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Talaash – Discover Your True Self



A Search for the True Meaning of Life



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10, Sadhu Vaswani Path,

Pune – 411001.

Today man stands on a planet of limitless promise. He

has been able to set his foot on the moon. His rockets go

ying past the distant planets. He has been able to

station satellites in space. He is eager to control the

forces of Nature. But he has not learnt the lesson of self-

control. His anger ares easily. He becomes an easy

victim to temptations of esh. The civilization he has

built is crumbling beneath the burden of his own


The author of this small book believes that a new

civilization needs to be built. I have known him – Ravi

Melwani (AiR) – over the years. His emphasis is not on

words but on life.

I shall not speak, I shall not talk

With all my strength, I shall still walk

The way that leadeth to the Lord.

May this little book inspire many hearts to live the life

that is life indeed – the life of simplicity and sympathy

and service, of new awakening and self-realization.

J. P. Vaswani


I was the happiest man on Earth.

My life experienced 25 years of achievement, success,

wealth, happiness, name, fame and everything that one

could dream of!

Then one day, it suddenly occurred to me – what is life

all about? Is life just about making money? Or is there

more to life?

We earn and earn only for others to burn what we earn.

Is life beyond making money? I found that happiness

doesn’t come from making money but rather from

spending it. So, instead of making more money, I

stopped, shut down my business and decided to make a

difference instead. I decided to live a life of fulllment

instead of living a life of achievement. I decided to let

peace and tranquility take me to contentment and


My life was transformed…

For 8 years, I lived an amazing life, travelling from one

country to another and spending my money doing

humanitarian, inspirational and spiritual work. My life

was absolutely amazing, peaceful, tranquil, joyous and

fullling. How could somebody be happier than me?

Not only did I have pleasure, I had success,

contentment, fulllment, liberation, tranquility and

peace. I felt like I was in a state of absolute bliss.

To me, after working for 25 years to achieve success,

these 8 years were a reward. I thought my life was

absolutely fantastic!

But then something happened…

After 8 years, my Guru questioned me, “What is the

true purpose of life – the true meaning of life?” He

provoked me to go on a search – a _Talaash. _

At that time, for me, life was all about happiness. In fact,

the goal of life was happiness, and while I had achieved

happiness rst through pleasure and then through

peace, I denitely felt that there was something missing

in my life. It seemed like I was on a plateau of happiness

and there was no further peak. I found that my life had

no purpose!

I went into deep introspection and asked myself if there

was a third peak of happiness, the rst peak being

Achievement and the second Fulllment, and as if from

nowhere an answer came to me! Yes, there is a third

peak of Happiness called Enlightenment! Now was it

time for another transformation – a second one? I

packed up my life and decided to climb the third peak.

In this book, I share my journey and my search for the

third peak and for the true meaning of life. How I

d i s c o v e r e d _A n a n d a , _ e v e r l a s t i n g j o y b e y o n d Achievement and Fulllment – the Bliss that knows no


Let’s start the journey!

‘GU’ means darkness,

and ‘RU’ means light.

GURU literally means

“the one who brings you from

darkness to light”.



This Search, this Quest, this Talaash would never

happen if it was not for my Guru, my mentor, my guide,

my God on Earth Dada J.P. Vaswani.

Dada held my hand 25 years back and has never let go

since. He was my teacher, my family, my friend; he was

everything. Only in retrospect, I realize what would I be

without him. When I started, he was just my spiritual

teacher, a person whom I wanted to learn from. But

over the years, he became my best friend. He became

my soul mate. He became everything to me. Least did I

know that my spiritual evolution would be because of

him. From 1990, when I met him, to 2006, I didn’t realize

that he was leading me to a new life. He took me from

achievement to fulllment, making my life content and

joyous like never before. He transformed my life. He led

me from a mundane life of just making money to a

purposeful life of making a difference. But that was just

the rst step. Least did I know what my Master had in

mind for me. I was an ugly caterpillar, but he had a

vision that I should be a beautiful buttery. He let me

evolve, change, grow and transform. Not just a

transformation but a double transformation, a

metamorphosis. In the last 2 years, he led me on this

Talaash, this Search. He is the one who provoked me,

prompted me, and guided me. All that is written in this

book, every single word has been inspired by him. I

wouldn’t have been able to write a single line without

his guidance, without his grace. Like I said, he is not my

mentor, my guide, my Guru, he is my God on Earth!

I am indebted to Dada for showing me the path that has

led me to this realization of the truth which I am trying

to share with you.

Thank you Dada.

With Love and Gratitude


*Know where you want to go. *

*Go where you want to go. *


Chapter 1

*In Search of Happiness *


Chapter 2

Happiness is not just about being Rich


Chapter 3

The Three Peaks of Life


Chapter 4

Questions that had no Answers


Chapter 5

Talaash…A Search, A Quest…


Chapter 6

Learnings – About Life & Beyond


Chapter 7

[*Stories that lead to the Truth! *]


Chapter 8

*Analogies *


Chapter 9

*Guru and God *


Chapter 10

Science & Spirituality


Chapter 11

*Putting it all Together *


Chapter 12

Post the Realization


Chapter 13

Living as a Realized Seeker


Chapter 14

Glimpses of the Search






*In Search of Happiness *

The whole world is seeking happiness. Who does not

want to be happy?

Different things make different people happy, but

ultimately while we all may be seeking different things,

the nal goal of humanity seems to be “HAPPINESS”.

What is Happiness? While the question is very simple,

the answer is profound. Though the question is one, the

answers are many. This is because happiness is

different for different people!

Happiness is a state of mind, expressing itself with

emotions of cheer, joy, and excitement. It is a feeling

that makes one’s heart dance and eyes twinkle. A happy

person smiles just like an unhappy person shows

sorrow in his face. So, while different people dene

their happiness in different words, the emotion that is

born in all is the same. It is a strong feeling of joy,

pleasure, contentment, and fulllment.

Everybody wants to be happy. But how does one

become happy? While different things create

happiness, most of it is fullling of an expectation. A

millionaire could be happy making his next million. A

teacher may nd happiness in the examination results

of the students. A singer is joyous when the audience

applauds. Politicians become happy when they win an

election. While there are different reasons to be happy

for different people, it is mostly unfullled expectations

that lead to misery.


*In Search of Happiness *

As kids, simple things make us happy – a ball or a doll.

But as we grow up, our idea of happiness becomes more

complicated. We seek pleasures, achievement,

romance, and most importantly money and security.

People generally think that money is the key source of

happiness, and hence, they chase money. They do

anything and everything possible to make money

because they believe that “Money = Happiness”.

[_I was no different. At the age of 16, I joined my father’s _]

[_business – wanting to be successful, an achiever. I dreamt _]

_that this would make me truly happy. _

_Whatever I touched turned to gold. As a teenager, I started _

[_with an advertising business, and from the prots, I bought _]

[_my rst car. What a joy! It gave me a kick that pushed me on. _]

_This was just the beginning of my success story. My _

_achievement lasted years, each surpassing my previous _

[_success – taking me from one peak of pleasure to another! _]

_Success became a passion, just as making money was my _

_obsession. _

But people don’t stop at success. First, we fulll our

need, and next, greed takes over. Then, we yearn for

more success, more money, and more happiness. It

doesn’t matter whether it comes from fair or foul

means. To one on such a journey, nothing else matters.

[_I too didn’t stop. First, it was Kids Kemp, which was my rst _]

[_retail store, then Big Kids Kemp, and nally Kemp Fort. The _]

_exhilaration that came from success and achievement made _


*In Search of Happiness *

_me work 18 hours a day and 7 days a week, and yet I felt that I _

[_was not working at all. It was just fun! _]

[_Yes! When success pushes you forward, you forget _]

_everything else. The joy, the pleasure, and the achievement _

_are enough to power you forward unconditionally. In that _

_pursuit for excellence, you forget everything else, except the _

_achievement, success, and joy you get from your victories. _

_Everything I did, gave me joy. The marketing was a big _

_success, and it drew crowds that the retailing industry had _

[_never seen before. This gave me tremendous condence. The _]

[_sales and prots created success that gave me happiness – the _]

_heights of which I had never experienced. _

[_I thought I was happy, truly happy! My achievement and my _]

[_success were my happiness. I couldn’t see further. _]

When people get intoxicated with wealth, they even let

go of their health. Such is the tragedy of the world.

Success creates more success, and it makes one feel that

they are becoming happier each day. Seeing one’s bank

balance grow or watching one’s assets swell can be

truly satisfying when one is on this journey of

happiness – a journey of achievement where the peak is

the sky, which has no limit.

_I too was one of them, going from achievement to achievement _

_and enjoying the joy of success. My success made me famous. _

[_The media coverage was a big high. For the rst time, I was _]

_recognized by the city, the country. That was a great feeling. _


*In Search of Happiness *

[_It made me truly happy – so happy that it kept me going for 25 _]

_years, seeking pleasures that came with success and _

[_achievement. To me, that was life – the way to be happy! _]

_I travelled to the West and brought western concepts to India. _

_Innovative retail entertainment clicked, and I bubbled with _

[_joy as the cash in my bank over owed. I had never dreamt of _]

_this kind of money. I had never imagined that I would become _

_so rich. It gave me immense pleasure to buy a new car, and I _

_cannot express the joy that comes from driving a Mercedes or _

_travelling in a Limousine or zooming in a Sera with doors _

_that opened into the sky. The attention that I received lifted _

_my ego. I felt truly great as I revelled in the success that I had _

_created. _

People become happier as they become more famous.

Such is ego. It lights the pride that gets attention from all

over the world. Sometimes it might make us arrogant,

but how does it matter? As long as we are happy, who


_While my achievement journey got me immense pleasure, I _

[_realized that it was not true happiness…. It was all about _]

_pleasure that came from success and achievement. _

Most of the world also think that “Happiness = Success

and Achievement”. Little does this majority know that

after all, this is just the rst peak of happiness!


If Happiness always

*depended on what we had, *

then the richest would

*always be Glad, not Sad. *






Happiness is not just about being Rich

Is money equal to happiness?

No. If it was, then everyone who was rich would be

glad, not sad. Unfortunately, if we look around, the

lives of many of the rich and famous are riddled with

problems, misery, and even suicide. Surely, happiness

is not solely dependent on wealth. Yes, happiness is the

goal of life, but happiness is not just about being rich. It

is a myth that ONLY money makes people happy.

Not everybody wants money to be happy. Some may

seek happiness in other forms of achievement be it

sports, art or literature. Artists and sportsmen are also

passionate about success that is ultimately nothing else

but happiness. Even a politician is seeking happiness

through his achievement in public life. But to each of

them, money, wealth, and achievement are very

important. It seems like their ultimate goal of life is

achievement, money, success, wealth, and eventually


Material pleasures, of course, make us happy, but do

they create unending pleasure? Such pleasures could

make us happy for the moment, but they fail to create

fulllment or grant us the peace of mind that takes us to

the true peak of happiness.

A few are fortunate to transcend from achievement to

fulllment, to stop seeking happiness from pleasure,

and to live a life of contentment and fulllment in peace

and tranquility. In most cases, making money is such an


Happiness is not just about being Rich

addictive habit that the achievers forget that there is

also something called – Making a Difference.

[_How does it matter? Even I was making money. It was just _]

[_money, money and more money – whether it meant to have _]

_deposits in the bank, gold that glittered, or properties and _

_assets that made ones net worth sparkle. We become blind to _

_everything else in the chase to make money. _

_However, I was fortunate that my success opened new doors _

_that gave me more happiness and more joy than money ever _

_did. _

_I started serving the poor on the streets of Bangalore. In the _

_nights, I would take food packets and distribute to the people _

_who were hungry, sleeping on the streets, or distribute _

_blankets to these people freezing in the chill winter. This gave _

_me a very different kind of happiness, a joy that I realized _

[_money couldn’t buy. I was still making money and enjoying _]

_the exhilaration of success. But I was fortunate that my _

_humanitarian heart gave me more quality happiness from the _

_compassionate work that I was doing. _

There are people in this world whose happiness does

not stem from wealth. To them, making a difference is

far more rewarding than making money. They would

make magnanimous contributions to service groups

rather than invest in personal assets. These are very few

who are fortunate to realize that happiness is not just

about being rich.

_All these years, there were seeds of compassion and _


Happiness is not just about being Rich

_inspiration in me, but I was racing down the achievement _

_track to be happy. By now, my retail stores were generating _

[_more prots than I could spend. No doubt, I was extremely _]

_happy, but there was no peace. Life of success is a life of _

_problems because achievements attract more challenges than _

_one can imagine. _

_I was just going to embark upon a new project called Kemp _

_City envisaged on 200 acres of land, with an amusement park, _

_a casino, a golf course, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, _

_and everything one could dream of. It would be connected to _

[_the city via helicopters and special shuttles. But then… the _]

[_question came to my mind, “How would this improve the _]

[_quality of my life?” What would it gain a man if he gained the _]

[_whole world, but lost his own soul! I realized that _]

_achievement and wealth were important, but it was not _

_everything. _

_Suddenly, one day after 25 years of achievement and success, _

_I shut down my business and decided that I would make a _

_difference rather than just make money. I had experienced joy _

_doing humanitarian work and serving people on the streets. It _

_gave me great excitement to inspire people to live rather than _

_just exist. Praying and building a connection with God gave _

_me peace and tranquility that was blissful. While pursuing _

_success, achievement, wealth, and happiness, there was no _

[_time left to pursue my passion of doing H.I.S work – _]

_Humanitarian, Inspirational, and Spiritual work. I called it a _

[_day. I shut down my business and transformed my life! I even _]

_changed my name from Ravi V. Melwani to RVM and _

[_created a new RVM Philosophy – Rejoice, Value Life, and _]

_Make a Difference. I suddenly felt that life was so much more _


Happiness is not just about being Rich

[_fullling! I was blissfully content. _]

Many people work like machines. It seems like life is a

journey of achievement rushing from womb to tomb.

They know that the money is not theirs. What they earn,

others will burn, but even then, their only priority is to

be rich and wealthy.

Blessed are the few who realize that the rst peak of life

is achievement, but one must transcend and evolve to

the second peak – the peak of contentment and

fulllment. A journey that seeks fulllment is more

blissful and has more peace and tranquility than a

journey of achievement.

[_For 8 years, I enjoyed this fulllment journey traveling from _]

_one country to another discovering the wondrous creations of _

_God. My journeys took me from Iceland to Antarctica, Alaska _

[_to Australia, and I thought, “Could there be a happier man on _]

[_the Earth than me?” _]

Yes! Those who are content and fullled are far happier

than most of the multi-millionaires of the world

because while money can buy pleasures, it cannot buy

true happiness. Where does a wealthy man enjoy peace,

tranquility, joy, and liberation? He is just programmed

to earn money and more money till the journey of life

ends. Success becomes a drug. One who succeeds can’t

do without it. We keep wanting more success, more

success, and more success, thinking that more success

equals more happiness.


Happiness is not just about being Rich

But those who are fortunate to nd the second peak are

blessed. They transcend from pleasure to peace. They

move from Achievement to Fulllment. Their life also is

about success but it is beyond. It is not just about

making money. It is also about making a difference.

They nd something that the achievers don’t. They nd

bliss that comes from contentment and fulllment.

Those who climb the second peak of life are thus far


What is the second peak of Fulllment all about? What

creates happiness which is beyond the happiness that

achievement and success creates?

What is Fulllment? It can be understood as -

F – Full Satisfaction and Contentment

[*U *]- Universal Connection

L – Living with Meaning and Purpose

F – Faith, Hope and Surrender

[*I *]- Inspiration, Energy and Enthusiasm

L – Liberation and Freedom

L – Laughter and Love

M – Making a Difference

E – Emotionally Positive

N – Noteworthy Success and Achievement

T – Tranquility and Peace

One who lives life with fulllment, contentment, with

connection, meaning and purpose, surrender,

enthusiasm, energy, freedom, laughter, love, positivity,


Happiness is not just about being Rich

peace…how can such a person not be truly happy?

How can a person still be wanting?

[_I too was on that peak for 8 years, in Bliss! However, after 25 _]

[_years of achievement and 8 years of fulllment, I questioned _]

[_myself, “Have I not reached a plateau? Undoubtedly, I have _]

_all the pleasures the world can offer and I also live a life of _

[_peace. But does my life have a real PURPOSE?” _]

_When I decided to climb down from the peak of achievement _

_by closing my business, I was apprehensive. What if I lose my _

[_happiness as I give up success and making money? I had _]

_trusted my sixth sense and the advice of my mentor, only to be _

[_rewarded with contentment and fulllment. Now, I was _]

[_provoked again and the question that came to my mind was – _]

_Why should I embark upon another journey when I am so _

[_blissfully content and happy? I have everything that I have _]

_ever dreamt of. Is there need for another search, a second _

[_transformation? The trigger from my mentor kept haunting _]

[_me and the question arose – What is the purpose of life? Will I _]

[_just live like this till I die? _]

_While I had started thinking on these lines, I had not left the _

[_fulllment peak. I was living in a comfort zone – blissfully _]

[_content and in peace and tranquility – with love, laughter, _]

[_liberation, and freedom. I even asked myself the question: I am _]

[_doing such amazing work – making a difference through _]

_reducing pain and suffering, vibrating positive energy, and _

[_making people believers – then why must I rock the boat? _]

_ There was a tug of war between my mind and my conscience. _

_My mind refused to think further about life and its true _


Happiness is not just about being Rich

_purpose. But my conscience pricked me to delve deeper into _

_the meaning of life. _

_And so did my Guru, who provoked me to seek the next peak. _

[_He urged me to go on a search, a Quest – a Talaash…. _]





The Three Peaks of Life

[_Before plunging into a Talaash – a Search or a Quest, I _]

[_pondered about life and its peaks that I came across: _]

[_Achievement and then Fulllment. Then, I wondered if it _]

[_would take me to another peak – the third and the ultimate _]

[_one! _]

What is life? It is a journey, an experience on Earth, that

is not permanent but a temporary one. We all start this

journey, and during the journey, we all search for

happiness. Different people follow different

philosophies in life. While people and their

philosophies are very different, one thing does not

change – the whole of humanity is seeking Happiness.

People evolve in their journey of life by climbing

through peaks of life, the rst peak being *Achievement. *

To be happy, we grow up to seek the rst peak that is

*Achievement. * We believe success creates wealth that

generates happiness. There are many by-products like

name, fame, assets, security, power, possessions, and

pleasures that together create the joy that comes from

[Achievement. *]But what is the end to the *Achievement

journey? There is no end to this journey. Most of the

people go from womb to tomb in this journey of life.

They focus on achievement right from the moment they

get a command of their life until their last breath. They

keep on chasing achievement after achievement.

Though one achieves a lot in this rst peak of life, they

truly don’t discover life because after drinking the


The Three Peaks of Life

nectar of life, they still remain thirsty. Their needs are

fullled, but their greed continues to create stress and

anxiety. The millionaire becomes a billionaire only to

face death. He then loses his entire wealth as he leaves

the world. The rich and famous lose their health to

make wealth, but it is very funny that in the end, they

leave back all their money. They never had time to

follow their passions to do what they had always

dreamt of. Recently, a rich man died uttering these

words: “If only I had spend my life spending my money

rather than just making it, I would have died a happier


While the peak of Achievement is all about being richer

in terms of more pleasure, power, and possessions,

people generally miss the sight of the second peak – the

peak of [*Fulllment, *] which is beyond the pleasure that

one gets on the journey to the peak of *Achievement. *

There are a very few people who realize that life is not

just about making money. They realize that happiness

does not come only from achievement, riches, and

pleasures. They know that true happiness comes from

contentment and fulllment. They understand that true

happiness comes from being content with what we

need and not lighting a re to fulll our greed. People

who are lucky to take an exit from the highway of

Achievement nd true peace and tranquility by being

content and fullled on the peak of [*Fulllment. *]Such a

person’s life is lled with positivity, laughter, and joy.

They would have liberation and freedom, living with


The Three Peaks of Life

meaning and purpose in their life. They do not focus on

making money; instead they would want to make a

difference. To them, life is blissful because they do not

have too many expectations and therefore no

disappointments or misery. The life of such people is

much happier than that of those who aggressively try to

climb the peak of *Achievement. *

Therefore, the second peak after [*Achievement *]is the

peak of [*Fulllment. *] There may be a few who are

fortunate to by-pass the peak of Achievement because

they realize the truth that the true peak of life is not

[*Achievement, *]but it is [*Fulllment! *]They take an exit at

an early age and move on to the peak of [*Fulllment, *]

and they are content. They are happy with what life

gives them. Therefore, they progress in the journey of

life with contentment and fulllment, without the

hassle of passing the Achievement peak.

[_I realized this, and I transformed my life from the rst peak of _]

[_*Achievement* to the second peak of[* Fulllment. *] My life was _]

_so blissful. I always wished that the rich and wealthy realized _

_the joy that lies beyond just making money. _

[_However, after being on the Fulllment plateau for 8 years, _]

[_living blissfully content, I started asking, “Is this all? Is this _]

[_what life is all about?” The answer that came to me was a _]

resounding “No” as after climbing the peak of *Achievement *

[_and [*Fulllment, *] my life was still not complete. The purpose _]

_of life was still not achieved. While Achievement gave _

[_pleasures and Fulllment gave peace, I had still not achieved _]


The Three Peaks of Life

_a purpose in life. It seemed like the second peak became a _

_plateau. I was just sailing, cruising on the seas of _

[_[*Fulllment. *] There seemed to be no purpose in life. Why was I _]

[_alive? _]

Yes, I felt that I nished climbing the peaks of *Achievement *

[_and [*Fulllment, *] and though I was enjoying my life, there _]

[_was no growth. It was just like a “zoom to my tomb”. I asked _]

[_myself, “Was I just waiting to die?” Of course, I am happy, _]

[_but why am I alive? What is my purpose of being alive? These _]

_questions made me think and think until one day, my mentor, _

[_my Guru provoked me and asked me “We are no better than _]

[_dead souls. We live, but in reality, we don’t live. We just exist. _]

[_We don’t know the purpose of life. We don’t seek answers to _]

[_life’s unanswered questions. We just live till we die, but is _]

[_this what life is all about?” _]

[_I realized that it was time to climb this third peak of life – a _]

[_peak called [*Enlightenment! *] I searched for answers. What _]

[_could this third peak be? And then I got a ash! _]

It was then clear to me that beyond the peaks of *Achievement *

[_and [*Fulllment, *] there was a third peak – the peak of _]

_*Enlightenment* that was not a part of my vision, and hence I _

_had not thought of climbing that peak. I had no doubt _

[_anymore. I was clear that I should stop and nd out the _]

[_answers to these questions. I was happy, but so what? Was _]

[_life’s goal just to be happy? I felt that there was a bigger goal _]

[_in life. It was to nd the true meaning and the true purpose of _]

[_life – a revelation that would lead me beyond happiness to _]

[_ultimate never-ending joy and bliss! _]


How can you Get what you Want

if you do not Know

[*what you are Seeking? *]






Questions that had no Answers

Very few people in this world actually ask questions;

not many are true seekers. If I look around, people pray

to God, but they don’t question who is God, what is

God, and where is God. They just pray to God because

everybody is praying. They have grown up believing in

God. They follow certain rituals because millions

follow the same. They give in to some superstitions

because they are made to believe that this is the way it


But how many people question what they do? How

many people actually stop to ask, to get answers, to get

explanations, and to understand the meaning of life and

all that life is about.

_To me, at the age of 48, after 25 years of Achievement and 8 _

[_years of Fulllment, I stopped. I decided that it was time to _]

[_move from the plateau of Fulllment, to go down the valley – a _]

_valley that would start from scratch, a valley that had no _

[_answers but that had questions – questions that would fuel _]

_me to think, questions that would provoke me to read and to _

_talk to masters, to browse, and to talk to God. I decided to _

[_search and to nd the answers – What is the true meaning of _]

[_life? _]

_While I was living in bliss, in peace, and in joy, travelling _

[_around the world, I asked myself the questions: “What is _]

[_life?” “What is the purpose of life?” “Where did I come _]

[_from?” “My birth was a gift from my mother and father, but _]

[_how did they come about?” “How did my forefathers come _]

[_about?” _]


Questions that had no Answers

What came rst – the chicken or the egg? If one says

chicken, then the next question arises: “Where did the

chicken come from?” Of course, the egg! But where did

the egg come from? If the egg came rst, then there

must have been a chicken. Where did that chicken come

from? Do we have answers? The tree came from the

seed, but the seed came from the tree – so what came

rst? What is this whole mystery about creation? How

were we born? The process may be known to us, but life

is still a mystery!

What happens at death? The power leaves the body.

The body lies limp and lifeless. We cremate or bury it.

But who has actually left? Is it the physical body that

has died or has the life inside escaped? Normally, we

refer to death as one has “gone” or “passed away” while

the body still remains in front of us. So what has

actually happened at death? Does anybody have


Is there something like heaven and hell? If yes, then

where are they exactly located and how can one reach

there? Are they somewhere on Earth or physical

domains in outer space? Where is God? We know that

this whole universe is the creation of a power we call

God but – Who is this God? Where is God? What is

God? People talk of God, and there are millions of Gods

around the world. Ultimately, who is God? Are there

many Gods, or is there just one God?

Is there a law of cause and effect just like the law of


Questions that had no Answers

gravity? Is there a law that rewards and punishes

people according to their actions? Many a time, good

things happen to bad people just as bad things happen

to good people. So, do we get results of our good deeds

in this lifetime or in a life beyond? Is there a life beyond?

Is there rebirth?

What is the mystery of death and rebirth? How are we

reborn? Of course, we are born, and it seems that our

actions decide where and how we are born. Otherwise,

why is it that a small child is born handicapped? Why

would creation give so much suffering to a young

child? Is it because this child had something called

Karma – which is the actions of the previous life

nullied in this current life? Does such a law of cause

and effect actually exist – according to which if you

plant tomatoes, you will get only tomatoes, not


Are we the body, the mind, and the intellect, or are we

the soul? What is the true reality of our existence? Does

anybody have any proof of what we truly are?

What is the meaning of Enlightenment? I hear these

words – Enlightenment, _Moksha, Nirvana, _ and

Liberation, but what is the meaning?

[_These questions provoked my mind to think! When I _]

[_pondered upon them – questions on Karma, rebirth, the _]

[_purpose of life, and Enlightenment – there seemed to be 9 _]

[_major questions that didn’t have any answer, but were now _]

[_challenging me! _]


Questions that had no Answers

[*1. What is life? Where do we come from? *]

[*2. What is death? Where will we go after death? *]

[*3. Who is God, where is God, and what is God? *]

[*4. Is heaven and hell real? *]

[*5. Is there life after death? *]

[*6. Is there a Soul? What is it? *]

[*7. What is the law of Karma? Is it real? *]

[*8. What is the purpose of life? *]

[*9. What is Enlightenment? *]

_With these questions, it suddenly seemed that I was starting a _

_new quest. It is not that I lacked anything. I had achieved all _

_the success I wanted, and I lived blissfully. But the thirst for _

_the true meaning and the true purpose of life made it clear that _

_the philosophy of my life needed to be refreshed, to be reset. It _

_was a challenge, and like most seekers who start this journey _

[_of understanding life, I took the rst step! _]


[*“Ask and it will be given to you. *]

*Seek and you will find. *

Knock and the door will be

[*opened to you.” *]



*05 A SEARCH, *



Talaash…A Search, A Quest…

My Talaash or “search” actually started in August 2013

when my Guru asked, “What is the purpose of life? Is

life just meant to live and die, or is there a deeper

meaning to life?” This got me thinking. I had achieved

so much success, name, fame, and money. In fact, I had

achieved everything I wanted! Despite all the

pleasures, I could not escape the questions that life was

throwing at me.

There were a few turning points in this phase of life. I

stumbled upon the word “Enlightenment” as the third

peak of happiness and began to understand that

achievement and fulllment were just little hills as

compared to this enlightenment mountain of joy, bliss,

and peace. I didn’t know much about it. But the

knowledge acquired by reading revealed to me that one

should progress on the journey of self-realization and

God realization. I wondered what more was there to

realize about self and God. I am what I am, and God is

what God is. And thus, I was just going round in circles.

But then, when my Guru, my Master, was also

provoking me, something intuitive made me do

something very strange. I decided to stop doing

everything else. I would only search for answers to the 9

questions that had confronted me. I suddenly became

passionate about nding the true purpose of life. It was

my obsession to nd if the third peak of joy actually

existed. I didn’t know what it meant, but I was led into

this third journey.


Talaash…A Search, A Quest…

I lived in a beautiful ofce, surrounded by wonderful

people and some amazing animals – dogs, ducks,

rabbits, geese, birds, and sh. One evening when I

returned from a meeting, I was shocked to nd that

about 50 beautiful sh that used to circle around my

ofce in a tiny pond were all dead. I wondered what

happened. I asked everybody and received some lame

answers and reasons. I concluded that I couldn’t

diagnose the cause of their death. And I learnt that

nothing could stop death from happening and that

except for God, no one could control death.

I went to my library and started looking for some

spiritual books. Over the last 33 years, I have created a

library of a few thousand books. I came across a book on

Gautama Buddha and his life and teachings. While

reading it, I picked up some amazing truths that

Buddha had stated. Buddha taught that this world is

ultimately suffering and no one could escape from this

suffering. He analyzed that anybody who is born must

die. The life journey included growing, but then in most

cases, one would decay because of disease or just die.

He believed that life was a cycle of death and rebirth,

and that this cycle was checkered with unavoidable

suffering. There was only one way to escape from this

cycle of death and birth. Buddha called it _Nirvana. _ I was

impressed and inspired by Buddha’s concept of

_Nirvana, _ but didn’t know how to get there.

I was a staunch believer in God, and for nearly 40 years,

I would go to the temple every Monday and fast the


Talaash…A Search, A Quest…

whole day, expressing my devotion and love for God.

Over the last few months, I found myself talking to the

statue in the temple and asking, “My God, where are

You?” “How do I communicate with You?” “How do I

come to You?” “I want to express my gratitude; You

have given me everything.” Then, as if by magic, a voice

spoke to me and made me understand that God was a

power that was beyond human comprehension. I

learned about spirituality and realized that religions

and the Gods of the world were created for humanity to

accept and believe in a God. I understood that it would

be so difcult for children to believe in a formless God. I

accepted the reasoning, but I was challenged by a

bigger question: “Where was God, who was God, and

what was God?”

By now, my life journey seemed to be evolving and

getting ready for another transformation. My passion

was on re. I delegated all my work to my second in

command and actively started searching for the third

peak – the peak I have now titled as *Enlightenment. *

The Hindus called it _Moksha, _ the Buddhists call it

_Nirvana, _ and the spiritualists call it Enlightenment,

whereas men of the world called it Liberation.

This pushed me further into my search, my _Talaash. _ It

got me thinking more about birth. Of course, I was

biologically born to my parents, but who put life into

me? If my parents gave birth to me and they were born

of their parents, then what was the ultimate source of

life? I pondered on the classic example of what came


Talaash…A Search, A Quest…

rst – the chicken or the egg? I started enjoying my

research. It was kind of exciting, challenging, and

provoking in many ways. I suddenly realized that the

whole world seemed to be following mythology and

that the entire humanity was so busy in the world that

they had no time to ask questions and nd out the truth

about life and creation.

People believed in God, but it seemed to be a very

shallow belief. People either believed in a statue, a

name, a form, a religion, or a scripture. All of these

didn’t answer the ultimate question of who God is and

where God is. All the religions accepted God, but they

only taught people theology up to the kindergarten

level; then after that, people just believed in a God!

Questions of life still remain unanswered.

Life is too short – the average life span today being 75

years. Very few people had the time or inclination to

search for the truth. Some were lucky enough to contact

a Master, a Guru, or a Mentor who would initiate them

on this path. A few would stumble upon a book or a

simple thing like meditation that would make them

spend time in silence and introspection, while the

majority would just live and die, thinking that the goal

of life was to be happy, to be good, and to help others.

As long as they were giving 10% of their earnings to

charity, they were convinced that they would go to

heaven. I increased my pace to win the race of spiritual

knowledge. Whatever I had done in the last 33 years, I

had succeeded. I now challenged myself to decode the


Talaash…A Search, A Quest…

Enlightenment mystery.

[_What is self-realization? _]

[_What is God-realization? _]

I wanted to jump into it all to nd the true purpose of

life and to nd the truth about God. For once, I was

convinced that the God I thought of as God was not the

ultimate God. God was beyond! It was Lord Shiva, the

God I believed in for 40 years. But that was not the end. I

believed in Lord Shiva, my God. I loved him more than

anything else. I still do – only, even more. But my

conscience and intellect refuse to accept the fact that He

was just a statue or this _Yogi _ sitting with a snake around

Him, a tiger under Him, and a river owing from His

head. I was abbergasted! How did I quietly believe

this for over 40 years? Of course, it was great to believe

in a God. But as mythology says, did Lord Shiva

decapitate His son in anger and then later place the

head of a powerful elephant and breathe life to his son,

who also became a God to whom the world prays to?

At rst, I felt embarrassed to even think of these things.

But I realized the truth. This was just mythology – a

myth, a story that our forefathers and sages created for

humanity to believe in God. I realized the importance of

a statue and the rituals and superstitions. How else

would children be taught about God, and if children

did not believe in a God, the society would be full of

atheists. Thus, my personal disgust turned into humble

appreciation for the religions that tried to create


Talaash…A Search, A Quest…

believers who had faith in God.

My life was evolving. By now I realized that my _Talaash, _

my search, needed more concrete information. Beyond

knowledge, it needed the grace of God and the help of

my Guru, my Mentor, and other Masters.

I accelerated my _Talaash _ and in a way departed from my

Fulllment mission of making a difference. My passion

and my obsession were to realize the truth about myself

and about God!


*There is no end to Education. *

Just reading a few books, browsing a

few websites, and getting a few degrees

*are not enough. *

The whole of your Life –

from the moment you are born

to the last moment of your life –

*is a process of Continuous Learning. *



[*06 ABOUT LIFE & *]



Learnings – About Life & Beyond

I started reading extensively. First, I read whatever

books I had in my library, and then I scanned through a

few thousand books that I picked from every possible

source. It covered every known religion. I sourced

books from ashrams and also searched for all the

known philosophers, masters, gurus and saints. This

was not a joke! The exercise kept me engrossed for

hours, days, and weeks, doing nothing else except

reading, thinking, and analyzing “What is the ultimate


I rst took my own religion and my “own” God to start

the study. I reached a dead end. I prayed, I begged, and I

cried to God for his grace! I was inspired to seek further,

to go deeper. So I went into the specics of each and

every possible religion to get answers.

All religions talk about God. They accept the truth that

there is a God. But unfortunately, they all talk of their

own God. It confused me. Can there be so many Gods? I

looked up into the sky and asked God, only to receive a

smile in return. There is only one God. Different

religions and different people refer to God by different

names and different forms.

In India, water is called [_ pani; _] in France, it is called aqua;

and in UK, it is just called water, but it does not mean

they are different. It is the same water.

Most of us may have heard the classic story of the six

blind men, which goes like this:


Learnings – About Life & Beyond

Six blind men were asked to describe an elephant. One

caught its ear and said that the elephant is like a fan.

One touched a leg and said that the elephant is like a

pillar. One felt the tusks and said that the elephant is

like a pipe, and the one who touched the tail said that

the elephant is like a rope. Another who touched the

belly said that the elephant was a wall, while the sixth

blind man who felt the trunk said that the elephant was

like a thick branch of tree.

Actually, we are like the blind men thinking differently

about one God!

God made me realize that the entire humanity describes

God, but they are truly blind because no one has seen

God. Trying to describe God to me was like trying to

take a picture of the whole universe with my digital

camera. Trying to explain God was like trying to see

with the ears or smell with the eyes. I realized that God

is a power beyond description. God is the Creator of the

universe, and the human mind is incapable of

comprehending God.

I even took up science and scientic theory as part of my

study. I read about the Big Bang theory and about the

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. I started ling the

observations and conclusions of my research for further


My search, my _Talaash, _ made me scan through

hundreds of books, but not all the books triggered the


Learnings – About Life & Beyond

knowledge and wisdom I needed to nd answers to the

questions I had. A few books that provoked me to think

further became the source of my overall understanding.

Every book seemed to have some essence that needed to

be picked up.

I even visited Tiruvannamalai to study about Ramana

Maharshi in Arunachala. I visited Kanyakumari to

know more about Vivekananda and the Ramakrishna

Mission. I went to Rishikesh in the Himalayas, to

Varanasi, and to Rameshwaram to nd the wisdom of

the ancient sages. I also followed Adi Shankaracharya

and the Shankar Mutts for the spiritual wisdom he left


I then went into a retreat, into the mountains, in solitude

– reading, introspecting in silence, carrying books of

Swami Sivananda, Radha Saomi, and Swami

Chinmayananda, the Bhagavad Gita, the Bible, the

Quran, and many more. I put together all the most

interesting and relevant information to help me

complete the picture.

As I read, which I wil be sharing in the next few pages, I

could not believe it to be true. Still, I decided to read

with an open mind. I did not doubt anything, just as I

did not accept it as truth. I was searching for answers.

Before the entire picture could be clear to me, I had to

contemplate on these learnings.


Learnings – About Life & Beyond


Not this, not this – we are not this body–mind–intellect

complex. The ultimate goal is to realize the truth that we

are something else. We are That, not This!

We are essentially the Atman – the pure self – which is

neither born nor dies. But we claim to be the form we

look like, forgetting the truth of what we actually are.

How can we be this body that is constantly changing?

Every minute we are being reborn as our cells die. Are

we the tiny baby that was born or this adult?


We are not aware of our real nature that we are the

_Atman, _ the Soul or the Spirit, because of ignorance.

The ego says “I am I”, just like a wave in the ocean

would say –“I am a wave”. If one looks closely, the

wave is nothing but the ocean itself. It emerges from the

ocean and goes back into the ocean. Similarly, the

Supreme Creator manifests in different objects. But we

are unable to see this truth because of our ego.

We are ignorant, and we continue to live with ignorance

because our body and mind are agitated with thoughts

and desires. The mind thinks about 50 thoughts a

minute! One needs knowledge to destroy this

ignorance. And unless the mind is calmed and desires

are weakened, we cannot acquire the knowledge

needed to discover the truth.


Learnings – About Life & Beyond

The entire world that we perceive is just a mental 3-

dimensional projection. The world is actually like a

dream, but we are unable to see the truth. In a dream,

everything looks so real. One does not even imagine

that this could be an articial projection of the mind.

One cannot believe that one is asleep and the mind is

playing tricks to project what is called the dream. In a

dream, we can actually see, we can hear, we can feel,

and we can experience what happens. But still it is just a

dream. As long as we are dreaming, we believe in

whatever we dream. There is no doubt about what is

happening in the dream. And until we actually wake

up, the dream is nothing less than reality. We think, the

dream is not a dream, but it is the truth. Just like in a

dream, we think everything is real till we wake up,

similarly a true seeker will ultimately wake up to

realize the truth that this world, which appears to be so

real, is actually just an illusion.

When we are dreaming, only the dream looks real. We

forget the truth of our waking state. When we wake up,

we realize that the dream was only a dream, and what

we are while we are awake is true. However, just as

when the dream is over, when we wake up from the

waking state, when the waking state comes to a nal

end, we will realize that it was just an illusion.


Just like bubbles in water that arise and disappear, the

world appears from God and disappears back into God.


Learnings – About Life & Beyond

Nothing is created. Everything is a manifestation of

God. The entire world of things and beings is only a

mental projection. God appears as the entire universe,

and thus it is God that exists in everything.

Just as electricity comes from one source but gives light

to the bulb and power to the air conditioner and other

gadgets, we don’t realize that the source of power that

makes every animate thing function is one. Without

that power, none of these things would work or exist.

We forget that the entire creation is pervaded by a

single power that makes the whole of creation exist the

way it is.

The mind is unable to see all these as one; for instance, it

sees 500 rooms on a land and identies each room as a

unit. It doesn’t see the land as one. On breaking down

all the 500 units and clearing the land, the mind realizes

that it is one land. Earlier, it looked like there were 500

spaces – one in each room, but on pulling down the

walls, there remains just one space. So it is with the ego.

We think that we are individuals. We don’t realize that

we are powered by one source, one _Atman, _ one Soul,

one Energy.

If a gold bangle could talk and it was asked what it was,

it would say, “I am a bangle”. A ring or a chain would

claim to be a ring or a chain; that would be its identity.

But what are they made of? Gold! If all the three are

eventually melted, the forms and the shape of the

bangle, ring and chain would disappear. What would


Learnings – About Life & Beyond

be left is just gold. So also we are all the Soul that

appears to be what we see in the mirror. Eventually, we

are not the mirror image. We are the intrinsic energy

that’s within.


Our physical self is made up of three bodies: The gross

body, the subtle body, and the causal body. The gross

body is composed of ve elements – space, air, re,

water, and earth.

We, as a gross body, go through several modications –

to be born, to grow, to mature, to decay, and to die. At

death, this body disintegrates into the ve elements.

The re or heat passes out and the body becomes icy

cold. The air escapes, the water evaporates, and on

disintegration, the space shrinks, and what is left is just

a little earth.

The gross body gets life from the subtle body. Made up

of 17 components, the subtle body consists of the ve

sense organs, the ve organs of action, the ve life

forces, the mind, and the intellect. Together, the subtle

body is like the driver of the gross body, and it makes

the gross body move.

The ve organs of perception are the ears, the skin, the

eyes, the tongue, and the nose. It is through these that

we perceive the entire world.


Learnings – About Life & Beyond

There are ve organs of action – speech, hands, legs,

anus, and genitals. It is with these that we are able to

speak, to grasp, to move, to excrete, and to procreate.

The body responds to external stimuli through them.

They are prompted by the mind into action.

The ve life forces are Respiration, Circulation,

Digestion, Excretion and Reverse Action.

To a common man, our body is just what we think it to

be. We see it to be esh and bones, more of the physical

aspect. But on analysis, the body is clearly made up of

the gross body and the subtle body. Nobody will deny

the fact that the body is not the gross element of earth,

water, air, re and space, but it also includes the mind

and the intellect. It includes the sense organs, the organs

of action, the life forces – the _ Pranas, _ and therefore with

even the slightest of introspection one will admit that

the body is both – the gross body and the subtle body.

What is difcult to accept is that there is a third aspect to

the body called the casual body, the actual cause of the

subtle and gross body; because this cannot be seen, it

requires deep introspection to understand. The casual

body arises out of ignorance and until one has

knowledge one will never be able to realize that we are

also comprised of not only the gross or the subtle body

but also the casual body.

The ve life forces that run the ve systems of the body

along with the mind, intellect and the ve sense organs

and ve action organs together as the subtle body


Learnings – About Life & Beyond

drives the body into action.

The subtle body and the gross body are caused by the

causal body, the subtlest of three.

The causal body cannot be explained or described. As

long as truth is not known, this body exists. The

ignorance itself is called causal body because it is the

cause of the subtle body and gross body. It is not

possible for one who has not acquired the knowledge

and wisdom properly to understand and realize this.

It is strange that although the causal body does not

physically exist, the ignorance in it creates the subtle

body and the gross body, and thus gives it prime

importance. The ignorance can be destroyed by

knowledge. Therefore, the causal body is not eternal

like the Soul or the true self.

Just like the wave that thinks it exists, but in reality, is

actually the ocean; just like the 500 rooms that seem to

have their own identity until the walls are brought

down, and just like the bangle, the chain, and the ring

that are proud of their identities till they are melted to

gold, our ignorance continues to live as the ego till

knowledge replaces ignorance.

Seekers nd it difcult to describe ignorance. Imagine a

little boy asking his grandfather about why he was not

allowed to witness the marriage of his father and

mother, how would the old man be able to explain this


Learnings – About Life & Beyond

to the young boy? It is the innocent ignorance of the kid

that provoked such a question. Such ignorance is

difcult to describe. The only way to overcome it is

through knowledge because trying to search for

ignorance is like trying to search for darkness with a

torch. The more we try to understand or know

ignorance, the more it moves away until we realize the



We appear to be what we are because our Soul is

covered by ve layers, sheaths or coverings. Instead of

identifying ourselves as the Soul, which is deep within,

we look at these outer layers and create our identity. It is

our intellect through which we can discriminate and

separate the pure true self, the Soul within, from these

ve layers. The Soul is just the source of power – the

illuminator and the witness of the drama of life going

on in this body and the world outside.

One needs to penetrate through the ve covering layers

to discover the true self that lies beneath.

The rst outermost layer is the [*Food Layer. *]The Food

Layer or the gross body is created from food. We are

born as small little infants. What makes us the

grownups or adults that we are? It is the food that we

eat that becomes this physical body.

The second layer below the Food Layer is the *Vital Air *


Learnings – About Life & Beyond

[*Layer or Life Force Layer. *]The Vital Air Layer is subtler

than the Food Layer. It is a layer that controls the ve

functions of respiration, excretion, circulation,

digestion and reverse action. Along with the organs of

action, these form the second layer.

The third layer is the [*Mind Layer. *]The layer of the mind

along with ve organs of perception – the eyes, the ears,

the nose, the tongue, and the skin – form the third layer

below the Food and Vital Air layers.

The fourth layer is the *Intellectual Layer. * The

Intellectual Layer controls the other three layers. It

constitutes the intellect and ve organs of perception –

the eyes, the ears, the nose, the tongue, and the skin –

which are common to both the mind and intellectual


The three layers, Vital Air or Life Force, the Mind, and

the Intellectual layers together form the subtle body,

while the Food Layer is the gross body.

The Bliss Layer is the fth or the innermost layer of the

body, just outside and immediately covering the Soul.

The ve layers together conceal the true self, the Soul, or

the _Atman. _


People are born and they die thinking they are different

from the Soul. Least do they realize that they are not the


Learnings – About Life & Beyond

body but rather the Soul.

Just as my house, my gadgets, and my jewelry are all

mine, but they are not ‘me’, so also my body, my mind,

and my intellect are all mine, but are not ‘me’. I am

different, but I am unable to realize this truth without

focused discrimination.

Therefore, I am the Soul, the self. The three bodies and

the ve layers are not the true self, the Soul, that I

actually am.

It may appear that the Soul is acting and moving, but

this is an illusion, just like the moon appears to be

running when the clouds move in the sky or just like the

trees and the houses appear to be moving while

travelling in a train, when in reality it is actually the

train that is moving. When the mind is agitated, the

Soul or true self seems to be agitated. But in reality, the

Soul is silent and calm.

Due to ignorance and not using the intellect to

discriminate, we confuse ourselves and super impose

the qualities of the body, mind, and intellect on the Soul.

In reality, we are not the body, mind, and intellect, but

we are the Soul. But the moment we say – “I enjoy… I

do…” it is the ego that expresses, forgetting its true

identity. As long as the mind is functioning, we have

desires and we experience pleasure and pain. In deep

sleep, when the mind ceases to exist, all these



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The mind is inert matter. It is the Soul that illuminates

the mind and the body through its consciousness.

Without the Soul, there would be no power to the mind,

to the intellect, and to the body. The Soul does nothing

else, except for illuminating or energizing the body.


So how does one identify one’s true self? It happens by a

process of negation – _Not this, Not this. Thou Art That. _

Self-realization is attained when a seeker realizes that

he is not the body – neither the gross, subtle or causal

body. He is just the Soul, the power within.

There are some other principle statements in ancient

scriptures that explain the truth. There are four

Principle Statements.

1. We are the Soul, not the body that we appear to be – It

may appear that we are the physical body. The body

along with the mind and intellect. But in reality we

are not this body. We are that, the Soul.

2. The Soul is God – The Soul, the Spirit, the _Atman _ is not

just another part of our body. On deeper

introspection, we realize that the Soul is the Super

Soul. The Soul is nothing else but God.

3. Since the Soul is God, God is everywhere, in

everything – Not just the Soul in me is God, the Soul

in you is God, the Soul in everybody is God. The Soul


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in everything is God. Therefore, God is everywhere,

in everything.

4. God is inside me. I am not the body. So, I am indeed

God – Since I am not the body that I seem to be, and I

realize that I am the Spirit, the Soul, and since the

Soul is God then logically who am I? I am indeed

God. God is indeed inside me.

What does this mean? It means that I am not the body,

mind, and intellect. I am the Soul. And what is the Soul?

It is nothing but God. The power that created the

universe itself is the Soul that is within me. God is

everywhere. Yes, the Soul that is inside me is also inside

you and inside everybody. But these souls are not

different energies, just like the electricity board

supplies electricity to all the homes but it is one source

of energy. Similarly, the Soul in me and the Soul in you

comes from the same source. The Soul is the energy and

nothing else and thus because this energy is in me, in

you, and in everyone and everywhere, it means that

God is everywhere. God is in me. It means that I am

therefore nothing else but God. Since I am not the body,

mind, intellect and I am the Spirit or the Soul, and

further since the Soul is nothing but God, then it is

simple to understand that I am nothing but a

manifestation of God. The power inside me is actually

God’s power that makes me live.

The Divine Spark within me is the one illuminator. The

things illumined are always different from the


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illuminator. Thus, the body recognized by me is

different from the pure self within me, the Soul.

I awaken, I dream, I sleep…. Therefore, the ‘I’ is

different from the waker, sleeper, and dreamer. I am not

the body. If I am not the body, then I can never be born,

never decay, and never die. But if I, out of ignorance,

consider myself to be the body, then I attach myself to


I am the Soul, the power, the consciousness that

illumines all the inert world of matter in and around

me. I am not the mind; therefore, I am fearless and I

experience no sorrow. While I am not the mind, I still

have a mind that is constantly thinking and desiring.

Thus, I distance myself and remain unaffected by the

eruptions in the mind. On realizing the truth that I am

the Soul, I cease to identify myself with the mental

emotions, and so I am no longer a victim of the emotions

like sorrow and fear.

It is just like waking up from a dream where one

mourns that his child died and on waking up, he stops

mourning as it was just a dream. On realizing that I am

not the mind, I distance myself from all the negative

thoughts the mind creates, remaining in my pure state

of bliss that arises out of the realization of the truth that I

am consciousness. I am the Soul. I am Consciousness.

The Soul energizes and illuminates everything in this

world. It is the power of consciousness present

e v e r y w h e r e i n e v e r y t h i n g . L i f e , E n e r g y o r


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Consciousness is the God Power that is in every atom of

the world. It creates life. Without consciousness there

would be no life. Everything would be dead. After

negating all superimposed limitations, I realize I am not

the body, I am not the mind – I am the pure self, the Soul.

I am not the bangle, the chain, or the ring. I am the

GOLD – formless, pure and eternal!

Soul or _Atman _ is the ever-existing reality, but because of

ignorance, it is not realized. Once ignorance is removed,

just as the dark clouds move away, the sun whose light

is already there shines; similarly the Soul is also


It is unfortunate that the ego powered by ignorance

binds the body and soul to being the body, mind, and

intellect till the Soul is liberated on realizing the truth.

The Soul that seems to be the body–mind complex seeks

to realize the truth to become a liberated soul.

The realized soul on realizing the truth that it is not the

body and mind, but only the Soul, renounces all the

desires of the body-mind, which it is not. Although it

still has a body and mind, it lives in the greater

intoxication of Godhood and the subtler joy of God

realization. This is a state of absolute bliss, knowledge,

and truth. It is an experience of self-consciousness. To a

liberated Soul, all struggles end. It seeks nothing, wants

nothing, and remains in a state of everlasting bliss. It

has realized that everything is God and there is no

duality. If any object other than God appears, it is unreal


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like a mirage. Everything is a manifestation of God.

God is the one and the only one. Nothing else is real.

Only God is the one true reality. The realized Soul

comes to know that what is seen is also like a dream. It

only is a three-dimensional dream. It is not real. It

appears to be. The only reality is God. The whole of this

universe, the being, the world, and even the God that

we have created are all nothing but the same non-dual

universal Power we call God. Due to our ignorance, we

see the three – me, the world and God differently. We

see ourselves different from nature and nature different

from God. But the realized one comes to know the truth

is that all the three are nothing but God, just different

forms and manifestations. This comes as a realization.

One who renounces all activities and realizes that he is

the Soul within him, that he is the power of God present

everywhere, and that he is the true self, the one

consciousness that illumines the entire creation – such a

person becomes one with God just as the wave that

realizes its ignorance stops being the wave, with the

realization that it is the ocean itself.


To move into the path of self-realization and God-

realization, one must take the rst step as a seeker, and

follow a path of enquiry.

A seeker must follow three courses to realize the truth.


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1. Listening to the truth – A seeker must read

scriptures, listen to the Master, to be able to absorb

what is being said. What is being said will not be

understood to be the truth at rst. In fact, it would be

quite questionable and difcult to accept and

understand. However, a true seeker does not stop at

that. He moves to the second step.

2.Reasoning of the truth – A true seeker goes one step

further and tries to reason and see what he has

listened to or read about can be true or not. Most of

the time, reasoning the truth reveals some answers.

But there is a problem. The mind that is an enemy of

realization distracts the seeker from nding the truth

just by listening and reasoning. How does one

realize the truth? One has to move to the next step?

*3. Deep contemplation on what has been heard and *

reasoned – After a seeker listens to or reads about the

scriptures, he reasons to see what the fact is. The

seeker goes deep within, meditates, contemplates,

and introspects.

For a genuine seeker to realize the truth all the three

steps are required – listening or reading, reasoning, and

then contemplating. It is said that even after these three

steps, there is a fourth magical step. You may be a

seeker and follow all the three steps, but still you will

not realize the truth. The fourth step is called the Grace

of God. Unless there is the grace of God, the mind will

continue to play tricks and disturb our thought process.


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With these three steps and with the grace of God, a

seeker can be liberated.


On this search or _Talaash, _ when I had stumbled upon

the word “Enlightenment”, I realized that there were

four doors that one has to pass through to be liberated.

The term Enlightenment can be very complicated when

it is translated to _Nirvana, Moksha, _ or [_Mukti; _] but when

equated to Liberation, it is quite simple. It just involves

the understanding of a few simple truths.

First: The third peak of true happiness after

Achievement and Fulllment is *Enlightenment. * The

rst gives pleasure and the second peace, but the third

gives ultimate everlasting bliss that comes from the

realization of the truth that we are the Divine Soul, not

the body–mind we seem to be. It is the joy that comes

from the realization of the truth that I am that – the Soul,

not this – the body.

[*Second: *]The understanding that this world is

ultimately full of suffering. Anybody who is born must

die. The cycle of life calls for each one to grow decay and

die, and the only way out of this cycle of reincarnation is

liberation of the Soul.

Third: We all live a life of ignorance thinking we are

THIS (the body and mind) when in reality, we are not


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this, we are THAT (the Divine Spirit).

Enlightenment is the realization of the self, knowing the

truth of who we are by personally experiencing the

reality within through self-realization. Once we

understand the term Enlightenment, we start on the

journey of liberation, which is a journey of freedom –

freedom from ignorance, freedom from desires, and

freedom from the ego.

The liberation of oneself needs one to actually realize

the truth: Who am I? One must realize the truth of the

illusion that this world is just a three-dimensional

projection. One must realize that I am the Soul, not the

body–mind complex. One must realize that the ego, the

mind, and the body pull us into the world, which is the

enemy of liberation. One must realize that the goal and

purpose of life is not just to be happy, but rather to

realize God. And this realization can happen when one

passes through four Doors – _Dispassion, Discrimination, _

_Discipline, and Deep Desire for God. _

1. Dispassion – Dispassion is Renunciation and

detachment. It is a difcult path to follow for the one

seeking pleasures and joy. Such a person is deeply

involved in the world. The worldly person seeks all

kinds of pleasures, which is perfectly normal. The one

who starts a search for the true purpose of life, the one

who asks questions about birth and death, and the one

who goes on a quest for God – such a seeker realizes that

as long as one believes that “I am this body–mind”, one


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will continue to crave for material pleasures. But once a

person is on that path of seeking, then one realizes that

it is impossible to be attached to the world and be

liberated simultaneously. One needs to give up one for

the other. It is like we have to give up one step to climb

the next step. The seeker wanting Enlightenment

knows that Renunciation is a door he must pass. He

must detach. He must renounce to nd Enlightenment.

And thus a seeker of Liberation lets go. He consciously

chooses to walk the path of renunciation, of dispassion,

and of detachment. This helps the seeker start the

journey to the third peak – the peak of *Enlightenment. *

The key challenge for such a seeker is to live a life of

divine acceptance rather than a life of desires, knowing

the truth that “I am not the body–mind”. The

renunciate stops the mind from wandering, stops the

senses from craving, and moves onward seeking

Liberation and Enlightenment.

How is it possible for one to believe “I am not the

body–mind” and at the same time seek as a

body–mind? This is a dichotomy that cannot happen!

So one should choose to be the _Atman, _ the Divine Soul,

as one pursues the Enlightenment journey and passes

through the door of Renunciation, giving up desires of

body and mind.

2. Discrimination – The next door a seeker must go

through to reach Enlightenment is Discrimination. This

is the door of the intellect. Unfortunately, we human

beings have an intellect, but we don’t always use it


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wisely. We do use it for the achievement of pleasure,

but we don’t use it for the larger purpose – to

understand life, self, and God. We continue to live a life

of ignorance because we don’t use the intellect

effectively for realization of the truth.

One must use this precious jewel of the intellect to

dispel the darkness of ignorance if we have to be

liberated. The use of Discrimination is the ability to

question and realize what is true and what is false. It is a

constant battle for the body–mind as on one side the self

thinks it is this, but the intellect knows it is not this. This

body is a temporary covering for the soul, and it must

die. But the true self is immortal. The soul never dies.

Thus the intellect realizes the truth that – “I am not this.

I am that”. For Enlightenment, the intellect plays a vital

role to answer many questions that eventually lead to


The mind is the enemy of the intellect seeking

liberation. The mind wanders and it distracts. And

while the intellect concentrates and contemplates, the

mind makes an effort to confuse the intellect. Thus, it is

said that one must pass through the door of

Discrimination if one must achieve Enlightenment.

3. Discipline or Living with the Six Virtues – The

seeker lives a life of discipline with a 6-fold wealth, or

the 6 virtues:

(a) Control of the Mind – To be liberated, one has to


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control the mind. The mind wanders all the time. It

constantly produces thoughts that pull one into the

world. The goal is to not go into the world, but rather

go away from it. To be liberated, one has to try and be

thoughtless. But the mind makes it impossible. So, one

needs to make “Control of Mind” their life priority and

learn to tame the monkey of the mind, making it calm

and focused.

(b) Control of Senses – We all have ve senses: the

senses to see, smell, hear, taste, and touch. These senses

have sense perceptions. They trigger the mind to desire

and wander, creating sensual desires. To be liberated,

one needs to control the senses as the senses tie one

down to the world and stop the process of Liberation.

One must learn the art of controlling these ve horses as

they are referred to from driving one away from


© Control of Cravings – We humans tend to develop

cravings. These are habitual desires. “I want this and

that”. The senses keep on wanting and the mind

converts these signals into action and we end up

moving towards acquiring these habits instead of being

liberated. Thus, it’s so very important to not live with

desire, passion, and expectations. These take us away

from the journey towards Enlightenment.

[*(d) Forbearance, Acceptance and Endurance – *]One

who wants to be enlightened and to go towards

Liberation, lives with a positive attitude all the time.


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Thus, if any bad situation arises, they still respond in a

positive manner, not reacting negatively. They return

good even for evil as it’s a philosophy of their life. One

who lives with Forbearance has learnt to accept the

Divine Will and endure whatever comes as a gift from

God. This virtue is key to being liberated. Otherwise,

one would sink in the world.

(e) Faith and Surrender – He who seeks liberation has

to live with FAITH – Full Assurance In The Heart. He

has to live with HOPE – Have Only Positive

Expectations. He has to live with TRUST – Total

Reliance, Unconditional Surrender to the Almighty.

There can be no doubt in the mind of a seeker. He must

believe and live with total faith and in total surrender to

be Enlightened.

(f) Focus, Silence, Meditation – The sixth virtue is focus

or equipoise. Focus is on the truth. Who am I? Focus on

the teachings of the Guru and Master. It needs silent

i n t r o s p e c t i o n . I t n e e d s c o n c e n t r a t i o n a n d

contemplation. It needs one to go within to the truth,

instead of going out and getting lost in the world. This

focus takes one to know the truth and achieve


Together, these Six Virtues help one progress towards


[*4. Deep Love and Longing for God – *]This is the fourth

and nal door one must pass enroute to Enlightenment


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and Liberation. A true seeker seeks nothing else. He

knows that everything is an illusion. Only God is the

one reality. So the seeker moves on as a lover of God, a

seeker of God, which means that one seeks nothing

except God.

A seeker takes up Renunciation, uses his Intellect to

wipe out ignorance, and chooses what is right. He

moves to the third door by choosing to live with the Six

Virtues. And while doing all these, he develops a

passion, an obsession for God. He seeks nothing else

but God.

Once a seeker of truth walks through these four doors,

he is ready to be liberated and then moves up the peak

of Enlightenment.

_I discovered these four Doors and resolved that I would live a _

_life of Dispassion, of Discrimination, of Discipline and with _

_Desire for God, seeking nothing but God. I shall renounce _

_everything I needed to because now nothing else mattered. I _

[_was not the body–mind. I would discriminate between the _]

_real and the unreal. I no longer wanted to live a life of illusion. _

_I would incorporate Discipline, the six virtues, in my daily _

_life. God was already my life priority, but I would divert all _

_my love to God, making it my only desire. _

_My search for knowledge was an amazing experience. I must _

_admit that as I found the pieces of the puzzle that fell together, _

_some parts still seemed to disappear and I did not know why. _

[_I then embarked on an interesting reading on the “Watcher”, _]


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_the fourth state of Consciousness. _

This state studies the three states of our consciousness –

the waking state, the dreaming state, and the sleeping

state and helps us realize that we are not the three that

we know, but the fourth that we do not know: the state

of being the Watcher, the detached observer.

Our common intelligence permits us to realize the three

states that we are aware of. The Waking state (that we

all know), the Dream state (that we experience), and

even the Deep Sleep state that we are aware of. But we

do not realize the fourth state – the state of

consciousness that is watching all the three states. It is

this fourth state of consciousness that we truly are, but

we are unable to realize this fourth state.

_This only endorsed my realization that I was not the body, _

_mind, intellect, but rather the Divine Spirit or the Soul. _

The Soul is Real and Eternal, and it remains unchanged

in all periods of time – past, present or future, of

existence. It was always there and will ever be. It is

birthless and deathless, beginning less and endless.

The Soul is consciousness and self-illumining. It doesn’t

need anything to illumine itself, like a sun doesn’t need

a torchlight. The Soul is bliss or absolute happiness. It

doesn’t seek happiness. It is happiness!

The one who realizes the truth that one is a Soul revels

in that realization. The realization itself creates so much

joy and so much bliss that there is no need to look for


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further joy and bliss. The happiness can be compared to

the light of the sun where one does not go to search for

an articial torch or a light because one is already

experiencing the brightness of the sun. Such is the bliss

that comes from the realization of the truth that I am not

the body but the Divine Soul.

Together the Soul is real or eternal, consciousness, bliss.

It is eternal bliss born from immortal existence and

absolute consciousness.

The realization of the truth comprises of three aspects of

the Soul – the aspect of the Soul being real, immortal,

and true; the Soul being eternal consciousness; and the

Soul being eternal bliss. Overall, it is this triple

realization of the Soul that makes the realized one be in

a state of bliss being the Divine Power.


The Universe consists of three important identities: the

individual or being, the world, and the Creator.

These appear to be three different identities, but in

reality, there is oneness between them. The part is never

separate from the whole. The individual subtle body

and gross body are made from the total subtle elements

and gross elements, just like the wave is part of the


The individual who identies himself with the gross

body considers God to be different from himself. In


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ignorance, the Soul or self is called the individual.

Because we identify with the body, with the mind, with

the intellect and with the Soul, we think that we are a

combination, a complex of the body, mind, intellect and

Soul. The Soul that is actually the Divine Power is

confused to be a part of the body, mind and intellect.

When in reality, the Soul is not part of the gross or

physical body. It is because of our ignorance we think

that the Soul is us. We do not realize that the Soul is


The innite truth or God, the Creator, is all-powerful,

all-knowing, and all-pervading, and controls the

illusion of the world. The same innite truth becomes

the individual, in ignorance. The sun reects in a bucket

of water and assumes a small identify as the reection

in the water. If the reection forgets its true nature, it

feels bound by the bucket of water. If it realizes that it is

light alone, then it plays around in the water,

unaffected. Truth reected in the bucket of the gross

body and the waters of the subtle body is called the

individual. An individual forgets his true nature of

being the Soul, and thinks he is the body. Thereafter, he

thinks that he is different from every other object and

being in the world. He thinks God is far away from him.

All these thoughts are born out of ignorance.

Man, out of ignorance, forgets the truth. In his desire to

be happy, he runs after illusions of the world that

causes the cycle of birth and death. Only upon the

realization of the truth, a man can escape and be


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The goal of human life is to realize one’s own true

nature and thus comes the importance and need of a

Guru who can explain the truth. Otherwise, people are

shocked to hear the blasphemous statement that God

and ‘I’ are one.

In reality, ‘I’ am not the gross body, but the Soul, which

is God. The gross body is just an illusion. When I know I

am not this, I am that and that Soul is nothing but God,

then I realize the truth of “I am That”. I am the Divine


A realized being who has realized the truth of “Not this,

I am that” becomes a Liberated being – Liberated while

living. To him, the awareness that I am not the body, but

I am the pure innite self becomes rmly rooted and

effortlessly known. He lives as the innite self, knowing

the world is unreal. He lives without the fear of death or

worry of loss. He lives knowing that the self in me is the

self in all, and so he loves all as himself, knowing that

the entire world is pervaded by God. The Liberated

being becomes free from the bondage of all karmas. He

knows he is neither the doer of action nor the enjoyer of

action and is thus free from actions. He has nothing

more to attain, nothing more to do. He lives in complete

detachment, in supreme bliss and in fulllment, with

love for all. He experiences a freedom in action. He

knows the actions performed by him are not his and he

is free from all karmas.


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Karma literally means Action. The word Karma is

beyond just action. It is a law. So, when anybody talks of

Karma, they are mostly talking about the law of Karma

or the law of action. The law of action in simple words

states, “As you sow, so shall your reap.” Every action

will be returned with an equal reaction. It is a law of

cause and effect. What does it actually mean? It means

that we human beings on Earth are governed by a law of

action or a law of karma. All our actions do not go

unnoticed. Every action of ours is recorded in our so-

called life book – good actions and bad actions, good

thoughts and bad thoughts. Each of our actions gets

recorded because we will be redeemed, and we will be

returned with an equal amount of good and bad. So, if I

do good today to somebody that act is not wasted. The

goodness that comes from me gets recorded to be

returned back to me. If I do bad deeds, my bad deeds are

also recorded and returned.

Nature controls this law of Karma. It is governed by the

Power we call God. Understanding the law of Karma is

so simple. If you plants mangoes, you will get mangoes,

not tomatoes. And so it is with pineapples. If you want

pineapples, don’t plant strawberries because if you do

so, you will only get strawberries. Such is the law of

nature. We see it all around us. And it also implies to

our life. The law of Karma has one aspect that is not

easily understood. The actions that we perform are

returned to us not necessarily in this lifetime. But it can


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return to us either in this lifetime or the next. Those who

do not believe in life after death do not accept this belief

or theory. They do agree that good or bad will be

returned but believe that it will be all nished off in this

life itself.

However, the question comes, why is a small child born

deformed or physically challenged? Why is the Creator

of this world so cruel? Then the logic goes back to think

that this child is being born either with loads of

happiness or unhappiness, pleasure or pain, good

fortune or bad fortune, not by chance but by choice.

This individual who is born carries with it its karma, its

past actions. If the past actions that comes from the

previous life or lifetimes is good, then this individual

will be happy and will be born in a rich and inuential

family with loving friends and people around. But if the

karma of the person born is negative then he will suffer.

He will suffer because of his own actions, his own


This is believed to be the law of karma or the law of

action. It explains that if we keep on doing bad deeds

and escape from it for whatever reason best known to

the Creator, then where are all our bad deeds going?

Will God forgive or let us escape from our bad deeds?

Of course not! They are recorded. Today or tomorrow,

we have to repay our deeds, good or bad.

Good actions will receive good rewards just as bad

actions will receive bad results. However, the ego


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thinks that one is responsible for the actions. This is the

cause for us to sink in this world. It is the sense of

“doership” that binds us to our actions. Actions give

results. The doer then becomes the sufferer or enjoyer of

the fruits of action. This chain of “doership” and

“enjoyership” is bondage. On realization, one knows, “I

am not the doer nor the enjoyer” and gets liberated from

karma and from the cycle of death and rebirth because it

is seless action, not one’s actions.

Nobody can escape from this law of karma, the law of

action. Many spiritual saints advice that the law of

karma or action is not punitive. It is not meant to punish

us. It is reformative. It is meant to reform us to become

better human beings so that ultimately we realize the

truth and we are liberated souls. But while many people

do understand the law of karma and some even believe

in it, not everybody accepts it in totality. What is this

law of karma? What type of karmas exists? And how

does it work?

_There are three types of Karmas. _

1. Karmas created in this life through actions in this life

2. Warehouse of past karmas of several previous births

_3.Karmas brought at the start of this life from the past _

cumulative Karmas to be consumed in this life

The rst type of Karma refers to the Karmas performed

in our current life journey. The actions in our current

life create this Karma. Whatever we do – every thought,


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every action – creates Karma. Good thoughts and good

actions are creating a positive score so as to stay in our

Karma account just as bad thoughts and actions are

creating negative scores in our Karma account.

Therefore, every action of our current life does not go

unnoticed. It is recorded in the books of Karma to be

added back to our life score – whether it is positive or

negative, good or bad.

The second type of Karma refers to the Karmas that are

accumulated from all our previous births. This is a

cumulative warehouse of all our past Karmas. Just as

we are creating positive and negative Karmas in this

life, the warehouse of past Karma is a cumulative of all

positive and negative actions of all the previous lives

that we might have had. Therefore, the score of positive

and negative Karmas of every past life doesn’t get

wiped off or deleted. Even after our life, the positive

and negative Karmas that are not redeemed in the

lifetime get carried forward into the warehouse of our

Karmas and thus become the cumulative past Karmas.

The third type of Karma refers to those Karmas that we

have brought from the warehouse to this present birth.

When we start our life, we bring a portion from the

cumulative Karma to negate in this life. Every time we

take birth, from our cumulative warehouse of Karmas,

we pick up certain Karmas positive and negative and

bring them to the current birth to consume or redeem.

So, there is always an opening balance to a person who

is born. And this opening balance is this third type of



Learnings – About Life & Beyond

Therefore, we are all born with a karmic score, either

positive, negative or a combination of both. In fact, it is

that karmic score that gives us the opportunity to

choose where will we be born, to which family, and in

what circumstances. It is not by chance; everything is by

choice. The questions that comes, “How is all this

possible?” It looks like a myth, an illusion, because

when I die how can I still continue to choose my next

birth and who is the one that carries the karma because

the body is buried or cremated. For this, one has to go

back to the realization that I am not just the gross body

but I am also the subtle body – a combination of the

mind, intellect, ego, and memory. The inner instrument

- the subtle body, the mind, the memory, the intellect

and the ego does not die. It is the mind that controls the

action and the body only follows the mind. Therefore,

the one who owns the karma, good or bad, is the inner

instrument that is the combination of ‘I’ the ego and

mind, which includes the intellect and the memory. So,

it is this instrument that lives beyond death. The subtle

body of mine after death, gets an opportunity to choose

what my next life would be based on my positive or

negative karma. And it is the same subtle body which is

- ‘I’ the ego, the mind, the intellect and the memory – the

inner instrument that will come back and be born as

another being to redeem or receive the positive karmas

or consume the negative karmas. Those who

understand the law of karma also believe in rebirth

because they are connected. And it is so logical that

people accept today that there is something called

karma or the law of action or law of cause and effect.


Learnings – About Life & Beyond

At death, the gross body disintegrates. The subtle body,

propelled by the causal body, is said to take up a new

body and carries with it the karmas. A realized Master

who realizes that “I am not the body and the mind, but I

am the soul” is relieved from all the karmas as these

karmas do not belong to the soul. The karmas are

dropped once one drops identication with the body

and mind. So one who acquires knowledge of his true

self becomes free from these karmas. The current karma

is also destroyed just as the warehouse of karmas gets

dissolved. Even the karmas that have been brought to

this life do not affect the liberated being as he knows he

is neither the gross body that dies nor the subtle body -

the ego, mind, memory, intellect. On realization that he

is the Soul, all the karmas disappear.


What is Yoga?

Actually, Yoga means [_“YOG” _] – Union with God.

For a seeker of Enlightenment, Yoga is the very basic

foundation. Unlike popularly understood, Yoga is not

just physical gymnastics. The word Yoga means

UNION. It implies that one is constantly connected to

God all the time. Absolutely! How is this possible? Its

best understood by imagining one to be like a sim card

always searching for the satellite, pinging for

connectivity at all times. Without the satellite

connection, the sim card is useless. Similarly, we are


Learnings – About Life & Beyond

useless without the connectivity with God, our spiritual

satellite. But most of us don’t seem to understand this.

For most of the world, being connected to the world, to

friends, and to family is what matters. They don’t get

into the introspective and inquisitive mode of asking –

Who am I? Why am I here? They think that the purpose

or goal of life is happiness. They seek pleasures. They

live and die only to be born again and again in this

world of suffering. It is the seeker – one who is ever

connected to God – who achieves the ultimate bliss that

comes from the realization of the truth.

Life is meant to be lived with God, being constantly

c o n n e c t e d w i t h G o d . S a d l y , m o s t o f u s a r e


The world has distracted us. So, we do not connect with

God. In fact, we have forgotten God. However, one is

often compelled to think of God at times of distress,

misfortune, or death.

Yoga or Union with God is possible in four ways:

1. Yoga of Action (Working for God) – One who creates

a union with God through his work does everything as

an offering to God. There is no selsh objective in his

work. He lives as God would like him to. He surrenders

like a ute to God so that God can play His music

through him. He considers himself to be God’s

instrument. God works through him. Therefore, his

actions are not his actions, but actions that are inspired

by God and that build a connection with God.


Learnings – About Life & Beyond

[*2. Yoga of Devotion (Loving God) – *]One who creates a

union with God through his devotion is one whose life

is full of love and longing for God. His devotion and

dedication are seen through his prayer. A devotee sings

spiritual hymns and dedicates himself to God, never

forgetting God. Meera achieved a very high status of

being a Yogi through her devotion. She was madly in

love with her God. It meant the most to her, more than

anything else!

3. Yoga of Education (Acquiring knowledge of God) –

The third connection is gaining union with God

through acquiring knowledge and wisdom. A seeker

who reads, searches, learns, and contemplates all the

time is a Seeker of wisdom. Because of such seekers,

there is so much knowledge of God available in the

world today. This seeker is always connected to God

through the intellectual channel. Though the seeker

knows much, he understands that he is nothing and

God is everything.

[*4. Yoga of Meditation (Silence and introspection) – *]

The last union is considered to be the king of all and is

all about meditation and silence. It includes the popular

8 limb yoga which includes the yoga of breathing and

postures. However, meditation means focus of body

and mind. If the mind is wandering while the body is in

a yogic position, it has no meaning. This is another

method that connects to God.

It is sad that the world today has understood yoga to be


Learnings – About Life & Beyond

a lifestyle solution for a good body and mind. Sure,

yoga is good for the body and mind, but the bigger

question is – are we the body–mind? To the one who is

on a quest, he knows I am not the body and mind. He

realizes the deeper meaning of yoga and uses it as the

foundation to attain Liberation and Enlightenment.

A true seeker who wants the ultimate answers knows

that there is a power: a power that created this whole

universe; a power that’s responsible for its

preservation, a power that manages the sun, the moon,

the stars, the birds, animals, owers, and us humans.

This is the work of a creative power, a power beyond

h u m a n i m a g i n a t i o n a n d b e y o n d h u m a n

comprehension – a power we call God. For one who

seeks Liberation and Enlightenment, it becomes

imperative to be in yoga, to connect with this Power.


We all go through three states of consciousness –

Waking, Dream, and Deep Sleep.

In the *Waking state, * we identify with all the three

bodies and experience the world through them. This

waking world seems very real.

The next state is the *Dream state, * where the world is

projected while in sleep. The mind creates, sustains,

and ends the dream. During the dream, the true self

does not identify with the gross body, but only with the


Learnings – About Life & Beyond

subtle and causal bodies. The dream may seem unreal

to the waker, but is very real to the dreamer.

The third state is called *Deep Sleep state. * In this state,

the waker and dreamer, and the body-mind are asleep.

It is only the causal body that experiences deep sleep. It

is a state of bliss that makes us say –“I was happy, I slept


The Waking and Dream state differs for each one of us,

but the Deep Sleep state is the same. Whether one is a

king or a beggar, ignorant or wise, all experience bliss in

Deep Sleep.

The three states of consciousness come and go. I, the

true self, or the Soul witness these three states. I am

neither the Waker nor the Dreamer or the Sleeper.

Apart from the three states, there is the *4th state of *

*consciousness. * The fourth quarter is a state of

awareness. In the rst three states of consciousness, we

are unaware of who we are and what we are. We are

absorbed by illusion of the world.

The challenge is to discover the fourth state. Everybody

cannot discover the fourth state because we are

consumed by the world. We live as the body, which

includes the gross, subtle, and causal bodies. We live as

the ego, and thus we feel, “I slept. I am awake. My body.

My mind, nothing else.” This is caused by the ego, the

causal body. Once we know that there is a fourth state,


Learnings – About Life & Beyond

this awareness helps us in realizing God.

When we withdraw entirely from the gross and subtle

bodies, we identify with the causal body or the ego, and

then in deep sleep, we temporarily experience bliss.

Such awareness is the fourth state of consciousness. It is

the state of realization and the key that opens the door

to Liberation. This state is achieved through silence and

meditation, and one becomes aware of the truth. In self-

awareness, one understands that the true self watches

the Waker, the Dreamer, and the Sleeper and knows the

truth. When we identify with the Soul, we are liberated.

This liberated self is in the fourth state or total self-

awareness. It is a state of pure consciousness. One who

is realized lives in the fourth state – the state of

awareness of the self – and one functions with the super

conscious and lives as the Soul in complete awareness.

Self-awareness is living in total surrender, total bliss.

With the absolute knowledge, one lives in bliss,

knowing the truth that God is everywhere. Through

self-awareness, one understands that the illusion of the

world is a myth. One in self-awareness lives as the Soul,

not as the body, mind, intellect, and ego.

_I could now relate to the three states of consciousness that I _

[_had experienced and how I was actually the fourth state – the _]

_Watcher, not the Waker, the Dreamer, or the Sleeper. _


Learnings – About Life & Beyond


We think what we see is the absolute truth, but it is not

so. It is a relative reality, not absolute reality. We have

neither created ourselves, nor have we created the

world. Surely, there must be a Creator!

Why is it important to know the truth? We all seek

happiness. By knowing the truth, we attain supreme

happiness. Human beings cannot be the cause of the

world; we were born into it. Man cannot be the cause of

himself because ultimately who created man? The

world cannot be a cause of itself, and the world cannot

be the cause of man as it is inert. Therefore, there must

be another factor, a third factor, that must be the cause

of man and the world. This factor is a Creator we call


Some ask the question: If God created all, then who

created God? This question is fallacious. God is the

nal, ultimate cause or the causeless cause. A knitted

picture of wool shows mountains, river, sunset, and

animals. If we start pulling a thread of wool, we realize

that the wool alone has become all. Similarly, the man,

the world, and God are one.

What is[* time? *] Do we humans stop to ask this question?

Time is known to us as the past, the present, and the

future. Both past and future are with reference to the

present. The past when it happened was the present,


Learnings – About Life & Beyond

and the future when it happens will also be the present.

So the essence of time is the present. The concepts of the

past and the future are superimpositions on the

present, timeless truth. There is no experience of time

without events. So time is dened as the interval

between events.

What is [*space? *] Such a simple question but who thinks

of it?

Space is something that accommodates. Directions are

always with reference to this body. They are not

absolute. In Singapore, Dubai is in the west, and in

London, Dubai is in the east. Space is measured with

reference to objects as distance. Space is a thought in the

mind. In deep sleep, there is no space.

Both space and time have existence only when we

identify with the body. When I know I am not the body,

I am timeless and space less. I do not exist in time and

space. These concepts of space and time exist in me as


When the rst thought was not yet born, I – the watcher -

was there to acknowledge its absence. When it

h a p p e n e d , I w i t n e s s e d i t s a p p e a r a n c e a n d

disappearance. I also witnessed the appearance of the

second thought. Hence, the concept of time as an

interval between thoughts exists in me.

Here, there, nowhere, and everywhere are all space


Learnings – About Life & Beyond

concepts. Being beyond space, I am here, there,

nowhere, yet everywhere.

Now, then, never, and ever are time concepts. Being

beyond time, I am now, I was then, I never was, yet I

ever am.

Being aware that I am not the body and mind but just

pure consciousness, I am here, I am three, I am nowhere

still everywhere. Being the consciousness, I am now, I

was then, I was never but still I am ever.

The enlightened man knows himself to be the pure self -

the Soul, the Atman – shining within the heart in the

body. How can I, the witness, be bound by such actions?

I do not just live in the body, but pervade the body and

the entire world. I am the self of all, immeasurable and

innite. I am not in the body, but the body is in me. This

seems a little complicated, but it is actually very simple!

I am not in the body, but the body is in me. It is just like

saying, “Is there gold in the bangle, or the bangle is in


Obviously, we human beings say that there is gold in

the bangle, but if we remove the gold from the bangle,

what remains? Nothing! Therefore, there is no gold in

the bangle, but there is a bangle in the gold. In this case,

if the bangle in the gold is removed, the gold still

remains. It may not be easy to understand, but this is the

truth. Similarly, I am not in the body, but the body is in

me. We realize this truth only when we realize we are


Learnings – About Life & Beyond

the Divine Spirit that pervades everywhere. We are not

this body–mind complex that we think we are. Just like

whether there is gold in the bangle or there is the bangle

in the gold, we often think there is consciousness in us.

I t s e e m s t o b e c o m m o n s e n s e t o t h i n k t h a t

consciousness is inside us. But if we have consciousness

inside us and if we remove consciousness, what

remains? Nothing! We are dead. But on the other hand,

if we think that we are in consciousness and if we even

remove ourselves, the consciousness still remains.

Consciousness is eternal. It is there always. And this

should help us understand the truth about who we are

in reality.

A child gets so excited while watching a movie. He cries

and laughs as the scenes change in the movie. The

grown up man may laugh, but he knows that the names

and forms are unreal. The scene alone was, is, and will

remain when the movie is over. The lights and sounds

are all projections. The actor never forgets he is acting

the tragic role of a widower and is actually not one.

Similarly, for the wise man, the world is a stage where

the drama of life goes on. He also assumes a role and

enjoys the act.

Many claim to have seen God – God in his true nature is

nameless, formless, innite, and all-pervading. If one

wishes to see electricity, one would have to stop looking

at the objects illumined by the lament and contact the

lament itself. If somebody were to say, I have seen

electricity just because they have seen the bulb, it does


Learnings – About Life & Beyond

not mean that they have actually seen electricity. It is

their misunderstanding that the bulb is electricity And

they are seeing only the electricity that lights up the

bulb. But they do not realize that there is difference

between the bulb and the electricity. Therefore, while

we may see statues, forms, and scriptures, we think we

have seen God, but in reality, God is a Power, an Energy

that is all-pervasive – Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and

Omniscient. But just by seeing the statue, we haven’t

seen God. We can see God when we realize the truth

that God is everywhere!

The ego uses thoughts in the mind to express itself. “I

was sad. Now I am glad” How does one catch the ego? It

is extremely elusive and escapes all attempts at his

capture. The only way is direct confrontation. We ask,

“Who am I?” Being an illusion, it runs away or melts

into thin air like a ghost. The survival instinct of the ego

is very strong. It does not mind academic study

regarding itself, but does not allow actual enquiry. If

true enquiry begins, we get rid of the ego for all time to

come. The most difcult thing to conquer in this world

is our own mind. Having conquered the mind, the

world is as well conquered. As long as the ego exists, it

will prompt us to become something or the other.

The precious jewel, the true self, the Soul, seems to have

got lost in the deep well of the world. How do I retrieve

it? It is lost in the deep waters of thought. One who

attempts to retrieve it must be well qualied with a

sharp intellect. Breath control helps the mind to attain a


Learnings – About Life & Beyond

state of absorption. The precious jewel, the Soul, can be

realized through union with God. And this union is

possible either through work, through worship,

through silence, or through realization by acquiring


Silence in the mind also helps, just as discrimination,

that distinguishes what we are from what we are not. I

am not the body, senses, or mind. I am the witnessing


Does the wise man sit idle all day? Of course not! He

performs in surrender. There is freedom in action, not

freedom from action. He understands that being born

in this world, we are gifted with a mind that will think

and senses that will perceive. We cannot do away with

these thoughts and perceptions. How do we control

them? Therefore, we cannot sit in quiet thoughtlessness

and inaction all the time. Every human being has to act,

and it is a challenge for us to be in action but not be

absorbed in the world. That is the real challenge!

We may be intellectually convinced that we are not the

ego, yet we cannot abide in the truth. One must enquire

again and again, sometimes for several births to attain

true realization.


The dualist says that the individual and the supreme

can never be one. The non-dualist says that there is no


Learnings – About Life & Beyond

duality. While most learned spiritual and religious

beings agree and realize that we are not the body or the

mind, but we are the Spirit or the Soul, there are two

distinct groups that think differently – one who cannot

accept the fact that God and human beings can be one.

How could it be possible? They always believe that we

are separate from God. But the non-dualist goes deeper

and tries to contemplate on the fact that this whole

universe was created from nothing by nothing. The

Creator, like a spider that weaves out its own web,

created the universe on its own. Everything is a

manifestation of God, created by God, from God.

This story well explains this. Ten fools went on a

pilgrimage. On crossing a river, the leader was worried

that the tenth man had drowned, not realizing that he

was the tenth man. He counted and found only nine. A

passerby counted them and told him, “You are the tenth

man”. Why the leader was worried that the tenth man

was missing? And why was he counting all the nine but

not himself? This goes on to tell us that we take stock of

all that we see, but the subtle energy that we are – the

Spirit, the Soul, or the Atman – we ignore that. And just

like this leader who was counting the nine people

ignoring himself, we count everything else except the

_Atman, _ the Soul. And that is our challenge on the path of

seeking the truth.


Three factors are necessary for gaining the results of


Learnings – About Life & Beyond

any action.

1. The doer

2. The instrument of action

3. The act itself

None of these three factors can independently produce

the result. The plough cannot plough without the

farmer. The hand cannot write without a pen. A tree

cannot grow without a seed being planted. The farmer,

despite ploughing and sowing seeds, has to depend on

rains. If we were capable of getting desired results, we

would always get what we wanted. But such is not the

case…. Thus, there is a fourth factor that is responsible

for the results – this factor is called the *God Factor. * Man

is only an operator who utilizes God-given powers to

act. He doesn’t control all the results.

Man forgets God and gives rise to his ego and acts as if

he is the doer. The action gives results, and he is the

enjoyer. Man gets caught in this vicious circle and thus

gets attached to the joy of the results. He realizes that

the results are impermanent, but he cannot give up

action. The only way for him to come out of this

situation is to perform action without desire for the

result. Man gets attached to the result because his ego

makes him feel that he is independent and self-

sufcient. He forgets the fourth factor.

The realized one is no more anxious for Liberation. He

is already liberated. He is a Liberated being. Liberation


Learnings – About Life & Beyond

has nothing to do with the body. After enquiry and

death of the ego, the soul is liberated. However, some

feel that true Liberation is only possible when the body

falls at death, where Liberation from body–mind is





[*TRUTH! *]


[*Stories that lead to the Truth! *]

There are many stories that I had read and pondered

over, which helped me progress towards my


[*Is THIS True or THAT True? *]

One a day, a courtier came to King Janak and informed

him that there was an attack on the kingdom. King

Janak prepared himself and declared for a war. It was

one of the toughest wars, and unfortunately, he lost it

and was wounded. The enemy king captured the

kingdom and ordered King Janak to leave the kingdom

immediately. King Janak started his journey out of the

kingdom in a situation where he was wounded and was

left hungry and thirsty. He asked for water and food

from the people, but they refused in fear of their new

king. King Janak, left with no options, tirelessly walked

for days and night with no food and water. However, at

the entry of the new kingdom, he saw food was being

served to the poor people. Immediately, he walked

towards the line of people to get something to eat. But

the moment he reached the counter, the food was over.

The server saw him and said, “I can give you starch. I

am sorry, but this is the only thing that I can offer.” King

Janak, being helpless, agreed for the starch. The cook

gave him the starch, but the moment King Janak took

the bowl of starch to help himself, an eagle jumped on it,

and he dropped the bowl on the ground. King Janak lost

the last hope and fell down seeing the starch getting

mixed with the dirt. In utter despair, he screamed, “Oh



[*Stories that lead to the Truth! *]

That moment, his bodyguard entered the king’s

bedroom and saw King Janak on his bed, sweating

heavily and with pain in his chest. The bodyguard

checked if he was alright. King Janak took a deep breath

and said, “Is THIS True or THAT True?” He asked,

“What is the Truth?” Am I a king who dreamt that I was

a beggar, or am I a beggar dreaming that I am a king? Is

This true or That True?

King Janak remained in that condition for a while,

leaving the people in his kingdom worried about their

king’s state of mind until one day, a learned saint

Asthavakra Muni came to his capital. He heard about

the King’s situation and decided to visit the court.

Seeing the king confused, he asked what the matter

was. The king again murmured, “Is THIS True or THAT


Then, saint Asthavakra said, “Dear King Janak!!

Neither ‘this’ nor ‘that’ is truth. YOU ARE THE


For the rst time, King Janak got an answer to the

question. In the past, people had told him, “Of course,

you are the king. Why you ever doubted? You know

you are the king. That was a dream.” That’s what

people said. To which, King Janak always said, “No, but

what is true? Am I a king dreaming that I was a beggar,

or am I a beggar dreaming that I am the king?” King

Janak could not believe their answer that he was indeed

a king. Until this saint Asthavakra came and told king


[*Stories that lead to the Truth! *]

Janak, “Neither this is true – that you are a king

dreaming you a beggar; nor that is true – that you are a

beggar dreaming to be a king. And this made King

Janak realize the truth.

Learning: My learning from this story is that the

waking state is just like a dream. Because ultimately

when everything is over, when life is over, everything

dissolves just like everything in a dream dissolves. The

saint tried to explain that neither the waking state nor

the dreaming state is real. But there is the other state, the

state of the true self, the Soul, which is the real state.

This is what saint Asthavakra tried to tell King Janak,

and King Janak being a man of seeking was awakened

by this.

The Immortal Fruit

Once a great sage gave the king a fruit that would help

him attain immortality when he consumes it. The sage

told the king that the fruit was rare and one of its kind.

The king was very happy, but while he thought about

gaining immortality, his thoughts revolved around his

dearest queen, without whom an immortal life seemed

meaningless. So, he gave the fruit to the queen and

asked her to have it so that she can be immortal and be

with him forever until his last day.

The queen gave the fruit to the charioteer with whom

she was secretly in love with as she wanted him to be

with her forever. The charioteer, in turn, gave the fruit


[*Stories that lead to the Truth! *]

to the damsel with whom he had a relationship. The

damsel thought that she was too ordinary a person to

have such a fruit, and so she gave it to the king.

The king while receiving the fruit from the damsel

doubted if the sage told the truth that the immortal fruit

was rare since the damsel also had the same fruit that he

gave to the queen. On asking, the damsel told that the

charioteer gave her the fruit, and on further

introspection, the charioteer revealed that the fruit was

given to him by the queen.

On hearing this, the king heartbroken, and realizing the

illusion of this world, left all attachments and lived a

renounced life.

[*Learning: *]The world is full of suffering. We should not

have expectations because if we do, we are bound to

become miserable eventually. Love of the earth is not

eternal and is often faced with disloyalty and deceit.

Such is the world! Why should we be disappointed and


Love of God is eternal. Instead of loving humans who

may break our heart, it is far better to love God who will

never do so. This story clearly showed how earthly love

can be so ckle and lack true devotion. It is sad but true.

Hearts in the world will be broken again and again.

Love God instead.


[*Stories that lead to the Truth! *]

Ved Vyas and Jaimini

During Ved Vyas’s time, there was a king named

Jaimini. He wanted to renounce the world so Vyas told

him, “Don’t stop your devotion and love for God.

Renounce your desires here itself.”

But Jaimini insisted on going to the forest and left. One

day, in a storm, a group of girls lost their way. One girl

got separated from the group and reached Jaimini’s

hermitage in the forest. She was fully wet and looked

sensual. Jaimini told her to go away, but she said that it

was raining and animals would attack her in the forest.

She requested Jaimini to give her a place to stay for the


After much persuasion, Jaimini gave her a room,

provided that she would agree to go in immediately,

lock the room and not open it at night for anybody,

including him.

As it would be, the sensual image of the girl disturbed

Jaimini, and he went to her room later at night and

knocked at the door. She refused to open it. Even when

he said, “It’s me – Jaimini.” She refused.

Finally, Jaimini climbed to the window at the top of the

door, pulled it open and jumped inside.

What did he see? Ved Vyas was sitting inside. It was a

test to show Jaimini that going to the forest does not


[*Stories that lead to the Truth! *]

mean that a person has renounced everything.

Renunciation is about having a will power and power

of discrimination to control cravings.

Learning: Unless we control our mind and the senses,

we cannot live a life of renunciation and liberation. And

this need not happen in the middle of the forest. Man is

a social being. He has to act. Man cannot abstain from

action. We can have freedom in action, not freedom

from action. The mind would always think, and the

senses would always perceive. We cannot stop the

mind from thinking and the senses from perceiving.

But we have to get the mind and senses under the

control of the intellect and the intellect under the

control of the Soul. That is the challenge! What I learned

is that by running away from this world, we cannot get

liberation. We have to face this world. We have to

realize the truth of who we are. And we have to live,

renouncing the cravings of the senses. We have to live

despite the wandering of the mind. In this world, as a

seeker, as a renunciate, we have to renounce by

knowledge of the truth that we are not this body and

mind. By suppressing our feeling, we will not reach

anywhere. And there cannot be a better story to teach

me this truth.

Karna and Arjuna

Once Krishna and Arjuna were walking towards a

village. Arjuna was pestering Krishna, asking him why

Karna should be considered a role model and not


[*Stories that lead to the Truth! *]

himself. Krishna, wanting to teach him a lesson,

snapped his ngers. The mountains beside the path that

they were walking on turned into gold. Krishna said

“Arjuna, distribute these two mountains of gold among

the villagers. You must donate every last bit of gold”.

Arjuna went into the village and proclaimed he was

going to donate gold to every villager and asked them

to gather near the mountain. The villagers sang his

praises, and Arjuna walked towards the mountain with

a puffed up chest. For two days and two continuous

nights, Arjuna shoveled gold from the mountain and

donated to each villager. The mountains did not

diminish in the slightest.

Most villagers came back and stood in queue within

minutes. After a while, Arjuna, started feeling

exhausted, but not ready to let go of his ego just yet, he

told Krishna that he couldn’t go on any longer without

rest. Krishna called Karna. “You must donate every last

bit of this mountain, Karna”, he told him. Karna called

two villagers. “You see those two mountains?”, Karna

asked, “Those two mountains of gold are yours.

Distribute these fairly to all the villagers”, he said and

walked away.

Arjuna sat dumbfounded. Why hadn’t this thought

occurred to him? Krishna smiled mischievously and

told him “Arjuna, subconsciously, you yourself were

attracted to the gold. You regretfully gave it away to

each villager, giving them what you thought was a


[*Stories that lead to the Truth! *]

generous amount. Thus, the size of your donation to

each villager depended only on your imagination.

Karna holds no such reservations. Look at him walking

away after giving away a fortune, he doesn’t expect

people to sing his praises, he doesn’t even care if people

talk good or bad about him behind his back. That is the

sign of a man who is already on the path of


Learning: My learning from the story of “Karna and

Arjuna” is very simple, yet profound. Both of them

were great warriors. But here, Krishna was trying to

talk about the goodness of the spiritual values. And he

taught Arjuna a lesson about detachment. He told

Arjuna that although he was given two mountains of

gold to give away, his ego and his mind were in

command. Thus, he could not distribute the gold, and

he failed. But it was very simple for Karna just because

Karna was detached. He was a man of realization. He

knew that nothing belonged to him. We come empty

handed, and we go empty handed. He was given a task

by his Master just to distribute the gold so he did not

feel that he owned the gold. He just called the villages

and said to distribute the gold among themselves. He

did not feel that it belonged to him. He did not have a

feeling of ego that it was he who was giving away the

gold. He just walked away, achieving the task in

moments with such ease just because he was detached

and in command of his senses and his mind.

If only we are in command of our body and mind, we


[*Stories that lead to the Truth! *]

can move ahead like Karna. Otherwise we will be

caught in this world, and it would be impossible to

move towards Liberation.

Krishna and Narad

In a mythological tale, Narad and Krishna were coming

from heaven. Krishna said, “I am thirsty. Please get me

water”. So Narad went to the nearby village and

knocked at the door of a hut. A very beautiful girl

opened it, and he instantly fell in love with her. He

forgot everything and started romancing the girl.

Days and weeks passed by, and then he got married to

the same girl. He had children and around twenty years


Suddenly, one day, there was a devastating ood and

Narad tried desperately to save his wife and kids, but

he could not and when he gave up, he heard Krishna’s

voice, “Narad where is the water? I am still waiting”.

Narad did not even know that time had passed so.

Learning: What does this story of Narad teach us? Isn’t

it true for most of us that once we are born in this world,

we grow up, we complete our education, we start

working, we get married, we have kids, we build a

business, we get our kids married, we grow old, and we

die? Do we ever stop to realize that just like Krishna had

sent Narad to bring water, we all were send to this

world with a purpose: to realize the truth of who we are.


[*Stories that lead to the Truth! *]

We forget that purpose, and we are so busy with the

world until at the end, when we are just about to die, we

call out to God saying, “Oh God, I am about to die. I am

suffering. Save me and take me to heaven!” That’s when

Narad calls out to Krishna, when he is completely

helpless. Why did Narad forget Krishna? Why do we

forget God all through our life? This is called Maya or

the illusion of the world. This unfortunately traps us,

and we forget the purpose of life. And this learning

reminds us why we are here and what the purpose of

life is.

Anal Haq Mansur

An Arabic mystic, Mansur was famous for saying

“Anal Haq. I am God”.

One day in his ecstasy, he started saying, “Anal Haq,

Anal Haq”. He did not realize it. Later, when his

devotes told him what he was saying, he refused to

accept it. He said, “I did not say that! How can I say such

a thing?”

The next time he said it, his devotees called several

neighbors who Mansur respected. They too witnessed

it and told him that he said, “Anal Haq”.

Mansur was upset. He instructed them that if he ever

said “Anal Haq” again, he should be killed by a sword.

A few days later, again he said, “Anal Haq”. So, the


[*Stories that lead to the Truth! *]

devotees took a sword and tried to chop his head off.

But to everyone’s surprise, the sword kept passing

through his neck, and he was not affected! It was as if he

was invisible. They tried several times, but all in vain.

On his return from his ecstasy, when they narrated

everything to Mansur, he explained, “It was not me

who was saying ‘Anal Haq’, but God himself.”

Learning: The learning from Mansur’s ecstatic

experience is symbolic, yet very meaningful. The truth

is that we are not this body. This body is just an

appearance. We are God inside. But we do not realize

this truth. Being enlightened, Mansur realized the fact

that he was God, not man. We are all God. We are all a

manifestation of God but we appear as man with this

body and mind. And in the story, when his devotees

were trying to kill him, they couldn’t as at that time he

was saying “Anal Haq”. He was actually the

manifestation of God. Symbolically, we all are

invincible. We all are immortal. But because we think

that we are mortal, we die and we are reborn.

Religious Signicance

Once, there lived a spiritual teacher who along with his

disciples would practice meditation every evening. The

teacher had a cat and when the teacher and disciples

would meditate, the cat would run around, distracting

everyone. Seeing the situation every time, the teacher

ordered his disciples to tie the cat every evening. This


[*Stories that lead to the Truth! *]

went on, and soon it became a daily practice to tie that

cat so that the meditation sessions were not disturbed.

Years later, when the teacher died, still the disciples

continued to tie the cat before the start of meditation.

When the cat eventually died, they got one more cat to

be tied up. This became a ritual that was rigorously


Learning: What is the learning from this story? The

western world calls it “stone cat”. Stone cat is a

symbolization of how we all create a stone cat and start

praying to this stone cat with irrelevant historical

signicance, which makes no sense. But that’s what

most religions are about. Most of the beliefs and rituals

followed in many religions are not true or relevant.

Most of the religious rituals are like the Chinese

whisper, which changes from generation to generation

and person to person, and we believe in things that

make no sense. Should we just blindly believe what

people tell us? If somebody tells us to pray to a stone cat,

should we start praying to a stone cat without

understanding the signicance of why should we pray

to it? What is this story all about? Today we pray to a

God, but do we stop and ask, “Who is this God? Where

is this God? What is this God?” Of course, we must pray

to God. That is beyond doubt. But should we not try to

nd out the true meaning of God? God is a Power. But

where, who, and what is this Power? Should we not

truly connect with God? Should we not build a

communication with God? Or should we blindly


[*Stories that lead to the Truth! *]

respect an idol, a form, a name, or a scripture without

understanding the truth and without realizing what

lies behind it? The story of the cat urged me to seek the

truth of life. And that’s what I did. I kept seeking until I

found the true answers of life!

Living with the false notion

A person named Amthabhai started thinking that he

was a rat. He was caught up with this belief so much

that he began to behave in a peculiar manner like a rat

would. He was nally taken to consult a psychiatrist.

During the sessions Amthabhai was told that he was

Amthabhai and not a rat, until he got convinced

intellectually. He then asserted rmly, “I know that I

am Amthabhai.” The doctor was glad that Amthabhai

recovered. However, within a few minutes, Amthabhai

came and in aghast and said, “I know that I am

Amthabhai; but does the big black cat seen on the other

side of the road know that?”

[*Learning: *]We human beings suffer from the same false

notion that we are this body. Though some of us get

intellectually convinced that we are not this body, we

fail to recognize ourselves as the Innite Truth until we

get realization!

Our body and mind opposes the realization of the truth,

that we are a Divine Soul. At the rst opportunity the

mind will distract us and make every effort to push us

back to our belief of being ‘I’ the ego, the body, the



[*Stories that lead to the Truth! *]

*Withdraw from sense pleasures *

Once a monk was given a glass of lassi (a cool drink

made of curd) after it was being served as a ‘Prasadam’

or blessed food in a temple. The monk took a sip of it

and then stopped. He handed over the glass of lassi to

the person who served him. The person asked the

reason for doing so. He inquired, “Didn’t you like the

lassi Swamiji?” To this, the monk replied, “Because I

liked it, I won’t take it!”

[*Learning: *]The realized ones often deprive themselves

from wordly cravings lest they become a reason for

their losing the mind and sense control. They train

themselves to live as a tortoise that draws in its limbs,

their senses at will. They stay away from sense

pleasures, and live with discipline having control over

their senses.

Emptying the mind

Once Adi Shankaracharya was walking through the

market place along with his disciples. They saw a man

dragging his cow with a rope.

Shankara asked his disciples, “Tell me who is bound to

whom? Is the cow bound to this man or the man is

bound to the cow?”

The disciples promptly replied that the cow is bound to

the man. Since the man is holding the rope he is the

master. The cow has to follow him wherever he goes as


[*Stories that lead to the Truth! *]

it was tied by the rope. Hence without any doubt, the

man is the master and the cow is the slave.

After listening to them, Adi Shankara took a pair of

scissors from his bag and cut the rope that tied the cow.

Immediately, the cow ran away from the master and the

man ran after his cow. Adi Shankara then said, “Now

do you see who is the true master? The man or the


All along, it looked like the man was the master, but

now it seems the opposite.

[*Learning: *]This is exactly the case with our mind. It

looks like the worldly things are tied to us, but in reality

it is we who are tied to the worldly things.

When we understand the irrelevance of these things

and we cut the rope of bondage, they disappear like the

cow and we can be liberated.

Appearance is an illusion

A TV crew was making a documentary of the River

Ganges, from a place up in the Himalayas. After they

nished taking the video, they did the editing and they

were showing it to the Sage who was their host in the

mountain. The senior Saint made a comment, “Give me

a glass of water from the Ganges river that is owing on

the television. The reporters were aghast and said,

“How can we give you a glass of water from the Ganges

that is owing in the documentary. It is only a video


[*Stories that lead to the Truth! *]

image of the river and it is not the river itself!”

The priest remarked, “So is the world. It appears to be

but it is not.” It may look like it is but eventually it is just

an image, not reality.

[*Learning: *]It is so amazingly true, so fantastically

created, that it is beyond human comprehension to

detect its falsehood. The three-dimensional movie that

is playing in this world is so fast that the human sense of

perception does not capture the reality. It is very rare for

any individual to be able to capture the truth that this

entire world and all that is happening in it moment by

moment is nothing more than a lm, a three-

dimensional image that is being projected to our eyes

and our mind.


Sometimes a simple

Analogy can trigger

a Transformation.





*Analogies *

_By now, it had been nearly 2 years since I started my search, _

_and about 1 year since I had made my Quest, my Talaash my _

_life priority. _

_I prayed. I begged God to shower His grace on me and I was _

_inspired to go away, to the mountains for 2 weeks, alone with _

_all my books and my notes. In the mountains, in freezing _

_temperatures, I spent hours together without desire or _

[_pleasure, determined to nd what I was looking for. _]

[_I came across few analogies that helped me reect and _]

_understand the learning so far. _

The Wave and the Ocean

The wave is not a wave. It is a part of the ocean. But

because it thinks, ‘I am the wave’, it exists as the wave.

Eventually, it is a fact that the wave merges with the

waters of the ocean.

Similarly, we are not ‘Me’ and ‘I’. We seem to be

individuals in the ocean of this world. But like the wave

merges with the ocean, we too came from and

eventually merge with the ocean of life.

This body, made of ve elements, is not permanent. It is

created by the ego that thinks it is a human body. Just

like a wave we think we have a separate existence.

Finally, at death, the ve elements disappear into

Nature and the Soul or the Atman merges with the

Supreme Soul or the Paramatman like the wave merges

with the ocean.


*Analogies *

Just as the wave becomes the ocean, the Soul becomes a

part of the Creator.

Therefore, the realization comes that believing in a

separate God different from the God within does not

seem to be as true as the belief that God inside is nothing

but a part of the Creator. Just like the wave that thinks

that thinks of itself to be separate from the ocean, comes

from the ocean and goes into the ocean, we too are

created from God and eventually go back to God.

Although it looks like a wave, the fact is that it is the

ocean itself. Although we look like individual bodies

with a Soul, we are ultimately one energy.

We must realize this truth and accept it!

Air in a Pot when it Breaks

Some people question, “How can you say that God is

within me and God is within you or God is


The best way to understand this is as follows:

Imagine a pot that is empty. The pot thinks that the pot

is different from the universe. It thinks that surely there

is a universe but “I am a pot”. It thinks that the air inside

the pot belongs to it. There is air outside and air inside.

When the pot breaks, the air outside mixes with the air


Just as this pot thinks of itself as different from the


*Analogies *

world, we too think that the life inside us and God are

different. This is the cause for duality to come into

place. One thinks that the Soul is different from God.

Because of the ego, we think we are the Soul and God is

something else, an unknown power. At the end of the

journey, when the physical body drops dead, it only

then that one realizes – the physical body is dead, but

where does the Soul go?

The Soul is a part of the Creator just like the air inside

the pot becomes one with the air outside the pot. The air

inside the pot merges with consciousness of the entire

atmosphere, the universal consciousness, the universal


Clay Elephant or Clay Mouse

An elephant made of clay thinks “I am an Elephant”. A

Mouse made of clay also thinks “I am a Mouse”.

But when both are put in water, they dissolve to become


It is only our perception that we see them as a clay

elephant and a clay mouse.

Whatever be our outer appearance, the inner reality is

the Soul. The Soul merges with the Creator. We are

That, not This. We must not consider ourselves to be

what we seem to be. Rather we must realize the truth of

what we truly are.

When we realize the truth of the self then we can see the


*Analogies *

Soul in all, we can see the Creator in all and this is the

key to Liberation.

The Moon and the Finger

Zen Buddhist teachings talk of _Nirvana, _ of Liberation,

and of escape from the cycle of death and rebirth. They

talk about how one should seek Enlightenment. Of the

various methods the Zen Buddhists teach, one simple

method is talking of the moon of Enlightenment. They

refer to Enlightenment being the blissful, peaceful

moon, and the Zen Buddhist teachings are just like the

nger that is pointing to the moon urging us to seek the

moon, to go towards the moon, to try to contemplate on,

introspect on, and desire the blissful state of the

Enlightenment, which is like the moon. And what do

we do?

Instead of looking at the moon, our gaze gets stuck at

the nger that is pointing to the moon. The teachings

are just like the nger not the moon itself. The teachings

show us ways to the goal. There is no one single right

method to realize the truth, but there are several

teachings. Each teaching must be understood and

implemented in the right manner so as to reach the

enlightened moon. Unfortunately, we often take the

teachings literally and do not understand their true

relevance. We get stuck to the nger that point to the

moon, and we forget the moon itself. We go literally by

what is taught instead of understanding the principle,

the logic, and the purpose.We get stuck by the teaching


*Analogies *

itself. We wrongly misunderstand what is really meant

and go round and round in circles. Instead of reaching

Enlightenment, we are stuck on Earth, going from

death to rebirth again and again. We must seek the

moon of Enlightenment and not get stuck at the nger

that denotes rites, rituals, or superstitions that we often

get stuck to.

[*Go Beyond Religion! *]

A sage once explained that some books and religions

have a lot of knowledge that can help us realize the

truth. But unless we get the wisdom from the words

written, it is of no use.

“Take a book and squeeze it. Not a drop of water comes

out of the book; until the water comes out, it is all book”.

So also until your religion makes you realize God, it is

useless. One who only studies books is like the donkey

that carries a heavy load of sugar on its back but does

not know the sweetness of it! The religions of today

focus on three things: symbols, names, Godmen. All

seem to be ghting with each other. This is not the true

purpose of religion. True religions are meant to help

followers develop a deep seeking, longing, and

yearning for God that ultimately helps them realize


[*Realizing that it is only a Dream! *]

Suppose you woke up one morning from a dream. In


*Analogies *

the dream, your neighbor borrowed Rs.10,000 from you

saying that his father is not keeping well. Later, in the

dream, you get to know from other people that the

neighbor plays tricks with everybody for money. He

has fooled other people similarly and borrowed money

by saying the story about his father’s illness, though his

father is in good health.

Suddenly, you wake up! Will you go and ask your

neighbor to return the amount that you gave him in the

dream. Of course not! It was just a dream. On waking,

you immediately realize it. Unfortunately, so is life. But

we do not realize it till death. Very few are fortunate to

realize the truth.

[*Who are You – the Station Master or the Train? *]

Once there was a station master who was a seeker. He

went to a saint and asked him the question, “How do I

know that I am the Atman? How do I understand that I

am not one of the three states of consciousness: the

Waker, the Dreamer, or the Sleeper, but I am the fourth

state of consciousness, which is the Watcher?”

The saint smiled at him and asked, “Who are you? Are

you the station master or are the train?”

The station master exclaimed in surprise, “What a silly

question! Of course, I am the station master!” The saint

asked him to explain what he does at the train station.


*Analogies *

The station master replied, “Every day, three trains

pass by the station. The rst train is the Daily Express,

which comes to the railway station and goes. The

second train is the Intercity Express. Finally, the third

train that passes by is the Night Express. He continued,

“While these are the trains that come and go, I do not

confuse myself with these trains. I know that I am the

station master. I watch these three trains as they pass


The saint patiently listened to him and asked, “While

you are very clear that you are the station master, what

about your life? Just like the three trains, your rst state

of consciousness comes when you wake up. Your

second state of consciousness comes in dreams, and as

you sleep, your body is asleep but your mind

hallucinates into a dream. You dream all kinds of

dreams till you wake up. Then, the dream is over. The

third state of consciousness is deep sleep. In this state,

both the body and mind are fast asleep. You are

blissfully unaware of everything. This state also comes

and goes; you fall asleep till you wake up. Eventually,

your sleep ends, and then you are back to the rst state

of being awake. Unfortunately, you don’t think that

you are “watching” these three states of consciousness

that come and go. You start believing that you are the

one who is awake, the one who is dreaming, or the one

who is sleeping. You forget to realize that you are the

watcher because you identify yourself as being the

dreamer, the sleeper, or the waker. When you forget


*Analogies *

that you are the watcher, it is just like forgetting that

you are the station master and that you are not the trains

that pass by the station. Therefore, you are the watcher

who is in the fourth state of consciousness, which is

beyond the rst three states”.

The learning from this analogy is that we must realize

and distance ourselves from the three states that keep

coming and going. We are not the three states that come

and go. We are something else. We are the fourth state

of consciousness – the state that watches the other three

states! In short, we are the consciousness that exists in

all the four states.

We are not this, we are that

What is this? This is my hand.

And what is this? This is my leg.

What about this? This is my nose. And above it is my


Who is this that is saying it is my hand, my leg, my nose,

my head? There is somebody who is saying. Who is

that? Who is that who is saying that it is mine? Imagine

tomorrow we start detaching each part of our body. We

detach our hands, our legs, our sense organs, is it not

still our body. So, what nally makes the body? It is that

Energy, the Spirit, the Atman within that we do not

realize. The moment the Atman leaves the body, we


*Analogies *

cannot say it is my body because we are dead. It clearly

shows that we are the Consciousness, the Spirit, the

Atman, the Soul which when it leaves the body, we die.

We are That…which we do not realize.

[*What do you see? *]

You pass by a beautiful statue of a tiger in a wild life

sanctuary carved out of stone. What do you see? You

see that it is a tiger that is carved out of stone. You don’t

think it is a tiger. You see it as the statue of a tiger that is

carved out of stone. Imagine you see it from a distant,

far away. What do you see? You don’t see the stone, you

just see the tiger. And you imagine it to be a tiger. It is so

real, so full of life that you thought it was a tiger. At that

time you did not realize that it was a stone. When you

came very close to it, your fear disappeared because

you could walk over to the tiger and touch it. It was just

a tiger that was carved out of a stone. From a distance,

you thought it was a tiger, a real one but you realized

later on when you came close by, it was not a tiger, it

was just carved out of a real stone.

With you were a few children who were paranoid. They

were not willing to go close to the tiger till you made

them understand that it was not a tiger, it was just a

stone carving and then when they realized that it was

not a real tiger and only a stone carved one, they went

and started taking pictures with the stone tiger.

So, is the case with the world! What do we see? We see


*Analogies *

the world. We see everything in it but we do not see our

true self. We do not see our Consciousness. We do not

see our Soul. We do not see what is behind the world. It

is only when we realize, when we look beyond that we

see beyond the world, to realize the truth of who we are.

Without focused contemplation, we think we are the

body, mind, intellect, ego because we perceive it like

that. When we get into the depth, into contemplation, in

meditation, into realization then we realize that we are

not the body, not the mind. Then we get the ‘aha’ I am

not the body, I am not the mind, so what am I? I am the

Consciousness. I am the Soul. I am the Spirit. I am the


The reality does not change, our paradigm changes. The

reality didn’t change that it was a stone carved tiger.

From a distance we thought it was a real tiger but when

we came close, we realized it was not. So, it is with life,

when our paradigm changes and we realize the truth

we come to know we are not the body, mind, intellect,

ego. We are the Divine Soul.

God is within

People go to worship God in temples, churches,

mosques. They go there and nally close their eyes to

communicate with God. Why? We close our eyes

because God is within us. Intitutively, we know it,

consciously we know it. But we don’t accept this truth.

If God was actually in the temple or the church or the


*Analogies *

mosque, then we would be staring at that God, not

closing our eyes and looking within. It is common in

most religious places to see people close their eyes to

experience the power of God within. This goes on to

prove that our very nature knows that God is within.

We can worship God in different forms and go to

different places of worship but when it comes to

communicating with God, we always turn within. God

is within!

_By now, I had enough knowledge on the body, the mind, the _

[_intellect, the Soul. I knew I must be in Yoga – in union with _]

_God. I must live with renunciation, discrimination, with the _

_6 virtues and with deep longing and love for God. I packed my _

[_bags, took all the books and notes – it was August 2014 and I _]

_went off to the mountains. I was alone, and I was _

[_contemplating on one thought – “Who am I?”, “What am I?” _]

[_“Am I the Ravi V. Melwani who was successful or RVM who _]

[_was transformed, or am I something else?” _]

[_On a train in Switzerland, I was reading about – “Not this, _]

[_not this…I am that” and just as the pure white snow seemed _]

_to zoom past the train, I could clearly see that I am not this _

_body. This body will die. This body was something else last _

_year and will be something else the next year, as my cells are _

[_regenerated. How can I be this body that keeps changing? _]

_Sure, this body will die. But I will not die. I am the energy that _

_the body will release at death. But surely, I am not this body. I _

[_am not even the mind. Then ‘Who am I?’ _]

_As I changed and boarded another train, I also changed the _


*Analogies *

[_book I was going through and my eyes were struck on a line – _]

[_Thou Art That. The 5000-year old Scripture proclaimed in its _]

[_ rst Principle Statement- Thou Art That. I had studied this _]

_many times and had actually read about it 20 years ago. But _

_now I could actually understand it. I am not this body, this _

_mind, this intellect or this ego. I am that, the Divine Spirit, _

_the Soul, the Atman. It is strange that I read this 2 decades ago _

_but only now I realized its true meaning. _

_I recalled the death of a dear friend and how when I saw that _

[_his body was going to be cremated, it dawned upon me – “this _]

[_is not him, he has left the body. He has gone!” Now I felt, – I am _]

_that Soul, which gives power to my body to live, to breathe, to _

_move. _

[_Today, I felt beyond doubt that I am not this body, I am that; _]

_the Soul. It was like the body mind playing a tug of war and _

[_pulling me into the world. But today I felt that the body – mind _]

[_lost the game of tug of war and I like a balloon was ying in the _]

_sky, feeling I am that, not this. _

_In fact, I felt that for a long time I had been imprisoned within _

[_the body-mind, and that I had just been freed from the prison _]

_bars. Of course, I was not this body. I could see so clearly that _

_this body would die and the subtle body would take birth in _

_another form due to its karmas. I felt that the subtle body was _

_also part of the body, a part of this entire worldly illusion. _

_The truth is that people take birth again and again, but there is _

_something beyond that. On the realization that we are the _

[_Soul, the energy and not the body – mind, we don’t need to _]

_take birth again and again and suffer in this world. We can be _


*Analogies *

_liberated from the cycle. The fog was beginning to clear and a _

_clearer picture was emerging. _

_If I was not the body, then why was I living with desires and _

[_expectations of the body? The desires and expectations were _]

[_often left unfullled and made me miserable. I quickly _]

_searched for another book because I remembered reading _

_about how we make ourselves miserable thinking we are the _

_body. I realized that if I had not realized the truth today, I _

_would go through the cycle of death and birth again and _

_again, because I thought I was RVM. It dawned upon me that _

_I must further renounce through discrimination, live in _

_Yoga, with a deep love and longing for God. All these years, I _

_thought I was a wave in the mighty ocean of the world. Today _

_I could feel I was the ocean itself and the Soul that was within _

_was a microcosm of the Creator or God. I felt the need to _

_control my mind, my senses, my cravings and desires, which _

_were the cause of misery. I could see so clearly that nothing _

_belongs to me and that nothing is mine. Why should I worry _

_about my wealth or think about how much money I have in the _

[_bank? How did it matter? I felt a very strange energy passing _]

_through my inner being and I felt joyful as the train moved _

_on. _

[_I felt liberated and I felt challenged to be ‘that’ and no more _]

[_‘this’ that I always thought I was. But why did I always think _]

[_I am this? It was my ego and my mind that were using the _]

_power of illusion to project an illusion and hide the truth. I _

_suddenly realized how simple it was to answer the questions _

[_that I had been thinking about for 2 years! What is the _]

[_purpose of life? The purpose of life was to realize the truth that _]

_I am not this body, mind and intellect. I am the Soul. But one _


*Analogies *

[_part of the answer was still hazy, the part on God: Who is _]

[_God? Where is God? _]

[_But at least I knew one half of the answer – that the goal of life _]

[_was Liberation, self-realization, Moksha or Nirvana. _]

[_Suddenly I felt a “wow” feeling. I am not this mortal body, I _]

[_am that immortal soul – the Atman. And I felt so grateful to _]

_God for this realization. _

_The next day, I started with excitement because I felt that my _

_jigsaw puzzle would be solved. _


[*Who is God? *]

[*Where is God? *]

[*What is God? *]





*Guru and God *

_While I read so much, met so many people, studied analogies, _

_went through stories regarding realization, and acquired all _

[_the wisdom – the knowledge and information – required for _]

_liberation, I realized that liberation is not possible without the _

_grace of God and the help of a Guru. Nobody can ever reach _

_liberation unless it is the will of God, which may either _

_happen through direct communication between a seeker and _

_God or most often through the help of a Guru, a representative _

[_of God – a human form of God on Earth. With the help of a _]

_Guru and the grace of God, one can rapidly tread the path and _

_climb the peak of Enlightenment, realizing the self and God. _

_Without the Guru and God, this is as good as impossible. _


We must realize the truth. How long would we run

behind pleasures? How long would we let sensuality

distract us? Can’t we realize that this is a temporary

gratication that will end in death and decay and not

give any lasting satisfaction?

At death, when the body starts to decay, even the

closest ones distance themselves. The beloved wife

shrinks with horror at the sight of the dead body. We

must wake up and realize the truth. What is the point of

just acquiring wealth? We ignore the permanent,

though we have the power to reason. We create our

own sorrows. We let lust and passion create pain. We

shouldn’t live by instinct like animals. We need to be

liberated and be a realized being. Youth is not

permanent. Wealth comes and goes. What is

permanent? Only God! Desires will distract us and


*Guru and God *

pleasures will tempt us, but the end will be full of

sorrow. Choose an eternal goal. Renounce! You will be

happier. The real bliss is within. Seek God. Listen to the

voice of God. Experience the God that dwells in your

own heart.

How does one seek God? How does one pray?


Such a common term “Prayer”, but does the world

actually know what it means and how it connects to


Prayer is of three types.

1. Rituals done by the body, like use of re in a plate to

pray in temples. The entire body is involved,

including our hands, our mind, our eyes, and our


2. Chanting the name of God: only the mind and mouth

are used.

3. Just contemplation, only silence. Introspection/

Meditation is superior to rituals and superior to


All the three methods may be used, but one must evolve

in prayer.

Contemplating and meditating on God will lead to the

realization of the truth, but this needs supreme



*Guru and God *

_The method of Silence and Introspection can lead one to _

_liberation. _ One method known as 8-fold path of yoga

advocates – the practice of Values; Discipline; Postures;

Control of breath; Withdrawal of senses; Concentration

of the mind; Meditation and Total cessation of all

thoughts. The third and fourth – Postures and Control

of breath are commonly practiced, but true union

through Silence and Introspection needs the practice of

all the eight steps. By restraint of breathing, the mind

becomes absorbed. As it witnesses the breath, it gains

peace through concentration.

Man attains supreme happiness upon self-realization.

With the help of a Guru, a qualied seeker can gain

realization by dispelling his ignorance.

Is knowledge realization? Of course not! I had read

many of these concepts before, but it never struck me

that I was not the body. I always believed that I was

Ravi V. Melwani and I was the creator of my business

and the author of my success. When I transformed my

life to RVM, my ego still reigned supreme. Never did it

occur to me that I wasn’t what I saw in the mirror in

front of me. For the rst time ever, after reading and

reading and reading for weeks and months, I started

feeling sparks kindle within me that made me believe

that I was close to discovering a new Truth!

One afternoon up in the mountains, as if from nowhere,

I got a ash. I was looking at the mountains, the clouds,

and the sky that was overcast as it was snowing. There


*Guru and God *

were thousands of trees. There was a river owing. It

seemed as if a voice was speaking to me and saying,

“This world is an illusion. The whole world is a three-

dimensional myth. It’s the _ leela _ or drama of God. All of

these are His manifestation”. Can you imagine creating

all these – all that I could see with my eyes? It’s difcult

to believe that all this is just an illusion, a dream, a 3D

dream. But the entire scene and the voice within made

me believe. All this may seem real now, but in the end,

nothing is real. It’s like a dream. In a dream, the

dreamer thinks everything is real, but on waking, he

realizes that it was just a dream. So is it with life. It’s just

an illusion, and we don’t realize this until death or


It is strange, but I must admit that I found my mind to be

my biggest enemy. When I would focus on a thought, it

would wander away, spoiling my concentration. It

seemed like the mind triggered my senses to crave for a

delicious meal or even exciting sex. The boiling point of

realization was never reached, because each time I

tried, the mind switched off my effort to seek the truth.

Have you noticed that when we heat water, it does not

boil even at 99.9 degrees? Similarly, we do not realize

till we reach that point of realization – just like the

temperature of 100 degrees at which the water starts

boiling. I decided that I would not let this happen. I

started renouncing many things – rst food and then

sensuality so that I could progress on this journey. I

sharpened my intellect to decipher between what was

true and untrue. I let my love for God grow beyond


*Guru and God *

anything else as I lived, controlling the mind,

controlling the senses, and annihilating every craving. I

put my faith together to focus on this journey with

endurance and forbearance. With all these in focus, I

couldn’t believe the change that I was beginning to



Who helped me realize the truth? Even if I scream a

million times, it will not be enough! It was my GURU,

my dearest Dada, J. P. Vaswani.

I met him over 25 years ago, and at that time, I knew

nothing about realization. He led me forward on the

s p i r i t u a l p a t h . H e w a s i n s t r u m e n t a l i n m y

transformation from a businessman who was making

money to a philosopher who gave up his business to

make a difference.

In August 2012, after 20 years of being my Guru, I heard

him say: “What is the purpose of life? Is life meant to be

wasted away? We must go in a Talaash… a search”. The

thought of looking for a purpose came from my Guru.

The thought was just about to die when in August 2013

he once again reminded me by asking, “Have your

progressed in your search?” It is then that I gave up

everything and made the search an obsession. There is

nothing in my life that has not been inuenced by my

Guru. He has held me like a child and helped me walk

forward, holding my hand. He is a realized soul and has

the grace of spiritual magic with the blessing of another


*Guru and God *

realized soul, his Guru – Sadhu T. L. Vaswani.

Dada taught me many things. It was only recently that I

heard him emphasize on the importance of silence and

meditation – how one should switch off completely so

that the mind doesn’t wander. The mind is a thief, he

would say. It robs our contemplation. Through all the

nine doors of our body, we are only able to look

outward. We need to open the tenth door to look

inward to realize the truth, and this needs meditation

and silence. How could I realize the truth without my


In fact, without a Guru, realization is impossible. How

can one understand everything in the short span of just

one life? It needs the spiritual exposure of several

hundred or thousand years to be a realized soul. Only a

realized Master or Guru can help one cross the shores of

the world. Vivekananda had Ramakrishna. Adi

Shankara had Govindapada. God appears as a Guru to

help a seeker realize the truth. I was blessed with Dada.

Patiently, persistently, and lovingly, he has guided me

forward for 25 years onward, forward, upward, and


While everything above helped me realize the truth, my

Guru taught me one thing that I can never forget.

Without the grace of God, you can never realize the

truth. You need to be loved and to be blessed by the

Master, the Creator. Therefore, our love for God is

paramount. If we do not have deep love and longing for


*Guru and God *

God, our Beloved, where would the grace of God be?

Sometimes our love for God can be expressed by our

love and reverence for a statue like the way I love Lord

Shiva. It could be prayer, like I did abhishek and aarti for

over 20 years every morning and night; or it could also

be dedicated devotion to a Guru if we are blessed to

have one. Love of God could also be expressed through

service of suffering humanity. If we are able to see God

in the poor and serve them, then there can be no better

form of loving God. My Guru always said “Service of

the poor is prayer to God!” I am grateful to God and my

Guru that I got an opportunity to do many of the above.

It was my Guru’s teaching to be humble as a blade of

grass and to thank God at every step. I believe that all

these led me realize the truth!

[*Love God beyond anything and everything! *]

My search made me realize one very important

principle. The purpose of life is God. We are a part of

God. We have lost contact with God and we must

return to God.

Therefore, my priority was God, my desire was God,

my passion was God, and my obsession was God. There

was a deep desire, a deep longing for God.

I wanted nothing else, except God. My entire love,

every atom of love so as to say, was for God and for

nothing else and no one else. I wanted God beyond

everything else. Nothing else mattered except God!


*Guru and God *

I felt I was madly in love with God, my Master, my

Creator. Though I could not see God, I could feel and

realize God in every breath I took, in every sound I

heard, in every sight I saw, and every emotion I

experienced. It was God, and nothing but God!



E = mc





Science and Spirituality

In this Talaash, this Quest, this Search, one hurdle was

the scientic paradigm of the truth. My spiritual views

were quite clear about God and life. Science seemed to

have a very different view. So, I thought that I will take a

peek into the latest scientic beliefs to see how distant

science and spirituality are. I was quite surprised to nd

that science and spirituality that had divergent views

are nally converging. They were both propounding

the same thing in different ways. Never before were

science and spirituality so close to each other, and

practically, it seemed that both hardly have any

contradiction in their views. The spiritual view and the

scientic view were the same truth presented in a

different manner. If one analyses, the learning,

analogies, and questions that faced me did not only

have a spiritual but also a scientic endorsement.

With the latest developments, scientists now believe

that up to 98% of our body changes every year. It looks

like an unbelievable statement but scientists and

biologists have proved that the cells in our body are

constantly dying, regenerating, and being reborn. They

go on to say that the cells of every part of our body and

every organ of our body are constantly changing. This

is something quite strange and unique, but it is

scientically true. It means that what I am in 2016, I was

not that in 2015. Ninety-eight percent of me was

something else. And what I will be in 2017 will not be

this body.


Science and Spirituality

It is even more profound because what our body

becomes depends on the things that we eat. Therefore, if

we eat vegetables that are being grown, that vegetable

becomes our body after it is processed within and

becomes a part of our new cell structure. And those cells

that die in us go out to be regenerated and become a part

of the universe.

But science says it is true. Science goes on to say so many

more things. It goes on to say that inanimate things are

alive. It goes on to say that if you take an atom of a so-

called inanimate or dead thing, and look at it under a

microscope, you will nd it moving. But we always

thought that we are alive because we are not yet dead.

Science has now proved the contrary. The inanimate or

dead things are as much alive as we are. All these make

us wonder about the truth of life – Who are we? Where

do we come from?

In the last century, scientists have uncovered the vast

energy present in all matter. The well-known equation

E = mc² states that the potential energy of any matter is

equal to its mass multiplied by the speed of light

squared: Energy = Mass × 186,000 miles per second)².

This equation implies that a small amount of matter

contains a large amount of energy. In E = mc², E stands

for energy, m stands for mass or matter, and c is the

speed of light. This equation explains that it is possible

to take mass or matter and convert it entirely into

energy. If we take any matter or mass and annihilate it,


Science and Spirituality

light, sound, power, and energy come from it. Even a

tiny atom has enormous amount of energy associated

with it. It is said that if the mass of an average sized tree

could be converted into energy, the power yield would

be 45 trillion kwh. By way of comparison, the US

generates about 4 trillion kwh of electrical energy per

year. So, if just a single tree’s mass is converted into

energy and that energy harnessed, it would provide the

entire US with over 10 years of electrical energy.

Another very interesting observation by science is that

when a cell from the human body is placed under a

microscope, and we further look into the smallest

particle of the cell, we can see that it is composed of

atoms that contain neutrons, electrons, protons, and

photons until nally science talks of something called

“Wave–Particle Duality.” It is said that while a scientist

was looking at a smallest particle under a microscope,

the particle suddenly disappeared and became an

energy wave. He was shocked, absolutely bewildered.

He realized that the particle that had become a wave

became a particle once again. What does this mean? It

meant that matter became energy and energy became

matter. It went back to the Einstein’s theory of E = mc²

getting proved under the microscope. Scientists sat

together and pondered if the tiniest particle of our cell is

nothing but energy. We are not this body that we seem

to look like! We are a cumulation of trillions and

trillions of atoms, photons, electrons, protons, and

waves – energy waves that actually look like this


Science and Spirituality

physical body, when in reality we are not actually this

physical body. We are just Energy!

_When I put all the facts together, it seemed quite like my _

_spiritual realization. What did Science have to say on the _

[_ndings of my Search… Talaash? I had to evaluate my new _]

[_learning based on scientic research as well because we live in _]

_a time where science has touched the life of human beings in _

_all aspects. And I was totally amazed with the outcome of the _

_research. _


Science talks about Big Bang but it does not talk of a

Creator. Spirituality accepts God and talks about

everything appearing as a manifestation.


Science goes round in circles. For instance, what

c a m e  r s t – c h i c k e n o r e g g ? S p i r i t u a l i t y

understands that everything is a simultaneous

manifestation of God.


Science questions, “Of what material was the

Universe made and where did the material come

from?” Spirituality understands that it is all a

manifestation of God.


Science is amazed by the Universe. Spirituality is

amazed by God.


Science wants proof to believe in the existence of

God. Spirituality believes that God is everywhere.


Science initially believed that we were matter. Now,

Science believes we are Energy (E = mc²).

Spirituality has always said that we are the Soul, the



Science believes that we are born as a small child


Science and Spirituality

and we grow till we die. Spirituality believes that we

do not grow; only the body grows, and we are

inhabitants of the body.


Science believes that there is birth and death.

Spirituality says that we are immortal. Death is only

a bend to transcend.


Science tried to create Higgs Boson and named it

God Particle. Spirituality always believed that

everything is God.


Science uses the method of invention and discovery.

Spirituality uses the method of realization.


Science always looks outside for any ndings.

Spirituality insists of going within.


Science studies the physical world and does

experiments. Spirituality discovers the Spirit world

through realization.


Science uses the intellect and the brain, to create the

plane and the train. Spirituality asks “Who created

the brain?”


Science now accepts that everything is Energy.

Spirituality always emphasized on Consciousness

as the ultimate reality.


Science now believes that we do not know 99.9% of

the Universe. We know only 0.1% of it. Spirituality

always says that God is beyond comprehension.


Science is based on questioning. Spirituality is about



Science created the law of cause and effect but never

could answer the question, “If the universe is the

effect, then what is the cause?” Spirituality explains


Science and Spirituality

God as the Creator, which is the cause, and the

universe as the effect.


Science says that we are the subject and what we see

is the object. Spirituality goes a step further. It says

we are the object, and the mind is the subject.

Further, the mind becomes the object because the

Soul is the subject.


Science now agrees that we are not the body, but we

are the Energy. Spirituality states that everything is

an illusion: _I am That, not This. _


Science now believes what we take from the

Universe – (oxygen, food) becomes ‘us’. Spirituality

insists in oneness; in simple words, you and I are the



Science can count the number of seeds in an apple.

Spirituality knows that we can never count the

number of apples in one seed.


Science only believes in the waking world.

Spirituality accepts the dream world and the deep

sleep world along with the waking world that takes

them to the fourth state of consciousness.


Science acknowledges miracles as physical

phenomenon that cannot be explained. Spirituality

admits that the God Power within can do anything.


Science has been proved wrong in the past. For

instance, initially, science believed that the Earth

was static and the sun and the moon goes around

the Earth because that was what they saw until they

discovered the truth. Spirituality goes by the

spiritual intuitions that come from within and that


Science and Spirituality

do not need any proof. It comes from realization.


Science looks at what happens and tries to give

meaning to it. Spirituality accepts whatever

happens as having some meaning and purpose of

the Supreme Power.

Thus, very interestingly, science is discovering things

that spiritual Masters stated thousands of years ago.

The only difference is that the spiritual Masters stated it

intuitively, and the scientists are now scientically

proving what they had said to be true.

[_I concluded my study about “Science and Spirituality” as _]

_subjects that were poles apart centuries ago. But today they _

_are two sides of the same coin. Both are now coming to believe _

[_the same truth that we are nothing but Energy! We are _]

_nothing but the Atman, or the Spirit, the Soul. The only _

_difference that still seems to differentiate the two is that _

_Spirituality believes in a Creator whom we call God while _

_Science terms this as Energy. _

A day will soon come when science would discover that

without God, all these discoveries are not possible.

Spiritualists already know that God is everything! The

spiritualists have surrendered their ego to a Power

beyond human comprehension. Scientists have just

that one step to take.





*Putting it all Together *

Based on the knowledge and wisdom that I had

acquired in the last 25 months, I did something very

different. I told God, “I am nothing. You are everything.

I am like a ute, but you are the one who plays the

music. The pleasure that I received in all the 25 years of

achievement was all because of your grace. It was YOU

in the form of my Guru who helped me transform my

life to RVM and gave me contentment and fulllment

for 8 years like I had never experienced before. I

thought I was the happiest man on Earth, and I would

have lived and died with that belief. But it is your kind

grace that made me embark on the journey to the third

peak of happiness. I surrender myself to you. If it be thy

will, help me discover the truth. Bless me to realize the

Third Peak!”

I was in the mountains for 2 weeks, alone but in Yoga –

Union with God. It didn’t matter what I ate, what I

wore, or where I went. I was in silence, constantly

connected, and communication with the world was

practically shut off.

What helped me in my search in those days up in the


Beyond just understanding, I realized the truth of the

words: _Not this, not this. I am not this. I am that. _ I realized

that this body that we seem to be is not what we are. We

are the _Atman, _ the Divine Soul.


*Putting it all Together *

The body is made up of the following:

- The gross body that dies

- The subtle body that is the inner instrument consisting

of the mind, memory, intellect, and ego that is reborn

again and again

- The casual body, the ignorance that is the cause of our


I was absolutely convinced of this truth and strongly

believed that I was the Divine Soul, not the body.

I had always believed in the law of karma and how the

inner instrument would be reborn as per its past actions

and that the cycle of death and rebirth would continue

until liberation. Now, I realized that the goal of life was

not just to be happy, but beyond to attain Liberation,

Moksha or _Nirvana. _ As long as we are reborn, we would

have to suffer death. But on being liberated, we would

become one with God, escaping from the cycle of death

and rebirth and living in the ultimate bliss of self-


I could see clearly that this world is an illusion. I

logically believed that neither the chicken came rst nor

the egg and neither the tree came rst nor the seed. I

realized that everything was a simultaneous

manifestation of God. In a way, it was in sync with the

scientic theory of the Big Bang. Except that even the

Big Bang was an act of God.


*Putting it all Together *

[_Who is God? _]

[_Where is God? _]

[_What is God? _]

I resigned from this trail of thought and questions with

the realization that God is beyond comprehension and

that heaven and hell were not physical planes of

existence, but a part of the God’s manifestation. Birth

and death are controlled by God, and as human beings,

we see life between the two. We know what happens in

front of our eyes on Earth, but I realized that death was

not the end. It was just a bend to transcend from this

earthly journey upwards. Either of the two things

would happen – we would be reborn with accumulated

karmas for another experience as per God’s will or we

would be liberated, becoming one with God.

What gives life to our body is the soul. Many people

believe that there are good souls and evil souls. But I

realized that the soul is nothing but the energy that

gives us life. There is only one Super Soul, one source of

energy – not possibly 8 billion souls apart from the

trillions of souls of other creatures. Our soul comes

alive at birth and departs at death as per the will of God.

There may be many presumptions about what happens

between death and rebirth, but only God knows the

ultimate truth. I realized that my mind was my biggest

enemy. It distracted me from God and made me crave

and desire for worldly things that only made the

journey difcult. Every time, there was a realization,

the mind would confuse me with a worldly desire. I


*Putting it all Together *

would start seeking pleasures and lose the sight of my

true goal of life. Therefore, I learned to be in silence and

meditation to quieten the mind and sublimate the

senses and cravings.

After all, nothing belongs to us. We come empty

handed and we go empty handed. But our ego makes us

believe that we are the owners of our possessions and

masters of our relationships. However, we can see at

death that the departing one owns nothing nor

continues a relationship with anybody.

Just like I could see someone entering the room from

one door and leaving it from another door, similarly,

we enter the world from one door and leave from

another one. We cannot come from nowhere and go


It is most unfortunate that we believe in rituals and

s u p e r s t i t i o n s a n d w e c o n t i n u e t o l i v e w i t h

presumptions. We create our personality traits. Sure,

we have no control of where we were born, when we

were born, and what we became in our pre-teens of our

life. These were probably the effect of our past actions.

But once we come alive with our intellect, we are

capable of distinguishing between the right and wrong,

and the real and the unreal, and we must choose the

right path. But in this initial part of our life, our

personality seems predestined. All these realizations

only made me believe further in the truth that was

crystallizing in my mind.


*Putting it all Together *

By now I realized that we are immortal souls who were

having a human experience on Earth. We are a tiny God

particle that forgets that our source is God. We are like

the wave that thinks it is the wave, not realizing that it is

actually the ocean. It just appears as the wave, but in

moments becomes one with the ocean. We all seem to

ght for superiority; just like the clay elephant ghts

with the clay mouse on who is stronger until the potter

immerses both of them in the water, which makes them

realize that both are just clay. If a gold bangle was to be

asked the question, “What are you?”, it could either say

“I am the bangle” or “I am gold”. The moment it is

melted and made into a chain, it can no more say, “I am

the bangle”, but it has to say, “I am gold” because that is

its true identity. We too have a true identity that we

often forget about as we think we are what we appear to


All these realizations were clearly in front of me, but the

mind did not allow me to see the entire picture; it

refused to put in place the missing parts of the jigsaw

puzzle. Most of my questions were answered, but still

there was some fog. I prayed in surrender.

It was on 31st August 2014 when I was on an Air France

ight AF192 from Paris to Bangalore, it seemed that I

had nally got all the answers. Surely the Talaash and

the realization was a process that happened bit by bit.

The knowledge was accumulating, but I was not able to

see the entire picture as one clear image. On this non-

stop 8-hour ight, by doing nothing else, except


*Putting it all Together *

discovering the truth, I was steadfast in my search, very

persistent and committed. I was not ready to quit. And

it all appeared, as if it was a vision from God!

All those days I would sit in deep concentration and

introspection, but I was not spared by the clutter and

disturbances of my normal living. My mind would

jump like a monkey only to nd myself stressed,

disturbed, and confused. But on this ight, I told the

hostess I needed nothing and requested not to be

disturbed. And so I grasped the vision in solitude, in

focus, in total Yoga or Union, and in connectivity with


Before the realization, I could feel that something was

missing. I had realized that I was not the body, but I am

the Soul, the Divine Spirit; however, I didn’t have the

answers to all my questions.

My questions still remained: Who is God? Where is

God? I needed answers. It was ne that I had realized –

_Not this, not this. I’m not this body. _ I’m not this mind. I am

the Divine Soul. But then where was the real God that I

was seeking?

So many concepts got clarity because of my study in the

months that preceded this.

Are we the body? No. We cannot be the body because

the body is ever changing. Our cells are dying every day

and our body is being reconstituted. So we are not the


*Putting it all Together *

body. We are something else. When we are born, we are

born as a small baby. We are that, aren’t we? Then, what

makes us grow as an infant into a big adult? How do we

grow? It is so simple. It is because of the food we eat. The

food that comes from the atmosphere, from the Earth,

and from the environment gets converted into our

body. So, does it mean that all the food that we eat is our

body? No, of course not. We evolve from a tiny body

that grows, but we are surely not the body. If we had

been the body, then we would be nothing but bread and


Are we the mind? The mind includes the brain that

thinks. It is also the memory, the intellect, and the ego.

Because of the extensive and intensive study, I realized

that we were not even the mind and its constituents.

These were together referred to as the subtle body, or

the inner instrument. The ego had made me believe that

I was the mind. This was because I had not found out

the truth about God. I still believed God to be a distant

unknown entity and so my _Talaash, _ my search, was


Yes, I believed that we were the soul and that there was

reincarnation and it was based on our karma, our

actions. The law of cause and effect did exist.

Some of my questions had been answered but some

remain unanswered. I still wasn’t clear where I

essentially came from. Sure. I was the Atman or the Soul

and I was governed by karma, the law of cause and


*Putting it all Together *

effect. But how did all this actually happen? How was

the universe created? I wasn’t clear. What is the

ultimate end? Birth, death, rebirth, death and nally

what? I was still grappling. I had some fair ideas about

it all but I realize now that my mind was playing tricks

t h e n , n o t l e t t i n g m e p u t m y t h o u g h t s a n d

understanding together. My mind did not want me to

realize the truth and I could not understand why. I was

trying so hard to nd the answer to this life equation.

In December 2013, Dada, who is my Guru, my mentor

and life coach, had sent me an equation, but I was

struggling to realize its true meaning. The equation

was: Man minus Self is equal to God. God plus self is

equal to man.

Man – Self = GOD

GOD + Self = Man

What did this mean?

When I had questioned my Guru provokingly for the

truth, he calmly explained to me that this path to God-

realization is endless, and rst, we have to transcend

the mind. We have to detach ourselves from the mind. If

we listen to the mind, we cannot realize the truth. The

mind will ask many questions – questions that cannot

be answered with words because the focus is not to

discover answers but to realize the truth. The mind

purposely asks questions that create confusion further

and complicate our understanding. It does not want us


*Putting it all Together *

to realize the truth. Our goal is to realize God. “What is

God?” – This is a question that cannot be answered in

words. God is to be realized. For this, we must live a life

of spiritual devotion and dedication by practicing the

prescribed disciplines. We have to seek God and

nothing else. We must shed tears in love of God. We

must be passionately obsessed with our search for

truth. Out of the very depth of our heart should come

the aspiration, “Life without Thee Oh Lord is futile!”

It is this intense yearning that when stirred, wakes up in

the heart within and makes us forget ourselves

completely. This is essential. When we forget ourselves,

we nd God. My Guru said this intense yearning can be

described as this triple longing: A longing a miser has

for gold. The yearning a lover has for their beloved. The

yearning a child has for its mother whom he has lost

somewhere. This triple yearning is needed to draw us

closer to God. We must constantly aspire for God.

When it is His divine will, only then shall we realize


I read this again and again but couldn’t get to its deeper

meaning. But on 31st August, on this blessed ight, it

seemed like I could see through each word. I suddenly

understood the picture. I realized my true self!

What happened? How did the realization come about? I

learned that the process of realization has a few steps.

First, to understand what we are not. We are neither this

body nor this mind. Next, we need to understand what


*Putting it all Together *

we are. We are the energy, the Prana or Atman – the

Spirit or Soul. This is not enough. We need to go deeper

and deeper to understand the details of our body

constitution, which I did. But unless we realize who we

truly are, the realization or even the knowledge of

realization, as I call it, cannot happen. Of course, it

needs the grace of God to happen. Without God’s grace,

this will simply not happen!

Our ego always makes us believe that I am ‘I’, which

means ‘I’ am this person with a name, a form, a shape, a

title, and an identity. So our ego destroys our ability to

realize the truth. With the grace of God, we realize that

we are not this body, this person, or this form, and that

this is just like a garment that we wear. We are the

energy within. Soon we must leave this body and adorn

another. But who is that which adorns this body and

will adorn the next one. It’s the ego that leads the inner

instrument. The ego, like a coin, has two sides. One side

believes it’s the ego with a body–mind. But the truth is

on the other side. We are a soul that just gives life to the

ego and body–mind.

If we realize the truth, then we are no more the

egocentric body–mind. We are just the Spirit, the Soul,

or the _Atman. _ This is the basic knowledge of self-

realization – to realize “I am not this. I am that. I am not

this body. I am that Soul.” On realization, many new

realizations happen, which together help us realize

God. But rst, it’s the knowledge of the self that comes

as a realization. We are not the ego, but we are the

Divine Soul!


*Putting it all Together *

We realize that we are a Soul that energizes the body.

We realize that we are not the body–mind complex. We

are just an ego-driven entity, which on true and full

realization stops existing as the person it was. It realizes

the truth of the self and continues on the path to realize

God. The wave that always believed “I am a wave”

realizes that I am not a wave. I am the ocean.

Sometimes, just reading the above one time may not

work. One may have to read it ten times or even more,

but the true aspirant, with God’s grace, will ultimately

realize the truth of the self.

What created this magic? It was the 31st of August, and

I was on this ight. What was it that made it possible to

have all my questions answered? It was the grace of


I was looking at these nine questions, and one by one,

the answers were revealed to me.

[*1. What is life? Where do we come from? *]

Birth happens when the causal body and the subtle

body take another form of life on Earth as per the

accumulated karma and the divine will. Each of us is

born based on our past actions, our past karmas. When

we nish one human experience after our death on

Earth, after our physical body is left behind, the subtle

body led by the ego, mind, memory, and intellect

consumes its karmas by choosing the next life. It is our


*Putting it all Together *

karmas that decide what we are born as, where we are

born, when we are born, and to whom we are born. All

these do not happen by chance but happens according

to the law of cause and effect, action and reaction. Our

past karmas let our subtle body choose the birth in the

astral world. One realizes this only when one realizes

the entire picture of life.

[*2. What is death? Where will we go after death? *]

At a destined moment, the Atman or God power leaves

the body to disintegrate. This is death. Thereafter, one

of the following two things happen – another rebirth or

the Soul becomes one with God. As long as the Soul

gives power to the body, we live. The moment the

Atman or Soul leaves, the physical body dies. But the

subtle body led by the ego–mind complex does not die.

That subtle body goes on.

[*3. Who is God, where is God, and what is God? *]

God is the Creator, the Master who is beyond human

comprehension. He is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and

Omniscient. That is, He is all-powerful, He is present

everywhere, and He knows everything!

[*4. Is heaven and hell real? *]

Heaven and hell are not physical domains in time and

space. They seem to be spiritual concepts that exist to

fulll the plan of the Divine Master. Contrary to

popular belief that heaven is a place we would go to and


*Putting it all Together *

so is hell, realization tells us that this physical body is

left on the Earth. So, where is the question of heaven

and hell being real physical domains? Heaven or hell is

a subtle or virtual destination that seems to be a market

where we transact our Karmas with a new birth. It

seems to be a place where we temporarily enjoy our

good actions and deeds of the past and pay for our

actions and deeds before we nally decide to take a new

journey on the Earth to redeem our good or bad karmas.

[*5. Is there life after death? *]

Everybody disintegrates at death, and unless the self

realizes the truth, the subtle body gets reborn so that it

can fulll the law of cause and effect or karma. Every

normal human being who lives and dies will be reborn

because an individual has got a balance of Karmas –

good or bad – that has to be adjusted in this plan of God.

Therefore, there would be another life after death. The

life would be for the subtle body that is led by the ego,

mind, intellect, and memory and not for the gross body

that is left behind on the Earth. This inner instrument or

the subtle body has to be reborn after the physical death

of the gross body, as per the plan of the Creator.

[*6. Is there a Soul? What is it? *]

Yes, the Soul or the Spirit or the Atman exists in every

human being. It is the true self and also a particle of

God. It is a source energy that gives life to all. People get

confused thinking that their Soul is an individual Soul.


*Putting it all Together *

Therefore, it is thought of as “This is my Soul and that is

your Soul, and there are good Souls and bad Souls.” But

in reality, there is just one Soul. We are the _Atman. _ But

there is one Paramatman – a Supreme Soul or the

Supreme Energy – which is the Energy that exists in

every being and in everything!

[*7. What is the law of Karma? Is it real? *]

The law of karma states, “As you sow, so shall you

reap”. Every action of a human being is recorded and as

per the action – good or bad – the future destiny of the

person unfolds, be it in this lifetime or the next journey

of life or thereafter.

[*8. What is the purpose of life? *]

The purpose of life is to realize God by realizing the self.

On true realization, a human being becomes a Liberated

Soul although alive in a physical body. Contrary to the

common belief that the purpose of life is just happiness,

a realized soul realizes the true purpose to get to the

truth of “Who am I?”: I am not this body; I am neither

the mind nor the intellect. I am that Power, that Energy

– the Divine Soul. This realization is the true purpose of


[*9. What is Enlightenment? *]

Enlightenment is also known as _Liberation, Moksha, _

_Mukti, _ or _Nirvana. _ It happens when a realized soul

totally realizes the truth that he is the _Atman, _ the Soul,


*Putting it all Together *

not the mind, body, and intellect. By this realization, he

escapes from the suffering of the world by escaping

from the cycle of death and rebirth. This is

Enlightenment, _Moksha, _ or [_Nirvana! _]

It was by the grace of God that before the Air France

ight AF192 landed in Bangalore, on the midnight of

31st August, 2014, all the answers that I was searching

for were revealed. Finally, I could see ahead of me the

Third Peak of life – the Peak of ultimate Bliss –

Enlightenment, with a highway that was leading to it:

the path of self-realization and God-realization.

Thank You Lord!





Post the Realization


On the 1 of September 2014, after that eventful

realization in the ight, it seemed that I was no more

RVM. I was the Atman in RVM. I no longer identied

myself with the body because on the ight the day

before, I realized that I was not this physical body. I was

the Atman – the Spirit, the Soul. I realized this truth

beyond any doubt!

The purpose of my life was no more to make a

difference. That could continue to be the purpose of the

RVM Foundation and the 300 people who worked in it

because the foundation was doing great work. But on

realizing the truth, I just couldn’t continue doing what I

was doing. I realized that I was not RVM. I did nothing.

God did everything!

A c a t e r p i l l a r b e c o m e s a p u p a e a n d t h e n

metamorphosizes into a buttery. I just realized that

Ravi V. Melwani had transformed to RVM. And now

this was a metamorphosis. RVM became AiR ( Atman in

RVM) and was ying like a buttery. I was absolutely

clear: I am not RVM, but I am the “Atman in RVM”.

I understood that to continue living as the Soul or the

_Atman, _ I have to stop being RVM. I couldn’t be both: one

was the body–mind–intellect and the other was the

Soul – both couldn’t coexist. The caterpillar had to die

for the buttery to be born. RVM had to die for the

Atman in RVM to be born. As long I was RVM, I could

never be the Soul because RVM had an ego, an identity,

a mind, thoughts, and cravings that would envelope the


Post the Realization

Atman in the illusion of this world.

So what did I do? On the 1st of September 2014, I

announced, “I am not RVM”. I said that I would not

sign anything anymore, no cheques or documents. I

authorized two senior members to sign anything on my

behalf and created a Power of Attorney for legal

representations. Thus, I started my journey as the

_Atman. _ It was no simple task. After realizing that I was

not the body, the mind, and the intellect, to still live in

the environment of RVM was very challenging!

One thing was clear though – that while I was the

Atman, _ I was still the _Atman in RVM. The Atman had to

exist in the same body. It could not exist or manifest

itself without the human form. God has created in such

a way that even realized souls must continue to live in

the human form until death.

RVM was the CEO and the managing trustee of the

RVM Foundation. We run a free charitable hospital,

free charitable homes, the RVM School of Inspiration,

the Shiva Temple, and the Kemp Fort Mall. Over 300

people are employed in our organization, and RVM

heads the organization. It now meant delegation. I

could not just abdicate, dump everything, and walk

away. It would negatively impact the 700 destitute

residents in our humanitarian institutions and the 300

families that depended on us. But the process had



Post the Realization

By now, I had already started my life of renunciation.

Once, I used to crave for a masala dosa, a south Indian

delicacy, and many other foods. I had already given up

these on starting the journey. But now, I decided to give

up further. Since I was not the body–mind, I decided to

give up all cravings and all desires of the body and

mind, be it wealth, women, wine, or anything else for

that matter. This was quite challenging and not as easy

as it sounds because while I had realized the truth that I

was the Soul, the _Atman, _ I was still in the physical form.

I was still under the control of my mind that was

wandering and my senses that were craving, and there

was a tug of war between the two. I planned to give up

wearing colorful clothes, personally handling cash, and

even wanted to stop using the mobile phone, though at

this stage it seemed impossible. But my resolve to

renounce was absolute. I knew that true happiness

doesn’t come from all of these. It came from being in

yoga – Union with God, surrendering to God’s will and

being his instrument, doing his work. I did realize

though that Liberation meant freedom in action, not

freedom from action.

I started waking up before 5:00 am every morning,

spending a few hours at dawn in silence, just

communicating with God. Messages came, as if from

nowhere, guiding my way forward. Since I had stopped

doing all the RVM-related work, I was free to do the

work of the Soul.

However, I still found it difcult to be the Soul. I used to


Post the Realization

come to RVM’s ofce every morning, sit on RVM’s

chair, and everybody used to call me RVM. So though I

knew that I was not RVM, everybody called me RVM,

and this was a dichotomy. I decided to move from the

RVM ofce into a new ofce that I envisaged as

Nirvana, an ofce that could help me live a life of self-


As I attempted to be the Soul, RVM coexisted. The

world knew me as RVM. My family and my friends

weren’t aware of the second transformation, the

metamorphosis that was happening in me. Therefore,

there was a constant tug of war between RVM and the

Soul in RVM, each one pulling in opposite directions. I

was clear. Till September 2014, I had never believed that

my life would experience another change in name and

identity. It was crazy for me to imagine a second

transformation. But the metamorphosis had taken

place. I was no more the Ravi V. Melwani caterpillar nor

the RVM pupa; I was a buttery in ight as the

immortal Soul. How could I ever go back to being


Suddenly, my devotion for God, which was already so

strong, evolved to deeper love and longing for the

Divine Master. I felt like a thirsty wave that was seeking

the ocean.

[_What am I without thee? _]

_I am not, alone thou art. _

_I am nothing, you are everything. _

_ _


Post the Realization

These thoughts played in my mind as I started living as

the _Atman. _

Several days passed, and I found that my intellect had

come alive. Every time I was confronted with a

situation, I had to make a choice to do it the RVM way or

the way of the _Atman, _ the Soul. Since I was the _Atman, _ I

stopped doing everything that RVM would do, though

there were few things that I was forced to continue

doing as I was pulled by the body and mind. My

intellect seemed to be now under the command of my

soul and not my ego, which was its previous master.

As the weeks went by in the life of the Soul, I had to

control the mind. If it wandered, I gently brought it

back. I had to control my senses by the simple

realization that I am not the body. Most cravings had

already dropped, but if any desires surfaced, they were

transcended and sublimated by the _Atman. _ I started

living very differently because I knew that nothing

matters. Everything is an illusion. Therefore, I lived

with forbearance, reacting positively at all times, and

with the acceptance of God’s will and endurance when

anything unpleasant happened, knowing that this was

just one episode in the drama of life and it would soon


My faith reached a new peak as I started living in total

surrender. I considered myself to be an inert ute; God

played his beautiful music through me. I realized that I

was doing nothing, and He was doing everything

through this body.


Post the Realization

My life was very focused and single-pointed. As I spent

hours in silence and in meditation, I was able to live

with peace and bliss I had never experienced before.

I wondered if my life would become mundane or

boring without much action. But as I surrendered to

God, he directed me to act. One such direction was to

help people realize God. So I started writing my

experiences of this realization so that I could share it

with others. I was still busy writing bhajans or

devotional songs, singing, meditating, and following

God’s will.

The hours spent in silence were amazing! I could never

do it before. I always felt that it was a waste of time. But

now, it was such a blissful experience. It felt like I was

romancing with God, enjoying the breeze and the

swaying of the trees. I started experiencing the fourth

state of consciousness, the true self, as I watched my

body not as ‘me’, but rather as a vehicle I was using for

this journey of realization.

I stopped searching for books to read because I felt that

all these were no more a priority. However, books

would land on my table as if sent by God, and I would

read them. I still continued to watch videos on the

Internet and hear talks, but it seemed that these came

my way more as a refresher. It was no more my search

for knowledge. That was over! I knew that I was on a

path of liberation. My objective now was to realize God,

nothing else. I would ponder for hours on the God


Post the Realization

inside my heart and the God outside and how

absolutely amazing the Omnipresent Creator is.

As I kept living as the _Atman, _ the biggest challenge was

to stop the clutter that was thrown at me. I still lived in a

body that had a mind and senses. This was very

challenging. People would approach me for silly

reasons and disturb me as if I was RVM. I had to make a

formal announcement that I was not RVM and that the

RVM Foundation would be managed by the RVM

board of trustees and that nobody should disturb me.

I met my Guru several times and shared my journey

with him as it unfolded. A few months earlier, he had

warned me that the knowledge of realization is not

realization. But now, even he could see the

transformation in me. He still warned me that I would

be attacked by the world, desires, cravings, and

expectations. He said that a realized soul is not excused

from the onslaught of these enemies and we must be

ever aware of who we are. He was correct as I

experienced the attacks by the body and mind on the

Soul. The only way to live this life of realization is to live

like a tortoise that has its limbs outside its shell but as

soon as it sees the enemy approach, it would shrink

inside its shell to protect itself. And so, like the tortoise, I

had to use my intellect and withdraw whenever there

were distractions and attractions that attacked me in

my day-to-day life.

I even asked my Mentor whether it was time for me to


Post the Realization

renounce the world and go into the mountains. He

smiled me and told that I was meant to live as Raja

Janak. Janak was known to be a realized soul, but he

was also a king. Although he lived in a palace, he knew

that nothing belonged to him. He lived a life of

renunciation and detachment. Even though it appeared

that he was in a lake that was lthy and dirty, he lived as

a beautiful lotus above the waters. He was like a boat on

the river of life, never going below the surface. His boat

always traveled on the water, heading towards the

destination of Liberation. I too started living the Raja

Janak way. God had blessed me with so many skills,

and I believed that it was God’s will that I continue to do

the good work that I had started. Going into the

mountains was not the way; I could realize God here as

much as I could in the mountains.

I introspected further. Why do monks renounce the

world? Is it because they are unable to control the mind

and senses while living in the world? So many give up

everything and try to live in solitude. Some are

fortunate to spend time in _yoga, _ connecting with God,

but some live a frustrated life, up in the mountains or in

the forest.

I then went on to realize something very important.

We are all born with a personality. There are many

things of this life we don’t choose, and seem

predestined. We don’t choose our gender –

male/female, the date of our birth, the place of our


Post the Realization

birth, or our birth. These are purely God’s will and

result of our past karmas. We are born, and we grow up.

Our physical body, mind, and emotions bear a

reection of our parents and forefathers. Science

explains this as the genes that we bring with us to the

Earth. We have no control over this. We also have no

control over our upbringing and what we were taught

at home and in school. We grow up at the mercy of

others. But probably a lot has to do with our karmas that

inuence our predestined life.

While our Soul has its own attributes and helps us live

consciously, there comes a day in our life when we start

our journey as a human being. Then our body, mind,

intellect, habits, and beliefs take over the driver’s seat

and we start performing our own actions with our own

free will. We choose our actions as per our thoughts.

Therefore, many people do things they do because of

their upbringing.

My personality made me believe that I was meant to

continue doing humanitarian, inspirational, and

spiritual work. It was “H.I.S” work, and I believed that

God wanted me to continue doing that. I knew that I

should not do it directly, but I should control the

organization without ego or sense of ownership for the

sake of achieving God’s plan.

My attitude changed. I no more believed that it was my

hospital, my home, and my temple. I could feel that I

was a trustee taking care of what God wanted me to. In

fact, I felt that this was a drama of God, and as my


Post the Realization

producer and director, he wanted me to play this role

on the stage of life. As a good actor, I complied, doing

whatever God wanted me to do with the best of my


The year 2014 rolled into 2015, and my realization grew.

There was no liberation from doing. I learnt that the

Soul or the Atman has freedom in action, but not

freedom from action. Every morning I woke up and

started the day as the Soul. I started with silence, did

bhajans and prayers, and read scriptures. God would

direct me to do something, and I did my tasks as per

God’s directions. The cycle continued.

I had to coach people to take over the foundation and

that was quite a challenge. I read more about the lives of

realized souls and how they lived post the realization of

the truth. It was interesting that no two realized souls

lived in the same way and that each had their own

personality, karmas, and spiritual journey forward.

However, they all lived connected with God in

renunciation, discrimination, and devotion.

Since I realized I was not the body–mind, but the soul, I

also realized that I am not the doer of action. God does

through me, and everything I do, I offer it to God. I seek

no fruits from the results of my actions; even that

belonged to God. Owing to this realization, I believed

that my actions did not bear any new karma since they

were not my actions. I was nothing, God was

everything, and since I was not the body, I had no


Post the Realization

karmas. I even had no duties. But those around me

expected me to fulll certain duties that beneted them.

My family and my organization wanted me to do many

things. I used my intellect, and chose to do what the

Soul thought right, refusing all those duties that RVM

should have done. I had only one duty, to fulll God’s


I started depriving myself of many things, but felt a

resistance within. All these were beautiful creations of

God. Why should I resist what God sends to me? On my

visit to my Guru, he claried. He explained that while

we should not crave for anything and should not desire

anything that would lead us to disappointment and

pull us back into the world as the body–mind, it was

perfectly OK to accept everything that comes to us as a

gift from God. Any food that God sends us to our plate

can be enjoyed by us. The only challenge was to use our

intellect to see that it was not poison disguised as a gift,

delivered to us from the illusion of the world.

Therefore, I started accepting everything, but refused

what I felt was not spiritual. I would often refer my

confusions to God for a clarication during my silence

and the answers would come, either as a passage I was

reading, a message I would receive, or a thought. I

viewed the world as a three-dimensional dream. Only

now, I was not asleep. I was awake! But everything was

just a dream. It was not eternal. It would soon be over.

Only God was real! Everything else was an illusion that

looked so real. I learned to close the door when I should

and not let the enemy enter.


Post the Realization

The journey continued. My challenge was to be in a

state of bliss all the time. It happened, but I must admit

that I had not yet escaped from the illusion of the world.

Everyday something would come and pull me back

into the world. The calm waters in my lake would be

disturbed by ripples as the illusion would throw stones

into it. I formulated a new plan, a new philosophy, and

a new path that the Atman in RVM should follow to go

forward, living in this body.

I knew that life must go on, but I had to stop living as

RVM completely and live as AiR, as the Atman in RVM,

nothing else! So, I eventually dropped the subtitle of

Atman in RVM – and started using AiR as my new

spiritual name on this amazing third journey of my life!


[*Don’t you know yet? *]

It’s Your Light –

the Light within

[*that Lights the world! *]





Living as a Realized Seeker

“I am AiR, not ‘ Atman in RVM’” – I declared, because as

long as I said I was the ‘ Atman in RVM’, AiR had

competition. There was duality between AiR and RVM.

I knew if I wanted to start being AiR, I had to stop being

RVM, even stop being called the “Atman in RVM”.

My 50th year of life thus started with a new gift – a new

name, AiR. People stopped calling me RVM because I

was not RVM. They knew that RVM was gone and AiR

was born. It was like a new life, a new journey!

By now, AiR had already realized that AiR was an

Atman, _ a soul and that the _Atman was a tiny particle of

the Creator or God. I realized that everything was a

manifestation of God. This whole world was an

illusion. And like a dream that was very much real

while it was happening, it was nothing at the end. As

AiR, I knew very clearly that I was fullling a role given

to me by God. But my mission was very clear – to realize

God, not to go back to the body–mind that I was not, not

to create fresh Karmas, and not to die again only to be

reborn and to suffer again and again.

I stopped seeking happiness, because every time we

seek happiness, we create waves of joy and sorrow. We

are glad and we become sad. Why create desires that

would lead to disappointments? Why seek happiness

as the body–mind, which we are not?

_I am the Atman. _

_I shall not seek happiness. _

_I shall just be happiness. _


Living as a Realized Seeker

Thus, AiR started living in a beautiful state of

everlasting bliss – a state of ultimate joy – knowing that

God is everywhere, even in my heart and in every cell of

my body. Everywhere!

In one of my readings, I found the story of Adi

Shankaracharya going to the mountains when he was

just 8 years old. And then, he met Shri Govindpada

Acharya – his future Guru. The master asked him,

“Who are you and what do you seek?” Adi Shankara


I am not the body, I am not the mind

I am not the ego

[_I am not the ve elements of earth, air, water, re and space. _]

_I am Shiva. I am Shiva. I am God. _

I was so inspired by Shankara’s answer, and I realized

that God lived in the temple of my heart. God was

everywhere. God is in everything.

Whatever I was doing, I realized I was not doing it. It

was God who lived in the temple of my heart using this

body as an instrument to do whatever He wanted. I had

surrendered in total faith. I was just a ute and His

divine music was playing through me.

[_AiR lives a very simple life with just one objective: To be a _]

_Liberated being. We all are human beings with a divine soul. _

_The goal of a human being is Liberation. Liberation _

_eventually comes when our journey is over and we transcend _

_body and mind. However, we can also attain liberation while _


Living as a Realized Seeker

[_alive. That is a state of a Liberated being – one who has been _]

_liberated while alive, one who has experienced a mystic death, _

[_one who knows that he is not the body–mind–intellect–ego, _]

_and one who realizes that he is the Soul, a tiny drop of the _

_Creator. He does not seek anything and thus does not create _

_karmas. He lives a life of renunciation in deep love and _

[_longing for God, with complete control of the mind–body _]

_cravings. _

_Air is also subject to the onslaught of the wandering mind and _

_the cravings of the senses. While AiR realizes he is not the _

_body, mind, ego, and intellect, still AiR is in the physical form _

_of the body and is not excused from waves of physical desire _

_that have to be subdued and transcended as AiR evolves _

[_further on the journey towards God-realization. _]

[_AiR tries to live in Yoga – in union with God, in complete _]

_awareness of the ancient wisdom of the scriptures. _

_This Soul is God and because AiR believes that every human _

_being is a manifestation of God, AiR sees God in everybody _

_and everything. _

_God is everywhere, in everything. Realizing this was not _

_easy, because while God manifested as a saint, even a thief was _

_a manifestation of God. Therefore, it was a challenge to live _

_with the knowledge that nothing is good or bad. Everything is _

_perfect. God has his own ways, and we are no one to judge or _

_evaluate what God has done. We all are a manifestation of the _

_supreme power and God lives as the soul in our hearts. _

[_One who has realized the truth of “Not this Not this, I am _]


Living as a Realized Seeker

[_that”, the Divine Soul, stops living as the body mind intellect _]

[_complex. He no longer wonders what came rst, the chicken _]

_or the egg. The whole world is a simultaneous manifestation _

_of God. _

I read a story in the scripture, which said that God is

supposed to have said, “I am one, let me be many”, and

so in a ash, the whole world appeared. Science

endorses this theory in its own way and calls it the Big

Bang theory. The only thing that science does not state

is that there is a supreme power that created the Big


I stopped to think how could the whole universe appear

as a big bang, without a creator? Is it possible for the

mountains and the trees, the rivers, the clouds, the birds

and the animals, the plants and the trees, the insects and

the human beings, each unique in its own way to have

appeared without a creator or a power? I wondered in


Therefore, I continued my journey in complete

amazement of God, knowing that I myself was a

microcosm of the macrocosm that was God. God is in

me! I had no doubt of this, just as Shankaracharya had

said, “God is in me. I am a part of God”.

_The challenge for AiR is to live as a Liberated Soul, to be the _

[_Soul, and not be the body–mind that the Atman was _]

_manifested as. It is a tricky situation, also dangerous, for the _

[_world would try to pull the body–mind into the Illusion, _]

_offering the body all the sense pleasures. If the intellect is _


Living as a Realized Seeker

_weak, it would fall prey to the ego, which could let the _

[_mind–body go astray and become a prisoner of the world. _]

_Therefore for AiR, the challenge is to live in stillness, in _

_renunciation, with deep love and longing, and in Yoga. It is _

_not an easy task, but once the realization comes, there is no _

_need to suppress any feelings or cravings because these _

_emotions are transcended and sublimated with the knowledge _

[_that we are not this body–mind but indeed the Soul. The _]

_Atman starts controlling the intellect that controls the mind _

_and the body. _

_The journey now is about realizing God, spending time in _

_communication with the power, reading scriptures that could _

_be understood by one who is realized, knowing that we are the _

_ultimate seer and not the eye that sees. The eye sees the object, _

_the mind sees the eye, but we are that true self, the Soul that is _

_watching the mind. We are the fourth state of consciousness. _

_The challenge for AiR is to continue to live as a realized soul, _

_with attributes of a Liberated being, as a Yogi who is always _

_connected to God, as one who is happy, cheerful, peaceful and _

_tranquil, and as one who is compassionate and desireless, _

_positive, and detached because he is awakened and lives with _

[_forbearance, contentment and fulllment. He is liberated and _]

_lives in surrender and joyous acceptance. He is an inspired _

_soul who lives with faith, hope, and trust. He is fearless, _

_focused, and grateful and lives with humility. Thus, for AiR _

[_to become angry is not being AiR; there could be no negative _]

_emotions. To feel stress or to be pulled back into the world only _

_showed that the Liberated being was losing its tug of war with _

_the human being. _


Living as a Realized Seeker

_This tug of war would continue till the body drops dead as per _

_the divine will of God. Being a Liberated being is a daily _

_challenge for AiR, and pulling AiR into the world was the job _

[_of the world. What could help AiR be a Liberated being – _]

[_nothing except the grace of God? God exists. God is _]

[_everywhere. But God is beyond our comprehension. To dene _]

_God is to defy God. _

Trying to dene God, Dada had once said that it is same

as trying to see with the ears or to hear with the eyes,

which is just not possible. We have no business to

discover God. God will reveal himself to those He

wishes in a way that He likes and at a time He thinks

appropriate. We must just live in deep love and longing

for the Divine Master. The only way to realize God is to

realize the true self and to nd God alive in the temple

of our heart, and in every being and everything.

_And AiR continues this amazing journey. Not just living _

_with ultimate joy, eternal peace, bliss, contentment, and _

[_fulllment, AiR lives as per the will of God, with a simple _]

[_mission – to live the realization to help people realize the self _]

_and realize God. _

[_“God is Truth, God is Light and God is Love that maketh _]

[_everything bright!” – Dada J.P. Vaswani _]


Finding is reserved for

the ones who are in a Quest –

for those who Search

[*for those who Seek! *]





Glimpses of the Search

In my Talaash – my search, my quest – I came across so

many profound learnings. Each of these gems has been

made into a poster. The purpose of creating these

posters was to give me an instant recall of what I had

learned throughout my Talaash. These posters present

all the facts about the ultimate truth in a nutshell: “I am

not the body, not the mind, nor the intellect. I am the

soul. I am the spirit. I am the Atman!” Also, try going

through these posters after you complete reading this

book. It beautifully works as a refresher of the entire

journey of realization of truth!


Glimpses of the Search

I Live in Yoga

I Renounce (Vairagya)


(Union with God)

I Discriminate


I am the Atman. Not This Body

Neti Neti, Tat Twam Asi

I Live with 6 Virtues

I Search for Answers




[*Who am I? *]

God is Everywhere

God is in Everything


(Ayam Atma Brahma)

(Prajnanam Brahma)

God is in Me

(Aham Brahmasmi)


I Live in Eternal Bliss

I am Liberated while

being alive (Jivanmukta)

I am the fourth (Turiyam)


*I am not Waker, Dreamer Sleeper. *


Develops (Samskaras)

I Desire to be Happy


*Birth of Ego *

(I Seek, I Desire)

I Mature

(Mind / Intellect Develops)

Leads to Actions / KARMAS


I get entangled

in the World

My Body


I am Lost in Maya


Life Cycle

( The Cycle of Birth and Death Continues)

Subtle body is reborn (The Mind, the Intellect, the Memory & the Ego)

My Body





(Physical) Dies

I am Imprisoned

Pleasure / Power / Possession


2 Choices

I Love God


I Seek God

Faith In God


Glimpses of the Search

[*What came rst – Chicken or Egg? *]



But Spiritualists have an answer…

Both are simultaneous manifestations of God!

The world continues to wonder…

Chicken or Egg, Tree or Seed???

They go round in circles.

The realized ones know…

Both are manifestation of God.

Science calls it the BIG BANG!



Glimpses of the Search



The Four Doors to Liberation are:


Discrimination – The Intellect helps to choose what is right over what

is wrong, to differentiate between real and unreal. Unless one’s

intellect is sharp, one can never realize God.


Dispassion or Renunciation – To realize God, one must renounce. One

must renounce the desires of the senses and the cravings of the mind.

We are not the body-mind. We must only desire God. We must

renounce the world.


Six Disciplines or Six Virtues – Control of Mind; Control over the

Senses; No Cravings or Extrovertedness; Forbearance, Endurance,

Acceptance; Faith & Surrender; and Absorption in Self/Silence. One

must live with these six virtues if one wants to progress on the path of



Deep Love & Longing for God – Seek nothing else but God who is the

Master and the Creator. One’s passion and obsession for God will

nally take one to Liberation.


Glimpses of the Search

*The Power of *

Silent Meditation

[*Why should one sit in silent meditation? *]

*Because by doing so, one can still the wandering of the mind, and *

[*one can control one’s senses. With the mind and senses under *]

*control, the Spirit or the Soul can realize itself. By going within, in *

*deep introspection and contemplation, we can realize the truth that *

*we are not the mind that wanders, not the senses that crave. We are *

[*something else – the Energy. Often one concentrates on the breath to *]

*realize the power that gives life that goes in and out of the body. It is *

*rare for one to sit in silent meditation because the mind will wander *

*and take one away, the senses will distract and more often than not, *

*one will just fall asleep. It needs a strong commitment to be in silent *

*meditation. *


Glimpses of the Search

Science and Spirituality

[*Several years ago, there was a conict between science and *]

*spirituality. But now science has started to understand the truth of *

*spirituality. Over 2000 years ago, spirituality always believed that *

*we are the spirit, the energy, not the matter we seemed to be. *

*Science did not agree all these centuries, but now science has *

*started to believe. When the human body was seen under the *

*microscope and cells examined, they found that a cell has several *

*atoms. On further examination they found that the atoms had *

*electrons, protons and neutrons. *






[*But they realized the truth of Einstein’s theory of E = mc . All this *]

*goes on to prove that science is converging with spirituality. Both *

[*the set of beliefs are becoming one: We are not this mass of body *]

[*that we seem to be. We are energy; we are the energy that is God. *]


E= mc

  • *


Glimpses of the Search

This is the Biggest Challenge

[*There is a constant ght between *]



The Mind

*and *


The Body


There is a constant ght between the mind and body

complex versus the Atman or the Soul. The mind

wanders, the body craves, but the Atman remains its

conscious self. The mind and body is pulled towards the

world, the Atman is pulled towards God. It is the intellect

that decides whether we tilt towards the body and mind

or towards the Atman. If we tilt towards body and mind,

we will never be liberated, but if the Atman controls the

intellect and realizes that it is not the body and mind, we

achieve Liberation.


Glimpses of the Search

The Four Principle Statements

of the Upanishads


Tat Twam Asi – Thou Art That

Ayam Atma Brahma – The Self is God

Aham Brahmasmi – I am God

Prajnanam Brahma – God is everywhere/in everything


Glimpses of the Search

[*We think, “We are This”, *]

*but in reality, *

[*“We are That” –not the Body that *]

[*We look like, but a Spirit in fact! *]


Glimpses of the Search

Who is in control

[*of the Intellect? *]

The Mind


and Body



The intellect is one; on one side it is being

controlled by the [_Atman; _] on the second side it is

being pulled by the body-mind. If the Atman is

in command of the intellect, then it functions as

a spiritual intellect. If the body-mind is in-

charge of the intellect, then it functions as a

worldly intellect.


How can we end the search

without saying

Thank You





This book is incomplete without this note of

acknowledgement. With sincere gratitude, I wish to

thank all those who have helped me make this book a


How could this book ever happen without my Mentor,

my Master, and my Guru, Dada J.P. Vaswani, who

inspired me to write this book. My search – the quest,

the Talaash – was initiated by him, and every single

page has directly or indirectly captured the essence of

his thoughts. I am indebted to him and grateful for his

support in the publishing of this book. Dada, as we

fondly call him, always inspired me to speak to other

masters and mentors and to be very open in my beliefs.

Therefore, various religious texts were studied before

writing this book. The Hindu texts from the Vedas and

the Upanishads, the Bible, the Quran, the Buddhist text,

and scriptures of several religions have been

meticulously studied before this book was written.

Beyond just studying the scriptures, this book has been

inspired by so many religious and spiritual missions

and their publications. To mention a few, the

Ramakrishna Mission and books by both Ramakrishna

Paramahamsa and Vivekananda; the Chinmaya

Mission and the books by Swami Chinmayananda,

Swami Tejomayananda, and others; the Ramana

Maharshi publications with so many books inspired by

His Holiness Ramana Maharshi; and books from

several revered Sankaracharyas right from Adi

Sankaracharya’s original text and the Sankaracharyas



of the various mutts have been instrumental in

supporting the writing of this book. The invaluable

works that are published by these religious and

spiritual missions have been very helpful in

understanding certain concepts and in either sharing an

analogy, story, or simply a truth.

Dada always says, “I am nothing!” I am just a

manifestation of the Supreme, the Lord, and so are all

those who have inspired me. My Master, my Guru,

himself is a manifestation of God, and I believe that God

resides as a soul in all those learned authors and

philosophers who have contributed through their

works and teachings to the writing of this book. I am

deeply grateful to all of them for inspiring me and for

sharing with me their gems of knowledge that has

nally made this book possible.

This book is not the work of an individual alone. It is the

team effort of many people who have worked in-house

with me to make this book publication worthy by

creating the designs and enhancing the content. I am

grateful to all those who have helped me publish this


Finally, I am grateful to God who through my Guru has

inspired me to go on a Talaash and to write this book. It

is with the grace of God that I may help seekers, who

have a deep love and longing for God, progress on the

path of seeking. Ultimately, if it be the will of the Lord,

they would realize their true self and realize God.


*Started with Nothing, *

*became Something, *

achieved Everything

  • ..only to realize *

[*We are Nothing! *]





About AiR (the Author)

[*AiR *]is a spiritual seeker who has set out to nd the truth

about life. He was born on October 15, 1966 in

Bangalore, Karnataka as Ravi. V. Melwani. At a very

young age, he mastered the craft of business and

became a very successful businessman who

revolutionized retailing in India with the stores Kids

Kemp, Big Kids Kemp, and Kemp Fort.

After making millions, he realized that life is not just

about making money. He shut down his business at the

age of 40, transformed his life to RVM living by the

RVM philosophy – Rejoice, Value Life, and Make a

Difference and set up the RVM Foundation. He started

doing H.I.S work – Humanitarian, Inspirational, and

Spiritual work. His mission was to “Make a Difference”

in this world before his journey was over.

As a part of RVM’s humanitarian initiative, RVM

Foundation Hospital was set up in 1998 with an aim to

provide free medical care to the poor, destitute, and

needy. The hospital, which has a capacity of 250

patients as of now, does not have cash counter. RVM

Foundation also has its own destitute homes and

orphanage that serve the needy, providing them free

shelter, food, medical care, and clothes.

RVM, through RVM School of Inspiration, has

transformed the lives of many through his motivating

discourses, inspirational books and videos, and

thought-provoking quotes.

RVM built a Shiva Temple in the year 1995 in Bangalore,


About AiR (the Author)

which is now known as the Shivoham Shiva Temple.

Being an ardent believer in Lord Shiva for long, he now

believes that religion is just a kindergarten of

spirituality, and we all have to go beyond religion to

truly realize God.

However, one day, several questions and thoughts

ashed in his mind: What is the purpose of life? Is life

just meant to seek happiness and to live and die without

any purpose? What happens after death? Will we be

reborn? Where is God? Several Questions like these

took him on a Talaash or a search for the truth. He gave

up his life of Achievement and Fulllment in search of

the nal peak of life: “Enlightenment”.

After a few years of intense search in silence, deep in the

mountains, he realized that we are not this body, but we

are the Atman, the Soul. Therefore, he changed his

name for the second time from RVM to AiR – the Atman

in RVM or (the Soul in RVM) – as realization dawned

upon him that we are not this physical body, but we are

the Atman. He metamorphosed to AiR and gave up his

entire life as RVM. He started the study of Atman, God,

and Life. This led to several realizations that formed his

new mission of life – to realize God and to help Seekers

realize God.


or Scan the QR Code

[*to download the AiR – Atman in RVM App. *]

www.air.ind.in | [email protected]


[*What is the purpose of life? *]

Most people think that the purpose of life is to be happy.

People are scrambling to achieve success after success. In

the chase for money and fame, life escapes…. A few

people are lucky enough to move from the journey of

Achievement to the journey of Fulllment, and they then

think that they have achieved the ultimate bliss of life. But

is it so? There is something beyond…

There is a third peak – the peak of eternal Happiness! Very

few people, just a small fraction of humanity, go on a quest

or a search for the ultimate peak of life. This book shares

such a seeker’s journey – a quest that will help one realize

the true meaning of life!

_Are you seeking eternal bliss, everlasting joy, happiness that has _

[_no bounds? Are you wanting to discover the true meaning of _]

[_life? This book will show you the way. _]



AiR Foundation

Kemp Fort Mall, #97, Old Airport Road, Bangalore – 560017

www.air.ind.in | [email protected]


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Talaash – Discover Your True Self

  • Author: RVM Author
  • Published: 2017-02-22 12:05:18
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Talaash – Discover Your True Self Talaash – Discover Your True Self