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By Joshua Scribner

Copyright 2016 Joshua Scribner

Shakespir Edition


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This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.



“Where did you two see her?” Shelly asked.

“Down by the river,” Keri responded. Keri was kind of pretty, but no one really thought she was as pretty as Shelly. But Keri was six feet tall and took martial arts. She could probably beat up most the boys in their senior class.

“She’s alone,” Tina added. Tina was cute, but in a pixie way. She was loyal, though, so Shelly let her hang around.

“Okay girls. Let’s go teach that little bitch a lesson.”

Tina grinned. She always loved it when Shelly went after someone. The twerp got up and led the way.

They went into the woods. Keri, with her long stride was behind Tina, careful not to overrun the smaller girl.

Shelly stayed behind them. “How’s my report coming along?” Shelly asked.

“Almost finished,” Keri said.

“Okay. Make sure yours isn’t quite as good as mine, though. That way no one suspects you’re smart enough to write my reports for me.”

“Sure. I’ll make sure she dumbs it right down.”

Keri wasn’t smart enough to write either of the reports. But she was promiscuous enough to get Leah Kokojon to do it. Keri wasn’t even a lesbian, but Leah was, and as smart as Leah was, she was still ready to believe what she wanted to believe. If a person like her was taken advantage of, then it was her own fault.

“Tina,” Shelly said. “You going to get us wine this weekend?”

“Yes. Shouldn’t be a problem at all.”

Tina did favors for Mike Poppen. Then Mike got his dad to buy them the wine.

“Good.” Shelly had her grades and her weekend booze taken care of. Now she felt like she could focus on what waited ahead. “I can’t believe that bitch betrayed me. She’s so going to get it. I think you can hold her, Keri, while I beat her. Then you can hold her down while Tina pisses on her.”

The two girls ahead each laughed.

“You two would never betray me like that, would you?”

“Nope,” Keri said.

“No way,” Tina added.

Shelly didn’t think they would. The reality of the situation was that Shelly’s dad basically owned this town. Most of the adults in it worked for his company. You didn’t piss off her dad or his daughter. That was just the way it was. Meagan should have known that.

Shelly could hear the river ahead and knew they were close. She could smell it too. It always smelled like shit and dead fish. Maybe she’d make Meagan take a drink.

They came to the river and there the little bitch was. She was just sitting on the bank, smoking a cigarette.

Meagan was kind of pretty, kind of plain. She’d always been very loyal until yesterday. Shelly had told her to blow the dealer and score them some pot for the weekend. It wasn’t such an unusual request.

“Fuck off,” Meagan had said. “You can’t control me anymore, bitch.”

That had been in school, where Shelly had not wanted a scene. Now bad things were going to happen to Meagan. Not only was she going to be left, beaten, naked, and smelling like piss. Her mother would soon lose her job, and that bitch had been promoted pretty high in the company. Meagan’s father wasn’t around. Meagan was truly fucked.

The two loyal girls, grinning, cleared a path. Shelly walked up between them and a little bit in front of them.

“Hi, Meagan. You ready to tell me to fuck off again.”

Meagan stood up. She turned to face Shelly. But she didn’t look afraid. She was smiling, wickedly.

What? Was this bitch stupid?

“No,” Meagan responded. “I don’t need to do that again. It already worked to get you down here.”

Shelly felt her rage rising. She wanted to rip that confident look off Meagan’s face. How dare the bitch look like that right now. Shelly wouldn’t attack, though. She’d leave that to a less refined girl to do. “Get her, Keri.”

Keri did not move.

Meagan laughed. But it didn’t sound right. It sounded smarter than Meagan’s laugh, and sinister. “She won’t do what you say?”

Shelly turned to the tall girl. “Are you deaf? Get her.”

Keri didn’t move. She just winked at her. Now Keri was grinning too.

“Don’t you know what a sycophant is?” Meagan asked.

Shelly turned her head forward. “No. I’m not a nerd. I don’t know what that word means.”

Tina laughed. “You’re so fucking stupid.”

Shelly turned to the small girl.

“That’s right,” Tina said. “I’m talking to you, fool.”

This was very weird. Shelly never would have thought one of them would dare betray her. They’d followed her around since the first grade. Now it was like all three of them wanted to be her enemies.

She knew she couldn’t physically beat them all. She’d have to just get back home. There, she’d find new friends. There was a long list of girls waiting to be in her little social group.

“Tell her what a sycophant is, Keri,” Meagan said.

“Well,” Keri said. “I suppose to people, a sycophant is like a mindless drone who kisses the ass of a leader in order to gain said leader’s favor.”

That sounded pretty smart for Keri. Was Leah the lesbian teaching her things?

“You’re all fucked,” Shelly said. “Get ready to be social outcasts with poor parents.” She turned to leave.

Keri stepped in her way. “Now wait. That’s really just the human definition.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“I want to tell you the wendigo definition of sycophant.”

“Keri. You better get out of my way. I know you’re tough, but some of the guys are tougher and you know I can make them do what I want.”

Keri didn’t even flinch. She acted like she’d not even heard Shelly. “The wendigo definition of a sycophant is an easy target.”

“Stop talking like that. Your lesbian lover is the smart one, not you.”

“Listen to her, Shelly” Tina said. “You see, a sycophant is a nearly mindless drone. And the easiest people for a demon to possess are mindless people.”

Shelly didn’t know what a wendigo was. She kind of knew what a demon was, though. They were fucking with her. They were trying to scare her. It was pathetic really.

“Get out of my way, Keri. You know how powerful my dad is. You know your life will be hell if you touch me.”

Keri laughed. “I don’t care who your dad is. You’ll taste good to me all the same.”

“What? You’re not eating me out. You’re not even going to kiss me.”

“I think the problem is,” Meagan said. “You don’t know what a wendigo is.”

“I don’t care either.”

“You should,” Tina said. “A wendigo is a spirit that possesses a person. And the only reason we would ever do that is so that we can feed.”

Keri said loudly, “Thank you so much for the head to enter. And thank you for the feast you are about to provide.”

They were acting too crazy. Shelly pulled out her phone to call her dad.

Keri kicked it right out of her hand and into the river. Then Keri kicked her in the throat and Shelly fell down.

She hoped that was the worst of it.

It was not.

They started biting her, ripping out chunks of flesh. And they didn’t stop.


About the Author


Joshua Scribner is the author of 18 published novels and five 50-story collections. He currently lives in Michigan.


  • ISBN: 9781370416813
  • Author: Joshua Scribner
  • Published: 2016-09-26 14:35:08
  • Words: 1422
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