fine company of fairy princesses, honey. We’ll let you go back to working on your rock. Once your sculpture it down, you’ll see the rock color is a pretty royal purple. Purple means justice. This is a wonder personality trait for you. We love you, Persia.”

I look up with a fake smile. “Yeah. Bye, Mama.”

Her daddy grins. “We love ya, honey. Learn to be a good fairy princess.”

I grit my teeth in a fake smile. “Yeah, I will. Love ya’ll, too.”

The wall turns white.

I view my naked feet and turn with a sour frown to see Yachel.

She shakes her curls without a smile.

I stand from the reader-chair, parking both hands on my hips. “Isn’t magenta a color? Magenta is a color. My rock color is magenta. I plucked it from the wall. Magenta is a color of purple, red, and pink. It is a color.”

Yachel moves and slides into the reader-chair with a stern face.

I kneel beside her. The chairs only hold one individual.

She rubs both her hands over the white tray, as it turns into nothing. She does it again, resulting in whiteness again, saying with a puzzled brow. “Your magenta colored rock is lacking some serious academic reading materials.”

“Naw,” I shake my curls. “Mentor Oviv copied her material into my rock.”

“No. Yes. No. I mean you’re supposed to copy more reading materials into your empty rock for studying to be a perfect fairy princess,” Yachel removes the magenta rock and places her pale blue rock into the reader-tray pocket. She swishes her hands over the tray. A page of words appears. She reads out loud. “Magenta is an extra-spectral color…”

I exhale with a puff of frustration, shaking my curls. “And that’s supposed to mean something to you. It doesn’t mean anything to me.”

Yachel wipes the tray with her hands. The page disappears



She fingernail writes…Magenta.


The reader-tray displays a single sentence….Magenta is an extra-spectral color.



She fingers the tray. “Magenta is an extra-spectral color,” then she turns with a smile to see Persia. “Okay. We go and fill out our rocks with more information.”

I say with a confused brow. “How do we do that?”

Yachel wipes the tray with her hands, collecting her rock, standing with a smile and a nod. “We go to the fairy library.” She leads to the archway.

The door opens in silence.

I turn and run behind Yachel.

The door closes in silence.



5:46 p.m.

Ground level

Fairy Library setting




Yachel and I rapidly move down the stairs and into the familiar hallway, where all the academic classes and the banquet room are located. She leads and turns to the side, moving down a new hallway, entering an open archway.

I move and enter into a tall long room through a center door that is colored in white on the walls, the ceiling, and the floor. There are rows of long tables with a set of individual chairs in the middle of the room. I turn and stare at the walls.

There are tiny vertical black lines, dividing each wall into segments with a big black letter of the alphabet at the top of the ceiling, shining against the solid white wall.

When you come through the center entrance door, the right side shows the letter ‘A’ and an embedded pocket for your gem stone that is even with your eyeballs. As your eyeballs move around the room, the next section is labeled with the letter ‘B’ at the top of the ceiling. Each section is segmented with a letter, going around the rest of the walls.

The letter ‘Z’ ends on the left side of the entrance door.

Yachel enters and halts at the section labeled with the letter ‘M’ and inserts her pale blue gem stone rock.


She fingernail writes on the library section of the wall the single word which appears in black letters….Magenta.



Her pale blue rock glows.

Yachel back steps from the wall and jabs a finger at her rock inside the wall slot, viewing Persia. “This is the fairy library which is sorted by the fairy alphabet. Behind each wall, there are billions, zillions of polished gem stones with a set of personal information about Fairyland and the outer world too. So my rock is getting educated. The fairy library will tell us the truth about the color of magenta.”

The pale blue rock stops glowing.

Yachel turns with a nod and a smile to see the rock. “Now, my rock’s smarter than me,” she pulls out her rock, spinning and moves to one of the long reader-tables in the middle of the room. “Each reader-table holds a set of long benches around the perimeter for many students with numerous pockets, so we can study together. Or you can study independently by inserting your rock into one of the pocket slots which activates a section of the reader-tray on the long reader-table.” She moved and slides over the bench.

I move and sit next to her.

She drops her rock down into the pocket slot, activating one of the white reader-trays.



She fingernails writes…Magenta.



A page of words appears on top of the reader-tray.

Yachel reads out loud. “Magenta is not a color. It is an extra-spectral color. Sir Isaac Newton found the color when he combined the primary colors of blue and red on a prism stone…”

I stare at the words, saying with a confused brow. “Sir Isaac Newton is a human that calls my magenta rock a non-color. This doesn’t help me or my case with my parents. Didn’t a fairy prince or princess find that color too?”

“A human found the color and then didn’t find the color,” Yachel said with a puzzled brow, studying the information too.

I nod. “We’re invisible to humans.”

Yachel reads out loud. “Here’s some more information. The spectrum colors are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. Pink is not a spectrum color, either.”

I shake my curls. “That’s totally an illogical statement. Zann picked up a pink rock inside the gem cave, in which, Mentor Oviv confirmed the color of pink with my rock color of magenta too. Everyone knows that the color of pink means sweetness. See, I’m right. And it says here right. Magenta is a purplish-red with a tinge of blue. Why would someone bother wasting time to identify a color that doesn’t exist in the color world?”

Yachel grins. “You really are a combo color of purple, red, and pink, making up magenta.”

I grin. “I feel tons better. I don’t think my parents will accept my silly explanation, but I don’t really care. Once I sculpture the rock into a polished and shiny gem stone, they will see the true color. So what does the color magenta mean?”

Yachel scans the reader-tray, then the walls, the ceiling, the floor, and finally the frown on Persia. “We’ll figure it out later,” she smiles to Persia. “Let’s go and find an accident,” she winks and turns, wiping off the reader-tray with her hands.

The reader-tray dissolves the black words, becoming solid whiteness again.

I stand with a nod and a giggle of teen lust, “Yeah.” I turn and lead out the fairy library.

Yachel pulls up beside Persia with a giggle and a nod.



6:01 p.m.

Hallway setting



I grab and hug her arm, slowly strolling down the hallway with peeling paint, stepping over some bigger potholes within the wooden flooring with a smile and a whisper into her eardrum, “Where are we going to meet the accidents at?”

Yachel grins. “It is a super duper surprise…”

“…for an accident or two inside the hallway.”

She shakes her curls, “Naw. The hallway is brighter than the lawn, since it’s completely darkness outside for exploring the dry and dead lawn grass. I might trip over a hill of fire ants, since the lawn is sickly manicured for my precious naked toes. And the other fairies are inside their sleeping suites, studying or eating or entertaining each other. Why did your mom mention at befriending some of the other princesses? We are the only pair of cute darlings for…”

“Ugh…” I exhale with a puff of frustration. “My mom is too embarrassed to confess my purpose of the Academy which is to find a hunky sweetheart male for life. That’s her way of telling me to get a husband, without telling me to get a husband. Geez, you have to learn to read between her sentences or miss the point of the entire short conversation.”

“Your mom is strange to me…”

“…and me, too. Where are we going, again?”

“The banquet room entrance is behind us. We’re going forward to the exit door on the other end of the hallway.”

“I think Gable’s smart with Apella. They’re probably the smartest fairies in our class.”

“I think Gable’s ugly with uglier Apella. I think Stad, Molfalso, Hadwin, Radford, and Britton are handsomely cuteness. We got lucky, darling. Our class is filled with hunky males for taking and mating…”

“I think your tiara is the ‘bestest’ and my rock color is the coolest.”

“This is the door.” Yachel stops and looks back over a collar bone for any other fairies, turning to see the door with a smile.

The door opens with a squeal, dropping down more paint chips onto the floor and over her boot toes.

Yachel flings the chips in the air from her boot toes with a giggle and a grin, “You, first, princess.”

I stare into the darkness, exhaling with a puff of intrigue, trusting my best friend and neighbor. I move and stomp through the archway first, stopping and staring at the walls. “It’s complete pitch black of darkness. I can’t see my hand or my foot or the wall…”

She moves and stands beside Persia with a chuckle. “Is the fairy princess a little scared of brownies or monsters?”

I narrow my eyelashes to the darkness. “Would a spirit be hiding in here?”

Yachel moves around Persia further into the darkness, “Naw. They’re actually like the lightness to see for their haunt-ness,” she flicks her rock as it sounds with a ting. The rock illuminates her face and her chest. She says. “And the rock is a communication devise of lightness too. Ting your rock.”

I slap my hand to the rock on the chain around my neck. My air space illuminates with bright magenta light.

Yachel leads and tumbles into the side of the wall, gasping and panting with fear. “Okay, that was both un-elegant and painful. Watch very carefully the floor for rotten wood.”

I stumble over the wood and slide to side, avoiding the pothole. “We should come back in the morning.”

“It’s an enclosed room with no windows. The morning sun don’t shine here, fairy.”

“O.” I scream, tumbling to the wall.

“Okay, drop your rock illumination down to the floor. Watch and walk very carefully the floor for rotten wood and the holes in the wall too.”

I stumble to the staircase, touching the banister and fling my hand up. “It’s rough and prickly.”

“The water moisture accumulates in here from the hot ovens in the kitchen, and the water vapors of the flooding landscape at night, peeling of the polished wood…”

“Since the year 2001 BC…”

Yachel giggles. “Okay, watch and walk very carefully the floor for rotten wood. The walls have for big holes too. And the climbing steps have cracked planks also,” she slowly steps and climbs up the stairs.

I see the broken planks, scooting sideways. “What are we doing tomorrow in our fairy sessions?”

“Another fairy tale of lore, another enchantment charm, another crack at the fossilized mud…”

“Where does one get fossilize mud?”

“From the year 2001 BC…”

I smile, stomping over another bad plank. “Why does one study a teacup of fossilized mud? What is the purpose of mud?” I hear silence. “Answer my inquire, Yachel!”

She smiles. “I know and you gotta find it out, fairy princess. I’d strongly suggest the library, darling.”

I exhale with a puff of frustration. “I think Yachel is smarter than both Gable and Apella put together in our lowly fifth class.” I continue to climb up the dark stairs with too many exposed holes in the planks of wood.



6:15 p.m.

Watcher station setting

Cool temperatures with clear sky of bright stars



Yachel slaps the last plank with a boot heel, moving across a new unlevel floor with a worried brow. “Watch out for…”

“I see.” I stomp up from the staircase, viewing the floor for more potholes. “The floor’s really unruffled. Is it safe up here, Yachel?”

She walks to a low chest in the wall corner, stopping and lifts the wooden lid with a smile. “Is the entire house safe? What’s your honest opinion, Persia?” She reaches and grabs two objects out of chest, closing the lid.

The watcher station is a covered balcony without a set of solid walls or an array of solid glass windows. There are a set of four thin wooden poles that hold up the rooftop.

I stand in the middle of the floor, scanning the night time as my eyeballs adjust to the moon light. “Where are we? I can see the wooden poles which I know hold up the rooftop,” I look up and stare at the wooden ceiling. “Will the pole hold the rooftop? Are we in danger here, Yachel?”

She turns with a smirk and moves with the two objects in her chest to the rear skull of Persia, standing next to her. “This is the sixth floor that contains and is called the watcher station right above the cathedral high banquet hall and kitchen. There are watcher stations on top of each satellite classroom also but two levels lower. This is the highest point of the campus, since the building floats above the soggy wet ground during the flood, every single night. Yeah. The rooftop’s fixed for rain leaks, every year. Here, take this.” She extends the object.

I accept and grab the object, studying it.

She fingers it. “This is a pair of spy glasses used by a watcher.”

I drop my mouth, rotating the object around in my hands. “My parents are watchers. They use this specific equipment. I have never seen this piece of equipment. It looks like a pair of gigantic binoculars.”

Yachel grabs and drags Persia by the arm to the forward wooden railing. “We’re facing the geographically direction of east, where the sun rises, each morn. Place the spy glasses to your face. Wait. Lean over the railing. Yeah, it’s safe. Lean over the railing. Tell me what ya see with your fairy eyeballs first?”

I exhale with a puff of nervousness, slowly leaning my torso over the solid wooden railing. “Okay. I see the ground. It’s dry dead grass, ugly tall weeds, and some wiggling worms like pretty uglier at night too. When I look further up, I see more ground. And far away, I see the faint outline of the lush green forest. When I look further upward, I see a band of faint light of something glowing. When I look up into the skyline, I see many stars and the moon.”

She says with a nod and a smile. “Yeah, I see the same scene. Out here, the stars and moon are pretty. Now, place the spy glasses over your face and hold your breath. Holding your breath allows you to see the images better, clear.”

“What images better, clear? I don’t wanna see the wiggling worms, better and clear.” I place the spy glasses over my face and gasp. “I see round lights of glowing energy from far, far away. The lights present in various colors of red, green, yellow, blue, pink, and the rest of the rainbow. I have never seen this sight. So pretty, too.”

Yachel lifts and looks through her spy glasses at the same lights. “You’re correct. The lights are far, far, far away about 800 miles.”

I scan the horizon. “The lights are 800 miles away from us. What’s out there?”

“The human world.”

I drop the spying glasses, turning with a puzzled brow to see her nose profile and the spy glasses. “The human world contains all the glowing lights of prettiness,” I turn and scan the nightly landscape of Fairyland, rotating around the watcher station. “I see a few faint lights from some of far away houses, dotting the navy blue skyline which is a reflection of the moon beams off the something of something, of the larger estate homes. I don’t understand. Explain? Why do the watchers use spying glasses? Why do the watches spy on the human world of pretty lights? I mean, I see the fascination of the lights, since Fairyland is fairly country,” I giggle.

She grins. “The watcher watches. This is the purpose of the Academy. This is the purpose of you.”

I turn to the east and view the glowing lights through my spy glasses again. “I do understand the purpose of the Academy. I don’t under my purpose.”

Yachel removes her spy glasses, seeing the natural objects with her fairy eyeballs and the moon light. “This is the direction of east, the same direction the Academy faces. The watcher station encircles the rooftop, showing more lights in all directions,” she moves and scoots over the wooden railing and away from Persia, wearing her spy glasses, and views the lights. “I’m going around the western side. I suggest we split up, spying on the lights. Then we can compare our spy notes being totally bored with sculpturing my rock for the next few days, until my hands heal. And the balcony wood is filled with potholes for two beings to stand side by side. Or we both fall down into the flood waters, a-coming…”

“Good idea. I’m scooting to the opposite side on the southern end. Then we meet in the middle of the northern balcony.”

“Okay. We meet in the middle and go back to our suites.” Yachel says, disappearing around the wall of the watcher station.

I slowly scoot around the wooden railing, viewing the different colored lights and slam into the pole. I drop the spy glasses with a grin, back stepping and walking around the pole, and replace the spy glasses, viewing the faint lights, and move along the railing. Then I slam into another pole, again.

The two biceps cuddle both her collar bones as he sweet breathes on her soft cheekbone. “See anything interesting.”

I drop the spy glasses, turning with a smile and a giggle to see Britton. “Maybe.”

He leans to her face, kissing her forehead. “See anything more interesting now.”

I giggle, “Maybe.”

He smiles, moving down and kisses her nose. “See anything more interesting now.”

I giggle. “Maybe, so.”

He smiles, moving down and kisses her lips.

I hold my breath.

2nd day Fairy Academy



3:02 a.m.

2nd floor level

Bedroom setting of Persia

Moon light and cool temperatures with bright stars



“I do not like you,” the baritone voice whispers into the eardrum of Persia.

I blink my eyelashes open and scream at the spirit of Captain Robert, sitting upright on my butthole inside the bed, panting and swinging both my arms.

Captain Robert floats backward from the arms and the wiggling fingers of the fairy with a laugh and a grin. “You cannot harm me.”

I sneer and grab my rock necklace from the nightstand. I don’t wear it to bed, ya’ll. I swing it in the air and release it as the necklace twirls into the chest of the spirit.

He flies backward and disappears into the wall with a yell.

I growl, panting with both fear and annoyance and roll out from my bed, moving and retrieving the necklace. I slip it over my neck, turning and jump back into my warm bed.

I exhale with a puff of annoyance, viewing the ceiling then the window, then the door, then the floor, then window…



7:42 a.m.

Banquet hall breakfast setting

Warm temperatures and bright sunshine



I dash through the archway and into the banquet room, dragging my pink cape over the floor more than over a shoulder, wearing my new pink dress and the same old pair of heeled sandals. I scoot into the last empty chair, breaking the bread, stuffing my face with the food.

Yachel chews and turns with a puzzled brow to see the nose profile of Persia. “You’re late for breakfast.”

Zann smiles at Persia. “A few of the fairy princesses were late for breakfast including…”

“You look tired, Persia. We both left at the same time, last night. Did something else happen, after I left you last night, darling,” she says with a wink and a giggle.

I spit food particles over the plate and my dress, chewing the only meal before lunch. “Captain Robert visited me inside my suite, last night. I got startled and scared. I couldn’t go back to sleep.”

Apella gasps with an open mouth, showing her chewed food, “Me, too.” She chews and swallows.

Yachel shakes her curls. “Spirits do not like fairies. You should wear your rock necklace at all times, including bedtime, Persia and the rest of you, princesses,” she laughs, spitting out her food.

I nod, eating.

Breakfast ends at 7:58 a.m.



8:16 a.m.

1st period Fairy Lore Class



I sit inside the same reader-chair in fairy fart lore class, yawning at the page on the reader-tray from lack of perturbed and disturbed sleep by the spirit and my upset tummy from eating my breakfast, too fast. I cuddle my chin into my hands.

Ibbie reads off the far wall. “Fairies have existed with other beings on planet Earth, including humans from the beginning of time. They started out dwelling along a river bank, camping in the mud…”

Molfalso laughs. “O.”

I feel my reader-chair turn in his direction in the rear of the room and mentally halt the physical movement.

“That’s where the fossilized mud came from,” Molfalso chuckles with the others.

Ibbie reads off the side wall. “The fairies moved to the cave environment for comfort and then they lounged over tree branches before finally advancing on the land, forming farms for food.”

Molfalso says. “The first fairy came from the toenail of a nasty human…”

I feel my reader-chair swirling to Molfalso, mentally halting it, hearing the other fairies chuckle.

Ibbie says. “No.”

Molfalso says. “The first fairy came from the snot ball of the left human nostril,” he chuckles with some of the teens.


Molfalso laughs. “Then the first fairy came from a stinky piece of hair underneath the armpit…”

My reader-chair swirls around to see Molfalso, and as I laugh with the other teens.

Ibbie gently touches her gem stone broach inside the wall slot as an aqua waves soars and hit the reader-chair.

The reader-chair of Molfalso twirls around for a couple of times and halts. Molfalso shoves the reader-tray to the side, standing and leaving the room. He covers his mouth with a cough and a gag

The other teens laugh.

Ibbie grins to the seated teens. “The farms brought both success and failure to the cultured and peaceful Fairyland. During our dark period centuries ago within Fairy Lore, the fairies encountered our known enemy, the boggart. They are hardy creatures short, brown tinted skin, possessing not one single nostril hole or finger or a toe. The lack of wiggling appendages made digging out a living on a dirt farm very hard work. They were honestly employed by the fairies for other various job functions, such like, plowing the fields and harvesting crops. One night, an angry gang of boggarts attacked their own village of peaceful fairy farmers, leaving not one fairy male, female, or babe alive. The fairies attacked right back, creating the first and only Fairy War. The war was not going very well for the fairy clan. The clan did not possess gem stones for protection, only farm tools. The boggarts were merciless, killing all in their foot path. A surviving fairy child from one of the many burnt farms had hidden inside a boat from the blaring forest fire and then drifted out into the sea. The boat landed on a foreign shoreline, where the child was found by a pack of humans.

“The child told of the trouble in Fairyland. The kind humans gathered their kind and kin to aid the peaceful fairies. The human boats landed in Fairyland with fighting warriors composed mostly of farmers too. During the fighting, the fairy child was too young and weak to fight but was given the task of providing water and bread to the fighting farmers. When one of the angry clan of the boggarts crossed the fairy child’s path, the child fought back as best he could tossing his fists, the water jug, the bread sticks, and finally a jar of honey. Honey is sweet tasting on bread which comes from honeybees. The honey thrown from jar stuck to the boggart, causing it to scream in pain. Since the boggart was mean and the honey was sweet and then the two elements didn’t fit well together. The honey had turned the boggart into a pile of short brown goo or a brownie,” she chuckles.

Apella drops her mouth. “Our house servant is a brownie. Are you telling us that my brownie is really a boggart from centuries ago, during the Fairy War?”

Ibbie says with a nod and a smile. “Yes. I am telling all of you. The brownies are descended from the original clan of angry ugly boggarts, our only enemy. The fairy child lived to tell the tale and tattle the secret for converting the boggart into a brownie. The fairies were grateful to end the battle and to find and face destruction, again. The war had destroyed the homes, the buildings, the farm equipment, the crop land, the fruit trees, and the hope for both the fairies and the humans. After all the dead were buried throughout Fairyland fields in the traditional fresh ring of rose petals, both the surviving humans and fairies built this plantation house, honoring their pact of friendship from centuries ago.

“However, it was also discovered that the human clan had been greatly reduced down to one parent or no parents for their surviving biological children, who still lived inside the human world. So the Fairy Queen decided that a fairy adult would watch over an orphaned human babe of the honored dead pair of humans until their adulthood to a marriage or a job. This royal declaration was established to save the remaining unemployed fairies, the orphaned children, and Fairyland. And this was done, because all the honey jars came from the humans. Fairies do not eat honey or possess honeybees.

“Every fairy adult, who had lost their entire family clan, was selected and then gifted with a gem stone by the Fairy Queen. The gem stone allowed their fairy powers to flow within to outward. A fairy could heal their body or fly on a winged horse or ride a unicorn, or turn invisible inside the human world. However, a human can see a fairy inside Fairyland. I do not know the reason, either. To continue the fairy lore, in exchange for watching over the orphaned child, the human clan provided the wooden planks, living furniture, house furnishings, farm seedlings, food stuff, and other farm and work equipment.

“Fairyland became prosperous, again. However, the pact between the fairy and human stills exists, mostly due to several factors. The poor population growth of the fairy family unit beyond one fairy babe, the lack of developing farms, the lost art of farming skills, and the increase of a fairy controller for the human child. A human is a fragile creature, who cannot heal thy self. When the biological parents, inside the human world, become damaged and then dead, their child becomes orphaned. So a fairy is sent to watch over the human babe until adulthood to a marriage or a job also. The Fairy Queen still honors the pact of friendship from centuries ago. The end…”

Gables says with a sour frown and a matching tone. “Why would the Fairy Queen care to do that?”

I feel my reader-chair automatically swirl to him. I let it spin around, facing Gable with the other reader-chairs in the first interesting hot topic of Fairy Lore.

Gable says. “I have never met a human. I do not care to meet a human. I have read that they are filthy and smelly…”

“…like Gabbie, because his toad sweat only comes off, if ya bath, every night.” Molfalso laughs with the others.

My elbows heat on top of my reader-tray. I look down to the surface.

The page from Ibbie shows on the right side. A new page shows a golden chain picture on the left side of my reader-tray.

Then my tray splits into three sections.

The page from Ibbie shows on the right side. The picture of the shell of a long necklace chain shows in the middle.



Yachel fingernail writes on the left side of Persia’s reader-tray….Do not like.



Britton says. “Therefore, this is the purpose of the Academy.”

I look up with a stern face to see Britton, ignoring Yachel’s silly message.

Britton says. “The purpose of the mentors. The purpose of you,” he raises his dark blue gem rock. “I’m sculpturing a rock of dark blue. Dark blue is the color of responsibility. My parents are collectors. Therefore, most likely, I will end up as a collector too. I don’t mind. A collector is a fairy guard, who aids a fairy in trouble inside the human world. So I must learn to ride a unicorn and fly a winged horse and…”

My hand heats as I view the tray.

The middle picture changes to the shell of a ring.



Yachel fingernail writes…Like.



Hadwin says. “My parents are watchers, who watch a fairy inside the human world that is caring for the orphaned child. I do mind too. My parents are gone from sunrise to sunset, every day of the week and on the weekend…”

My hand heats on top of the reader-tray again. I see the middle picture on the tray change to the shell of a palm chain.



Yachel fingernail writes…Like.



I look up and view Hadwin, ignoring Yachel’s sentence on my reader-tray.

Hadwin says. “I didn’t necessary want to learn to fly a winged horse. But my parents are locked inside a watcher station for hours and days. I, too, will be a watcher as my daddy says. And I do not wanna to be a watcher…”

My hand heats on top of my reader-tray. I look down to read her message.



Yachel fingernail writes…Do you like the palm chain? It looks cool like Daffodilly’s.

I fingernail write…Cool.



Kuelle says. “I agree with Hadwin…”

My reader-chair swirls to Kuelle.

Kuelle says. “My parents are fairy controllers. A controller is a fairy, who lives with the human child from sunrise to sunset or longer until bedtime. My parents come home very, very late. I sometimes do not see them for days. Yeah. I’ve been told by them that I will do very well as a controller…”

My hand heats on top of my reader-tray. I look down to see the shell picture of a bracelet.



Yachel fingernail writes…Do not like.



I look up with a stern face to see Kuelle, ignoring Yachel again.

Kuelle lifts and shakes her rock. “I’m required to etch the rock into a pretty gem stone. The stone connects my fairy powers for my talent of invisibility that is required in the human world. So, to be a controller, I must endure the painful hand cuts, finishing the job before the end of the year…”

My hand heats on top of the reader-tray. I look down to see the picture shell of a wrist time piece.



Yachel fingernail writes…Do not like.



I look up with a stern face to see Kuelle, ignoring Yachel.

Kuelle says. “I really want to be a mentor, not a controller…”

My hand heats on top of my reader-tray. I look down to see the picture shell of a choker.



Yachel fingernail writes…Do not like.



Zann says with a smile and a nod. “You can perform any job here in Fairyland, Kuelle after you graduate the Academy…”

My reader-chair slightly swirls to see Zann.

Zann says. “My parents are farmers. We provide food for all of Fairyland. I wanna be just like them too. You could be a farmer with me. There’s plenty of land…”

My hand heats on top of the reader-tray. I look down to see the picture shell of an earring.



Yachel fingernail writes…Like.



Walcott says. “Don’t become a trainer either…”

My reader-chair twirls to see Walcott.

Walcott says. “A trainer is responsible for training the brownies for all their job positions from domestic cleaning to tunnel digging to barn pookie shoveling,” he chuckles. “It is not a nice job…”

My hand heats on top of the reader-tray. I look down to see the picture shell of a nose ring.



Yachel fingernail writes…Do not try at home.


I smile and fingernail write…Yeah.


Yachel fingernail writes…Which one do you like for your gem stone?


I fingernail write…Thinking.



I look up with a stern face to see Walcott, ignoring Yachel again.

Walcott says. “I’m expected to follow the foot path of my parents and will not. I’m going to be something different…”

Molfalso said with a confused brow. “As long as, the current Fairy Queen rules Fairyland then every fairy will be babysitting a human child. Then every controller will need a watcher to send in the collector for the rescue. So I do believe that the fairy cycle will never end.”

Ibbie says. “This has been an enlightening topic for fairy lore today…”

My reader-chair swirls to see Ibbie.

Ibbie removes her broach from the wall slot. The walls, the floor, and the ceiling turn back into blank white-ness. “You are dismissed from my class, fairies.”

I wipe the tray with my hands, cleaning the message thread and remove my rock, standing and moving to the archway into the hallway.

Yachel stands and pulls up beside Persia. “Which shell do you want for your gem stone?”

“Why didn’t ya tell the other fairies that they had a choice to a farmer instead of a watcher or a collector or a controller? Food is important. I like to eat.”

“I like the palm chain best. Lugina has two earrings with two little tiny gem stones. So maybe I can have two palm chains with two gem stones too, too.”

I exhale with a puff of frustration. “Your hand burns and cuts from one gem stone. Why do you want two of them?”

Yachel grins. “To protect my fanny from any the wandering spirits around this place, especially when I am sleeping soundly in my bed. An earth rock is a natural deterrent to all creepy crawly spirits.”

I gasp and smile with my new understanding.

Fairy Lore Class ends at 9:57 a.m.



10:02 a.m.

2nd period Gem class

Warm temperatures with partly clouds of sunshine



I slowly move through the dark tunnel underneath the tall bleachers, stomping to the open theater of furniture. On the opposite wall, there are neatly separated piles of dining room furniture, consisting of a single small table, two chairs, a lamp, a single eating placement of dishes.

I scoot on the first row bleacher seats, sitting next to Britton.

He smiles but does not waving.

I slide and bump his shoulder with a giggle and a grin.

He bumps back on Persia with a chuckle and a smile.

Oviv stand in the middle of the room in front of the bleachers. “Good morning, fairies. Your rock has selected you. Today, you will learn about the properties, connecting you and your rock. Yes. It is a rough raw format of lumpy rock, not a gleaming gem stone. However, you possess fairy powers accessed by your ugly rock. Today, you will lead the concept of fairy speed.”

Gable says. “Fairy speed is really called invisibility for some dense fairies.”

Oviv nods. “Very good, Master Gable. Fairies are not truly invisible. They are faster than the speed of sunlight, making them invisible when running…”

“…away from me, Gabbie.” Molfalso laughs.

Oviv exhales. “Everyone pick a spot in the theater floor which is parallel with one of the piles of furniture against the far wall. Each pile of furniture is the same…”

“…mis-matchness. Why doesn’t any piece of one single furniture setting match each other, Mentor Oviv? Why does everything has holes or tears or rips?” Radford said with a puzzled brow, standing from the bleacher, moving with the fairies to the auditorium floor.

Oviv fingers her throat gem stone. “Our purpose is to set up a dining room environment like so. You will place the dining room table first, and then the single chair, the lamp, the plate, the water goblet, the teacup, the fork, the spoon, and finally the knife along the side of the plate, such-like.”

She disappears from her spot. Then a complete dining room table appears in her spot. A chair appears underneath the eating table. The lamp appears on top of the table. The eating plate, the goblet, the teacup, the fork, spoon, and knife appear on top of the table in the proper order.

Oviv sits inside the dining room chair, giggling from her fairy speed demonstration.

The teens sound with claps and wear smiles.

Oviv stands from the chair, saying with a smile and a nod. “Thank you. I have demonstrated your first lesson of the rock and you. I will watch your individual performance. No. I cannot see into the future or possess an array of ugly thirteen eyeballs. I have a gem stone. My stone will record your individual fairy performance and then I will replay it for accuracy of your furniture sequencing. If you fail to follow the sequencing, you are disqualified. If you break one single furniture item, you are disqualified. If you follow the sequencing correctly and do not broke a furniture item, you will win the fairy performance. I must express it is not really a timed event, since the condition of breakage is the key for losing or winning. Therefore, we will wait for each fairy to complete their fairy performance, no matter the time. After all dining room settings are completed, I will reward the winner with a very valuable prize.”

“If there are two winners?” Gable says with a puzzled brow.

Oviv smirks. “There will not be two winners based on the difficulty of the performance. However, the student with the least broken furniture items will win the performance. Are there any more questions, before Master Gable interrupts my thought processes again? If two students tie with the least broken furniture, I will award two winners. I am very fair and just with the performance. I would like to see every student win the competition also, making a good fairy princess and prince.”

“What’s the prize if it can be shared with me?” Apella dances side to side with her excitement and a smirk.

Oviv looks with a chuckle and a grin to see teen. “A delightful prize, the envy of your peers. Please squat down into your speed position.”

I lean over and whisper to Yachel. “What’s the prize?”

She views her furniture pile with a grin. “Beats you. Once I beat you, then I can show ya.”

I snort. “Beats me. I beats you first, fairy girl…”

“Go.” Oviv shouts.

I hold my rock neckline, racing to the other side with my fairy speed. I shift the dining room table from the wall, lifting it into the air and halt, panting from the heavy piece of furniture with my fairy strength. I scan the room.

Britton has reached the other side, sitting up the table and disappears with his fairy speed.

Gable has stopped in the middle of his aisle, panting with the heavy piece of furniture with his limited fairy strength.

Yachel is on the other side, dropping her table down to the floor.

I lean over the table when my necklace touches the wooden surface and swiftly lands on the opposite side of the room. I giggle with my new understanding. I must touch the rock to the object, so my power will flow within to outward. I perform a fairy speed to the other side, hugging my necklace.

I lift the chair with one hand, touch the rock and land on the other side. I slide the chair underneath the table. I touch my necklace and perform a fairy speed back for the lamp, zooming back and placing it on top of the wooden surface with a giggle and a grin. I stop and scan the room.

Britton has finished setting up his entire dining room furniture in the front of the bleachers.

Gable is struggling or taking his sweet tea time with the lamp.

Yachel is almost finished, needing the utensils next.

Apella is not finished, but fussing with the plate on the top of her table.

I touch my rock and perform a fairy speed to the wall for the eating plate and zoom back, gently placing it in front of the chair. I touch my rock and use my fairy speed back and forth more quickly for the other items in sequence: the water goblet, the teacup, the fork, the spoon, and the knife.

Then I stop and stand in front of my dining room furniture setting, fussing with the placement of the items for a nice visual presentation and scan the room with the other teens.

Yachel stands in front of her eating table arrangement, dancing side to side, winking to Persia.

Britton stands with a sour frown, staring at his water goblet.

Apella sits in the chair, smiling and staring at her eating items.

Gable drops the knife on the wooden surface, standing and nodding at his placement setting of dishes too.

Oviv stares with a smile at each fairy. “The performance has ended. Every student has completed their fairy speed run. I will start at the end with Master Gable,” she moved to his dining room table, humming and studying his items.

Each fairy looks at her movements, standing in front of their table setting.

Oviv smiles to Gable. “Very good, Master Gable. You have achieved only one broken item, the teacup,” she touches her choker as the amber wave soars and lifts it in the air. “Do you see? The tiny handle has been dislocated, so slightly from the side.”

The fairies gasp.

Gable drops his arms and his smile into a frown, slapping his jeans. “I? How? I was so careful.”

Oviv fingers the levitating teacup. “Ah. This is a small piece of minor damage when running with glass items. It is the speed of shifting winds that dislocates the handle, not you. You have one broken furniture item,” she lowers the teacup with her amber wave. The wave sucks back into her throat choker. She moves to Radford, studying his dining room setup, saying with a smile and a nod. “A broken chair. A busted water goblet. A broken plate. You have acquired a total of four broken furniture items, Master Radford.”

Radford frowns with a nod, studying his dining room furniture.

Oviv shifts to Apella, studying the dining room setup, saying with a smile and a nod. “Ah. A very good job, Miss Apella. One broken…”

Apella stomps her sandal. “No. My dining room setting is perfect.”

Oviv touches her choker, sending out an amber wave, lifting the object in the air. “You have a slight crack in the water goblet. I am afraid more shear from your wind speed. This is the purpose of the mentor, teaching you delicate kindness…”

“…to Apella. She was born under a sour cabbage patch with the biting rodents,” Yachel leans and whispers to Persia.

I giggle, slapping a hand over my parted lips.

Oviv lowers the teacup down to the table surface with her fairy wave, turning and moving to Molfalso, studying his dining room set. She says with a puzzled brow. “O dear, Master Molfalso. I see a broken table leg, a broken chair leg, a broken lamp, a broken eating plate, a busted water goblet, a broken teacup, a missing prong in the fork, a bend spoon. And the knife is not broken, but the knife teeth have been sawed off…”

He slaps his chest with a smirk and a chuckle. “My personal touch with the dull knife and the bend spoon…”

Oviv gasps, shaking her curls at the messy and ugly furniture setting, saying with sour frown to Molfalso. “You have broken every furniture item. I do not understand. You did this all on purpose.”

“To match the broken parts and pieces of the Academy, the dining room setting matches very well inside the banquet room,” he laughs with the other fairies.

She laughs. “You are too clever, Molfalso. I will indeed reward you for your creativity.”

Apella stomps her sandals beside Oviv, shaking her curls. “Naw. No. He broke all his furniture items on purpose for his nasty fun. I could’ve done that too.”

Oviv smiles to Molfalso. “And you did not, Miss Apella. Part of learning your fairy talent is utilizing your fairy power to your advantage in any given silly or serious situation. Master Molfalso has exhibited creativity, boldness, and intelligence by winning the fairy performance, his way,” she touches her amber gem stone and appears a cloth bag between her hands.

The fairies gather around her.

Kuelle says with a sour frown. “There are others dining room settings for judging. He didn’t win the entire performance.”

Oviv opens the bag. “You are correct, Miss Kuelle. I will fairly judge the other fairy dining room settings. If there is another student with a perfect setting or possesses only one broken item, then the prize will be shared with both Gable and Apella.”

Apella says with a smirk and a nod. “I won too. I wanna get my prize now, too, Mentor Oviv, before Molfalso.”

Oviv smiles to Molfalso. “The color rock selected for you was crimson. Crimson represents determination. You have indeed lived up to your selected fairy power,” she jerks out of the bag a color rock of crimson.

The fairy teens gasp.

Molfalso drops his mouth.

Oviv presents the rock to Molfalso. “You have been awarded a second personality rock for your fairy performance. Yes. The rock can be sculptured into a second gem stone. The gem stone does not increase your fairy powers, but it will allow you to enhance your single wave beam, twice for fun or malice,” she giggles.

Apella stomps her feet. “My color rock is gold. I wanna get my second rock, Mentor Oviv. A gold nugget is really rare. Do you even possess one for me? I can go back into the gem cave for my second gold nugget.”

Oviv hands the rock to Molfalso.

He drops his mouth, gazing at the rock. “Thank you.”

Oviv says. “Normally, the student enters the gem cave, only once. However, you are learning students which allows me as a teaching mentor to enter the cave and award more colored rocks. It will fall upon you to shape the rock, in which, I believe each one of you have found to be a painful chore. Do not fret. Every single fairy including your parents had to endure the sculpture, only once. Now, Master Molfalso will endure it twice, if he desires.” She moves to Yachel.

The fairy teens follow her to watch.

Yachel stands behind her chair, looking at her table.

Oviv touches her choker throat, releasing the amber wave. The wave hits and lifts each object. She says. “A broken teacup, a goblet, and a plate. You have three broken items, Miss Yachel.” She moves and shifts to Persia and her dining room setting.

I stand behind the table to watch her.

Oviv stares the table in silence.

I hold my breath.

Oviv smiles at the fairy. “Very good, Miss Persia. You have no broken furniture items. I cannot see any cracks in the delicate water goblet or the teacup or the plate, the more precious items for carrying during a fairy speed performance,” she rattles the rocks in the bag, pulling out the rock. “Your rock selected for you the color of magenta.”

I smile, accepting the rock. “What does the color of magenta mean, Mentor Oviv? I can’t find the representation.”

Oviv views the table. “You did an excellent job, Miss Persia. I predict that you will hold the only perfect representation of fairy speed for the class. Let us finish the judging and find out,” she shifts to Britton.

I smile, hugging my rock to my chest, feeling the slight warmth inside the stone.

Yachel frowns to Persia, whispering. “I didn’t wanna another dang rock. My hands hurt from yesterday.”

I study the rock. “Ya hold it by your fingertips. I barely can feel the sharp shavings of the rock fragments, using that method.”

“What are you going to do with two rocks?”

“Didn’t know. But my parents would be proud of me,” I exhale with a puff of frustration. “If I dare tell them that I have acquired a second color rock of magenta? Why don’t they believe me? I’m hugging a second magenta rock.”

“Lucky, ya got a second one. Take it home and show your parents. Let me figure out what the color means they’re the smarter fairies of us all,” she giggles.

I giggle. “Good fairy.”

Oviv says. “Very good, Master Britton. You have only one broken furniture item the water goblet, due to shear of fairy speed.”

I view Britton.

Britton frowns with sadness of disappointment.

Gem Class ends at 10:58 a.m.



11:14 a.m.

3rd period Teacup Class

Warm temperatures with bright sunshine



I giggle and wiggle the same broken dining room chair side to side with the shorter leg and touch the broken leg with my hand, holding my gem stone with the other. The chair sits upright in a perfect balance of my person and its leg.

Mentor Faddey sits in the small spot next to the same patchwork tablecloth, brewing the tea kettle under the burning coals. The table contains the same set of mismatched item, including the sugar bowl, the creamer jug, the napkins, and the napkin holders. He stirs the tea, saying with a nod and a smile. “Good new morn, fairies. Please try again to retrieve the teaspoon from the fossilized mud.”

I grin with excitement from winning a second personality rock, looking to see Yachel.

Yachel sits with her eyelashes closed, facing the wall with her hands around the teacup.

I hear the explosion of a teacup behind my back spine.

Faddey says with a smile and a nod to the teen. “Please acquire a new teacup, Master Walcott.”

Walcott is a tall and athletic teen male with a head of dark brown colored shoulder length hair, a chin of red colored whiskers, and a tone of dark tinted skin. He stands, holding a piece of the busted teacup with a smile and a nod. “But I did it, mentor. I separated the mud from the teacup. I be done. I be good. Can I leave and go pond fishing for an hour for my lunchtime meal?”

Faddy grins. “You did accomplish something, breaking the teacup into four separate pieces. The purpose is to separate the teaspoon from the mud without breaking the teacup. Please fetch another tea bowl for your fairy performance.”

Walcott aims his rock at the tea bowl pile. One floats to his seat. He sits, frowning down at the completely intact tea bowl with the packed mud and spoon tip.

I stare at my teacup from yesterday. The spoon sticks straight up to the ceiling. The mud is bright gray harder than my breakfast bread crust. I gingerly touch the mud still hard from yesterday, exhaling with a puff of determination.

Gable says. “If I shift the teaspoon by .00007 inches today, since no one has done that yet, will I get a prize, Mentor Faddey? We came from Mentor Oviv’s session. She has a fairy performance and give out a prize.”

Faddey sips his tea and smiles. “I am acutely familiar with Mentor Oviv’s gainful employment of physical rewards for some of her more difficult fairy performances, which is or is not encouraged. And I abstain. However, if you shift the teaspoon by .00007 inches, the mud will not crack. The mud will delicately separate from the teacup and tenderly rise like a tiny dust cloud of gray ash in coolness. Then the tiny particles of gray ash will mix with the air molecules, allowing my nostrils to sniff the fresh soot of victory for the moment of the lucky fairy, today. Of course, the victory will short lived until the end tip of the rounded spoon has been completed retrieved from the fossilized mud.”

Molfalso grins. “What’da ya get when the spoon is removed, Mentor Faddey?”

He smirks. “That is the purpose of teacup class. One inch is measured in twelfths. One/twelfth of an inch equal .08 inches. Half of one/twelfth of an inch is .04 inches. Half of a half of one/twelfth is .02 inches. The teacup length is three inches. The most, any on fairy, has ever popped out from the fossilized mud is .02 inches of the .08 inches in one/twelve of an inch of measurement. Please begin.”

“What in the forest fig did he just say?” Radford looks with a puzzled brow to see the nose profile of Molfalso.

Molfalso shakes his skull at his tea bowl.

I place my rock underneath the teacup as my hands hold the teacup steady without breaking the delicate china bone material. I close my eyelashes, exhaling and inhaling, and hear a tiny pop.

I open my eyelashes.

A puff of gray ash rises from the mud from the outer circle of mud, surrounding the curved edge of the teacup.

I hold my breath, jerking my hand from the side of the teacup, holding the teacup in place underneath the rough rock and yank out the teaspoon, but nothing happens.

I look up with a smile to see Faddy.

He sniffs, smelling in his nostrils a plume of fossilized mud too, smiling with a nod to Persia.

I turn and look down the table, seeing a line of females.

Each girl has a pair of closed eyelashes, facing the pretty flower pattern wall of peeling paper.

I look back and surround my teacup with both my hands for a second time with a smile, waiting for another sound of a pop and plume of stinky ash.

Teacup Class ends at 11:58 a.m.



12:03 p.m.

2nd floor level

Bedroom setting of Persia


Warm temperatures with bright sunshine



I sit on the loveseat, perching the rock on my fingertips, slowly smoothing my hand over the rock. I wear my tea length dress and my sandals without bothering to change for lunch, since I must wear my dress for the next session. All the edges of my gem stone are smooth rounded and curvy, after sculpturing the rock for one day and a half.

The door opens in silence.

Yachel bangs both the food trays and her dress sleeves through the archway, advancing to Persia. “Lunch, it smells like meatloaf. I love dead cow, dead pig, and dead chicken, sometimes, all at the same time,” she places both the trays on the low table, tossing off the food lids to the floor, eating her meal with a fork and a spoon.

I rake my hand over the rock. “Do not create another pothole for my naked feet.”

“Sorry.” She stares down to the flooring with tiny holes, eating her food. “Persia, eat. You can play with the rock in enchantment class, the purpose of enchantment class.”

I exhale with a puff of frustration, placing the rock on the window seal, turning to my food tray, and grab the fork, stabbing the meat. “I get an ash pop from my teacup, today.”

She spits food from her lips on the floor and the table surface. “Naw.”

I chew the meat. “Yeah, it popped into a very small smoke bomb of gray ash. Faddy even nodded to me.”

“Naw,” chews Yachel.

“Yeah, I’m beginning to understand. The rock and I are connected like the mentors are teaching us over and over, again. When I finally sculpture down all the rough colored magenta rock into a smooth gleaming stone, my rock will be purple like my mama says,” I reach and lift the smooth rock. “The purple color is justice. That’s my personality power. See, it’s looking like a purple rock in the sunlight.”

Yachel swallows and presents her rock. “My rock is a pale blue color. If your shaving theory is correct, my rock will be a pale yellow or white when I finish my sculpture.”

I look with a confused brow at her rock and my rock. “Uh. Yes. No. Yes. Maybe?”

She eats, tossing the rock on the floor with a thud. “Forget the color of the rock. Concentrate on the power. Ya did a good job with not cracking the drinking crystal delicate goblet in gem class.”

“I got lucky. Oviv said to take our time, so I did.”

“What are going to do with the second rock?”

“I’m going to think about it, later. We’re late for enchantment class.” I stand, lifting and dropping the necklace over my breasts, moving to the archway.

The door opens.

I lead out into the hallway, running with the other teens with Yachel by my side to our next session.

The door closes.



1:03 p.m.

4th period Enchantment class



We ran down the stairs, into the hallway, and enter the classroom.

I move and sit at the same table with Yachel, placing my rock in the table pocket slot.

Mentor Kaapo stands in front of the room and lifts her arm as her gem wave fans around the room, touching each table.

I look down and see a pile of round brown seedlings beside an orange colored flower pot with no soil in front of me.

Yachel grins. “Remove warts, yesterday. Grow flowers, today. I guess, I’ll being picking my boogers, tomorrow,” she looks down to the surface and swishes her hand on the reader-table, flipping through the pages for the correct verb-noun combination.

Kaapo grins. “Grow me some flowers. This is a very easy enchantment. After you have completed it, you may keep the flower pot or give the flower pot to someone else. Then please start sculpturing your rock into a gem stone which is the more important purpose of you and class,” she move and leaves her classroom.

The door closes.

Yachel places the pile of seedlings inside her flower pot, swishing her rock over the top. “Groot florina.” She looks down into the pot, seeing the seedlings, frowning with disappointment, and swishes with her hand through the pages on the reader-table.

I smile and place the pile of seedlings in my pot.

The hand appears and drops numerous seedlings in her flower pot as two strong biceps wrap around her arms. The hand holds a dark blue rock over her flower pot as the male voice says above her hair roots. “Coltium florina.”

One seedling pops open.

One pink rose bud grows, shooting up into a bloom of full petals.

The male voice smiles above her skull. “Coltium florina…”

A second seedling pops open.

A yellow rose bud grows, shooting up into a bloom of full petals.

Britton continues to hold his rock over the flower pot of blooming flowers, repeating the word to the seedlings. “Coltium florina. Coltium florina. Coltium florina. Coltium florina…”

All the seedlings in her flower pot pop open into various colored rose buds, forming a big bouquet of flowers.

I smile with happiness.

Enchantment Class ends at 1:58 p.m.



2:09 p.m.

5th period Flute class

Warm temperatures with bright sunshine



I ran into the room, after leaving my new fresh floral arrangement from Britton in my sleeping suit, ignoring the loud musical noise in each corner of the wall.

Sondson is pretty cool about the teens coming and going from his classroom as he sits on the platform, dangling his feet off the edge with a smile and a nod. “Good morning, fairies. You can advance to the meadow, calling your unicorn for the daily ride, if you have successfully signaled your beast. Or you advance into the meadow trying again.”

I moved to the pile of flutes in the corner, grabbing one, inspecting the rusty holes and smeared mouth piece. “Ugh. This is thing either clean or sanitary…”

Yachel moves with Persia and grabs one of the flutes too, spinning around and swinging it down with her leg. “Toss it in the air and use your gem rock to play the song with the four notes, or sing the musical chords C, E, F, and G,” smiling.

“I can do that.” I move through the archway, rubbing my magenta gem rock over my itchy dress and sandals as my clothes change into my jeans and my cowgirl boots, stomping down the broken steps.

Yachel changes into her jeans with her pale blue gem rock too.

I stop and stand in the middle of meadow in a semi-crooked line of teen fairies, tossing the flute in the air. It magical hangs in the air. I wiggle my hand, holding my rock necklace.

The flute plays the smooth musical notes.

I hear the rumble of hoofs, before the foreheads of mane, seeing a line of unicorns on top of the grassy hill.

I call with a smile and a nod. “Komilly, come here. Let’s go galloping to the pond, again.” The green unicorn moves down the hill to Persia, stopping. I pat her forehead and move beside her stomach, positioning my rock over her boney spine and stop, turning with a frown to see Yachel. She sits on top of her yellow unicorn in the saddle with a set of riding reins. “We’re not supposed to ride with a saddle as a fairy.”

“I ride with a nice thick leather saddle against my tender fanny,” Yachel laughs, kicking the stomach of her unicorn, riding away from Persia.

I exhale with a puff of annoyance, turning to see the bony spine of the unicorn, rubbing my gem rock over her bony spine. A worn saddle and a set of riding reins appear like yesterday. I climb up the spine and settle into the thick leather, turning with a smile to see Britton.

Britton plays his flute and stops, staring at the hilltop.

I feel sad that he can’t find the right pitch to signal his unicorn on the second day of Flute class, gently kicking and steering my beast near him.

He stops playing, looking up with a smile to see Persia.

I drop off Komilly and down to the dry dead grass with a smile. “Do ya wanna ride with me on my unicorn for the day?”

He fingers the object with a stern face. “You’re not supposed to use a saddle.”

“I know but…”

“You should remove the saddle as a fairy.”

“Only today, I’ll go bare back riding, tomorrow. Are you sure that you don’t wanna come with me for a quick ride, today?”

He looks down with a sad pout to see the dry grass, shaking his skull. “Naw. Go on.” He looks up with a smile to her. “I’ll be along in a little while. I should have better luck, after practicing all day yesterday.”

I thumb over my collar bone to the east with a smile. “I’ll be near a pond in the east. That way. Komilly likes the water.”

“Ya named your unicorn.”

I reach and pat her neck with a nod and a smile. “We’re good friends, forever and always.”


I kick the grass with a smile to Britton. “Ya know I can stay here with you, while you play the flute looking for your unicorn?”

He looks with a frown over his collar bone, shaking his skull. “Naw.” He turns and frowns to her. “You can’t. You ain’t supposed to. This is the purpose of flute class. I’ll get right, today. I promise. Go on.”

I said with a nod and a smile. “Okay. I be waiting and watching by the pond. Okay. Later, Britton,” I climb on the saddle, turning the unicorn to the east, kicking her stomach, and gallop away. I look over my collar bone to see Britton.

He waves and smiles at Persia.

Gable, Apella, and some of the other unlucky teens still continue to play the flute and watch for their unicorn.



2:22 p.m.

Pond water

Warm temperatures with bright sunshine



I gallop over two hills and see the pond water, veering with a smile to the other teens.

Molfalso, Yachel, Zann, and Walcott stand under the shade tree on top of a unicorn, talking.

I trot Komilly into the huddle and stop.

Walcott turns with a confused brow to see Persia and her unicorn. “Where did you learn to ride a beast?”

“From me,” Yachel turns and smiles with a nod to Persia. “Persia’s a natural horse woman. My dad taught both of us to ride old unicorns and elderly farm tractors, right, darling?”

“Right, fairy girl,” I smile.

Walcott smirks. “Well then, maybe we can see some of Persia’s fancy riding skills for ourselves, because I don’t believe Yachel. She lies too dang much. How about we race from here to over yonder to that oak tree? The winner of the single beasty race gets Persia’s second colored rock.”

I say with a puzzled brow. “My rock is colored magenta. No one here got that specific color inside the gem cave. My rock would be useless to all of ya’ll.”

Walcott grins. “No ma’am, that there rock is very valuable in more than one way.”

I frown. “Like, how?”

Walcott grins. “It is pretty like Persia. It is a powerful earth mineral. It can be traded.”

Molfalso nods. “Walcott won his debate. Ya wanna race or not, Persia? Your draw?”

I nod. “Okay, fine, I wanna race. What do I win?”

Molfalso laughs. “Girl, ya ain’t going to win. I am the beasty-man in the Fairyland.”

I ponder his stupid statement with a grin and a nod. “I’ll take that bet with Molfalso losing. Now, what do I get for winning?”

Yachel says, “How about Molfalso’s second colored rock?”

I drop my mouth open. Molfalso frowns with worry. I grin. “Naw, I told you that rock only works for the fairy. But I do have a special request when I win from Molfalso. Are ya fairy enough?”

Walcott slaps Molfalso on the bicep with a chuckle and a nod. “Are you fairy enough?”

Molfalso snorts. “I will win. I will get that color rocked. What’s your request that will not be address, Persia?”

I smile, back stepping my unicorn from the teen huddle, tossing a chin to the side and away from the huddle of the fairies and the unicorns. “Over here, we talk in private.” I turn and trot to the open meadow.

Molfalso back steps from the huddle with a grin, kicking his unicorn, riding behind Persia and stops, moving beside her.

I turn and smile at his nose profile. “If I win this race beating you, then you help Britton get his unicorn. You are the best beasty-man in Fairyland. I guess herding one single tiny unicorn to one single little prince is peasy easy, right, fairy prince?” I spit on my hand and extend to him. “We got a deal, fairy prince.”

He grins. “We got a deal, fairy princess,” he spits on his hand and slaps her hand, spreading the fairy spit.

They turn and trot back to the huddle of fairies underneath the tall cool shade tree.

I smile to each teen. “We are ready. Who’s going to race against me?”

Walcott yells, “Yahoo, all of us. Get in line. No fairy rock dust, either. This is a race of the beasties and their masters or mistresses.”

Molfalso, Yachel, Walcott, and Persia form a semi-straight line over the green valley of smooth grass.

Zann turns and trots to the side of the semi-straight line. “I don’t wanna race. So I will be the referee and judge of the winner. Okay. Is every fairy ready?”

“Yeah,” the fairies sing in unison as the unicorns dance side to side with nervousness.

Zann says. “Is every fairy in pose?”

“Yeah,” the fairies sing in unison.

Zann shouts. “Everyone go.”

I kick the stomach of Komilly, yelling with a smile, leaning down over the mane, “Yeehaw. Yeehaw,” Komilly dashes and runs up the hillside.

Walcott slaps the reins on the rump of his unicorn. His beast rears, dropping and racing up the hillside behind Persia.

Yachel waits one second, allowing Persia to win the race, kicking her unicorn in the stomach. Her unicorn races up the hillside behind Walcott.

Molfalso and I race neck to neck on top of each unicorn, running down the first hilltop. The unicorns gallop through the valley and up the second hill beside each other. They ride down the hill even with the nose holes of our beasts.

The unicorns climb up the steep terrain with the oak tree over the hill and stomp down the wildflower bed as a pink unicorn stomps up on top of the hill.

Apella halts at the peak of hill, waving both arms to Molfalso and Persia with a silly grin.

I gasp.

Apella is in direct line of our moving stampede.

Molfalso jerks the reins and his unicorn to the side and away from Apella on top of her pink colored unicorn.

I am winning the race, running slightly ahead by a nostril muzzle and touch my gem rock. I create a thin line of magenta wave which barely floats the four hoofs of Komilly off the grass.

Apella screams, falling sideways off her pink unicorn down to the grass as the unicorn drops down on its kneecaps too.

My magenta wave pulls us above and over both the fallen unicorn and the whiney Apella as I sob with tears of joy from a bad tragedy.

Apella stands and shouts, turning with a sour frown and waving her arms. “You almost killed me, Persia. I’m telling my mama. I’m telling Mentor Daffodil. I’m telling everyone…”

Yachel races her unicorn up the hilltop and beside Apella, kicking out her boot toe to her unfriendly fairy mate.

Apella drops to the grass again, covering her hair roots, slowly stands with a wobble, and shouting with a sour frown to Yachel. “You almost murdered me, Yachel. I’m telling my mama. I telling mentor Daffodil. I’m telling everyone…”

I gallop Komilly over the thin line of magenta wave. She slips and slides to the side of the thin fairy wave. I gasp and leap off her back spine to the opposite side, rolling over the grass. My wave breaks into tiny magenta fragments, sucking back into my rock necklace.

Komilly lands on the grass, kicking and bucking her legs into the air, getting her balance upright on the solid soil. She gallops around in circles, calming her excitement.

I roll on my back spine, staring at the blue sky with pants of heavy breath, calming my racing heart.

And then I hear Yachel.

She yells. “Persia. You’re down. Are ya dead? Are ya hurt?” She stops and jumps off her unicorn, running to Persia, shaking her fallen body. “Are ya dead?”

I exhale with a puff of excitement, closing my eyelashes. “Fine.”

She falls over Persia. “That was fun. Let’s do it again.”

I giggle.

Flute Class ends at 4:58 p.m.



6:06 p.m.

2nd floor level

Bedroom setting of Persia

Cool temperatures and partly cloudy with sunshine



I tote the flower pot into my chest, deciding where to display my roses inside the room.

The door opens in silence.

Yachel enters the room, saying with a smile and a nod. “Get dressed for our dates.”

I sit the flowers on top of the night stand, saying with a smile. “Getting dressed, takes one point two seconds of my time.”

“Get showered.” She stops and touches the roses. “Did you actually bath your body? Because your jeans still contain grass stains from your train wreck with Apella. I can’t believe you didn’t whack her off with the hoofs or the wave beam or your boot heel. I think Britton likes you.”

I lift and rub my rock necklace over my legs. A clean shirt and a pair of faded and shredded jeans appear over my nasty naked body. I still wear my favorite pair of cowgirl boots that are still dirty from my train wreck with Apella. I whip my pink cape over a shoulder, saying with a sour frown to Yachel. “Whack Apella off? I don’t like her person, but I can’t think of a good enough reason not to whack her off. I enjoyed sneaking around the building, last night. Are we going to get into trouble for using the old staircase and exploring the watcher station?”

She turns and moves with a smirk and a nod to the door. “More like get killed, those planks are dangerously rotten. You need to form a wave with your rock.”

The door opens in silence.

I turn and chase after the fluttering pink cape of Yachel, leaving my room. “A wave, like the mentors do. I’m not that advanced.”

The door closes in silence.



6:08 p.m.

Hallway setting



I pull up beside Yachel with a giggle and a smile, anticipating my sweet lip meeting Britton, tonight.

“It’s easy.” Yachel lifts the rock necklace between hands, pointing it down at the floor of hallway. “Just think, wave.” Her rock emits a single thin pale blue beam over the floor.

I grab and hold my rock necklace between my hands with a whisper. “Just think, wave.” My rock emits a very thin and broken line of a magenta fairy wave over the floor.

She exhales. “Needs a little more work. Think of a straight thick line of color.”

I nod and move with Yachel down the empty hallway, cuddling my rock necklace. A magenta beam emits a straight thin fine line to the wall, shattering the rotten wood, creating a small of black sawdust.

She grins, “Much better.” Yachel stops in front of the closed door of the closet.



6:10 p.m.

Closet door setting



The door opens with a squeak.

Yachel and I move and stand inside the darkness of the same small room without a set of viewing windows but a tall staircase.

The door closes with a squeak.

Yachel lifts and points her rock necklace up to the ceiling. A thin vertical line of pale blue color hits the balcony ceiling. She says. “I’m going to use the wave like a rope to help me jump over the rotten planks. You do the same. And don’t fall down, because I don’t have a rescue plan for you.”

I grin with white teeth in the darkness. “Britton.”

“Naw, he’ll get into serious trouble, if he totes you from the watcher station injured and bleeding. Okay, so do not fall down and broke an arm or a leg or a fairy body part.”

I exhale with nervousness, looking up at her pale blue ray to the ceiling. “Don’t know.”

“I do know that I wanna see Stad.”

I grin. “I wanna see Britton,” I raise my rock necklace over my head. A thin line of magenta hits the balcony, causing some of the wood to fall down over my feet. I swiftly swing out of the way.

Yachel holds her rock like a handle, swinging up on top of the staircase, going sideways in the darkness around the broken wooden planks as her face and her cape sometime fly into the pale blue beam.

I narrow my eyelashes, looking up to see that Yachel had landed on top of the watcher balcony.

She shines the rock beam down into Persia’s face to start her ascend too.

I exhale with a puff of worry, cuddling my necklace in my hands, and fly my body to the side, ricocheting off the wall, flying to the other side, bouncing off the floor. I soar up the staircase, hitting and bouncing off the wall and solid wooden planks, and land on my kneecaps on the top of the watcher balcony, facing the staircase.



6:20 p.m.

Watcher station setting

Cool temperature and moon light with bright stars



Yachel assists Persia to stand.

I exhale with a puff of excitement, straightening my cape, looking down to the ground floor into darkness. “That staircase isn’t going to last much longer with our double boot toe abuse.”

She turns with a sour frown, leading and scooting around the pot holes in the floor of the watcher station. “I’ve already concluded that misery fact. But we’re novices with the wave beam, until we get really good with the wave beam.”

I slide away from the exposes potholes. “When will that be?”

“Starting tomorrow in Gem class,” she guides down the easterly wing of the watcher station, meeting Stad.

“O.” I stop and stand on the westerly wing, looking up with a smile to see Britton.

He smiles, opening his arms, standing beside our pole.

I carefully step over potholes over the floor, stopping and cuddling to his chest. “How’da ya get here, before me?”

He kisses her forehead and pulls back with a grin. “Do ya really wanna know?”

I giggle. “Do you use the staircase too?”

He kisses her nose and pulls back with a smile. “Are you shore that you really wanna know?”

I grin. “The staircase is the only access point into the watcher station which goes up from the bottom.”

He kisses her lips for a while and pulls back with a chuckle. “Are you absolutely positive that you really wanna know how I get up here into the watcher station?”


Britton cuddles and twirls Persia to face the wooden railing, extending his arms. His rock releases a dark blue fairy wave over the side of the wooden railing among the invisible the air waves of the night.

I drop my mouth. “That’s beautiful.”

Britton lifts Persia from the floor, kicking the forward wooden wall, knocking off the rotten planks with his boot toe with chuckle.

I drop my mouth, feeling his movements, since I stand in front of his face and his chest.

Britton stomps with Persia in his arms over a thick carpet of dark blue wave of illumination which is slightly darker in the night.

I hold his arms with a little fear of heights, hearing his chuckles.

He stands with Persia in his arms on top of the fluttering airborne horizontal fairy wave.

I feel the cold breeze on my hands and my cheekbones.

He chuckles, standing still.

I scan the air, seeing the tiny plant shadows from the full moon’s light on the ground below with my fairy eyeballs. I look up to see the skyline stars, seeing their brightness like I am alone with them. I say with a smile of nervousness. “This is so cool. I’m hovering like a bird. Are we in danger?”

Britton releases Persia.

I slip to the side and fall off the dark blue fairy wave, heading down to the ground in shock. I don’t even scream as a wave catches me.

The wave lifts Persia up from the fall and in the sky.

Britton reaches and grabs her hand, pulling her up and to his chest, holding Persia with both his arms.

I shake and quiver with fear.

“I’m sorry,” he tenderly whispers to her. “I shouldn’t have done that. I was showing off. A wave is truly safe to float and travel upon for one person. But it requires much more experience for two.” He twirls her around with a sad pout. “Are you mad?”

I quiver from his touch and my falling excitement. “Naw. I…” swallow the nervousness. “I trust you.”

He cuddles Persia. “Thank you.” He kisses her forehead then her nose, then her lips.

3rd day Fairy Academy



3:03 am

2nd floor level

Bedroom setting of Persia

Cool temperatures with bright stars



“I do not like you,” the alto voice shouts from the wall.

I blink my eyelashes, staring up at ceiling but do not scream. I sat up on my elbows in the warm bed, staring at the female spirit.

She wears a long dress with a bonnet in translucent glowing white against the dark wall.

I look down and view my second color rock, guarding the floor at the closed door archway and view her. She stops and floats in the air, without attacking the fairy. I sneer. “How did you get in here, spirit?”

She sneers. “You cannot harm me.”

I sneer back and jerk my necklace from the night stand, pitching at her.

The neckline hits her chest. She screams, flying back into the wall, disappearing out of the room.

I exhale with a puff of annoyance, staring at the pretty magenta rock on the floor. “An earth rock. She can come inside my room through the walls too. I know what to do.” I grin and roll out of warm bed with a yawn and a tint of sour breath.

I slowly move to my tossed necklace and pick it up, standing and sliding into the reader-carder, placing my gem stone in the pocket slot.



I fingernail write on the tray…Spirit.



A page of words appears on the reader-tray.

I study the list, rubbing out the sleepy crumbs and wiping off the mouth drool spit. “The verb-noun combo for no spirits is…is…is…” I yawn. “No spirito. Figures,” I wipe the words clean from my reader-tray with both my hands and remove my stone.

The solid wall goes white again.

I stand and stumble from the reader-chair, slamming into the wall. “No spirito,” rubbing my rock over the wall. I move every five feet on the wall of my room space, rubbing the rock over the peeling paint and a few spider webs. “No spirito, tarto,” I yawn with more sleep.



7:49 a.m.

Banquet hall setting

Breakfast mealtime



I run on my naked feet, holding my sandals, dragging my cape over the rough floor as it catches on the rough edge of the pothole. I yawn and jerk the fabric forward, hearing a swish of a tear, moving through the archway.

I stop and scoot into an empty chair, sitting and dressing my feet and my shoulders.

Yachel turns with a smile to see Persia. “Another late dining date with Captain Robert…”

I exhale with a puff of frustration, viewing my plate with bread crumbs but no the bread, looking up with a sour frown to see the nose profile of Yachel. “Ya ate my bread…”

“…with the creamy rich butter too,” Yachel chews and swallows “I figured you and Capt Robert had a good fight. So ya slept late and couldn’t possibly finish your breakfast before the morning fairy tales session. Why waste good eating food?”

Zann grins. “I get Persia’s bread, tomorrow.”

Yachel drops her mouth to Zann. “You ate Apella’s bread, this morning, when she slept in late like a princess. Ah naw. One stolen piece of bread per fairy,” she turns and smiles to Persia.

I drop my mouth, shaking my curls at the table of teens. “Ah naw. I will be here, breaking and eating my piece of bread. This is a princess proclamation. No one touches my bread and my butter tomorrow or the next tomorrow or the future tomorrows.”

Apella enters the archway with a yawn, slapping a hand over my parted lips, sitting in an empty chair. “I got a visit from Captain Robert, last night, too. Does he travel into each sleeping suite, bothering every single sleeper, every night? There are about 200 fairies in this place.”

Zann grins. “Not me.”

“Me, either, neither, never.” Yachel chews and chuckles.

I press my finger to my plate, and lift and lick the bread crumbs to my tongue for nourishment. “Yachel doesn’t count. She can sleep thought a nasty weather storm, and I’ve eye witnessed that uncanny ability. I got a visit from someone spirit named Lady Margaret, last night.”

Apella yawns, covering a hand over her parted lips, saying with a soft timber. “You and Yachel have sleepovers like little girls.”

“Like little fairies…” I reach and press my finger to Yachel’s plate for more bread crumbs, lifting and sucking down the food on my tongue.

Yachel nods. “I will repeat to all of ya’ll. Spirits do not like fairies. You should wear your rock necklace at all times including bedtime, Persia…”

I chew the bread crumbs with a sour frown. “I wore my necklace, tart. The spirit didn’t hover over my face like Captain Robert did. She exited through the wall.”

Yachel stands with a laugh. “All spirits do, darling.” She turns and leads out the archway for class.

I stand and follow behind Yachel.

Breakfast ends at 7:58 a.m.



8:16 a.m.

1st period Fairy Lore Class



Ibbie stands against the front wall with a page of words as she reads the rear wall with the same page of words out loud to each pair of eardrums. “There are numerous rules for the fairy and the gem stone. Rule number one, you cannot produce an item out of thin air with the stone like a witch.”

Molfalso frowns inside the reader-chair at Ibbie. “I produced a saddle and a set of reins on my unicorn yesterday out of thin air…”

I halt my reader-chair from swirling to Molfalso, staring at Ibbie.

Ibbie says with a puzzled brow. “An interesting statement, Master Molfalso, a fairy rides a unicorn without a saddle and a pair of reins, since the fairy can control the unicorn’s pace, speed, and distance.”

Molfalso raises his fingers with a sour frown to Ibbie. “One, I ain’t a fairy prince, yet. Two, my riding pace is faster than fastest. Three, I ain’t ever riding a beast without a saddle on its boney spine, if you know what I mean down below and behind,” laughing with the other male fairies.

I giggle. My arm heats on the reader-tray. I look down to see the sentence.



Yachel fingernail writes…Ibbie has never ridden a unicorn, a horse or a…



I wipe the tray and fingernail write….Understood. Do not get me into trouble.



Yachel fingernail writes…What trouble, princess fairy?



I wipe the tray and view Ibbie.

Ibbie says. “Rule number one, you cannot produce an item out of thin air. The saddle and the pair of reins come by way of a stable brownie from the rows of unicorn stables that cares for the beasties which is not you, Master Molfalso. The stable brownie attends to the unicorn, when the fairy signals for these riding items. The brownie produced the gear for you, Master Molfalso.”



I fingernail write…I did not know.



Yachel fingernail writes…I did. We employ lots of stable brownies on my farm.



Ibbie says. “Rule number two, you cannot turn a fairy into a toady frog or a rose flower or another object. Rule number three, you cannot produce food items, either. The kitchen brownie will see to your hungry needs. Rule number four, you cannot influence a fairy’s mind with your gem stone or an enchantment charm. Rule number five, you cannot influence a human’s mind, either. This is good information to remember for the fairy who wishes to carry on the controller role as honored by the Fairy Queen for many, many centuries.”

Gable asks. “Why not?”

I allow my reader-chair to swirl to Gable.

Gable frowns. “We’re smarter, stronger, and superior to humans. We’re cleaner, calmer, and more caring than every single human.”

Ibbie says. “An interesting statement, Master Gable.”

My chair swirls back to Ibbie.

Ibbie says. “Yes, a fairy is smarter, stronger, and superior to a human, simply because we possess an array of supernatural powers. However, there are other supernatural beings that live on planet Earth with humans and us. But we live within Fairyland. The human lives within the human world.”

I swish my hand over the reader-tray, flipping the pages of the book, looking for a human. The reading material is inside my rock, so I can look ahead in the book or wait for Ibbie’s fairy lore lecture.

Ibbie says. “Let us go off the primary lecture and discuss the humans. They come in various sizes and shapes, smells, and suck up the natural resources of the planet…”

My hand heats on top of my reader-tray. I view the new sentence.



Yachel fingernail writes…What is up with the three matching ‘s’ sounds?



I giggle, covering a hand over my parted lips and fingernail write….It’s super sleek, slick.



Ibbie says. “They are selfish, stubborn, and starved for unlimited power.”



Yachel fingernail writes…More ‘s’ sounds.



I grin, fingernail writing…It’s slightly shallow, sugar.



Ibbie says. “They are vile and vicious varmints.”



Yachel fingernail writes…What’s a vile vicious varmint?



Ibbie says. “This is the nature of humans. This is the nature of their human world. This is the natural explanation for avoiding humans.”



Yachel fingernail writes…I got a nature call, too.



I giggle, slapping a hand over my mouth and fingernail write…Stop it.



Zann says. “My parents are controllers too…”

My chair swirls to Zann.

Zann says. “They work in the human world. They have mentioned that the world was pretty and beautiful and filled with amazing things. Fairyland is not. The nightly ocean floods the landscape with salt, eating away the fertile soil, the pretty flowers, the green grass, and the food crops. What are we to do when our landscape disappears?”

Gable says. “This is our home.”

My chair swirls to him.

Gable says. “This is our Academy. This is our landscape. This is our problem,” laughing.

Ibbie says. “An interesting statement for a second time, Master Gable. Rule number six…”

My chair swirls to Ibbie.

Ibbie says. “You can produce a gem fairy wave which can transverse across a great distance as long as you do not run into a thunder storm. Therefore, the gem wave is used for short-term traveling. We, normally, use a flying coach or a unicorn or a winged horse for massive transportation of far, far distance. Rule number seven, you can cause damage, destruction, or death with a gem wave, if you are a careless fairy.”

I gasp.

She touches the gem stone with a hand. All the walls turn white again. She turns and removes the broach pin from the pocket slot of the plastic wall without smiling. “Time has ended. You are dismissed.”

Fairy Lore Class ends at 9:58 a.m.



9:59 a.m.

Hallway setting



The door opens in silence.

Yachel and I stand and leave the classroom, moving down hallway. I say with a worried brow. “That was an intense hot topic in fairy lore, today.”

“What about the landscape destruction, regarding food and livestock? Zann’s right and I like to eat both dead plant food and dead animals,” Yachel says.



10:02 a.m.

3rd period Gem Class



I stroll with Yachel through the dark tunnel, underneath the bleachers and into the open theater, seeing a pile of toy for children. On the opposite wall, there are neatly separated piles of toys, consisting of single items: a doll, a train, a beach ball, and a tricycle. I stop and scoot into the first row, bumping into the shoulder of Britton with a smile, since I can’t kiss his face until tonight.

Oviv stands in the middle of the room in front of the bleachers, saying with a nod and a smile. “Good morning, fairies. You have become more intimate with your talents, including fairy speed. We practiced that yesterday. Each one of you did an excellent job. The fairy speed is usually used for short land distances. You cannot fly with fairy speed without a pair of wings. We do not have wings. The fairy speed is so fast that it appears that we are invisible but clearly not. But it appears that way. The fairy speed is wonderful to have and use, but it has limited endurance. I have not clocked it, but a fairy can run a full fairy speed for about two hours continuously. If the fairy rests for one hour, then she can start running, again. You can see the disadvantage of fairy speed from a traveling transport. You would not traverse too far, if you lived over two hours from your departure building. Therefore, a fairy uses a flying coach. Any questions on fairy speed?

“Good. Fairy speed can be used anytime and anywhere, depending on the situation. It is not a destruction power or a harmful power but only a matter of protection power. A long time ago, the fairy speed worked to her advantage, when being tracked by predators. I will repeat, a long time ago. You are slowly learning in Fairy Lore class that fairies have existed, since the beginning of time. We are a peaceful bunch of folks, living with a set of uncivilized heathens. You will learn more in your future fairy lore sessions.

“Now, back to the rock, your gem rock is becoming increasingly shiny bright while slowly turning into a gem stone. Today, you will make the rock work for you. The beauty of the pretty gem stone flows the fairy power within to outward. Today, you will flow your fairy powers through the rock for a little exercise. The rock is the tool for your powers. Without the rock, you don’t work. We are not witches or vampires or werewolves. We are fairies…”

“Yay,” Apella claps with a smile.

Oviv grins, “Yay, too. The rock produces a single fairy wave associated with the color of the rock. A red rock is red. A blue rock is blue. A pale yellow rock shoots a color wave of pale yellow. The single wave can be long or short, thick or thin, or flat or ripped, depending upon your talent skill. You are novices. I expect your wave skill to be non-perfect, today. Please stand and find a spot along the outside of the bleachers.”

The teen fairies stand and shuffle into the open theater.

I stop and stand next to Britton with a grin and a giggle.

He demonstrated his skill last night with his wave to Persia. It was straight but not strong.

I used my wave which is not thick but thin, climbing from the ground floor to the fifth floor watcher station. So I’m pretty good with my wave, so far.

Oviv fingers and views the opposite wall. “Today, it is another exercise with lighter objects, simply because I do not want to be injured. On the far wall are toys for a child. You can see some of the toys a doll, a ball, a tricycle. I would like for you to kneel on the floor. You will position your rock at your kneecaps, allowing the wave to skim over the carpet to the toy, hopefully in a straight line from point A of you to point B, the toy. You can select any toy. I would suggest a lightweight toy like the doll or the beach ball, as you get the feel for the wave and your skill. This is not a timed event. This is a learning environment.”

Gable asks. “Does one get another chance of a second rock, if we grab all the toys all at once then scoot them below our kneecaps?”

Kuelle says with a nod and a smile. “Can I get a second rock, if I grab all the toys and be the first one to finish my task, the greatest and fastest?”

Oviv says. “This exercise is not timed. You are not competing against anyone but your rock. This is a learning environment, Miss Kuelle. However, both are excellent exercises for performance. And you may try to perform that feat, Master Gables. If you succeed, I will reward a second rock for the fairy with their exception single wave whip. I will park behind the bleachers, watching and assisting with any advice. You will find out that my words sound easy, the task is not. Go.”

I exhale with a puff of frustration, dropping and landing my kneecaps on the carpet. I pose my rock in front of my knees. I do not close my eyelashes, since I need to see the individual toys. I want a third color rock for my sleeping suite for keeping out the nosy spirits.

I will start with the biggest object and rake in the lighter objects next. I shoot my magenta thin wave to the tricycle. My magenta wave connects, echoing back through the wave like a ripple from the dense metal, actually stinging both my hands with a throbbing pain. I exhale with a puff of pain, scanning the line of other teen fairies.

Some fairies shake a pair of hands in the air from their echo wake too. Some students wear a tough face, concentrating on each toy.

Britton corrals the tricycle with his dark blue wave, expanding his beam, herding the other toys into the whip motion. The toys are not alive running around, just sit stationary. His dark blue wave surrounds the tricycle, the train, the arm of the dolly but not the ball which has reacted to the energy. The ball runs to the side out of his dark blue wave range.

The golden tinted wave of Apella smashes into the doll. She whips her wave up and down with both her hands as the doll rides the air for fun.

The lime green wave of Gable nicely hits the train and curves around the bicycle also. He studies his wave, trying to figure out how to wrap it around the other toys too.

The pale blue wave of Yachel has hit and collected the doll. The doll sits down at her kneecaps. She has smashed into the train as it slowly rides a pale blue wave back to her kneecaps too.

I believe that Yachel’s method is the best. It is not a good idea to corral all the toys, since we are restricted with a low height.

I drag the heavy tricycle slowly over my magenta wave without rippling it. The tricycle lands down at my kneecaps. I whip a shorten wave to my side, landing the tricycle out of my range. I whip back to the wall a new wave, retrieving the doll, the train, and then the ball.

Oviv says. “The majority of the fairies have finished the task. Once you have accumulated all the toys from the opposite wall, please replace the toys back to the original side.”

I exhale with a puff of annoyance, finishing the first task, working to replace the toys back on the opposite wall with the other fairies.

Oviv says with a nod and a smile. “Good. In the center of the ceiling, there is a wheel barrow which is being held by my fairy magic. Please bring it down onto the carpet and then place each toy inside, gently. Then I would like for you to do the opposite movement and held it in the ceiling by your fairy magic. I do believe that you clearly understand the fairy wave exercise. After you have played with the wheel barrow and the toys, we will move outside with your wheel barrow and lift some soft flowers, hard rocks, and big boulders. So please continue to impress me.”

Gem Class ends at 10:58 a.m.



11:11 a.m.

4th period Teacup Class




After rushing up the staircase, changing into my pink dress and a pair of high heels, I race back down the stairs and into the hallway for my academic class without talking with Yachel and the other fairies.

I stop and sit inside my broken chair, making it into an upright position, after rubbing my fairy power and the gem rock over the shorten leg, as usual. The teacup occupies both my hands around the rough china, closing my eyelashes. I hear a tiny pop, smelling the nasty ash float up and enter my nostrils. I blink open my eyelashes, seeing the mentor in his usual seat beside the small table with the burning coals of a tea kettle.

Faddy nods to Persia and sips his tea.

I look down to the cracked mud, seeing an additional .02 inch of one/twelfth of a tiny inch in the shallow circle around the thin stick of the teaspoon. The teacup lip is three inches long or 144 pops. However, it had not doubled the width of the cracked mud from yesterday.

I simply have popped away another .02 ash of one/twelfth of an inch. If I continue to pop only one/twelfths of an inch every afternoon from the silver stick, then I will be sitting in the broken chair for another 142 days or four months and eight days.

I turn and scan the table with a row of fairy girls.

Yachel sits, spying down with a sour frown at the mud. It has not cracked or broken either.

Zann stares at her mud too which hasn’t cracked, either.

I grin and giggle, thinking to sit here for another 142 days would not be so bad.



12:12 p.m.

2nd floor level

Bedroom setting of Persia




I sit inside my loveseat, chewing the food. “I think me and the rock have a better connection or togetherness. I feel my fairy powers flow faster from within to outward. I believe that’s why I got the teacup to pop, today…”

“You have been shining that rock more than combing your hair, Persia.” Yachel chews the food, smiling with a mouth open, showing off the chewed bits.

I reach and brush through my messy hair with a free hand and a grin. “And I got my fossilized mud to pop. That’s the key to retrieving the teaspoon. My shiny stone will get me outta Teacup Class.”

Yachel drops open her mouth. “Naw.”

“Yes, Mentor Faddy said that the purpose of Teacup Class is retrieving the spoon without breaking the teacup. I got it pop, today. Tomorrow, I’ll get it pop more times. Then hopefully, by the end of the month, I can retrieve the spoon. Then I get out of Teacup Class.”

Yachel drops her fork and her mouth.

I wipe my mouth from the food particles with a grin, “Time from another enchantment.” I stand, lifting my tray, moving to the door.

The door opens in silence.

I leave my room, dropping the food tray down to the floor for a brownie pickup.

The door closes in silence.

Yachel and I stroll down the crowded hallway towards Enchantment Class.



1:06 p.m.

5th period Enchantment Class



Yachel and I enter the room and stroll to the assigned table, sitting. Yachel leans into Persia with a grin and a whisper. “If we’re required to grow a nasty toenail inside this eating plate, I’ll become a human.”

I grin and view Kaapo.

Kaapo stands in front of the wall of words, saying with a smile and a nod. “You have a plate with a small sack which is folded into a tiny one inch square. Please swell the bag to full height. There will a wonderful surprise waiting for you. I’ll be grabbing a beverage. Good luck,” she moves ahead to the closed door.

The door opens.

Kaapo exits her classroom.

Yachel touches the square, saying with a puzzled brow. “Swell the bag,” she lifts it in the air. “What in the world is inside a tiny folded bag? It betta not be an army of ants, either.” She looks down and swishes the reader-tray, activating the electronic page from the wall. “Swell is…”

I exhale with a puff of annoyance, staring at the bag for our classroom assignment.

Yachel reads out loud, “Backboneno. Badgee. Ballo. What is another word for a bag?”

“Uh,” I say and view Britton. He and Hadwin are whispering into each other’s face over the one inch square bag too.

Yachel says with a sour frown, reading the words. “Look at the table of words, not him. This stumps the geniuses, too. Apella and Gable don’t know what to do, either. What’s another word for a bag?”

I exhale with a puff of annoyance, turning to see the brown square. “Purse. Luggage. Suitcase. Pouch. Tote. Sack.”

Yachel fingers the table with the listing of word. “Sacko, yeah,” she reaches and fist bumps with Persia with a smile. “Why do all the nouns end in a vowel?”

“You are the smart-o for that one, darling-ee. What’s the verb?”

“Looking, swell is swelltis. Okay, the words are swelltis sacko,” she rubs her hand on the rock, touching the square bag. The square doesn’t rise. She frowns. “That’s the right verb-noun combo. Swelltis sacko.”

I grin. “It’s a really tiny sack. Maybe, each time you say it, the sack grows one-twelfth of an inch.”

Yachel frowns. “So we’ll be here all day, depending on the height of the full sacko,” she touches the bag and the rock. “Swelltis sacko. Swelltis sacko.”

I view Britton. He whispers and fingers the bag with his buddy Hadwin.

I turn with a sour frown to see the square bag, touching the bag and my rock, since I have to do my own exercise today. “Swelltis sacko. Swelltis sacko. Swelltis sacko. Swelltis sacko…” I halt and stare at the bag with a giggle and a grin. “My sacko is defecto, tarto.” I turn and stare at each table and each fairy, who also repeats the same verb-noun combination, trying and touching to swell a bag.

“Swelltis sacko. Swelltis sacko. Swelltis sacko,” she frowns and views Persia. “A trick or treat on us? I can’t figure it out.” Her sack swells swiftly from the plate up and in the air.

My sack also expands from a one inch square into a perfect short square, growing both in width and height, expanding into a tall rectangle. The middle of the sack expands into a semi-circle. I grin. “It works, perfectly.”

Apella screams. “No.”

I swing around, narrowing my eyelashes at Apella, seeing the spilled contents of white colors from her busted sack. I turn and view my sack. It explodes into my face. My forehead, nose, and lips are hit with a salty particle. Then the particle drops and lands down on the floor. I narrow my eyelashes at the white particles when more salty particles hit my cheekbones and my lips.

Yachel raises both her arms and a laugh. “Popcorn, we’ve swollen a sack of cooking popcorn, successfully.”

I giggle, staring down at my broken sack of white fully cooked popcorn, reaching and grab, shoving the popcorn into my lips. The sack continues to swell into a bigger oval, tossing the popcorn into my face and over my hair roots. I duck down from the next soft attack, giggling and scooping up popcorn to my lips and chew.

Some of the teen fairies gather and toss handfuls of popcorn at each other for fun.

Gable rubs his rock over his sack. The contents fly from the bag in the air, landing on top of different teens.

Molfalso gets hit with an assault of flying soft particles, turning with a sneer to see Gable, standing and advances with a nasty snort for some payback.

Britton stands and shoves the tall teen backward, shaking a skull at Molfalso.

I giggle, tossing the popcorn at Yachel and eat it, laughing and having fun at the Academy while finding my purpose as a fairy.

Enchantment class ends at 1:56 p.m.



1:58 p.m.

5th period Flute Class

Warm temperatures with bright sunshine



I enter through the archway, moving to the pile and grab a flute, turning and running outside the room, down the hallway, and into the meadow. I flip the musical instrument into the air, activating my magenta wave, hitting the flute. My flute plays the smooth sweet musical notes for calling Komilly. I rub the gem rock necklace, changing from a long dress into a pair of soft jeans for my unicorn ride.

The unicorn flies without wings, coming down the hilltop and lands in front of Persia.

I rub my gem rock necklace over her back spine, producing a saddle and a pair of guiding reins, mounting her, turning with a sad pout to see Britton. He stands alone inside the dry short grass, blowing his flute for a third day. I exhale with a puff of worry, turning and kicking Komilly, galloping to the forestland with Yachel.

The unicorn races down the flat dry sand for fun.

I stare at each dilapidated watcher station, yanking on the reins. Komilly slows and trots to the closest watcher station. I say to Yachel. “Why are there so many watcher stations? I have counted one about every five hundred feet.” I look over my collar bone, seeing a set of unicorn hoof prints from the beasts. “How far have we traveled from the Academy? How fast does a unicorn gallop? Why’s the soil sand here instead of grass?”

Yachel looks at the western plains of flat landscape of sand, turning into dry tall weeds. “Let’s see if can answer your many inquires. Fairy War. Seventy five miles. Fifty miles per hour and the fairy flood.”

I halt Komilly, sliding from the saddle, moving over the sand to the watcher station. “The fairy flood comes every night, rolling salt water over the landscape.” I stop and squat down to the sand outside the closest watcher station. “Don’t understand. The outside wood of the watcher station is in very good condition.” I stand and move to the entrance archway, missing a door.

Yachel raises an arm, sitting on top of the unicorn. “Don’t. Do not go inside, Persia. I don’t feel like a princess rescue at the moment. The galloping and trotting exhausts both my lungs and my fanny with pain.”

I shake my curls, studying the interior of the watcher station. “I’m not going inside a death trap. The inside ground level floor has been eaten away by the mold, mildew, and moisture from the salt water flooding.” I back step from the archway, squatting and touching the outer wood, feeling smooth and polished. “The outer wood planks are smooth like it’s been sanded down by hand or something. I bet that it looked really beautiful before the flood and the sun and the sand. Don’t understand. Why hasn’t the outside wood rotten away long before the interior planks? That doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Yachel grins. “And the Academy teacup class doesn’t make any sense to me, either. But I gotta go again, tomorrow morning. We need to get back. We’ll be riding over an hour. It’ll take the same amount of time to return back to the classroom.”

I stand and back step from the watcher station. “Okay,” I turn and mount my unicorn, kicking her to walk with Yachel. “I don’t know much about the Fairy War. But I remembered that Ibbie said that the fairies fought and won against the boggarts that were merely workers in the farm fields. Why were the watcher stations built way out here, if the boggarts lived inside the farm fields near the center of the countryside?”

She grins. “The watcher watches.”

I frown. “O. The watcher stations were used during and after the Fairy War. My parents are watchers too. They never ever talk about their fairy performance. I wonder if they would now, since I’m living as a teen fairy inside the floating Academy.”

“Ask them?”

I gasp. “I do not ask my parents for anything. They tell me what to do, to wear, to eat, to sleep, and to, too…”

“To, too,” she grins. “Is that a secret fairy language for number one, the pee or number two, to do the dump? O. The too, two, toot?”


“Race ya, Persia,” she kicks her unicorn, galloping ahead of her best friend to the Academy.

Flute Class ends at 4:48 p.m.



6:12 p.m.

Watcher station

Cool temperatures with clear sky of bright stars



Britton points up and shoots his dark blue wave into the ceiling planks, making the hole bigger. The wooden shards fly up and out towards the night sky without hitting him. He leans over and kisses Persia on the cheekbone as a reward of doing his hard work.

I look up with a sour frown at the hole in the ceiling. “Britton, don’t annoy the rot. The entire rooftop might fall on us second, after we fall from the rooftop first, while swimming in the water.” I look down to the landscape, saying with a puzzled brow. “Why’s the ground dry?”

He studies the ceiling hole. “The flooding starts, later.”

“What time, later?” I study the landscape without leaning over the weak and rotten wooden railing.

“Don’t know. About midnight or so, I was told.” Britton fires another fairy wave from his rock. The hole enlarges. He leans over and kisses her hair roots, since Persia views the ground.

I say with a confused brow to the ground. “The ocean and the moon control the high and low tides on planet Earth on a regular timed basis. The moon is at full peak time, nicely shining through your rooftop hole. Why are we shooting the ceiling? Shouldn’t the high tide be here now underneath the building?”

He studies the new open dimensions of the hole as he creates a hole for climbing up and walking around the flat rooftop. “Don’t know.”

“I do know. My mom likes to study the stars and stuff. At high tide, the water smashes against the sand, but it’s very strange to me that the water comes all the way into the Academy grass. We’re about ten miles or so from the shoreline. My house’s about the same distance from the shoreline too, but it doesn’t flood like this every single night. Anyways, if it’s a regular timed high tide, then it should be flooding right now here at the Academy.”

“Don’t know,” Britton fires another fairy wave into the ceiling, making a bigger hole, leaning over, and kisses her hair roots.

Yachel and Stad scoot around the potholes and the wall corner, hugging each other, seeing Persia and Britton and stop.

Stad looks down with a puzzled brow at the scattered dropped and broken ceiling tiles. “What are you doing, tart?”

Britton side steps from Persia, moving away from a newly formed messy ceiling hole and turns with a wink to see Stad, “Killing the dang spiders…”

I gasp and leap over the pothole to Yachel. “What?”

Britton moves and leaps over the pothole to Persia, saying with a chuckle, extending bothh his arms. “Gimme me a good night kiss, fairy.”

I frown, leaning over and kiss his face.

4th day Fairy Academy



3:05 a.m.

2nd floor level

Bedroom setting of Persia

Cool temperatures with bright stars



“We do not like you,” the tenor voice shouts from the far wall.

I blink my eyelashes open, lifting and slapping both my arms down onto the hard mattress, exhaling with frustration. I sit up on my elbows inside a warm bed, staring at the male spirit.

The male spirit is a young adult, wearing a long jacket and a pair of knee boots in translucent glowing white, floating against the dark wall. He floats side to side, without advancing closer or harming the fairy.

I finger each wall with a sour frown. “I put a charm on the walls, sir. Why are you bothering me, young person? Go and annoy somebody else for the next hundred years or more…”

He sneers. “You are one of them. This is the reason for my haunting of your person. I am Sailor John and you cannot harm me.”

I drop a tired face down into my hands, rubbing the sleepy crumbs from the two eye sockets. “Yeah, I understand from two early morning shows ago.” I grab and pitch my gem rock necklace at him.

The neckline hits his leg and the wall. He screams, flying backward into the wall, disappearing out of her bedroom.

I exhale with a puff of annoyance, resting back down on top of my lumpy head pillow, feeling the rough torn fabric against my neck and my back spine. “What to do? I know what to do, now.” I grin and roll to my side, feeling the rough torn fabric on the naked arms.

I close my eyelashes.



8:58 a.m.

Banquet hall setting

Breakfast mealtime

Cool temperatures with partly sunny



I hold my sandals in the air, running on a pair of naked feet down the hallway, coming from my room, slamming into my best friend.

Yachel moves and strolls out of the banquet room through the archway, smiling and catching Persia. “Another late night date with your other boyfriend, Britton’s going to be jealous,” she twists Persia to the hallway again. “Fairy tale time is this way, princess.”

I yawn, dancing side to side, dressing my naked feet with a sandal, straightening my cape.

Yachel hands a piece of torn bread to Persia, shoving the other half into her mouth, chewing.

I accept and eat the bread, chewing too.

Breakfast ends at 8:57 a.m.



9:03 a.m.

1st period Fairy Lore Class



I stroll and sit inside the same reader-chair. I am blind to Yachel and the mentor with my closed eyelashes from the lack of my beauty sleep. I yawn, slapping a hand over my parted lips, planting both my elbows on top of the reader-tray. I lean a face down into a pair of cupped hands, pretending to read about some ugly short monster that is glaring back at me from my reader-tray. I close my eyelashes to the catnap. My reader-chair swirls during my sleep to each vocal speaker as Ibbie and the teen fairy debate about more fairy farting lore.

Ibbie says. “A brownie appears very short in size…”

“…like Gabbie,” Radford laughs.

I sleep and spin to Radford.

Ibbie says. “A brownie…”

I sleep and spin to Ibbie.

“…has no fingers or toes.” Ibbie says. “They possess dark brown skin with a set of wide eye socket with no irises, pretty much a small round lump of walking ugly flesh…”



9:50 a.m.



I snooze and dream of Britton during my catnap, when my arm heats on top of my reader-tray. I yawn, slapping a hand over the drooling spit, looking down to see the sentence on the tray.



Yachel fingernail writes…Wake up. Time’s up.



I yawn, smiling at the reader tray.

Ibbie says. “Time has ended. You are dismissed.”

Fairy Lore Class ends at 9:57 a.m.



9:58 a.m.

Hallway setting



Yachel and I move out the classroom and around the potholes to our next academic class. Yachel reaches and touches Persia on the arm, saying with a worried brow. “Are you awake enough to whip your fairy wave around? Geez, darling, I don’t wanna get stung from your sting. Ya know what I mean?” She giggles.

I nod, stretching my limbs, yawning with a pair of lips. “I’m back to my princess life. My short beauty sleep trip was all worth it. What did I miss?”

“Another unbelievable fairy tale from Ibbie,” frowns Yachel.



10:05 a.m.

2nd period Gem class



I move and scoot with a giggle into the bee-hind of Britton as he stroll underneath the dark tunnel. I dash and moved behind his body towards the bleachers.

Britton smiles with a chuckle, leading to the front row of the bleachers.

Britton and I are not allowed to show affection like hugging or kissing in any of the academic sessions, but a close body contact collision is not seem or heard by a fairy mentor.

Oviv stands in the middle of the room in front of the bleachers, saying with a nod and a smile to the teens. “Please stand and take a seat literally on top of the dirty and holy carpet.”

I stand, moving behind Yachel and stop, dropping and sitting cross-legged on top of my cape tail over the nasty dirty ripped ugly carpet. There are six colors of paint cans in front of my kneecaps.

Oviv says. “The purpose of gem class is working your fairy wave. You are slowly discovering that the wave can be straight, bent, and flexed into a thin or a thick format. You can manipulate the wave in different media, using tiny and small movements or big and tall strokes,” she turns and fingers the far wall. “Each student has one very tall canvas in front of your aisle for finger painting with no tongue spitting, Molfalso.”

“You are to paint a life-sized picture of anything or anyone or anywhere. This is an exercise of wave dexterity with a set of small objects. There are various paint brushes beside the paint cans of color from tiny finger-sized to medium goblet-sized to tall tree limb-sized to wide eating-plate sized to thick mop-sized. Please paint any object with desire or destruction. The purpose is controlling your rock wave. This is not a timed event or awarded with a colored rock. Please begin painting with your gem rock wave.”

I exhale with a puff of frustration, viewing the blank canvas with my blank mind, painting a life sized picture of anything, or anyone, or anywhere. I scan the line of teen fairies.

Yachel hums and twirls her pale blue rock, nicely controlling the paint and the paint brush, zooming it across the carpet with a series of dripping paint droplets. She slams into the white canvas with a mop-sized brush of color of bright orange.

Britton twirls his dark blue rock side to side with a tiny sized paint brush of black.

Gable swirls his lime green rock up and down with the tall paint brush of green.

Apella spins her golden rock in a circle with the medium sized patient brush of gold too.

I scratch my forehead with hair sweat, viewing my blank canvas with my blank mind.



10:45 a.m.



“I do believe that every fairy has created a magnificent art piece. Let us view a fairy’s imagination, today.” Oviv moves and stands beside the first fairy, fingering the first canvas on the opposite side of the wall with a smile. “Excellent art work, Master Gable, I see clearly a young pretty girl with long black hair.”

Molfalso shouts with a chuckle. “Persia…”

I gasp with shock, turning and narrowing my eyelashes at the outline of the tall girl, without clothing. The outline shows her girly assets. I turn with a lady sneer to see the nose profile of Gable, hearing the soft chuckles of the other teens.

Oviv looks with a snarl to each fairy. “It is a portrait of a young girl which has been painted by Master Gable. We will keep our inner thoughts, inner, teen fairies.” She moves to the second fairy and the second painted canvas, saying with a nod and a smile. “Excellent painting, Miss Apella, I clearly recognize the Fairy Queen.”

Radford fingers with a sour frown the canvas. “That’s our Fairy Queen? She looks like an old wrinkled water hag of grayish-blue with a set of shredded old clothes, compliments of a hunger bear cub,” he chuckles with the other teen fairies.

Oviv nods. “Our queen is very, very old. She does not spend gem stones on decorating her wardrobe like some of the other wealthier families in Fairyland,” she moves to Yachel, looking with a smile to the third painted canvas. “An excellent orange unicorn, I like the colored touch of magenta on the curved horn, Yachel.”

Yachel giggles and give the thumbs up sign to Persia.

Oviv moves to Persia, saying with a puzzled brown to the painted canvas. “I recognize the green thick forest with a grove of tall trees. What are the representations of the blue, pink, red, yellow and green faint lights glowing in the navy skyline?”

I frown with puzzlement at Oviv.

Yachel says. “Persia has painted the colored rainbow of heavenly stars, covering the starry sky every night, Mentor Oviv,” she turns with a smile to see the nose profile of Persia.

I frown with confusion at Yachel.

Oviv narrows her eyelashes at Persia’s painting. “Colored stars, at nighttime? Hmm. I must explore the evening time night sky, more often.” She moves to the next fairy.

Yachel leans to Persia with a grin and a whisper. “Good cover, huh? She didn’t catch the reference to your star gazing.”

I whisper. “It’s not the stars…”

Yachel frowns. “I didn’t want her to catch the reference to our private star gazing, Persia.”

I nod in silence.

Oviv stands beside Britton, fingering the picture with a smile and a nod. “We have many talented artists among the fifth class. We should start an art colony. Master Britton has painted a young girl, too.”

“Persia.” Radford fist bumps with Molfalso with a chuckle.

I turn with a smile and a wink to see Britton. He turns and smiles to Persia.

Oviv moves to the next fairy and next painted canvas, gasping in shock. “What…what is that ugly vile creature, Molfalso?”

He chuckles, “A fairy.”

Oviv turns with a sour frown to see his nose profile. “Fairies do not have a set of back rear wings, a set of long black colored teeth fangs, a pair of shaped clawed feet and hands, and a tail in dark wicked green color.”

Molfalso chuckles with a nod at his painting. “My fairy does.”

Gem Class finally ends at 10:56 a.m.



10:57 a.m.

Hallway setting



Yachel moves and bumps Persia in the shoulder with a grin. “You’re a popular canvas…”

“Whatever. I’m only interested in Britton’s canvas.” I rapidly stroll to Teacup Class, without Yachel.

She stands and laughs in place.



11:02 a.m.

3rd period Teacup Class



I enter the room, stopping and sliding into my assigned chair, balancing the shorten leg with my gem rock wave. I gently touch my teacup, placing the gem rock underneath the bottom, as usual. My hands curve the sides of smooth teacup, as usual.

I close my eyelashes with a whisper, as usual. “One second, two seconds, three seconds…”

I barely hear a pop within my hearing range. My nose holes immediately smell the bitter plume of ash.

I open my eyelashes, viewing the fairy mentor with a slight grin.

Faddey salutes with a cup of tea and a smile to Persia.

I close my eyelashes, listening for more pops until the end of the class.

Teacup Class finally ends at 11:58 a.m.



12:55 p.m.

2nd floor level

Bedroom setting of Persia




I stretch out on the loveseat with my naked feet over the low table. My skull rests against the rough fabric of the head rest of the loveseat with my eyelashes closed. I stroke the rock side to side, smoothing the outer edges, since I do not need my eye vision.

I hold the fork of food beside a left cheekbone and the beverage near a right cheekbone, feeding my face with a second set of invisible arms, coming from my fairy magenta wave.

Yachel is eating inside her room, sculpting down her rock into a gem stone also.

I burp and stand, finishing my lunch.

I suck my fairy wave back into the gem rock with the used eating utensils, hearing them drop over the eating plate with a couple of tings. I rub my gem rock over my body, changing into my semi-clean tea length dress and my high heels sandals. I send my fairy wave to the food tray, lifting and toting it behind my fanny, moving to the door.

The door opens in silence.

My fairy wave drops the food tray gently down to the floor for a brownie pickup.

The door closes in silence.

I turn and move down the crowded hallway with my best friend Yachel and my other fairies friends to enchantment class.



1:09 p.m.

4th period Enchantment Class



I sit with Yachel and stare at the item in front of my chest which has been given to me by the fairy mentor.

Kaapo stands in the front wall of lecture words, saying with a nod and a smile to the teens. “Your new enchantment session, please spin silk for me. I will return faithfully, as always. Enjoy.” She moves to the archway.

The door opens.

Kappo leaves her classroom, as always.

The door closes.

Yachel brushes a hand over the reader-table, flipping the pages. “Spin silk. Well, I can tell ya, the noun is silko or silkee.”

I study the perfect circle of silver which is hollow and is attached at the bottom to a mini-stand. Inside the circle, there is a strip of two inches of silk thread, hanging vertical from the top of the circle. I say with a confused brow. “What is this?”

“A thread of silk.”

“What do you do with a thread of silk?”

“Spin it into a picture or an image of something within the circle. I bet the silk turns into my face. Then I can give it to my mama as a gift,” she studies the listing of words. “Silkee, that’s the noun.”

I turn and scan the room. Each teen fairy is quietly seeking the verb-noun combination or studying the thread. I glance with a grin at my fairy boyfriend.

Britton and Hadwin are bumping heads, seeking the enchantment spell too.

He can’t assist me with my enchantment session like yesterday. I exhale with a puff of frustration, turning with a sour frown to see the circle. My enchantment sessions are increasingly becoming more complex and difficult, requiring both of us to study and seek the academic solution.

Enchantment class was fun, when Britton surprised me, removing my warts, and growing the pot of flowers for me, the other days.

I grin. “So if this is going to be a portrait of my face, then I can give to Britton as a gift too. He can sit my portrait on his nightstand like a true beau of yesteryears.”

Yachel grins at the reader-table. “That, too. Okay, I found the verb, spintina. It sounds pretty,” she studies the circle and touches her rock and the top of the circle. “Spintina silkee. Spintina silkee. Sp…”

I slap her hand off the circle. “No. Don’t say it over and over, again. That was the learned hard lesson from yesterday, when the entire room was almost filled with popcorn colonels up and over the cracked window glass. Then we had to clean up with our lousy fairy magic before the end of session. I smelled like popcorn and unicorn until bath time.”

She nods. “Very good point, Miss Persia, I said it enough times already,” she watches her circle.

I whisper to the object, touching my rock and the thread. “Spintina silkee.”

The thread twirls around and around inside the circle.

Yachel grins. “The thread spins around and around so fast right before my real eyeballs that I think it’s showing off with its own fairy speed for us.”

I say with a confused brow to the spinning thread. “It is performing a type of fairy speed. Is silk alive?”


I study the thread. “I think the thread is slamming into the sides of the circle like expanding up and down and sideways too.”

She nods. “Yeah, my face’s round. The circle’s round. We match.”

I grin. “The only dang thing in the entire building that matches something other than broken and mismatched furniture pieces and other furnishing…”

“See the little tiny squares are forming the outline of the face? I think I see my cheekbones formation. I have high cheekbones.”

I frown at the object. “The squares are elongated short rectangles.”

“That’s the graphic presentation of our face. The ‘something of something’ forms the flat outline and fills in the blanks with something. I’m a fairy, not a trainer.”

“We’re filling in the blanks of something with something,” I turn with a frown and spy on my fairy boyfriend. Britton watches his thread spins around too. I turn and lean back into the hard stool, exhaling with a puff of frustration. “This is going to take the rest of the session. When do we work on our gem stone?”

Yachel leans into the circle. “The point, you’re supposed to work on the gem stone all day, night, weekends, potty breaks, bathing times…”

I giggle. “I do work on my gem stone during all those times. What do ya do?”

She grins. “Work on Stad.”

I giggle, viewing the circle and gasp. “It stopped spinning. The image’s nothing but a bunch of elongated blocks of boxes in pure white. Where’s my face? I wanna give it to Britton, later.”

Yachel leans into the circle. “I bet we gotta touch the silk. How’s the dumb thread supposed to know what each of us looks like?” She points a finger in the center, viewing Persia. “Do ya agree with me?”

I turn and scan each fairy. Each fairy is looking around the room at each other or pointing a finger at the center of the spun thread. I swing with a smile and a nod to Yachel, pointing a finger in the center. “Agreed. On the count of three…”

“There.” She presses her finger into the center, without punching a hole in the silk.

I press a finger to the center, turning and viewing Yachel. “You were supposed to wait on me at the count of the number three, like one, two, and three.”

Yachel leans into the thread. “Something’s happening…”

Apella screams and jumps off the stool, fingering her circle. “Its…its…”

“…spiders,” Yachel screams, jumping off the stool, pointing to the circle. “The silk thread is a spider’s web. The web is shooting out babies.”

I slide from the stool, studying my thread. The white thread is covered in black round objects. “Eggs. Where did the eggs come from?”

Yachel jabs a finger at the spider web. “The spider’s in the corner, watching her babies emerge from the sack.”

Some of the fairy females scream, turning and running to the archway.

The door opens.

Some of fairy females are burning the spider web with a fairy wave from a gem rock. Of course, all the males are laughing and burning the spider web plus any vacant ones from the runaway scared fairy females.

The door closes.

Britton moves and stands behind Persia, wrapping his arms around her.

I back step from my circle into his chest from my fear.

He says with a chuckle and a smile to her eardrum. “I gotta ya burning for me, doll,” he blasts his dark blue wave at the harmless spider and her hundreds of babies, burning it into a tiny fire. “Let’s go and get a beverage before enchantment class, darling.”

“Yeah.” I softly say and stare at the burning circle of dark blue flames.

Britton and I turn and move to the archway.

The door opens.

All the other teen fairies move and leave the enchantment classroom too.

The door closes.



2:11 p.m.

5th period Flute Class



I stumble out to the grass as the weeds tickle my naked feet inside my sandals. I stop and stand with Britton, reaching and patting his arm. He is frustrated with not being able to signal his unicorn with his lousy flute playing. I turn with a smile to his nose profile. “I’ll play your flute.”

He shakes a cropped skull, holding the flute to his lips, staring at the top of the hillside. “Naw. Your unicorn will come instead. It’s not the flute, but the pitch of the song that makes the unicorn appear. I don’t really like beasties.” He elbows with a nod to Persia. “Go on. Call your unicorn and enjoy the time outside in the meadows,” he fakes a smile to her.

I lift the flute in the air with my magenta fairy wave.

The flute plays a smooth sweet song.

The unicorn appears instantly on top of the hill, slowly moving down and halts in front of her riding mistress.

I smile, stroking her mane and rub the gem rock over her bony spine, protecting my bony spine. A saddle and a set of guiding reins appear. I rub my gem rock over my dress, changing into a pair of faded and worn jeans and my pair of cowgirl boots. I climb over the saddle, turning with a smile to see Britton. “I’m going to explore the west side of the meadow. You come and find me like a hide and go seek game. Okay, doll.” I wink with a giggle to him. Britton nods in silence, without a smile.

I exhale with a puff of frustration, feeling really lousy that I can’t help him find his beast. I turn and kick the stomach of Komilly, trotting through the grass to Yachel and away from Britton.

Yachel and her unnamed unicorn stand, wait, and watch Persia near the trees.

I gallop Komilly to her, stopping with a smile. “We go west, young girl.”

She turns with a confused brow to see the western hills on the tiny island of Fairyland. “West, why, west?”

“We went east already. And I don’t wanna run into Molfalso or Apella.”

She grins. “Yeah, and Molfalso doesn’t wanna play in your playground, either. Okay, we explore the west. You can lead into the unknown territory.”

I swing and kick Komilly to the west, galloping into the bright sunlight.



2:28 p.m.

Gem Cave setting

Western side of Fairyland



I pull on the reins. Komilly slows from a trot into a walk to the cave entrance which is hidden by a boulder.

Yachel slows her unnamed unicorn too, scanning the flat land and the familiar school building. “This is the location of g.e.m class. Since, I gotta spell similar sounding words out for you because you don’t do your future academic sessions. Why are we here? We shouldn’t be here. We might get into trouble here, Persia.”

I grin. “Naw. We’re fifth class. We can’t get into trouble. Only Mentor Ibbie gets into trouble for letting us accidentally get into trouble.” I pull on the reins. “Whoa, girl.” Komilly halts, dropping her skull down to eat the grass. I slide off Komilly. “Did you name your unicorn?”

“No.” Yachel halts her unicorn, sliding off the beast, pulling up beside Persia.

I move to the cave. “Why not?”

She moves to the cave, scanning the landscape for other mentors and other students. “Why are we here in front of the gem cave, Persia?”

“Doing some research…”

“What kind of research?”

I move to the boulder which covers the gem cave, shaking my curls. “I don’t wanna keep getting strange spirits inside my bedroom like last night or the night before or the night before that. If I can acquire some more colored rocks, then the spirits will leave me be.”

She says with a nod and a smile. “The second rock worked.”

I stand in front of the cave, studying the big boulder. “Yeah, it worked, greatly. Only prob, I got four walls, two doors, and two windows…”

“Spirits don’t come through the windows. They live inside the dark corners of the building.”

“O, good to learn. Since I’ve never seen a spirit in my lifetime again and hopefully not tonight either.” I hold my rock necklace in front of my chest, aiming it at the big round-like boulder. “Do I need a verb-noun combo too?”

“Naw. Use your wave,” Yachel does not hold her rock necklace and looks over her collar bone for any wandering students or curious mentors.

I release a thin wave of magenta. It hits the tall and wide boulder as my hands quiver with shock. “Dang, the echo’s terrible.”

“As you learn to widen and thicken the wave, the ricochet vibration won’t be so bad.”

“How do you know that?”

“I read like my academic sessions.”

“O, good promise from me.” I release a second fairy wave at the tall rock boulder, mentally ordering: move. The tall rock boulder does not move.

She grins. “You’re too weak, Persia.”

“Do it with me then.”

She exhales, lifting and pointing her pale blue rock necklace at the big boulder too. “Look, I do this for our friendship and not to steal someone else’s colored rock for the future.”

“O, bad thing from me,” I giggle.

The pale blue and magenta fairy waves clink and hit the boulder which does not move.

Yachel exhales. “It is too big and too heavy for us. Our rock waves are baby beams. If we had about the entire fifth class of twenty students plus my daddy and your daddy, then all the able-many-bodies could slide the boulder over to the side.”

I exhale with a puff of frustration, dropping my rock necklace to my chest, saying with a sour frown. “I don’t wanna another visit, tonight. Lady Someone came in and went through the wall even with my brilliance enchantment charm that I wanded to the peeling plaster.”

She shakes her curls with a laugh. “Enchantment charms didn’t work on fairies or spirits.”

“O, good to remember,” I look down to the ground.

Yachel moves from Persia, looking down to the ground around the dry grass.

I exhale with a puff of frustration, viewing the skyline. “Okay. Can ya help me workup a verb-noun charm on the walls, the ceiling, the doors…”

She giggles. “I’m working on it, now.” Yachel squats, reaching the dirt, lifting the tan rock and say with a grin and a nod. “This is your charm, earth rocks. The spirits is an earth creature trapped here, so only an earthly material can repel its invisible ghostly-like body from floating through your walls. Here’s one. Let’s find some more rocks.”

“You got rocks inside your rooms, too?” I move and scan the dirt too.

“Uh, huh,” Yachel stands and moves, looking down to the dirt. “No more rocks or pebbles or fairy dust,” she snaps her fingers with a grin to see Persia. “I know we can sight for some big rocks inside the watcher station over there, using the spying glasses.”

I stop, parking both hands on my hips, looking down to the dirt. “Where are the rocks here? All dirt has rocks. The rocks are the mamas and daddies to the dirt.”

Yachel turns and moves to her unicorn. “The nightly flooding moves the rocks. Over the years, the big rocks are broken apart and become small rocks, and then the flood water shuffles them back to the beach and make sand.”

“O, good to learn.” I look up with a sour frown, narrowing my eyelashes at the watcher station which is located near the thick forest. “Another watcher station? I didn’t know there were more. Why’s one all the way out here in no where’s land?”

“During the Fairy War,” she stops and climbs up and on her unicorn, holding the reins. “Get on, Komilly. It’s too far on foot. We ride to the station and climb up to find ya some more earth rocks.” She turns and kicks her unicorn.

I ran and climb up on Komilly, kicking her stomach, galloping behind Yachel.



2:48 p.m.

Watcher station setting

Eastern side of Fairyland



We stop and park the beasties away from the rotten wood of the tall watcher station. The unicorns both drop a skull and a mouth, eating the tender grasslets.

I move over the dry grass, studying the structure. “Don’t know, Yachel. The building is very old, pale white with lots of red colored rotten wood.”

She enters the archway, without a door. “Come on. We practice our wave.”

“Don’t know, Yachel. I’m not great with my fairy wave. This structure is really rotten,” I touch the wood plank as it crumbs in my hand.

“This is the one of the closest and tallest watcher stations to the other mainland. It’ll be a fun adventure for the boring afternoon.” Yachel shouts, moving over the wet dirt in the station. “It’s a straight launch from the dirt up to the balcony. There ain’t any wooden beams to smack a head.”

I follow her inside the station. “I like beams, because I can avoid the smashing of my skull. It’s the smashing of my horizontal body from the falling beams that concern me, greatly.”

She fingers the high balcony. “We do a quick lift and steal a pair of spy glasses. They see for thousands of miles, finding ya some rocks. Or do you wanna talk with Captain Rob, all night long?”

I exhale with a puff of frustration, viewing the high balcony of broken planks on the floor on an eighty feet tower. “The exposed hole in the balcony floor does seem to have a few planks.”

“Probably not as rotten, as the base, since the flood waters destroy the wood…”

“…making a tall structure fall over on me…”

Yachel holds her rock, emitting up the balcony a vertical pale blue beam. “I’m good. My beam has attached to the edge of the balcony,” she pulls on it with a free hand. “It’s strong and holding. This’ll be quick. We grab the spying glass…”

“Use the wave to get it from down here, Yachel. I’m nervous about zooming that high into the heavens.”

“I don’t possess x-ray vision, darling. I’m clueless to the position of the spy glasses. Now, as I get older and wiser and better, I can whip my wave into a fancy rope and tap around the planks, finding it. But I can’t do it now. Shoot your beam into the other edge. We’ll climb up together, supporting each other, if one happens to mess a step.”

I exhale with worry and bad breathe, shooting my wave, hitting the inner edge of the balcony.

We jump, climbing up our individual fairy wave, facing each other’s back spine.

“Are you okay, Persia?” She says.

We climb half-way to the top.

I grunt with bad breath and sweat from my hands and my forehead. “Yug.”

“Keep climbing. We’re almost there. I’ll swing up and inside first then pull ya inside.”

“Yug.” I grunt.

Yachel slaps a hand on the edge of the wood, crawling over the planks, and twists around holding out an arm, helping Persia over the edge.

We roll to the side, resting on top of the dry planks, giggling with our small victory.

I wobble to stand, scanning the wooden floor, tapping the wood with my boot toe. “These planks are stable, not rotten.”

Yachel stands, scouting around the side wall, holding for the wooden storage chests, and moves and stops at the first chest. She opens the lid with a smile. “Jackpot. Two pairs of spying glasses,” she grabs the two objects and crosses the planks, handing one to Persia, swinging to the east. “Okay. You view the south. I got the east for any size of rock, not a boulder. I can’t lift a boulder.”

“Okay. Looking?” I gingerly move and stand on the southern spot, without a rotten plank, scanning the south direction. “Wow. I see nothing…”

“I see the human world with stone, walking fields called roads for driving their square coaches. The coaches are called cars…”

I remove my spy glasses and view Yachel, who wears her spy glasses. I frown. “How do you know all that stuff?”

“I read.”

I frown. “O. Good promise from me.”

“Look below the ground, not the southern horizon for rocks, Persia. Or we’ll be out here all night, missing our dates with our boys.”

“O. Bad thing for me,” I replace the glasses, fingering the objects. “I see the fairy mounds covered in fresh rose petals evidence of a recent fairy funeral. The rose petals celebrate their passing life from the dirt into the dirt,” giggling.

Yachel giggles. “Do not eat around a mound. Or you will raise the fairy-ghost.”

I drop the spy glasses, staring at her. “Really?”

She wears the spy glasses. “Really.”

I turn to the landscape and replace the spy glasses. “Okay. I’m viewing the southern landscape of the pretty blue sky, the pretty green ocean along the beach. Then I zoom into the Academy grounds of the dry ugly landscape. Ugh. Why does it flood here and not in the southwest corner of Fairyland, where we live, Yachel? We live near the ocean water too. Should not the flooding every night affect all four directional shorelines?” Yachel doesn’t address my query, scouting the landscape. “Okay. I see the dry grass, the tall weeds…”

She fingers the object. “I see Molfalso, riding his unicorn in a really weird pattern.”

I drop the spy glasses, turning and viewing her direction in the southeast, replacing my spy glasses, watching him and his unicorn in the southeast with a smile.

Yachel says. “What’s he doing? Is he chasing a rabbit or a spirit? I can’t see over the steep hillside, but he’s down inside the valley. His reining is really odd like he’s corralling something to capture for suppertime eating.”

I giggle. “Are there bears here?”

Yachel giggles. “Bears on the grounds of the Academy? Naw. There’re bears inside the forestland on the other side of the country,” she views Molfalso with the spy glasses. “Did he fall off his unicorn during your race, hitting his head?”

I smile. “Naw.”

Molfalso remembered our promise, since I technically won the beastie race. I did hit the oak tree with my hand and not with my head, as the first rider there.

I see him jerk his unicorn to the left and to the right with suspicion. He has somehow penned a unicorn for Britton. Molfalso has located the unicorn with surprise, bragging to be the beasty-man of Fairyland. I exhale with a puff of relief.

Britton will be riding with me through the meadow, tomorrow.

I slide the spy glasses down to the ground, accomplishing my first feat while solving my second one, a good night’s sleep. I say. “Okay. I’m finding lots of rocks closer to you in the southeastern…”

Yachel gasps, shaking her curls with the spy glasses, looking at the human world. “No,” she back steps from the wooden railing, turning to the opening, accidentally losing her balance, and fall forward off the eighty foot watcher floor. “Ah…”

I drop an arm to my gem stone rock, emitting a fairy wave, catching the downward fall of Yachel. “Launch your wave back up to me. I gotta ya suspended.”

Yachel shoots a pale blue fairy wave, hitting the edge of the balcony, and grabs the magenta wave with the other hand, climbing down to the wet dirt with a pant and a cough of fear.

I slide down my wave in a controlled fall, stopping and squatting in the wet dirt next to Yachel, say with a worried brow. “What happened?”

She pants, holding both the fairy waves with fright and shakes her curls, viewing her boots. “Took a wrong step. I sorry.”

I hug my friend, whispering with a worried brow. “You’re okay. I’m okay. We’re okay. We’ll stay away from the watcher stations. Okay?” We retract our fairy waves into our individual rocks. I help her to stand, cuddling her to my chest with a smile. “I found some good carrying rocks. Can you ride?”

She nods in silence.

We leave the ground level of the watcher station, moving to the unicorns and mount, slowly trotting back to the Academy while picking up rocks for Persia’s ghosts.

Flute Class ends at 4:57 p.m.



5:24 p.m.

2nd floor level

Bedroom setting of Persia




I have bathed and cleaned up from smelly sweat balls from my afternoon unicorn ride and rock hunt, reaching down and gathering all my rocks into my arms. I wear my freshly laundered pair of faded and ripped blue jeans and my dirty cowgirl boots, waiting on Yachel. I rest one ugly lumpy tan rock every five feet around the walls of my room with a lady sneer.

This should keep the spirits out of my face for the rest of the academic sessions.

The door opens.

Yachel enters the room with a smile.

I stand and swing to her with a grin, tossing my arms in victory. “Did I do it right?”

She winks. “Don’t know. I gotta quiz Britton for that specific answer, if you used your lips or your hands…”

“Naw, Yachel.” I shake my curls, pointing down each rock over the floor. “My cute rock decoration on the floor, is it like yours? Is this correct?” I smile.

Yachel looks around to the rock with a nod. “Time to go and see our fairies fellows.” She turns and moves to the archway.

The door opens.

Yachel turns and moves down the hallway as I move and chase after her with a giggle and a grin.

The door closes.



5:27 p.m.

Closet setting



Yachel stands in front of the closed hallway door.

The door opens.

She enters first, standing in darkness.

I move inside and stand, seeing darkness too, lifting the rock necklace and launch my magenta fairy wave as my wave smashes the edge of the balcony.

During our night visitations, the planks had become weaker around the edges, crumbing down into sawdust.

I can’t see her face but say. “Launch your wave, Yachel. I suggest that you climb up, using both waves for both safety and practice.”

She launches her wave at the balcony planks too, creating a cloud of fire sparks and a puff of sawdust that floats in the air. The sawdust slowly drifts down to the floor and over the hair roots of the fairies.

Our two waves form two vertical lines side by side down from the balcony edge.

“Good idea. I’ll go first.” Yachel jumps and climbs onto the magenta and the pale blue waves, holding both waves in her hands, working her legs and reaches the top. She stands and disappears from the balcony edge.

I grab both the waves, feeling the slight heat between my finger pads and climb up, working my legs, slapping my hand on the wood surface too.



6:33 p.m.

Watcher station setting

Moon light with clouds of cool temperatures



Britton reaches down into the darkness, pulling Persia up and into his chest with a chuckle.

I giggle. “Thanks.”

He smiles. “Thank you.”

I giggle. “Thank you.”

“Thank us.”

“Thank both of us,” Britton kisses her forehead and pulls back with a grin. “Come on. I got a surprise for ya.” He turns and cuddles Persia, leading around the corner to the west side of the watcher station.

I shake my curls. “I don’t wanna ride on your wave, again.”

“This is much better than my wave.”

I view the ground from the fifty foot wooden railing, saying with a worried brow. “What’s better than riding a wave?”

He chuckles. “Touching the stars.”

I grin. “That would triumph an air wave.”

We stop and stand at the broken wooden railing from last night.

I stare down at the dry ground, seeing the wiggling night worms as food for the night animals.

He whispers. “Naw. Look up, not down.”

I look up with a confused brow to see the ceiling. “A hole in the ceiling,” I view the floor, “…a hole in the flooring. This is a holy place.” I giggle.

“Naw.” he wraps both hands around her waist. “We’re going to crawl up and over to the side of the opening in the ceiling.” He lifts her to the opening. “Climb up and onto the rooftop.”


“Do it. You’re freaking heavy, tart.”

“Britton.” My hands slam the wet wooden planks, lifting and sliding my body to the side of the beams of wood. He jumps, catching the edge of the planks, lifting up from the floor and falls on top of her.

I grunt and giggle with the body collision of the heavy male.

He grunts and sweet breathes into her face.

I whisper into his face. “Britton.”

He stands and squats, lifting Persia in the air.

We wiggle and giggle together in place.

He lowers her down on top of the rooftop of a set of evenly built wooden planks.

I stare into his dancing eyes with a grin.

He grabs her hand, turning and moving across the rooftop.

I narrow my eyelashes, seeing between the bright moon beams an object near the edge. “Is that a long sofa?”

We move to it.

“Yup,” Britton says with a nod and a smile.

I ask with shock. “Why is there a long sitting sofa on the rooftop?”

We get closer to it.

“Yup.” He says with a nod and a smile.

I ask with surprise. “How did a long sitting sofa get perched on top of the rooftop of the Academy?”

We stop and stand in front of it.

“Me.” He says with a nod and a smile.

I ask with shock. “How did you all alone tote a long sitting soft from somewhere like your room and perch it upon the rooftop?”

He lifts and folds his two bicep into a set of naked flexing muscles with a grin and a chuckle. “Me, strong.” He unfolds his arms, reaching and shoving her to the sofa.

We slide in front of the long sitting sofa.

I stand and touch the fabric, feeling rough and worn from years of teen encounters. “You toted a long sitting sofa by yourself, up here? How?”

He touches his lips. “Me, not tattle.”

“You didn’t use your rock wave. You ain’t that strong, buddy.”

He folds his two biceps into a set of naked flexing muscles with a grin. “Me, strong.”

“You didn’t get any help from your teen buddies, ‘cause they’ll be up here with us too, touching the stars,” I grin.

He touches his temple. “Me, smart.”

I giggle. “Me, smarter. You’re a collector. You got your adult collector buddies to wave it up here with their fairy magic. Who do you know here at the Academy?”

He leans over and kisses her forehead, pulling back with a grin. “I know everyone.”

I frown. “Who, everyone?”

He kisses her nose and pulls back, grabbing her hand, sitting on the sofa. I slide in his lap, giggling and touching his hair. He says. “I know everything.”

“Who, everything?”

He kisses her lips, pulling back, sliding over to her on the sofa. “I know you too.”

“Who, me?” I close my eyelashes, enjoying the kiss.

5th day Fairy Academy



8:45 a.m.

Banquet hall setting

Breakfast mealtime



I run on my sandals, dragging my cape over the floor through the archway, sliding into an empty chair next to Yachel. I steal back my half-eaten bread, breaking off Yachel’s slobber from the hard crust. I chew with delight.

Yachel drops her mouth. “I thought you…” She turns and stares at Apella, who yawns from the lack of sleep.

I smile. “You’re thinking correctly there, fairy.”

Zann chews. “Another late dining date with Captain Robert…”

Apella yawns, covering a hand over her part lips, rubbing her tired eyeballs. “I hate all of them, including the old man, the young man, and the young girl. I got the girl, last night,” she yawns again.

Yachel reaches and steals Apella’s bread, halving it, handing Persia the other part.

Apella yawns, covering a tired face with both her hands.

Yachel stands, chewing on the stolen bread. “Time for another fairy tale, tattling that spirits do not like fairies.” She swings to the archway with a smile.

I stand, turning and chasing after Yachel.

We race down the hallway to our first class.

Breakfast ends at 8:56 a.m.



9:23 a.m.

1st period Fairy Lore Class



I sit inside my reader chair, bored with fairy fart facts, blinded to Yachel but dreaming of Britton, when my arm burns. I look down to the new sentence on my reader-tray.



Yachel fingernail writes…Stad gave me a surprise, last night.


I grin and fingernail write…Britton, too.


Yachel fingernail writes…Stad got me a sofa.


I grin and fingernail write…Britton, too.


Yachel fingernail writes…Stad is softer than the railing.


I grin and fingernail write…Britton, too.


Yachel fingernail writes…I believe I saw falling stars, last time.


I grin and fingernail write…Me, too.



Gables says with a confused brow to Ibbie. “Shouldn’t the Academy institute a few short verbal quizzes, assuring all students understand Fairy Lore, before graduating?”

My reader-chair starts to swirl. My mental mind halts the spinning. I face the front of the white wall and Mentor Ibbie.

Molfalso says with a chuckle and a nod to Ibbie. “I understand plenty.”

My reader-chair starts to spin when I halt it with my mental mind.

Ibbie says. “I would think that you would want to understand every single aspect of a fairy, Master Molfalso.”

Hadwin grins to Ibbie. “Shouldn’t we discuss bad fairies, too?”

My reader-chair starts to twirl to Hadwin when I halt it.

Ibbie grins. “Is there no such a thing as a bad fairy?”

“The tooth fairy robs the human child blind. They get over hundred gem stones for a piece of enamel here in Fairyland while leaving the kid a piece of green paper,” Walcott laughs. “How do I trick or treat for that specific fairy job performance?”

My reader-chair starts to swirl when I halt it.

Apella says. “There is not any crime or one single criminal inside our fair Fairyland.” She sits in the front of the class. So when she talks, her reader-chair swirls around to face the other teen fairies in the classroom. She says with a nod and a smile. “Therefore, Fairyland does not have one or more bad fairies. I would think your logic, illogical.”

Ibbie grins. “This is our present Fairyland. What about our past in Fairyland?”

Her reader-chair turns and faces Ibbie as Apella says with a nod and a smile. “Our past is filled with heroic fairies, saving our fair Fairyland and conquering our foes, the boggarts.”

I think of Britton when my chair swirls to him.

He turns with a wink and a smile to see Persia.

Ibbie removes her fairy broach pin from the wall slot, wiping her hands over the white plastic which cleans the wall, the ceiling, and the floor, and says with a smile and a nod. “Time has ended. You are dismissed.”

Fairy Lore Class ends at 9:56 a.m.



10:10 a.m.

2nd period Gem Class



I bypass the bleachers, following the wiggling fingers of Oviv, and stop, sitting cross-legged on top of the dirty carpet again, without a set of objects around me.

Oviv stands in the middle of the room with a smile and a nod to each teen fairy. “Good morning, fairies. I am so pleased to see. You understand that the wave exercises are conducted inside the theater and you are patiently waiting for me. I really appreciate your attentiveness. There are no objects on the opposite wall, on the ceiling, or surrounding you. You are going to work with your wave and hug yourself.” She hears the chuckles and sees the grins.

Oviv nods. “Yes. Your wave is a living produce of you and the gem rock. Therefore, you must understand the texture, density, motion, and the sensation of the wave. I advise caution here. The wave is a living entity, in which, if it is used improperly, it will produce harm on you or me or your neighbor or your neighbor’s neighbor down the row. Thus, you will handle the wave with gently finger pads. You can hug the wave in any fashion around your body.

“Yes. My words sound so simple. I will be sitting on top of a stool in the wall corner far, far away from you. If you wave accidentally tries to hug me, I will slap it back with my gem stone with a nasty warning. Let me move out of your wave range first,” she turns and dashes to the far wall corner, saying into her amber gem stone throat choker, without removing it from her neck.

My rock echoes the words of Oviv.

Oviv says via her gem stone. “Please stand. Please extend your arms outward. Please hold your rock and visually extend your specific arm span by quadruple your arm length. This is accomplished by rubbing your rock back and forth across your collar bone with one of your arms extended.”

I hold a left arm out, being a righty with mighty with the right side of my body. I rub my rock back and forth over my collar bone, feeling an invisible tug on both my arms. An invisible force pushes me side to side. I giggle with delight.

Yachel is touching and shoving Persia with her invisible arm on the left.

Britton is touching and pushing Persia with his invisible arm on the right.

Apella shoves on Gable, who stands at the beginning of the row, getting and giving her arm more stretching room within the semi-straight fairy line.

Gable can’t control her wave force and moves, hitting the far wall with a sour frown of frustration.

The other teen fairies laugh, shoving each other with a set of their invisible arms to the left and to the right.

Oviv says via her gem stone. “Please be nice to Master Gable. And please spread out between your real arms and your two invisible arms. The auditorium is large enough for forty fairies. The class is only twenty.”

Britton shifts move to the right of Persia as Yachel scoots away from the left of Persia.

I feel the cool breeze in the room, standing away from my fairy friends.

Oviv watched the fairies, saying via her gem stone. “Much, much better. Now, you may begin to hug your fairy person with your fairy wave.”

Gable says via his lime green gem rock which is echoed through each fairy rock. “Can I breathe inside my wave, if I am surrounded by it color?”

Oviv says with a smirk via her gem stone. “Hmm. I believe you should have studied your reading materials on the wave. Please begin.”

I gasp, turning with a worried brow to see Yachel. She turns and smiles to Persia. I take her visual cue as the answer of affirmative. I can breathe inside my fairy wave, if I am covered in my magenta color. I exhale with a puff of worry, turning and looking down to see the dirty carpet. Since, I’m clueless how to hug my person.

I cheat, turning with a smirk to see my best friend.

Yachel sits cross-legged on top of the carpet, closing her eyelashes, lifting her rock necklace with both her hands, even with her nose. Her pale blue fairy wave drifts out from the rock into a straight line, hitting the opposite wall. Her wave rebounds back into her chest. She spins the wave slowly around and around her sitting body inside a circle of pretty pale blue.

I lean over with a smile to cheat again and see Apella.

Apella sits on top of the carpet and holds her golden tinted rock above her silver tiara. The golden tinted wave hits the ceiling and bounces back over her sitting body as the wave shapes into a golden colored triangle-like tent.

I turn with a grin to cheat again and study Gable.

Gable has his lime green wave wrapped around both his boot ankles only, spinning around on my skinny butthole, yelling for some help.

I slap a hand over my giggles, turning with a grin to cheat again and study Britton

Britton sits on top of his kneecaps and holds his dark blue rock down close down to the carpet. The dark blue fairy wave slowly crawls over his kneecaps and his boots first like an insect, creeping up and over his legs, then his thighs, and then his waist. The wave completely conforms to his kneeling pose, making him appear all glossy and shiny in dark blue.

I turn with a sour frown to see my pretty sculptured magenta rock. I cheat again, leaning over to see Zann.

Zann holds her pink rock over her silver tiara as her pink fairy wave starts to fragment and shattered down into a set of tiny pink colored rain drops. Each drop hits and spreads over her body like a shower. She giggles with the cool sensation.

I understand that the fairy wave can be manipulated into any size or length or shape.

I cheat again, leaning over to see Molfalso.

Molfalso tosses a thick blob of crimson color in the air as it falls back somewhere on his body. He chuckles, enjoying his exercise. The crimson blob spreads and sticks over different spots, making parts of him look red like blood and blue like the sky on his baby blue cape and faded blue jeans.

I exhale with a puff of frustration, turning and looking down to my rock between my hands inside a set of crossed legs pose. Then my fairy magenta wave attaches and crawls over my fingers, my wrist bones, and my two arms. I gasp with shock.

I lift my arm, flinging the rock from my hands. But the rock is stick inside my palms. I was mentally thinking of the method of hugging my person. And then it happened. The wave really is a living entity within me. I study my magenta fairy wave, slowly spreading from my palms over my arms up to my collar bone.

I close my eyelashes, facing the opposite wall, feeling the warmth of the wave as it covers me.

And I feel protected, too.

The wave tastes like a pinch salt with a touch of sulfur from the earth dirt. The wave doesn’t sting or bit like the rock does, while I’m performing my sculpture design.

I hear silence, blinking my eyelashes open. I’m engulfed in a pinkish-blue shiny magenta color. I see the opposite wall, the peeling ceiling, the dirty carpet, and Mentor Oviv through a magenta tint of color too. I do not hear any sounds, not even laughter, as I am bathed in both color and silence from the world.

So nice.

I see, touch, feel, taste, and hear the fairy wave motion inside my mind and outside my body in warmth, happiness, silence, and salt of magenta.

Gem Class finally ends at 10:58 a.m.



11:11 a.m.

3rd period Teacup Class



I sit inside a balanced dining room chair, compliments of my fairy power, closing my eyelashes. My rock, my power, and I are all in total synch, feeling the upcoming explosion of ash.

A tiny pop sounds inside my eardrums. The bitter smell floats and mixes with the fresh air drifting inside my nostrils.

I open one eyelash, seeing Faddy.

He smiles with a nod of his teacup to Persia.

I look down to see my teacup, seeing three half of a half of half of one/twelfth of a shallow deep pit, forming a hollow circle around the curve of the teacup lip. I’m making progress.



12:49 p.m.

2nd level level

Bedroom setting of Persia




I chew and smooth the side of the rock in a downward motion. The rock sits on top of my fingernails. I sweep the fragments of the rock shavings into the air as they drop and fall over the floor out of my eyeball sight. I lift another spoonful of food into my open mouth with an invisible hand from my fairy wave, chewing the food and smoothing the rock.

I’m alone.

Yachel is shaving her rock in pain inside her private sleeping suite too, since it is rock inspection today in enchantment class.

I don’t understand why Mentor Oviv doesn’t inspect our rock, since she’s in charge of the gem rock cave. She likes instructing how to manipulate the gem stone wave in every direction, including cuddling it around my shoulders like a blanket like today’s class assignment.

I have debated that hot topic of Oviv and the rock inspection with both Yachel, who wasn’t interested and Britton, who was busy with both his lips and my lips.

After four days of both my painful skin cuts and red blood, my rock is smoothly flat on the top and the bottom. I find the zig zag shapes the hardest to sculpture, needing to turn and to twist your fingers and you hand in a series of ugly contorted motions with great pain plus cuts on the sides of my hands.

I exhale with a puff of pain, jerking and shaking a numb and bloody hand in the air, lifting the last bite of food with my invisible fairy hand.

I press the smooth side of the sorta gem stone over my exposed pink cuts and dried red blood healing my sculpting hand into pretty softness, again.

I stand and stroll to the door, rubbing my rock over my jeans, waltzing in my tea length formal gowns and my high heels pink sandals.

The door opens.

I turn and move into the hallway with my fairies fifth class friends to enchantment classroom.

The door closes.



1:06 p.m.

4th period Enchantment Class



I dangle my sandals off the edge, slapping the plastic hard leg, sitting in the same tall stool at the same table with Yachel.

The room is quiet.

Mentor Kaapo stands in front of the solid white plastic wall without a smile. All the walls, the ceiling, and the floor are white, without words too. She says with a stern face and a serious tone. “This is rock inspection day. Today is an important milestone. Use, abuse, and excuse the pun. This is your first completed week of the Fairy Academy. You understand the rules, the mentors, the sessions, the rock, and the purpose. Please place your rock on top of the mini-pedestal which comes from the middle storage hole in front of your face for my rock inspection. You should have been working daily and nightly to sculpture your rock into some nonsensical geometric form which should kinda, sorta look like a polished diamond cut. I do not expect miracles or mumbles. Yes. The sculpture procedure hurts, causing both skin cuts and red blood. Yes. The rock is changing. Yes. The power is growing inside you. Now, I will be inspecting both your rock and your sculpturing hand. Why? I am here to offer advice, guidance, and support. I will start on my far right with Miss Yachel.” She moves and stands at the table with Yachel and Persia, saying with a stern face and a serious tone, looking at the rock of Yachel. “I will not be touching either the rock or your hand. As a matter of fact, I cannot touch your rock. It is alive with your fairy coodies. The rock selected you. The rock obeys you.” She lifts her amber gem stone bracelet near her mouth. Her amber wave emits, soars, and hits the rock, lifting and rotating it around and around for her eyeball view. Kappo says with a sour frown. “Tsk. Tsk. The top is semi-bumpy, not smoothly flat. The bottom is lumpy, not smoothly flat…”

“Is smoothly flat, a proper verb?” Yachel turns with a grin to see Persia.

I drop my mouth in shock at her non-fairy manners in front of the fairy mentor.

Kaapo says with a stern face and a serious tone. “Both sides of the rough rock shape are monstrously and sharply pointed with crumbing rock dust which is hitting the table and the floor.”

“Is sharply pointed, a proper verb?” Yachel grins.

Kaapo says with a stern face and a serious tone. “Please show me your sculptured hand, Miss Yachel.” Yachel frowns and cuddles her hand, exhaling with a puff of nervousness, lifting a palm to the fairy mentor. Kaapo looks at the palm of Yachel with a worried brow. “Tsk. Tsk. Your inner skin is brutally razored with tiny red cuts. I have completely my rock inspection with Miss Yachel. And Miss Yachel needs much, much more rock grooming.”

Gable chuckles inside his student table behind Kappo. “Is brutally razored, a proper verb?”

She turns with a stern face to see each fairy. “I will share a secret for sculpturing. Once the top or the bottom of the rough rock is smoothly flat, you can start to heal your throbbing palm from the nasty bloody wounds.” Yachel cuddles and probes a bruised and cut hand with a worried brow. Kaapo turns with a smile and a nod to see the rock of Persia on top of the stand. Her amber wave flows and touches the magenta rock, raising it in the air. She says with a smile and a nod to Persia. “La. La. Very nice indeed, Miss Persia. The rock is smoothly flat on both ends, making the shape appears somewhat closer in presentation to a beautiful diamond cut. Your sides are not sharply pointed but nicely curved. You are progressing very well with the edges. The sideways jagged edges of the rock take the most time, requiring the most of tender loving care for both the stone and your hand. You did a good job. Let me see your hand.” Persia lifts her palm near the face of mentor. Kaapo says with a smile and a nod to Persia. “La. La. You have figured out the properties of the smooth stone. Your hand is completely healed and free of both pink cuts and red blood. Excellent work, Miss Persia.” She back steps and turns to the next student table with Molfalso and Hadwin. “Let me see your rock, Master Molfalso…”

I lean over to Yachel with a grin and a giggle. “La. La. That was fun.”

Kaapo says with a stern face and a serious tone to Molfalso. “Let me see your hand now. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Your crimson colored gem rock and your red bloody palm are both raw and rough in presentation and format. You need to avoid the late night activities, Master Molfalso. Please show me your hand with your rock, Radford.” Her amber wave emits and lifts the rock of Radford in the air. Radford lifts a palm to her eyeballs. She says with a stern face and a serious tone. “Ditto, Master Radford. Does everyone understand that word?” She hears the fairies laugh, lowering the rock of Radford, moving to the student table of Britton and Gable. Kaapo says with a smile and a nod to Britton. “Please lift your hand, Master Britton, as I lift your rock.” Her amber wave releases and lifts his dark blue rock to her face. She turns and views his hand with a smile. “La. La. Another ditto like Miss Persia.”

Britton turns with a smile and a wink to see Persia.

I turn with a smile to see Britton, bouncing inside my chair with happiness for the both of us.

Enchantment Class ends at 1:55 am.



2:05 p.m.

5th period Flute Class

Warm temperatures with partly cloudy of sunshine



I cover my ears from the awful off-key musical noise, moving through the archway of flute class. In every wall corner, a group of teens play a musical instrument while the pile of flutes stack to the ceiling untouched.

Yachel leaves Persia and moves with a smile and a wink to Stad, slapping his hand. Since she is not allowed to kiss his face, but she leans a pair of lips pretty close to smell his mint breath. “What are you doing in the wall corner, sugar?”

I slowly pull up beside Yachel, listening with a stern face.

Stad holds a trumpet, fingering the keys, saying with a smile and a nod to Yachel. “We formed a musical band composed of me, Molfalso, Walcott, Radford, and Zann. She plays the drums.”

Zann bangs a drum roll, twirling the two drum sticks into the air with a smile and a nod.

The neat rows of horizontal chairs are crooked, missing numerous chairs. The teens are scattered around the room, keying on an instrument, tapping a foot, or fingering the music paper.

Mentor Sondson dangles his feet off the platform, holding a flute, saying with a smile and nod. “Good afternoon, fairies. I have wonderful news. We are forming a musical group of musicians for a playing band. You are welcome to join and participate. Now, the not wonderful news, if you have not signaled your unicorn, please depart from here and go outside into the grassy meadow with your flute. Once you find your unicorn, you can join the band practice, starting right now. Or you can ride around the meadows enjoying the warm day. It is your decision. I personally hope a lot of you are interested in joining my band. I am most pleased to share more of my musical knowledge.”

I exhale with a puff of frustration, scanning the room for Britton. He stands with his buddies Hadwin and Eadric.

Some of the teens have certain clicks of friends.

Gable hangs with both Apella and Kuelle.

Stad sits with Molfalso and Zann. Zann only hangs with Molfalso, liking, smiling, and flirting with him during and after academic sessions.

Yachel and I prance around together between classes as a set of best friends and dearest neighbors.

Yachel rubs her golden necklace as her pale blue fairy wave slams into the pile of flutes. The wave grabs a flute, floating back into a hand. She rubs the rock over the silver metal to sanitize it.

I say with a confused brow to the rear skull of Yachel. “Aren’t we going riding, today?”

“Naw, I wanna join the band.”

“Playing what musical instrument?”

“I play the flute, since a little child and the piano, too.”

I gasp. “That’s how you knew the unicorn’s song.”

She shakes her curls, holding the flute to the bottom lip, looking at the sheet of musical notes to play with Stad and his new band. “Naw, I can read music. The unicorn’s song is a secret shared sonnet only at the Academy.”

“But I don’t know how to play an instrument.”

“You can learn one with fairy magic. I would pick up the clarinet or the saxophone, since you got crooked teeth. You need some crooked teeth to play the clarinet. We need another woodwind to offset all the brass octaves.”

I gasp, reaching up and gently touch my teeth. “What crooked teeth?”

She turns with a grin and shoves Persia to the wall of instruments. “Go and get an instrument, Persia. We join the band, today. It’s fun and different. This is the first time the Academy has formed a musical band, ever.”

I exhale with a puff of frustration, scanning the room with a group of excited students plus their squeaky musical instruments.

Molfalso says with a frown to Persia. “I don’t want a sorry musician in my band. I’d suggest that your join Britton’s band. No one over there can play an instrument or signal a unicorn, but Britton.”

I drop open a mouth, turning with a worried brow to see Britton. He sees Persia, waving the flute. I turn with a grin and a giggle, leaning and whispering to Molfalso, “The beasty-man of Fairyland.”

He winks. “That is me, and my secret with you, fairy doll.”

I nod to Molfalso, turning and skipping to my fairy boyfriend.

Britton smiles and waves the flute, “Great news, your need a flute, too.”

I grin. “I can play yours with my rock.”

He leans over and cuddles Persia, turning and moving them towards the archway, leaving the flute class, moving down the hallway. “O yeah, right, the fairy gem rock. I stayed out here all day during flute class, playing and playing those four notes over and over, again. I stayed until suppertime, too. Hadwin brought me some food. Then Molfalso rides over the steep hill almost at sunset with a shadow, stretching over the grass, and he rides over to me. I couldn’t believe it. There was an absent rider without a unicorn, following behind Molfalso, who was on top of his unicorn. I played my flute. The unicorn ran up and almost knocked me down…”

I slap a hand over my giggles.

We move outside over the patio, down the broken steps as he kicks the loose pebbles from her girly sandals like a fairy-guy.

I hold his arm with a smile, moving through the dry grass.

He says with glee. “I couldn’t ride the unicorn being so close to dark. Molfalso told me it was really dangerous as a novice rider.”

I turn and frown at his nose profile. “You can’t ride a unicorn?”

He turns and frowns to her face. “Naw, can you?”

I nod. “I live in the countryside. I can ride lots of things.”

He stops with a chuckle in the grass meadow. “Okay, today’s the day for me and mine. Then we gallop all over the meadows,” he lifts the flute to his lips and plays the musical four notes.

I turn to see the hill top.

A tall red flaming unicorn stomps and stops over the grass. It snorts, pawing the ground.

I frown with concern, looking behind a collar bone, but Molfalso is inside tooting that trumpet. I turn back to see the unicorn with a worried brow and a soft whisper. “The color of red means energy. Uh oh!”

The unicorn scans the meadows and stops on fairy guy Britton.

I am really worried.

The unicorn leaps into the air, galloping down the steep hill to Persia and Britton, moving and stomps the valley of wildflowers.

I jerk the flute from his lips, rubbing my rock over the instrument. It plays my sweet harmony.

My unicorn appears small and little, loping down over the hill, too.

I fling a hand towards the red male to her.

Komilly understands Persia and her silence hand signals. The unicorn gallops and rams the side guts of the male, slowing his swift advance to Persia and Britton, coming down the meadow.

The male slows but not stops.

Komilly rams him a second time as the red unicorn gallops beside her, battering and bruising her better.

The two fighting unicorns slam into each other, barreling down the hill to Persia and Britton.

Britton does not understand the concept of two running and ramming beasts, hand waving with a silly grin at his big red unicorn.

I gasp with worry at the vicious fight of flight, grabbing and cuddling Britton into my chest, flinging my magenta wave to the side at a tall tree.

They lift up from the grass and soar through the air, over the meadows, and slam down on top of the lowest tree branch as both the fighting and snorting unicorns gallop and stomp down on the meadow grass in their exact spot.

Britton cheers inside her arms, hanging over the grass and onto the tree limb, saying with a worried brow to the unicorn. “The beast looks kinda mean. Is that bad, Persia?”

“Yeah, but I’m going to fix it. Watch me!”

The two unicorns stop and turn, stomping the pretty wildflowers inside the deep valley for more brutal skull fighting, galloping back up the steep hill to Persia and Britton, who hang by arm biceps from the tree limb. Komilly glides the male unicorn underneath the tree.

I wait and hang down from the tree limb. When the unicorn beastie male runs underneath my boot soles, I fall and land on top of its bony spine, leaning down, grabbing its mane, and hanging on. “Ugh.” I rub the rock over its bony spine. A soft saddle appears underneath my tender fanny. I rub the rock over its sweaty neck. A set of steering reins appears inside its mouth and my hand. I rub its soft forehead. A blindfold covers both of its eyeballs.

And then the unicorn halts.

I gasp, falling forward over its mane and its skull, without dropping to the grass.

The unicorn does not move. Beasties do not like to be blinded, but only an experienced rider knows that information like Persia.

I slide down from the saddle, moving and stroking its mane, its neck, and its forehead, saying with a sweet light voice. “Be a good boy, then I will remove the cloth.” The unicorn snorts, pawing the ground with a hoof. I smile with a soft voice, stroking its forehead. “You can understand me. Be a good boy, you are the mammal. Britton is the master. Ya got that, boy? You listen to Britton. Then I’ll give you a snack of oats and honey.”

The male unicorn paws the ground, without snorting for an affirmative answer.

I motion with a smile and a nod to Britton. “He’s your unicorn. You’re the master of the mammal. Get on.”

Britton realizes the branch and jumps down from the tree limb, moving with a sour frown, seeing the saddle and riding reins. “A fairy does not ride the unicorn with a saddle and a set of reins.”

I exhale with a puff of frustration, shaking my curls with a stern face and a matching tone. “This is your very first time on a beast. Believe me. You want the reins more than the saddle, until you and he are best friends.” I remove the cloth. The unicorn will not gallop wearing it.

Britton exhales, climbing up and on top of the saddle. “Okay. This time with the…”

The unicorn gallops forward. Britton rolls side to side on top of the saddle, holding the saddle horn for safety, and gallop down the valley.

I grin with yell. “Go to the left. Go the pond first.”

Komilly gallops and stops in front of her mistress.

I rub my rock over her back spine. A saddle appears. I climb over her back spine, settling into the saddle, kicking her stomach.

We gallop to the pond too.



2:32 p.m.

Meadow and pond



The male unicorn slides to a stop.

Britton tumbles forward from the saddle and over its skull, hanging off by the horn, landing his boot heels on top of the dirt.

I slow but do not stop Komilly too close to the ill-breed red unicorn.

The unicorn is happy without a rider, prancing forward with its two ankles into the pond water, sucking on the water.

Britton stands and scratches the bugs, the grass blades, and the tree leaves from his cape and his hair. His unicorn had enjoyed the low route pathway underneath the low trees to the pond. He shakes his body of more dirt with a sour frown, looking at the unicorn in the pond. “I don’t think he likes me.”

I grab his hand, turning with a smile to see the object. “It takes time. Let’s explore one of the watcher stations over there for the afternoon while the unicorns cool in the pond.”

He says with a nod and a smile, stopping and staring with his mouth open. “A real watcher station?”

I turn with a puzzled brow to see his nose profile. “A real watcher station, what does that mean?”

He nods. “They’re all over the perimeter of Fairyland for watching.”

I say with a confused brow to the watcher station. “Watching for what?”

He shrugs. “A watcher watches inside a watcher station. That’s my extensive knowledge of the job performance. I’m a collector-to-be. My parents are real collectors. I know everything about a collector duty, since I’ll be one too.”

“Okay. Let’s use fairy speed to race to the watcher station. I would guess it’s over about two miles or less. It’s faster than walking.”

He touches his dark blue gem rock and disappears from Persia and the pond.

I toss my arms with a sour frown and a yell. “O no. Not fair…” I touch my rock necklace, performing my fairy speed too.



2:37 p.m.

Watcher station setting

Eastern side of Fairyland



I stop my fairy speed, moving to entrance archway, fingering the missing door. “It’s kinda sorry looking and more dangerous walking around the balcony top. The planks are rotten and broken. Me and Yachel explored one on the other side in the western meadow yesterday for some fun adventures.”

He turns with a sour frown to see the west direction. “The gem cave is there, not much else.”

I nod. “Know that. I tried to shove that boulder from the cavern to steal some more colored rocks.”

He gasps. “Why would you steal? That’s a forbidden rule from the Fairy Queen. Anyways, the gem cave has an enchantment charm. You cannot open it.”

“O. That explains my failure. I wanted some more gem rocks to retard the nosy spirits from entering my room, every morning.”

“Why would you do that? The spirits are a tradition here at Academy along with…”

“…the rotten wooden planks…” I frown. “I mean the wood needs replacing. The walls need new paint. The furniture needs to be burned for a great big bonfire…”

He frowns. “The spirits are supposed to annoy us each morning, part of their fairy charm.”

“Is there an enchantment charm to stop them from charming me, each morning?”

“Naw, charms don’t work on spirits or fairies.”

I nod. “O good to learn.”

“It’s an honor to be haunted by the spirits…”

“But I…”

“The spirits are very selective, not every student gets to be haunted at two in the morning…”

“But I…”

“I’m lucky to be one such student at the Academy. They didn’t touch Molfalso.”

I grin. “No one touches big tall meanie Molfalso, except a fully functional activated fairy wave.”

Britton and I move inside the watcher station on the ground level, looking up to see the skyline from a big open hole in the middle of the balcony floor. He exhales. “They’re taller than I imaged. That’s what about eighty feet or more.”

I nod, “Yip or more.”

He cuddles Persia into his chest, removing and lifting his neck clip chain above his skull. A dark blue fairy wave hits the wooden plank so hard that it breaks and rips off to the second plank too.

He scoots to the side out of the way of the falling planks.

I grin, “Ya been practicing?”

“Naw, I discovered that the more your polish the stone into smoothness, the more your inner power flows from within to outward, increasing your wave’s height, distance, depth and some on and some on. Hang on. We’re going up.” He yanks on the fairy wave. The wave works like an elevator, lifting them to the top of the balcony. Britton steps onto the wooden plank, sliding them to the floor.

We wobble side to side from the loose planks.

Britton sucks in and splits his fairy wave in half, shooting and grabbing the side walls of the balcony to steady them upright.

I grin. “Good job.”

We hug each other, since the inner floor level of the balcony is missing. There is only a set of individual balcony poles, surrounding the wooden railing and about twelve inches of foot space between the railing and the holes of emptiness.

“Thanks,” he scoots around Persia, jumping over the hole, landing at the wooden railing.

I leap over the holes and hug the wooden railing from falling down the watcher station.

Britton hugs the wooden railing too and slowly side steps around, leaping over the holes on the floor, surveying the sky and the landscape. “Not much to see or do up here. There’re no windows from the wind or rain or sun, either.”

I follow behind him, hugging the railing, moving sideways over the tiny broken planks. “Good thing, my feet are only ten inches or so.”

He looks down through the hole to the dry grass, moving along the railing. “My understanding, the ancient watchers of yesteryears, who occupied these beaten up stations, were paired living up here for hours, days, nights, weekends…”

“My parents are watchers. They come home every day in the evening. Thank goodness. Then they take care of me,” I run into the wooden chest, stopping and leaning down and open the lid, yanking out the object from the chest. I lift the object with a smile and a nod. “Look at my surprise. They’re spy glasses.”

He slowly turns with a frown to see the object and gasps. “Real life spy glasses. Do they really work?” Persia hands the second pair of spy glasses to him. He turns with a smile, lifting the spy glasses to his face and leans over the wooden railing next to her. “Wow. I can miles and miles of grass and meadow above the tree tops. There’s the mill house.”

“What mill house?” I turn in his direction and lift the spy glasses to my eyeballs, panning side to side over the skyline and the landscape, looking for the structure.

“Where the brownies work and live, they burrow underground mines out the dirt into the gem caves for clearing out the tunnels to find more colored rocks. I see the short, tall, and new mounds that are covered in rose petals which is evidence of a recent fairy funeral. The rose petals celebrate their passing life…”

“…from dirt to dirt.” I swing the glasses side to side, hunting for the item. “What mounds?”

He wears the spy glasses, looking at the landscape. “Do not eat around the mounds. You’ll raise their ghost. I see the Fairy Fort.”

“What fairy fart? I don’t see it.” I swing the spy glasses side to side with a giggle, looking for the structure.

He frowns, wearing the spy glasses. “The home of the Fairy Queen, she lives inside a fort with water hags, brownies, and…”



“O.” I scan the landscape with the spy glasses.

“Where do you live, Persia?”

I slowly turn with the spy glasses and point in the direction. “Southwestern mostly, I see my house.”

He turns in her direction, seeing her house, and drops the spy glasses, viewing her nose profile. “Your house is made of stone.”

I spy on my front porch with the spy glasses with a smile. “No one’s home. My parents are at work as watchers, watching someone or something or somewhere. Yup.”

He slides around her body, viewing the southwestern landscape with his spy glasses. “Why did you parents use stone on the outside of your home? What kind of smooth stone is that made of up?”

I slowly rotate the spy glasses around the southwestern to southern landscape. “Don’t know the stone type. Yachel’s daddy helped to build our house, before I was born. They’re our neighbors by luck.”

He views the southern to southeastern landscape. “O good. That explains why you know Yachel and her family.”

“Yeah, we’ve been neighbors, since my birth.”

He turns and views the western landscape with the spy glasses. “Wow, the Academy needs some fresh paint and some new wood. The trainers should chop down this entire forestland region for a new set of plank wood. The trees are so thickly dense that they’re growing into each other…”

I grin. “Thickly dense, is that a proper verb?”

He turns and views the eastern landscape near the ocean. “The sky’s a pretty bright blue. The ocean’s a pretty sparkling green. What’s beyond the forest, the sky, and the ocean of Fairyland?”

I swing to the east, seeing his baby blue cape in my immediate vision, dropping my spy glasses to my chest, and see his tallness before me. The broken planks are too short for standing side by side. “The human world…”

“Really.” he views the far distance objects. “The human world is in this direction.”

“Uh,” I narrow my eyelashes at the ocean waves from the height of the eighty feet watcher station level. I scan the sky with a nod. “Yeah. We face the east. Right? Yeah. We face the east. The human world is located on the eastern shores of the ocean.” Yachel and I viewed the east direction from the Academy’s watcher station with the spying glasses on my first night of my fairy sessions.

“Really,” he views the far distance objects with the spy glasses. “I was taught the human world lies on the western shores.”

I slide over in front of him and stand, getting a better view of the far distance objects in the human world, wearing my spy glasses with a smile of our cozy boyfriend-girlfriend moment.

He says above her tiara. “I see tons and tons of colored lights.”

I gasp, back stepping into his chest. “No. It can’t…” I slide off the plank to the hole. “Ah.”

Britton drops his spy glasses and grabs Persia by the waist.

We slide to the left, falling through the broken planks and down the opening to the dirt.

Britton taps his neck clip with his finger and zaps his fairy wave to the top wooden plank.

I drop my spy glasses and hang around his neck.

We slowly swing side to side in mid-air, hanging down from his dark blue fairy wave.

He whispers. “The watcher stations are too old and too dangerous for an adventure.”

I whisper, “Yeah, let’s go and ride the unicorns for a while.”

He slowly descends down to the dirt.

I exhale with a puff of fear.

142nd day Fairy Academy

Month of December



8:49 a.m.

Banquet room setting

Breakfast mealtime

Cold temperatures with sunshine



I finish the last piece of warm bread with butter.

Yachel enters through the archway with a smile, scooting into her assigned chair with a giggle and a grin. “Bread gone. Cape straightened. Sandals on feet. Where’s Persia, the sleepy eyed fairy princess?” She tears her bread, eating with an open mouth of bad fairy manners.

I wipe a chin with the patched and torn cloth napkin. “I’m ready to start and end another successful day of sessions,” finishing the repaired glass of milk.

Yachel looks down and chews at the empty plate, “Another day of sessions…”

Zann enters through the archway, standing and staring with a smile at the table of teen males. “Good morning, fairy girls, it is another glorious day of…” studying Molfalso.

I look over a collar bone to see the back spine of Molfalso. He scoots into the table, sitting and waving to Zann.

Then I see the back spine of Britton. He enters the archway, going to his table of buddies, slapping each back spine with laugh and sits, reaching and steals the bread from Gable.

I roll my eyeball, turning and looking down at my bread crumbs with girlfriend disappointment.

Yachel mouth spit her food particles with laugh.

Breakfast ends at 8:58 a.m.



9:26 a.m.

1st period Fairy Lore Class



Ibbie stands in front of the wall with a set of lecture words, saying with a smile and a nod to each teen. “The first family of fairies started out living on the river bank and then the families moved into a cave. Then the families moved and occupied the tree branches, building primitive tree houses. Fairies love trees, particularly oak trees. We enjoy the musky smell of the bark…”

“Naw,” Gable says with a sour frown. “I don’t enjoy the musky smell of bark, since I am not a bird or a bear or a brownie…”

I have learned to hold my reader-chair in place, after the first tongue sound is uttered from the first pair of chapped teen lips like the rest of my fairy peers. I face the front wall of lecture words, ignoring the words, the debate, and my peers but look down to see my reader-tray.



I grin and fingernail write…This is day 142 of the Academy.


Yachel fingernail writes…How many more days until summertime fun?


I grin and fingernail write…This is an important day.


She fingernail writes…No.


I grin and fingernail write…Yes.


She fingernails writes…The holiday is an important day, because we leave here for our homes to sleep in our beds and eat fresh and soft bread crust.


I grin and fingernail…This is my important day.


She fingernail writes…Why is this your important day?


I grin and fingernail write…I told you before.


She fingernail writes…What did you tell me before?


I grin and fingernail write…I will show you afterwards.


She fingernail writes…What are you going to show me afterwards? What are you going to do, Persia?



I grin, wiping the reader-tray clean.

Fairy Lore class finally ends at 9:58 a.m.



10:09 a.m.

2nd period Gem Class



I sit inside the bleachers between Yachel and Britton. He touches the hand of Persia underneath her cape with a grin.

I look down to see my boot toes with a grin and a giggle.

Oviv stands in front of the bleachers in the middle of the auditorium, as usual. She says with a smile and a nod, as usual. “You have been practicing your wave on objects, tossing them with your rock from your within to outward fairy magic and doing a good job. You also have played with yourself. Yeah. Today, you are going to use you wave and hug someone. The ‘someone’ can be another student or your unicorn or a winged horse, if one is flying by. Or you can choose another wildlife creature, scampering along the edge of the thick green forestland. I want ‘your someone’ to fight back against your wave, thou. I am not picky, as long as, it is not an ancient tree, a lonely plant bush, or a pretty delicate flower…”

Gable stands with a smile, raising both fists with a nod and a tongue of mouth spit. “A fairy battle, yeah.”

The other teens scoot away from Gable with a sour frown, wiping off his tongue kiss on their naked arms or clothing.

Oviv shakes her curls. “Let us hope not today, Master Gable. My iron daggers are not sharpened,” chuckling.

Gable sits and says with a worried brow. “What?”

Yachel leans over with a giggle to Persia. “The element of iron is poison to all fairies in Fairyland.” I gasp, scanning the walls for some type of nail or bolt, turning with a confused brow to see her grin. She whispers. “It’s a joke. Oviv made a joke, not a threat…”

“What?” I gasp.

Yachel turns with a giggle to see Oviv.

Oviv thumbs over her collar bone to the open archway of the auditorium. “We will take our daily exercise outdoors, today. I do not want any more injuries to the falling plaster of the ceiling or the peeling painted walls. Please stand and follow me in two perfect lines before you select ‘your someone.’”



10:13 a.m.

Outdoors setting of forest and grass



I stand and move behind Yachel through the auditorium, around the broken steps, and outside to the meadow. I stand between Britton and Yachel in the meadow, facing a parallel line of my fellow fairies also.

The sun is bright and hot, reflecting off my pale face.

Britton leans over her tiara, saying with a smile. “Me and you. You and me. We pair up.”

I smile with a nod in silence.

Oviv moves and stands in the middle of the two rows of teens, looking over her collar bone. “No. I don’t see any galloping unicorns.” She looks up to see the skyline. “Nope. I don’t see any winged horses flying by.” She turns and views each teen with a smile. “So you will get to pair up with another fairy for this exercise, since ‘your someone’ has to fight back. Please pair up, now.”

Britton reaches and pulls Persia into his chest, sneering at the other male teens.

Stad dashes to Yachel on the other side of the row, stopping and cuddling her into his chest and snarls at the other male teens.

Zann slides to Molfalso. He grins and whispers to her face as she giggles. Molfalso leans over and jerks the cape of Walcott, whispering into the face. Walcott nods, sliding and holding the arm of Zann. They stand together as a couple.

Molfalso uses his fairy speed, running and slamming across the row into Gable. Gable flings backward from the sudden impact as Molfalso reaches and grabs the arm of tiny Gable, pulling the fairy close to Molfalso’s sneer. “You and me, dance the fairy tango…”

Gable swallows with fear, saying with a worried brow. “I…I wanna…”

Molfalso chuckles, “Good, I wanna, too,” he shoves Gable backward to the forestland edge. “You stand on the opposite of our pretend invisible lines, forming a box around us, boy.

Gable says with a worried brow. “Okay.”

Apella moseys up behind the back spine of tall Radford at the same time with petite Kuelle. She turns and snarls at Kuelle, saying with a sour frown. “He’s my wave partner…”

Kuelle touches her rock, releasing a short lilac colored wave in the chest of Apella, flinging the fairy backward to the school building wall. Kuelle laughs. “He’s my wave partner…”

Jackzee touches her gem stone rock and sends a short maroon colored wave into the back spine of Kuelle, flinging the teen fairy to the school building wall with Apella too. Jackzee was a petite girl with a head of short blonde hair, a pair of brown colored eyes, and a tone of dark tinted skin. She turns with a lady sneer to see Kuelle. “Radford is allowed to pick his own wave partner.” Radford moves and cuddles Jackzee with a smile and a nod.

They turn and face the fairy mentor with a grin.

Oviv says with a sour frown. “Based on the equal girly fairy fight and power, Kuelle and Apella get to pair up, until one of them gets expelled from my classroom. And do not get hurt either, princesses.” She turns with a smile and a nod to see each teen. “Excellent. Everyone has a buddy. ‘Your someone’ stands on the far opposite of your person like Master Molfalso and Master Gable. You are the leader of the first round of fairy waves. You will gently probe around the body of ‘your someone’ first. Your fairy wave, which is connected to you, needs to understand the sensitivity of ‘your someone,’ first. The second wave will be a gently nudge backwards, not harming ‘your someone.’ The third wave will be a touch of connection to ‘your someone’ and not slapping or smacking the body, either. I will be standing on the side of the lines inside the itchy tall weeds, watching and monitoring everything. If you dare to attack your someone, I have the power to whip your wave away from your someone being the more older wiser and powerful fairy than you can ever be as a fifth classer,” she moves and stands in the grass with a nod and a smirk. “Please begin.”

Molfalso shoots out his crimson wave, forming an index finger which is attached to a visual folded fist. The wave finger soars and stops above the skull, pointing a fairy wave index finger with a blinking crimson colors down to Gable.

The other teens turn and laugh at the funny eye sight.

Gable looks with a sour frown to each fairy. One of the nicer teen points to the symbol over the hair roots of Gable. He looks up with a sour frown.

The other teens laugh again.

Molfalso chuckles, “I finished probing ‘my someone.’” He twists his rock, re-shaping the index finger into a horizontal flattened fairy palm. “Now, time to touch my someone.” His fairy palm drops down and falls on top of the hair roots of Gable.

Gable screams, dropping down to the dry grass in a kitten-ball.

The fairy palm re-shapes into a five finger stand of bent joints, forming a see-through arch. The finger arch surrounds Gable, blocking him from moving outside like a cage, without harm. Then the bent thumb lifts from the grass, quivering side to side and gently slaps the left heel of Gable’s cowboy boot.

Gable screams, circling his body around on the grass inside the fairy finger arch of Molfalso, folding into another kitten-ball without harm but full of fear and fright.

The teens hoot, pointing and laughing at silly Gable.

Oviv says with a giggle and a grin. “Very good, Master Molfalso. He has both demonstrated a wave probe and a wave touch, without harming ‘his someone.’ Who’s the next daring pair? Better yet, do your own wave thing for both fun amusement and learning adventure.”

Apella twirls her rock necklace, staring at Kuelle on the opposite side of the row near the forestland, asking with a smile. “Does the best pair get a second colored rock, if we follow your directions, Mentor Oviv?”

Oviv says with a stern face. “I am open to that suggestion. I do believe that Gable and Molfalso have performed more than my simple instruction in their shared pairing. I will award both a second rock of Gable and a third rock for Molfalso as I am very impressed. If another pair can perform an equal or better illustration of this exercise, then I will award accordingly. Please continue.”

Apella sneers, shooting out her golden wave over the tiara of Kuelle into the green forest. Her fairy wave curves back with a swirl in the shape of tornado at the back spine of Kuelle. Apella lifts her hands, raising the fairy tornado and re-shapes her wave into a fairy baseball bat that glitters in gold among the blue sky.

The golden baseball fairy bat rears and targets the distorted face and bugled eyeballs of Kuelle.

Kuelle gasps, turning and watching the formation of the golden tornado into a bat, dropping down to the ground in fear. The bat slowly swings over the folded body of Kuelle and stops over the exposed back spine of Kuelle. Apella gently drops the tip of the bat on the back spine of Kuelle and lifts it up into the air with a giggle and a smirk. She sucks her fairy wave back into her golden rock, dancing side to side with glee.

Oviv frowns, “A poor performance of fairy princess manners, Miss Apella.”

Kuelle jumps up from the ground, rubbing her gem stone rock. A fairy lilac colored wave travels by the left cheekbone of Apella, without a sting.

Apella drops her mouth, parking both hands on her hips.

Her lilac wave swings around, passing the right cheekbone of Apella too, without a sting either.

Apella feels the heated sizzle of the wave, almost burning her hair strands.

The lilac wave flings around Kuelle, flying back the chest of Apella.

Apella freezes in fear, gasping at the approaching fairy lilac wave of Kuelle.

The wave halts two inches from Apella and gently taps the pink bowtie on the cape of Apella.

Apella gasps, stumbling backward in shock on the ground, sobbing with tears.

Oviv frowns. “Another very poor performance of fairy princess manners, Miss Kuelle. I am very relieved that either fairy princess is harmed, since I would have been required to intersect and interact on ‘your someone’s’ better behalf. Both of you have finished your required wave exercise today. You are excused for the rest of the session. Please sit underneath the oak tree. I am still required to babysit a batch of newborns. Do not duplicate Miss Apella or Kuelle’s performance for any reason. Please continue.”

Radford rubs his gem stone with a smile and gently tosses his red fairy wave at Jackzee. The red wave forms a fairy hand of bent wiggling fingers. The wiggling fingers of the fairy wave gently probe around her body from her hair roots down to her boot toes. She giggles from the humor and the warmth sensation. His red fairy wave re-shapes into a cupped hand. The fairy red hand stands behind the back spine, cuddling Jackzee like a blanket. She giggles with embarrassment too. Radford smiles with a nod to Mentor Oviv.

The teens cheer and clap for the young teen couple.

Oviv grins. “Another excellent illustration of a wave probe and a wave touch. Master Radford and Miss Jackzee will each receive a colored rock for their performance.”

Yachel whips out her pale blue wave from her gem stone rock as it forms into a fairy roping lasso. The lasso sails and circles above the hair roots of Stad. He looks up with a frown to see the lasso. It drops down over his body and down to the dry grass, without touching him.

He chuckles with the other teens.

Yachel wraps her pale blue fairy wave around his chest, gently tightening it over his fluttering baby blue cape with a grin and a giggle, and releases the lasso. Her fairy pale blue wave sucks back into her rock.

The other teens cheer and clap.

Oviv grins. “Another excellent demonstration of a wave probe and a wave touch. Master Stad and Miss Yachel will receive each a colored rock, as well.”

Britton fires out his dark blue fairy wave at the face of Persia.

I gasp, back stepping from my fearful instinct and halt, eye rolling with non-amusement.

His fairy dark blue wave slows and stops, forming into a fairy index finger with a folded fist. Then the index finger points up to the skyline.

I look up with a confused brow to see the sky, scanning the white clouds and flying birds for a fairy surprise of something with the rest of the teens.

Britton chuckles at the fairies.

Oviv grins at Britton.

I exhale with a puff of frustration, looking down with embarrassment to a dark blue index finger.

The finger tip soars into her belly, tickling Persia for fun.

I giggle, grabbing at the fairy finger, folding at my wrist from laughter.

Britton chuckles along with the other teens and Mentor Oviv.

I gasp between the laughs and rub my rock, shooting my magenta fairy wave into his belly too, tickling him also.

He wiggles and giggles, folding down at his wrist. He twists his dark blue fairy wave into a cupped hand, capturing and latching around her chest.

I duplicated his maneuver for my fun amusement and his annoyance.

He pulls his dark blue fairy wave towards him.

I pull my magenta fairy wave back into my body.

Then he and Persia fight and struggle back and forth with our bodies encased in each other’s fairy waves, until they are in the middle of the rows, touching our noses.

I do not release my wave over his body.

He does not withdraw his wave from her body, saying with a smirk, “Even-steven!”

I smile, “Touché.” I release my wave from his chest.

Britton grabs her fairy wave, tossing it around their hair roots.

I allow him to re-shape both the fairy waves.

The symbol of a heart half in dark blue and half in magenta float above their skulls, blinking with colored lights of love.

The other teens jump, cheer and clap for Britton and Persia.

I lean to his chest with a smile. “Even-steven!”

He whispers into her ear. “Touché!”

Oviv claps with a smile and a nod, “Very good, fairies! Now, that is a perfect illustration of a wave probe and a wave touch. Master Britton and Miss Persia both receive a colored rock. I do believe now that everyone understands the rest of ‘your someone’ wave exercise. So get to it.”

Gem Class ends at 10:55 a.m.



10:58 a.m.

3rd period Teacup Class



I move ahead of Yachel, sliding into my assigned broken chair, rubbing my hand and my rock to steady it even with the floor. I wrap my hands around the teacup, closing my eyelashes.

My teacup contains a single tiny one twenty-fourth of an inch of fossilized mud that covers the bottom of the cup. The fossilized mud holds the rounded spoon as the tip sticks upright into the air. I open my eyelashes. I feel the rumble of the other shoe soles from the archway as the teens slide into a broken chair too. I calm my jumbled nerve endings, fully concentrating on the single task. I close my eyelashes, exhaling with puff of frustration, feeling my fairy power swell and surge into the poor defenseless mud. And then I hear a pop as the last of the puff explodes in the air. I sniff the bitter smoke of gray.

Mentor Faddey shifts his cup of tea to the small table, standing with a smile and a clap. The rest of the teens open their eyelids and stare at him.

Gable grins. “Are we done for the day, sir?”

Faddy nods with a smile. “Miss Persia has dissolved all of her fossilized mud into a last puff of air. Please clap and congratulate her.”

The teens stand, slapping her back spine or touching her fairy cape or clapping with a set of hands and a pair of boot heels or cat calling with nice nouns and adjectives.

Faddy reaches out and raises the black teakettle from the fiery coals, motioning to Persia. “Come here, young fairy. You are to celebrate with the first of many ceremonies here at the Academy.”

I stare with a confused brow at the tea kettle. “Do I get another teacup from the…”

“You drink with the one that you just cleansed from the mud. It’s only mud which is one of earth’s natural mineral like a cup of orange juice,” he sips the teacup, lowering it and licking his lips. “It gives the tea a bit of kick.”

“Yuck-o,” Gable frowns.

I hold a straight face, biting my lower lip.

He motions again with a smile and a nod to Persia. “Come over here, young fairy. Let us share tea for the first time. I will be sharing tea with every fairy by the end of the academic year too.”

I exhale with a puff of worry, standing from the chair, shuffling through the girls on the table, and shift the teacup behind my back spine, rubbing my gem rock around the center, sanitizing the mud remnants.

Molfalso laughs. “What are you doing, Persia?”

“Drinking some tea with mud particles, Molfalso,” I fake a smile, moving and sitting in the opposite mismatched and unbalance dining room chair with Faddey. “Then I am done with teacup class for the rest of fifth class through summertime, until next year,” laughing.

He drops his mouth, looking down to see the fossilized mud inside his tea bowl. Silence inside the room.

I reach and extend a newly germ free teacup to him. Faddey smiles and pours the black tea into my cup. I return and blew on the hot liquid inside my teacup, slowly sipping a tiny slurp. I swallow the hot liquid and stand, holding my teacup in the air with a giggle and a grin of victory.

The teens clap and cheer for a second time.

156th day Fairy Academy

Month of January



12:37 p.m.

Fairy Library setting

Cool temperatures with bright sunshine

Lunchtime meal



I am alone.

The walls, the floor, and the ceiling are filled with black words from the reader-table.

I chew my food, studying the reader-tray on the long reader-table inside the fairy library. “Magenta is not a color. Ugh. I know that. So tell me why it is not a color, Sir Isaac Newton?”



I fingernail write on the reader-tray…Who is Sir Isaac Newton?


The reader-tray writes in black words….Sir Isaac Newton was birthed and died in the city of London, in the country of England, in the year 1727. He was a physicist and mathematician.



I chew my food, studying the reader-tray with a set of wrinkled eyebrows, and whisper for my eardrums only. “The city of London?” I look up to see the same words on the far wall too. “There isn’t a city of London in Fairyland,” gasping. “He’s a human from the human world.” I ate more food, chewing.



I look down and fingernail write on the reader-tray…What fairy discovered the color of magenta?


The reader-tray writes…No fairy found a color of magenta.



A hand slaps over my collar bone. I gasp, mouth spitting my food across the reader-tray.

“I’m not spirit, darling.” Yachel laughs. “Sorry. I scared ya. What ya doing inside the fairy library and all alone, without me? Actually, why are you hiding inside the library during lunchtime? Like, I can come along with ya anyways? Since, I’m still polishing that dang rock for hours and days and nights and years to come between my bubble bath times. And what have ya been during teacup class, since ya graduated about two weeks ago? No other fairy has emptied their teacup either.”

“Did ya polish up that rock for Kaapo?”

She slides into the next reader-chair with a laugh and a smile. “The bestest that I can doeth to itty bitty lowly fifth class fairy girl.”

I exhale with a puff of frustration, looking down at the words over the reader-tray. “Proving the color of magenta exists to please my parents. They still don’t believe that it picked and possessed me. And I have gathered over two magenta rocks given to me by Kaapo and Oviv. What’s wrong with them, Yachel?”

She laughs, wiping off the food spit from the reader-tray. “Parents? Can’t understand or toss ‘em out the door, they own the house.”

I slide my hand and the information of Sir Isaac Newton to the next reader-tray for further study. “And I can prove my magenta gem stone works and exits. I am showing ya my research project.”

She frowns. “Your research project from what session? Am I supposed to do that too? Wait. This is the Academy. We don’t have homework assignments like in our little girl school…”

I push my hands forward from the table as my reader-chair reclines down to the floor.

Yachel yells. “Hey. What’s happening? My chair’s possessed with a spirit.” Her reader-chair tilts backward even with Persia like a bed. Yachel looks around the walls and the ceiling.

I grin. “Naw. The reader-chair reclines to view the ceiling for studying or research. See my cute art work.” I finger the ceiling on the right side. “This is my new landscape drawing of Fairyland. I used very basic geometric shapes for landmarks, since I can’t draw or paint or sing or tap dance. Fairyland is round, since the landscape is an island. The blue color is the surrounding ocean waters. I’m been scouting around the perimeter of Fairyland during the hours of teacup class plus lunchtime on Komilly?”

“Sounds boring.”

“Yeah. I was bored for two hours without attending boring sessions or having some fun-time friends to hang around. So I developed a mission. I’m determined to prove to my parents that the color of magenta is a color. I polished enough of the gem stone to use as a recording devise. So I have been recording the landscape while using the spy glasses to see all the different landmarks of Fairyland. Once I show my parents my homemade map with my gem stone, they’ve to believe that it is a color and a learning devise…”

She fingers the ceiling. “What’s on your map other than your unknown cute geometric figures? I like the heart.”

I exhale with a puff of frustration, fingering the ceiling. “Fairyland is a square land with curved edges for the sand and the ocean. I live in the southwest. My house is the square. Your house is next to mine sorta by a few miles of fruit trees, food crops, and unicorn patties, but your house is a circle. The circle is a symbol friendship. As you go around to the south, I placed the heart shape on Britton’s house. He told me that he lived in the south…”

“Britton really likes ya.”

“And I really like him too. As you go around to the south, there are more damaged watcher stations almost every fifty feet. I’ve climbed every watcher station between the southwest to south to southeast since graduating teacup class, mostly for exploration and fun and…”

“Sounds boring plus dangerous.”

“They are. Some don’t even have a balcony floor. As you continue to head east, I add the shape of a star for the Academy. Now, I got really confused. Britton told me that the Fairy Fart was located in the north. I found the fairy mounds and the fairy mills, the home of the brownies. I marked all those landscape with a capital letter M all over the map just as a reference from getting lost. But I can’t find the Fairy Fort anywhere even when I use the spy glasses. Do ya know where the fart is located?”

“Fart, naw.”

I giggle. “Me, neither. So I used my brain and accessed a real map of Fairyland.” I finger the ceiling on the left side. “Now, this is my art work of the real Fairyland. The real, real map has too much stuff on it like lakes, rivers, trees, hills, houses, farms, unicorns, tunnels and other junk that I couldn’t locate in a billion years,” exhaling. “Anyways, my new mission is to find the Fairy Fort. On the map on the left side of the ceiling, I did the same cute geometric shapes. There is a square for the land and a curve of the ocean. My house is a square, and your house as a circle in the southwest. There is Britton’s house as heart in the south. I even outlined all the watcher stations as the letter U along the square landscape. The Academy is a star in the east which is miles from the ocean. I showed all the fairy mounds and mills too. Now, the real, real map showed the Fairy Fort in the north, so I marked it with a shape of a diamond for royalty…”


“But I still can’t find the fort from the tall eighty foot watcher station in the extreme northeastern view with the freaking pair of spy glasses.”

“The spy glasses are defeat-o. I bet. The Fairy Fart is huge, big, large, gigantic. No pair of fairy eyeballs can miss it, Persia.”

I gasp. “O. I didn’t think of that. I’ve been seeing, but not seeing it.”

“Right, fairy fart.” she giggles.

I finger the ceiling with a confused brow. “I found something else. The ocean water is baby blue color on the real map, when I impose the real map over my art work. And the ocean water flows from the ocean onto the shoreline and over the land of the Academy grounds and a little northeast. I don’t understand why. We live on an island. The tides and moon control the water. The water doesn’t flood over all the landscape in the regions of the southwest, south, southeast, and northwest every night like here at the Academy. I find that odd.”

She smiles. “I find you odd actually doing research around the weather patterns, the high tides, and the flooding. Who are you, Persia?”

I grin. “Bored out of my active mind, one. And two, bothered by my parents not believing, that I possess a colored rock of magenta.” I rub my gem rock, wiping the ceiling clean of my cute map with my hand.

The ceiling turns white.

I sat back both the reader-chairs to the upright position also. I exhale with a puff of frustration, swishing my hands. The reader-table shows Sir Isaac Newton’s information. I finger the table. “The only true reference that I’ve discovered about the color of magenta is that it was discovered by a human in the human world. Why would a human discover the color of magenta?” I turn and frown at Yachel.

She fingers the sentence on the reader-tray with a smile. “It tells it right there, fairy. Sir Isaac Newton was not a good farmer and sent to London to become a preacher-man. Only a farmer knows about rocks, caves, and dirt…”

I stand with lady sneer over her tiara from her silly banter. “Time for rock inspection.” I turn and leave the fairy library with a sour frown.

Yachel exhales, standing and turning to the archway, and chases after her best friend. “Persia…”

Lunch time ends at 12:57 p.m.



1:31 p.m.

4th period Enchantment Class



Yachel probes and cuddles her cut hand with a sad frown, sitting at the shared table with Persia inside enchantment class for the academic day.

Kaapo stands with a smile at the shared table of Persia and Yachel, lifting the rock with her amber wave. “Very good, Miss Persia, you have almost sculptured all the numerous facets into a beautiful cascading of a smooth glittering stone along each side. When you have finished…”

Apella waves her rock in the air, sitting at her student table on the opposite side of the room, saying with a smile and a nod. “I’m almost finished too. When do I order my golden shell for storing my gold rock? I wanna get a throat choker, showing off my pretty wrinkle free neckline…”

Zann laughs. “You’re thirteen years ago, Apella. We don’t have wrinkles…”

Molfalso turns with a wink to see Apella. “But you’re pretty ugly for a teen, maybe you’ll grow into your ears or them big monster nose holes…”

“Thank you for your personal compliment, fairies.” Kaapo back steps from the table, halting in front of the solid wall, saying with a stern face. “This is the fifth month of the academic year. There are four more months left. You purpose is to sculpture your rock into a gem stone. Some of the students take a very, very long time with their sculpturing process.” She frowns and views Yachel. Yachel slaps a non-wounded hand to her chest for the nasty compliment from the fairy mentor. Kaapo looks with a stern face to each fairy. “Therefore, it was determined a very, very long time ago that your golden shell will be awarded in the fourth class, next academic year.”

The sounds of boo and hiss come from the teens.

Kaapo lifts and shoots her amber wave, spreading it across the room between the ceiling and the tiaras and hair roots of each teen.

The teens duck down for cover underneath the tall tables, without a boo or a hiss sound.

“Enough. This is a rule which is not a democracy regulation set by the Fairy Queen. Next year, part of your purpose is being awarded your golden shell…”

Gables sits underneath the stool with a smile. “My gem stone is almost completed too. What am I supposed to do with a pretty gem stone other then wear it as a necklace like a girl?”

“May I address that question to Gabbie, Mentor Kaapo?” Molfalso stands from the floor with a chuckle.

Kaapo moves and marches to the next student table with a stern face and a serious tone. “You will continue to practice your wave and your enchantment charms during the summertime days in preparation for your fourth class. Each year, the work is more difficult and more dangerous. I have lectured enough. This topic is closed. I would like to see your rock, Miss Apella.”

Apella stands and sits in her chair, presenting her rock with a nod and a smile.

Enchantment Class ends at 1:57 p.m.



2:08 p.m.

5th period Flute Class



Britton meets Persia outside the school building in the warm sunshine of the cool day of wintertime on Fairyland, holding the flute at his side, reaching and grabbing her hand, walking to the middle of the meadow.

Yachel has abandoned the unicorn riding over the meadow pasture for tooting her flute with Stad’s musical band, during flute class.

I move and change out of my dress and my sandals into my jeans and my boots, not feeling really mad at my best friend, since Britton has replaced Yachel for my personal enjoyment during the afternoon and the evening too.

We take turns to play the flute with the sweet song as the unicorns appear and gallop to their respectful owners.

I produce a saddle and a set of riding reins on Komilly, climbing and mounting on the back spine, kicking the fat stomach, following Britton and his unicorn through the pretty green grassy meadows.

Komilly gallops to the watcher station on the northeastern side behind Britton. He is so happy to find his own unicorn.

I sometimes have to intersect with the mean male unicorn beast to behave, without tossing Britton into the air or into the pond or into the watcher station wood.



2:22 p.m.

Watcher station setting

South side of Fairyland

Cool temperatures with partly clouds of sunshine



The red unicorn slides to a stop.

Britton tumbles through the mane over the skull and down onto the dirt, getting up with a grin. “He and I are getting to be best friends…”

“Shore,” I slow and stop Komilly, staring with a stern face at the red beast of angry, sliding off my unicorn.

The big red colored unicorn runs and splashes in the ocean water with Komilly.

I turn and move to Britton, pulling up and cuddling his arm.

He launches his dark blue fairy wave surrounding him and Persia, lifting them up and over the ripped and patched wooden floor of the balcony.

We scoot around the potholes in the floor, finding a pair of spy glasses inside one the busted chests.

I leap over the pothole and lean over the wooden railing, wearing the spy glasses. “Thanks for helping me with my mission, Britton.”

He stands behind her and wraps both his biceps around her waist, whispering into her ear. “Shore thing.”

I scan the landscape, swishing the spy glasses side to side. “I still can’t see the Fairy Fort…”

“Ya can’t miss it. It is covered with a set of tall vertical rows of ugly and sharp fairy thorn trees.”

“I see the mill houses. I’ve never seen a brownie…”

“Ugly things.”

“Yachel has farm brownies…”

“Ugly things too.”

I scan the landscape. “Where is the Fairy Fort? I can’t see it or the ugly fairy thorn trees.”

Britton slips the spy glasses from her hands.

I swing around, feeling his heatness with a giggle. “O. I guess we’ll look for the fort later.”

He smiles. “Much later, maybe after sunset,” he kisses her lips.

300th day Fairy Academy

Month of May



8:18 a.m.

Banquet room setting

Warm temperatures with sunshine

Breakfast mealtime



Each table wears a specific colored faded and patched tablecloth, holding a set of excited students, who are sick and tired of both the fairy sessions and the fairy wave practices. Each student chews on a piece of bread and a pat of butter with a glass of milk.

Daffodil stands on top of the wooden platform with a nod and a smile behind a ceiling to floor curtain. The thick curtain has a dull beige background made of thousands of dark and light squares of colors like the curtain has been patched over and over again, after each usage.

The curtain hides the entire wall.

She waves both her arms for attention with a smile. “I am very happy to express that this is the last day of the Fairy Academy. Do not applaud, ya’ll. Everyone has passed with a set of specific flying colors,” her bright yellow wave emits and beams on the thirteen years old table.

The silver diamonds on each head piece of the female and male turn from the color of silver into a bright red first, then both tablecloths turn to the color of red second.

Daffodil scoots her bright yellow fairy wave over each fairy student table changing each tiara and every halo to a new color hue.

I touch my tiara, feeling the slight warmth from the color changeover, giggling and grinning at Yachel.

Yachel touches and probes her heated tiara, warming her skull too.

Daffodil finishes her fairy wave on the group of fifteen year old students as the twin tablecloths change to a rich black color.

The sixteen years old students stand from the old black colored tables as the tablecloths disappear, leaving only the beaten up naked wood surface. They move and form a straight line on top of the platform, standing next to Daffodil, starting with the shortest to the tallest fairies.

I stare with a puzzled brow at the fairies on top of the wooden stage. “Where are the seventeen year old like Lugina?”

“At work,” Yachel chews her bread.

I spread the butter over my bread. “At work, this is the last academic session day of the Fairy Academy as a student.”

Yachel turns and watches the fairies on top of the platform. “This is a graduation day for the students and a work day for a fairy to work in their new job performance. They’re required to leave the Academy, immediately.”

“Without a graduation ceremony or a good bye party or a hot lunch or a nice expensive gift or a wonderful something,” I said with a sour frown.

Daffodil moves and stands behind the first fairy, which is a female.

Yachel grins. “Ya sound like a spoiled human, Persia. Watch Daffodilly do her thing!”

Daffodil lifts and waves her palm gem stone above the black colored tiara of the first female. The sculptured and polished glittering gem stone inside the black choker of the female brightens into a solid wall of aqua. Then the aqua wall rises up to the ceiling and surrounds the female in a circle.

You see only a circle of aqua and not the female.

The color touches the ceiling tiles, dropping a set of tiny plaster chips over some of the other teens. The teens wipe the chips off their hair roots and their food plates down to the floor.

The wall of aqua slowly descends back down to the student. The circle drops completely down into the wooden stage platform and disappears, exploding a set of small splinters of rotten wood and red sawdust particles in the air.

Then the female fairy appears, wearing a new tiara, a new gown, a new cape, and a new pair of sandals of aqua color with an assortment of matching gem stones.

I clap with the other teens with a smile and a chuckle, leaning into the eardrum of Yachel. “Does that hurt or harm her?”

“Naw,” Yachel chews on her bread, without clapping.

“Can she see us?”


“Where did the gown and cape come from, her fairy magic?”

Yachel wipes a set of dirty hands on the patched tablecloth with a giggle. “Naw, a fairy can’t produce squat. Daffodilly can’t change a babe’s diapers, without its mama. The girl’s gem stone has the power that changed her tiara, since the gems all come from the same underground dirt wall of the continuous cave tunnels. And her fashion clothing closet brownie is standing behind that ugly patchwork curtain with a new gown, a new cape, and a new matching pair of sandals. The female teen just zapped them on her body, during the pretty light show. This is part of the magic show at the Fairy Academy.”

I clap and cheer for the rest of the sixteen years old male and female fairies.

Daffodil moves and touches each tiara and every halo, creating an array of individual colored cylinders based on a specific gem stone hue, surrounding each sixteen year old student, who has advanced to the first class that marks the end of the academic fairy year.

Each teen will be seventeen years old during the summertime days.

After the last teen morphs into his personality color and matching clothes, Daffodil shoves him off the stage, raising both her arms with a smile and a nod. “Have a good summertime, teen fairies. We will start the new academic year in the month of August. Your parents will be landing one at a time in front of the front porch. They will signal you by gem stone. Please gather your gear and wait on the front porch. Good luck and good bye, ya’ll.”

I lean to Yachel with a sour frown. “That’s it? No lunch. No cupcakes. No hot chocolate. We are done with the Academy.”

She wipes the bread crumbs off her stained and tore pink colored fairy cape with a nod and a grin. “We are free of the Fairy Academy to enjoy the summertime days and nights. See ya on the front porch and at your house, later. I’m going to say good bye to Stad,” Yachel stands and moves to him, waving a hand and wearing a smile.

Britton turns and moves to Persia at the female thirteen year old table, extending a hand. I look up and grab his hand with a smile for standing. He cuddles her, moving out the banquet room, down the empty hallway in the opposite direction of the wandering teens.

I look over my collar bone, saying with a confused brow, “Where we going, darling?”

He chuckles, “A secret place.”

I turn and face the hallway, skipping over the potholes.



9:09 a.m.

Closet door setting



He stops and stands in front of the closed door of the closet with Persia, facing the closet door that leads up to the watcher station.

I turn and look to each side of the hallway, watching for wandering mentors. Teens scurry around with a set of suitcases to the porch or back to their sleeping suite, ignoring us in front of the watcher station closet. The door opens. “We shouldn’t take a chance, launching up to the watcher station. My mama might see…” He slides her inside the semi-darkness with a chuckle and a grin. The door closes. I gasp, turning and leaning around his arms to see the closed door with a confused brow. “Why? How does each and every freaking door know when to open and to close by itself like it’s haunted by a spirit or a ghost or a…”

He scans the walls and the staircase, standing over her hair roots. “Fairy magic, the entire school is an enchanted place for its enchanted people like us.”

“O good to learn!” I turn and gasp at the forward wall. The walls slightly glow from the creepy rays of bright sunlight, making them dark and red from the exterior portions of rotten wood and the wiggling worms. I cringe in disgust at the ugly walls.

He twirls and leans down into her face with a smile, tilting her chin to his lips. He kisses her, pulling back with a smile.

I grin. “O poo! I wish I could see you this summertime days.”

Britton grins. “Come to market. Lots of the kids hang there during the late afternoon, after sleeping all morning. We can eat until we puke and go to the pond and swim and go to the trees and act like a pair of love birds,” chuckling.

I slap his chest with a smile. “I wish. My parents are watchers. They’re free of their job performance, during the summertime days. I don’t know why. I never really wondered until now. Anyways, we go horse back riding in the meadows, boat sailing in the ocean, and camping in the forest. I guess we do the family vacation thing. I didn’t really think much about our family time togetherness, until now. I have been thinking about lots of togetherness, until now.”

He frowns. “Why didn’t ya’ll come to market, too?”


“Yachel’s involved in your family togetherness. Are you related by blood to her and her family?”

“No. Why do you ask?”

“You spent all your time with her, this year.”

“Naw. I started out spending my time with Yachel. When my sessions became more intense, I started spending more time studying, instead of hanging with Yachel. When I met you on our first full moon nine months ago, I wanted to spend more togetherness with you, instead of my sessions and Yachel,” smiling.

“You still talk with her…”

“Yeah, she’s my best friend. We’re like sisters, being neighbors too.”

“You live on a farm also. I didn’t know that.”

“Naw, I live in the country with the fruit trees, the wildflower meadows, and green grazing pastures. My daddy has cows for both looking and eating. I like to eat ‘em more than look at ‘em.”

He frowns. “I did not know this.”

I smile. “You do now. I’ll try to come to market during the summertime days. If I can persuade my parents, they’re easily manipulated…”

He frowns. “You would dare to manipulate your parents?”

I grin. “I mean I will try and manage them into thinking that they need to go to the market once, twice, or more, so I can see you.”

He exhales. “I hope you manage them well.”

“Me, too,” My gem stone tingles around my necklace. I reach and caress it, feeling the warmth of the smooth stone. “Speaking of my poor management skills, my parents are calling me for home, now.”

He touches and pulls off his neck clip chain, looking down to see the dark blue blink. “I’m being buzzed too. This is our last togetherness, until we meet again.”

I nod with a smile.

He leans over and kisses her.


First Fairy Story... Present time and place, a happy colony of fairies lives and thrives within an ocean island which is known as Fairyland under the watchful eye of the Fairy Queen. Each teen fairy is required to attend the Princess and Prince Fairy Academy at the age of thirteen years old until the age of graduation, seventeen years old. Then, the newly celebrated eighteen year old fairy will go to work as the royal fairy rule is dictated by the Fairy Queen. Centuries ago, the first Fairy Queen made a deal with the humans, who currently reside upon the mainland, to care for the young and orphaned human babies inside the human world in four six-hour working shifts until the babe reaches adulthood. Persia is thirteen years old. This is her first day to attend Fifth Class at the Fairy Academy with her dearest friend and bestest neighbor Yachel. She wears a sparking fairy long gown of pink with a matching fairy cape down to the floor. She will make new fairy friends of gals and guys, selecting her fairy tiara, and then her fairy gem stone. The gem stone releases all her fairy powers to use and abuse upon her new friends and her new foes. A fairy does not possess a pair of wings like a bug or a broomstick like a witch or an axe like a troll or a pair of sunglasses like a vampire or a set of claws like a werewolf. A fairy elegantly flies inside a golden tinted round coach for skyline transportation around the island. Persia will learn all these new things and more as a wee fairy tart at her new school. This is purpose of the Academy. This is the purpose of the mentors. This is the purpose of you. You are a fairy within Fairyland.

  • ISBN: 9781370058105
  • Author: Ipam
  • Published: 2017-01-03 20:50:27
  • Words: 69655
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