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Surviving the Sorrow

Ann Kestner delivers another powerful collection of poems fueled with genuine emotion and relatable human experience. Her words cradle without coddling. She captures the struggle for survival against sorrows in a voice uniquely her own yet relatable to all. The poems walk into suffering but never so deep as to make the reader drown. Throughout the book the words offer a balance of confronting the difficulties of our internal and external battles while simultaneously offering a sense of hope in a callous world of chaos. In the end, Surviving the Sorrow, redefines success and healing by acknowledging the need to accept there will never be anyone that achieves perfection. The book embraces the joy of comfort during times of trouble. It illustrates how our most sincere joy comes from the companionship of friends during our darkest and most troubling times and it helps readers recognize the happiness hidden within their own times of sorrow.

  • Author: Ann Kestner
  • Published: 2018-10-07 21:20:13
  • Words: 5588
Surviving the Sorrow Surviving the Sorrow